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Reviewed: 03/21/02 | Updated: 03/21/02

A Game that Makes Me Go

I guess part of my problem with reviewing Snood on the GBA is that I never really thought of Snood as a game that I (or anyone else for that matter) would actually go out and purchase. Anyway, my association with Snood started sometime in early 2001. I was waiting in the office of a co-worker, and one of his student interns asked me if I had ever heard of a game called Snood. Of course, at that time, I had never heard of it. She explained what the game was about and where I could download on it off the internet. After she explained what the game was all about, I remember my first comment was ''Oh, it sounds like a shareware version of Bust-a-move.'' Of course she replied ''What is Bust-a-move.'' I've rambled enough for an introduction, on with the review.....

What is Snood?
If you have ever played Bust-a-Move, you know exactly what Snood is all about. If you've never played Bust-a-move.......Snood involves ''shooting'' different colored, well, Snoods, up into a playing field. When three Snoods of the same color come into contact with each other, they ''pop.'' Snood combines some aspects of puzzle game as well as some action elements involving quickly and accurately firing the snoods into the playing field.

Snood on the GBA includes a number of cool options including multiplayer play, puzzle mode, time attack mode, journey mode, and the classic shareware mode.

The graphics in Snood are an interesting mix between slick and shareware. The basic elements of Snood (the snoods themselves) look almost exactly like they did in the shareware game. Most of the menus are pretty basic as well.

There has been some polish applied to the game though. The backgrounds are animated and they look cool, and there has been some animation added when you exit the menu screen and actually start the game.

The snoods are colorful and have some very basic animations to them. It looks good, but it could have been so much better.

The sounds is pretty standard - some basic sound effects, and some generic background music. Thankfully, you can turn the music off, however, you cannot independently adjust the music and the sound effect volumes.

This game does have a high amount of replay value. Even if you do not have a friend to play a link game with, there are a number of puzzles to solve in the game, and the different modes provide a fairly diverse gaming experience. By far my favorite is time attack mode - where the snoods keep moving closer to you based on how much time you take - it makes for a frantic game!

Is it Fun? Rent or Buy? Final Thoughts
Yes, the game is fun.....
I'd suggest downloading the PC shareware version and see if you like it.

Snood is not a bad game, but it lacks the style and polish of other GBA games. Even though the game has been released by a professional development company, it cannot escape from its shareware roots. The game feels like something that was developed by someone in their spare time (which, originally, it was). If you need a bust-a-move type game, I'd suggest going with the far superior original Bust-a-move for the GBA.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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