Review by J J N

Reviewed: 09/22/05

Blastin' aliens in a space suit.

Alienator: Evolution Continues is yet another cookie cutter game that offers little redeeming value. While like many other games (this game has some decent graphics) but when I expect out of most of the game is the game play, because I belief to my heart that the crux of the game is the game play. And the game play for this game is so mediocre, something I seen like millions of times for the GBA.

Right, so lets talk about the story for this game. I’m not sure who you play as, but I’ll presume it’s the alienator. Basically someone in the government paged you that they send this cell to the lavatory but the ‘goofs’ from the lavatory messed up so there are aliens running everywhere in the base, therefore its your jump to run around with your electronic gun and space suit and eliminate all of them. And of course, find out what truly happened so the guys in the government can figure it out.

So you play as this handsome guy in a space suit and a gun. You can move around in the environment -- no problem. You can also do other things such as jumping, shooting while jumping in mid air and crouching while shooting.

Here is another common flaw in the game that you see in a lot of other games: when you touch in the enemy, you lost health. OK? Even if the enemy, in this case, a bug in the game, you still lose health even if the poor little bugger didn’t do anything to you, like spitting erosive acid or slice you with its claw or something.

Another minor flaw in the game is the physic; in the game you’re expecting some degree of realism in the game. So, when you’re jumping you jump way too high; about all the way to half of the screen. While this isn’t major, it would be nice if they adjust the jump height.

There are too many enemies in the game, ok? Bugs and other alien mutates are crawling, walk and flying everywhere. Personally I think there too many of them in the game; the game developers should reduce the number of the creatures in the game. Instead of concentrating on quantity, they should focus on quality. Therefore you have a few enemies in the game but they’re hard to fight, which makes the game interesting and challenging.

But hey, I don’t really mind because the graphics for this game is great. I like how the textures in the game are detailed and when you shoot the aliens they explode in a puddle of ooze. And the game doesn’t even lag at all! Therefore the animation in the game is smooth and fluid.

In closing, while this is a fun game to play there isn’t much depth in it to be replayed. It is like that one time used tissue paper where you dispose after just playing once. Therefore I highly recommend you rent this game. Never a buy, because it isn’t worth your money.

Rating: 7

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