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Guide and Walkthrough by Endz0r

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 10/29/2003

                               \  Jet Grind Radio Guide  /
                               /     Version 1.10        \
                               Copyright 2003 Brad Cherone

If you see anything wrong (inaccurate information, grammar suggestions, etc) or
want to add your input, strategies or anything of value, feel free to email me.
I encourage you to. The more information you send, the better the FAQ. You will
also get a shout out in my credits section :)


 1. History of Jet Grind Radio 2000-2003
 2. Controls
 3. Characters
   A. Friendly
     a. Definitions
     b. Beat
     c. Piranha
     d. Tab
     e. Cube
     f. Combo
     g. Mew
     h. Slate
     i. Gum
     j. YoYo
     k. Garam
     l. Poison Jam
     m. Love Shockers
     n. Noise Tanks
     o. Professor K
   B. Enemies
     a. Officers
     b. Captain Onishima
     c. SWAT
     d. Helicopters
     e. Soldiers
     f. Tanks
     g. Noise Tanks/Poison Jam/Love Shockers
     h. Rokkaku Soldiers
     i. Assassins
     j. Shock Troops
     k. Flame Squad
     l. Sniper
     m. Jetpack Soldiers
   C. Other
     a. Goji Rokkaku
 4. Tips
   A. Spiral Skip
 5. Walkthrough
   A. Gum's Challenge
   B. Tab's Challenge
   C. Shibuya GG
   D. Benten Boogie
   E. Monster of Kogane
   F. Garam's Challenge
   G. Love Trap
   H. Graffiti High
   I. No. 540
   J. Noise Reduction
   K. Kogane Circus
   L. YoYo's Challenge
   M. Love Attack
   N. Gum's Challenge 2
   O. Beat's Challenge
   P. Tag Or Die
   Q. Rock N Roll
   R. Explosion
   S. Piranha's Challenge
   T. Benten Burning
   U. Fight or Flight
   V. Slate's Challenge
   W. Final Stage
 6. Game Script
 7. Location of Graffiti Souls
 8. JET Extras
   A. JET Graffiti
   B. JET Technique
   C. JET Crush
 9. Secrets
   A. Unlock Noise Tanks
   B. Unlock Poison Jam
   C. Unlock Love Shockers
   D. Unlock Professor K
   E. Hear Different Sega Introductions
   F. Infinite Grinds
   G. Glitches
10. Soundtrack
   A. List
11. Codes ~
   A. Code Breaker
   B. Pro Action Relay
12. Revisions
13. Special Thanks

 History of Jet Grind Radio 2000-2003

Jet Set Radio first hit Japanese stores in November of the year 2000 on the
Sega Dreamcast. It was one of the first games to feature cel-shading, a
graphical technique that makes polygons to appear to be of cartoon origin. The
game was not wildly successful in Japan, but it still had a good following. The
premise of the game was you control different members of the tagging gang, the
GG's. You battle or turf in Tokyo-To by going from territory to territory, spray
painting whatever you can get your hands on, from walls, to billboards, to other
people. Oh, did I mention that you do this all while on inline skates?

Jet Grind Radio, the same game as Jet Set Radio, but for a United States
audience, arrived on the US shores around the same time as it was released in
Japan. As far as I know, the game is identical except for some name changes and

Jet Set Radio Future, released for the Xbox in February of 2002, was also not a
wild success, but had an instant cult following. The series reached its
graphical peak, and arguably its peak overall with this game. The game is almost
identical in regards to gameplay as Jet Grind Radio, but takes place in the
future as the name states. With brand new technology, the game could expand to
higher heights, as well as bigger worlds.

Jet Grind Radio, for the Gameboy Advance, was released in the US in June of
2003. The game is not a direct port of the Dreamcast version, but the storyline
is almost the same, as well as the levels. Some of the differences that you will
notice from the very beginning are the top-down perspective, as well as certain
areas are not in the Gameboy Advance version. The game is almost as enjoyable as
the Dreamcast and Xbox counterparts, but due to control, and graphical issues,
falls slightly short. This does not mean it is not a good game though.

My review of Jet Grind Radio for Gameboy Advance can be found on gamefaqs.com at


Skate. . . . . . . : To skate, press the up arrow. You will move in the
direction your character is facing. To turn left, press the left arrow. To turn
right, press the right arrow. To stop, press the down arrow.

Dash . . . . . . . : To dash, press the right trigger.

Tag. . . . . . . . : To tag, press the A button, and then use the D-Pad if

Jumping. . . . . . : To jump, press the B button. You can do grinding tricks by
jumping onto grind able objects. Doing this while grinding makes you perform an
air trick. While in a half pipe, you can do a trick by pressing the jump button
at the peak of the pipe.

Skate backwards. . : To skate backwards, press the up arrow, then the down
arrow. This will make you skate backwards. To continue skating backwards, press
the up arrow. You cannot dash while in this state, but you perform different
tricks when grinding.

Wall Ride. . . . . : To wall ride, take a certain angle to the wall, and jump
into it. You will skate on the wall for a small amount of time. You can jump
from wall to wall if the circumstances provide it.


> Friendly

~ Definitions ~

Power: Amount of life the character has.
Speed: How fast and how well the character is at doing tricks.
Technique: How good the character is at graffiti. The more you have here, the
harder it is to do the combos for tagging, but you get more points.

~ Beat ~

Power: 6
Speed: 7
Technique: 6
Can Capacity: 20 Cans

Beat is the leader of the GG's. You start with him in the tutorial also. He
wears huge headphones, green sunglasses, and an orange shirt with matching
skates, black pants, and gloves.

~ Piranha ~

Power: 8
Speed: 8
Technique: 10
Can Capacity: 15

Piranha is a black girl who wears red ski visors, yellow gloves, a revealing
white shirt, with match pants and gray skates.

~ Tab ~

Power: 8
Speed: 5
Technique: 5
Can Capacity: 30

Tab wears a blue beanie that covers down to his nose, and a matching jumpsuit.
His skates are yellow.

~ Cube ~

Power: 7
Speed: 8
Technique: 8
Can Capacity: 25

Cube comes from Grind City with Combo. She comes with Combo to ask for the GG's
help. She wears all black.

~ Combo ~

Power: 10
Speed: 4
Technique: 8
Can Capacity: 20

Combo is from Grind City, and he used to run it. He came to the GG's to ask for
help in getting Grind City back after the Golden Rhinos move into town. His
distinctive trait is the large boom box on his shoulder he carries at all times
and the huge gold chain on his chest. He wears a yellow shirt, with a black
jacket, pants and skates. He also wears a black hat.

~ Mew ~

Power: 7
Speed: 7
Technique: 8
Can Capacity: 20

Mew is an Asian girl with a weird taste in clothes. She wears headphones, has
blue hair, some kind of blue leotard, striped blue socks that go all the weigh
up her legs, and blue skates.

~ Slate ~

Power: 8
Speed: 4
Technique: 5
Can Capacity: 40

Slate has a mohawk, orange glasses on his forehead, orange shirt that goes all
the way up to his nose, orange and black striped pants. His skates are a blue

~ Gum ~

Power: 7
Speed: 7
Technique: 10
Can Capacity: 15

Gum has a helmet that looks like what fighter pilots used during World War 2.
She has a puke green dress along with black skates.

~ YoYo ~

Power: 5
Speed: 9
Technique: 10
Can Capacity: 15

Yoyo wears slim sunglasses. He wears a green hoodie, with darker green pants and

~ Garam ~

Power: 8
Speed: 7
Technique: 5
Can Capacity: 25

Garam is a skinny guy who wears orange glasses, no shirt, a small necklace, and
ray camouflage pants. His skates are orange.

~ Poison Jam ~

Power: 10
Speed: 9
Technique: 7
Can Capacity: 40

Poison Jam is gang of Kogane-Cho. They wear masks and apparently like horror

~ Love Shockers ~

Power: 10
Speed: 10
Technique: 6
Can Capacity: 30

Love Shockers is that is trying to take over Shibuya-Cho. Composed of all
girls, they have all been treated badly by their ex-boyfriends. Now they want
revenge on the GG's. I think Beat was trying to be a playa and it backfired on

~ Noise Tanks ~

Power: 10
Speed: 9
Technique: 10
Can Capacity: 530

Noise Tanks is gang of Benten-Cho. They are the geeks of Tokyo-to. They are
into technology big time, and want to spread their virus across the land.

~ Professor K ~

Power: 10
Speed: 8
Technique: 9
Can Capacity: 30

Professor K is the radio DJ who knows all and narrates you through the game. He
has some big hair.


~ Officers ~

The most pathetic police force in the entire world is the best way to describe
these fellows. They are slow, and carry no weapons. Their attack is jumping at
you and grabbing you. You can shake them off by dashing, jumping, or grinding.
They first appear in Shibuya GG.

~ Captain Onishima ~

Captain Onishima is the Captain of the Tokyo-to police force. His weapon is a
long barreled pistol that does damage if you are not dashing or grinding. You
can disable him for a short amount of time by dashing over him and tagging him.
He first appears in Shibuya GG.

~ SWAT ~

A slight upgrade from the officers, these are officers that carry shields and
gas guns. Their attack is to gas you with tear gas. They are easy to avoid, as
they are slow and the gas is easy to run from. They first appear in Benten

~ Helicopters ~

A very annoying foe, the helicopters shoot heat seeking missiles at you. They
take considerable damage. The easiest way to avoid these is run. They first
appear in Monster of Kogane.

~ Soldiers ~

Almost an exact replica of officers, except that wear army camouflage. They are
just as useless as officers also. They make their first appearance in Graffiti

~ Tank ~

A big army tank. Not much else can be used to describe it. Stay away unless you
want to get pelted with a cannon. They do not move though, so staying away will
be easy. They make the first appearance in Graffiti High.

~ Noise Tank/Poison Jam/Love Shockers ~

These are the bosses for the first three areas of Tokyo-to. I included them in
the same section because they all do the same thing. Skate around in
predictable patterns. You spray three of them for each level, ten times. They
first make their appearance in Noise Reduction, Kogane Circus, and Love Attack,

~ Rokkaku Soldiers ~

These are the exact same thing as soldiers, and officers, except they have new
suit. They first show up in Tag Or Die.

~ Assassins ~

The first real opponents on foot, these assassins are smarter then the previous
characters. They also have a nasty electric whip. Avoid these as much as
possible as they hurt a lot when you are ganged up. They make their appearance
in Tag Or Die.

~ Shock Troops ~

These are purely obstacle enemies. When I say that, I mean that they do not
chase you. They do not even move. Shock Troops stand at the end of certain
rails and every couple of seconds send an electric shock through the rail. This
can get annoying, especially on Final Stage. Shock Troops come into the game on
the level Rock N Roll.

~ Flame Squad ~

Flame Squads are a deadly adversary. I would suggest you stay away at all
costs. They deplete your health fast, and effectively. They are on the slow
side though, so escaping should not be a problem. If they are near a tag you
need to spray, lure them away from the tag and then attack it. They make their
first appearance in Burning Benten.

~ Sniper ~

These are annoying more then anything else. They do not move. Snipers can
target you from long distances, and you will be able to tell when they are
targeting you because of the red crosshair that is over your character. Keep
moving and grinding to avoid these. They first appear in Fight or Flight.

~ Jetpack Soldiers ~

Jetpack soldiers can float in the air. They are stationary just like the
snipers. I only seem them as a thread in Final Stage because in the other level
they are in you can avoid them pretty easily. They first appear in Fight or


~ Goji Rokkaku ~

Goji Rokkaku is the owner of the Rokkaku Group. He is also the man behind all
the trouble. He does not appear in the game except when the story is being
told. He employs the Golden Rhinos to take over the streets.


This section is for tips that will directly help you beat the game. For secret
stuff, see the secret section.

>Spiral Skip

To skip the entire top floor of the spiral in the housing district, and just
jump onto the spiral, here is what you do. On the first set of stairs, grind
the outside railing. After the rail turns, jump and you will be on the spiral
grind now.


>Gum's Challenge

This is basically just prepping you for things to come. All you have to do is
get used to how you control your player. There are three challenges, but they
are not difficult at all.

First Challenge. . : Skate towards Gum and stop.

Second Challenge . : Skate and press the R button. Turn before you run into
anything and make your way to Gum.

Third Challenge. . : Skate towards the railing and grind it. Fall off and make
your way to Gum.

Congrats! Gum is now playable.

>Tab's Challenge

Tab will get you acquainted with the tagging aspect of Jet Grind Radio. Very
simple, so nothing to worry about. Do the missions and Tab will join you.

First Challenge. . : Pick up the spray can and press A where the red arrow is.

Second Challenge . : Go forward and jump from building to building, grabbing the
spray paint cans, until you are at the red arrow. Do your spray thing and
finish the mission.

Congrats! Tab has now joined your crew.

>Shibuya GG

Tags: Small. . : 5
      Large. . : 5
      X-Large. : 1
      Total. . : 11
JET : ???

You start off on the top of a bus stop. Grab the cans of paint and let's get
started. Jump down from the depot and spray paint all the buses (1-4). These
are easy because the officers do not come until after the third tag laid down.

After you do that, go to the south and grind the railing going east and spray
paint the two small tags (5-6). Captain Onishima should arrive after you jump
off. Head northwest and behind the railing is another small tag. Tag it (7).
Now grind the railing that is directly south, heading north. Jump up onto the
small bus stop. Wall grind the billboard and tag it (8).

From here, go to the north and use the dump truck to get up onto the building
to the east. Spray paint the large tag (9) and jump to the next building. Tag
another large tag (10) and jump again to the next building. Spray paint the x-
large tag (11).

Congrats! You have beaten Shibuya GG.

>Benten Boogie

Tags: Small. . : 8
      Large. . : 5
      X-Large. : 1
      Total. . : 14
JET : ???

You start out in the middle of a small street in Benten-Cho. There are 14 red
arrow tags in this level. This is also the first appearance of what I like to
call SWAT.

First, start out by collecting the nearest cans of spray paint. When you are
done with that, tag the three tags in the upper right hand corner of the map.
These are two larges, and one x-large tags (1-3). After this, go western and
paint the wall with your graffiti (4).

Officers will arrive, but they are not a big problem that you have to worry
about yet. Go south and tag the four arrows that are grouped together. It's
three small tags, and one large (5-8). You can use the rail to quickly tag the
two southern tags in this group. After that, continue south to the two tags
that are close by to each other. Tag. That is one small and one large (9-10).

Now, go tag the northern most tag in the map that is available. It is a small
tag (11). Beware of Captain Onishima who arrives with SWAT. You do not have to
really worry about SWAT because they are on the west side of the map and you
are on the east and the remaining tags are all small tags.

Jump on the rail and tag the wall that is coming up (12). Jump from the rail to
the next rail and tag the two remaining small tags (13-14).

Congrats! You have completed Benten Boogie.

>Mew's Challenge

Now that you are familiar with the basics of the game, Jet Grind Radio pumps up
the volume and you now have to actually jump from railings to railings.

First Challenge. . : Jump on the left rail and before you hit the turn in the
jump. You should land in perfect position to keep on railing. Now, wait until
you are on the final stretch and jump over the fence at the end.

Second Challenge . : This one is also easy. Go forward and stick to the right
railing. That way you can just walk off the building and onto the rail.
Continue doing circles and jump at the very end.

Third Challenge: Things get interesting on this one. If you take your time, it
should be no problem. First, grind up the ramp and jump at the end to reach the
center circle. If you are good you can just keep going forward and grind on the
wires, but if you are new to the game, you should stop on the circle, line
yourself up with the wire, and then just walk onto it. Jump over the fence and
you have defeated this challenge.

Congrats! Mew has now joined the GG's.

>Monster of Kogane

Tags: Small. . : 7
      Large. . : 3
      X-Large. : 1
      Total: 11
JET: ???

This level is not as difficult as it looks. Officers are patrolling the streets
when you start. You start at the deepest part of the guide. There is an x-large
tag right next to you, but first grab the three spray cans and grind your way
up to the second level of the map. Go through the city, and ignore the
officers. Turn right when you hit a wall.

Spray the small tag that is to your northeast (1). Continue going southeast and
jump on the railing to the north. You will collect a bunch of paint cans. You
will have to jump off the railing to get seven spray cans that are hovering
above a building. Jump off the railing and to the first level to the x-large
tag. Tag it (2). Grind back up to the second level. Tag the red arrow that is
on the road to your left (3). Captain Onishima arrives after the third tag.
Now, go back to main road and grind the benches, spraying two small tags (4-5).

Make your way up the stairs, the fastest way being to grind up the fence. Drop
down onto the buildings that were built on the second level. Make your way to
the west. Spray the small tag that is on the wall (6). You will have to jump
down, so watch out for the manhole. Go back all the way to the buildings you
just jumped from, and go to the east. Do the same thing with the tag #6 here on
another small tag (7). Go back up the stairs one last time. I would grind the
railings directly north of the second to third level stairs and pick up some
spray cans if you are low. Make your way to the three arrows in the upper left
hand corner of the map. Spray the most eastern arrow (8). You now have
helicopters called on you. Hurry and they will not both you. Head west and
spray the most northern tag that is available (9). You can grind the pipes to
get there fast. Skate south to the next tag area and spray it (10).

Take the southern road and jump over the rail and onto the buildings from the
second level. There should be a pinkish-red roof, and then a red roof. There
are two of these total on the level, use the most southern one. Grind the red
roof and jump at the end. You will land on telephone wires. Jump off the wires
as soon as you get on them and make your landing next to the final tag (11).

Congrats! You have beaten Monster of Kogane.

>Garam's Challenge

Garam does not talk much, but he is a mean skater. There are three challenges,
each more difficult then the last. Not difficult though, except for the last
one just because it's hard to judge where the steel beam is.

First Challenge. . : This is where you are introduced to wall riding. Grind the
closest railing northbound. Jump from it and land onto the next railing that
heads south. Jump off whenever you want. Make your way to the north wall and go
directly east at it. Jump at it, and you will wall grind. After you are done,
go to Garam and stop.

Second Challenge . : This challenge is simple jumping and grinding. Grind the
north rail going northbound. Jump and land on the wooden fence. Jump again and
land on the chain link fence. Grind all the way up the fence, and before it
ends, jump again. Land on the red roof. At the end of the roof, jump once more.
You should make it all the way to the wooden fence. If you land on the railing,
try and jump onto the fence. Grind to the end of the two wooden fences and jump
off, turning as sharply as you can toward Garam. Stop.

Third Challenge: This one is a little difficult because it is hard to judge
where the next grind surface is. Jump to the concrete island. Turn yourself
towards the red steel beam. Dash towards it and fall off the island onto the
beam. As soon as it turns, jump. You will be on target for the next beam. Now
when the next beam turns, you have to jump, but turn slightly to line up with
the next steel beam. From here on, it's a cakewalk. Jump off the beam
immediately and onto the wooden railing. Before the wooden railing turns, jump
off of it, and onto the building. Jump off the building before it ends and onto
the wooden railing. Grind all the way up to the second level, and jump off.
Make your way to Garam and stop.

Congrats! Garam has joined your crew.

>Love Trap

Tags: Small. . : 4
      Large. . : 3
      X-Large. : 4
      Total. . : 11
JET : ???

This level contains three different levels. There is the road level, which is
where you start, the playground that is the second level, and then the highway,
which is the third level. Captain Onishima will be roaming the playground and a
group of officers will be roaming the road level.

You start in the middle of two sets of overpasses. Go fill up your can capacity
and return back to the road level. Go to the west most tag that is on the road
level. It is an x-large tag (1). Go south and tag the large arrow (2). Continue
back to the main road and tag the arrow that is before the first overpass (3).
Move east again and tag the arrow in the middle of the overpasses (4).

Make your way to the playground level. Go all the way west and spray the small
tag on the back wall (5). SWAT team will arrive now, but they just roam around
on the main road, where you already got everything. Go east and spray another
small tag that is on the side of an elephant slide (6). Continue going east and
tag the two small arrows that are on billboards (7-8).

Grind the trunk of an elephant slide and jump onto the highway. Make your way
to the east, preferably grinding the rail in the middle eastbound so you pick
up paint cans. Go ahead and spray the two x-large tags on the east wall (8-9).
Hopefully you will have used up enough time so that you can grab some more
spray cans grinding the middle rail westbound. When you get to a gap in the
highway, jump off the rail, and onto a red beam. Jump again and you can land on
the other side of the highway. Tag the last x-large graffiti on the north wall.

Congrats! You have beaten Love Trap.

>Graffiti High

Tags: Small. . : 15
      Large. . : 3
      X-Large. : 2
      Total: 20
JET: 25000

This is the first level that combines multiple maps. You start in the railroad
station, go into what I call market circle because of the circle in the middle
of the area (consists of two levels, upper and lower), and then you end in the
housing district.

You start Graffiti High in the middle of a railroad station. Begin by getting
all the spray cans in this level. The first spray cans are on one of the rails,
the next ones are on the rail below it, and it goes on until you have all the
spray cans. Go to the north wall and quickly spray the two small tags (1-2).
Grind your way to the entrance to the market circle.

Jump down from the fenced in area and make your way to the northern most part
on the low level. Spray the x-large arrow (3). Onishima arrives with a group of
what I think are soldiers from the military. Quickly make your way to the ramp
on the southwest. Use it to jump up into the middle circle. Use the north wire
to grind north, and jump before it ends to reach a tag on the upper level (4).
Jump down and make your way east. Jump on the rail going northbound and spray
away (4-5). Do your best to grind through the entire north half of the map,
spraying as you go. If you fall, tanks will appear in the southeast and
southwest areas. They do not move at all. If you make it all the way through,
they will not show up until you are done with the map. Either way, they do not
inflict too much damage since you stay away from them from here on out. The
remaining sprays in this area are all smalls (6-11). End up in the west corner
of the map. Use the closest ramp to jump up onto the second level where the map
is connected to the housing district. Captain Onishima and his soldiers WILL
follow you into the next area, so look out.

Jump down into the housing district and onto the rail to the east going
northbound. Spray two small tags (12-13) and jump over the gap in the rail.
Spray another small tag (14) while grinding. Jump off after you are done with
that tag and make your way to the building that is directly west. Spray the
large tag that is on the south wall of the building (15). Move your way on the
west side of the building and spray the small tag (16). Continue going
northwest to another building. Spray the western most tag that is a large tag
(17). It is on the western side of the building. Go east, south of the building
you just sprayed on, and grind the rail while tagging two small tags (18-19).
Make sure you have enough cans of paint for an x-large tag. When you do, make
your way up the stairs on the same building. See the tips section for a way to
completely cut out going up the next set of stairs. Grind your way down the
spiral and jump at the very end. Spray the final tag that is x-large (20).

Congrats! You have beaten Graffiti High.

>No. 540

Tags: Small. . : 6
      Large. . : 2
      X-Large. : 3
      Total: 11
JET: ???

You start in a building, and it has no tags in it, except for some that are not
required to beat the level. Max out your can capacity and head to the lower
left hand corner and exit.

You are now in the middle of a junkyard. When you exit, follow the building
wall to the south. Go north after the building and spray the x-large tag (1).
Backtrack to the entrance of the building but keep skating passed it. After the
building, there will be a pack of junked cars. Jump on them and make your way
to the wall, where a large tag awaits (2). Go east and make your way out of the
enclosed lot. Grind the steel fence northbound and jump off and go north. Spray
the x-large tag (3). Soldier will now roam the center lot. Go southeast and
jump on the steel fence to grind it. Slide off of the fence and onto the roof
of the main building. Fall down one level, where there are two x-large tags (4-
5). After you finish off the fifth tag, helicopters will appear. They do not
seem to move at all though.

All that remains now are six small tags. To cut that down to three, fall down a
level and make your way west to the three tags. Tag the most west one (6). To
get the other two, you will have to wall grind the wall; spray, then jump and
wall grind the next wall, and spray again (7-8). Make your way back to the area
where you tagged the first arrow. Around that area is a small tag that you will
have to wall grind and jump just like you did previously (9). Continue
southeast, but instead of stopping at the building, keep going. You will
eventually reach an area where there is a wall to your north. There are two
small tags on there. Tag them (10-11).

Congrats! You have beaten No. 540.

>Noise Reduction

JET: 34000

I consider this a boss level. The object of this level is not to tag walls, or
billboards, but to tag three Noise Tanks ten times each. I do not feel there is
really a way to walkthrough this level. I will give you advice though.
Defiantly use a speedy person. Before you head over to the Noise Tanks, make
sure you have at least ten spray cans so that you can take out one enemy before
you have to reload. If you lose track of someone, look to your map to see where
the enemies are. Do this as quickly ass possible. The Noise Tanks are really
slow, and simply dashing will allow you to keep up with them.

Hopefully you will be able to beat this level, as it is very easy.

>Kogane Circus

JET: 44000

This is almost identical as the Noise Reduction, except you are going after
Poison Jam. The best advice on this map is do not fall into the sewage. It will
only slow you down. The only obstacles in this map is the gap in the middle,
and barrels which you will have to go around in order to chase the Poison Jam.

Hopefully you will be able to beat this level, as it is very easy.

>YoYo's Challenge

Use your fastest tagger that you have now, which is Beat. There are a couple of
shortcuts, so do not follow the suggested lines. Listen to this guide instead.

You start in the railroad station. Dash forward and jump, landing on a rail to
grind. Pick your speed up by jumping and landing back on the rail. You will now
make a move to the market circle, so jump, and turn southbound when the time
calls for it. Instead of going to the circle and grinding, you can cut some
time off by jumping down. Grind the closest rail northbound, and jump off of it
at the end and onto another rail. You can jump from this rail into the
connecting alley to the housing district easily. Jump down and grind the rail
northbound, jumping when the gaps get in your way. At the first dump truck,
jump off of the rail and head to the stairs that are to the west. Grind the
outer rail, and here's why. When you grind up all the way, take the turn, and
then jump again, you will land on the spiral grind, expanding your lead
greatly. Jump at the end of the rail and pick up some spray cans. Make your way
to the connecting path to the business district. The walkway's are near the
dump truck that you jumped from. Grind the left railing, and when you get to
the last turn, jump immediately afterwards to jump over the fence. After that,
hug the west wall and keep dashing. When you get to the stairs, grind the
railing closest to the wall, northbound. Tag the arrow and you are done.

Congrats! YoYo has joined your crew.

>Love Attack

JET: 44000

This is another boss level where you have to tag the back of the Love Shockers.
There are really no obstacles that you face. Just tag the bag of the Love
Shockers. Use the railings to go up the hills faster.

Hopefully you will be able to beat this level, as it is very easy.

>Gum's Challenge 2

Instead of the GG's being forced to do a challenge to have someone join you,
you turn the tables on Cube in this challenge. Gum will do a nice set of grinds
and you will have to control Cube and play follow the leader.

First Challenge. . : Jump and grind on the first railing to the east. Jump just
before the end. You will make it to the next railing. Do the same thing on the
next railing, and you will make it to another railing. The next jump you have
to turn your body 90 degrees to the left to make the next railing. Grind out
the rest of the rail and stop next to Gum.

Congrats! You let Cube join the GG's.

>Beat's Challenge

Beat challenges Combo to a race in this one. Just like the last race there is a
massive shortcut that will cut a good portion out of the level.

You start on top of a bus depot. Fall down and head northeast. Continue heading
northeast, but instead of turning right and going into the sewers, grind up the
overpass and up the elephant trunk onto the highway. Now, grind the middle
railing going northbound and after you fall off, keep skating in that direction
until you are able to pick up a couple of spray cans. You only need one so do
not bother getting all of them. Backtrack the way you came, grinding on the
middle rail going southbound. Jump when the railing stops and there is a big
gap in the highway. You will fall onto a steel beam. Jump again and you will be
back on another middle railing. Jump off the railing and head southwest. Enter
the big hill section; take the route to your west. Use as many railings as you
can. When the road turns south, make sure you use the railings that are as
close to the east buildings as possible. You will have to jump a couple of
times to clear the gaps in the rails. Jump off the rail before it turns
northeast and up some stairs. You will most likely overshoot the tag position
if you do not know where it is, so backtrack up the hill and spray.

Congrats! Combo is now a part of the GG's.

>Tag Or Die

Tags: Small. . : 5
      Large. . : 7
      X-Large. : 3
      Total: 15
JET: 25000

You can only use Cube and Combo for the next sections. I prefer to use Combo
because he can take a bigger beating then Combo.

You start out in the middle of Grind City with a bunch of Rokkaku henchmen near
you. There are five or six levels, so this guide might be hard to understand,
but the actual map is very easy. Let's start off by filling up your can
capacity. Let's start off by getting the most south tag. You have to make your
way around the chain link fence and enter the court. The tag is on the wall
(1). Replenish your can capacity, and leave the court. Go around the fence
until you reach a tower with an arrow on it. Tag it (2). Now let's head to the
west and get the large tag on the building wall along with the x-large tag (3-
4). Make your way to the north building and tag the two small arrows (5-6).
After that, go east to the last two tags on this level, an x-large tag and a
large tag (7-8). After that Rokkaku Assassins will appear. Their attack is an
electrified whip. It can be annoying, but guess what? We are done with this
level and will never see ground floor again!

Make your way up the eastern buildings stairs. On the second floor, there is a
large tag that is on the southeast wall, tag it (9). Move on up to the next
floor, where there is an x-large tag, again on the southeast wall of that level
(10). Move on up to the next floor. Grab some cans, and get ready to do some
grinding. Grind the most western rail northbound. Before it turns, jump off and
onto the blue rail. This will take you to the top of the north building. Go
down the stairs and tag the large arrow (11). Backtrack up the stairs, and
grind the blue rail that is on the east side. This will take you to the west

From the roof, go down the west set of stairs. Tag the small tag right in front
of you (12). Make your way northeast and get the next small tag (13). Go down
another flight of stairs and tag a large graffiti (14). On the same level, make
your way to the southwest wall, where you will meet the final large tag (15).

Congrats! You have beaten Tag Or Die.

>Rock N Roll
Tags: Small. . : 5
      Large. . : 6
      X-Large. : 1
      Total: 12
JET: 25000

You begin in the same map as Tag Or Die, but you start out in the southern
court. Rokkaku soldiers will be roaming the main level of the map from the

From the start, fill up on cans. Now that you are full, make your way to the
west building. There is a large tag on it (1). Turn around and go to the east
building. There is another large tag on that one (2). Go to the next level
using the dump truck and then continue all the way up to the top, ignoring the
two tags. On the roof, use the west rail and before it turns, jump off of it
and onto the blue rail. This will bring you the north building. Go down a set
of stairs, and tag the large arrow here (3). Assassins will now be dispatched,
but they are only allowed to walk around the main level. Continue down another
set of stairs, where there are two large tags (4-5). After your fourth tag,
Shock Troops will show up, but do not worry about those yet. After your fifth
tag, helicopters will appear.

Jump down to the ground level and tag the two small arrows that are on the
north building (6-7). Make your way to the west building. Get on the second
floor, where a large tag awaits you (8). Make sure you have at least two cans
of spray. On the same level that you are on, go to the most northeast corner of
it, and ride the lower green rail. This will bring you to the middle tags (9-
10). These are both small and you just need to tag them and continue grinding
to the east building. Jump onto the east building.

On the east building, go up a flight of stairs, and there is a small tag
awaiting you (11). Tag it, and make your way to the southeast wall of this
building. There is the final tag of the map, an x-large (12).

Congrats! You have beaten Rock N Roll.


Tags: Small. . : 8
      Large. . : 11
      X-Large. : 5
      Total: 24
JET: 25000

The remaining levels are all combination of previous levels. The key being to
make sure you have as many cans as you can carry, constantly reloading them.
Explosion deals with the Shibuya-Cho section of the map. There is a sewer area
connecting to the playground area, but there is no use going there so do not
even think about it. Rokkaku Soldiers are roaming the streets from the get go,
though they are weak and pose no threat. You start on top of the bus depot. In
this section, there are a total of ten tags, so make sure you have all of them
before going on. Fill up on cans and let's get started. Go to the west most bus
and tag the large arrow (1). Skate northeast to the next bus and another large
tag is there (2). Again, skate northeast to a pair of buses. On the north bus,
there is a small tag (3), and on the south bus, there is a large tag (4).
Change directions and head straight south. Grind the rail northbound, getting
the two small tags (5-6). The bomb squad will show up after you jump off the
rail. At the end, jump and turn your body 90 degrees to the left. Grind the
rail going northbound. Jump up onto the small bus stop. Wall grind the
billboard and get the small tag (7). Continue going north and use the dump
truck as a ramp to get onto the building the truck is facing. Up there is a
large tag (8). Jump to the next building over, and then jump once more and tag
the x-large arrow (9). Drop down a level, and head southwest. Along the wall is
another small tag, and the final one of this section (10). Exit this section
and head to the next area.

Make sure and replenish your supply of cans. There are nine tags in this area.
10+9=19. From where the bus station connects to the current area, make a north
turn into the alley and go all the way to the end where an x-large tag will be
waiting on the northeast wall (11). Go back the way you came, stopping along
the way to get the large tag on the northeast wall (12). Get back on the main
street, going northeast. Before the first overpass, there is another large tag
on the northwest wall (13). Now go past the first overpass, and between the two
overpasses will be a large tag (14). Make your way up the stairs and into the
playground section of the map. Start from the west. On the northwest wall,
there is a small tag (15). Continue to follow the wall pasted the first
elephant slide to the spray the next small arrow (16). Pass the second elephant
slide and head southeast. On the billboard will be the last small tag of the
level (17). Grind up the elephants trunk and onto the highway. Grind the middle
rail northbound, and continue going that way until you come across a wall with
two x-large tags (18-19). You are now done with the tagging of this section, so
go back to the middle rail to the southwest. Grind it all the way to the gap in
the highway, and jump. You will land on a steel beam. Quickly jump again and
land on the middle railing again. Jump off and head southwest into the opening
for the next section.

This is the hills section. There are five tags in the area. 10+9+5=24. Make
sure you only have 5 left on your pause menu; otherwise you might as well
restart now. Go down the east road, grinding the western rail. After it turns
into the alley, jump off and head directly south. You should land on top of a
building. After that, jump down another floor that is directly south. Here is
the first tag of this section (20). Head southwest, grinding the railing. When
the rail ends, stop, and turn southwest. Along the wall is another large tag
(21). After you get that tag, jump onto the new rail going southbound. Jump off
at the next gap, and turn left 90 degrees. Try and land on the rail, but if you
do not, just keep following the direction of the rail and you will eventually
find a tag on the northwest wall (22). Back track to the main road you just
came from and jump on the next rail. After it turns northeast, jump so it does
not take as long to get up the steps. Continue dashing northeast until you meet
a billboard with a red arrow waiting (23). Here is the tricky part. Head
southeast and jump over the railing and onto the ground. Turn as hard as you
can while in air so that you can land as close as possible to the arrow, as it
is directly below to wear you just jumped. Hurry up and tag the last x-large
tag (24) before time runs out.

Congrats! You have beaten Explosion!

>Piranha's Challenge

This is as hard as it gets folks. By now you should have mastered the games
controls and it will be really simple.

First Challenge. . : This one is a bit tricky. You must start by jumping on to
rail to the northeast. A little more then halfway through, jump off and
slightly turn. Hopefully you will land on the next rail. Jump off of it and
over the crossing railing. Make your way to Piranha and stop.

Second Challenge . : This one is pretty simple. Go into the half pipe, and jump
and back into the half pipe. Make your way and do the same exact thing, except
grabbing the spray can. Do the jump once more on the southwest side and then
make your way to the tag and do another jump. Spray during this jump, and make
your way to Piranha for completion.

Third Challenge: This one is also very simple. You must jump from bus stop to
bus stop to bus stop. Pretty much just make sure you are dashing and jumping to
the bus. If you land on the bus, you might have to jump off of it and onto the
blue overhanging. It's an error in the game that is unfortunate.

>Benten Burning

Tags: Small. . : 9
      Large. . : 6
      X-Large. : 4
      Total: 19
JET: ???

This is one of those maps where you are going to get hit, no matter what you
do. The best way to avoid being hit is to lure your enemy away from the tag you
are trying to spray. With that said, three of the four areas you have to go
through contain a Rokkaku Soldier squad, and a couple of Assassins. Let's

You start out in the railroad station. Fill up your can capacity to as much as
you can, while getting the only tag in here, a small one on the northeast wall
(1). After that, make your way southeast to the entrance to the market circle.

There are four tags in this area. 1+4=5. The first one to go for is the one
directly north. It is an x-large one (2). Watch out for Assassins though. When
they get close, disengage, and lure them away. Then come back and finish off
the tag. After that, go slightly to the east and get the small tag (3). After
that, go back west and grind the rail, spraying a tag (4). Jump, grind another
rail and spray once again (5). Use the ramp you are near to jump into the
housing district.

In the housing district, there are nine tags. 1+4+9=14. Follow the northeast
wall and spray the two large tags, and the one x-large tag (6-8). Watch out for
Assassins once again. After that, make your way west and along the northwest
wall is another large tag (9). You have to act quickly for the next tag.
Continue on south to the building and on the southwest side of the building is
another large tag (10). After that, the Flame Squad will appear. These guys are
deadly. Quickly make your way northeast and spray the two small tags (11-12).
Make sure you have enough for a x-large tag. When you do, go ahead and do the
Spiral Skip that is describe in the Tips section. Spray the x-large tag (13).
Now make your way to the final tag in this section that is all the way south
(14). After that, use the north overpass to go into the business district.

There are five tags in the business district. 1+4+9+5=19. It does not matter
which tags you spray in what order in this section. I would start with the one
that is near the middle (15), and make my way counter clockwise, spraying the
two small ones (16-17), the x-large one (18) and then finally finishing off the
level with the last small one (19).

Congrats! You have beaten Burning Benten.

>Fight or Flight

Tags: Small. . : 19
      Large. . : 2
      X-Large. : 5
      Total: 26
JET: ???

This stage is just like the last couple of stages. You will have to go through
three different levels, which include the shantytown, sewer, the junkyard
building, and finally the junkyard. You will need to use a lot of cans, so I
suggest using Tab, even though its still easily accomplished using Beat.

Starting off, grind your way up the stairs. Make your way all the way
northeast. At the end of the road, turn southeast, and grind the rail so you
pick up a bunch of spray cans. Jump from rail to house to rail when the time
comes. When you are on the rail going northwest, and near the top, jump down to
where you started. Spray the x-large tag (1). Make your way northwest and enter
the sewer. When you get to the half pipe area, go northwest. Grind your way
everywhere in this area. Grind the west side of the half pipe here. Watch out
for the snipers Spray the two small tags (2-3) and then reverse directions and
go southeast. Jump onto the east side of the half pipe and continue grinding
until you hit another small tag (4). After this, troops will arrive in the
junkyard. Do not worry about them, as they are weak. Make your way to the
middle bridge so you can jump over the center and onto the other side. Jump off
the grind and into the second half pipe area. Grind the northwest side and tag
two more small tags (4-6). Jump off and onto the other side of the tags. When
you see the next arrow, jump off. This is an x-large tag (7). Move southwest
and tag the final of this area, a small tag (8). After this, Jetpack soldiers
will arrive. Go northeast and make your way out of this area and into the
junkyard building.

There are four tags in the upper level of the building. 8+4=12. Fill up on cans
by grinding the rail around the center lot. Make your way up the stairs in the
southeast by grinding. Watch out for snipers. Jump the gap, and then jump off
the rail. Tag the small tag on the northeast wall (9). Make your way southwest
and tag the remaining three in this level (10-12). Jump down a level and fill
up on cans again. Leave the area through the west corner.

There are seven tags in this area. 8+4+7=19. Make your way to the ramp in the
southeast. Go up the ramp and on the northeast wall is a small tag (13). Turn
northwest and go through the gap to get to the second level of the building.
Spray the two x-large tags (14-15). If you do not have enough cans to get an x-
large tag and three small ones, return back into the building and grab some
more. Otherwise, make your way to the northwest wall off the center lot. There
are three small tags arranged in a way where you can tag the first one, wall
grind the second one, and then jump and wall grind, and then jump again to get
to the third one (15-18). Try your best, and if you mess up, keep trying. Head
back to wear you started this wall grind festival and leave the center lot, and
grind the railing northbound. Jump off and make quick work of the final tag in
this area, an x-large (19). Make your way north and exit into the shantytown
for the final area.

There are seven remaining tags. 8+4+7+7=26. Go southeast and when an opening in
the southwest all opens, go in there and spray the large tag (20). Go southwest
and grind the pipe. Hit the small tag (21). After that, head southeast and come
to the next tag, a small one (22). Jump onto the top of the buildings from
level two, and go southwest. Be careful here. Try and jump and spray the small
tag on the northwest wall (23). Do not fall into the manhole. Go southeast and
spray the large tag on the north wall (24). Continue southeast and then turn
northeast, grind the benches, and jump the gap. When you hit the next bench, be
ready to spray another small tag (25). All you need now is one can of spray.
Make your way up the stairs, either walking or spraying. When you get to the
top, go onto the buildings from the second level again, but make your way
northeast. Try and do the same thing you did on tag #23 (26).

Congrats! You have beaten Fight or Flight.

>Slate's Challenge

You are probably thinking, oh no, not another race! Do not worry at all. There
is a shortcut in here that will let you have 20 seconds of spare time if you do
it right.

You start off on the boardwalk of the shantytown. Do not follow where Slate is
going. Instead, grind the southeast rail northbound. Jump from rail to house to
rail and keep going. Grind up the stairs, after the fence runs out; jump off
and onto the ground. Make your way to the junk, which is northwest in the area.

When you get into the junkyard, you go straight southwest. Jump onto the rail
going southbound. When the gap comes, fall off, and drop down into the center
lot. Go into the building. Grab at least one spray can. Exit the building. I am
sure you saw where you have to spray, which is on top of the building. From the
exit, go directly east and find the opening to a ramp. Grind the railing
northbound. When the gap comes, jump off. Be careful and only fall down to the
next level of the building. Spray.

Congrats! Slate joins the GG's.

>Final Stage

Tags: Small. . : 0
      Large. . : 6
      X-Large. : 1
      Total: 7
JET: 27000

This level is not as hard as it seems to be. The only difficult thing about it
is that you cannot make mistakes. You cannot fall; you cannot mess up a tag,
etc. Do your best and eventually you will get up the stairs of flame.

Starting off, pick up a full capacity of cans. There are six different points
where you must tag, and you have to be quick about it. Why? The tags disappear
if you let them sit too long. Following this guide, you should be able to get
all the tags, but if you happen to take too long, just keep doing the pattern
over until you do.

The first black hole you should spray is in the northwest part of the area (1).
Spray it, and grind down to the southwest black hole (2). Spray it, dash into
the lowest grind, and jump the gap. Get some health while you are in the middle
if you need it. Spray the black hole in the middle (3). Use the most southern
grind to the east, and jump the gap. Spray the black hole (4). Grind up next
rail to the northeast part of the area. Spray the black hole (5). Go to the
north middle part of the area, and spray paint the final hole (6). You should
now have ~ Access to the stairs. Make sure you have enough spray cans for an x-
large tag. Tag the black hole.

Congrats! You have beaten Jet Grind Radio for the Gameboy Advance.


I know you can mix and match the order that you beat the levels in, so the
script follows how the game was beaten using the walkthrough.

NARRATOR: Somewhere in Asia, there is a city that cannot be found on any map
called Tokyo-to. But everyone just calls it Tokyo. The two hottest things on
the streets of Tokyo-to are the punks wearing magnetically driven inline skates
powered by newly developed netrium batteries, and 'Jet Set Radio', a pirate
radio station manned by the DJ 'Professor K'. Those street punks have been
named 'Rudies' by the people of Tokyo-To. They roam the streets and cover the
city with their personal graffiti. They claim that it is their way of
expressing themselves to the world. However, ever since the Metropolitan
Government and The Financial Conglomerate, the Rokkaku Group, combined their
efforts to co-found the '21st Century Project', the streets of Tokyo-to have
never been the same again.

GUM: Yo! Newbie, you can't just go tripping through the streets. Let a pro show
you how to use those phat skates on your feet. Tap up once for some high
powered skating. Press down to stop!

GUM: You can get a big boost of speed if you press the R button while skating.
It will give you some insane speed. But it's so fast it's harder to control
yourself. Try this and don't bump into anything. Stop when you've had enough

GUM: Sweet! Now try grinding. Your skates will automatically grind on some
surfaces like railings and wires. Try jumping on a rail. Press the B button to
jump, and see if you can do this! Stop when you've had enough practice.

GUM: Not bad. I guess I can join you.

TAB: Think you can keep up with me? Let's check your qualifications. If you see
a floating arrow, you can tag that spot. Make sure you have spray cans before
trying to spray something. When you see something floating over your head, push
the A button to start spraying!

TAB: You think you're all that? Let's try a bigger one. Use the control pad to
repeat the arrows that come up to paint some phat lines. Make sure you have
enough paint. Bigger graffiti takes more paint. Yellow cans are worth 1, blue
cans are worth 5, red cans are health.

TAB: Heh, I guess you're cool. Listen up, bullets can't touch you when you're
boosting or grinding, got it?

PROFESSOR K: Hey out there! This is Tokyo's very own number 1 pirate
powerstation, Jet Set Radio! Over the 'hood, through the streets and right into
your brain, we're transmitting our signal straight to you. Y'all got your
antennas on, or what? Yeah, we're riding high on a smooth stream of supersonic
sounds, and I'm your captain and DJ, Professor K. Jet Set Radio!!! 3 gangs are
fighting for the Tokyo streets. In the west from Benten-Cho, The City of Night,
we've got those high-tech maniacs, those man-machines, the Noise Tanks. And in
the east from Kogane-Cho, The City of the Sunset, it's that crazy monster mask
wearing gang, Poison Jam. And from Shibuya-Cho in the south, The City of
Daylight, it's those trouble-making punks, the GG's.

CHAPTER 1: On the Streets of Tokyo-To

PROFESSOR K: The GG's home turf, Shibuya-Cho was just attacked. Was it Poison
Jam? They were talking about spreadin' out there. Or maybe it was the Noise
Tanks, trying to send a system crash through the whole city. Listen up all you
innocent fools out there. Officer Onishima has got some special-order keisatsu
bracelets all ready for you. So get yourselves to the bathroom and brush those
teeth, boys and girls, cause a whole loada trouble is heading your way!

DISPATCH: HQ to all stations. All officers respond.

DISPATCH: Headquarters to all units. The Captain is on his way.

PROFESSOR K: I'm the ronin of the radio cuttin' rhymes with flair, got the
spirit inside of me! You're chokin' on my flow while eatin' your sushi and I'm
spilling mad wasabi on the microphone.

PROFESSOR K: We're gonna burn Tokyo up! We got an explosive broadcast coming
straight to you. We're Jet Set Radio!!! The Noise Tanks from Benten-Cho. They
won't eat anything without additives and chemicals. No veggies or fruit for
them! Word is, last month's big blackout was their work. Look out!!

DISPATCH: All officers in the area respond!

CAPTAIN ONISHIMA: This is Onishima. I'm on my way with the troops!

PROFESSOR K: This is Tokyo's guerrilla music broadcaster, Jet Set Radio!!!
Looks like the GG's hacked their way into Benten. Boy, the Noise Tanks must be
mad up to their 0 and 1's!

MEW: Wow, you guys seem a little grungy for me, maybe your skills can make up
for it...

MEW: Doh, maybe you are not that bad, how 'bout something like this...

MEW: Huh, maybe...let's see you do this!

MEW: I guess you guys need me more than I thought. I'll help you out.

PROFESSOR K: Kogane is crawling with those creepy monster mask wearing freaks,
Poison Jam! Them horror freaks are really angry-they haven't seen a good
slasher flick in months.

DISPATCH: Juveniles have been spotted! All officers in the area respond.

DISPATCH: Send in the choppers!

PROFESSOR K: The GG's put on a better show than a B-monster movie. Monster Jam
will think twice before taking a bite outta them next time!

GARAM: Hey I heard you guys think you're good enough to skate with me. Try wall
riding. If you hit a flat wall or a billboard you can skate on it.

GARAM: Not bad, but anyone could do that. How 'bout this one?

GARAM: Impressive, but you surely can't pull this off...

GARAM: Wow, I'll skate with you guys.

PROFESSOR K: Those cats who ransacked Shibuya-Cho turned out to be the Love
Shockers!! Love broke their hearts and now they're looking to do some breaking
of their own. You know someone somewhere is crying with a uki-uki-waku-waku
feeling! Can the GG's save Shibuya-Cho from the trap of love, or is it too

PROFESSOR K: This is your very own, one-punch knockout broadcaster, Jet Set
Radio! Which one of you punks wanna step in the ring? Shibuya-Cho got some love
letters from them lonely lovers, but the GG's were feelin' so good they sent
their own message right back to them Love Shockers. At first those girls were
just flirting, but I guess they can't turn down a date now, huh? Ha ha ha ha

PROFESSOR K: Hear those electrifying sounds!? That's your Professor K spinning
the crazy tracks. But the GG's got some other sounds to worry about. Like the
artificial tones of the furious Noise Tanks!

CAPTAIN ONISHIMA: This is Onishima. I'm on my way with reinforcements.

CAPTAIN ONISHIMA: I'm sending in the tanks! Just get those punks.

PROFESSOR K: Jet Grind Radio!!! The bug zapper of Mosquito DJ's buzzing the
jungle beats. Sounds like the GG's are sending a jolt through the Noise Tanks
hard drive. The Noise Tanks may be performing a control alt delete!

PROFESSOR K: And after the action in Kogane-Cho, Poison Jam's out for revenge!
It looks like we might be facing a bloodbath here. Better put on your garlic
honey, cause the vampires are on the prowl! Ha ha ha ha!

DISPATCH: Roller gang has been spooted in the junkyard. Send in the troops!

DISPATCH: Aerial assistance needed!

PROFESSOR K: This is Tokyo's hard-walking, truth talking, always squawking, Jet
Set Radio!!! Even the cops tune in here when they're not eatin' donuts. Looks
like Monster Jam is really taking the dunk lately!

PROFESSOR K: Benten-Cho is ablaze with the GG's graffiti. It's even brighter
than the neon lights. After their territory was attacked, them Noise Tanks ran
amok! Their circuits must be fried or something! Ha ha ha!

PROFESSOR K: Music that's violently smooth - It's Jet Set Radio! The Noise
Tanks just got scrapped. They played too many video games and now it's 'Game
Over'. No continues either! Ha ha ha. Them GG's picked up a broken peice of a
record from the Noise Tanks. But by itself, it's about as useless as a
vegetarian steak dinner!

PROFESSOR K: Looks like the GG's have filled the streets of Kogane-Cho with
their graffiti. The Poison Jammers are hopping away like little frogs! If the
GG's go after them, Kogane-Cho will be all theirs!

PROFESSOR K: We'll leave your mama gawking and your daddy walking, we're
Tokyo's biggest, baddest buccaneers. We're Jet Set Radio! Poison Jam is
finished. They're worm-food. And there ain't no sequels in the works for these
monsters. Whoa, all of a sudden a big black car came by and snatched 'em right
away!! Maybe it's just the garbage collector. Haha! There was a piece of a
broken record in a mask that got left behind. Is there a clue here somewhere??
Or maybe it was just a piece of junk. Ha!

YOYO: Ha ha! Bunch of slow pokes! I heard you guys were good, you don't look so
great to me. See if you can beat me to the tag!

YOYO: Wow, I guess I shouldn't have been going easy on you! I'll hang with your
crew for now.

PROFESSOR K: Martians come all the way to Earth just to listen to us. We're
Tokyo's finest pirate radio, Jet Set Radio! And what's with all these record
bits!? Maybe the Love Shockers know what romantic tune this record scratches

PROFESSOR K: One of the fallen Love Shockers was holding a golden rhinoceros
badge. The Golden Rhinos are a gang of ruthless killers. Rumor has it they're
the ones who kidnapped Poison Jam. All of a sudden, these strange posters have
been popping up all over town! They say 'Project Rokkaku 2000'. Must be the
Rokkaku Group's work. The Rokkaku Group is run by a strange fella named Goji
Rokkaku-working on the 'Future' of Tokyo, he says. If you ask me, it's just a
bunch of bull. Them guys have been erasing a lot of GG graffiti. Are the GG's
gonna sit back and take it!?

COMBO: My name's Combo. Cube and I used to own Grind City. Until Recently, that
is...Someone's been going around painting these ugly signs all over Grind City.
Think we can get your help?

GUM: Well you look kinda jet lagged to me. Let's see if your skills are up to

BEAT: Not bad. We might be able to do something. Let's see what your friend has
got...You'll have to keep up with me if you want to skate with us!

BEAT: Wow, you're faster than you look! We'll give you a hand

CHAPTER 2: Six Months Earlier

COMBO: Strange paintings of rhinos and bizarre symbols. Ever since the
emergence of these paintings, strange things have been happening in this city.

DISPATCH: Assassins have been dispatched.

COMBO: Unfamiliar cars and strange men are hangin' around the streets. There's
definitely something wrong here!

COMBO: Grind Square was built by the Rokkaku Group. Is all of this their doing?

DISPATCH: Assassins have been dispatched.

DISPATCH: Release the Shock Troops!

DISPATCH: Choppers reporting. Will engage enemy.

COMBO: What's this new radio station 'Jet Set Radio' that everyone keeps
talking about? Well...we got no choice but to fly to Tokyo for some help.
People are saying a group called the GG's are who to talk to.

CHAPTER 3: Present Day

PROFESSOR K: Professor K here igniting the airwaves with some hot beats! But I
hear there are some crazy cats out there playing with more than just musical

DISPATCH: Bomb squad is on its way.

PROFESSOR K: This here is your very own Tokyo pirate broadcaster, Jet Set
Radio!!!! Them nasty Rokkaku posters have all been covered up by GG graffiti.
Way to go! But when they weren't looking, someone swiped the record!!! You
gotta go after 'em, right?

PIRANHA: You guys need an injection of style and I'm the prescription. Let's
see if you can fill the doctor's order!

PIRANHA: Sweet moves, try grooving to this one!

PIRANHA: I think you got it baby. One more and I think I might be seen in
public with you!

PIRANHA: Those were smooth moves kid, can't wait to get down with you!

PROFESSOR K: We're gonna burn Tokyo up! We got an explosive broadcast coming to
you. The thing everyone's been hunting for like crazy is something called the
'Devil's Contract'. It's a record that's got the power to summon a demon!!!

DISPATCH: Flame Squad has been dispatched.

PROFESSOR K: This is bad mojo, boys and girls! I don't know what it's doing in
Tokyo, but we can't let whackos like that get their hands on it! Demon or no
demon, this can't be good news! The streets of Tokyo-to are in a panic and
we're gonna have to cut off this broadcast soon. Can the GG's graffiti save
this city?

PROFESSOR K: The army's moved into Kogane-Cho. They're turnin' Tokyo into a war
zone. What's with those jet packs? Why can't they just take the subway like
everybody else?

DISPATCH: Send in the troops!

DISPATCH: No helicopters left?! Send whatever you have!

PROFESSOR K: This is Tokyo's only back-alley broadcaster, Jet Set Radio! It
turns out the Golden Rhinos are a secret branch of the Rokkaku Group. A
dangerous bunch, cool and cruel! Looks like they're wiping out everyone who
tries to hang on the streets. GO and hit 'em back!

SLATE: Huh? Oh you want something? Yea try keeping up with me? Ha!? Don't blink

SLATE: Must have gotten lucky...oh well you win.

PROFESSOR K: That record everbody's looking for is already missing!!! According
to some info we got from Poison Jam, it was made by some freaky evil sound
engineer. It's been passed all the way to Tokyo! Goji wants to use the record
to make a contract with a demon so he can take over Tokyo and the rest of the
world! Get to the new Rokkaku Headquarters and destroy that record -- along
with Goji's evil plans!

PROFESSOR K: That huge portal of evil, the Rokkaku Building, is a pile of dust.
Now they're saying that the building was destroyed in a construction accident--
yeah right! At least Tokyo is back to its glorious old self. It turns out that
the Golden Rhinos were just another group of Goji's henchmen. That explains a
lot...It turns out the record that Goji was looking for was just an old indie
record, a hoax. The Noise Tanks are in-repair and the Love Shockers are broken-
hearted again. But Poison Jam is back, and planning more mischief. What's that?
You think I just made all that up?! Ha ha ha! Sure, sure, okay. But watch out!
On the street, there's no such thing as 'The End!'

Location of Graffiti Souls

I know of a few of the Graffiti Soul locations are not listed, so please e-mail
me if you know of any that I missed and how to get them. I probably got some of
the graffiti's while going through and completing the walkthrough and did not
write the location down. The best way to get all the Graffiti Souls is to use
Jet Graffiti because of the freedom and time limit is huge.


~ Bus Depot ~

Between the two southwest bus stops, there is a soul. Jump from one bus stop to
the next to get this one.

~ Playground & Highway ~

On the highway, grind the railing in the middle to the northeast. After you
fall off, the soul will be northeast of you.

In the playground, there is a soul that is on top of the southwest most swing
set. To reach it, jump from the highway. It might take you a few tries, but you
can make it.

Grind the rail that surrounds the playground southbound. Before it turns
northwest, jump for a soul.

At the gap from the highway to the hills section, there is a crane. Jump onto
the crane and grind the object that comes out from it to the south (do not know
the name). Jump off the object and you might have to turn in the air a little
bit to grab the soul.

~ Sewer ~

From the bus stop entrance, follow the sewer to the southeast. There will be a
soul that you can jump to on the west side of the pipe.

From the bus stop entrance, follow the sewer to the southeast. After the turn,
go northeast. There will be a soul that you have to jump from the half pipe to

From the entrance from the highway & playground, go northeast. On the northwest
side of the half pipe will be a soul that you can jump to by using the half

~ Hills ~

From the top entrance, grind the east rail on the east road. Jump at the end to
grab a soul.

From the top entrance, take the west road. When it turns, grind the east rail.
At the end of the rail, jump to grab a soul.

From the top entrance, take the west rail on the east road. Jump the first gap
before it turns. Jump the next gap before it turns and make your way all the
way to the turn in the road. Grind the northwest rail, and jump the gap to grab
a soul.

From the top entrance, take the west rail on the east road. When it turns, jump
onto the building. Jump down into the area where there is a red arrow (the most
northern tag in the area). Use the rail to the south to jump onto the building
to the northeast. Line up the with the west edge of the blue part on the
billboard that is to the south. Dash and jump to reach a soul.


~ Shantytown ~

On the bottom level, near the entrance to the sewer, go southeast and jump to
the concrete island. Jump onto the red beam, and before it ends, jump and you
should hit a soul on the next beams.

On the bottom level, on the boardwalk, there are two red roofed buildings.
Grind one of the buildings roof, going towards the other one, and jump the gap
to pick up a soul.

On the fence that covers the stairs going to the third level there is a soul.
To get it, grind from the southeast towards the fence and time it right to land
on it. You can also grind from the third level down on the fence.

Near the entrance to the third level from the second level is a bunch of
buildings grouped together. At the tallest building is a soul grind. To get to
the soul graffiti, grind from the second floor up to third. When the fence
ends, jump and land on the red roof grind. Jump quickly and turn to the red
roofed building to the north and land there. Jump onto the green roofed
building to the north. Make your way southeast and jump from green roof to
green roof and there is a soul there.

Above the path to the junkyard, there is a soul graffiti between two buildings.
To get on top of the building, go to the lot directly south of the graffiti.
Grind the white pipe and jump off. Turn yourself to land on the top of the
building. Now, grind the top of the roofs and jump when you hit the gap to get
the soul.

~ Junkyard ~

To the southeast of the inner lot, there is a graffiti soul in the air. To
reach it, grind the rail to the northeast of it towards the soul. Jump at the
end and grab it.

On top of the junkyard building, line yourself up so that you will skate on the
middle line of the roof. Skate northeast and jump onto the red beam. You will
grind into the soul.

On the wall to the very north is a soul that you have to wall grind to reach.

~ Junkyard Building ~

~ Sewer ~

In the area you climb out of the sewage if you fall into the sewage.  When you
climb out, it will be right in front of you.

From the entrance of out of the half pipe and to the tunnel that connects the
sewer to the junkyard building, there is a soul. To get it, grind the top half
pipe rail, and jump over the gap.


~ Railroad Station ~

On the southwest side of the railroad, there is a stack of three red boxes and
a green one. On top of it is a soul. Just jump up the boxes until you reach it.

In the middle of the northeast wall, there is a stack of two green boxes and
one red one. Jump on the red one and then on the green one and you will get the
soul. You can also jump from a rail, onto one of the trains, and then onto the
green box to reach it.

There are four rails that go from one end to the level to the other. Grind the
most northeast one to the south, and eventually you will see a soul graffiti on
the ground. Skate over it to grab it.

~ Market Circle ~

In the middle of the elevated circle.

Get to the elevated circle in the middle. Grind the blue rail and you will
eventually grind into a soul.

From the circle, take the north wire to reach a soul.

From the circle, grind the wire that is next to the blue rail. Jump as soon as
you see the light pole it is connected to and you will jump into a soul.

~ Housing District ~

Grind the southeast rail of the north passage to the business district to get a

Grind the northwest rail of the south passage to the business district to get a

Between the two passages to the business district there is a dump truck. Grind
the west side of the dump truck and jump to get a soul.

Near the entrance from the market circle, there is a soul in the air. You can
grind the northeast rail and jump, or simply jump from the entrance to reach

~ Business District ~

>Grind City

JET Extras


JET Graffiti is the same thing as the Grind City and last three missions before
Final Stage, but without enemies and a huge time limit. This mode is the best
to use if you want to go around and collect Graffiti Souls also.

~ Shibuya-Cho ~

JET: ???

Refer to the level Explosion.

~ Kogane-Cho ~

JET: ???

Refer to the level Fight or Flight.

~ Benten-Cho ~

JET: ???

Refer to the level Benten Burning

~ Grind City ~

JET: ???

Refer to the level Rock N Roll.


This is basically a free skate where you try and rack up as many points as you
can. The key to this section is to find the infinite grinds in each level and
exploit them. There is at least one in every part of the city. Refer to the
Secrets section for each level's infinite grind.

~ Shibuya-Cho ~

JET: 55000

~ Kogane-Cho ~

JET: ???

~ Benten-Cho ~

JET: ???

~ Grind City ~

JET: 53000


JET Crush is where you go through the races against Beat, Slate, and YoYo.

~ Shibuya-Cho ~

JET: ???

Refer to Beat's Challenge.

~ Kogane-Cho ~

JET: ???

Refer to Slate's Challenge.

~ Benten-Cho ~

JET: ???

Refer to YoYo's challenge.


This section describes secrets of Jet Grind Radio and how to get them. Refer to
the Characters>Friendly section to see the stats of each of the unlocked
characters. They are selectable from the character selection screen between
Garam and Beat. Only a picture of them is available.

>Unlock Poison Jam

To unlock Poison Jam as a playable character, you must beat each Kogane-Cho
levels with a JET rating.

>Unlock Love Shockers

To unlock Love Shockers as a playable character, you must beat all Shibuya-Cho
levels with a JET rating.

>Unlock Noise Tanks

To unlock Noise Tanks as a playable character, you must beat all Benten-Cho
levels with a JET rating.

>Unlock Professor K

To unlock DJ Professor K as a playable character, you must beat Final Stage.
After you complete this, he is a playable character.

>Hear Different Sega Introductions

To hear the normal Sega, let the game go through the screens normally. To hear
the Sega Scream, advance through the screens with start.

>Getting 100%

To get 100%, beat the game. You will have 88% done. You now have to unlock
every secret character for an additional 8%. I am not sure what the remaining
4% is from.

>Infinite Grinds

~ Shibuya-Cho ~

In the playground & highway area, there are two overpasses with stairs on the
main road. Go in between them. Grind the inner railings, and you can jump from
overpass to overpass for infinite.

~ Kogane-Cho ~

In the junkyard building, you can grind the railings that enclose the center,
and jump every time there is gap for infinite.

~ Benten-Cho ~

In the railroad section, there are a total of four rails that go on from end to
end. If you start on one of the edges of the four rails, you can grind it, and
whenever you want, turn left or right, depending on which way you are going, as
hard as you can and you will land on the other edge of the four rails. You can
do this for as long as you want.

~ Grind City ~

In the south part of the map, is a area enclosed by a fence. The fence may look
too high to jump on, but if you simple judge it right, you can jump onto the
fence. Jump whenever the one gap comes and you can grind it forever.


Some places where there are stairs going to an upper level, if you grind them
and then jump at the top the game freezes.


Jet Grind Radio is known for its music soundtrack almost as well as it is for
its great gameplay. Here is a list of the tracks that are available in Jet
Grind Radio for the Gameboy Advance. I believe that they are remixed from their
originals on the Dreamcast.


1. Let Mom Sleep
2. Humming the Bassline
3. Sweet Soul Brother
4. That's Enough
5. Sneakman
6. Everybody Jump Around

Graffiti Tags

You gain extra graffiti tags by collecting Graffiti Souls. Since I did not use
any guides to make this, I have not gotten every Graffiti Soul. That means this
list is incomplete. The format of the list is Artist - Name of tag.


~ Small ~

Beat - Beat the Clock
Gum - Pop!
Tab - Tab Me
Combo - Don't Push It, Kid!
Piranha - Beware My Bite!
Garam - Freaky Deaky
Mew - Purr Like a Kitten
Cube - Fear Me
YoYo - Yo Yo, Baby!
Slate - Ya Gotta Cheat To Solve Puzzles
Sick Puppy - Mutt in the Window?
Murph - Hot Soup
Happer - Break It!
Golden Rhino S - Golden Rhinos

~ Large ~

Beat - Beat This
Gum - Minty Cool Flavor
Tab - Pull the Tab
Combo - Watch My Moves
Piranha - Sharpest Teeth
Garam - Man With a Plan!
Mew - Sweeter Than Sugar
Cube - Tougher Than You
YoYo - Yo! 3D
Slate - Blue Slate
Melting Pot - Home of the Brave
Bouz - Clumsy Punk
Yellow Magic - Cubizmo
Ebisu Pin - Ride the Wave
Compile - Hunt and Gather
Ya Man - Chill Out
Golden Rhino L - Golden Rhinos 2

~ X-Large ~

Kabuki Jam - Theater of Sound
Edge - Off the Edge!
Monkey Business - Don't Monkey Around
Breaker - Breaker Breaker!
Cub Writer - Goof Off!
Tokyo Underground - Let's Play Ball
Music - Music Lover
Grim Reaper - Sick Town
Vandalism - Spirit of the Art
W.S.W - Wild Style Wars!
Crazy Crew - Psycho Colors!
Twosome - Slapstick Duo
Lil' Devils - Devil May Care
Jet Guy - Pull My Finger
Golden Rhino XL - Golden Rhinos 3

Codes ~

This section is for people with the cheating devices Code Breaker and Pro
Action Relay. If one of these Codes ~ does not work, e-mail me and I will take

>Code Breaker

Must Be On           - 0000985B 000A
                       100191EE 0007
Unlock All Players   - 4200812A 0101
                       00000006 0002
Unlock All Graffiti  - 42008114 FFFF
                       00000006 0002

~ ~ Access JET Graffiti Codes ~ ~

Shibuya-Cho          - 32008153 0001
Kogane-Cho           - 32008157 0001
Benten-Cho           - 3200815B 0001
Grind City           - 3200815F 0001

~ Access JET Technique Codes ~

Shibuya-Cho          - 32008154 0001
Kogane-Cho           - 32008158 0001
Benten-Cho           - 3200815C 0001
Grind City           - 32008160 0001

~ Access JET Crush Codes ~

Shibuya-Cho          - 32008155 0001
Kogane-Cho           - 32008159 0001
Benten-Cho           - 3200815D 0001
Grind City           - 32008161 0001

~ Shibuya GG Codes ~

Infinite Health      - 7201F0F0 0044
                       3201F0DC 0058
Infinite Time        - 7201F0F0 0044
                       3201F0E4 0050
Infinite Cans        - 7201F0F0 0044
                       3201F0D8 0063

~ Love Trap Codes ~

Infinite Health      - 7201F938 0044
                       3201F924 0058
Infinite Time        - 7201F938 0044
                       3201F92C 0050
Infinite Cans        - 7201F938 0044
                       3201F920 0063

~ Monster of Kogane Codes ~

Infinite Health      - 72022148 0044
                       32022134 0058
Infinite Time        - 72022148 0044
                       3202213C 0050
Infinite Cans        - 72022148 0044
                       32022130 0063

~ Benten Boogie Codes ~

Infinite Health      - 7201EEBC 0044
                       3201EEA8 0058
Infinite Time        - 7201EEBC 0044
                       3201EEB0 0050
Infinite Cans        - 7201EEBC 0044
                       3201EEA4 0063

~No. 540 Codes ~

Infinite Health      - 7201CAE4 0044
                       3201CAD0 0058
Infinite Time        - 7201CAE4 0044
                       3201CAD8 0050
Infinite Cans        - 7201CAE4 0044
                       3201CACC 0063

~ Kogane Circus Codes ~

Infinite Health      - 72021CB8 0044
                       32021CA4 0058
Infinite Time        - 72021CB8 0044
                       32021CAC 0050
Infinite Cans        - 72021CB8 0044
                       32021CA0 0063

~ Graffiti High Codes ~

Infinite Health      - 72020B70 0044
                       32020B5C 0058
Infinite Time        - 72020B70 0044
                       32020B64 0050
Infinite Cans        - 72020B70 0044
                       32020B58 0063

~ Noise Reduction Codes ~

Infinite Health      - 72020F34 0044
                       32020F20 0058
Infinite Time        - 72020F34 0044
                       32020F28 0050
Infinite Cans        - 72020F34 0044
                       32020F1C 0063

~ Love Attack Codes ~

Infinite Health      - 72024484 0044
                       32024470 0058
Infinite Time        - 72024484 0044
                       32024478 0050
Infinite Cans        - 72024484 0044
                       3202446C 0063

~ Tag Or Die Codes ~

Infinite Health      - 72020558 0044
                       32020544 0058
Infinite Time        - 72020558 0044
                       3202054C 0050
Infinite Cans        - 72020558 0044
                       32020540 0063

~ Rock N Roll Codes ~

Infinite Health      - 72020558 0044
                       32020544 0058
Infinite Time        - 72020558 0044
                       3202054C 0050
Infinite Cans        - 72020558 0044
                       32020540 0063

~ Explosion Codes ~

Infinite Health      - 7202628C 0044
                       32026278 0058
Infinite Time        - 7202628C 0044
                       32026280 0050
Infinite Cans        - 7202628C 0044
                       32026274 0063

~ Fight Or Flight Codes ~

Infinite Health      - 7202754C 0044
                       32027538 0058
Infinite Time        - 7202754C 0044
                       32027540 0050
Infinite Cans        - 7202754C 0044
                       32027534 0063

~ Benten Burning Codes ~

Infinite Health      - 72022DDC 0044
                       32022DC8 0058
Infinite Time        - 72022DDC 0044
                       32022DD0 0050
Infinite Cans        - 72022DDC 0044
                       32022DC4 0063

~ Final Stage Codes ~

Infinite Health      - 7201DDD0 0044
                       3201DDBC 0058
Infinite Time        - 7201DDD0 0044
                       3201DDC4 0050
Infinite Cans        - 7201DDD0 0044
                       3201DDB8 0063

>Code Breaker

Must Be On           - 638728d2
Infinite Time        - ef6006d5
Infinite Spray Cans  - 16725dbc
Max Points           - 2aa8d7e7

Version 1.00
  - Published
Version 1.01
  - Made the section headers a little more obvious.
Version 1.10
  - Fixed some typos.
  - Redid the format.
  - Added Slate's stats which I forgot about.

Special Thanks
http://www.gamefaqs.com for hosting the FAQ. Thanks CjayC. Big thanks to the
Jet Grind Radio for Gameboy Advance board on http://www.gamefaqs.com.
Smilebit for creating the original game on Dreamcast.
Sega for publishing the original game on Dreamcast.
Vicarious Visions for porting the game to Gameboy Advance.
THQ for publishing the port.
Game Software Club Creators Club for the Code Breaker Codes ~.
Codejunkies for the Pro Action Relay Codes ~.
Nivrae for pointing out a typo.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

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