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FAQ/Walkthrough by Labmaster

Version: 0.52 | Updated: 10/15/04

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                 /  /___________________________________________
                /  /    /  \  / . / / \/ \/  \/   \_  _/__/ . \
               /  /____/  ' \/  . \/     /  ' \ |_// / _}/ _  /
              /       /  /\  \    /  /¯\/  /\  \  / /   / / \ \

 +                                                                 +

   T H E  O N L Y  G U I D E  Y O U ’ L L  E V E R  N E E D  F O R

 +                                                                 +

                              __       __    _   / _/__
  ___  ___  _______    _____ / /_____ / /   / / / / / /___  ___
 / _ \/ _ \/_  /___/  /    //¯//    // /__=/ /=/ /=/¯// __// . \
/ // / // / / /.‘ }  / // // // // // __ // / / / / // /  / ___/
\ ¯ /\ ¯ / / /¯¯¯   / // // / \_  // / // \ //// / // /   \ ¯¯/
 ¯¯¯  ¯¯¯  ¯¯       ¯¯ ¯¯ ¯¯ __/ / ¯¯  ¯   ¯///  ¯¯ ¯¯     ¯¯¯
                            /___/          ///
                                          / /
                                         / /

  +                                                               +

    C O M P L E T E  F A Q / W A L K T H R O U G H  F O R  T H E

                    G A M E B O Y  A D V A N C E

  +                                                               +


                            007 Nightfire
                   Maker: JV Games - Electronic Arts
                  Platform:  Nintendo Gameboy Advance
                   Genre: FPS (First Person Shooter)
                        Version 0.52 - 06/3/04
                          © 2003 Labmaster
                   See Copyright Notice for Details

                      This guide exclusive to:
                Report Plagiarism to the Above Address


              S h a m e l e s s   A d v e r t i s i n g

                w w w . C h e a t A n d W i n . com

                For all your Game Modification Needs



                 T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S


                  • 1. VERSION HISTORY

                  • 2. INTRODUCTION

                  • 3. REVIEW

                  • 4. COPYRIGHT NOTICE

                  • 5. GAME BASICS
                       - Controls
                       - Strategy

                  • 6. WEAPONS / ITEM GUIDE

                  • 7. WALKTHROUGH OVERVIEW

                  • 8. Easy WALKTHROUGH
                       - Mission 1: Austrian Castle
                       - Mission 2: Mayhew’s Estate
                       - Mission 3: Phoenix Tower
                       - Mission 4: Power Plant
                       - Mission 5: Power Plant
                       - Mission 6: Phoenix Tower
                       - Mission 7: Island Caves
                       - Mission 8: Island Base
                       - Mission 9: Space Station

                  • 9. CHEATS
                       - Push Button
                       - GSA/CBA

                  • 10. CREDITS

                  • 11. CONTACT INFO


                        1. VERSION HISTORY


History of this document. (R) Signifies ‘Released’.

V 0.52 (R)(06/03/04): Finally motivated to add BB for mission 8.
                      Updated site list. Most likely final version
V 0.50 (R)(28/04/03): Added extra push button cheats. Note Version
                      No. change.
V 0.11 (R)(21/04/03): Walkthrough for mission 9. Finished Weapons
                      Guide. Haven’t done items yet.
V 0.10    (17/04/03): Walkthrough for mission 8. Did more of the
                      Weapons guide. Added Push-Button codes.
                      Encrypted GSA Mission Score codes.
V 0.09    (13/04/03): Permission given to CheatCodes.com and
                      CheatCC.com . Re-did Walkthroughs for missions
                      1-3, making them clearer (more explanations).
V 0.08 (R)(05/04/03): Mission 7 Walkthrough.
V 0.07    (04/04/03): Added cheats. Bonus for mission 6.
V 0.06    (31/03/03): Walkthrough and Bonus Location for mission 5.
                      Walkthrough for mission 6.
V 0.05    (30/03/03): Added Bonus Locations for missions 3 & 4.
                      Small corrections to mission walkthroughs
V 0.04    (29/03/03): Added title, TOC, partial Introduction, Review
                      Controls, and Bonus locations for missions 1&2
V 0.03    (28/03/03): Walkthrough for mission 3 & 4 (Easy)
V 0.02    (27/03/03): Walkthrough for first two mission.
V 0.01    (26/03/03): I’ve finally got the Game! Must...play...


                           2. INTRODUCTION


About the Game

The ultimate secret agent is back in his most dangerous adventure yet
in James Bond 007 NightFire. Explore new heights and depths like
never before - infiltrate towering skyscrapers, take on treacherous
underwater missions and outer space assignments in an attempt to foil
the evil mastermind Rafael Drake, the popular head of a supposedly
benign environmental organization who secretly is bent on world
domination. All this plus (sometimes deadly) Bond women, new state-
of-the-art gadgets and weapons, and an advanced in-game camera system
will leave you shaken and stirred.

- Enter an all-new and original storyline incorporating 40 years
  of the Bond legacy.
- Go higher and deeper than any previous bond game both in locales
  (South Pacific Islands to deep space) and gameplay.
- Original storyline with new and familiar characters from the Bond
- Features Pierce Brosnan’s likeness as Bond.
- For the first time on a handheld system the Bond game is seen
  through a First person perspective.
- Various exotic locations worldwide filled with challenging missions
  and objectives.
- Tackle multiple pathways of F.P.S gameplay in over nine single
  player missions combining action, and stealth including zero-
  gravity assignments.
- Encounter beautiful Bond women as well as devious Bond villains
- Get equipped with more than 15 Q-lab gadgets and weapons.


The above was taken from both the JV Games and EA Games websites,
then remixed a bit.

About this Guide

This guide will, hopefully, tell you everything you need to know
about this game. In depth mission guides, Bonus Locations, Item and
Weapons descriptions, and of course, ways to cheat.

Document Statistics

Program   : Microsoft Word 2000 (email me if you want my personal WORD
            copy, which has internal hyperlinks, etc...)
Characters: 72,713
Lines     : 2,011
Pages     : 36

About Me

What a stupid section! WTF would someone want to read this. Well,
you're reading it so I guess there are people like you, people who
still live with their mothers and... anyway.

My name is Labmaster (okay, it’s not really, but that’ll do for now),
I’m 15 (at date of writing), but don’t act like it, and live in a
little place called New Zealand, which is ALMOST the last state of
Australia, but not quite. I’m into gaming, as you may have guessed,
and contribute regularly to  GameFAQs. I also do programming, which
helps with another of my hobbies: Gameshark Hacking. Most of my
guides include codes I’ve hacked myself. I also enjoy computer
modeling and sound engineering. My favorite band is Linkin Park,
and if you haven’t got their album Meteora yet, you should.


                             3. REVIEW


Graphics - 9/10

JV have managed to create an almost 3D world on the GBA, which is no
mean feat. Enemies are well detailed as are buildings. The vehicles
also look quite good and the scenery is pretty good. Lighting effects
are also well done (look out for the effect of the gun flashes on the
walls in the first mission). GBA owners shouldn’t have any problems
with reading the text, or even knowing what the hell is going on with
these graphics.

Sound - 9/10

As with the graphics, the sound has been done remarkably well for a
GBA. In game speech! Unique sounds for (almost) every gun. You can
hear the helicopters, doors creaking open, even your own footsteps!

Music - 7/10

Average. Apart from the opening sequence, you can hear music just as
well on most other games.

Gameplay - 10/10

One of the games strong points. It’s a pity they couldn’t include a
better body damage system (e.g. if you get shot in the head, you
die), but that’s about the only downer. A bundle of guns and even
more gadgets should keep you entertained for hours. And it’s not easy
either. Unlike other FPSs it’s a lot easier to die in this game, and
you have to do quite a bit of thinking. It’s almost an action game
(like when guys just ‘appear’ behind you). Sadly, most of the cool
weapons are only available in the later levels, however there's
always our Gameshark...

Storyline - 7/10

Classic Bond. Some evil guy (or girl) is trying to destroy the world
or something and you’ve got to stop him. Nothing special.

Replay Value - 8/10

This game definitely has big replay value. Apart from finding all
those bonuses you can try better your scores, times, accuracy etc...

Multiplayer - 10/10

I’m not kidding. I’m not a big fan of Handheld multiplayers, and the
fact that this game doesn’t have one takes the cake. No multiplayer
equals more Single Player action!

Overall 8.5/10

If you’re a fan on 007, FPSs or just want to buy a game, I would
definitely recommend this game! And all you guys that say the
graphics suck, go visit an optometrist or something. Personally, I
prefer this game over MoH, which doesn't do it for me visually, and
EON (Everything or Nothing), and anyway, if you're after a 3rd
person shooter, Max Payne (yes, it's on GBA) would do better.


                         4. COPYRIGHT NOTICE


FAQ © copyright 2003-2004 Labmaster. This FAQ and everything included
within this file cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form
(physical, electronically or otherwise) aside from being placed on a
freely-accessible, non-commercial web page in it’s original, unedited
and unaltered form, as long as written permission has been issued by
the author. This FAQ cannot be used for profitable purposes. It
cannot be used for profitable purposes (even if no money would be
made from selling it) or promotional purposes. It cannot be used in
any sort of commercial transaction. It cannot be given away as some
sort of bonus, extra, gift etc. with a purchase as this creates
incentive to buy and is therefore prohibited.

Furthermore, this FAQ cannot be used by the publishers, editor,
employees or associates, etc. of any company, group, business or
association, etc., nor can it be used by game sites and the like. It
cannot be used in magazines guides, books, etc. or in any other form
of printed or electronic media, including those not specifically
mentioned, in ANY way, shape or form (including reprinting,
reference or inclusion of all or any part), without the express
written permission of the author, myself. This FAQ was created and
is owned by me, the author. All copyrights and trademarks are
acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned in
this FAQ.

This FAQ was written for GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) only. Other
sites that have permission to use this FAQ have been listed at the
end of this document.

To continue, this FAQ and everything included herein is protected
by the Berne Copyright Convention of 1976, not to mention
International Copyright Law. Remember that plagiarism is a crime,
and that this is a copyrighted work - stealing from this guide is
putting yourself at risk, plain and simple, because the law is on my

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned
by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

If you would like to contribute to this FAQ (you will be credited),
please email me, as well as any questions, comments or corrections
to the address above.


                          5. GAME BASICS



There are two controller styles for this game:

Control Setting ‘A’

Move and Turn (Aim for underwater or Space): Control Pad
Aim / Use Scope (on land)                  : L & R & Control Pad
Thrust (underwater or space)               : R
Duck (on land)                             : B & Control Pad Down
Jump (on land)                             : B & Control Pad Up
Strafe (on land)                           : L or R
Weapon Change                              : Hold B & L or R
Reload (on land)                           : SELECT
Menu / Objectives                          : START
Action Button                              : A

Control Setting ‘B’

Move and Turn (Aim for underwater or Space): Control Pad
Aim / Use Scope (on land)                  : R & Control Pad
Thrust (underwater or space)               : R
Duck (on land)                             : B & Control Pad Down
Jump (on land)                             : B & Control Pad Up
Strafe (on land)                           : B & Control Pad
Weapon Change                              : B & L or R
Reload (on land)                           : L
Menu / Objectives                          : START
Action Button                              : A

It doesn’t really matter which one you choose, personally, I use ‘A’
because I find it easier to strafe with (With B I always seem to be
jumping :) ).


Most of this is basic FPS strategy.


This is what non gamers would call ‘side-stepping’. Doing so lets
you avoid enemy fire (especially when running long distances), cut
corners fast, and circle your opponents (strafe while holding a Left
or Right). If you can’t strafe, you’re not going to survive.

[Take Cover]

Common sense, really. If you hide behind a crate or wall, your
enemies can’t shoot you. Useful for when you need to reload, change
weapon, or decide what you’re going to do. You can still take cover
and shoot people, by only exposing a little part of your body, which
still makes you harder to hit.

[Always try to be stealthy]

If your enemies can’t see you, they can’t kill you. Pretty simple.
Try sneaking up on people and taking them out quietly instead of
running into a room full of guards with a Deutsche.

[Run away]

There’s nothing cowardly about running away, especially when it means
saving your ass. Run away, get back some health, load up your weapons
then come back for another crack.


This is VERY important. And I’m not talking about the trigger of your
guns. In case you haven’t noticed, this isn’t a normal FPS. Here lies
the key of beating the game. Enemies are ‘triggered’, i.e. when you
step on a certain patch, enemies will come out from nowhere (this
often happens in all those 2D arcade games). Once you trigger
multiple enemies, it’s usually a good idea to take a couple of steps
back and take cover, so only one of them can shoot at you at a time.


For example, in the first mission, third objective, the game gives
you your key chain laser. Ummm, maybe you’re supposed to use it...

[Automatic doesn’t necessarily mean automatic]

Well, what I’m trying to say is, that just because your gun is an
automatic, doesn’t mean you have to USE it like an automatic.

[Dead men tell no tales]

Nor can they collect their pay-slip...


                      6. Weapons / Items Guide


I can’t be sure of the accuracy of any of the statistics or
descriptions here, because I’ve made them up myself. If I’ve made
any mistakes, please email me.

This is how I calculated the damage: No. of shots it takes to kill
the red vested guys who carry Aims in level 8.

1-3: High
4-7: Mid
8++: Low

Rate of fire is just an estimate, I didn’t to any timing or anything.

Wolfram P2K
Your standard issue. It’s a reasonable gun, but doesn’t have the
stopping power of some of the others.

Clip Size   : 16
Damage      : Low
Rate of fire: Slow

Kowloon Type 40
Almost identical to the Wolfram. A lot of your opponents will carry
this. It’s advantage over it is it’s higher rate of fire, so if you
have the chance, use the Kowloon instead.

Clip Size   : 16
Damage      : Low
Rate of Fire: Medium

Gold Wolfram P2K
This is a stronger version of the normal P2K. You get it when you
complete previous mission with a gold medal.

Clip Size   : 16 Rounds
Damage      : Mid
Rate of Fire: Slow

Covert Sniper rifle
The only Sniper Rifle in this game, which is kind of disappointing.
It has great fire power, comes with a scope (naturally) and can
kill almost anyone in one shot (Exceptions are guys in levels
where you can’t use it normally :p ).

Clip Size   : 10
Damage      : High
Rate of Fire: Slow

Deutsche M9K
This gun is carried by the guys on level 1 and really isn’t that
good. It also makes a weird noise when firing.

Clip Size   : 32
Damage      : Low
Rate of Fire: Fast

FA1 Clarion
This gun isn’t too bad. Good rate of fire, and it has a scope, which
is a big plus. It’s carried by the guys in level 7 and 8, and can
be quite annoying, esp. level 7.

Clip Size   : 30
Damage      : Low
Rate of Fire: Fast

Munitions Belge PDW90
A nice automatic. It looks like it jumps when you fire it but it
doesn't really.

Clip Size   : 50
Damage      : Low
Rate of Fire: Fast


The big-daddy gun of the game. It has a HUGE clip size, and it looks
cool :) Plus, it’s quite powerful for something that fires that fast.
Pity you only get it Mission 8.

Clip Size   : 200
Damage      : Mid
Rate of Fire: Fast

Satchel Charge

The only explosive in the game, which is also disappointing. And
you only get it in the later levels. Oh well...

Clip Size  : N/A
Damage     : High
Damage Area: Small
‘Cook time’: 5 sec

Sentinel AT-420

The best description for this would be Rocket Launcher (it’s ammo
_is_ rockets). You’ll probably only use this to take out the
Helicopter in level 1. It’s still cool though.

Clip Size   : 4
Damage      : Very High
Rate of Fire: Very Slow

Militek Mark 6

The Grenade Launcher. You only get it in level 7 which kinda sucks.

Clip Size   : 6
Damage      : Very High
Rate of Fire: Very Slow


                          7. Walkthrough Overview


The Walkthrough will be structured in the following way. First, will
be the Par Time. Then will be the mission objectives, followed by the
weapons available in the mission, followed by ‘Key items’, which are
items you will need, or have to get to finish the mission. Then will
be the objectives, with in-depth instructions on how to beat the
game. It’s pretty easy to follow, but some of the wording might be a
bit ambiguous, if so, email me.

Bond Bonus

In every level there’s a Bond Bonus to find, which’ll give you some
extra points. It’s a golden 007 logo, and is usually in some odd,
hard to find place. In this walkthrough I’ll usually tell you within
the Walkthrough where it is, then repeat that in a ‘Bond Bonus’
section at the end of each mission.


                         8. Easy Walkthrough


This Walkthrough was specifically written for Easy Mode, and not for
any other difficulties. And no, I'm not planning on doing any for
Hard because that'd spoil it (and I'm lazy...)

[8.1]. Mission 1 - Austrian Castle

Par Time: 5:00

1.) Breach castle walls.

2.) Find a way inside to the party.

3.) Spy on secret meaning. Remain undetected.

4.) Rescue Zoe and retrieve weapons chip.

Wolfram P2K
Deutsche M9K
Kowloon Type 40
Sentinel AT-420

Key Items
Wristwatch Laser

1.) Breach castle walls.

When you start, you'll be on top of an archway. Turn around, jump
down, and kill the guard by the truck. The truck will be moving
towards the end of this objective, but don’t take any notice of it,
it can’t hurt you. Now walk back towards the archway. Kill the guy
on the right from behind the archway, using the truck as cover. Then
walk under the archway, face left then kill the guy standing there.
Walk towards the next archway and you’ll see a guard standing by
it on your right. Kill him, go through the archway, then face right
and kill the guy there. Go forwards then kill the guard that comes
out from around the corner. Go forwards to the castle gate to
complete this objective.

---Objective Complete---

2.) Find a way inside to the party.

Time to gatecrash this party. First off, kill the two guards ahead of
you. Use the truck as cover. You should be able to get two shots off
at the first before the other one notices. Now go through the passage
on the left and there’ll be a guard on your right. Shoot him, then
shoot up at the guy through the hole. There’s actually two of them up
there, so shoot the first one twice to kill him, then go up the ramp
and kill the other guy up there. Grab the ammo and the armor then go
to the passage on your right. You’ll probably want to swap to the
Deutsche now if you haven’t already. Shoot the guy at the head of the
passage from where you are then go down the passage and dispose of
the other two in this area.

You now have a choice, plan A or plan B. Follow plan A if you’re
still quite high on health. You’ll get a shot at all the guards on
this objective. If you’re low-ish on health, follow plan B. You won’t
get full point for defeating all of the guards, but at least you’ll
get out alive. It’s your choice. NOTE: There’s a armored vest a bit
later on in this objective, so even if you’ve only got half health
you should survive.

Plan A

You’ve chosen Plan A. You think you’re up to it. We’ll see.
Continue around the corner and there’s a number of guards to kill
here. Try to get them from a distance with your Deutsche. Continue
down the path and kill the guard up ahead. Grab the armored vest,
then continue down the path. Once you reach the end, face right.
In the distance, on that far parapet there’s two guards. You don’t
NEED to kill them, but you can if you want. Now jump down, turn
back, and walk towards the door to end this objective.

---Objective Complete---

Plan B

This is the wuss way. Anyway, jump down off this platform thingy,
and you’ll be on the ground floor. Grab the two armors then kill
the guy under the archway. Continue forwards, then strafe forwards,
turn left still strafing and go to the door to end the objective.

---Objective Complete---

3.) Spy on secret meeting. Remain undetected.

Go forward and through the gap. On your right will be the two people.
DO NOT go in front of the guy or shoot him or anything. You should
have your laser out so go left to the door and use that on the lock
until it opens.

---Objective Complete---

4.) Rescue Zoe and retrieve weapons chip.

*BONUS HERE* - See BONUS Section at end of mission.

This part of the mission DEFINITELY won’t be easier than the last...
Get out a gun then go face your right and you’ll see two guys. Kill
them. Jump down to where they were then go down the left and kill
the other two guards. Grab the ammo and health. Go down the hall on
the left and kill the guy there. Go down the stairs. Face your right,
kill the guy then go down the next set of stairs. Go round the corner
and kill the guard. Here you’ll see some guards guarding Zoe. Kill
them from a distance but don’t SHOOT Zoe. Now jump up on the crate in
the left corner and grab the suitcase. Go right down the passage and
meet up with Zoe in the cable car. DON’T SHOOT HER! Grab the
Sentinel, the armor vest and the rockets. Guards will now start to
come towards you. Let Zoe kill them while you take out... the
helicopter that will approach you. Take it out with the Sentinel (be
careful not to blow yourself up). It’ll take 4 of your 8 rounds but
you shouldn’t have any trouble. Once you do, that’ll be the end of
the mission.

---Mission Complete---


This Bonus is at the start of the 4th objective. When you start,
you'll see a blue patch on the wall. Shoot it out, then jump up and
crawl down the passage. Jump out the other end and grab the bonus.
Now jump down the hole and you’ll be at the place where the guards
are holding Zoe. Complete the mission from there. NOTE: If you’ve
played the rest of the mission relatively well, you’ll probably want
to go back and through the hole and kill all the guards the long way
to get extra points, because you’ll probably still get the maximum
2500 time points anyway (at least I did).

[8.2] Mission 2 - Mayhew’s Estate

Par Time: 6:00


1.) Escort Mayhew to Bunker.

2.) Retrieve Dragon Safe Contents.
3.) Destroy Mayhew’s Computer.
4.) Rescue Mayhew’s Servants.

5.) Defeat the Assassin.

Wolfram P2K
Frinesi Special A3
Covert Sniper Rifle
Deutsche M9K Ammo

Key Items
Cellphone Grapple

1.) Escort Mayhew to Bunker.

When you start kill the two guards, using the pillars et...for cover,
then Mayhew will say to follow him. Pick up their Frinesi’s and
forget about your Wolfram, because it’s not much use against those.
Now go towards Mayhew. Go down the left passage, through the sliding
door and grab the Deutsche in there along with it’s ammo around the
corner. When you go to exit, two guys will have appeared. Kill them.
Go back and through the opposite sliding door. Don’t go through it
when it opens, however. Take a pace back then shoot at the guys that
you can through the doorway, then go in and get rid of the rest of
the guys in there (on your right).

Go forwards around the partition, then quickly duck back behind it.
Look to your left on an angle and kill the guard that comes round to
shoot you. You should be protected from the other guards by the
partition. Now go around and kill them from a distance. Collect their
ammo then go forwards, through the next sliding door, then a bit
forwards, until you can see a guard through the gap on your right.
Kill him. Go forwards a bit more, still facing right and kill the two
guard. Now you have to take up the guy on the level above the other
guys. You can either shoot at him from down where you are, or go up
the stairs, which are further to your left. Once he’s dead Mayhew
will come and open the door to the bunker.

---Objective Complete---

2.) Retrieve Dragon Safe Contents.

The next 3 objectives are given to you at the same time. Objective
4 will be completed while completing 2 & 3.

Pick up the vest next to you as well as the Sniper rifle and the
Deutsche ammo. Kill the four guards with the sniper as well as the
one inside the building that you will go into later, (it’s the one
with the green grapple point near the ceiling) then go forwards and
up the stairs on your right. Switch back to the Frinesi and go
through the door. In here, kill the guard. In the next room on your
right you’ll meet the first of his servants. In this game, the guards
WON’T shoot the servants (if you’ve played Perfect Dark you’ll know
what I’m talking about), so just kill the guard carefully. You’ll be
able to tell when you’re near one of them because you’ll here ‘Don’t
make me hurt you women’. Anyways, go back to the courtyard and you’ll
see a green thing in the room opposite. These are known as ‘Grapple
Points’. Get out your grapple and aim for that. Quickly change back
to your gun and shoot the guard around the corner on your right. Go
through the sliding door step back, then kill the guard on the far
side of the room. Go into the room then the guard from the kitchen
will come out. Kill him and rescue the servant.

 Open the sliding door then step back and take out your sniper if you
still have any bullets left. If you do, take the two guards out with
that. If you used them all up at the start, just use your Frinesi
from inside the doorway. Go to the sliding door on your left and kill
the guy that pops out from your left. Go into the room and stand back
from the doorway that goes into the left part of the room. Kill the
guard ahead there. Then kill the other guard that comes out from your
left. Now go to where the other guard was and grab the Armour Vest
there, then face the Dragon Safe to open it and retrieve it’s

---Objective Complete---

3.) Destroy Mayhew’s Computer.

Go back out into the courtyard and through the door on the left. In
the next room there’s two levels with soldiers and servants on each.
Here’s how I did it. Opened the door. Strafed to the right or door
(still outside), killed guard on  the top level. Strafed left. Walked
inside room, killed both guards on left. Went upstairs. Here, if you
go right around to the other side (over the door you came in) you
will get the BONUS. Now go back down and go through the passage next
to the stairs. Go through the door on your right, free the servant,
killing the guard and complete your fourth objective. Now go out and
through the other door. Kill the guard, grab the armour plates
(you’ll need them), THEN shoot the computer.

---Objective Complete---

4.) Rescue Mayhew’s Servants.

Instructions on how to complete this objective are listed during
objectives 2 & 3.

5.) Defeat the assassin.

This is easy as long as you grabbed the armour before. The key to
beating him is to strafe around heaps. You can use either the
Deutsche or the Frinesi (I prefer the Frinesi, but the Deutsche is
probably easier for a ‘rookie’). Try not to lose too much health or
else you’ll lose your points.

---Mission Complete---


See Objective 3 Walkthrough.

[8.3] Mission 3 - Phoenix Tower

Par Time: 8:30


1.) Remain undetected.
2.) Install Q-Worm on office computer systems.
3.) Find door to outer balcony.
4.) Retrieve Nightfire data from the secure terminal room.
5.) Install Q-Worm on Mayhew’s computer system.
6.) Escape to roof.
7.) Retrieve Parachute.


Pen Dart
Wolfram P2K
Kowloon Type 40
Sentinel AT-420
Munitions Belge

Key Items
Keyring Laser
Keychain Stunner
Q-Worm Mini Disc

1.) Remain undetected.

Simple, just remain undetected. Actually, it isn’t that simple. In
This level you will be hampered by guards, and security cameras that
you will have to avoid. Just follow the advice in the objectives
below. It will basically follow two principles: If you’re directly
BEHIND the guard, use your stunner. If you’re quite far away, or
in front of, use your pen.

2.) Install Q-Worm on office computer systems.

You start off inside the tower. Go right until you get to a point
where you can either go left or right. Go left. Follow this hall,
ignoring the offshoot to the left. Go around the corner, then stop.
If you haven’t dallied about there should be a guard in front of you.
Go towards him. You have to get behind him without him seeing you.
Then take out your stunner and stun him repeatedly. It’s important
that you don’t release [A] until he falls over, or else you’ll be
caught. Once you’ve done him in, go through the door on your left.
In here, make your way to the other end where there’s a door. If you
look upwards you’ll see two blue cameras that you have to avoid.
Sticking to the left, exit the door, then take out your darts. Peek
around the corner on your left, and use one on the guard. You may
want to wait in the doorway until the guard come out and turns around
again, then pen him. Once he’s been disposed off, continue down the
path he was patrolling. You’ll notice some lasers blocking you off
from a path. When you get there, go through the door on your left. In
here, go towards the window, take out your Q-worm mini-disc and use
it on the computer there. You’ll know it works because the screen
goes green. Go back to the door you came in from.

Go forwards and left, to that partitioned off area. There’s a guard
that walks on the other side of the partitions (up to where those
lasers were) so wait until he goes past the gap (either direction
will do), then sneak up behind him and use your stunner. Now continue
right and you’ll see another camera on the roof. Go as far to the
right as you can and take out your darts. Ahead, there’s a guard that
walks around this square raised thingy. It’s actually a hole, so
don’t jump down it. Wait until he comes into range, then use your
darts. You should be down to two now. Go the long way around the
hole, to avoid being detected by the camera. Once you get right to
the other side, there’ll be another of those partitions that screens
off a corner. Go in there, and there’s also a guard that patrols
around a partition. Wait in that partitioned off corner until he
passes then use your stunner. Continue along the path. When you get
to the part where the partition ends, stay there, until a guard ahead
comes out from your right. Wait by the wall until he comes out and
turns around, then go forward, get behind him and stun him.

Now, you’ll be faced with two doors, one in front of you, and one on
the left (the one on your left is indented, the one in front of you
isn’t). Take out your darts, then go through the one on your left. In
here there’s a guard that you have to get. Don’t rush in madly, take
your time, or else he’ll see you. You can use the computer terminal
as a kind of a cover. Once you’ve got him, take out your mini disc
and use it on the computer.

---Objective Complete---

3.) Find Door to outer balcony.

While you’re still at the computer, look to your left. You’ll see two
filing cabinets. Get onto the lowest one, then jump up onto the
taller. From up there, use your laser on the padlock until the vent
cover comes off. Crouch down then go through. Don’t jump down when
you get to the end. Take out your last dart and use it on the guard.
If you can’t see him, he’ll eventually come around the corner on your
left. Once he’s sedated you can jump down. Go down the path towards
your left, all the way around the curve and you’ll eventually reach
the door to the balcony.

4.) Retrieve Nightfire data from the secure terminal room.

You will now notice that Objective 1 has been completed, so you no
longer need to sneak about everywhere. Now you can take out your gun.
Go down the passage and you’ll see a door with the Phoenix emblem on
it and a terminal next to it. Whip out your Q Deck and use it on the
terminal. Then switch to your Wolfram. In this room DON’T step on the
blue stuff, stick to the platform (trust me). Examine the computer
terminal and two guys will come in. Using the terminal as cover (so
only 1 can shoot at a time) shoot them and take their Frinesi’s.
Before you leave the room, let’s get the bonus. Jump up onto the
computer’s keyboard, then from there jump on to the top of the
screen. Now you have jump up and forwards. If you make a good jump
you’ll get it  (if you want to check that it’s there, just look at
the top of the middle of the room). Take out your Frinesi and leave
the room. Two guys will appear and start shooting...

---Objective Complete---

5.) Install Q Worm on Mayhew’s computer system.

As soon as you get out of the door two people will start shooting
at you. Quickly step right back into the room and kill them. Go right
and down the passage and round the corner to your left. Once they’re
triggered, quickly run back so only the guy through the door in front
of you can shoot. Kill him, and any of the guards that come out into
your line of fire. If none of them do you can peek around the corner
and take ‘em out with your Frinesi. Now go through the door and
install the virus on the computer.

---Objective Complete---

6.) Escape to the roof.

Go towards the door. Once the guard appears outside, stop and kill
him, then go forwards a bit more and kill the other guy out there.
Go to the doorway and right. Kill the guy standing there. Now you
have to go back to near where you started. Go past the terminal room,
and forwards until the hall goes left. Here there’ll be two guards.
Take them out, then go right to where that door is, and turn left
into the darkness.

---Objective Complete---

7.) Acquire the parachute.

Go right to the other end of the area (that’s ALL THE WAY to the
other end. Go through the small door on your right and grab the guns
there. Use the Q deck on the terminal in here also. This will open
the gate to the heli-pad. Now you have to get to the parachute.
Ignore all of the guys shooting at you, except the one that comes
into the room, who you’ll have to kill (you’ll have to do quite a bit
of strafing to dodge their bullets) as well as the helicopter. Go
forwards and left towards the gate, and all the way to the end. Grab
the parachute and jump...

---Mission Complete---

*Bond Bonus*

See Objective 4.

[8.4] Mission 4 - Power Station

Par Time: 9:00


1.) Acquire Jetpack test data.
2.) Find away into shipping building.
3.) Acquire Laser test data.
4.) Destroy CS door with mounted laser.

Wolfram P2K
Kowloon Type 40
Mounted Laser
Covert Sniper Rifle
Munitions Belge PDW90

Key Items
Cell phone Grapple

In this level, you’ll be able to use the Covert Sniper Rifle PROPERLY
for the first time, i.e. Sniper vs. Sniper battles. But you’ll have
to kill a few guys to get it first. And it’s not going to be easy to
get out alive...

1.) Acquire Jetpack test data.

You’ll start off in a warehouse of some sorts. Here, make your way
round, killing the guards as you go. The guards are quite a bit
tougher here, and you’ll probably want to use the Kowloon. Go left
then forward and kill the guard here. Run across the ramp, switch
to the Kowloon then go down the ramp. Work your way around, killing
the guard until you get to the guys at the end. Use the crates as
cover when you kill these guys. As long as you’re quite high on
health, don’t grab the armour vest yet. Kill the other guard on
this level then grab the test data from the top of the crate. This
will trigger two guards down below. Jump down and deal with them,
then go back up the ramp, and grab the vest. Make your way to the
other end of the warehouse and go out the door.

---Objective Complete---

2.) Find a way into shipping building.

This is the part of the mission that will probably have stumped you
at first, but it’s not that difficult. Take out your Sniper and go
to your left (when you start). Go forward and once you get to the
end of the wall near the hanger, shoot the guy in the hangar (he’s on
the right side). Go forward a bit more and shoot the guy between the
hangar and the building on your left (he’s on that tower thing) .
Strafe to your right and you’ll be able to kill a guy inside the
hangar on the left parapet, and a guy through the hangar on one of
the distant building. Now go into the hangar slightly, and go to the
right wall. Look near the far left edge of the hangar. There’s a
sniper, just to the right on a tower, that you have to kill. Then go
out of the hangar, on the right (you’ll be between the hangar and
another building), then go forwards. Peep around the building on
your right and take out the sniper up there. There’s another sniper
here that you’ll be able to see if you go forwards more, but here’s
a good time to exploit the fact that you can shoot, and slightly miss
your opponent, but they’ll still get hit. So, sticking to the wall,
strafe left until you can see his gun or leg, then shoot slightly
to the left so you don’t hit the building. That should take care of

Now go all the way back to where you started, and go down the other
side of the building. If you go forwards all the way, you’ll see a
tower ahead (there’s a big one in the distance, and a short one close
to you, on the other side of that wall). Go around the wall and
you’ll be at the base of the short tower. Go around the left side of
it, and forwards into that corner formed by the other tower and the
perimeter wall. Now turn back to face the tower you just passed.
There’s a sniper up there. Shoot him before he shoots you.

Take out your grapple and aim at the blue grappling point on the
tower in front of you. From here, go around to your left and grapple
to the building opposite you, to the left of the door. Now jump
towards the tower in the corner. Then go down the side of the
building, picking up the armour and Ammo. Drop down at the other
side, and you’ll now have to face 3 ordinary guys and 3 snipers. You
might have some health problems here if you got a bit wasted by the
snipers. Anyway, go in front of the crate, triggering the enemies,
then run back. From behind the crate you can kill the first guard
without being hassled by the other two. Then strafe right a bit, and
with your sniper kill the red vested guard in the distance. Then
switch back to the Kowloon and kill the other guard out there.
Now to get rid of the three snipers.

From the crate, take out your Sniper, and aim just to the right of
the crane. First sniper gone! Now face the building that was ahead of
you before and strafe slowly to your left. There’s a sniper on the
second level on the left of the building (the two buildings form a
‘U’. Now face the building behind you and edge right until you can
shoot the sniper on the parapet. Now go to the far corner behind the
crane and you’ll be able to see a grapple point on the crane. Get up
there. Suddenly, from nowhere, a red guy will appear on your right.
Take him out. Now balance yourself across the crane and jump onto the
parapet where the sniper was. Go through the door to complete this
long objective.

3.) Acquire laser test data.

Grab all the armour on your left and the Belge ammo. You should have
full health now (hopefully) Go down the ramp then quickly run back
up. 5 guys will start shooting at you. Hopefully you’ll have a couple
of Sniper rounds left to get rid of them, finish the rest off with
your Kowloon. Now, go get the Bond Bonus. Go down the ramp, and go
left. You’ll be at a door, that’s lower than the floor level. Go
behind the crate and it’s there. Now spin around go forward then
right around the corner and to the desk there. Grab the book there to
complete this objective.

4.) Destroy CS door with mounted laser.

The biggest problem with this, is staying alive. The guards here will
re-spawn as soon as you kill them, so you’ll have to do this quickly.
Run up the ramp, strafing as you go and kill the guy up there. Grab
the vest on your left then go to the mounted laser on your right.
When you approach it you’ll automatically use it. Take out some
guards if you want then concentrate the beam on the ‘CS’ door,
between the two hanging pieces of wood. Once it’s destroyed, go right
along the catwalk, turn left, go all the way down, then jump down at
the end, then go to the door you just blasted.

*Bond Bonus*

See objective 3.

[8.5] Mission 5 - Power Station (2)

Par Time: 5:00


1.) Find Training facility.
2.) Defeat Rook.

Wolfram P2K
Munitions Belge PDW90

Key Items

This is a rather fun level, mainly because it’s not that ordinary.
It’s also VERY easy.

1.) Find Training facility.

This objective is VERY linear, and easy. And it’s almost impossible
to die on. Just steer clear of those rotor blades.

Go forwards, right, then right again, and go up the tunnel. At the
top it’s left, left again, kill the guards with your laser, go left,
kill the guards and you’ll get to your first rotor. It’s not too
hard, basically you have to time your run, and you might have to
turn with the rotor, i.e. if the rotor is going downwards, you let
it go down, then start going down with it, while going forwards.
It’s shouldn’t be too hard to get the hang of it. Two guys will be
on the other side, kill them, then go left and right. A guy will
come out from a hole in the left, then a guy on your right. Go right
again and a guy will come out on the right. Keep on going forwards
then turn right and kill the guy and go past your next rotor. Kill
the two guys, turn left, left again, kill the guy, and past another
rotor. Kill the two guys, then go left and up the tunnel. Go left
around then you’ll be in a vertical tunnel. Go downwards, kill the
two guys then go right through the tunnel at the bottom to finish
off. Easy!!!

2.) Defeat Rook

This is a pretty simple objective, just kill him. However, it’ll
take quite a while. Use your P2K (Golden), but it’ll still take
a couple of clips to do him in. Just make sure you don’t fall
down on the fan, i.e. don’t try do any crazy jumps, or else you’ll
fall in. Also, the Bond Bonus, is, naturally, right at the top.
Just jump up the platforms to get it, THEN kill Rook. SIMPLE!

*Bond Bonus*

See Objective 2.

[8.6] Mission 6 - Phoenix Tower (2)

Par Time: 10:30


1.) Gain access to lower office floor.
2.) Escape through service elevator.
3.) Raise security gate and escape through front entrance.


Wolfram P2K
Frinesi Special A3
Satchel Charge
FA1 Clarion

Key Items
Q-worm Mini Disc

1.) Gain access to lower office floor.

You’ll start off in front of two guys. Kill them (two shots each)
then grab your Cell phone Grapple and grapple your way up to where
they were. Grab their guns, go right, then take the right fork,
then go left, then right. A guy will come out. Kill him. Continue
forwards then cut right through the next area. Go forwards, kill
the two guys that appear on your right, then keep on heading in
the same direction. Cut diagonally right, go forwards then right,
and right again, kill the guy then go into the small room. Grab
the ammo and health then use your Q-Deck on the control panel.
Now you have to go back to where you started. Exit the room, turn
left, and kill the guys there. Now go left, kill the guy that comes
out on your left and the guy ahead of you. Go left, and you’ll
probably want to take out the 3 guys from a distance with the
Clarion. Go to where they were then go left at the end. You’ll
probably want to grab the armour that’s on the cabinets on your left
(when you reach the corner). Go forwards and a couple of guys will
pop out. Kill them. When you reach the intersection, kill the guy on
your left. Now go right, down the hallway, round the corner, then
right again when you reach where you were when you started. Go past
there, kill the two guys that come out, and through the door to
finish the objective.

2.) Escape through the service elevator.

This floor is very similar to the previous one, in layout, so it
shouldn't be too hard. When you start, go right until two guys
come out who you’ll have to kill. Go right and you’ll see a
civilian, who you’re NOT allowed to kill. Kill the guys here anyway
then turn left and kill that guard. Grab the two satchel charges
in front of you but DON’T go forwards. Go back, and right, then
plant a charge on the door there (the leftmost door). They take
a couple of seconds to blow so stand back. Then go forwards and
and face left and kill the guy. Then go forwards and three guys’ll
start shooting at you. Once their dead, go left and forwards, then
the door ahead will open and a guy will come out. Kill him, then go
up to the wall, but not past it. Then sprint to the door, because
the drone gun will start shooting at you. Grab the armour in there
then go left and kill the guys that come out. Go out the door at
the other end of the room then go right. Another ‘civilian’ will
be walking out there, so you’ll have to be careful killing the guards
there. There’s the one on your left and two on your right. Go down
the hall on your right, then through the open door on your right.
Crouch down and jump down the elevator shaft to complete this

3.) Raise security gate and escape through front entrance.

This is a very simple objective so I won’t go into too much detail.
To start off with, grab the ammo and health and exit through the
door. Now kill all of the snipers on the floor above you, then go
left into a little control room. Kill the guy in there then the
two guys that appear behind you. Now get out your Q worm. Now go
back out and kill all the guards that have suddenly appeared. Once
they’re dead go right. DO NOT GO NEAR THE GREEN PANELS. If you do
you won’t get the bonus for this mission. On your right will be a
information panel, surrounded by concrete blocks. Jump over these,
to get the Bond Bonus then go towards the exit to finish the mission.

*Bond Bonus*

See Objective 3.

[8.7] Mission 7 - Island Caves

Par Time: 11:30

1.) Penetrate island defences.

Wolfram P2K
FA1 Clarion
Munitions Belge PDW90
Satchel Charge
Militek Mark 6

Key Items

1.) Penetrate island defences.

You’re not going to survive this objective if you just go charging
in, your best bet is to make like a wuss, and let Alura do all the
dirty work. When you start, which to the ‘Belge and kill everyone
in the area (NOTE: If you kill Alura, you’ll fail the mission).
You’ll have to strafe around a bit to avoid getting hit. Now move
forward, then as soon as the next group of guards appear, run back
quickly. Let Alura finish most of them off, and take out a couple
yourself if you can, then use your Clarion to take out the sniper
up on the far island. Grab the ammo and armour lying around, then
continue around the island. Another Note: Don’t go off into the
sea too deep, or else you’ll drown yourself. Now go around the
corner and you’ll hear the familiar ‘fire when ready’ call. Again,
run back and take cover behind the cliff and let Alura take them
out. Go forward to the archway, then take cover from the ground
troops behind the arch. From here, take out the guys on the cliffs
on your left. Now continue down the beach hugging the cliffs. Once
you trigger the next set of guards, run back around the corner, and
take out anyone who comes around with your scoped Clarion. There’s
also a couple of guards on the cliffs above that you have to take
out. You don’t have to get them if it’s too hard. Once you’re done,
run further up the beach to where Alura is waiting.

Go inside that building on your left to get the armour and ammo.
Now to get the bonus. See those crates next to the stairs. What
you have to do is jump over them. Stand on the lowest stair then
jump. You’ll have to jump again when you land on them to get
fully over. If you have trouble doing this, this is exactly what
I did: On the bottom step, go to the corner of the step opposite the
corner of the crate. Now run forwards then jump, and jump again if
necessary. You should get over easily. Grab the bonus, then jump
onto the little crate, onto the big crate, then right off.

Now go up the stairs and around the first corner. Pull back, and aim
a bit lower than usual, so when they come out you should kill them
without a problem. Go forward a bit more and people will start
shooting at you from behind, down on the beach. Take them out with
your Clarion. At this point, you may be a bit low on health. Luckily,
there’s a Vest at the end of this path, but first you’ll have to take
out some guys that come out from the cave on your right. Once you’ve
taken care of them, grab the vest and go into the cave.

2.) Disable jamming system.

Grab the 5 satchel charges then go towards the exit. Kill the two
guards that come out. Go around the corner until that concrete
structure comes into sight then retreat back, so the sniper at the
top can’t kill you. Kill the guard guy that comes around, then go
forwards and kill the guy on top of the roof. Go further around and
you’ll see another guy on the roof. Kill him from around the corner,
then go into that concrete thingy. In there there’ll be a hole on
your left. Go slowly forward, keeping to the right until the guard
ahead comes into sight. Kill him. Strafe left and face right then
kill the two guards right on the other side of the crater. Then take
out your satchel charges and attach one to the satellite. Go back out
to the cliff and once you exit the concrete shack, kill the guy on
your left. Now continue around. Once you round the corner you’ll
see another of those concrete shacks. Kill the guy on top then go
towards it. Once you get near to guys will jump out. Kill them then
go in and grab the armour there (6 in total). Now go into the hole
on the left and kill the two guys in there, then kill the guy on the
opposite side. Attach the satchel charge to the satellite and exit.

Now go back out and kill the guy on your right then go towards the
bridge. Once you reach it two guards will come out. Kill them. Go
across the bridge until you come to a little alcove on your left.
Two guys will come out from the corner ahead that you’ll have to
kill. Now shoot the guy on the right of the satellite in the
distance. Go forward, round the corner and kill the guy on top of
the concrete structure as well as the one on the ground. Go inside
and grab the armour and the Militek Grenade Launcher! Now go out
to the satellite, attach the charge then take out your Grenade
launcher, turn around and run quickly back to the shack. Shoot
the guards outside (if you want you can stick with your Clarion)
and work your way back around the cliff. A guard will come out
from the alcove before the bridge. When you get to the shack
a guy will come out from in front of you, and two from the side.
The best way to do this is stay outside the entrance, shoot the
guy that comes in from the opposite side with the Clarion, then
sneak a shot at the other two with the Militek. Grab the armour
then keep going. At the next corner three guys will come out.
If you’re using the Militek, aim at the floor by their feet, as
you'll be sure to get them like this. In the next shack, no one
will come out, so face the entrance on the right, and strafe
towards the other door. A guy will suddenly appear: mow him down
with one of the automatics then quickly whirl left to get the other
two guards. A guy will also come up from behind you that you’ll have
to kill.

Continue along the cliff path to complete the mission.

*Bond Bonus*

See Objective 1.

[8.8] Mission 8 - Island Base

Par Time: 16:00

1.) Follow Kiko to the Control Center.

2.) Sabotage base security and escape from room.

3.) Find exit to Delta section.

4.) Find exit to Omega section.

5.) Prevent Kiko from launching into space.

Munitions Belge PDW90
Wolfram P2K
FA1 Clarion

Key Items
Wristwatch Laser

Kiko actually is constantly walking away from you but the chances
are you won’t be able to keep up with her. This mission relies a lot
on ‘triggering’. If you’re not sure about this, check out the Game
Basics section. I’ve tried to provide the basic strategy here, as
in where to run to avoid getting to badly shot up, but you’ll still
require A LOT of skill to survive. Note: DO NOT KILL HER if you
happen to catch up, or are using cheats.

1.) Follow Kiko to the Control Center.

To start off, go out the door on your right. Two guys are on the
other side. Run backwards then shoot them. Grab their Clarions and
switch to them. Go forwards down the hall (past the first beam) and
trigger your next two enemies. Mow them down with your Clarion. Now
grab their Aims. You’ll probably want to use this gun throughout the
rest of this mission. Continue down the hall, then go left. Go
forwards until you trigger the next set of enemies. Take ‘em out with
your Aims (there’s two of them). Don’t go towards where they were
standing, by that pillar. Instead, go into that small room on your
left and grab the armour there. Go back into the area where the
guards just were, and go towards the door. You’ll trigger another set
of guys. Run to the wall next to the door (so the guy through the
door can’t get you) and take out the two Clarion guys, then dispose
of the red vested guy.

Go into the room where the red vested guy was then turn around, run
back into the room you came from and kill the guy with the Clarion.
Stand next to the opening of the door again so the guy further down
can't get you, then go through the door and shoot him. Then strafe
left a bit and shoot the red vested guy on the right. Go grab his
ammo. Go further down the hall, and trigger the next set of guys. Now
run back and hide behind the wall that separates the main hall with
the area that has the stacked boxes. You’ll have to pick the guys
off from there (at the end of the wall nearest the enemies). Once
all three are dead, go to where they were, then into the next area
to trigger the enemies. Run back, and hide behind the sides of the
door. Strafe out into the doorway slowly, and kill them one by one.

Go into the place where they were, trigger the red vested guy then
run back into the other area. Shoot him, then go in and spin around
‘cos there’s two guys with Clarions on either side of the door. Keep
on going forwards and grab the armour by the computers. Go back to
where you were, then go down the hall on the right. Go down the
hall, trigger the guys, then back-pedal, because there’s a guy in
front of you, and one behind, so if you run backwards, you’ll be able
to see both :). Once their dead, continue down the hall, trigger the
guys, then run back, keeping to the wall on your right. Strafe slowly
to your left, shooting the guys that come into view as you go. Now
here’s a hard part. When you go into the next area (where the guards
were), there’s three red vested guys, standing on crates. So, stand
in the hall, facing diagonally right, strafe left, and kill the first
guy. Strafe more left, so you’re on the other side of the doorway.
The other two guys are almost directly in line. Go in, grab the ammo
by the crates, and go down the hall on the right, then through the
room on the left, where Kiko is.

---Objective Complete--- [still alive there? Eh? Hello?]

2.) Sabotage base security and escape from room.

This is the _easiest_ objective this mission. Go forwards, jump down,
switch to your watch laser, and use it on the control pad on your
left, and on your right. If you need some armour then go behind
you, it’s by the ledge. Switch back to the Aims then go up the ramp,
then go out the door you came in. Easy!

---Objective Complete---

3.) Find exit to Delta sector.

Once you trigger the guards, run back in, and do the strafe thingy
again, killing them one by one. Go forward, trigger the next lot
of enemies then run backwards and kill ‘em. Grab the armour on your
left then go down the hall. When you get into the next area and
trigger the guys, step back then to your left, and kill the guy with
the Clarion behind you. Now face the door, strafe right a bit, then
kill the guard. Strafe right a bit more, then kill the other guard.
Go forwards, grab the armour on your right, step into the next hall
(just ahead of the armour), then step back, wheel around, and kill
the red vested guy that suddenly ‘appeared’ behind you. Once he’s
dead you can turn around and kill the guy with the Clarion.
Step into the next area through the doorway, then step back to
one side. Do the strafe thingy again to kill one of them, then
strafe further out to kill the other guy. Now go through the door
on your left.

---Objective Complete---

This place can get a bit confusing. I’ve drawn a map... just to
confuse you a bit more. Hopefully you’ll get a general idea of the
area through it, but don’t worry, I’ll guide you through it, step
by step...

4.) Find Exit to Omega Section

•       ___              ___        •
•      |   |            |B8B|       •
•      | 6 |____        |___|       •
•     / ¯¯¯     \______/    \___    •
•    |          |   |       |   |   •
•     \_____    | 5 |       | 7 |   •
•     |   | \___/¯|¯ ___    |¯¯¯    •
•     | 3 | |   | \ |   |__/        •
•      ¯¯¯  | 2 |  \| 4 |           •
•     Start  ¯¯¯/   /¯¯¯            •
•                ___|               •
•               |   |               •
•               | 1 |               •
•                ¯¯¯|               •
•                  /                •
•               Finish              •
•                                   •
• Map of Mission 8.4 - NOT TO SCALE •

When you start, grab the armour on your right. As you can see by
the map, there’s a long way, and two short ways. My way will take you
down the 3-6-5-4-1 path, but you can easily do 3-2-5-4-1 if you want.

Go forwards, and you’ll trigger two guys on your right. Mow them down
with your Aims. Grab the ammo if you want, then go through the door
(not the one where they were near, the other one). When you triggered
the guys before, you also triggered someone down the other path you
have to go down. Take him out as well. Go down that path then you’ll
enter the next area.

The basic strategy you'll use in each area is:
First, trigger the enemies. Step back, and take cover in the hall
you just came in from. Now you can take them out one by one.

So, step into the room. You’ll trigger a guy with a Clarion behind
the crate. Quickly turn around, and you’ll see a guy with an Aims.
Run into the hall to take cover from the Clarion guy, then run
forwards to kill the guy with the Aims. Then turn around again then
kill the Clarion guy. Now look down the exit to this area and kill
the guy with the Aims.

Go down that path and to the next area (5). In front of you you’ll
see some armour. Dash forwards and grab it (strafing a bit), then
dash back a bit. Kill the first guy with the Aims (the one closest to
you), then run around and kill the other guy. There’s also a guy with
the Clarion around there, by the crate. Now go down the path by the

In the next area (4) you have to go a bit further into the room
to trigger the guys. You’ll have to go back pretty deep to be only
be able to be shot by one. Once you’ve got the lot of them (there’s
a Clarion and an Aims on your left, then an Aims right in front of
you hiding behind the pillar), go down the path ahead of you.

In the final area (1), trigger the guys, turn around and run back,
quickly kill the guy with the Aims that comes up from area 4,
then turn around and kill the guy with the Clarion. Finally go into
the main area and kill the other guy with the Aims. Go down the
final path, grab the Armour Vest, then continue...

---Objective Complete---

5.) Prevent Kiko from launching into space.

Right, final objective. Run forwards, then go into that room on the
right. Now you have to wait in there until the door closes (less
than ten seconds). When the door opens again, heaps of people will
be shooting at you. Strafe left to take cover, then pick them off
one by one. You’ll have to go out to get the last red vested guy
(the other three are two Clarions and another Aims), then you’ll
have to go out to defeat the last guy. He looks like the Assassin
from level 2. Once their dead go back into the room and let the
door close again. When it opens this time, strafe left, kill the
Aims guy, kill the Clarion guy that runs into view, go out, kill
the other Aims guy on the left, then kill the other Assassin.
Once he’s dead...

---Mission Complete---


I forgot to put this in ages ago - since them I've had plenty of
people mailing me, and I've always said I'll get around to adding it.

Well, the procrastination ends here.

The Bond Bonus is in Room 8 (which is why on the map it's got the
two B's). It is hiding behind the crate on the left hand side as you
enter from room 5.

[8.9] Mission 9 - Space Station

Par Time: 3:00

1.) Disable missiles before they are launched

Built-in laser

Key Items

There’s not a lot to say here, because I’m not sure whether these
rockets always go off in the same sequence or not. But this is what
they look like (you start at the ‘*’ facing the building behind 1 and

[1]   [4]

[2]*  [5]

[3]   [6]

This is the order they go off in: 2-4-*-5,3-*-1,6 (5 and 3, and 1 and
6 go off at roughly the same time. (* marks when guards appear, I

What you have to do is, when the rockets move up, you have to use
your laser on those little boxes to explode them before the missile
gets launched. You also have to kill the guards with your laser. Once
you’ve done that you’ll complete the mission. NOTE: The last guy
takes ages to kill.

---Mission Complete---


The Bond Bonus in this game is in that little hole where the spaceman
is standing when you start. He disappears after you’ve taken out the
rockets, so you can go in there before you defeat the last guy.


                              9. CHEATS


Push Button

There are now four Push Button codes! Thanks to Vmaster &
Rollingskull. All codes are entered from the in-game menu accessible
by pressing [START] during the game.

Infinite Health (‘God Mode’)

[R], [Left], [L], [Right], [Up], [SELECT], [Left]
(when activated you’ll hear 'It's futile Mr Bond')

Infinite Ammo (500 Bullets)

[R], [Left], [L], [Right], [Up], [SELECT], [Right]
(when activated you’ll hear ‘Take ‘em down’)

Unlock all Stages

[R], [Left], [L], [Right], [Up], [SELECT], [R]
(when activated you’ll here something like ‘You’ll have to do better
than that’. )

High pitched voices

[R], [Left], [L], [Right], [Up], [SELECT], [L]
(when activated you’ll here a high pitched ‘Don’t let me hurt you,


Big thanks to likk, Ranma and helder on the CMGSCCC forums, for
hacking most of the Codebreaker Codes. I’ve made a few additions and
did the GSA ones.

These codes will be presented in two types: Codebreaker
(unencrypted), and Gameshark (encrypted).

Must Be On (M)

CBA - 00007358 000A
      100029AA 0007
GSA - 70F13588 88B7EE11
      A87183D4 52A41AD4

Infinite Health

CBA - 3200074A 0008
GSA - 85527C06 1B3F03F4

Infinite Health (2)

NOTE: This doesn’t modify your health, instead, it sets the same
variable as the one when you enter the push button code.

CBA - 3201EDA4 0001
GSA - 0902B9DA 05DB3F26

All Weapons

CBA - 8201ED74 0FFF
GSA - 11A5BB84 E79106BD

Infinite Ammo


320004F0 0064: Wristwatch Laser
320004E8 0064: Keychain Stunner
3200045C 0064: Wolfram P2K
32200464 0064: Deutsche M9K
32000454 0064: Kowloon Type 40
3200047C 0064: Sentinel AT-420
3200048C 0064: Frinesi Special A3
32000474 0064: Covert Sniper Rifle
3200046C 0064: Munitions Belge PDW90
32000484 0064: Militek mark 6
32000494 0064: FA1 Clarion
3200049C 0064: Gold Wolfram P2K
320004AC 0064: Aims-20
320004A0 0064: Satchel Charge


724FDB74 542C9516: Wristwatch Laser
6B405671 D8537F97: Keychain Stunner
4D993EEB 034DB353: Wolfram P2K
5CB5248F 382E49FD: Deutsche M9K
D9C95397 F5FCFA5C: Kowloon Type 40
F6C705D3 9DF9D782: Sentinel AT-420
0532FB38 1FDB0084: Frinesi Special A3
6267BED5 EB7BBDBF: Covert Sniper Rifle
84EBD8EF 00000CA5: Munitions Belge PDW90
63A99F45 8E28C4DA: Militek mark 6
469D14A6 5454B33B: FA1 Clarion
D4445D4A 0A318A53: Gold Wolfram P2K
064E0B40 8E5E3545: Aims-20
98F52237 5A0AC5F2: Satchel Charge

Mission Scores

Note: These have all been tested for Slot 1 Savegames


All (this is a slider to modify ALL of them. Use the rest if you only
want to modify one mission).
4201F114 FFFF
00000009 0004
4201F116 00FF
00000009 0004

Mission 1
3201F114 FFFF
3201F116 00FF

Mission 2
3201F118 FFFF
3201F11A 00FF

Mission 3
3201F11C FFFF
3201F11E 00FF

Mission 4
3201F120 FFFF
3201F122 00FF

Mission 5
3201F124 FFFF
3201F126 00FF

Mission 6
3201F128 FFFF
3201F12A 00FF

Mission 7
3201F12C FFFF
3201F12E 00FF

Mission 8
3201F130 FFFF
3201F132 00FF

Mission 9
3201F134 FFFF
3201F136 00FF


Mission 1
F58923E6 A34889C3

Mission 2

Mission 3
9CE489BD 8745965C

Mission 4

Mission 5
335C501C 0C81A839

Mission 6
99B162C9 D13AE3CC

Mission 7
84B62E86 325089A6

Mission 8
CD71A3FE 16F8388C

Mission 9
3A6E25B5 1921A3C9


                             10. CREDITS


This is the section where I acknowledge people who have helped in the
creation of this guide. At the moment there aren’t that many people,
but I’m sure that number will grow.

* CjayC - Yeah, we all know who he is.
* Vmaster, Freiyr the Almighty, slick2 and D34L10 for helping out the
  guys on the GameFAQ boards and giving me heaps of advice and tips.
* Vmaster for finding the Push-Button Codes.
* Dan of www.supercheats.com for wanting to use the guide and thus
  ensuring I made one last update.
* likk, Ranma, helder and the rest of the guys on the CMGSCCC boards
  for some of the codes.
* Nemesis, Kodos86 and Bond Legacy for formatting/presentation


                       11. CONTACT INFORMATION


Email: lab_master@email.com
MSN:   lab_master@hotmail.com (I’m seldom on though)
ICQ:   194856802
Y!:    LabmasterNZ
AIM:   LabmasterNZ

When emailing me please adhere to the below Email Policy or you wil
be blocked.

 - NO Spam/Junk Mail
 - NO Flaming
 - Rom Requests: Try your luck
 - Contributions: Great
 - Corrections: Fine
 - Hosting: Okay
 - Criticism: Okay
 - Questions: Fine

Approved Sites


If you would like permission, email me and I will consider it. NOTE:
I reserve the right to revoke permission already granted if I find
you’re in breach of the terms laid out in the Copyright Notice.

Thanks for reading this guide, I hope you’ve found it helpful.
                                                 © 2003-2004 Labmaster

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