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Guide and Walkthrough by Quolnok

Version: 1.15 | Updated: 05/30/2005

                         #   #  ###  ####  #   #  ####
                         #   # #   # #   # ## ## #
                         # # # #   # #   # # # # #
                         # # # #   # ####  #   #  ###
                         # # # #   # # #   #   #     #
                         # # # #   # #  #  #   #     #
                          # #   ###  #   # #   # ####

                             W O R L D   P A R T Y

FAQ: Worms World Party for Game Boy Advance
Version: 1.15
By: Quolnok
Last Update: 30th of May 2005


 01       - Introduction and Copyright.
 02       - Version History.
 03       - Game Basics.
 03.1     - Landscape.
 03.2     - Weapons and Utilities.
 03.2.1   - Weapon/Utility Cheat.
 03.3     - Controls.
 03.4     - Game Display.
 03.5     - Sudden Death.
 04       - Menus.
 05       - Single Player.
 05.1     - Quick Game.
 05.2     - Deathmatch.
 05.3     - Missions.
 05.3.1   - The Good Ship Armageddon.
 05.3.2   - Doo-Wop.
 05.3.3   - Jumble Sail.
 05.3.4   - Shell Shock.
 05.3.5   - It's raining mines.
 05.3.6   - Take out the Trash.
 05.3.7   - Missile Base.
 05.3.8   - Woodland.
 06       - Multiplayer Game Setup.
 06.1     - Edit Team.
 06.2     - WormPot Options.
 07       - Options.
 07.1     - Landscape Options.
 07.2     - Gameplay Options.
 07.3     - Weapon Options.
 08       - Contact.
 09       - Other Questions.
 10       - Credits.
  Use [Ctrl]+F (most browsers) with section number for quick access.
  In Firefox [Ctrl]+F with section number and if necessary [Ctrl]+G to view

01 - Introduction and Copyright:

 Worms World Party (from this point on 'WWP') was developed by Team17 Software
 and published by Ubisoft. Released in 2002 it is one of four Worms games
 released on Game Boys and one of two released on Game Boy Advance.  This
 FAQ was, at the time it was started, the 104th most wanted FAQ for GBA on
 GameFAQs and the only FAQ request for a game that I have access to.

 This FAQ is for private and personal use and is to be displayed only on
 GameFAQs and its affiliates. The FAQ author is "Quolnok", other contributors
 are listed in section 10.

02 - Version History:
 0.25  19th of June 2004
 Game basics (except weapons), menus, quick game completed.

 0.75  21st of June 2004
 Missions 2 to 8 incomplete.

 1.0   22nd of June 2004
 The FAQ is complete.

 1.01  14th of September 2004
 Larger emphasis on lack of saving.

 1.02  15th of September 2004
 Noticed the cheat contributor pulled their contribution, added it to FAQ.

 1.03  20th of September 2004
 Fixed a few typos, added 2 more deathmatch ranks.

 1.04  23rd of October 2004
 Answered some other questions.

 1.1   29th of October 2004
 Added the rest of the deathmatch ranks, changed rank equation and a few other
 minor changes to the wording of other bits of the FAQ. All the main details of
 the game written, hopefully the only thing needing changes is section 09.

 1.11  1st of January 2005
 Generic minor update.

 1.12  10th of January 2005
 Minor layout adjustment.

 1.13  9th of March 2005
 Minor improvement to Deathmatch rank display.

 1.14  17th of April 2005
 Apparently I just can't leave this FAQ alone, that's not necessarily a bad
 thing though, a new question was answered in section 09 reguarding Select

 1.15  30th of May 2005
 A few changes throughout the FAQ.

03 - Game Basics:

 The aim in any game of worms is to kill your opponent's worms before they kill
 yours. You will control 1 of up to 4 teams of worms, battling on one of many
 possible landscapes. Scattered across the land you may find Drums and Mines, a
 drum explodes if a attack or explosion hits it and a mine explodes if a worm
 comes too close. Occasionally supplies will fall from the sky, these have
 three types: Health (white box with red cross), Utilities (toolbox with wrench
 on the front) and Weapons (brown crate), if these are hit they too can

 WWP is a turn-based game so each attack must be completed within a time limit,
 bottom left of screen, also after several minutes a Sudden Death mode will
 activate, this counter won't always be on the screen but is below the turn
 counter. WWP has no save capabilities, this and the lack of ability to create
 original worm names are the only real flaws in the game.

03.1 - Landscape:

 The landscape in WWP has two general types; landmass(es) and caves. In caves
 there is a maximum game height and width; these maximums are marked by red
 lines, no worm/projectile can pass through this line so attacks like Air
 Strike are unavailable. All landscapes have water at the bottom,
 if a worm falls in it dies.

03.2 - Weapons and Utilities:

 Items unavailable in "caves" marked with '*'.
 Items affected by wind marked with '~'.
 Items that are in this list but aren't true weapons/utilities '##', do not
 appear on SELECT menu.

 Approximate maximum damage is listed.

 Air Strike        *  - 25 per impact, drops 5 missiles from the sky towards
 Armageddon        *  - 25 per impact, drops 20+ meteors at random.
 Axe                  - 1/2 target's health, need to stand close.
 Banana Bomb        ~ - 50 per impact, improved cluster bomb.
 Baseball Bat         - 30, need to stand close, good for hitting enemy off
 Bazooka            ~ - 50, usually unlimited supply, learn to aim long
 Blowtorch            - 30, the blowtorch is intended to dig horizontally and
                        diagonally underground, it can also be a weapon.
 Bungie               - Drop off cliffs to place explosives and animals.
 Carpet Bomb       *  - 50 per impact, like Air Strike except more powerful and
                        with bouncing explosives that explode multiple times.
 Chainsaw             - 45, need to stand close.
 Cluster Bomb       ~ - 25 per impact, grenade like object that explodes and
                        releases other smaller explosives that fall randomly.
 Concrete Donkey   *  - 100+ per impact, falls from above, it bounces and
                        explodes eventually falling in the water, it's big.
 Crate Spy            - Enables you to see what's in a crate.
 Dragon Ball          - 30, medium range horizontal attack.
 Drum              ## - 30, explodes if hit, appears at start of game.
 Dynamite             - 75, place it and run.
 Earthquake           - The damage comes from falls and any moved mines.
 Fast Walk            - Worm moves 3 times faster.
 Fire Punch           - 30, vertical upwards attack, goes through land, also
                        good for digging
 Flame-thrower      ~ - 2 per flame, short range, highly effected by wind.
 Freeze               - All worms on team freeze until next turn.
 Girder               - Place a girder at 1 of 8 angles with 1 of 2 sizes.
 Grenade            ~ - 50, usually unlimited supply, learn to aim long
                        distance, can bounce on impact, explodes after time
                        limit, try using like dynamite. 
 Handgun              - 5 per 6 shots, continuos fire, can aim while shooting.
 Holy Hand Grenade  ~ - 75, improved grenade.
 Homing Cluster    *~ - 25 per impact, Cluster Bomb that has a Homing Cluster.
 Homing Missile       - 50, like bazooka only the missile homes to the assigned
 Homing Strike     *  - 25 per impact, Air Strike that homes to specified
 Jet Pack             - Used to move through the air.
 Kamikaze             - 20, worm heads in 1 of 8 directions, dieing approx
                        4-5cm/2inch away.
 Laser Sight          - For guns/arrows, a dotted line is shown indicating
                        targeted location.
 Long Bow             - 15 per 2 shots, you will have time to move and aim
                        between shots, if arrow hits the ground it stays there.
 Low Gravity          - Allows higher jumps/bounces/safe falls.
 Mad Cows             - 75, cows run until they hit something and explode, can
                        be released as a herd by tapping A multiple times.
 Mine                 - 30, place them near enemies and leave, avoid
                        pre-positioned ones.
 Mine Strike       *  - 5 mines fall towards target.
 Ming Vase            - 75 per impact, Dynamite/Cluster Bomb, place and run.
 Minigun              - 75 total, rapid continuos fire, can aim while shooting.
 Mortar               - 50, aimed like bazooka, impact can release cluster.
 Napalm Strike     *~ - 2 per flame, 5 bombs become flames, highly effected by
                        wind, best on windless mountain tops.
 Ninja Rope           - For swinging across gaps, need ledge above.
 Nuke                 - All worms poisoned permanently, water rises slightly.
 Parachute            - Safely drop from any height to land below.
 Petrol Bomb        ~ - 2 per flame, throw like grenade, becomes flames, highly
                        effected by wind.
 Pneumatic Drill      - 30, the Pneumatic Drill is intended to dig vertically
                        downwards underground, it can also be a weapon.
 Poison            ## - 2 per each worms turn, if a worm is poisoned it is
                        green rather than the usual pink.
 Prod                 - 0, use only when next to enemy who is on the edge of a
                        cliff and/or near a mine.
 Scales of Justice    - Calculates the total health in game and distributes it
                        evenly among worms.
 Select Worm          - Enables you to change worm.
 Sheep                - 50, a sheep runs and jumps around until it explodes.
 Shotgun              - 25 per 2 shots, you will have time to move and aim
                        between shots.
 Skip Go              - Skip your turn.
 Skunk                - 20 + Poison, a skunk wanders around poisoning worms
                        then explodes
 Suicide Bomber       - 30 + Poison, your worm dies and tries to take enemies
                        with it
 Super Banana       ~ - 75 per impact, improved Banana Bomb.
 Super Sheep          - 75, behaves like normal sheep until A is pressed, then
                        the sheep flies, controlled by Dpad, until collision.
 Surrender            - You lose.
 Teleport             - Instantly moves worm.
 Uzi                  - 2 per 15 shots, continuos fire, can aim while shooting.

03.2.1 - Weapon/Utility Cheat:

 The following cheat will give you and other human players 1 of each
 weapon/utility, unless you're in a cave map where there are certain things
 unavailable (see 03.2). If you had more than one or unlimited of anything,
 those items will all be set to one.

 1) Press SELECT, highlight Skip Go and press A once.
 2) Press SELECT, hold L, Dpad d, and B.
 3) Press SELECT four more times while still holding the above keys.

 While this is the best way to try out all the weapons, I suggest playing
 through missions in the intended way so that you will learn the controls.

03.3 - Controls:

 R + direction     - Scroll game screen
 R + L + direction - Scroll game screen faster
 A                 - Use current weapon/utility
 B                 - Jump forward
 BB                - Jump backwards
 L + B             - Jump upwards
 L + BB            - Backflip
 Dpad u/d          - Aim, navigate menu
 Dpad l/r          - Move worm, navigate menu
 START             - Pause menu (Quit, Sudden Death, Draw)
 SELECT            - Change weapon/utility menu
 L+SELECT          - Change bounce/delay for grenade like weapons

03.4 - Game Display:

 The game screen shows 2 to 4 teams of worms (coloured pink, blue, yellow and
 green) on some terrain.

 Bottom left - Turn/round time indicator, the turn time counts down to 0, at 0
               the next team has a turn. Round time is in a smaller font below
               turn time it shows the cumulative time that you have been
               playing, this can be turned on/off.

 Bottom centre - Team status, overall health bars for all teams with least
                 health at the bottom, when a team is defeated their bar is
               - Current utility, shows an icon for a utility currently being
                 used (eg. Laser Sight)

 Bottom right - Wind indicator, shows the strength and direction of the wind,
                (wind effects certain weapons such as the Bazooka)

 Above each worm - remaining health

03.5 - Sudden Death:

 When your round time is up Sudden Death Mode begins, there are four
 1 Health   - Worm health drops to one.  (Default)
 Water Rise - Water begins to rise, continues until all dead.
 Nuke       - All worms poisoned permanently, water rises slightly.
 None       - Nothing changes.

04 - Menus:

 The first menu you'll see is language select, choose between English, German,
 French, Italian and Spanish.
 Next is the main menu there are four items, on the left is the single player
 menu (05), on the bottom is the options (07), right is multiplayer (06) and at
 the top is the credits (select WWP logo).

05 - Single Player:

 The single player menu gives the following options, listed clockwise from

05.1 - Quick Game:

 "Quick Game" starts a single round one-on-one game against the AI with 6 worms
 per team each with 100 health. Each turn must be completed in 45 seconds, all
 settings will be default. The two teams are pink and blue (colour is in health
 indicator) you are pink.

 Initial supplies, listed in on-screen order:
 (U is unlimited, [X] means the item can be used after X turns)
  1st row: Bazooka U, Homing Missile 1 [1], Mortar 5, Grenade U,
           Cluster Bomb 3, Petrol Bomb 2
  2nd row: Handgun U, Shotgun U, Uzi U, Longbow 2, Axe 2, Baseball bat 1
  3rd row: Fire Punch U, Dragon Ball U, Kamikaze 1, Prod U
  4th row: Skunk 1 [2], Dynamite 1, Sheep 1, Mine 2
  5th row: Air Strike 4 [5], Napalm Strike 4 [5]
  6th row: Blowtorch 3, Ninja Rope 5, Parachute 2, Bungie 2, Girder 3,
           Pneumatic Drill 3
  9th row: Skip Go, Surrender

05.2 - Deathmatch:

 In Deathmatch Mode your team attempts to increase its rank, each rank has more
 enemies or more skilled opponents, all of the ranks and  major changes are

 Ranks are based on X = number of wins - (loses * 2), if this is 0 or less you
 can start your win and loss counts again.

 X      Rank                  Major change

 0,1    Absolute Beginner     4v1+1+1
 2,3    Beginner              4v2+1+1
 4,5    Inexperienced         4v2+2+2
 6,7    Rookie                Harder AI
 8,9    Novice                Harder AI
 10,11  Below Average         3v4+4+1
 12,13  Average               3v4+3+2
 14,15  Reasonable            3v4+2+2
 16,17  Above Average         3v4+4+1
 18,19  Fairly Competent      3v2+2+2
 20,21  Competent             3v4+2+2
 22,23  Highly Competent      Harder AI
 24,25  Veteran               2v4+1+1
 26,27  Distinguished         2v4+3+2
 28,29  Highly Distinguished  2v4+3+3
 30+    General               1v4+4+3

 NOTE: There is no way of saving your status/ranking when you turn off.

05.3 - Missions:

 There are 8 selectable missions in WWP This section is a brief description of
 how to complete them. Where supplies are listed U is unlimited.

05.3.1 - The Good Ship Armageddon:

 Description: "Ahoy there, some important cargo we need you to collect has been
               identified as residing on good ship Armageddon.
               However, the good ship Armageddon is sinking quickly and we need
               you to get to the cargo before it's too late. Oh man. Mine fuse
               is instant."

 Aim: Collect all weapons/utilities before you drown or die from poison.

 Initial Supplies: Girder 2. Enemy unarmed.

 Steps/turns: 1) Pickup Low Gravity, move to upper left of lifeboat, place long
                 Girder at 45 degrees leading up from the life boat to the
              2) Jump to, climb, then jump off Girder onto ship, get 2nd Low
                 Gravity, jump to upper deck, get jetpack, place short Girder
                 vertically with it's top in line with that of the pipe.
              3) Activate Low Gravity, backflip onto 2nd Girder, backflip onto
                 flag, jump to second pipe and drop down to pick up Teleporter.
              4) Teleport to above the last crate to receive a Concrete Donkey
                 and complete the mission

05.3.2 - Doo-Wop:

 Description: "Please, have a seat. An enemy Worm has appeared deep underground
               at a nearby location. Using any kind of digging tools, ensure
               this nasty character will not be hanging around for too long."

 Aim: Kill enemy worm, don't get hit by explosion from Mine.

 Initial Supplies: Pneumatic Drill 2. Enemy unarmed.

 Steps/turns: 1) First of all there are some holes in the land, I'll call them
                 "rooms", first thing to do is walk to the right and stand on
                 the first room you get to's right wall, use a Drill.
              2) Stand over the next room's left wall, Drill.
              3) Get the Pneumatic Drill, stand over the next room's right wall
                 and Drill.
              4) The last drill should have gotten you below the room's floor,
                 get the Pneumatic Drill, activate the mine, jump into your
                 hole, wait for explosion, go through the crater into the long
                 rectangular room, stand over the crate, Drill, cancel drilling
                 when through to crate, get Baseball bat.
              5) Hit enemy worm into water with baseball bat.

05.3.3 - Jumble Sail:

 Description: "Whilst on routine patrol we stumbled across an enemy vessel who
               after repeatedly requesting to, still would not alter course.
               This leaves us no other choice but to destroy this band of
               rogues before they cause havoc in our waters."

 Aim: Kill enemy worms.

 Initial Supplies: Bazooka U, Grenade U, Fire Punch U, Jet Pack 1, Girder 1,
                   Blowtorch 1. Enemy armed, same weapons. 3 worms each.

 Strategy: Plays as a standard game use your unlimited weapons and learn how
           they work, Remember that you can use Grenades as Dynamite, to board
           the enemy ship use a Girder.

05.3.4 - Shell Shock:

 Description: "We have a new toy for you to play with! Feed the correct amount
               of shells into the war Boat by collecting the health crates,
               then sit in the firing seat to launch the missiles across the
               water at the enemy! You only have a mere two minutes in which to
               complete this mission, o be careful not to be shaken overboard
               by the blast!"

 Aim: Fire mines from a cannon at 3 enemy worms to kill them.

 Initial Supplies: Girder 1. Enemy unarmed.

 Strategy: After collecting health walk slowly to the right the explosion
           should put you back near the crates. To minimise risk place a long
           girder vertically behind the crates and over the boat.

 Solution: The numbers of crates to collect to hit the enemy worms are six,
           seven and eight.

05.3.5 - It's raining mines:

 Description: "Halleluiah, its raining mines! Using your skill and agility,
               dodge the falling mines and obtain the crate which contains
               weapons to dispose of the enemy. Good luck, soldier."

 Aim: Use a Jet Pack to cross water and kill enemies.

 Initial Supplies: Jet Pack 1. 2 enemy worms unarmed.

 Strategy: Wait until a mine has fallen before crossing, keep the Jet Pack on,
           place mine before crossing again, must complete in one turn.

05.3.6 - Take out the Trash:

 Description: "Its about time someone cleaned up this town! Advance towards the
               end of the street, collect the special weapon and put it to good
               use, destroy the enemy!"

 Aim: Kill enemies.

 Initial Supplies: None. 3 enemy worms unarmed.

 Steps/turns: 1) Get Girders, climb building with backflips, get to blue roof.
              2) Get parachute, stand near wall line up a short 45 degree up to
                 right Girder beside the mine below and place, more mines will
                 fall to the same spot.
              3) Get onto 1st Girder, line up 2nd Girder at 45 Degrees between
                 next two mines.
              4) Get onto 2nd Girder, line up 3rd Girder at 45 Degrees between
                 next two mines.
              5) Cross Girder and get Low Gravity, climb over building and get
                 Bungee on the way.
              6) Parachute down to get 2 Concrete Donkeys.
              7) Aim first donkey between nearest 2 worms.
              8) Aim second donkey at remaining worm.

05.3.7 - Missile Base:

 Description: "At a local missile base there is rumoured to be an exceptionally
               powerful weapon contained within a weapons crate located just
               east of the base. Although this maybe just rumour, as we stand
               it is impossible to ignore such rumours. Check it out for us and
               if the rumours are true, bring it home."

 Aim: Get Concrete Donkey.

 Initial Supplies: Bungee 1, Blowtorch 5. 3 enemies unarmed.

 Steps/turns: 1) Get Girder, place long Girder at 30 degrees to allow you to
                 climb the satellite dish.
              2) Cross satellite dish, drop and lose 13 health.
              3) Jump to missile's wing blowtorch horizontally in.
              4) Continue Blowtorch.
              5) Get Girder, Blowtorch up through 3rd missile.
              6) Get Girder, move as far right as possible, Blowtorch into top
                 of tank horizontally.
              7) Continue Blowtorch.
              8) Get Concrete Donkey.

05.3.8 - Woodland:

 Description: "We need you to recover one of our major weapons situated on the
               far right of the island. This isn't just a simple pickup, when
               as soon as you arrive at the island you need to create a bridge
               immediately left of you to obtain a utility. An Earthquake is
               also due anytime soon. Mine fuse is low."

 Aim: Get Concrete Donkey.

 Initial Supplies: Prod 1, Blowtorch 1, Girder 1, Parachute 2, Bungie 2. 
                   4 enemies armed with Shotguns.

 Steps/turns: 1) Place long girder to the left, run to right to avoid shotgun,
                 getting Girder and Bazooka at the same time.
              2) Pickup Jet Pack from end of Girder, go back to cliff.
              3) Jet as far right as possible.
              4) If still on top of first island parachute down.
              5) Climb 2nd half of island by backflipping then Parachute down
                 to get Concrete Donkey.

06 - Multiplayer Game Setup:

 A multiplayer game of WWP consists of 2 to 4 teams of worms with 1 to 4 human
 players controlling their team on 1 GBA.

 Several selectable items and 2 lists are on the screen. At the top left is a
 link to the main options (section 7), below that is Edit Team (section 6.1),
 below that are four major options from the game options list:
 Start Health (100/150/200), Round Time (0/5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes before
 sudden death), Turn Time (15/20/30/45/60/90 sec) and number of rounds required
 to win (1/2/3/5/7/9), at the bottom is WormPot options (section 6.2).

 On the right is the Team List, teams in the multiplayer game, to add to the
 Team List select a name in the Barracks and press A, to remove press a in the
 Team List, changing computer control is done in the Edit Team menu
 (section 6.1).

06.1 - Edit Team:

 There are 8 teams, their names can not be changed, to edit a different team
 press A on the team name. The teams are: Liquid Silk, Bruces Boys,
 Kilburn Del, Team Chesh, The Gods, Elite, Olympians and Evil Team.
 Each team has 6 worms these names can be changed to other predefined names.
 Next you can set human/CPU skill level, human has no number whereas CPU has
 values 1 to 5, 5 being hardest. The last setting is Special Weapon, you will
 receive one of your special weapon each round, normally these weapons are only
 found in crates. Your choices are: Mad Cow, Holy Hand Grenade and Super Sheep,
 these weapons are equally powerful, check section 03.2 to see how they work.

06.2 - WormPot Options:

 WormPot options change the way the game works, in a multiplayer game you can
 use 3 WormPot options, some are unavailable in some of the 3 boxes so choose
 carefully. If you want a normal multiplayer game leave the WormPot options as
 they are. The following is a list of all modes, what they are and which square
 they are selectable in:

 Name          |In | Description
 1 Heath       | 2 | Worms start at 1 health.
 Animalsx2     |123| Animals twice as powerful.
 Clustersx2    |123| Clusters twice as powerful.
 Crate Spy     |  3| See the contents of any crates.
 Damagex2      |123| Damage twice as much as usual.
 Drops Only    |1  | Human players start with no weapons, computer unaffected.
 Explosivesx2  |123| Explosives twice as powerful.
 Extra Crates  |123| Crates fall more often.
 Extra Windy   |123| Wind effects weapons more.
 Falls Hurtx2  |123| Falls twice as deadly.
 Fire Armsx2   |123| Guns twice as powerful.
 Firex2        |123| Fire twice as powerful.
 Hand Combatx2 |123| Hand combat twice as powerful.
 No Retreat    |123| You can't retreat/surrender.
 Quick Fire    |1 3| After firing you can repeatedly fire for 15 seconds.
 Sheep Crates  |123| All crates contain sheep.
 Slippy Mode   | 2 | Worms slide more.
 Sticky Mode   | 2 | Worms don't slide.
 Super Health  |123| All health crates are 100.
 WormPot       |123| Normal, no WormPot, default.

07 - Options:

 From here you can go to (clockwise from bottom) Landscape Options, Game
 Options or Weapon Options.

07.1 - Landscape Options:

 If you want a specific theme and landscape highlight the bottom option to
 Toggle Random Land Mode off, next move up to the right and select the shape of
 the landscape, the last 4 of the 20 possibilities are caves, these prevent
 some weapons from being used (see 03.2). On the left is theme select, as these
 themes are hard to tell apart in this box, the following is a list of
 unofficial names for the 16 themes in the order they appear:

 01 - Space
 02 - Art
 03 - Construction
 04 - Fruit
 05 - Medeval
 06 - War
 07 - Medical
 08 - Jungle
 09 - Castle
 10 - Music
 11 - Sports
 12 - Time
 13 - Tools
 14 - Hell
 15 - Pirate
 16 - Farm

07.2 - Gameplay Options:

 Here you will see a lot of options, these options cannot be saved for use on
 your next play, starting from the left column I will now briefly explain the
 more complicated ones:

 Starting Health, Round Time (time before sudden death), Worm Retreat Time
 (time allowed to run from explosive seconds), Hot Seat Time (Time in hotseat
 required to win a hotseat game)

 Rounds (to win), Turn Time, Rope Retreat Time(time allowed to run after using
 rope), Round Time Display (on/off)

 Select Worm (allow change of worms), Music, Weapon Drop Frequency, Health Drop
 Frequency, Utils Drop Frequency

 Artillery Mode (worms can't move), Drums and Mines on Level (what you want on
 the level), Health Pack Value

 Stockpiling Mode(flat is off, right up stockpile, left up antistockpile), Mine
 Fuse, Sudden Death Action (see section 03.5)

 Falls Take Damage, Mines can be dud, Water rise rate

07.3 - Weapon Options:

 This lets you change the amount of weapons you can use, its fairly self
 explanatory so I'll be brief. At the top right you can choose to edit ammo for
 different ranks, the top left switches between:
 AMMO  - The amount of each weapon you start with 0-9, unlimited.
 POWER - Damage potential of the weapons 0-5 (all defaults are 3).
 DELAY - Number of turns before the weapon is useable 0-9.
 CRATE - Likelihood of that item being in a crate.

08 - Contact:

 If you see something missing that should be added (such as hidden features) or
 incorrect spelling/grammar you can e-mail Quolnok[at]hotmail[dot]com with
 "WormsWP GBA FAQ" in the subject. (Spelling is checked using Australian
 English with Microsoft Word)

09 - Other Questions:

 Important questions not answered elsewhere in the FAQ are answered here, these
 come mostly by e-mail, but may also be thought of by me or stumbled onto while
 checking the usually empty WWP message board on GameFAQs/GameSpot.

 Q: The cool weapons like Carpet Bomb, Homing Strike, Super Banana, etc. how do
    you get those?  Like if you're in a 2-player game. Do they drop from
    crates? Because I know that completing the missions doesn't do it as
    there's no saving.

 A: Anything you don't have infinite numbers of by default will appear at
    random in crates, the better the weapon the less likely they will be in the
    crate. Of course in cave levels you'll never get certain weapons (Carpet
    Bomb, Homing Strike, etc), however in multiplayer games there is a setting
    that will get you one of a selected rare weapon from the start (Super
    Sheep, Mad Cow, Holy Hand Grenade)

 Q: Where's the save option?

 A: The developers decided not to put one in, I'm not sure why.

 Q: My GBA(SP)/GBM crashed/froze/glitched during game play what do I do?

 A: Much like a PC, when a GBA crashes all unsaved data is lost, unless the
    system backs it up, for WWP all progress is wiped.

    I've experienced this on several occasions in WWP and no other games, it
    only seems to happen when I've taken few breaks (or set all weapon options
    to maximum). So taking more breaks may help, but I'm unsure. I suspect a
    variable isn't being reset.

 Q: I was wondering is there a way to erase your game? I got this game used so
    I don't know if anyone has played this or so. Also is it normal for one
    player to start with all the levels or did someone beat those?

 A: Sadly, as I mentioned previously, there is no way to save your game,
    because of this there is nothing to erase. Yes it's normal to start with
    all the levels.

 Q: I didn't receive instructions with my WWP, and I can't figure out how to
    switch Worms when it is my turn, I have to play the one that is selected.
    Do I have the option of selecting a different one? This really cuts down on
    the whole "strategy" element for me. Thanks!

 A: The Select Worm ability falls under the category of weapon/utility as such
    you usually only can use it around 0 - 2 times per game when it falls in a
    utility crate. Alternatively it can be set to always on (activates at start
    of each turn) in the options menu (only works for multiplayer). To use
    Select Worm simply press A when it is activated (two arrows will circle
    above the current worm's head).

10 - Credits:

        IDEO ASCII TYPESETTER V1.0 http://www.ideo.com/typesetter.html
 Mission Descriptions:
        In game display
 The cheat:
        Original discoverer
 Deathmatch Ranks (Below Average(without name) and Average):
        Zarif Khandaker

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