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Walkthrough by Rose Turck

Version: 0.8 | Updated: 04/28/08

released in America by ATLUS
08/08/2006 US Release
11/22/2002 JP Release

This guide's two main features, at this point, are the character section and
the Walkthrough for Ryusei's route.  Kyosuke's route is not yet in here, but
it's the same as Ryusei's for chapters 23+, excluding a few in the 30s.  In
other words, the guide can still be used for Kyosuke's route, just not to its
full potential.

To go to a specific section, search (ctrl-F in most browsers) for what part you
want to go to.  For 
instance, to start Ryusei's walkthrough, search for 3.0

1.0 Introduction
1.1 What is Super Robot Wars?
1.2 What is the purpose of this guide?
1.3 Terminology help
1.4 Secrets
1.5 New Game +
2.0 Characters
3.X Ryusei Route, where X is the number of the chapter
4.X Kyosuke Route
5.0 Closing + Thanks

=== 1.1 === What is Super Robot Wars? ===
In Japan, the Super Robot Wars series is a long running multi-platform epic
cameos from more robot shows than any one person has any business recognizing.
It's huge, 
but in America we never got to experience it due to various copyright problems
(the same 
reason we'll never get Jump Superstars, etc.) Then Banpresto, the SRW company,
threw us a bone.  
They made a new universe featuring only original characters from their previous
games, and only
 original mechs, and because of that there are no copyright issues!
(ban)Presto! We get 
Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation (and it's sequel, OG2) in America!

So the game in question here was made after dozens of prequels. Because of
that, it has a very 
refined game and combat system compared to the earlier games! If you ever find
youself annoyed 
at this game,  take pleasure in the fact that if you were playing an SNES Super
Robot Wars game 
you'd probably have eaten it by now.

(Note:  These two paragraphs were stolen unapologetically from my review of
this game.  The only 
thing I changed was to fix a typo...)

=== 1.2 === What is the purpose of this guide? ===
This guide is written so that anybody can enjoy Super Robot Taisen: Original
Generation to its fullest, their first time playing it.  SRT:OG's difficulty
scales to the skill of the player, and the bonus mission is only available if
you get a certain percentage of "Battle Masteries."  Unless you know what
you're doing, this can be pretty difficult; in fact, I didn't even do it on my
first playthrough of the game.  But with the suggestions and recommendations I
outline in this guide, even a first time
player can get every secret and Battle Mastery in the game.

=== 1.3 === Terminology Help ===

More as I come across things people have trouble understanding.

DC - Divine Crusaders.  The villains in the first arc of the story.  (SPOILERS
AHEAD!) They are led by Bian Zoldark in an attempt to strengthen the Hagane's
elite pilots so they will be able to counter the coming alien threat.  Only a
few people in the DC realize their true goal is to lose, and this causes a
problem later on.
Real Robot - A realistic robot made with Earth technology.  The vast majority
of them specialize in long range attacks and evading rather than defending.
RR - Real Robot
SR - Super Robot
Super Robot - A more fantastical mech that uses unexplainable attacks like
swords that appear out of nowhere or beams that appear out of their chest. 
They often have an odd energy source that can be anything from a Black Hole to
the power of Courage.  They are usually short range attackers, with a lot of HP
and defense but terrible dodging skills.

=== 1.4 === Secrets ===
I have notes throughout the guides, telling you when to do certain things in
order to earn these secrets.

To play the Bonus Episode, Episode 42, you need to get 32 Battle Masteries
throughout the game (and thus be on Hard Mode) at the end.  

Secret Mechs: 
Huckebein 008L (Ryusei Route) - Ingram level 32 or higher by the end of Chapter
Huckebein 008L (Kyosuke Route) - Viletta level 22 or higher by the end of
Chapter 19
Gespenst MkII-S (Ryusei Route) - R-Gun destroyed in chapter 30
Gespenst R (Kyosuke Route) - Gillian level 22 by the end of chapter 19.
Grungust (Kyouske Route) - Destroy the R-Gun in chapter 30, but don't fulfill
the Huckebein 008L's requirements
Guarlion (Both Routes) - Defeat Leona with Tasuku or Rai in Chapter 24
Valsion Custom (Both Routes) - Reduce Shine's Valsion Custom to below 10% HP
within 5 turns on Chapter 28 (this is the Battle Mastery objective)

Secret Weapons:
Shishioh Blade (Ryusei Route) - Ryusei has 50 kills by the end of Chapter 26,
and be in Hard mode
Graviton Cannon (Ryusei Route) - Kyosuke has 55 kills by the end of Chapter 32,
and be in Hard Mode
Shishioh Blade (Kyosuke Route) - Kyosuke has 70 kills by the end of Chapter 26,
and be in Hard Mode
Graviton Cannon (Kyosuke Route) - Ryusei has 55 kills by the end of Chapter 32,
and be in Hard Mode

Secret Parts:
Hero's Mark (Ryusei Route) - Daitetsu level 35 by the end of Chapter 34, and
have 27 Battle Masteries
Steel Soul (Ryusei Route) - Lefina level 38 by the end of 37, and have 30
Battle Masteries
Hero's Mark (Kyosuke Route) - Lefina level 35 by the end of 34, and have 27
Battle Masteries
Steel Soul (Kyosuke Route) - Daitetsu level 38 by the end of 37, and have 30
Battle Masteries

=== 1.5 === New Game + ===
After beating the game once, you unlock New Game + mode.  Start a new game by
loading your clear data from a previous game and you'll start from the
beginning with all of the money and PP from before.

What DOES carry over?  All of the Money and PP you earned and used throughout
the whole game
What does NOT carry over?  EXP and levels, mechs and weapons and all those

Because you'll be starting the game with a ton of PP, you can upgrade your
characters from the start, making it easy to get some of the pesky Battle
Masteries in the early game if you couldn't do it the first time.  Also, when
you beat the game again, your next New Game + will have the combined totals of
all your previous games.  In this way you can keep playing through until you
start with millions of dollars and hundreds of PP (maximum of 999)

=== 2.0 === Characters ===
Both routes of this game have the same characters for the most part.  You've
got a different main 
character, and the focus in the early part of the game is on a different set of
people, but by the end 
you'll need to decide between the same large cast when assembling your final
team.  Some characters are only permanently available on a certain route.  In
this section, I will give brief summaries of each character.

Aya Kobayashi
Spirits: Gain, Trust, Focus, Attune, Valor, Renew
Skills: Telekinesis, Support, Mental, 3 blanks
Aya is the support for the SRX Team, and is very closely tied to the plot in
this game.  She's a pretty 
powerful TK User, though not the best.  She's a decent pilot, especially once
she gets the R-3, but 
again, not the best.  Her spirit Renew makes her essential to mass damage in
the end-game, though, and for that alone she's useful.

Brooklyn "Bullet" Luckfield
Spirits: Alert, Strike, Gain, Focus, Valor, Spirit
Skills: Telekinesis, In-Fight, 4 blanks
He's a pretty good character that keeps himself close enough to the storyline
that you pretty much 
need to use him.  He doesn't get his own custom mech until the next game, but
he handles his 
Huckebein Mk-II alright here.  Consider giving him the Wildschwein instead.
Bullet prefers to be a short range pilot, but his default mech doesn't allow
it.  You can give him a Steel Knife or some other short range weapon to help.

Daitetsu Minase
Spirits: Strike, Guard, Guts, Mercy, Fury, Valor
Skills: Command, Support, 4 blanks
Daitetsu is the captain of the Hiryu Custom in the prologue, the Shirogane at
the very beginning, the Hagane throughout most of the game, and the Kurogane at
the end!  Wow!  He's the stereotypical noble captain type, reminiscent of
Captain Gloval from Macross.  Daitetsu is the type to volunteer on a suicide
mission if it means victory for his forces.

Elzam V. Branstein
Spirits: Focus, Accel, Sense, Faith, Valor, Fury
Skills: Command, Genius, SP Up, Mental, Support
Elzam is just an amazingly skilled pilot.  He plays support to Sanger and makes
it clear that's how he 
likes it.  Elzam is another Real Robot specialist with no real personalized
mech until the next game (His Huckebein is the Trombe, but that doesn't really
mean it's any different)

Excellen Browning
Spirits: Daunt, Focus, Snipe, Valor, Assail, Love
Skills: Hit&Away, Support, 4 blanks
Excellen is probably the game's best sniper, helped along greatly by her custom
mech the Weissritter.  She has the unique spirit Daunt, which adds to her
usefulness.  Above all that,
though, she's just hilarious and a fantastic character that I always wanted to
have around.

Garnet Sunday
Spirits: Bless, Cheer, Focus, Trust, ____, ____
Skills: Support, Lucky, SP Up
She's not as bad as Giado, since she's got useful support Spirits.  But aside
from that, no.  She's great in the cutscenes, though, since she always dresses
the girls up in provocative
clothes and creates awkward situations!

Giado Beneldi
Spirits: Spirit, Accel, Strike, Valor, Faith, ____
Skills: Counter, Support, Hit&Away
I wonder if his being a pilot is a joke.  He's certainly not useful at all, and
as soon as you have enough units that you get to choose who to send you'll
probably be benching Giado. He's not a good pilot and he doesn't have useful
spirits, so what's his redeeming quality?  Oh, right, he
talks with a Jamaican accent.  That must be it.

Gilliam Yager
Spirits Scan, Sense, Accel, Valor, Spirit, Zeal
Skills: Prophesy, Attacker, Hit&Away, SP Regenerate, Counter, 1 blank
You won't really discover the mysteries behind Gilliam until well into OG2, but
for now he plays the part of a former aggressor and pretty skilled pilot.  His
main problem is the Gespenst MkII-R is not very good in this game. 
Nonetheless, once he finally joins you he's a pretty effective
grunt killer.

Irmgult "Irm" Kazahara
Spirits: Focus, Sense, Spirit, Valor, Accel, Love
Skills: Prevail, In-fight, 4 blanks
Irm is good in this game and even better in the next.  He's your first Super
Robot pilot and is very 
proficient at it.  He'll probably be one of your best damage dealers in the
game, and if you're going to attempt to get all the Battle Masteries, using Irm
is next to essential.  He's also a pretty funny guy, with a bit of a lolita

Kai Kitamura
Spirits: Spirit, Valor, Guts, Sense, Focus, Drive
Skills: Command, Expert, Attacker, Hit&Away, Support, 1 blank
Kai will only join you permanently on Kyosuke's route.  On Ryusei's, you can
only use him for a couple missions.  His stats and spirits lend him to pilot a
Super Robot, but there's just not one for him in this game unless you want to
give him the Grungust Type 2 (which isn't such aterrible idea, he's probably
better for it than Kusuha!)

Katina Tarask
Spirits: Strike, Valor, Assail, Accel, Alert, Drive
Skills: Prevail, Revenge, Attacker
Her spirits and skills directly reflect her personality.  No Focus here, she's
not the type.  But she has an incredibly cheap Valor, and has Revenge and
Attacker... so yeah, she's the aggressive type.  Her spirits really lend
themselves to something with a big weapon, but she doesn't have any
default mech like that, so it's not a bad idea to put her in the Giganscudo and
try that out.  In
OG2, she's perfect for the Gigan, but it's a toss-up in this game.

Kusuha Mizuha
Spirits: Strike, Guard, Focus, Valor, Zeal, Love
Skills: Telekinesis, Support, Mental
She's the strongest TK user in the game, and doesn't use a mech that benefits
from it at all.  How 
unfortunate.  Kusuha makes a pretty good pilot for the Grungust Type 2, though
she prefers to be a nurse.  Oh well, some people are just destined to fight.

Kyosuke Nanbu
Spirits: Accel, Focus, Assail, Valor, Sense, Fury
Skills: Fortune, Counter, ???? (after a certain event, this becomes Command), 3
Kyosuke is one of the game's main characters, and as such he's a very competent
pilot.  He specializes in short range attacks and once he gets his custom mech,
the Alteisen, he's set for the rest of this game (and most of the next).  You
really can't avoid using him, not that you'd
want to.

Latooni Suvota
Spirits: Scan, Focus, Sense, Assail, Valor, Enable
Skills: Genius, Gunfight, Support, 3 blanks
Arguably the best Real Robot pilot in the game, but she doesn't have her own
mech to speak of.  Give her whatever you want and she'll kick ass with it,
though by the end of the game you may want to use her more for her ability to
use Enable than to attack with.

Lefina Enfield
Spirits: Vigor, Gain, Trust, Bless, Rouse, Hope
Skills: Command, Support, SP Up, 3 blanks
Lefina is a battleship pilot.  She's not bad by any means, but because the
Hiryu Custom doesn't have a post-movement attack, it's inferior to the Hagane
in this game.  Her spirits are very helpful, though.

Leona Garstein
Spirits: Accel, Fury, Focus, Valor, Guard, Sense
Skills: Telekinesis, Attacker, Hit&Away, Support, 2 blanks
Take a look at that spirit list, as it's probably the best in the entire game.
Leona is a very talented Real Robot pilot.  Her Guarlion is pretty perfect for
her, though she will excel in just about anything long range you put her in. 
She's related to Rai and Elzam, so piloting must come in the genes.

Lune Zoldark
Spirits: Guts, Alert, Gain, Focus, Valor, Spirit
Skills: Gunfight, Support, Attacker
Lune joins you after you kill her father, but she's not really bitter.  She
pilots a mech that's very similar to the Cybuster, but her Spirit list sort of
hurts her in this game.  Not being able to use Strike means she can't reliably
hit the bosses.  Regardless, she's not a bad character.

Masaki Andoh
Spirits: Focus, Alert, Luck, Valor, Spirit, Strike
Skills: In-Fight, Counter, 4 blanks
Masaki is the ever loveable pilot of the Cybuster.  He pilots it alongside his
two talking cats.  He's not from Earth exactly, yet nobody really delves into
it in either OG game.  He's onstantly on a mission to catch Shu.  The Cybuster
is pretty good, though many say it doesn't have a
niche because it can't decide if it wants to be a Super Robot or a Real Robot. 
Masaki has a terrible sense of direction, so I suppose that's why his Strike
costs a ludicrous 30SP.

Radha Byraban
Spirits: Focus, Alert, Bless, Attune, Hope, ____
Skills: Prophesy, SP Regenerate, Support, 3 blanks
She plays a support role, basically.  Character-wise she's the obligatory
indian person that's in love with Yoga.  What's not to love?

Raidiese F. Branstein
Spirits: Focus, Accel, Sense, Snipe, Valor, Fury
Skills: Genius, Hit&Away, 4 blanks
Rai is with you from the beginning on Ryusei's route and he is an effective
ranged attacker throughout.  Once he gets the R-2 you can focus on upgrading it
to its maximum potential. 
Rai isn't as good as his older brother, but with shoes that big to fill who is?

Rio Meilong
Spirits: Alert, Gain, Valor, Strike, Focus
Skills: Telekinesis, Prevail, Support
Another example of a pretty good pilot that just doesn't have a good custom
mech yet, Rio is neat 
because of her fairly low cost Valor.  I usually like to put her in something
speedy, like the Wildraubtier jet mode.  She's very competitive and has a bit
of a relationship with Ryoto.

Russel Bergman
Spirits: Strike, Guard, Trust, Cheer
Skills: Prevail, Support, SP Up
Just look at the guy's face.  It just screams "I don't want to be here."  He's
a below average pilot that 
only exists to counter Katina's rashness, though his very cheap Cheer is handy
for leveling up.

Ryoto Hikawa
Spirits: Focus, Gain, Mercy, Strike, Valor, ____
Skills: Telekinesis, Support, Gunfight, 3 blanks
Poor Ryoto joins as... someone that's not very good.  And sadly, that's just
how he stays.  He's just 
not that great of a pilot, and he's next to a ton of really good pilots, so it
stands out even more.  He won't get his custom mech until the next game, though
he does have an enemy mech to use here which isn't bad for the early game.  His
only redeeming quality is he's the only non-battleship unit to be able to use
Mercy.  Which is useful in like 2 missions.

Ryusei Date
Spirits: Focus, Alert, Strike, Luck, Valor, Zeal
Skills: Telekinesis, Prevail, 4 blanks
One of the main characters, he's a complete newbie to the military world at the
start of the game but he catches on quickly.  He specializes in close range
combat, and once he gets the R-1 he'll stay in it forever.  He's a good guy, if
not a little too stereotypical in the JRPG Hero sort of way.

Sanger Zonvolt
Spirits: Sense, Spirit, Guard, Accel, Valor, Drive
Skills: Command, Counter, In-Fight, Hit&Away, Prevail, blank
aka Zengar Zonbolt or some variations throughout the internet, Sanger is pretty
much the biggest 
badass out there.  On Kyosuke's route you get to use him in the beginning, but
in both routes he's 
gone for most of the game, only appearing occasionally to bail you out of
trouble.  When he finally joins you at the end he's instantly one of your
strongest end-game attackers.  And did I mention he's a badass?

Sean Webley
Spirits: Mercy, Strike, Luck, Guard, Snipe, Alert
Skills: 6 blanks
Sean is the XO for the Hiryu Custom,  In this game, XOs do not earn PP along
with the pilots so you 
won't really be able to do anything with him.  Except watch his hilarious
comments toward the women on the ships...

Tasuku Shinguji
Spirits: Strike, Luck, Accel, Guard, Valor, Love
Skills: Telekinesis, Lucky
He's one of the few people to have the skill Lucky, so that makes him unique. 
Tasuku is a decent pilot for the Giganscudo, his default mech, but there are
better pilots for it honestly.  He's a nice guy with a fun relationship with
Leona, but in combat he's really nothing to write home about.

Tetsuya Onodera
Spirits: Trust, Focus, Cheer, Faith, Assail, Spirit
Skills: 6 blanks
Like Sean, he can't get Skills in this game.  He's the XO of the Shirogane /
Hagane / Kurogane along 
with Daitetsu, and he's the up and coming kind of guy.  He's cautious at first
but becoming a good 
captain by the end.

Viletta Vadim
Spirits: Scan, Focus, Accel, Snipe, Valor, Sense
Skills: Fortune, Support, Mental, Gunfight, In-fight, 1 blank
She's not with you a whole lot in this game, but the enigmatic Viletta is
always a treat.  She's got a fairly good spirit list, though wasting a spot
with Scan is unfortunate.  She's suited to the R-Gun, her usual default mech,
but when she arrives in the Gespenst MkII-S she's not bad either.

=== 3.0 === Game introduction ===
The game starts with a little backstory.  The Hiryu Custom, captained by
Daitetsu Minase, encounters aliens by Pluto.  Their only defense is a large
mech designed more for exploration than fighting, the Giganscudo.  They are
forced to retreat.  If you feel lost amid all the factions and acronyms, take
heart!  It will all make sense eventually.

=== 3.1 === Episode 1 === Second Contact ===
In this mission you play as only Elzam, in a Gespenst MkII-R.  You may only
have one pilot, but at least he happens to be one of the best in the game!

Battle Mastery: All enemies shot down within 4 turns

Use the spirits Accel and Focus to close in on the enemies and take them out. 
Notice that the bugs  you're fighting take two shots to kill them.  For that
reason, always attack one of the full HP ones and rely on your counterattacks
during their turn to finish them.  I know the usual instinct is not to spread
damage, to take out enemies one at a time, but in this situation and with such
a time limit this is really the best way.

If you're having trouble getting them in 4 turns, notice their ranged attack
has 2-5 range.  If you stand 6 spaces away, they'll come to you and attack you.

The mission ends as Elzam captures another bug.

Intermission: Most of the options here are locked out for now, so really you
just need to save your 
game and proceed.  Here you get a scrolling text briefing on the current events
in the world.

=== 3.2 === Episode 2 === Personal Trooper ===
The hero of our story starts the game by winning his own video game tournament.
 Enemies appear, friendly planes launch missiles, and one enemy crashes into
the dome that the tournament is in.  Ryusei notices an empty mech, and when the
friendly planes leave he takes it upon himself to pull an Amuro and get in.  

Battle Mastery: All enemies shot down in 2 turns

The only way to get the Battle Mastery in this level is to move within range of
the leftmost enemy on your first turn.  The correct spot is on the eastern part
of the dome.  If you stand there you will get the Battle Mastery without really
trying, because of counterattacks.

=== 3.3 === Episode 3 === Training ===
Sad to say, but Ryusei starts off as a bit of a moron.

Battle Mastery: Map cleared in 4 turns.

You now have three units to deploy.  This is the first mission with
"disposable" units.  In other words, you don't necessarily fail the mission if
you lose somebody.  They don't permanently die like in certain other strategy
RPGs.  The only downside is not getting to use them in the rest of the level,
and paying a repair fee after the stage ends.  Not that I expect you'll go
getting yourself blown up... yet.

After beating the initial troops, there are reinforcements to the north and
south.  You'll probably want to split up to get them faster.  All of the
enemies will target Ryusei because of his stupidity, so keep using Focus every
turn to dodge their attacks.  The mission ends early if Ryusei dies, though
it's not a game over.  However, you won't get the Battle Mastery if this
happens, so don't let him die.  The best way to avoid this is to do a quicksave
at the end of your turn (press Start) and if Ryusei dies on the opponent's turn
then reload your game.  

Intermission: This is the first real intermission screen with everything
unlocked for you.  The only thing  you can really do at this point is use your
meager amount of cash to upgrade.

(A note about upgrading before we continue:  Upgrading weapons can either be
very practical or not worth it at all.  Go to Weapon -> Customize and choose
any weapon, and see how much it would cost to fully upgrade it.  It will end up
being $110,000, $165,000, $275,000, $357,500, or some other similar amount  For
the most part, weaker weapons cost less to fully upgrade while the strongest
weapons will cost the most.  However, there are a few weapons that are decently
strong and only cost $110,000, these are practically essential to getting all
of the Battle Masteries in the early game.  These are the Steel Knife and the
M95 Machine Gun.  For only $110,000 you get a
weapon with a stronger attack power than anything else in the early game, and
the M95 has a ton of ammo so it's really an amazing deal.  You'll probably find
yourself using these two weapons on at
least some mech even atthe end of the game, so keep that in mind)

Your first "goal" of upgrading will be to fully upgrade an M95 Machine Gun.
You'll probably want to equip it to Ryusei for now, though Rai will benefit
from it more in the long run.

=== 3.4 === Episode 4 === Fear Game ===
In this mission, you have a training exercise gone wrong (do they ever go
right?).  Before the mission starts, Ryusei will suggest equipping the M95...
but we already did that, and upgraded it at that!  Haha!  

In this mission we meet Tenzan, whom Ryusei mentioned at the beginning of the
game.  He's just about the worst stereotype of a gamer possible, so cherish
your opportunities to beat him.

Battle Mastery: Destroy Tenzan.  This is easy, since he won't retreat or
anything.  Just don't destroy all the other enemies, ignore some planes and
focus on Tenzan.

Intermission:  Upgrade the M95 some more.

=== 3.5 === Episode 5 === Atrocity ===
And here we are in Antarctica.  After some dialogue you'll see the Shu
Shirakawa in the Granzon attack everybody and start a war.  Don't worry if you
can't follow exactly what's going on here, I'm just now fully understanding the
motives and implications for the first time as I write this, and it's my 3rd
time through the game!  

Battle Mastery:  Defeat all enemies within 2 turns.  This isn't too hard, be
aggressive and you'll even get help from the yellow units (people who aren't
your team, and aren't enemies either).

After the battle, Shu goes crazy on the remaining units.  He'll attack you, but
don't bother countering, you're not NEARLY strong enough to stand a chance. 
Just dodge when he attacks.
 After a bit, Masaki will arrive chasing Shu and the level will end.

These events spark what will soon be called the DC War.

Intermission: M95.

=== 3.6 === Episode 6 === Divine Crusaders ===
Here we get Latooni, Giado, and Garnet on the team.  Giado is really worthless
throughout the whole game, and Garnet is a terrible pilot but she learns great
Skills to at least contribute something.  Latooni, on the other hand, is one of
the best pilots of Real Robots in the game.  The
interesting thing about her is that she never has her own special default mech,
you can pretty much
stick her anywhere and she'll be good.

Battle Mastery: ____

Anyway, in this mission if you have Latooni Focus and fly right into the middle
of the enemies they will pretty much kill themselves trying to hit her.  She'll
never be hit in her plane.  On the 3rd turn the SRX Team arrives to help, so if
you want you can move up Ryusei to help out. Latooni will basically solo the
enemies in time for the BM though.

After your efforts, the enemy launches a MAPW at the base - think of this as a
nuclear warhead, only 
more powerful.  The orders are to retreat, but Ryusei isn't too happy about it.

Intermission: Go ahead and keep upgrading the M95, but also notice you now have
a Repair and Supply module.  You equip them as weapons, and they allow people
to heal/supply on the map.  I usually prefer having my battleship be the healer
and supplier, but if you don't have
any other use for Garnet and Giado at this point they can do the job well. 
They certainly won't be
killing too many enemies!

=== 3.7 === Episode 7 === Kanmon Strait ===
The objective here is to wound, but not destroy, two enemy subs.  The idea is
that it's a nuclear 
sub and will detonate if you sink it, but that really doesn't make a whole lot
of sense since you'll 
have destroyed dozens of enemy subs by the end of the game... this is the only
time the nuclear issue is brought up.  Anyway!  Listen to Kai's advice, don't
use beam weapons on underwater targets.

If you fly a Focused Latooni straight into the enemy planes she'll take care of
them herself and 
everybody else can focus on the subs.  You do have to get both of the subs
without letting them 
escape, and that can be tricky.  If you're having trouble getting them in time,
you can surround them 
with your units and they won't be able to move.  No, it doesn't make sense to
block a submarine with a jet, but it works!

After your 3rd turn, Tenzan shows up and taunts Ryusei.  This finally reveals
the Battle Mastery.

Battle Mastery: Shoot down Tenzan within 3 turns of his arrival.  Like last
time, he won't retreat or 
anything so you can just whittle his HP down.  After beating him you can resume
attacking the sub.  Be careful - if you complete the regular objective,
disabling the sub, before you beat Tenzan, he'll retreat and you won't get to
complete the Battle Mastery.

This is the first really good time to start making use of Garnet's Cheer and
Bless spirits.  You'll want to Bless people when they're about to destroy a
submarine or boss unit, because they already give good money and doubling that
is even better.  Cheer is good for whoever gets the finishing blow on a boss

After the mission, Garnet will talk to Ryusei.  He'll finally have a reason to
fight, and from now on he's a lot more bearable to have around.

===3.8 === Episode 8 === The Hagane ===
From now on you can decide which units to deploy on your missions.  Of course,
there is no reason to deploy less than the maximum allowed, and for quite some
time you'll be allowed to use everybody, so it's really more of a formality at
this point.

This level has your first really difficult objective.  You can't be careless,
and you have to have a plan or you'll be getting some game overs.  The goal is
to not let any enemies enter a certain square on the map - the Hagane's hatch. 
Don't underestimate the enemies or think you can distract them, they're smarter
than that!  Some enemies will fight you but others will head straight for the
hatch.  Your best shot is to send all of your units down to the hatch area and
block it off by standing in the spaces around it.  Of course, like in previous
levels, flying Latooni right into the enemies isn't a bad idea.

After a few turns Elzam shows up with some reinforcements.

Battle Mastery: Destroy all enemies (except Elzam) within 7 turns.  Not that
hard, once you get past the hatch issue.

On turn 5, the Hagane launches and you gain control of it.  Feel free to use it
in combat, though you'll probably have to use Strike to ever hit anything. 
Hagane is neat because it has a post-movement attack, unlike the Hiryu Custom.

After completing the objective, a MAPW appears.  Ryusei gets superpissed and
won't let another base be destroyed, so he deploys in the unfinished R-1 and
takes the missile down in one shot.  He's either extremely lucky or he's got
Char-level skills somewhere in there.  After this, Elzam leaves you with a
mysterious comment and the mission ends.

Intermission: Around this point you probably have enough money to finish
upgrading your M95.  Next up is a Steel Knife.  Since Ryusei is in the
Wildraubtier he'll make good use of the M95, so the Steel Knife can go to
anyone else.

=== 3.9 === Episode 9 === Silent Service ===
In this unique mission you only control the Hagane.  The mission is to escape
in 6 turns, but you're 
more worried about the BM, right?

Battle Mastery: Destroy all 5 enemy subs.

You will fail this mission if you focus too much on the northernmost sub.  He's
a red herring.  Ignore 
him and get into range of the lower subs, the northern one will come to you. 
You'll beat the enemies in time via counterattacks and get the Battle Mastery
no problem.

After the mission, you acqure the Huckebein 008L.  It's a decent mech, though
not exactly suited to its current pilot.  Oh well!

=== 3.10 === Episode 10 === Vengeance ===
Battle Mastery:  Destroy all enemies within 4 turns (Once Tempest arrives, he's
exempt from this)

On turn 2 Tempest will arrive with some reinforcements that must also be
destroyed.  Once you get the BM you can swarm Tempest to deal with him. 
There's really not much to say about this level.

=== 3.11 === Episode 11 === Elemental Lord ===
Battle Mastery:  Destroy all enemies within 6 turns.  

Everybody is making out the cannons to be some sort of unstoppable force, but
they're really nothing to worry about.  Plus, if you attack from right next to
them you're inside their range and can't even be hit.  After a few turns, the
enemy will spring an ambush, but even now you
shouldn't be too worried.  

Masaki will arrive in the Cybuster to help you, and he'll take care of all the
cannons in the middle with your first MAP attack.

Once the enemy sub launches a missile, Daitetsu announces the Hagane will take
care of it.  You can now move the Hagane, and in order to get the BM in time
you do need to move north on that turn.  That puts you in range of the missile
in time to get it.  If you just wait forthe missile to come to you, you won't
have time to beat it.

If you're having trouble taking out the enemy sub on time, just bring whoever
has your M95 around to it earlier in the mission and focus on it.  Remember to
Bless/Cheer when killing big things like 

Intermission:  Around this point you might want to start upgrading some mechs.
Of the ones you have now, you'll probably only be using the Cybuster and maybe
the Wildraubtier until the end of the game, so keep that in mind.  Definitely
don't bother upgrading a Gespenst or anything!  Upgrading EN is really cheap,
so consider doing that for anybody that relies on Energy to attack. 
It's especially good for Cybuster, as you can use his MAP attack more often. 
Aside from that, keep
working on a Steel Knife.

=== 3.12 === Episode 12 === Grungust
Irm starts the mission in a plane, and he needs to meet up with the
Tausendfussler.  Just use Focus 
every turn and he'll be pretty much unhittable.  Once he meets up with his
father, Irm will appear in the Grungust, your first Super Robot.  Have fun
kicking ass with it. 

On turn 4, the rest of your team appears and the BM reveals itself.

Battle Mastery: By the end of the 6th turn, either defeat Elzam or everyone
besides him

It's definitely a unique objective.  You'll probably have an easier time
ignoring Elzam and focusing on 
everybody else.  If for some reason you really want to beat Elzam, just use
your M95/Steel Knife 
combos as well as the Grungust's best available weapons and you might stand a

Intermission:  You receive two spare Gespenst MkII-Ms, and the Huckebein 008L
that Irm was previously piloting is now empty.  It's time to consider
reassigning some pilots.  If you're enjoying Latooni's skills as much as I do,
you'll want to consider giving her the Huckebein 008L for awhile.  It's up to
you if you want to keep Giado and Garnet in their Messers or give them the new
Gespensts. Also, even though this is a very expensive endeavor, you are going
to need to start upgrading the Grungust's Darkness Slash a little bit at a
time.  This will serve as your Boss Killer in the middle portion of the game,
and it will probably end up as one of your strongest attacks all the way up
until the end. Upgrading Grungust's EN is a priority as well, or else he can
only attack a few times per mission!

=== 3.13 === Episode 13 === Bian Zoldark ===
This is a pretty easy level.  Your mission is to defeat the Troye Unit, the all
female personal bodyguards of the UCC's Commander Maier.  We won't get into why
Rai and Elzam's dad has
all female bodyguards... 

As you beat them, Rai and Leona will talk about their family problems.

After beating all of the Troye mechs, Commander Bian of the DC arrives in his
custom mech, the 
Valsion.  As for Valsion's strength, let's just say you have as good a chance
of beating him as the PS3 has of ever outselling the XBox360 (there's a slim
chance this statement will be hilarious in about 8 years.)

Battle Mastery:  Reduce the Valsion's HP to below 80% in 3 turns.

80% isn't too bad, just attack it with everything you've got and it should be
enough.  After succeeding, Masaki will launch and Bian will leave.  A few more
Lions arrive to fight you, but they're just fodder by now, right?

Intermission:  Around this point your main fighters have enough PP to start
upgrading their skills.  In 
this game, it's important to get at least one level of Support on everybody.
Everybody.  Once a 
character has 50PP, get Support.  After that it's up to you.  Gunfight is good
for your long range 
attackers, along with the damage bonus it raises the range of your attacks by
one at level 4 and 7 of the skill.  On the opposite side, Infight is alright
for close range fighters, and it raises your movement at those levels. 
Personally I skip those and save up for Mental and/or SP Regenerate.  Being
able to use Spirits more often is my style, and it does help at the end of the
game when
you have to fight multiple bosses in a row.

=== 3.14 === Episode 14 === Cross the Line ===
Battle Mastery: Defeat all enemies within 9 turns

Here you face Barrelions in a long line.  It's sort of unique.  Barrelions are
like flying tanks, much more defensive based than previous Lion mechs.  The
same strategies apply, just brute force your way here.  

After a bit you'll be flanked by enemy reinforcements, but even then you
shouldn't worry because your team is more than strong enough to win this. 
Eventually Tenzan will get pissed off and launch a MAPW at you that you'll need
to take out.  Cyflash can be pretty useful in this map, especially on that

9 turns is really more than enough.  I got it in 6.

=== 3.15 === Episode 15 === Thomas's Trap ===
Pay attention to the Victory and Battle Mastery conditions.  If you attack
Ryoto at all, the mission ends (so you can end the mission in one attack,
making this potentially the quickest
level in the game... possibly in any SRW game?)

Battle Mastery:  Shoot down Thomas

Thomas won't even counterattack or dodge.  He just sits there and defends and
lets you beat him.  He does have 18,000 HP so it takes a bit, but really this
is probably the easiest Battle Mastery in the game.  

Just make sure you dodge/defend every time Ryoto attacks you.

=== 3.16 === Episode 16 === Starbuck Island ===
Battle Mastery: Defeat all enemies in 6 turns (Tenzan and Thomas can be forced
to retreat)

This is a fairly hard BM.  Your heavy hitters will need to start focusing on
the Rhinoceroses right away.  

On Turn 2, Ryoto deploys in his Lion to help you.  The problem is doing enough
damage to the Rhinos to kill them, and enough damage to Thomas to make him
retreat (Tenzan has low HP and is no problem.)  Don't hold back on the Rhinos,
and in this case it might be okay to let a weak link on your team die.  By this
I mean if all the enemies are targeting one of your weak units that can't
counterattack and survive or something, instead of trying to dodge/defend you
can just let
them die so the enemies will attack somebody that can counter and rack up some
damage on them.  It's mean, but effective.

After defeating the enemies, Shu arrives in the Granzon.  Everyone is ready to
fight and avenge the 
Shirogane, but Capt. Daitetsu wisely orders a retreat.  The objectice is to
move the Hagane to the edge of the map, but it says nothing of the units.  If
you really want to you could attack Granzon while the Hagane is moving, though
it's a bit of a fool's errand.  You'll only build up the repair cost for after
the mission, you don't stand a chance against him yet.

=== 3.17 === Episode 17 === Last Batallion ===
The BM is a mystery at first, so just move the Hagane south while everybody
else fights the elite 
enemies.  Once the Hagane gets to a certain point, Tempest appears to ambush
you.  Ryusei launches in the R-1 and you finally reveal the BM.

Battle Mastery: Shoot down Tempest.  Just like with Thomas a few levels ago,
this isn't hard at all.

Intermission:  Go ahead and start upgrading Ryusei's R-1.  He'll be in it for
the rest of this game, and its sequel, so the upgrades won't go to waste.  Make
sure to give him a gun with good range for when he's countering enemies that
are far away.  At this point you should probably give him the upgraded Steel
Knife, because upgrading his T-Link Knuckle just isn't very economic in this

The Wildraubtier now needs a new pilot.  I gave it to Aya and kept her in Jet
mode all the time, and it 
served me very well.  Raubtier's jet mode has a good 2-4 range beam attack and
is evasive enough to stay alive.

Also make sure to equip a Repair Kit to the Hagane right now in the Parts menu.
It will come in handy in just a second.

=== 3.18 === Episode 18 === Isle of Hades ===
The objective is to move the Hagane to a certain spot in the Aidoneus Island
bay while everybody else provides cover.  You'll start by attacking some
missile turrets, if you attack from right next to them they can't hit you. 
Once the Hagane moves a few times the enemy ship Kurogane arrives, piloted by

Battle Mastery: Destroy the Kurogane within 7 turns.

This seems impossible at first.  Kurogane is way on the top of the map.  But
when you move the 
Hagane into the aforementioned spot in the Bay, the Kurogane automatically
rushes down to attack 
with its drill.  It does a ton of damage to the Hagane, but it's now close
enough that all of your mechs can target it.  Don't waste time trying to beat
the enemy subs in the bay, just focus on Kurogane and any other enemies that
fly down right now.  After Hagane gets hit by Kurogane,
it will start being targeted quite a bit.  Defend as much as possible, and
definitely make use of
the Repair Kit you equipped - it'll make your life a lot easier.

Note that once the Hagane parks in the bay and the Kurogane comes down, the
Win/Lose conditions change.  You now have to get all allies inside the base,
and you lose if ANY ALLY DIES.  This is a really rare condition in this game
and it makes the mission quite challenging.  If an
ally died prior to the objective switch, you're fine, but once it does you need
to keep even your
frail units alive.  You can dock them in the Hagane until the end, if that

You already know to save at the end of your turn in case the enemy turn doesn't
go your way, but this is probably the first situation you'll want to use the
"save during enemy turn"
trick.  It's not really a trick so much as something not everyone knows you can
do.  After an enemy attacks, and the EXP/PP box pops up, you can press start
and save your game in the middle of an enemy turn. This way if all the enemies
are focusing on one poor unit and you need to keep reloading so he dodges
enough shots, you can save throughout the enemy's turn to make it easier.

Once you defeat the Kurogane and get the Battle Mastery, you can take your time
and destroy 
everything else on the map at your leisure.  This is a pretty good place to
make some EXP/Money, with Subs and Rhinos to beat while using Bless.  

Intermission:  This is a very important intermission because the next mission
can be extremely difficult if you're not prepared for it.  To make your life
easier I've assembled achecklist of suggestions -

- Ryusei with a good melee weapon (fully upgraded steel knife?) and Support
- Rai with a good ranged weapon (fully upgraded M95?) and Support
- Masaki with the Cybuster's EN upgraded and Support
- Irm with Darkness Slash at least partially upgraded, Grungust's EN upgraded
(at the very least), and 
- Someone not mentioned above needs to equip the Energy Taker.  It will help
you if this person also has Alert or Sense (Latooni is a good choice).  They
also need Support.
- Someone ELSE with a Supply Module.  This isn't necessary, but it can help.
Preferably all of these are durable mechs, meaning no Jets.  If you can't take
a hit, you're going to be cannon fodder in this level.

=== 3.19 === Episode 19 === The Dawning ===
After watching the conversation, take a look at what you face.  The Valsion is
your toughest enemy 
yet.  To complete the mission you must destroy it.  The Granzon will just
spectate the match.

Battle Mastery:  Reduce Granzon's HP to below 40%

This adds a lot to the difficulty, since you can't "blow your load" all at once
on the Valsion, you have to get the Granzon a bit first.  If you're having
trouble getting this Battle Mastery, don't fret too much.  It's easily the
hardest in the game, and you can still miss a couple without any negative

People that require a high Will to use their best attacks need to take the lead
and destroy the cannons.  This is Irm and Masaki, probably.

The last thing to notice on the map are the little Batteries you can stand on.
These restore your EN/HP.  If things go bad and you need to regroup, you can
use these.  Though if you've
wasted too much SP... you may as well restart if things go bad.

If you take too long to destroy the grunts and turrets on the map, Bian will
move to attack you.  It is imperative that you ignore him and dodge his
attacks, you can't fight him now. You may need to save/reload enemy turns so he
doesn't blow up your mechs.  Once Irm and Masaki have the right amount of Will,
you can bring everybody up to face Granzon.  When everyone isthere, assume this


E is the Granzon
1 and 2 are Ryusei/Irm in either order
3 and 4 are Rai/Ingram in either order (I used Ingram because he was my next
strongest ranged 
attacker after Rai.  It doesn't need to be him)
5 is Masaki
6 can be any attacker
7 is your EN Draining unit
8 is your Resupplier (optional)

Attacking Granzon or Valsion while they still have enough EN to use their
shields is pointless.  You 
can't win that way.  Because of that, you must use your EN Drainer to eliminate
their shields and do as much damage as possible in one turn.  Use Sense (or
Strike+Alert) with your EN Drainer, then do the same with your #6 character. 
Attack with #6 and adjust #7's Support so they fire the EN Drain.  THEN you can
use #7's turn and fire another EN Drain.

(A quick note about Support attacks - if you're wondering why two people aren't
supporting when they should be, check if one is in the air and the other is on
the ground.  You can always Ground your flying units to make it work.)

That should just about take out their EN.  If they have a bit more, attack them
with other "cannon 
fodder" characters to wear down the rest of the EN.  Once they are out of EN,
you can begin the 

Most likely your strongest attacks are Darkness Slash and Steel Knife.  Attack
first with 2 and 4 
(Rai/Ingram) so that 1 and 3 (Ryusei/Irm) get in their Support Attacks.  Then
attack with 1 and 3 again.  Then use Cybuster's Cosmo Nova.  Make sure to Valor
as many of these attacks as
possible.  Finish the  turn with as many other character's attacks as you can. 
If everything went
well, you probably did enough damage to get Granzon below 40% in less than one
turn of attacking.  If things didn't go so well, start the next turn by
Resupplying your EN Taker and just repeat until you're done.

Once you get the Battle Mastery and Shu leaves, reorganize your units and do
the same basic strategy against Bian.  It will probably take two full turns to
beat him.

This is the basic strategy to do mass damage in this game.  Of course I won't
walk you through it in such detail anymore, now that you grasp the basics of
manipulating EN Draining and using Support attacks.  There are only a few more
fights that require so much planning, anyway.

=== 3.20 === Episode 20 === Invaders ===
Battle Mastery:  Complete the map in 5 turns

This isn't too hard.  Reinforcements will arrive in the north, then some
Spiders in the south, and finally enemies in the west.  Once the last group
shows up, Masaki comes to help you.

=== 3.21 === Episode 21 === Little Princess ===
Battle Mastery: Destroy the Rhinoceros (It retreats at 30%)

This is the first Battle Mastery that requires you to kill an enemy that
retreats if he gets to a certain low HP, in this case 30%.  This is why I
recommended upgrading Irm's Darkness Slash to kill bosses with.  

Get the Rhino as close to 30% as possible (save before every attack as you
whittle it down) then 
unleash a Valored Darkness Slash supported with something strong like an M95. 
It should be more 
than enough damage.

All units that aren't on "boss kill duty" need to proceed immediately toward
the castle.  On the enemy's 3rd turn, reinforcements led by Tenzan arrive.  If
you're not careful, they'll reach the castle and you'll fail the mission.  It's
hard to kill all the Barrelions before they reach the Castle, especially since
some will fight you but others ignore you and go straight down.  For this
reason, it may
serve you well to block the castle with your own units and let them come to
you.  Just make sure not to step on the castle itself (and win the level) until
you get the Battle Mastery.

=== 3.22 === Episode 22 === R-1 vs Alteisen ===
Battle Mastery: Complete the objective in 4 player turns without destroying

This is not a hard mission.  It's more about the dialogue and getting to meet
new characters.  You finally get to try out Rai's R-2, and you can see the
Grungust Type 2 but Kusuha isn't up to piloting yet.  The actual objective is
to reduce Alteisen's HP to below 40%, which should be no problem at all for

After the mission a space colony sized object appears between Earth and the
Moon.  We get our first glimpse of the "real bad guys" of the game talking it

Intermission:  You now have the ATX Team's mechs on your side.  You should
probably spend whatever money you have upgrading the Alteisen and Weissritter a
bit so they can compete
with everyone else.  

Bullet, Kyosuke and Excellen start with 50PP, so give them support (Excellen
already has it, so you can save up or give her something else).  It's also a
good idea to give Alteisen a long range weapon just like the R-1, for when it's
getting sniped.  The Boosted Rifle you just got is a good one.

=== 3.23 === Episode 23 === Neviim Emerges ===
Katina rushes off to fight the Spiders, so everybody else is basically tasked
with making sure she 

Battle Mastery:  Complete the mission in 6 turns.

This is another mission where you fight waves of Aerogaters.  In this mission,
Katina is yellow - you 
don't control her, but she still fights.  You can heal her with Russel and
Lefina's Trust, though.  Once all the initial enemies are dead, some bugs
appear in the west.  After them, new aerogater enemies appear even further

At this point Shu appears to help you fight.  A turn later Masaki arrives and
(grudgingly) agrees to fight alongside you and Shu.

It's actually fairly difficult to beat the 3rd wave of enemies in time to earn
the Battle Mastery.  It helps if you get Giganscudo over as soon as possible,
then unleash a Valored Giga Burst on as many of the enemies as possible.  Be
careful, though, Giga Burst DOES hurt your allies
unlike the rest of the MAP attacks in the game.

Intermission:  Everybody is finally together!  You now have both battleships,
plus an extra Repair and Supply Module, so from now on I recommend making both
ships your Repair/Suppliers.

=== 3.24 === Episode 24 === Lune and Valsione ===
From this mission on, you have way more units in stock that you can dispatch
for any one mission.  
You're free to send your favorites, though it will serve you better if you use
at least some of the 
objectively better mechs like R-1 and Alteisen.

As everyone meets Lune, the remaining UCC troops show up.  Lune will be Yellow
for this, and will help you fight the UCC.  

Battle Mastery:  Shoot down Siebel (retreats at 30%, or 11333HP)

Also pay attention to Leona on the enemy team.  You need to shoot her down with
either Tasuku or Rai to unlock an extra mech.

If you save Siebel for last, Lune will attack him and mess up your Boss Kill
preparations, so you should probably leave a Peregrine alive for her to focus
on.  After beating all of the
UCC members and earning the BM, Lune heals herself to fight you.  Go ahead and
take her down.  You'll see she was sort of expecting that and isn't in a bad
mood at all.

In the scenes following the mission, the Captains convince Leona to fight with
you.  She keeps her 
Guarlion if Rai or Tasuku beat her.  You then receive orders to return to the
Far East Brigade, where we left Shine with the overly suspicious Hans.

=== 3.25 === Episode 25 === Viper Fangs ===
So Hans is a traitor.  Who didn't see that coming from, like, the first
mission?  He wasn't even secretive about it.  Anyway, there are DC to the left
and top right and you start with only Kai.  

Battle Mastery:  Complete the mission in 6 turns.

To do this, Kai is basically going to have to take out all the Lions on the
left by himself.  You'll probably want to use some save/reload action on this
one.  When the Hagane arrives, just move out and take down all the enemies.  No

Intermission:  Aya is back, and she has the R-3 working now.  If she was your
Wildraubtier pilot, like she was mine, then you'll need to give the mech to
somebody else.  Rio makes a decent choice, though it wastes her Drive spirit.

=== 3.26 === Episode 26 === His Resolve ===
I almost feel bad for Katina.  Almost.  Masaki and Lune leave on recon, and
Katina follows them.  This level can be tricky because it can be hard to keep
Lune alive.  If you have this problem, go ahead and give her some good Parts
before you try it again.  You can always give them back to their normal owner
for the next level.

At the end of your second turn, Lune gets surrounded.  Because of this you
should use Focus on your second turn, and Lune will be able to dodge the
attacks.  On your 3rd turn, Katina and Russel arrive to "help" but if they're
as useless in your game as they were in mine you'll just want them to stand

On Turn 4 you can pick your battleship and reinforcements. 

NOTE:  Make sure Ryusei has 50 kills by the end of this mission, in order to
get a secret.

 At the end of Turn 4, Sanger shows up to challenge you.

Battle Mastery:  Shoot down Sanger (retreats at 13,500HP)

If you're prepared with a good boss finisher, like I've mentioned a few times
now, this won't be too 
hard.  If you're not ready for this, though, it's essentially an impossible
task.  By now I had Darkness 
Slash fully upgraded, and with Valor it was doing about 16,000 damage.

Intermission:  If Ryusei has 50 kills by the end of this stage, and if you get
the Battle Mastery, AND if 
you're currently in Hard Mode (which you should be, if you're following this
guide), you will get the 
Shishioh blade here.  This is just about the best equippable short range weapon
in existence.  

Canonically it's the weapon of choice for Bullet, but I preferred giving it to
Ryusei just because R-1 is so much better suited to short range combat than
Bullet's Huckebein MkII.  It's outrageously expensive, but you should start
upgrading the Shishioh blade.  By the time you're done, you'll have an attack
that does around 10,000 damage, every turn, without Valor, and can be used
times.  Very fun.

=== 3.27 === Episode 27 === GEIM System ===
If you can't figure it out, the GEIM system is basically this game's version of
the ZERO system.  Watch as it improves the pilots skills many times, but makes
them lose their minds.  Tempest is here for his final showdown, and he's
piloting the first of the Valsion Customs.

Battle Mastery:  Reduce Tempest's HP to below 60% within 3 turns.

Focus everything on him to make sure you get this.  Unlike the original, this
copy of the Valsion 
doesn't have that pesky barrier so regular attacks are fine.  Because he starts
diagonally from you, you can send your flying units directly to him while your
ground based ones take the road around.  

After achieving the Battle Mastery, Tempest activates the GEIM system and Hans
shows up with a ton of reinforcements scattered right amongst your troops. 
Tempest has fully healed, but he's now insane.  

Because the enemies are right in your ranks, you can tear them up with some
Cyflash / Psyblast action, then just finish everybody off like normal.

=== 3.28 === Episode 28 === Crusaders' End ===
As you saw in the scenes with Adler and crew, this is the last stand of the DC.
 You get to sortie 16 
units, more than usual, so if you don't normally send out Support units (like
Garnet, Radha, or Russel) this is a good chance.

All of the enemy grunts are to your south, so send everybody down to intercept.
 However, send a few units over toward the Assembly Hall in the middle.

At the end of Turn 3, Adler shows up with 5 Rhinoceroses and another Valsion
Custom - Shine's.  It 
seems you can still save her if you can critically damage her Valsion (<10% HP)
before turn 6.

Battle Mastery: Critically wound Shine's Valsion before the end of turn 5

NOTE: Earning the Battle Mastery on this mission also lets you use the Valsion
Custom in future missions.

Shine starts every turn with Alert and Strike.  When going to attack her, hit
her first with a weak attack that doesn't mean much to you so she'll waste the
Alert, then actually damage her.  When she attacks you, you'll either have to
use Alert or just get hit (it's not too bad, just Defend if you're unsure). 
Just like every other time you have to carefully reduce someone's HP, save
often and
try out different attacks.  The reason I told you to send a couple units to the
Assembly Hall
should be clear now, they can start hitting Shine right away.

Once you destroy Shine's GEIM system and rescue her, Lily will attack Adler as
per Commander Maier's last order.  Adler will retaliate and kill Lily, which
forces Sanger to make an appearance.  Sanger finally confirms what you've been
assuming for a long time - the true objective of
Maier, Bian, Elzam and Sanger himself was to train up and strengthen the Hagane
and Hiryu's crew in
order for THEM to defeat the Aerogaters.  They were setting themselves up to
lose, and to be the bad guys, just to better your chances.  Sanger will now
join you as you get revenge on Adler for all he's done.  

Of course Tenzan is here too, under the control of the GEIM system, so go ahead
and let Ryusei get that kill.  It's just better that way.

After beating Adler, Bullet asks Sanger to join you.  He refuses, saying his
crimes are too great to be associated with you.

=== 3.29 === Episode 29 === Geneva Scourged ===

Another "kill the waves of Aerogaters" level.

Battle Mastery:  Complete the level in under 4 turns.

NOTE:  Make sure Ingram is level 30 by the end of this mission and you'll get a
special mech after the next episode.

Use Accel and slaughter the enemies as fast as possible.  After beating the
initial Aerogaters, the first Aerogater Boss shows up.  Just wail on it a bit
and it retreats after you wound it.  Then enemy MAPW appears, so Daitetsu and
Lefina have to abandon Geneva.  Load all your units onto your ship to complete
the new objective.

It seems Geneva wasn't the only place to be destroyed.  Osaka, Melbourne,
Shangai, Birmingham, and Rio de Janeiro are also gone.  Kyosuke and Radha are
getting suspicious of Ingram, since he predicted the Aerogaters' attacks
perfectly.  Viletta is now seen as an enemy agent for the aliens.

Intermission:  If you don't have anybody piloting your Valsion Custom, now is a
good time to put 
somebody in it.

=== 3.30 === Episode 30 === Betrayal ===
You can't deploy Kusuha or the SRX team at the beginning of this mission.  You
can't see the Battle 
Mastery, so just attack the enemies at your leisure.  After taking down the
initial enemies, the 
Aerogater ship from Antarctica arrives with a bunch of new units.  The SRX team
and Kusuha launch to help, but you can't actually use Ingram or Kusuha yet. 
After beating a few of these new enemies, 
Ingram orders the SRX team to perform their transformation and assemble the
SRX.  The transformation fails, so Ingram officially betrays you and shoots
down Aya in the R-3.  

Battle Mastery:  Shoot down Ingram.  Ingram retreats at 50% HP (17500)

After doing a little bit of damage to Ingram, an Aerogater ship arrives and
starts trying to ram the 
Hagane.  Before Daitetsu can react, Elzam appears in the Kurogane to help you. 
Since the Kurogane's drill makes it the perfect ship for ramming things, this
is no problem.  Also, Elzam is such a good pilot that he can actually dodge
things in a battleship.  Amazing.

Beating Ingram is much the same as beating Sanger a few missions ago.  After
getting the Battle 
Mastery, Viletta appears and kidnaps Kusuha.

Intermission:  You now have the R-Gun, which is a cool mech but is incredibly
frail.  If you upgrade its EN/HP/Evade it will serve you well.  By beating
Ingram, you also unlocked the Gespenst MkII-S, but you won't get that for
awhile.  I'm a big fan of R-Gun, so I gave it the new Custom CPU and put
Latooni in it - it was basically invincible.

=== 3.31 === Episode 31 === Under the Mask ===
Since Ingram is gone, the captains conference and agree to promote Kyosuke to
Battle Commander.  Irm, Katina, and Aya were higher ranked but none of them
wanted the job for
various reasons.  

Kyosuke makes a good leader, so this works out.  If you've noticed his pilot
skills had a ???? throughout the game, that has now changed to Command, so he
has a leadership aura.  Everyone else also gets a promotion, though it doesn't
have any significance to gameplay.

NOTE:  Make sure Kyosuke has 55 kills by the end of this mission in order to
unlock a secret weapon after Episode 32.

In Kyosuke's first mission as leader, you just have to take out some Aerogaters
at first.  Go fairly fast here.  Once you take out the initial enemies, some
spiders appear and Kyosuke warns everybody to expect more enemies.  When the
screen is clear of enemy activity, a boss named
Galuin shows up with more grunts to fight.  This time, though, Gilliam arrives
to help you in his
Gespenst MkII-R.  

Battle Mastery:  Shoot down Galuin within 7 turns.  He retreats at 30% HP

This isn't hard at all, provided you have enough turns left.  If you took too
long at the beginning you might have a problem, but beating Galuin doesn't need
as much careful
preparation as bosses that retreat at higher HP.  You should have several
attacks that do in excess of 10000 damage to beat him with.

=== 3.32 === Episode 32 === Strings Uncut ===

The SRX team is currently under investigation to see if they are traitors like
Ingram.  You can't deploy them yet.  

Battle Mastery:  Shoot down Gaza (he retreats at 30% HP, or 12900HP)

As a note, Bullet needs to survive this mission for plot purposes.  At the end
of the 2nd turn you get a warning of incoming enemy reinforcements to the west.
 After killing most of the initial enemies, these reinforcements appear with a
brainwashed Kusuha as their leader.  Kyosuke
thinks you can still save her, so the objective becomes "Reduce Grungust Type
2's HP to below 10%"

Save Kusuha for last and keep killing grunts until you're ready to beat Gaza
for the Battle Mastery.

Intermission:  You get the SRX team back now, but all of their parts and extra
weapons you had 
equipped to them are unequipped.  It's like flashbacks to Yuffie stealing your
materia.  Reequip them 
and put R-Gun's pilot back, since that doesn't happen automatically.

Also, you should start saving your money right about now.  Just don't spend any
more of it for awhile, and you'll be thankful in about 5 missions.

=== 3.33 === Episode 33 === Delusions ===
In this intro, Masaki, Lune, and Excellen go scouting and encounter some neat

Battle Mastery:  Complete the map in 7 turns.

Masaki and Lune are facing their worst nightmares here, but Excellen is only
against a bug.  This is your first hint that there's something special about
her, and you won't find out the depths of this until well into Original
Generation 2.  After a few turns, Atad arrives to steal the Cybuster and
Excellen can attack her.  This ends the illusion attack and really pisses Atad
off.  A ton of
Aerogaters arrive, as well as your own forces.

NOTE:  Get Daitetsu as much EXP as possible in this level.  He needs to be
level 35 by the end of the next level.  The best way for him to get EXP is not
to fight enemies but to resupply people every turn.  If he resupplies someone
that's a higher level than him, it'll give somethinglike 800XP at once.

You've only got a few turns left to beat everybody and get the Battle Mastery,
so take advantage of 
Cyflash, Psyblast, and even TK Missile to hurry things up.  You do need to beat
Atad, but she doesn't 
retreat or anything so it's not too much of a problem.

=== 3.34 === Episode 34 === Steel Colossus ===
Note the losing objective, as Ryusei, Rai, Aya, and Bullet must all survive
here.  Just start out by moving and attacking.  After killing some enemies, Aya
notices that "he" is coming.  Once all the initial enemies are dead, Ingram
arrives with Kusuha and some grunts.  Kusuha's HP must be
reduced to below 10% again, but this time Bullet must deal the final blow. 
It's not hard to do
this, take your time and watch Bullet in action.

Once Kusuha is rescued, Kyosuke warns Ingram that he's next.  Attack the R-Gun,
but don't waste your best weapons and spirits yet!  After beating the regular
R-Gun, which isn't hard at all, Ingram unveils his true mech - the R-Gun

Battle Mastery:  Reduce Rivale's HP to below 40% before turn 8.

Give him everything you've got.  The Rivale is by far the toughest thing you've
faced so far.  It has over 100,000 HP so it appears as ????/???? for awhile
until you get him below 99,999.  It's got a shield, so you'll need to use EN
Drain to even get to him.  

Once he's down to about 70% HP, he'll automatically attack and hit Ryusei. 
This causes the R-1 to 
release its limiter and allow the SRX to finally be formed.  You probably won't
be able to use SRX's 
ultimate attack, unless your Ryusei is way overleveled for right now, but even
the attacks you do have access to probably do in excess of 10,000 damage.  

Once you weaken Ingram enough to obtain the Battle Mastery, he flies off.  In
the scenes that follow, Ryusei and Bullet apologize for going at each other
before and we find out the SRX can't be formed anymore for the time being.  

=== 3.35 === Episode 35 === Ark at the Pole ===

Before you arrive, Elzam and the Kurogane confront the remaining members of the
EOT council that are hiding on the Shirogane.  Suddenly Aerogaters attack, so
Elzam deploys in the Huckebein Trombe to fight them.  After a turn, Elzam finds
himself surrounded and Sanger comes to the rescue.  You need to defeat all
enemies except the Aerogater ship.  After doing so, the Hagane
arrives and Elzam and Sanger disappear as usual.  

Battle Mastery:  Defeat all enemies within 5 turns after your arrival.

This is no problem.  You can take your time with Elzam and Sanger since the
Battle Mastery specifies after the Hagane's arrival, and 5 turns is more than
enough to clean up the enemies.  Once you finish the enemy ship, Viletta
appears and destroys the Shirogane's bridge, killing the rest of the EOT

There is now nothing stopping the Hagane and the Far East Brigade from doing
what they want.

=== 3.36 === Episode 36 === Marionettes ===
The enemy is right here at Izu base, and there are a lot of them.  Both Gaza
and Galuin are here.  

Battle Mastery:  Complete the mission in 10 turns.

You really do have to move fast to get this one.  Once you get Gaza's HP below
20,000 or so, he freaks out and launches a bunch of MAPW at you.  You have to
reduce them to below 20% HP without destroying them (that's 1000HP) and still
beat the regular enemies on time. You really don't have time to waste attacking
them all individually, so this is a good time to make use of
your own MAP attacks.  I found the Psyblast did either too little or too much
damage (depending on if I Valored) but a Valored Giga Burst from Giganscudo did
just enough to reduce them to below 20% in one attack.  If you can get some, or
most of them with a Giga Burst or equivalent attack it'll really help. You'll
probably have to do a lot of saving/reloading to get the missiles down

=== 3.37 === Episode 37 === Black Phantom ===
The Aerogaters are attacking Mao Industries on the moon as a test, so Ring will
defend it herself until the Hagane arrives.  

Battle Mastery:  Clear the map in 7 turns.  

On turn 3 the Hagane arrives.  From now on, and this is only on Ryusei's route,
but you can form the SRX whenever you want.

NOTE:  If the Hiryu Custom's pilot Lefina is level 38 by the end of this
mission, you get a secret part.  If you want to try for it, do it like you did
with Daitetsu earlier - resupply people as much as possible.

Just move out and take out all the enemies, including Galuin's Gespenst Type-S.

=== 3.38 === Episode 38 === Operation SRW ===
Okay, here's a rundown of Operation SRW.  Phase 1 is Grunts charging the
Aerogaters as a distraction.  At the start of this level, this has already
occurred.  Phase 2 is launching
nukes at the White Star.  Phase 3, if Phase 2 fails, is to move in some ships
and attack the White Star witht he Tronium Cannon and Gravity Cannon.  If Phase
3 fails, Phase 4 is for your units to go inside the White Star and destroy it
from within.

Note that you can deploy 18 units here, the most yet.  Some support units will
help, and make sure you bring a few people that can cast Bless like Garnet and
Radha.  The objective is to defend the allied ships.

Battle Mastery:  Defeat all enemies before allied ships reach the White Star.

This seems hard but it's really not.  In a bit, you'll get control of Hiryu
Custom and Hagane, so you 
control when they get to Neviim to end the mission.  You effectively have as
much time as you need.

After beating the initial troops, the nukes reach the White Star but explode at
some barrier before 
reaching their destination . The Aerogaters retaliate by blowing up two allied
ships and sending out 12, yes 12, of their own ships between you and the White
Star.  From now on, your allied ships 
automatically progress toward Neviim and to earn the Battle Mastery you have to
destroy all 12 ships.  Move the Hagane and Hiryu Custom at your own pace.

Note that these ships are worth $20,000 apiece with Bless, so don't forget to
cast it.  This is your last good opportunity to earn money before the final
missions.  It's also a great time to level your ship captains, so repair and
resupply away.

=== 3.39 === Episode 39 === Shoot the Star ===
The Earth troops are failing fast, so Daitetsu is going to skip to phase 4.  We
need to get the Hagane in position to fire its Tronium Cannon within 5 turns to
blast a hole to get inside.

Battle Mastery:  Get the Hagane in position within 4 turns.

Just press forward and this isn't too hard.  Once you get into position, Gaza
appears and attacks the Hagane, damaging the Tronium Cannon so it can't be
fired from long range.  Daitetsu is ready to 
sacrifice himself as a kamikaze, but Tetsuya has a different idea.  The new
objective is to get the 
Hagane to the marked space on the White Star.  There is no longer a time limit.

On the enemy's next turn, Gaza attacks and destroys Viletta, calling her a
traitor.  After she explodes, a fleet of Aerogater ships appears behind Gaza. 
As things are looking bad, Elzam
and Sanger show up to help.

You need to fight enemies that are standing on Neviim.  Notice that standing on
any piece of it heals 30% of your HP and EN every turn.  On the plus side, you
can use attacks that drain a lot of energy like Darkness Slash and Rampage
Ghost more often, but you also need to be aware that
the enemy is healing a lot of damage every turn if you don't finish them. 
Spreading damage here is a bad idea, focus on one ship at a time and bring it

You do not need to destroy all the ships, and I wouldn't bother with Gaza at
all.  Once you're ready, just move Hagane into position to end the level.

Intermission:  Have you been saving since I suggested it?  You now have Sanger
and Elzam and if you can't upgrade their mechs they're fairly useless in these
last few missions!  Upgrade the Grungust Type O and the Huckebein Trombe, give
Sanger Mental for sure, and put some kind of
Generator on the Grungust so he can use his Collosal Blade more often. 
Speaking of which, with
any extra money upgrade Sanger's blade as much as possible.  

=== 3.40 === Episode 40 === Insect Cage ===
As the mission starts, you have no objective and no enemies.  Kind of creepy.
Go ahead and move 
everybody up.  At the end of turn 2, a bunch of DC mechs with brainwashed
pilots appear.  Some of 
your pilots have obvious apprehensions about killing humans (regardless of the
fact that they were at war against said humans a month ago and killed them all
the time) but apparently they can't be saved, so it's alright to put them out
of their misery.  

After beating the DC mechs, Aya gets some TK feedback because of some strong
Psychic approaching.  Suddenly 4 Valsion Customs appear.

Battle Mastery:  Destroy all enemies within 6 turns.

It's not as tough as you might fear, these copies aren't as tough as the
originals.  They have 36,000 HP and no shields.

After beating them, Viletta of all people arrives to help you.  She's in a
Gespenst MkII-S (assuming you beat the R-Gun on chapter 30) that's really
pretty awesome.  Then the strangest bunch of enemies yet appear to your right:
copies of yourself.

You need to conserve some SP while fighting these guys, but they aren't bad at
all.  Most of them are in the same default mechs you're in, with some
exceptions like Bullet in the Wildschwein (hmm, I guess he wouldn't be too bad
in there...)

Once you beat all the copies, Atad and Gaza appear on the western cliff along
with a few more DC 
units.  This is the final part of the level so go all out on them.  All of
these Guarlions and Barrelions are really tough, and Gaza's new mech has
80,000HP.  Atad is last, with 87,000HP and surprisingly good accuracy on her
strong attacks.  It takes awhile to beat her down, since you're probably about
out of SP at this point, so just keep trying.

Atad finds out from Ingram that she's not a true Balmarian, but just another
brainwashed Earthling.  It seems none of the Aerogaters here are true
Balmarians.  With Viletta on your side and Gaza and Atad dead, all that's left
is Levi (aka Mai) and Ingram.

Intermission:  Blow all your money if you can even find anything to upgrade at
this point.  The Gespenst MkII-S could use some upgrades.  Teach new skills to
your pilots, set up energy drainers, just prepare for the end and a hard last

=== 3.41 === Episode 41 === Double-Edged Sword ===
This is it.  Objective: Shoot down Ingram.

Battle Mastery:  Shoot down Ingram within 7 turns.

Don't be tempted to ignore the other enemies and focus on him, you're going to
need the Will 
upgrades.  Your best bet is to EN Drain him 3 times then Armor Break him by
someone with Fury (Rai and Leona)

This is the only time I'm doing this in the guide, but I'm going to list my
mechs and what they were using at this point as a suggestion if you're
wondering something.

R-2 - Armor Breaker
Guarlion - EN Drain
R-Gun (Latooni) - EN Taker
Valsion Custom (Katina) - EN Drain / Attack when needed
Grungust Type O - Collosal Blade, fully upgraded
Grungust - Darkness Slash, fully upgraded
Grungust Type 2 - Doomblade
Giganscudo - Giga Uragano
Cybuster - Cosmo Nova
Huckebein MkII - Steel Knife, fully upgraded, or G-Impact Cannon
Alteisen and Weissritter - Rampage Ghost
R-1 - Shishioh Blade, fully upgraded
Valsione - Cross Smasher
Gespenst MkII-S - Mega Blaster
Huckebein Trombe - G-Impact Cannon
Wildraubtier / Gespenst MkII-R - whatever weak weapons
R-3, Radha, and Russel on support spirit duty

Just like when facing Bian, once a unit has the will it needs to do its part
move it into position and wait.You should start the grand assault on Turn 6. 
EN Drain him 3 times and hit him with a Furied Armor Breaker, then go crazy on
him.  I got him down to 50,000 HP on turn 6 and finished him on the next turn. 
Don't forget to EN Drain and Armor Break on the second assault too.

After defeating Ingram, Daitetsu will destroy the core of Neviim and you will
reunite with the Hiryu 
Custom in space.  Before you can celebrate, Levi arrives with a small army of
custom mechs.  Everything from the last fight is reset - all your EN and HP are
back, but your will is back to default as well.  There is no Battle Mastery
here, as it's the true last mission.  Hiryu and Kurogane start off weak from
being attacked in the intro, so have them heal each other.  

Like the last time you fought in front of Neviim, don't spread the damage or
they'll just heal it between turns.  Focus on one at a time and bring them
down.  Of course, take advantage
of Neviim's healing yourself.  Also of note, you lose if the Kurogane is
destroyed but for some
reason it's okay to let the Hiryu Custom die (not that I recommend it!). 
Attack Levi with everybody to see their own reactions, even Russel has
something to say to her!

Once Levi is down to about 40%, she'll talk to your team and Ryusei will
attempt to convince her to 
stop.  Unfortunately it's no good and the fight continues.  Once you eventually
beat her, ASSUMING 
YOU MEET THE CONDITIONS (see Secrets section above), Levi will laugh at you. 
Apparently when a 
race is deemed a suitable threat - that is, when they destroy Judecca, the
Adjudicator awakens to 
destroy the race.

Intermission:  Any last minute upgrades?  This is really "it" so go ahead.

=== 3.42 === Final Episode === The Adjudicator ===

Septuagint, formerlly Meteor 3, has absorbed Aidoneus's defense forces and
deployed them against 
you.  These are Rhinos, F21 Messers, and even some Aerogaters.  The mission is
to destroy 
Septuagint, and there is no Battle Mastery.

Starting enemies: Type 71 Waldung x4 (3625HP)
                             F28 Messer x8 (2500 HP)
                             Rhinoceros x3 (35,000HP)
                             Habakkuk x4 (12,000HP)
                             Ezekiel x4 (16,800 HP)

Septuagint has incredible accuracy, even hitting people like Excellen with
ease.  Once you start wailing on it, give it a good EN Drain / Armor Break
combo and have at it.  When it's down to about 80%, he summons some more

Reinforcements:  Huleh x4 (60,000 HP)

Now, you only need to destroy Septuagint so you could ignore these
reinforcements, but for an added challenge you could always try to take them
all out.  Alternately, this is your last chance to earn money and PP for your
New Game +, so maybe it's in your best interest to fight them
all?  I wouldn't bother though.  At 60%, Septuagint summons more enemies.

Reinforcements: Vayyikra Ben x8 (29,000 HP)

When Septuagint is at about 40% HP, it will freak out and try to summon
Judecca.  Your time limit is now 5 turns.

Once you beat Septuagint, enjoy the conclusion!

=== 5.0 === Closing ===

Thanks for using my guide.  I've attempted to provide an easy to use, easy to
understand guide for this game.  Sadly, the Super Robot Wars fanbase seems to
have trouble doing this for their guides, which usually focus on only one route
or aspect of the game and with very poor (obviously non-native) English.  While
I appreciate any other FAQs, I do wish more people would make
them accessible.

Thank you to Ed Bellis, whose What Would You Do contest got me off my ass and
writing this thing.  It's been a goal of mine to write this guide for a long
time, since I played the game in 2006, but it took this contest to finally get
it done.

Thanks to Loudon for making GunEVA RPG (www.guneva.net) and spawning my
enduring love for 
Mecha.  Along with the rest of the GunEVA Crew, special thanks to Manuel for
introducing me to Super Robot Wars so many years ago.

Thanks to Fencedude and the rest of the Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation
Board users on 
GameFAQs.  They answered so many of my questions when I was first playing
through, it's great to 
finally pass on that information in a nice, consolidated format.  

A huge thanks to Atlus for releasing these amazing Banpresto games in America. 
I don't know exactly how sales went, but how about continuing releasing the OG
Games at least?  Original Generations for the PS2 looks awfully pretty, and I'm
probably going to have to play it imported soon if I don't hear about an
American release date...

Thanks to Chris McIntyre for introducing me to Evangelion, and thus, Mecha, so
many years ago.  And thanks for letting me borrow those VHS tapes of it, man. 
It seems like forever
ago, and it sure was a simpler time!

Copyright 2008 Joshua Turck
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly
prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

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