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    EX Visions FAQ/Walkthrough by Anwonu

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                                 EX Stages FAQ/Walkthrough
                             Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament
                                   By Namco Hometec Inc.
                                   Licensed by Nintendo
                                   For Game Boy Advance
                This file you're reading is Copyright 2005 Alex Morinaga.
                                   All rights reserved.
    * ----------------------------- Table of Contents --------------------------- *
    1. Legal Info
    2. About this FAQ.. and me >_>
    3. Walkthrough
     3a. Vision EX-1
     3b. Vision EX-2
     3c. Vision EX-3
     3d. Vision EX-4
     3e. Vision EX-5
    4. FAQ
    5. Credits
    6. Contact
    7. Version Info
    * ------------------------------ 1. Legal Info ------------------------------ *
       This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
       All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
       (Oshi, phrases taken from GameFAQs' Contributor Central part XP)
       Sites that can use this document:
    * --------------------- 2. About this FAQ.. and me >_> ---------------------- *
       Hi there. This is my first FAQ/Walkthrough. Since there's already one for
    the normal stages, this one covers the EX ones.
       I started playing this game some time after I got my GBA and Klonoa: Empire
    of Dreams. Since I liked that one, I wanted to play this game too =D
       Anyway.. this Walkthrough will give you directions and hints on how to
    complete the Vision and get an S Rank.
    * ----------------------------- 3. Walkthrough ------------------------------ *
       If you're reading this Walkthrough, you probably know the controls, enemies,
    stuff, etc. So, I won't bother writing about them.
       To avoid typing "double jump" many times, I'll just type DJ.
       Anyway.. Let's start.
    3a. Vision EX-1
       In my opinion, the easiest of all EX Visions.
       Pretty obvious here. Get the yellow Moo and DJ to the upper part. Get the 3
    gems (3) and take the red Moo. If you want, go down to break a crate and get a
       Now that you have the Moo, jump to the next path carefully. When the enemy
    comes near, jump over it and DJ to the next path. Fly a bit if necessary.
       Here, if you fall, you'll die instantly. Jump and get the flying Moo. DJ and
    get the other. DJ again and get the Goomie. Jump, get the Moo, and keep DJing
    until the end.
       Get the flying Moo and break the crate for a large gem (8). get the Moo
    again, go to the path a bit higher and DJ. Either this or DJ a bit lower than
    the warp, get another Moo and DJ again.
       Get the Moo, DJ, get the flying Moo and DJ to get the 3 gems (11). While
    you're falling, get the flying Moo from the warp, DJ a bit lower, get another
    and DJ again.
       Go to the 2nd plant thing and jump to the next, taking the life. If
    necessary, fly a bit. Take the other life. Jump, get the Moo, DJ, get another
    Moo and DJ to the whirlwind. Get the moo, DJ, get it again and go to the next
    part. Get the Moon Stone, of course.
       Getting that Moo wasn't necessary, but it's easier. DJ to get the higher
    warp (red) and DJ to reach the rope (or something like this). To get that life,
    get the left Moo (mummy) and DJ. Anyway, jump, get the right Moo (pink), DJ and
    get the next warp/Moo (blue). DJ again, take the Moo and continue.
       To be faster, DJ over the giant Spiker (is that its name? >_>). Get the Moo,
    DJ, get the flying one and DJ again. Get the flying one one more time, DJ, get
    the other flying one and DJ again. Or, if you want, be hit by some enemy and
    pass through the giant Spiker.
       Get the 3 gems (14), the Moo and jump to the upper part, getting 4 more gems
    (18). Get the Moo and break the crate up there for a large gem (23). Get it
    again and start DJing again. Take the Erbil and DJ to take the 2 lives. Get the
    Moo up there and DJ again. Take the Moon Stone, the Moo again and keep going.
       DJ to pass. Now, I hope you've trained your DJ well. But, instead of going
    forward, it's upward now. 4 Moos and you're there. Go to the right and take the
    3 gems (26).
       Get the Erbil and DJ, breaking the crates and keep going. Get the Moo and DJ
    to te next path. Get this Moo and DJ again. Take the red one, wait the spikers
    go down and DJ. Get the mummy one before landing, or you'll probably be hit. DJ
    to get 2 more gems (28). Get the Moo again and DJ to the next part. You'll
    notice you won't be able to get there directly. Take the pink one and DJ again.
    Get it again and DJ to take the last 2 gems (30). Now go down and get the
    Goomie. DJ chain again, until you reach the flyer thing (I'm bad at names >_>).
    Get the last Moon Stone and enter. VISION CLEAR!
       My best time: 85:76
    3b. Vision EX-2
       IIRC, the last EX I did. Anyway, let's do it.
       Grab the Erbie and DJ near the left wall to get the "keydoor". Take another,
    DJ and keep right.
       Take the box and break the chest. It'll have another box. Use them on the
    arrows. One, you throw at the 2nd arrow column. Other, DJ over the 1st arrow.
    Take the 3 gems up there (3) and the life, if you want. Jump on the other box
    and take the previous. Throw at the next arrow. But don't throw it while on the
    other box, or this arrow will disturbe. Jump a bit forward, throw and go back.
    Jump onto the other box.
       Don't worry about the spines up there. They won't hurt you. 2 DJ and you
    pass to the next part.
       *This part, you can pass with only 1 box. I did it once, when I forgot to
    break the chest >_>; But it's a bit harder. It's like falling from right, grab
    the box and go to the next arrow column fast enough to be there.
       Here, take the Erbil and DJ near the right wall and hit the switch. Take it
    again and throw onto the arrow to break the chest. It has a box. Take it and
    break the other chest. (Or you could use a flying Moo from the previous room to
    break it.) Push the flowerpot to the right, but don't do totally. Take the box
    again and put on that "hole" to make the pot reach under the arrow. Do it and
    throw the Erbil onto the arrow again.  Go upward, take the Erbil, DJ following
    the gems (6) and DJ shain with the flying Moos there. Take the "keydoor" at the
    right and keep going left.
       Take the 2 gems (8), the yellow Moo and DJ where its warp is. Get another
    and DJ a bit lower to get another and DJ up there. (Complicated? You'll get it
    eventually =p)
       Take the box and throw/DJ on any of the arrows, going on the box up there.
    Or just jump onto it. In yor way, you'll get 3 gems (11). It'll stop when
    you're blocked by an obstacle. Take the box and throw, but take it back before
    it goes all the way (you may wait, but it'll be longer =p). Keep going on it
    and jump on those purple rocks (remember the box will hit the switch as soon as
    you jump, so fly a bit to get to the right rock at the right time). Keep going,
    get the Moo and DJ to get the Moon Stone (the first, finally =o). Get the Moo
    or the box, break the chest down there and go down (d'oh!).
       Now, be fast and start pushing the pot while the yellow Moo is on it. If you 
    weren't fast enough, go left and back. You'll get a gem which was hidden behind
    the pot (12). Keep pushing and get the Moo to break the chest.  Take the life
    and the large gem (17) down.
       Go up back, get the Moo and go up again. And down again. Push the pot once
    more, but now you don't need to keep the Moo onto it. Just push as far as you
    can. Take the Moo and DJ over it. DJ again, take the "keydoor" and break the
    chest for a life.
       Now, go left. Take the Moo and DJ to get a Moon Stone. Take the Moo again
    and go left.
       DJ to break the chest and take the Moo in the previous room again. Go down
    (on the left room, AKA the 1st room >_>), break the chest and get the 3 gems
    (20). Go to the oter room, get the Erbil and go back. Guess what? DJ chain
    again, but now you must be fast. DJ with the Erbil, take the other, DJ when
    you're high enough, and DJ chain with the flying Moos up there (just remember
    you may do the DJ chain with only one Moo and its warp). Flying will help a bit
       Now, you're seeing the switch there? While DJing, throw a Moo there and
    you'll keep up there. DJ chain again, get the yellow Moo and DJ. DON'T GET THE
       Jump on the door and go up.
       Push the pot and take the flying Moo. DJ over it and get the a large gem
    (25) + 3 lives, if you want. Go back to down and get the last Moon Stone. don't
    enter; we still need 5 gems. Go to the right and get the last large gem (30).
    Go back and enter in the door. VISION CLEAR!
    3c. Vision EX-3
       2nd easiest EX Vision, in my opinion. But an error and you must start again.
    Or Retry. But that doesn't give you an S Rank.
       Get the Moo and break the chest. Take the box and throw it. Ignore the
    flying Moo and go up. Get the box again and DJ a bit before the arrow. Take the
    Moo and break the highest chest. Get the lerge gem (5). Break the other chest
    for a life. Take the box again and DJ over the arrow. Keep pressing right and
    go. 3 more gems (8). Jump onto the purple rock and DJ to the next. Take the
    Moon Stone and the Moo (just to not hit you). Break the chests (1 life each),
    get the Moo and go right.
       The bad thing in this Vision is that you can't go back a room. So, if you
    didn't ge the blue Moo, You won't get S rank now..
       Anyway, let's go. Jump into the whirlwind and DJ to get the large gem (13).
    Go to the next whirlwind and grab the Goomie. Grab the moo and throw to break
    the chest. If you miss, you must Retry. Or restart all again, if you want an S
       3 more gems at the stairs (16). Break the chest and DJ to the blue platform.
    If you fall, instant death. Be careful.
       Go down and break the chests. Now, a bit of skills. Actually, not so much
    than EX-4. DJ on the 1st arrow, grab again, DJ on the 2nd and go right.
       Break all the chests. lives in 2nd, 4th and 6th chests. DJ to the whirlwind,
    DJ to the next, grab the 3 gems (19) and DJ with Erbie. Take the Moo and go
    right. DJ on the arrow and grab Goomie. Jump, DJ with the Moo again, get the
    Moon Stone and go.
       Break the chests. DJ with some Moo and get the 3 gems (22). DJ and go to the
    blue platform. Forget about the switch for now. Again to the platform left.
    Now, DJ with Erbie and you'll hit all switches. Go right.
       Get the Moo, jump on the rock and DJ on the next before it vanishes. Go
       Get the Moo and break the chests. Start with the middle one, preferably.
    Much faster, to break with that other Moo. take the 3 gems and a large gem
    (30). 2 lives too, if you want.
       Get the Moo and DJ on the arrow. While in air, hit the other 2 switches.
       My best time: 117:56
    3d. Vision EX-4
       This will require a lot of skills. That's all. Anyway, I'll give some hints
    here (yeah, this Walkthrough is for it >_>).
       As soon as you start, guess what? Oshi, DJ chain with 6 Moos, and spines up
    and down! But we're going to do it, won't we?
       Take the large gem (5). Go DJing. At the 3rd and 5th, you'll need to take
    the same Moo. When the path becomes narrow, DJ at the down part, or either your
    moo will be destroyed or you'll DJ too high.
       Now, a tip, if you're able to do it. The path becomes narrow twice. Each
    time, you'll notice the start of each part doesn't have spines. The space is
    very small, but you don't get hit on those places.
                           VVVVVVVVVVVVV   \O/ -> Goomie
                           _/\/\/\/\/\/\ -> spines
    /\/\/\/\/|             |
             |             |         (Yeah, I'm horrible at ASCIIs >_<)
             |             |
             V             V
       See these places? There, you won't take hit by spines. That doesn't help
    much, but may take you a break between the Moos =p
       In my opinion, the worst part of this EX. Luckily, it's the 1st. So, you can
    start again whenever you want to get an S Rank.
       2nd part. Take the large gem (10). Get the Erbie and jump holding right.
    When you reach about the same level as the rock column, DJ. Like this:
    ___    ____    | |
       |__|    |   | |
               |   | |
               |   \_/
               |    X  --> DJ here
       If done correctly, you'll reach the next platform. If not, you'll hit the
    column and fall.
       Let's keep going. Get the Erbil and do the same. But you'll notice there's a
    flying Moo and the next platform is the same level as yours. Simple to think.
    DJ chain here.
       Get the other Erbil and do the same. Just be careful, because the column is
    lower. DJ chain again. if necessary, twice with the Moo.
       Finally, the last. Oshi, lower column and higher platform. DJ chain once
    more =o Just a difference: jump first and get the Erbil while falling (no, I
    don't think you couldn't notice it, but just to say <_<). Just remember to DJ
    chain twice with the last Moo.
       And don't fall here, please. Get the 1st Moon Stone and keep moving.
       3rd part. Did you know Likuris could get more than 3 guys? I didn't, until I
    tested here >_>
       Anyway, easy to see, eh? Get a Moo to grab the 1st Goomie. Then, get the
    Likuri and keep DJing and grabing Goomie until the end. Just time it right and
    jump as soon as you get to the last Goomie. Fly when necessary.
       And don't forget about the large gem (15).
       4th part. Large gem (20). DJ chain up. Now, you must be fast. A kind of DJ
    chain, too.
       Get the Moo and throw to the arrow. Then, get to the Goomie, jump, get the
    Moo and DJ. Yeah, a bit complicated. Press B and A almost at the same time to
       Do it again. But now, to the right instead to left. Just jump a bit left to
    be able to reach the platform.
       A bit different, but the same idea. Throw the Moo, jump to the rope, get the
    Moo and DJ.
       Same. DJ on the arrow, grab the Goomie, get the Moo and DJ.
       Get the 2nd Moon Stone and welcome to the last room.
       5th part. Take the Erbil and go up. Get the large gem (25). Take the Likuri
    and DJ over that Erbil you just used. Meanwhile, take the other Erbil, DJ and
    reach the next platform.
       DJ on the previous Erbil (the arrows give you a direction =)) and start DJ
    chain. If you miss some part and the Likuri comes earlier, DJ again
    over some other enemy.
       Now you've reached the platform, DJ over some enemy (the previous Erbil
    won't be there, sice they only reappear if you're near), grab Goomie, DJ with
    that Erbil and get to the last part, technically (I'm considering parts as
    where there's a large gem). Ah, don't forget about the Moon Stone.
       *If you hit the nearest enemy, but couldn't get the upper part, DJ again.
    It'll hit that other Moo. And you'll have another chance =D
       *While DJing with Erbie, Likuri will wait you =p
       OK. Break the crystal and welcome to the last part.
       6th part. Large gem (30). Go up and.. good luck here. Take the Moo and start
    DJ chain with the same Moo, using those arrows. Do it until you reach the door.
       I suggest you DJ as soon as you get the Moo back. I did it in a minimal of 5
    DJs. You may do it in less, or more (as I did the 1st time), but you'll reach
    there eventually. Once you get there, VISION CLEAR!
    3e. Vision EX-5
       The coolest, in my opinion. And the last I got S Rank. The last part is a
    bit painful =/
       Get the jumping Moo and DJ to the blue platform. DJ with the other Moo.
    Oshi, what's this? All ground Moos together =ooo
       Start killing them. Focus on the yellow one. Once he's "dead", get any other
    Moo and DJ. When up there, take the yellow Moo and DJ to the rope.
       Jump 3 ropes to left and get 3 gems (3). Go to the right one and up. Keep
    going up until you see a place with a flying Moo near. Take it, DJ over the
    arrow and get the rope. Jump to the right one. If done correctly, the Moo won't
    hit you, and it'll break the chest. Get the large gem (8).
       Now, 2 ways. One, go to the left rope, then right, right, right. Then, up,
    getting the Moon Stone. Or go to the right, get the Moo, DJ, rope, avoid, it
    breaks the chest and you get a life. Your choice.
       Get out of the rope and take the Moo. What a surprise, DJ chain. Do it until 
    you reach the whirlwind. 3 gems on your way (11). Get the jumping Moo and DJ to
    the rope. 2 lives. Go to the other rope, take the Moo, DJ over the arrow, take
    it again, DJ again to the to the upper path. Go left.
       Break the chest. Take the Moo again and DJ. Take once more and DJ. One more
    time, DJ to the rope. BTW, 2nd Moon Stone.
       Moo reunion again! Now, don't kill all. Take one and DJ. It'll probably hit
    other. Start DJ chain. until a higher one appears (it's the yellow one again).
    Then, DJ to the rope.
       Don't worry about this arrow here. Take the jumping Moo, DJ and DJ again
    with flying Moo. 3 gems (14) Go up. 3 lives. Up.
       Up. Get the flying Moo and DJ, going back to the rope. Now, DJ with it, DJ
    with Erbie and rope. 3 gems and 1 large one (22). 1 life.
       Break all the chests. For the last one, wait the Moo go down. 1 life.
       Take the Moo and DJ until you get up. I don't think I need to explain, do I?
    DJ chain, one DJ for each arrow. And a last one for the rope.
       Go to the whirlwind. 3 gems (25). Now, the pain.
       Be careful here. Moos will start to appear between the ropes. Use them to
    break the chests. The 1st chest has a life. The left one has another. Get the
    last Moon Stone. Go up and break the right one. Get the large gem (30) and go
    to the door. VISION CLEAR!
       *I've realized this when trying a good time: there are 2 chests that, if you
    don't break, Moos will be stuck there and won't appear until you kill them.
    They're shaped like this:
       ||   _||_   ||
      _XX_ | CHE|  ||   Those "X" parts are where upper Moos (yellow and blue,
     | CHE|| ST |  ||  the same that are stuck on another chest) may be stuck.
     | ST ||____|  ||  So, remember to break one of these chests before going up.
     |____|  ||    ||  Or kill those 2 Moos there.
       ||    ||    ||
       ||    ||    ||
       R  O  P  E  S
       My best time: 113:66
    *---------------------------------- 4. FAQ -----------------------------------*
       Of course I didn't get any questions. I just put this Walkthrough here >_>
       Anyway, I'll put some questions it may appear.
    Q: How do I get the EX Visions?
    A: Get all Sun Stones from all Visions of a World.
    Q: When can I play in them?
    A: After you beat the last Boss.
    Q: What do you get after completing all EX Visions?
    A: Just doing that, nothing. But if you get all S Rank, Dream Stone Gallery
    will appear. At right of Southern Resort.
    Q: What do you need to do to get S Rank?
    A: Get all gems, Sun Stones (if there is any), don't get hit and don't use
    *-------------------------------- 5. Credits ---------------------------------*
       As many people says (and I won't be different), first of all, to CJayC for
    making this excellent site =D
       Second, for Namco and Nintendo for doing this great game.
       And third, for myself, for doing this 1st version in 1 day (technically, 2,
    but I started about 9-10PM >_>)
    *-------------------------------- 6. Contact ---------------------------------*
       Any problem (grammatical, from my FAQ/Walkthrough, etc.), questions, helps,
    hints are welcome. Any, ANY typo I've made here, please send me an e-mail too
       If you want, send record times too.
       Any e-mail like "j00 suck" or "Get a life" will be ignored.
       And please, put something like "K2:DCT FAQ/Walkthrough" in the title.
    E-mail: unown_a_h@hotmail.com
    *------------------------------ 7. Version Info ------------------------------*
    Version 0.5 (09/17/05): Wrote the 1st version of this FAQ/Walkthrough. I won't
    change much besides the FAQ and any problems (especially grammatical).
    Version 0.7 (09/22/05): Added sites that can use this file, fixed some typos,
    and put Likuri in a place where random letters were typed (I did that to try
    putting its name later, but it seems I forgot that one =/).
                            Added some extra infos (EX-1 and 5)
                            Added my record times.
                            Put and "End of document" >_>
    Version 0.9 (06/22/06): Corrected some typos.
                                   END OF DOCUMENT                               

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