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FAQ/Walkthrough by Schlave

Version: Final | Updated: 12/26/02

                          (C) 2002 Schlave
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SYSTEM..........................................GameBoy Advance
LAST UPDATE.....................................26 December 2002
FAQ TYPE........................................FAQ/Walkthrough

To all Game Guide websites intending to use this document, please 
request permission from the author at lisaho@singnet.com.sg. If not, you 
will be hunted down and destroyed. Thank you. 

     ***NOTE***www.CheatCC.com is NOT to use this guide***NOTE***

This guide uses non-ASCII characters. If you have a browser set to auto-
detect foreign characters, turn it off for now.

If you wish to mail me a question, check the guide carefully before even 
beginning to type, or be prepared for a curt answer. However, if you 
want to mail me help, I'd gladly appreciate it.

Also, this guide is marked Final. Which means I won't be adding any new 
content, but if necessary I will, on my own basis, make any corrections 
if I find any serious flaws. Mails begging for new content will be duly 
ignored. ^_^

    C O N T E N T S
(1) Updates
(2) Who am I?
(3) Controls
    - 3.1 Basic Controls
    - 3.2 Game Screen
(4) Game Basics
    - 4.1 Harry's Notebook
    - 4.2 Spells and their Effects
    - 4.3 Healing Items and Potions
    - 4.4 Potion Cauldrons
    - 4.5 Trick Items
    - 4.6 Collectibles
    - 4.7 Owl Post
    - 4.8 Quidditch
(5) Walkthrough
(6) Enemies
    - 6.1 Bestiary
    - 6.2 Non-Living Obstacles
(7) Money Locations
    - 7.1 Knuts
    - 7.2 Sickles
(8) Wizard Cards
    - 8.1 Beast
    - 8.2 Potions
    - 8.3 Quidditch
    - 8.4 Charms
    - 8.5 Locations
(9) Collectible Locations
    - 9.1 Jellybeans
    - 9.2 Chocolate Frogs
    - 9.3 Castle Maps
(10) Frequently Asked Questions
(11) Credits
(12) Legal Stuff

Note: * means under contruction. 

      /-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.//|||         |||\\-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-\
     ||                     U P D A T E S                    ||
Version Final (25th Dec 2002)
Added the stuff you can find in each portion of the walkthrough. And I 
finished the last section of the guide. And now, I'm done with this 
guide. Have a nice day :)
 - Walkthrough updated
 - Money Locations section added

Version 0.4 (19th Dec 2002)
I found the rest of the Quidditch Wizard Cards, which I accidentally 
overlooked; I threw in the very last Locations card, but its location is 
probably only 99% confirmed. Also, I did up a large section: the 
Collectible Locations. It contains Castle Maps and the locations of the 
Chocolate Frogs and Jellybeans.
 - Wizard Cards section finished
 - Corrected 'Doxies' to 'Doxy' in Enemies section
 - Added 'Living Armor' to Enemies section
 - 'Quidditch' sub-section added to Game Basics section
 - Collectible Locations section added

Version 0.3 (15th Dec 2002)
All right...just about all the supporting information there is to be has 
been added. Also threw in the Enemies section, renamed from Minor 
Enemies :)
 - Frequently Asked Questions section added
 - Controls and Game Basics sections added
 - Enemies section added

Version 0.2 (13th Dec 2002)
Whew...found the very last Jellybean and the last 'Beasts' card. 
Hopefully I can get this up before any emails start pouring in...oh, and 
in case you wondered how I mixed up 27 November with 12th December, 
don't ask. It was an honest mix-up, really!
 - Last Jellybean collected
 - Another Wizard Card added

Version 0.1 (12th Dec 2002)
Heheh...I just wanted to post the walkthrough first. The rest of the 
shards of this guide will come up very soon, to probably double the 
guide's size by the time it's finished :)
 - Walkthrough finished
 - 99 of 100 Jellybeans collected
 - 26 out of a probable 30? Chocolate Frogs are collected.
 - Legal Stuff section added

      /-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.//|||         |||\\-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-\
     ||                   W H O  A M  I  ?                   ||
Call me Schlave.

This is my second FAQ for Harry Potter, and truth be told, I'm not a 
die-hard fan. No, seriously. Believe that stuff about me not being an 
avid Potter fan. I don't go all-out and purchase all sorts of 
merchandise on Harry Potter, except the books. 

Now, the Chamber of Secrets, despite having a shallower plot, isn't 
longer, shorter or even harder than Sorcerer's Stone. In my opinion, 
they reduced the abysmally easy difficulty, seen in Sorcerer's Stone, in 
Chamber of Secrets.

The only thing worth going after in this game are the several well-
hidden collectibles, like Jellybeans, Chocolate Frogs and Wizard Cards. 
They extend the lifespan of the game, which is not very long really.

This guide is also for people who encounter difficulties in the game. 
I'd have thought that pretty hard, but of course the basics of this game 
are more complex than its predecessor.


      /-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.//|||         |||\\-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-\
     ||                     C O N T R O L S                  ||
I: Basic Controls
Direction Pad : Move Harry around.

A Button      : Cast the selected spell.

B Button      : 'Action' Button
               - 1st use: opening chests and wardrobes
               - 2nd use: examining queer objects
               - 3rd use: flipping levers
               - 4th use: clambering over ledges
               - 5th use: dragging objects

L Button      : Use the selected item.

R Button      : Jump. You can leap on Leviosa blocks and low surfaces.

Start         : Brings up the Inventory. Use L and R buttons to cycle 
                through menus.

II: Game Screen
|  Stamina (in zaps)    Item  Spell |
|                                   |
|                                   |
|         MAIN GAME SCREEN          |
|                                   |
|                                   |
|                                   |
|                                   |

Stamina : This is your 'Health'. It is measured in 'zaps', or lightning 
bolt units. When filled, each zap is red in colour. Get more zaps by 
collecting Chocolate Frogs. You can top up stamina with Wiggenweld 
Potion, Cauldron Cakes and Pumpkin Pasties. Your maximum stamina is 10 
zaps, but you start with 5.

In your inventory, the left side objects are Items; these are 
miscellaneous things that have certain uses. On the right, are your 
spells. When you select one Item or spell with A, the icon representing 
the item/spell will appear in the box on the Game Screen. If you have 
more than one of the same selected Item, there will also be a number in 
the box representing how many of that Item you have.

Use items with the L Button. Cast spells with A button.

      /-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.//|||         |||\\-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-\
     ||                 G A M E  B A S I C S                 ||
Actually, some of this information can be obtained from the Owl Posts 
scattered around the castle, but to make it clearer, the tips, in my own 
words, are put in here. Also, note the word 'some'; the rest of the 
unexplained information is noted in this section. If you're playing this 
game for the first time, it would be useful to read this for some time 
so you don't need to waste time trying them out by yourself.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |               H A R R Y ' S  N O T E B O O K                _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
While playing the game, press Start. There, that's Harry's Notebook. It 
contains a lot of information; flip through the notebook with L and R. 
The very first page contains your vital statistics; it records down the 
Jellybeans, money, House points and Golden Stars you have collected, and 
shows how much stamina you have, and to a certain extent how many 
Chocolate Frogs you've collected.

The next page will bring you to your Items/Spells page. The boxes on top 
of the words Items and Spells display the currently selected Item/Spell. 
For Items, the top three boxes display how many trick items (Dungbombs, 
Stink Pellets and Luminous Balloons) you have, and the bottom three 
display your beakers, and if they are filled, they are displayed as 
potion items instead.

The next page is a list of information about all sorts of stuff from 
Items to Tasks. Use this page to find out your present Task if you're a 
bit lost, and reread your Owl Scrolls if you think you've forgotten a 
vital technique. When you get the Bestiary (all 5 Beasts cards gotten), 
you may view information on the various types of enemies you're up 
against in the game.

The page after that shows you what Wizard Cards you've collected. There 
are 25 in all, and five types, starting from top: Beasts, Potions, 
Quidditch, Charms and Locations. Refer to the Wizard Cards section of 
this guide to know where to get them.

When you get the Hogwarts map, the page after that will show your 
current location in the current zone. Certain areas of Hogwarts are, 
unfortunately, uncharted. The maps are displayed from an isometric view. 
Your present location is marked by a graphic of a running Harry.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |         S P E L L S  A N D  T H E I R  E F F E C T S        _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
At first, Harry starts off with a mere Flipendo jinx. He later goes on 
to learn 5 other spells. To learn a spell, simply pick up the spellbook. 
After a big glowing effect as well as a short notice on the spell's use, 
Harry will learn the spell (I wish school were as easy).

Certain spells can be charged up, by holding down the A Button. A bar 
indicating the charge will show appear at the right side of the screen. 
Then let go to let fly the spell.

I: Flipendo
Spell Colour : Orange
Chargeable   : Yes
Icon         : A hand

The Flipendo Knockback jinx is your basic attack spell, used to repel 
everything from Trolls to Gnomes. The more charged up the spell, the 
more powerful and longer-ranged it is. Flipendo can also be used to 
activate Flipendo switches, which are shield-shaped metal buttons with a 
hand inscribed upon them, and can also push barrels across the floor.

II: Incendio
Spell Colour : Yellow
Chargeable   : Yes
Icon         : A yellow flame

You get Incendio from the Gringotts Bank, after you defeat the Vault 
Guardian inside a room sealed by a door, which is openable only with 5 
Gringotts gemstones. Incendio, as its name suggests, is an incendiary 
spell. It is used to burn away milky-white cobwebs blocking up doors or 
just hanging around at corners. Unlit Wizard Candles, which look like 
metal goblets, can be lit with Incendio. It can also be used as an 
offensive spell on certain enemies. The more charged up the spell, the 
more powerful and longer-ranged it is.

III: Wingardium Leviosa
Spell Colour : Blue
Chargeable   : No
Icon         : A blue crystal with a glittering bottom

You attain this spell from Professor Flitwick's office. Wingardium 
Leviosa is used to levitate Leviosa blocks - grey blocks with a pair of 
wings inscribed on them. When you cast it on such a block, it sprouts 
wings and allows you to move it around, usually onto a Leviosa switch, 
which is a normal pressure-plate switch with a pair of wings inscribed 
on it. Leviosa blocks can also be put near ledges, and can be jumped 
upon to gain extra height to reach higher ledges your normal jump 
couldn't reach.

IV: Skurge
Spell Colour : Green
Chargeable   : Yes
Icon         : A piece of green slime

Skurge can be found from Peeves when he fights you and is defeated. Like 
Incendio, it is used to get rid of magical barriers; this time, it gets 
rid of slimy, dripping, green Ectoplasm seals that block doorways. 
Charge it up and fire it on an Ectoplasm-sealed door to evaporate the 
Ectoplasm, then you may go through. Skurge can also be used on statues 
which you think are ghostly mimics. Casting them on such statues 
dissipates the playful ghost, and its pedestal can be dragged across the 
floor like a stone block.

V: Avifors
Spell Colour : Light Brown
Chargeable   : No
Icon         : A bird's head

The Avifors spellbook can be found in the Transfiguration classroom, and 
is used to transform small statues and large boulders too heavy for 
Harry to push into small birds. This can bag you goodies or open doors 
and gateways for you. Unfortunately, these are the only things you can 
transfigure. So don't go thinking you can turn Dumbledore into a bird :)

VI: Alohomora
Spell Colour : Yellow
Chargeable   : No
Icon         : A lock and key

The Alohomora charm is rewarded to you if you find all 'Charms' Wizard 
Cards. It is used solely for opening gold doors with a special insignia 
inscribed on them (they are instantly recognizeable; don't you worry 
about what the insignia looks like). This spell is the only optional one 
needed to complete the game; however, it is needed to get a great deal 
of the Jellybeans and Chocolate Frogs in the game.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |       H E A L I N G  I T E M S  A N D  P O T I O N S        _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
There are only a few things that restore Harry's stamina: Cauldron 
Cakes, Pumpkin Pasties and Wiggenweld Potion. In order to get potions, 
you need a Potion Kit, which you can get at the start of the game.

I: Food
Cauldron Cakes look like a cauldron (duh) and Pumpkin Pasties are little 
orange goodies. They both restore only one zap of stamina.

II: Wiggenweld Potion
Wiggenweld Potion is blue in colour and stored in the long, thin 
Wiggenweld phial. A phial-full of potion is single-use, but if the phial 
is empty, you can refill it at a potion-filled cauldron (more on this 
later). It restores 3 zaps of stamina, and if you don't need it you can 
simply keep it aside for emergency purposes.

III: Poison Antidote Potion
Poison Antidote Potions are green in colour and stored in round, fat 
flasks. Once again, a flask full of potion is single-use, but if the 
phial is empty, you can refill it at a potion-filled cauldron. If Harry 
is poisoned (either by Doxies or Basilisk Lair Snakes), he turns green 
and his stamina starts draining for as long as the poison lasts. Cure 
this ailment by taking Poison Antidote potion. It won't heal you, but at 
least it will stop up a drain on stamina.

IV: Girding Potion
Girding Potions are yellow potions and you can get 5 of them if you 
collect all 5 'Potions' Wizard Cards. Girding Potion makes you 
temporarily invincible for 20 seconds. Falling into the void will, of 
course, render Girding Potion useless. And for obvious reasons, there 
are no Girding refill cauldrons. Once again, a flask full of potion is 

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |               P O T I O N  C A U L D R O N S                _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Potion Cauldrons - you know how they look like. Large, black cauldrons 
full of simmering potion. Use them to fill up your respective potion 
beakers. All you need is an empty potion container, and a filled Potion 
Cauldron. Simply stand next to it and press B to top 'er up. There are 
only Wiggenweld (blue) and Poison Antidote (green) potion cauldrons.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |                    T R I C K  I T E M S                     _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Trick Items are what you can buy in the 2 trick shops in Hogwarts. One 
is Gambol and Japes in Diagon Alley at the beginning of the game, 
another is Fred and George's Shop in the Reading Room on Floor 7. Of 
course, for Fred and George's you're going to have to get past Percy, 
but that's no big deal; he'll probably be too slow to catch you anyway.

There are 3 Trick Items: Dungbombs, Stink Pellets, and Luminous 

I: Dungbomb
Effect : A large, smoky explosion
Icon   : A brown bag
Price  : 50 Knuts

Dungbombs take 2 seconds to ignite when they settle onto the floor. The 
ones thrown by you don't hurt you, but those that are laid as traps will 
smack off 2 zaps off your stamina. When they ignite near Trolls, the 
Troll will head toward the Dungbomb's explosion, giving you time to zap 
it with Flipendo.

II: Stink Pellet
Effect : A small explosion, rather like the impact graphic of a spell
Icon   : A small egg
Price  : 20 Knuts

Stink Pellets are thrown and shatter upon contact. I think they stop 
Trolls for 2 seconds.

III: Luminous Balloons
Effect : A balloon whizzes around your head for 4 seconds
Icon   : A green, unblown balloon
Price  : 25 Knuts

Luminous Balloons are handy for stopping prefects in their tracks, but 
only for 2 seconds. If you think you won't make it to the doorway before 
the prefect comes by, let loose a Luminous Balloon to delay the prefect, 
and allow you to get by. They will still spot you, though, if you get 
too close.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |                   C O L L E C T I B L E S                   _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
There are many more things to collect in Chamber of Secrets; besides the 
good old Wizard Cards, you also have one hundred Jellybeans and some 
thirty Chocolate Frogs to collect. More detailed information on the 
goodies and their locations can be found in the appropriate sections of 
the guide. 

I: Wizard Cards
There are 25 in total. They look like pentagonal, gold-framed, spinning 
cards. You can inspect them using your notebook. These are pretty hard 
to find.

II: Jellybeans
There are 100 hidden in various places all over the castle. Portraits, 
chests, wardrobes and cobwebs all hide them. Some are even in plain view 
for you to grab with ease, due to their abundance in comparison to 
Chocolate Frogs and Wizard Cards.

III: Chocolate Frogs
I haven't been able to figure out exactly how many there are. I thought 
there were 25, but I just got a 26th, which threw me into a whirlwind of 
confusion. Anyway, for every 5 Frogs you get, you gain an extra zap to 
your maximum. To catch the Frog, you need to zap it with one bolt of 
Flipendo to stun it, then you may catch it. (It will keep bouncing if 
you keep zapping it, but you shouldn't really play with your food...)

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |                       O W L  P O S T                        _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
If you're a beginner at this game, Owl Post will provide you with tips. 
Owl Post are small messages held by owls at brown owl stands. To receive 
Owl Post, go up to the stand and press B. The owl will drop the message 
and fly off, allowing you to collect the scroll. Owl Post can be reread 
in your notebook.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |                       Q U I D D I T C H                     _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
The Quidditch system in COS has changed much from Sorcerer's Stone, and 
for the better, in my opinion. I myself was pretty confused when I first 
encountered it, but it's really quite easy to get the hang of it.

I: Navigation
The perspective from which you view Harry is at his back. So, if you 
press Left, he will turn (quite sharply) left, and vice versa. You can 
press L and R to strafe, as in move sideways; L is obviously left, and R 
right. Harry won't strafe as fast as he turns, but it's still fast 

II: Minimap
The small map in the bottom left hand corner is the mini-map, and it 
shows you your main objective. It could be a ring of stars, a Flitterby, 
or even the Snitch. Use the Minimap to know where the objective is. If 
it is on the northern part of the rim on the Minimap, it is in front of 
you. Be warned; except for star rings, the objective moves about. Also, 
the Minimap does not indicate its exact position.

III: Timer
There is a timer on the top right hand corner. It records your progress 
and is essential to seeing if you're still on track for passing or even 
beating records, which earn you Wizard Cards.

IV: Star Rings and Boosts
Rings of stars scattered about the levels build up your boost bar, which 
is on the top left hand corner. It starts empty, but flying through star 
rings will fill it. Boost by pressing B; if you don't use boost charge 
up, flying through 10 star rings will fill it up to the top. You can 
keep boosting as long as there is some red in the boost bar. In 
Quidditch tournaments, there will be Bludgers flying around. Bludgers 
are big iron balls that whizz about trying to knock you. If you get 
bashed by a Bludger, your boost bar will lose two star rings' worth of 
boost. Dodge them by simply flying to a different direction when they 
pelt at you.

V: Catching the Moving Objective
If the objective is moving about, you'll have to catch up to it. Once 
you get to it, there will be a sign saying "Catch the [objective], 
Harry!" and then a bar appears over your head. Now, Bludgers or Boosts 
don't matter; what matters is simply closing your hand over the 
objective. On the bar, a graphic of the objective slides left and right, 
and graphic of your hand is on the left. Close your hand with A, and if 
you do so while the objective is at your hand, you'll catch it.

VI: Catching the Golden Snitch
Catching the Golden Snitch is reduced to simply racing the opposing 
Seeker (the catcher of the Snitch) to the Snitch, a golden ball with 
wings. A bar on the top right hand corner represents your progress. You 
can also see whether you or the opposing Seeker is boosting. There will 
be plenty of star rings on the way to replenish your boost charge, so 
use them well. I suggest practicing to fly through star rings, so that 
you can boost almost all the way. If the opponent gets to the Snitch 
first, you'll lose!

      /-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.//|||         |||\\-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-\
     ||                 W A L K T H R O U G H                ||
There are 100 tomato Bertie Botts' Jellybeans (the pink, bouncing 
beans), Chocolate Frogs, 50 Golden Stars and 25 Wizard Cards for you to 
collect. These are optional collectibles. But if you want to make the 
most of this game, collect them all. Throughout the FAQ, I'll use 
numbers in square brackets <> to keep track of how many of such things 
we collect.

J - usually refers to the tomato Jellybeans, unless otherwise stated
CF - refers to Chocolate Frogs
GS - refers to Golden Stars
No term - I used this at the start to record money.

So for example if you've collected 5 of 30 Chocolate Frogs and you grab 
a sixth, next to the sentence which tells you that you have grabbed the 
sixth will be a track record in square brackets like this: <CF: 6/30>.

Due to the game's being at an isometric perpective, here's how to tell 
directions used in the guide: 

- Diagonally right and down is east
- Diagonally right and up is north
- Diagonally left and down is south
- Diagonally left and up is west

So if you want to move Harry west, press left and up together.
Also, I must warn you that this walkthrough is NOT totally spoiler-free. 
If you haven't read the book and don't want to know the names and 
terminology of everyone and everything, you'll find some spoilers in 


When the game boots up, you are treated to a longwinded story about 
Harry's life with non-magical, or Muggle, people. Cruelly treated, as 
well as wheedled by some mysterious house-elf to stay home in order to 
avoid a horrible death, he is soon rescued by his close friends at 
Hogwarts magic school: Ronald, Fred and George Weasley.

If you have read the book, you should have a general idea of what the 
story is about. Skip it by hitting the Start button :) and your 
adventure begins!

From the story, it appears that Harry is not too proficient at using 
Floo powder to teleport himself from fireplace to fireplace, and instead 
of ending up in the wizard's shopping area - Diagon Alley - he ends up 
in a seedy, vile corner, Knockturn Alley. Thankfully, Hagrid steers you 

MAIN TASK ONE : Money Matters
   Objective - Harry has to get his money from his account at Gringotts
               Bank in order to make his purchases. His money consists 
               of Bronze Knuts, Silver Sickles (worth 29 Knuts) and 
               Gold Galleons (worth 500 Knuts).
   Subtasks  - Gringotts Gems
   Items     - Knuts x 1060
               Incendio Spell

After Hagrid steers you out of Knockturn Alley, you will stop beside a 
large, stone building. That is Gringotts Bank - enter.

Gringotts Bank
Inside, simply go straight and you will be treated to a mine cart ride 
to the vaults. Start off right, and climb up the ledge to your very 
first Item Chest. Open it for a Knut <1>, then continue. Pull the lever 
on the wall to open the door, enter and use a well-aimed charged 
Flipendo jinx to blow away the Fire Crab. Snag the Knut it carries <2>, 
and make your way out of the other door that opens. Use a charged 
Flipendo to wipe out the shimmering Anvil for another Knut <3>. Where 
the path splits, go right for a Pumpkin Pasty, then head down the left 
path, avoiding the stalactite that drops from the ceiling (you can see 
its shadow).

Then pull the gem cart (using the B Button when facing the handle) onto 
the switch. A chest will slam to the ground nearby; go over and open it 
for a Knut <4>, then blast the Anvil for another <5>. Continue on 
downwards and go left when the path splits. Avoid the Fire Jet and 
stalactite, and open the chest for a Cauldron Cake.

Activate the Restart Point (that looks like a Remembrall, a glass ball 
full of smoke) by walking through it. Then use the B Button to pick up 
and throw the two barrels next to the lava pool. The left contains a 
harmless Knut <6> but the right contains a Dungbomb which will knock 3 
zaps off Harry's life if you aren't careful enough to dodge the 
explosion. Push the gem cart onto the switch and another chest 
containing a Knut <7> will drop down. Throw the lever behind the stone 
column nearby to start a crusher block moving. Then run under it while 
it is raised.

At the end, leap onto the blocks hovering over the lava, and snag the 
Sickle at the end <36>. Do not linger too long on the second one or it 
will crumble and dump you into the lava. Jump back onto land and wait 
for the moving platform to come close enough before mounting it. Use it 
to get to the other side, then avoiding the fireballs thrown from the 
lava, jump onto another moving platform, and get to the other side. 
Enter the next area, then march along the pathway, dodging two 
stalactites and grabbing a handful of Knuts <41>, and running swiftly 
over the fire jets.

Talking to the goblin at the end, you'll find that in order to reach 
your vault, you need a crucial spell: the Incendio spell. For that, 
you'll have to find 5 Gringotts Gems.

Sub-Task 1 : Gringotts Gems
In order to reach his vault, Harry must get 5 of Gringotts' gems to get 
access to a spell that can unlock his vault.

1. Drop down the gap in the fence and open the first chest for the first 
gemstone (green).

2. Blow away the Orange Snails for a Cauldron Cake, and hop down the 
ledge. Dodge the fireball, and pull the gem cart onto the switch to 
throw open a door. Step inside and blow away all three Fire Crabs for 
the second gemstone (red).

3. Exit and destroy two Anvils for a Knut <42>, then go upwards and run 
under the stalactites as they fall, throw the switch and open a chest 
for the third gemstone (blue).

4. The switch activated a series of crusher blocks, but leave these 
aside for now. Go right, and push the gem card off the tracks for a 
Sickle <71>. Destroy the Anvil for a Knut <72> and throw the switch to 
drop a chest. Open it for a Cauldron Cake, then backtrack to the crusher 
blocks and pick your way below them. To avoid getting hit, wait until 
the first descends, then walk against it until you can pass. Just keep 
walking; you'll get by unscathed. Destroy an anvil for a Knut <73>, then 
proceed and activate the Restart Point. Walk past the goblin and the 
large cobweb and push the gem cart off the tracks for the fourth 
gemstone (gold). 

5. Blow away the Anvil nearby for a Knut <74>, then climb up the ledge 
behind the gem cart. Destroy the Fire Crab, then go up the ladder, and 
continue on the pathway, avoiding the stalactites. Push the boulder 
away, then throw the lever to raise the block, allowing you to shove the 
boulder below it. Throw the lever and BAM! The boulder shatters and 
reveals the fifth and final gemstone (silver)!

Proceed left and talk to the goblin at the doorway to open it. Get 
through and you will face...

| BOSS : Vault Guardian | 
   Attacks :
   - Flings a large, slow-moving fireball at you at the rate of one 
     every 2 seconds
   - Jumps and slams the ground, raining stalactites from the ceiling 
     and blocking your attacks

   The Vault Guardian is a giant Fire Crab, and may seem forbidding but 
   is easy to kill. The fireballs are easy to dodge, just don't be 
   caught charging up your spell when it fires at you. So are the 
   stalactites; you have a bit of time to dodge the stalactites, by 
   looking at the shadows prior to their fall. 8 fully charged Flipendo 
   shots will settle this guy's hash, allowing you to grab the Incendio 

*********************YOU LEARNED A NEW SPELL!**************************
Incendio - This spell can be used to burn away certain barriers. Not as 
dangerous as a real fire, but a 'magical' flame that can remove cobwebs 
or light Wizard candles.

With your new spell, you can destroy certain magical barriers. Armed 
with your new Incendio spell, go back under the raised crusher block and 
make your way back to the giant cobweb. Charge up and fire at the 
cobweb, and it shrinks away, allowing you to reach your goal!

Inside his vault, Harry takes a mere Galleon <1060>. Then exit the 
vault, and a mine cart will arrive; ride it out of the bank to complete 
your task.

MAIN TASK 2 : Supplies Search
   Objective - Three people will help Harry out in getting his supplies 
               one way or another.
   Subtasks  - Potions Purchase, Troublesome Toad
   Items     - Potion Kit
               Wizard Card
               Chocolate Frog

Diagon Alley
When you exit the bank, go left and talk to the girl, Ginny Weasley. 
Then enter the building beside her.

Subtask 1 : Potions Purchase
   Objective : Ginny is in need of a new Potion Kit. Buy one for her.

Mullpepper's Apothecary
Go upwards and past the cauldron of Wiggenweld Stamina Potion. Talk to 
the wizard at the counter to buy 2 Potion Kits. Then go to the other end 
of the room and flip the lever to open a secret bookcase door. Pick up 
and break the glass phial for a Pumpkin Pasty, then go over to the 
cauldron and press B to fill your phial with Wiggenweld Stamina Potion. 
Then exit.

Diagon Alley
Ginny will give you a Wizard Card in return. Now proceed downwards and 
talk to the next guy, Neville Longbottom. You'll receive another task - 
find his toad in the Magical Menagerie. Enter the building next to him.

Subtask 2 : Troublesome Toad
   Objective : Dumb ol' Neville has lost his toad in the back of the 
   magical Menagerie. Dodge the grumpy shopkeeper and get Neville's 
   toad, Trevor, back!

Magical Menagerie
Go up and receive your Owl Post from the Owl at the stand, by pressing 
B. It's a message from Ron(ald):

"Hi Harry, you'd better be careful in the shop. Don't let the miserable 
old shop wizard catch you or he'll throw you out. - Ron"

Point taken! Now go up and get a Knut from the chest, then enter the 
room. Harry will tell you to sneak around by holding the B Button; this 
isn't very compulsory though, but you can walk closer to the shopkeeper 
without getting caught. The shopkeeper is marching around the desks in a 
rectangular fashion and weaves in and out between the desks, so if 
you're running don't get within a third of the screen's distance close 
to him, or if you're sneaking don't get a third of the screen's distance 
facing him. Don't sneak too close to the Fire Crabs in the room either, 
for they will scorch you. Equip your Flipendo spell, and cast it on a 
switch on the northern wall, shaped like a shield and with a handprint. 
A door will slide open, allowing you to go further.

Drag the stone block onto the switch to open another door, then enter 
and blast away the two Orange Snails for a Cauldron Cake. Carry on, and 
you will come to a barrel in front of a switch. Stand behind it and 
Flipendo it onto the switch to drop a chest. Open it for a Sickle, then 
blow open the pot in the top left corner for a Knut. Then go right and 
flip the lever to open a door. Enter the room and smash Trevor the frog 
with a Flipendo spell to stun him, then pick him up! Smash the two pots 
in the room for a Pumpkin Pasty. Then backtrack into the previous room, 
and next to the barrel you will see a Flipendo switch (the shield-shaped 
one with a handprint). Activate it by casting Flipendo on it (as 
always), and from there go through the following room, avoid the 
shopkeeper and exit the Magical Menagerie.

Diagon Alley
Neville will "accidentally" drop his Chocolate Frog, then walk off. 
Catch Chocolate Frogs by stunning them with Flipendo, then you may walk 
over to pick them up. They add an extra half-zap to your maximum health, 
and there are five in total. Bearing this in mind, snag Neville's 
Chocolate Frog <CF: 1/30>. Somehow (hmm, the Frog must be like a fortune 
cookie!), you get a message from Ron telling you:

"Hi Harry, Chocolate Frogs are more than just tasty snacks. For every 
five you collect, you'll be awarded an extra zap to your stamina bar. 
Check in your Inventory to see how many you've collected so far. - Ron"

Now go downwards again and talk to the twins; they will tell you briefly 
about Gambol and Japes, the trick shop. Enter the building...

Gambol and Japes
...and talk to the shopkeeper, then buy some stuff; I suggest 2 items of 
each. The top item is a Dungbomb (they have 2), the middle a Stink 
Pellet (they have 4), and the bottom a Luminous Balloon (they have 4). 
When finished, exit and carry on downwards.

Diagon Alley
Go close to the girl at another building - once again, it's Ginny 
Weasley - and you will automatically follow her into a building, 
Flourish and Blotts bookshop.

Flourish and Blotts
Here, you will be introduced to one of Harry's boastful teachers: 
Gilderoy Lockhart. After a photo and a bragging session from Lockhart, 
as well as a brief confrontation with one of Harry's enemies Draco 
Malfoy and his snotty father Lucius, you will automatically exit the 

Diagon Alley
Right, that's just about everything, ya? You've gotten all your 
supplies, now find Hagrid.

MAIN TASK 3 : Hagrid Hunt
   Objective - Find Hagrid outside the Leaky Cauldron after collecting 
               all your supplies.

This doesn't really warrant a "Main Task" Title; to find Hagrid, all you 
have to do is to go downwards and talk to him to complete this absurd 
task. After he walks into the building next to you, head through the 
door as well.

Leaky Cauldron
Throw and break the two barrels in the room for two Knuts, then head 
through the door at the other side. After Hagrid leaves you, Ron runs up 
and tells you that you've missed the train to your school! Looks like 
you're in trouble! Enter the room next to the counter.

MAIN TASK 4 : Finding Floo
   Objective - You have missed the train to your school and desperately    
               need to get home quick in order to use Ron's father's 
               car to FLY to school. In order to do this, you need to 
               find a bag of Floo powder.

Hop off the stairs and head to the lowest part of the room, taking care 
not to get hit by large barrels rolling across the floor; break the 
barrel there for a Knut, then head to the left part of the room. Throw 
the lever there to lower a chest on the second storey. Oops, you can't 
reach it...regardless, exit the room.

Back in the barroom of the Leaky Cauldron, go upwards and flip the lever 
(save your progress if you need to) and head through the opened bookcase 
door. Open the chest for a bag of Floo powder! Then exit and go all the 
way downwards until you find Ron at the fireplace. Talk to him to 
complete your task.

You and Ron will teleport back to your home and steal Ron's father's 
car, and drives it to Hogwarts. However, upon reaching the school, Ron 
slams the car into a large, antique tree - the Whomping Willow. You and 
Ron stumble out and peer into the school's Great Hall, and are 
confronted by the teacher that you and Ron hate most - Severus Snape. 
After an earbashing, he tells you to get up to the Gryffindor (Harry's 
school House) Common Room.

MAIN TASK 5 : Dormitory 1
   Objective - Harry has to find his way back to the Common Room after 
               receiving a scolding from Snape.
   Items     - Jellybean x 8
               Wizard Card
               Sickle x 2

Entrance Hall
Find your way to the top right corner of area and destroy the pot with 
two shots of Flipendo to get your very first Jellybean <J: 1/100>. Then 
make your way up the stairs and through the right door.

Floor 1
You'll meet up with Nearly Headless Nick, one of the friendly school 
ghosts. Walk forward along the pathway and smash the pot as you go for 
another Jellybean <J: 2/100>. Then go through the doorway.

Floor 2
Simply head along to the doorway at the other end.

Floor 3
Here, you'll meet the unfriendly Peeves. He'll cackle and float up the 
stairs; advance cautiously, for Peeves will chuck pots down the two 
flights of stairs. When you meet him at the top of the second flight, 
he'll cackle and rush off again, allowing you to proceed to the doorway.

Floor 4
At the top of the stairway, smash another pot for another Jellybean <J: 
3/100>. Then carry on and through the doorway.

Floor 5
At the top of the stairway, smash the pot for a Cauldron Cake, then cast 
a charged Flipendo at the suit of armor poised to strike, to blast it to 
pieces. It's a Living Armor which chops at you when you try to pass. 
Proceed to the doorway, smashing another pot for another Jellybean as 
you go <J: 4/100>.

Floor 6
Simply advance to the doorway, smashing another Living Armor, as well as 
a pot for a Pumpkin Pasty. Then head through the doorway.

Floor 7
Smash the pot at the top of the stairway for a Jellybean <J: 5/100> and 
carry on...your friend, Hermione Granger, will greet you at the top. She 
will chat a bit then walk off. To enter your Common Room, press B while 
standing at the portrait of the fat lady.

Gryffindor Common Room
Inside, go right and smash the pot next to the two suits of armor for a 
Jellybean <J: 6/100>. Then head through the corridor and receive your 
Owl Post...

"Hi Harry, some suits of armor around Hogwarts aren't very friendly, but 
you can get rid of the silver ones by giving them a fully charged blast 
with Flipendo. The gold ones are a bit tougher, though. You're better 
off avoiding them. - Hermione"

Taking that in mind, head on through the door, then cast Incendio on the 
two unlit Wizard Candles (they look like large iron goblets). Hmmm, a 
door slides open! Enter it to find a chamber containing a locket; 
examine it to get a Wizard Card.

Then exit and head back the corridor until you reach the portrait of the 
fat lady; go left this time, through the rich furnishing of the study, 
then examine the darkened board next to the large Gryffindor shield for 
a Sickle. Head up the passageway nearby, smash the pot on the way for a 
Sickle, and examine the portrait next to the armor for a Jellybean <J: 
7/100>. Then proceed upwards through the door, into the dormitory. 
Examine the wardrobe on the left wall for a Jellybean <J: 8/100>, then 
talk to Ron for your next task. Then exit the Gryffindor Common Room.

MAIN TASK 6 : Fred and George's Shop
   Objective - The tricksters of Hogwarts, aka Ron's twin older 
               brothers Fred and George, have set up a secret shop in 
               the Reading Room on Floor 7. Sneak through the room, 
               past Percy the prefect, to visit their shop.
   Subtasks  - Bean Challenges 1 - 4
   Items     - Jellybean x 7
               Chocolate Frog
               Wizard Card x 4

Floor 7
Outside the Common Room, go left and through the wooden door into the 
Reading Room.

Reading Room
Follow the carpet until you first see bookshelves; in the following 
large room, Percy will be walking around. First, go to the northwestern 
corner and smash a pot there for a Jellybean <J: 9/100>, then smash a 
pot to the right of it for a Knut. Then walk right along the wall until 
you see a portrait of a bowl in a golden frame. Examine it with B...and 
a door slides open! What can this mean? It's a shortcut...sort of. You 
are confronted at the entrance by a gold Living Armor. Entice it to chop 
down and miss you, then run past. Continue along the pathway, avoiding 
the Spiked Balls, Wallfires and Wallbullets. Avoid the barrels as best 
as you can, then at the end tug the lever to open a portcullis. Avoid 
the Wallbullet, pick up and break the barrel for a Jellybean <J: 
10/100>. Go through the open doorway and receive your Owl Post:

"Hi Harry, we're fed up of our customers getting caught by Percy in the 
Reading Room, so we've set up a special short cut for you to use. Near 
the entrance to the reading room there's a portrait of a bowl of fruit. 
Simply 'tickle' this by examining it, and the quick route through will 
be revealed. - Fred and George"

Triumphantly head through the door and talk to the guy standing there. 
It's Fred Weasley, and he will tell you about the four Bean Challenges. 
If you must, buy some stuff from him (he sells Dungbombs, Stink Pellets 
and Luminous Balloons - 2 of each).

Then go through the door on the southern wall and go right. Shatter the 
pot for a Jellybean <J: 11/100> and open the chest for a Chocolate Frog 
<CF: 2/30>. Then go left up the corridor, and talk to the other guy - 
George Weasley. He will open a door for you, and allow you to try the 
Bean Challenge. There are 4 in all, and in each one you must collect all 
the Jellybeans.

Subtask 1 : Bean Challenge 1
   Objective : Collect all 10 Blueberry Jellybeans.

1. To the right of the entrance, there's 1 Jellybean.

2. Keep going upwards and you will get another Jellybean at the bottom 
of a stairway.

3. Go up the stairs quickly to avoid getting bashed by barrels, and snag 
another Jellybean on the way.

4. There's a Jellybean waiting for you at the top of the stairway.

5. Then proceed left and past the Wallfires to get the Jellybean between 

6. After the Wallfires, there's another Jellybean.

7. Proceed and grab the Jellybean at the top of the stairway.

8. Walk down quickly to avoid getting hit by barrels, then get the 
Jellybean in an alcove at the bottom.

9. Proceed right and you will see a Jellybean above a Fire Jet; wait 
until the flame dies down before getting it.

10. The very last one is at the top of the following stairway.

When you've gotten them all, go down the stairs and out the room. George 
will give you a Wizard Card, and a password: Scuttlegrip. Then enter the 
second open room.

Subtask 2 : Bean Challenge 2
   Objective : Collect 15 Lime Jellybeans. 

Wow! You are supposed to collect 15 Jellybeans on 15 platforms arranged 
in a 4x4 pattern, including the single solid platform. However, all 
Jellybeans are on crumbling platforms. Start off from the bottom-left 
solid platform. The owl will start flying around, dropping Jellybeans. 
There's no need for a walkthrough, although I can give you a hint: make 
sure that when you jump, the moment your shadow coincides with the 
Jellybean's, stop your forward motion. This way you'll avoid jumping 
into the chasm. The platforms will reform though, so it isn't a miss-
one-miss-all thing. The owl's route is like so:

3---4---5---6       Starting at block 1, and ending at 15.
|           |       Making a single mistake may not be fatal, though it 
2   13--12  7       is quite likely to be serious enough to cause 
|   |   |   |       failure.
1   14  11  8
    |   |   |
    15  10--9

When you're done, exit the room and talk to George. He'll award you a 
Wizard Card and another password: Jellyreed. Then enter the third room.

Subtask 3 : Bean Challenge 3
   Objectives : Get all 20 Lemon Jellybeans.

In this challenge, there are spectres walking around the narrow 
pathways. Bump into one and boom, two zaps gone. By the way, it was 
pretty hard to describe the locations of every Jellybean, so if it's 
confusing, pop me a mail.

1. The first is to the left of the entrance.

2. Go right and when the path splits at a spike pit, take the southern 
path. The path will split again; take the western path and get the 
Jellybean from the roundabout.

3. Snag the Jellybean from over the Fire Jet.

4. Then retreat to the juncture with a spike pit, take the eastern path 
and get the Jellybean.

5. There's another Jellybean on the same pathway.

6. Continue still staying on the same path, and the path will split yet 
again; go left and grab the Jellybean.

7. Then go right and snatch the Jellybean over the spike pit, when the 
spikes are lowered.

8. Continue left and grab two Jellybeans on the long passageway.

10. Take a sidepath and go left, snagging the Jellybean over the Fire 
Jet as you go.

11. Where the path splits, go right and take the Jellybean from the 
roundabout path.

12. Go left again and where the path splits, head left and take the 
Jellybean as you go.

13. Go left again, then wait until the spikes are lowered before 
grabbing the Jellybean.

14. Then head right, snagging another Jellybean. Keep on the same path.

15. Grab the Jellybean at the juncture when the spikes are lowered, then 
go right.

16. Where the path splits, go left and grab a Jellybean.

17. Then go right for another two Jellybeans.

18. Finally, take one of the northern sidepaths to get two more 
Jellybeans over two Fire Jets, each at one end of the pathway they are 

Then exit the room and George will give you a Wizard Card and another 
password: Blobbyjelly. Enter the final room.

Subtask 4 : Bean Challenge 4
   Objectives : Get all 25 Chocolate Beans.

The stage is set in an astral background, and getting all the beans 
depends on your ability to jump correctly. A wrong step will have you 
for the high dive.

1. The very first Jellybean is in front of you when you enter.

2. Carry on forward and at the end of the structure another Jellybean 

3. Jump over the platforms and another Jellybeans is on the other side.

4. As you walk along the pathway, you will pick up two Jellybeans.

6. Make your way over the widely spaced platforms to a small area of 
floor containing two Jellybeans.

8. Keep going and cross the platforms in mid-air and you will come to 
another area of floor with two Jellybeans and a lever.

10. Push the lever to activate a moving platform, then swiftly cross the 
crumbling platform to the other side, where a Jellybean awaits.

11. Cross the two horizontally moving platforms to another area of floor 
with two Jellybeans and a lever.

13. Throw the lever to activate yet another moving platform, then go 
north and cross another platform to another Jellybean!

14. Make your way over the platforms to the respective small floors 
where 2 Jellybeans, 1 on each, await.

16. At the second floor, leap onto the moving platform and dismount at 
the other side onto a familiar looking floor. Go downwards and mount yet 
another moving platform to a floor with two more Jellybeans.

18. Swiftly cross the crumbling platform to another floor with a single 
Jellybean, then throw the lever to activate a platform.

19. Backtrack over the crumbling platform and over the platform that you 
activated. Follow the route to a floor with two more Jellybeans.

21. Mount the moving platform when it comes to another floor with 
another two Jellybeans.

23. Jump carefully onto the horizontally moving platform and make your 
way across the chasm to a floor with another Jellybean.

24. From there, hop over the platform to another Jellybean.

25. Make your way across a series of platforms to the last Jellybean.

Throw the lever to activate a shortcut...then cross the shortcut and 
from there, it's easy to find your way out of the room. Well done! 
George gives you a Wizard Card and another password.

Now you have to exit the Reading Room, so go back to the shortcut you 
used to reach Fred and George's shop. Before doing so, you will see a 
cauldron full of bubbling blue liquid. Fill your Potion phial by 
pressing B when standing next to the cauldron, then retrace your steps 
back out.

Floor 7
Now, press B while standing at the portrait of the woman next to the 
Reading Room door to reveal an entrance into the Portrait Room.

Portrait Room
With your newfound passwords, you find that you are able to access the 
shortcut Portraits that let you skip floors. Go right, and open the 
portrait of the wizard with the red cloak around his shoulders. You'll 
enter a bonus room! Open the chest to get a wizard card, get the 
Jellybean <J: 12/100> in clear view and smash the pot for another 
Jellybean <J: 13/100>. Then exit that room and open the portrait of the 
old witch to the right. Search the wardrobe for a Jellybean <J: 14/100>, 
the chest for a Wizard Card and get the Jellybean in plain view <J: 

Now, go up to the wall behind the large desk. There's a darkened portion 
on it; examine it to reveal a lever! Flip it and the table will move 
backwards to reveal a switch. Push the chair on it and enter the 
portcullis that opens. Inside, you will find a chest containing a Wizard 
Card! Man, what a find!

With your newfound cache of stuff, exit the Portrait Room and go back to 
the Common Room. 

Gryffindor Common Room
Find your way back to the dormitory, where Ron is waiting. He'll wish 
you "Good Night!" and your task is finished (how lame!).

MAIN TASK 7 : The Great Hall
   Objective - Ron needs to tell Harry something, so get Harry's butt 
               down to the meeting place of Hogwarts students - the 
               Great Hall.
   Items     - Jellybean x 5
               Wizard Card x 2
               Chocolate Frog x 2

When you wake up, go downstairs and to the study, where Ron waits, near 
the fireplace. He'll tell you to get down to the Great Hall. So exit the 
Common Room and enter the Portrait Room.

Portrait Room
Go left and through the doorway to the Entrance Hall. 

Entrance Hall
Turn right and there's the Great Hall. TADA!!! 

Great Hall
Shatter the pot in the bottom left corner of the Great Hall for a 
Jellybean <J: 16/100>, then taking the left lane go upwards past the 
plate-laden tables. Open the chest along the way for a Wizard Card, then 
when you get to the teachers' table at the very front, open another 
chest for a Chocolate Frog <CF: 3/30>. Then walk right and to Ron, who 
explains to you the Point Hourglasses. Through good performances, you 
can win points; getting caught by teachers or prefects when sneaking 
around, loses points. Examining the Hourglasses will bring up a list of 
each House's points. Check regularly back to make sure your House is 

First shatter the pot on the right wall of the Hall for a Jellybean <J: 
17/100>, then go back and exit the Great Hall. 

Entrance Hall
Hermione will greet you and tell you that you have a flying lesson in 
the Hogwarts Grounds. There'll be quite a difficult challenge up ahead, 
so save at the Save Book before heading outside and to the Hogwarts 

Hogwarts Grounds
First, go south and receive your Owl Post.

"Hi Harry, it's worth poking around in bushes to see what you might 
find. Stand next to one and examine it to see if there's anything hidden 
inside it. Some vases around the school may also have items hidden in 
them; a blast from Flipendo should be enough to smash them open. - Ron"

Examine the bush just nearby the stand for a Knut, then Go north and 
cast a fully charged Incendio on the cobweb in the corner beside the 
Whomping Willow (that whopping big tree in the Grounds) for a Jellybean 
<J: 18/100>. Then climb up the ledge behind the Whomping Willow and 
examine the bush for another Jellybean <J: 19/100>, and open the chest 
for a Wizard Card. Then follow the stone pathway to the next area of the 

When you enter, go south and search a bush for a Jellybean <J: 20/100>. 
From there go northeast and get the Chocolate Frog from a chest in the 
corner <CF: 4/30>. Hug the wall and forge on east and eventually you'll 
reach a bush and chest guarded by gnomes. Search the chest for a Wizard 
Card. Hugging the right wall, go south and then east. Receive your Owl 

"Hi Harry, use your sharp aim to steer your broomstick through the 
rings. Strafing can help your aim even more. You have a boost bar, which 
fills up for each ring successfully passed through. The more rings you 
pass through without using it, the longer it'll last when you do. Let's 
get practicing! - Oliver Wood"

Well now, let's play some Quidditch! Head on and talk to the wizened old 
witch carrying a broom. This is Madam Hooch and she'll instruct you on 
your task. 

MAIN TASK 8 : Flying Lesson 1
   Objective - Fly through 24 rings in at least 90 seconds to pass.
   Items     - Jellybean x 2
               Wizard Card x 3

In order to pass this lesson you need to pass through 24 rings in 90 
seconds. If you don't know the intracacies of Quidditch, refer to the 
"Quidditch" section in this guide.

However, if you want a Wizard Card and 25 House points, you have to pass 
through the 24 rings in 35 seconds. In case you're wondering, that's an 
insane challenge. A single slip up will cost you dearly. Here are some 

- Flying through every ring will earn you some boost charge. Boost by 
pressing B.

- Every time you get boost from flying throug a ring, use it to zoom 
quickly through the next.

- Adjust the flying controls at the Start Menu to get a set of controls 
you are comfortable with.

- Don't mis-aim; to check you're headed for the centre of the ring, make 
sure the image of Harry covers as much of the ring as possible.

- When passing through one ring, another will spawn. All rings are 
arranged in a circle.

Getting the challenge done will of course earn you the Wizard Card. 

After you have completed it, go south; you see that little shed? That's 
the Broom Shed and you may use it to check your Quidditch performance, 
as well as carry out practice. Enter it to find that you have 2 more 
challenges: the 3 Ring Practice and Ring Practice 2. For the 3 Ring 
Practice, you have to fly through 4 sets of three rings in 40 seconds to 
get a Wizard Card; for Ring Practice 2, you have to soar through 32 
rings in 50 seconds to get a Wizard Card!! Try your best to complete 
these challenges, and get 2 more Wizard Cards.

Now head on south and examine the bushes as you go for Jellybeans <J: 
22/100>. Then collect your Owl Post just south of the second bush...

"Hi Harry, the object of Quidditch is to catch the Golden Snitch. Fly 
through the hoops to build your boost bar, then use your boost wisely to 
catch up with the Snitch, and grab it! But watch out; Slytherin's new 
Seeker is Draco Malfoy. Try and avoid the Bludgers, too, as they'll 
reduce your boost bar and slow you down if they hit you. Let's win the 
Quidditch Cup! - Oliver Wood"

That ought to give you some useful insight into how to play Quidditch.
Return to Hogwarts castle. Use the Portrait Room shortcuts.

MAIN TASK 9 : Common Room
   Objective - Ron is waiting for you in the Gryffindor Common Room. Go 
               and see him.

Simply enter the Portrait Room from the Entrance Hall and crawl through 
the appropriate Portrait door. From there, finding your way to the 
Common Room is easy. Ron is waiting at the fireplace in the study. Talk 
to him; apparently there's a map of Hogwarts Castle somewhere, but he 
thinks that Fred and George are the only ones with a real clue to where 
it is. 

MAIN TASK 10 : Map Hint
   Objective - There's a rumor about a Hogwarts map floating around 
               somewhere. Pay a visit to Fred and George and make your 

Exit the Common Room and make your way to the Reading Room.

Reading Room
Avoid Percy and make use of the shortcut to Fred and George's shop. Then 
talk to Fred (the one at the shop, remember?). He'll tell you such a map 
is found in the dungeons at the Entrance Hall. Problem is, you'll have 
to sneak past the caretaker Argus Filch AND his cat, Mrs. Norris.

MAIN TASK 11 : Hogwarts Map
   Objective - The map of Hogwarts, which would suit your purposes very 
               well, is located the the Dungeons - the "Belowground" - 
               portion of Hogwarts. Sneak past the caretaker and his 
   Items     - Knut x 2
               Hogwarts Map

Exit the Reading Room and use the Portrait Room shortcut to get to the 
Entrance Hall. There, locate the open doorway to the "Belowground".

Inside, receive your Owl Post:

"Hi Harry, sometimes sneaking alone isn't enough to escape teachers and 
prefects. But there are alcoves you can slip into and the curtain will 
close behind you. Make sure all is clear before venturing out again, 
though! - Ron"

Beside the stand is a curtained alcove for you try out this new trick. 
Anyway, go forth and through the doorway. 

Urk - there's Filch! He snarls to himself, not noticing you behind him - 
what a thicko! - then walks off. Activate the Flipendo switch on the 
northern wall, then go through the portcullis that opens. Flip the lever 
to open another portcullis, then go back and head through that one 
(going any further down the original way will result in a nasty 
encounter with Filch).

Ignore the chest in the alcove (it contains a deadly Dungbomb) then pick 
your way over the Fire Jets. Set fire to the unlit Wizard Candle using 
Incendio to open a door, then receive another Owl Post:

"Hi Harry, over there is the Invisibility Cloak which will be made 
available to you on certain occasions. Wear it and you will become 
temporarily invisible. However, the cloak has to cover you completely, 
so you won't be able to jump or cast any spells. - Ron"

Grab the Invisibility Cloak beside the stand and go through the gate. 
With the cloak over you, Filch won't see you. Excellent - now go over 
and flip the lever on the wall beside him and head through the gate. 
Flip the lever in the following room and open the chest that drops down 
for a Knut. Then drag the stone block onto the switch, and head 
outside...oh no!!! You flicker back into visibility, so now you'll have 
to hug the wall and proceed east to the open portcullis. Cast a single 
Flipendo onto the barrel to push it onto the switch. Head through the 
gate which opens. In the next room, wait until the Wallfires' flame dies 
down before pushing the two stone blocks onto the two switches on each 
side of the room to be able to proceed.

Head through the gate that opens, then blow away the Fire Crab for a 
Cauldron Cake. A gate will also be opened; go through it. The next room 
will have Mrs. Norris the cat prowling around. Going near her will have 
her yowling and bring Filch into the room! First flip the lever in the 
southeastern corner of the room and go through the gate which opens. 
Filch himself is pacing round here as well. Use the curtained alcove to 
let him walk past you, then get past him and flip the lever at the end. 
Head onwards, and again Mrs. Norris will be here. Hide in the curtained 
alcove and dodge her, to the lever, which you must flip to carry on. In 
the next room, avoid getting beaned by the Spiked Ball and use a charged 
Incendio to vaporise the cobweb in the northeast corner. Flip the lever 
to open another gate. Go through the gate, getting the Pumpkin Pasty 
from the chest as you go, then flip the lever to open another gate.

Go through it, activate the Restart Point and receive your Owl Post:

"Hi Harry, some of the creatures you may come across, such as the Doxies 
near here, will poison you if you attack, turning you all green! To 
counteract poison, equip your Poison Antidote phial, then 'Activate' to 
fill it up. Use it to get rid of the poison if you get poisoned. - Ron".

So equip your Poison Antidote phial (the fat-looking beaker) and press B 
at the cauldron to fill 'er up. Then exit that room and carry on until 
you find a Wallfire guarding a switch. Go east and flip the lever to 
swivel the Wallfire, then push the stone block onto the switch to 
continue. In the next room, you'll encounter Doxies! Equip your Flipendo 
if you haven't done so and blow the two Doxies to hell before they can 
touch and poison you! Go through the doorway that opens and go upwards. 
Examine the wardrobe for a Cauldron Cake. Also receive your Owl Post:

"Hi Harry, Dungbombs let you create a diversion. Trolls love the smell 
of these things, so think of a strategic way to use them. Remember, the 
bigger they are, the harder they FALL!!! - Ron" 

What a shame you can't use these on teachers. Oh well...

Now go south and look, it's a Troll! Hit him three times with charged 
Flipendo to defeat it then grab the Cauldron Cake it drops, then head 
through the open doorway. In the room, push the barrel off the grate and 
onto the switch, then avoid the rolling barrels and head through the 
doorway. Drag the stone block next to the doorway onto the switch and go 
out into the corridor with Wallfires. First go west and blast the cobweb 
away with Incendio to obtain a Knut, and push the stone block all the 
way through the corridor onto the switch. Go through the gate that opens 
and grab the Hogwarts Map from the shelf! Yes, mission complete! Now 
shatter the glass phial for a Sickle and examine the wardrobe for a 
Cauldron Cake. Then get the Invisibility Cloak in the west corner.

After obtaining the map, a shortcut in a previous room will open. It 
shouldn't be difficult to retrace your steps and through that doorway. 
There, go east and past Mrs. Norris, then through the room with a 
cobblestoned floor. Head through the doorway and past Filch, and through 
the doorway behind him. From there, exit the Dungeons.

Pop! It's Filch! He gives you a scolding, then walks off. Exit the 
Belowground and you'll be back in the Entrance Hall.

MAIN TASK 12 : Dormitory 3
   Objectives - After getting nabbed by Filch while weaselling around 
                in the Belowground, Harry has to return to the 
   Items     - Jellybean x 2

Entrance Hall
Start getting back to the Common Room through the stairs (the Portrait 
Room is out of bounds for now).

Floor 2
Halfway up, Harry will hear something and enter Moaning Myrtle's 
bathroom to investigate. 

Moaning Myrtle's 
He sees Mrs. Norris petrified and hung up. Then Filch comes along and 
goes berserk, spouting sadistic threats not suitable for children 
playing this game to hear ^_^ Just then, Dumbledore, the head honcho of 
Hogwarts, trundles along and gets you off. Well then, once you get back 
into control, smash the two pots behind Dumbledore for a Knut and 
Jellybean <J: 23/100>. Then head back west and along the corridor; blast 
the cobweb for another Jellybean <J: 24/100>. Then exit.

Floor 2
From here, enter the portrait of the blue wizard and use the Portrait 
Room shortcuts to return to your Common Room. 

Gryffindor Common Room
In here, go back up to your dormitory and talk to Ron to complete your 

When you wake up, go downstairs and at the study, you'll meet Oliver 
Wood, your Quidditch captain. He tells you to proceed to the wooded area 
for practice. So use the Portrait Room shortcut to go to the Entrance 

Entrance Hall
Oliver will berate you for being slow (like, what?!) and go out into the 
Hogwarts Grounds. So exit the castle.

Hogwarts Grounds
Follow the footpath to the second portion of the Grounds. I could be 
lazy and simply tell you to find your way using the map (X marks the 
destination), but to avoid silly questions, the wooded practice area is 
just south of the Flying Practice 1 location.

Oliver's waiting there, and briefs you on your objective.

MAIN TASK 13 : Flying Lesson 2
   Objective - Catch the Flitterby (the butterfly thingy) in at least 
               60 seconds.
   Items     - Wizard Card x 2

You have to nab a single Flitterby in the area in at least 60 seconds. 
Oliver then throws out a challenge - beat the record time, 30 seconds. 
It's not too hard to beat, depending on how close the Flitterby is when 
the lesson begins to you. The easiest way to catch is to wait for the 
Flitterby to turn around and buzz in your general direction, during 
which you can fly at and attempt to nab it. The rings around you give 
you boost power which makes catching up to the Flitterby easier. My 
personal best is 1 second - but try it yourself.

Once you finish the challenge, Oliver rewards you with a Wizard Card and 
25 House points. Check back at the Broom Shed and look, you've got 
another Quidditch challenge: catch 3 Flitterbys in 45 seconds! It's not 
too hard, just get one or two rings for every Flitterby you have to 
catch. Getting all 3 in 45 seconds earns you the last 'Quidditch' Wizard 

"Well done, Harry. You've collected all the 'Quidditch' Wizard Cards. 
Now you can go to the Flying Club directly from the main menu, whenever 
you like!"

Then Hermione comes up and tells you about your Charms lesson with 
Professor Flitwick. So make your way back to the castle and to Floor 2.

MAIN TASK 14 : Charms Class
   Objective - Meet Hermione and go with her to Charms class held by 
               Professor Flitwick. Complete the challenge set by 
               Flitwick as well.
   Items     - Golden Star x 25
               Jellybean x 10
               Chocolate Frog x 3
               Alohomora Spell
               Wingardium Leviosa Spell

Floor 2
There, go to Flitwick's Office, the room beside the doorway leading to 
Floor 3.

Flitwick's Office
Follow the corridor all the way to Hermione, who will enter the 
classroom. Professor Flitwick will teach you what the new spell, 
Wingardium Leviosa, is about. He will then instruct you to collect your 
spellbook and take on the Leviosa Challenge! You are supposed to make it 
through the various rooms and reach Flitwick alive at the end, but to 
get a reward you'll need to collect the 25 Golden Stars scattered around 
as well.

Well then, go through the eastern doorways and collect your spellbook 
from the table. BING! You've learned Wingardium Leviosa!

*********************YOU LEARNED A NEW SPELL!**************************
Wingardium Leviosa - Wingardium Leviosa has the ability to levitate 
certain stone objects that may be used to operate floor switches. They 
may also prove helpful in gaining access to a higher platform by 
providing an extra ledge to climb up.

1. Jump onto the table and shatter the phial for your first Golden Star 
<GS: 1/50>.

2. Go north and collect the Star <GS: 2/50> when the spikes are lowered. 

3. Search the wardrobe for another Star <GS: 3/50>.

4. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the block with wings inscribed on it (a 
Leviosa block) to make it fly. Float it over the Leviosa switch and land 
it by pressing A. Then go through the opened gate and snag two more 
Golden Stars <GS: 5/50>, avoiding the Spiked Ball as you go.

6. Proceed through the doorway and enchant the Leviosa Block onto the 
right Leviosa switch. Go through the opened gate for another Star <GS: 
6/50> and a Wizard Card.

7. Exit the small chamber and enchant the same Leviosa Block onto the 
left switch this time to open another gateway. Enter and wait until the 
Spiked Ball has raised before racing under and grabbing the Star <GS: 

8. When the path splits, go west, and get the 2 Golden Stars <GS: 9/50> 
as you leap over the barrels that come your way.

10. Go right up the corridor then turn right; there's another Star at 
the barrel-spilling gap <GS: 10/50>.

11. Then turn back south and follow the corridor, getting two Stars on 
the way <GS: 12/50>. Open the two chests to get a Jellybean <J: 25/100> 
and a Chocolate Frog <CF: 5/30>.

13. Backtrack and this time take the southern path. Enchant the two 
Leviosa blocks onto the two Leviosa switches to open a gate, then open 
the chest for a Cauldron Cake. Then collect the two Stars flanking it 
<GS: 14/50>.

15. Go through the open doorway and refill your Wiggenweld Potion if 
necessary. Flip the lever to drop a Leviosa block, then grab the Star 
over spikes <GS: 15/50> while they're still down.

16. Enchant the Leviosa block onto the Leviosa switch and go through the 
doorway, then go through and avoiding the barrels that roll across the 
floor, grab the Star beside the grate <GS: 16/50> and smash the pot for 
a Jellybean <J: 26/100>.

17. Carry on through the corridor and enchant the Leviosa block to land 
at the ledge at a northeastern corner. Leap onto the block and open the 
two chests to get a Jellybean <J: 27/100> and a Chocolate Frog <CF: 
6/30>. Then go back down and enchant the Leviosa block onto the Leviosa 
switch. Go through the doorway that opens and race under the Spiked 
Balls when they are raised to obtain yet another Star <GS: 17/50>.

18. Examine the brown-framed portrait for a Star <GS: 18/50>.

19. Continue along the corridor and grab the Star at the spinning Spiked 
Ball <GS: 19/50>.

20. Avoid getting torched by the Fire Jet and snag another Jellybean <J: 
28/100>, while avoiding the Spiked Ball. Avoid yet another fast spinning 
Spiked Ball and run past the Wallfires when their flames die down to get 
another two Stars <GS: 21/50>.

21. Enter the next room; it is a large room, with barrels rolling along 
a single line in the middle. Get the three Stars in front of the barrel 
trap <GS: 24/50>.

22. Enchant the two Leviosa blocks onto the Leviosa switches to throw 
open another gate. Examine the wardrobe to get a Jellybean as well <J: 
29/100>. Then go through the gate into a richly carpeted corridor. 
You're on the home stretch; don't mess up! Avoid getting chopped by the 
gold Living Armor, then grab the Star it guards <GS: 25/50>.

Flip the lever at the end and from there, keep going until you reach 
Flitwick. With all Stars collected in the Leviosa Challenge, Flitwick 
will award you 45 House points!! Exit and Hermione will give you another 
task, but we'll come to that later.

Now we're gonna get Harry a fourth, very useful spell. You should have 
noticed that outside Flitwick's classroom, there's a door along the 
corridor which you can enter for a challenge. With Wingardium Leviosa 
you can complete that challenge! Enter the door now, and enchant the 
Leviosa block in the eastern end of the room to the Leviosa switch at 
the western end of the room. Go through the door that opens; you see 
that pot on the table beside the doorway? Well, enchant the Leviosa 
block in the corridor to the table, then use it to climb onto the table 
and shatter the pot for a Jellybean <J: 30/100>.

Then jump off and enter the door in the southern wall. Kill off the two 
Doxies for a Knut and examine the four desks; inside one is a Jellybean 
<J: 31/100>. Also examine the wardrobe for a Cauldron Cake.

Then exit the classroom and go through the corridor to the door at the 
end. In the next corridor, use two charged Flipendo blasts to destroy 
the walking Living Armors for two Knuts. You will then see a golden door 
with a funny symbol carved on the handle...you can't enter it, so enter 
the door on the opposite wall instead. Open the chest inside the room 
for your very last Charms-type Wizard Card!!! Oh yeah!

"You have collected all five 'Charms' Wizard Cards. With the Alohomora 
spell in your possession, you can now use it to open certain locked 
chests and doors. Perhaps there are now a few new areas for you to open 

*********************YOU LEARNED A NEW SPELL!**************************
Alohomora - Alohomora is a simple yet useful spell. It removes charms on 
locked chests and doors. Very handy for getting into rooms that contain 
things that someone would like to keep secret.

Walk around the room and refill your Wiggenweld Potion if needed, and 
shatter a pot near a bed for a Jellybean <J: 32/100>. Then, armed with 
your new Alohomora spell, exit the room and cast it on the golden door  
- BAM! It's open! Enter the door, and flip the two levers on each side 
of the room, to drop a chest and stone block. Get the Jellybean from the 
chest <J: 33/100> and drag the stone block onto the switch to open a 
gate. Go through, and open another chest for yet another Chocolate Frog 
<CF: 7/30>. 

Blow away the Living Armor and flip the lever behind it. Go through the 
door that opens. In the next room, cast Wingardium Leviosa on the nearby 
Leviosa block and land it against the middle of the northern wall. Use 
that to clamber up a ledge and throw the lever, and a second Leviosa 
block will drop down. Then fall back down and enchant the two Leviosa 
blocks onto the two Leviosa switches. A chest will drop onto a lighted 
tile; open it for a Jellybean <J: 34/100>.

Very good work! Now exit Flitwick's Office back to the main pathway of 
Floor 2.

MAIN TASK 15 : Hogwarts: A History
   Objective - Find a copy of the large history book "Hogwarts: A 
               History" and return to Hermione at the Common Room.
   Items     - Jellybean x 7
               Chocolate Frog x 2
               Hogwarts: A History

Floor 2
Go up and into the Library.

In the library, don't bother examining the bookshelves because you'll 
get nothing.

When you enter, go down the steps and open the chest for a Pumpkin 
Pasty. Drag the stone block onto the switch to open the gate, then 
vaporise the cobweb blocking up the doorway on the southern wall. Watch 
out for the Dungbomb expelled, then open the chest in the small chamber 
for a Chocolate Frog <CF: 8/30>.

Turn back and go through the doorway you just opened, and cut down the 
walking Living Armor in the corridor for a Cauldron Cake. Inspect the 
portrait of the bearded wizard for a Jellybean <J: 35/100> and destroy 
the cobweb in the corner for another <J: 36/100>. Restore stamina from 
the Pumpkin Pasty in a chest, then continue through the doorway. Get the 
Chocolate Frog <CF: 9/30> from the chest in the middle of the next room, 
and drag the stone block onto the switch.

Head through the opened doorway, and flip the only lever to be found in 
this room. A Leviosa block will drop down; use it to mount the ledge 
next to it for a Jellybean from the chest <J: 37/100>. Then fall back 
down and move the two Leviosa blocks to the two Leviosa switches. Click! 
Another gate opens. Get another Jellybean <J: 38/100> from the chest 
near the gate and proceed. Blow away the Living Armor trooping around in 
the corridor for a Cauldron Cake, then dodge the stationary Living 
Armors' axes and smash the pot on the pathway for a Jellybean <J: 
39/100>. Be careful when blowing away a second patrolling Living Armor, 
because of the hassle the nearby gold Living Armor will add.
Finally, smash a Living Armor at the bottom of a stairway and proceed 
gleefully upwards. There, on a table at the eastern end of the room you 
enter, is the book you're looking for! Then destroy the patrolling 
Living Armor in the room for a Cauldron Cake; a door will slide open. 
Get through it and from there it shouldn't be too hard to find your way 
out of the Library. Then get back up to your Common Room and find 
Hermione; she's in the study with Ron. Talk to her to complete your 
task; after giving you a history lesson, the day ends.

When you regain control, go downstairs and talk to Hermione. She'll give 
you your next task, and then go off. Well then, find your way to Moaning 
Myrtle's bathroom on Floor 2.

Moaning Myrtle's 
Here, you'll be treated to a cutscene; Hermione and Ron find some 
spiders acting in a strange way, so they enter the unused, haunted 
bathroom to investigate. There, the ghoul who haunts the bathroom, 
Moaning Myrtle, has a (rather pointless) conversation with them, before 
flying off. Anyway, follow the corridor and when you see a gold door 
along the way, open it with Alohomora. Search the four desks; one has a 
Dungbomb (RUN AWAY) and another has a Cauldron Cake. Examine the 
wardrobe for a Jellybean <J: 40/100> and go through the door on the 
southern wall. Open the chest in plain view for a Chocolate Frog <CF: 
10/30> and blow away the two Living Armors on the other side to reach 
the lever behind them. Flip it to open a door, and go through it into a 
bare chamber. Ransack the chest for a Wizard Card and smash the barrel 
for a Jellybean <J: 41/100>.

Then go back and exit the room you unlocked with Alohomora, and go down 
the rest of the corridor into the open doorway.

MAIN TASK 16 : Moste Potente Potions
   Objective - In order to interrogate Malfoy, you and your chums need 
               to locate a forbidden book in the restricted section of 
               the library that contains the recipe of the Polyjuice 
   Items     - Skurge Spell
               Knut x 3

Restricted Section
The moment you enter, you'll be treated to a rather easy boss fight 
against the poltergeist of Hogwarts. Don't believe that you really can't 
hurt ghosts. After all, this is a magical world, is it not?

| BOSS : Peeves |
   Attacks :
   - Hurls explosive eggs at you
   - Flies inside an armor and recharges stamina (not quite an attack)
   - Inside the last armor, he will hurl Dungbombs
   - Switches off the candles once in a while (but this is not 

   Peeves, while annoying, is dreadfully easy. Very occasionally, he 
   will toss explosive eggs. While his health bar is still green, hit 
   him with a charged Flipendo to make him retreat inside an armor. 
   It'll begin rattling; before Peeves can charge up to maximum, smash 
   apart the armor. He'll recharge energy anyway, but keep hitting him 
   and destroying the armors he attempts to shield himself in, and his 
   health bar turns red. Destroy the last armor before he can start 
   popping out Dungbombs. Then keep up a relentless Flipendo 
   bombardment until he cackles and flies off.

Peeves drops a spellbook as he escapes. Pick it up, and boom!

*********************YOU LEARNED A NEW SPELL!**************************
Skurge - Skurge is used to remove 'Ectoplasm' barriers that may have 
been placed to block doors or passageways. It also has the added 
advantage of scaring off some unfriendly, but cowardly ghosts disguising 
themselves as statues.

Skurge works sorta like Incendio, except it works only on green 
Ectoplasm, slime-dripping barriers. Now that Peeves is done with, 
evaporate the Ectoplasm barrier and go through the door. Receive your 
Owl Post:

"Hi Harry, some ghosts around Hogwarts like to disguise themselves as 
statues, usually on blocks you'll need to push onto a floor pad. Simply 
scare them off with a blast of your Skurge spell and they'll fly away. 
Then you can move the block onto the pad. - Ron"

With that in mind, continue through the doorway. A prefect is lurking 
around the corridors here and will knock 2 points off your House point 
score if you get caught. First open the chest to the right of the 
doorway for a Sickle, then sneak down the corridor closely behind the 
prefect and conceal yourself in the curtained alcove when he passes by.

Then walk up to the doorway, wait until the prefect in the next corridor 
passes by, then race behind him and follow the corridor down the stairs. 
Knock out the Living Armor and smash the pot for a Cauldron Cake, and 
vaporise the cobweb using Incendio for a Knut and continue onward south. 
Open the chest near the Spiked Ball for a Knut. Run past the Wallfire 
when it ejects steam, and avoid getting chopped by a gold Living Armor. 
Go down the corridor, using the curtained alcoves to avoid another 
prefect marching along the carpet, then open the chest for a Pumpkin 
Pasty. Flip the lever to open a door, and in the next corridor, there's 
another prefect! Avoid him and open the chest for a Knut, then go down 
the corridor (avoiding the gold Living Armor) and through the doorway, 
ignoring the other two chests in the corridor.

Flip the lever to open a gate, then go through the open doorway. Turn 
right and, using the alcoves to avoid the prefect, cast Skurge on the 
statue on what appears to be a pedestal to dissipate the ghost. Move the 
pedestal onto the switch and proceed through the open door. In the next 
room, Moste Potente Potions is lying on a table! Grab it and now, you 
must escape from the restricted section of the library. Simply retrace 
your steps.

Moaning Myrtle's 
Hermione chats with you a bit before you go to bed. Task accomplished.

Gryffindor Common Room
Go downstairs and talk to Hermione; she'll tell you where to get the 
first ingredient, Knotgrass, then walk off. Before you go to the 
Entrance Hall, first bypass the fat lady Portrait and follow the 
corridors. With your Skurge spell, open the Ectoplasm door and go 
through. Open the chest for a goodie and then go right, through all the 
madness, until you reach the lever at the end, which you must flip to 
open a door. Go all the way back and to the other end, and through some 
more madness to collect a Jellybean <J: 42/100> in the chest.

Now go back and down to the Entrance Hall.

MAIN TASK 17 : Knotgrass Ingredient
   Objective - Start Harry off on finding the Polyjuice Potion 
               ingredients by having him get the Knotgrass from the 
               Storage Cupboard in the Entrance Hall.
   Items     - Knotgrass
               Avifors Spell

Entrance Hall
Shoot the Ectoplasm-sealed door with Skurge, then enter.

Storage Cupboard
Grab the little green thingy, Knotgrass. That's it! Then go up the grand 
stairs and use Alohomora to unlock the locked chest on the left for a 
Jellybean <J: 43/100> and go up to Floor 1.

Floor 1
There, locate the open Transfiguration classroom. Enter.

Transfiguration Class
Your teacher, Minerva McGonagall, will instruct you to go through a 
doorway and collect your spellbook. Do so.

*********************YOU LEARNED A NEW SPELL!**************************
Avifors - The Avifors spell has the ability to transform certain 
boulders and statues into birds, unblocking paths and sometimes 
revealing hidden items.

MAIN TASK 18 : Transfiguration Class
   Objective - Complete the challenge set by your teacher.
   Items     - Golden Star x 25
               Chocolate Frog x 3
               Jellybean x 9

Again, collect 25 Golden Stars.

1. Examine the portrait in the room with the spellbook for your very 
first Golden Star <GS: 26/50>.

2. Enter the corridor and blow away the Living Armor in front of the 
doorway. Head through and up the ledge for another Star <GS: 27/50>.

3. Go back down and through the corridor into the large room. Collect 
the Star in front of the Wallfire at the eastern end of the room <GS: 

4. Cast Avifors on the two small statues flanking the doorway at the 
western end to open a gate. Cast it again on a large boulder to get a 
Jellybean <J: 44/100> and proceed along the narrow pathway, avoiding the 
Fire Crabs in alcoves on the wall. Transfigure the boulder in the way, 
and proceed. You will arrive at a chamber with two Wallfires and stone 
blocks, as well as 2 Stars <GS: 30/50>.

6. Drag the two stone blocks onto the switches to open a gate. Go back 
and through that gate and destroy the Living Armor in front of the small 
statue, then cast Avifors on it to open a gate. Then pick your way 
carefully through the Living Armors to get a Star <GS: 31/50>.

7. Go through the doorway you opened and take a right. Go past the gold 
Living Armor and activate the Flipendo switch, then transfigure the 
boulder for a Star <GS: 32/50>. 

8. Backtrack and go through the doorway opened when activating the 
Flipendo switch. Top up your stamina using the Wiggenweld Potion 
cauldron and grab the Star from the Spiked Ball's reach <GS: 33/50>, as 
well as the Jellybean <J: 45/100>. Flip the lever to swivel the 
Wallbullet and Wallfire.

8. Then exit the chamber, go left and through the obstacles to cast 
Incendio on the cobweb for a Star <GS: 34/50>.

9. Head south and look, there's three Stars guarded by three gold Living 
Armors! This tests your reflexes; incite the Living Armors to chop down 
and miss, then weave between and get the Stars <GS: 37/50>.

12. Head through the doorway at the end and transfigure the boulder in 
plain view for a Jellybean <J: 46/100>. Head south and turn east when 
you see a Wallfire. Get past it and the various obstacles to flip a 
lever and get a Star from a chest <GS: 38/50>. A Leviosa block will drop 

13. Enchant the Leviosa block to the ledge at the northern wall and use 
it to climb up to the locket which contains your very last Potions type 
Wizard Card!

"Congratulations on getting all five 'Potions' Wizard Cards. You now 
have the Girding Potion. When you take this, you'll be protected from 
harm for a short period of time." 

Go to your Inventory and LOOK! LOOK! You have 5 Girding phials full of 
friggin Girding Potion, which is basically an Invincibility Potion. 

So anyway, go back south and into the first open doorway to the west. 
The chamber contains a Spiked Ball and three items within the radius of 
the Spiked Ball. Collect them all, 2 Stars <GS: 40/50> and a Jellybean 
<J: 47/100>. Flip the lever to open a door.

15. Exit and go further south, blowing away the Living Armor for a 
Cauldron Cake and head through the doorway you just opened. Collect the 
Chocolate Frog from the chest inside <CF: 12/30> and the Star in the 
corner <GS: 41/50>.

16. Exit the chamber and go south and then east, through the corridor 
chock-full of surprises. Transfigure the two small statues along the way 
to open a door, and collect the three Stars along the corridor <GS: 

19. To the right of the doorway is another Star guarded by a Wallbullet 
<GS: 45/50>.

20. Go through the door that you just opened. Make a right turn and blow 
away the Living Armor for a Cauldron Cake and collect the Star <GS: 
46/50>. Don't forget to transfigure the small statue next to the Star as 

21. Then proceed through the room, examining the portrait next to the 
Spiked Ball for a Jellybean <J: 48/100> and claim the Star <GS: 47/50>.

22. At the end of the room, there is a darkened board on the shelf that 
you can examine for another Star <GS: 48/50>. 

23. Transfigure the statue to open another gate. Backtrack and go 
through it, then open the chest for a Chocolate Frog <CF: 13/30>. Knock 
out the three Doxies in the room and claim the Star <GS: 49/50>, and go 
through the doorway at the end.

24. The very last Star is hidden inside a chest in the room <GS: 50/50>. 

Flip the lever to open the last gate and stride through to complete the 
challenge. And McGonagall gives you 45 House points! Also, you've gotten 
all 50 Golden Stars! Hell yeah!

Exit the classroom and Wood will tell you about the upcoming Quidditch 
match. You're due, so get to the Hogwarts Grounds now! Save at the 
Entrance Hall before you do anything else though, because the match will 
be tough.

Hogwarts Grounds
Keep going along the footpath until you walk between two white marble 
arches. Go west and follow the fence around the Greenhouse field until 
you find the boulder blocking the entrance; transfigure it and collect 
the Knut left behind, then grab the Sickle from the chest.

Exit the fenced area and go upwards, searching a bush for a Jellybean 
<J: 49/100>. Search a bush just south of the Greenhouse for a Knut and 
search the bush near the Gnome crater further south for a Jellybean <J: 
50/100>, then keep going north along the left side of the fenced area 
and to reach another bush with a Jellybean <J: 51/100>. You'll 
eventually reach a locked trunk; hit it with Alohomora and open it for 
another Jellybean <J: 52/100>. Then follow the west wall until you find 
another chest, which contains a Chocolate Frog <CF: 14/30>.

Finally, to find the Quidditch match grounds, go to the end of the 
footpath and turn east and keep going until you reach a highly decorated 
field. Enter and the Quidditch match against Slytherin will start! 

MAIN TASK 19 : Gryffindor vs. Slytherin
   Objective - Beat the Slytherins to the Golden Snitch in Quidditch!

This is the only Quidditch match you'll ever have - bah! Anyway, this is 
merely a race to beat Malfoy to the Golden Snitch. Your distance from 
the Snitch is shown on the scale at the top right hand corner. Only on 
the last lap of the race will it show you both moving towards the 
Snitch, apparently. Malfoy has skillz, and he'll build up his boost 
power before expending it all in one shot and soaring ahead of you. I 
suggest keeping up a tough pace of ringing, boosting a bit, ringing and 
boosting a bit. This way you'll slowly build up boost power, and after a 
while you can push forward to take over Malfoy.

There's a renegade Bludger - the little iron balls - continually chasing 
you; when it pelts after you simply move away and it'll miss. When you 
reach the Snitch, press A when the picture moves into your hand to win!

Whether you win or lose, you won't get House points (BAH?!??!), and you 
will be treated to a cutscene in which Harry gets bashed by a Bludger.

Hospital Wing
Hermione will chat with you, and tell you that since you're in the 
Hospital Wing, it's high time you looked for the second Polyjuice Potion 
ingredient: Leeches.

MAIN TASK 20 : Leeches Ingredient
   Objective - There's a pot of Leeches somewhere in the Hospital Wing, 
               that can be used for the Polyjuice Potion. Go and get 
   Items     - Leeches
               Knut x 10
               Jellybean x 28
               Chocolate Frog x 7

Head west through the doorway and then south through another door, and 
you will come upon a useful Invisibility Cloak! Grab it and use it to 
make your way down the corridor and the next one after that, undetected. 
In the second corridor with two prefects, head down to the end and enter 
the doorway; open the chest for a Pumpkin Pasty and refill your 
Wiggenweld Potion if required, then destroy the Troll loitering around 
the bathroom cubicles. It will drop a Dungbomb so RUN!! Flip the lever 
to open a gate, then exit the bathrooms and head through the gate.

Open the chest for a Sickle then dodge the prefect marching around the 
corridor. Head up the stairs past the prefect and into a roundabout 
corridor. Flip the lever at the northeastern corner to open the gate in 
the room, and go through it; search the left wardrobe for a Knut, then 
claim the Leeches just nearby. If you need it, search the wardrobes west 
for a Cauldron Cake; otherwise just retrace your steps out of the 
Hospital Wing, and to the Portrait Room.

Portrait Room
Take the Portrait to Floor 7.

Floor 7
Go down to Floor 6.

Floor 6
Here, you'll find a gold door; unlock it with Alohomora and you'll enter 
a bonus room! Get the Jellybean in plain view <J: 53/100> and smash the 
pot for another <J: 54/100>. Vaporise the cobweb to uncover a lever, 
then flip it to open the gate and start!

Follow the corridor until you reach a large room. Search the portrait in 
the northwestern corner of the room for a Jellybean <J: 55/100> and 
smash the pot for another <J: 56/100>. Push the two stone blocks in the 
eastern corner onto the switches to open a gate nearby, then head 
through for a Chocolate Frog from the chest <CF: 15/30>. Search the 
portrait inside the room for another Jellybean <J: 57/100>. Then back to 
the western wall of the previous, large room, and through the door; 
smash the barrels for a Jellybean <J: 58/100>, open the chest for a 
Chocolate Frog <CF: 16/30> and vaporise the cobweb for a Jellybean <J: 

Retreat into the large room again and this, make your way into the 
doorway at the northern wall and you will enter a roomy classroom. Don't 
forget the Jellybean to the left of the doorway <J: 60/100> and search 
the desks for another 2 <J: 62/100>. Search the wardrobe next to the 
shut gate for a Jellybean  <J: 63/100> and get the partially concealed 
one behind the globe <J: 64/100>. Drag the wooden chair next to the rich 
table onto the switch between them and head through the gate that slides 
open, into the very last room. Here, search the chests and wardrobe and 
destroy the cobweb for 3 Jellybeans <J: 67/100> and a Chocolate Frog 
<CF: 17/30>.

My, wasn't that quite a goodie gala? Exit back to Floor 6 and descend to 
Floor 5. Clear the Ectoplasm door with Skurge and enter the room...for 
another bonus!

Smash the pot inside the study for a Jellybean <J: 68/100> and examine 
the lighter-coloured, cracked wall west. It slides open to reveal a 
secret room! Enter and when you reach the corridor furnished with 
armors, examine the yellow framed portrait for a Jellybean <J: 69/100> 
and smash another pot north for another <J: 70/100>. Flip the lever to 
open the gate, and enter the bare room with nothing but a pot and a 
chest. Smash the pot for a Jellybean <J: 71/100> and claim the Chocolate 
Frog from the chest <CF: 18/30>.

Backtrack to the study and enter the ordinary door on the northern wall. 
Examine the very first portrait you see for a Jellybean <J: 72/100> and 
smash the glass phials for another one <J: 73/100>. Vaporise the cobweb 
for yet another <J: 74/100> and follow the rest of the corridor to the 

In the next room, examine the desks for another two Jellybeans <J: 
76/100> and go through the door in the classroom, for a Chocolate Frog 
from the chest <CF: 19/30> and yet another Jellybean from the pot <J: 
77/100>. Exit the bonus room and...you've made off with another haul!

Now go back up to Floor 7...but wait, before going back to your Common 
Room, enter the Reading Room to the left!

Reading Room
In here, keep going until you see two small statues flanking a lighter-
coloured portion of the wall. Transfigure them and hey! It's a secret 
passage! Follow the path and when you reach the first obstacles, keep 
going south and you will find a narrow pathway guarded by a Spiked Ball. 
Avoid getting beaned by it and follow the path for 9 Knuts and a 
Jellybean <J: 78/100>!

Head out and past the other obstacles, and you will reach an Ectoplasm 
door. Skurge it and go through; smash the barrels for a Cauldron Cake, 
and examine the wardrobe for a Jellybean <J: 79/100>. Flip the lever to 
open a gate that leads to a chamber full of chests! Open them all to get 
LOADS of goodies: A Wizard Card, two Knuts and a Chocolate Frog <CF: 

Now exit the Reading Room and get back to the Common Room. 

Gryffindor Common Room
Talk with Ron and Hermione at the fireplace, and Hermione will give you 
a task before she heads off once again. Now pass the fat lady portrait 
and continue down the corridor, then down the corridor opposite the two 
lit Wizard Candles. Look, there's two small statues and a locked gate; 
what do you do?? TRANSFIGURE THE STATUES! The gate will slide open, so 
enter and take a left. Head past the Spiked Balls and vaporise the 
cobweb for a Knut, then dodge the walking gold Living Armor and drag the 
stone block onto a switch to open a gate. Enter and pass the various 
obstacles to flip a lever at the end. It opens yet another gate; go back 
and through it.

Receive your Owl Post:

"Hi Harry, stay alert Harry, some walls are not what they seem. Look out 
for one-way walls that open up from one side when you approach them, but 
seal back up when you are on the other side. - Hermione"

With that in mind, blow away the marching Living Armors for a Knut, and 
smash the barrel (but ignore the Dungbomb-trapped chest) for another 
Knut. Sweet money...now unlock the gold door and get the Knut from the 
wardrobe south. Then blow away the three Doxies north for a Cauldron 
Cake, and annihilate the cobweb in the corner for a Jellybean <J: 
80/100>. Then step onto the white-tiled portion of the room and open the 
unlocked chest for a Chocolate Frog <CF: 21/30>, then blow open the 
locked one for a Sickle. Now step up to what looks like a blocked 
doorway; it's a one-way door, which fades away when you approach, and 
shuts back when you go through (so you can't retreat back in).

That business of fully exploring the Common Room being done, now exit it 
and go to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. Remember, it's on Floor 2!

MAIN TASK 21 : Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom
   Objective - Hermione is waiting in Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom; find 
   Items     - Jellybean
               Chocolate Frog

Moaning Myrtle's
Simply use the Portrait Room shortcuts. At the bathroom, you'll chat a 
bit with your chums, and Hermione tells you to go look for a third 
ingredient: Boomslang Skin. Go out into the corridor and follow it until 
you reach an Ectoplasm door; Skurge it and enter. Flip the lever in the 
northwestern corner for a chest which reveals a Jellybean <J: 81/100>, 
then open the other one for a Chocolate Frog <CF: 22/30>. Refill your 
Poison Antidote Potion if required, then exit Moaning Myrtle's and head 
down to the Entrance Hall.

MAIN TASK 22 : Snape's Private Stores
   Objective - You need a third ingredient for Polyjuice Potion: 
               Boomslang Skin. Unfortunately, it's in Snape's stores 
               and he's very, very severe on you. Sneak around and get 
               the Skin without being caught.
   Items     - Boomslang Skin
               Jellybean x 10
               Chocolate Frog x 3

Entrance Hall
Go to the Belowground.

Here, keep south until you go through a door. Receive your Owl Post:

"Hi Harry, watch out for Snape. Looks like he's guarding his office, 
pacing backwards and forwards in this area (the very corridor you are in 
now!). You don't want him catching you, he'll throw you right back out 
into the Entrance Hall. - Ron"

Keep that in mind; Snape will also knock off 10 House points if he 
catches you!! Anyway, go forward and follow the corridor. Dodge Snape as 
you go, then flip the lever at the end to open a gate. Go through it and 
obtain the Jellybean in plain view <J: 82/100> and flip a lever to open 
the trapdoor. Go onto it and press B to drop down.

On the next floor, Colin Creevey, the annoying camera-boy, calls for 
help. Simply flip the lever next to his cell to free him and he gives 
you a free Wizard Card in return.

Proceed south and get the Jellybean between the two Spiked Balls <J: 
83/100>, then flip the lever in the room to open a gate. Go through it 
and unlock the chest for a Jellybean <J: 84/100>. The path will split; 
take the east path and get across the chasm using the moving platforms, 
but avoid getting torched by the Wallfires. Follow the platforms to a 
chest and Jellybean <J: 85/100>. Get the Knut from the chest and go back 
over the platforms. This time, take the south path and leap over the 
spikes onto the platforms. Avoid the various obstacles, getting a 
Jellybean over a spike pit as you go <J: 86/100> and flip the lever to 
enter the next chamber. Snag a Jellybean from the spike pit <J: 87/100> 
and get a Chocolate Frog from the chest <CF: 23/30>. Go up the stairway, 
seemingly into oblivion...

...then flip the two levers you come to. One opens the gate in front of 
you, the other activates a moving platform. Go out into the corridor, 
which is the same one guarded by Snape, then go west and the moving 
platform activated, it shouldn't be too hard to get over. Receive your 
Owl Post at the other end:

"Hi Harry, it's me again. Just wanted to warn you to watch out for Filch 
patrolling this area (the corridor you are in!). If he catches you he'll 
throw you out or worse, report you to Snape. - Ron"

Surprise, surprise, Filch is patrolling the very corridor you're in! 
You've got to be careful. Flip the lever on the wall to open a gate; 
enter and smash the pots for a Jellybean <J: 88/100> and follow the 
corridor (past Filch) to a doorway. Enter and knock out the Doxies to 
open a gate, then take the Cauldron Cake they dropped and head through 
the gate. Make a right and get the Jellybean from the chest behind the 
Spiked Ball <J: 89/100>, then head back west and flip the lever. Blast 
the barrel onto the switch to open a gate, then open the chest to the 
left of the gateway for another Chocolate Frog <CF: 24/30>. Head through 
the gateway and follow the corridor, opening a chest for a Jellybean on 
the way <J: 90/100> and knocking out a Troll to open a gate. At the end 
of the corridor is a chest containing yet another Chocolate Frog <CF: 

Go through the gate and flip the lever, then receive your Owl Post:

"Hi Harry, when you manage to sneak into Snape's office to collect the 
ingredients, you can get him to open the door by creating a distraction. 
But be careful, you'll have to hide behind the curtain here (map marks 
out a room in Snape's office) if you don't want to get caught. - Ron"

You here what the man said, eh? Well then, enter and first gett he 
Boomslang Skin from a shelf, then smash a glass phial to get Snape's 
attention; he'll enter the office and pace around. It's easy enough to 
avoid him, but first enter the room through a curtain and blast the 
cobweb for a Jellybean <J: 91/100>, then dodge Snape and exit his office 
through the door he opened. From there, exit Belowground.

Entrance Hall
Go to the Great Hall for your next task.

MAIN TASK 23 : Duelling Club
   Objective - Your teacher, Gilderoy Lockhart, has set up a Duelling     
               Club to teach you how to duel. Attend it at the Great 

Great Hall
Inside, you'll encounter your big-headed teacher Gilderoy Lockhart who 
sets you up for a duel with Draco Malfoy. Instead of disarming, Draco 
sets a snake on you. Harry sets it off and Hermione tells you that you 
can talk to snakes (???). When you exit, Hermione tells you to meet her 
in the Grounds for the last ingredient - Fluxweed.

Hogwarts Grounds
Make your way along the footpath and to the second portion of the 
Grounds. Get to the Greenhouse, which is at the wooden fence west of the 
two white arches at the footpath. Talk to Hermione, who warns you about 
a full-grown Venomous Tentacula, then enter the Greenhouse.

MAIN TASK 24 : Venomous Tentacula
   Objective - The Venomous Tentacula has the last ingredient for 
               your Polyjuice Potion. Destroy it and collect the 
   Items     - Fluxweed

Nothing much to say - when you enter you'll be confronted by a large, 
full-grown Venomous Tentacula. With 10 stamina zaps you should easily be 
able to take it. Simply pelt it with Incendio and it will go down, 
allowing you to reach the Fluxweed. 

Exit and you will have a talk with the gleeful Hermione, who gives you 
your next task. Then the day fades out.

MAIN TASK 25 : Myrtle's Bathroom 2
   Objective - Hermione is waiting in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom to get 
               started on the Polyjuice Potion. Meet her there.
   Subtasks  - Dumbledore's Office
   Items     - Jellybean x 5
               Chocolate Frog

Gryffindor Common Room
Go downstairs and out of the Common Room.

Floor 7
Hmmm, the Portraits to the Portrait Room are unusable; what can be 
happening? Nevertheless, start making your way downstairs. Hagrid will 
give you a warning on the way, then lets you resume. Halfway, you'll 
encounter a stiff body lying on the ground, petrified. Peeves will see 
you and start a ruckus, and your Transfiguration teacher comes running, 
then brings you to Dumbledore's office. Enter.

Subtask 1 : Dumbledore's Office
   Objective - Harry has been caught with a petrified body near him. 
               Get him to meet Dumbledore and clear this matter up.

Dumbledore's Office
Inside, slide open the secret wall and follow the corridor to a large 
room with three ways. Take west and open the locked chest with Alohomora 
for a Jellybean <J: 92/100>. Then unlock the gold door and follow the 
passage to the trophy, which, obviously, contains shelves loaded with 
trophies. Open the wardrobe in the corridor for a Jellybean <J: 93/100> 
and examine the yellow-framed portrait for a Pumpkin Pasty. Smash the 
two pots in the room for another Jellybean <J: 94/100>, then exit the 
Trophy Room.

This time, take the east way and transfigure the small statue to open a 
gate. Slip through and blow away the two Living Armors to clear the way 
for a Chocolate Frog <CF: 26/30> from the chest!

Then exit the small chamber and take the middle door this time. Head 
through the shiny-tiled room and into another study. Examine the yellow-
framed portrait for a Jellybean <J: 95/100> and smash the pot for a 
Sickle, then go up the stairs into Dumbledore's study. Dumbledore will 
amble in and chat with you before Hagrid barges in and speaks up 
(unnecessarily) for you. You then leave and meet Ron and Hermione in the 
Great Hall, where they chat a bit about the Polyjuice Potion before 

First, go back to Dumbledore's Office and head to his study, then 
examine the yellow-framed portrait behind his desk for a Jellybean <J: 
96/100>. Check the chest for your last Beast Wizard Card...

"Well done, you've collected all five 'Beasts' Wizard Cards. Now you can 
view the Bestiary in your Notebook."

Also in the office is Fawkes, Dumbledore's pet phoenix.

Then go back down to the Entrance Hall.

Entrance Hall
Go to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom on Floor 2.

Moaning Myrtle's
Here, follow the corridor and enter the toilet which Myrtle haunts; 
Hermione is standing beside a cauldron of bubbling red liquid. You will 
drink some and turn into one of Malfoy's friends.

MAIN TASK 26 : Meeting Ron
   Objective - Meet Ron on Floor 1.

Simply exit the bathroom and go to Floor 1.

Floor 1
Ron is standing at the entrance, and briefs you on where to go. So take 
south and into the...

Slytherin Dungeons
Follow the corridors and through the door into the Slytherin Common 
Room. Look, it's that bloody creep Malfoy! Chat with him and he spits 
all sorts of vile stuff about Harry (you) and Ron's father, Arthur 
Weasley. He then trundles off...simply exit the room through the 
northern door and knock out the Troll stomping around the desks, to open 
a gate and get a Cauldron Cake. Tramp through the gate and along the 
narrow pathway, and Skurge the Ectoplasm-sealed door. Enter the room - 
it's a dormitory - and Skurge the fake statue at the northeastern 
corner. Drag the pedestal onto the switch in the middle of the dormitory 
to open a gate, then head through and down the steps, past the gold 
Living Armor and rapidly-firing Fire Jet. Dodge the varous obstacles and 
prefects, and flip a lever to open another gate.

Head through and claim your Invisibility Cloak, then walk past the 
patrolling prefect and flip the lever on the other side to open a gate. 
Go into the corridor and open the gate using the lever, then exit the 
Slytherin Dungeons through the door at the end.

MAIN TASK 27 : Sneak to the Entrance Hall
   Objective - Meet Ron at the Entrance Hall.

From Floor 1, return to the Entrance Hall. This sort of task is a joke, 

Entrance Hall
Here, meet Ron at the bottom of the steps. He'll tell you to meet 
Hermione at Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, then go there himself, so follow 
after. Don't you forget, it's on Floor 2.

MAIN TASK 28 : Myrtle's Bathroom 3
   Objective - After your trip to Slytherin Common Room, it's time to 
               report back to Hermione.

Moaning Myrtle's
Here, you'll be treated to a long, long cutscene. Filch nearly sees you 
three, then you hear Myrtle's scream. Entering the bathroom, you find a 
diary, which is taken back to the Common Room and examined. Harry finds 
lots of useful information back in the Common Room, then gets ready for 
another task.

MAIN TASK 29 : Hagrid's Hut
   Objective - You've found out some useful stuff about the Chamber of 
               Secrets; now interrogate Hagrid for more.
   Items     - Jellybean x 4

Gryffindor Common Room
Exit the Common Room and go down to the Entrance Hall through the 
Portrait Room shortcut.

Entrance Hall
Exit the castle.

Hogwarts Grounds
First, go east and transfigure the large boulder for a Jellybean <J: 

Then proceed along the footpath to the second portion of the Grounds. 
You will automatically come to Hagrid's Hut, where Hagrid and Dumbledore 
are finishing up a conversation and walking away. Harry will find a key 
on the ground, then see some spiders sneaking into the forest; when you 
regain control, first go east of the wooden fences along the footpath 
and transfigure the boulder there for a Jellybean <J: 98/100>. Search 
the bush nearby for a Knut, then transfigure another boulder east of the 
white marble arches at the footpath for yet another Jellybean <J: 

Then clear away the cobweb to the left of Hagrid's Hut for your very 
last Jellybean <J: 100/100>! You are told that you may access a mini-
game at the main menu of the game.

Now enter Hagrid's Hut.

Hagrid's Hut
Go through it and out the door on the other side. Shatter the orange 
thing for a Knut, then go through the brown door leading into the 

Spider Trail
Inside, you will see two sets of spiders crawl away; the second bunch 
crawls into a lair somewhere along the pathway ahead.

Follow the worn pathway and blow away the four Spiders you encounter for 
a Knut, Cauldron Cake and Sickle. Then go through the place where you 
saw the second bunch of spiders enter.

Aragog's Lair
Harry walks up to a massive, wrigging spider, called Aragog. After an 
awkward talk, Aragog nearly has you killed...until Ron shows up with the 
car used to fly to Hogwarts!

MAIN TASK 30 : Dormitory 4
   Objective - Examine your trunk.

Gryffindor Common Room
Here, you thank Ron for saving you. Now go up to your Dormitory and 
examine the large brown trunk next to a bunk. Then return to the study 
in the Common Room and talk to Hermione. Ron soon appears, and he's in a 
shock - his sister, Ginny Weasley, is reported to be taken into the 
Chamber of Secrets! Hermione runs off to search for a clue, and the day 
fades out.

When you regain control, go downstairs and chat with Ron. He will make 
his way to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom (Floor 2), and so should you.

MAIN TASK 31 : Floor 2
   Objective - Meet Ron at Floor 2.

Floor 2
Just outside Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, you'll encounter Professor 
McGonagall, who imforms you of an attack and instructs you to make your 
way to the Hospital Wing on Floor 4.

MAIN TASK 32 : The Hospital Wing
   Objective - Get to the Hospital Wing to find out who's been 

Hospital Wing
Inside, you'll find that this time, Hermione herself was attacked and 
petrified. In her right hand, contains a final clue: it identifies the 
monster who's been doing all the petrifying! With that, head straight 
for Moaning Myrtle's bathroom on Floor 2 again.

Moaning Myrtle's
Enter her bathroom and talk to her. She'll give you a clue, then you 
will cross over and open a secret passageway at the sink. Down there, 
Ron is blocked off by some stones. You'll have to carry on on your 
lonesome, so head through the sewer passageway.

In the next room, you'll meet the guy behind all this: Lord Voldemort, 
in a spectral form of his boyish days, Tom Riddle. He summons some 
snakes, which are easy to blow away with a charged Incendio. When you 
destroy them all, enter the large entrance.

Inside is your final hurdle...

| BOSS : Basilisk |
   Attacks :
   - eels around the room and tries to hit you
   - spits some poisonous goo at you

   Final bosses NEVER come this easy. Anyway, all you have to do is to 
   hit the tail over and over again, preferably with Incendio. The 
   Basilisk, being blinded by a phoenix beforehand, is pretty much 
   blind. Just pelt its tail with Incendio, and it turns redder and 
   redder...when it explodes, you save the day...again!

After that, you'll bring Ginny Weasley out, and if at the end Dumbledore 
announces your House's victory, well done! Enjoy the cheesy ending, if 
you actually like that sort of thing...

      /-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.//|||         |||\\-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-\
     ||                     E N E M I E S                    ||
There are two types of enemies in this game: the organic, living ones 
and the non-living obstacles.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |                         B E S T I A R Y                     _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
I: Gnome
Look like : Little yellow critters.
Attacks   : Run up to you and claw you
Found in  : Hogwarts Grounds

Gnomes pop up from Gnome Stumps, mainly found in the Hogwarts Grounds. 
use either charged Incendio or Flipendo to dispose of them; Incendio is 
more powerful against these critters. Destroy their Gnome Stumps with a 
few charged-up Incendio.

II: Orange Snail
Look like : Small snails which leave an orange trail behind them.
Attacks   : Crawl towards you
Found in  : Gringotts Bank

You call these enemies? They're slow and couldn't catch you for nuts! 
Too easy! Dispose of them with charged Flipendo.

III: Fire Crab
Look like : Little crabs with a large, metallic carapace on their body.
Attacks   : Crawl to you and breathe flames
Found in  : Magical Menagerie
            Gringotts Bank
            Transfiguration Class

Fire Crabs are slightly beefier than Orange Snails, but they're slow all 
the same. Their hard carapace won't stand up to a charged Flipendo. Fire 
Crabs may also be jammed into alcoves in walls and breathe fire at you 
as you walk past.

IV: Doxy
Look like : Tiny, brown, flying creatures
Attacks   : Flits at you and tries to poison you
Found in  : Dungeons
            Flitwick's Office
            Transfiguration Class
            Gryffindor Common Room

Doxies are slow, but you can't let them touch you; if they do, they'll 
inflict a poisonous sting on you. Simply blast them out of existence 
with a charged Flipendo.

V: Troll
Look like : A big, small-headed, lumbering monster with a club
Attacks   : Tries to smash you with its club
Found in  : Dungeons
            Hospital Wing
            Slytherin Dungeons

Trolls may look terrifying, but they are slow and stupid. If you let 
them get close, they will roar and take a huge swipe with their club! 
Distract them with Dungbombs and pelt with three charged Flipendo shots 
to knock this monstrocity out.

VI: Living Armor
Look like : A suit of armor...duh!
Attacks   : Swings its halberd at you if you come too close
Found in  : Reading Room
            Flitwick's Office
            Moaning Myrtle's
            Library (Restricted)
            Transfiguration Classroom
            Gryffindor Common Room
            Slytherin Dungeons

Living Armors come in either silver or gold. Silver ones can be blown to 
pieces with Flipendo, but gold ones are totally invincible. Some Living 
Armors march around; the silver ones take two charged Flipendos. You can 
spot out the dangerous, stationary ones by looking for whether they are 
poised to strike. Silver, stationary ones take a charged Flipendo shot 
to destroy.

VII: Basilisk Lair Viper
Look like : Snall snakes
Attacks   : Crawl towards you and try to bit you
Found in  : Uh...Basilisk Lair ^_^

Before facing the Basilisk, you will have to face several of these. 
Despite their numbers, they're slow, and can be easily disposed of with 
a charged Incendio. But if you actually blunder into them, they'll 
inflict a poisonous bite on you.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |            N O N - L I V I N G  O B S T A C L E S           _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
These things are inorganic, but they delay your progress and pose a 
threat to your existence. They usually can't be destroyed.

I: Wallfire
Look like : A monster head stuck on the wall 
Attacks   : Breathes fire

Easily averted. Some can be swivelled around to avert them even easier.

II: Wallbullet
Look like : A monster head stuck on the wall
Attacks   : Fires a bullet in a single line

Easily averted. Looks like the Wallfire. Some can be swivelled around to 
avert them even easier.

III: Fire Jet
Look like : A small spout in the floor
Attacks   : A jet of flame ejects and stays lit for a varied time

Some Fire Jets fire more rapidly than others. You can't jump over the 
jet, by the way.

IV: Spike Pit
Look like : A series of holes in the floor
Attacks   : Spikes stick out of the holes occasionally

These can be jumped over and are not much of a threat.

V: Spike Ball
Look like : A big, black iron ball with spikes on it
Attacks   : Rises then drops to the floor/Spins around a pillar

Spike Balls, as mentioned, either drop to the ground then rise again, or 
spin around a short pillar. Certain Spike Balls spin at a different 
radius from the pillar at a different speed.


      /-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.//|||         |||\\-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-\
     ||              M O N E Y  L O C A T I O N S            ||
Yes, you can get and save up money in Chamber of Secrets! Not that it 
will be for much use, though...the use of money is still under a 
stranglehold and you can only buy very few things, mainly your trick 
items (i.e. Dungbombs, Stink Pellets and Luminous Balloons).

In case you didn't know, in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, Knuts, 
Sickles and Galleons are used as currency (no, don't worry about 
inflation just yet :) ). Knuts are little, bronze coins with a hole in 
the middle. Silver Sickles are worth 30 Knuts. Galleons...you only get 
one in the whole game, so they don't really matter.

You only use your money to, as said, buy trick items from Gambol and 
Japes or Fred and George's Shop, and your Potion Kit in Diagon Alley. 
Aside from that, money bears no more use. They are hidden in very funny 
places anyway, and deserve a mention in this guide.

Gringotts Bank
1. A Knut can be found in the very first Item Chest on a ledge.

2. The very first Fire Crab in a chamber yields one when you destroy it.

3. The very first Anvil will reveal a Knut when you destroy it.

4. Pull a lever next to the very first gem cart to get a chest 
containing a Knut.

5. Another Anvil, another Knut.

6. In one of the barrels is another Knut.

7. A Sickle is on a platform over the lava, which you can get to after 
jumping over a few platforms.

8. There's a handful to be found at the beginning of the second area.

9. In one of the Anvils nearby the chest containing the blue Gringotts 

10. Push a gem cart off its tracks for a Sickle.

11. Blow up a nearby Anvil for another Knut.

12. After the series of crushing blocks, there's another Anvil 
containing a Knut.

13. The Anvil near the gem cart which contained the gold Gringotts Gem 
contains a Knut.

14. Harry will take a Galleon from his vault. From here, you don't 
really have to worry about monetary problems.

Gryffindor Common Room
1. Near the Gryffindor shield at the stairway leading to your dormitory 
is a wall with several boards, one of which is darkened; examine that 
one for a Sickle.

2. A pot on the stairway leading to your dormitory contains a Sickle.

Reading Room
1. A pot in the room which Percy paces around in contains a Knut.

2. In the room which you open with Avifors, there's a very narrow 
pathway behind a Spiked Ball which holds 9 Knuts!

Hogwarts Grounds
1. In the bush next to the Owl Post stand in the first portion of the 

1. In one of the rooms next to Filch (which you get to using the 
Invisibility Cloak) you can pull a lever to get a chest containing a 

2. One of the cobwebs in the Dungeons contains another Knut.

Library (Restricted)
1. A cobweb conceals a Knut.

2. A chest near a Spiked Ball contains another Knut.

3. A corridor guarded by a prefect has a chest which contains yet 
another Knut.

Hospital Wing
1. A wardrobe near a pot of Leeches contains a Knut.

Moaning Myrtle
1. A well-hidden pot behind the pillar at the hallway leading to the 
Restricted Section of the Library contains a Knut.

      /-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.//|||         |||\\-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-\
     ||                W I Z A R D  C A R D S                ||

All Wizard Cards give you extra information when you select them with 
the A Button. Flip them round with the A Button. There are 5 Types: 
Beasts (top row), Potions (2nd from top), Locations (middle), Quidditch 
(2nd from bottom) and Charms (bottom). All cards are listed from left to 

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |                           B E A S T                         _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Collecting all 5 Beast cards will give you the option to view a 
description on all minor enemies found in the game. This can be viewed 
in your notebook.

Personally, I haven't seen a Gytrash.

Gulliver Pokeby (1750 - 1839)
Description : Expert on magical beasts. First to identify meaning of 
Augurey song.

Location : In a chest in Dumbledore's study.


Derwent Shimpling (1912 - Present)
Description : Ate an entire Venomous Tarantula for a bet and survived 
though is still purple.

Location : In a northeast corner of the southern portion of the Grounds.


Herpo the Foul (Ancient Greek)
Description : First known creator of the Basilisk.

Location : In the secret chamber of the Reading Room.


Newt Scamander (1897 - Present)
Description : Celebrated author of 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find 

Location : Colin Creevey gives you this after freeing him from his cell


Gondoline Oliphant (1729 - 1799)
Description : Famous for studies of life and habits of trolls. Clubbed 
to death while sketching.

Location : Ginny gives you this after you buy her a Potion Kit (Main 
Task, Subtask 1)

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |                        P O T I O N S                        _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Getting all 5 of the Potions cards will give you 5 phials of Girding 
Potion (yellow stuff), which protects you for 20 seconds against harm.

Hesper Starkey (1881 - 1973)
Description : Witch who studied the use of phases of the moon in potion-

Location : In a chest on a ledge behind the Whomping Willow.


Beaumont Marjoribanks (1742 - 1845)
Description : Pioneer of Herbology. Discovered Gillyweed.

Location : It is inside a chest lying in the bonus room sealed by the 
portrait of an old witch in the Portrait Room.


Gaspard Shingleton (1959 - Present)
Description : Celebrated inventor of the Self-Stirring Cauldron.

Location : In a chest inside the gold door-locked room in Moaning 
Myrtle's Bathroom.


Clover Hipworth (1742 - 1805)
Description : Inventor of the Pepperup Potion, cure for the common cold.

Location : On a ledge in the Avifors challenge room.


Sacharissa Tugwood (1874 - 1966)
Description : Pioneer of Beautifying Potions. Discovered the properties 
of Bubotuber Pus.

Location : In a chest inside the Great Hall.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |                       Q U I D D I T C H                     _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Allows you to play Quidditch from the Main Menu.

Bowman Wright (1492 - 1560)
Description : Famous for developing the Golden Snitch.

Location : Madam Hooch gives you this after completing the first Flying 
Lesson challenge.


Gwenog Jones (1968 - Present)
Description : Captain of the only all-female national Quidditch team, 
the Holyhead Harpies.

Location : Oliver gives you this after completing the second Flying 
Lesson challenge.


Cyprian Youdle (1312 - 1357)
Description : Only Quidditch referee ever to die during a match.

Location : You get this after completing the 3 Rings Practice challenge 
in the Broom Shed.


Devlin Whitehorn (1945 - Present)
Description : Founder of the Nimbus racing broom company.
Location : Beat the Ring Practice 2 challenge in the Broom Shed.


Roderick Plumpton (1889 - 1987)
Description : Seeker for England's Quidditch Team. Holds the record for 
the fastest capture of the Snitch.

Location : Beat the Flitterby 2 Challenge in the Broom Shed.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |                          C H A R M S                        _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Collecting all 5 Charms cards will give you another spell: Alohomora. 
With Alohomora, you can unlock gold doors and locks.

Merwyn the Malicious (Dates Unknown)
Description : Credited with the invention of many unpleasant jinxes and 

Location : Found in an alcove when you hanker after the fifth Golden 
Star in the Leviosa Challenge.


Bridget Wenlock (1202 - 1285)
Description : Famous Arithmancer. Established the magical properties of 
number seven.
Location : In a secret room in the Portrait Room. Open it by first 
examining a darkened board on the northern wall, then pushing the chair 
onto the switch that is revealed.


Felix Summerbee (1447 - 1508)
Description : Inventor of Cheering Charms.

Location : In a chest in the challenge inside Flitwick's Office (not to 
be confused with the Leviosa Challenge).


Ignatia Wildsmith (1227 - 1320)
Description : The witch who invented Floo powder.

Location : Found in a locket in a chamber opened when you light two 
Wizard Candles in the Gryffindor Common Room.


Quong Po (1443 - 1539)
Description : Chinese wizard who discovered the uses of powdered 
Fireball eggs.

Location : Inside the bonus room sealed by the portrait of a wizard with 
a red cloak around his shoulders in the Portrait Room.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |                       L O C A T I O N S                     _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Godric Gryffindor (Dates Unknown)
Description : Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gave her name to one of the four 
Hogwarts houses.

Location : George gives you this after you complete the fourth Bean 


Salazar Slytherin (Dates Unknown)
Description : Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gave her name to one of the four 
Hogwarts houses.

Location : George gives you this after you complete the second Bean 


Rowena Ravenclaw (Dates Unknown)
Description : Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gave her name to one of the four 
Hogwarts houses.

Location : George gives you this after you complete the third Bean 


Helga Hufflepuff (Dates Unknown)
Description : Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gave her name to one of the four 
Hogwarts houses.

Location : George gives you this after you complete the first Bean 


Daisy Dodderidge (1467 - 1555)
Description : First landlady of the Leaky Cauldron.

Location : Supposedly found in the secret room you open when you connect 
the GameCube to the GBA.

      /-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.//|||         |||\\-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-\
     ||       C O L L E C T I B L E  L O C A T I O N S       ||
The 100 pink, tomato-flavoured, bouncing Jellybeans and brown, jumping 
Chocolate Frogs are scattered around the castle either in plain view, 
concealed in portraits or cobwebs, or in chests and pots. Smash green 
pots with two blasts of Flipendo.

This section will cover the locations of Jellybeans and Chocolate Frogs, 
and contains maps of most of the areas to help you, so you don't have to 
wreck that Start button whenever you're lost - just refer back here!

The maps are arranged in this order:
 - Dumbledore's Office
 - Hospital Wing
 - Floor 5 Bonus
 - Floor 6 Bonus
 - Gryffindor Common Room
 - Reading Room
 - Library
 - Moaning Myrtle's
 - Library (Restricted)
 - Hogwarts Grounds
 - Transfiguration Classroom
 - Flitwick's Office
 - Leviosa Challenge Room
 - Slytherin Dungeons
 - Belowground

There are not exactly to scale with the maps in-game, but they're 
accurate enough. These are final, so I won't change them. EVER!


 | or _ or / or \ = walls
        =         = secret wall
        P         = portrait
        0         = platform
        `         = path of a moving platform
        >         = edge of ledge
       WW         = Whomping Willow
        .         = pathway
        Q         = Quidditch Practice Ground
       BS         = Broom Shed 
       BC         = Bean Challenge

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |                  C A S T L E  S T O R E Y S                 _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Overview : There are goodies hidden in various areas of the castle 
OUTSIDE the mapped ones. Either I didn't bother to chart out these areas 
(owing to their simplicity) or they were uncharted in the first place.

1. In a pot on the Entrance Hall.

2. In a locked chest on the higher floor of the Entrance Hall.

3. In a portrait on the higher floor of the Entrance Hall.

4. In a pot on Floor 1.

5. In a pot on Floor 4.

6. In a pot on Floor 5.

7. In a pot on Floor 7.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |             D U M B L E D O R E ' S  O F F I C E            _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Overview : Dumbledore resides here, but you can't find him here 
throughout the game. Wonder why :) Also, unlike the book, you don't need 
a password to enter it after Professor McGonagall opens it. In his 
office lies his pet phoenix, Fawkes.
                   |             |
                   | Dumbledore's|
                   |    Study    |
                   |             |
                   |____     ____|
                        |   |
                      __|   |
                     /      |
                    /       |
                    |       |
                    |       |
                    \       |
 ________            \__   _|         
|        |           ___| |___
|        |_         |         |
| Trophy   |        |         |
|  Room    |        |         |
|          |_____   |         |
|                |  |         |
|_________       |  |         |
          |    __|  |___   ___|
          |   |  _______| |______
          |   | |                |      __
          |   |_|                |_____|  |
          |    _                  ________|
          |___| |_____      _____|
                      |    |
                      |    |
                      |    |  ___________
                      |    | |           |__
                      |     =             __ To Floor 4
                      |    | |           |
                      |____| |___________|

1. In a locked chest in a corner at a three-way junction. Use Alohomora.

2. There's one in the wardrobe along a corridor.

3. One of two pots in the Trophy Room contains a Jellybean.

4. Examine the yellow-framed portrait in a study for one.

5. In the yellow-framed portrait behind Dumbledore's desk.

Chocolate Frogs
1. In a chest guarded by two Living Armors.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |                   H O S P I T A L  W I N G                  _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Overview : When they are Petrified by the monster in the Chamber of 
Secrets, all victims are sent here. Prefects regularly patrol its 
corridors, and most wardrobes and phials here are empty.
|       |
|       |
|       |______________
|                      |
|_______   ____________|
        | |____________
        |  __________  |
        | |          | |
        | |          | |
        | |__________| |
        |   ___________|
        |  |
        |  |          _____
        |  |         |     |
        |  |         |     |
        |  |    ___  |     |
        |  |   |   |_|     |
        |  |   |    _      |  __________________
        |  |_  |   | |     | |                  |
        |    | |   | |     |_|       Main       |_
        |    | |   | |      _      Bedroom       _ To Floor 3
        |    | |   | |   __| |                  |
        |    | |   |  | |__  |__________________|
        |    | |   | |     |
        |    | |   | |     |
        |    | |   | |_____|
        |    |_|   |
        |     _    |
        |____| |   |
       ______  |   |
      |      | |   |
    __|   ___| |   |
   |     |___  |   |
   |         |_|   |
   |          _    |
   |_________| |___|

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |                    F L O O R  5  B O N U S                  _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Overview : This bonus room is, obviously, on Floor 5, and true to its 
name, is really a bonus room. No enemies, but you must search EVERYWHERE 
to find the numerous goodies hidden in the multitude of portraits, 
chests and pots. This bonus room can only be opened with Alohomora.
                          |         |
                          |         |      
                          |         |  ______
                          |         |_|      |
                          |          _       |
                          |_____   _| |______|
                           _____| |_
                          |         |
                          |      ___|
                          |     |
                          |     |
 _______   _____          |     |
|       | |     |         |_   _|
|       |_|     |          _| |__
|        _      |         /      \
|_______| |     |_____   /        \
          |           | |          _
          |      _____ =           _ To Floor 5
          |_____|        \        /

1. The pot in the first room contains a Jellybean.

2. In a yellow-framed portrait littered with armors.

3. A pot slightly north to the armor-lined corridor contains one.

4. In a room containing a pot and a chest, there is a Jellybean in the 

5. After entering the wooden door in the first room, examine the very 
first portrait to get one.

6. There's another in the bunch of glass phials.

7. A cobweb near the glass phials conceals another.

8. Examine the desks in the classroom for two more.

10. A pot behind a door in the classroom contains another Jellybean.

Chocolate Frogs
1. In a room containing a pot and a chest, there is a Chocolate Frog in 
the chest.

2. Through a door in the classroom is a chest containing another 
Chocolate Frog.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |                    F L O O R  6  B O N U S                  _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Overview : Again, its name alone tells you that it's on Floor 6. And 
once more, it contains no foes. If you leave not a stone unturned, the 
riches in this room are yours. Obviously, this bonus room is protected 
by an Ectoplasm-sealed door, which you open only with Skurge.
       ______   _____________
      |      | |             |
      |      |_|             |
      |       _              |
      |______| |             |
               |             |
               |             |
               |______   ____|
  ___________   ______| |____   __    ___
 |           |_|             |_|  |__|   |
 |            _               _          |
 |___________| |             | |         |
               |____      ___| |_________|
                    |    |
                    |    |
                    |    |
                    |    |  
                    |    |  _________
                    |    |_|         |_
                    |     _           _ To Floor 6
                    |____| |_________|

1. In plain view when you first enter.

2. Inside a pot in the first room.

3. Check the portrait inside the first large room after the first 
corridor to find one.

4. A pot nearby the portrait holds another.

5. Inside a portrait in a room with a chest, and opened by pushing with 
two stone blocks onto switches.

6. There's one inside one of the barrels in the bonus room.

7. Burn away a cobweb for a Jellybean.

8. To the left of the doorway leading to a classroom.

9. Two are hidden inside the desks of the classroom.

11. In a wardrobe beside a shut gate in the classroom.

12. Almost totally concealed by a globe is yet another one.

13. 3 are inside chests and wardrobes, as well as a cobweb, all in the 
same area.

Chocolate Frogs
1. Inside a chest behind a gate openable by pushing two stone blocks 
onto switches.

2. You can find one in a bunch of chests and wardrobes.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |           G R Y F F I N D O R  C O M M O N  R O O M         _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Overview : This is where you and your fellow Gryffindors live and study. 
At the top floor is your dormitory, where the bunks, trunks and whatnots 
are. You will frequently meet Ron and/or Hermione is either the 
dormitory or the study of the Common Room. There are numerous secret 
rooms and chambers in the Common Room, but you need Avifors and Skurge 
to be able to explore the deepest bowels of this large area.
                            |  __|
                            | |
                            | |
                            | |
                            | |
                            | |
                            | |
                     _______| |            ____
                    |  _______|           |  __|
                    | |                   | |
                    | |                   | |
                    | |___________________| |       __
                    |___________   _________|      |  |
 _________                      | |                |  |
|         |                     | |                |  |
|Dormitory|          ___________| |___   ___________||_____
|         |         |                 |_|                  | 
|         |         P    _______________________     ______|
|___   ___|      ___|   |_                      |   |
    | |         |         |                     |   |
    | |      ___|         |                     |   |
    | |     |_            |                     |   |
    | |      _|    Study  |         _____________| |_____   _
    | |     |___          |        |                     | | |
    | |         |         |______  |   __________________| | |
    | |_________|    ______      | |                     | | |
    |               |  ____|     | |_____________        |_| |
    |_______________| |          |  ___________  |        ___|
                      |          |_|           |_|     __|
                      |____       _             _     |
                           |     | |       ____| |____|
                           |_____| |______|

1. In a pot between two suits of armor.

2. In a portrait along the stairway leading to your dormitory.

3. In a wardrobe inside your dormitory.

4. One is inside a chest behind an Ectoplasm-sealed door.

5. Another is at the end of an obstacle-filled corridor, in a room 
sealed by an Ectoplasm.

6. Vaporise a cobweb inside the room openable by transfiguring two 
statues to get a Jellybean.

Chocolate Frogs
1. There's one inside a chest, that lies in the room openable by 
transfiguring two statues.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |                    R E A D I N G  R O O M                   _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Overview : The Reading Room obviously contains a hell lot of books and 
bookshelves. Percy paces about in the bookroom, but Fred and George have 
surreptitiously set up a small trick shop in the Reading Room. They have 
also set up a "shortcut" which is full of obstacles and puts you at just 
as much risk of getting caught by Percy anyway. Their shop is slightly 
less well-stocked than Diagon Alley's Gambol and Japes (that's not 
speaking much either...what happened to the economy?). Behind their shop 
lie the 4 Bean Challenges. George will supervise you with those...but he 
also speaks of the reward you get for collecting all 100 pink tomato 
                           |  ____________  |
                           | |            | |
                           | |            | |
                           | |            | |
                           | |            | |
                           | |            | |
     BC4    __________   __| |_   ________| |______
     | |_  |   Fred   | |      | |                 |
   _|    | |    and   |_|      |_|                 |
BC3_     | | George's  _        _                  |
    |    | |____   ___| |______| |    Bookroom     |
   _|    |______| |____________  |                 |
BC2_                           | |                 |
   _|     _____________________| |_____________    |
BC1_     |                                     |   |
    |____|      _______                   _____|   |      
               |       |                 |  ___    |______ 
               |       |                 | |   |           To Floor 7
               |       |          _______| |   |__________ 
               |___   _|         |  _______|
              _____| |____       | |
             |            |      | |
             |            |______| |
             |             ________|
             |            |       .
             |____________|       .

1. Smash a pot at the northwestern corner of the room Percy patrols in 
for one.

2. A barrel guarded by a Wallbullet in the secret shortcut to Fred and 
George's Shop contains one.

3. In a pot at the corner nearby the Bean Challenges.

Chocolate Frogs
1. In a chest at the corner nearby the Bean Challenges.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |                        L I B R A R Y                        _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Overview : The Library is open to all students, which is why it is a 
breeze compared to its counterpart, the Restricted Section. All 
bookshelves don't seem to hide anything useful, so don't bother 
searching them. 
                           |       |
               ____________|       |______________________
              |                                            To Floor 2
              |  __________         __________   _________ 
 ______       | |          |       |          | |
|  ____|      | |          |_____  |          | |
| |           | |      __________| |__        | |
| |_          | |     | >   __    __  |       | |
|   |         | |     | >  |  |  |  | |       | |
|   |_________| |__   |_>  |  |__|  | |       | |
|______            |     | |        | |____   | |
 ______|           |     | |        |      |  | |___
|                  |     | |   __   |  _   |  |___  |
|                  |     | |  |  |  | | | |       | |
|________   _______|     | |__|  |__| | | |_______| |
     ____| |             |____________| |___________|

1. Examine the portrait of the bearded wizard next to a cobweb in the 
corner for one.

2. The nearby cobweb has another.

3. In a chest on a ledge reachable only if you use a Leviosa block.

4. In a chest near the gate opened by enchanting two Leviosa blocks onto 

5. A pot between some stationary silver and gold Living Armors contains 
a Jellybean.

Chocolate Frogs
1. In a chest inside a small chamber near the Library entrance.

2. In a chest at the middle of the second room containing a stone block 
and a switch.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |               M O A N I N G  M Y R T L E ' S                _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Overview : Moaning Myrtle lives - or rather, died and now haunts, 
whichever way you want to put it - in this dingy area. She haunts only 
the rightmost bathroom, and this area is linked to the well-guarded 
Restricted Section of the Library. Here, there is a room locked by a 
gold door...and little does Myrtle know, her toilet holds some very 
special use.

     |         | ____________  _____________
     |         ||            ||             |
     |         ||            ||   Myrtle's  |
     |         ||            ||   Bathroom  |
     |         ||_____   ____||_____   _____|   ______________
     |         |______| |___________| |________|               To
     |          _                                  ___________Floor
     |         | |      __________________________|             2
     |___   ___| |____    |
 ________| |______    |   |
|                 |   |   |
|_____        _   |   |   |
      |      | |  |   |   |
      |______| |__|   |   |______________
                      |                   To Restricted Section

1. One of the two pots behind Dumbledore when you first meet him contain 
a Jellybean.

2. Along the corridor, there's a cobweb which conceals one.

3. In the room behind the gold door, there's a wardrobe that contains 

4. The only barrel in the gold-door-locked area contains another one.

5. Flip the lever in the toilet behind the Ectoplasm-sealed door to get 
a chest which contains one Jellybean.

Chocolate Frogs
1. A chest in the very first room of the gold-door-locked area contains 

2. The chest in plain view behind the Ectoplasm-sealed door contains 

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |            L I B R A R Y  ( R E S T R I C T E D )           _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Overview : Students not allowed to come in at their own will. It's 
written all over this place, what with Living Armors and prefects 
skulking around. Think of this place as an R-Rated Movie theatre. 
However, this place is as void of goodies as a ladybug's bottom...
                                  |      |
                                  |__   _|
                                     | |
                        _____________| |
                       |            ___|
                       |     ____  |
                       |    |____| |
                ___    |   ________|
               |   |___|  |
               |          |
               |    ______|
               |   |
          ___  |   |
         |   | |   |
 ______  |   | |   |
|      |_|   | |   |___________ 
|________    | |               |
         |   | |___|_________  |
         |   | |   |         | |
         |   |_|   |    ___  | |
         |    _    |   |   | | |
         |___| |   |___|   | | |
               |           | | |
               |_______    | | |
                    ___|   | | |
                   |       | | |
                   |__     |_| |

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |                H O G W A R T S  G R O U N D S               _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Overview : The map makes it look small, but it is in truth really, 
really big. At least the second part of the Grounds is. The first part, 
just outside the castle, contains the Whomping Willow, the world's first 
tree with a temper. The Grounds are where Quidditch practice goes on. 
The bushes and boulders are also loaded with goodies.

 _____  |             |
|     | |   WW        |
|     | |             |
|     | |             |
|    _| |        _____|
|   |   |.....  |    ___
|   |   |    .  | __|   |
|   |   |___ . _||      |
|   |    ___|.|__|      |
|   |___|    .          |
|            .          |____
|    Green-  .             Q |
|    House   .       Q    BS |
|            .               |
|            .             Q |

1. In a cobweb behind the Whomping Willow.

2. 5 bushes in the Grounds contain 5 Jellybeans.

7. In a locked chest in the north-western portion of the Grounds.

8. Transfigure 3 large boulders with Avifors for another three.

11. The cobweb next to Hagrid's Hut conceals another.

Chocolate Frogs
1. In a chest at the northeast corner.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |       T R A N S F I G U R A T I O N  C L A S S R O O M      _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Overview : Here, you will learn Avifors and go through a challenge to 
collect 25 Golden Stars. Naturally, there won't be much goodies to get. 
It's a lesson, isn't it?!
                                   |_ \
                                     \ \
                      __________      \ \
                     |          |____  | |
                     |               | | |
                     |_______        | | |_
                ___________  |   ____| |  _|
               |  _______  |__| |______| |
               | |       |____   ________|     
               | |__          | |         
       ___     |    |        _| |______     ___  
      |>>>|    |    |       |     ___  |___|   |             
      |   |____|    |       |    |  |  ___    |                
      |     ___     |       |____|  | |   |   |              
      |    |   |____|               | |   |   |               
      |__  |                 _______| |   |   |
 ______  | |                |         |   |___|
|      | | |__   __         |    _____|
|      |_|    | |  |       _|   | ________
|________     | |  |      |     ||        |
 ______  |    |_|  |      |     ||        |
|      | |  _______|      |_____||_     __|
|      |_| |                       |   |
|       _  |                  _____|   |
|      | | |__________       |_>   |   |
|______| |__________  |        |___    |  ________   _______
                    | |            |   | |        |_|       |_
                    | |            |   | |         _         _ To
              ____  | |            |___| |________| |       | Floor
             |    | | |___________________________  |   ____|   1
             |    | |          _                  |__| |__
             |    | |   ______| |                  _      |
             |    |__| |______  |                 | |     |
             |                | |_________________| |_____|
             |                |

1. Transfigure the first large boulder in the room sealed by two 
transfigurable statues.

2. There's another next to a Golden Star, within reach of a swinging 
Spiked Ball.

3. Through the doorway guarded by several gold Living Armors, there's a 
large boulder you can transfigure for another Jellybean.

4. There's one next to two Golden Stars, within the radius of a swinging 
Spiked Ball. 

5. In a portrait next to a Spiked Ball.

Chocolate Frogs
1. In a chest next to a Star in a corner.

2. Ransack the chest in a room with three Doxies for another.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |               F L I T W I C K ' S  O F F I C E              _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Overview : There's more to Flitwick's Office than just the Leviosa 
Challenge. Once you have Wingardium Leviosa, you can explore the very 
bowels of his unorthodox room.

                    To         Leviosa
                   Floor      Challenge
      __             2          Room
 ____|>>|______   __| |__________| |___   ___
|              | |                     | |   |
|              | |_________   _________| |   |
|              |  _________| |___________|   |
|              | |                      _    |
|______   _____| |_____________________| |   |
 ______| |_____   _______________________|   |
|              | |              _            |
|_______   ____| |    _________| |_______   _| 
   _____| |____  |   |  _______   ___   _| |______
  |            | |   |_|       | |   | |          |
  |            | |    _        | |   | |          |
  |            |_|   | |       | |   | |          |
  |             _    | |       | |   | |          |
  |____________| |   | |       |_|   | |          |
                 |___| |_________    | |          |
                                 |___| |__________|

1. Found inside a pot on a table at one end of a long corridor.

2. Found inside one of the desks where two Doxies hang around.

3. Inside a pot beside a bed in the room containing a Charms-type Wizard 

4. Drop a chest using a lever in the gold-door-locked room and open it 
to find a Jellybean.

Chocolate Frogs
1. Inside a chest within a chamber (in the gold-door-locked room) which 
is opened by dragging a stone block onto a switch.

2. On a ledge reachable only by using a Leviosa block, at the very 
north-western room of Flitwick's Office.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |          L E V I O S A  C H A L L E N G E  R O O M          _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Overview : Here, you will learn Wingardium Leviosa and go through a 
challenge to collect 25 Golden Stars. Naturally, there won't be much 
goodies to get. It's a lesson, isn't it?!
                                   ______       _
                   _______   ___  |      |_____| |
                  |       |_|   |_|       _______|
                  |        _     _       |
                  |      _| |___| |      |
                  |     |   _     |      |                    ___
                  |     |  | |    |      |                   |   |
 ______________   |     |  | |    |__   _|              _____|>>>|
|        _     |__|     |  | |       | |       ____    |         |
|       | |             |  | |_______| |      |    |___|  _____  |
|_______| |  __||_______|  |  _______  |      |     _____|     | |
          | |            __| |       | |      |    |           | |
          | |    _______|   _| ______| |      |    |           | |
          | |   |          |  |        |      |   _|           | |
          | |   |__________|  |        |       | |___          | |
          | |                 |        |_      |     |         | |
          | |                 |          |     |___  |         | |
          | |                 |          |_____    | |         | |
          | |                 |____________    |   | |         | |
         _| |_________                     |   |   | |         | |
        |             |                    |   |___| |         | |
        |             |                    |_________|         | |
        |             |                                        | |
        |             |____________________                  __| |
        |______________________________    |                |  __|
                                       |   |   __      __   | |
                                       |   |__|  |____|  |__| |

1. There's one to be found in a chest near a barrel-spilling gap.

2. Another one is in a pot with a few barrel-spilling gaps.

3. On a ledge reachable using only a Leviosa block, there will be two 
chests, one of which contains a Jellybean.

4. One is guarded by a Spiked Ball.

5. Before the final stretch of carpeted corridor, there's one in a 

Chocolate Frogs
1. There's one to be found in a chest near a barrel-spilling gap.

2. On a ledge reachable using only a Leviosa block, there will be two 
chests, one of which contains a Frog.

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |             S L Y T H E R I N  D U N G E O N S              _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Overview : In other words, this is the Slytherin Common Room, and they 
have, likewise, a study and a dormitory. Once you get a forbidden 
potion, you can gain access to this place disguised a Slytherin, with 
green-lined robes in contrast to Gryffindor's red. And likewise, there's 
lots of obstacles, as well as Slytherin prefects, guarding their room 
against potential trouble.
                           |         |
                           |         |
                           |         |
                           |         |_______________
                           |____________   ________  |
                               _________| |        | |
                              |  _________|        | |
                              | |                 _| |_ 
                              | |                |     |
                     _________| |                |     |
                    |  _________|                |     |
                    | |                          |     |
                    | |                      ____|     |
                    | |                     |          |
               _____| |                     |          |
              |  _____|                     |___   ____|
              | |                            ___| |____ 
              | |                           |          |
              | |                       ____|          |
              | |                      |_              |
              | |                        |             |
              | |_________              _|             |
              |_____      |            |____           |
                    |     |         To      |          |
                    |     |       Floor 1   |___   ____|
                    |     |        _| |_________| |______
                    |   __|       |        _             |
                     | |________  |       | |    ________|
                    |           | |       | |___|
                    |______     | |   ____|
                     ______|    |__| |__
                    |            _      |	
                    |           | |    _|
                    |___________| |   |
                                  |   |
                                  |   |

  __                                                            __
_/ _|__________________________________________________________|_ \_
  |                    B E L O W G R O U N D                    _|  |
¯\ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__/¯
Overview : I prefer to call this "Underground", but what the heck. The 
first portion is called "Belowground" and Snape's office is located 
here. Naturally, you'd have to go through hell to enter it, and you know 
Snape hates your guts.

I: First Area
                              Entrance Hall
                                 |    |
                                 |    |                            
                                 |    |
                            ___  |    |
                           |   | |    |_________ To
                       ____|   | |             _ Second Dungeons
          ___   ____  |        | |   _________|
         |   |_|    |_|        |  | |
         |    _      _         | |   |
         |   | |    | |        |_|   |
         |   | |    | |         _    |
         |   | |____| |___   __| |   |
         |   |______   ___| |__  |   |
         |          | |        | |   |  _______
         |___   ____| |________| |   |_|       |
     ________| |____   __________|    _        |
    |               | |              | |       |
    |_________      | |_______   ____| |_______|
     _________|     |   `     | |
    |               |  _`_     To
    |_________   ___| |   |   Second
     _________| |___  |   |   Dungeons
    |     _         | |   |__________
    |    | |________| |    _   ______|
    |    |____________|   | | | 
    |                     | | |
    |_____________________| |_|

1. In a small chamber with the trapdoor.

2. There's another between 2 Spiked Balls.

3. Before the chasm with Wallfires, there's a chest containing one.

4. Hop across the platforms guarded by Wallfires to get another 
Jellybean from a small platform.

5. One is found over a spike pit.

6. Close to a chest containing a Chocolate Frog is another over a spike 

7. In the chamber next to the corridor which Filch patrolls, are a few 
pots, one of which contains a Jellybean.

8. In a chest behind a Spiked Ball.

9. In a chest in the corridor with a Troll.

10. Concealed by a cobweb in the southern curtained room of Snape's 

Chocolate Frogs
1. Next to a spike pit is a chest containing a Chocolate Frog.

2. To the left of the gateway before a room with a Troll.

3. At the end of the corridor after the Troll.

II: Second Area
Where the first area was patrolled by Snape, Filch, the school caretaker 
and hater of young wizards, mucks around here with his cat Mrs. Norris. 
Both of them patrol this area. There's lots of opportunity for you fall 
down chasms, given that you'll have to cross plenty of platforms, so 
jump carefully or you'll be in for the high dive.

   To     _________
 First   |         |  ___
Dungeons |         |_|  _|```0
|   |    |___       _  |     
|   |__   ___|     | |_|     0
|      | |         |  0
|      | |         |  0      0
|      | |         |  0
|__   _| |_________|  _      0
 __| |_          ____| |    __
|______|  0  0  |______|   |  |

      /-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.//|||         |||\\-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-\
     ||  F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S   ||
Here are some questions which players have asked repeatedly. If you mail 
me a question regarding the game and it is contained in this section, it 
will be ignored.

Q : How do you dodge barrels?
A : Jump over them.

Q : Do you do Harry Potter and the COS for GameBoy Color?
A : No!

Q : If I fail the challenges Oliver Wood puts forward, will I lose the 
Wizard Cards for good?
A : No...you can still practice in the Broom Shed south of the stone-
walled Quidditch practice area and take on the challenges all the same.

Q : I failed to collect all 50 Golden Stars! Will I get another chance?
A : Certainly. Simply go through the challenge again, from the 
beginning, then look more carefully. Better yet, follow the walkthrough 
as you go.

      /-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.//|||         |||\\-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-\
     ||                 L E G A L  S T U F F                 ||
This FAQ is protected by Singapore Copyright Law and is for private and 
personal use only. No part or whole of this document may be reproduced 
in any form, written or otherwise. This document is free and may not be 
used for commercial use, like reproducing in CDs and selling them. This 
document may not be altered, doctored or referenced in any way without 
permission from the author (lisaho@singnet.com.sg).

This FAQ was created by me, Ernest Ho (lisaho@singnet.com.sg) and All 
copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not 
specifically mentioned herein. No other publishers/societies may use 
this FAQ apart from GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) and GBA World 
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