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Reviewed: 03/23/02 | Updated: 03/23/02

Same old pc game...with a little extra

Snood, a very popular and addictive PC game, has come to the Game Boy Advance.
Note: The following was taken from the back of the Snood box:
''More than 'just a game', Dave Dobson's puzzle classic SNOOD, and it's mischievous characters, have become an international phenomenon among PC gamers. Now, four million downloads later, the Snoods are back with brilliant new graphics, new characters, new boards, a new 'time attack' series, and more of the same all-ages fun that made this classic video game challenge a huge hit on college campuses from California to Maine and from Iceland to Australia! Meet Jake, Zod, Geji and their friends again, or for the first time, and discover what millions of Snood-addicts have always known. There is nothing in the world quite like SNOOD!''


The game plays almost identical to the PC version. You launch a Snood from a cannon to the Snoods hanging above, trying to match Snood types. To clear a level, you move clear all the Snoods from the level. A few features, which were on the PC version, are missing such as, the aimer and taking a re-shot. New features include time attack mode and two new Snoods. The two new Snoods are the Wild Card Snood and ''Cutter'' Snood. The Wild Card Snood acts as all Snoods and the ''Cutter'' Snood with destroy any surrounding Snoods. Time-attack mode is self-explanatory--Complete the level before the time runs out. Score 7/10


The graphics have improved over the PC version. Colors are brighter and sharper and the Snoods are more detailed. The backgrounds are also much more detailed than the PC version. Score: 8/10


The sounds can leave much to be desired when shooting Snoods. However the background music is a nice change from the PC version. You may even find one of the tunes stuck in your head the whole day! Score 8/10

Replay Factor:

Here is where this game rates high. Warning: Snood is very addictive! When your bored with one mode, there are seven more to try. There are also more than 100 different puzzles that will try your mind and patience as well as take your free time away! Score 10/10

In conclusion, Snood is a great game which will ''eat up'' all your free time. I recommend buying only if you loved the PC version and would like a ''portable-Snood'' to always have with you. My final score is 8.25/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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