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FAQ/Walkthrough by Deathborn 668

Version: Final | Updated: 01/04/05

     M M            A      RRRRRRRR       IIIII    OOOOO              
    M M M          A A     R      R         I      O   O   
   M     M        A   A    RRRRRRRR         I      O   O    
  M       M      AAAAAAA   R       R        I      O   O    
 M         M    A       A  R        R       I      O   O   
M           M  A         A R         R    IIIII    OOOOO

G              O   O    L          F          :
G              O   O    L          FFFFFFF    :
G       GGG    O   O    L          F          :
G         G    O   O    L          F          :
GGGGGGGGGGG    OOOOO    LLLLL      F          :        
    A        DDDDDD  V       V      A      N    N   CCCCCC  EEEE   
   A A       D    D   V     V      A A     NN   N   C       E    
  AAAAA      D    D    V   V      AAAAA    N N  N   C       EEEE   
 A     A     D    D     V V      A     A   N  N N   C       E
A       A    DDDDDD      V      A       A  N   NN   CCCCCC  EEEE 

TTTTT  OOOOOO  U   U   RRRRRRRRR              
  T    O    O  U   U   R       R    
  T    O    O  U   U   RRRRRRRRR         
  T    O    O  U   U   R       R    
  T    O    O  U   U   R        R   
  T    OOOOOO  UUUUU   R         R


Just a note to myself that this is 79 characters:


      ~Version History~
Final-Another Final, only because LEK requested the info wanted me to put in.

Final-My FAQ is now fully completed! Every last thing in the game and more is
in this FAQ. Yay!

4.00-So major....I finished the glossary! I never thought I'd do it.... Just
a few more sections and the final version will be on it's way!

3.65-A few more words, now pointing out this is a full walkthrough. Just a few
details left like finsihing the glossary, and the last few sections!

3.60-v_v working hard to finish the glossary.....it may take awhile. Just 
finsihed up to the I section.

3.55-Yay, I have like 200 words already in the glossary...like a million more
to go. More updates possibly today and tomorrow as well.

3.50-Finished the Gamecube Link-up section. Now it's putting (sp?) in every
word from the glossary!

3.25-Finally finished the very long and extensive Multiplayer part. I will 
start the rest of the FAQ very soon. Final version is close.

3.00-Just finished the 2-Player Go-Go-Gates, half done with 3-Player and 4-
Player yet to come! Also added the Custom Ticket locations and the clubs you 
can get from each ticket!

2.75-Finished all of the Quick Game mode section. Now it's time to work on
the Multiplayer area!

2.50-...I must have too much free time....added another section about 3/4 done
with (FAQ completion nearing 70%). Expect the final version within a week!
I put in half of the Quick Game Mode section.

2.00-o_O another update in the same day??? Pointless but I got a lot of work
done making me happy. Progress is about 65% completed. Finished the Mini-Game
section. Help would be nice! I put in the Leveling Up/Gaining Exp. section,
more to come!

1.75-Sorry for the lack of updates as I've been busy lately but added a ton of
tips reguarding leveling up and now people can tell me advice on stats and
holes and will be credited :) (I must be ATTN'd on the board though, _NO_

1.50-Finished explaining all of the match games. Besides that nothing else new.

1.20-Added another section, made some new tips on power meter, fixed few 
errors in spelling.

1.00-First version printed on GameFAQ's.

.5-Starting my 2nd FAQ! Hopefully, it'll be one I'll be commited to fully 

Most of you know me as Deathborn 668 on thy boards. This is my second FAQ and
I'm making this because I have nothing better to do in my free time...
>_> <_<

Mario Golf: Advance Tour was made by the genisus at Camelot. They are also 
resposible for making the Golden Sun series and go figure, this game is wayyyy
related to it! This game is the sequal to Mario Golf for GBC and is a match 
with Mario Golf:Toadstool Tour for the GCN.

If you want to contact me about this FAQ for some info I don't have..feel free
to at deathborn668@yahoo.com
Please no Spam or hate mail please. Just compliments or stuff I don't have. 


II A.In the field

II B.While golfing

II C.While swinging

II D.Swing Meter

II E.Leveling-Up

II F.Custom Clubs

II G.Clubs
III.Story Mode        

III A.In the beginning...

III B.Getting started

C.Marion Club-Tourney Help and things to do

D.Palms Club-Tourney Help and things to do

E.Dunes Club-Tourney Help and things to do

F.Links Club-Tourney help and things to do

G.Mushroom Tourney-Tourney Help and things to do

H.Match game against Joe

I.Doubles Match Game against Joe and Putts

J.Match game against Sherry

K.Doubles Match game against Sherry and Grace

L.Match game against Azelea

M.Doubles Match game against Azelea and Tiny
N.Match game against Kid

O.Doubles Match game against Kid and Gene Yuss
IV.Mini-Games on the map

IV A.One-Club Challenge

IV B.Next Gen Epoch Golf Mini-Park

IV C.Coo-Coo Course

IV D.Elf's Short Course

IV E.Go-Go-Gates Forest

IV F.Club Slots
V.Quick Game Modes

V A.Stroke Play

V B.Character Match

V C.Doubles

V D.Speed Golf

V E.Club Slots

V F.Go-Go-Gates

V G.Near-Pin

V H.Training

V I.Singles Star Tourney

V J.Star Doubles Tourney

VI A.Stroke Play

VI B.Match Play

VI C.Doubles

VI D.Skins Match

VI E.Club Slots

VI F.Go-Go-Gates

VI G.Near-Pin
VII.Linking to Toadstool Tour

VII A.How to Link

VII B.Now what do I do?

VII C.Linking Back

VII D.Additional Help

VII E.What/how can I unlock/stuff?

VIII A.Every word and more from A-Z!!!
IX.Worst Case Scenario (WCS) guide
X.FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
XI.The Lee Eric Kirwin Files

               ~I. Characters~
212Y drive (Straight)
We all know him. The most famous star in the Mushroom Kingdom.

203Y drive (Straight)
The famous Princess Peach Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom.

208Y drive (Straight)
Mario's loyal and trusted companion.

Donkey Kong
215Y drive (Far left curve)
AKA DK, famously has been Mario's rival.

Luigi *Unlockable*
206Y drive (Left curve)
Mario's "in the shadows" brother, left out of many adventures.

Bowser *Unlockable*
217Y drive (Far right curve)
Mario's long time archnemisis.

Waluigi *Unlockable*
209Y drive (Right curve)
Luigi's evil brother who must be the straingest Mario character (he appeared
out of nowhere in Mario Tennis 64)

Wario *Unlockable*
210Y drive (Far left curve)
Mario's evil brother who has a ton of greed.

xY drive (?????)
You determine his stats. Main charcter of the story and a fine student of Kid.

xY drive (?????)
You determine her stats. Main character of the story and a fine student of Kid.

270Y drive (Right Curve)
Your teacher. He lost his golfing abilities in some bizzare accident. 
(Stupidly, you have to beat him in a match somehow...the irony of this!)

           ~II. Controls~
The controls in this game are easy and quick to learn.

   II A.In the field
Control Pad-Move around

A button-Confirm decisions, talk to people

B button-Deny choices, hold to run around

Select button-On character data menu, push to change clubs

Start button-Bring up Start menu

L button-Not used

R button-Not used

      II B.While golfing
Control Pad-Push up and down to change clubs, left and right to aim your ball.

A button-Start power meter

B button-Push to use a Power Shot, hold to go into Impact Marker Mode

Select button-Go into Camera Mode to look around the hole.

Start button-Bring up Start menu

L or R buttons-Move cursor on Power Meter (VERY USEFUL!)

       II C.While swinging
A button-Start the power meter then push again to set power. Impact point is
set automatically (AKA-the Auto Swing)

B button-While the power meter is moving, push B to set power, then as the 
cursor returns to the starting point, push A or B to set Impact. (AKA, the 
Manual Swing)

Note:While doing Manual, while setting thge Impact Point, you can push A then
A again for topspin or B then B for Backspin. or AB for Super Topspin or BA for
Super Backspin.

Putting starts with the A button and you set the power with A or B and the 
meter stops. However, if it is raining putting is at 66.6% power, so hit 1/3
harder than normal!

      II D.Swing Meter
I will give you som tips on teh Power Meter.

Here it is:
 (L) v (R)              ___

The blue line above the cursor (The vertical line) is the randomly set impact
zone when using the auto swing. The red line below it is the impact area for
the Manual Swing. Reguardless, even when using Auto, the cursor MUST land
within that zone. Thusly the ball won't be terribly miss-hit.

See the "v" pointing at the end of the meter? If you stop the power there, then
line up the impact perfectly, the ball with follow it's simulation line!
You can use L or R to move the arrow (AKA the "v") and the simulation line
will follow! This is pretty useful.

Now for Impact Marker Mode.

While setting up your shot push and hold B to enter Impact Marker Mode. You can
set a little "red dot" on the ball, which is where you will strike on the club,
and the simulation line will change! This is useful for getting around trees.

Here's a pic:


The "O" is where it's initially set, but you can change it's placement in this

Another pic:


OK! I know it's pretty damn bad, but the "."'s represent all the places you can
set the Impact Marker to. Helpful right? 

          II E.Leveling Up
By beating mini-games, completing courses, winning match game challenges and
many other ways are how you get Experience Points. Also the difficulty of the
challenge you beat also determinies how much Exp. you get from it and in the
case of beating a course your overall score. For instance beating Marion Course
with a score of -12 isn't gonna net you as many Exp. points as getting a -12
on Links Course. The same goes with mini-games. Although they are preset the
amount is better on more difficult clubs than easier ones. Same goes for thr
games on the map. From levels 2-39 the amount of Exp. for both characters 
continually increases by about 5-20 each level, starting with 15 Exp. to go to
level 2 ending with about 340 Exp. to get to level 39. Levels 40-99 all require
350 Exp. points no matter what. If you get a 1-Up it will instantly level up
the character of your choosing with no Exp. required. There are only 2 in game
which are in the big tree on the map and in a barrel behind Peach's Castle
though. However if you own Toadstool Tour gor the Nintendo Gamecube, if you 
beat (Star) Petey Pirhana, Boo, Shadow Mario, and Bowser Jr., you get a 1-Up
each time you beat 1 of them when you reconnect to Advance Tour (They must be 
beaten by your custom characters). You also get a 1-Up for beating all of the 
practice challenges on hard with your character and for beating (Star) Bowser 

When leveling up the screen will look like this:

                                LEVEL UP!!!
                           Name:*Your name here*
                         Level X (What ever it is)

                          Drive: XXX------>XXX 
                            Lower            Higher
                           Fade               Draw
                         Narrow              Wide
                         Poor               Good
                        Weak               Strong

...and then show the markers for where your stats are currently. You then have
the choice of increasing one of your stats (Impact and Control are counted as 1
stat together). Most of the other stats except drive decrease every level up.
So with all these stats and only 98 level ups what is the best plan for me?
Well, I can help (And the good people of GameFAQ's can help too). Your stats
are like pawns and bishops etc. on a chess board (lol, I hate chess). In chess
you need to think a couple turns ahead of your opponet and think of a plan for
how to win, and backup plans if something is to go wrong. Exact same situation 
here. You must increase a stat for the future while thinking how will this
affect my stats later. Expect when stats are to go down (Control and Impact
go down 1 every level, Height and Shot can go down by 1 or 2 ever 2-4 levels, 
Spin doesn't decrease for about 5 levels).

So by level 99 and starting now what should I plan my stats to be?????

Well, drive isn't too important off the bat, but continually level up if the 
rest of your stats are good. By level 99 you should have at least 275Y drive, 
Height if you chose Ella should be between +1 and -3 anything else isn't 
necessary. Neil should have between +2 and +5 or either it's not worth it or 
your ball is too high. Shot should be middle if you have a low drive or +3 to 
-3 if you want some easyness around obsticles. Control and Impact should be +4 
each, especially Impact because who knows when your ball will land in the 
heath!!! As for spin, I left it at -10, and my spin is still good. Don't 
bother with it really...

Here are my stats at Level 99:

Pretty damn good eh??                                                    

noelle26 has this easy way to get to Level 99 in a matter of hours:

First of all you need the following:
1 GCN 
1 Copy of Mario Golf:Toadstool Tour
1 GBA to GCN Link Cable
1 Game Boy Advance/SP
2 Memory Cards
And a lot of patience

Start up Story Mode in Advance Tour to the point you can save then do so and
turn the game off.

Now connect to the GCN and to Toadstool Tour. Keep Advance Tour on the title
screen and have Toadstool Tour go to the main menu (Make sure the GBA Cable
is in the second controller slot!) Now you'll be taken to a screen where you 
need to push teh A button on the GBA a few times to tranfer your Advance Tour
characters to Toadstool Tour. Now using your Advance Tour characters from the
main menu, do anything with them. Near Pin, Ring Shot, Tournements, Character
Matches, pretty much every mode except Training at the end gives you a little
screen that says "Experence Level XXXXXXX"

Those X's reprent a number, the better you do in the mode you picked, the 
higher that number. It represents the amount of Exp. Points your characters 
will recieve when you link back up to Advance Tour again. Now do a ton of
modes so your "Experence Level" keeps building up (It doesn't show the grand
total) so when you think you have enough stop.

Now put the second Memory Card with NO TOADSTOOL TOUR DATA in slot A, the other
in Slot B. Now copy the MG:TT data to Slot A Memory Card. Now do the previous
steps to transfer your characters to Toadstool Tour. Now on the main menu
there will be a link icon. This ios how you link up back to Advance Tour. Now
tranfer Exp. to Advance Tour and if you go a lot, you'll go up a ton of levels!
Now after transferring erase this file of TT, and copy again from slot B. 
Repeat this process over and over again until you're at Level 99 in Advance 
Tour. Depending on how much Exp. was earned in Toadstool Tour, this may not
take too long at all. Have fun!

      II F.Custom Clubs
That hut in the woods is the Custom Club maker. Bring him a custom ticket, then
choose a club from the list of clubs you want then he'll make them. There are
3 A ticket's, 2 B tickets, 2 C tickets, and 1 D ticket. Be careful, they are 1
use only!

Custom Ticket A-In the Custom Club Maker's hut, check the cabnet.

Custom Ticket A-Complete all 4 courses in the Go-Go-Gates Forest mini-game.

Custom Ticket B-Knock out Blooper in the Palms practice area.

Custom Ticket B-Beat all 3 difficulties in the Next Gen Epoch Golf-Mini-Park.

Custom Ticket C-Beat Pokey in the Dunes Practice Center.

Custom Ticket C-Beat Monty Mole in Links Practice Center.

Custom Ticket D-After winning Links tourney*** in Story Mode talk to Kid and 
he'll hand it over.

***=It's unknown what the official requirements are. Some say from Doubles 
Mushroom Tourney, some say Doubles Links, some say singles to the both. I can't
be sure.

      II G.Clubs
Here is the list of clubs in each ticket selection and their effects:

A Tickets:

Straight-Clubs that make your shot striaghter. Your shot is made closer to the
center by 2 points (or 1 if it was 1 from the center) and control goes down
by 1.

Low Fly-Clubs with low trajectory. They will decrease your height by 3 but
decrease spin by 1. Good for woods.

POW-Clubs with highly increased distance. Your distance is increases by about 
12% but Fade/Draw is worsened by 1. Great for drivers. :)

Sweet-These clubs increase your impact lots by 2 points but worsen your Draw/
Fade by 1.

Control-These clubs increase control by 2 and worsen shot by 1. Use these if
you're bad at hitting the sweet spot.

B Tickets:

Super Straight-Your distance gets cut by about 7% but will increase your shot
to Straight automatically. Quite useful for mega draws. By restarting I'm 
getting this info, so if it makes your shot perfect, I can't be certain. Heck,
each point of straightness may cost some distance!

Backspin-Clubs with a special backspin effect. Spin goes up 2 and control is 
down by 1. These will put a little backspin on by itself upon landing.

Super Sweet-Your Impact is increased by 4 points (!!!) but shot goes down by
2 and control by 1. (!!!)

Super Low Fly-Height gets lowered by 5 points (!!!!!!!) and spin is lowered by 
2. Pretty good for high hitters!

C Tickets:

Low-Fly Spin-These clubs have a great backspin effect and gives low trajectory.
The worsen control by 2, but raise spin by 2 and make shot closer to straight
by 2!

Sweet Control-These increase height by 2 points, worsen shot by 2, but increase 
Impact and Control by 2. Pretty good for yo irons!

Super POW-Quite possibly the best clubs for woods, these increase distance by
about a whopping 30%, but increase height by 1 and worsen shot by 2, and
worsen control by 1. Still, these are damned good clubs!

Straight n' Low-Clubs that, go figure, hit low and straight. Increase shot to 
center by 2 and height lowers by 2, but control and impact go down by 1.

D Tickets:

Risky-These clubs increase drive by 40%!!!!!!!! The catch? Height is worsened
by 2, impact is the lowest and control goes down by 2. WOW! You must be perfect
every time. Even if you're 1 pixel away from the sweet spot, that OB may be 
your balls new home. Careful now!

Super Spin-Increase spin by 5, lower control/impact by 2 and shot is increased
by 1. I hate spin, so why would you like these clubs?

     ~III Story Mode~

  III A. In the beginning
The game starts off with you choosing your character. You can either choose 
the boy Neil, or the girl Ella. After that you decide wheater your golfer is 
left handed or right handed. YOUR CHOICE IS PERMENENT! Then you are given 
their initial stats and you begin the real story.

In Story Mode you will be using your character in an RPG style golf game. You
earn Experence Points by beating challenges and stuff. You can then distribute
the earned Exp. between you and your partner. When you level up, you're given 
your stat screen and you choose to increase 1 stat. The stats are Drive,
Height of ball, Ball trajectery (Shot, fade/draw), Control and Impact, and

  III B. Getting Started
It all starts off with you and Buzz/Helen racing to the front of the Marion 
Clubhouse. Now you are about to go through literally 10 minutes of endless and 
very pointless diolauge. There aying that Kid (who speaks as well) has trained 
you 4 well and hopes that you go for the goal of being the ultimate golfer. 
Now you head through the clubhouse and to your club lodge. You'll be shown the 
room you will be staying at. After the endless conversation ends you will be 
able to control your character.

  III C. Marion Club-Tourney Help and things to do
Start in your Club Lodge and talk to your partner in the other room. When your
done, head out and to the exit at the bottom of the screen. You will be in the
Caddie Master's Area. There are many places to go and do here. We'll start by
going to the Marion Club Practice Area which is two areas to the right of the
Caddie Booth. What do you do here? You'll participate in many challanges and
get Experience Points and Star Holes. Exp. P. you use to level up your 
character. When they level up their stats change and you alos change them. Star
Holes are Mario-ish themes for normal holes. You sometimes unlock 1 or 2 after
beating a Mini-Challenge in the Practice Center.

In the Practice Center we'll start by heading to the driving range which is
to the left of the entrance. Talk to the pro (all pro's where sunglasses) to 
initiate the "Best Spot" challenge. What do you do? Your given 10 shots and 
at least 7 of them MUST land within a circle that you choose. When you talk to 
the pro you are given 3 "Best Spot" circles. The first one is about 200Y out, 
the second circle is about 230Y out and the last circle is about 265Y out. Now 
the challenge begins. Hit your ball to the circle you choose. It's best to put 
Super Backspin (BA) on the ball to ensure it stops in the circle. Land at 
least 7 balls in there to win. The first circle is Easy difficulty. The second 
being normal and the last being hard. You gain a little Exp. each time you do 

Now head to the right and up a small passageway to 2 people, 1 being a pro. 
The challenge is this. Your gonna aim for the green and try to stop the ball 
within the circle. Do so 7 or more times to win and gain about 35 Exp.P. It's 
about a Medium difficulty challange. It's quite easy to screw up badly and be 
sure to take winds into account (Although they shouldn't be much of a 

To the right of the entrance is a Putting Green. This is another challenge. 
You'll be putting from about 22-30 ft. for 10 putts. You need to sink at 
least 7 to clear the challenge. The green is easy and the hills aren't to 
massive. The fact they are short putts should be enough for you to win on your 
first try.

From the green take the little shortcut above it to head to the Approach Area. 
Here you can enter 2 contests. Both will teach you how to approach the green 
when your near it. In both challenges hit inside the circle at least 7 times 
to pass. They are both short approach shots so the challenge difficulty is 

Now, only one star (you get a star for completing a challenge) remains. To 
the right of the approach green is a hard to see path with a sign saying "DO 
NOT ENTER!!! Sneaky Klepto territory!!" For thou who don't know who Klepto is 
he is the infamous desert buzzard who's been in a few Mario games. At the end 
of this path you see Klepto across the pond clawing on to a Koopa shell. Push 
"A" and agree to Practice here. Now aim for the shell Klepto is holding and 
fire away. If you hit Klepto or the shell just right he will drop the shell 
and Klepto will leave. If you miss, Klepto will show a grining emocion and 
fly off. Leave the area and come back and he will re-appear. When you win, 
the Koopa will pop out of his shell and give you a power drink, this item 
raises the drive of the character of your choosing by 2Y with no downside.

Let's go for a little sidetrip. Head to the Marion Clubhouse and take the left
path _Not_going_ upstairs. There will be a door at the end and you will be 
outside the entrance to the clubhouse. There is a barrel here and if you check
inside it you will get a Super Drink which will raise a characters drive of 
your choosing by 3Y.

Head back to the Caddie Master Area and talk to the Caddie at the booth. 
She'll ask if you wanna enter the Marion Club tournement. Hopefully your 
prepared enough so let's begin. I'll be doing a step-by-step coverage of every 
hole for each course.

Hole 1-422Y
It's a straight hole. Watch out for the bunkers on the sides of the fairway and
you'll be fine. The green slopes majorly at the top of it so aim for the 
bottom of the green.

Hole 2-383Y
A dogleg left hole. Aim your first shot towards the hill leaning towards the 
ocean. This will set you up for a clean 2nd shot to the green. The green 
slopes a lot at the right side so aim for the middle or left side to ensure an
easy birdie putt.

Hole 3-176Y
A simple Par 3. The green, like most Par 3's, is quite small and has a lot of
undulation. It's best to lay up and hope the ball will bounce close to the 

Hole 4-545Y
A long but straight Par 5. Aim your drive towards to hill on the right side of
the fairway. The 2nd shot should be played carefully, making sure no trees get
in th way of your 3rd shot toward to green. The green all over has massive 
slopage so be careful where on the green you put the ball on your 3rd shot.

Hole 5-359Y
A dogleg right hole. Position the first shot near the hill on the right side 
of the fairway. The 2nd shot should be placed near the center of the green, 
which is flat.

Hole 6-366Y
The hole takes a 90 degree turn left to the hole, but still most golfers can 
easily reach it in 2. Aim the tee shot near the water which'll position you 
for a clear 2nd shot. The green is flat on the right so aim your shot there.

Hole 7-494Y
A long winding hole, start by aiming near the close bunkers, making sure the 
ball doesn't land near the closeby trees. Put the second shot as close to the 
green as you can. The green is mostly flat with few hills making an easy 
birdie putt.

Hole 8-178Y
Aim for the itsy tiny weeny green atop of a hill. Make sure the ball doesn't 
land up short, because making shots from the bottom of a hill is total hell, 
making Par pretty hard.

Hole 9-395Y
This straight Par 4's tee shot should land near the big hill. The next shot 
should be put at the middle or top of the green, as both areas are relatively 

Hole 10-345Y
Aim the tee shot at the turning point of this dogleg hole. The green, however,
is quite nasty. Aim for the small flat areas at the right and left middle
parts of the green. Make a good Birdie putt position.

Hole 11-538Y
Aim for the first hill. This shot puts you a meager 280Y away. Aim for the
second hill at the turning point of the dogleg. This puts you at a clear 3rd
shot. The green has soft hills and is mostly flat for an easy birdie.

Hole 12-190Y
Teh green is shaped like...[Woman body part insert here]. The green has soft
hills so a putt from anywhere shouldn't be too hard. Just make sure the tee
shot doesn't land.....off the green. Every green is easy to miss!

Hole 13-388Y
Aim for the first hill. The 2nd shot to the green should be placed anywhere in
it's vincinity as it's a very flat green.

Hole 14-421Y
Aim for the middle of the 2 trees in the center of the fairway. The 2nd shot 
is an easy one, however the left side is massively sloping while the right side
is flat so be careful.

Hole 15-391Y
You understand the drill? Aim for the first damn hill. The 2nd shot to the 
green is hard so make sure you actually land on it. Aim for the left half of it
which is the biggest.

Hole 16-405Y
Aim for the top of the close hill. (Gee, been doin that for a while). The next
shot to the green should be laid up so that bounce brings it to the front of 
the green near the pin.

Hole 17-190Y
Meh, it's a good sized green. Mostly flat for where the pin positions are so
birdie isn't much of a challenge.

Hole 18-527Y
A finishing Par 5! Aim as close to the hill as you can. The 2nd shot should be
played to the thin fairway near the bunker. The green has a lot of slopeage so
the 3rd shot should be accurate and put close to the hole.

Congratulations on beating the tourney! (Assuming you did...)! If you got a 
score of -9 or better you will earn a star hole for beating Marion Club's
High Score! You also get a star hole for winning the tourney and you watch
the celebration and trophy. The trophy is sent to your room in the lodge and we
are out to win the next tournement. Head out into the world map and walk to the 
upper left corner of the map which you will find the second club-The Palm Club.
Palms are a beautiful sea-side retreat, however the course is dotted with
water hazards and the ocean is present on a lot of hole. It'll test your
ability as a golfer to avoid the hazards. Let's start by going to the Practice

   III D. Palms Club-Tourney help and things to do
This place has quite a lot of things to do. Head to the left to the Approach
Range. Here talk to the pro for a little contest. Chip the ball to a circle
within 2 yards of the cup. This is quite an easy challenge.

Next, go to the entrance area but to the right this time. Talk to the pro at
the driving range to do another "Hit the ball to the best spot" challenges.
There is only 1 target though so you'll do this once. The circle is about
205Y out so you should easily reach it. Put Super Backspin to ensure it won't
easily roll out of the circle.

North of the driving range is the putting green. There are 3 stars available 
here, one for the easy, normal, and hard difficulties. Talk to the pro and 
choose the difficulty. The harder it is the smaller the circle is. Putt the 
ball to within that circle 7/10 times to win. It's pretty difficult on harder
difficulties. Now for the last challenge, Palms has water right? Water means
water animals right? This IS Mario Golf. Head to the right to a small path and
down a bridge to the ocean. There is a Blooper (The famous Mario squid enemy)
taunting you so let's whack him back! Practice here and aim for his big head. 
After you hit or miss him he'll move to the other side of the ocean. Head back 
near the approach range where there's another small path leading to the ocean. 
Blooper will re-appear there. Hit or miss him and he'll move back to where he 
was before. Hit him 3 times to KO him and a Custom Ticket B will wash apon the 
shore. We'll talk about these tickets later.

Now it's time to beat the tourney! Talk to the caddie and enter. The Palms 
course, like I said, has lots of water. So try your best to avoid it. 
NOTE:I will be doing my tips assuming your drive is around 220Y!

Hole 1-406Y
Hit the ball to the hill close to the pond at the middle of the hole. The 2nd
shot should be played to the middle of the green which is the flattest,
although the green isn't to undulated anyways.

Hole 2-398Y
So hazardous tree-wise on this hole. Bomb a straight drive to the hill. (They
put hills in the "best spots" haven't you figured out?) The 2nd shot has two
options. You can lay up at the front of the green with large undulation 
pointing at the hole, or aim close to the back of the green where the is a 
small flat area.

Hole 3-506Y
If you can't reach the first hill 230Y out then use a Power shot. The second 
shot should be placed as close to the green as you can get it and it should
be an easy approach near the hole and a short birdie putt from there!

Hole 4-380Y
Obvious isn't it? Aim for teh mysicital hilly 220Y out. The green from there 
isn't too far, place the ball near the fairway so that it bounces to a good
spot near the hole placed at the front of the green.

Hole 5-190Y
Finally a Par 3! This is a VERY dangerous Par 3 because under-hitting the ball 
will hit the hill and bounce away from the green and over-hitting will have 
your ball drowned in the water. Let the ball hit the fairway and bounce and 
roll to the hole.

Hole 6-401Y
Aim close to the left side bunker (avoid it, but it's near the best spot) so
you have a clear, straight shot to the green. The green is "8" shaped with
little undulation so birdie shouldn't be a big problem right?

Hole 7-485Y
Use a Power shot to get close to the top hill bunker. Very possible if you 
want a risk, try another power shot to the green. If you DO make it you might
have an Eagle! The green slopes left and right a lot at the front of it so aim
for the back.

Hole 8-198Y
A safe Par 3. Lay up on the fringe so the little bounce carries you to the 
hole in a flat area.

Hole 9-408Y
Aim as far right from the 225Y Palm trees as you can, their placement on the 
second shot can and will hurt you. The green is small with little undulation 
so use the "Property of Bounce" as I call it!

Hole 10-413Y
Palm trees left and right! Aim for the large area in the middle of them. The 
2nd shot to the green must carry high enough so the palms don't get in the 
way. The green is wide but thin, and tons of undulation to the right. Aim for 
the left area of the green.

Hole 11-400Y
Risky? You bet. 2 options on the first shot. Lay up on the hill or power it 
past the small river to the island 230Y out. Either one puts you for a good 
green shot, which by the way has massive slopes on the middle and left areas 
but a small flat section on the right. Go for it.

Hole 12-192Y
Nice pin placement....</Sarcasm> Well, you got a fat left side, thin right 
side, pin on the right, water guarding the front-right of the green, OH the
annoyingness. See that diagonal path to the hole, all flat? Aim for it. A 32ft.
putt awaits if you can do it.

Hole 13-517Y
If you can't reach the hill near the palms, use a power shot. The second shot
is a little tricky. Positioning the ball near the trees is good and bad so 
take ino account how your landing point will effect the 3rd shot to the green,
which is large and flat at the middle.

Hole 14-426Y
Aim as far left to the fairway as you can reach. The second shot can't be in 
the way of the trees. The green has massive undulation at the top and is flat 
at the bottom.

Hole 15-200Y
Simple? No. A downhill par 3 with a small green and large greenside bunkers....
swallowing up a missed tee shot. The green is flat in the middle and right so 
avoid the lefter portion.

Hole 16-393Y
Try to lay up as close to the water hazard as you can. The next shot to the 
green needs to reach it, as the green is atop a hill and the green is quite 
slope friendly.

Hole 17-551Y
Evil? YES! Aim to the middle of the nearby hill putting you in for a good 2nd
shot to another nearby hill 200Y away. The green fortunatly has little slopeage
so putting is easy.

Hole 18-410Y
Ah the end! A narrow Par 4 so aim carefully to avoid the trees for a hard 2nd 
shot. The green is quite slopey save for the middle, so aim there.

Congradulations on beating the Palms Tourney! Great job avoiding those 
hazards it seems? Well, we still got 2 more clubs left to dominate, but first 
we'll take a little side trip.

In the world map head to a large cabin in the woods. This is the Club Maker's 
Hut. He'll exchange Custom Tickets for new clubs. First, check his 
cabinet's for a Custom Ticket A. Now talk to the Club Maker and you'll be 
given a screen with different clubs on them. Choose one for each ticket. I
reccomend the Super POW clubs with your C ticket and maybe some club giving
a straight or low shot with your A ticket. A little note:The letters are a bit
off meaning that A tickets aren't very useful, but with little downside 
however, D tickets have the greatest use but the biggest downside. Choose your
clubs carefully.

Now head back to the map and into the desert area and into the Dunes Club area.

      III E. Dunes Club-Tourney help and things to do
Well, like-wise from the other clubs we'll start at the Practice Center. Dunes
Club is famous for it's thin fairways, massive amount of bunkers and a bad
lie area, the Waste Area. Dunes has the fewest stars to earn so we should get
'em fast!

Start off by heading to the leftern Driving Range. The pro will give you the
low-down and you'll choose your difficulty. You'll have to use your irons and 
hit the ball about 180Y and land within a circle on the green. Do this 7/10
times to win easily. The harder the difficulty the smaller the circle and also
keep an eye on the wind.

Now head to the far right to the putting green where the challenge here is 
you'll be putting about 30-40ft putts. Sink at least 7 of them to win. The 
green is pretty slopey so be careful as this is a hard challenge.

Now head north to the approach range and enter the approach contest. Whack the
ball into the circle 8/10 times to pass. The wind is a key role here, adjust 

Now head to the right and north. Go through the paths and read the sign saying
"Dangerously high Pokey presence in the area". Head into the sand and a Pokey
(Annoying orange cactus Mario creature) will appear. Hit your ball into his 
body and if you hit him he will lose one segment of his body. He'll then move
to a different area and the path there should be obvious. Because he loses a
part of his body each hit becomes harder. Hit him 3 times to earn a Custom
B ticket!

Now it's time to enter the tourney. Note:My help gudelines are assuming your 
drive is about 235 yards!

Hole 1-414Y
Get your ball behind the group of cactuses on the first hill for a clear second
shot. The green is undulated at the front and is flat near the back, although
pin placement is usually near the front.

Hole 2-415Y
Uphill 'tis. Aim as close to the bunker at the top of the hill as you can
assuming you're still on the fairway. The green, small, is quite flat 
providing a safe 2nd shot and easy birdie putt.

Hole 3-560Y
Fugly this hole is! What is worse than a double dogleg??? Aim between the 2 
hills about 245Y out. The second shot needs to be played near the second
turning point of the dogleg, giving a clear 3rd shot. The green is small with
a flat middle and heavily undulated sides.

Hole 4-160Y
This hole actually has a big green! The right half is quite undulated while the
left half isn't too slopey. I think you know where to go....

Hole 5-454Y
Distance here. Aim for the top of the first hill or lay up at the bottom of it.
Either way it's a clear shot to the green which is not only small, but heavly 

Hole 6-393Y
The hill with the cactuses? Try your best to get past them all as the next
shot will be much easier. The green is oddly shaped, but fortunatly quite

Hole 7-425Y
Aiming close to the bunker seems to work, so do it. Cactuses may get in your
way of the second shot to the large green, which is quite flat through the

Hole 8-175Y
A small green...but a large fringe! Try to land it on the green or at least the
fringe as chipping from the bunker isn't liked much. The green has heavy
undulation at the middle, and slight undulation at the sides. lol, if you
turn the hole upside-down it reasembles a goomba!

Hole 9-526Y
Aim towards the bunker on the first hill. If you think you can make it to the
small island in the water ('bout 250Y away) go for it, it'll put you in an 
easy 2nd shot to the green. Even if you don't, chances are your second 
shot'll land on the green anyways, which has heavy slopeage making a hard 
Eagle putt.

Hole 10-425Y
Lay up close to the water so your second shot, to a heavily sloped green, is
able to clear the protruding cactuses.

Hole 11-174Y
A pea shaped green, on a pea shaped island, in the middle of a large pond. AKA,
don't mess up. The green is heavily undulated at the back, and not as much
everywhere else.

Hole 12-400Y
Aim for the middle of the large first hill, but, there is a cactus to the right
of you on the tee shot so those with massive draws will have trouble. Thr 2nd
shot to the green, which is flat in the middle and a bit hilly on the outside,
is pretty big so easy birdie.

Hole 13-511Y
Try to land your ball _BEFORE_ the first bunker. If you don't, your ball may 
roll into cactus territory and have a hard second shot which should be landed
near the group of 4 bunkers. The green is heavily undulated so be careful.

Hole 14-415Y
Lay up as far to the right from the cactuses as you think you can get. They'll
pose a problem for your next shot to the green, whih is quite undulated at the 
top, and flat most where else.

Hole 15-171Y
The intsy witsy ball flew to the intsy witsy green. lol, it's a tiny green.
Undulation small though everywhere so careful where you land it.

Hole 16-433Y
Aim as far as you can although you'll probably only make it near the hill with
2 bunkers on it's sides. The next shot is a clear one to a green with massive
undulation at the bottom and flat at the top.

Hole 17-475Y
Left.....left some more....there! See that little area of fairway? Go for it!
Put Super Topspin in case it doesn't reach it. (Note:If you miss, chances are 
you'll come up short into teh OB!) Now the green is within reach, which is 
small with little hills.

Hole 18-423Y
Power that ball past the bunkers on either hill, distance tells where you can
go. The green here is "8" shaped with little undulation.

Congradulations on beating the Dunes Tourney! Did win problems affect you?
Take any risks? Anyways, we have 1 club left to dominate-The Links Club. Links
is famous for it's thin fairways, massive rough and even worse:Heath. This 
grass swallows your ball and seriously depleates the power of the next shot
(You lose about 60% power while in heath) so avoid it at all costs. Also,
you'll be seeing winds reach up to 22MPH!!! Links is hard....but you can do
it! Note:I'll be giving my hints assuming your drive is around 245Y!

But first, a little side-trip. Head to Marion Clubhouse and from the 
entrance take a path to the left and out a door. You'll find a barrel out here
and by searching it with A, you'll find a Super Drink raising your drive by 3Y!

       III F.Links Club-Tourney help and things to do
Links Practice Center is evil! Why? The challenges will truly test your
abilities. Links Club is at the top right corner of the map. Start by going to
the left to the putting green. This challenge is hell. You must sink 7/10
putts. The catch? Your putting from over 100ft. almost every time!!!!!
Putts 1,2,3,4 don't need to be adjusted. Putt 5 needs to be a little bit. Putt
6 is straight in and putts 7,8,9, and 10 need to be adjusted a lot. The last
4 putts are the hardest and I have reason to believe putt 10 is rigged. If
you are having trouble, skip this for now (I certinly did!)

Head back to the right and up th 2 bridges to the driving range. The challenge
here, like the other clubs is to simply hit the ball into the "Best Spot"
8/10 times. The catch? Let's throw in some wind blowing over 15MPH about 48%
of the time! Even worse is that the "Best Spot" is on Fast Fairway, a new
addition to courses. To it's name, Fast Fairway when landed upon makes your
ball roll so much farther then it normally would. Put Super Backspin on every
shot and hope for the best. Another thing: WATCH THE WIND! The circle is about
240Y away, and if you can't reach it, try later when you have more distance.

The final challenge is north at the approach range. The pro will give you a 
difficulty:Easy, Normal or Hard. It's the Chip-In challenge! You have 10 tries
on Easy to chip in once, Normal it's twice and for hard it 3 times. This is
quite hard, I reccomend using a 4W because the wind doesn't effect you that 
low but it's has lots of roll to reach the hole. Make sure your Impact is 
high before this though, as you'll be hitting from bad locations from rough
to heath!

But........we had Klepto, Pokey, Blooper....what now? Monty Mole is attack to 
far northern part of Links so find the path up there and whack him on the
noggin with your ball. 3 hits does it. After each hit or miss he'll move to
the other side, find the path on the other side of the Practice Area (Near the
Putting Green) to reach him.

Now....time for the Tourney! It's the last one! Remember, high winds, small
fairways, lots of heath and little "humps" that'll upon contact may send your
ball flying elsewhere (rolling near one doesn't hurt though). Fast Fairways
should be taken into account too! Good Luck!!!

Hole 1-424Y
Aim for that Fast Fairway but if you can reach it put Super Backspin so there's
no water involved...The green is quite small and undulated so approach your
200Y 2nd shot carefully!

Hole 2-557Y
Aim towards the fast fairway being sure to avoid the heath nearby. The next
shot is a bit tricky. You should aim for the fast fairway....but it may land 
you in the heath. Lay up before it if you arent confident. The green is large
with massive hills on the outside and flat on the inside.

Hole 3-168Y
You thought high winds are bad? Put a high wind witha Par 3 and a small green 
and you'll have the Par 3's at Links. The green is hard to stay on but it is
mostly flat with little undulation.

Hole 4-436Y
Get near the first hills' fast fairway while trying to avoid the ever present
heath. The green sadly is long but pretty damn thin, and even worse has a lot 
of undulation.

Hole 5-475Y
A safe first shot thankfully near the little bunkers and heath. The green, like
before is quite thin with a lot of hills.

Hole 6-226Y
Small green and a lot of undulation on the right... What to do? If there's low
winds go for the hole. If high winds lay up on the fast fairway with normal
backspin. The ball should have enough speed to land near the hole.

Hole 7-433Y
Land on the fast fairway with no backspin. It's a risk, but at the right angle 
you'll land on the fairway. Now the green hee is of medium size with some 
pretty harsh hills on the left. Putt thoughtfully.

Hole 8-527Y
Go for the fast fairway with some super backspin. This puts you safly for a 
second shot to the other fast fairway near the green. Hopefully the roll will 
get you close to it as the green though is big with some hills, not to much.

Hole 9-442Y
Aim down the middle of the large hill as close to the fast fairway as you can 
come. The green is large with a lot of undulated small hills so a putt isn't
too hard.

Hole 10-209Y
1 option really here. Go for the green, put backspin on if you think you 
overshot and hope for the best on this small and heavy hilled green.

Hole 11-422Y
Aim atop the hill past the tiny bunkers for a nice spot to the green, which is
medium sized and massivly undulated for the top half.

Hole 12-571Y
Aim the tee shot towards the fast fairway with super topspin to get the most
out of the extra speed (there's a lone tiny bunker there, but the odds of you
getting into it are 1:17). Next shot should be a power shot to a spot very 
close to the small green, which is very hilly so make a good approach.

Hole 13-389Y
Use a power shot and aim right of that group of trees. They will harm your 
second shot. The second should be played carefully to avoid overshooting the
very small green which has a lot of undulation in the back of it.

Hole 14-456Y
A shot getting close to the hill or the fast fairway is good. This sets you up
for a good 2nd shot to the green with heavy hills, but a whole flat area in the

Hole 15-173Y
Ouch! A small green with heavy undulation is not good. But still as long as
you follow the winds you'll land an easy birdie.

Hole 16-517Y
You're gonna have aim for the fast fairway unless jOO prefer the heath. A good
second shot shoudl clear the river, and leave a short shot to a small and 
pointing towards the hole undulations.

Hole 17-433Y
Aim for the fast fairway 240Y out leaving a clear shot to the....large green?
Big target and the flag is always in the large flat middle so birdie should be

Hole 18-468Y
You'll need to power shot the ball across the river also making sure the ball
hits no heath. The large green has massive undulation in the shape of a square,
with everything being flat.

Congradulations on beating the difficult Links Tourney! You'll recieve your
trophy and see the credits. Afterwords you'll be back in your room in the Club
Lodge. In your partners' room on the table is a letter saying that for beating
the Links Tourney you are the ultimate golfer so you should head to the Marion
Clubhouse and stand in front of the Mario face shadow in the sun. Head there.
NOW! There is a light there and by pushing A Toad will pop out of it and greet
you on your victory and by beating the 4 clubs you've earned the right to play
in the Mushroom Kingdom. When your ready talk to Toad and head into the light.
Mushroom Tourney, the final final tournement, here we come!

But, if you want to you may have noticed a big tree you can go up to on the
world map. There's a 1-Up in it if you desire to use it. It'll automatically
increase one of your characters by 1 level.
          III G.Mushroom Tourney-Tourney help and things to do
Peach will be delighted upon your entry. She'll ask if you're ready to play
the Mushroom Tourney. Say no so we can look around. Behind the castle is a 
barrel which contains a 1-Up. Use it if you wish. That, sadly, is really there
is to do here, beside enjoy the music. Talk to Peach to start the tourney.
The Mushroom Couses contains heath, fast fairways, tremendous amounts of OB and
water hazards, many obsticles and a new lie:Play Panels. Landing your ball on
one will trigger an event on the hole, whether it's the green moving or a new
island appearing. Play Panels have the same lie as being on the fairway.
Note:I'm doing these tis assuming your drive is around 260Y!

Hole 1-193Y
Mario's face! Nice music, hard course! Ahhhhh....Oh yea! The green here has 
undulation on pretty much everything so you might as well just go for the hole
and hope for the best!

Hole 2-467Y
Aim towards the center of the two large star shaped bunkers which'll put you
in good position to attack the small and heavily undulated star shaped green.

Hole 3-470Y
Aim for the fast fairway between the 2 water hazards with pirhanas sticking 
out (If you hit the ball inside its mouth it will spit out the ball nearby on 
the fairway). The second shot to the thin green is hard to stay on, but 
heavily undulated (like almost all the holes here) so approach carefully!

Hole 4-564Y
A change to the settings of Bowser Badlands from TT, the tee shot should try
to be landed on the play panel 275Y away. Thusly, you destroy the nearby 
Bob-ombs. The second shot should be played as close to the green as you can get 
the ball to. The green itself is long and a little thin with hills on the 
outside and flat on the inside.

Hole 5-443Y
Like before, try to land your ball on the play panel making a path easily to 
the green. The green is very small and fortunatly not very undulated.

Hole 6-164Y
This hole is hell!!!! Not only do you have a tiny weeny green with massive
hills at the bottom left corner, but there's a water hazard in front, huge 
OB area right behind the green (It's goop from SMS lol!) and of course the 
ever present high winds. You must be careful as the wind is the biggest factor
on this hole!

Hole 7-450Y
Aim the tee shot towards to closest Play Panel to you or, if you think you can 
reach it, the 2nd or 3rd Play Panel. The next shot is tricky. There are a bunch
of rocks in front of the green with a little opening between 2 though. Unless
you can clear them by hitting high enough you'll need that opening to take you
to a minorly sloping green.

Hole 8-552Y
We had waste area's, Bob-omb's....now lava! So much OB! Aim the drive to the 
second patch of fast fairway in hopes you land before it (or after it no 
biggie). The 2nd shot should be played close to the Mushroom in the middle of 
the fairway and the 3rd shot should be placed as close to the hole as you can 
get on the mega sloped and small green.

Hole 9-424Y
I doubt you can make this but aim for the play panel/fast fairway near the left
Thwomp. The 2nd to the green needs to fly high to avoid Thwompy there and the 
green is small, with lots of undulation by the hole and flat elsewhere.

Hole 10-436Y
Now Chain Chomps! The chained beasts have a little blue area...their "pen".
If the ball enters it it's OB! Aim towards the first Chainy avoiding him and
the lava nearby. The green is clear away and is...lol, Pac-Man shaped (the 
missing "pie piece" is fringe) and is quite slopey.

Hole 11-203Y
A small, crown shaped green is what you got. Finally a green that isn't too
undulated but the tee shot must avoid the back-green water and front-green

Hole 12-428Y
1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Play Panels! Aim for whichever one you can reach. It triggers the
volcano which'll move the green location left. Perhaps this is good depending 
on where you landed the 1st shot. The green is small and undulated at the 

Hole 13-368Y
Aim towards the Play Panels. All that happens is that the pirhanas change 
ponds. The green is small and has so much undulation....like all the other 

Hole 14-566Y
Aim for the fast fairway or land the ball as close to the Thwomp Play Panel
as you can. The next shot should be put as close to the green as you can risk
it. The green itself is small and massivly undulated...again...

Hole 15-196Y
....****....this is one mean hole. A large green? Must be dreaming... The hole
though is on an island surrounded by lava OB and some guarding Chain Chomps.
Although undulated, still easy to make birdie.

Hole 16-495Y
This hole takes "small green" to a "hole" new level... (OK...bad pun). Aim for 
that play panel! If you're in the rough you're in trouble. The green is tiny...
and on a small island in a HUGE lake. I hope you have good control as this 
undulated green is all skill to even land on!

Hole 17-417Y
To simplyfy this hole, land on the closest Play Panel. It'll move the green
to an easy location for you. The green is small and not THAT undulated, but
when isn't it?

Hole 18-556Y
Oh the joy! Or not....I guess drive the ball to the fast fairway moving to a 
Play Panel if you can simply moving an island. Next shot should be to the next
island avoiding OB if you can. The green is tiny and is way to undulated. Try
for a finishing birdie!

Congradulations on beating the hard and I meant hard Mushroom Tourney! You'll
watch the ending credits and return to your Cabin. Now only half the tourney's
have been completed as you can see...Let's get cracking on the Doubles Cup!

NOTE:If you have any tips on a particular hole you find hard or can give good
advice on feel free to ATTN me on the boards and give me hole advice. You'll

          Helpful tips and tricks whilst on Doubles Cup
Talk to your partner in the club lodge and say "Doubles Play". Your partner
will walk around with you so you can do Doubles Cup tourneys. I will not
explain holes again as quite frankly, it'd be pointless and impossible. The
CPU controlls your partner! Believe me, they'll do the worst job. Here are my
tips and tricks

-Remember, you can save and quit and when continuing, you restart the hole you
saved on.

-The CPU does worse the better you play and plays better the worse you play.

-The first few holes the CPU takes about 15% power off of drives. After a few
birdies that'll change to 25% off.

-Sometimes Par is the best option especially when the CPU tees off on a Par 3.

-Careful of Par 3's, if your playing well the CPU will NEVER reach a Par 3 

-The CPU however is excellent at putting and getting Chip-Ins. You can rely 
on that though.

-Give her good lies, and good positioning on your tee offs.

Those are really my only tips for this annoying mode. The game I suppose was
made to be harder this way I guess.... Good luck on beating all High Scores
for Singles and Doubles for each club. If you manage to do them all goto the
Trophy Room in Marion Clubhouse and if you were there before you should know
that a golden club is there for each high score you get. By beating all of 
them those clubs are replaced by statues of Mario for Marion, Donkey Kong for
Dunes, Peach for Palms, Luigi for Links, and a statue of YOU for Mushroom
Tourney. Nice! Toad says he did this for you and Toad will also hand you a
Hyper Drink (Raises drive 5Y!)

             III H.Match Game against Joe
Head to the Marion Practice center and go to the putting green. The disco freak
(lol, it's true) Joe will be there to hapilly take on your Match Game
challenge. You 2 will go head to head on the Marion Course, best of 18 holes.
Rules are simple. If you get a better score than your oppoenet, you get a 
medal, but if your rival gets a better score than you, he gets a medal. If 
you tie a hole you both become 1 medal closer to winning (after tieing 1 hole,
every 2 holes you tie takes 1 medal away). Be the first to get 10 medals!!!
Let's just say that Joe plays like a loser. He massivly takes off power on his
swing (Like if he uses his driver for 215Y, he'll hit it so the ball flys like
180Y). He sets the impact point way off and don't get me started on poor Impact
Marker placement. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if you win all 10 holes 
straight! He's easy, no sweat. If you beat Joe you will unlock the One-Club
Challenge mini-game on the map.

      III I.Doubles Match against Joe and Putts
The pre-pre Marion Club champ Putts is here to take revenge!!! Or not... With
your doubles Partner with you talk to Joe and Putts will somehow enter the 
screen and you all will enter the Match game. Joe may have actually leaned 
something, but Putts will act like an idiot. I have seen them get 1 birdie, and
that would be on the 7th a Par 5. If you can get bridies and eagles and have
enough guts to watch Putts hit the ball behind trees I see no reason you should
not win easily. 

      III J.Match game against Sherry
Near the entrance to the right area at Palms Practice center awaits Sherry,
the former club champ til you came around. Let's get a Match Game started!!!
We will be playing at the lovely Palms course and Sherry isn't gonna have the
best of luck today. She won't set Impact off too much but she does screw up
the Impact Marker. She won't reach most par 3's in 1 shot so take that to 
advantage. She can make a few Chip-ins and is pretty good at putting so watch 
out! She's still overall easy and she can easily be beaten. She'll occasionally
hit the water hazards dotted around the course, thus making the hole easily won
for you. If you beat Sherry you will unlock the Next Gen Epoch Golf-Mini-Park
(what kind of name is that???).

     III K.Doubles Match game against Sherry and Grace
With your doubles partner go up to Sherry and soon enough Grace, the former-
former club champ will come to you guys. Time for another doubles match! They
both play smartly and don't do what Joe/Putts did and that was go off course.
Chances are they'll hit the water on the first hole and that's pretty much
their only screw up besides missing a few green's in regulation and Par 3's.
It's not TOO hard but don't let your guard down to these two as they can thwomp
you if you let them....

      III L.Match game against Azalea
Near the entrance to the Pokey section of the Dunes Practice Center lies Azalea
the flower.....whatever...Anyways it's time for another Match game and this 
time it's at the Dunes Club! If you remember, all Dunes is is a big ass bunker.
...A bunker which Azalea isn't gonna go into. It's quite evenly matched between
the both of you. She won't mess up quite often (still messes up the Impact
Marker)but gets quite a lot of birdies, some pars, and an eagle here or there.
She can chip in quite well when just off the green and winds are low. However,
she doesn't putt to great so count on her messing up on those heavily undulated
greens. Defating Azalea will unlock the Coo-Coo-Course mini-game on the map.

       III M.Doubles match game against Azalea and Tiny
With your doubles partner talk to Azalea, and Tiny, the big, bad muscle head
will appear from nowhere happy to challenge and beat the living poo off of you!
Still Dunes, the infamous Tiny can whack a drive 265Y with a slight Draw. He
does though have bad Impact and Control so if he messes up the Impact placement
he will (or should I say his team?) will pay. They will get Eagle's onm every
Par 5 like 85% of the time so you and your partner should have drives over 240,
thusly you can easily reach the green in 2. I indeed do admit that the earlier 
you challenge them, the harder it is so you should wait until you have giant
drives or if you think you can kick their asses, go ahead and beatem.

         III N.Match game against Kid
In the driving range of the Links Practice Center is your old teacher, Kid.
How stupid can programmers go when it comes to saying he can't golf and you
have a match game with him??? He hits a whopping 275Y with a slight draw and
bad control and impact. The winds like before and always are high at Links and
Kid actually pays attention to the wind. However, teh fast fairways unfortuatly
work against Kid and he'll commonly find himself hitting a bare 50Y out of some
heath which gives an easy victory on some holes. Kid is damn well on the Par
3's so careful of their high winds.

        III O.Doubles Match game against Kid and Gene Yuss
This is it. Teh final match game. With your doubles partner talk to Kid and I
think we all know what happens. The result end winner of this game all depends
on your partners stats. If they have good Control and Impact with good height
you'll be all set. If your partner faults in one of those catogories, you may
have a bit of trouble. Gene Yuss has poor control and impact but a mediocre
drive of 250Y and a fade. Gene Yuss gets a little over excited on Par 5's, 
sometimes hitting a ball into the heath. The most important thing to do it
as always pay attention to the wind, the major factor besides your partner in
this match.

      IV.Mini Games on the map

        IV A.One-Club Challenge
Exiting from your club lodge and a few pixels northward on the map is the 
wonderous One-Club Challenge. What is it you may ask??? The name says most of
it. You will go on 4 Par-3 holes and you have to land the ball within the 
circle around the hole on every hole. Just 1 catch. The club you use on the
first hole is the club you will use for the rest of the challenge (Don't worry,
the first hole is the longest). The wind is really low here, not going more 
than 4 MPH. On the first hole try to overshoot and put (Super) Backspin on the
ball so it rolls back into the circle or you can lay up infront of the circle 
and let the ball bounce into the hole that way. The first hole is 140Y away.
The second hole is 73Y away and a little uphill. Use super backspin to ensure
the ball comes to a stop in the circle. The third hole is 132Y away and is 
downhill. You'll be using almost full potential of the club you choose. Once
again backspin is a must for safety. The final hole is 116Y away and on a hill.
Backspin will just stop the ball dead in it's tracks so aim a little before
the hole so you can stop the ball in the circle. Now you will earn your Exp.
oh boy! However that was just the easy difficulty. On medium and hard the 
circle becomes smaller! Thusly making the challenge really hard. Overall can
you do it??? The grand prize is a Custom Ticket A and a Super Drink.

      ~IV B.Next Gen Epoch Golf Mini-Park~
This challenge is just a little south on the map from the One-Club Challenge.
This challenge combines the last 3 holes of the Marion Course (16,17,18) and
combines them into 1 big Par 7! For your information 16 was Par 4, 17 Par 3
and 18 Par 5. Your destination? The green on hole 18! Here are my tips
reguarless of drive. Get as close to the green (without actually landing on
it) on 16 as possible. The next shot should be played a little....dangerously
as I call it. This is because you have 2 shot options this time. Aim for
a small patch of fairway left of the giant lake although it has a tree that a 
bad postion could block you from the green it will easily give you an easy
third shot to the green or you can aim right of the water hazard with few trees
and large fairways but be farther from the hole. Either way you go you should
be putting within 3-5 shots. The green is quite slopey but you should have at
least 2 putts so nothing to worry about right? So you think. On Medium 
difficulty the Par is 6!!!!! This makes your drive quite important. And if 
that was bad check out Hard, it makes this a Par 5!!!!!!!!!!! Now every shot 
counts and making it on in 3 is quite needed. For the grand prize you get a 
Custom Ticket B. Oh boy...

              ~IV C.Coo-Coo-Course~
Dead north of the Mini-Golf-Park even though the path doesn't agree lies
the OLD'D Coo-Coo Course. First check out the path behind the cabin for a 
barrel with a Super Drink in it. Now head into the cabin to see a dying old
man.....>_> <_< yeah. The challenge this time is to get Par or better on their
525Y Par 5 hole. Easy right, maybe a river and some OB on it but nothing too 
bad. BUT, what if I told you there wasn't a single bit of fairway om the hole?
Now what are you thinking. While "Pops" has been sick the old couple has 
stopped tending their hole. Ever since the hole has grown so much grass it
makes the White House's gardens look good (lol). Now how does Par sound on this
hole? If you have low Impact on your character let's just say "Welcome to 
hell". The best lie you can possible find on your tee shot is the semi-rough
200Y out. But still that far away? Heck no let's do some risky shooting if your
Impact is up to it. There is a ton of heavy rough and heath about 275Y out VERY
close to the river just beyond a group of trees. If you got good Impact go for
it otherwise it's Semi-Rough choice for jOO. Now the second shot either way
should be put on the semi-rough just over the river close to the green. The
green is very small and worst of all if the ball goes north of the green it's
OB (just beyond the fringe) so watch out! Undulated but possible and your
reward is a lousy 120 Exp. and a Custom Ticket C (yay for that at least).

      ~IV D.Elf's Shot Course~
Right next to Links Course lies what looks like when you enter heaven, but 
while playing hell. This is Elf's Short Course. A simple 9 hole Par-3 course.
Gee what's the catch this time?? Played the 1-on, 1-putt minigame in Toadstool
Tour? That's what this is only windier and pissier. You have 9 hellish holes,
winds hardly ever going below 10 MPH, small greens and most are far away.
Sadly my advice can't be much help to you, you're on your own. Get it on the 
green (fringe don't count!!!) and putt for birdie. Repeat 8 more times. You're
amazering prize is a dumpy 900 Exp. and whoop-dee-do a Hyper Drink!

         ~IV E.Go-Go Gates Forest
Far left of Dunes Club lies a forest.....with gates!!! lol, Talk to the head 
master and enter the challenge for course 1. The object? Hit the ball through
all the gates on the hole and still make Par. You'll do a Par 3,4, and 5 gate
hole on each course. Let's start.

Hole 6
This is impossible! </Sarcasm> Hit the ball through the really wide gate in
the middle of the fairway. I think you by now should know what to do after this 

Hole 12
3 words. Go. For. Green.

Hole 7
First shot should land near the red gate. 2nd shot should go through both gates
and then you should be able to reach the green and get birdie (This is too

Well that was the Marion Course but how about we continue to Palms??

Hole 12
Aim left of the green to split the gate and it's just a matter of "Bump-and-
run" to the hole.

Hole 10
1 stupid gate 300Y out. The difficult part? Asking why this is so hard to get
on the green (Even though it's easy lol).

Hole 17
Lay up near the huge line of gates. Next shot hit through them all landing
near the last gate and then and only then is it a matter of making Birdie
to finish up Palms!

Well, Palms was a BREEZE (get it?) right? Dunes is next and we have actual 

Hole 8
Way off the course of the hole, aim for the gate and lay up infront of it. This
gives an easy shot to the green where a par putt is eminent.

Hole 18
Lay up next to gate. Next shot hit through gate and away from green. 3rd hit
go to green then putt par. </Robot talk>

Hole 13
Lay up near the first gate then send the ball to the island. Then hit through
it's gate and the gate guarding the green and I think that makes Eagle....

Well, if Dunes didn't make you SWEAT then maybe Links and it's insane gates

Hole 10
Hit through both gates and land just left of the green and another bump-and-run
should par the hole.

Hole 13
OK, this is hard. Hit near the 2 gates. This is the hard part. Manuver the ball
so it goes through all 3 gates and lands as close to the green as possible. Now
it's a matter of actually pulling that off but remember, 1 more very hard hole
to go!

Hole 16
WHY!!??? So evil this is.... Hit through the first 2 gates and land close to 
the 3rd gate and on that shot land near gate 4 putting the 3rd shot near the 
final gate and making a par putt with pressure, but if won rewards of Super 
Drink rain upon jOO!

         ~IV F.Lucky Country Club Slots~
North of Dunes Club lies Lucky Country, home of the infamous Club Slots. What
do you do here? Ask the gambler head guy to play and explain Club Slots. What
you do is this. On each of the 4 courses you play a Par 3,4, and 5 holes using
the clubs you determined from the Club Slots. On the slots there is a Wood
reel, an Iron reel, and a Wedge reel. On each of the reel's are a few stars and
if you get all 3 stars you get to use any club in your bag! If you get a star
but don't get all 3 stars, you don't get ANY club for that reel!!! There is
absolutly NO advice I can give here. What would be the point? Stop the slots 
and play the hole. Get all 4 courses done and win a Power Drink...

              ~V.Quick Game Mode~
Do you not wanna do the story mode for a little while? Need a break? Want even
more challenges? Quick Game mode may be right for you. It has over 10 different
modes you can choose from Training any particular hole to the new Star Touneys
where the compitition is much feerce and so are the greens. I'll explain all
the modes and give advice on the modes that could use some (preferably Go-Go-

             ~V A.Stroke Play~
Stroke Play is pretty much a practice round of any course of your choosing. It
is played from the front tees (Have you noticed that in tourneys you play from
the back tees??) and not as much pressure. Just a relaxing round. You can play
Marion Course, Star Marion Course, Palms Course, Star Palms Course, Dunes
Course, Star Dunes Course, Links Course, Star Links Course, Mushroom Course 
(Personally I can think of better names), and Elf's Short Course (Only the 
front 9 is playable until his Mini-Game in Story Mode is beaten, then all 18
are available. It's a great way to practice a course for a tourney or just for
getting easy Exp.

         ~V B.Character Match~
You've done this a lot already in Story Mode. All Character Match is is that 
you choose your character, choose the character whom you wish to go against,
choose the course, tees, types of greens and let the battle commence! In
case you have forgotton or this is your first time doing this the object of
Character Match (Or more termly "Match Game") is to win 10 holes before your
opponet does the same. If you win the hole, meaning you got a better score
than your match, you earn a medal. The same goes for your rival. If you both
tie a hole, you are 1 medal less away from winning each (This only happens
on the first tie, afterward every 2 holes you tie you are 1 medal closer). In
the event both of you are tied after finishing the 18th hole, you and your
rival will go into Sudden Death where the person who gets the better score wins
the match. The only point to this mode is get the Star versions of Mario,
Peach, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong. Otherwise it's would be out of boredom, filling
up the chart for matches in Records mode, or for getting Exp.

                 ~V C.Doubles~
I don't think most of us had fond memories in Doubles Mode right?? Well, there
are a lot of different modes you can play besides the usual tourneys and
practice rpounds in story mode. There is the basic Stroke Play for the both
of you, we got doubles character match, 4-Slot and 3-Slot matches (quite fun!)
and lastly Skins Match which is like Match Play, only the winner of the hole
gets a "Skin" and the players with the most skins after hole 18 wins! Another
thing in this mode is that you don't have to have your Doubles Partner, you
can choose whoever character you want to be your partner but they'll still act
like idiots none the less!

           ~V D.Speed Golf~
This mode requires no introduction. How fun is this mode? Pick your character
then select the course you want then tee off on the craziest and frenzic mode 
yet. If you're too much of an idiot to not realize what your doing, you're 
racing the clock to finish the course in the fastest time possible. Here are 
some general tips you should know when playing: 1.Try to get as close to the 
hole on your tee shot as possible as it'll make the next shots faster; 2.Trust
the game to set up a good shot for you unless you see it's bad and 3.Take a few
seconds longer to adjust putts. There you go now have fun in this crazy mode 
and try for a good record!

       ~V E.Club Slots~
Oh the random and exciting mode of teh Club Slots returns and this time with
a choice. You get to choose between a 3-Slot machine and a 4-Slot machine. On
the 4-Slot Machine the last slot is a bonus reel. You can get bonuses of no
wind on the hole, extra mulligan, extra power shot, perfect sweet spot using 
auto swing and I think that's it. Other than that the mode is pretty basic. I
think you know the rules. Clubs stopped by slots are the clubs used on the 
hole and getting 3 stars means using any club in your bag (however if you don't
get 3 stars any stars you did get won't give you a club for that reel!!!)

       ~V F.Go-Go-Gates~
Ah the wonderous gates you must go! There are 6 gate challenges per each course
so do you have what it takes to HOLE it in? (Really bad pun's....) We'll
start our tour with the Marion Course's Gates and work our way from there.

Marion Course:

Hole 1:Silly Straight

Those beautiful gates straight to the green...Please don't screw up or.....you
must be bad at this game or have bad control to miss on your first try!!!

Hole 2:Seaside Shots

Aim for the shore making sure you go through the first gate. The seond shot 
should easily go over the next gate to the green and an easy Birdie.

Hole 5:Barricade Blast

Just lay up before the big tree in the way of all the gates so the second shot
can land the green and pass over the tree and it's gates.

Hole 8:Wall Woes

Unpossible this is!!!! I assume that going for the green and hitting the gates
2ft. from the tee box is hard right?

Hole 10:Get Up, Down

Aim for the island...if you can call it that with the first gate and land near 
the next gate. Hit a short shot making sure it DOESN'T land infront of the 
tree. Par shouldn't be too hard from here.

Hole 11:Harrowing Hills

Aim straight for the first gate on the tee shot then the second should be 
played close to the next gate, having the 3rd go to the green and Birdie
it in.

Well that was Marion, now let's breeze through Palms.

Hole 4:Between Palms

The gate is an easy 275Y away from you and quite thin. It's best to go for it
on your first shot then hit the green for a nice Birdie.

Hole 6:Which Way?

Super easy. Bomb a drive down the middle through the gates. But that sparkly 
sound isn't on. Why? You're going the wrong way. Hit the ball on either side
of the gates having shot 2 going through the both of them, then landing on the
green and sinking a Par putt.

Hole 7:Wicked Restricted

The game makes it sound terrifying. The gates are all lined up to the green. A
long drive can hit through 2-3 of them. Getting Eagle isn't at all difficult.

Hole 11:Carvin Marvin

Lay up before the first gate then send the next shot flying through both gates
and landing as close to the green as possible as well, hopefully getting that
Par putt.

Hole 15:Triple Bunkers

Uhhhh.....This looks quite decieving. But a pro like myself can easily Birdie
this hole. It's not as hard as it looks. Aim for the right part of the green so
you will pass through 2 of the 3 gates. Now add super Backspin and if the ball 
doesn't roll through the thrid gate on the green make a chip (or if on the 
green an intentional long putt) through the gate then sink Par.

Hole 16:Riverside Gates

Try to land on the land past the first 2 easily passed gates then knock the 
approach near the pin past the last gate for Birdie.

Well Palms was a breeze so how about Dunes to work up a sweat?

Hole 2:Criss-Cross

This is a bit tricky. Both gates intersect eachother at odd angles. Lay up near
the gates and hit the next shot through the both of them. Then it's just 
getting to the green and Par.

Hole 3:Ponder the Pond

Hit it through the first gate and make another shot to the next gate through 
the pond and near the green where a Birdie easily lies ahead of you.

Hole 4:Backtracking

Quite to the name you must aim the tee shot towards the back tees. Here you 
will find the gate in the path to the green where you have 1 shot at Par.

Hole 12:Thin-Inner Path

Aim the tee shot through all 3 gates. The last gate is VERY thin. You must be 
precise and watch the wind if you wish to make it. Then Birdie shan't be hard.

Hole 14:Odd Gate Out

Taking "Evil little Par 4" to a new level, hit backwards to the back tees. The 
first gate is here now head out through the second gate and landing in a 
position to land on the green while making sure to pass through the last gate 
as well.

Hole 16:Hokey Pokey

This hole is quite basic. Hit through the first gate landing near the next, hit
through that one landing near the last and then hit through that and to the 

Well, good on Dunes. Links is tough!....not.....

Hole 3:Fairway Fringe

Hit past the green and through the gate and after that it's a short chip and
a putt away.

Hole 5:The Groove

Try to land as far behind the first gate as possible without landing in the 
deep rough. Now hit over both gates hopefully not draining the water and get 
a Birdie if you can.

Hole 9:Slim Pickings

Little choice here. Aim straight for the first gate making sure to NOT SCREW
UP THE SHOT!!! The same goes for the second shot as both gates are thin to pass

Hole 13:Backdoor

It's just an easy matter of getting to the green, hitting the gate to the left
of it and still saving Par. No tricks here!

Hole 16:Goofy Gates

Good god!! Hit the first shot past the red gate, o'er the river and into the 
rough. Next shot is through the second gate and I think a little common sense 
tells us where the 3rd shot will go and be for!

Hole 18:Tricky Fairways

A curve increases your chances of maing this only gate, positioned in a thin
area on the fairway. Hit through it, get on the green and make that Par. Now
you have beaten all of the Go-Go-Gates holes!

               ~V G.Near-Pin~
What is this Near-Pin mode? You play on the dreaded Elf's Short Course and play
the amount of holes you want. The object is to get as close to the hole as 
possible. If you land on the fringe or anything else whose lie isn't "Green"
then the distance is 100.00ft. After all the holes your added up distances from
the hole is your score. For 9 holes my record is 32.12. I haven't been able to
get all 18 holes, and I don't give a damn for them anywho. It's a fun little
competition mode when your with friends top see who can get the best score.

          ~V H.Training~
Do you suck major ass on a particular hole? Wanna try some risky shot shortcuts
and see if you do or don't suffer TEH consequences? This is the best mode to
come to for all your needs. Choose any hole from any course you've unlocked,
choose the tee boxes, types of greens, wind direction and speed, whether you
want to play on the star version of that hole of not and get ready to tee off!!
After every shot you'll be asked if you want to mulligan that shot or continue. 
This is an excellant mode to practice any hole you trouble on. Have fun
discovering many new ways to the hole!

       ~V I.Star Singles Tourney~
More tournments???? Say it ain't so! Well in the the Star Tourneys you'll be
playing what looks like a different course. You're playing on th Star versions
of every hole. However you're playing on the Star holes you've unlocked. 
Otherwise it'll be the normal hole. The greens are different too. The putting
meter is now half the size! Oh noes!!! This greatly increases the chance of 
error when doing Medium-Long range putts. The players also get better scores 
but by now you can already Birdie like every hole right? You unlock Star 
Tourney by beating all the regular Singles Tourneys.

       ~V J.Star Doubles Tourney~
As if normal Doubles wasn't hell enough they throw this out! This mode is
exactly like Star Singles only with a partner. If you hate the stats of your
partner you are in luck! You get to decide who your partner is! Go ahead, 
choose Mario if you want, matters not. CPU still acts like it's stupid self, 
but gives normal scores still to the leaderboard. Play well and follow the
Doubles Play guidelines a couple sections ago for help and tips.

                 ~VI Multiplayer~
Ah yes, when isn't a game fun with Multiplayer? You've played every mode that
is here, but some are a little tweaked by the multi-showdown! You and your
friends have the option of sharing the same GBA for all, or using their own
GBA's hooked up by an Official Nintendo GBA Link Cable.

              ~VI A.Stroke Play~
Once again we tetirn to the most basic mode of all, Stroke Play. Just a simple
round of golf, this time with your friends. Hit ball, wait for friends to hit
ball, hit ball, wait for friends, putt ball, wait for friends.....it's kinda
like that (only sharing if only 1 GBA) and remember if you haven't noticed,
the player furthest from the hole gets to hit their shot until there's another
person farthest from the hole. Same goes for putting and the player getting
the best score on the hole tees off next. Otherwise if it's a tie the player
whose number is closer to Player 1 (P1) goes first. Keep playing until the set
holes have been completed and earn Exp. if Neil or Ella was used. Quite fun
with a big group!

              ~VI B.Match Play~
The wonderful Match Play for 2 players to go head to head, mono to mono, see 
who has the skill, the nerve, and overall, best knowledge of the course and
holes their on and playing. It's all about proper placement of the ball, 
getting to the green faster than your rival and taking fewer putts than them
as well. Remember your goal is to earn all 10 of your medals before your rival
does the same. If you tie a hole you become 1 medal less away from winning 
(Both of you) but this happens only after the first tie, this happens again 
after every 2 holes tied. Quite wacky for the friendly 2 some so get ready to
kick your friends ass, just be sure it's not your ass on the griddle! NOTE:
This mode is only available in 2-Player Multiplayer. You can't do this in
3/4-Player Multiplayer!

           ~VI C.Doubles~
We once again come back to the most hated mode evar to have surfaced in this 
game but Multiplayer makes this mode awesome. You get to choose the setup of
the partners. If it's 4 people playing you go P1 and P2 vs. P3 and P4 or P1
and P3 vs. P2 and P4 or P1 and P4 vs. P2 and P3. In the case of 3 people 
playing make P4 a CPU and in the case of 2 people playing make P3 and P4 a 
CPU. At least now the stupid CPU won't get in your way! This mode is sooooooo
much more fun in Multiplayer wouldn't you agree? Remember you also earn Exp.
for using Neil or Ella as well, so this is a fun mode like the rest! (Of course
every mode earns Exp. duh!)

        ~VI D.Skins Match~
18 holes and 18 skins with 2-4 players as 1 group of friends, which player has
what it takes to earn and win the most skins? Who has the knowledge, the skill,
the drive, the control, and the right stats to do it? Skins with friends is
all out baby! For getting the best score on a hole that player gets a "skin" 
which is like a point. If 2 or more players tie for the best score the "skin"
is carried over to the next hole. All the players have a shot at taking the 
accumulated pot on the hole. It's a fun game and gets crazy as the holes wind
down and the closer the players are. A fun mode this always is!!!

           ~VI E.Club Slots~
Oh boy. We got an already boring mode of golf here, and now all we gotta add is
some Multiplayer action and I guess it's a little better. Still normal slot
rules except you don't get points by strokes. You get a number of points
depending on the score of the hole. You get 5 points for a Hole-in-One or an
Albatross, 4 points for an Eagle, 3 for a Birdie, 2 for Par, 1 for Bogey and
0 for anything else. If you choose 4-Slots, the first 3 reels are the clubs,
Woods, Irons and Wedges. The last slot is a bonus effect, you can get No wind
for the hole, an extra Mulligan, an Extra Power shot, have the points for this 
hole double when you score, and that's about it. The points on hole 18 are
automatically doubled so if you get the Double points reel you get X4 points
on 18!

        ~VI F.Go-Go-Gates~
You have 2 options reguardless of the number of players. Have a face off where
you choose the course, then you play on the 1-Player Go-Go-Gate holes and if
you complete the hole you earn a point. Every player can get 1 point per hole.
The player with the most points after all 6 holes wins or if there's a tie it
goes into Sudden Death between the players tied. The other option is Co-Op mode
where everyone goes into the same hole and you all must work together to pass
through all the gates and everyone must make Par or better. Co-Op requires 
Teamwork. (Have you heard of it???) There are 4 holes per course in 2P, 3P and 
4P Gates which depending on the amount of players has different holes (I.E. 
2 player courses are different than 4 player courses!). It's hard but you can 
clear them all. I'll give my advice on the courses.

2 Player Courses:


Hole 13:Pick and Choose

This hole, obviously being the first 2-Player Gate hole, is easy. 1 player has
to attack the gate on the right, the other going for the left. One player may
need to lay up as they may not be able to reach the right side gate. Both 
players also must make Par or better to pass the hole!

Hole 15:Big and Small

The player that wants to go through the left side gates should lay up to avoid 
the rough, the person going for the right side gate should hit through them all
on the first shot making Birdie for both players quite easy.

Hole 17:Split Gates

1 player gets the easy job. They can aim right for the hole going through the
left gate. The other player must avoid the right side water hazard and still
get Par.

Hole 18:Around the Bend

1 player must shoot through the red-striped gate on their tee shot, the other
player laying up near the other. For the person attacking the laft gates, lay 
up before the second gate. The first player can hit through the left side gate
of the second pair and still get to the green easily. Proper placement means
an easy goal.

Well that was Marion. Let's get ready for a more difficult Palms.

Hole 1:Twin Gates

1 player needs to either bomb a drive over the lake and through the gate or 
land on the island and hit to the green and through gate on their second shot.
The other player can easily hit the other gate, but it's best to lay up and
hit through on the next shot, as the trees gurading the green could be a 

Hole 8:Left, No Right!

What a frikkin enjoyable hole....NNNNNNOOOOOOOTTTTT!!! The player with better
impact should head right and hit the gate from the rough to the green. The 
other player needs to hit backwards to the back tees, and shoot the green from
there. Either way, you're getting Par, and good as a long shot would be pissing
at a could-be Hole in One!

Hole 9:Hide and Seek

This can easily be done with only 1 person. Hit through the right gate on the 
tee, the other player laying up near the other. The next shot for both players
is to get on the green. This was quite an easy hole right?

Hole 13:Double Arch

1 player needs to land infront of the path of 3 gates, the other player, no
duh, needs to land near the path of 2 gates. The next shot for both players is
simply go through those gates. From there it's getting to the green. The end
of the easy and the start of the more difficult is up to come!!!

Palms was a breeze, BUT!....will Dunes make you sweat?

Hole 6:Double Trouble

1 player needs to be able to hit far. That player needs to go for the gate a 
major 350 yards away! The other player needs to lay up of the gate 150 yards 
away. From there it's getting on the green for a nice Birdie. The long hitter
doesn't need to go through the gate. But if they don't, they will likely be
in the messy waste area, a place most golfers hate....

Hole 11:Moon Gate

The name was pretty much given from the fact the green is...well moon shaped.
1 player simply needs to go for the green easily going through the red-striped
gate, but the other player must land on the rough infront of the blue-striped
gate and hit the ball from there. It's still simple, just make sure wind isn't
a problem.

Hole 13:Gates on Parade

Both players must land infront of a VERY thin gate 200 yards out. Both of your
next shots need to land near the other pair of very thin gates. Oh the joy!
And from there it's getting up and down on the green. Just make sure you don't
miss the gates, also a straight shot, of a small draw/fade is good here.

Hole 18:Cactus Battle

Both players need simple to choose a gate they think is in their "easily 
reached" zone and hit the ball sky high over it. Why? Both gates are situated
with a tall cactus in the middle of them. As they say, the only was to go is 
UP! From there a Birdie is quite simply made if you follow thy wind!

Did Dunes make give you a heat stroke? Well here comes the ultimate Co-op, 
Links which'll......meh Links is a dumb name....no puns...>:(

Hole 1:Two-Timers

Both players' best choices are to lay up infront of the big and wide white 
gate. From there each player must decide if they will take the left 2 gates, or
the right side 2 gates. Each pair of gates lead away from the green, both 
possibly ending you up in the rough. Pay attention to the wind and your landing
point if you're Impact isn't up to date.

Hole 8:Hello, Good-Bye!

Dumb name.....lol....but you need both players to tackle the "+" sign pair of 
gates. From there you need to hit one of the 2 gates on both sides of the tree
middle-blocking the fairway. The last gate is infront of the green, either 
player can get it as it's both of your goals isn't it?

Hole 10:Fairway Fork

1 player simply needs to go to the green, hitting the red gate along the way. 
Unfortunatly nothings is easy for 1 of you, and the rough has your name on it
for the blue gate tackling player. That player needs to worry about par, the
other gets an easy Birdie chance.

Hole 17:Staged Gates

Wow...so hard! 1 player needs to hit the red gate and land on the fairway
easily, but your "buddy" (Of course you could be playing by yourself this hole
(lol) time!)needs to get that blue gate, while avoiding OB and that nasty heath
and heavy rough. Both players now can easily aim for the green where no victory
trophy for completing all the 2-Player Go-Go-Gates awaits! Great job on doing

Nice job on beating this on 2-Player. But we still have 3-Player coming up, 
where the holes are tougher, and the gates are....more-er!


Hole 4:Right, Left, Center

Quite to it's name each player is gonna be taking a gate that's either left,
right or to the center of the tee box. It's all choice really. From there even
an eagle is possible, but being the first 3-Player hole, why isn't this easy?

Hole 6:Why, Oh Y?

lol at name. Everyone has an option. One player can land to the right of the
red gates, the other 2 can easily hit past the red and blue striped gates. From
each players' standpoint from there, Birdie is easily possible.

Hole 12:Back to the Back

Each player has to go back to the back tees (lol, I made the name of the course 
by mistake) and hit those gates, then go to the green from there. It's a bit
tricky for that red gate but you can do it.

Hole 16:Unfairway

Wow....these aren't easy are they? 1 player needs to bomb a drive through the
red striped gate, another needs to lay up infront of the blue striped gate,
and the last should lay up in the bunker before the green to get the last gate.
Some Birdie and Pars are around for all of you.

Well, Marion was bad enough. Palms is even worse....!

Hole 3:Gates all Over

Holy crap, a jumbled mess is all you got!1 player can tee through the red 
striped gate. Another can risk through the red, but get OB or play a safe 2 
shots through and the last gate is the same. Par is difficult for the other 2 

Hole 10:Palms in Place

A bit of a side-winder if you get the joke. Each gate is parrellel....or
some term like that to you from the tee, making you lay up on the side of each
gate. From there it's hitting through the gate and still saving Par for each
player, do your best!

Hole 12:Fly the Pond

OK....5 gates. 1 player can get through 2 and go straight to the green, another
goes right for 1, the last going left for the other 2. Par is a good thing to 
get, not too hard when you think about it.

Hole 14:Triple Gate

We had a hole like this before didn't we? Each player simply chooses the gate
they want, then you all just need to bomb a drive through that gate. A very
easy hole if you ask me. Birdie is too simple, same with Eagle!

That was Palms. Not enough yet? Try a harder Dunes!

Hole 5:Triple Trouble

Why do they do this? This is the most irritating layout. Every gate is quite
facing away from the tees, making a first shot through-gate quite hard. The red
and red-striped gates are easy, the blue-striped should be approached, then hit
into and onto the green. Each player should get birdie, but the player getting
the last gate may get a Par if they can't hit far.

Hole 7:Cactus Caucus

Options...options...here. Each gate has a cactus inbetween them except the red
gate. But that gate is the hardest to hit from the tee. You can lay up on it or
attempt to nail through it. It's all choice. The other 2 gates should be hit 
sky high to avoid those cactuses. Not very hard.

Hole 8:Crazy Bunkers

Ouch.....one hell hole we're in! Par is for everyone. 1 player needs to go to 
the back tees, another needs to hit the gate that'll make you land in the green
side rough, another must go way past the green to land infront of a gate, 
leading to the green. This is crazy mostly for the player needing to go to the 
back tees, the other players have easy approches.

Hole 17:Bermuda Triangle

Holey Hell! This is bad.....like we didn't know from the start. 1 player, 
assuming they have a straight and low shot and winds aren't bad, can hit
past 2 of the 3 gates in the triangle. Another must lay up infront of the last
white gate. Now there's the striped red gate to tackle, and we can all have a 
nice relaxing day after beating Dunes.

Dunes was hard. Sorry to say, but I find some of Links' hole impossible. Can
you defeat these hellish holes?

Hole 2:Into the Firs

See what I mean? Impossible. This hole, reguardless of what you may say or any
amount of luck I find impossible. The thing I find hard is, you must hit 2 
gates on 1 shot. That's it. 2 players must string through 2 gates and the last
can tackle the remaining 1. But it's not all that simple. You could also have
each player hit 1 on their first, then 2 players hit the last gates then you
all go for the green. That's also hard to pull off as well. Whichever option
you choose, good freakin luck, this hole isn't for the faint of heart!

Hole 4:Disaster Flirt

OB comes into play but altogether it's not too hard. 1 player needs to lay up
infront of the left side of the blue-striped gate, another needs to lay up 
infront of the white gate, the last simply needs to land in a good postion
so they can hit the red-striped gate. Now, altogether on your next shots hit
through your respective gates (the first 2 people have 2 gates to hit through)
and get to the green, where Birdie is actually possible.

Hole 6:Zig Zag Again

Oh god....why? 1 player needs to hit the right 2 gates, the other 2 players
can both tackle the left side gates. This isn't TOO hard but a fade/draw here
will help greatly in making Birdie easy.

Hole 14:Bunker Hoopla

Heh heh, nice word hoopla....anyways....:This may seem creapy, but the red and 
blue striped gates are both possible to hit on the tee shot if you got a 
straight shot and winds are low. This easily leaves 1 gate left on the course,
open for any player to easily take!

Great job on beating the insanely hard 3 Player Go-Go-Gates. We still gotta do
4-Player, and it's VERY VERY VERY VERY HARD! Some courses get more than 8 


Hole 3:Mountain Mount

The first hole is always the easiest right? Each players simply needs to go for
a different gate. No problems here really.

Hole 7:V is for Victory

Hah...not! Only the second hole...victory now? Pfft....The gates are a mere
320 yards away from the tee. Yay. Each player should have a gate in mind,
and have their second shot either pass through it or land near it. This is a 
Par 5. As long as you get on the green in 4 or better you're fine.

Hole 9:Sail the Trap

For three of the 4 players, this is quite easy. 1 player needs to go long to 
pass the blue gate at least on their second shot, 1 player needs to go for the
easily passed red, another for the same as easy blue-striped. The red-striped
is at a 90 degree angle, which is hard for you. Land near it then shoot through
so that Par is still an option, easy for everyone else isn't it?

Hole 14:Step in and Out

1 Player has the option of hitting the blue gate but landing in heavy rough,
or lay up and hit from there. The other 3 gates are just as easy to hit without
much consequences. The red-striped one may put you in rough, but that shouldn't
be much of a problem.

Not hard yet.....Palms will change that.

Hole 2:90 Degrees

WTF? I can easily hit through 2 gates on my first shot, and the other player
hits through the other 2. This lets the last 2 players freely go directly to
jail.....hmmmm green. Not hard is it?

Hole 5:Gates Around

This is a little tricky. Like the name, all 4 gates are on all 4 sides of the
tee box. 3 players are gonna get their asses screwed, 1 lucky person gets to
go directly to green, do not pass bunkers, do not collect star. The other 3 
players should worry more about their lie for the next shot although the 3 
people could easily putt through the gates then shoot as if their still in the 
tee box!

Hole 17:Bunker Buddies

Yay! We're all buddies! Each player should lay up infront of a gate by their 
second shot. Then all ye gotta do si whack-a-ball to the green where a Birdie
is waiting in the hole.

Hole 18:Hilltop Gates

Bill Gates? No....The player with a straight shot should hit the 2 gates to the
right and land near trees. Each of the remaining player can tackle 1 of the 
gates on the left. Each player needs to take part. This isn't very possible 
any other way.

That's Palms. Not tired yet? Dunes is waiting!!!

Hole 1:High, Low, Sand

1 player can go for the red-striped gate and, chances are, he'll land in the 
sand. lol. The next player should go for the blue-striped gate and needs to hit
it high to avoid the cactuses. Next player should go for the red gate and avoid
the nearby cactus while landing in bunker. The last gate it blue and 325Y out, 
where you can also land in sand. Not too hard really. Just a lot of sand. :)

Hole 9:Scattered Gates

No multi-tasking here sadly....1 player can aim dead for the island and get
1 gate. Another can lay up near the red-striped gate and hit the island from
there and get to the green. Anothe player can go for the far red gate near the
green. If you can't find it, the last gate is behind you leading to the back
tees. Let your long-hitter take care of that gate and you should be fine.

Hole 10:Four-Gate Gonzo

*what's a gonzo* Yeah, each player can easily go through 1 of the gates. I 
don't see any real challenge in this. The catch? There is none. Seriously, this
is as easy as it gets.

Hole 15:I'm Bunkered

4 bunkers. 4 gates. 4 players. 4 choices. 4 seconds to choose a gate. No not
really. This is quite medium in difficulty. It all comes down to if you can hit 
approaches or not. Each gate will land you in the rough most likly. Land as 
close to the green so your 2nd isn't too hard for each player!

That's Dunes. Here comes the home streach!

Hole 7:Danger Dance 

1 player needs to bomb the driver 325Y to the green and pass through a gate at 
the same time. The blue and red gates can easily be both passed through in one
shot, this leaves 2 players and 1 gate left. This isn't very hard at all unless
you didn't get both gates on 1 shot. Then it may be a bit trickier.

Hole 11:Border Bunkers

If you go for the red gate, it'd be in your best likliness to go for the 360Y
away blue gate as well as you will land in the heath if you just go for that 
one gate. The blue-striped and red gate can also be passed easily in 1 shot, so 
2 players can easily make their way to the green without any sidetracking.

Hole 12:Trap Trouble

Now were talkin hard! Wait that's bad....>:(  A draw/fade is so useful here it
isn't funny. The blue gate is not easy to get through. The red and white gates
can both be covered with a big draw or by 2 people if neither players have 
that. The remaining 2 gates can also be easily taken down by laying up infront
of them, and then whacking the ball to the green. This isn't as hard as it 
seems if only wind wasn't an issue.

Hole 15:Stairstep Gates

This is it. All of your work comes down to this. Don't mess up! This is too
easy actually. Or so you think. 2 players can get the blue and red gates. The 
other players need to go to the back tees and hit their gates while landing
on the green so they can still make Par. This can be tricky, especially for the
last 2 people. All your work finsihed!

Congradulations on beating all the Multiplayer Go-Go-Gates courses! 

      ~VI G.Near-Pin~
Finally we have reached this mode. You and a number of friends compete on Elf's
Short Course on the amount of holes you want. You have one shot to land on the
green as close to the hole as possible. The amount of feet away from the hole
is taken and added with every other hole. If you land on the fringe or any 
other place whose lie is not "Green" you will automatically be called 100.00
feet away from the hole. You can also do this by yourself in Quick Game mode
where you are able to set new records for yourself. That is all the possible
Multiplayer modes. Have fun with your friends (Or by yourself if you want to
do Go-Go-Gates!)

             ~VII.Linking to Toadstool Tour~
What fun is Advance Tour normally without its excellant predecessor Mario Golf
Toadstool Tour? The 2 games were designed to have linkable-access to eachother.
Now with the right tools....errrr.....you can link up and enhance your gameplay
with both games even more. Send over Neil and Ella and your custom Taunts to
Toadstool Tour for a change. Anything you do in Toadstool Tour using your
Neil or Ella will earn them "Experence Level" afterwards. This is how many
Exp. Points you will recieve when you link right back up to Advance Tour. Your
Exp. Level will stack up and you can unleash it all. Neil and Ella will earn 
the Exp. Points once after the link-up. Another great factor about Linking-Up
is the fact using your characters in Toadstool Tour will earn you the other 45
Star Holes you CAN'T unlock normally by yourself in Advance Tour. All of the
major details, including how to Link, and all the info you'll ever need will
all be covered in this section.

          VII A.How to Link
Linking for the first time ever is a little tricky but it's easy after that.
You will need a few items for your linking pleasure:
1 Nintendo Gamecube
1 Game Boy Advance/SP
1 Official Nintendo Gamecube Memory Card
1 GCN Link Cable
1+GCN Controllers
1 Copy of Mario Golf:Advance Tour
1 Copy of Mario Golf:Toadstool Tour

That's a lot of stuff, I know. First hook up the GCN Cable to the GBA, and 
insert the end of the cable into GCN Contoller slot 2. Now, turn on both the
GBA and the GCN. Leave Advance Tour on at the Title Screen. On Toadstool
Tour, go to the Main Menu, the screen will now change on both systems to a 
Linking Screen. Now, follow the instructions on the TV to begin your first 
linkup. After a few seconds the process will be done. Neil and Ella are in
Toadstool Tour along with their custom Taunts, in Advance Tour you are allowed
to look at your Toadstool Tour record data from the Record menu. If you ever
want to link up again, you can now easily go to the "Link" menu from the main
menu screen on Toadstool Tour. Just make sure Advance Tour is at the Main

         VII B.Now what do I do?
Well you've just linked up for the very first time. Now what is on your agenda?
Check it all out in any player mode. You won't see Neil or Ella right away,
they are on their own list so hit down on the controller twice to see them.
They will have thier respective stats as they were last in Advance Tour. 
Another thing you may not have noticed is the clubs you've unlocked in Advance
Tour are available for use in Toadstool Tour! On the character selection screen
push X to change the characters' clubs. Easy as that! Now, using your Neil or
Ella go out and play some modes! We got the tournements, practice rounds,
Ring Shot, Character Matches and so many other modes! Every mode except 
Training give you Exp. Points at the end. Also note that if you save and quit 
on a mode, you will automatically get your Exp. Points whn you save. When you 
continue you can still get more.

            VII C.Linking Back
OK, so you've working hard in Toadstool Tour with your characters, getting
a lot done. Now when your ready it's time to link right back up again. Choose
the Link option from the main menu and follow the on screen prompts. Now all
data will be transferred between the 2 games. Advance Tour will have their
Toadstool Tour data updated as well as Neil and Ella get taken to the Exp.
Earned screen where you may see a massive amount. You will also get any Star 
Holes you may have unlocked from Toadstool Tour. In Toadstool Tour, any 
changes to Neil or Ella's stats will gt updated as well as any new clubs you 
may have obtained. Your custom Taunts will also be updated as well. You
should Link back and forth quite often or when you get something done.

          VII D.Additional Help
Got problems when tranferring? Weird sayings with characters? I'll answer some
of the more common problems. If you're question is not answered, feel free
to call my attention on the boards!

Q:When I try to Link up I get an error message? What's wrong?

A:They are a few things that can faulter into this problem. If you don't have
an Official Nintendo Link Cable that could be the case. Another way is if
your Toadstool Tour memory got corrupted, or you should make sure there's the
GBA Cable in Contoller Slot 2. Also Advance Tour needs to be on.

Q:Why are everyone's taunts changed now?

A:Nintendo must have programmed it this way. When you tranfer data, your taunts
come with it and they are not just for Neil or Ella, they get changed for every
character. The character will say their normal taunt but the taunt you see will
be your custom ones. Sorry, there is no known way to fix this problem.

Q:What do I have to do to unlock the Star Holes?

A:Read my next section.

Q:Can there be multiple Neil and Ella's?

A:On Toadstool Tour yes. The first 4 different files of Advance Tour that gets
tranferred to Toadstool Tour gets put in the Character List with their 
respective stats. I can not prove if this fills in the remaining empty spaces
in Advance Tour where Neil and Ella are. If you know the definite answer 
please call me on the boards.

wariofan63 has this to say:
"You can use the original taunts of the Mario characters. Instead of using the
A/B/X/Y or Control Stick, use the C-Stick and the D-Pad for the normal taunts.

      VII E.What/how can I unlock/stuff?
Well, the only thing that you can unlock from Toadstool Tour are the other 45
Star Holes non available in Advance Tour. You get...:
6 for beating all 36 holes in a 1-Player Ring Shot (Using Neil or Ella)
18 for beating all Star Characetrs in a Character Match using Neil/Ella (Repeat
for all of these steps)
1 for completing any side game except Birdie Challenge or 1-On, 1-Putt on 
Easy and Medium difficulties.
1 for each tourneyment except Bowser's.

Also, when you first transfer Exp., you will unlock Luigi in Advance Tour!
If you've collected at least 27 Birdie Badges from tournements in Toadstool
Tour (Neil/Ella or not) you unlock Waluigi! Have 54 or more to get Wario, and
have 81 or more to get Bowser. They all automatically have their star versions
in Advance Tour.

There you go. When you link back up to Advance Tour you will earn any Star 
Holes you may have unlocked!

Are there some words or golf terms you just don't quite get? I'll teach you 
every word in the game, and throw in a few myself!

       VIII A.Every word from A-Z!!!
Here's is all like 1000-ish or so words. Words with a "*" to the right of them
are words I made up myself.

1W-Abbreviation of driver
3W-Abbreviation of a 3-Wood
4W-Abbreviation of a 4-Wood
5W-Abbreviation of a 5-Wood
Address-Taking a stance and preparing to hit the ball. In a bunker/water, your
club may not touch the ground
Against-Refers to hitting the ball into the wind. This makes the ball travel
less distance.
Air Ball-A ball that flew higher than the golfer intended. Usually results in a
short shot
Albatross-A score of 3 strokes under par. Only available on Par-5's!
All or Nothing*-A shot where if screwed up, can possibly cost the whole match,
or if made, can have you majorly winning
Alternate-A game in which 2 players on a team take turns hitting the same ball.
Approach-A short-distance to the pin, usually less than 60 yards. Chip and 
pitch shots are often used for approaches.
Approach Shot-A shot aimed at the pin from off the green
Approach Wedge-This club is reffered to as "AW", has good loft and is inbetween
PW and SW distance
Apron-Refers to the green edge
Average-The average number of a set of statistics
Average Drive-A golfer's average distance off the tee box
Average Putts-The number of putts on average a player takes on a hole
Average Score-The average of all you scores in 18-Hole rounds
AW-Abbreviation of approach wedge
Back Tee-A tee box from which golfers hit their first shot of the hole. Farther
than the normal tee box, used for tourney play.
Backspin-A front-to-back spin on the ball that causes it to rise and float in
the air. 
Backswing-During the swing, the backwards movement of the club from it's rest
Baffy-Another name for the 4-wood
Ball-Oh god, you must be an idiot for even looking up this word. WTF is that 
white object you hit?
Ball Mark-The dent or hole your ball makes when it hits the green. In real life
you should always fix these
Bare Ground-A spot where the grass is thin and dirt is visible. Missing on bare
ground is awful whether it be this game or real life
Baseball Grip-A method of gripping the club using all 10 fingers without 
Beach Bunker-A bunker that's on the side of the ocean. The lie is better than
that of a normal bunker
Bent Grass-The fine smooth grass that's used on most greens. Bent greens' are
harder to read
Best Drive-The longest tee shot a golfer has ever had
Best Gross-The best true total score not including a handicap. A true measure
of skill
Best Position-The best, most strategic location to land your ball on a hole
Best Score-The lowest number of strokes you've ever taken to play 18-Holes
Bet-A wager on score, holes won, etc.
Birdie-A term for holing out in one stroke under par
Bite-The act of stopping the ball quickly as a result of backspin
Blind-A state where the pin or grass can't be seen from the tee due to shadows
or a dogleg
Blowup Hole-Any hole where you miss several shots making a good score 
Bogey-A score of 1 over par on a single hole
Bombed*-Hitting the ball well over 400 yards
Bottleneck-A VERY thin area in which to hit a ball past, with OB or walls 
making it's thin-ness
Break-To score under par for a hole or round
Breackneck Winds*-A term for winds higher than 15MPH
Break Ratio-The percentage of holes where a golfer breaks par
Bump and Run-A low, short chip which stresses the roll after landing
Bunker-A hazard made of sand, also known as a trap. There are different types
of bunker. It's best to avoid them
Caddie-A caddie helps a player by carrying clubs and offering shot and putt
Caddie Master-Caddie masters oversee caddies, deal with foursome or group 
formation, and set tee times
Carry-The distance the ball travels from the time the ball is hit to the time
the ball touches ground
Cavity Break-A type of iron with a hollow backside and thicker edges, which
enlarges it's sweet spot. They reduce distance, but give less errors
Champion Tees-The longest and most difficult tees to shoot from. Also called
black tees
Chili Dip-When a short chip or pitch is hit fat, causing the ball to fly 
shorter than intended
Chip-An approach where the ball is hit high, lands on the green and rolls 
toward the cup
Chip In-To do a chip where the ball drops into the hole. Usually done without
a putter unless on fringe
Cleek-Rougly equivalant to a 1-Iron or 5-Wood
Club-Are you a retard? And I thought ball was stupid....
Club Champion-The winner of a club championchip. Called "club champ" for short
Club Face-The grooved part on the front of a club head that directly impacts
the ball
Club Head*-The bottom of the club, the part used to hit the ball
Club Number-The number printed on the bottom of the club head. Refers to loft
Club Set-The clubs carried in the caddie bag during play. Rules say a max of
14 clubs per bag
Clubhouse-A country club's main building, where the lounge and locker rooms are
Collar-The green's edge
Competition Golf-Competing against other golfers in competitions such as
Concede-To give up or forfeit a hole, or a match
Course-The venue where golf is played. Normally, even Par is 72. A course
usually has 18 holes, afront and back 9
Course Layout-The shape of a course, including the locations of cups, greens
and hazards
Course Management-Using strategy to make the widest, not longest, shots to post
the best possible score
Course Rating-A means of expressing course difficulty for a scratch player.
By comparing ratings, you can find easy and hard courses
Creek-A small and thin water hazard that flows through the hole. Landing in 
one costs a stroke penalty. These on some holes are located near the best 
Cross-Bunker-A bunker that cuts across the fairway
Cup-The hole in the green that you aim for. Marked by a flag or "pin" to be 
visible form afar
Dance Floor-A slang term for a green IE:Well that ball will be on the dance 
Dead Aim-Aiming for the pin rather than in front of it when attacking the green
Deep-Refers to a drive hit really far
Deep Rough-An area of grass that's longer than rough and even harder to hit out
Defending Champion-A golfer in a tournement who won the last time it was played
Dimple-An indentation on a golf ball. Dimples affect control and air resistance
Divot-The hole in the ground your club makes upon contact. IRL, always fix
your diviots!
Dogleg-A hole whose fairway turns sharply between the tee and the green. The 
shape of the hole resembles a dog's leg, hence the name
Dormie-Im match play, the moment a player can simply tie their rival on the
next hole to win the match
Dormie Hole-In match play, the hole where a player can tie thier rival to win.
Their rival MUST win every hole until after 18, where Sudden Death is played
Double Bogey-Getting 2 strokes over par on a hole
Double Eagle-Another word for an albatross
Double Par-Refers to double the hole's Par. If you get an 8 on a Par 4, you 
got a double par
Double Sandy-Hitting from a fairway bunker into a greenside bunker and holing
out in 2 from there
Doubles-When 2 players on one team compete against other doubles teams
Doubles Cup-A tournement in which players on teams of 2 alternate hitting the
same ball
Downhill Lie-When a golfer addresses the ball and the back foot is higher than
the right foot
Downswing-The part of the swing where the club begins it's downward motion
Draw-A shot where the ball goes right then swings back to the left
Dribble-A terribly missed shot that only rolls the ball a few inches
Drive-A shot hit with a driver from the tee box
Driver-The wood with the longest drive distance. A good drive will help you win
long-drive contests
Driven*-Refers to a drive bombed over 400 yards
Drives-in-fairway-ratio-The percentage of the time which the tee shot lands 
properly in the fairway
Driving Contest-A competition to see who can bomb the longest drive off the tee
on a given hole
Driving Iron-An alternate name for the 1-Iron. Almost never seen in a set of
14 clubs
Driving Range-A practice area where golfers can practice tee shots and other
various shots
Drop-To physically drop a ball in a playable area after hitting the ball to
into an unplayable position
Duff-Missign a shot by hiting the ground before the ball. This reduces distance
Eagle-A score of 2 strokes under Par
Eaten*-A term for a ball that's completly buried in a bunker
Edge-The edge of a green
Even-To get Par on a hole, or overall on the course
Even (square)-When the players in match play have won the same number of holes
Even Par-Playing a hole or course in the number of strokes established par for
Explosion-A technique of scattering sand or dirt to free the ball from a hazard
and the sand wedge usually does this
Fade-A shot that curves left, than curves back right
Fairway-The tended grass that streches from the tee to the green
Fairway Bunker-A bunker located beside or in a fairway
Fairway Wood-An oversized club like a driver, but used for smacking balls from
Fat-Hitting the ground before striking the ball, which hits the ball short
Flag-An alternate term for the pin 
Flat-A more shallow or horizontal swing
Flier-A shot that flies farther than desired because of backspin
Follow-through-The continuation of the swing after the ball has been struck.
A big follow through is good on all shots
Fore!-A typical warning to those on the fairway that the tee shot has been hit
and may be heading their way
Forged Irons-Unlike cavity backed clubs, forged clubs have a thin, solid face.
Their sweet spot is smaller but they provide a longer distance
Foursome-A group of four golfers playing together
Fried Egg-A binker lie which the ball is half-buried, and resembling a fried 
Fringe-Has many different names, but this is the offical name for a green's
Full Swing-A swing using maximum backswing and follow through
Gallery-Spectators a a golf match
Galloping*-A tee shot where when the ball lands, it tends to bounce a lot
Gamble Shot-A risky shot through rough terrain
Gimme-Where your opponent thinks you'll make your next putt and permits you
to skip taking it. If you have 3 and get a gimme, your score is 4!
Give Up-To quit trying to sink the ball
Golf Bag-The bag used to hole golf clubs and other golfing equipment
Golf Club-A place where one plays golf. And if you really stupid and wanna
be a smart-ass, the thing you use to hit the ball! Do you know what a ball is?
Golf Shoes-Special shoes with spikes on their soles to keep their feet steady
while swinging
Golf Student-A member of a particular club in training to enter a competitive
golf circuit
Golfer*-lol, now you've become stupid. Moron, morin, moron. Who the hell are
you in this game? A pumpkin? WTF was the matter for looking up this word...
unless it was to see my stupid remark...lol
Gooseneck-An iron with a bent neck between the shaft and head
Grass Hazard-Although it's not a "true hazard", it's grass covered hollow in
the ground
Green-The place with the flag, your whole destination on every hole!
Green Edge-The fringe dorkhead....
Greenside Bunker-A bunker near the green
Greens-in-regulation ratio-The percentage of holes on which a golfer gets on 
the green in regulation, which is 2 strokes under par
Grip-The end of the club you grab! Also refers to how a player holds the club
Grip's Length-The length of the club's grip. Used as the length you can improve
your lie in some rules...
Grooves-The lines carved in the face of a golf club. Used to put spin on shots
Gross-A players' total score for a round before handicap is calaculated in
Hacker-An odd golfer with a crazy swing
Handicap-The number of points you subtract from your score
Hazard-An obsticle such as a bunker or water hazard. Rules state grass as not a
Head-The part of the club that hits the ball. It's connected to the shaft
Heath-REALLY big clumps of grass, hitting here will ensure a Par, or worse,
a bogey
Heavy Rough-This grass is much thiker than normal rough
Heel-The end of the club shaft nearest the shaft
Hole-The cup in the green you aim for
Hole-in-One-Getting the ball into the hole in 1 shot
Hole Out-To sink the ball and complete the hole
Home Hole-Also known as the 18th and final hole
Honors-Hitting first off the tee. After the first hole, the winner of the
previous hole gets honours
Hook-Another name for a fade
Impact-The moment the club hits the ball and trajectory is determined
Impact Zone-The hitting zone for the ball. This determines if you hit a good 
shot or not, as well as it's curve and accuracy. Contains the sweet spot
In-A term refering to the back 9 of a course
Inside-Out-A swing that finishes outside, and makes the ball spin inside
Intentional-Purposly hooking or slicing the ball left or right to avoid
and obsticle and get on the green
Interlock Grip-Gripping the club with the index finger and pink looped around
Iron-A metal club used to hit the ball. The lower its number, the greater the
Iron Shot-Any sht made with an iron
Island Green-A green that's completly surrounded by water. In real life, the 
17th at the TPC of Sawgrass is the most famous example. In this game, the 16th
and Mushroom Course is the only one
Lag-A putt intended to stop close to the hole, not intended to be holed
Lateral-Water-Hazard-A water hazard that allows you to drop your ball 2 club
lengths from where it landed
Lay Up-To play a shot and land short puposly of your intended landing zone.
I used this term a lot during Go-Go-Gates didn't I? This is a very strategic
golf move
Layout-A shot played to a specific spot to avoid too much distance or set up an
easier subsequent shot
Leading Edge-The lowest edge of the club head, where the sole and face meet
Lie-The quality, manner, or position relative to level in which your ball rests
on the ground
Line-The path of the ball, used mostly in referance to putting as in:I can see
the line!
Links-A slang term for a golf course like "Let's hit the links!"
Lip-The top edge of a hole (cup)
Lob Shot-A shot that flies high in the air. An advanced technique with awful
mis-hit results!
Loft-The angle of a club's face
Loner*-The ball coming to rest on area of course seperated away from the rest.
A good example would be hitting left on hole 16 of Mushroom Course, which is 
away from the normal course, but gets me closer to the hole
Long-Drive Contest-A contest where participants try to bomb the longest drive
Long Hole-Another name for a Par 5. This can also be used for Par 4's over 500
yards (The longest Par 4 in the world is 629 yards!)
Long Irons-Refers to the 1, 2, 3, 4 irons. Long, Middle, and Short irons are
named because of their distances
Lost Ball-A ball that can't be found! In real life, the player has only 5
minutes to find their ball, or else their ball will be treated like an OB shot!
Marker-The object used to mark the ball position on the green
Match Play-A competition between 2 players to see who can win the most holes
Member-Someone who belongs to a country club
Middle Hole-Another name for a Par 4
Middle Irons-The 5, 6, and 7 irons. They are called this because of their mid
range distances
Mis-Hit-A poorly made shot that does not do what the golfer intended
Mound-A place where the ground rises like a tiny hill
Mountain Hole*-A hole with a green placed at an elevation higher than the tee
Mulligan-To hit a do-over shot
Nassau-A three-part bet based on scores on the front 9, back 9, and all 18
19th Hole*-A phrase golfers in a Stroke Play team match say when a team is 
taking forever to finish
Near-Pin-A competetion to see which golfer can hit the closest to the pin
Neck-The area where a golf club's head meets the shaft
Net-A players' gross, or overall score excluding handicap
Normal Water Hazard-A water hazard which requires the ball to be dropped behind
the hazard
OB-OB stands for Out of Bounds, a non-inplay area of the hole. You must rehit
your shot from the last point you hit the ball and take a 1-stroke penalty
Obstacle-An object between your lie and the green. Resuts from poor placement
of the ball
On-To be at rest on the green. On-in-one is reaching the green in 1 shot
On in regulation-Getting the ball onto the green 2 strokes behind par (Like
getting it on in 2 on a Par 4!)
One-Putt-Duh! Making only 1 putt on a hole!
Out-A term refering to the front 9 holes
Outdrive-When a player exceeds the drive distance of their opponent
Outside-In-A swing that starts outside and finishes inside. Makes ball spin
a lot more
Over Par-Scoring higher than par on a hole or course
Overlap Grip-Where the fingers overlap eachother while gripping the club
Pair-A team of 2 golfers
Par-Taking the average number of strokes for a hole. Typical course par is
averagely 72
Par Save-Getting a Par after hitting the ball into a bunker, water hazard, etc.
Par-Save Ratio-The percent of the time you score par or better after landing
in a hazard
Partner-Your buddy while doing Doubles Play
Penalty Stroke-If needed to take a drop or if you hit your ball into OB, water
hazard, etc. you need to rehit the ball, and add a stroke penalty along with
Pin-The locater telling golfers from afar where the hole is located on the 
Pin-High-When the ball travels the correct distance and is even with the hole,
but off to one side
Pin Position-Also referred to as "pin placement" the exact location of the hole
Pitch Mark-Also known as a ball mark, the dent a ball makes when it hits the 
Pitch Shot-A short approach where the ball is lofted into the air and lands
with a quick stop
Pitching Wedge-A club with good control that easily lofts the ball into the 
Play through-To pass the group in front of you while they wait
Playoff-A competition to break a tie at a matches end
Poley-A putt longer than the flagstick
Pot Bunker-A small, round, pot-shaped bunker often found in fairways and 
around greens
Private Course-A course only members are allowed to play on
Public Course-A course freely allowed for use by the public
Push-A shot that goes to the right of the intended line for a right handed 
Pushing Out*-Purposly hitting the ball backwards or to the side to avoid an
obsticle or hazard
Putt-.........I won't say how stupid you are. I'll think it though >:)
Putt Out-To finish a hole by putting
Putter-You idiot.....
Putting Line-The path a putt takes after being hit. You need to be able to read
greens to be good
PW-Abbreviation of a pitching wedge
Rake-A tool used to smoothen out a bunker after being stepped in
Read-To survey the line of a butt to determine how it will move
Recovery-A comeback from a missed or poor shot
Registration-Entering a golf tourney
Regular Tees-The tee box used by ameteur golfers. The front tees and also
referred to as the white tees
Relief-A rules term meaning to legally move your ball away from trouble (Like
a golf cart path interupting your shot)
Rough-Areas off the fairway with longer grass that's harder to hit off of
Round-18 holes of golf
Run-After hitting the ball, the distance it moves from hitting the ground 
Safe Zone-Areas with no hazards that players can aim for without fear
Sand Wedge-A club used to get the ball mainly out of a bunker, also used for
"explosion" shots
Sand-save Pecentage-The percentage of the time you get out of a bunker and get
Par or better
Score-The total number of strokes you've taken so far
Scorecard-The piece of paper you use to keep track of your score
Scratch Golfer-A beginner golfer who isn't very good and has a big handicap
Semi-Rough-Light grass patches to the side of the fairway
Set Position-The point where the backswing ends and the club sets before 
the downswing
Shaft-The rod that connects a club's head to the grip
Shank-To hit the ball with the base of the club head, sending it far off course
Short-Refers to an approach shot that didn't make the green 
Short Game-Involves approaches and putting. A good short games gets you better
Short Hole-Another name for a Par 3
Short Irons-The 7,8, and 9 irons named for their short distances
Shortcut-The path straight across the bend of a dogleg, instead of a safer 
path around. They can mean better results
Shot-Hitting the ball you idiot....
Shot Maker-A skilled golfer that can execute well placed shots
Side Bunker-A bunker on either the left or right side of the fairwy
Slice-A shot going far right of your intended landing spot
Slow Play-Playing slowly duh...
Sole-The bottom of the club head where the club number is written
Spike Mark-A mark made on the green by the cleats of a shoe
Spin-Making the ball rotate after landing
Spoon-Another name for the 3-Wood
Stance-The position of your feet while taking your shot. Bad stances=bad shot
Starter-The person who sets the order of play from the first tee to keep the 
players flowing smoothly
Starting Hole-The first hole of the course
Steady-Consistant, precise play during which you aim for the green in front of 
the cup, not the pin
Stick Shot-A shot that drops and sticks hard right near the hole
Stroke-The number of times you hit the ball during the hole
Stroke Play-A competition in which the total number of strokes determines who 
Sudden Death-A tiebreaker situatio in which victory is decided on who gets a 
better score on a playoff hole first
Sunny-Side Up-When a ball get half buried in sand
SW-Abbreviation of Sand Wedge
Sway-Turning the body from side to side during the swing
Sweet Spot-The dead center of the face of the club comes with perfect contact
with the equator of the ball
Sweet Spot ratio-How often you get perfect sweet spot
Swing-To hit the ball
Tailwind-A wind that comes from behind, making the ball travel farther
Tap-in-A short simple putt that doesn't need concntration
Teaching Pro-A training instructor who teaches new golfers about the game
Tee-What you hit your first shot off of every hole off of
Tee Box-The place where each hole's first shot begins
Tee marker-A mark that specifies from where in the tee box you should place 
your tee
Tee Off-To hit the ball off the tee
Tee Shot-The first stroke of a hole
Tee Time-The assigned time for a group to begin play on their first hole
Tee Up-To set the ball on the tee and take your shot
Tend the Flag-To hold up the pin after a player has stroked the ball on a putt
Texas Wedge-A shot made off the green using a putter
The turn-Moving from hole 9 to hole 10
Tight-A descriptive term for a hole that's very narrow
Title Holder-A player that wins a championship tourney and therfore has its
Toe-The far end of the club head, away from the neck and shaft
Tool-An instrument used to fix a ball mark on the green
Top-To hit the top of the ball, resulting in a short shot
Topspin-Spin that will make the ball roll farther once on the ground
Touch-An abstact term that refers to having a good feel for your shots
Tournement-A competetion where many players play for a priz, trophy, etc.
Tourney Green-A much faster green then normal play
Trajectory-The flight path of the ball
Triple Bogey-Scoring 3 strokes over par
Trouble Shot-When the ball is in a difficult position
Under Par-Scoring less than par for a hole or the course
Undulation-The ups and downs or the terrin on the green
Unplayable-When the ball comes to rest on terrain that can't be hit off of, 
like a golf cart path
Up and Down-To hole out by hitting a short pitch then 1-putting
Uphill-Refers to any up-sloping shot. Down-sloping shots are referred to as 
Upright Swing-A term for when the club's path is vertical
Visitor-A guest at a course that he or she doesn't belong to
Waggle-The back-and-forth motion at address meant to loosen the wrists and arms
Waste Area-Terrain covered in pebbles and rocks. This is an awful lie to get
yourself into!
Water Hazard-An obsticle made of water. If you dunk your ball, you have a 1
stroke penalty
Wedge-A club used for approaches used for high lofts
Wet Ball-A term for getting your ball into a water hazard
Whiff-A swing that attempts to hit the ball, but misses
Wood-A distance club made of wood, but nowadays with metal
Worm Burner-A shot with an extremly low trajectory that seems to skim the
Yard-1 yard is about equal to 3 feet
Yardage-The unit used to measure distance outside the green
Yardage Marker-A landmark indicating yardage to the green
Yips-The inabilty to play due to uncontollable shaking in the arms and hands
Younder*-A very long hole, or at least 1 that plays long

YAYYYYYYYY! That's every last word. This is quite an easy referance to you!

           ~IX. Worst Case Scenario (WCS) Guide~
Gotten your ball into the heath 300Y away from the hole? Need to recover
from a bad stroke? How to make Par after getting the ball wet? If you've
go a beef, it'll probably be covered here. Or at least you can figure it out

Scenario:You're on a Par 5 at Links Doubles and your partner decides it's 
retard time and hits the ball 100Y into the heath. Your still a whopping 400
yards from the hole. What do you do?

Answer:This is why having very high Impact is good. Your 3W can hit the
farthest out of heath so hit as far as you can. Chances are the CPU on the 
next shot won't make the green if you are too far away, but since they hit the 
heath their shot won't be very bad. Now you get the 3rd shot so hit near the 
hole and your partner taps in for Birdie!

Scenario:In Mushroom Doubles on any given Par 3, your partner is an idiot and 
aims far from the green or always lays up infront of it. What to do?

Answer:Before any Par 3 it's best to let your partner take the finishing putt
on the previous hole. Let's say a par 4 came before the Par 3 aforementioned.
If your partner tees off, you take the 2nd shot to the green, now your
partner should make the finishing putt. This makes you tee off on the next
hole. Use this to your advantage. If you are doing good your partner never
reaches Par 3 greens. Careful now, if she does tee off on a par 3, just aim
for a par, you ain't gonna easily birdie the hole unless you get a freak chip

Scenario:In Toadstool Tour getting all the Birdie Badges is tough! Are the 
unlockables worth it?

Answer:Even though you shouldn't ave trouble using Neil/Ella, the unlockables 
really aren't worth it. They all can't hit straight, and have really poor
control and impact. Unless you want every last thing unlocked don't bother
if it's too hard. But of course every 9 or so badges you have unlocks 1 star
hole in Avance Tour!

Scenario:Same as above, but with Advance Tour. Do I get anything from 
collecting a lot?

Answer:If you get 90 badges you will unlock 1 star hole. That's it.

Scenario:I hit the ball into the drink! Any way to get birdie?

Answer:If it's a Par 3, Bogey is your only choice. If it's a par 4 Par is your 
only option. But if you hit water on a Par 5, Birdie is still available. If you
hit water on the first shot, and only the first shot you can aim for the
green on your next shot bringing total strokes to 3. If on the green go for
the Birdie!

Scenario:Your dead behind a tree/cactus/pokey/any other objct/etc. and need to
get Par. What do you do?

Answer:Hit the ball to the fairway to the left or right sides or you. From here
go to the green and knock the ball in for Par.

Scenario:My partner won't stop hitting the ball into the water in Hole 16
of Mushroom Course! Can I get Par?

Answer:I'm afraid you can't quite recover from this! If it's her tee shot
and your partner does this you may have a shot, but if you tee of and your 
partners second shot goes deep, bye bye par. Bogey is the next best thing, 
just do it as if you have much of a choice.

Those are my tips when you get into big trouble. Use them as they'll come in

        ~X. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)~ 
Q:What's the point of the range marker?

A:If you hit where the arrow is and nail the sweet spot it will follow the 
simulation line perectly. It also changes when you push L and R!

Q:I'm good with Auto-Swing but is there any advantage to Manual?

A:Manual needs to be learned eventually. You don't let randomlyness take over
and the big advantage of spin comes into play.

Q:Should I use Impact Marker Mode often?

A:Absolutly not! It's very unreliable as a perfect shot still doesn't 
follow the simulation line like it was supposed to. Use it, but don't rely on
it too much.

Q:Does my partner always play bad? Is this a glitch?

A:No, no glitch. The better you play the worse your partner does to increase
difficulty. The worse you play, the better your partner plays. If you start
getting many pars in a row for instance, she'll play better for a few holes
giving you some birdie chances. You can also rely on her for putting, the
CPU is great at that.

Q:When playing against the CPU, I notice slowdown while they set up their 

A:This is supposed to happen. Deal with it.

Q:Any points to the Star Tourneys?

A:There isn't any point to them. They unlock nothing. Do complete though to
say you fully beat this game though!

Q:Are there any points to Birdie Badges?

A:If you collect 90 of them from normal tourneys, you will unlock 1 star hole.

           ~X. The Lee Eric Kirwin Files~
Heh. LEK contacted me on the boards for a surprising amount of information...
actually so much data its not funny. I'd post it in seprate sections for easy 
refrance, but that'd take a while. Here is all the information LEK gave me:
(Note:All of this information was copied straight from LEK's posts. The      
formatting may be a little odd here).

About stats:

First, I'll state the general information. Drive is unaffected by level. The 
other stats are affected by level, 'decaying' as you level up. Since Drive is 
only affected by however many points you've placed into it and how many drinks 
you've got and therefore used, I can list how many points you need for such 
and such Drive, assuming without drinks, of course.

The first number is how many points is placed into Drive. The second number is 
the distance you can hit with a 1W from the Tee. The third number, the one in 
parentheses, is how much of an increase from the last point. Drinks won't 
change the rate your Drive goes up from points, so take them whenever you like.

For Neil. Neil is the default name for the boy. Either you're as him, or he's 
your partner.

0 - 205Y (Nothing before this.)
1 - 207Y (+2)
2 - 210Y (+3)
3 - 212Y (+2)
4 - 215Y (+3)
5 - 217Y (+2)
6 - 220Y (+3)
7 - 222Y (+2)
8 - 225Y (+3)
9 - 227Y (+2)
10 - 230Y (+3)
11 - 232Y (+2)
12 - 235Y (+3)
13 - 237Y (+2)
14 - 240Y (+3)
15 - 242Y (+2)
16 - 245Y (+3)
17 - 248Y (+3)
18 - 251Y (+3)
19 - 254Y (+3)
20 - 257Y (+3)
21 - 260Y (+3)
22 - 263Y (+3)
23 - 266Y (+3)
24 - 269Y (+3)
25 - 271Y (+2)
26 - 274Y (+3)
27 - 276Y (+2)
28 - 279Y (+3)
29 - 281Y (+2)
30 - 284Y (+3)
31 - 286Y (+2)
32 - 289Y (+3)
33 - 290Y (+1)
34 - 292Y (+2)
35 - 294Y (+2)
36 - 296Y (+2)
37 - 298Y (+2)
38 - 300Y (+2)
39 - 302Y (+2)
40 - 304Y (+2)
41 - 305Y (+1)
42 - 307Y (+2)
43 - 308Y (+1)
44 - 310Y (+2)
45 - 312Y (+2)
46 - 313Y (+1)
47 - 315Y (+2)
48 - 317Y (+2)
49 - 318Y (+1)
50 - 320Y (+2)
51 - 321Y (+1)
52 - 323Y (+2)
53 - 325Y (+2)
54 - 326Y (+1)
55 - 328Y (+2)
56 - 330Y (+2)
57 - 331Y (+1)
58 - 332Y (+1)
59 - 333Y (+1)
60 - 334Y (+1)
61 - 335Y (+1)
62 - 336Y (+1)
63 - 337Y (+1)
64 - 339Y (+2)
65 - 340Y (+1)
66 - 341Y (+1)
67 - 342Y (+1)
68 - 343Y (+1)
69 - 344Y (+1)
70 - 345Y (+1)
71 - 346Y (+1)
72 - 347Y (+1)
73 - 347Y (+0)
74 - 348Y (+1)
75 - 349Y (+1)
76 - 350Y (+1)
77 - 350Y (+0)
78 - 351Y (+1)
79 - 352Y (+1)
80 - 353Y (+1)
81 - 353Y (+0)
82 - 354Y (+1)
83 - 354Y (+0)
84 - 355Y (+1)
85 - 356Y (+1)
86 - 356Y (+0)
87 - 357Y (+1)
88 - 358Y (+1)
89 - 358Y (+0)
90 - 358Y (+0)
91 - 359Y (+1)
92 - 359Y (+0)
93 - 359Y (+0)
94 - 360Y (+1)
95 - 360Y (+0)
96 - 361Y (+1)
97 - 361Y (+0)
98 - 361Y (+0)

This is for Ella, the girl. Again I'm using the default name.

0 - 200Y (Once again, nothing before this...)
1 - 202Y (+2)
2 - 204Y (+2)
3 - 207Y (+3)
4 - 209Y (+2)
5 - 211Y (+2)
6 - 214Y (+3)
7 - 216Y (+2)
8 - 219Y (+3)
9 - 221Y (+2)
10 - 223Y (+2)
11 - 226Y (+3)
12 - 228Y (+2)
13 - 230Y (+2)
14 - 233Y (+3)
15 - 235Y (+2)
16 - 238Y (+3)
17 - 240Y (+2)
18 - 243Y (+3)
19 - 245Y (+2)
20 - 248Y (+3)
21 - 250Y (+2)
22 - 253Y (+3)
23 - 255Y (+2)
24 - 258Y (+3)
25 - 260Y (+2)
26 - 262Y (+2)
27 - 264Y (+2)
28 - 267Y (+3)
29 - 269Y (+2)
30 - 271Y (+2)
31 - 273Y (+2)
32 - 276Y (+3)
33 - 278Y (+2)
34 - 280Y (+2)
35 - 282Y (+2)
36 - 284Y (+2)
37 - 286Y (+2)
38 - 288Y (+2)
39 - 290Y (+2)
40 - 292Y (+2)
41 - 293Y (+1)
42 - 295Y (+2)
43 - 297Y (+2)
44 - 299Y (+2)
45 - 300Y (+2)
46 - 302Y (+2)
47 - 304Y (+2)
48 - 306Y (+2)
49 - 307Y (+1)
50 - 309Y (+2)
51 - 311Y (+2)
52 - 313Y (+2)
53 - 314Y (+1)
54 - 316Y (+2)
55 - 318Y (+2)
56 - 320Y (+2)
57 - 321Y (+1)
58 - 322Y (+1)
59 - 323Y (+1)
60 - 325Y (+2)
61 - 326Y (+1)
62 - 327Y (+1)
63 - 328Y (+1)
64 - 330Y (+2)
65 - 331Y (+1)
66 - 332Y (+1)
67 - 333Y (+1)
68 - 334Y (+1)
69 - 335Y (+1)
70 - 336Y (+1)
71 - 337Y (+1)
72 - 338Y (+1)
73 - 338Y (+0)
74 - 339Y (+1)
75 - 340Y (+1)
76 - 341Y (+1)
77 - 341Y (+0)
78 - 342Y (+1)
79 - 343Y (+1)
80 - 344Y (+1)
81 - 344Y (+0)
82 - 345Y (+1)
83 - 345Y (+0)
84 - 346Y (+1)
85 - 346Y (+0)
86 - 347Y (+1)
87 - 347Y (+0)
88 - 348Y (+1)
89 - 348Y (+0)
90 - 348Y (+0)
91 - 348Y (+0)
92 - 349Y (+1)
93 - 349Y (+0)
94 - 349Y (+0)
95 - 349Y (+0)
96 - 350Y (+1)
97 - 350Y (+0)
98 - 350Y (+0)

So, there's the large list for Drive. As you can see, Neil has a better 
distance. If you want more balanced stats, you're probably not going to place 
over 50 points into Drive anyway.

The other stats... Height, Shot, Impact& Control, and Spin. How many points 
must you place to keep up with it's 'decay'?

1 point for every 6 levels for Height.
1 point for every 4 levels for Shot.
1 point for every 5 levels for Impact&Control.
1 point for every 18 levels for Spin.

And, when you hit level 99, you can't level up any further to fix up your 
stats. So, I'll first list points needed at level 99.

Neil. His stats are a little different from Ella's.

21 or more points for -10 Height at level 99
20 points for -9 Height at level 99
19 for -8 Height...
18 for -6...
17 for -3
16 - 0
15 - +3
14 - +5
13 - +6
12 - +8
11 - +9
10 or less - +10

Shot: (No plus or minus -- It just states how far away from straight your 
shots are.)
26 or more - 0 (perfect straightness)
25 - 1
24 - 3
23 - 6
22 - 8
21 or less - 10

Impact: (I haven't checked Control, but it should never be far from Impact)
22 or more - +10
21 - +9
20 - +6
19 - +1
18 - -3
17 - -5
16 - -8
15 or less - -10

Spin: (Any noticable difference in MG:AT?)
8 or more - +10
7 - +7
6 - +1
5 - -5
4 - -8
3 or less - -10

For Ella.

Height: (Her Height 'decays' to minimum, the opposite of Neil's)
21 or more - +10
20 - +9
19 - +8
18 - +6
17 - +5
16 - +2
15 - -1
14 - -3
13 - -4
12 - -5
11 - -6
10 - -7
9 - -8
8 - -9
7 or less - -10

Shot: (Her shots curve in the opposite direction than Neil's.)
24 or more - 0 (Straight!)
23 - 1
22 - 3
21 - 4
20 - 6
19 - 7
18 - 8
17 - 9
16 or less - 10
This is still for Ella at level 99 in case you forgot from the last post.

21 or more - +10
20 - +7
19 - +2
18 - -1
17 - -3
16 - -5
15 - -7
14 - -8
13 or less - -10

8 or more - +10
7 - +9
6 - +4
5 - -2
4 - -8
3 or less - -10

And there's the list for stats at level 99. I have a formula so you can find 
out exactly how much of each stat at each level, rather than at just level 99. 
I shall post it under a request, as I don't want to think about it at this 
moment. Real life over here is stressing me at this moment.

Stats of Clubs

I shall list every club in the order MG:TT lists them. It is according to 
MG:TT, but shouldn't be different from MG:AT, but there might be a few 

- Basic
These are your typical basic start clubs! They don't affect stats.

Distance +10%
Shot +1 (That means more curve)

- Super POW
Distance +20%
Height +1
Shot +2
Control -1

- Low-fly
Height -3
Spin -1

- Super Low-fly
Height -5
Spin -2

- Low-fly Spin
Height -2
Control -2
Spin +2

- Backspin
Control -1
Spin +2
No-spin shots have Backspin effect; Backspin and Super Backspin are more 

- Super Spin
Impact -1
Control -2
Spin +4
No-spin shots have Super Backspin effect; Backspin and Super Backspin are much 
more powerful.

- Straight
Shot -3 (More straight)
Control -1

- Super Straight
Distance -5%
Shot -10 (Whee! Perfectly straight!)

- Straight 'n' Low
Height -2
Shot -2

- Sweet
Shot +1
Impact +2

- Super Sweet
Shot +2
Impact +4
Control -1

- Control
Shot +1
Control +2

- Sweet Control
Height +2
Shot +2
Impact +2
Control +2

- Risky
Drive +40%
Height -2
Shot -10 (Wow, straight shots!)
Impact -20 (...And no Impact Zone to go with it)
Control -2 (Without Impact, this won't do much anyway.)

The "Miss Impact Zone and still get where you want" strategy

Here, if you want to depend on your judgement rather than your timing, so you 
can still use Risky clubs effectively, here's what you need...

A high or maxed Height stat. Neil goes up in height as he levels anyway, so 
he's perfect for this strategy. Plus, since you're letting him max his Height, 
you have another 16 points for Drive. A low Height would just knock your 
distance down too much to be effective.

Because you're getting a high Height, watch out for winds when you're not 
using this strategy for your next shot.

And you also need to know how much missing the Impact Zone is going to affect 
your trajectory. You're going to be losing a little distance, but now you're 
more sure of the ball landing where you want when the Impact Zone can't be 
tinier, unless you have perfect timing anyway.

Depending on how much you miss the Impact Zone, the trajectory changes 
slightly. The difference in this change is much smaller than the change from 
perfect timing and barely missing the Impact Zone. So, being inaccurate when 
intentionally missing the Impact Zone isn't as bad as being inaccurate when 
trying to hit the 1-pixel Impact.

And remember, missing to the left of the Impact Zone will send your shots 
high, which with maxed Height, sends your distance to practically nothing. 
Miss to the right of the Impact Zone, which will send your shots low, and a 
maxed Height will prevent most of the distance from being lost for shooting 
too low. I have tried to miss to the left of the Impact Zone, with a minimum 
Height, and it wasn't nearly as effective.

Obviously, missing the Impact Zone will send your shots sharply off to the 
side. For those who chose right-hand play, adjust your shot to the right when 
missing the Impact zone off to the right. Not sure about left-hand, but I 
believe aim to the left, while still missing the Impact Zone off to the right.

So, high Height, aim shot off to the side, and miss Impact Zone off to the 
right. Now, any errors in timing are more managable, while your judgement on 
where you aim is tested a lot more. If you have poor judgement, try to avoid 
this strategy. In fact, on any case where your Control is at least 0 and the 
Impact Zone is more than the tiniest sliver, this strategy shouldn't be used.

Fast EXP method, without linking to MG:TT

Those without MG:TT and all the necessary components still have a fast way to 
gain EXP. It's pretty simple. Let's see what I can remember without the game 
at hand...

Multiplayer, without Game-link, Two Players, your two characters, Match Play. 
Greens, either one; Course, the latest one you've got, which is either Links 
or Mushroom; Holes, all 18; Tees, the back Tees.

Okay, with all that, you should be in gameplay, with Neil or Ella (YES! 
Default names darn it!) at the Tee Box. Choose the putter, and hit the ball 
with minimum power. Repeat with the other chracter. Go into the menu, and 
select Give Up. Repeat tapping the ball with the Putter at each Hole with both 
chracters, and Giving Up each time (man, they're not motivated...), until 
you're done with the course. You should get several hundred EXP each time you 
do this, and one can do all 18 holes plus a tiebreaker, and distribute the 
EXP, under 5 minutes.

So, over 600 EXP with 18 holes and a tiebreaker, strategically Giving Up with 
both characters to do so, and in 5 minutes. Roughly 2 EXP per second. Fast, 
indeed. Of course, linking to MG:TT and copying the data with two memory cards 
just beats the heck out of this method, but only if you have everything needed.

First, the more helpful glitch.

Play any hole at Elf's Short Course, before unlocking them:
So, you're wishing you can actually play the later holes of Elf's Short 
Course, to find a way to actually beat the freaking course, right? Just do the 

Go to Training, pick whoever you want.
Select Hole 9 of Elf's Short Course.
In gameplay, go into the menu, and select Next Hole.
You should see Hole 10 now.

Want the holes beyond the 10th? Select the 10th hole, go to the menu, and 
select Next Hole. At the 11th now. See the pattern?

Basically, pick a hole, go to the menu, select Next Hole, and you'll be at the 
hole after whatever hole you were at.

Alternate Greens in Training:
This is a fun little glitch you could play around with. It's slightly 
unpredictable. Why, all you need to do is...

Training, select a hole at Elf's Short Course, besides holes 1 or 3.
To the menu, select Next Hole.
Pick any course that isn't Elf's Short Course.

Now, when you're aiming your ball to the Green, it won't zoom in. Send the 
ball on the green, and the game calls it Alternate Green. Heck, you can even 
use your 1W on this 'Alternate' Green.

WELL! Everything above was from LEK so give a big round of applouse! Awesome...

Nintendo for making this excellant game

The game itself. Couldn't have made the glossary!

Me for making this FAQ 

You for reading it

CJayC for putting it up

Gamespot for putting this up there

The world for existing

Lee Eric Kirwin for a LOT of information I never would have thought to put up

noelle26 for the quick Exp. tips

wariofan63 for pointing out the taunts option

Copyright Deathborn 668. This FAQ is for GameFAQ's use only and is NOT 
permitted to be placed anywhere other than GameFAQ's or Gamespot.

      ~The End~
I have fully finished my FAQ. I hope you enjoyed it! Please rate it!

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