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FAQ by The Golf Elf

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/13/04

                       (Ultra cool picture of Mario)

       (Mario Golf Advance Tour picture so cool you will send me money)

                        MARIO GOLF ADVANCE TOUR!!!

                         The Elf's Short Guide

by The Golf Elf

Table of Contents
1.Contact me
2.About this guide
3.Guide History
6.Golfers you should know
9.Side Games
10.Custom Club Shop
13.Special Thanks
14.Legal Crap

1.Contact me

You can e-mail me questions, suggestions, useful information, and/or money at
hobbes253@yahoo.com. Useless information and/or pointless questions will be
quoted on by The Golf Elf and shown to friends to be ridiculed for all
eternity. Money will be cherished and spent. Please notify me of any errors
or misinformation that have shown up in the guide.

2. About this guide

I wrote this guide partly because I've been using GameFAQs for years now, and
not once had I contributed, but mostly because the simple fact that
Mario Golf remains to be the only golf game worthy of my time. I even bought a
real set of clubs after playing Toadstool Tour for several hours straight.
Mario Golf Advance Tour is well summarized as Toadstool Tour with chopped 
Golden Sun added for taste. With absolutely huge amounts of unlockables,
plenty of courses, tons of characters, Toadstool Tour connectivity, and several
different sets of clubs to collect, Mario Golf Advance Tour will keep you busy
for plenty of months to come.

3. Guide History

7/9/04 First draft begun.

4. Controls

+: and
-: then
,: or

Story Mode

D-pad: Move character, make selections.
D-pad+B: Run
A: Talk, investigate, and make selections.
B: Cancel
START: Pause menu

In game

Before you swing

Left or Right on D-pad: Change Shot Direction
Up or Down on D-pad: Change Clubs (See clubs, section 4)
L,R: Adjust the Range Marker.
SELECT: Camera mode
START: In Game Pause menu
D-pad+B: Impact marker mode(change where on the ball you hit, changing the
course of the ball)
B: Change shot type
A: Start backswing

After you start backswing

A: Set power and use Auto Swing (Use if you are new to Mario Golf)
Auto swing stops randomly in the auto swing impact zone(blue line above power
Meter). If it stops on the left of the sweet spot(in the center of the impact
zone), the ball will veer to the right. If it stops on the right of the sweet
spot, the ball will veer left. If it stops outside the Impact zone(red line
under power meter), the ball will veer far off course and probably out of
bounds. You can't use topspin or backspin in Auto Swing.
B: Set power and use Manual Swing (Only use if you know what you are doing)
Manual Swing lets you control your impact, letting you hit a better shot.
Manual Swing also lets you use topspin and backspin. You MUST lern to use
Manual Swing to do well in side games especialy, and take advantage of the
additional control.
D-pad: Adjust impact point(where on the ball you hit)

After setting power in Manual Swing

A: Set impact zone timing
B: Set impact zone timing
A-A: Set impact zone timing and use topspin (makes ball go farther after
hitting the ground)
B-B: Set impact zone timing and use backspin (makes ball go backwards after
hitting the ground)
A-B: Set impact zone timing and use super topspin (even more topspin)
B-A: Set impact zone timing and use super backspin (even more backspin)
The loft of the club you are using affects how well the spin works. Experiment
with it to get a feel of the differences between clubs(see section 4 for more
D-pad: Adjust Impact point(where on the ball you hit)

Camera Mode

D-pad: Move cursor
A: Return to previous screen
B: Switch cameras
L,R: Zoom
SELECT: Display overhead hole view

5. Clubs

First of all, loft is the angle of the club head. The more loft, the steeper
the angle of the club. If a club has a lot of loft, like a wedge, then it
will not go very far, have a very high trajectory(the path the ball follows), 
and will be highly affected by spins and wind. If it has low loft, like your 
woods, then it will fly much farther, have very low trajectory, and wont be
affected by spins and wind much.

Woods: Low trajectory clubs used for longer shots
1W: Also refered to as the driver, you will use this mostly for tee shots. It
has the lowest trajectory and the farthest distance.
3W: The 3 wood has slightly less distance but a higher trajectory than the 1W.
4W: The 4 wood has less distance and higher trajectory the 3W, and is the
easiest wood to hit with. Not commonly used in real golf.
Irons: Middle range clubs with trajectories between the woods and wedges.
3I: Low trajectory iron with the longest iron distance. Used to stay out of
the wind.
6I: Middle range iron with middle distance.
9I: High trajectory iron with the shortest iron distance. Use to catch the wind
or get better spin results. Also use to escape some hazards.
Wedges:Very high trajectory clubs with short distance and incredible spin.
PW: Pitching Wedge: Lowest trajectory wedge with slightly more distance.
AW: Approach Wedge: Middle range and trajectory wedge designed for approaches.
Gets tons of spin and more distance than the Sand Wedge.
SW: Sand Wedge: Your troubleshooter. Highest trajectory club in the bag that
gets the best spins and shortest distance. Use to get out of hazards and
trouble spots.

See section 10 about the custom clubs you can get to better your game.

6. Golfers you should know

Neil: Main character #1. A student of Kid with a low trajectory draw shot
(Draw is when the shot goes outside then draws back in, while fade is the
opposite). Ella and Neil are doubles partners.
Ella: Main character #2. Another student of Kid with a high trajectory
straight shot. Ella and Neil are doubles partners.
Buzz: The third of Kid's students, the competitive Buzz paired up with Helen
to become Neil and Ella's rivals.
Helen: The last of Kid's students, Helen is more focused on her game than
on her opponents.
Kid: A ledgendary golfer that stoped playing and started teaching after a
career killing injury.
Joe: The Marion Club champion. He once aspired to be a disco dancer but now
plays golf(?!?!). Joe has good timing and a smooth swing.
Putts: The former Marion champ, Putts focuses on his doubles game with Joe.
Sherry: The Palms club champion, Sherry started golf when she was young.
Grace: The former Palms champ and princess of womens golf, she is the doubles
partner of Sherry.
Azalea: A finely tuned athelete who holds the Dunes title.
Tiny: A Powerful, badly named golfer who plays doubles with Azalea.
Gene: The Links club champ. An annoyingly self-righteous golfer who somehow
manages to keep his hat on despite the insanely high winds of the Links course.
Mario: It's a-him! Mario!
Peach: Princess turned golfer!
Donkey Kong: Monkey who swings with one hand!
Yoshi: Give me a free ride!
Luigi: Green guy who follows Mario!
Wario: Fat yellow guy with a weird mustache!
Waluigi: Professional Cheater!
Bowser: Big mean guy who doesn't like you!

7. Walkthrough(kinda)

Here's the fun part. Story Mode! When you flip on your tiny handheld device
of joy on for the first time, you get to choose to be either Neil or Ella.
Choose wisely because you can't EVER change it. Then choose your name, blah
blah blah.


When you're done with that you get to watch an opening conversation in front
of the insanely large Marion Clubhouse. Then you go inside and talk some more,
and don't worry, they aren't talking about a god name golf, it's a game.
If you can work your way to the side entrance on the left front of the club
house, there's a barrel there. Go up to it and press A to get a drive boosting
drink. Barrels are the "treasure chests" of this game. The two doors on the
first floor on the left are locker rooms, where you can see various Nintendo
character crap. The door on the first floor to the right is a high score
memorial thing, where the top scores are posted. You can look in all the vases
and tree pots, but you almost never find anything. The top left door is the
manager's office, and the top right is the lounge. Nothing important. Yet.

Go through the door with the light coming out to go outside to the masters
area, where your partner will come out and tell you where the lodge is. That's
where you'll keep your trophies(if you get any) and where you save. You can
talk to the lamp in your partners room to change their name. Talk to your
partner to play doubles, see how well your game is doing, and save.

Go back to the masters area. There's a guy inside of a hut on the left. Talk
to him if you want to jump straight into a tournament, but I don't suggest
it. The path to his right goes to the first tee, and you can talk to the guy
in front of it to play a practice round. I suggest that you go to the path to
the right of him and go to the practice area. There, you can practice wherever
you want, talk to people to learn to do new shots, and complete some side
games. Go here FIRST! Sometimes you get items or exp for completing side games.
See section 9 for side game details. Next to the putting green directly on the
right, stands Joe, the golf-disco hybrid. Talk to him with your partner to
play doubles against him and Putts. If you beat them, you unlock Putts in the
quick game mode. Talk to Joe without your partner to play a 1 on 1 match play
game against him. If you win, you unlock the disco freak in quick game mode.

Out and About

Before you rush off to a tournament, go to the "out and about" area. Get there
by either going out of the clubhouse through the front door, or go to the exit
to the right of the lodge. This is how you get to other courses. You can only
sign up for their tournaments after you beat the previous one. When you beat
the Marion tourney, you can play the Palms, then the Dunes, and then the Links.
But before all of that, go all the way to the north of the map and go on the
grassy area. Go up to the big tree and press A to get a 1-up 'shroom. Then go
south to the house with smoke blowing ou the chimney. This is the custom club
house(see section 10 for details). Go up to the closet and press A to get a
Custom A ticket. This little baby gets you a level a club set of your choice!
The custom club shop may be closed, but just go back after you win a
tournament. There's also some closed stuff that opens after certain tournaments
are won. They are mostly side games. The red flag next to the Palms is the golf
clinic. They diagnose your shot and tell you what it needs. The shack to the
north of that is the properly named Coo-Coo course. An insanely hard 520 yard
par 5 hole overgrown with grass, weeds, and heath. If you manage to beat the
course, the old man will give you a custom B ticket. The yellow flag east of
the Marion lodge is the one club chalenge. Choose 1 club to hit stick shots
from 4 places around the hole. beat all 3 difficulties to get an item. The
white flag southeast of the Marion is the "Next Gen Epoch Golf Mini-Park".
I have no idea what that means. I do know that it's a varying par course that
is tree holes together. It's 785 yard hole that's a par 7 on easy, par 6 for
medium, and par 5 for hard. Win all 3 to get a cool item. The golf ball with
the tee in it is the Go-Go Gates Forest. 4 courses of 3 holes each where you
must hit the ball between all the gates and then get the ball in with par or
better. Craziness. If you accomplish this amazing feat on all 4 courses, you
get the amazing and wonderful custom C ticket. East of the custom club shop is
the Club Slots. Here you have a slot machine determine what clubs you use on 4
3 hole courses. The first slot is woods, the second irons, and the third wedges
and short irons. A star in the slot gets you nothing unless you get all 3
stars, when you get the whole bag! You always get the putter. Beat all 4
courses to get a muscle drink. And last but most definitely not least, is the
mountains with mist on them, the Elf's Short Course. 9 short holes of terror.
All par 3, you get 2 shots for each hole. The first must land on the green, and
fringes don't count. The second you must putt in. Miss either on any of the
holes and you fail and must start from hole 1 again. Insanely hard!

If you think you're ready, go ahead and try the Marion tournament. Win in
singles or doubles to unlock the coresponding Palms tournament.


Not as hard as everyone says, but has plenty of water and annoying palm trees.
Has the same basic layout as the Marion masters area. In the practice area on
the left is the approach range, to the north is the putting green, and to the
right is the driving range. You can go out to the shore and kill bloopers,
too, if you want. All the way on the right of the driving range is Sherry,
the Palms champ. Talk to her alone to play singles match play against her. If
you win, you unlock her. Bring your partner to play match play against her and
Grace. Win to unlock Grace. When you're done playing around, go sign up for 
the Palms tournaments. When you snatch the trophy out of perky little Sherry's
hands, you unlock the Dunes tournaments.


Also not as hard as everyone says. The Dunes course has plenty of cacti and
waste areas, and narrow fairways. In the practice area, you've got the driving
range on your left, the putting green on your right, and the approach range
straight ahead. Just past that stands Azalea, the Dunes champ. Beat her in
singles to unlock her, and in doubles to unlock her partner, Tiny. You can
go hit pokeys if you go past where Azalea is standing. When you're done goofing
off, go win the Dunes tournament to unlock the famed Links tournament.


This one is as hard as everyone says. The combination of heath, sand, water,
and fast fairways makes winning difficult. In the practice area, you've got
your putting green on the left, approach range on the right, and a gigantoid
driving range right in front of you. Wait! Look! On the driving range all the
way to the left! Is that who you think it is? Yes! It's Kid! Back from the
golf grave to be beaten in match play and unlocked! Beat him again in doubles
to unlock Gene even! IMPORTANT! After you beat him in the championships AND
the match plays, go back to him and talk to him again to get the wonderful,
awesome, incredibly super duper cool CUSTOM D TICKET! After you win the Links
tournament and become ultimate golfer, a mysterious letter appears on the
table in your partner's room...

Mushroom Tournament

That's right! That letter on the table was an invitation to peach's castle to
play in the Mushroom Tournament against everyones favorate golfer, MARIO! Yay!
There's no practice area there, but say no to Peach when she asks if you're
ready and you can look around the outside or jump in the pipe to go for a
practice round. Before that, though, go around to the left of the castle and go
behind it all the way to the right. There's a barrel with a 1-up 'shroom in it.
You can talk to all of the golfers you're up against, but that's all there is
besides entering the tounament. Win the tournaments to get the trophies, and
the satisfation of winning!

8. Items

Power Drink - increases drive 2 yds

Super Drink - increases drive 3 yds

Musle Drink - increases drive 4 yds

Hyper Drink - increases drive 5 yds

1-up 'shroom - levels up 1 character 1 level

Custom ticket A - gets you a set of custom A level clubs of your choice

Custom ticket B - gets you a set of custom B level clubs of your choice

Custom ticket C - gets you a set of custom C level clubs of your choice

Custom ticket D - gets you a set of custom D level clubs of your choice

Trophies - not really an "item", but you get one for placing in any tournament
in your room.

Mysterious letter - to say would be a plot spoiler...

9. Side Games

Marion Side Games

Approach Lesson
Approach Lesson 2
Shot Lesson 1
Shot Lesson 2
Putting Lesson
For the Lessons, just talk to the pros(guys with sunglasses), listen to their
lesson, and complete the shot they ask you to do. They may then ask you to do
a contest, and those are the 6 contest side games below. You get a small
amount of exp. for the lessons and most contests.

Approach Contest 1
Approach Contest 2
Simple backspin and topsin approach contests.

Shot Contest:Short
Shot Contest:Normal
Shot Contest:Hard
The difficulties of the Shot contests are hard to find. When the pro at the
driving range asks you to pick a spot based on your drive distance, push left
or right to pick a spot. Those are the three difficulties.

Putting Contest
Sink some short putts.

Knock Out Klepto!
To find Klepto, go to the right when you enter the practice area to the putting
green, then go up through the space in the bush, then right and up through
another space to find a pond. Hit the stupid bird with a ball to get an item.

Palms Side Games

Approach Contest
Hit approaches within 2 yds. of the hole.

Shot Contest
Hit to the best spot from 200 yds.

Putting Contest:Easy
Putting Contest:Normal
Putting Contest:Hard
Long putt contests. Putt the ball close to the hole from over 100 ft.

Knock Out Blooper!
Go through the path between the putting green and driving range and go to the
sign in front of the beach and read it. Blooper will pop up in the water. HIT
HIM! The stupid chicken will run to the other side, out of reach of you. Run
around to the other side of the beach and hit him again to get an item.

Dunes Side Games

Approach Contest
Nail stick shots from 10 points around the green.

Shot Contest:Easy
Shot Contest:Normal
Shot Contest:Hard
Land iron shots within a ring around the cup.

Putting Contest
Sink mid-range putts from 12 yds.

Knock Out Pokey!
Go past where Azalea is standing and read the sign. There's Pokeys here! Follow
him around and hit him with balls(again) to get an item(again again).

Links Side Games

Approach Contest:Easy
Approach Contest:Normal
Approach Contest:Hard
Here's a tuffy. Land 1, 2, or 3 chip-ins from 10 spots around the cup.

Shot Contest
Hit 8 shots to the best position from 250 yds. The hard part: it's on a fast

Putting Contest
Hardest putting test. Sink putts from ten spots around the cup of lengths from
30 to 100 ft. Craziness.

KO Monty Mole Mini-game
Go to the right of the approach range and read the sign next to the bridge.
Monty will pop out of the ground and wait to be smacked with a ball. Chase him
around the course and hit him three times to KO Monty Mole and win(another)


The Go-Go Gates require you to hit through several gates and then par a hole.
There are 3 holes and each of the 4 courses. Don't pass one of the three and
you have to start the course over.

Go-Go Gates Forest 1
Hole 1: Marion hole #6. Split the single gate and then get the ball in with par
or better.
Hole 2: Marion hole #12. Do the same as hole 1
Hole 3: Marion hole #7. Hit the ball about 220 yds just to the left of the red
gate. Then hit through both gates about 110 yds. Get on the green and score.

Go-Go Gates Forest 2
Hole 1: Palms hole #12. Split the single gate and get par.
Hole 2: Palms hole #10. Carefully split the single thin gate and get par.
Hole 3: Palms hole #17. Hit 210 yds. in front of the first gate. Then blast
through the first 4 gates 165 yds. Go through the last gate to the green.

Go-Go Gates Forest 3
Hole 1: Dunes hole #8. Hit 140 yds. in front of the gate. Hit through it to
the green.
Hole 2: Dunes hole #18. Hit through the paper thin gate and hit to the green.
Hole 3: Dunes hole #9. Hit 140 yds. in front of the blue gate. Hit through
onto the fairway in front of the second gate. Hit through both gates to the

Go-Go Gates Forest 4
Hole 1: Links hole #10. Change your impact point left to hit through both gates
to the green.
Hole 2: Links hole #17. Been wondering where the difficulty was? Here it is.
Change your impact point to the left and hit through the rightmost part of the
gate, just barely through it. If you did it correctly, you should be able to
hit through the next three gates onto thee fairway, hit to the green and sink
it. If you missed, which is common with the high winds, press start and hit
"start hole over" and try again. Very difficult.
Hole 3: Links hole #2. The last hole. Very difficult also. Smack the little
white ball through the first red gate about 260 yds. Then hit through the next
red gate and the first blue gate onto the fairway, about 140 yds. Hit through
the last gate and onto the green to claim your prize, a custom C ticket!

The Club Slots in Lucky Country have simple rules. Spin 3 slots to see what
3 clubs(+putter) you get for that hole. A star gives you nothing, unless you
get 3 stars, and you get every club! Woo! Again, 4 courses of 3 holes. Get par.

Lucky Country 1
Hole 1: Marion hole #8. Par 3 133 yds.
Hole 2: Marion hole #5. Par 4 302 yds.
Hole 3: Marion hole #7. Par 5 384 yds.

Lucky Country 2
Hole 1: Palms hole #15. Par 3 141 yds.
Hole 2: Palms hole #16. Par 4 334 yds.
Hole 3: Palms hole #7. Par 5 445 yds.

Lucky Country 3
Hole 1: Dunes hole #15. Par 3 159 yds.
Hole 2: Dunes hole #12. Par 4 340 yds.
Hole 3: Dunes hole #13. Par 5 489 yds.

Lucky Country 4
Hole 1: Links hole #3. Par 3 152 yds.
Hole 2: Links hole #13. Par 4 351 yds.
Hole 3: Linke hole #16. Par 5 493 yds.

One-club Challenge:Easy
One-club Challenge:Normal
One-club Challenge:Hard
Hit stick shots from 4 places around the green. Win all three challenges and
get an item.

Golf Mini-park 1
Golf Mini-park 2
Golf Mini-park 3
3 holes made into 1. Easy is par 7, normal par 6, and hard iss par 5 on a 785
yd. hole. Win and get a Super drink.

Coo-Coo Course
A par 5, 520 yd. hole that's overgrown with weeds and grass. Par it to win a
custom B ticket.

Elf's Short Course
Hardest Side Game. Ever. You must one-on one-putt all nine holes in the Elf's
Short Course. That means your tee shot MUST land on the green and you get one
putt to sink it. Do this on ALL 9 hole in a row without missing, or else you
must start over. With the varying differences in peoples characters, it is hard
to tell if my suggestions will work. I HIGHLY recomend using a low trajectory
and Backspin clubs. Backspin clubs are level B and give you extra backspin.
All holes are par 3.

Hole 1: Easiest hole. 58 yds.
Low winds: Use a low trajectory club, 1W, 3W, or 3I, and aim for the fringe
closest to you and use super backspin.
High winds: Same as low winds.

Hole 2: Narrow green. 169 yds.
Low winds: Use either a 1W, 3W, 4W, 3I, or 4I. Aim for the fringe on the left
and use super backspin so the ball will get on the green. If using a 1W, aim
for the fairway just before the fringe and use super backspin.
High winds: Same as low winds, but compensate for the wind.

Hole 3: Small green. 117 yds.
Low winds: Use a 7I, 8I, or 9I and aim just before the cup and let your
backspin clubs do the rest.
High winds: Use a 3I, aim for the fringe and use super backspin. Compensate for

Hole 4: Short green. Difficult to land on. 70 yds.
Low winds: Use your sand wedge and hit just past the cup, letting your
backspin clubs do the work.
High winds: Use a 3I, aim for the fringe and use super backspin, compensating
for wind. Careful on this one.

Hole 5: Rectangular green. 87 yds.
Low winds: Use your approach wedge and aim directly at the cup. Aren't
backspin clubs great?
High winds: Use your 3I, aim just past the fringe and use super backspin,
compensating for wind.

Hole 6: Very short green. Difficult to hit. 106 yds.
Low winds: Use your 9I and aim about 3 yds. from the cup, letting your backspin
clubs finish it.
High winds: Use your 5I and aim for the little bit of fairway next to the
fringe. Compensate for wind and let your backspin clubs work.

Hole 7: Small green. 110 yds.
Low winds: Use your 9I, and aim about 4 yds. from the cup, and let those
backspin clubs do the rest.
High winds: Use your 4I, aim for the fringe and use super backspin,
compensating for the wind.

Hole 8: Very small green. 70 yds.
Low winds: Use your 9I, hit directly at the cup and use backspin.
High winds: Use your 6I, aim for the fringe and use backspin. Compensate for
wind carefully on this one!

Hole 9: Another small green. 133 yds.
Low winds: Use your 8I and aim 5 yds. from the cup, letting the backspin clubs
work wonders.
High winds: Use your 3I and aim just past the fringe, using super backspin and
compensating for wind.

If you accomplish this unimaginable feat, you get 1 hyper drink, 800 exp., and
you unlock all 18 holes of the Elf's Short Course for your use! Wow!

10. Custom Club Shop

This part of the game is so cool i dedicated an entire section to it. The
Custom Club Shop allows you to bring in Custom tickets to receive a full set
of clubs of the kind of your choice.

A level clubs
A custom A ticket is in the cabinet in the Custom Club Shop, plus you get one
for Knock Out Klepto.

POW - Increases drive by 10%.

Straight Shot - Straghtens out your shot.

Low-Fly - Low trajectory clubs.

Control - Improves your control.

B level clubs
Beat the Coo-Coo course, or Knock Out Blooper to get the custom B ticket.

Super Straight - Greatly straightens out your shot.

Super Low-Fly - Very low trajectory clubs

Sweet Control - Greatly increases control

Backspin - Clubs with special backspin effect.

C level clubs
Beat all 4 courses of the Go-Go Gates Forest, or beat all three difficulties
on the One-Club Challenge to get the custom C ticket.

Super POW - Increases drive by 20%.

Straight & Low - Low trajectory clubs that hit straight.

Low-Fly Spin - Clubs with spin that affects low trajectory balls.

D level clubs
After beating Kid in match play and in the tournament, go back and talk to him
again and he will give you a custom D ticket.

Super Spin - Clubs with lots of spin.

Risky - Increases drive by 40%, and decreases impact to -10.

11. Unlockables


Joe: Beat him in match play.
Putts: Beat him and Joe in doubles match play.
Sherry: Beat her in match play after beating Joe.
Grace: Beat her and Sherry in doubles match play after beating Joe and Putts.
Azalea: Beat her in match play after beating Joe and Sherry.
Tiny: Beat him and Azalea in doubles match play after beating Joe, Putts,
Sherry, and Grace.
Kid: Beat him in match play after beating Joe, Sherry, and Azalea.
Gene: Beat him and Kid in doubles match play after beating Joe, Putts, Sherry,
Grace, Azalea, and Tiny.
Luigi: Transfer exp. from Mario Golf Toadstool Tour.
Wario: Transfer a certain amount of badges from Toadstool Tour.
Waluigi: Transfer a certain amount of badges from Toadstool Tour.
Bowser: Transfer a certain amount of badges from Toadstool Tour.


Palms Course: Place in the Marion tournament.
Dunes Course: Place in the Palms tournament.
Links Course: Place in the Dunes tournament.
Mushroom Course: Win the Links tournament.
Elf's Short Course: Beat the Elf's Short Course side game to unlock all 18

12. Secrets

1-up 'shrooms: Search the tree at the top of the "Out and About" area to get a
1-up 'shroom. Also, when you go to Peach's Castle, say no when she asks if
you're ready to play. Go around the left side of the castle and behind it to
find a barrel with a 1-up 'shroom in it.

Custom A ticket: Look in the cabinet in the Custom Club Shop.

Power drink: Go outside to the left front entrance to the Marion clubhouse and
look in the barrel to find a power drink.

Super drink: In the Coo-Coo course area, go around the house on the left. Look
in the barrel to find a Super drink.

Boo!: In the Marion clubhouse, go in the locker room marked with a red flag.
Go up to the mirror on the left side and Boo scares you!

Stupid Guy!: In the Marion masters area, the guy blocking the entrance on the
left will tell you how much exp. you need to level up. Talk to him when you're
at level 99, and he'll say you need 5098 exp. to level up!

13. Special Thanks

I give a hearty Special Thanks to,
Nobody! Send in those things I didn't put in and have your name put here to be
idolized for all Mario Golf time! Please!

14. Legal Crap

Boring Legal Crap that I write to avoid being sued that you wont read anyway.

This guide may not be reproduced in any circumstances exept for personal,
private use. This guide is strictly for use on GameFAQs and its affiliates, 
and placing this guide on other sites or publicly distributing it is strictly 
prohibited without written permission. Use of this guide on any other website 
or public display is strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright laws.

Copyright 2004 Adam Johnson

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