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Reviewed: 05/28/03 | Updated: 05/28/03

Retro-gaming in the palm of you hands

Sega Arcade Gallery

This small collection of 80's arcade classics is a nice addition to my growing library of ''Pick-up-and-Play'' games. Four games in one cart (Outrun- Pole Position-type car racing, Super Hang-On- motorcycle racing, Afterburner- jet plane combat, & Space Harrier- a floating guy shooting stuff (weird, I know...)) is a decent bargain, if..
A) You're an old-schooled gamer like myself who likes to reminisce about the fledgling days of scrolling action games.
B) You've never played any of these titles and want to see what classic gaming was all about.
C) You have children and want some easy-to-play games for them (...or yourself...)

Gameplay Simple games for a simpler time. Be forewarned though; these games are all very easy. Basic controls for Outrun and Super Hang-On: left and right d-pad steers, A button for gas, B button for brakes, R shoulder button to shift gears. Basic controls for Afterburner & Space Harrier: d-pad moves in the appropriate direction, A button to shoot (B for missiles in Afterburner).
These are all good 'twitch' games...but tend to lose their charm after repeated plays. There is no save function for any of them, so there's no incentive to get a high score for bragging rights.
After a few tracks on the racing games, or a few levels of the flying games, monotony starts to set in. When these titles were first released, they were of course, exceptional and groundbreaking (1985,86,87,92). Today's gamers, however, will find them boring, repetitive and lacking in all areas (graphics, sound, control).

Graphics/Sound Blocky/pixilated sprites on scrolling 'mode-7-type' backgrounds are decently presented on the small GBA screen, and get the job done well. Just don't expect to find anything revolutionary here folks. There's also a fair amount of voice clips, which always makes me smile (fond memories come flooding back). The music is your average, tinny-midi style, but isn't annoying or overbearing.

Replayability I can see myself going back to these games once in a while for a quick fix of retro-gaming, but I feel most gamers will tire of them after a few play-throughs.

Final Recommendation This is a tough call. I whole-heartedly recommend it for the older folks who remember playing these games in the arcade (how about Afterburner..the first $1 sit-down cabinet game??), or maybe for younger kids who are just getting their feet wet and would benefit from easy-to-control games. If you don't fall into either category, rent it. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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