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FAQ/Walkthrough by HGruen

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 06/06/02

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                         # #   #   ### ###  #### #  #
                         #  #  #  #  # #  # #    #  #
                         #   # #  #  # #  # #     ###
                         #    ##   ### #  # ####    #
                          #     # # ##   ###  #   #
                          #     # ##  # ##### #   #
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                          ######  #      ###   # #

                        "Message in a Haunted Mansion"

                         FAQ v1.4 for GAMEBOY ADVANCE
                               by Hannah Gruen

                          Last updated June 6, 2002

|                            TABLE OF CONTENTS                               |

 1.  Sleuthing Hints and Tips
      · Foreword
      · Navigation
      · Chapters and Passwords
      · General Tips

 2.  FAQ

 3.  Walkthrough
      · Chapter 1
      · Chapter 2
      · Chapter 3
      · Chapter 4
      · Chapter 5
      · Chapter 6
      · Chapter 7

 4.  The Puzzles
      · Inlay Puzzle
      · Piano Roll Pan
      · Diego on the Stairs
      · Briefcase
      · Zodiac Panel
      · Hanzi Safe
      · Pyramid

 5.  Appendix A - Hanzi
      · Hanzi names and locations

 6.  Appendix B - Items
      · Item names, locations and uses

 7.  Appendix C - Chapter Passwords

 8.  Author's Babble and Acknowledgemnts

 9.  Version History

10.  Copyright and Legal Notices

|                         1. SLEUTHING HINTS AND TIPS .1                     |


This FAQ is for the GAMEBOY ADVANCE version of Message in a Haunted Mansion. 
This is not for the PC game of the same name! Since the fun of a game is to
figure it out yourself, I encourage you to only refer to this FAQ when
desperate.  Of course, I'm one to talk.  I completely FAQ'd my way through
Ocarina of Time :)

If you find anything that is incorrect in this walkthrough, please e-mail me
at hannahgruen@yahoo.com. Please note, this FAQ does not include any
GameShark codes.  The codes may be found at http://www.gameshark.com/

Also of note, this FAQ is best viewed in a monospace font.


It's confusing.  There's not a lot I can tell you besides "explore and get used
to moving around".

As a helpful tip, when your cursor is over the room (ie. not down over your
inventory or by your cell phone), the L and R buttons will move you left and
right in the rooms.

Also, here is a very general floor plan.  Secret passages/rooms are not named
and "|" or "-" are hallways.  Bear in mind my diagram is not in scale!!


    *Main Stairs
          |     Chinese Room
          |         |
          |         |
Reno work------------
                |--Abby's Room
Service Stairs--|
 first floor


                |                   |
  *Main Stairs--|--Main Stairs*     |
                |                 Study
 Second floor   |--Saloon
       |        |
Service Stairs--|--dumbwaiter
           Dining Room
* The Main Stairs also leads between floors.

Chapters and Passwords

The game is divided up into 7 Chapters.  You cannot save.  An event, triggered
by your actions, will end a chapter.

The designers of this video game have written in objects and events to coincide
with chapters.  This is fine, but it does create some problems.  For instance,
you can pick up an item in Chapter One but because it isn't "written in" until
Chapter Two, it will disappear from your inventory if you start your game from
a password.  With this in mind, the walkthrough will list only what I'm pretty
sure the designers wanted you to do in each chapter.  If you play right through
the game, without turning it off, this will pose no problems and undoubtedly
you will find a more efficient way of getting to the end.

At the end of a chapter, you will be given a password comprising of four
different symbols.  A full explanation of these symbols can be found along with
all the chapter passwords in Appendix C.

General Tips

· Keep a pen and paper handy and write down everything; symbols and words in
  yellow are especially important.

· Get used to navigating the house and cover every square inch of it with
  your "cursor"; some clues are a bit tricky to find!

· Record Hanzi (Chinese Symbols) whenever you encounter them, be sure to
  note the words that are with them!  Hanzi stand for a specific word.
  For instance, the Hanzi found beside the words "Swanee River" means "River"
  (and if you're ever in doubt, your PDA will specifically identify the
  symbol after you've found it).

· If you do something that causes Nancy to get kicked out and/or perish,
  don't go back and do it!  It is a sure indication that whatever you did
  wasn't needed yet.  So don't dwell on it and try something else.

· The characters in the house "Abby, George, Rose and Louis" will always be
  in the same place.  If they're not, well, that's your invitation to snoop!

· Your PDA is your friend.  It helps to check it every once in a while.  It
  will automatically record the locations of Hanzi and important clues,
  however Hanzi locations will disappear if you start your game from a
  password.  It is in no way in-depth, but it is helpful for a memory jog.

· Your cell phone is your friend.  Bess and George are somewhat useful for
  giving hints; Hannah is good for a bit of information on Rose and Emily is
  invaluable on the Chinese language.

· Talk to everyone and then talk to them again!  Sometimes speaking with one
  suspect can trigger new conversation avenues with someone else.

|                                2. FAQ .2                                   |

Although I do not have any "frequently asked questions" yet, I expect to fill
this section as I get them.  If you only need a hint in your game, please feel
free to contact me at hannahgruen@yahoo.com.  I will be more than happy to

|                             3. WALKTHROUGH .3                              |


Please make sure you've read the section "Chapters and Passwords" before
beginning.  When the walkthrough directs you to talk with another character,
talk with them until there are no more questions to ask or comments to make.

Chapter 1

Our story opens in your bedroom, the Chinese Room.  Have a look around.  One of
the bedpost's caps looks like it could be pried off, but since you can't do
anything with it yet, examine the fireplace closely.  The Hanzi for "daughter"
is on the base of the dragon statue.  Read the tapestry next to the door.  Note
the order of the words in yellow.

Head down the hall and talk to Abby.  Go down the service stairs and into the
Saloon.  Have a chat with Charlie.  There's plenty to do here, but you'll have
to wait until he's gone.  Leave the Saloon and check out the Entryway.  There
is an interesting bird design on the floor and what looks kinda like a Phoenix
Head on one of the stairs.  The head is missing an eye but since you don't have
any spare eyeballs, go into the Parlor.  There are a couple of intriguing
letters in the side drawer of the desk and near the chairs by the fireplace is
a box of old papers.  There is also a corner cabinet with a fire extinguisher. 
Handy thing to have, but you can't have it yet!

From the Parlor, go into the Study and look around.  There are a number of good
books lying in stacks or on the shelves.  Of note is the History of the Piano. 
There's something behind some books on a shelf but you can't take it yet.  The
gaming table has some mah-jongg tiles on it.  Examine them to find the Hanzi
for "four".  The fireplace looks like it's missing some tiles.  Chat up Louis.

Rose wants to talk with you, so saunter down the bottom hallway into the Dining
Room.   Ask Rose some questions and keep talking with her until she asks you to
solve the Inlay Puzzle on the floor next to her.  Solve the puzzle (it's fairly
easy but Appendix C will help if you have problems).  Before you leave the
room, take a look in the drawer of the cabinet. The Hanzi for "fire" is written
at the top of the insurance letter.

Head back upstairs and talk to Abby.  The Seance begins!

Chapter 2

Wasn't that weird?  You'll begin this chapter in the Chinese Room. Talk with
Abby before heading downstairs.  Gossip with Rose about this and that.  Keep
talking with her until she mentions she wants you to remove the ceiling tiles
from the upstairs hallway.

You'll need a paint scraper so head into the Entryway.  You will find it on the
bottom shelf of the scaffolding next to the paint can and tray.  Since you're
down that way, you might as well chat with Louis and see if he has anything new
to talk about.

It's Charlie's day off, so how about some snooping in the Saloon while he's
gone?  The cash register has a key in its drawer.  You'll need it, so scoop it
up!  The Seance corner close up has something intriguing.  Open up the panel on
the bottom of the table and take the tape.

Now for the piano.  You'll find the Hanzi for "river" inside the piano bench on
a piece of paper. At this point, you'll want to pop open the piano roll pan. 
Since the process to find out how to do this was long and convoluted (I had to
ask my musically gifted gaming buddy and I'm pretty sure you don't have access
to him) and I don't want to send you running all over the house, I'm just going
to tell you how to open it.  Using the piano keyboard, press the following keys
B, E, G, A, and G.  For the musically challenged, please see the
better-than-real-life ASCII piano (tm) and the accompanying text in Appendix C.

Once you've got inside, grab the bit of piano paper.

Now let's deface your bedpost.  Head upstairs to the Chinese Room and use the
scraper on the post.  Voila!  Another key.  Leave and head to the dead end
hallway that's full of renovation equipment.  Rose has set up a ladder for you. 
How nice!

Go up the ladder and use the scraper on the ceiling.  What's this?  A trap
door??  Wouldn't you know it, it's locked.  Use one of the keys you found to
open it.  Once inside the Secret Attic, have a good long look around.  Grab the
crowbar from the tool box.  Pick up the iron from the chest.  On the barrel
with the bottles you will find a piece of tile.  What do you do with anything
that's not digitally nailed down?  Take it.

Open the desk with your other key and rifle through it.  You will find an
incomplete musical score.  Use the piano paper on this score to reveal the
secret message "Find Diego on the stairs".  Also take note of the Hanzi for
"beginning" on the practice paper.

When it's time to leave, the trapdoor's pull rope will break.  Use the crowbar
on the door to open it.

Talk to Rose downstairs.  She doesn't much care about what you found.  If you
keep talking to her she'll ask you to fix the mini elevator (dumbwaiter).  In
the downstairs hallway, take a close look at the dumbwaiter.  You'll notice the
rope is broken.  Use the iron you took from the attic on it.  Nothing happened. 
Or did it?  Pop upstairs and examine the other dumbwaiter door.  Oooh,
something's in there!  Grab the tile and make note of the Hanzi for "eye" on
the teacup.

Head to the Main Staircase.  On the landing overlooking the Entryway you'll see
the chandelier right in front of you.  Below the chandelier is a hand railing. 
Move your cursor along the bottom of the railing until you get the "close up"
cursor.  Mess around with the five posts until they read "DIEGO".  If you have
problems, see Appendix C for the complete solution.  Once you've got it, a
secret compartment will open below the posts.  Grab the Hanzi symbol and read
the paper. Whew!  What a day!

Chapter 3

This morning starts with a subtle suggestion.  Who could have sent it?  Time to
start some more sleuthing!  Heading down the hallway you notice a grate in the
wall.  Time for some more vandalism!  Pry open the grate with your all-purpose
scraper.  Hmm, what's that doing in there?  You can't take it, sorry.

The following is optional.  You can do this is Chapter 7, but if you do it now
and play right through the game (ie. no starting from passwords) you'll be able
to confront Abby in Chapter 6.

Visit Abby in her room.  What's this?  She's not there and her door is open? 
She wouldn't mind if you slipped in and, uh, straightened things up!  On the
shelf by the door is a jewelry box.  Inside is a funky spider charm that you
will, of course, take.  The wiggly bookcase has an interesting book on the
Chinese Zodiac.  Abby has a desk that's begging to be searched.  In her drawer
you will find an incense box with the Hanzi "moon" on it.  Using the funky
spider on the lock can open her Armoire.

Abby is quite well equipped!  The only thing you can do here is pop the
cassette into the tape deck on the bottom and listen to the horribly digitized
voice.  Put the spider back in the box and scamper out of there.

Sniff, sniff.  Is that smoke?  Head down to the Parlor.  Something is burning! 
Grab the fire extinguisher from the corner cabinet to put out the blaze.  You
will need to get right into the chair detail to do this.  A brief cut scene
with Abby leaves you in the Dining Room.  Go back to the Parlor and see what
was damaged.  It looks like someone wanted to get rid of Rose's letters.  A
brief search of the Parlor desk confirms your suspicions.  Rose's letters are

Go into the Study.  It seems Louis is out and he has a pretty fine looking
laptop on the desk.  Check it out and you will find a list of passwords.  Write
down the one for the briefcase.  Since Louis is gone, you can get whatever is
hiding behind the books on the bookshelf near the door.  It's another tile! 
Have a detailed look at the fireplace.  Use all your tiles (you should have 3)
on the mantle.  Get a detailed look at the Andiron and pull on it.  *snick!*  A
secret corridor has just opened in the corner of the Study.  In the corridor
you will find the Hanzi for "child" on the bottom of the painting.  To the
right of the painting you can get a detailed look at the wall.  Take the
lantern and then move your cursor towards the top of your screen.  It should
turn into the "detail" cursor over a loose brick.  Move the loose brick and
peer through the peephole.  Gasp!  Whatever is Louis doing?

Chapter 4

After Louis does his dirty deed, you'll have control again.  Leave the corridor
and go back into the Study.  Open the briefcase near the gaming table using the
password you took earlier.  There is a detailed explanation of this in Appendix
C if, like me, you have trouble.  Read the letter first and then the book. 
What does "Gum Bo Fu" mean?  Could it mean "Shortest Chapter Ever"?

Chapter 5

If Louis is gone, Charlie might be too.  Go to the Saloon and get a detailed
view of the fireplace by the bar.  Pry open the grate with your crowbar and
enter the secret passage.  It sure is dark in here!  Before you go any further,
use your lantern on the darkness.  You'll be able to avoid the Pit now.  With
much clicking and cursing you should be able to find the secret room.  It seems
Charlie has a little secret.  Rummage through his belongings.  Take the
diskette.  Make note of the Hanzi for "king" on the take-out box.  Leave the
secret room via the stairs.  It's a one way trip to the lower hallway.

Go back to the Study.  Louis is still gone, so why don't we "borrow" his laptop
and use Charlie's disk on it?  It's a term paper with a fascinating subject. 
Leave the study and leave the Parlor.  Second Shortest Chapter!

Chapter 6

Is the creepy music getting to you yet?  Phone your friend Emily and ask her if
she knows what "Gum Bo Fu" means.  She doesn't know but will get back to you. 
Go back into the Study; Louis has returned.  Talk with him until you are able
to ask him what "Gum Bo Fu" means.  Louis will ask you where you heard that
name from.  Although it's overwhelmingly tempting to tell the truth, lie and
say you read it in a magazine.

Leave the Study and visit Charlie in the Saloon.  Talk with him, return his
diskette and while you're at it you'll be able to confront him about his
secret.  You must also ask him about "Gum Bo Fu".

Go upstairs and talk with Abby.  If you played the game right through from
Chapter 3 and did the optional walkthrough, you'll be able to confront her
about the Seance.  Either way, you need to keep talking to her until you're
able to ask her about "Gum Bo Fu".

Go back down to the Dining Room and talk with Rose.  As usual, Rose doesn't
much care, however, a letter arrived for you and she put it in your bedroom. 
And did she mention?  She discovered a secret panel beside your bed!  Leaving
the Dining Room will end the Chapter.

Chapter 7

The following is optional.  If you already did this in Chapter 3, disregard. 
If you haven't, now is a good time for some poking around and to find the
second to last Hanzi!

Visit Abby in her room.  What's this?  She's not there and her door is open? 
She wouldn't mind if you slipped in and, uh, straightened things up!  On the
shelf by the door is a jewelry box.  Inside is a funky spider charm that you
will, of course, take.  The wiggly bookcase has an interesting book on the
Chinese Zodiac.  Abby has a desk that's begging to be searched.  In her drawer
you will find an incense box with the Hanzi "moon" on it.  Using the funky
spider on the lock can open her Armoire.

Abby is quite well equipped!  The only thing you can do here is pop the
cassette into the tape deck on the bottom and listen to the horribly digitized
voice.  Put the spider back in the box and scamper out of there.

Go upstairs to your room and read the letter.  The Hanzi for "golden" is on the
bottom most left.  Have a detailed look at the bedside panel.  It's the Chinese
Zodiac!  Press the animals in this order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon,
Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Boar.  Appendix C is usefull for
identifying the animals.

The panel opens to reveal a combination lock!  If you exit out of here you will
have to do the Zodiac puzzle again.  Open the safe using the Hanzi you
collected.  The order of the characters is on the tapestry by your door (or in
Appendix C!).

Inside the safe read the Last Will and Testament.  The pyramid seems to be
missing something.  Use the Hanzi charm on it.  Another puzzle!  Turn all of
the moon tiles into sun tiles to open it.  Again, Appendix C has the solution. 
Inside the pyramid you will find a very large ruby.  Take it.

Head downstairs to the Entry Hall.  Get a detailed look at the Phoenix Head on
one of the stair posts (facing the Hallway door, the post on the left).  Use
the ruby on the Phoenix and the location of a secret area will be revealed. 
Get a detailed look at the Entry floor.  Use your crowbar on the symbol.  Wow! 
It's so shiny!

Thwap!  The evildoer has arrived on the scene and will make off with the
treasure if you don't do something!

Once the cut scene has ended, you will be standing on the bottom of the stairs. 
If you don't do the following in the exact order I've outlined, the culprit
will get away!  Turn around and head up the stairs until you see the painting
of the man.  Beside the painting is a Cleat.  Get a close up of the Cleat and
keep clicking on it until the chandelier falls. 


|                              4. THE PUZZLES .4                             |

Inlay Puzzle

This isn't very difficult at all.  The pieces light up when they are over their
correct spot.  Pressing A button will set them in place.  B button will rotate
them.  And remember, you can't accidentally place a piece in the wrong spot!

Piano Roll Pan

|  [*] [*]  |  [*] [*] [*]  |
|  [*] [*]  |  [*] [*] [*]  |
|  [*] [*]  |  [*] [*] [*]  |
|   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
| C | D | E | F | G | A | B |

The above is a better-than-real-life ASCII piano keyboard (tm) taken from the
Piano book in the Study.

Please note it does not exactly match the actual piano keyboard in the Saloon,
it is however, your basic piano scale.  The long [*] are the black keys.

The note combination can be found on a musical score in the Attic desk.

To open up the piano roll pan, press the keys in this order B, E, G, A, G

Diego on the Stairs

Getting as close to the chandelier from the second floor Main Stairs landing,
you can get a detailed view of the bottom of the railing.  The word "FOOSE"
must be turned into the word "DIEGO".  This solution depends on the puzzle
being untouched.  If you messed with it, exit the detailed view and come back.

| F | O | O | S | E |

To solve, click the "F" once to turn it into a "D".  The post next to it should
turn into an "E".  The posts should read like this now:

| D | I | O | S | E |

Click the "S" post three times so that the "O" becomes an "E".  The post now

| D | I | E | N | R |

Click the "R" once to change it into an "O".  The "N" will change into a "G". 

| D | I | E | G | O |

A secret compartment will automatically open when you are successful.


The combination for the suitcase is on Louis' laptop on the Study Desk.

Start with the left-hand combination lock (click on the left-hand detailed
view).  The numbers in the MIDDLE row of the combination dial are the ones that
need to read 4653.  If you are successful you will hear the sound of a lock
popping and the view will turn to the right hand lock.  Do the same as you did
for the other lock this time using the combination 4868.  If you are successful
a lock will pop again and the briefcase will be opened.  If you exit out you'll
have to redo the puzzle.

Zodiac Panel

The order of the animals can be found in a book in Abby's room.

Press the animals in this order:


If you selected the right animal, the "gong" will sound.  If not, you'll get a
horrid creaking and have to start over from the beginning.  If you have trouble
determining which animal is what, Appendix C is most helpful.  The panel will
automatically open once you've pressed the last correct animal.

Hanzi Safe

The safe doesn't accurately represent the Hanzi as you found them.  It does,
however, helpfully start you on the first symbol, "child".  Press the A button
to select a symbol.  If you're right, you will hear a gentle "snick".  If
you're wrong, you'll hear a horrible "kathunk".  If you've chosen the right
symbol, go on to the next one, pressing A to select.  And so on for all ten
Hanzi.  If you mess up, you'll have to start from the beginning again.  Exiting
the safe screen will mean you have to do the Zodiac Puzzle again to get back.

The Hanzi combination is as follows:


If you are successful, the safe will automatically open when you press the
last Hanzi.

The locations of the Hanzi are listed in Appendix A.


Use the Hanzi charm on the pyramid to unlock the Moon Tile puzzle.  All of the
moons need to be turned into Suns.  This solution depends on the Puzzle being
untouched.  If you messed with it, exit from the detailed view and come back. 
Press the moons in this order:

 1 |   | 3
   | 5 |
 4 |   | 2

The pyramid will automatically open when you are successful.

|                          5. APPENDIX A - HANZI .5                          |

As my ASCII art skills are limited (they suck) and graphics are not allowed,
you'll have to write down the Hanzi yourself.  At least I can tell you where
they are!

| HANZI      | LOCATION                               |
| child      | painting in Study Secret Room          |
| beginning  | practice sheet in Attic desk           |
| daughters  | fireplace dragon in Chinese Room       |
| four       | mah-jongg tile on game table in Study  |
| eye        | tea cup in upper Dumbwaiter            |
| fire       | insurance letter in Dining Room desk   |
| moon       | incense in desk drawer in Abby's Room  |
| king       | Chinese food box in Saloon Secret Room |
| river      | music score in Saloon's piano seat     |
| golden     | letter from Emily                      |

|                          6. APPENDIX B - ITEMS .6                          |

For lack of a better way, all items have been listed in alphabetical order.

Armoire charm

Found in Abby's room in Chapter 3 or 7.  It's in the jewelry box by the door. 
Use it on the Armoire lock (close up view) to open the Armoire.  Return the
charm to the box before you leave.

Attic desk key

Found in the Chinese Room bedpost in Chapter 2.  Use your paint scraper to pry
off the bedpost cap.  In the same chapter, use the key to open the desk in the
secret Attic.


Found in secret Attic in Chapter 2.  It is in with all the "Old Tools".  The
crowbar is used for opening the Attic trapdoor (from the inside), leveraging
open the Saloon fireplace grill and popping open the floor decoration in the


Found in the secret room off of Saloon in Chapter 5.  The disk is in with a
bunch of Charlie's stuff.  Use the diskette on Louis' laptop in the Study in
Chapter 5.

Fire Extinguisher

The Extinguisher lives in the corner cabinet by the door in the Parlor.  You
can only take it in Chapter 3 when the papers are burning.  In the close up
view of the Parlor chairs, use the extinguisher to put out the fire.

Hanzi charm

Found in secret compartment at the top of the main staircase in Chapter 2.  The
charm is used to unlock a puzzle on the pyramid in the Chinese Room safe.  See
Section 3 for puzzle solutions.


Found in attic in Chapter 2.  In the same Chapter, use the Iron on the bottom
floor dumbwaiter to repair it.


Found in secret corridor in Study in Chapter 3.  The Lantern is used only in
the secret corridor off of the Saloon in Chapter 5 or 7.

Paint scraper

Multi-purpose vandalism tool found in the Entryway in Chapter 2.  The scraper
is used to remove the upstairs hallway ceiling tiles (Chapter 2), pry open your
bedpost (Chapter 2) and to remove the vent in the upstairs hallway (whenever).

Phoenix Eye (Ruby)

The Eye can be found in the pyramid in the Chinese Room safe in Chapter 7.  Use
the eye on the Phoenix Head in the Entryway (facing the Entryway, the stair
case post on the left) in the same Chapter.  See Section 3 for the puzzle

Piano Paper

Found in the Saloon Piano's Roll Pan in Chapter 2.  The scrap is used to
complete the musical score in the Attic's desk in the same Chapter.  See
Section 3 for puzzle solution.

Seance tape

The Tape is in a cabinet at the base of the Seance Table in the Saloon.  You
can nick it in Chapter 2.  In Chapter 3 or 7, use the tape in Abby's room on
the tape deck in the Armoire.

Tile 1

In Chapter 2, you'll find it on the barrel with the bottles in the secret
Attic.  Use the Tile on the fireplace in the Study in Chapter 3.

Tile 2

Tile 2 is found in the second floor dumbwaiter (after you fixed it) in Chapter
2.  Use the Tile on the fireplace in the Study in Chapter 3.

Tile 3

Tile 3 is hiding behind some books on a shelf in the Study.  You will both find
the tile and use it in Chapter 3.

Trapdoor key

Found in the close up view of the Saloon cash register in Chapter 2.  Used to
open the trapdoor in the upstairs hallway ceiling in Chapters 2 through 7.

|                      7. APPENDIX C - CHAPTER PASSWORDS .7                  |

The Password system is based on animals in the Chinese Zodiac.  Since some of
the animals on the Password Entry screen look like they've been through the
blender a few times, I'll help you out with identification.

| Ox      | Horse   | Tiger   | Sheep   |
| Rooster | Boar    | Rabbit  | Dragon  |
| Rat     | Dog     | Monkey  | Snake   |

The following Passwords will START you at the beginning of the chapter they are
listed beside.

Chapter 2 - Ox, Horse, Tiger, Sheep

Chapter 3 - Rooster, Boar, Rabbit, Dragon

Chapter 4 - Rat, Dog, Monkey, Snake

Chapter 5 - Sheep, Tiger, Horse, Ox

Chapter 6 - Dragon, Rabbit, Boar, Rooster

Chapter 7 - Snake, Monkey, Dog, Rat

|                 8. AUTHOR'S BABBLE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS .8                 |

This FAQ/Walkthrough could not have been made possible without the help of my
gaming buddy, webmeister Bud of www.theQ.fm.  AstroBlue also deserves thanks
for his formatting suggestions.

Questions, comments and/or error corrections are most welcome!  Please e-mail
me at hannahgruen@yahoo.com but please make sure your question isn't already
answered in this FAQ before requesting help.

Any error corrections or other changes to this FAQ suggested by readers (and
confirmed by me) will earn the spectacular honor of being thanked in this
section.  Try not to let fame get to your head.

|                           9. VERSION HISTORY .9                            |

04/23/02 Version 1.0  · preliminary draft completed and submitted

04/25/02 Version 1.1  · slight formatting changes, clarification of Zodiac

05/03/02 Version 1.2  · major reformatting, added FAQ section, added version
                        history section, added another approved site, updated

06/03/02 Version 1.3  · reformatted tips, added another approved site

06/06/02 Version 1.4  · added another approved site

|                    10. COPYRIGHT AND LEGAL NOTICES .10                     |

Nooo touchy!

This FAQ/Walkthrough is Copyright © 2002 by Naomi Ridout (a.k.a. Hannah
Gruen).  All Rights Reserved.  This document is not public domain, and no part
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This document is provided "As Is," and I make no representations or
warranties, express or implied, to the accuracy of its contents (So, if you
get Nancy killed, it's not my fault).

I may be contacted via email, hannahgruen@yahoo.com for any inquiries to this

I have a lawyer and I'm not afraid to us it, er, I mean him.  I'm not afraid to
use him.

Copyright 2002, all rights reserved, Naomi Ridout a.k.a Hannah Gruen.

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