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Reviewed: 05/29/03 | Updated: 05/29/03

Four arcade cabinets in your pocket

I was at job reading a video game magazine when I first saw a screenshot of sega arcade classic. It was a shot from the old arcade game space harrier. It took my attention and 30 dollars was instantly deducted from my food budget. Not much informations was there on the game so I did a little search on the net to find out that the game will include not only space harrier but outrun, super hang-on and one of my best arcade souvenir, after-burner. So I pre-ordered the game the same day and waited like a kid waiting for his just released GI-Joe hydroplane. Now that I got my toy, here's my impressions.


I cant remember quite well if I actually played that game in the arcade but I had a real great time playing it on the genesis a while ago. The gameboy advance port is pretty much the same as the one I remember. I found it pretty easy this time. I reached the 14th level of the 18 levels the first time around and I was just ''looking'' at the game. Next time I'll play it seriously I'll probably beat it. Still, it plays and feel solid. Graphics, sounds and controls are great. Nice game!

OUT-RUN 8/10

I kept some memories from this game even if I didn't played too much. I remember it a bit difficult but like I said I just spend about 2 dollars for it in the arcades. I found it really good on the gba. Graphics are nice and music too. The controls are also right on. A few plays and you'll beat it. The different paths you can take definitly adds value to the game. I work in an internet call center so when its not too busy I have time to play a quick game and Outrun is the one I play most of the time. Really great for a quick fix.

After-Burner 6/10

Unfortunately, here's my biggest deception. I think that game could have been the best of the four. After-Burner was an experience of its own in the arcade. Big part of that was due to the moving cabinet but still without it the game could have make you move on your seat thanx to all the spectacular air combats and the nifty control you have on the jet. Sounds interesting but in this version it didn't turned like that. You will have a real hard time to see enemy fire. Often you will just explode asking yourself what happened. Secondo the control seems way too tight. I mean in the arcade I was shooting, dodging and ''roll-barrelling'' like crazy. Shooting is fine here. Dodging would be easier if you could see what to dodge. And as for the roll-barel trick you must hold one side of the D-pad and then press R + L + opposite side on the D-pad in a fraction of a second. Very tricky to perform. So for this After-Burner was the game i played less. Really unfortunate.


This one was the less attractive for me but I enjoyed it. Graphically I would say its the worst of the bunch but not at the ugly point. Gameplay is there. Action is clear on the screen and control is responsive. I'm still in the early difficulty levels so if you want to play trough all difficulties the game length is on the average side compared to the others but still they are all short games. Nothing to fancy here but a cool game.

All-in-all I recommend this game to old school gamers first. For other younger players this game could be interesting but they wont find the gameplay we have in today's games so its hard to say if they will like it or not. The best thing about it for me is the quick-play factor. I like it when i can open my gba, play 5 or 10 minutes, and have a lot of fun and action with the time being. This is a game like that. Nostalgic people from the old 90 arcades will find what they want playing with that great compilation. If only After Burner would have been better i'd gave it an 8/10. Too bad.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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