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FAQ by Squirtle15

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/06/2002

Doraemon Board Game (Gameboy Advance)

Author : Squirtle15
Screen Name (Message Board) : Squirtle15
Date : 8/5/2002
Version : 1.0

My Email : Squirtle15_Pkmn@Hotmail.com


I.        Contents
II.       About This Game/FAQ
III.      How To Contact me
IV.       Legal Information
V.        Version History
VI.       The Characters
VII.      The Controls And The Basics
VIII.     Storyline List
           A. Doraemon
           B. Novita
           C. Giant
           D. Sinyu
           E. Shizuka
IX.       Command List
           A. Attack
           B. Move
           C. Inventories
           D. View Places
X.        Obstacles (Incomplete)
           A. Different Kinds Of Terrains
           B. Spots
           C. Animals
           D. People
XI.       Items (Incomplete)
XII.      Coins And Bonus Games (Incomplete)
           A. Ghost Hunting
           B. Flying Dorayaki
XIII.     Characters' Abilities
XIV.      Star And W Points
XV.       Secrets and Tips
XVI.      Credits
XVII.     About The Author


This is a really cool game! This game contains lots of different things
to be discovered by you! This game even has different storylines!!!
(depends on the character you choose) Actually, I haven't discovered the
MAIN objective of this game ^ ^ My guess would be that you have to land
on all of the pink squares. (For more info, read related topic!)
I'm not sure about the characters's names:P Sorry! The names change
depends on the country you live on! EX: Novita -> Nobita! it's not
important really but just to let you know more about this game ^ ^ I
have nothing more to say! Until, then, enjoy the rest of my FAQ ^ ^


Easy! Just Email me At Squirtle15_Pkmn@Hotmail.com! You can ask me any
question related to this game but please, no bad and foul languages or
my dad will scold me if he finds out......And that's not a good thing to
do :( Regardless, you might want to visit the board so that I can easily
communicate with you!


Copyright 2002

This FAQ/Guide can only be used for these sites:


This FAQ can't be copied or published for the sake of money in any way!
(Keep this in mind!) I work really hard for this FAQ! If you want to use
this FAQ/Guide in your site, ask my permission first! Ask nicely and
I'll let you use this FAQ. In order to know how to contact me, see the
"How To Contact Me" section above! How convenient! Again, DO NOT steal
my precious work! Hope you understand and enjoy my FAQ! ^ ^


Version   : 1.0
Created   : 8/5/2002
Info      : Covers almost every aspect of this game! Some of the
            sections are incomplete. Explained a bit about the basics
            and the game. Still more to come and wait for more update!


Note that I created some of the names myself because they're not one of
the main characters ^ ^


Doraemon     : The main character! A blue mechanical cat created from
               the future. He has no ears which makes him looks like
               raccoon! ^ ^ Why he hates mouse very much??? It's
               because the mouse is the one responsible eating his
               ears long time ago! That's how he loses his ears:P

Novita       : Also the main character. He wears spectacles and wears
               the same clothes over and over again! Oh well:P He often
               finds himself in trouble. That's when Doraemon comes to
               help him with different kinds of gadget! He's not too
               smart either. He likes Shizuka very much!

Shizuka      : A sweet looking young lady and often having trouble with
               her skirt ONLY when Novita comes near her. Hehehe:P She
               protects Novita from Giant and Sinyu sometimes. The only
               girl in this game!

Sinyu        : He has sharp looking hair. His mouth is a bit unusual...
               He join forces with Giant in order to bully Novita.
               Thus, making Novita hates him! Heck, he's not too good
               at bullying Novita either because sometimes, Giant even
               bullies him! He often boast about his stuff and owns
               lots of toys!

Giant        : The most evil character in the game..... Just kidding :P
               He is big and enormous! Often bullies Novita when he's
               free and he really likes taking other people's stuff and
               toys especially from Sinyu! He is the ultimate bully!
               Almost everybody hates him. His voice is horrible and
               hazardous! Novita's ultimate enemy but, he is good,
               sometimes ^ ^

Mrs. Tori    : Shizuka's mother. Sweet looking just like her daughter.
               She appears in Shizuka's storyline.

Mr. Hoshi    : A well trained teacher to destroy kids in the world!
               Again, kidding :P I do have some points though. He is
               very strict and often punishes Novita for being late
               coming to school. He appears in Sinyu's storyline.

Father Dwarf : He wears a red hat and spectacles. He looks old and
               asks Doraemon for help. He appears in Doraemon's

Masamo       : Father Dwarf's son. He wears the same thing his father
               does except spectacles. He also appears in Doraemon's
               storyline. Oh yeah, he wears a blue hat instead of a red
               one! Sorry for the confusion :P


Note that there are a lots more characters in this game but I will not
bother with them in this section since they're EXTRA characters so, see
the "Extra Items" section for more info ! ^ ^


Actually, I have no ideas what can some of the option do! Sorry, and
wait for more update!

Please refer to these marks:

* = Might be wrong.
~ = Not sure at all/Don't know!

MENU (Note that this only applies the menu)

A      Button      - Confirm button. (Confirming your choice)
B      Button      - Cancel button. (Canceling your choice)
L      Button      - Do nothing.
R      Button      - Do nothing
Start  Button      - Opens menu. (only applies the first screen)
Select Button      - Do nothing.
D      Pad         - To scroll up, down, left and right.

THE GAME (Note that this only applies when you're IN the game)

A      Button      - Confirm button. (Confirming your choice)
B      Button      - Cancel button. (Canceling your choice)
L      Button      - Change menu from Menu B to Menu A.
                     Here's Menu B : (Follow it Clockwise starting from
                                      the top!)
                                     A. See your status. (*)
                                     B. Brings you to the option
                                     C. Takes you out of the game. (~)
                                     D. See the statistic screen. (*)
R      Button      - Change menu from Menu A to Menu B.
                     Here's Menu A : (Follow it Counter Clockwise from
                                      the top!)
                                     A. Move to another place.
                                     B. See Special Items.
                                     C. View other places.
                                     D. Use Characters' Abilities.
Start  Button      - Do nothing.
Select Button      - Do nothing.
D      Pad         - To scroll right, left, down and up.


When you start your game, two options will appear.

New Game
Continue *

* I have never seen this option before. I think you must save at least
  once in order to make this option appears. I have never save my game
  before because I haven't figured out how! Sorry :P I'll try to
  discover it on my next update ^ ^

Choosing the first choice will start off a new game.
Choosing the second choice will continue your game. (*) See above!
Lastly, choosing the third choice will bring you to the option screen.


There are only two options in this game.

|   OPTION 1    |

|---------------|   |---------------|   |---------------|
|     SLOW      |   |    MEDIUM     |   |     FAST      |
|---------------|   |---------------|   |---------------|

|   OPTION 2    |

|        |
|Picture |
|        |

Option 1 : Change the speed of the text
Info     : I'm not too sure about it, sorry :P

Option 2 : Shows the character you are currently using.
Info     : I'm positive about this one. If I'm wrong, please email me!


When you choose New Game, these will appear:

_______________________            ______________   _______________
|                     |           | Picture Of A | | Picture Of A  |
|                     |           |     Red      | |    White      |
|   Picture Of A      |           |  G. Advance  | |  G. Advance   |
|     Massive         |           |______________| |_______________|
|   Purple Gameboy    |           _______________   _______________
|     Advance.        |           |Picture Of An | | Picture Of A  |
|   (Really Big!)     |           |    Orange    | |    Purple     |
 |                                                          |                  
            |      G. Advance  | |  G. Advance
 |________________________  |                               |________________ 
|  |_______________|

This option will let you          This option will let you play the
play a single player game.        Multi-Player game.


That's all for now! Wait for more update. ^ ^


There are 5 different strolylines in this this game. Makes sense though
since there's only 5 main characters in this game. Trust me, this
actually makes this game much much more interesting! You mught want to
experience all the storylines! (Really recommended!)

* Since this game is in Japanese and I can't understand not even one
  word, I assume you can guess I just created the storylines below!
  Some of them might true though since I created these storylines based
  on the pictures in this game. ^ ^

Appearances : Characters that appear in the storyline.
Field       : The place related to the storyline or in other words,
              the board you play in.
Difficulty  : The difficulty level of a storyline.
Items       : Items that Doraemon used to get through the storylines.
Info        : More information that will help you maneuver through each


Doraemon's Storyline

Novita doesn't have anything to do but he's not doing his homework! He
asked Doraemon to bring him to any interesting place but Doraemon
scolded him instead! Shizuka gave an idea about visiting the dwarves in
the forest. Giant and Sinyu agreed but Novita seems a little bit
worried. Doraemon used his first gadget! The 'Mini Light!' They became
small and visit the forest. Shizuka's can't find any trace of the
dwarves in the forest. Just before she can do anything, Masamo appeared
and guided them to Father Dwarf. Father Dwarf, delighted by their
presence, decided to have a party for them! The only problem was that
they can't find the right materials for the party and they need to clear
the ground. These started Doraemon's adventure............

Appearances : Father Dwarf, Masamo.
Field       : Forest.
Difficulty  : Hard.
Items       : Mini Light - Makes anything that touches the light small!
Info        : Why hard? Simple! The dogs and cats(read the 'Obstacles'
              section for more info) appear more often in this field.
              Thus, making it hard to win :( . But, I recommend you to
              play this one first since it's goos for beginners. It's
              hard, and it's good for beginners???What are you trying
              to say? Well, to make it simple, this level relies much
              on your controls and the way you think than any other
              levels. You will NEED to master the controls first.
              That's why it's good for beginners.

Novita's Storyline

Novita needs to do lots of work today! He cries because he must finish
the jobs before sundown. Doraemon feels sorry for him and decides to
help him. He uses his second gadget, the 'Human Clay!' In order to use
this thing, Novita needs to use his hair s the clay's mind. He decides
to make replicas of his friends to! He plucks little hair from his
friends without them noticing it. Soon enough, there are 4 replicas
waiting for order from Novita! Sadly enough, the same fate falls to the
replicas! Novita misuse them! He asks them to do his homework, scrub the
floor and much more! His friends, Giant, Sinyu and Shizuka find out that
they are being used by Novita! Boy, they are really mad this time!
Doraemon finds out about Novita too and decides to punish him by taking
the item back! Somehow, Novita knows about this and, well.... RUN AWAY!
These start Novita's adventure....

Appearances : No one. (Might be wrong though)
Field       : Town.
Difficulty  : Normal.
Items       : Human Clay - Creates replica of somebody. (needs his or
              her hair though to make the clay's mind)
Info        : Not much really. This stage is a lot easier than
              Doraemons. Watch out for the dogs!!! Some characters here
              might give you something... (look out for related topic
              for more info!) Other than that, you will start at a good
              position! Far away than your friends! Make sense though
              since Novita is trying to run away from his friends! ^ ^

Giant's Storyline

Giant is thinking about having his own concert and that is not a good
thing! Everybody are worried sick, thinking about Giant's terrible
voice. They decide to do something about it but Giant heard what they're
discussing. Sinyu tries to cover things up by saying things that make
Giant feels really proud of himself. *Sigh* Giant plans to do it at the
field in the middle of the town and leaves after giving away free
tickets to his friends. Doraemon have an idea to minimize the damage
given by Giant's voice. The 'Strong Ear Plaster!' They decide to split
up and avoid Giant at all cost. The 'Strong Ear Plasters' are just for
emergencies ahead! Well, to avoid is better than to heal! Now, it's up
to you to catch the others! These start Giant's........
Adventure????? :P

Appearances : None.
Field       : Town.
Difficulty  : Easy - Normal.
Items       : Strong Ear Plaster - Shuts your ear for good! You won't
              hear anything when you put this on! COOL! ^ ^
Info        : This stage is pretty easy since you're controlling the
              bad guy! Hehehehe. But still watch out for the dogs! And
              yes, they will bite you even you're controlling the bad
              guy! They will rip you to pieces! Try collecting more
              stars than any other thing because you might want to use
              'Giant's Anger' (See related topic for more info) more
              often. Other than that, you should be okay~!

Sinyu's Storyline

Ahh! The day finally comes! The test day! Sinyu worries about his result
because he scores somewhat below his mother's target marks! And,
Novita??? Don't worry because he always gets 0 in his test! Giant isn't
that well either but Shizuka gets a perfect mark! That's why everybody
love her! Sinyu begs Doraemon so that he will help him with his problem
and, you can guess it right? Another gadget! The 'Alright Stick'! Sinyu
is so happy that he misuses it (my, Novita really knows how to pass his
bad traits to other people!) just like Novita! Doraemon wants the stick
back! Sinyu refuses to give Doraemon back the stick and he uses the
stick on Doraemon instead! Doraemon regains his memory back after a
while and plans to catch Sinyu! Now, Sinyu is on the run! These starts
Sinyu's adventure..........

Appearances : Mr. Hoshi.
Field       : Town.
Difficulty  : Easy - Normal.
Items       : Alright Stick - Makes someone feels okay about something
              no matter what! EX: Novita's mother is REALLY angry! But,
              with a touch of this stick, she will say, "It's alright."
              A real lifesaver!
Info        : Take advantage of the townspeople! They're really nice!
              Talk to them (just move to their current squares) and
              they will surely give you some W. Points! (See related
              topic for more info!) Also take advantage of Sinyu's
              superb abilities! (Again, see related topic for more
              info!) Oh yeah, another thing is, AVOID Mr. Hoshi at all
              cost! That's all! You should have no problem winning this
              level! ^ ^

Shizuka's Storyline

Mrs. Tori is about to leave the town and asks Shizuka to handle the
house by herself! Novita worries abiut Shizuka and try to convince her
to let him stay with her! Shizuka, of course, refuse the offer but
Novita is wrries about her! He asks Doraemon for help and, that's
weird.... Doraemon didn't even use one of his gadgets.... Oh well! I
don't know how to say this but, somehow, Shizuka's adventure starts

Appearances : Mrs.Tori.
Field       : Town.
Difficulty  : Easy!
Items       : Well, maybe I'm wrong but, there's none...
Info        : Oh my, this is the easiest stage ever! Why? Because
              there's no dogs and cats to make you irritated! But,
              still watch out though since I notice trap spots(see
              related topic for more info!) are more than bonus spots!


That's all for now! Wait for more update! ^ ^


First of all, I should have put this in the controls section but just
like to give more details for you! Enjoy! ^ ^


There are many different kinds of attacks! Here's a list of hem and some
nice info too! ^ ^

Abilities : Now, this is the MOST important of all! The character you
            choose determines the abilities you will get! See XIII
            section for more info! Basically, abilities need star
            points to work. Abilities usually make your opponent loses
            one turn, go backwards and more! So, you better start
            collecting star points from now on! ^ ^

S.Attack  : S.Attack represents 'Special Attack'! You can only do
            special attacks by recruiting special items. See section XI
            for more info! ^ ^! You can expect a lot from Special
            Attack since it can be a life saver! Some of them slows
            your Move Gauge and some of them even prevents yourself
            from being effected by characters's abilities! Collect
            special items once you see them lying on the ground! ^ ^


In this game, you can only move by using this command! ^ ^ When you
choose this command, a gauge will appear! It looks like this:

 |1          2          3          4           5          6 |

The gauge will move quickly! So, getting the numbers you want won't be
easy! ^ ^ To stop the gauge, press the A Button. Once you press the A
Button, the gauge will stop at random numbers, depending at your timing.
Be patient and try to master this concept so it will be much easier next
time! ^ ^


This will be your command to check your inventories! ^ ^ This will be
the place where your Special Items will be kept! ^ ^ Check here often
because you'll never know when Special Items will pop out in your
inventories! ^ ^ You will be using this a lot so, remember to check
often! ^ ^

View Places

This isn't too useful in my opinion, of course. Others might think this
from the good side! :P Anyway, you use this command to see your current
surroundings. You might want to use this command to see where Special
Items are located. You can even spot enemies around! I didn't recommend
this but, trying would never hurt yourself!:P

That's all for now! I will try to add more info on my next update! ^ ^


There are thousands of obstacles in this board type game! I divided them
to four categories! Here's a list :

A) Terrains
B) Spots
C) Animals
D) People

Now, I'll give some brief explanation about these obstacles! It's not
complete but it will soon! ^ ^


Different kinds of terrains of course, make this game harder but, on the
other hand, this game would be more challenging! ^ ^ Sometimes, you can
even take advantage of terrains. Here's a list of them :

* : Means Unknown - Yet to be discovered.
- : Not accurate - Not hundred percent sure.
Aprnce : Appearance - Where will the obstacles appear.

 Slippery Floor

Info   : Looks like water splashing everywhere. The water looks like a
         jelly to me...
Effect : * Please wait! :P
Aprnce : Forest Stage.

 Death Panel

Info   : Looks just like a normal trap spot except that it is bigger
         and has a question mark on it!
Effect : - This will activate the death board! Well, it would NOT kill
         you actually seeing the name! :P The death board is actually
         kinda nasty if you ask me! The death board will activate some
         bad choices for you to choose from! Once you activate this,
         you CANNOT stop the effect! Don't worry to much though because
         the worse it can do is making you lose your turn! :)
Aprnce : All except Novita's storyline.


Spots appear in EVERY stage! There are all kinds of spots in this game!
Some of them are good and some of them are evil! :P Anyway, I'll decribe
each spots I have discovered right now! :)

*AddInf stands for additional info!

 Blue Spot

Info   : Should I say more? It looks like a small blue spot of course!
Effect : Gives you a whole 20 star points!
Aprnce : All.
AddInf : The best spot! Make sure you land on this often! You can
         easily accumulate star points by taking advantage of this

 Red Spot

Info   : A blood-red spot. You can easily guess that this spot is
Effect : Substract 5 Star Points!
Aprnce : All. (Duh!)
AddInf : Avoid this at all cost! Do not, I repeat, do not land on
         this spot! Unless an extra item worth more than 5 points to
         you is lying on the spot, avoid this spot!

 Yellow Spot

Info   : Looks just like an ordinary yellow spot.
Effect : Gives you 5 Star Points randomly. Does nothing most of the
         time though.
Aprnce : All.
AddInf : Not much really......Just remember to step on this if the
         other spots are red!

 Green Spot

Info   : This spot is huge! And it's green too!
Effect : Gives you a random item!
Aprnce : All.
AddInf : A good one! Necessary if you want to win the game easily! :)


Watch out for these nasty creatures! They do more harm than good! As a
matter of fact, I don't think they even do something good at all!
Animals appear on the board when you least expected them! Run away at
from them as soon as they appear! I have only discovered some of them
so, sorry! :P


Info   : Well, how should a dog looks like? Guess! :P
Effect : Loses you a turn, moves you backwards etc.
Aprnce : All.
AddInf : Roll over! Play dead! Fetch! Well, if you think you can play
         those stuff with this dog, you better think twice! This
         enormous dog will not hesitate to rip and tear you to pieces!
         It's stunning, teething, stupefying! Well, you get it don't
         you so stay OUT of trouble!


Info   : A weird blackish grey cat...
Effect : Same with dog + steal your items!
Aprnce : All.
AddInf : Even worse than the dog! Avoid this creature if you care and
         love your 'precious'!


People on the board are not really obstacles...In fact, they will give
you W.Points if you land on them. The W.Points are free sometimes but
most of the time, the people will 'exchange' your star points with their
W.Points! Since there's too many different people on the board, I can't
describe em' all so, I'll leave you to figure it out yourself! :)

That's all about Obstacles! Hope it helps! Now, time to move on to then
next section.....


There are lots of items in this game and each one of course does
different things! I've discovered some of them and they are on the list
below with some info!

(Please not again that I 'created' the name so if you're having
 difficulty spotting which one I'm describing, please refer to the
 info! Enjoy!)

Name   : The name for that particular item.
Info   : How it looks like and stuff.(Please refer to this!Read above!)
Eff    : Stands for 'effect'. Tells you what can that item do.
Usf    : Stands for 'usefulness'. Rating from 1 to 10! If it's over 10,
         expect it to be really good!
AddInf : More details about that item!

1. Name   : Blow Cloth.
   Info   : A piece of red cloth. Really easy to spot!
   Eff    : Blows away (avoid) all effects from abilities and other
            items! Cool!
   Usf    : 9! Really good! :)
   AddInf : Oh my! This item is great! When you use this, you'll have
            nothing to fear the next turn! Get this!

2. Name   : Quick Cream.
   Info   : A green bottle. The bottle is oval!
   Eff    : Makes your opponents' moving gauge really fast so that it's
            hard for them to get high number in the moving phase!
   Usf    : 3. Well, it is not too useful...
   AddInf : Why it's not useful? Because, the computers usually end up
            with low numbers anyway...But it's still useful sometimes!

3. Name   : Buzzer Machine.
   Info   : Looks like a bee stucked to a machine.
   Eff    : Unknown.
   Usf    : ?
   AddInf : None.

4. Name   : Luxury Ticket.
   Info   : Looks like a blue sticker...
   Eff    : Unknown.
   Usf    : ?
   AddInf : None.

5. Name   : Time Machine.
   Info   : If you like Doraemon, you should be familiar with this...
            Anyway, it looks like a  light pole stacked on a plain
   Eff    : Makes you able to move twice!!!
   Usf    : 11! Superb!
   AddInf : Definitely get this one! A great item! Moving twice in this
            game is like having a million dollar!

6. Name   : Momotaro's Pills.
   Info   : A cute pink packet with a picture of a peach on the front.
   Eff    : Unknown.
   Usf    : ?
   AddInf : None.

7. Name   : Grape Of Happiness.
   Info   : Grapes in a jar.
   Eff    : Unknown.
   Usf    : ?
   AddInf : None.

8. Name   : Time Tank.
   Info   : A big tank!
   Eff    : Unknown.
   Usf    : ?
   AddInf : None.

9. Name   : Time Gate.
   Info   : A square gate with a pipe!
   Eff    : Slows your moving gauge!
   Usf    : 9!
   AddInf : Good one since you can easily stop your moving gauge at
            the number you desire!

Well, that's all for now! Still lots of them actually! :P I'll add them
later! :)


Bonus games are neat features indeed crammed inside this board type
game! In order to access bonus games, you'll need coins. Coins can be
found scattered around the board. There are different colours of coins
but they don't effect the bonus games a bit. In order to access bonus
games, you'll need to get 3 coins of the same colour OR 4 coins of
different colours. There's lots of bonus games but I only get to access
a few of them. I'll keep adding new one so please be patient.


Name : Name of the bonus game.
FFac : Stands for 'Fun Factor.' Starts from D to A! If it's an A,
       expect it to be really fun and enjoyable!
Diff : Stands for 'Difficulty.' Range from 1 to 10! If it's a 10,
       expect it to be really hard!
HTP  : Stands for 'How To Play.' Reveals a bit on how to play a certain
       game! :)
Cont : Stands for 'Controls.' Reveals a bit about controls for each

A. Name : Ghost Hunting.
   FFac : 7.
   Diff : 6.
   HTP  : Easy! Just move the target button using the directional
          button and shoot!
   Cont : A Button : Shoot.
          Dir. Button : Controls target button.

B. Name : Flying Dorayaki.
   FFac : 8.
   Diff : 8.
   HTP  : Float your dorayaki as far as you can than the other player!
          Watch out for the ceiling and walls!
   Cont : A Button(must press rapidly) : Fly the Dorayaki.
          Dir. Button : Controls the dorayaki's path.

Well well well. Short isn't it? Don't blame me! Blame the game! Just
kidding! Justwait and you'll see lots more! :)


Every character has his or her own abilities. Abilities are unique
feature to make the game much much easier. To use abilities, you must
first consume star points! I'll talk more about star points later! Here,
I'll list the abilities I've known so far! :) Enjoy!

(I have only worked on Doraemon's abilities right now, sorry!)


Name : Name of that particular item.
Cost : How much star points required.
Eff  : The effect of the ability.
Rat  : My ratings for the ability.(Or otherwise, the usefulness)
Comm : Some comments from me! :)


A. Name : Silver Rock.
   Cost : 10 SP.
   Eff  : Your opponent will lose some star points the next turn.
   Rat  : 4.
   Comm : Pretty cool. But I suggest you leave this ability alone as
          you might want to save your star points for other abilities!

B. Name : Pink Pouch.
   Cost : 20 SP.
   Eff  : Steals an item from your opponent!
   Rat  : 8.
   Comm : Great! Use this often! :)

C. Name : Sticky gun.
   Cost : 50 SP.
   Eff  : Opponent misses a turn.
   Rat  : 7.
   Comm : Good but for 50 SP?I don't think so...

D. Name : Super Cloak.
   Cost : 10 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

E. Name : God Fan.
   Cost : 15 SP.
   Eff  : Blows away your opponent for about 2 to 3 steps.
   Rat  : 8.
   Comm : Good cause it only cost you 15 SP! :)

F. Name : Warp Machine.
   Cost : 30 SP.
   Eff  : Swap places with your enemy.
   Rat  : 9.
   Comm : I love this stuff! It warps instantly! Good if your enemy is
          near something good!


A. Name : Super Rubber Band.
   Cost : 50 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

B. Name : Machine Chaos.
   Cost : 20 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

C. Name : Lucky 6 Gun!
   Cost : 40 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

D. Name : Cry Of Relief.
   Cost : 20 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

E. Name : Flying Stars.
   Cost : 10 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

F. Name : Star Gauge.
   Cost : 10 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.


A. Name : Karaokee Madness!
   Cost : 50 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

B. Name : Gadgets Take away!
   Cost : 20 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

C. Name : 100% Anger.
   Cost : 50 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

D. Name : Give me Stars!
   Cost : 20 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

E. Name : Anti-Machine.
   Cost : 15 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

F. Name : Bully.
   Cost : 15 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.


A. Name : Brain Wiz.
   Cost : 10 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

B. Name : Big Mansion.
   Cost : 50 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

C. Name : Speed Up.
   Cost : 50 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

D. Name : Exchange.
   Cost : 50 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

E. Name : Crossed Star.
   Cost : 20 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

F. Name : Double Star.
   Cost : 20 SP.
   Eff  : Doubles the Star you'll get the next turn!
   Rat  : 10.
   Comm : This one is superb! Use this to your advantage! :)


A. Name : Wishing Star.
   Cost : 20 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

B. Name : Cool Teddy.
   Cost : 50 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

C. Name : Coin Taker.
   Cost : 20 SP.
   Eff  : Steals one of your opponent's coin!
   Rat  : 6.
   Comm : Great if you want to play the Mini-Games! :)

D. Name : Item Taker.
   Cost : 20 SP.
   Eff  : Takes on of your opponent's item.
   Rat  : 9.
   Comm : Cool! Use this one often! :)

E. Name : Violin Crusher.
   Cost : 20 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

F. Name : Wishing Turn.
   Cost : 30 SP.
   Eff  : Unknown.
   Rat  : ?
   Comm : None.

Well, basically, that's all! Sorry! Wait for next update ok? :)


Star Points are stars that you can find throughout the game. To get star
points, you must either land on a blue spot or a yellow one. Landing on
a red spot will result the loss of your star points! Star points are
necessary in order to use abilities. Star Points are also important for
'trading'. Trading occurs only when you talk or land on a spot where
there is another character standing on it. You will usually get W Points
for the star points you trade with em! :)

About the W Points, I still have no idea what it does! If you do know
something about it please email me! :)

Well, that's all about em! Now I'll move to the last section! :)


Here's some useful tips for ya! :)

Easy Star Points
Before you attend your moving phase, use the ability Double Star(Sinyu)
so that when you land on a blue spot, you will get 40 SP instead of 20

Death Board
Death board isn't really THAT bad cause it still have some good options
in it! Sometimes, it will even grant you star points! But mostly, it
will 'damage' you! Watch out!

That's all for tips section! Again, wait wait and wait! :)


Here, in this very section, I'll list the names of people who helped me
with this FAQ!

1. Me - for writing this FAQ! ^ ^
2. My friend - For helping me with the secrets and tips section!
3. Epoch - For releasing this great game!

That's all! Please contribute information to me via email and I'll make
sure your name appears in this section! :)


Hi, my name is Squirtle15! This is my second FAQ! Yay! Please check out
my first FAQ too! It's a great game called 'Pinky Monkey Town' for GBA!
Please rate this FAQ as you like! :) Oh yeah, please don't email me
about anything else other than the game itself! Since I have already did
2 Action FAQs, I think I'll move on to RPG after this! :) Don't be shy
and send in the contributions and questions! Until then, see ya!!!

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