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FAQ/Walkthrough by Sultan

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/04/04

Title of Game:        Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.
For:                  Game-Boy Advanced
Author:               Alex Pourosseini (Sultan)
Email:                sport_syko<AT>hotmail<DOT>com
Started Date:         25TH of April, 2004.
Version:              1.0 (starting version)
Make sure if you looking for a particular section then press CTRL+F then type 
keyword into box. You should find what your looking for.

                          TABLE OF THE CONTENTS.
SECTION                              | INFO ON SECTION
1) Legal/Copyright Info.             | Info about rights and what to do
2) Updates                           | All the updates listed
3) Introduction                      | Info about me and this guide
4) The basics                        | Controls, Horses, Food etc.
a) About Character/s                 | The people in the game
b) Horses                            | The horses in the game
c) Foods and accessories             | The food and acc. in the game
5) Walkthrough                       | Guide to make you finish the game
6) FAQ/s                             | Frequently Asked Question/s.
7) Credits and Thanks                | People and Companies - Thank you
8) Mailing                           | How 
                            1) LEGAL/COPYRIGHT INFO.

This guide is ONLY to be used for private use only. If you are a webmaster of 
the site that wishes to post this document, you may do so under one condition 
- you must e-mail me first for permission. If permission is granted, you 
cannot change a single character of this document, and you must leave it in 
txt format.

My email is sport_syko<at>hotmail<dot>com and make sure to put on the subject 
something like spirit so I can know it's not junk mail. Thank you.

                             2) Updates and Versions

Version 1.0 - I wrote just about everything in this version and it's the 
first release. Hopefully it becomes a successful guide. There is the 
walkthrough of course but also some basics about Spirit: Stallion of the 
Cimarron like controls, horses, food, etc.

                             3) Introduction

Hi there. My name is Alex Pourosseini. I've never written a FAQ for a Gameboy 
Advanced game but here I go trying to do my first. 
This guide is about the game Stallion: Spirit of the Cimarron. I personally 
think it's a great game which you must have patience to successfully like it 
and maybe even finish it.

Remember the movie? Well yeah, this is based on that except I won't describe 
it much since it may spoil it for some people.

Anyway, enough of my rambling and into the game at last. Turn your little 
Game-boy Console on and put Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron in.
Let's go.

                             4) THE BASICS
A) Character/s in the game Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
B) Horses in the game Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
C) The foods and accessories in the game Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Characters- In this game you get to choose 2 characters at the beginning of 
the game. The only difference in the whole game will be the appearance of 
your character. No matter which one you choose the food, horses, levels, 
difficulty and etc would be exactly the same.

I have finished the game with both these characters and didn't find one 
single difference meaning this walkthrough can go with any character.

Hustlers- The enemy and only people other than your character in the whole 
game. These people will try to capture horses for their yard. They pretty 
mean and they will do anything to get them.

Brown + White Horse- Nearest horse when you start the game. One of the most 
simplest as well.
Hunger Level- 2 
Thirst Level- 2

Dark Grey Horse- A friendly one who doesn't get hungry or thirsty quickly. 
You can go a long way without him being a hassle.
Hunger Level- Lowest (1) 
Thirst Level- 1

Gold Horse- A pretty hard horse to please but still not much to worry about. 
He does get thirsty quickly as his mission is pretty hard.
Hunger Level- 3
Thirst Level- 4

Dark brown + gold hair Horse- Definitely a hassle. His thirst and hungriness 
will be giving problems as he is hungry and thirst very often. His mission is 
one of the hardest as well.
Hunger Level- Max (5)
Thirst Level- 5

Spirit- The last horse you must ride. He never ever gets hungry or thirsty. 
This horse is just there for you to finish the last mission with him. 
Throughout the game this horse tries to help every other horse from the 

Firstly the foods I mention below are not the exact name, as I will picture 
them to be like the closest match of a fruit or a particular item. This game 
does not show the names of the foods and lots of the accessories.

Bananas- Found just about everywhere. This is a good food for quick hunger 
horses like the first two you will get. Otherwise not effective as much.

Apples- Mostly like the bananas except apples appear even more than all of 
them. Hardly any effect on most horses.

Grass- These are those semi-circle green weed which you can give to horses. 
Most horses will like it and in fact it's actually a good source for 
effective hungriness.

3 tomatoes- These are those 3 circle little red stuff that you can also give 
for horses. The effectiveness is great however hardly any horses will like 
this food.

Heart- Pick up these to restore some health. This is the only acc. for you to 
have in order for health restoration throughout the game.

Water skin- A bottle for you to fill up with water. A must have. You get it 
in the start of the game. It's right next to you. Remember the most water you 
can carry is 4 only. So you need to know the exact location of water areas. 
In the main world area where all the horses are, there is a huge lake which 
never runs out of water. Otherwise in missions you need to find little water 
spots, which also run out.

Branches- Helps a squirrel and he lets you pass the bridge.

Flute- Get if near that bear in 'The Forest' and this accessory makes horses 
happy. Some don't like to hear it.

Carrot- Give it to the rabbit. Get it lying around at the beginning of area.

Salt Lick- Get it from the rabbit. Give it to the moose.

Golden shining stone- 

Fish- Give it to the bear. Get it from the skunk.

Flower- Give it to the skunk. Get it from the fox.

Brush- Get after bear moves aside in 'The prairie'. This makes horse's feel 
happy. A nice way to tame them.

Taming Talisman- Get it at the Cliffs and Caves mission to open the whole 
full of rocks.


                             5) WALKTHROUGH

We are here at last. If in any case you don't know what's a walkthrough, well 
it's a word by word text telling where to go  and how to finish the game. 
From the start to the end that is.

This walkthrough will be in different sections, remember CTRL+F and enter the 
keyword to make sure you are where you want to be.

After the first scenes, you will realize that Spirit has been captured and 
horses are everywhere rushing to run away from the rustlers.
You will now be given some instructions about taming horses. Once you read it 
make your way to the left and you will see a water skin. A instruction will 
come about what these do. No go south-west and you find a lake. First choose 
your water skin accessory then press on the lake so the water fills up. 

Do this 4 times. Now your ready to give it to your horse. Go back to your 
horse which was near the water skin and give all to him. Even though he still 
isn't tamed, you now need to find all the foods you can around him. After a 
few patting and singing or giving food to him, he is finally tamed. Head to 
the arrows on the right.

Here a instructions comes up telling you that some animals need your help and 
be careful some are not friendly who will attack. You can defend by pressing 
A button or R. 

Now remember your on your horse so you need to get off it to pick up foods 
and accessories. Make your way to the right, ignoring the echidnas. The 
reason why I've said ignore them is because throughout this game wild animals 
and hustlers will give you absolute nothing except wasting time. By the way 
you should see water spots for you to re-fill at any time you need. Keep 
going to the furthest right until you see a squirrel look-a-like. He needs 5 

Let's find those branches. From the squirrel head left and pick up first 
branch by getting of your horse. From the first branch head south and you 
should see 2 branches. Take the one on the right first. Now that you got your 
second branch head to the left and around the rock. That's your third branch. 
You should see the fourth one on the north west of the screen. Get it. Now to 
get the fifth and last branch you must head to the squirrel and a bit up. 
Grab it. Head back to the squirrel and talk to him by jumping of the horse.

He lets you pass the wooden bridge. You advanced to another screen. From here 
on just remember your horse will get thirsty and hungry so take care of him 
as soon as possible. Otherwise he will knock you off and then you must feed 
him. Make your way to the furthest North East point there is. Be careful 
there is a bear there. Avoid him and grab that flute. This makes horses happy 
when you blow it but some of them don't like it so be aware. Head to the 
right to finish this mission successfully. You returned your first horse to 
the Homeland.

Firstly, grab all the foods you can until you can't hold anymore and re-fill 
your water dish. Then head South-east to find a dark grey and black horse. 
Don't worry he is actually pretty calm and good horse. Tame him then get on 
him and go the flashing arrows.

You need to cross to the other side. Easy. Don't you agree. Go the right and 
a little up until you see a water spot. Re-fill if needed then ride a little 
down and you see a big lump of green thing. Get it as you need it for the 
next animal you see. By the way there will be dog-like animals. Avoid them 
really. You don't need to do anything else. Head right then up until you see 
the cliffs and horizon. Now keep going right with the line until you meet the 
second accessory. Pick it up. Head right and you see that the friendly animal 
wants 5 of them. You got 2 so far so head south until you see the third one. 
Pick that up as well. Head up from your position until you see a little green 
tree. From there head to the bottom left path. Keep going until you see your 
fourth one. Go back to the green tree. Now take the upper left path all the 
way down and your last bale of yummy grass is there. 
When you take it go all the way to the friendly animal and he will move 
aside. Take the road all the way until you see a bear on the furthest east. 
Now ignore the bear and go east of him. Bringing you up in a different area. 

You should see a carrot type food near you. Pick it up. When you go the 
right, a friendly animal wants a big golden stone. We will give it to him 
later. Right now go all the way to the most south east area you can find. 
Remember to cross the water by jumping. It's easy to jump really. See the 
rabbit on the most South-east point? He wants that carrot. Give it to him and 
then take the Salt Lick which he offers. Now go through to the west avoiding 
dogs once again until you come to a Moose next to the lake. He wants Salt 
Lick. Give it to him. Now we got a Shining Stone.

Remember the friendly animal who wanted a Golden Shining Stone? Well let's go 
to him. Find your way to the Fox and give it to him while he gives you a 
flower. Well someone must want the flower. So go right jump the lake and keep 
going right until you meet a skunk. Give him the blue flower and he gives you 
a fish.

Fish? Why we need a fish for? Well head to North-east point of the area and 
you should see a bear. He wants that fish. Give it to him. He moves aside so 
advance forward. Make sure you pick up the brush.

Ok, now go to the South-west of the World Area to meet a Golden horse with 
Dark gold hair. He is your third horse to save. Tame him. Now go grab all the 
foods you can and heart. Don't forget to re-fill your water. Once you done 
that go back to where the horse originally was and head to the arrows.

Woo, nice area isn't it. Anyway this shouldn't be too hard. As soon as you 
arrive go east and only east ignoring all those Cougar Cats. You will meet a 
Ram. He wants 5 of those Salt Licks.

Let's grab them shall we? Ok first one is just south of the Ram. So get it. 
Then go west and you should see the second one just below. Grab that as well. 
From there go down a little then left. Third one is lying there. Now from 
your position go east all the way and you see your fourth Salt Lick. Now go 
back a little north. See your last Salt Lick? Go jump over to the other side 
and grab it. Now go North and then East to meet the Ram again. Talk to him 
and he move aside. So advance forward.

In the new screen you see a water spot and heart. So grab and re-fill if 
needed. Then you see 2 doorways. There will be a lot of these so listen 
-Take the doorway on the right. 
-Now go east and take the ONLY doorway.
-Go east again and re-fill at the water spot or just go to the ONLY doorway 
on the right. Ignore that Cougar.
-Now go north. Ignore the two doorways and go in the third doorway on the 
-Go left to the ONLY doorway there is.
-Now you see some rocks blocking a hole. Grab the Taming Talisman and the 
hole opens. Go in it. 

Go to the North-west of the World Area and you should see Dark brown horse 
with gold hair. Once you tame him make 100% sure you pick all the foods you 
can and re-fill the water dish. 'The Desert' mission is one of the hardest 
mission in this game. Head to the arrow when ready.

Firstly, you will be running out of food and water so be careful every once 
in a while. To tame a horse is extremely hard here. Go to the top until you 
see the cliff. From the orange like path go all the way east, until you come 
to the dead end. Go down or south until you see a Iguana like animal. Head 

New area. Go to the top left then keep advancing forward. Until dead end 
comes up, but you can jump to the other side so do so. Now you got to keep 
doing this. Once you done jumping all of them, you come up to a bigger area 
and now go down until you see another iguana. Go ignoring him to the right 
and pick up the 'Ranch Key'. 

Believe it or not, we are one step away from finishing the game. No need to 
pick up any food or water. Go to the most North side of the World Area. You 
should see a big door in the middle. It has a key sign and it was locked all 
along but now you can open it.

Ready to meet Spirit? Let's go. Not so fast actually, you need to read 
carefully as this mission is pretty confusing. Ok, all you need is health so 
go to the nearby house and pick up some if you need. When done, head left 
then go north all the way until you see a heart. Take the left path and keep 
going north. You will meet Spirit and he will give you instructions on what's 
going on. You need to escape from the Rustlers. It won't be that easy so here 
we go.

Go North then East and jump through those ropes all the way right. Now keep 
jumping the ropes and wood blocks. When you come to the end go down and jump 
the fence. You should see 2 nearby houses. Go to the one on the left and 
inside is a switch. Switch it so it opens a gate somewhere. Head out and back 
into your horse. Now go south and next to the dog is a little gap that you 
opened. Go through it. Now go up to the Rustler. Ignore him and enter the 
house. Once again you must turn the switch. Once you did that go South all 
the way and jump those woods the to left. Ignore the dogs then once done 
jumping go south and right. Again, a gap opened. Go through it.

Now there is some houses on the bottom. First house has a rustler in front. 
Second has a dog guarding. The third one no one is guarding it. So go inside 
and it has a switch again. Turn it now head outside on to your horse. Go east 
and your free to the Homeland. Or are you? No, you're not. Rustlers are 
chasing you. You got to be quick in this little mission. It's all about 
jumping. And not being caught.

Go east all the way and jump from cliff to cliff. Hitting a rock makes you 
lose time and maybe even being caught. Don't waste time and do this quickly. 
One you reach the end, don't be fooled keep going and you should see some 
scenes. Yes, you and Spirit jumped it all over to the impossible looking 
cliff. Amazing, anyway you now see final scenes of the movie.

Also, followed by the credits. 

CONGRATULATIONS you have finished Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.


                             6) Frequently Asked Question/s

Q. My horse wouldn't take the food I give him? Why?
A. One of the following.
- Your horse is not hungry.
- Your horse hates that particular food. Try another one.

Q. In 'The Desert' I always run out of water. What should I do?
A. The Desert is one of the hardest missions. As I said before, make sure you 
have all the food and water you need before the mission. Then do not fight 
any enemies you see. Ignore them all. Go for a look around then load back or 
restart the level when you know the exact area. Time is essential.

Q. How do I open that door in the North of World Area.
A. You open it with a Taming Talisman. Get it in the Cliffs and Caves 
mission. That door is the Horse Ranch.

Q. I opened the Horse Ranch and spirit tells me to come back after I rescue 
all his friends. What does he mean?
A. You must go back to the World Area and save all 4 horses. Then grab the 
Taming Talisman. Open the Ranch. Now he will be satisfied.

                             7) Credits and Thanks

DreamWorks- For making this wonderful game
THQ- For making this great game
GBA- For the little console they made
GameFaqs.com- For the excellent FAQ/Walkthrough site

CJayC- For the above site and putting this guide up
Me- For making the site
Rollin BladeX- For correcting me about taming the Dark Horse

                             8) Mailing

Remember all questions, suggestions and anything else goes to:
Make sure on the subject you put something like: Spirit. So I know it's not 
junk mail or anything. 
I'll be glad to answer questions or post your suggestions. Also maybe you 
wish to correct me in this FAQ. 
Thank you.


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