Review by MoeBear

Reviewed: 11/06/07

Cute but Confusing

Casper the friendly ghost comes to our hand held game. I love this guy; he's cute, charming, funny, and just simply adorable. He made a good game on the game boy color system. I assumed he would follow that trend, but did not. That game from this game is completely different. This game is about Casper, and of course his three ghost uncles. He is the cute and nice one, and they are the mean ones, which Casper is always trying make them nice.

This is a different style from your ordinary action platform game. It is an action platform game, but with a twist. You play as Casper, and it is your job to protect the professor from the three bad ghosts, threw out this whole game. This is your objective from start to finish. Doesn't change much. So yes, it is very redundant game playing. The story goes as follows, the three evil ghosts has cast a spell in town and has turned all the adults into mindless zombies. The professor is the only one that can save them, but he's a zombie too. So Casper needs to protect him so he can return to normal and save the day. I must admit it is a cute story, but that's about it.

The controls are very bad and confusing. You have a bar on the bottom of the screen, with eight different icons. You need to use all of them in this game, and at times very fast, or your professor gets hurt and loses life. This is what makes this game difficult. You use the right or left trigger to scroll threw the icons, and then press B to activate it, and then press A to use it. There are times where you need to do this very fast and often, and it gets very confusing and frustrating. Good luck.

This is the best part of the game. Game boy advance games have gotten the appearance part to the next level. Well that is most of them. The graphics and detail of the characters, boards, backgrounds are very nicely done. Like I said before it is a cute game and has cute graphics to go with it. Even the music and sound isn't all that bad. I have heard worse in other games.

This is a nice game, maybe it was meant for kids to play, but I think anyone can like it. Its flaw is that this type of game style not everyone will like it. Plus it does get very hard later on. It is hard for me to grade a game over 5 when I didn't care enough to finish it. So four is reasonable number for me. Just because I didn't like it doesn't mean you might not.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Casper (US, 12/31/02)

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