Review by Adlubescence

Reviewed: 03/23/04

PC puzzler turns GBA game, Good Idea?

Snood began as a download on the computer, inspired by puzzle games from arcades. It played well and was addictive enough that many people downloaded and subsequently bought the full version. Seeing the potential of this product, they moved their creation to the Game Boy Advance. The result? An okay game that proves addictive, but still forgettable piled up against other Game Boy Advanced titles.

Idea 7/10: The original Idea was pure genius, mixing the right amount of difficulty with fun. Unfortunately, the Game Boy Advance has a much smaller screen, resulting in a much easier level arrangement. And if that wasn't enough, they gave you three lives to try again in the same point. The purpose of the original was to try harder each time you played. This truly took away most of the fun. New in the game, are two things. The first one, was the addition of two new characters. Now you're probably thinking, ''It's hard enough matching all those characters! Why did they add more?'' I wish that it would have been in the increasing difficulty direction, then the game would have had more appeal. But, these two characters make the game even easier, acting as bonuses, or ''secret weapons''.

Playability 10/10: I almost always give a playability rating a perfect unless it gets confusing or I have to think before I do an action. The controls are as simplistic as can be: left=left right=right b/a=fire.

Graphics 6/10: Nothing special here. The graphics could be 8-bit for all I care. The graphics (to me) seem like the icing on the cake for each game, and that icing is real thin, so the cake had better be good.

Sound 7/10: Cute at first, but then after about 20 levels, it gets really annoying. I usually grade one third of the game on its sound, as it sets the entire mood for my gaming experience. Add another thin icing layer.

Replay Value 7/10: On a rainy day, when you are bored out of your skull, you will find this game again, and play it for two days. Then you will forget about it until the next time you are bored and looking through games.

Worth the money? Depends: If you are a puzzle fanatic you will love this game to pieces, which then would result in you buying another copy, as you broke it. If you like some puzzle games, but not all, rent it (at best) to see if you like it. Or you could download it on your computer, imagine it pint-sized, then make your decision.

Overall 8/10: A great game, but lacks so much from the original. The new two characters are okay, but not really needed. The graphics are lacking at best, but as I said before, the mean nothing if the game is awesome. And to some of you, this game could be just that.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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