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Story Guide by nitake92

Updated: 01/15/05

Super Robot Wars OG

It is the year AD 179, the people of Earth has been living a largely 
blissful life, even though 3 meteors from outer space have crashed on Earth. 

Stage 1. 

Elzam V Flashtein is out testing the Gesphent MkII R, however he is attacked 
by unknown attackers. He identifies these alien calling them Aerogater's 
Basku. Although without weapons, he managed to destroy 4 of them and 
captured the 5th for Bian Zoldark to analyze

Stage 2.

Ryusei Date and Kusuha Mizuha are on their way to the Burning PT tournament 
but stopped to visit Ryusei's mom, Yukiko Date at the hospital. Ryusei tells 
his mom that he is considering not going to college because he wants to work 
to get money for better treatment for his mom. However Yukiko won't have it 
and say to Ryusei not to let him waste his life, and to find the things that 
ONLY he can do. They say goodbye and head towards the championship. Kusuha 
asked Ryusei about Burning PT and Ryusei says that it is like piloting a 
robot and that his dream is to pilot a Super Robot one day. Kusuha looks at 
Ryusei and think that Ryusei is at his best when talking about Super Robot 
and she wishes that he would pay HER the same type of attention.

At the tournament, Ryusei won because the champion Tensan Nakajima has 
disappeared. However he does not know that the game is what the Federation 
is using to scope  out new recruits for a special team, Ingram and Aya are 
watching him and Ingram labeled him as Sample 55 and notes his high power. 
The area is under attack by Basku, although fighter jets appeared to fight 
them , Ingram ordered them away and have Aya unload the Gesphent MkII TT. 
Ryusei finds it and tells Kusuha to run while he gives it his best shot. He 
is surprised to find that it is controlled just like in Burning PT. Giving 
it his best, Ryu notes that the real thing is different than the game. He 
gets scolded by Aya over the com link for not doing well on the battle field 
and Ryusei retorted that if Aya, a trained military personnel, had THAT much 
time to scold him, then she should have enough time to evacuate the area and 
give him some backup. (If the difficulty is low enough) Kai and some of his 
troops come and help Ryusei out. After the battle, Ingram approach Ryusei 
who is desperately searching for Kusuha. Ingram tells him that Kusuha has 
been taken to the hospital, and that they need to talk.

Later while talking with Aya, Ingram says that Ryusei has accepted his offer 
to join the military so that he does not get into trouble over piloting the 
Gesphent and that he also gets the military's full aid in medical care for 
his mother. Ingram tells Aya that Ryusei will be under his command as will 
the other member he has called.

Outside Ryusei has forgotten his key card and can not enter the base. A 
young blonde man brushed him aside with a snobbish attitude and is permitted 
to enter. Aya comes out and help Ryu. Ryu recognized her as the one who 
scolded him and she apologizes for it. Aya tells Ryu to call her by her 
first name even though she outranked him and she'll do the same with him.

Stage 3 
Rai is interviewed by Ingram, he notes Rai's lineage from Maya and Elzam V. 
Flashtein. Rai says that he has cut all link to his family and that he is 
his own man now. He asked Ingram why Ingram summoned him especially after 
that accident that claimed his hand. Ingram says that he does not need to 
know that. After Rai left, Ingram notes that all the pieces and player have 
fully assembled.

The team trained in a virtual reality game but Ryusei disobeyed order and 
rushed ahead and Rai and Aya had to cover him. After the game, Ryusei is 
told by Ingram to redo the training because he had not learned the meaning 
of teamwork. While getting out, he bumps into Garnette, Charter, and Ratouni 
who are also pilots of the federations beginning their daily training on the 
virtual reality game.

Stage 4.   

Rai insults Ryu saying that after the test a couple of weeks ago, he's been 
doing poorly, with his stats going down, Ryu gets angry but Aya breaks them 
off.  The team is to train near an island, but suddenly they receive an 
emergency signal, from a cargo ship under attack by unknown forces, Aya and 
Rai are sortied out to help them, it turns out Ilm is on the ship and 
recognize Rai and Ingram. Ryusei decides to go out and Ingram allows it only 
if he follows order. One of the enemy pilots is Tensan Nagajima who treats 
the battle as a real life game. During the fight, Ryusei gets combat fright 
and Tensan attacks him and notes that Ryu seems to be a newbie and someone 
who has played Burning PT before. After the battle, Ilm reports to Norman, 
the head of the base saying that he brought the Hilraptor with him to be 

Stage 5.

There is to be a talk, a first, between Aerogater and Earth, Ryu's team, 
henceforth known as SRX team is to accompany Federal forces lead by 
Daitestu, the captain of Shirokane, who will accompany the president of the 
United Earth (or something like that) to make the talk. Joining them is a 
representaive of EOTI company, in the experimental Armored Module Granzone, 
Professor Shuu Shirakawa. Ryusei, as a normal citizen, is shocked to learn 
that the Basku he fought off initially are from outerspace like in the 
SuperRobot shows he loves.  The president calls the Aerogater "Guests" 
because they're not here to attack today. Of course Ryusei snapshot the 
Shirokane, but Rai gets a feeling something is wrong. This happens when 
Granzone attacks the Fu-re, the Aerogaiter ship, and they retaliate. After 
wiping out the underling enemies, Fu-re retreats and Granzone turns its 
attention to the Shirokane, sinking it and the remaining federal forces 
within the vicinity in one shot except for SRX team. Ryusei is in too much 
shock to fight and Rai and Aya tries to defend him, Rai asks Shuu whether 
this was his intention from the beginning but doesn't get an affirmative 
reply. Before Shuu could finish them off, Psybuster appears looking to fight 
Shuu who retreats. 

At the base, report of Granzone's doing has reached it, this effectively 
destroyed any chance of talk with Aerogaiter, and worse, on TV, Bian 
Zoldark, the leader of EOTI which now calls itself Divine Crusader, announce 
to the public, the existence of alien that was kept top secret and declared 
war on the ineffective Earth Government.

Stage 6

The DC war goes poorly for Earth's federation, many bases were destroyed by 
MapW weapons and even the base in America where the ATX team were stationed 
was captured.

After a battle to defend the base, the only team left were Garnette's team 
and Kai's team. Kai tells his subordinate to retreat while he takes them on. 
Being a former Special Forces Team member, he is up to the task. Garnette 
and the other refuse to retreat and they find themselves battling aerial 
Armored Modules, after a while the SRX team joins the fight and defeat them 
but the base is target for attack by a MapW weapon. Ingram orders a retreat, 
Ryusei doesn't want to and ask whether they could destroy it in midair, he 
is told  byRai that he is not skilled enough to do that , Ryu then tells Rai 
to do it,  HE should be skilled enough, but is told by Rai that their mech 
can't do what Ryusei wants to do, and the order is to retreat. They retreat 
but Ryusei screams in frustration before retreating.

Later, he and Rai trade insults again, and Ryu doesn't care when Aya tells 
him that Rai is doing his best to fight when all Ryu see is just a smug cold 

Stage 7

 The team are told to investigate an enemy movement near a water stream near 
the new base, Ilm joins the fight piloting a Mass produce Gesphent. They 
learn that the 2 KillerWhale subs are nuclear powered and have to disable it 
without destroying it.  Of course Tensan comes out and attack Ryu, he note 
that Ryu got better and Ryu finds out that Tensan is the same Tensan who is 
a darkhorse in the Burning PT game. Tensan treats all this as just a real 
life game and doesn't care much for human life. He says that Ryusei is the 
same as him, being all giddly when the chance comes to actually pilot a real 
life robot. Ryusei says that he might have started like Tensan, but he's 
different now, he's learned the horror of war. 

Afterward Ryusei is confronted by Garnette and the other who says that 
Ryusei is unfair for not teaching them techniques in Burning PT to be use in 
real life combat. Ryusei notes that it is weird that if the federation uses 
Burning PT to scout out potential candidate then why is Tensan recruited by 

Stage 8

In order to combat the increasing loss for the Federation, General Norman 
orders an attack on DC to be made by the Hagane, to be captained by the 
Former Shirokane's Captain, Daitetsu and Tetsuya, his vice captain. They are 
to take the SRX team and the other team to fight DC and defeat Bian Zoldark; 
a nearly impossible task.

Ryusei meets Rob, the creator of Burning PT and the R- series, he tells 
Ryusei that the T-Link System is not ready and that R-1 cannot fully move 
without it. Ryusei ask what the T-Link System is and Rob is horrified to 
learn that Ingram did not tell Ryusei what it is not even in the manual. 
Meanwhile the crew of Hagane arrives, Rio Meilong and Kusuha Mizuha. Ryusei 
is shocked to find Kusuha in military uniform and learns that she is the 
operator for the Hagane. He berates her for joining saying that this isn't 
for her and almost make her cry. Rio tries to defend her but suddenly an 
alarm sounds.

Bian Zoldark has taken interest in the Hagane and has Elzam V. Flashtein 
attack the docking bay, telling him not to forget their true purpose.

Most of the team sortied out, even Ingram in his Hilchbine. Ryusei ask 
whether he can use the R-1 to fight but is told no by Rob. He then thinks of 
deploying in his Gesphent MK II only to learn that it was destroyed by the 
initial attack on the dock.

Daitetsu prepares to launch the Hagane, predicting that the enemies will 
leave the other places alone and concentrate on it. 

Elzam deploys and notice Rai, attacking him, they exchange words; Rai says 
that he's cut himself off from the family; he'll go above Elzam, his older 
brother and Maiya, his father. Elzam applauds Rai's decision.

Of course, during this conversation, Ryusei learns that Rai is from the 
Flashtein house, a highly placed family and the head of the Colony 
Federation, which holds all power within all space colonies.

After the battle, Elzam leaves saying that a MapW weapon is on the way to 
destroy the Hagane. There is no time for evacuation and Ingram asked for R-
1's boosted Rifle to try to hit the MapW missile, but is told by Rob that 
the Hilchbine can't handle the job; Ryusei provides the only alternative, by 
deploying in the R-1. Ingram gives Ryusei the chance saying that he has only 
one shot to save everyone. However R-1 suddenly stop operating. Ryusei 
screams out to R-1 that he wants to protect Kusuha, and everyone on board 
the Hagane, his teammates and all, and that if R-1 wasn't create to protect 
them, what WAS it created for? Suddenly the R-1 roars to life and Ryusei use 
the boosted rifle to destroy the missile.

After the battle, Ryusei ask Ingram to take Kusuha off the ship but is told 
that it is impossible. Annoyed, Ryusei met Rai, they talk about Rai's 
origin, and Rai ask whether Ryusei now views him as an enemy. Ryusei says no 
but wonder whether Rai can be cold and distant enough to fight them. 
Thinking back, Ryusei notes that he has found his reason for fighting; to 
protect those he loved.

Stage 9, 

R-1 is still not functioning except for the instant it destroyed the 
missile, and Ryusei is assigned to the modified Hilraptor. Daitetsu decides 
to test the Hagane's limit by going undersea. This proves to be a mistake 
when it is attacked undersea by Killer Whale submarine, and the Hagane must 
rush past them to escape with no PT able to deploy because of the depth the 
Hagane is in. 

Stage 10

Noticing that Ryusei is avoiding Kusuha or being quite cold to her, 
Garnette, as a former Fashion Coordinator decides to doll up Ratoni (for 
whatever reason I forgot), but probably to get Ryusei to notice women more. 
Ryusei finds out that the Hyukebine 009 is onboard the ship and that Ilm 
will pilot it giving his Gesphent to Ratoni. Ryusei then learns of the 
history behind the Hyukebine, 3 of them were created, the 008L, the 008R and 
the 009. The 009 is inferior to the two 008s because it use a different 
engine, the two 008s used a BlackHole engine, which was the first PT to try 
to incorporate EOT technology, technologies gained from analysis of Meteor 
3, into a PT. The 008R was tested and there was an accident when it's engine 
malfunctioned, destroying it, and killing all but 3 people, who were Rob, 
Ilm and Rai who was the test pilot. It was there that Rai lost his left arm, 
which was replaced by a cybernetic artifical one. This surprises Ryusei, and 
Ilm note that it's typical of Rai not to tell people about his injuries. As 
a result of this, the Hyukebine earned the bad reputation and moniker of 
"Vanishing Trooper" and the 008L was sealed away.

Ryusei meets a cute young girl who runs away and asks Aya who she is?  Aya 
wonder whether she's a friend of Rob.

The Hagane land on an island to test the Hilraptor and Hyukebine 009 but 
enemy attack by Tempest, a DC Officer who hates the Federation because of an 
incident 16 years ago where because of the Federation, he lost his wife and 
child(a girl).Ratoni, Ryusei and Ilm deploys and Ilm asks why the Gesphent 
is piloted by an unknown beautiful young girl who he's never met, only to be 
told by her that she is Ratoni.

This shocks Ilm and everyone, and they think she is cute especially the 
other Operator on the Hagane, and Rio mocks him to ask whether he's a 
Lolicon.  Ilm himself regrets of not having marked her in his little black 
book, but suddenly the mood turned serious as Tempest attacks Ratoni and he 
see her as just a kid, wondering whether he can kill a kid, he doubts for an 
instance but decides that all Federations people must die. After a while the 
team sortied out and defeated him. Later, Ratoni puts on Normal clothes and 
says that she wouldn't wear that thing again because it's just not 
functional gears.

Ryusei and Kusuha talks and Ryusei says that he's sorry for being a jerk, 
but he promised Kusuha that once the DC war is over, he will talk to Ingram 
to let her leave the Hagane, not knowing that Kusuha joined intentionally to 
be with Ryusei.

Stage 11

 Tempest is called away from his post at one of DC's fortress island and 
Tensan is sent to replace him. Tensan has a plan to take care of the Hagane. 
The Hagane has to go underwater to pass the island because it is full of 
fortress gun capable of destroying it. After the team deployed in deep water 
and take on some of the fortress gun, Tensan reveals his ace, with a Killer 
Whale sub that fired out a MapW missile to hit the Hagane, however the plan 
is foil by the SRX team when they destroy it. During the fight, an 
unidentified flying object with incredible speed moves quickly to the battle 
site, it is the same mech that appear to drive away the Granzone from the 
South Pole. Ryuseii only has one word to say: "Kakkoi (Cool)" Vice Captain 
Tetsuya demands to know who is piloting it, but the pilot say he is here to 
help and destroyed all fortress gun in one shot with the Psyflash and goes 
inside to search for Shuu. Tensan seeing his plans foiled, run away 
muttering whether this unit is some sort of hidden units in the game. When 
he comes out, Ingram asked the pilot who he is and we learn that he is 
Masaki Ando, pilot of Masoukishin Psybuster. However having used up too much 
Plana, Masaki falls unconscious and is taken aboard the Hagane.

Rob look at Psybuster and note that whoever made it was a genius, and that 
it does not use any tech of a PT or an AM. It could be Aerogaiter mech

Checking up on Masaki, they determined that he is definitely human. Of 
course that was when Kuro and Shiro and began talking to each other, Rio and 
the other overheard and was shocked to find talking cats. When Masaki comes 
around, he rushed to where the captains are meeting and demand to know if 
they know where Shuu is. Ingram tells him that Shuu Shirakawa is with DC, 
and if he helps them attack DC Island, Shuu will definitely pop up. Masaki 
agrees and Tetsuya is utterly shocked to find talking cats.

Stage 12

A cargo plane that escaped from the North America base where the ATX team 
was formerly based is being attacked by Elzam's troops. The SOS reached the 
Hagane and asked for Ilm Kasahara to come at once. Before receiving this 
message, Ryusei, Ilm and Rob were talking about the Psybuster and how it's 
so cool and so SuperRobot-looking. Aya chimed in asking WHAT type of Robot 
that Ryusei doesn't find cool, and Ryusei can't come up with an answer. 
Ryusei wishes that the Hagane would have some sort of SuperRobot to up their 
power because the Personal Troopers aren't SuperRobot. Rob said that the 
Robot most like the SuperRobot is Grungast, created by Tesla Raibi Lab in 
America. Three of them were created, No. 2 was overhauled (The one that 
became Grungust Kai?) No.3 was taken by Rin Mao when she quit piloting to 
head Mao Industry on the moon, which leaves No.1 which was not functioning 
and left at the North America base along with it's prototype, the Grungust 
Reishiki.   Suddenly Ilm gets the message from the operators and suddenly 
know who it's from, however with it being so far away, the Hagane wouldn't 
reach there fast enough and he asked Charter for an Fx28 Plane to pilot, 
Masaki, who got lost big time, so much that Rio couldn't find him, finally 
arrived at dock and say that he'll deploy in Psybuster to help.

When Psybuster and Ilm arrived at the battle, Elzam attacked Psybuster 
saying that he's heard of him from Shuu, and Masaki demands to know where 
Shuu is but Elzam kept mum about it. Ilm's dad said for him to reach the 
cargo plane since he has a present to give Ilm. And Ilm retorted that 
usually the present his Dad gave him was weird, unuseable and sometime 
almost cost him his life. When Ilm reached the cargo plane, he finds out 
that it contains the Grungust from the North America base, now fully 
functional, and Ilm deploys in it. Elzam notes the Grungust and says that 
he's found a worthy opponent, and the Hagane comes to the rescue, after a 
while Elzam retreated. Rai note that his brother wasn't really trying to 
sink the Cargo Ship, if so it would have been done before Psybuster even got 
there, so why aren't the Aces like Elzam giving all they've got to stop the 

Rob welcomes Jonathan Kasahara, Ilm's Dad and asks about how he escape from 
the North America base, Jonathan tells him that it was due to the ATX team. 
Rob then asks how could DC have conquered the base. Jonathan answer that he 
found out that Zengar Zombolt, the head of ATX team has betrayed the team 
and joined DC which stunned many people and Jonathan said that the 
whereabout of Kyosuke and Excellen are unknown.  Most of the people there 
said that beside Kai who is guarding the base, most of the former special 
forces team seems to have sided with DC.

Stage 13

Atola, the vice commander of DC is very worried about the Hagane which seems 
to be getting closer and closer to DC Island and urges Bian to order a full 
scale attack on them. Bian doesn't seem to want to do this but he say that 
they merit a look at, he'll go himself, in his mech to challenge them.

Meanwhile aboard the Hagane, Rio comes to Kusuha's room to see if she is 
there since they last parted 3 hours ago to go take a shower and come back 
for duties, as she enter, she sees a mountain worth of junk and product 
within the room. Kusuha comes out saying what seems to be the matter since 
she just got out of the bath. Rio says in shocked that Kusuha took 3 hours 
to take a bath. Kusuha says that it's a pleasure of her to lie in the tub 
and read a good book, which unnerved Rio to no end because for her, a bath 
takes at most 30 minutes. Rio asked Kusuha what the mountain worth of 
product is for, and Kusuha answers that she is a hopeless addict of TV 
shopping and mail ordered product, and she ask Rio to try the special 
bargained exerciser made for deep space. (Author's note. This personality 
quirk of Kusuha makes this one of the very funny episode and was shown in 
the SRW alpha humour comic that she was the star of) Rio declined and got 
out pronto.

Later on Kusuha brings Masaki a specially created drink, to help with his 
hopelessness in direction. Masaki took one gulp and his face more or less 
changed color, it was just then that enemies are sighted. Everyone except 
Masaki deployed because he is extremely sick from the taste of the drink. 
The attacker is a troop that includes Leona Kasshtien, cousin to Rai and 
once she notice that Rai is amongst the Hagane, she attacks him, saying that 
if he choose to fight to defeat his father and brother, she will fight to 
protect them. After Rai beats her, he tells Leona to quit the army since 
she's only going to kill herself trying to defeat him. Rai also beats the 
commander (forgot name) who is a servant of the Flashtein house, although 
the commander recognizes Rai, and is uneasy to fight him; he says that his 
duty to the Flashtein house comes first. After beating them all, a red 
majestic but evil looking mech appears, its name is Valcion, piloted by the 
leader of DC, Bian Zoldark.  Amazed that the head of DC would come 
personally to fight them, the team is a bit uneasy but Daitetsu ordered a 
full scale attack on Valcion saying to Tetsuya that a big chance is before 
them, if they can kill Bian here, they could end the DC war right now. 
Ingram talks to Bian while fighting, he notes that Bian isn't really trying 
to destroy them, but Bian ask whether he can stake his life on it. Bian 
gives them all a choice, to die or to surrender, All of them chose neither 
and Ryusei gets especially angry at Bian for creating a world wide war that 
killed so many, and Bian says that Ryusei is too young and hot headed right 
now to think of why he started this war. The fight goes poorly, since the 
Valcion is too strong. Daitetsu ordered the Hyper Tronium Cannon to fire, 
even though it is an untested trump of the Hagane, but they need to buy 
time, which is when Psybuster appear out of the docking bay, saying that 
he'll buy the time for Hagane. Masaki says to Kusuha that even though her 
drink taste horrible, after a while it worked, he hasn't got lost yet 
(probably from the sick bay or the toilet to the dock). This offends Kusuha 

However Bian says that that's enough for today and state that the power the 
Hagane possessed right now is not enough to defeat him and turns to leave. 
Masaki cries out loud to Bian saying what about his grand entrance?, he's 
supposed to buy time for the Hagane so that they could fire at the Valcion, 
so why is Bian just leaving and leaving him high and dry. Bian said that 
that's Masaki's problem, why should he stick around to be fired on?  And on 
cue Elzam's troop comes to the rescue with Elzam escorting Bian back to 

After defeating them all, the team wonders why Bian came here in the first 
place, just to demonstrate his power? To demoralize them?; or was it just to 
show off his really really cool robot that he created?  Of course the team 
dismissed the third option not knowing that it might be closer to the truth 
than what any one expected (with Bian being a SuperRobot fan in the original 
SRW continuity, this seems very likely)

Masaki and Ryusei were also talking about the special drink that Kusuha 
created, and Ryusei says that Masaki was an idiot to drink that concoction, 
since HE himself was also one of Kusuha's victims. Ryusei says that while 
the drink usually work, the taste is probably the worst in the universe, 
leaving an undescribable bad feeling afterward. He say that he once asked 
what she used to make it and was horrified to find out  (I don't know what 
it was, but probably grinded lizard tails, or something gross and weird).

It was then that Kusuha comes up to Masaki saying that she was offended that 
Masaki say her drink tasted horrible, so she's prepared a new one and made 
sure that it taste better. Of course after hearing Ryusei's story, Masaki 
says that the Psybuster needs checking up on and quickly runs away. Kusuha 
then offers the drink to Ryusei who also ran away saying that he needs to 
check up on the Hilraptor. Ilm declines saying that he hears the Grungast's 
motor running and has to go shut it down. Aya, definitely scared, says that 
she needs to go collect some data for Ingram. Garnette and Charter quickly 
offer the excuse that they need to go train IMMEDIATELY, leaving Kusuha all 
alone with the drink, it was then that she spotted Ingram making some checks 
on the PT. Kusuha offers Ingram the drink and not having heard Ryusei's 
story, he accepted and gulp it down. Kusuha asked about how it taste and 
Ingram says "It's….not…..bad". Satisfied, Kusuha left happy, not seeing 
Ingram's face a couple of seconds later. When a technician asked Ingram what 
was wrong, Ingram says "Nothing….. I just need to lie down ... for a LONG 
while" (Personally I think this is what turns Ingram bad and why he target 
Kusuha later) 

Stage 14 

Tensan is peeved that Bian did not finish off the Hagane with the Valcion 
and that Bian had such a cool unit to himself to begin with. Atola decides 
to quell Tensan's grumbling by giving him a fleet of new cannon mech to go 
use on the Hagane and Tensan agrees. Afterward, Atola is met by Dr. Egret 
Fieve, the creator of the Earth Cradle, he wonder if Tensan is worthy of 
being part of it and Atola says maybe, but with the Earth Cradle gathering 
those that needs to be saved, he might just open a second "school". However 
Egret notes in his mind that Atola just isn't the one who will be saved.

Tensan surrounds the Hagane with the cannon mech and even use MapW weapon 
with utter disregards for the safety of his subordinates that peeved Ryusei 
off. Ryusei is not also skilled in flight battle and had asked Ratoni before 
battle for a copy of her flight data from the FX28 plane but Ratoni just ran 
away. However when Ryusei and the Hagane is surrounded, Ratoni loaded the 
data into the Hilraptor making it maneuver even better than before. Tensan 
mocks Ryusei for having to depend on a child's data but then notes 
Hilraptor's movement. He then concludes that Ratoni is from the "School", a 
place Ratoni would rather forget. This is because, as Ryusei found out later 
from Garnette and Charter, children are taught since young to be pilots, to 
follow orders with utter disregard for everything else that a child might 
need. Ratoni graduated from the School but hated every moment of it, 
becoming the quiet no-talk person she is. Garnette and Charter is furious 
that Tensan made her remember her "School" origin and so is Ryusei, who 
demolished Tensan making him retreat. Later, after learning of Ratoni's 
past, Garnette tells Ryusei that Ratoni is opening up, because they and 
especially Ryusei is genuinely concerned for her and hopefully one day 
she'll be just like other girls.

Stage 15  

Atola is concerned that the Hagane is closing in on DC Island and that Bian 
isn't doing much to stop them, so he decides to use "that person."

Meanwhile Aya and Rob are testing the T-Link System of the R-3 but it goes 
awry and Aya is unconscious, which is when enemies attack. The enemy is 
Tomas who is commandeering some small troops including Ryouto. Ryouto asks 
Tomas whether only they are available to fight the Hagane and Tomas screams 
at Ryouto for being quite cowardly and assigned him the task of attacking 
the Hagane while he waits. Ryouto secretly note that his commander doesn't 
care about him and is leaving him out to dry but follows order anyway. Back 
at the Hagane, Rio has deployed in Aya's GesphentMKII TT to strengthen their 
rank since Aya is unavailable, the other operator asked what she is doing 
there but she tells him to cope without her this time. Tomas then assigns 
Ryouto the task of shooting down Rio. When Ryouto is sufficiently hurt or 
when Tomas is defeated, he orders a retreat, but Ryouto's engine is 
mysteriously shut down and his mech falls to the sea and is recovered by the 

Ingram wants the mech in order to see how some of DC's technologies work and 
the pilot might be able to give them some information and Rob reluctantly 
agrees but says he'll check first if DC has adopted a Trojan Horse plan.

Stage 16 

Rob's fear was true, Ryouto's mech was booby-trapped and he almost died when 
it activates. Ryouto is grilled by Tetsuya, he is a bit scared since he is 
in enemies hand, when he learn about the bomb in his mech, he couldn't 
believe it, but he notes that Tomas probably left him to die, and didn't 
care about him. Tetsuya ask Ryouto whether this is what he believes in? Is 
what DC doing right to him? Ryouto responds that he'll need sometime to 
think whether to cooperate with the Hagane or not and Tetsuya gave it to him 
talking to Daitetsu that while this may be foolish, he believes that Ryouto 
shouldn't be condemned for the rest of his life for one mistake and Daitetsu 

Meanwhile, Rio is reassigned to piloting duties because they need more 
pilots and the other operator says that his job just got a lot harder, and 
he should have asked for that raise before coming on board. An attack on the 
Hagane sends it to investigate, it is Tensan and Tomas, this time they'll 
finish off the Hagane. The blast scrambles the Electronic lock on Ryouto's 
cell and he wonders what he should do next? Return to DC or? Ryouto's answer 
came out when he deploys. Tomas recognize him and ask whether he is still 
alive and does he figure that he could return to DC that easily. All this 
taunting and Ryouto not saying anything made Rio angry and she tells Ryouto 
to shout back at that scum. Ryouto finally said that while he knows that the 
others don't trust him, he had no thoughts of returning to DC and will fight 
alongside them. Tomas mocks Ryouto saying that those are pretty good words 
for a loser like him, but it was the right choice, since even if he DID 
return, they would have killed him anyway and Ryouto feels utterly betrayed 
and used, getting quite angry but not as much as Rio and Ryusei who can't 
believe the utter disrepect for life that Tomas and Tensan had. Beat them 
all but afterward something comes out from nowhere, The Granzone.

Shuu Shirakawa says that he is interested in the Hagane for a while now and 
has come out to meet and destroy them. This of course, infuriates Masaki who 
says that he'll beat Shuu, right here. However Daitetsu order a retreat but 
Tetsuya asked why? Doesn't Daitetsu want to get revenge for the crew of 
ShiroKane destroyed by Granzone in the SouthPole?   Daitetsu says that their 
mission is to go to DC Island and defeat Bian Zoldark and that if Shuu 
really wants the Hagane destroyed, he would have destroyed it already and 
not waste time mincing words with them. The team is told to try and occupies 
Granzone while the Hagane escaped. Of course you COULD beat Granzone. During 
the fight, Ryusei says that he's not as scared as he was back in the South 
Pole and Ingram and Shuu trades word. Shuu ask how could Ingram understand 
EOT technology a lot more than even Bian and himself and Ingram doesn't 

After beating Shuu, he retreats and the Hagane flies at top speed to reach 
DC Island. Meanwhile Ryouto says once again to Tetsuya that he doesn't want 
to return to DC and wants to fight beside them, and Tetsuya says that he'll 
talk to the Captain. Daitetsu allows Ryouto to join you putting him under 
Ingram's leadership.  

Stage 17 

The Hagane is almost to DC Island but first it met up with Elzam's Last 
Battalion ordered by Bian to engage them.  Before battle, Ryusei asked Rob 
whether the R-1 could deploy seeing as to how they need more firepower but 
Rob says that the R-1 is still unready and if Ryusei sorties in it, the T-
Link System might kill him. This is when the battle is engaged. Ingram 
allows Ryusei to do whatever he wants seeing that this might be an ideal way 
to let Ryusei's Power activate.

The Last Battalion is a tough enemy and Daitetsu order the Hagane to hurry 
and go past them. They have to reach DC Island. Rai fights his brother once 
more and finally we learn what came between them, it was because Elzam had 
killed his own wife in order to prevent a terrorist attack on a colony some 
years ago. Rai wouldn't allow himself to be THAT cold that he could coldly 
kill someone he loves, to abandon them for ideals like his brother and his 
father supposedly have and it seems that Elzam is a bit angry that Rai 
reminded him of his late wife.

When the Hagane is almost to the goal, Tempest deploys, saying that while he 
doesn't want to interfere in the Last Battalion's battle, he wouldn't let 
the Hagane reach it's destination, stating again that he wants revenge for 
his late wife and child who dies because of another terrorist attack and the 
Federation's response to it.

However Ryusei had convinced Rob to let him deploy in R-1 and finally it 
appears, moving perfectly and R-1 defeated Tempest. After suffering a 
beating, Elzam also retreats saying that he'll meet Rai on DC Island.

The final battle between Hagane and DC is about to take place.

Stage 18 

The Hagane has entered DC Island territory and DC is getting ready to fight. 
On board the Hagane, the plan is to get the Hagane close enough for it to 
unleash it's strongest attack, the Tronium Buster Cannon, at the main DC 
Bunker hopefully killing Bian in the process. To do that, all units must 
protect the Hagane at all cost. Rob says that Tronium is extremely powerful 
but volatile and in the worst case, it could backfire and tear the Hagane 
apart, when asked why this is by Ryusei, he reply that Tronium is a metal 
that was scavenged from within Meteor 3 that fell to Earth onto what is now 
DC Island. This surprised Ryusei and he asked why did Bian not get his hands 
on the Tronium earlier. This made Rob think as well, out of all 6 Tronium 
metal lump scavenged from Meteor 3, 5 of them are in Federation's hand with 
the remaining in Bian's hand. Why would Bian, who is the head of the company 
that initially scavenged the Meteor 3 not keep them for himself if he had 
planned to start a war.

In DC Island, Atola prepares to get his ace in the hole ready, the same type 
of ship as Hagane, the Kurogane to fight it. Tensan and Tomas are deployed 
as well, Tensan is as usual, hyperexcited about this game but Tomas notes 
that it's a bit strange that Valcion and Granzone is not deploying as well 
to cement their victory.

After some battle, Atola joins the battle as well; he notes Ratoni and says 
that she is one of the fine offspring of the "School" that he created.  This 
angers Ryusei, Garnette and Charter, and Ratoni says to Atola that she will 
defeat him, personally. The battle resumes and the Hagane reached the spot 
to try to fire the Tronium Cannon, only to have it shut down. It was then 
that Atola has Elzam, who is captaining the Kurogane, attack the Hagane. 
Almost destroyed, the Hagane still won't sink but Daitetsu ordered all 
Personal Trooper to go into the main bunker and defeat Bian at all cost, 
while they hold the line here. Of course killing all of them works also, and 
Tomas sees where this is going, says farewell to DC and splits.

Stage 19 

As the team enters the DC base, Bian ordered all DC personnel except Elzam's 
Last Battalion to evacuate, he will deploy in the Valcion and Shuu in the 

As the battle begins, the SRX team, Masaki and the others tells Bian that 
it's all over, why did he not try to fight alongside them if his true 
intention is to defeat the Aerogaiter like he claimed on TV. Masaki also 
screams at Shuu that he won't forgive him for the atrocities he commited at 
the South Pole. Shuu smirkly respond that he SAVED the Earth back then, and 
though Masaki won't believe him, Bian chimed in saying that the Hagane 
members didn't really know what was really going on at the "peace talk" at 
the South Pole. It wasn't a peace talk but the surrendering of Earth and 
humanity to the Aerogaiter, and only by attacking them could they force the 
Federation to fight the Aerogaiter. As for cooperating with the Earth 
Federation, that's what Bian's been trying to do all these years before he 
gave up on them because of their ineffectiveness and their spinelessness and 
formed DC to create a fighting force to defeat the Aerogaiter. That's why 
most of the Tronium are in Government hand, Bian donated them to the 
Government while he was trying to work with them to create weapon to fight 
Aerogaiter like his Armored Module or the Government's Personal Troopers.

While this may be true, it doesn't excuse the massacre of the SouthPole nor 
the death of the innocent soliders just doing their jobs elsewhere who died 
when DC attack and the Hagane team is ready to fight Bian.

The battle is tough, though Granzone will not lift a finger, Bian is more 
than enough at this point, Bian recognizes Ryouto even though Ryouto was 
just a foot solider in DC army and says to him that Ryouto made the right 
choice, Masaki is taunted by Bian as being too green to know what is Bian's 
true objective but Masaki persevered and along with Ryusei and the rest of 
the team, finally defeated Bian. It was then that the truth came out, the 
reason Bian did not fully destroy them the first time they met, the reason 
no full scale attack was used was to raise them, make them grow into a 
fighting force capable of defeating the Aerogaiter, this was his and Maiya's 
Flashtien's TRUE goal all along. Bian realized that the Earth Government 
wouldn't be effective against Aerogaters before the DC War so he destroy 
some base making them toughen up, making them develop new technologies and 
he did a lot more (as we'll soon find out) 

Bian's last word before death is that he asks for forgiveness from his 
daughter Ryune for not being the father he should have been to her. Masaki 
heard his last word before the Valcion explodes, and Granzone vanished. 

Outside, the Hagane is taking a beating from Elzam, and Atola (who have 
returned if you beat them last stage) when the Valcion's explosion notified 
them of Bian's Death. Atola wouldn't have any of this and tries to rally the 
remaining DC forces to follow him, HE'LL be the new DC leader to take over 
the world, but Elzam issues an order to the Last Battalion member on the 
field to retreat.

It's over and Atola has to flee as well.

Contacting Raker, their commander, the Hagane finds out that most of DC 
forces, without their leader and their main base, is retreating, they may 
engage in guerilla warfare but DC is no longer the threat it was without 
Valcion or Granzone.

Stage 20

Staying at the former DC Island for repairs to the Hagane, Charter and 
Garnette looks upon the remains of Meteor 3, Garnette wants to be in a 
romantic mood with Charter but he just keeps on mentioning the Meteor 3 and 
Ratoni chimes in as well ruining the mood for her. They met Masaki who is 
leaving to pursue Shuu, although his intention weren't clear when battling 
Bian, Masaki knows that Shuu is too dangerous to leave alone, and will 
pursue him to defeat him for what happen (in Lar Gias). Tetsuya ordered that 
they not erase Psybuster's code number so that the radar can still identify 
him as a friendly if they meet again. Meanwhile Daitetsu has finally open 
his bottle of old Japanese Sake that he kept on board the Hagane in his 
cabin to celebrate and ask if Tetsuya would join him, Tetsuya declines 
saying that the Captain and the Vice Captain should never be drunk at any 
time but Daitestu doesn't relent and finally gets Tetsuya to take a few sip.  
Bad Move, since Aerogaiter mech appears suddenly and the male operator tries 
to find Tetsuya and Daitetsu only to find them pretty much wasted from the 
sake. The male operator is given command and he orders the team to deploy, 
although Rio ask him annoyingly as to why HE's giving the command not the 
Captain or the Vice Captain, and he reply "it's a LONG story" Nevertheless, 
the team defeated the Aerogaiter mech but they keep coming, it was then that 
Psybuster reappears, saying that he saw on the radar screen what's happening 
from a long distance away and came back to help, destroying them all, and 
finally leaving. The team is then told that once the Hagane finished 
repairs, they are to leave immediately.

Stage 21 

It has been a few months since the event in Stage 20, and the Hagane is 
given the task of hunting down the Kurogane and the remaining DC forces that 
are still waging their war against Earth.  Ryusei and Ryouto had been doing 
their scouting for a couple of months, Ryouto had a question that he wanted 
to ask Ryusei for a while, he wants to know whether Ryusei was chosen by 
being a Burning PT Champion in his area, and Ryusei says yes with Ryouto 
saying that it was the same for him where he lived, though not in the same 
vicinity as Ryusei so they never met. However Ryouto finds it odd that he 
(and Tensan) got picked by DC while Ryusei got picked by the Fed when the 
game is just the way the Fed use to scout new pilot, one possible answer is 
that there is a spy within the Federation, high enough to look at the data 
and give it to DC before the Fed could use it to scout out the pilot.  

When they return to Hagane, they received a distress call from a small 
country under attack by DC.  It is Tempest, he demands the surrender of the 
country, to use for DC's revival and that the Princess be turned over to him 
to guarantee their obedience. However the young Princess Shine knows that 
they have a different reason for targeting her and that they won't just use 
the country for DC's revival but for other things to it's citizen as well. 
The Hagane arrived in time to rescue the princess and Tensan comes out 
saying that he "continued" the game from his game over last time.  Tempest 
of course raved about his revenge yet again, but he goes down and DC 

The talk between Princess Shine's assistant and the top crew of the Hagane 
revealed that they probably also target the princess because of her 
precognitive powers and the person who probably ordered this is Atola who 
had unite some of the remaining DC forces, in order to use as material for 
his second "School"

At the Earth Cradle, Atola is talking with Dr. Egret Feive about using the 
Meigas system and it's special guardian to boost up the DC's power but is 
told that Dr. Sophia Neet is still working on the system that is one year 
until completion. Atola wishes that Tempest didn't fail because he could 
have use the Princess for the Keim System to boost the DC's power.

The problem now, is what to do, for the Hagane, if they leave, the Princess 
will be targeted by DC again, so the only answer is to escort her to the 
Federation base where she will be safer. The Princess goes off wandering and 
meets Rai who she immediately seems to have a crush on. When she returns to 
the meeting room, Ratoni is assigned the task of being her bodyguard, and 
the Princess tells her to take off the glasses and dress neater when being 
with her, which pretty much upsets Ratoni who doesn't want to go to Garnette 
to get new clothes because she knows Garnette will give her the frilly 
clothes she once wore some times ago.

Stage 22 

Back at the base Ryusei talked to Ingram to let Kusuha go since the DC war 
is over but he declines saying that that is not possible and there is no 
need to tell Ryusei why either? Ryusei gets angry and asked whether this has 
something to do with the mysterious "T-Link System" and Ingram says that 
there is no need to tell him. As Ryusei leaves, frustrated, Ingram smirk 
noting that it is good that Ryusei is getting suspicious. Ingram had also 
earlier met Kusuha and told her to start training in the Burning PT 
simulator and if not, to get out, and Kusuha reluctantly agree. At the Base, 
Jonathan Kasahara and Rob had finally finished the Grungust Nishiki and R-2. 
Aya had to return to her father's lab to test out the T-Link system for the 

It is training time and Ryusei and Rai are deployed in R1 and R-2 along with 
the new pilot for Nishiki who turns out to be Kusuha. Ryusei is furious that 
Ingram choose to do this and demands that Kusuha get out at once, if she 
stays, she'll have to fight and maybe kill other people, but Kusuha doesn't 
relent saying that she chose to do this herself. This is when a mysterious 
red mech appears and attacks R-1. It is Kyosuke Nanbu from the Hiryu Kai in 
the Gesphent MK III Altaisen. Ingram then order Ryusei to attack back and 
Rai figure out that the two teams are to test each other because they will 
now be working together and the best way to do that is to have them go at 
it. His hunch proved correct when the Gesphent MkII Custom Weizbritter 
appears piloted by Excellen Browning saying half jokingly that she's Rai's 
date for today. Brooklyn Brit also appears in the Hyukebine MK II and his 
opponent is Kusuha's Nishiki. However Kusuha does not attack back saying 
that she CAN'T hurt someone whom they'll be fighting alongside with. Ingram 
then says coldly that if she doesn't, she'll be killed and ordered Brit to 
attack her, and if he hits the cockpit accidentially, that's ok too. Rob and 
Jonathan can't believe that Ingram just said that and urges him to rescind 
that command. Brit looks at Kusuha and then he shuts down the Hyukebine MK 
II saying that there's been some problem with the motor and he can't move or 
operate the weapon system, thinking to himself what type of commander is 
Ingram to so coldly force someone who doesn't want to fight to fight.

Meanwhile, the battle between Altaisen and R-1 is reaching a peak. Ryusei 
can't believe the sheer toughness of Altaisen and Kyosuke is impressed with 
R-1's mobility. Ryusei charged up for his T-Link Knuckle saying that he'll 
put everything into this attack of his and Kyosuke responds saying that 
he'll use his Joker and uses his last attack on R-1. The sheer force of the 
attack hits them both and Kyosuke couldn't believe that R-1 could do that 
much damage close-handed and Ryusei had to admit that Kyosuke is a pro at 
fighting. Ryusei then ask Kyosuke's name and then remember that Ilm told him 
that the test pilot for Hilraptor was Kyosuke.

The two teams then stop fighting and return to base. Back at the base, Rob 
and Jonathan says to Ingram that they DID NOT create the R-series or the 
Grungust series so that the pilot could be a killing machine, and Ingram 
walks out not replying, Rob knows Ingram just didn't listen to what they 

Kyosuke, Excellen, and Brit reports to Raker.Hanz who was also there and 
responsible for Kyosuke's accident and dismissal to the ATX team mocks 
Kyosuke saying that it's a miracle Kyosuke survived until now but Kyosuke 
wouldn't find it easy anymore under HIS control. This was when Raker burst 
Hanz's bubble saying that the HiryuKai and all the pilot including the ATX 
team will be put under Daitetsu's control to weed out DC forces and the 
upcoming Aerogater attacks, and Hanz bit his lips in anger.

Stage 23

Out in space, a mysterious platenoid dubbed WhiteStar by the Federation is 
moving in closer to Earth, the Hiryu Kai that is still in space is sent to 
investigate. With it's rank severely depleted because many members such as 
Gilliam, Viletta having left since DC War and their leader Kyosuke Nambu, 
along with Excellen Browning and Brooklyn Brit on Earth, it's PT troop 
consist of mostly Gesphent, Chikwald, Shubalt piloted by Kathina, Russell, 
Tasku and Rada.  When Aerogaiter forces attack, Kathina feeling the need to 
prove something, attacked without order forcing the rest of the team to back 
her up. When even more forces appear, the Granzone appear, surprising 
everyone. Shuu says that he have no intention of fighting the Hiryu Kai and 
will help them if they want. Knowing of the Granzone's sinking of Shirokane 
at the SouthPole before the DC War, Refina and the other are doubtful 
whether to trust Shuu or not, but John the vice captain see that they can't 
refuse his help nor can they defeat him without Kyosuke or the others, and 
accepts his help. Even amongst all this, Kathina wouldn't retreat and keep 
asking Russell to watch her back. However the Psybuster appear, having 
finally found the Granzone. Masaki is intent on a showdown with Shuu but 
before he could attack, Shuu berates him for not having grown up a bit, not 
knowing the situation that they are in. Shuu said that Masaki should be 
helping fight the Aerogaiter first not tracking him down. Masaki still 
wouldn't accept that and even Refina asked Masaki to put aside his hatred of 
Shuu for a while, even though she said she doesn't know what went on between 
them. Masaki shouted at her that if she doesn't know, then butt out, but he 
notes the situation and says to Shuu that if he makes one false move here, 
Masaki will attack him without regret and Shuu notes it with a smirk. With 
both Psybuster and Granzone's help, the scouting Aerogaiter are defeated and 
Refina ordered a full retreat that even Kathina had to obey. Shuu says to 
Masaki that he's better off right now co-operating with the HiryuKai since 
he himself will not be active HERE for a while, but before Masaki could 
question him, Granzone disappear. 

Refina then asked Masaki if he would lend them their strength like he did 
the Hagane during the DC War. Currently the Hiryu Kai is on a course to meet 
the Hagane near Earth and Masaki agrees which surprises Refina that Masaki 
would agree so readily. Masaki then notes that it's been HALF a year since 
he left the Hagane on DC Island.

Stage 24

Rendezvousing with the Hagane, Ryusei and the other are surprised to see 
Masaki with them. Suddenly the alarm sound, one DC mech is fast approaching 
them, it looks like a giant sci-fi fan service girl. It is the Valcione 
piloted by Ryune Zoldark who seems to want revenge for her father. She notes 
that while he isn't the most perfect man in the world, he's still her 
father. Masaki asked her whether she is still with DC and she replies no, 
since the remaining DC forces right now is not the DC that her father and 
Maiya Flashtien created. And Masaki then asked her why is an army of DC Mech 
behind her? This surprises everyone and it is the remnant of the Colony 
forces which is with DC, amongst them Leona Kasshtein who did not join in 
the final battle when the ATX team defeated Maiya. She is disappointed in 
what DC stands for now, and that this isn't what Maiya and Bian had wanted. 
Ryune objects to being linked with these scums saying that the DC her father 
created would never resort to using poison gas on a colony. This surprise 
the Hagane member when Tasku or the other Hiryu member says that it was in a 
mission that they prevented but still, these people do not stand for what DC 
was supposed to stand for. Ryune attacks them to show them that she is no 
longer connected with them and Sebel.

Sebel then ordered everyone to attack but Leona having heard Ryune's word 
says that THIS isn't what she fought for and move against the Hagane 
shouting that THIS will be her FINAL battle, Tasku notes that she is 
planning on a kamikaze attack and won't stop till she's dead or disabled so 
Tasku, Ryusei and the rest pretty much destroy her mech but left the cockpit 
block intact. As for Sebel, he fell hard to the team (by Rampage Ghost's 
first attack in Ryusei route) and retreat like a wussy. With no one else 
between them, Ryune turns her attention to the Hagane/Hiryu but Masaki says 
that Bian gave his life to raise them as the fighting force against 
Aerogaiter but Ryune wouldn't listen and Masaki brought her down. Ryune then 
sort of stop saying with a smile that she knows that she really couldn't 
defeat the combination of the team that brought down her father and Maiya by 
herself, she was just testing them saying that she has different believes 
from her father, her father's her father, she's herself. She then asked 
whether she can join the team and they agree. 

After battle, Kyosuke is admiring the Hilraptor seeing as how it can now 
transfom and Ilm says that it wasn't Kyosuke's fault but Hanz's who forced 
him to transform during the test sometime ago knowing it would blow up.  
Kyosuke says that it's partly his fault too, if he had more skills, maybe he 
could have done it without having it blown up.

Meanwhile, Leona asked why Tasku didn't kill her outright and Tasku says 
that he destroyed her mech but she survive out of luck, with that strong a 
luck, she should put it, and her life to good use and not throw it away. 
Later on Leona is asked by Refina to join them seeing as how they are 
personally whom Maiya and Bian selected to fight the Aerogaiter. Leona then 
think and said that she's already thrown away her life once during the 
battle and survived because of luck, so she'll use this second chance at 
life to fight alongside them, if that was what Bian and Maiya have wanted.

Of course Tasku and the other men are also rumoring about how beautiful 
Leona is and how Rai is lucky to have her as a cousin.  Rai doesn't think so 
when Leona approached him and they talked to each other civilly for the 
first time in a long while.

Rai still wouln't forgive Elzam for what he did to his wife and Leona asked 
Rai whether he knows how Elzam felt, being the one to murder the one you 
love because it's the only way to save numerous lives. A little more details 
is given over the incident, it seems that some years ago, terrorists attacks 
a colony and took over the dock threatening to kill everyone if their 
demands weren't met, Elzam's wife was being held as hostage when Elzam's 
troop arrived to try to rescue the colony. In order to get into the colony, 
Elzam chose to blew up the dock killing his wife in the process, this 
angered Rai when he found out and drove a wedge between them because Elzam 
did not show any sign of grief, but Leona knows that Elzam suffered in 
silence and must have been torn inside when he did it. She wouldn't forgive 
Rai who is blind to the pain of his brother and left him angrily making Rai 
think. During the DC War, he had thought of rising above his father and 
bigger brother but in the end couldn't, he have misjudged them both after 
finding the truth about why Maiya and Bian formed DC, and now this.

We see then, Rebi Tora, the head of the Aerogaiter attack force along with 
Adett admiring Earth from the White Star and they say that soon, the Earth 
will be theirs.

Stage 25

The voice of Rebi Tora and the Aerogaiter rang across the Earth, demanding 
the Earth's total surrender, giving the Earth 30 days to comply and the top 
officials of both Earth and the Colony meet to decide their future. Of 
course there is much debate as to why the Aerogaiter are giving them enough 
time to gather force and mount a counter attack, is it arrogance or do they 
want something from the Earth's military.

Anyhow, the Earth President ordered all military resistance towards the 
Aerogaiter to end, and that applys to the Hagane and HiryuKai commanded by 
Raker and Norman, if both ship attack Aerogaiter forces, Raker and Norman 
will be court martialed and the team will be consider as renegades. And in 
order to make sure that they don't do anything else, both the Hagane and 
Hiryu Kai are ordered to come to the Capital at once to guard it during the 
30 days period.

While returning to base, Kachina petitioned Ingram to be the pilot of R-Gun 
and Ingram says that he'll consider it, he later says to Rada that the R- 
Gun, while designed by him wasn't exactly just for him. Rada then ask him to 
try some new Yoga technique for fun but Ingram says that he's heard from the 
Hiryu Kai team about the various pose that Rada had them performed. Rada 
then says that Viletta can do this pose too which irks Ingram and he says 
that ANYTHING Viletta can do, he can do better, and promptly assumed the 
pose which probably gives him a lot of pain. (For a master manipulator, 
Ingram is SURE gullible and the butt of a lot of joke)

At the base, it is under attack by DC forces and Raker and Norman wonder how 
they could have gotten this close without the alarms sounding. They got 
their answers a second later when Hanz appear in a cargo plane with Princess 
Shine with him. He bids farewell to the idiots in the base and it's pretty 
apparent that he's the MOLE that gave the data of Ryouto and Tensan to DC.  
Hanz says that with Princess Shine as his gift to Atola, he'll be granted a 
position of power in DC and Kai comes out angry that Hanz  played them for 

After Hanz escaped, the two teams arrived and when Rai found out that 
Princess Shine was kidnapped, he gets very angry and wants to rush after 
Hanz at once. Ryusei calms him down saying that Rai isn't acting like his 
calm collected self, and Rai calms down. Kyosuke ordered all members to 
defend the base and repel all intruders first and is asked (I think it was 
by Brit) as to how Kyosuke not care that Hanz betrayed them but is told by 
Excellen that Kyosuke is steaming inside and she wouldn't want to be Hanz 
when Kyosuke gets his hands on him because Hanz had made Kyosuke really 
angry, and Kyosuke will tear Hanz to pieces when next they meet.

Katina comes out in the R-Gun and says to Kyosuke that she'll prove that 
she's got what it takes to be a test pilot for Prototype.

Later, the team is told about the decision by the President and isn't very 
happy about it. Ilm then says that he now knows why Hanz tries desperately 
to have the Hilraptor project fails when Kyosuke test-piloted it. If the 
Hilraptor had proved successful then, it would have been mass-produced and 
it would have meant the loss of advantages for the DC's flying AM like Leon 
or Karion. Having succeeded in sabotaging the project; the Federation were 
forced to rely on ground only Gesphent and a few flight capable PT like the 
rebuilt Hilraptor and R-1.

Meanwhile Ryune, Ryouto and Rob are searching the Valcione's computer for 
any lead where Hanz might have taken Princess Shine. Ryouto finds a file but 
it is encoded needing a password, one that Ryune provided with ease because 
it is a verse from a book that her father and she know.

The file then turns out to be a recording from Bian Zoldark, he state that 
if Ryune has found this, odds are he is probably dead. He lamented the fact 
that he wasn't the ideal father, but one thing that he hopes will help Ryune 
is the content of this file. It contains all information that Bian was 
privied to during his reign of DC before Ryune left for outer space. (And 
that's almost everything), in it are plans for the Earth Cradle which Bian 
notes is created by Dr. Egret Feeve, a key player of DC and Ryune then 
thinks that it might be where the DC forces are stationed.

Stage 26 

On their way to the capital, Daitetsu ordered them through the route where 
it is likely that they will be attack by DC in order to gain Dc's attention 
so that they have an alibi to fight DC. Meanwhile (I could be wrong about 
the sequence here) Aya has returned with R-3. However she had found 
something out when she was testing the T-Link system at her Dad's lab, one 
of the early tester for the T-Link was Kiriko Date, Ryusei's mom and she 
wonders if Ryusei was not just chosen by the Burning PT game. Ingram tells 
her not to worry about it but smirks once she leaves the room saying that if 
only Kiriko Date had not lose her power, by now she would have been ???" Of 
course Ryusei and Rai meets Aya and wonders why she is a bit dejected but 
Aya managed a smile towards them.

Masaki and Ryune is sent out to scout the area and meet Sebel who gets 
extremely angry at Ryune for mocking him and he orders all units to attack 

Sometimes before, Kathina had asked Refina to order the unlocking of 
Hyukebine 008L so that she could pilot it but is denied, frustrated as to 
why she doesn't seem to be good enough to be a test pilot, Kathina rushes 
out to accompany Masaki and Ryune without order in their patrol.

Kathina shows up and Masaki asked why is she here alone,and she said that 
she came to help, of course Russell comes running behind saying that Kathina 
has to have him watching her back (considering how reckless she can be).

The four tried to survive until both ship arrived, and when Leona deployed, 
Sebel mocks her for giving up and surrendering to the enemies like a dog but 
Leona says that what Sebel is doing is not why DC was form, and that without 
Bian and Maiya, DC is an evil organization that must be destroyed.

As the fight rage, Zengar comes out in his Reishiki. Brit asked him why he 
is still being an enemy to them if his purpose was to train them to fight 
Aerogater, and Zengar says that Brit is being too green. Brit says that if 
Zengar STILL choose to fight them, then HE"LL destroy the Reishiki Kyosuke 
and Excellen exchanged a few words with Zengar and fights him, however (in 
my game) it is Brit who destroyed the Reishiki and gets the ChichiO blade 
from killing him. Zengar retreats but says that he'll be waiting for them at 
the capital (which the Hagane and HiryuKai were enrooted to) since that's 
where DC will stage its most massive attack yet.

Sebel also bites it and screamed out why he is to die now and not be the 
ruler of DC.

Back on the ship, Kathina got slap by Russell and is shocked to find him (as 
timid as he is to be quite defiant towards her) He says that he will always 
be there to watch her back in battle but that's if ONLY she will follow 
order and fight alongside everyone like she's supposed to. If she does 
anything like this again, he'll slap her again until she comes to her 
senses. Kathina is a bit shocked at what Russell said and paused for a while 
before apologizing to Russell and everyone for her rash behaviour these past 
couple of missions.

Brit is very dejected that Zengar has still chosen to be an enemy even once 
the DC war is over and he complains to Excellen that Zengar has really 
betrayed them but Excellen wonders if that is really so since Zengar did let 
it "accidentially" slip that the DC was planning to attack the Capital. So 
perhaps Zengar is still on their side but with DC right now to see what the 
remaning DC troops will do once they lose Bian and Maiya.

Back at the Earth Cradle, a DC technician asked Zengar of who could have so 
severely destroyed the Reishiki and Zengar says that it was his former 
troops, he thinks to himself that it is good that the HiryuKai and the 
Hagane's troop is getting stronger if they are to face what is ahead.

Stage 27 

Atola had finally managed to complete "that" and have Tempest deployed in 
one of them to test run it and the Keim System on board. He also asked Hanz 
to sink the Hagane and HiryuKai in order to prove himself to the new DC.

After knowing Dc's target, the HiryuKai and Hagane rushed towards the 
Of course they are met by Tempest in the Valcion Kai. Ryune is furious that 
they managed to duplicate her father's masterpiece for their own use and 
deploys in the Valcione with Masaki right behind her. Tasku also deploys in 
the (ChikanSchwuld, or something, the big red mech) and Tempest could barely 
contain himself seeing it saying that it is good that he gets to destroy the 
mech that is responsible for killing his wife and children along with the 

Leona tells Tasku that the ChikanSchwuld"was responsible for some hostages 
dying some 16 years ago and that is why it was sealed. The incident became 
known as the Hope Incident. Tasku says that he had known from (can't 
remember whom, Viletta? Refina? Rada?) that the mech has a tragic past 
behind it but didn't know that it was responsible for the death of innocent 
but he still wouldn't let it deter him, he 'll make ChikanSchwuld work and 
atone for it's past

After reducing his mech to some percentage, Tempest goes a bit crazy, as the 
machine seems to make him think of only revenge. Ratoni recognizes this, it 
is the Keim system which Atola once tested it on some "School" members, it 
is technically the Zero System of OG, except that unless you have special 
powers, odds are it'll drive you mad, or think of only one thing until you 
die. There is no way to save Tempest except to kill him. 

Of course Hanz comes out with an army of DC Troops and berates the Hagane 
and Hiryukai team for continuing to fight a futile battle. Daitestu asked 
Hanz why he betrayed the Earth Federation, and Hanz smugly says that there 
is NO way that the Federation can beat the Aerogater, it is too soft, that 
is why he turns to DC, once Bian was dead and DC was ruined, it still have 
the Earth Cradle, it's purpose was to save some of the best and brightest of 
Earth in a cold sleep so that humanity can survive the alien invasion after 
the rest have died or are enslaved. Hanz plans to be one of those people 
selected and he'll do so by killing the Hiryukai and Hagane team. Of course 
this makes Kyosuke angry again and he practically "Rampage Ghost" Hanz to 
his death. Hanz couldn't believe that he is going to die but he smugly says 
that the HiryuKai and Hagane team that only knows how to fight will all die 
fighting the Aerogaiter and laugh maniacally before his death.

As for Tempest, his Valcion Kai is destroyed and him with it. Ratouni says 
to him before his death, still screaming for revenge, that he is going to 
finally go meet his wife and child again, and that HIS war ended 16 years 
ago. Tempest dies./

The team discussed that the possibility of more Valcion Kai being produced 
are high and that the abducted Princess Shine might be used to further the 
Keim System's power. 

Stage 28 

Preparations are made for Atola's attack on the Capital and Dr. Sofia Neats 
of the Earth Cradle wonders why humanity as a whole have to fight each other 
when the alien threat is looming above them. She also worries that the Earth 
Cradle will become a warzone when the Federation force of HiryuKai and 
Hagane attacks them. She then meets Zengar Zombolt for the first time and he 
reassures her that the Earth Cradle will not be touched.

Tensan is gleefully admiring his new "Secret Cheat Code" unit and says that 
he should have been given one a long time ago. Atola notes that he'll take 
Princess Shine in the last Valcion Kai with him as a guarantee and says to 
Egret that he will come back from the capital as the new ruler of Earth. 
Egret only smiles and laughs in his mind that someone like Atola will never 
be chosen for the Earth Cradle and he begins to make preparations to spare 
the Earth Cradle from the attack of Federation forces afterwards.

As the Hagane and Hiryu Kai are almost entering the capital, Brit is worried 
that he'll have to fight Zengar again even when the DC War is over and they 
should work together to repel the Aerogaiter. Kusuha tells him that if he 
believes in someone, he should believe in them till the end.

The Capital is attacked by Tensan in the Valcion Kai and he killed Albert 
(The president) and a lot of officials in one blow. He roars hysterically 
that that's what should have been done a long time ago if Bian would have 
just given him the Valcion to play with. Ryusei and the others arrived too 
late. Ryusei screamed for Tensan to get out of Valcion Kai because the Keim 
system will make him mad but it's too late, Tensan has already begun to go 
mad, saying that he'll kill everybody, the Hagane, the HiryuuKai, Atola, 
everybody. Ratoni and the others tells Ryusei that it's too late for Tensan 
and Ryusei says that he'll stop Tensan's rampage. 

However Atola deployed and he used Princess Shine to pilot the Valcion Kai's 
Keim system. Rai is furious at Atola for doing this and Ingram orders 
everyone to attack Shine's Valcion saying that if they hurry and destroy the 
Keim system, they can save her. The battle is hard but Rai and the others 

Lili notes that DC right now is not what Bian and Maiya envisioned and 
attacked Tensan, this surprises everyone but Tensan attacked back and killed 
Lili. She dies peacefully saying that she's going to go to meet Maiya, and 
that Zengar will take care of everything else. And appear he does, Brit and 
the others are worried that they have to take on Zengar as well when Zengar 
says that Maiya had ordered him to tie up the loose end of those in DC who 
wouldn't follow their dreams and would use DC's power to rule the world like 
Atola. Atola is furious at Zengar but Zengar roared

attack Tensan and Atola

Tensan died laughing maniacally which depressed Ryusei as to what he might 
have been. Atola dies when everyone else on the ship abandons him there. 
However the Hagane and HiryuKai manage to save Princess Shine and that's 
what mattered.

Kyosuke, Brit and Excellen talked to Zengar, he says that he has no 
intention of rejoining them because all in all he DID betray them even if 
they forgive him, it's just not right. However, when the Aerogater attacks, 
he will be there to fight alongside them and then Zengar leaves.

With Albert dead, the no-attack policy against Aerogater is gone and Norman 
and Raker begins to plan an attack of Nebgeim or WhiteStar that will be 
called Operation SRW.

Stage 29

The Earth Cradle has contacted the Hagane saying that it will surrender and 
Daitetsu and Tetsuya thinks that it will be Ok to leave it alone for now 
(You're gonna regret it, think Ancestors, people)

The team has recovered Princess Shine's Valcion Kai and though Ryune 
wouldn't pilot it, she did give her blessing for anyone else to use it. The 
unit is stripped of the Keim system.

Rai talked to Princess Shine and says that she has to go back to her country 
even though she wants to be with them. However Rai says that her duty is to 
her country and that their duty is to protect the Earth. Shine asked him to 
come meet her once the battle is over and Rai agrees.

The capital is then under attack by Aerogaiter forces, the team deployed and 
after beating some small fries, a mysterious enemy appeared and Ingram notes 
to himself whether it is time for him to complete his mission. Ingram tells 
Daitetsu to evacuate at once since they can't beat the new enemy and even if 
they deal enough damage to it, the enemy might send in Map W like weapon to 
devastate the capital. Daitetsu doesn't see any proof of this and wonders 
how Ingram knows but he did allow Ingram to order the units to stay near the 

After dealing some damages, the enemy retreats and the operators then said 
that Map W weapons are on the way to devastate the capital. Daitetsu is 
amazed that Ingram guessed correctly and the two teams escaped.

Later on Rebi Tora and Adett is talking to Viletta Badem?? Thanking her for 
her undercover work on Earth and asked where is the other Spy they sent to 
Earth and Viletta says that he'll be arriving in a little while.

Stage 30

Ingram tells Aya that they will practice the SRX Formation today since R-3 
and R-2 has gotten the Plus Part. Aya isn't confident as to whether they can 
do it and Ingram tells her that he'll always be there for her. Aya regains 
her confidence and walks out determined not to let Ingram down when Ingram 
smirks to himself that humans are SO easily manipulated.

Meanwhile Ilm, Rob and a lot of the others have gathered to spy up on Kusuha 
and Brit. They see Brit and Kusuha as a couple in the making and wonders why 
Brit doesn't just profess his love for her. Things get even wackier when 
Kusuha tells Brit that she'll make her special drinks for him if he'd like 
it and Brit gladly accepted not knowing about the earlier victims.

Ryusei, Kyosuke, Excellen, and Masaki are talking and Ryusei say that the R-
series have a secret which Masaki and the others guessed correctly that the 
R- Series could combine into a super robot which annoys Ryusei that it was 
so easily deduced. Heck he even got a code name for the transformation which 
is Variable Formation, and Rai asked what the heck it is when Excellen 
chimed in saying that she's heard it in all those old TV shows like "Pild-r 
On" or "Let's Com-ine"etc And Rai says it's nonsense but Ryusei tries 
extremely hard to defend it when Aya comes in saying pleasantly about the 
time for the training which makes them wonder whether anything good happens 
to her.

However Aerogater attack and Daitetsu tells Ingram and the SRX team to sit 
this one out, however Ingram says that their team will deploy as well but it 
will take a while.

Before the battle starts, Brit wonders where Kusuha is and is told that she 
will deploy along with Ingram and the SRX team because her Nishiki had 
developed some problems.

After beating out enough of them, Ingram in the R-Gun and the SRX team 
appear along with the Nisihiki, however Aerogater ship Fure also comes out, 
after beating a couple more of them, Ingram tells the team to form SRX. They 
are shocked since they have never attempt such a thing but Ingram says that 
this is the moment that he trained them all for, and for them to trust in 
him, if they can combine then the victory is clearly won, Aya believes in 
Ingram and begins the variable formation. It failed and Aya is knocked away 
barely conscious. Ingram looks at this and begins to laugh. Suddenly he 
rushed to Aya's side and tells her that it is time for her to die, and R- 
Gun blasted the R-3 into bits. The others are shocked at what Ingram just 
did and suddenly Aerogater appears beside Ingram as if to protect him. 
Ryusei couldn't believe it and shouted out why Ingram had to kill Aya. 
Ingram says that Aya is a failed sample and must be eliminated.  Kyosuke 
surmised that Ingram betrays them to join Aerogater to ensure his own 
safety. Ingram says that is a good guess but wrong because he has always 
been with Aerogater because he is an Aerogater spy, and that to him, the 
team was never more than samples to him. Ryusei couldn't believe it and 
Ingram says that to him Ryusei is Sample 55,nothing more.  Ryusei screamed 
out that Aya truly truly believed in him and love him and he made a mockery 
of it, he won't stand for it "Commander Ingram … No… Ingram Prisken!!!! He 
shouted " I won't forgive you, I'll take you out!!!!!"  The team also rushed 
him, Masaki says that he won't forgive someone like Ingram and Ingram 
countered whether Masaki will follow him to the end of the Earth like he did 
Shu Shirakawa, and Masaki says that he'll finish Ingram off here. Ingram 
says to Rai that SRX probably need 3 Psychic making the suggestion that Rai 
is unnecessary. However Rai says that until he beat Ingram, R-2's seat is 
still his.

Ilm says that he should have noticed Ingram earlier and Ingram says that Ilm 
has become a fine pilot since the PTX days and Rin would be proud of him if 
she were here. 

After beating the R-Gun, more Aerogater forces appear and also took Kusuha 
along with her Nishiki, the Aerogater force is lead by Viletta who has come 
to welcome Ingram back, Ingram goes,but not empty handed. After the dust is 
over, Rio tries to find Kusuha but see that she is gone, she tells Brit and 
Ryusei and Ryusei screams out in frustration at the turn of events.

Ryusei and Brit almost gets into a fistfight because Ryusei said that Brit 
should have protected Kusuha, but Brit countered that it's Ryusei thart 
Kusuha always wanted and what does she means to him exactly, if he doesn't 
want her then tell her. Charter interrupt the battle saying that even if 
they fight, Kusuha won't come back and to save their energy for rescuing 

Tetsuya reported to Daitetsu that they have recovered both the R-Gun (if you 
blew it up) and the remains of R-3, and Aya is still alive but unconscious 
unhurt physically but psychically.

Excellen goes to see Aya in the medical room but she is unconscious, Ryune 
and Rada also wait for her. She wakes up saying that she just had a very bad 
dream where Ingram tries to kill her and something like that JUST can't 
happen, can it? Excellen stops her and tells her the truth that Ingram 
betrays them all to stop her from becoming delusional and have her confront 
the hard truth. She screams out that it's a lie but the others tell her it's 
true; they convince her to fight once more to find out the truth for herself 
and to meet Ingram once more on the battlefield. And Rada says that she know 
just the Yoga pose to relax them. Excellen tries to sneak away but is caught 
and she thinks that her bones will be broken THIS time.

Meanwhile Ingram is greeted back on the Nevigeim for a job well done by Rebi 
and Adett.

Stage 31

 Adat is waking up one of her project; she gives him the name Keiza and 
tells him that the time has come to attack the Earth. However Ingram says to 
send in Iron Mask first to test them.

Kyosuke is promoted a rank to Chuui and the others are also promoted a rank 
because of their work in the DC War. Kyosuke is asked to take command and 
asked whether Aya or Ilm would be better but they both decline, Aya because 
she is still raw over Ingram's betrayal and Ilm isn't good in a commanding 
position. Although he really doesn't want it, Kyosuke accepts the job.

Durign the battle, he comes out and reintroduce himself and the other ribs 
him a bit but promise to follow his lead. Excellen also ribs him saying that 
Kyosuke is such a good man, good position, how come he doesn't have any 
women at his side (take the hint Kyosuke)

The battle is tough and Kyosuke knows that Ingram must have programmed these 
Aerogater with their fighting pattern because they are better than normal. 
However help arrives in the form of Gilliam Eika who helped the Hiryu Kai 
during the DC War.  When he appear, Masaki asked whether they have met 
before elsewhere and Gilliam paused and say that they have never met, at 
least not here  (Think Hero Senki) He comes with his Gesphent Mk II R but 
however finds Iron Mask who commadered the attack. Ratouni and Tasku think 
that the movement pattern is very familiar and so does Gilliam.  They beat 
off Iron Mask. Later Gilliam met Refina, he says that he is still working 
with the information Bureau but at this time it is better that he stays with 
them to gather the information he needed about the Aerogater. He says he'll 
stick with the team until the end. 

Kai, Ratouni and Gilliam met with Refina and Daitetsu to discuss the 
movement of Iron Mask, it is extremely similar to that of Commander Kaweui 
of the old special force which Gilliam, Kai, the late Tempest, Zengar and 
Elzam was a part of. He disappear testing one of the Gesphent S and the 
special team disbanded after that. Gilliam notes that the Aerogater's true 
objectives might be…. Daitetsu tells all the members at the meeting to keep 
this hushed up for now because they don't want to add to the distress of the 
other members. 

Later Gilliam met Rada and he jokes that he doesn't want to do bone-breaking 
Yoga right now. Rada is depressed that everyone sees her as JUST a yoga 
freak. She asked Gilliam's help in breaking into Ingram's encrypted files on 
Mai Kobayashi. Gilliam agrees thinking that the information in the file 
might help to illustrate Ingram Prisken's personality

Stage 32

At the Nebigeim, Ingram is brainwashing Kusuha, you can tell by her blank 
blue eye. He ask her what she is and she replys that she is a weapon for the 
mighty empire, he ask her who are the enemies and she replys that all those 
who oppose the empire are the enemies, to her the Hagane and HiryuKai is the 
enemies, but when pressed by Ingram to tell him what Ryusei Date and 
Brooklyn are to her, she hesitate a while before stating that they too are 
her enemies.

Ingram plans to send her out even though Adat is opposed to this. Meanwhile, 
the SRX Team and all R-Series mech are suspended from operations because of 
guilt by association to Ingram. While the Hagane crew knows that Ryusei and 
the others wouldn't betray them, the top brass aren't so sure and of course 
Ingram has a hand in creating the R-Series and who knows what he puts in 
there, until the R-Series is completely checked out, they are grounded for 

The mechanics like Jonathan, Rob and Kirk are busy repairing mech, Rob 
comments that the battle will be very hard from here since Ingram knew 
everything about them.

 The base is attacked and the team saw that it is Kusuha who attacked them. 
They know that she is being stringed like a puppet when she doesn't reply to 
them and speak Heero Yui-like language all monotone like. Kyosuke tells Brit 
to just disable the Grungust Nishiki so that they could rescue her. However 
when he almost does that, she regains a bit of her sense and screams for 
Ryusei's help that breaks Brit's heart and she is recalled.  

After more battle with Geisar, Brit is lamenting about not being able to 
rescue Kusuha and Garnette comments that it must be heartbreaking for Brit 
for him to learn that in Kusuha's heart is Ryusei.

Speaking of which, Ryusei is grilled and while he is released, he is shocked 
to learn from the questioner about Kiriko Date's (his mom) past connection 
with Aya's father's lab and Ingram

Meanwhile Gilliam and Rada has successfully break into Ingram's encrypted 
files and found out that the odds of Mai Kobayashi and one Dr. Janet Fonda 
(I think that was the name) are only listed as missing not dead like the 
official files. The odds are very high, seeing as how Kusuha is turned into 
an enemy, and the mysterious Iron mask man's appearance, that Mai is still 
alive, somewhere. However the data seems different than what Aya remembers. 
From Aya's memory, Mai is her older sister but according to the file, Mai's 
age is younger than Aya.Rada ponders the thought that Aya's memory might 
have been tampered with. She wants to meet Dr. Kobayashi to discuss what HE 
knows and is hiding but Gilliam tells her that Dr. Kobayashi is in intensive 
custody following Ingram's betrayal and that access to him is impossible. 
Rada regrets that but notes that Mai and Aya might not even be real sisters 
if Aya's memory has been tampered.

Episode 33

Knowing that the Aerogaiter are targeting them, Masaki offers a plan, since 
Psybuster is top on the Aerogaiter's most wanted list, he'll go on 
survelliance and offer himself as bait so that they will attack and hope 
that Kusuha is also there. It's a good plan but since the Captains don't 
trust Masaki not to get lost, they have Ryune accompany him and also 
Excellen to keep tab on these two hotheads.

What they find is the original Valcion piloted by the supposedly dead Bian 
Zoldark and Shu Shirakawa in the Granzone. "Bian" tells Ryune that the time 
has come for the Earth to unite, under DC's feet to fight the Aerogaiter, 
and Ryune says that that's not what her dad would really want since he would 
want everyone to bond together to fight the Aerogaiter whether they are 
Federation, Space Colony or DC.

Masaki shouts to "Shu" that "Is this what you mean by not doing anything" 
and "Shu" replies that Masaki is an idiot to ever trust him. In the midst of 
this, Excellen is shouting to the two as to why they are behaving strangely 
since the two enemies there are only….

Masaki and Ryune attack the two but can't make much of a dent. Masaki notes 
that while "Shu" is pushing all the right button with his words to Masaki, 
something is a bit off since according to Shu's own nature, he doesn't 
really make an appearance without any purpose and the Lapis Computer inside 
the Psybuster doesn't detect the Granzone.

Excellen figures out that the two are under illusions and that the 
mastermind must be somewhere close. She detects Adett and Adett comes out 
saying that it is amazing that Excellen doesn't fell under the illusion, 
there must be something special about her, and Adett is determine to find 
out once she takes Excellen back to her lab. Excellen hits Adett's mech that 
negates the illusion and "Shu" and "Bian" turns out to be Aerogaiter's 

The rest of the team arrived and defeated them and Adet beats a retreat. She 
later screamed at Ingram as to why he didn't bring back Excellen because HE 
HAS to know what makes her immune to the illusion and Ingram only says 
mysterious stuff that I don't really care to find out.

Meanwhile for a mission well done, Excellen asked Daitetsu if Daitetsu could 
give her, some of his old fine liquour. Daitetsu says that once they get 
back to base, he'll give her some and the conversation turns to what Liquour 
(Sake, Wine, etc) tastes great. And with the SubCaptain, Daitetsu's former 
SubCaptain joining in to talk about good Captain knowing what Liquour to 
drink, Refina, feeling left out, wonders whether if SHE should start 

Stage 34

The Aerogaters are attacking again and this time it is Ingram who 
commandeered the attack. After fighting off a few of them, he and Kusuha 
come out. Rio and the other are astonished as to why Ingram still has the R-
Gun since they have it in dock (if you blew it up) Leona and the other says 
that with Aerogaiter technology, it is probably easy to recreate it since 
Ingram was the one who designed R-Gun. Kusuha says to Brit and Ryusei in her 
normal voice that she's fallen for Ingram. And that she has decided to go 
with him. Brit and Ryusei know that Ingram is still manipulating her. Ingram 
order Kusuha to attack them. Ryusei says that he'll cover for Brit, while 
Brit rescue Kusuha. Ryusei gives Brit his blessing saying that he can't make 
Kusuha happy but Brit CAN.  When Brit confronts Kusuha, she asked whether 
Brit wants to be her lover since he's always acting a bit weird when around 
her. Also Ryusei never pay attentions to her no matter how hard she try, if 
Brit can beat her, she'll be his forever. Brit says that those words 
wouldn't confuse him, and that he'll hear it from Kusuha when she's herself 
again by his own effort. "Brimg it on Grungust Nishiki!!!!!" he screams, "As 
Master Rishu and Captain Zengar taught me!! Attack before you are attacked. 
Kusuha then says "Goodbye Brit kun" and uses her Hissatsu Keitou ShunGoken, 
but Brit duck and disable the Nishiki saving Kusuha and freeing her. Ryusei 
notes that Brit did his part now it's their turn.

They defeated Ingram's R-Gun however, it suddenly reappear, definitely 
mutated. Ingram says that this is the R-Gun Reviere, and it is a monster to 
beat. Needing more firepower, the SRX Team then decides to form SRX and THIS 
time it succeeds. Ingram smiles and says that he'll be the SRX's first 
opponent. Rai says that the SRX can't last that long so they have to finish 
Ingram off quickly and SRX then takes on R-Gun Reviere.

However the MOST interesting battle is when Gilliam engaged Ingram. Ingram 
is astounded and shock (and that's a rare occurrence) it is like looking 
into a mirror image, but one slightly different than him

This is the direct quote:
Gilliam: So YOU"RE Ingram Prisken
Ingram:  Huh?!!!! What?!! This man
Gilliam: …………..
Ingram :WHO ARE YOU !!!!!!?
Gilliam: The same fate as you…..I'll only say that I am  someone who also 
shoulder the same fate of roaming and wandering the parallel worlds…. Just 
like you.

Ingram: WHAT !!!!!????
Gilliam : But it seems we've taken different path…. I ….know that…
Ingram: ……….
Ingram :What is your purpose ????
Gilliam :  To pursue and investigate a certain group of people. At least 
that was it
Ingram: Was?
Gilliam : Defeating you and the Aerogater is my top priority right now
Ingram :Hmmphh, looks like an Irregular (unexpected player) has enter the 

Ingram runs after taking lots of damage but the Reviere is still fill with 
After the battle, Ryusei went to see Kusuha at the medical room and see Brit 
there. He gives Brit his blessing again and runs off. He then meet Charter 
and Garnette who correctly guess that Ryusei doesn't want to open his heart 
to someone because he fears that he might not survive the war with the 
Aerogater. Charter tells him that no matter what, he's not fighting alone, 
Masaki, Kyosuke, and the others will all fight alongside him.

Kusuha has revive and amazingly doesn't remember anything from when she was 
an Aerogater puppet but she felt that she must have done something bad, Brit 
tries to calm her down by lying saying that she didn't get kidnapped and 
turn into an enemy who is bent on killing them and in love with Ingram. Brit 
is a lousy liar because Kusuha figured everything out in seconds, and say 
that she must have caused a lot of problem for the team.almost crying. 

Meanwhile Ryusei is told by Rob and Rai that SRX has develop a problem, it 
seems that it can only combine only one more time, because of some 
unspecified problems (probably the Tronium Engine). However once combined, 
it will last the battle. Ryusei notes that it is then best to use the last 
SRX Combination in the upcoming counterattack in the final battle.

Stage 35

Daitetsu is told that a crew of high ranked people in the Federation is 
trying to reach the White Star in order to draw up a peace treaty (read: 
Surrender) from the Southpole in Daitetsu's old ship the Shirokane.

However at the South Pole, it is under attacked by automated Aerogater 
forces. The Kurogane headed by Elzam comes out and talked to the cowardly 
officials and decides to protect it. Zengar also arrives to help Elzam in 
his Huckebeing Tronbe. After defeating some of them, the two teams comes out 
and both Elzam and Zengar retreats saying that they will meet again when the 
attack on White Star begins. Even though the team is victorious, a lone 
enemy unit attacks the Shirokane with precision and destroyed the deck 
killing all the officials, the pilot of the unit is revealed to be Viletta 
(but not to the team). Later the team notice s that everything else of the 
Shirokane is still in perfect condition needing only minor repairs. They 
wonder why the Aerogater unit did not completely disabled the ship so that 
it cannot participate in the upcoming attack.

Meanwhile, an associate of the cowardly officials whom I forgot name and 
will now dub Evil Indian Guy notes from afar that it is unfortunate that the 
officials have died and that it might be time to go back to his "country" 
(Point to note: some episodes ago, after the end of the 2nd DC Uprising by 
Adola, and the announcement of surrender by Rebi,the officials were asking 
EIG why Rebi wants them to surrender since they had already discussed 
surrendering before with him to his planet. EIG then says that like Earth, 
his planet is made up of different counties, and these countries have 
different empires.) (What this COULD mean is that back in Ep 5, the 
"Aerogaters" there were actually Zezenan and the other Souwolk disguised as 
Aerogaters, or that the Souwolk had defeated and absorb the Balmar 
(Aerogater) into their empire. Whatever it is, in the sequel, it WILL be 
something that should be picked up on) 

Stage 36

It is nearing the 30 days ultimatum that the Aerogater gave the Earth; 
preparations are almost underway for the counterattack. With tension 
increasing each day, the two teams decided to have one last party before the 
coming battle. Rio is excited and coaxed Leona, who seems especially 
unwilling, into preparing the food to make it an international banquet with 
foods from Korea, India, German, etc. Tasku is gleeful that he is going to 
get to eat Leona's cooking at last. Meanwhile Daitetsu and John, his old 
vice commander on the Hiryu) are in Daitetsu's room drinking to each other 
and Daitetsu tells him that John has been with him through thick and thin 
and that if anything happens, he ask that John do his best to help everyone. 
John rebuffed him, saying that that is no way to think.

And the foods are out, Rio gives Rai the curry that Rada and Yun (the female 
operator on the Hiryu Kai) has prepared, it is a combination of Indian and 
Korean taste, and it pretty much burned Rai's lip as he gasped for water. 
Next up is Leona's German cuisine and Tasku offers to eat it with Leona 
protesting to the last minute. He does and turns another color and goes 
down. She apologizes saying that cuisine was NEVER her strong point. Kuro 
points out that EVERYONE has to have a weakness. (It gets even funnier in 
Kyosuke's route, when trying to digest the food, Taksu asked for something 
to drink and Kusuha gives him her "special" drink which double K.O. ed him) 
(You know, I'm sensing a pattern here, original SRW female heroine doesn't 
seem to be able to cook well, even Excellen once said in Kyosuke route that 
the best food she could do was the 3 min Cup Noodles) But the highlight of 
it is when Excellen and Garnette come out in Bunny Girl costume to be the 
eye candies for the male. Needing liquour and lots of it as the party gets 
underway, Garnette and Excellen goes to Daitetsu's room and shocks him with 
their curvely appearances and asked for booze, the one that Daitestu 
promised Excellen several mission ago. While handing it over to Excellen, he 
notes that Excellen and Garnette are big drinkers and that he'll never see 
this bottle and the liquour it contained again. Back at the bridge of 
Hagane, the male operator is piffed that he doesn't get to attend and 
Tetsuya says that someone has to be on duty in case of enemy attack but he 
tells him that he can cover for him for 10 minutes. As he runs out, Refina 
comes in saying that she isn't much of a party person and someone has to be 
available. They talk and seem to hit it off, since they are both young but 
are either Vice Captain or Captain.

Of course Aerogater has to attack at this time, ruining the mood. It is 
Gezar, the weird pimple and hair guy who looks strikingly familiar to 
someone and Iron Mask Guy.

The team scrambled hastily and SOME member are still reeking of booze, Tasku 
is still queasy from Leona's cuisine and Garnette and Excellen didn't have 
time to change and are piloting the mech in their bunny girl suits (you tell 
me how sexy, and weird that is) Excellen asked Kyosuke why HE doesn't seem 
drunk and he says that he drank only Green Tea during the party to be alert 
and Ilm says that he drank only a milkshake just in case.

During the battle, Iron Mask seems to recognize the Gesphent and combining 
that with his movement, Gilliam notes that it could be Commander Kaweii from 
the old Special Forces. After getting a beating, Gezar plays dirty and 
reminds Ryusei of Tensan Nagajima, the others noticed it too but Tensan is 
supposed to be dead. Excellen says that maybe it's a long lost twin brother, 
but the other dismissed it saying how could Tensan have a brother who looks 
like him but is an alien. Gezar send out Map W nukes and flee, the team 
disabled it.  Giliam is now sure of the Aerogater's motive. The party 

Stage 37

It is time to announce the counter attack name; its codename is SRW, 
Operation SRW. 

The counter attack will consist of all Federation, DC, Colony ships 
attacking, Phase Two will consist of them attacking with nukes if 
conventional attacks failed. If Phase Two failed, then Phase 3 will have the 
Hagane and HiryuKai invade the White Star to destroy it from within, and 
Phase 4, if the ships are incapacitated will have ALL PT from both ship, the 
strongest of Earth's force, attacking the core and defeating Ingram Prisken 
and Rebi Tora and destroying the White Star. A near futile mission, but one 
that must NOT fail at ALL cost.

The team are a bit uneasy hearing the plan explained and Charter says that 
the odds of them dying are high. Garnette snaps at him telling him NEVER to 
say that, she will live, and don't Charter dare DIE on her. Kyosuke notes 
that it is the biggest gamble of all time and smile saying that it is a bet 
worth taking.

Ryusei and some of the others wonders what SRW means and Excellen offers her 
version, being that S is for Sexy, R is for Romance and W is for Weapon, so 
it means Operation Sexy Romance Weapon. (Probably only the Valcione fits 
this category) And Ryusei counter that it's obvious, SRW stands for Super 
Robot Wars. The other doesn't think so (which shows just how non-otaku they 
are, of course it stands for Super Robot Wars, we live for this thing)

Ilm talks to his father before leaving, His father says that Ilm HAS to come 
back, he has to come back to see his father again, or else…his father will 
raid Ilm's little black book and make off with everyone Ilm jotted down even 
Rin. Is that enough motivation for you, Mr. Playboy?

Ryusei also meets with his mom; he tells her that he knows about her past 
with Genzo Kobayashi's lab and Ingram Prisken. Yukiko says that she didn't 
mean for Ryusei to find out because that part of her life was over, she 
wishes Ryusei the best of luck in his new life.

Rio and Ryouto talks and Ryouto asked Rio that if they survived this, can 
they go on a picnic, Rio answers that it would be a nice reward with the 
others after the battle. Ryouto says that he wants only just the two of them 
to go and Rio says that that isn't such a bad idea.

 Meanwhile in the hangar, Rob and Dr. Kasahara are surprised to find Dr. 
Marion; she had come with a generator that will give the SRX the ability to 
combine almost infinitely.  She says that while she still hated mech using 
Alien tech, using this Earth technology created generator on it seems poetic 
and ironic considering who help built SRX and she leers at Professor Karku 
who tries to address her by her first name but rebuffed by her.

Rob asked why Professor Marion is SO antagonistic towards Karku and Jonathan 
tells Rob that the two USED to be married, and got divorced. Rob can't 
picture the two of them together.
Daitetsu and Tetsuya convene in Daitetsu's room, he asked Tetsuya to take a 
drink but Tetsuya doesn't, because he hates booze. Daitetsu tells him that 
Tetsuya is like a son to him, and that no father should ever lose their 
children. Tetsuya notes that Daitetsu's real children died during???? (I'm 
guessing either the Hope Incident with ChikanSgrud or the incident in 
Elzam's colony or when the Hiryu got attacked by Aerogater.) He tells 
Daitetsu that he will reserve the drink for when they come back victorious, 
and Daitetsu agrees, 

As the two ships are leaving Earth's atmosphere, they pick up a signal from 
Mao Industry on the moon, Aerogater are attacking.  Noting that it could be 
a trap or a diversion set up so that they miss the rendezvous with the other 
ships, but not wanting to lose Mao Industry and Rin, the team heads toward 
the moon.

On the moon, Aerogater forces are attacking, and though the personnel are in 
the shelter, Rin Mao doesn't want to take the chance that they won't attack 
it. She asked Rio's father, for ANY PT she can used, Rio's dad says that a 
lot of the Gesphent were destroyed in the DC War and all remaining Gesphent 
were given to the Federation for Operation SRW. The two Huckebine MK II are 
also gone, but Rin Mao notes that ther is one mech left that is powerful 
enough to repel the attacker, it is her own personal Grungust which she took 
as a memento from her piloting days  before coming to head Mao Industry if 
you didn't meet the requirement, if  you do, Rin asked that the lock on the 
original Huckebine 008L be unlocked.

As Rin attacks them in her mech, the other comes out and if it is a 
Huckebein, Rai notes that he never thought he would live to see the day that 
this "Vanishing Trooper" would be fighting in a battle alongside him.  But 
he won't let what happened to him on the 008R soured his feeling, he's moved 
on and put the past behind him. Ilm asked Rin if she is doing Ok and she 
doesn't answer back nicely which tells Ilm that Rin is still angry at him 
for his behaviour. (Fess' up loverboy) However Iron Mask then comes out, and 
they are shocked to find out that he is piloting a Gesphent S that 
disappeared with Commander Kaweii therefore he must be… The "Gesphent S" is 
stronger than it looks and Ratoni suggest that only the appearance is a 
Gesphent like the R-Gunthat Ingram pilot against them which became R-Gun 
Rivale.  It is an Aerogater mech disguised as a Gesphent.  After killing 
him, he thanks them for releasing him from this existence. Gilliam then vows 
revenge on the Aerogater for doing this to his old commander.
Rin still doesn't forgive Ilm that easily but she did tell him to come back 
from the battle.  And she probably gave him the 008L to help out. Rio meet 
with her father and he said that while he personally want Rio to stay where 
it is save with him, he understands why Rio has to go and fight the 

Stage 38,

The operation is staring and the two teams arrived in the nick of time, the 
mission is command by Commander Norman. However after all attacks failed, 
they go to Phase 3 where all ships tries to make for the WhiteStar, however 
they are up against an army of Fure, Kyosuke tells all member to protect all 
the ship at all cost to enter the White Star. However, most are destroyed 
and Commander Norman died trying to enter with his ship, leaving the Hagane 
and the Hiryu Kai to finish the job.

Stage 39

Nearing the entry point, Ingram tells Viletta to deploy and do what she has 
to do, Adett then tells Geza to go and destroy the double crosser.

The team entered the area and found it is guarded by an army of Aerogater, 
however, they are surprised when one of them destroyed the other one being 
Geza destroying Villeta's mech saying that he and Adett knows what Viletta 
is really up to and that this is the end for double crosser like her. He 
calls for more reinforcement. Ryusei is almost sure that Geza is Tensan 
somehow because Tensan could have been rescue by the Aerogater. However help 
comes in the form of the Kurogane and Zengar in the Reishiki. With their 
help the Hagane makes it way to the selected point and begins to charge up 
it's Tronium Buster Cannon, Gezar intervenes but Daitetsu tells the team to 
overeheat the cannon and the engine and to ram both Gezar, and the Hagane 
into the barrier of the White Star. The explosion deafens the place and 
Refina and John in the HiryuKai wonders whether the Captain and the others 
crew are dead or not?  They then see the escape pod for the Hagane being 
picked up by Kurogane and the robot entering it. 

Daitetsu tells Refina to stay behind so that Aerogater forces can't follow 
them, and to protect their homeworld while the Kurogane and the PT enters it 
to destroy it. Refina reluctantly agrees. Elzam gives Daitetsu full command 
of his ship and himself and so does Zengar, Zengar meets with his former 
subordinate and though it is a bit clumsy to talk to them once more, they 
forgave him for his past attacks on them.

Stage 40,

Entering White Star or Nebi Geim, The team are shocked to find out that it 
has an atmosphere and environment that seems like Earth. They are even more 
shocked to find DC forces waiting to attack them. Elzam identifies them as 
DC troops from the numbers that went missing and that these aren't Aerogater 
mech made to look like DC forces.  The DC Troops piloting them must have 
been brainwashed by Ingram. Kusuha says that that is horrible and say that 
they have to rescue them like they did her, however she is told that in her 
case, it was an exception because Ingram only used the T-Link system to 
temporarily brainwashed her with no side-effect while these people are 
goners. Saddened at this, the team vowed that they have to stop the 
Aerogater and defeated the brainwashed DC troops.

Afterward, four Valcion Kai appears. Ryune says that they defeated those 
before and cheap copy of her dad's mech won't stop them. The team noted that 
with Aerogater's tech, most Earth mech can be copied.

After finishing THEM off, the team is surprised to find THEMSELVES??? It 
seems that a copy of most major players in the team has appeared as enemies, 
such as the SRX team, Ryusei, Rai, Aya in SRX, Kyosuke, Excellen and Brit, 
Gilliam, Tasku, Leona, Ilm, Masaki and Ryune. "Kyosuke" tells his team that 
it seems that a fake team has appeared and our Kyosuke noted likewise. Kuro 
and Shiro are also shocked to see that they too were duplicated.

However help arrives in the form of Viletta in the Geshpent S, Rada asked 
her where she's been and she ducked the question by saying that she's been 
around since they last met. Gilliam questioned her whether they should trust 
her since she is very much like Ingram and she tells them that if they don't 
trust her then they are free to shoot her in the back anytime they like and 
Gilliam then said he trust her. She tell them that the shadows are created 
from scans on their memories like snapshot of them but fully under Aerogater 
control, she tells them to destroy these shadow since they won't listen to 
reason. As Psybuster goes up against Psybuster, Valcione against Valcione 
and more, Ryusei fights against his double in the SRX, "Ryusei" says to him 
that if Ryusei destroys the SRX, it might just trigger the Tronium Engine 
and "Aya" further drums it to Aya that the T-Link System is something that 
will always attract misfortune in a move to demoralized the team. However it 
failed and all the doubles are gone but the battle's not over yet, cause 
here comes Adett and Geiza, tired, the team is ruthlessly rushed by high HP 
Aerogater mech along with Geiza, but they don't give up, As Geiza goes down, 
it seems that he remembers stuff from his past that he has to go play a game 
tomorrow, the Burning PT, and he'll slaughter them all THEN, This cinches it 
for Ryusei that Geiza was Tensan Nagajima. Adett confirms this by saying 
that they rescued Tensan and gives him this new body with no memory of his 
past life. And that's what she's going to do to all of them.

However the team unleashed everything they have at her and as her mech 
crashes and she crawls out, she is met by Ingram, who shows her through data 
that her true identity WAS and still IS Jennifer Fonda of the Kobayashi Lab, 
whom he had kidnapped along with one other as the first sample. He thanks 
Jennifer Fonda for her hard work but now it's over for her. Adett screams 
that she isn't Jennifer Fonda, that she's an Aerogater, but Ingram coldly 
says that the ONLY true Aerogater on board is him and he shoots her dead.

Stage 41 A (The truth about Ingram)

The team has finally reached their destination and Ingram welcomes them to 
the heart of Nebigeim. He says that their original mission is at an end and 
they will get new mission here. Kyosuke orders all units to destroy R-Gun 
Rivalere knowing that if they kill him, they can destroy the Nebigeim. The 
fight with Ingram is silent, tough but in the end R-Gun Rivalre goes down. 
Viletta paused briefly noting that this horrible way is the ONLY way to free 
Ingram. Ingram chuckles a bit before dying and he congratulates them on what 
they've done, they 've finally stopped him when he couldn't himself.  Ryusei 
and the others are confused and they asked what Ingram actually is, he 
replies that he is a manufactured man, sent along with Judecca to collect 
samples and that his will is bounded to Judecca and it's objective and he 
can never escape it's thrall as many other that he brought here. Kyosuke and 
the other then realize that Ingram was actually training them to bring him 
down to release him. Ingram tells Aya not to be bounded by the past and to 
forge a new life for herself, he truly wished the team luck in the battles 
beyond, he thinks to himself that everywhere he goes, in whatever dimension, 
the results seems to always be the same, but for one brief moment, he is 
truly Ingram Prisken, a man of his own free will and he smiled before R- Gun 
Rivalere exploded as Ryusei screams out "Commande Ingram!!!!!!" in disbelief 
and in sorrow.  Masaki can't believe that Ingram did all that to get them to 
kill him. Ryune says that deep down Ingram can't forgive himself either for 
what Judecca made him do, but even so, it was no forgiveness for what he 

Suddenly there is a shaking and the team gets a feeling that something bad 
is about to happen outside, the Kurogane hightails it out of there.

Stage 41 B (The Battle with Rebi)

 Outside the Nebigeim, Refina and other ships are waiting, seeing as to what 
happened, Refina asked whether Daitetsu made it out and is relieved to find 
them, however something else also emerged from Nebigeim, it is the Judecca 
piloted by Rebi Tora along with the remaining Aerogater force, it destroyed 
the rest of the Earth fleet and damaged both ship. The team deployed and 
Rebi tells them that they have been chosen to become warriors for the 
Aerogater. Elzam asked her what would become of them afterward and she says 
that weapons do not need to know such things. Of course the team rejected 
whatever she says and as Zengar puts it, no questions asked, they will 
defeat her.

Kyosuke chuckled a bit, and says that he hasn't found anything this big to 
gamble on before and Excellen notes that his gambllerholic mania is kicking 
in, which might not be that good, even Tasku don't seem to think that they 
can win, but Kyosuke announced to all units, and to everyone in the 
vicinity, this IS their final mission, It's time to put all their money 
where there mouth is , and he leads the charge against Rebi who is content 
to give them a sparring.

Daitetsu shouts as the Kurogane enters the frontline that it all began when 
the Hiryu under his commands and that he lost many fine crewmembers, their 
sacrifice won't be in vain and he tells Tetsuya to open fires. Leona shouts 
that Maiya, Bian and so many others had died so that they could be prepared 
to defeat the Aerogater, now is the time to fulfill their dream and protect 
the planet and the race that they loved, for humanity's future.

 As Rada enters the battle against Rebi, her equipment shows no mistake, 
Rebi is actually that person. Rebi asked Rada what she hopes to learn about 
her through the measly psychic relation power of her but Rada countered that 
the instruments confirmed that Rebi is a human just like them.

Ilm mockingly says to Rebi that why don't he give her a handicap and comes 
out of his Grungust to fight personally. Rebi isn't amused and tells him to 
give her all he's got, Ilm smirked saying that why don't she come out of 
Judecca then? I mean it's such a waste for a cute young girl like her to be 
doing this, he's pretty sure that she'll grow up to be a good (looking) 
young woman whom he can take out on a date.

Rebi's expected reaction was "YOU PERVERT!!!!, I'll zip that mouth of yours 
SHUT FOREVER". Ilm then say " Hey, I did say, that I was going to give you a 
handicap  (Meaning: he could have been more lewd with the sexual joke)

Ratouni faced off against Rebi and she exhibits Heero Yui signs that Rebi 
says will make her a good solider for them. Ratouni says that she won't 
dance to anyone's tune anymore, thanks to Ryusei and the others, she's found 
her true self and she'll help Rebi find hers as well and Rebi mocks her that 
she's still following orders and dancing to someone's tune

Rebi mocks Valcione for being a life sized- doll created to fulfill Ryune's 
ego but Ryune then says that this doll packs enough powers to beat her and 
attacks Rebi.

 Rebi also mocked Kachina for being basely simpled for just spoliing for a 
fight, saying that it's the main event. Kachina retaliates saying that 
she'll kick the butt of whomever she don't like with 100% of herself and she 
says that " You haven't study me enough Alien!!!"

(For Kai,(Kyosuke Route,)  he thanks Rebi for reuniting the special team and 
that they were able to put Commander Kaweui's ghost to rest, Rebi then asked 
whether Kai is that haunted by ghost and spirits and Kai says that the 
Special Team has ALWAYS walked with spirit, the spirit named Gesphent)

Rio tells Rebi that what she and the other Aerogater had done is wrong but 
Rebi doesn't even begin to understand her and dismissed her. But Rio shouted 
that to HER, Rebi is EVIL and her sense of justice tells her that Rebi MUST 
be brought down.

Ryouto, is scared, and Rebi asked mockingly as to what a scared wuss like 
him can do, he replies back that even though he's scared, being scared won't 
solve anything, so he'll fight despite his fear, and he's not the only one. 
When Russell is targeted by Rebi, she mocks him also, but Russell says that 
while he's scared, compare to what Kachina puts him through and what she'll 
do to him if he runs, this isn't that scary.

Even Garnette has something to say about it, she tells herself that she's 
not going to die, she's going to live, because she has found her reason, 
whatever the case, she WILL GO BACK, BACK WHERE SHE BELONGS.

Rebi then asked her why she's trying to commit suicide by picking a fight 
with her, Garnette retorted that she doesn't want a future that is handed to 
her on a silver platter, if she wanted to run, she'd have done so in the 
first place, she's here to make a future for herself and the one she love

 Rebi also notes a strong almost indomitable force of will rushing at her, 
she says to it's owner that that power and that will is what they were 
looking for even though it is aimed at her at the moment, but then the 
source of the will shouted, (like he always does, ) " I am  Zengar, Zengar 
Zombolt, the sword that cleaves Evil, Rebi Tora !!!!! , you WILL disappear 
by the hands of  my ZanKatou" and the Grungust Reishiki unleashed it's most 
powerful move.

 As the battle raged on and Judecca is hit by Metal Genocider, Ripslasher 
and more. Ryusei asked Rebi to consider that since Tensan, Adett, Kaweui and 
more were just brainwashed people by Ingram, isn't the possibility high that 
she TOO is the same, Rebi shout back as if to reaffirm to her self, "NO, I 
am an Aerogater, the Core of Judecca" and Ryusei shouted that THAT could be 
false memory too! Rebi retorted back to Ryusei to shut up, she would not 
believe Ryusei.

Rai says that every good warrior knows his place to die and Rebi then says 
that he's certainly found the place but Rai rejects that saying that as long 
as there is something and someone he has to protect, he won't die, this 
WON"T be his place to die.

Tasku says that it's time to test his luck just like Kyosuke, Rebi says that 
luck alone won't win a battle, there's such a thing as difference in power 
and that he'll never defeat Judecca, however Tasku says that he has this 
nasty habit of turning his opponent's word right back at them.

 Gilliam faces Rebi and he tells her that it's time for a divergence in the 
timeline, will this timeline goes the way he predicted or will it turns to a 
new unpredictable path, of course Rebi can't understand him at all but she 
notes something special about him.

She also faces Viletta whom she called Ingram's little doll and asked 
whether she can do anything by herself. Viletta says that she's been given 
free reign by Ingram, and that she will free Rebi from the fate that Ingram 
inflicted on her, because that was his last request.

Excellen also joked about Rebi saying that it's nice to meet Rebi-chan but 
they have to fight now, Rebi recognized her as the woman Adett mentioned.

Rebi mentioned to Brit that with his power, he just might make the grade and 
become one of them but Brit says that his power isn't the deciding factor in 
beating her, as Zengar and his mentor has shown, his skill is what will beat 
her and he will BEAT her.

Elzam meets Rebi and Rebi says that Elzam will be good as a weapon of the 
Aerogater or die but Elzam says that he's not ready to go meet his dead wife 
yet. He recount that his wife has given her life willingly to stop the 
terrorist attack years earlier, and that he will not let her death be in 
vain, with his blood stained hand, he will bring her down with his Tronbe.

Ryusei tries once more to reason with Rebi but she rejects his claims, he 
shouted that DC, the Colonial Troops and them fights with their own free 
will but he hasn't seen any of her free will, she's just like a puppet, a 
marionette dancing to Judecca's string. She rejects his claim again, Masaki 
and Kyosuke tell him that it's probably too late for Rebi, the Judecca must 
be destroyed at all cost. 

When Masaki comes close to fight, Rebi notes that the Masoukishin he piloted 
is an enigma to them and a great power but that power will be use for them 
once they have it.  Masaki retorts that making people dance to your tune is 
a great power, as he has great experience with Shuu and then Ingram and he 
knows that Rebi is dancing to someone else's tune since he doesn't see her 
true will, her determintion in the battle, he shouts that as a Masoukishin 
pilot, he will cut Rebi from the strings that binds her.

Aya meets Rebi and she feels the psychic energy is like her own, Rebi 
doesn't like it and she tries to kill Aya, Aya notes that while she may 
hates her psychic power for what it costed her, if it is needed to stop Rebi 
from herself and from Judecca, then she will accept it.

Kusuha shouts out for Rebi to end this since this battle won't solve 
anything and that she's already lost and that Rebi might have just been like 
her when she was brainwashed, Rebi reject that claim again.

During the battle, Rebi feels a shock in her head, she screms what's 
happening. Aya asked Rada if Rebi is and Rada's silence confirmed it, Aya 
notes that the only way is to destroy Judecca, isn't it because she's too 
far gone like Ingram. Kyosuke and the other tries to comfort her but she 
says it's all right, for the Earth, Judecca must fall. Rebi shouted that 
they can't possibly think to stop Judecca and Nebigeim, but Kyosuke counters 
her that he already see a victory on the horizon, if Judecca's destroy then 
the battle's won, he won't let this chance go, it's time for him to unveil 
his joker.  Rebi starts to realize that the power the Aerogater were trying 
to harvest has become a double edged sword and she screams that she'll 
destroy them all but Masaki shouted back for her to shut up and see who's 
underestimating who now!!! He tells her that Rebi and the Aerogater are like 
spoiled brat and bad losers who loves to tip over the table when they are 
losing. Rebi retorted back that she has all their data, they can't win, but 
Masaki says that Data are only records of yesterday and they have grown 
since yesterday, taste our power!!!

Kyosuke leads the final charge, he says to all unit "Assault 1 to all units, 
let's end this" "I'm putting everything into this bet, all  money's on the 
table, no regrets, this is our final card"

Ryune then shouts " Right, the future that my Dad left us, we'll protect it 
with our own hands"

Excellen " I guess that goes for everybody"

Masaki  " Let's end this, for the sake of this planet's tomorrow,our future 
we  will grab with  these hands of ours !!!!"

And they charged Judecca one last time and finished it off. Rebi then 
laughed saying that by destroying Judecca, they have doomed their home 
planet, because the last invader is where it all started and Judecca was the 
only thing keeping it dormant, with it gone, it will activate and consumes 
the Earth. Rebi dies as the explosion from the Judecca consumes her.  Ryouto 
then knows what Rebi was talking about, the Meteor 3, everything began 
there, and it was probably an Aerogater weapon in disguise. The team must 
now go to their TRUE FINAL mission.

Stage 42,

Meanwhile back on Earth, Kai is monitoring the attack on Meteor 3 and the 
results are not good, all attacking forces have been absorbed by it. He is 
told that the Kurogane and HiryuKai is headed for it and wished them luck in 
the final battle. 

They find Meteor 3, now fully functional, it WAS a final weapon of the 
Aerogater aimed at Earth, it spewed out copies of assimilated DC forces, 
Federation forces and Aeogater forces. Charter says that if they fail 
they'll get assimilated as well and becomes a part of it, a fate worse than 
becoming weapons for Aerogater. Garnette tells him to stop it, she's going 
to live, she's going to go back, and don't Charter DARE DIE ON HER. 

Daitetsu says that they won't be beaten by a rock no matter how alien it is, 
For the sake of this planet's tomorrow, chimed in Refina, all units 

Meteor 3 announced itself; it is Septagin the last invader
The battle is fierce and Septagin spews out a lot of strong unit when 
damaged enough and goes haywire after that and Daitetsu tells the team to 
finish it off in 5 minutes, they do and their battle, against DC, against 
the DC remnant against the Aerogater is finally at an end.

Aya, Rai, Ryusei and Rada talks together, Aya confirms it with Rada that 
Rebi was probably Mai Kobayashi who was taken by Ingram and brainwashed. 
Ryusei asked whether destroying her and Judecca was the only way and Rai 
says it was. Aya says that Ingram tells her before his death not to be mired 
by the past and to forge new future and that is what she will do, beside she 
has this weird feelings that she can meet Ingram and Mai (Rebi) elsewhere, 
she doesn't understand it but knows it to be true  (Alpha continuity anyone? 
So Ingram's still alive there then?)

Gillaim and Viletta talks, He asked her who she really is, she says that her 
real name is Viletta Prisken, not Viletta Badem as the other know her, she 
was created from a part of Ingram (cue biblical reference of Adam and Eve) 
to act on Ingram's behalf once he become inable to act with his own free 
will. She was created when Judecca's control over Ingram was not strong 
which means that he never subjected her to Judecca's control. To Judecca, 
she was an irregular, out of its control, which is why Ingram sent her away 
to be with the Hagane and HiryuKai when he starts to become completely 
controlled, she would complete his true will. So in a sense, she says, she 
is a double agent, although she doesn't plan on telling the other this.  
Gilliam asked her what she knows about the Aerogater and Ingram. She tells 
him that Ingram was sent along with the Judecca by the creator, Aerogater 
whom they know as Balmar, to travel space and collect samples to be remolded 
as weapons and they traveled space for an unknown amount of time before 
arriving on Earth and determining that Earth was perfect. Somehow Ingram 
awake not totally under Judecca's control and wants to be free, rebelling 
against his instruction, he plans all this and create Viletta to achieve his 
true objective to be achieve when he couldn't resist anymore. She doesn't 
know whether Balmar is still out there or if they are still alive. Gilliam 
notes that the "aerogaters" who appeared at the South Pole could have been a 
different batch than Ingram and the Judecca or it could mean that there is 
more than one race of alien out there in the universe, whatever the case, 
this dimension is turning out to be more than he expected. He asked Viletta 
to come with him back to the information bureau to work with him in gatheing 
information on the Aerogaters and other things but she declined saying that 
Ingram wants her to be a team with Rai, Ryusei, and Aya and to train them 
further, and she will respect that last wish not because she is told to but 
because she wants to.

John and Refina along with Tasku, Russell and Kachina are leaving for the 
Asteroid base Icaros (Where in Alpha continuity, Gunbuster went there after 
the Balmar war). Kachina says goodbye to Kyosuke saying that while she might 
not get to be a test pilot like him, it was fun being with them. Although 
she is taking a memento, Kyosuke's old Gesphent which became her Red 
Gesphent to remember them by.

Tasku wants Leona to go with him but can't find the courage to ask her, When 
the others tell him to be brave because this might be the last time he meets 
her, he screws up the courage to asked her, extremely awkwardly, Leona looks 
at him coldly for a minute before accepting his offer. However she wonder 
whether there is a place and enough supply in the HiryuKai if she also comes 
along and Kachina says that she listed her team as four members, herself, 
Russell, Tasku and Leona.   Leona says to Tasku before they leave to join 
the Hiryu that if Tasku EVER cheats on her, she'll make him live to regret 
it. As she leaves, Tasku wonder whether he made the right choice.

Refina tells Tetsuya that it was nice meeting him and reassure him that he 
will one day become a GREAT captain just like Daitetsu. Daitetsu says 
farewell to John and hope they will meet again one day

Ryusei meets Charter and Garnette who are leaving the military to get 
married. They haven't set a date yet but will invite everybody when they do. 
They relate to him their meeting with Ratouni. Apparently Ratouni still 
wants to be in the military to find her old friend from the school, Arad, 
Seora and one other whose name I forgot, she knows they have to be alive and 
she will find them, which is why Gai will take her under his wing and help 
her. Charter and Garnette tells her that to them, she will always be their 
little daughter and that by the time she comes back from searching, she 
might have a little brother or sister to call her own, which led Gai to 
wonder when did they "do it"

Rada, Ilm, Ryouto and Rio will leave the military to be test pilot for Mao 
industries. Jonathan welcomes Ilm back at the base and Ilm says that his dad 
now doesn't have to raid his little black book for the girls he marked but 
an unexpected visitor Rin heard him and says a bit angrily that she and Ilm 
needs to have a LONG talk. Rio is welcome by her dad and Ryouto apparently 
beginning a relationship with Rio finally meets his girlfriend's father 
which shocked him that his little baby has a boyfriend now. Of course Ryouto 
lets it slip while talking to Rio's dad that his family runs a dojo (martial 
art house) and Rio peeved that Ryouto didn't tell her this challenged Ryouto 
to a duel once they reach Mao industry. Ryouto asked if Rio knows Martial 
art and Rio says no but she won't Ryouto to be better than her in anything. 
(Way too competitive person here)

Kyosuke and the ATX team are leaving for their old North American base, it 
got demolished during the beginning of the DC war, but it is repaired, Rob 
says that with the war over, the government is planning a freeze on PT and 
AM production and Excellen wonder if that means that their mech like 
Weizbritter and Altaisen will be destroyed, Rob says that the current mech 
available will still be needed to protect the peace, but to show that it is 
serious about peace, the Federation has order halt to the development and 
production of Grungust Sanshiki and Hyukebine MkIII (which has EOT tech in 
them, I guess)  and Ryusei wonder when THESE things were ever made.  Dr. 
Marion says that hasn't discouraged her, she is planning on creating the 
Bilt Bilgar, Bilt Falgen, and of course the upgrade to Altaisen (can you say 
Altaisen Rieze) all with Earth technologies. Excellen tries to get a word in 
to Dr. Marrion to upgrade her little old Weiz, and not to leave it alone. 
Marrion says that she'll look into it.

Kyosuke, Excellen, Ryusei and the rest meets Masaki and Ryune. Masaki is 
intent on going after Shu once more now that the danger is passed, saying 
that someone like him can't be left alone to plan whatever he has in mind.  
The other thanks him for his help and he says that whenever they need the 
Masoukishin's power once more, he will be there for them. Ryusei says to 
leave the well-being of Upper Earth to them and for Masaki to go do his 
business be it here or Lar Gias. Ryune doesn't plan to stay in the military 
since it doesn't suit her and also because her dad was the one who started a 
war with the Fed. She plans to go back into outer space to investigate 
Jupiter perhaps. 

Brit asked Kusuha whether what she want to do next is really Ok with her, 
she says that while it might be hard for her to leave Ryusei, she wants to 
go with Brit, but not as a pilot, she plans to become a doctor and that will 
be a job more suited for her than piloting, and she'll go to the North 
American base with Brit to train there and be there for him and the rest of 
the ATX team.

Kyosuke and Excellen says farewell to Ryusei, Aya, and Rai saying to leave 
the well-being of the Western continents to them and for them to take care 
of the East, Kyosuke notes that Zengar and Elzam are gone like the wind, but 
he knows that they'll reappear and they will meet once again when the Earth 
is in danger. Kyosuke tells Excellen to hurry up since Brit and the others 
are waiting in the transport plane. Excellen ask if they couldn't wait a 
minute so that they could kiss, and Kyosuke agrees and the two kiss in each 
other's embrace (Enjoy it, when the Einst comes there's gonna be more 
trouble on the corner)

 Aya tells Ryusei that their mech is getting an overhaul and that they are 
free to take a leave for a while, she is staying to supervise the overhaul 
and she suggest that Ryusei go home to visit his mom since Rai has already 

Rai visited the grave of his sister in law, Elzam's brother, he is greeted 
by Princess Shine who has come to meet him, he tells her that his dead 
sister in law was a great influence for him and that is why he has taken her 
maiden name as his middle name, Raidis Fujiwara Flashtein. Shine then asked 
whether the bouquet at the grave is his and he says it isn't and smile 
knowing that his brother was probably here before him to honor his late-

 Ryusei arrived home and finds Kusuha's letter which tells him that she went 
with Brit to become a doctor and Ryusei, though a bit sad that she isn't 
here anymore with him is happy for her and Brit, he rings the bell and his 
mom greets him, Ryusei says to his mom " I'm home, Mom" 

The END  
Epilogue...(6 Months later)

Half a year after the Balmar war that was codenamed the L5 Battle, the Earth 
Federation has begin to rebuild.

Brian Midcliff, the president of the Colony Alliance has since become the 
Earth Federation's President. He push for the public acknowledgment of the 
existence of Alien Life Form in the broadcast that would be known as the 
"Tokyo Broadcast that made them known as threats to humanity. Brian Midcliff 
also push for the creation of the Aegis project, a strengthening of the 
Earth area's domain by mass-producing many Personal Troopers and creation of 
new one.

However there are those in the shadows that begin to move in this situation 
such as the remnant of Bian Zoldark's Divine Crusaders, those within the 
Earth Federation with ambitions and the mysterious enemies that are called 
the Einst Series. During this, the heroes from the DC Wars and the L5 Battle 
have moved on with their lives…

Ryusei Date has become a test pilot for the Arblade, a mass-produced R-1

Kyosuke Nambu has return to Langrey Base with Excellen Browning and Brooklyn 
Luckfield to head the PT Team there in dealing with remnants of the Divine 
Crusaders along with the new recruit Lamia Loveless who is an enigma 
herself. Excellen Browning is wondering about what connection the Einst 
Series and the mysterious girl Alfimy has with her.

Kusuha Mizuha had worked as a staff at Langrey Base for the past 6 months 
but after taking part in a mysterious project, she finds herself needing to 
leave for Tesla Raibi Lab.

Masaki Ando is still searching for his arch-nemesis Shuu Shirakawa, needing 
a lead he has headed towards the Tesla Raibi Lab.

Rai F. Flashtein had along with Ratouni Zubota joined the TD Test team and 
has met two test pilots Ivis Douglas and Srei Prestei along with their 
friend Tsugumi Takakura. During Ratouni's testing of the BiltFalken, she met 
Zeora, an old classmate from the "School" who along with another student 
from the school Arad Blanka are in the DC Remnant.

Aya Kobayashi had been working with her dad in his research but she suddenly 
find herself coming face to face with her supposedly dead, amnesiac sister 
Mai Kobayashi who bears an uncanny resemblance to Rebi Tora whom she and the 
team faced back in the L5 Battle.

Viletta Bardem had joined forces with Gilliam Aeger and Ryune Zoldark to 
investigate the Aerogaiter's White Star (Nebigeim) where their final battle 
with Ingram and Rebi Tora took place.

Tasku Shinguchi and Leona Kachtein have returned from the Icaros Asteroid 
Base along with the Hiryu Kai after 6 months of duties there.

Ryouto Hikawa and Rio Meiron have been working at Mao Industry to create the 
Huckebein MKIII and other new PT 

Zengar Zombolt has disappeared but someone using the Zankantou named Wotan 
Ymir has been spotted in the upper ranks of the remnants of DC alongside 
other ace pilots such as Axel Almar and Echidona Isakki.

 Elzam V Flashtein has also disappeared but a mysterious man named Retzel 
Fairschmaker calling his machine "Trombe" have been spotted helping the 
Hiryu Kai and Hagane in the shadows. 

 The Earth is now being plunged into a chaotic state as it was once was 6 
months ago…

To be continued in Super Robot Wars OG2 (Feb 3, 2005)

Author Notes:
(I combined the ending since it focused on different people in each route) 
(The Epilogue is made up from details from OG2 Famitsu scans and 
informations from www.suparobo.jp )

This Faq is copyrighted by nitake92. Super Robot Wars is copyrighted by 

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