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Guide and Walkthrough by SupaSaiyajinBob

Version: v0.99 | Updated: 05/29/2009

      Jazz Jackrabbit
Jaleco Entertainment, 01/03/03
 Written by SupaSaiyajinBob

|           Introduction            |
Hello, my name is Bobby. I came across this game totally by accident one day
and decided, "Hey, this game is neat-o-keen!" I remember playing this for the
PC many years ago and didn't know it was released for the GameBoy Advance. So
here I am, writing another FAQ to fill the void in the GameFAQs archives. I'd
appreciate any tips or corrections anyone would like to add; my e-mail address
is Bobbobob12647@Hotmail.com.

|       01. Table of Contents   |#TC|
01. Table of Contents           [#TC]
02. Gameplay                    [#GP]
  02a. Controls                 [#CO]
  02b. Abilities                [#AB]
  02c. Weapons/Items            [#WI]
  02d. Enemies/Allies           [#EA]
03. Walkthrough                 [#WT]
  03a. Mission 1                [#M1]
  03b. Mission 2                [#M2]
  03c. Mission 3                [#M3]
  03d. Mission 4                [#M4]
  03e. Mission 5                [#M5]
04. Cheats/Unlockables          [#CU]
05. Thanks/Credits              [#TH]

|            02. Gameplay       |#GP|
Jazz Jackrabbit for the GameBoy Advance plays a lot like the PC versions of
almost a decade earlier. A simple platform shooter like the others, but many
things have been changed. Jazz's appearance now more closely resembles that of
Han Solo, similar to Devan Shell appearing more like Darth Vader, with a name
change to Dark Shell to accompany his new apparel. Jazz's love interest is no
longer Eva Earlong, but a new female, Zoe Cottontail. Lastly, Jazz has joined
R.A.B.T. and is no longer a free agent.

|            02a. Controls      |#CO|
Arrow Keys:  Controls Jazz / Aim Jazz's gun / Moves menu curser
Start:       Brings up the pause menu
Select:      Brings up the weapon select bar
A:           Shoot / Selects menu item
B:           Jumps / Returns to game from the menu
L:           Lobs a carrot grenade
R:           Quick weapon select

|           02b. Abilities      |#AB|
Up + Left/Right + A:    Shoots diagonally up
Left/Right + Down + A:  Shoots diagonally down
Down + A (in the air):  Shoots downward
B (in the air):         Glides for about 3 seconds, pressing B just before Jazz
                        reaches the peak of his jump will make Jazz glide up a
                        little first.

|         02c. Weapons/Items    |#WI|
Blaster:            Weak damage, and has infinite ammo
Machine Gun:        Medium damage, eats ammo fast. Ammo packs hold 75 bullets
                    up to 999
Ricochet Gun:       Medium damage, the grenades rebound. Ammo packs hold 10
                    grenades up to 999
Flamethrower:       Strong damage, close range. Ammo packs hold 40 units up to
Rocket Launcher:    Strong damage, cannot be used in the air, limits movement.
                    Ammo packs hold 5 rockets up to 20
The Big Gun:        Very Strong damage, cannot be used in the air, severely
                    limits movement. Ammo packs hold 5 charges up to 20
Carrot Grenade:     Strong damage, hard to aim, cannot be used in the air. Ammo
                    packs hold 5 carrots up to 99
Stim Pack:          Restores half of Jazz's health
Health Pack:        Restores all of Jazz's health
Dollar Bill:        Earns Jazz 1 Space Credit
Billfold:           Earns Jazz 5 Space Credits
Bucket o' Cash:     Earns Jazz 10 Space Credits
Bunny Rabbit:       Earns Jazz an extra life
Levers:             Opens doors, extends bridges, etc...
Carrot Gate:        Allows Jazz to proceed to the next level

|         02d. Enemies/Allies   |#EA|
Chameleon:               A large green lizard with a club that's weak both
                         offensively and defensively.
Chameleon Blaster:       Identical to the Chameleon, but has a ranged weapon.
Chameleon King:          A larger, stronger version of the Chameleon.
Saurian Mercenary:       A yellow bipedal dinosaur with a Machine Gun and a
                         Flak Jacket. Normal offensively, weak defensively.
Rocket Turret:           Manned by a Saurian Mercenary. The turret is very
                         strong offensively, very weak defensively.
Yellow Dino:             A small yellow dinosaur that takes a bite out of you.
                         It's strong offensively and weak defensively, though
                         it's rather hard to hit due to its size and speed.
Saurian General:         A larger, stronger version of the Saurian Mercenary.
Green Turtle Trooper:    A green bipedal turtle with a semi-automatic Machine
                         Gun. Weak offensively and normal defensively.
Blue Turtle Trooper:     A blue bipedal turtle that's normal both offensively
                         and defensively.
Red Turtle Trooper:      A red bipedal turtle that's strong offensively and
                         normal defensively.
Abominable Snow Turtle:  A large white turtle that can be damaged in a certain
                         way. Very strong offensively.
Mech Turtle:             A slow mechanical tortoise. Strong both offensively
                         and defensively.
Giant Mech Turtle:       A larger, bipedal version of the Mech Turtle. Very
                         strong both offensively and defensively.
Black Dino:              A small black dinosaur that is very strong and very
                         fast both offensively and defensively.
Dark Shell:              The final boss. A Darth Vader-esque version of the
                         Turtle Troopers. Strongest both offensively and
Gravity:                 Not really an enemy, but falling from large heights
                         can damage you. Some levels rely on this as a primary
                         source of damage.

Jazz Jackrabbit:         The main protagonist. Jumps, glides, and wields a wide
                         variety of weapons.
Margsley:                The commander in charge of giving Jazz his missions.
Zoe Cottontail:          Jazz's love interest. Met at the Weapons Depot, she is
                         kidnapped by Dark Shell.
Professor Lapin:         The brilliant scientist who tends to run at the mouth.
                         He'll develop a few new weapons for you.
Spaz Jackrabbit:         Jazz's demented brother who's red instead of green.

|          03. Walkthrough      |#WT|
Now for the part you've all been waiting for. This walkthrough does contain
spoilers as it is complete and thorough. When playing on Cakewalk some levels
are removed to reduce the game's difficulty. For each mission, I will give the
name of each level, a list of weapons and enemies found throughout the level,
and a detailed description of how to get everything and beat the level. The
levels with a * beside their names are not available on Cakewalk difficulty.

A note on some terms I use a lot: The ground is, well, the ground. A ledge is
any surface you can safely walk on that isn't a platform. A platform is either
a moving or stationary object that can be stood upon. Cliffs/slopes tend to be
steep ledges or a series of ledges that lead up or down. Rooms are generally
separated by doors. Areas are usually self-enclosed with only one entrance and
tend to contain only suplurfluous treasures or keys.

|           03a. Mission 1      |#M1|
Chameleon World Level 1 - Escape
Blaster, Carrot Grenade, 43Cr
Chameleons x8, Chameleon Blasters x3

When Jazz is done talking to himself, walk past the sleeping Chameleon and grab
your Blaster. The sleeping Chameleon will wake up and another one will show up.
Kill the two of them and continue to the far right wall, killing a third
Chameleon along the way. Hop up and Jazz will tell you how to shoot diagonally.
Do so to kill the Chameleon and continue upwards until your right near the top.
Collect the two billfolds and glide off of the right edge to reach a bucket o'
cash and a Carrot Grenade. Jazz will tell you how to use it, should you not
know how a grenade works.

Continue left and Jazz will tell you how to do his helicopter spin (glide) to
traverse large distances. Shoot the Chameleon on the other side but jump down
the hole instead, hugging the left wall. You will find two billfolds guarded by
a Chameleon Blaster. Jump down but be sure to glide at the bottom to avoid
becoming a green stain on the rocks. Climb all the way back up to where you
were, but jump over the gap this time. Kill the Chameleon and glide to the
right. Again, fall down the hole, hugging the left wall and you will find more
cash guarded by two Chameleon Blasters. Get the cash and jump back down,
gliding at the bottom. Walk ALL the way back to the top and hop up the ledge
near the cool looking statue and continue right, killing or avoiding the
Chameleons until you reach the Carrot Gate.

Chameleon World Level 2 - Die Chameleons
Machine Gun x2, 56Cr, 1-Up
Chameleons x12, Chameleon Blasters x17

You start the level by getting ambushed by a Chameleon and his Blaster buddy.
At least they give you a bucket o' cash to make up for it. Keep going right,
careful of all the Chameleon Blasters until you reach a ledge above you. If you
need to heal then jump up and to the ledge on your left to get a health pack,
otherwise it might be better to save it. Continue right until you see another
weapon and a sleeping Chameleon. This is the Machine Gun, but when you get it,
that Chameleon will suddenly wake up and try to kill you. Just run away back to
the left and go up the slope. All the way to the left, past a ledge, is another
Chameleon Blaster and a small furry version of Jazz. Grab it to gain another
life. The health pack you may have left earlier is also a little to the left
should you need it now. In any case, return to the ledge at the top of the

Jump to the ledge to the right of that and continue until you reach another
ambush. This time it's serious; 3 Chameleons and 4 Chameleon Blasters. You
can't continue on until all 7 have been killed. Continue right, up and back
down the hill, until you come to an opening to your left. Kill all of the
Chameleons and get the health pack at the back of the cave. Hop up the ledges
and switch the lever to reveal the Carrot Gate. Head back out and to the right,
past the Carrot Gate, to a very poorly hidden secret. Jump through the wall and
collect all the free money just lying around. Jump back through the wall and up
to get the 2 billfolds and to the left is another Machine Gun. Nothing left now
but to head through the Carrot Gate.

Chameleon World Level 3 - Deep in the Chameleon Lair*
Machine Gun x3, 93Cr, 1-Up
Chameleons x5, Chameleon Blasters x7

Glide down the hole hugging the right wall to get a Machine Gun that is guarded
by two Chameleon Blasters. Fall down the hole, gliding at the bottom and trying
to avoid the ill-placed Chameleon Blaster. Continue along the path, right and
up, killing all the baddies and collecting the cash until you reach the top. To
your left is a stim pack, which can't hurt to grab, and to the right, some
moving platforms. Take the one going up to get a Machine Gun, several buckets
o' cash, and a 1-Up bunny. To get the 1-Up, you'll need to jump down the hole
back to the start of the level. Continue back to the platforms and proceed to
take the other one.

After the two vertical platforms are a series of slopes leading downward. At
the end is a large room with a Machine Gun, a stim pack, a Chameleon Blaster,
and, to in the far right corner, a bucket o' cash. Grab what you need, kill the
Chameleons in your way, and get onto the ledge via the vertical platform. Just
above you is the Carrot Gate.

Chameleon World Boss - King of the Chameleons
Chameleon King

This rather large Chameleon would like some Hasenpfeffer for dinner today. Keep
away from him to avoid getting squished and watch out for his charge attack.
When he runs into the wall, you've got a good 5 seconds to shoot at him at your

|           03b. Mission 2      |#M2|
Weapons Depot
Zoe Cottontail, 50Cr

Zoe, Jazz's new love interest, fills you in on the armament situation, and
gives you 50 Space Credits to get you going. To the left is the Carrot Gate to
Carrotopolis, above that is your ship, and to the right is the shop. Simply
walk into the item to purchase it. The inventory is as follows:

Carrot Grenade    50Cr
Machine Gun       50Cr
Rocket Launcher  200Cr
1-Up             250Cr

Space City Carrotopolis Level 1 - Space Dock
Machine Gun, Ricochet Gun x2, Carrot Grenade, 121 Cr
Saurian Mercenaries x28, Rocket Turrets x7

Listen to the mayor blather on and then have some fun watching him flail his
arms in the air like an insane fanatic. Hop off the ledge to your right to get
a Machine Gun and fight a Saurian Mercenary. Continue right but don't fall off
of the ledge. Shoot the Rocket Turret and then the Saurian Mercenary behind it
and jump to that ledge. Get the Carrot Grenade and use it on the Saurian on the
next ledge if you'd like. Jump to that ledge and to the one below that to get
the bucket o' cash. Make a leap of faith to the next ledge below you to get the
cash. Hop up to the last ledge and kill the Saurian there to get the Bronze
Key. Get the health pack, fall down and open the door to rescue some bunny
buddies, and pull the lever. Head back up and over until you get back to where
the Rocket Turret was, by the second ledge, and hop down to your right. Kill
the Saurian, get the cash, and hop down again. Kill or avoid any Saurians
behind you and go through the open door.

Jump up to the ledge to grab the cash and then head back down and kill the
Saurian in the room. Jump up to the ledge above the door and then to the ledge
on your right. Shoot the bullseye above you with the Ricochet Gun to get the
platform to your right moving and take it up to the Saurian with the Blue Key.
Hop over and grab the cash and the Ricochet Gun before jumping down and heading
through the now open door.

Hop down a ledge or two until you see the platform careening wildly around the
room. Jump onto it and make sure to stay on until you've gotten all the stray
dollar bills. Using the Ricochet Gun, shoot the opening below the bullseye to
open the next door. Jump down and kill the Saurian preventing you from rescuing
another bunny buddy. Head on through the door to your right and continue until
you get to the end. Equip a strong weapon and hold down the fire button as you
go. There are almost 10 Saurians in your way. Jump up to the top, continue
left, taking out the Rocket Turrets along the way, until you reach another
ledge. Jump up and head all the way right to reach all the billfolds. The ledge
above you has a Saurian Mercenary and the Carrot Gate.

Space City Carrotopolis Level 2 - Down in the Dumps*
Carrot Grenade x2, 32Cr, 1-Up x2
Saurian Mercenaries x4

In this level, if you fall, you die. Hop along the ledges until you reach the
platform. Even though you can see the 1-Up at the bottom, take the top route,
then fall down to your right. That 1-Up will be just to your left. Hop back up
and onto the platform. Ride it until you get the Carrot Grenade, then jump over
and get the health pack. The second ledge over has a bucket o' cash at the
bottom. Ignore the Saurian if you'd like and take the first platform to the
ledge at the top. Grab the 1-Up and fall down to the right. Jump over the
Saurian and grab the billfold at the bottom of the ledge. Jump up to the next
ledge and time your jumps across these platforms carefully. There are 2 dollar
bills flying around the platforms and 4 more on the ledge to the right. Kill
the last Saurian Mercenary and jump into the Carrot Gate.

Space City Carrotopolis Level 3 - Merchant Street
Machine Gun, Ricochet Gun, Carrot Grenade, 124Cr, 1-Up x2
Saurian Mercenaries x17, Yellow Dinos x7, Rocket Turrets x2

Head up to the top of the slope and jump far to the left. Grab the dollar bills
along the way. Take the far platform up to a Ricochet Gun then the other to a
chain of ledges until you get to the 1-Up to the right. Kill the Dino, hop own,
kill the other Dino, then jump all the way to the left. You'll end up on a
ledge with a Yellow Dino or farther down with an immobile platform. Either way,
head to the bottom left and kill the 5 Saurian Mercenaries. The last one holds
the Bronze Key. Head back to find that the platform is now moving. Take it up
and hop over to the right. Drop down and shoot the bullseye by crouching and
using the Ricochet Gun. The door to your right will open. A Saurian Mercenary
with a Rocket Turret guards a health pack and a 1-Up. Jump up above that room
until you see a door. Your Bronze Key will open it.

Head all the way right, killing the first Dino, but ignoring everything else.
When you get to the end, jump onto the ledge and kill the Saurian Mercenary
above you. Follow the pipes to give you a rough estimate of where the next
ledge will be and continue until you get to the ledge you passed earlier with
the bucket o' cash. I'll call this the Money Ledge. Head in an up-right
direction until you get to the top. To your left is a Saurian Mercenary who
holds the Blue Key. Get it and make your way back to the Money Ledge. This
time, head up-left. Eventually you'll get to a ledge with lots of cash. Drop
down, hugging the left wall, and you'll open the door using the Blue Key. Kill
the Saurians to obtain the Green Key. Now make your way back to the Money
Ledge, but this time, drop down under it. Head left, get the health pack, and
open the door. There's a cut scene about how the Turtle Troopers have hired the
Saurians Mercenaries and blah, blah, blah. Kill the Saurian, take the loot, and
exit out the Carrot Gate. 

Space City Carrotopolis Boss - Saurian General
Saurian General

The guy is all firepower. If you're nearby, he'll pelt you with bullets. If
you're far away, he'll send homing missiles at you. If you're ducking, he'll
slide a big rocket your way. AND, just when you least expect it, he'll shoot a
big rocket right in your face. On the upside, he's the easiest boss to fight.
Run right up next to him and then duck. Because you're ducking, he'll use the
ground missile attack, but you will be too close to get hit. Switch to the
Blaster to save ammo and fire away!

|           03c. Mission 3      |#M3|
Weapons Depot
Professor Lapin, Flamethrower

The professor gives you a free flamethrower, but disregards the fact that you
are an interstellar superhero and makes you pay for everything else. The
store's inventory has changed also. It's as follows:

Carrot Grenade    50Cr
Machine Gun       50Cr
Ricochet Gun      75Cr
Flamethrower     125Cr
1-Up             250Cr

Icebox3 Level 1 - First Frost
Machine Gun x3, Ricochet Gun, Carrot Grenade x3, 1-Up
Green Turtle Troopers x35, Blue Turtle Troopers x16, Red Turtle Troopers x15

This is about the most straight-forward level in the game. As soon as you start
the level, jump up the cliffside behind you for a 1-Up, then walk past your
ship for a small cutscene. Keep heading right, killing the Turtle Troopers
along your way until you see a ledge above you. The Machine Gun works good here
as it shoots them from off screen. The Flamethrower is really effective also,
but needs you to be up close. The ledge above you has a Machine Gun. Continue
right until you see a cliff. At the top is a Ricochet Gun, and at the bottom on
the other side is another machine Gun. Just ahead is another cutscene and a
small army of Turtle Troopers.

As you make your way right, dealing with the MANY Turtle Troopers, you'll see
another ledge with a Carrot Grenade and a health pack, and farther still, yet
another cliff. Down the other side lies a stim pack. Farther to the right is a
ledge with another stim pack at the top. Just to the right of that is the
Carrot Gate.

Icebox3 Level 2 - Things are Heating Up
Machine Gun x3, Flamethrower x3, Carrot Grenade x3, 42Cr, 1-Up
Green Turtle Troopers x33, Blue Turtle Troopers x8, Red Turtle Troopers x6

Kill the two Turtle Troopers first off; this part is annoying. If you didn't
know that you could glide up a little ways at the top of your jump as opposed
to simply falling slowly, then you may be stuck at the beginning of this level
for quite a while. Jump up to the lever above the door, but at the peak of your
jump, just before you start to fall down, jump again to do the helicopter spin
UP onto the ledge. Activating the lever will open the door below you.

Run through the room, get the Machine Gun, and throw the lever. This will open
the door by the first lever and activate the platform there. Ride it up the
area above you and grab the Bronze Key. Jump all the way back down to the very
bottom, gliding to avoid sudden deceleration syndrome, and head through the
first room to open the far door. Grab the Flamethrower and walk past the cliff
face into the room. Inside is another Machine Gun. Head out the other side and
up the scaffolding. The ledge to your left has a stim pack, and gliding farther
to your left is a Carrot Grenade and 2 Turtle Troopers. Head back to the top of
the scaffolding and all the way down the other side. Ignore all of the Turtle
Troopers in the next area except the ones on the ground. At the right end of
this area is another lever that activates the platform to your left. Use it and
take the platform all the way to the top. The metal ledge on the right has a
stim pack. Grab it if you need it and make it back to the platform; it's a long
wait for it to return. Once you're on the snowy ledge to your right, grab the
Machine Gun and the Carrot Grenade and head down the right side of the cliff
until it drops off.

This area is pretty close-quarters, so the Flamethrower or Ricochet Gun work
pretty well.
 Head left and grab the Flamethrower, then follow the dollar bills
left to a bucket o' cash. Drop down and make your way left, getting the stim
pack on the top ledge of that room/cave/thing. I wonder what supports the
weight of the ledge above it? Farther right is a billfold. Head back up the
cliffside all the way to the top. Another long stretch populated with Turtle
Troopers awaits you. Down the other side lies the Carrot Gate, but there is
treasure to be had should you continue left. Kill the Turtle Troopers here and
grab the Carrot Grenade and whatever dollar bills you can safely reach. To
reach a ledge far to your left, you'll have to glide UP again from the very
left edge of the ledge all the way over to a platform. You'll be rewarded with
20Cr, a 1-Up, a Flamethrower, and 2 Turtle Troopers. If you fall, you'll have
to run through almost the entire level over again, so make sure you can glide
up easily. To get back, stand on the platform and glide back to your right. You
don't have to worry about gliding up this time. All that's left now is to jump
through the Carrot Gate.

Icebox3 Level 3 - Fire and Ice
Machine Gun x2, Ricochet Gun, Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher, Carrot Grenade,
Green Turtle Troopers x37, Blue Turtle Troopers x4, Red Turtle Troopers x6

Make your way down the slope and snag the Carrot Grenade. Jump down off the
ledge, ignoring the 3 Turtle Troopers here and head right to the scaffolding.
Jump up the one side and back down the other, ignoring the Turtle Troopers on
the way down. Head all the way to the right, dealing with the enemies, and jump
up to the snowy ledge above you when you get there. Jump across to the right
and continue until you reach the Flamethrower. The enemies along the way are
easy to avoid. A short way up the cliffside is a Ricochet Gun.

Take the moving platform to the top and make your way right. Grab the 1-Up that
you have so thoughtfully been given. Jump onto the ledge on your left and weave
up and back down the scaffolding until you see the path to your left. There's a
Machine Gun and a stim pack guarded by 2 Turtle Troopers, a Red and a Blue. Go
back and up the left side of the scaffolding until you get to the snowy ledge.
The ledge at the very top holds your first Rocket Launcher. Jump to the ledge
on your right after getting it. On Cakewalk and Normal difficulties, you can
almost run right through everyone with the Flamethrower and an itchy trigger
finger. When you get to the other side, jump down to the bottom and over to the
Carrot Gate.

Icebox3 Boss - The Abominable Snow Turtle
Machine Gun (Respawns), Carrot Grenade (Respawns)
Green Turtle Troopers x2, Blue Turtle Troopers x2, Abominable Snow Turtle

This boss is immune to all your weapons' fire. To defeat it, you'll have to
pull the ignition lever found by your ships exhaust pipe as the boss walks
underneath it. Either lever works the same. When it's been pulled, you'll then
have to reset it. To do this, you'll have to jump up the ledges to the very top
where there will be a lever on either side. You only have to pull one lever to
reset the ignition levers. 2 Green and 2 Blue Turtle Troopers block your way,
but there's a Machine Gun and a Carrot Grenade by the levers that continuously
respawn to help you out. Each time you pull the ignition lever, whether it
deals a successful blow to the Abominable Snow Turtle or not, the stim pack and
all 4 Turtle Troopers respawn. To finally defeat this beast, you'll need to hit
him 3 times on Cakewalk difficulty and once more for every level of difficulty
above that. That mean you'll be running up and down those ledges 6 times on Way
Too Hard difficulty. Jazz will say his version of a rather memorable phrase and
then you're off on your next mission.

|           03d. Mission 4      |#M4|
Weapons Depot
Spaz Jackrabbit, Rocket Launcher

Margsley informs you that Zoe has been kidnapped, but on the upside your rather
demented looking brother, Spaz, is around top help you out this time. I'm not
just how helpful he can be, though, if he can't even dress himself. He does
give you another Rocket Launcher, so he can't be that deranged. The stock of
items this time around is as follows:

Carrot Grenade    50Cr
Machine Gun       50Cr
Flamethrower     125Cr
Rocket Launcher  200Cr
1-Up             250Cr

Industrial Wastelands Level 1 - What a Waste!
Mech Turtles x12

Start by heading backwards. All along the left side of the level are billfolds
and at the bottom, a lever. Get the first one at the top left before dropping
down to the left for the next one. The lever is below that on ground level. The
Mech Turtles are pretty easy until they group up. Jump behind them and shoot.
They'll take a second or two to turn around, then jump behind them again. From
the lever, head all the way right until you reach the Carrot Gate. Jump up to
the platform above it and grab the Bronze Key. Jump up to the ledge to the left
of the Carrot Gate and then the next ledge above that. To your left and right
are white ledge with billfolds on them. Grab them and then head back to the
Carrot Gate. The Bronze Key will open the door.

Industrial Wastelands Level 2 - They're All Wasted
Mech Turtles x15

Go right until you see a ledge. Hop over to it and drop down to the right. Jump
to the ledge to your right and up to the ledge with the Mech Turtle, the bucket
o' cash, and the Blue Key. Hop all the way down to the bottom right and open
the door using your key. Head all the way to the left and grab the Bronze Key
and the bucket o' cash, then go back to the door. Jump up and grab the cash to
your right, then go straight left and grab the cash on that side. Jump through
the ledge and continue left. When you first see the billfold on the other side
of the wall, jump up to the ledge above you and then the one above that. There
is a ledge to your upper right that has a bucket o' cash. Go back down to the
billfold and continue left. Jump over the Mech Turtles as they're in a rather
difficult position to destroy without taking damage and glide UP to the ledge
above you. Grab the 2 billfolds, open the door, and jump into the Carrot Gate.

Industrial Wastelands Level 3 - Let's Waste 'em
Ricochet Gun, Carrot Grenade, 62Cr, 1-Up
Mech Turtles x10

Kill all 5 Mech Turtles to your right to make a platform appear. Jump up to the
left to get a health pack, then drop back down to the platform. Glide UP and to
your right to get 50Cr worth of cash. Jump back up to the small ledge to your
left, then glide up again to the ledge for a Carrot Grenade. Glide up one more
time to get to the ledge with 2 billfolds and 2 dollar bills. Jump to the left
under the Mech Turtle and then left again to the next ledge. Glide up to the
ledge above you and take the platform up. 

Jump over to your right, under the Mech Turtle and shoot up at it. Jump up the
two ledges above you and kill the last Mech Turtle to your right, then jump up
to the very to ledge. There will be a series of platforms that appear and then
disappear in sequence. With timing and a little help from your helicopter spin
this shouldn't be too hard. Hop across the platforms until you reach a ledge to
the left. Jump up to the platform and grab the 1-Up to your left and glide back
down to the ledge. Hop across the disappearing platforms until you reach the
Carrot Gate.

Industrial Wastelands Boss - Giant Mech Turtle
Rocket Launcher (Respawns)
Giant Mech Turtle

This Mech is one big Turtle. He's a real jerk, too. If you try to jump over him
or touch him in any way, he'll zap you with a jolt of electricity and you'll be
bounced backwards. This can be problematic if he has you cornered, as it's VERY
difficult to jump over him without touching him. As far as the weapons go, he
shoots a trio of rockets your way that are easily avoided by jumping. He will
send out a homing missile every so often as well. If you're close enough, he'll
flamethrower you. Lastly, he'll open up his chest plate and shoot a huge ball
of energy at you. This can be stopped by shooting him in the chest. He'll then
explode a little, but I have no idea what this represents. I don't believe any
extra damage is done, nor do you have to ever shoot him while he's firing his
chest weapon to beat him. I think it is just an animation to accompany the fact
that you disrupting his shot. There is one stim pack in the top left of the
level and a Rocket Launcher that will respawn on the ledge in the middle. If
you're curious, the Giant Mech Turtle's chest attack is the Big Gun. If you use
that weapon on him, he'll die in 4 hits on Cakewalk difficulty. Try to keep
your Rocket Launcher ammo high during the battle so that you can keep that ammo
for the last mission.

|           03e. Mission 5      |#M5|
Weapons Depot
Professor Lapin, The Big Gun

You'll find out just how lame Dark Shell is in the next cutscene and then head
for Chelonia IV. The weapons depot is a good place to stop off first, so here
we are. Professor Lapin will give you the Big Gun. The store's inventory hasn't
changed since last time, but here's the list again:

Carrot Grenade    50Cr
Machine Gun       50Cr
Flamethrower     125Cr
Rocket Launcher  200Cr
1-Up             250Cr

Chelonia IV Level 1 - At Death's Door
Machine Gun x5, Ricochet Gun, Flamethrower x2, Rocket Launcher, 1Cr, 1-Up
Green Turtle Troopers x5, Red Turtle Trooper, Black Dinos x10

Run right but be careful of the Black Dinos, they can really pack a punch (or
bite).You'll come across a lever; pull it. This will extend the bridge so that
you can get to the bullseye. You know what to do; shoot it with the Ricochet
Gun. Another bridge will extend. A second lever will be ahead. When you pull
this one, a platform will appear near the start of the level. If you want to
save yourself some trouble later, shoot a few grenades across the gap and take
out the Black Dino that's over there. Head back to the beginning of the level,
and when you start down the slope, you should notice the platform above you.
Hop up and all the way to the left, right off the last platform. You'll land on
a ledge with a 1-Up and just to your left is a Flamethrower. Jump down and then
climb back up the platforms all the way to the top. Pull the lever that's up
there and jump over to the platform to your right for a Machine Gun. Drop down
and ignore the Black Dino. All the way to the right the bridge has extended, so
go there. You'll get to a large gap in the floor. Falling down would kill you,
so instead, glide across to the other side. Kill the Turtle Trooper and take
the platforms up to the top.

Kill the Black Dinos and drop down to your left. On your right is a Machine Gun
and a ledge to your right has a lever. Try to ignore all the Dinos from here on
in as it can be done quite easily and there's no need to waste the ammo. The
lever will open the door, so head on through and ride the platform up. Walk all
the way to your right, killing or avoiding the Turtle Troopers until you get to
the lever which opens the bridge just to your right. Ride the platform down and
you'll find Dark Shells armoury. On the first ledge is 3 Machine Guns, on the
second ledge is a Ricochet Gun, a Flamethrower, and a Rocket Launcher, and on
the third ledge is a solitary Turtle Trooper. At the bottom is the Carrot Gate.

Chelonia IV Level 2 - Token Lava Level*
28Cr, 1-Up x2
Black Dinos x8

Stand on the right edge and wait for a platform to rise up. Take it down to
another platform on your left. Take that one down and get the 1-Up. Try to grab
as many dollar bills as you can when making your way back up the platform and
over to the ledge on your right. Jump over the two pillars and kill the Black
Dino below you. Grab the bucket o' cash and wait for another platform to appear
before jumping across to the other ledge to the right. Run up the slope and
down the other side, avoiding the Dino if you'd like. Hop across all the ledges
and platform until you reach a ledge with a lever. This lever is the only lever
in the game that isn't necessary to beat a level. It activates a platform above
you to take you to the other side of the pillar.

Once there, jump up the ledges to your right and drop down on the other side of
the pillar. Avoid the Dino if you'd like and carefully hop across the moving
platforms to get to another ledge. A few more moving platform await you before
another ledge that slopes up and will eventually drop down to a bucket o' cash.
Keep heading right and follow the slope all the way to the bottom for another
1-Up. Jump up to the ledge above you and again to the other ledge. Ride the 2
platforms across to the Carrot Gate.

Chelonia IV Level 3 - Boy, I Could Use a Carrot*
Green Turtle Troops x5

Start by dropping all the way down to the bottom. Pull the lever and head right
to the pillar. Jump up and onto the ledges until you see the other lever. Jump
up the ledges to get to a third lever. Head straight left, killing or avoid the
Turtle Troopers until you get to the left end of the second ledge. Glide up to
the fourth and last lever and pull it. Go back to the end of the second ledge,
where you glided up but drop straight down instead. Through the 4 open doors to
your right lies the Carrot Gate.

Chelonia IV Boss - Dark Shell
Dark Shell

Dark Shell isn't that difficult, not as hard as the Giant Mech Turtle, but his
life is outrageous. It'll take forever on Cakewalk to finally kill him. You'll
listen to his pedantic psychobabble before he starts his assault on you. The
thing to watch out for is his Machine Gun attack as there's no warning before
hand and no health for when you get hurt. He'll also shoot a homing missile at
you, but they can be avoided without too much trouble. He'll occasionally stop
to point and laugh at you, and when you do enough damage, his pants will fall
down, giving you a great opportunity to shoot him dead on with the Big Gun.
Don't be afraid to use up all your good ammo; there's no one to fight after you
defeat Dark Shell. When you finally whittle his health down to nothing, you'll
go and rescue Zoe, who you find out could easily have just left at any time.
Reminds you a little of Princess Peach in the Mario games who could have just
walked out the door behind her.

Congratulations on beating Dark Shell and once again saving the cosmos. You've
got mad thumbability! (Look at the last line of the credits)

|       04. Cheats/Unlockables  |#CU|
Pause the game and enter the following codes for their respective effects.
Effect                  Code
500 Space Credits*      Right, Left, Right, Left, L, R, Up, Up, R, R, L, L 
1000 Space Credits*     Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, L, R, L, R, R, L 
5000 Space Credits*     Up, Right, Down, Left, L, L, Right, Left, R, R, L, L
Refill Health/Weapons   L,R,Left,R,L,Right,L,R,L,R,Left,R
Infinite Health         L,L,Left,R,Right,R,Up,Down,Left,R,Right,L
Level Select**          Left,Down,L,L,Up,Down,R,Right,Up,Right,L,R

 *The Space Credit codes can only be used once per game
**The Level Select code is used only at the main menu

Unlockable                       Prerequisites
Single Pak 3 Multiplayer Map     Defeat the Chameleon King
Single Pak 4 Multiplayer Map     Defeat the Saurian General
Castle 3 Multiplayer Map         Defeat the Abominable Snow Turtle
Wasteland 1 Multiplayer Map      Defeat the Giant Mech Turtle
Wasteland 2 Multiplayer Map      Defeat Dark Shell

|         05. Thanks/Credits    |#TH|
Thanks to Jaleco Entertainment for putting out this awesome game that has been
entertaining me for a while now.
Thanks to CJayC and www.gamefaqs.com for hosting this FAQ and all the others
that have helped me throughout the years.
And thanks to everyone who has played this game, I hope you had as much fun
playing it as I did.

If anyone has anything to add, my e-mail again is Bobbobob12647@Hotmail.com.
Thanks for reading!

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