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Reviewed: 07/30/02 | Updated: 07/30/02

Well... it's not all crap

As I speak, I am playing the platformer known as Lilo and Stitch. Like 90% of movies made into games, this one did not fall into the category of pure crap. This game actually surprized me on how fun it was, but the major flaws in control and enemies make it frusterating.

Graphics: 7.1

Nothing special in this department. Colorful levels add to the experience and the backgrounds are good all-around. What I thought wasn't that good looking was the characters like Lilo. This wasn't at all bad, it's just that coming out on the gba it is behind most of the other games. Let's just say improvement needed.

Play Control: 6.8

In the first level with stitch, its really easy: shoot and jump. When you get into levels with Lilo however, there is really no way to defend yourself.

One thing to tell you about this game is that if you die, you basically have to start over the whole level. So, controling Lilo is very hard when it comes to survival. Other than that, the play control is simple and easy to navigate.

Game Design: 7.0

Like I said before, this was a very surprizing game. I don't know if it follows the movie because I never saw it, but it doesn't really matter. The game is very challenging, but also frusterating and sometimes it seems like a chore.

Here are the good points. Unique levels, and the unique characters add to the game. Basically they is always a 1-2 hit kill on all enemies and the bosses add a really fun challenge for you.

Here are the bad points. The only save feature is a password jump, and I hate those because you can basically beat the game in 5 minutes by just looking online. I think the save feature is a must need on all games.

The life meter is small, so you have the same life as a regular enemy, but with better weapons. After you die, you have to start at a checkpoint. The game does not tell you where they are though. To finish off the bad points, it only has 7 levels.

Satisfaction/Replay: 2.3

No extras, no secrets, no nothing after you beat the game. Sure, I pick it up time to time just because of that first level, but nothing else really stands out to play it all again. After you finish the game, you will think that it wasn't worth your time or money.

Sound: 10

The sound fits the game, and thats all you really need.

Final Score

Graphics: 7.1
Play Control: 6.8
Game Design: 7.0
Satisfaction: 2.3
Sound: 10.0
OVERALL: 6.2 (6/10 gamefaqs score)

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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