Review by Nymm

Reviewed: 07/14/06

Teh bestest time killer, EVAR!

I was initially exposed to this game by my sister and her husband. They are big PC techies and had this game downloaded onto my folks PC. Every time you played it on the PC, you would get one of those annoying messages asking you if you wanted to buy the game instead of playing it as share ware. The game has three modes: Journey, Puzzle, and Standard. I quickly wore through my trial usage on Journey mode.

A couple weeks ago, I saw it for sale, used, at my local game shop. They had a "buy two used games, get one used game free" promotion that week. I happened on to a copy of this game hiding behind two other used game cartridges. It was cheap (and I mean DIRT cheap), and I wanted a few more games for my GBA Micro. I thought, "What the hey, it was mildly entertaining on the PC." It became mine.

I like playing it when I'm waiting to get a hair cut, waiting for customer service on the telephone, or in line at the bank. This game is %110 time killer. It's addictive enough that you wanna keep playing it, but easy to walk away from, considering there is no save function. Replayability is high enough to not trade it in when you have finished all three modes. It's the type of game that when people see you playing who aren't familiar with GBAs, you can hand the game over to them and they can start playing right away.

Down sides:

The graphics are ho-hum as well as the music. There are certainly better puzzle games out there. On the levels where the Snoods really start flying, the game starts to lag. The screen goes choppy, and you often have to restart the game to get it back up to speed. This gets really annoying. The repetition factor is high on the tedious scale, but it's a puzzle game, so that is expected.

In the end, I bought this one for the novelty. it's the only PC game import I have played on GBA. I recently let my sister play. She thought it was cool Snood made it to GBA.

Morale of my review: If you have burned through your shareware PC version, buy this one used.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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