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There exists a continent known as Elibe, where Humans and Dragons once coexisted peacefully. However, about a thousand years ago, the Humans and the Dragons began to fight over continental hegemony. The battle, called the "Human-Dragon Campaign" was settled by the victory of the Human race, and the Dragons disappeared from the continent.

Nearly a thousand years have passed since then. The continent was balanced by the two major kingdoms, the Kingdom of Etruria in the west and the Kingdom of Bern in the east, and the small powers sandwiched between them, but suddenly the Kingdom of Bern began to invade other countries. King Zephyr of Bern, with his overwhelming force and the power of the Dragons that should have perished, will take control of his neighbors with a force of utter destruction. The Liquia Alliance, which holds authority over the south of the continent, formed an army to prepare for the invasion of Bern. Among them was Roy, the prince of Ferre, who attended in place of his sick father. Roy, who was entrusted with Bern's treasure, the "Crest of Fire" by Zephyr's sister Guinevere during the battle, eventually approaches the truth of the human-dragon campaign.

In this title, "support conversations" which will be inherited in later entries to the series has been implemented. If you raise the bond between units, a special event will occur, and the epilogue will also change.

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