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FAQ by masa7su

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/09/2002

Super Robot Taisen Advance (GBA)

Super Robot Taisen FAQ

Version 1.0

August 5,2002 - August 9, 2002

Unpublished work (c) 2002 by masa7su

E-Mail: masa7su@hotmail.com
I.     Introduction
II.    General FAQ
III.   Pilot FAQ
IV.    Mecha FAQ: 1. Original Mecha
                  2. Metal Armor Dragonar
                  3. Gundam UC
                  4. W-Gundam Endless Waltz
                  5. Shining/G-Gundam
                  6. Kidou Senkan Nadesico
                  7. Getter Robo
                  8. Mazinger
                  9. Fighting King Daimos
V.     Pilot Psycho Command(comming Soon^^")
VI.    Credit
VII.   Copyright

Well nothing really important, I'am a fan's of Japanese anime. that's make
me a hardcore fans of Gundam. i making this FAQ just to help the  beginner
player that want's to smoothen their walk to victory(it remind me when the
first time played SRW series i got totaly frustated. doesn't know about
Psycho spell, Effect of part upgrade's, how to maximized mecha ability, etc)
so if ya are pro in this kinda stuff maybe this FAQ will give ya nothing.
I would appreciate any help from the community to give any faq about the mecha
Special Features that i haven't mentioned below and/or any correction to my FAQ.
Version .1.0

August 5, 2002:
started to work on the Faq. does't think to update it till i played for quite a while.
Since i got screwed with the Scenario and loossing all my G-Fighter, maybe i'll adding
each of my best pilot Psycho Command next Week.

I would't repply any mail that concerning any question that already being writen
on my FAQ LOUD & CLEAR! >_0

I would highly appreciate any help with the FAQ though, any clarification,
corrections, & any additional Information would be very much appreciated and
credit will be given.


1. Definition of Good Mecha :
   - Good mecha doesn't need to have a lot of moves that waste yer money too upgrade it
   - Good mecha have a move that can be used after moving one square to another square
     & have decent ranged weapon
   - Good mecha need to have good pilot to maximized it potential use.(see pilot FAQ
     for more information.)

   Conclusion : Every mecha in SRW have their own positive and negative side even the
                weakest mecha like methuss can save your day(it work for me).so it need
                strategic plan in each play, which you must use and which you musn't use.

2. Mecha type and Function :
      my favorite type since most of my team member was a sweeper. a sweeper is a mecha
      that can produce massive amount of damage ya will be surprised how fast general enemy
      being sweeped by a legion of sweeper assisted one another.
      this kind of unit ussually a super robot type and an exception from G-gundam group
      (Gundam ussually weak but G-gundam was another story)
      weakpoint : the super robot ussually have an extraordinary lack of speed and accuracy
                  and have a worst ranged attack.(this type can be countered by sniper &
                  the G-gundam supposedly doesn't have any weakness but if ya play a bit
                  longer yer find it biggest weaknesses, CAN'T FLY!.

       I have at least 2 on my team. it will help you to reduce the amount of enemy who move
       toward yer team couse of it ranged weapon can reach 8 square ahead and have high
       this kind of unit ussually comes From Gundam UC series such as Nu-Gundam, Zeta, etc
       weakpoint : if the enemy can cacth you in close combat batle, "YER DEAD MEAT" if you
                   didn't have high mobility since all sniper have worst close combat attack.

                   in exception for zeta Gundam it's Hyper beam saber was really hurt the enemies
                   (but still a single blow from super robot can cause dead in an instant.)

        doesn't really need it but it wasn't a bad Idea to have it at least 1 in your team.
        it function was to set the enemy stand still on it's position(you ask why you need
        too do this? you'l find out eventually.) the annoyer must have extremelly high mobility
        and a pilot who's expert in agility and accuracy, doesn't really need high damage attack
        Duo and his gundam Deathscythe HC was a superrior annoyer.(you'll find later on my faq)
        Zeta Gundam can also being in this category since it have high mobility and Kamiyu was
        a newtype.
        weakpoint : don't you try to attack general enemy that can cast "lock on"!

        Need at least one in every battle since it have abillity to recover HP,Resupply or EWAC
        that increase the mobility the unit surround him for about 30 percent
        my advice is Dragonar type 3 and Garuba FX-II
        plus point : Don't need to levelling it up. you will surprissed how high it level can
                     goes just by restoring friendly unit HP/EN

        well you will naturally bring one in each battle. yep the MOTHERSHIP can save your punny
        little SNIPER from blasted away for receiving lethal attack.
        my advice : try using Nadesico as a shield again mostly Gundam enemy that use Beam weapon
                    since it have a barrier that will repel every Beam attack(i do this when battling
                    Psycho Gundam. even the Hyper Beam Attack from it cannot Scratch Nadesico.)

        There is some mecha that i figured out was a combination of 2 or 3 category that i have
        explained above i Called my best Combination as A Demolisher. a combination between
        Sweeper, Annoyer, & a Minimum skill that Sniper Need(Good ranged weapon).
        the main chara Super robot Called Vysaga was a Good Example.

3. Tactic:
   -. NEVER! rushing a swarm of real robot using your super robot alone(every robot sized L in
      it's status can be categorized super robot although it's Gundam like GPO3 Dendrobium,and
      every robot with sized S/M in it's status can be categorized real robot though it come from
      super robot series like Garuba FX-II) you will commonly kill a real robot using super robot
      in 1 or 2 hardblow but you'l having a hard time to land a single hit to the enemy without
      "CONCENTRATION" or "LOCK ON" spell eversince real robot is a "SPEED DEMON" & Super robot was
      a "SLOW TITAN"

   -. KEEP IN GROUP! yep the best way to reach victory is keeping all your mech's stay close and
      Assist one another. DEMO when facing enemy mecha with map weapon ya must know when ya must
      scramble to separate so ye can receive minimal amount of damage(i got messed one time i facing
      Master Gundam. more than half of my troops get wipped away receiving that "DAMN MAP ATTACK!").

   -. SEND YOUR ANNOYER, basically it's ok to send a single well prepared annoyer to the swarm of
      enemy(don't need to care though enemy was a small unit since the annoyer ussually have
      "CONCENTRATION" spell that can save his life for about 30 percent^_^)when the annoyer do his
      Job the other unit can move to a better ground like base or satellite that restoring small
      amount of HP/EN and adding 15 percent to your mobility. if your annoyer get blasted accidentally
      no need to fell sorry for him since the repairing cost was not to expensive and ussually
      the enemy will receive a significant damage when this was happen.(one time it happen to me
      when i send Deathscythe to a legion of enemy, it swipe more than a half in just 2 turn).

   -. REPLAY THE STAGE, doesn't really like to do it but it "MUST" when battling never save in the
      heat of battle cuz if you was defeated the money and the experience that you gain will stand
      still like before your last robot were destroyed(not like the previous series that will cut
      half of your total money for continue)and you're back to the intermission last you saved then
      REPLAY THE STAGE as necessary(my tactic is destroying Battleship ussing MAP weapon).

4. Tips : Don't let the enemy which ussually retreat if it's hp low manage their retreat.
          Reduce it's Hp as neccessary and then Destroy them using assist attack, sometimes
          something Good will come (like the giant mech with Hp over 60.000 in stage 20 that
          will retreat in turn 5. if you manage to destroy him you'l get the only "Haro"
          upgrade part in the game that can change Nobel into Demolisher unit). but sometime
          when destroying enemy that supposed to retreat the result was Game over.^_^"


I figured this out today so if ya know i made a mistake please mail me.

Choosing a pilot

Actually it's not a bad idea to changging a mech's pilot, if ye get a good combination ye can mail me

so  here it goes:

in status screen you can see

=             = NAME **********                  Level **
=  character  =
=             =
=   picture   =
=             = MORALE 100 (usually)       EXP Need for next Level ***
=             =

CLOSE COMBAT  *** ACCURACY ***+*** IMPACT DEFENSE(I'm not sure)***

RANGED COMBAT *** SPEED    ***+*** RANGED DEFENSE(I'm not sure either)***

Well then ya in mecha there is 2 type of attack first impact (the one with symbol like fist)
the other is ranged attack[i think the symbol looks like this(+)], then ya see close combat
and ranged combat amount show how good that character using that type of attack for example
if ya exchange the pilot between Amuro(sniper) and Domon(sweeper). if Amuro using Shining/God Finger
that have impact type,the result will be not as devastated as if Domon that using Shining/God Gundam
and so Domon, if he use Hyper Bazzooka that have symbol ranged attack the result will not be as
devastating as if Amuro that use the attack.

So that is how it work's, hope that it will help you find the best pilot for your favourite mecha.


This section contain my best mecha and my Best Part Combination so this faq was bassed on my true
experince so it was not complete data of Mecha list.(warning : i played this Srw series with a
massive ammount of "Game over" so my level was quite high than the real stage requirement, some time
i can finnish general enemy with Hp more than 40.000 in one blow using Vysaga & Spirit spell)


Type   : Demolisher(cross over Between annoyer, sweeper, & Sniper, deadliest Combination)
Rating : *****
i just have played 1 time and haven't finish the game my option was Lamia Loveless and the mecha
was Vysaga(the blue super robot)
my comment. it's "ROCK", it's perfect in every aspect it can be sweeper and/or annoyer since fully
upgraded the stronggest attack(Ougi Koujinsen) can Blindly damaged for over 20000 hp

best upgraded part's:

set1 :
- W-UP         : to ensure one hit Dead for Hard to kill Bosses like Master Gundam
- Mega Booster : boost your movement range, speed up your unit to wreck havoc on the enemy Frontlines
- Beam coating/I-field Barier : cuz it's armor are extremely high. even psycho Gundam Hyper beam
                                attack can't create damage over 1500, so the barrier will absorb
                                the attack.(Effective aggainst most Gundam enemies)

set2 :
- W-UP
- Mega Booster
- Jammer : 100 percent no hit by missiles.( effective aggainst most super robot enemies)


* Dragonar type 3(all of them)
  Pilot    : Light Newman
  Abilities: HP restore, EWAC,Jammer
  part slot: 2
  type     : Support unit
  Rating   : *****

  comment :
  nothing really impressive for the first time you used it but later in the game Dragonar team
  will be upgraded 2 times, gains fly, added new weapon. and since it posses the ability of Hp
  restore and EWAC it's essential to be listed on your team.

  Best item part:

  set1 :
  - Mega Booster : Minimalize chance of annoyer defeated(when annoyer get dying run and make dragonar
                  type 3 heal the annoyer.the other benefit is type 3 have EWAC that make the annoyer
                  even harder to being hitted by the enemy.hope that the enemy didn't aim at type 3).
  - Mega Booster : well some people said 2 head are better than 1.

  set2 :
  -Mega Booster
  -Psycho Frame : It's a Good idea to increase type 3 mobility so the enemy will give up aimming
                  on him and start aimming another unit(since it cannot heal itself)

* Dragonar type 2 lifter(2nd upgrade)
  Pilot     : Tapp Oceano
  type      : Support unit
  Abilities : Resupply
  Rating    : ***

  Comment :
  I used this type before i try using Garuba my comment it was not a great mech neither useless
  it abilities to Resupply was giving your team an Extra Getter beam/Shine Spark or Zeta Hyper
  Beam, etc

  Best item part:
  i have no idea what this unit really need but i think ya need to maxed out it mobility since
  resupply cannot being used after move, so this unit position must be in the center of a battle
  being target of many enemies. so a few Psycho frame work quite well.


* RX 78-2/FA Gundam/Nu Gundam
  Pilot     : Amuro Rei
  Type      : Sniper
  Part slot : Nu Gundam:2
              FA & 78-2:4
  Abilities : Nu Gundam: Sword defense, I-field
              FA & 78-2: sword defense
  Rating    : FA & 78-2: ***1/2
              Nu Gundam: *****

  Comment :
  long used pilot since the first srw series though FA & 78-2 is not that hot but the pilot Amuro
  maybe have the highest Agression statistic compared to the other Gundam UC pilot so it a must have
  in yer team since the Nu Gundam in the late mission will be REALY DEVASTATING!

  Best item part:

  FA & 78-2:
  - Giant Magazines : Double your Ammo(Hyper Bazooka fun yay ^_^)
  - Minovsky Craft  : must have to increase movement range
  - Haro/High performance targeter: Further sniping range will be good
  - V-UP(W)/Mega Booster : it doesn't matter which you choose V-UP for more damage, Mega Booster
                           faster time to start sniping enemies
                           (it just a matter of quantity or quality).

  Nu Gundam :
  - Minovsky Craft : as ussual
  - Giant Magazine : now, Fin Funnel fun yay ^_^

  ps : Don't equip these Gundam with Psycho Frame since Amuro already have high agility, equipping
       Psycho Frame will causing a waste of part slot. just upgrade the mech as necessary.

* Methuss
  Pilot     : Fa Yuiri
  Type      : Support Unit
  Part slot : 4
  Abilities : Methuss    : sword defense, HP restore
              Methuss(MA): HP Restore
  Rating    : ****

  Comment :
  My primary HP restore though lack of attack skill the pilot was a New type, that mean "HIGH EVASION
  RATE" so you can restoring your Kamerad in the heat of Battle without worrying to much that she will
  being hit that ussually caused an instant Dead to her(it's very rare for me)

  Best item part :
  Anything that increase movement and mobility work well on it.

* Zeta Gundam
  Pilot     : Kamiyu Bidan
  Type      : Sniper/annoyer
  Part slot : 2
  Abilities : Sword defense(robo mode)
  Rating    : *****

  Comment :
  Before Amuro got his Nu Gundam Kamiyu with his Zeta was my favorite a perfect Sniper Good in close
  and ranged combat. it have almost no weaknesses but after quite  a long playing srw you will find
  out almost all the time you control Zeta as wave rider coz it have better movement range, so you'l
  use his hyper beam sword very rarely my point is just upgrade Zeta Beam cannon & Hyper Beam Canon
  to save yer money for other.

  Best Item Part :

  - Haro/High Performance Targeter : For Further Sniping range
  - Haro/High Performance Targeter : some people said 2 head are......^_^

  - Mega Booster : reach the Enemy faster
  - Mega Booster : Some people...............^_^"

  Ps : same like Amuro + upgrade it's mobility & limit to the max since Zeta was the best mech
       for Kamiyu.

4. W-Gundam Endless Waltz

* Wing 0 Custom
  Pilot     : Heero Yuy
  Type      : Sniper
  Part slot : 2
  Abilities : Sword Defense, Zero system(that give ya ability like a New Type)
  Rating    : ****

  Comment :
  Nice mech to wreck chaos in the enemy frontlines & when you're surounded by the enemy original
  Sniper ussually become useless but Wing 0  have a great MAP attack than can give good Punishment
  to the enemy mecha(with the range of 1-8 and a back up from Resuply unit, guess how long a legion
  of Enemy mech can stand for Twin Buster Ray fun^_^).

  Best Item Part :
  Haven't figured out the best item for Wing 0 but adding movement range and/or weapon range could
  be nice.

* Tallgeese III
  Pilot      : Zechs Marquise
  Type       : Sniper/Annoyer(since Zechs was a New Type)
  Part slot  : 2
  Abilities  : Sword defense
  Rating     : ****

  Comment :
  Same like Wing 0 + you can use Tallgeese as Annoyer since Zechs has high agility and Hit rate

  Best Item Part :
  Havent Figured it out but using same equipment like Wing 0 might work well on it, in addition
  increase it mobility if ya want to use it as an Annoyer(1 or 2 Psycho frame are nice).

* Heavyarms Custom
  Pilot      : Trowa Barton
  Type       : Sniper/sweeper
  Part slot  : 2
  Rating     : *(Ouch!>_<)

  Comment :
  The Heavyarms in this series was "SUCK" i was fooled couse in previous series(Alpha Gaiden)
  Heavyarms was a reliable mech that you can use in frontline as a great Sweeper(massive amount
  of Damage, early Full Open Attack coz doesn't need any morale, and more ammo)but, in this game
  Heavyarms was relatively Weak since it doesn't have sufficient speed and armor, small amount of
  ammo, and need high morale for FULL OPEN ATTACK.

  Best item part :
  I found NOTHING can work well on him since Giant Magazine only add 1 bullet shell to his full open
  attack. my best bet was Minovsky craft and Psycho Frame since it have loussy movement range and

  Ps : actually i didn't want to discuss it but till now i haven't found anything nice that can
       work on him, so if ya think ya can change my mind about Heavyarms please mail me.
       (I hope Amuro can piloting this mech, but he can't-_-" sigh.)

* Deathscythe HC
  Pilot       : Duo Maxwell
  Type        : Annoyer
  Part slot   : 2
  Abilities   : Hyper Jammer, Beam coating
  Rating      : *****(^_^)

  Comment :
  1st time i used it "not bad", 2nd time "this might work", 3rd time "awesome", 4th time "the truest
  Speed demon". yep the best annoyer in my whole career playing SRW since it have natural abilities
  of Hyper Jammer & Beam coating great speed and the pilot Duo can cast "Concentrate" & "Confusion"
  that can reduce enemy accuracy up to 60 percent that mean if the enemy have 100 percent sure hit
  without casting lock on Spell it will reduced till 40 percent and if you think you don't really like
  to receive it you can dodge it that mean 40/2= 20 percent possibilities that the enemy successfully
  land an attack on you. and as i said before an Annoyer have an Extremely high speed that mean, it's
  almost impossible for a normal enemy attacking on you with the accuracy over 80 percent. that makes
  Deathscythe even harder to kill.

  Best item Part :
  - Minovsky Craft/Apogee motor/Mega Booster
  - Haro/High Performance Targeter
    (Any combination you use work well on him though it have some downside one to another but it
     will fit Deathscythe really well^_^)

  Ps : Deathschyte wasn't "God of Annoyer", i got blasted away oftenly untill i reach quite a level.

5. Shining/G-Gundam Series

Many people think that the group of Shining/G-Gundam Series was a super robot but they aren't
they're a normal real robot with mega damaging weaponry that makes them become "SPEED TITAN".
they're my Favourite sweeper coz can land a lethal Damage like a super robot but the enemy will
have pain in their ass due trying to shoot them down.

* Shining/God Gundam
  pilot        : Domon Kasshu
  type         : Sweeper
  Part slot    : Shining: 2
                 God    : 1
  Abilities    : Sword defense
  Rating       : ****

  Comment :
  extraordinary Powerful. even the Getter beam cannot surpass the damage result from the Shining
  sword Very usefull till middle of play. but latter on it will be not as powerfull as the first
  time you used it since the addition move at Hyper mode cannot being Upgraded. Another Downside
  from Shining/God is need quite a high morale to reach Hyper form but since it have lousy movement
  Range i think you will spend the first 100 point of Psycho spell to raising his morale using 2x
  "Charge" spell that will change it's mecha to Hyper form that have a better statistic and added
  1 square for movement range.

  Best item part :
  - Minovsky Craft : it's a must! since it doesn't have good movement range
  - Mega booster : Another support for movement range

  - Minovsky Craft : What can i say "it a must!".

  Ps: No need to worry about it's mobility since Shining/God hyper mode have skin almost as hard
      as a normal super robot, just Upgrade its mobility and limit as necessary.

* Nobel Gundam
  Pilot      : Allenby Biazury
  Type       : Demolisher(yay ^_^)
  Part slot  : 3
  Abilities  : Sword defense
  Rating     : *****(^_^ nice!)

  Comment :
  Starting as a normal sweeper and have a Downside cannot activate the Berzerker mode like when
  she was an enemy and cannot change into hyper form, Demo that is the plus point of the Nobel
  Gundam, cannot change into hyper mode mean "no hidden weapon" so you can upgrade it's weaponry
  to the max creating one of the most devastating Gundam ever known(Since Nobel have 13 level of
  upgrade, that was extraordinary high for the size of super robot^_^). my advice is maxed out it
  Beam Ribbon attack coz it have a very high critical hit rate, need a low morale(110), and when
  it maxed out it oftenly create damage over 15000 point and don't forget to maxed out it's EN

  Best item part :
  - Minovsky Craft
  - Haro : it's a must, to change Nobel into Demolisher you need this item which adding range by 2
           for "all" of it's attack, so she will and can counter every attack from enemy ranged 1-7
           (even a sniper will have a hard time attaking Nobel without being counter attacked^o^).
  - Mega Booster/Psycho Frame : if you having a hard time collecting the money to upgrade it's
                                mobility try using Psycho Frame.
                                if you having fun collecting the money to upgrade it's mobility
                                then attach a Mega Booster.(it's my final option after all^_^)

  Ps: until now i haven't found Nobel weaknesses it's a perfect Demolisher and the "FASTEST OF
      ALL GUNDAM"(i'm not kidding, the final ammount of it's mobility was 190, the fastest gundam
      ever!) that if you can manage colecting the money for about 550'000. so have fun with it.

* Rising Gundam
  Pilot       : Rain Mikamura
  Type        : Sniper
  Part slot   : 3
  Abilities   : sword defense
  Rating      : ****1/2

  Comment :
  quite powerfull for the size of Sniper fully upgraded Beam Machine Gun ussualy damaged for over
  5000 point and can be used after move for the normal range 1-5(nice^_^) and fully upgraded Rissing
  arrow ussually end up for over 8000 point(i think it's weak >_<)and reducing your morale by 10
  for every single use(ouch). but still her Beam Machine Gun was a nice ranged weapon.

  Best item part :
  - Minovsky Craft
  - Haro/High Performance Targeter : adding range attack for Beam Machine Gun(imagine an attack
                                     ranged 1-7 and can be used after move)
  - Mega Booster : cos all G-fighter have a lousy movement range.

  Ps: i have already try this combination with Heavyarms, but the result will far bellow than
      rissing agression rate, since Heavyarms only have 2 part slot.

* Master Gundam
  Pilot       : Toho Fuhai (a.k.a Master Asia)
  Type        : Sweeper
  part slot   : 1
  Abilities   : sword defense
  Rating      : *****

  Comment :
  When he was an enemy facing him was really "pain in the ass" luckily when you got him he
  Keep his ability like when he annoying your team, so "use him on the team" my advice is
  upgrade it's map attack(^o^, horay!!), not like God he can upgrade most of it's attack
  the other benefit is if u use God in your team, take an advantage of it's combination attack
  that can normally destroy normal/some general  enemy in an instant.plus not like God he don't
  change it's Hyper mode form to normal form after 3 time using it's map attack^_^, with a backup
  from resupply it will and can attack every turn using it's Map weapon (horay^^)

  Best item part :
  - Minovsky Craft : no need to ask "why?".

  Ps: if you reading my Faqs quite well maybe you'll asking "WHERE THE HELL I GOT THAT MUCH
      MINOVSKY CRAFT?" well actually if you run out of minovsky craft you can search for another
      alternative for replace the minovsky craft such as Mega Booster/Apogee Motor/Haro & High
      Performance Targeter for sniper unit/use Fuun saiki for God/Master Gundam though have quite
      significance downside such as reducing team member and no combination attack.
      but commonly a reliable character such as Amuro have "Accelerate" spell. that boost your
      movement 3 square a head and since it casting cost just 5 sp, my advice is "DON'T HESITATE
      TO USE IT EVERY TURN". Since you will find there is only a few spell for every pilot
      that can be used effectively(usually not more than 4 spell example : Amuro the very common
      spell you use are just Flash, Accelerate, Hoot blood,& Miracle Eversince he was a New type
      it's Very rare for him to cast Concentrate and for Mercy spell it need a lot of morale to
      succesfully cast it on the enemy).

6. Kidou Senkan Nadesico

My first Impression is Another Eva type but after use it quite a while Aestivalis was "Suck!" it's
Position supposed to be in a frontline since have the size of (S) and quite high mobility, DEMO! the
Aestivalis unit will lost it En Every single turn if it's location was outside Nadesico Gravity
Wave area(blue & yellow area surround Nadesico). That makes Aestivalis unit function as a loussy
But the good part itself come from Nadesico. yep wanna know why? read bellow.

* Nadesico/Nadesico Y-unit
  Captain   : Misumaru Yurika
  Type      : Shielder
  Part slot : Nadesico : 3
              N-Y unit : 2
  Abilities : Distortion Field, EWAC
  Rating    : *****

  Comment :
  My first opinion was weaker than Near Argama/Ra Kailum but after being Hit a few times and
  realizing it Distortion Field ability my opinion was a perfect Shielder and Back up unit why?
  Yurika itself have all psycho command that a backup unit suppose to have such as Confusion,
  weaken, Aid, etc the Distortion Field it self it function not just for repel beam attack
  but also reduce the Damage received by normal/melee attack i didn't know it exact ammount
  but the same enemy hit Near Argama/Ra kailum much more harder than it hit Nadesico.

  Best Item Part :
  Anything work well on Nadesico exccept Beam coating/I field barrier/EWAC generator (i think ya
  know why^_^), a Jammer and upgrading it Hp and Defense using Hybrid Armor or other Work very
  well on Nadesico.

7. Getter Robo

* Getter 1/Dragon/Shin Getter 1
  Pilot      : Ryouma Nagare + Hayato Jin & Musashi Tomoe(Getter 3)/Benkei Kura(Getter Poseidon/S-G 3)
  Type       : Sweeper
  Part slot  : 1
  Abilities  : Getter 1/Dragon : Open Gate
               Shin Getter 1   : Open Gate, Hp regenerate(10% every turn)

  Rating     : Getter 1/Dragon : ***
               Shin Getter 1   : *****(nice^_^)

  Comment :
  As Usual Getter team was weak in the beginning but when you get Shin Getter, Everything change
  Getter team will be a Perfect Agressor(though not as Effective as Nobel Gundam). but it normal
  Tomahawk Boomerang now have range 1-4 and have 6 square Effective counter attack range(Getter
  Blast Canon)not to mention it Open Gate Abilities that even can cancel a "Lock on" spell
  (it happen one time for me),high agility and accuracy for the size of super robot. That is all
  the best that can come from Shin Getter 1 but there is one Weak Point of Shin Getter that cannot
  make him as a "Demolisher", that's his stronggest attack Getter Beam & Stroom Sunshine Range was
  only 1 square ahead and Consume a lot Of En that could Result in En crisis(not like Nobel Beam
  Ribbon that can be upgraded and have range 1-5 and only 20 en consumption/use).

  Best item Part :
  - Mega Booster/item that increase it's armor & Hp/Jammer

  Ps : like i said before "DON'T HESITATE TO USE IT'S ACCELERATE SPELL" since Hayato useful spell
       will only Accelerate, Flash, & sometimes Confuse.

8. Mazinger

* Mazinger Z
  Pilot     : Kouji Kabuto
  Type      : Sweeper
  Part slot : 3(nice!^_^)
  Rating    : ****

  Comment :
  The Mazinger team itself was known to have the "HARDEST SKIN" since the earlier SRW series
  Raising quite a level and upgrade it's armor as necessary will result 10 damage for every
  hit that received by Mazinger Z(^_^). Kouji itself was a great pilot Lock on and Flash spell
  was a must have for every Super robot pilot. less En requirement makes this mech even better
  than Getter Dragon, using this mecha in earlier stage will surelly help you complete your
  mission.(though i don't recomend to use it till the end, but still it's a great mech after all)

  Best item part :
  - Mega Booster
  - Jammer : in a earlier stage you'l commonly found enemy that using guided missile so take
             an advantage from this upgrade part
  - High Performance Radar/Targeter/Haro(if u like to make him a full member of yer team).

9. Fighting King Daimos

* Garuba FX-II
  Pilot     : Yuuzuki Kyoshirou + Izumi Nana
  Type      : Support unit
  Part Slot : 4
  Abilities : Ressuply, EWAC
  Rating    : *****(^^)

  Comment :
  Same as Methus lack of attack speed, high mobility, have a lot variation of support spell,
  EWAC area, Wide movement range, What can i say, this small unit was the best Support unit
  In Resupplying friendly mecha(even better than Mothership since resupllying doesn't lose
  your morale by 5^^).

  Best item Part :
  Anything that boost it's Movement range and Mobility work best on it.

  Ps : Nana "BLESS" spell that cost 45 was a good friend for you who having a hard time
       collecting money to upgrade your mecha.



( Comming Soon ^^")


-. Thanks to Gundamtotoro for making such great walkthrough so i can rely my game on it.

-. Thanks to soren_kanzaki for making an extraordinary complete mecha list(though reading it
   caused a serious Headache, but it's Complete! no kidding^^").

-. Thanks to daba_myrod for translating every Part upgrade and every psycho spell.
   (Doesn't know how to called them if you didnt translate them^_^)


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