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FAQ/Walkthrough by dontyoulookatme

Updated: 04/22/09


H              H
H              H
H              H
H              H
H              H
H              H
H              H
H              H
H              H
H              H  A  R  R  I  E  R


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=======\VERSION HISTORY /===

Version 1.0
-Started guide skeleton, and contents.
Added guide info
Version 1.5
-Tweaked overall set up, a bit. Added a little more detail
Version 2.0
-Cleaned up guide information. Finished product.

=======\ CONTENTS /=========

Tip: When using the search feature (Ctrl + F) Add the [] brackets for precise

Stage 1[S1]
Stage 2[S2]
Stage 3[S3]
Stage 4[S4]
Stage 6[S6]
Stage 7[S7]
Stage 8[S8]
Stage 9[S9]
Stage 10[S10]
Stage 11[S11]
Stage 13[S13]
Stage 14[S14]
Stage 15[S15]
Stage 16[S16]
Stage 17[S17]
Stage 18[S18]


=======\INTRODUCTION /======

Welcome to my Walkthrough of the timeless classic, Space Harrier. The fast
paced action rail shooter we've all come to know and love. Ah, yes. I've spent
many a quarter on this game in my younger years. Good times.......good times.
Well, old school games tend to be a little more difficult than the casual games
we have today. So consequentially, you may be  a little rough around the edges.
Don't --no, um-- stop....don't---don't cry.... that's what this guide is for!

=======\ CONTROLS /=========

On the arcade joystick, you have two primary buttons.
The movement of the analog stick, to move around,
and the fire button.
You'll always be pulled to the middle of the stage
when you let go of the analog nub, so if you wish to
move to the middle, you do not have to actually move
there. Just let go of the stick if you are in another

For instance:

You'll be in the middle.


You'll move to the right.
Let go  and

You'll be in the middle again.


W   W
W   W
W  W   A  L  K  T  H  R  O  U  G  H.    [WLK]

=======\ STAGE 1 /==========[S1]

Start off by shooting the greenery that's in your way, and the cloud-like
You'll see a swarm of airborne enemies in the distance. As they pass, fire
away, and shift from right to left to avoid them.

Shoot the enemies that pass you by, and watch out for the projectiles that come
straight for you. It's best to dodge by either moving from the far left to the
far right, and vice versa, or moving in a sort of sporadic circular motion,
whilst firing.

Take out the UFOs quickly before they get  chance to fire more projectiles than
necessary. Soon, you'll come across a dragon-like boss. Pretty strange for an
out of space species, I figure... Anyway, where and who, you'll see it coming
before it gets to you, so fire your shots directly at him. There aren't any
other enemies to hinder you, so he should go down fairly soon.

=======\ STAGE 2 /==========[S2]

You'll be in a sort of desert plains area now. You'll still ave cloud objects
to shoot, but instead of trees, you'll also have to destroy the rocky
structures on the ground.

There structures include gray pillars, and Easter island heads. Weird. There
are SOME dry, shriveled trees to watch for, but your primary focus should be on
the floating enemies, as their positions change.

Again, you'll see a swarm of enemies in the distance, and when you know they're
coming in a pack like that, find a spot (usually in the middle) to line up your
shots so that you can take out multiple enemies (if not all) with minimal

More heads will pop up, but be weary; some other floating enemies will speed at
you without notice.

When you keep moving, and pass a numerous amount of pillars, note that it's
best to avoid them when you have the chance, rather than fire at them. This
eliminates unnecessary risk. Some more heads-the floaty kind- will come to say

Shoot them before they get the chance to spit projectiles at you. When you
notice a brief cease in action, the boss is near. This boss is actually a
floating pile of heads. Fire at them from a distance, and take them out like
you would any regular head. You'll be on the next level before you know it.

=======\ STAGE 3 /==========[S3]
=======/=== AMAR ====\======

First thing you'll notice is how many different things to shoot are on the
screen. Well....shoot them! There will be more speeding, floaters, but note to
shoot, or dodge the colorful structures near the ground.

They're mushrooms, but I'd think twice about eating them. Watch for the
oblongs, and be sure not to crash into any of them. Avoid enemy projectiles,
and take out the source when you can.

The enemies will usually float in groups. This makes them a better target, but
also means that if they shoot projectiles, you should move the opposite way to
avoid them.

Don't forget the circular motion. If you are in the right spot, it may be
difficult for enemy fire to catch you. However, you still have to be mindful of
the tree-thingies.

Two swarms of enemies will come at you like so:

                           x                      x
                              x                x
                                  x         x
                                    x     x

                                      / \

The xs symbolize the enemies, and the poorly drawn attempt at a stick figure
represents you. If you are in the middle, you can just stand still and fire,
and the enemies will just get shot one by one.

Dodge some more floating abominations, and you'll eventually come across the
boss of these here parts.

They boss is similar to the dragon in structure, but this time, it has two
heads, which makes dodging the spit fire twice as difficult. But not by much,

Just make sure to prioritize on dodging the fire, and shooting when they are
far away, or when they stop attacking. Two heads are better than one, but not
in this case.

=======\ STAGE 4 /==========[S4]

You'll be caught off guard by some spherical polygons, and some tall
structures. Maneuver around them to avoid taking damage. Some robotic foes will
fly in from the left to the right, so fire away at them.

Fire at all of the robots, but watch out for their projectiles. Dodge the
floating objects, though.

Focus your sights on the horizon to get a little heads up on their location.
Eventually, you'll come across some new enemies, green robotic-like guys who
shoot out large green projectiles at you. Dodge them, and fire at them. They
like to move around, but its easy to anticipate where they're going.

=======\BONUS STAGE/========
You'll come across a bonus stage, in which you jump aboard a large floating
creature, and your objective is to break down the trees you come across.

It's fairly straight forward, and is a nice way to rack up the points.

=======\ STAGE 6 /==========[S6]

There will be an assortment of floating clouds, and other obstacles in your
way. Fire a t them, but try to focus on your dodging skills. The less damage
you take here, the batter.

There will be planes of sorts that approach from behind the tall columns, so
while you dodge, don't forget to stare into the horizon to see what's coming.

They fire the same projectiles as the new enemies from before, so if you can
take them out quickly, so so before they get the chance to impale you.

The planes are your main enemy here, but don't underestimate the floating
clouds and columns. It hurts to crash into them, and following your enemies can
some times lead to this effect. Hit fast, and dodge when you can.

After more of the robotic jump-arounders, you'll have to use your elite
shooting skills to take down a barrage of orb-like objects. They can fire
projectiles, but if you stick to one area and just move up and down
accordingly, you shouldn't take any damage, and should be done in no time.

=======\ STAGE 7 /==========[S7]

Be careful not to run into the floating structures and columns. Oh, and watch
out for the woolly mammoths as well. I don't take too kindly to animal abuse,
(especially extinct animals) but fire at them if they get too cumbersome.

The first few enemies are fairly easy to see and take out early on, so do just
that before they actually become a threat.

There are more robots and projectile shooters in your midst. Dart around while
firing to take out the robots, and dodge the wave of projectiles first before
attempting to take out the source.

This pattern will be used throughout the level,until you come across the final
contender of the level. There will be floaty things that look like----I don't
even know, but they shoot out projectiles and are numerous.

The can, however, be taken out with relative ease.

=======\ STAGE 8 /==========[S8]
=======/=== IDA  ====\======
Dodge the withered trees, and be weary of the floating heads, for they make an
appearance this time around. They spit at you in a circular formation, so dodge
and fire at them using the same circular motion.

After giving the heads a taste of their own medicine, you'll have to watch for
numerous projectiles. The enemies that shoot them are is the far distance, but
are still visible. Shoot them regardless of how far they are, and take notice
of their projectiles.

Mech enemies and assorted floaters will make their way towards you. Worry more
about avoiding their projectiles that worrying about them. There will be three
floating metallic object that need to be gunned down.

Keep trodding along, and take out the barrage of enemies by darting to the far
corners of the map. After a brief pause, there will be a boss battle.

It's a rock-protected gray floating head. Excessive fire hasn't failed you
before, and won't fail you now. Fire away, and he'll be done in a heartbeat,
but still; don't get careless.

=======\ STAGE 9 /==========[S9]
=======/=== REVI ====\======

Okay, the premise of this level is that there will be a bunch of floating orbs
coming your way from either the top, or bottom of the screen. They are signaled
by the brrrrraw-brrrrraw sound (yes I feel silly) they make.

Dodge accordingly, and then follow up by shooting the floating enemies that
pass you by.

This pattern will be repeated a few times more, until finally, some enemies
move towards the middle of the screen. A glowing mech boss will signal the
final fight of the level, in which you have to avoid oncoming fire, and dish
out a few quick shots.

=======\ STAGE 10 /=========[S10]

Evade the mushrooms, and get yourself into position to fire at the continuous
wave of plane foes. The regular bot foes make an appearance here to, so make
them feel welcome by shooting them to high hell.

If you give the planes enough time, they'll fire projectiles at you. Also, tow
parallel waves of orange floating foes will come shortly, so it's not
recommended to just dart around. Sticking to the middle helps.

Remember, if you can get a pattern going in your movements, it's fairly easy to
avoid and destroy enemies. However, the plane fire can get you off guard, so

The bosses sorta look like that, but one thing they definitely are is numerous.
The fact that they waste no time in firing at you is also cumbersome.

I found this sporadic means of dodging to be helpful, but the fire can still be
overwhelming. Dodging is more important than firing here as well, but leave the
bosses alive for too long, and the fire just keeps getting worse.

=======\ STAGE 11 /=========[S11]

It's a mech fest in here. Most of the enemies at the start will be your
friendly neighborhood mechs, with projectile shooting goodness.

The blue ones are the only semi- unpredictable ones, but are still fairly
They reside on the ground, so take advantage of that fact. (their rojectiles
can still hit you, though)

Their jumping isn't a problem, so sticking to the air will be you well. There
are some flying mechs, though. The orbs that they shoot are fairly large, but
if you can avoid them, some enemies will just past right by you.

You'll have to watch out mostly when there are more than one flying mech still
hanging around, since you'll still be focusing on the other ground ones, and
the columns.

Also, when there are a lot of orbs on screen, anticipate their ending location,
and move away slightly from them. Don't dart across the screen unless there
isn't anything else on the ground to bother you.

Another dragon boss awaits you. This one also has tow heads, so fire directly
at them. It's best to focus on them one at a time, but either way, you can take
them out quickly.

=======\BONUS STAGE/========

Hop on your little, well big buddy, and just smash into whatever you see fit.
Actually, no. Not whatever you see fit. EVERYTHING. Yeah, it's another brief
destruction rampage to get your points up, and is another nice break from the

=======\ STAGE 13 /=========[S13]

It's your standard fare here with the plane enemies, and the floaters. The only
thing you have to watch for early on are the blue mechs. Those buggers just
don't let up.

I think they like you.

Anyway, don't get caught up between the columns, and watch the annoying bots.
When you eventually get to the boss, try to stick towards the middle, and keep
firing. The boss likes to shoot projectiles, but if you keep the firing rate
up, he'll be downed soon.

=======\ STAGE 14 /=========[S14]

The place will start to get darker, sort of like a storm is brewing, once you
dodge the first polygons. This isn't necessarily bad, for you'll be able to
differentiate the blinking lights of some of the objects.

You'll basically have to move around, and dodge for the first few seconds of
the level. The enemies that do show, are few in number. You'll face more of a
problem dodging than attacking them.

When things get brighter, then you'll have to do your normal, friendly
neighborhood robot shooting. And very shortly, you'll have to face the boss.

Keep firing at the face, and not the projectiles. That's the key to winning.
Though the boss does go down fairly quick, you can get hit if you're careless.
And there should be no reason for you to be.

=======\ STAGE 15 /=========[S15]

Shoot the clouds, and the bots, and you'll be reacquainted with the black, tri-
robot boss. The one that looks sorta like this:

                                     ^   ^

Very detailed, no? Watch for the projectiles. Things do get pretty hectic here,
and later on, you'll have those annoying robots to contend with. Try not to
stay to close to the ground, but the sheer number of clouds should not be

This wouldn't be a party without floating heads, right? Yup, they want to get
in on the action, but they aren't that many. They shouldn't be crashing for

You'll face the skeleton, dragon boss again. He'll start off by shooting a long
chain of fire balls at you, but a couple of hits to the face (direct hits) and
this pile of bones will turn to dust.

=======\ STAGE 16 /=========[S16]

Don't stare too long at the nice, blue sky. This level is robots galore. Flying
robots, ground robots, political robots, antidisestablishmentarian robots, you
name it. Actually, no. There's just the ground and the flying robots. But there
are a lot of them!

They try to get you off guard by moving in unpredictable patterns. Don't bother
looking at the pattern they follow. Just shoot at them when you see them, but
focus more on avoiding taking any damage.

Moving sporadically to the left and the right, and vertically, and back down
helps, even when there aren't any enemies on screen. Doing this betters your
chances of hitting any fast strays.

The robots will seem to never end, but you will face the boss soon. AND GUESS
WHAT!?!?!?! The boss just drops off a BARRAGE of robotic enemies at you. There
is going to be A LOT of stray fire. But if you continue the sporadic movement,
and take out the enemies, you'll be on the next level soon.

=======\ STAGE 17 /=========[S17]

You're close to the end. But don't mess up now. Mess up AFTER you beat the
game. This part is a little tricky. Just don't forget to dodge the polygons in
the air.
You'll have an order of floating heads that spit fire at you. They aren't too
hard to take out, but remember the polygons.

Your regular assortment of enemies will show up, but there isn't really
anything new here. It's also fairly easy to get caught up in the columns, so be
careful, even though you've seen and done this before.

The boss is interesting, but can be fairly difficult with all that's going on.
You just have to try to last as many shots  (in the middle) as possible, but
there's a lot of debris to dodge. Getting through this part without taking
damage may take practice.

=======\ STAGE 18 /=========[S18]

This is it. I've got a lot of money riding on you. Don't let me down.

Or else.......

Well, now that that's out of the way, you'll have to fight previous bosses from
before, in sequence. This shouldn't be too difficult, as you've faced some
bosses more than once before.

It may take a little work, but....by golly, you've beaten the game!


That wasn't so hard was it? I-I don't know what to say....I-I'm so p-proud of
Dammit, I said I wasn't gonna cry....
Well, that was a fun old school game, wasn't it? There were frustrating parts,
there were easy parts.. I may have yelled a little, you may have hurt your
Well, it was all worth it, wouldn't you say?
I hope you enjoyed my guide, and I hope it helped you in this Harrier of Space.
I enjoyed making it, and our adventures together. If you've got any questions
or comments, don't hesitate to contact me. However you may be subject to:

Random drug tests
More insults
Put downs
More insults
Random search and seizures
The loss of property
And a couple more insult to boot.

I kid, I kid. Those are actually things that will be liable to happen if any
one of you who contact me is one of those annoying robots.

You've been warned.

=======\ THANKS/INFO /======[TNK]

I'd like to thank all who made this guide possible, and you: the reader.
Without you this would be a lifeless attempt at a visual strategy assistant. So
I thank you. I'd also like to thank Gamefaqs for letting me post this guide,
and for all their help.

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