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Guide and Walkthrough by Caiterz

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 06/21/2004

Tottoko Hamutaro 4: Nijiiro Daikoushin Dechu
Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue
Version 1.3

          ##     ##
         # ^#   # ^#
          ##     ##              d####             ####d
    ###I    #   #    I###       #$v/vv#           #vv/v$#
  ##zzz3#   #   #   #3zzz##    #v/////v# ## # ## #v/////v#
 #=====zIIkklllllkkIIz=====#  #v###v//vvvv//vv/vvv///v###v#
#z###z=IkklllllllllkkI=z###z# ##eee#vv''//////////vvv#eee##
##333#IkklllllllllllkkI#333## #!!ee#v'..<///////////v#ee!!#
#**3IkkkklllllllllllkkkkI3**# #e!e#<.....'///////////v#e!e#
#**3IkkkkklllllllllkkkkkI3**#  #e#$.......'///////////$#e#
 #3II##IkkkkkkkkkkkkkI##kI3#    #''.=##d....'////d##v/vv#
   #kkk##q    ^    q##kkk#       #'##...#.....''#...##/#
   #kk#) )q   ^   q) )#kk#       #'##=.=#.......#=.=##/#
  #kk##   #   ^   #   ##kk#     #<'d.###d..'''..d###.d'/#
  #kk##) )#       #) )##kk#     #'..d##d...<e<...d##d..'#
  #===q##) }     } )##q===#   $$#<.'''../...<.../..'''.<#$$
  #zz==}^  I^ #  #  ^}==zz#     #$<'''..$'./#/.'$..'''<$#
   #===}^  }#I3I#}  ^}===#    $$#/'.....'$#v'v#$'.....'/#$$
     #z^^    *3*    ^^z#          #v<...............<v#
     #=k}^^^^^*^^^^^}k=#           #<...<.......<...<#
    #3=#kkkkIIkIIkkkk#=3#          #'<'.$'.....'$.'<'#
   #**#kllllIIkIIllllk#**#        #'..#!!#.....#!!#..'#
    ##kllllllIlIllllllk##         #/''.##'.....'##.''/#
     #kllkkl#####lkkllk#          #$<<<###########<<<$#
        ####     ####              ####           ####

I: Contents
	I: Contents
	II: Walkthrough
	III: Questions
	IV: Credits
	V: Updates
	VI: Contact Me
	VII: Cool Hamtaro Sites
	VIII: Disclaimer

II: Walkthrough:
Its A Warm Sunny Day. A rainbow appears and Bijou sees it. Crossing the rainbow
is a blue ham. We will call this ham 'Rainbow Ham'.
(Because that's what hamutaro.com calls him.) Bijou likes the rainbow. She's
excited! Rainbows are pretty! Now you control Bijou.
*Remember to TALK to EVERYONE.
*The action button is the A button.
*When the ! appears above your head, its prompting you to use the action button.
*The signs with the sunflowers by them designate a game.

Area 1: The Clubhouse and outside the Clubhouse.
	*Go all the way left. You see Hamtaro and Oxnard. You (Bijou) Will tell them
about the rainbow and they will ask you to show it to them.
	*Hamtaro + Oxnard will now be following you. Go Right to the rainbow.
	*Bijou, Hamtaro, And Oxnard will now be watching the rainbow.
	*Switch back to Rainbow Ham. The rainbow disappears and Rainbow Ham falls to
his doom. Bijou is worried about him.
	*Rainbow ham falls on Boss, and breaking the bridge, making it impossible for
you to get over there.
	*You are now Hamtaro. Bijou wants you to make sure Boss and Rainbow Ham are OK.
	*Go all the way right. Hamtaro will see Boss and Rainbow Ham. They need a way
to get over there!
	*See the bridge that fell off? Go up to it and press the action button.
Hamtaro and Oxnard will try to move the bridge, but will fail.
	*Go right to bijou, and talk to her
	*She will join you.
	*Go back to the bridge and use the action button again.
	*The old ham will come up to you and tell you how to use the action button.
Press <- and -> to move your hams, press A to pick it up and put it down.
	*So pick it up and throw it down over the river. You can walk on the bridge
and get to Boss and Rainbow.
	*Cappy comes and press A to drag them to the clubhouse.
	*The hams talk to him and he gets scared. Heh. He leaves outside and you are
in control again.
	*Remember to talk to EVERYONE.
	*Talk to Rainbow last. He shows you his rainbow umbrella. You need to collect
colors to make  his umbrella colorful again. Without the colors he cant fly.
	*You are back at the clubhouse. You get control of Hamtaro Bijou and Maxwell.
	*Go out of the clubhouse. Go right. To the Hilly-Like area.
Area 2: Orange
	*Get the seed.
	*Talk to the green ham and he'll move out of your way
	*Reminder: Get all seeds!
	*Go all the way right. Talk to the old ham.
	*Go left one screen and talk to the white ham.
	*He'll jump off. Pick up the board using the action button.
	*Throw it across the water and go across.
	*Talk to the light green ham.
	*Press the action button to pull the carrot out of the ground. I think you
have to pull it 2 times for it to come out. I'm not too sure.
	*Go up the vine.
	*Talk to the group of hams.
	*Go left. There's no way across.. Or is there.
	*The ham will come and show you how to get across. You Swing! But you don't
have enough people.
	*Walk to the right by the tree. Its Boss!
	*Climb up the tree, and talk to Boss (While you're climbing..) Now Climb down.
	*Talk to poor Boss. He joins your group, and as leader!
	*Go back to the paw print spot and use action button, and you swing across.
	*Talk to the pink ham
	*Now use the action button by the flower. It will take time, but don't fret!
	*Go down the vine.
	*Go all the way left. Here's where it got confusing for me. See the rock
sticking below the rest of them? Walk up next to it.
	*The Pink and Yellow ham will talk to you and tell you how to play games.
Select Hamtaro when it says <L> <R>.
	*If you select any hams with a not-happy face on, it wont let you. Now
approach the rock that sticks out again.
	*Game Time! A Sound will play and the <L> <R> Option appears again. Pick
Hamtaro. Pick the first option and the game will start!
	*Game: Press A to jump across the lillypads. Don't let the frogs jump on YOU
	*Talk to Seedric. now go up the vine. Go left. Game Time!
	*Game: As Boss and Maxwell you need to press A to let the orange down safety.
	*You get the Orange, and some sun flower points.
	*You're now at the clubhouse. Talk to Rainbow. The color Orange is saved!

Area 3: Yellow
	*Go right then down. Its Cappy and some other hams.
	*Go back up.  Go up the hole.
	*Then go right. Remember to talk to the hams. Then down.
	*Talk to the ham. Then go up the fencepost
	*Talk to THAT Ham. Then go right ( On top of the fencepost)
	*Game Time! Try to get all the way to the right without getting hit by the uh.
butterfly dust. Press <L> and <R> to do that.
	*Go right. Talk to that ham. Talk to the ham again and say yes.
	*Try to pick up the pink diamond of sugar, but a ham gets freaked, say yes.
	*go up.
	*Pull the carrots up. I *THINK* you have to be the farthest right and press
the A button to pull it up.
	*Go right and down. Talk to the hams.
	*Pick up the Yellow diamond of sugar.
	*Climb up the fence and go right.
	*Game time! Avoid the butterfly dust.... again
	*Go right. Game Time! ...Again.. But you don't have the right ham.
	*Go back to the Yellow diamond of sugar screen. Go down and do that game.
	*Get all the Yellow diamonds of sugar.
	*Talk to the ham.
	*go right and across the bridge. Game time!
	*Game: You need to use boss for this one.
	*You need to make all long jumps with this one.
	*Pull the carrots!
	*Talk to the roll ham.
	*Go down the moving sand.
	*Go right. Break the rocks. Press A. Then B to wind up. When you're all wound
up click A to break it.
	*Go up. Talk to Elder ham. Heh. He moves out of the way.
	*Go up. Break the rocks.
	*Game time! This One's hard. You must break the rock. when it says L press L
as fast as you can. Same thing for R, B, and A.
	*Boss carves a boss statue. Heh. Talk to the ham then go up.
	*Talk to the hams and go right.
	*Jump on the mushrooms. Press Action button by the tree with the hole on it.
You don't have enough hams. Go left.
	*Biiiig Horse! rofl. Talk to Maxwell. He joins your group! =DDD
	*Use the action command by the horse. You climb up.
	*He's painting. Now go down. Go back onto the mushroom and climb  up the tree.
Still a person short.
	*GO down. Go left, then down.
	*Use action button by the log. Carry it down then left and throw it onto the
water, completing the bridge.
	*Go right a little, and another love is saved!.. Wait. Wrong game.
	*Go right and take the cup off of Cappy's head.
	*Talk to Cappy.
	*Cappy joins the group. Go back to the tree with the hole in it. Oy. Still a
person short.
	*Go right. Maxwell freaks because the horse is gone.
	*Go to where the big turnip is with the crying ham, and climb up the fence.
	*Game Time! For real! XD. Use Maxwell. You do cow sighting. If he says look
for a gray cow point to it. etc.
	*Go to the beginning screen. Move the log out of the way.
	*Get the thing.. Its a Sparkle.. Thing.
	*Go to the screen with all the bunnies
	*Move the bunny in front of the mirror thing
	*GET the mirror thing.
	*Return to the screen with the pink diamond of sugar. and go down.
	*Game time. Same as before. Collect the diamonds
	*Go back to the place with the mushrooms.
	*Use the action button by the carrot to pick it up.
	*Carry it to where the horse was. Put it down. The hams will step aside and
the horse comes back.
	*Use the action button. Talk to the painter.
	*He will give u a painting, and another ham will come add you'll come to a new
	*Go left and up and get the carrots.
	*Go Left. its Oxnard!
	*Pull the carrot. That's not a carrot its a ham! Some Hams will come up. I'm
not sure why.
	*Climb up the fence by Oxnard. Its Pepper!
	*Go down. Oxy's gone. Go up the hole. Talk to him
	*Oxnard joined your group!
	*Go down and out of the hole.
	*Go right. Talk to jingle to get an orange diamond of sugar.
	*GO back to the sunflower place. Go down. Pull the turnip out.
	*Get the log and put it across the water.
	*Pick up the cup and take it to where there was water, no bridge, and an elder
	*Game Time! Use Oxnard. Get across the water without touching the spiders.
	*Go up. Talk to the ham. Game time! Use Boss.
	*Heh its elder ham.
	*you will be back at the sunflower.
	*Talk to elder ham! Game Time!
	*Game: you must use Oxnard and get the water from boss to Hamtaro. It's quite
	*The sunflower is saved, and Pepper is happy and so is Oxnard. Another love is
... wait wrong game XP.
	*You get the Flower petal!
	*Talk to rainbow. You get the color yellow back! ^_^
	*Talk to jingle. He tells you about Green.

Area 4: Green
	*Talk to the hams.
	*Go right. There's a snake.
	*Climb up the vines. Go all the way up to another screen
	*Go down and down the vines and u are on the other side of the snake.
	*Go up the 2nd set of vines.
	*Go right until u get to a tennis ball. Pick it up and put it down the pipe
all the way to the left.
	*Go to where the snake was and go down. Penelope is crying. Talk to her
	*Penelope joins your group.
	*Get the carrots..
	*Go up.
	*Game time. Use Boss. Press A when the red line is closest to the right. Then
press A alot to push the ham up there.
	*GO down to the beginning of the game. Go right.
	*Use the action button and pick up the pipe and hook it up to the other pipe.
	*Go back to where the pipe was and go up the vine.
	*Go left and talk to the ham. Use Cappy. Collect the hats and diamonds of
sugar only.
	*You get a hat of your own!
	*Go to the ham with the tennis ball.
	*Give him the hat. You get the tennis ball, again.
	*Pick it up.
	*Go back to the ham game where u pushed the ham up the table. You have to push
the Tennis ball up now! Use Boss.
	*Push the tennis ball down the pipe once again.
	*Hehhehehe. Stupid Snake.
	*GO down and left. You're back to the 2nd screen. Go left
	*Talk to the grayish ham then play the game!
	*Game Time: Use Penelope. Go across without hitting the spider or falling off.
	*Go down a little bit and left another game!
`	*Game: Use Penelope again. It's basically the same as before, with current.
This one's rather hard.
	*Walk across the pipe.
	*Go left to the big rock. Move it with A.
	*Explore the left awhile.
	*Break the rock at the top. go down the hole and buy a painting.
	*Go to the beginning part.
	*Go right then down. Sherlock Ham! XD
	*Go up then right then up.
	*Talk to the ham there, I don't understand what he means, but he will give u a
	*Go down the hole. Talk to Jingle and get an acorn.
	*Go to the place with the horse and bunnies.
	*Go to the place with the bunnies. The painter will be there. Talk to him and
give him the painting.
	*Go to the place with the big turnip and crying ham. Pull the turnip
	*Talk to the ham.
	*Go back to the place with all the guards, where u found Penelope.
	*GO to where a guard and an old ham are. Go up by the light part.
	*Go up the bath plug.
	*Climb up the hand an onto the shoulder
	*Its Pashmina!
	*Go down the arm.
	*Go down and talk to the blue ham-thing that looks remarkably like Marril.
	*Climb up the test tubes by the seed
	*Go right then down.	
	*Climb up another test tube rack game time!
	*Game: Use Maxwell. This is rather hard. Match up the colors in the tubes with
the ones on the rack. You'll see a pattern.
	*Go right then down.
	*Go through the glass pipe! Game Time!
	*Game: Use Penelope. Swing the test tubes and press A to jump across.
	*Go up. Go up the pipe
	*Go left and up the test tube rack.
	*Go back then up out of the window then right. It's Pashmina!
	*Pashmina joins your group!
	*Go right and down the pipe.
	*Go right. Go down the pipe.
	*Pull the drain out.
	*Talk to the ham and go up the pipe. Game Time
	*Game: Use Hamtaro. Study the picture! Then click on the things that changed.
	*Go left and talk to the crazy eyes ham. Go up the tube rack. Game Time!
	*Game: Use Maxwell. This took me awhile to figure out. Suck up the liquid and
jump back to put it in there. Put the liquids in the right containers. Go Left.
	*Go left. and down the rack. Go left. Hamtaro will talk.
	*Then talk to the ham behind the window. Then go back. Down the pipe.
	*There's a crying ham. Use Pashmina. Press A and -> and <- to make the heart
grow big. he will move. talk to that ham in the sink.
	*go left. another crying ham. make him happy. Go up.
	*Game Time. Use Pashmina.
	*Game: Get the diamonds of sugar and jump to the next tube thing.
	*Go down and get the picture thing.
	*Go down. Then wake up the Marril-looking thing. Pick up the sponge. Carry it
out and left and soak up the water by the hallway.
	*Now go in there. Pick up the shoe.
	*Go right then down. Put the shoe down by the police ham.
	*Penelope says stuff and you get a letter.
	*Go up by where the sponge was. Go left a screen. Talk to the Police Ham.
	*The Police ham will leave. Go Up.
	*Go left and up. Talk to the sweeping ham and the muscle ham.
	*Go back down and right. Climb up the hole in the chair. Bounce on the spring.
	*Climb across the Golden Spoon and climb up the string. Go across the string.
	*A Pink ham comes and points to where you just came from.
	*Climb up the vine.
	*Game: Use Oxnard. Eat the corns and seeds. Avoid the jalapenos. You must get
400 of them.
	*Talk to the red ham. Go back down the vine.
	*Go back to where the golden spoon was. Talk to the ham with glasses. Game
	*Game: Aim with strength. Get the coffee beans in the cups and spoons to get
100 pts.
	*You get a book thing. Go up. Talk to the ham by the spoon. Go across the
	*Climb down the white fluff. Talk to Ohmar. Go across the golden spoon and
	*Go to the point where the ham pointed. Talk to the muscle ham again. He moves
the door. Go through.
	*Climb up the tree and talk to Rainbow Ham. Game Time!
	*Game: Use Maxwell. Put the puzzle pieces in. Use L and R to flip them.  I
found this kind of hard. I suck at puzzles. Lol.
	*You get the Green Clover! Penelope is sad but the detective ham gives her
flowers and she's happy.
	*You're at the clubhouse. Talk to Rainbow. The Color Green is Saved! ^_^
	*Talk to Maxwell and Howdy says something. Talk to Howdy. Jingle Tells you
about blue.

Area 5: Blue
	*Its Howdy! He's jumping around. Stan comes in. Then they go through a hole.
	*You (Hamtaro) Go Right. Talk to the hams.
	*Go up through the hole. Talk to those hams.
	*Go left. Talk to the hams in the sandbox and the others.
	*Go left again. Talk to the ham. Game Time!
	*Game: Use Pashmina. Be quick! Press the buttons fast! This one proved to be
VERY hard.
	*Go left. Talk to the hams. One of the hams you need to make happy. Press
right and left to make the heart grow big.
	*Go Up. Game Time. BABY CHIKAN! Use Oxnard... (like you could use anyone
else.) Go up to the trees and press A to kick the tree. Pick up the pine cones.
Hit the chicken 3 times. Poor chicken. =(.
	*Go up. Look at the Lilly pad. The Screen switches.
	*The other hams are talking a bit.
	*Go right on the Lilly pads. GO up and talk to the ham with the video camera.
	*Go up. talk to the ham... The door is locked.
	*Go right. Talk to the ham. Go up. Go across the Lilly pads and talk to the
	*Talk to Stan.  Stan joins the group. Go back down the Lilly pads. Go left.
Destroy the rocks.
	*Get the seed now go down. Go left until you get to some water. Then go right
one screen and down. A Frisbee flies by.
	*Go back down the Lilly pads. he ones on the left. Talk to the ham on the
	*Go back to the frog. Go left. Game Time.
	*Game: Use Stan. Just simply jump across and don't hit the frogs.
	*Go left. Go down talk to frog. Then go up and pull the carrot. Get the seed.
	*Go right. Go up the tree. Another Frisbee. Push it off. Get the seed.
	*Go up the tree more and talk to the ham.  Go down the tree. Go through the
	*Pick up the Frisbee. Go right and on the Lilly pads. Through it in the water
and go right.
	*Go right and there's a game.
	*Game: Use Stan. Jump across again. Go right.
	*Go right. Talk to the frog. GO up and right. Get the seed.
	*Go back to the Frisbee, and go down. Get the seed.
	*Go left. A baby frog is there. Talk to him.
	*Go to where the grandpa frog is. (Left) Give him baby frog.
	*Go back to the place where the frog is blocking the path. (Past the Frisbee)
	*Talk to him and select Yes. Grandpa frog will come and make him move.
	*Go up and talk to Howdy. (awww baby chicken XD) Howdy joins the group.
	*Go Back. Go up to the tree house and go right then up
	*Go across the Lilly pads where the frog is blocking the path.
	*Whistle and he'll leave.
	*Go  left and up.
	*Move the rock and go up.
	*Go across the Lilly pads and the bird leaves. 2 other hams leave.
	*Go right. Go right its a game.
	*Game. Use Boss. Get the diamonds of sugar and avoid the pine cones and rocks.
	*GO down the vine. Talk to the hams. AWWW Baby Ham Hams!
	*Go down. Kick the soccer balls. Go up. Talk to the crying ham. (A different
	*Go down and right. Talk to Sandy. Sandy Joins you!
	*GO back to the 2nd Crying ham.
	*Game Time. Use Sandy. Jump Rope! =D Press A to jump. Jump 20 times.
	*Go up. Talk to the hams. Climb up the vine and talk to that ham. Go down and
	*Talk to all the hams. Climb up the tree to the right. Talk to the bird.
	*Game Time!: Use Sandy.  Sweet! Flying! Cool! ^^ Get the balloons.
	*Play it again. Its fun. :P. Talk to the old ham , now go down.
	*OK now go out and talk to some more hams then go back and ride the bird
again. and The old ham should be gone.
	*Go down and left, and down the vine, but not enough hams! Go back and down
the tree.
	*Go down and talk to the ham in the kimono. Game time
	*Game: Use .. well, everyone. I'm not sure how this game works. Just press Yes
and No randomly, I think its a quiz show.
	*He's gone. Get all of the carrots.
	*Go up and right and talk to the hams. Go left. Talk to Dexter.
	*Dexter joins your group! Try to pick up the boat. BABY Chickens WOO!
	*Go left to the bottom of the water and go down.
	*Talk to police ham.
	*Go back up the tree by the slide and go left and down the vine. Talk to that
	*Game: Use Hamtaro. Collects the Diamonds of sugar. Avoid the .. hams. o-O
	*You slide down the slide. The am is freaked. The puddle is dried up. Talk to
the freaked ham.
	*Pick up the soccer ball. Put it down by the little soccer balls. The ham will
kick it.
	*Go left. Talk to the freaked hams. Now go right and down by the soccer thing.
	*Talk to the hams. Heh. dizzy ham.
	*Go Left and left. Go down and go in the tree that looks kind of like the
	*Talk to the hams. Go out and down. Game Time.
	*Game: Use Dexter. Count the bugs.  How ever many bugs are under there is your
	*OK now go up and through the Lilly pads to howdy. Get howdy. Go back down to
the tree. Go in it.
	*Climb up the platform.
	*Talk to that ham.
	*Go right and down the vine. Talk to Stan.
	*You're back at the boat.
	*Pick it up and put it in the water.
	*Baby chickens! Game time!
	*Game: Another one of them.. quiz.. things X_X
	*You get the bird back, but it flies away. You get a blue feather.
	*Talk to Rainbow Ham. The Color Blue is saved! This was the easiest so far I

Area 6: Red
	*Talk to Bijou and say yes.
	*Go out and to the new area.
	*Talk to all the hams.
	*Walk around until you get to a big bowl of ice cream and rainbow ham. Talk to
	*You get a piece of paper.
	*Now go back to Auntie Viv. Have Hamtaro touch her back. te-hehehee.
	*Use Bijou and explore.
	*Get Hamtaro back and go to the Giant Piggy. Go left and its game time.
	*Use Hamtaro. Kick the things off. Simple. You get a stamp.
	*Go back to Auntie viv. Have Hamtaro scratch. Go to Boss and he'll join you.
	*Go and get Hamtaro.
	*Go to where Stan + Sandy are. GO on the stump and talk to Sparkle.
	*Game: Collect the hearts. When Sparkly gets jealous jump so she doesn't push
you off.
	*You get your second stamp. Go talk to Panda. He joins your group.
	*Go to the lumber Jack. Fix the boards and go up.
	*Talk to the ham say yes and pick a number and you get like a prize.
	*Go right and there's 4 ham hams. Talk to them.
	*Go right. Then up. Go to the left. Its game time!
	*Game: Pound the red nails w/ red hammer and blues with blue. Go right.
Another game but you don't have the right ham.
	*Go to where Maxwell is.. Penelope is now there. Go up and right. Game time.
	*Game: Use boss. I think you have to line up the bar with the arrow. I'm not
sure. You get another Stamp.
	*Go right and fix the thing for the lumber. Go up.
	*Talk to howdy and Dexter. They now join you.
	*Go to Sabu. Penelope runs.
	*go left and up at the dancing hams. Talk to Penelope up that tree.
	*She runs to Auntie Viv.
	*Go to Sabu, he gives you a mask.
	*Give it to Penelope. She's happy now.
	*Go to one of the mini places. Its Penelope and Dexter.
	*Game: Match up the faces of hams. Only Pashminas though. Pashimina comes
back! Yay. You get a stamp.
	*Lot of hams join your group. Lol.
	*Play Howdy's game. Flip the sunflower seeds. Nice and toasty! Lol. You get a
	*Go left and up.  Fix up some more boards.
	*before you go up, go right. Game Time.
	*Game: Use Penelope. Its.. A ping pong ball. Score points. Turn all the
flowers red by hitting them. You get a stamp.
	*Go left. another game!
	*Game: Use Pashmina. Put rings around the characters to get points. You get a
	*Go up. Talk to Cappy. now go right and talk to Cappy. now go right and talk
to Oxnard.
	*Pick Oxnard up. Go to the first aid station. (By Maxwell) Its a pink building
right by the entrance. Nurse ham gets a needle out.
	*Oxnard joins you. Go back to where you were.
	*Stuckie is well, stuck! XD. Talk to Cappy. He joins you. Pull Stuckie. He
comes out.
	*Now go right and game time
	*Game: Use Oxnard. Collect... the seeds! XD. You get a stamp. Go down and
right and up.
	*Build some more. Before you go up, go right and use Cappy. Press A to run and
avoid the hammers.
	*Talk to Sabu, you will build. You have a ham jam. heh.
	*Go up. Nothing of real importance here.
	*Go back to where Maxwell is.
	*Go to the place that looks like a popcorn stand. Answer yes and get a carrot.
	*Go talk to Maxwell, and he and Cappy will switch places.
	*Go to where the game with Sparkle was.
	*Talk to Sandy. Game Time.
	*Game: Use Sandy (obviously) Copy Stan's moves. Simple. You get a stamp.
	*Go to where Cappy is. Talk to Cappy. Game Time.
	*Game Time: Use Hamtaro. Match up the characters. You get your last stamp! Yay!
	*Go to where rainbow ham was. The ice cream is gone. A giant penguin appears.
	*You get some ice cream and the color Red is saved!
	*Talk to Rainbow, and the color red is saved.
	*Maxwell tells you about the color Dark blue.

Area 7: Dark Blue
	*Go to the new area.
	*Talk to  the ham.
	*Go up by the turtle. Talk to him. Game time.
	*Game: Use Boss. Line up the line with the arrow again. but press A alot to
make the light light up.
	*Pick up the can. Throw it in the trash pile one screen down.
	*Go up and right. Talk to the carrot ham.
	*go left and pick up the cans and throw them away.
	*Go up. There's another stuck turtle. Its a Game. Throw the cans away.
	*A Tide comes up and a letter comes.
	*Go up a few times, and Help the turtles, and Boss goes up to the water and
looks around.
	*GO right and there's 5032489325893259328594549768325 more turtles to help.
	*Go right and there's a. crab... thing..
	*Go left and talk to the hams.
	*Go right now to the crab and its game time.
	*Game time: Use Hamtaro. Go across the sand avoiding the crab.
	*Go right. Pashmina will look across the ocean.
	*A ham comes and talks to you. Stan falls over. Boss runs away.
	*Go left. A surfboard gets washed up.
	*Go there and boss is on the surfboard. Talk to him. Pick up the surfboard.
Boss joins you.
	*Give it to the 3 hams. They thank you.
	*Go to the left. It's a bridge thing. Take it to the ham with sunglasses. He
makes a boat.
	*Game Time!: Use uh. everyone. Get the hearts and diamonds of sugar.
	*The girl hams get trapped by a whirlpool/
	*Talk to the surfing ham. You ride a turtle. Game time.
	*Get the hearts and diamonds of sugar.
	*They pull you to shore.
	*Get the last 3 hams to shore. Go right. Game time!
	*Game: Just walk across and get the diamonds of sugar. Avoid the bees.
	*Pick up the bridge. It looks like chocolate. Put it down in the water. Go
	*Pick up more bridges. Go right. There's a crate. Go up.
	*Look at the Dolphin thing. Go left.
	*Its the rest of the hams. the boys will leave.
	*Go right.. Talk to fisher ham. Go right.
	*Talk to all the hams.
	*Go up to the fence. Penelope can go through. Game time.
	*Game: Use Bijou. Climb up the fence. Avoid the balls and get the diamonds of
	*Go right. Talk to sleeping ham.  Go in the pipe. Its crazy eyes ham. go right.
	*Talk to crazy eyed ham. Go up the pipe by crazy eyes. see the jelly fish?
Game Time!
	*Game: Use Pashmina. Jump across the Jelly fish. Easy.
	*Go down the pipe. Go right. Talk to crazy eyes ham. He gives you a paper. Go
	*There's a foot print spot and go right. Now its game time.
	*Talk to crazy eyes. Game time.
	*Game: Use Bijou. Avoid the sea horses. Talk to crazy eyes again.
	*Game: Use Bijou and avoid the air.
	*Go left. Then down. then left. Go to the knob and turn it.
	*Now all 3 of you are together. GO down and right. Talk to that ham and
Penelope joins you.
	*You give that ham the note. Go down the cups by pressing A.
	*Go right. Aww fishes..
	*Turtle ham talks to you. Now go up the pipe.
	*Go right and up the big pipe. They look and Turtle ham is trapped. Go up and
game time!
	*Game Time: Use Everyone. Throw Life rings at him.
	*He gets a clam and gives it to Sandy. Go up. There's a fat ham. A REALLY Ham
with a fish. He looks like a penguin.
	*GO up and talk to  him. Follow the invisible walls.
	*Go until you get off. Go up the pipe.
	*Talk to that ham. Go up. You fall off and out. The boy hams are back. You
give them purple.
	*Talk to Rainbow ham. The color Purple is saved! This was a really short level.
	*Talk to all the hams. They leave them come back. You learn about the color
Area 8: Purple
	*Go towards howdy and he's laughing. Go up. Talk to mystic ham.
	*Game Time: Use Dexter. Move towards the Gem that he shows.
	*Go up. There are Ninja hams.
	*They leave. Go up. Game Time.
	*Game: Use Maxwell <3 Pick the door that you think doesn't have mud behind it.
Its more of a guess and check thing.
	*Go up. The Ninja hams are there.  Go up the stares. Game time.
	*Game: Use Sandy. Avoid the asteroids, etc.. Press A,B,L,or R to avoid then.
	*Go left and up the latter. Pick up the button thing.
	*Go down and right. Go up the latter.
	*Go left then pick up the button. Go back down.
	*Go to the ghost ham. Game Time.
	*Game: use Panda. Crane game! Get the hams.
	*Go left. Go down the stairs. Go up the other stairs and left.
	*Talk to that ham. now go back out and left. Talk to the carrot ham
	*Go back out and down. Starry room. Talk to that ham. Now go down the ladder.
Get the thing.
	*Go out and go strait right. Look at the T V.  Go out and down. Another starry
	*Go down the ladder and get the thing then g o back up and go right. Its a
Ninja ham.
	*Game: Use Hamtaro. Swing from one to another.
	*Go right. Talk to the doll. You get a letter thing, and the doll.
	*The TV comes on. Go back.
	*Go back to the game room that you used Maxwell to go through the mud piles,
and go up. A ham will talk to you.
	*Get the thing and go back to the main yellow room.
	*Go up the left stairs. go in the door. talk to him and he'll disappear.
	*Possessed Oxnard! XDDXXXDXDD
	*Talk to him XD game time.
	*Game: Use Oxnard XD. Collect seeds. Just like the sparkle one. Except you
need to inhale the seeds pressing B, or else there's no way you'll beat him.
Trust me. =)
	*Dexter comes and gets the Pashmina + Penelope plushies.
	*Go back out.
	*Go to the starry room that had a ghost ham blocking the door. Talk to him and
he'll disappear. Go through.
	*Go through the door. Its Ninja ham. Talk to him. Game Time.
	*Game: Copy their movements. A, B, L, R < > ^ v.
	*Game2: Avoid the jalapenos and falling hams. Heh. Shoot seeds at the falling
hams, hit them 2 times each and you win!
	*The Ninjas turn into ham hams, then back, and again. The big eared majestic
ham gives you the color purple, a marble.
	*You're back at the clubhouse. Give the marble to rainbow. The last color is
saved! Yay!
	*Rainbow makes a rainbow, and he gets to go home. All the hams walk across the
	*The Credits roll.
	*Rainbow talks to a ham king guy and they go home on a cloud, The hams follow
him. Rainbow gives you stuff.
	*Go up the stairs on the left.
	*Explore and then you can go back down on the cloud.
	*Now you can pick which hams are in your party by talking to Snoozer.
	*Also, there's a lot more mini games you can play in the world, but they are
hidden! Look for em ;)
	*Also, there's rainbows around the world, which can transport you to different
	*The End. =)

Q: When Does this game come out in English?
A: No Clue. Sorry. When I know, I'll let you know.
A (updated): KirbyHamtaro says it's being released December 3, 2003, But it's
not official.
A (updates again!): A bunch of people emailed me and say its coming out July 2004!
Q: None
A: None
Have Questions?  Just talk to me, look under the contact me section.

IV: Credits
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Me(Cait), for writing this.
Cory(My Brother), for playing while i write.
You!, For reading this. =)
GameFaqs: For hosting this!

V: Updates
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11/29/03 6:06 PM - Finished The Walkthrough.
10/27/03 9:22 PM - Started This Walkthrough.

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