GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Japan)

Save Game File07/24/08zeldafreak00764K
All battle maps, all secret characters, One save on Beyond the Darkness and 2 other on Chapter 22
Save Game File05/30/04NeoDhaos64K
All holy weapons, at last chapter and have all 3 battle maps unlocked.
Save Game File06/07/04NeoDhaos64K
Completed game, have all devine weapons, all battle maps, all characters, all battle characters, everyone at level 20/20
Save Game File03/22/06Alexander_8664K
Fire Emblem Fuuin no Tsurugi Save with all the characters modes unlocked
Save Game File06/20/05Samurai Edge64K
First save at ending while second save at chapter 8.
Save Game File01/10/05RuruniX64K
Last stage, good stats and character

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