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Translation Guide by FinalSoraRiku

Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 07/09/2016
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Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal

Script and menu English translation guide
By CalmSerenity, Vokadae, and FinalSoraRiku

|       ~* Table of Contents *~       |
1. Introduction
2. Menus
     Title Screen.......................................................[TiScr]
     World Map..........................................................[WrldM]
     Vision Menus.......................................................[VisMs]
     Customize Screen...................................................[CustS]
     Shops and Other Locations..........................................[SaOLs]
3. Script
     Sea of Jugkettle...................................................[SofJK]
     The Moon Ruins.....................................................[MooRn]
     Temple in the Sky..................................................[TitSk]
     Volk City..........................................................[VolkC]
     The Moon World.....................................................[MooWd]
     Lunar Base.........................................................[LunaB]
     Nahato's Darkness..................................................[NahaD]
     Extra Story........................................................[EXstr]
4. Acknowledgements

|1.      ~* Introduction *~           |

Despite being released in 2002, fourteen years prior to this guide being put
together, Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal (meaning "Legendary Star
Medal") has never had a translation released publicly.  This wasn't for a lack
of trying, as a number of people on the Untamed Heart Klonoa fan forums
invested a great amount of time into producing a translation in the ROM itself.
Years have passed since that effort, and from what I'm told by other members on
the forum, it won't continue.  Thus, I figured it was time to try something
else: a guide, similar to the guide I put together for Kaze no Klonoa:
Moonlight Museum.

The effort to translate the Klonoa Heroes ROM wasn't effortless, however, and
thanks to CalmSerenity (who also made my Moonlight Museum guide possible), we
have a translation of the game's entire script (excluding village dialogue,
unfortunately), along with the tutorials.  This translation was left
unorganized on the Untamed Heart forums, accessible only to members, for at
least two years.  This guide contains a slightly modified and re-formatted
version of that script to clear up some ambiguity in translation and allow for
it to be followed as easily as possible while playing the game in Japanese.

In addition to the script translation, this guide describes navigation of menus
as well as the descriptions of the game's items.  While village dialogue and
enemy descriptions are yet to be translated, this guide hopes to allow for an
unimpeded enjoyment of the game despite language barriers.

Having spent tens of hours on this game, myself, I can say that it's worth
being translated.

|2.          ~* Menus *~              |

-=Title Screen=-							[TiScr]

Depending on whether a game has been saved and whether that game has been
completed, one to three options will appear.

One option:
-New game

Two options:
-Load game
-New game

Three options:
-Load game
-New game
-Music Player

-=World Map=-								[WrldM]

Occasionally, an ngapoko (yellow flying robot) will appear after a level.  This
is to notify you of new entries to the tutorials and Phantom Bestiary.

Pressing start on the world map will bring up a menu.

World map start menu:
-Phantom Bestiary

-=Vision Menus=-							[VisMs]

Upon entering or exiting a room in a vision, a menu will appear showing your
stats and any items you collected in that room.

Vision intermission:
-Exit Vision or Next Area

If you have more items than you can hold upon exiting a room, you will see a
list of the parts of your inventory with the offending parts highlighted.  The
list is in the same order as the third screen of the customize menu, which is:


Only one option will be selectable, which will take you to the third screen of
the customize menu.  Once you have made space in your inventory, exiting the
customize menu will bring you to the normal "vision intermission" menu.

Pressing start during a vision will bring up the pause menu.

Vision pause menu:
-Switch L and R buttons
-HUD style
-Toggle in-game dialogue

The second option will bring you to a menu that allows you to switch the
functions of the L and R buttons.  Normally, L changes characters while R
uses the selected item.

The third option will allow you to select from a very long list of different
graphics for the HUD on the right side of the screen.

The fourth option allows you to disable the short phrases occasionally uttered
by the characters when they land critical hits, miss, dodge, etc.

-=Customize Screen=-							[CustS]

The customize screen is broken into three subscreens.  The first shows your
equipped weapons/apparel and stats, the second shows your equipped accessories,
and the third lets you access the different parts of your inventory.  Pressing
L will cycle the selected character.

-Screen 1-
The screen is broken vertically into two sections, with your weapon on top and
apparel on bottom.  Each section is comprised of three lines, with the top
being the name of the equipped weapon/apparel and the bottom two being its
stats.  Highlight the weapon or apparel name and press left/right to select
another, and press A to equip it.  To add or subtract points from a stat,
highlight that stat and press left or right.  The number of stat points
available is visible on the left side of the screen.

-Screen 2-
The two slots on top are the accessories currently equipped.  To access the
lower portion, which also displays each accessory's description, select one of
the two slots.  You can then select an accessory from the lower portion of the
screen to assign to the selected slot.

-Screen 3-
The inventory is broken into five sections:
-Key items

Selecting one of the five sections will allow you to browse its contents.  In
the weapons, apparel, and accessories sections, selecting an item will prompt
you to confirm that you want to throw it away.  Select the left option to
confirm or the right option to cancel.  In the consumables section, selecting
an item will prompt you to either use or discard the item.  Select the left
option to use the item or the right option to discard the item.  You will then
be presented with the "yes/no" prompt described above.  Key items cannot be

You can only hold a certain number of each item.  Each character can only hold
ten weapons and ten pieces of apparel, and only thirty accessories can be held
at a time.  Each kind of consumable has its own limit (for example, you can
only hold ten eggs, no matter how many honey juices you have).  On the top
portion of the screen, the top number is how many items you have of that type,
whereas the bottom is the maximum number of items you can hold of that type.

-=Shops and Other Locations=-						[SaOLs]

A variety of locations can be entered from the world map screen.  Their purpose
is denoted by their icon.

Klonoa's House (town icon, bottom-most location in Breezegale):
-View cutscenes

Selecting the top option will bring you to another menu that asks you which
area you'd like to view a cutscene from.  The areas are listed in chronological
order.  Going to Klonoa's house will heal you as if you stayed at an inn.

Town (beige buildings with coloured rooves):
Press left/right to scroll through the townspeople and select someone to speak
with them.  If the next vision hasn't appeared yet, speak to everybody at the
latest town.

Shop (green potion for items, sword for weapons/apparel):

Selecting "sell" will prompt you to select one of the first four sections of
the inventory, in the same order as the third customize screen.  Selecting
weapons or apparel will then prompt you to select the character whose items
you'd like to sell.

Momett House (pink hat):
-Select boss to re-fight
-Explanation (it's in Japanese, so it won't really help)

After selecting the first option, you will be taken to a list of bosses you've
already defeated.  Selecting on will allow you to re-fight a more powerful
version.  Your best time will also be displayed.  Beating a fight in the Momett
House for the first time will reward you with a Mamett Doll.

Mamett House (yellow hat):
-Exchange Momett Dolls
-Explanation (it's in Japanese, so it won't really help)

When you select the first option, Mamett will take all of your dolls (unless
you don't have enough inventory space for the rewards) and give you rewards at
certain numbers of dolls.  The first reward is a consumable, but all others are
accessories.  If Mamett's cigarette spontaneously flies out of his mouth, it
means that you don't have enough inventory space to hold the reward that he
just tried to give you, and he will return the dolls for that item.

-=Tutorials=-								[Tutos]

Tutorials are unlocked while progressing through the game.  An ngapoko will
appear to notify you each time this occurs.

Tutorials are displayed in reverse chronological order in-game.  This guide
will list them in chronological order (reverse from the in-game order).

-About Tutorials-

These tutorials will aid you
in getting aquainted with the game.
As you progress,
more tutorials will be added here,
so don't forget to check them out!

-Attack Types-

There are two types of normal attacks:
the "red attack (A Button)" and
the "blue attack (B Button)".

Likewise, enemies have either a red
or a blue Life Gauge.

Use the attack type that matches
with the same color of the enemies'
Life Gauge. Otherwise, you won't be able
to deal damage very well.

-Dream Stones and Money-

When you defeat enemies, they may drop
blue or yellow fragments.

The blue ones, called "Dream Stones",
will increase your experience points,
and the yellow ones will grant you
The amount which you obtain from each
piece will be greater
when they are larger in size.

-The Vision Map-

Aside from Visions, you can head
to places such as towns and shops within
the Vision Map.

You can talk to different kinds of
people at towns.
There are those who may even tell you
very useful information.

At shops, you can buy and sell weapons,
apparel, or items.

At inns, you can completely recover any
HP you have lost as well as remove
all status ailments that you may have
incurred during your adventures.


Pressing START at the Vision Map
or entering an Intermission Screen
will allow you to select Customize.

From there, you can change your weapons
and apparel and freely charge their
respective Custom Gauges.

Press the R Button to equip your
accessories. Press the R Button again
to view and adjust the items
which you currently hold.

Weapons and apparel will have
a gauge that varies in size called
a Custom Gauge.

You can add or remove Custom Points
to a Custom Gauge. Doing so will
determine how much offensive or
defensive power your equipment
will have.

Upon leveling up,
you will recieve one Custom Point.


AT is attack power.
More damage will be dealt
the higher this is.

Your SP is the strength of your
Special Skills.
Your Special Skills will deal
more damage the higher this is.

Your DF is your defensive capability.
You will take less damage
and be more resistant to status ailments
the higher this is.

AG is agility.
It will be easier to land and evade
both attacks and critical hits
the higher this is.

-Boost Charging-

Filling a Custom Gauge to its fullest
will cause it to glow and become
Boost Charged.

Boost Charging occurs when a
Custom Gauge is completely filled
and glows as a result.

Boost Charging a gauge will cause
its maximum stat value to be multiplied
by 1.2. It might be wise to Boost Charge
gauges as much as possible.

-Alternate Attacks-

Aside from normal attacks,
Klonoa can perform alternate attacks.
Execute them by swiftly pressing
the A or B Button twice.

Depending on the button pressed,
the attack will be of a red
or a blue type.

They are powerful, but, for a moment,
Klonoa will leave an opening
and become vulnerable during this time,
so use them wisely.


To use an item in the middle of an area,
press SELECT to rotate to an item in
your inventory, and press the R Button
to use it.

You can also use an item by selecting
Customize, switching to the
Arrange Items Screen, and choosing
Consumables, your item of choice,
and then Use.


[The Japanese text in this entry had to be removed to preserve this file's
encoding.  Thankfully, each event described also has a distinct sound effect.]

Sometimes, when you attack an enemy,
the onomatopoeia "???" will be appear.
This means you performed a Critical Hit.

"???" appears when you dodge an enemy's attack.

"???" appears when an enemy evades your attack.

"???" appears when an enemy lands a Critical Hit.

"????" appears when an enemy's DF is too high
for you to deal any damage.

"???" appears when you take an item from
a treasure chest.

-Treasure Chests-

You can open chests by striking them
as you are moving above them.

Take heed, however,
as there are some enemies
that will disguise themselves as chests
and ambush you if you approach

Obtained items will become
identified and useable once you enter
an Intermission Screen.

-"Vision Clear!"-

When you make it out of the last area
of a Vision, the Vision will be cleared,
and you will return to the Vision Map.

-New Map Points-

New paths and places will appear
on the map when you clear a Vision.

Some locations can also be discovered
by conversing with townspeople.

-The Phantom Bestiary-

The Phantom Bestiary is a book
on all of the enemies
that you have encountered thus far.

Once a monster is defeated,
it will be recorded into the Phantom Bestiary.

Only the monster's name and its
appearance will be shown,
but as you defeat more monsters,
more data will be available.

Defeating ten beasts will allow you
to view their stats,
and a description will be revealed
once you have conquered 50 monsters.

Bosses, on the other hand,
have much lower requirements.

-Klonoa's House-

At Klonoa's house,
you can watch all of the scenes
that you have currently encountered
in your adventure.

Select Recall Memories
to view the desired memory.
Choosing Sleep will have
the same effect as resting at an inn.

-Doors and Keys-

In some areas,
you will encounter locked gates.

To open these gates,
you will need to find a key
that is hidden in that very area.
Sometimes, an enemy may be holding the
key which you require.

Once you have obtained the key that you
need, open the corresponding gate by
striking it as you are in front of it.

Gates and keys come in two colors: gold
and silver.
If you do not have a key that is the
same color as the gate you are trying
to open, then the door will not yield.

-Puzzle Areas-

Areas that have enemies called Gaels in
them are puzzle areas.

You can not use items or Special Skills
in a puzzle area, and attacking will
only result in a close-range punch.

Standing in front of a Gael
will cause you to be thrown to the
area's entrance.
Fortunately, you will not take damage.

You must defeat a Gael by striking it
directly behind or beside it.
Striking the armored legs of a Gael
will cause your damage to be nullified.

-Klonoa's Special Skill-

Klonoa has learned the Special Skill
called the Tornado Attack.
He can unleash tornadoes that deal
damage in a wide area.

Begin charging the skill by holding
the A Button. After a few seconds,
Klonoa will glow profusely and will
execute the skill as soon as you
release the button.
To stop charging the skill,
simply press the B Button.

It would be wise to use this if you are
surrounded by a lot of enemies.

-The SP Gauge-

Below your Life Gauge is the SP Gauge.
A certain amount of the SP Gauge
is required to use a Special Skill.

You can fill it by striking or defeating
enemies, taking damage, and consuming
Honey Juice.

-Yellow Life Gauges-
There are enemies that have a yellow
Life Gauge.

You can only damage these enemies with
Special Skills.

-Changing Characters-

If you have more than one ally in your
party, you can change characters.

To switch to another character while in
an area, press the L Button.

You can also rotate characters in the
Intermission Screen or while
customizing your characters.


You can now play as Guntz!

Guntz is a ranged fighter, and although
he can not use strong attacks like
Klonoa can, he can strafe
as long as you hold the L Button.

With strafing, Guntz can move about
while attacking in a single direction.
This is critical as a ranged fighter,
as Guntz should keep his distance from
his opponents while still being able
to strike them.

-Status Ailment: Poison-

There are some enemies
that can poison you. If you are poisoned,
your HP will decrease over time.

The only way to remove it is to drink
Vegetable Juice, rest at an inn,
or level up.

-The Depth Suit-

There are certain Visions in which you
will need to wear a suit called
the Depth Suit.

Take care while moving in the Depth Suit,
as you will slide for a distance when

On the other hand, the Depth Suit has
the ability to draw in Dream Stones and
money that happens to be scattered about.

-Guntz's Special Skill-

Guntz has learned the Special Skill
called Killer Fire.
He will fire explosive rounds in random
directions and deal damage
to the enemies he hits.

Begin charging the skill by holding
the A Button. After a few seconds,
Guntz will glow profusely and will
execute the skill as soon as you
release the button.
To stop charging the skill,
simply press the B Button.

It would be wise to use this if you are
surrounded by a lot of enemies.

-Status Ailment: Amnesia-

There are some enemies that can
cause you to have amnesia.
If you suffer from amnesia, you will be
unable to use Special Skills.

The only way to remove it is to drink
Vegetable Juice, rest at an inn,
or level up.

-Status Ailment: Curse-

There are some enemies
that can curse you. If you are cursed,
all of your stat values will be reduced.

The only way to remove it is to drink
Vegetable Juice, rest at an inn,
or level up.


You can now play as Pango!

Pango can throw his bombs not only to
defeat his foes but also to destroy
stone statues that you may spot during
your travels.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled
for these structures,
since breaking these may be vital
for advancing further on.

-Pango's Special Skill-

Pango has learned the Special Skill
called the Gigantic Bomber.
He will throw bombs in random directions
that can bounce off of terrain and will
explode soon after they are thrown.

Begin charging the skill by holding
the A Button. After a few seconds,
Pango will glow profusely and will
execute the skill as soon as you
release the button.
To stop charging the skill,
simply press the B Button.

It would be wise to use this if you are
surrounded by a lot of enemies.

-Klonoa's 2nd Special Skill-

Klonoa has learned a new special skill
called Thunder Hurricane! With this,
Klonoa can summon a storm of lightning
upon nearby enemies.

Hold the B Button to begin charging
the skill. After a few seconds, Klonoa
will glow profusely and will execute the
skill as soon as you release the button.
To stop charging the skill,
simply press the A Button.

Holding the B Button as Klonoa is
unleashing the skill will allow him to
continue at the cost of depleting more
of the SP Gauge.

The Thunder Hurricane is effective
when Klonoa is surrounded by enemies.

-Guntz's 2nd Special Skill-

Guntz has learned a new Special Skill
called Shinigami Rush! With this,
Guntz can fire a barrage of bullets
upon enemies that stand in front of him.

Hold the B Button to begin charging
the skill. After a few seconds, Guntz
will glow profusely and will execute the
skill as soon as you release the button.
To stop charging the skill,
simply press the A Button.

Holding the B Button as Guntz is
unleashing the skill will allow him to
continue at the cost of depleting more
of the SP Gauge.

Shinigami Rush is very powerful
against bosses.

-Pango's 2nd Special Skill-

Pango has learned a new Special Skill
called Rolling Blaster! With this,
Pango can rush towards enemies at high
speeds while creating explosions nearby.

Hold the B Button to begin charging
the skill. After a few seconds, Pango
will glow profusely and will execute the
skill as soon as you release the button.
To stop charging the skill,
simply press the A Button.

Holding the B Button as Pango is
unleashing the skill will allow him to
continue at the cost of depleting more
of the SP Gauge.

The Rolling Blaster is best suited for
breaking through threats that happen
to stand in your way.

-Security Devices-

Areas that have security devices in them
will have a countdown timer displayed on
the screen. When the timer reaches zero,
you will lose all of your HP.
Make haste towards the goal,
lest you meet your own end.

-The Switch Seal-

A Switch Seal is a mark on the floor
that, when passing through one,
will prevent you from changing
Passing through a Switch Seal for
a second time, however, will allow you
to change characters once again.

-Extra Visions-

An Extra Vision has appeared
on the Vision Map.
The first one begins in Breezegale,
and as you clear each Extra Vision,
a new one will appear
in the next Kingdom.

-The Music Player-

You can now access the Music Player
from the Title Screen and listen to
the BGM used in this game.

The four selections, from left to right,
allow you to play, stop, and switch
to the previous and the next track
respectively. You can also switch tracks
by pressing the L Button or R Button.

Pressing START will open up a menu.
From there, selecting REPEAT and then
"1" will loop the track that is currently
playing. Choosing ALL will loop
the playlist, and setting it to OFF
will disable REPEAT.
PROGRAM allows you to create your own
playlist. Scroll through the songs with
the Control Pad and select the desired
music with the A Button. Confirm with
the R Button or cancel with the B Button.
Selecting RANDOM and then ON replaces
the default playlist with a random list
of all songs, and choosing OFF will
reset the default playlist. Both settings
will overwrite your PROGRAM settings.
RESET will substitute each song from
the current playlist to each one in the
default playlist and include whatever
remains. This new playlist will
overwrite both your PROGRAM settings and
the default playlist.
BACK will close the menu,
and EXIT will return you
to the Title Screen.

Hold SELECT to activate HOLD Mode and
disable button inputs.
Hold SELECT again to deactivate
HOLD Mode.

-=Items=-								[Itemz]

Multiple weapon types exist for each character.  A weapon's type is denoted by
its icon.  The game does not describe what each weapon type does (it must be
learnt through using the weapon), so this guide will not explain the weapon
types, either.


Accessories that only affect stats are not listed.  Their effects can be seen
when hovering over them in the second screen of the customize menu.

Silver Badge (black shield-shape with a silver diamond overlaid)
-No effect, but sells for a decent price

Gold Badge (black shield-shape with a gold diamond overlaid)
-No effect, but sells for a decent price

Emerald Badge (black shield-shape with a green diamond overlaid)
-No effect, but sells for a decent price

Ruby Badge (black shield-shape with a red diamond overlaid)
-No effect, but sells for a decent price

Sapphire Badge (black shield-shape with a blue diamond overlaid)
-No effect, but sells for a decent price

Platinum Badge (black shield-shape with a white diamond overlaid)
-No effect, but sells for a decent price

Diamond Badge (black shield-shape with a blue/white circle overlaid)
-No effect, but sells for a decent price

Yellow Stone/Jewel/Orb (a yellow gem)
-Increases damage of special attacks

Blue Stone/Jewel/Orb (a blue gem)
-Increases damage of blue attacks

Red Stone/Jewel/Orb (a red gem)
-Increases damage of red attacks

Bouncing Bullet (silver ball bouncing off a blue ball)
-Decreases damage dealt by glibz, most likely (shelled enemies that shoot)

Platform Shoes (red shoe with a VERY thick sole)
-Decreases terrain damage (e.g. spikes) or negates it entirely

Handbag? (red oval with silver lining on top)
-Increases money gained

Battle sticker/emblem (two EXP gems)
-Increases EXP gained

Magic Formula (green roll with a white rectangle coming out)
-Increases special gauge increase rate

Claire Crystal (grey/blue statue of a woman's head)
-Negates all status ailments

Mobile Notebook (green pencil over notebook with white paper and blue binding)
-Reduces chance of amnesia or negates it entirely

Claire Amulet (white rectangle with a green/red gem and white wings)
-Reduces chance of curse

Vaccine (hypodermic needle)
-Reduces chance of poison or negates it entirely

Hog Bag (blue rectangular bag with white handle)
-All EXP goes to the character it's equipped on

Firefly Seal (white/blue diamond-shaped clock with red hands)
-Increases duration of time stop from time firefly

Mydo Bag (Green, yellow, and pink bag)
-Attracts objects (like The Depth Suit)

Radiant Gel Ring? (yellow halo shape)
-Resurrects the wearer once upon death

Tsudzu Bait (round pink smiley face)
-Lures tsudzus (fake chests) out of hiding


Boiled Egg (one whole egg, another sliced in half)
-Small HP recovery, proportional to total HP

Instant Ramen (white cup, cracked lid, orange stuff inside, some thin red bits)
-Large HP recovery, proportional to total HP

Bistro Curry (plate filled half with white/half with brown, spoon in corner)
-Full HP recovery

Honey Juice (bottle filled with yellow substance)
-SP recovery

Vegetable Juice (green juice box with blue straw)
-Cures status ailments

Moo Feather (orange shape with one point on the left and three on the right)
-Exit the vision immediately

Time Firefly (blue circle with two red arrows and two red dots, like a clock)
-Temporarily stops time

-Key Items-

Mamett Doll (yellow doll with a six-pointed star for a head)
"A small strange doll. Likely collected by somebody."
-Can be traded in at the Mamett House (yellow hat on map)

The Depth Suit (a claw with two white pincers and black/bronze base)
"A diving suit with an attachment that can draw in objects."
-Used in levels without oxygen

Twin Fire (a red triple-barrel gun)
"Guns for Guntz that had sunk in the sea of Jugkettle."
-Enables Guntz's special ability

Radio (a grey box with an antenna and red/yellow bits on its front)
"Received from Guntz. There's something suspicious about it..."
-Used by Klonoa in Moon Ruins as a part of Guntz' plan

All On Gunpowder (an orange book)
"A rare book about explosives that had been buried in the Temple of the Sky."
-Enables Pango's special ability

Batz's Gun (a red shape with a yellow cross on it)
"Marked with the cross sigil of Guntz's father Batz."
-Enables Guntz's second special ability

The Return of All On Gunpowder (a red book)
"A book found in Volk City. Sought by fireworks enthusiasts."
-Enables Pango's second special ability

Namco Medal (a gold medal with Pacman on it)
"Press L 3 times on the title screen!'
-A secret earned from an easter egg quest (try the R button, too)

|3.         ~* Script *~              |

Each blank line signifies a button press.  Blank lines in the script itself are
denoted by [line break].  To follow this script while playing the game, move on
to the next chunk of text in this script each time you press A.  Chevrons <like
these> denote the location name in the upper left corner of the screen.

|             Breezegale              |					[BrzGl]


The bright and shining Hero Medal.

It's the aspiration of children.
It's the sign of a hero.
It's the license of glory
that everyone dreams for.

All heroes have a medal!
If they don't have one,
then they're not heroes!

That is the Hero Medal.
[line break]
That is my dream....

It's only said as a rumor, but........

It's said that somewhere in this world,
there's a legendary Medal
that no one has seen before
and holds the shine of the stars...

Someday, surely!
Someday, certainly!!
Someday, definitely!!!

That is the Hero Medal.
[line break]
And that is my dream.........

-=VISION 1 Opening: Radiant Flower, The Bloomless Bud=-

Even with the skies
being cloudy until yesterday,
that day was very clear since the morning...

and it made it the greatest day
for a day of departure.

<Blossom Pass, Wind Village>
Chipple: Klonoaaa! You okay up there?

Klonoa: I'm fine. I'm fine.
Just gotta reach a little more...

Chipple: If you fall from there, you'll get hurrrt.

Klonoa: I'll get used to it.
C'mon, just... a little more...

Chipple: Watch out!
That branch's already bending like crazy!

Klonoa: Just... a li-ttle........

Klonoa: Whoa!
Klonoa: Oouuuuwwwwwwwwch...
Chipple: My head's spinnin'...

Chipple: Meanie... You didn't have to
fall on top of me...

Klonoa: Sorry, sorry.
I'm okay thanks to you, though.

Chipple: But I'm not okay... [squish]

Klonoa: But hey.

Chipple: A Radiant Flower! You found it!?

Klonoa: Heheh, I promised, after all!

Chipple: That's amazing!
I knew you could do it, Klonoa!

After a continuation of cloudy spring days,
the Radiant Flower's "bloomless bud"
will begin to swell
in the beginning of that year.

It's strange to call it a bloomless bud,
but it can't be helped
because it's really like that.

But if it were to bloom... if the flower
were to open up by some coincidence,
great fortune will come to an important person.

It's an old, old tale
passed down in Breezegale, The Wind Village.

I never really believe in things
like good luck charms,
but that particular day was special.

It was a special, special day.

<Wind Village, Sakura Mountain Pass>
Chipple: I'm sure she'll be spinnin' in joy with this!

Klonoa: Hehe... That'd be nice.

Popka: Klonoaaaa!
Klonoa: Huh?
Chipple: It's Popka.

Klonoa: What's wrong, Popka?
Departure's supposed to be at sunset, right?

Popka: [huff], [wheeze].... It-it's not about that!
The village is in trouble!

Klonoa: In trouble?

Popka: All of a sudden,
these small monsters appeared, and they just
did stuff here and there or something!

Klonoa: Did stuff here and there or something?
Popka: Did stuff here and there or something!

Popka: Anyways, the village head says ta watch out.
Said, "Everyone go home and lock your doors"!

Chipple: Really? That's spinnin' ba-d.

Klonoa: Small monsters, huuh.... Hehe.

Chipple: Uuuh,
could it be that you're smiling, Klonoa?

Klonoa: Alright! In any case,
head back to the village!
I've always wanted to try out the Wind Ring
that I got from Grandpa for once!

Chipple: Aaah, Klonoa...!

Popka: Is he gonna be okay...?
He's pretty reckless after all...

-=VISION 1 Closing: Beat Up the Monsters!=-

<Blossom Pass, Wind Village>
Klonoa: C'mon, is it already over?

Chipple: Klonoa...! You're too fa-st!

Klonoa: Hehe.

Klonoa: If it keeps up like this,
then why don't we just
beat up all the monsters in the village?

Chipple: No! You can't do it! My head's spinnin'!

Chipple: I'm going home!
I'm worried about my little brothers!
Klonoa: Eh... boring.

Popka: You go home, too, Klonoa.
Grandpa's worried sick.

Klonoa: Eh...

Klonoa: It's fine.
Grandpa worries all the time anyways.

Klonoa: Stuff like this rarely happens.
How about we just go for a little more, huh?

Popka: I wonder it it's really alright...

-=VISION 2 Opening: Hero, Hero!=-

<Village Outskirts>
Klonoa: In any case, let's go to where Lolo is.
She's in the Temple of Claire, right?

Popka: Hey, c'mon now. There're a tonna monsters
along the roads, too.

Klonoa: Exactly what I'm hoping for!

Klonoa: That's kinda like something
a hero would say, isn't it?

Popka: A hero, huh...

Klonoa: Hero, Hero?

Klonoa: Also, there's something I wanna give to her.
Let's go! Follow me, Popka!
Popka: H-hey, quit bein' so reckless!

-=VISION 2 Closing: Leave It to Me!=-

Klonoa: Lolooo!
Lolo: Klonoa...!

My childhood friend, Lolo.
She's a priestess in training
who serves the Goddess Claire.

She's a bit clumsy, but she's determined.
That determination of hers has been recognized,
and it's been decided that she'll be studying
in the Temple in the Sky.

<Claire Temple>
Klonoa: Thank goodness. Seems like you're safe.
Lolo: You too, Klonoa.

Klonoa: Is everything alright? Today's...
Lolo: Yes... about that...
Popka: Something happened?

Lolo: You know about Bell Hill, right?
Klonoa: Along the main road?
Lolo: Yes.

Lolo: I'm scheduled
to be picked up over there, but...
Popka: Monsters!?

Lolo: Particularly big ones, at that...
Popka: Whoa whoa whoa whoa.
On this day outta all days.

Klonoa: .........
Klonoa: Alright! Leave it to me!
Lolo: Eh?

Klonoa: I'll show you I can do something!
Don't worry, Lolo. Just relax and wait here!
Lolo: K-Klonoa!

-=VISION 3 Opening: A Promise with Lolo=-

<Claire Temple>
Klonoa: Popka, wait here
and keep Lolo company.
Popka: Y-yeah!

Lolo: Will you really end up going there?
Klonoa: I'm a hero, after all!

Klonoa: Ah, that's right. Lolo,
there's something I wanna give you...
Lolo: ....

Lolo: .... Is it okay
if I don't accept it right now?
Klonoa: Eh?

Lolo: Klonoa, once you return,
I'll accept it with sincerity.

Lolo: ... So please promise
that you'll come back safe.
Klonoa: Lolo?

Klonoa: You're exaggerating. I'll be fi-
Lolo: Please promise!
Klonoa: ....

Klonoa: Okay! I'll come back safe.
Lolo: ... Okay.

Klonoa: .... It'll be fine.
It's the day of departure, after all.
I'll definitely figure something out!

-=VISION 3 Pre-Boss: The Fight Against Giant Moos!=-

<Bell Hill>
Klonoa: Ah... it's that!

Klonoa: Uuuh, that's a pretty big guy...
... But, hey,
I'm sure I can go for it somehow!

Klonoa: ALRIGHT! Wait for me, Lolo!

-=VISION 3 Closing: A Man of Mystery=-

<Bell Hill>
Klonoa: Phew... I wonder
if I managed to beat them somehow...

Klonoa: Well, if the Great Klonoa
were to handle something like this,
then it'll be no pro....
Klonoa: Wh-what the!?
Monster: Moo!!
Klonoa: Th-there're still more of them!!?

Monsters: Moomoomoo!!!
Klonoa: Urgh, this many!?
W-wait, hold on a second.
There's way too many of them!!

Monsters: Moomoomoomoomoomoomoo!!!!
Klonoa: Wooaaah!
Klonoa: Wait, Wait!
Klonoa: Time out! STOP! DO NOT ENTER!!
Monsters: Moooo!!
Klonoa: Eh....

???: Phantom Beasts that don't even fight back.
I ain't gonna get much money from this.

He appeared, riding in a deep red motorbike.
He wore a golden mane
and showed a cool smile.

It was really amazing,
and he had an atmosphere that made it hard
to get close to him from anywhere,

but besides that, besides anything...!

<Bell Hill>
Klonoa: A Hero Medal!
Guntz: Huuh?

Klonoa: On your chest, that's the Hero Medal, right!?
Guntz: The heck's up with you?

Klonoa: Oh, sorry. I'm Klonoa.
Thank you for saving me.
Guntz: Saved you? What're you talkin' about?

Guntz: There were Phantom Beasts,
so I just fired at 'em like I should've.

Guntz: Oh, I see. You were over there.
You were pretty lucky not ta get hit.
Klonoa: Wha?

Klonoa: You're kind of an irritating guy
a little, huh... W-well it's fine.
Besides that, that Medal!

Klonoa: That's a Hero Medal, isn't it!
How did you get it!?
Guntz: Huuh?

Klonoa: I wannna become a hero.
Tell me how!
Guntz: A hero? You?


Guntz: Hey, c'mon now.
Kid's shouldn't be actin' so strong and wise.
So just go home and tremble in fear.
Klonoa: Wha!!

Guntz: Now then, just a bit further from here and...
Huh? What's this?
Klonoa: Ah!
Guntz: A bud...?

Klonoa: I must've dropped it before!
Give it back. That's mine!
Guntz: Yours?

Guntz: Hey, c'mon now. You really are a kid,
aren'tcha? Flower picking at that age?
Klonoa: It's fine! That's important to me!
Give it back!

Guntz: Pathetic! I hate that kinda stuff.
Klonoa: Ah, s-stop!!

Guntz: .... Hm?

Guntz: ........
Guntz: Well, whatever.

Guntz: It's a rare flower, right?
I'll be takin' this as a tip for savin' ya.
Klonoa: What did you say!?

Guntz: Bye. See ya, little kid!
Klonoa: W-wait!


-=VISION 4 Opening: Reclaim the Radiant Flower!=-

<Bottom of Bell Hill>
Klonoa: Darn it! Where'd that guy go!!?

Klonoa: The Radiant Flower brings great fortune
to an important person!
As if I'd hand over fortune
to a guy like that!

Klonoa: ... Wait. He's not an important person,
so maybe it won't bring him great fortune?
Uuuh, Ummm.........

Klonoa: .... It doesn't matter!!
In any case,
I'm definitely getting it BACK!!

-=VISION 4 Pre-Boss: GiveItGiveItGiveIt!=-

<Central Highway>
Guntz: .... Well isn't this somethin'.

Klonoa: There you are! I found you!!
Guntz: Wh-what the?

Klonoa: Give back the Radiant Flower!!
Guntz: Seriously? You actually came after me....
Now that's really somethin'.

Klonoa: Give it give it give it!
Guntz: Shut up!

Klonoa: Give it give it give it give it give it
give it give it give it give it GIVE IT!!
Guntz: Aaah GEEZ, this KID!!

Guntz: You're lookin' to be a hero, right?
If ya want this,
then try ta take it from me by force!
Klonoa: What!?

Klonoa: Alright. Don't regret it!
Guntz: That's my line!

-=VISION 4 Closing: Come Forth, Youth, for the Best Special Training!=-

<Central Highway>
Klonoa: How's that!
Guntz: Geez... you conceited brat....

Guntz: Against a kid,
I think it's pretty unsightly, but...
I'm goin' for real this time!
Klonoa: Eh?

Guntz: C'mon c'mon c'mon!
Klonoa: Wh-whah!?
Guntz: C'mon c'mon KRRAAAAAAAAHH!!!!
Klonoa: WWHHAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!

Guntz: Know your place, kid!
Klonoa: D-damn it...!

Guntz: All powerless guys do is just go around
and act all strong and wise
while hiding their shame!
Klonoa: ........

Klonoa: .... Then!

Klonoa: Then, in that case, I'll get stronger!
I'll get stronger,
and then I'll DEFINITELY defeat you!

Guntz: Yeah, right.
Klonoa: DEFINITELYYY!! Just you wait!
Guntz: Yeah yeah.

Klonoa: It'll definitely happen!!

<Klonoa's House>
Chipple: ... [sigh] That's terrible, huh.
Klonoa: Well, I was thinking
if you might know a way to get stronger.

Chipple: But I'm weak!
Klonoa: I know that.
Chipple: You put it so bluntly...

Klonoa: You're weak,
so I was thinking you might know some things.
Right? That's how you get stronger.

Chipple: That'd be too good to be... Oh, but...
Klonoa: But?

Chipple: I heard something about the leader
of Gunston Mine saying, "Come forth, youth,
for the best special training!"
or something like that...

Klonoa: That's it! Thanks, Chipple!

Chipple: Oh, but, everyone's saying that
he's just doing that to lift people's spirits
and trick them into working for him
for nothi.... Huh? Klonoa....?

-=VISION 5 Opening: If You're a Man, Talk with Your Fists=-

<Gunston Mine>
Balue: Aaah, so ya wanta become stronger, eh?

Balue: Hmmm, I don't exactly know
what's goin' on, but...
Uh huuhh.

Balue: D'ya like dat girl Lolo?

Klonoa: Yeah, we're friends!
Balue: ... Not duh reaction I wuz expectin' for.

Balue: Well whatever! In any case,
I shall teach you a particularly
special skill!
Klonoa: Really!?

Balue: Yeah, but before that,
why don'tcha help me
with a little somethin' first.

Balue: Past 'ere, on the path until the coal mine,
a bunch o' strange monsters've appeared.
Klonoa: Monsters?

Balue: Yeah, if ya pass in front o' them,
they'll send ya back t'da entrance
with a body slam.

Balue: Even though it seems like ya can,
ya can't beat 'em by hittin'
the tough armor on their legs.
Diagonal attacks won't work at all.

Balue: Also, if a ton o' them have appeared,
it's hard t'tell where you should hit 'em.
... It's almost like a puzzle. Uhuhuh...

Balue: Oh, dangerous items
are strictly prohibited from the mine.
I'll be takin' dat weapon for now.
Klonoa: Eh? I have to hit them empty handed?

Balue: If you're a man, talk with your fists.
Klonoa: Is it really okay to talk with my fists?
Balue: ... Just talk with words right now.

Balue: Anyways,
once you've eliminated all o' them,
I'll teach ya a special skill.
Klonoa: Got it!

Klonoa: In other words, if I don't pass
in front of the monsters,
then I'll be fine, right? That's easy.
Balue: If it wuz easy, then I'd be doin' it!

Klonoa: Eh?
Balue: O-oooh, nothing. I said I'd have
easily done it, so show me you can overcome
this magnificent challenge.

Klonoa: Alright! Just watch!
I'll definitely become stronger!
Balue: Oh yeah! Become stronger!

-=VISION 5 Closing: Klonoa Tornado Attack!=-

<Gunston Mine>
Klonoa: Alllright, finished!
Balue: Oh hooh, you're smart.
That was a big help.

Klonoa: Now then, you promised...
Balue: Yeah! You did well!

Balue: You have surpassed me, the master.
I no longer have anything to teach you!
Go beat 'em down to a pulp!

Klonoa: OKAY! Now.... W-
wait a minute. That's not right!
Balue: Tch... carin' about duh small details.

Balue: Uhhh, let's see.... the fightin' spirit!
manipulate duh wind
with your fightin' spirit!
Klonoa: Fighting spirit?

Balue: That's right. The spirit... Uhhh,
focus the spirit
... focus the wind...
twirl the wind...

Klonoa: .... Like a tornado?
Balue: That's right! A tornado!

Klonoa: A tornado...? I see!
Call forth the power of the wind
to form the shape of a tornado...
I can do it. I can do it, Old Man!!

Balue: Good, the "Balue Tornado Attack"
would be a good name for it!
Klonoa: Alright, the "Klonoa Tornado Attack" it is!

Klonoa: Thanks, Old Man! I'll try it out!
Balue: Y-yeah, do your best!!

Got the Special Skill:
  "Tornado Attack"!
Balue: ......... I wonder if I shoulda
tried doin' that...

-=VISION 6 Opening: I'll be Waitin' at the Ranch=-

<Breezegale Eastern Road>
Klonoa: I found you!
Guntz: You again...?

Guntz: You told me to wait, so I waited.
Klonoa: Oh, really?
You're a surprisingly nice guy, aren't you.

Guntz: Idiot, that's a lie.
I was only takin' a nap.
Klonoa: Whoa, this guy can be so irritating.

Guntz: Why so serious?
All just for one flower.

Klonoa: I promised!
Guntz: Promised?

Klonoa: That I'd come back safe.
I'll come back safe
and give her the flower.
Guntz: ....

Guntz: For a kid, you sure are romantic, huh.
Klonoa: Let's fight!
Guntz: Hey, hold on now.

Guntz: It'll be boring on the roadside here.
There's a ranch past here, right?
I'll be waitin' there.

Klonoa: A ranch?
Guntz: Our duel, right?
Let's go romantically.
Klonoa: Huuuh?

Guntz: See ya!
Klonoa: Ah, w-wait!!

-=VISION 6 Pre-Boss: The Duel of Magna Ranch=-

<Magna Ranch>
Guntz: Oooh, so you were actually able to make it.
Klonoa: I said I'd get stronger, right?

Guntz: Guess I got no choice.
If ya win,
then I'll hand back the flower t'ya.
On the other hand...

Guntz: If ya lose, let's see...
you'll be payin' me 100,000 dorees.
Klonoa: 100,000 DOREES???

Klonoa: Wait, don't you think that's a little...
Guntz: The heck. You sure are cheap.
Klonoa: Which one of us is!

Guntz: Whatever, I'll just take all your money.
Klonoa: What're you saying to a child!?

Guntz: I'm bein' real serious about that.
You should be thankful!

Guntz: Let's go!
Klonoa: Yeah!

-=VISION 6 Closing: Lolo's Departure=-

<Magna Ranch>
Klonoa: How was thaaaaaaaat!!?

Guntz: Damn it! Are you serious...?
Klonoa: Thanks, Old Man Balue!!

Guntz: Geez, he's a kid I can't look down on....
... Kh, and this bike's useless now, huh.

Guntz: Got no choice. Here.
Klonoa: The Radiant Flower!

Klonoa: I knew you might be a good guy.
Guntz: Huh?

Klonoa: It's still in good condition.
You really held it with care for me.
Guntz: ... Keh.

Klonoa: I haven't gotten your name.
Guntz: ... Guntz.
Klonoa: Thanks, Guntz!

Klonoa: Bell Hill!  It's already sunset!
I'd better hurry!!
Guntz: ....

<Bell Hill>
Klonoa: Lolooo!
Lolo: Klonoa!

Klonoa: Haa, haa... thank goodness. I made it.
Lolo: Klonoa... you're hurt...!?
Klonoa: Aaah, I'm fine. It's just a scratch!

Klonoa: Besides that, the meeting
for the Temple in the Sky...
Priestess: Are you Klonoa?

Priestess: I heard you protected Bell Hill for us.
Thank you.
Klonoa: Oh, no, it was really Guntz who...
W-well whatever.

Lolo: .... Thank you... Klonoa.
Klonoa: It was a promise after all!

Klonoa: Now then, Lolo. Here you go....
Lolo: .... The Radiant Flower....!

Klonoa: It'd be nice to have
some fortune by your side, right Lolo?

Lolo: ....
Lolo: Thank you. Thank you, Klonoa.

Lolo: Ah.
Lolo: There's a small friend with it, too.

Klonoa: Eh?
Klonoa: Ah! In the petals' shadows...!?

Lolo: It's beautiful...
Klonoa: Guntz, you realized this, huh...
that's why you treated it with care...

Priestess: Now then, we will be heading off.
Lolo: Yes. Well then, Daddy, Mommy, Klonoa,
Chipple, Popka...

Lolo: I'll be off.

Klonoa: Do your best, Lolo!
Popka: We'll go play sometime!
Klonoa: See you!
Chipple: Buh bye!

Klonoa: ........
Klonoa: ........
Klonoa: ........ She's gone...
Chipple: It'll get lonely, huh.

Klonoa: ........

Guntz: .... You.
Klonoa: Guntz!? You were here?

Guntz: You wanna come with me?
Klonoa: Eh?

Guntz: I'm a bounty hunter.
I've been lookin' for the perfect sidekick.

Guntz: You wanna become stronger, right?
Ya won't even get ta be a hero
in a rural place like this.

Klonoa: .........
Guntz: Well, I won't force ya or anything.

Guntz: Tomorrow morning, I'm leavin' the village.
If you feel like comin' with me, then
I'll be waitin' in the village outskirts.
Klonoa: Ah, G-Guntz!

Klonoa: .........

<Klonoa's House>
Klonoa: Hey, Grandpa...
Grandpa: ....

Klonoa: I met a guy called Guntz today....
Oh, and, Lolo went to the Temple in the Sky...
Grandpa: ....

Klonoa: And....
Grandpa: Monsters are still coming out,
aren't they?

Grandpa: Lock the doors and windows,
and sleep at once today.
Klonoa: ....

Klonoa: ... Okay, good night...

Klonoa: .........

Klonoa: Sorry, Grandpa!

Klonoa: Ah!
Klonoa: My stuff... is packed...
And my shoes are sparkly clean....

Klonoa: Grandpa........
Thank you........

Klonoa: ... I'll be off!

-=EXIT: The Greatest Departure=-

<Village Outskirts>
Guntz: You're here, huh...?
Klonoa: Hey, Guntz.

Klonoa: There's one thing I have to ask for.

Klonoa: I don't mind that you're a bounty hunter.
I'll help you. But I...

Klonoa: I aim to be a hero!
I'll obtain a Hero Medal!

Guntz: ... Do what you want. Let's go.

And that day was very clear since the morning,

and, of course, it was the greatest day
for a day of departure.

It's sudden... but, somehow,
I also have feelings that I can't describe.

Because I'm excited,
but I'm also a little bit nervous,
and, of course, I'm going on an adventure.
... Yeah, that's it!

Grandpa, Lolo, Popka, Chipple,
I promise.
I'll become the best hero for sure.

I'll show that I can do it!!

|          Sea of Jugkettle           |					[SofJK]

-=Opening: Clearin' Out Monsters=-

<Jugkettle Border>
Klonoa: Look, Guntz! It's the sea!
I can see the sea!

Guntz: Don't make so much noise about the sea.
It's not like you're a kid, so.... Ha,
Even if I say that, it wouldn't matter, huh.

Guntz is a strange guy.

Even though he's usually an unlikeable guy,
he sometimes shows
a little bit of kindness on his face.

I wonder
if he's a bad guy
or really a good guy....?

I was taken by Guntz,
and I've made it
to the harbor town of Jugkettle.

Guntz: You wanta Hero Medal, right?
Klonoa: Eh?

Guntz: If ya want one,
then ya gotta act like a hero, right?
Klonoa: Like a hero...?

Guntz: I'm talkin' about clearin' out the monsters
that're invading the town.
I'll give ya all the credit.
Klonoa: Really?

Guntz: You're travelling 'cause of that, right?
Klonoa: Yeah.
Guntz: Then show me some good stuff.

Klonoa: Okay! Thanks, Guntz!
Alright! I can't wait!

Guntz: I'm leavin' it to you.
But I'll be takin' all the money.
Klonoa: Okay!

Klonoa: ....
Klonoa: Wait, not okay!!

Guntz really is a strange guy...

-=VISION 1 Opening: Can't Swim, Seasick, Let's Gooo=-

<Jugkettle Coast>
Guntz: They say that the monsters
are comin' from the open sea.
We won't get anywhere even if we wait.

Guntz: How about we borrow an airplane or somethin'
and look for 'em from the skies?
Klonoa: After we find them?

Guntz: It's obvious, right?
The enemy's in the middle of the ocean.
We'll fight 'em directly by DIVING.
Klonoa: DIVING!?

Klonoa: No! You can't!! It's impossible!!!
Guntz: Huuh?

Klonoa: Um, how to say this, umm.........
When it comes to swimming,
I'm a liiittle dense with it.... you see.

Guntz: You can't swim!?
Klonoa: Well.... I guess you could say that...
Guntz: .... You're useless....

Klonoa: S-since they're monsters of the sea,
let's ride a boat and fish them out!
Guntz: A boat?

Guntz: ... No. You can't. It's impossible.
Klonoa: Eh?

Guntz: Um, how to say this, umm.........
When it comes to riding boats,
I'm a liiittle dense with it.... ya see.

Klonoa: What? Could it be...
that you'll get seasick or something?
Guntz: Well.... You could say that...
Klonoa: .... You're useless....

Klonoa: ........
Guntz: ........

Klonoa: I-in any case,
don't you think we should gather
a little more information???
Guntz: Y-yeah.

Guntz: I'm sure there's supposed to be
a big harbor past here.
Let's try going there.
Klonoa: R-right!

Klonoa: ........
Guntz: ........

Klonoa: L-let's gooo!!

-=VISION 1 Closing: At the Floating Marketplace (Whooah)=-

<Floating Marketplace>
Klonoa: Is this the harbor town?
Guntz: There's no mistaking it, but...
it's awfully quiet...

Klonoa: Careful.
These boats are houses, too.
... Oh, Guntz.
You don't do well on boats, huh.

Guntz: Shuttup!
As if I'd be able ta stand this!!
... Still, it's too quiet.

Klonoa: It looks a little more busy
torwards the cape. Let's try going there.
Guntz: Y-yeah. Whooah.

Klonoa: ... You really aren't good on boats, huh...
Guntz: Shut up! Whooah.
Everyone hazza flaw or two... Whooah.

Klonoa: We're already on land, you know...
Guntz: Whooah?

-=VISION 2 Opening: A Suspicious Shadow=-

<Cape Jugkettle>
Klonoa: Nothing, huh...
Guntz: Damn it! So there wasn't any info at all
that we coulda used in the end.

Klonoa: What should we do...?
Klonoa: Wh-what?
Guntz: I dunno. But...
... It's sneakin' around,
and I don't like that.

???: [Squeal]!!

Guntz: Tch, I missed!?
Klonoa: H-hey, wait! That's violent!

Guntz: We're goin' after it, Klonoa!
Klonoa: Eh?

Guntz: If we catch it,
we might be able ta find somethin' out.
Klonoa: H-hey, Guntz!!

-=VISION 2 Closing: Help Mommy=-

<Cape Jugkettle>
Guntz: There! It's sneakin' in the shadows
of that rocky area!
If ya don't come out,
I'll shoot at the rocks without mercy!!

???: ....
Klonoa: A fish? He's still a child!!
Karal: [Squeal]....

Guntz: You aren't a monster...
or anything like that, huh.
Klonoa: Stop it, Guntz!
Can't you see he's compelety shocked!?

Klonoa: Sorry for scaring you like that.
I'm Klonoa.
Do you... live around here?

Karal: ....
Karal: .... Are you two.... heroes?
Klonoa: Heroes?

Klonoa: Oh, the Hero Medal, huh?
Yeah, that's right.
A hero...
is what I'm trying to learn to be.

Guntz: I'm a hero though.
Klonoa: Don't brag just because you have the Medal!
Guntz: Hmph.

Karal: Then!
Karal: Then I want you to help Mommy!
I want you to turn Mommy back to normal!!

Klonoa: Mommy...???
Guntz: Normal........ Hah, I got it.
So their true forms are actually monsters.

Karal: Mommy isn't a monster!
It's only because of the full moon
that she becomes strange!

Klonoa: Full moon? Is there something on a full moon?
Karal: I dunno. But, only on the day of a full moon,
Mommy will start to scream and act violently
from nightmares.

Klonoa: Hmmm.... Wait, it's almost a full moon.
... So that's why
there were so few people in town.
Guntz: Keh. What a buncha weaklings.

Klonoa: Got it. In that case,
you think you can show us
where your mommy is?
Karal: You're going to help!?

Klonoa: Of course! We're heroes after all!
Karal: [Squeal]!
Guntz: ....

Guntz: Better not make promises ya can't keep.
We don't even know of a way ta help 'em.

Klonoa: We'll show that we can do it somehow!
Guntz: Somehow, huh...

Guntz: Anyways, the idea is,
this ain't a problem
for someone who can't swim, right?
Klonoa: Uh.

Karal: In that case, I think if you ask
the people at the harbor,
they'll lend you a diving suit.
Klonoa: I see! Lucky!

Klonoa: Then why don't we try to go the harbor
while we gather information?
Guntz: ....

-=VISION 3 Opening: To the Bottom of the Sea!=-

<Cape Jugkettle>
Klonoa: We've even borrowed some suits.
Let's go, Guntz!!
Guntz: ....
I'm a bounty hunter to the bitter end.

Guntz: Even if I help you,
if I don't get any money,
then I won't hesitate ta shoot ya.
Klonoa: Guntz!!

Karal: Um....
Karal: There are places close by
where treasures and such have sunken to.
Guntz: Treasure!?

Karal: I'm not sure if it'll act as thanks, but-
Guntz: LET'S GO, KLONOA!!!
Klonoa: H-hey!

Klonoa: He sure goes for what he wants...
W-well whatever. It's okay!
I'm sure we'll help Mommy for you, Karal!

Karal: [Squeal]!

Guntz: ........
Help Mommy, huh....

-=VISION 3 Closing: Special Skill: Killer Fire!=-

<Jugkettle Bay>
Guntz: This is it! Look here, Klonoa!
Klonoa: ....?

Klonoa: Are these guns treasure?
Guntz: These are rare! There isn't one bit of rust
even after being under the ocean!!

Guntz: With this, I can pretty much KO any small fry
with justa round!
Amazing! This is amazing, Klonoa!!

Got the Special Skill:
  "Killer Fire"!
Klonoa: This, huh...
Guntz: IDIOT! Don't touch 'em with your dirty hands!!
Klonoa: As if anything would be dirty under the sea!

Guntz: Comin' all the way here was worth it!
This grip! This barrel!
I can't wait...!!

Klonoa: Guh.... I don't get it at all,
but I'm extremely envious somehow....

Klonoa: Karaaaaal! Is there anything ellllse?
Karal: [Squeal]?

Karal: Well... there's a dried kelp sword
and a cursed lifering that will sink
no matter what...
Karal: Oh, and there's also a handkerchief
that you can use to blow your nose at any time
called Tissue Fire.
Klonoa: As if I'd need those!!!

-=VISION 4 Opening: Full Moon=-

<Jugkettle Bay>
Guntz: There's a tonna useless stuff around here,
There's quite a bit of treasure too, huh...

Karal: They were originally
left by the people on land.
Klonoa: Left...?

Karal: Our ancestors protected this sea long ago.
So these act as thanks.
Guntz: Offerings, huh?

Guntz: And now, they have no idea
that they've been raisin' monsters.
Klonoa: Guntz!!

Guntz: It's the truth, right? That's how it is.
People will simply betray others
when they have the chance.

Klonoa: Don't say such lonely things!
Guntz: Hmph... It's still hard on kids, huh?
Karal: [Squeal]....

<Jugkettle Bay>
Klonoa: Ah....
Klonoa: We're under the sea,
so I couldn't really tell, but...
It's already nighttime...

Guntz: This light... a full moon, huh...?

Karal: Mommy is... Mommy is...
Guntz: ....

Klonoa: Guntz, Karal, let's hurry!

-=VISION 4 Pre-Boss: Evil Pamela=-

<Pamela's Den>
Karal: Mommyyy!
Karal: Mommyyyy. Mommy, where are you?

Pamela: Gh... Karal... Don't come...
Karal: Mommy!

Pamela: Once... again... the Moon's Slumber has...
Karal... Stay away...!

Klonoa: ... Slumber?

Karal: Mommy!!
Klonoa: Karal!!

Klonoa: Th-this is... Karal's mother?
Guntz: ....!!

Klonoa: Wait, Guntz!
You can't just fight all of a sudden!
Guntz: IDIOT! Where in the world is there a mother
who'd strike her own child!!?

Klonoa: But,
but there has to be some kind of cause!
Guntz: Now's not the time
ta be sayin' such lighthearted things!!

Guntz: Those who don't understand
got nothin' but power to listen to!!

Guntz: Here it comes!!
Klonoa: Darn it....!!

-=VISION 4 Closing: The Bond of a Parent and Child=-

Guntz: Did we do it!?
Klonoa: Karal's mother! A-are you okay!?

Klonoa: Hang in there!
Turn back to normal already!!

Karal: [Squeal]... Is it... no good....?
Guntz: Yeah, it's no good.
Klonoa: Guntz!!

Guntz: We're outsiders, after all.
Even if we could beat her up,
it was useless
to help her from the beginning.

Guntz: What do you want?
End her life as she is?
Karal: No way... Mommy. Mommy...!

Klonoa: You can't, Guntz!!
You can't do that!!
Guntz: I know that!

Guntz: But nothing matters
if the most important guy runs away!
Save Mommy? Quit screwin' around!

Klonoa: Don't say that! Karal's still little!
Guntz: So what!?
Isn't it fine for a kid to run!?

Guntz: That's the kinda stuff that I REALLY HATE!!

Klonoa: You're out of your mind!!
Karal: ....!!
Karal: No! You can't hurt Mommy!!
Guntz: .... Move. If ya don't,
then I'll shoot ya.
Karal: No!!

Monster: Ka... ra... l.
Klonoa: ....!?

Monster: Ka... ral... No... You must... run....
Klonoa: !!

Karal: No! I'll protect Mommy!!!
Guntz: ....
Guntz: .... Keh.
Guntz: Let's go, Klonoa.
Even if we defeat the monster,
if we end up hurtin' the kid, too,
then we'll be dismissed of our reward.

Klonoa: H-hey, Guntz!!
Guntz: Tch, ha, as if they'd have money...

Klonoa: Guntz...
Pamela: .... Is your name Klonoa...?
Klonoa: Karal's mother!
You're back to normal!?

Karal: [Squeeeal]!!
Pamela: It is still... painful........ But
I have been able to regain myself
for a little bit...

Karal: Mommy! Mommy!!
Pamela: Thank you... Karal...

Klonoa: .... Yeah.

-=EXIT: Goodbye, Jugkettle!=-

In the end, we couldn't figure out
why Pamela became strange.

In any case, for the time being,
it seems like they're going to move to a place
that's away from Jugkettle harbor.

Of course,
Guntz was annoyed because he didn't get money.

But at that time... Guntz....
I wonder
if he was really going to shoot Pamela.

Or maybe
he had a feeling it would turn out this way
from the start.

Either way, Guntz's Hero Medal
looked just a little brighter than usual.

That's what I felt.

Guntz: Bleeeeeeeehh...
Th-this is why I told you
to avoid ridin' boats....
Guntz: Bloureeeeeeeergh...
Klonoa: And it was supposed to be cool in the end...

|          The Moon Ruins             |					[MooRn]

-=Opening: Kidnapping Case!?=-

We crossed the sea
and made it to the Moon Ruins.

it seems like there's been a kidnapping case
going on around the ruins.

Guntz says that if we catch the criminal,
we'll get a reward.

Of course, I'll also be one step closer
to becoming a hero!

In any case, to gather more information,
we decided to ask a travelling merchant
living in a tent nearby.

<The Moon's Village>
Diglo: No, stop now.
Klonoa: ... Wh-. All of a sudden?

Diglo: You two kids can't do anything about it.
You should go home before you get hurt.
Guntz: That's quite a thing to say.

Guntz: I dunno about him,
but if ya look down on me, I'll get worried.
Klonoa: I'd be worried, too!

Diglo: .... Even if you say that, my comrades
haven't returned since they've left.
I won't say anything bad. Stop now.

Klonoa: Haven't returned?
Then that's all the more reason
to go help them!

Diglo: .... There're monsters
wandering inside the ruins.
And that's not all.

Diglo: I dunno if they're thieves or somethin',
but I saw a group I've never seen before
wanderin' around.
Can't reach the really deep areas.

Guntz: ......... I get it.

Guntz: If there're enemies, then we need a plan.
Klonoa: Guntz?

Guntz: Okay. Let's do it like this.
I'll act as the bait.
During that time, you sneak in, Klonoa.

Klonoa: Eh?
Guntz: My specialty's shooting.
You're better up close, right?

Klonoa: Guntz, you...
Guntz: Take this. It's a radio.
I'll contact ya when the time's right.

Klonoa: ... Yeah!
Hehe, so you do have a good side, don't you!
Guntz: It's a plan, Klonoa. A plan.
Let's go!
Guntz: ... Hey, old guy, I'll ask just in case.
Diglo: Mm?

Guntz: Before, ya said,
"Can't reach the really deep areas", right?
Diglo: Y-yeah.

Guntz: Which means that there're "deep areas".
Is there somethin' ya know, old guy?
Diglo: Huh?

Diglo: N-no... I didn't....
I-I won't say anything bad. Just stop now...!
Guntz: ........

Guntz: Whatever.
I'll know once I try going there.

-=VISION 1 Opening: Bait Plan=-

<The Moon Ruins: West Gate>
Klonoa: Ummm, I wonder if that's the entrance....
If I wait here, then Guntz'll eventually
make a bunch of noise.

Klonoa: That's pretty strange of him, huh,
for him to act as the bait.

Klonoa: Now then, show me what you got!
Klonoa: ....
Klonoa: .........
Klonoa: ................................
Klonoa: He's slow! What's that guy doing!?

Klonoa: Um,
I'm sure the radio that Guntz gave me is...
Ah, here it is.

Klonoa: Ummm, the switch is... this!
Klonoa: Wh-whoaaah!!!
I-I was wrong!???

Klonoa: Q-quiet! HEY! STOP!
I'll be found out by the enemy!!

Monster: Moo!?
Klonoa: Wh-whoaah. Look, I'm found!!

Moo: Moooo!!!
Klonoa: D-DARN IT! If it's gonna be like this,
then I'll charge in no matter what happens!!

-=VISION 2 Opening: A Bad Feeling=-

<The Moon Ruins: East Gate>
Guntz: Alright, Klonoa.
Seems like you're doin' it well.

Guntz: Really, when an idiot like that is around,
a lot of work sure gets easy.

Guntz: Now then....
Hmph, just as I thought.
There're a lot of new footprints
around here.

Guntz: ... That old Diglo guy probably went here.
He sure had a suspicious look on his face.

Guntz: There's somethin' in these ruins.
Heheh, if it goes well,
then it seems like I'll be lookin' forward
to some good profits.

Guntz: ....?
Guntz: .... What?
My mane's actin' all strange.

Guntz: .... Dunno what's goin' on, but....
I'm gettin' a bad feeling about this.

-=VISION 2 Closing: Janga, the Poison Claws=-

<The Moon Ruins: East Gate>
Guntz: ........?
???: ... To allow an intruder in....
Stupid Diglo, whatta useless guy...
Guntz: Is there someone there?

???: ... Damn it, even under normal circumstances
it tends ta be slow 'cause he's picky!
Damn it damn it damn it!
Guntz: ....?

???: ... Damn it.... Whatever.
The enemy's a kid, huh...?
It might be interestin' ta torment him
if he makes it here...

Guntz: What?  ... Why's my mane...?

???: It's been a while since I've sharpened
my poison claws, huh...? Kehehahaha.
Guntz: Poison claws?

Guntz: Did he say poison claws!?

Guntz: YOU!  WAIT!!  DON'T MOVE!!
???: ...?

Guntz: ...!!!
Guntz: That hat... The mark on that hat!!
Could it be... could it be you're....!???
???: Huuh?

Guntz: JANGA!!!

Janga: ... What's up with this kid?

Janga: Ooh, Diglo's said intruder, huh?
Kehe, you've gotta cheeky look
on yer face, huh.

Janga: Yeah, indeed, I am the Great Janga,
The Poison Claws.
So, boy, who are you and where from?
Guntz: You jerk... way ta be shameless!!

Guntz: A trap!!?

Janga: Sorry, but I gotta little business ta do.
I'll play with ya later,
so just be quiet fer a while.

Guntz: AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaahhhh!!

-=VISION 1 Closing: Bait Plan?=-
[seen after both VISION 1 and VISION 2 are completed]

<The Moon Ruins: West Gate>
Klonoa: I-in any case,
I've made it to the deeper parts, but...
The atmosphere doesn't really seem to have
any clues to the captured people at all...

Klonoa: I wonder if Guntz is okay....
Uuumm, the radio...

Klonoa: To make sure that I won't mess up this time...
Is it this?

Klonoa: I-it didn't work!!!

Klonoa: Or more like it makes noise
no matter what I do to this!!

Klonoa: Could it be that Guntz
planned for me to be bait from the start!???

Monster: Moo!!
Klonoa: Wh-whoaaaaaaaaaah!!!
Klonoa: Guntz! You better remember this!!

-=VISION 3 Opening: Old Man Pango, the Bomber=-

<The Moon Ruins: Prison>
Klonoa: ... I'm hungry....
Guntz: ........

Klonoa: I wonder how long they plan
to keep us in here.
Guntz: ........

Klonoa: Aw, man...
Guntz: ........

Klonoa: ........
Guntz: ........
Klonoa: Say something, Guntz!!
Guntz: ........ Shut up.

Klonoa: Why? We got caught because you're the one
who made such a careless plan!
Guntz: ........ I said shut up, didn't I?

Klonoa: Don't be so selfish! You made me the bait!
The least you can do is think up of a way
to get us out of here!

Guntz: SHUT UP!!!
Klonoa: ...!?
Guntz: .... Damn it... My head's spinning!
Just be quiet for a little,
ya little pipsqueak!!
Klonoa: ...???

Klonoa: Guntz... did something happen?
Guntz: ........

Klonoa: .........
???: Hoh, here I go...
Klonoa: ?

Klonoa: Guntz, did you say something?
Guntz: ........

???: 10, 9, 8, 7...
Klonoa: A count down?
???: 6, 5...
Klonoa: Four, three,
???: 2...
Klonoa: One...
Klonoa: Wh-what the....
Why did the wall explode...???
???: Ooooh? Oh no, now I've done it.
Was there someone there?

A mysterious old man appeared
after suddenly blowing up the wall.

He had a kind looking smile
and also had huge bombs
that didn't suit him at all.

In any case, he doesn't seem like an enemy...

Old Man: Sorry, sorry.
You weren't hurt, were you?
Klonoa: It's more like it's a miracle
that we didn't get hurt from this...

Old Man: Well then, it seems like a miracle happened.
We sure don't need any kinds of scratches
or wounds.
Klonoa: Phew, you're a big-hearted, huh.

Old Man: ... Hmm, it seems like you got caught.
If you go through the hole I just opened up,
then you'll be able to go outside.
You should return home quickly.

Klonoa: Ah, thanks. What's your name?
Pango: Aah, I'm Pango.
I'm just looking for a little something.

Pango: Now then, I'll be hurrying on. Excuse me.
Klonoa: Ah, wait...
Guntz: Old Guy!!

Guntz: .... Ya know someone named Janga?
Pango: Janga?

Pango: Hrmm.
No, unfortunately,
I don't remember of hearing such a name.
Guntz: ... I see...

Pango: Well.... not sure what's going on,
but don't push yourselves too much.

Guntz: .... Let's go, Klonoa.
Klonoa: Eh? Wh-where to?

Guntz: To beat up that damn scumbag Janga!!
Klonoa: Janga?

Klonoa: H-hey, wait!
Who's Janga!?
Hey, I said wait!!

-=VISION 3 Closing: Prisoner's Pyramid=-

<Prisoner's Pyramid>
Klonoa: Guntz!!
Klonoa: There's someone in this prison!!

Prisoner: ....
Klonoa: Is he sleeping?
He looks like he's in pain though...

Klonoa: In any case, we gotta help him!
Guntz! Hey, GUNTZ!!

Guntz: You can tell just by looking, can't you?
Our weapons won't even budge that prison.

Klonoa: But still!
Guntz: If ya wanna help him, then do it alone.
I don't do useless things.

Klonoa: Hey, Guntz! Wait!
I said wait!!

-=VISION 4 Opening: You Wouldn't Understand=-

<Death Arts Pyramid>
Klonoa: The Old Man with the bombs?
Guntz: If we find that guy,
we could easily open up the prisons, right?

Klonoa: I see... I hadn't thought about that.
Guntz: If ya get it, then let's hurry up and go.
Klonoa: Ah, yeah!

Klonoa: ... But, Guntz, you've been acting
strangely bitter lately.
Did something happen?

Klonoa: If something's troubling you, then tell me.
I'm not sure....
whether I could give you advice or not.

Klonoa: But if I at least listen...
Guntz: You wouldn't understand.

Klonoa: Why? We're friends, right?
Guntz: ....

Guntz: Are you stupid?
As if I'd be able ta take ya with me
for such a pathetic reason.

Klonoa: ... Eh?

-=VISION 4 Intermission: Posing as a Hero=-

<Death Arts Pyramid>
Klonoa: Here, too!

Prisoner: Uh... Uuuh....
Klonoa: ... He seems more in pain than the last...

Guntz: Quit starin' inta space! Let's go!!
Klonoa: Guntz!

Klonoa: Wait!
Let's look around here for a little more!
Guntz: Pathetic!!

Klonoa: Pathetic!? Why're you saying that!?
How could you tell me to ignore someone
who's in pain right in front of my eyes!?

Guntz: I'm sayin' that we don't have time
for guys like that!
Klonoa: Guntz!!

Guntz: And quit posing as a hero already!
I'm the one who brought you along with me!
So why don'tcha listen to what I say!?

Klonoa: What was thaaaat!?
Guntz: Every little thing about 
that act of yours is annoying!

Klonoa: It's not an act!!
I just want to help everybody...
Guntz: That's called posing as a hero!

Klonoa: This isn't a joke!
I just want to do the right thing!
Exactly what part about that is wrong!?

Guntz: Keh!! It's so pathetic,
I'm gonna throw up!
Klonoa: Guntz!!

Guntz: ... Hmph! Do whatever ya want!
As if I'd be able ta go with ya!!
Klonoa: Guntz!!!

Klonoa: ....
Klonoa: I'm...
not doing anything wrong...!!

-=VISION 4 Closing: Revenge!?=-

<Death Arts Pyramid>
Klonoa: .... I wonder where Guntz went.

???: ... Aah, it ended up being
just a tiny bit late,
but the results are perfect.
Klonoa: ...?

Janga: Seems like some good nightmares were taken.
I've transferred the data,
so send 'em all to the Lunar Base.

???: Roger that, roger that.
I will be visiting the Temple in the Sky.
After that, let us meet in Volk...

Janga: Keheheha. Transmission complete.

Klonoa: Nightmares? The Temple in the Sky???

Guntz: Over there! Jangaaa!!!
Janga: Ke!
Guntz: You!! Prepare yourself!!
Klonoa: Guntz!!

Janga: Ke... troublesome, aren'tcha, kid!!?
Guntz: Shut up! I'll be gettin' my revenge,
you traitor Janga!!

Klonoa: Revenge!?

Janga: Revenge? That gun... could it be you're...?
Guntz: To think we'd be able to meet here...!
I've found ya, ya piece of crap!!

Janga: Kehehahaha, I see now. Batz's son, huh?
This's interesting.
Guntz: Don't move!!

Janga: Kehehahaha!
Klonoa: !!
Janga: Kehehe, a friend you've brought along,
Guntz: Klonoa!?

Janga: You came all the way here ta visit me.
I'd love ta play... But unfortunately,
it looks like I've got things ta do, too.

Klonoa: ... Krh... you coward...!
Janga: That's the most charming thing about me.
Guntz: You........

Janga: See ya, Batz's stupid son!
Klonoa: Whoa.
Klonoa: G-Guntz...
Klonoa: Um.... Sorry....

Guntz: I'm....
Klonoa: ... Eh?
Guntz: I'm completely THROUGH with you!!
Klonoa: Guntz!!

Klonoa: Guntz........

-=VISION 5 Opening: I'm Not Wrong!=-

Guntz chased after Janga
and ended up going off somewhere.

I tried to go after Guntz, too,
but I remembered the people who were locked up
and ended up deciding to keep on exploring.

I felt just a little lonely
and felt just a little disheartened.


But now, I'll find the Old Man with the bombs,
and free the people who are imprisoned!

I'm not wrong!

That's what I unwaveringly resolved in my heart.

-=VISION 5 Pre-Boss: Boxmare's Appearance!=-

<Mysterious Pyramid>
Klonoa: It's become awfully machine-like now...

Klonoa: But of course. That Janga guy
was using them for some kinda experiment.

Klonoa: In any case,
maybe a key or something.... Huh?
"Main Computer" is written on here...

Klonoa: I see!
If I do something to this, I'm sure...!!

Klonoa: This, this, and that!

Klonoa: ..........................

Klonoa: No wayyy!! I messed up agaiiin!???


Klonoa: I-it's heeere!

Klonoa: A-as if I'd know if it'd be useless or not!!

Klonoa: No! I WILL RESIST!!


<Mysterious Pyramid>
Klonoa: Alright!
It should be okay now!

Klonoa: Th-there's more!!?

Klonoa: O-oh nooo!
Klonoa: I-I'm starting to wanna stop now...

Klonoa: But if it ends here,
I'll give up being a hero!!
Darn it!

Klonoa: Wh-what the?

Monster: USE... LESS... RESIS... TANCE...
Monster: USELESS... USELESS... USEU...
Pango: Phew. That was a close shave, huh.
Klonoa: Old Man!!

Monster: USELE.... [WHIRR] [CLICK]
Pango: No matter how many of them there are,
if you break the computer
that's manipulating them,
then they're just a pile of boxes.

Klonoa: Just as I thought.
You really are like an adult.
Pango: Gee, you sure are a reckless child, huh.
Klonoa: Hehe, that's my specialty.

Klonoa: Ah, that's right, Old Man,
I have something to ask of you!!
Pango: Hm?

-=EXIT: To the Temple in the Sky!=-

With Pango's help, we somehow were able
to rescue all of the people who were caught.

The traveling merchant Diglo
had his comrades taken as hostage
and was forced to obey Janga
against his will.

As for Janga's experiments, it seems like
he was forcing the captured people
to have nightmares.

I wonder what he'll do
with the data he collected...
I don't really know, but I know enough to say
that Janga is a horrible person.

Janga also ran off in the end....
And Guntz faded into the distance
along with him.

Klonoa: "Sleeping Sickness?"

Pango: Yeah. All of a sudden,
my son.... one day, he just wouldn't wake up.
It's a troublesome disease
with an unknown cause.

Pango: I heard
that there are old records in the Moon Ruins
with effective cures written in them...
But, unfortunately, I coudn't find them.

Klonoa: I see... That's a shame, huh...
Pango: Well, there's not much I can do.
However, I heard something good
from the people in the village.

Pango: In the archives of the Temple in the Sky,
there seems to be an old book
that has the Moon's legend written in it.

Pango: In any case,
I'm going to try to go there and find a cure.
Klonoa: The Temple in the Sky...?

Klonoa: Speaking of which,
the person that Janga was talking to
said something about going to visit
the Temple in the Sky...

Klonoa: Old Man, is it okay if I go with you too?
Pango: Hmm, I don't really mind.

Klonoa: I also have a friend over there, too!
I'll help you then, to find that book!
Pango: I see.

Pango: Then in that case, kind regards, boy...
Ah, no, now that we're comrades,
Kind regards, Klonoa.

Klonoa: Yeah, Pango!

|         Temple in the Sky           |					[TitSk]

-=Opening: Hero Medal=-

The Temple in the Sky.

The world's largest temple
that floats in the sky
and where people worship the Goddess Claire.

To become a priestess,
Lolo has come here to study.

I wonder if she's doing well...

<Temple in the Sky: Bottom>
Pango: You want a Hero Medal?

Klonoa: Yeah. It's the sign of a hero.
I'm gonna get it one day for sure.
Pango: One day for sure?

Pango: Ha ha ha, well then, that's perfect.
I'll introduce you.
Klonoa: Eh? "Introduce...???"

Pango: Here.
Klonoa: A-a Hero Medal!!!

Klonoa: Pango, you're a hero???
Pango: A hero.... Being a hero
isn't like an occupation or anything.

Pango: Anyone who aims to be a hero can become one.
I think the Medal, so to speak,
is there to show your enthusiasm.

Pango: As long as there's an introduction
from someone who holds a Medal, then anyone
can get a Medal at the Temple in the Sky.
Klonoa: I.... I didn't know that....

Klonoa: .... Which means....

Klonoa: Guntz! He kept this a secret from me
and just used me without mercy!?

[Unused line here in the game's code - Klonoa: AAAH DAMN IT!!]

-=VISION 1 Opening: Phantom Beasts Here, Too!=-

<Temple in the Sky: Bottom>
Pango: ... Well, would you look at this!

Pango: ... This isn't good.
Phantom Beasts on the lookout
in a place like this!
Klonoa: .... Could it be...?

Klonoa: At the Moon Ruins, that Janga guy
was speaking with someone through a radio.
He said he would go visit
the Temple in the Sky.

Pango: Hrmm... well it seems like
someone is pulling the strings
behind all of this Phantom Beast commotion.

Klonoa: In any case, let's try going to the top.
I'm worried about Lolo, too.
Pango: Hoh, here it goes.

-=VISION 1 Closing: I'm Also One of the Heroes!=-

<Temple in the Sky>
Lolo: Klonoa!!
Klonoa: ... Lolo!!

Klonoa: Lolo! Thank goodness I found you soon.
Lolo: Klonoa, why are you here???

Klonoa: Hehe, just out on a little adventure...
You seem to be doing well too, Lolo.
Lolo: Yes, thanks to you.

Pango: Good day, young lady.
Lolo: Good day. Welcome to the Temple in the Sky.
Please wait.
I will give you a tour of the area now.

Klonoa: ... Isn't that the way to the entrance?
Lolo: Eh? Ah? Aaaaah, I'm sorry.
I'm still not used to it....

Klonoa: .... Pff.

Klonoa: Ahahahahahahaha,
Lolo, you haven't changed at all!
Lolo: Hey.

The Temple in the Sky
is a really beautiful place!

The garden is overflowing with flowers,
and fresh water is weaving its way
through the stone-paved roads.

But, just like I thought,
it looks like it's troubled
by the Phantom Beasts that suddenly appeared.

Lolo seems to be doing her best though...

<Temple in the Sky>
Lolo: .... is what has been said.
H.Priestess: Is that so?

Pango: Ummm, are words of recommendation or such
H.Priestess: No, Pango.

H.Priestess: It is enough
that you are the bearer of the Medal.
Pango: Why thank you.

H.Priestess: Klonoa.
Klonoa: Y-yes!

H.Priestess: ... There is no need to be nervous.
Klonoa: Y-y-y-yes!

H.Priestess: ... Haha. Klonoa...
I shall grant you the Hero Medal.
Klonoa: Y-y-y-y-y-yeeessss!!

H.Priestess: However, before that...
allow me to ask you just one thing.
Klonoa: Yes.... Yes?

H.Priestess: What do you think a hero is?
Klonoa: Eh?

Klonoa: Well... doing one's best for everyone...
someone who does the right thing.... or...
H.Priestess: ........

Klonoa: To fight for justice or....
to be able to be kind to people or....
H.Priestess: ........

H.Priestess: One day...
Klonoa: Eh?

H.Priestess: As long as you hold the Medal,
one day, the time might come for you
to be sincerely asked of that meaning.

H.Priestess: Until that time, Klonoa,
please search for your answer
that you believe in.

H.Priestess: That is the one duty
given to those who hold the Hero Medal.
Klonoa: Y-yes!

H.Priestess: Klonoa.
H.Priestess: I grant you the Hero Medal.

The Hero Medal!!

The aspiration of all!
The sign of a hero!

At last, I've obtained it at last!
.... It was a lot easier
than I thought, though.

With this, with this I'm also....!!

I'm also one of the heroes!!

-=VISION 2 Opening: Lolo Fell!=-

<Temple in the Sky: Garden>
Klonoa: Blank Medal??

Pango: That's right.
The Hero Medal that you received
is ranked the lowest, the Blank Medal.

Klonoa: The lowest...
Pango: There are various types of Medals.

Pango: The radiance of it will change
for whoever is more like a hero.

Klonoa: Speaking of which, Guntz's looked red.
Pango: That's the Bronze Medal, right?
It's one rank above Blank.

Klonoa: What.
As if Guntz would be above me!
Pango: Well, there are different kinds of heroes
out there.

Klonoa: Oh, and Pango, you're...!
Pango: I got a Silver Medal.
One rank above Bronze.

Pango: Even then, it's always been Silver.
It's not like I did anything significant
or anything.

Klonoa: Wow. But that's amazing!
Is it okay if I honor you?
Pango: Ha ha ha, it's nothing to honor over.

Klonoa: ... Pops...
Pango: Aaaah ha ha ha.

Lolo: Pangooo.
Pango: Oh, Lolo, sorry about that.

Pango: Well, was it there?
A way to cure the Sleeping Sickness.
Lolo: It's not really....

Pango: I see...
Lolo: Ah, but.

Lolo: In the library of the inner institution
of the temple, there's an old book called,
"Legend of the Moon and Dreams"...

Pango: "Legend of the Moon and Dreams!!" Hooooh!
Lolo: Do you know of it?

Pango: It's a valuable book left from the Moon Nation!
I see, if that's the case,
there might be a cure written in there.

Pango: Alright, let's head there at once!
Please, by all means,
I would like for you to show me with care!
Klonoa: Pa-Pango!!

Lolo: Ah, w-wait! After that,
I was going to mention that I found
a good book that you might like...
Lolo: Kya!!
Klonoa: Lolo!? Oh no!
Lolo fell into the waterway!!

Pango: Th-that's not good! We have to help... Wait,
that book that Lolo had with her,
the limited edition of the first edition
of "All On Gunpowder"!!

Pango: This is really bad!
It's a gathering place for rare books here,
isn't it!
Klonoa: Besides that, we have to help Lolo!!

Pango: Diving suits!
It's time to borrow some diving suits!
Klonoa: Lolooo!!

-=VISION 2 Closing: Gigantic Bomber!=-

<Temple in the Sky: Sky Canal>
Klonoa: The waterway ends here...
Lolo! Lolooo!!!

Pango: Oh? "All On Gunpowder"
in a place like this.... Lolo,
it seems like she at least
rose up from the waterway here.

Klonoa: Where'd you go!? Lolooo!!

Pango: Hrmm... Hmmhmm?

Klonoa: Hey, Pango!
Don't read a book at a time like this!
Pango: Ah, no, sorry. But... I see!

Pango: If I combine the gunpowder like this...
I can do it!
I can make a new kind of bomb!!

Got the Special Skill:
  "Gigantic Bomber!"
Klonoa: Hey, Pangooo!!

-=VISION 3 Opening: Joka's Appearance=-

<Temple in the Sky: Inner Institution>
Klonoa: A guy who's like a clown, huh...
Pango: For him to take "Legend of the Moon
and Dreams" with him...

Klonoa: Could it be he might do something
to Lolo?
Pango: Hrmm... Seems like there's a lot of things
to think about.

???: Kyaaaaaa!
Klonoa: Lolo!? That's Lolo's voice!!
???: Oooh, if you could cooperate with me
for just a little bit,
then it would be of much help.

???: Come now, you're just going to to sleep
for only a little bit.
In the cradle of the moon, you see.

Lolo: No!
???: Don't say that. Act now
and you will get three meals and a nap!

Klonoa: Stop!!
???: Oooohh?

Klonoa: So it's you! Trying to kidnap Lolo!?
Lolo: Klonoa!

???: Now now, you.
You do not yell when meeting someone
for the first time, do you?
Klonoa: What're you saying!? Let Lolo go!

???: Oh, even if I did do that,
I have my own circumstances to take care of.

Pango: What do you exactly plan to do
by kidnapping Lolo?
???: Hhh-mmmm.

???: Oooooh, actually, any priestess
would have been good, but....
my eyes stopped on this
seemingly good girl.

Lolo: Eh? N-no way.
I'm not that charming or anything...

???: No, you just seem to be the dullest
and easiest to catch.
Lolo: Guh.

???: Well, I won't injure you or anything,
so allow me to take care of you for a while.
Pango: Hey, you didn't answer me!

Joka: Allow me to introduce myself.
I am Joka. Pleased to make your aquaintance
from now on.

Joka: Of course, we do not know
if we will be able to meet again, yes?
Lolo: Kya!

Joka: Now then, adieu.
Klonoa: W-wait!!

Pango: Krh... He even took
"Legend of the Moon and Dreams"!?
Klonoa: After him!!
Klonoa: Whoah!
Joka: I hate stubborn types, so ahead of here,
I have twisted the space just a li-ttle bit.

Joka: It would be wise for you to go home
before you get looost.

Joka: Nohohohohohohohohoho........
Klonoa: W-WAIT!!

-=VISION 3 Closing: Aaadios?=-

<Temple in the Sky: Inner Institution>
Klonoa: Darn it. Where'd he go!?

Joka: Nohohohohohoho....
Klonoa: Th-that far away!!?

Joka: Aaadios?
Klonoa: Wait!!

Klonoa: .... DAMN IT! If Guntz were around,
he'd have no problem shooting him from here!

Klonoa: With this! With this,
even though I finally got the Hero Medal,
nothing's changed, has it!!?

Pango: ........
Pango: .... Well, calm down for a bit.
Klonoa: What're you saying!?

Klonoa: There's no way I can calm down!
Pango: It's because you obtained the Hero Medal...

Pango: You said that you'd do your best
for the Medal.
I wonder if you really meant it or not.
Klonoa: Eh?

Pango: ... Ah, sorry.
That's right. How about we hurry on?
Klonoa: Pa-Pango?

-=VISION 4 Opening: I Gotta Keep My Promises!=-

<Temple in the Sky: Sanctuary>
Pango: Hrmm, it seems the sky garden's sanctuary
is ahead of here.
Klonoa: Sanctuary?

Pango: It's the place
that's closest to the gods.
We should probably be careful.

Klonoa: Lolo....!!
Pango: ........

Pango: Alright!
I better do my best for my son, too.
That's where you come in, Klonoa.

Pango: If I get done in, I wonder
if I could leave my son in your hands?
Klonoa: Eeeeh?

Klonoa: Wh-what're you talking about!?
If you get done in,
then nothing'll matter, right?
Pango: Hrmm.

Pango: Well then, Klonoa, even if you save Lolo,
if you get done in,
then nothing'll matter, right?

Klonoa: Eh?
Pango: Relax. Relax.

Pango: If we lose sight of our steps
for what's right in front of us,
then nothing will come of it in the end.
Klonoa: Pango....

Klonoa: .... That's right. Yeah!

Klonoa: The promise with Lolo, I remembered it!
Come back safe no matter what.

Klonoa: I gotta keep my promises!
Pango: Hrmm.

Pango: Well then, in that case, let's go!
Klonoa: Yeah!

-=VISION 4 Pre-Boss:  The Fight Against Joka!=-

<Temple in the Sky: Sanctuary>
Klonoa: There! He's over there!
Pango: Kh... does he plan to escape on a blimp?

Joka: Oh my, you caught up to me?
Lolo: Klonoa!!

Klonoa: As if I'd let you get away!!
Pango: ....!?

Pango: That blimp... it has the mark of Volk on it...
Hrmm, now that I think about it,
Klonoa mentioned something
about a guy called Janga as well as Volk...

Pango: Lately in Volk, there's been talk about
a space army building a moon rocket.

Pango: The Moon Nation's nightmare experiment...
"Legend of the Moon and Dreams"...
And relations to Volk....

Pango: There's an odd connection, huh...
... How about I try surprising him
with a bluff?

Pango: By the way, my friend Joka,
how's the moon rocket doing?
Joka: What did you say?

Joka: Stop right there!
Why do you know about the rocket!?
Pango: (Got him!)

Pango: Oooh, if only my friend Janga
had been a little shut about it.
Klonoa: Pango...?
Joka: Eeeeeeeek, that talkative caaat!

Joka: It can't be. He didn't go as far
as to tell you about the moon base, yes!!?
Pango: (The moon base...!?)

Pango: Y-yeah, I think so. Ummm, what was it,
something with the nightmare experiment,
Joka: Oooooooohh! I cannot believe thiiiis!!

Joka: In that case, I will not hand over
this girl and book that I finally have!!
Do you think I could stand for you
to get in the way of the ritual at last!?

Pango: Ritual?
Joka: Yes! Use the priestess as a catalyst
to gather the world's nightmares....

Pango: Gather nightmares...?
Joka: The Legendary Star Medal...
Klonoa: STAR MEDAL!???

Klonoa: The Star Medal, as in that!?
Joka: Exactly! As in that.... Wait,
hey hey waaaait!

Joka: What is it, you two!?
You don't know about the Star Medal and....
.... [gasp] Could it beee???

Pango: Oooo-h, too bad.
I thought I could listen to a little more.
Klonoa: Ah, sorry. So that's what was going on.

Joka: Eeeeeeeeeeee-k!! Leading questions!??
How cowardly!
How shameless!

Joka: If it has come down to this,
then my pride will not allow it!
It's time I make things greasy for you here!

Klonoa: Wh-what the!?
Pango: Is he getting bigger or something!?

Joka: Now, let us begin our show time!

-=VISION 4 Closing: Joka's Cute Powers=-

<Temple in the Sky: Sanctuary>
Pango: Yes!

Joka: [clap clap clap] Ooooh, wonderful...
I have been defeated.
Klonoa: Joka!?

Joka: As I thought, there certainly are things
to be said about this.
I had a little confidence in myself
but even my dear little clone was...

Klonoa: Clone!?
Joka: I suppose there is no choice...
Shall I show you my cute powers!!?

Pango: Wh-what!?
Klonoa: He transformed...!?

Klonoa: Wh-whoaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!!
Pango: Nuoooooooooooooooooo!!!!
Joka: Nooh hohohohohohohohohohohoho....

-=EXIT: Hold Your head High!=-

We... lost!!

We thought we won,
and there are some things we neglected.
But he...
after turning into some monster,
he was vastly stronger than us.

We couldn't put up a fight against him.
There was too much of a difference in power.

Joka took Lolo
and the "Legend of the Moon and Dreams"
and faded away into the distance.

We lost!!



Even then, I....!!!

<Temple in the Sky: Sanctuary>
Klonoa: I... promised!!
Pango: Hm?

Klonoa: I'll come back safe...
I'll come back safe with Lolo!!

Klonoa: That's why I have to become strong....
Until I can come back safe,
I have to become stronger...!!

Pango: .... Klonoa.
Klonoa: Pango!

Klonoa: What do I do!?
What do I do so I can become strong!?
What do I do so I can become stronger!?

Pango: .... That's right.
I'd best become strong, too...

Pango: Well then, Klonoa,
there's something you must do first.
If it's you though,
I think you'll have no problem doing it.

Klonoa: What is it...?
Pango: First, stand.

Klonoa: ....
Pango: Then, hold your head high.
Klonoa: Hold my head high...
Pango: Even if it hurts, hold your head high!

And, as always,
walk forward each step!

|             Volk City               |					[VolkC]

-=Opening: Volk Industrial Zone=-

We chased Joka
and made it all the way to Volk,
the industrial city.

Joka mentioned a "moon base".
There's a moon rocket in Volk.
There's no mistaking it.
Lolo has to be here, too!

I have to save her!
For that, for that, I have to find a way
to get stronger!

<Volk Industrial Zone>
Klonoa: Just wait, Joka!
We'll catch up to you soon
and beat you up!!
Pango: ....

Pango: ... Do you think
you'll be able to win with that?
Klonoa: No!!

Klonoa: But I'm definitely not giving up!!
It's fine if I lose,
because I'm definitely gonna win!!
Pango: Hrmm....

Pango: ... That's one way of going about it, but....
It seems like the enemy's taken Lolo
as hostage.

Pango: If it's just going to be us,
then we better not go about this carelessly.

Klonoa: Then what do we do!?
Pango: Hrmm...

???: [music note]~.
Klonoa: Hm?

???: ... [music note] Love Love Lovely Raspberry~.
Klonoa: Huh? I'm sure that voice is....?

Klonoa: Old Man!!!
Balue: Uuoooh???

Balue: Well, if it isn't Klonoa!
What're you doin' in a place like dis?
Klonoa: I could say the same for you!

Balue: I was just mumblin'
about my dear Lephise's concer...
W-well don't worry 'bout it.
Besides dat, what about you?

Klonoa: Actually, [blah blah blah blah].
Balue: That's quite a [blah blah blah blah]!

Balue: Very well! If that's the case,
I'll put ya to trainin'!
Klonoa: Really!?

Balue: Leave it t'me! Even for weak boys,
anyone who takes my special trainin',
will become charmin'!
Klonoa: I-I don't really get it, but please do!

Klonoa: Pango!
Pango: Hrmm. Seems like you've got a good teacher.
Klonoa: Why don't you...

Pango: No, I think I'm gonna go try to go gather
a little information.

Pango: From what Joka said, it seems like
a base's already built on the moon.
Worst case, we'll also have to ride
a rocket to the moon, too.

Pango: Leave the rocket to me.
You become as strong as you want,
Klonoa: Yeah!

Pango: Well then, let's meet again in front of
the Volk space army base.
Klonoa: Okay!

Klonoa: Alright, special training!!

<Volk Factory: Sector B>
Guntz: Janga, you jerk...
I won't let you get away!
I definitely won't let you get away!!


<Volk Factory: Sector A>
Balue: L! O! V! E! LO~VELY~ LEPHISE!
Klonoa: L! O! V! E! LO~VELY~ LEPHISE!


Balue: [music note] I want to love yo~u
I want to fall in love with yo~u...
Klonoa: I.... Hey, Old Man!!

Klonoa: Is this
really gonna make me stronger!?
Balue: Hu-uh?

Balue: What're you talkin' about.
Isn't dis special trainin' for the concert?
Klonoa: NOOO!!!

Klonoa: I seriously wanna get...
Balue: I know. I know.

Balue: Little Lolo's in danger.
I'm doin' dis seriously, too.
Klonoa: I wonder if that's really true...

Balue: This was mostly for relaxin' ourselves.
If ya rush all the time,
you'll lose sight of your steps.
Klonoa: Uugh.

Balue: Now! Before the special trainin',
first, ya gotta show me your strength.

Balue: Aheada here'll be Volk's factory.
Kick around the monsters in dis factory,
and make it all the way t'da goal safe!

Klonoa: That's all I gotta do?
Balue: Yeah. That's all, and as a reward
for eliminating the monsters,
I'll get a ticket t'da autograph session...

Klonoa: Autograph?
Balue: Aaah, no no, it's nooothing!

Balue: Alright, go! For little Lolo
and my autograph session!!
Klonoa: By the way, what's an autograph session?
Balue: Doesn't matter, just GOOO!!
Klonoa: Uuwaaaaahh!!

-=VISION 1 Closing: Klonoa Thunder Hurricane!=-

<Volk Factory: Sector A>
Klonoa: Phew, I made it at last.
Balue: Alright, ya did well!!

Balue: Your strength,
I've seen it with my own eyes!
Now, pick what you'd like outta
these best special skills!

Klonoa: Alright! U-mmm... "Balue G Kick",
"Balue Crush", "Balue Flash Cut",
"Balue Megaton Bamboo Stick"....

Balue: "Balue Sexy Kiss" is what I'd recommend.
Good name, isn't it?
Klonoa: Name?

Klonoa: .... I could just be thinking this, but....
These were all just made for the names...
and don't have much to them, huh....
Balue: Mm? Is it different?

Klonoa: Hey, Old Man!! Take this seriously!!
Balue: Whuh! Watch out!
Don't trip on duh electric plug!!

Balue: So... numb... So... numb...
Klonoa: I'm beat....

Klonoa: ........ Huh? This paper.........
"Balue Thunder Hurricane"....

Klonoa: Thunder... Lightning... Electricity...
.... Ah!!

Klonoa: I can do it! I can do it, Old Man!!
"Klonoa Thunder Hurricane"!!
A new special skill! I can do it!!

Got the Special Skill:
  "Thunder Hurricane!"
Klonoa: Alright, I might be able
to win against Joka with this!
Thanks, Old Man!!

Balue: Huh huuu-h?
Klonoa: Well then! Thanks so much!!
Balue: Wh-whaaaaaaat.... Huh?

Balue: Gh-Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!
The electric shock just now just ruined
my concert tickeeeeeeeeeeeeettt!!!

Balue: My dear Lephi----------------se!!!

-=VISION 2 Opening: Pops' Memento=-

<Volk Factory: Sector B>
Guntz: Jangaaaa!
Janga: Ke... Quite stubborn, aren'tcha, kid. Yo.
Guntz: If I'm gonna clear Pops' regrets, then
I'll follow ya ta even the ends of Hell!!

Janga: Oooooh, scary, scary.
Janga: It's a hundred years too early,
isn't it, boy?
Guntz: You!!
Janga: Batz's revenge, huh? Don't make me laugh
at a Bronze Medal juvenile.
Guntz: What'd you say!!?

Guntz: Don't make a fool outta Pops' Medal!!
Janga: Hooh... So ya call that Batz's memento?

Janga: Hah, then just as I thought,
you're a third-rate greenhorn.
Guntz: Wha!?

Janga: Batz's Medal... was Gold.
Guntz: ........!!

Guntz: Gold? Pops was....?

Janga: Kehehahaha, and a memento...
Guntz: That's... Pops'!!
Janga: is a useful thing like this.

Guntz: Grrraaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!!
Janga: Hah! This mark on here,
it's ten years too early for you, isn't it,

Janga: Kehahaha, in regards to Batz,
I'll let ya go.
Don't stand in front of my eyes
a second time.

Guntz: Damn it.... As if I'd put up with
giving up on just this much....

Guntz: Just you wait... JANGA!!!

-=VISION 2 Closing: Killer Rush!=-

<Volk Factory: Sector B>
Guntz: Janga!
Janga: Hey, c'mon. You again!?

Guntz: I said it, right? I'll follow ya
ta even the ends of Hell!
Janga: Geez, ya crap kid.

Janga: No choice.
With regards ta that stubbornness
... Here.
Guntz: Eh?
Janga: Go ta the ends of Hell by yourself.
Guntz: Grrah........!!!
Janga: Kehehehahahaha!
Janga: I won't use my poison claws.
You're gonna die by gettin' shot
by your beloved pops' gun!

Guntz: Da... mn.... you...!!
Janga: Get along with your pops in Hell!!
Guntz: ........
Janga: Keeehehehahahaha....
... Here's a parting gift,
I'll give ya this!

Guntz: ........ I'm still alive...?

Guntz: I see... The Medal...
protected me against the bullet and....
Guntz: Pops....!!
Guntz: Pops....
Guntz: ... Pops..................!!!
Got the Special Skill:
  "Killer Rush!"
Guntz: I won't forgive you!
I definitely won't forgive you, JANGAAAAA!!!

-=VISION 3 Opening: Why Don't I Do My Best for This!=-

<Volk Factory: Sector C>
Pango: Hooh, sorry.
Volk Troop: Uuuugh...
Pango: Sorry, but I'm going to borrow the computer
for a bit. Open up the map...
Ummm, the rocket facility is....
Aaah, here it is!

Pango: I see. It looks like they're using
the army's test launch.
... The next takeoff is.... Mm, I see.

Pango: Well then, if I break this control center,
I'll be able to hinder the rocket launch.
Hmmm, however, with my current equipment...

Pango: .... Oh, a gunpowder warehouse nearby!
This is it! It'd be nice
if I can make some kind of weapon here!

Pango: If that's going to be the case,
then I must hurry.
... Hm, oh?
Pango: ... Hoh, this is Volk's
message robot, isn't it?
Ngapoko: Nga?

Pango: ... That's right. Why don't I
ask it to send a message for me?

Pango: "To the family I love..."
Pango: Well then, if you could please send it.
Ngapoko: Nga.
Pango: Now then,
why don't I do my best for this!

-=VISION 3 Closing: Rolling Blaster!=-

<Volk Factory: Sector C>
Pango: Alright, the gunpowder warehouse!

Pango: Hoo-h, as expected of Volk! There's some
significant stuff stored here, huh.
If I used all of this,
I wonder how many fireworks there'd be.

Pango: Well then, this and this and... oh?

Pango: Oh hooh!
This is "The Return Of All On Gunpowder"!!
The long-sought book
of all countries' pyrotechnists!

Pango: This is amazing! Hrmm hrmm...
Oooh, I see! So that's how it came about!

Pango: With this, I can come up with
a completely new special skill!
I can help Klonoa!

Got the Special Skill:
"Rolling Blaster!"
Pango: Time to try it right away!
Rolliiiing... BLASTER!!
Pango: ... [cough], [wheeze]....

Pango: N-now I've done it.
I think I got too carried away
and added too much gunpowder...

Pango: N-not good.
That's the alarm!

Pango: Seems like I'd better go back for once!
Joka: My dear Janga, dear Janga.
This is Joka. What happened?
Pango: Joka?

Joka: It looks like an explosion occurred there.
The rocket is safe though, isn't it?
Pango: ....

Joka: As promised, start the engine of
rocket number 7. I'm leaving it to you...
Pango: Hrmm.... Rocket number 7, huh.
.... Alright!

-=VISION 4 Opening: Hero Trio=-

<Volk Military Rocket Base>
Klonoa: Pango's.... Ah, there he is!
Pango: Oh, Klonoa!

Klonoa: Sorry to keep you waiting.
Hehehe, I've gotten stronger!
Pango: Oh... Oh, you there, watch out!
Guntz: What the?
Klonoa: Whoaaah.
Klonoa: Ooouch... I'm sorr-... Wh, Guntz!!
Guntz: Klonoa!?

Pango: Oh my... you're the one from before...?
Guntz: Old Guy with the bombs? Why?

Pango: ... I see. You were chasing Janga, and...
Guntz: ...!!

Guntz: Old Guy, ya know Janga!!?
Klonoa: Guntz?

Pango: ... That's right.
You're also involved in this, huh.
How about we talk about this for a bit?

Guntz: The.... moon?

Pango: Janga's experiment and Joka's behavior,
either way, it seems like there's some kind of
related plan being carried out
at the moon base.

Klonoa: Of course it's not gonna be good!
Pango: And the Phantom Beast commotion this time
is most likely their doing, too....

Guntz: .... So what?
Klonoa: Guntz!?

Guntz: All I wanna do is defeat Janga.
Whatever else there is
has nothin' ta do with me, does it?
Klonoa: Hey!

Pango: No, that's fine, isn't it?
Klonoa: Eh?
Pango: We don't have to care about
each other's goals.

Pango: I only want to cure my son of his sickness,
and Klonoa, you want to save Lolo, right?

Klonoa: .... That's right, but.
Pango: It's fine if we don't burden ourselves
with all of our problems.

Pango: But where we aim for is the same.
In the meantime,
why don't we fight together?
Guntz: ....

Klonoa: Guntz....
Guntz: ......... I...
Klonoa: ............
Klonoa: .... Yeah!

Klonoa: Alright, let's go!
Guntz: H-hey!
Klonoa: Quit hesitating already! Come on!
Guntz: Wait, I haven't said anythi-
Klonoa: Guntz, you can like what you want!

Klonoa: When we left the village,
I promised that I'd help you!
If you wanna defeat Janga,
then I'll help you!

Klonoa: In turn, help save Lolo too!
Cure Pango's child too!

Guntz: I...
Klonoa: Let's go! If there are three of us,
we can get stronger by three!

Klonoa: We can't lose!
If we lose, then we can't become heroes!

Klonoa: I'm not that smart,
so I can't really say it cool, but
If we lose...
Klonoa: If we lose, we can't win!!

Guntz: ....
Guntz: .... What... are you saying?
Klonoa: Eh?

Guntz: If we lose, we can't win...
... Isn't that obvious?
Klonoa: .... Ah....

Guntz: Pfft.
Guntz: Ahahahahahaha....
If we lose, we can't win, huh?
This guy's good! Ahahahahahaha!
Klonoa: H-hey! It's fine, isn't it!?

Guntz: Geez, a kid like always, aren't ya?
Klonoa: Sh-shut up!!

Guntz: ... Hahaha, but that's good.
I like it.

Guntz: If we lose, we can't win.
Let's go with that.

Klonoa: W-was that sarcastic?
Pango: Klonoa.

Pango: Your Hero Medal.... look.
Klonoa: Eh...?

Klonoa: The color's... changed!!

Pango: Haha, that's right.
If we lose, we can't win.
That might've unexpectedly been it.

Guntz: Let's go, Klonoa!
Klonoa: W-wait up, Guntz!

-=VISION 4 Intermission 1: Rocket Number Seven=-

<Volk Military Rocket Base>
Klonoa: Th-there! Rockets!!
Guntz: Which one is it!?
Damn it, there's too many of 'em!
Pango: Ummm, I'm certain...
Pango: I heard it from a radio. Number 7!
Rocket number 7 is what we're aiming for!

-=VISION 4 Intermission 2: Rocket On Standby=-

<Volk Military Rocket Base>
Announcer: Rocket number 7, launching on standby.
Klonoa: Kh! We gotta hurry!!

-=VISION 4 Intermission 3: Engine Start!=-

<Volk Military Rocket Base>
Announcer: The engine of rocket number 7 will start.
All crew members, please gather quickly
to the launching pad elevator.

Pango: This isn't good!
Klonoa: Make it in time!!!

-=VISION 4 Pre-Boss: The Fight Against Flower Joka!=-

<Volk Military Rocket Base>
Announcer: Rocket number 7,
beginning count down.
Klonoa: There! Over there!!
Pango: Joka and Lolo! And...
Guntz: JANGAAA!!
Janga: ... Hey, c'mon. That guy's still alive!?
Joka: Oh myyy, how stubborn!

Lolo: Klonoa! Klonoa!!
Joka: Oh, I won't let you run.
Lolo: Mmph! Mmmmmph!

Janga: What do we do? At this rate,
if they make it here,
it'll be an annoyance.
Joka: I suppose so...

Joka: How about I play with them for a little?
I'll leave that girl to you,
my dear Janga.
Janga: Alright. Kehahaha.

Announcer: Starting the engine of rocket number 7.
Monsters: Mooooooo!!
Guntz: Kh, these guys!!
Pango: They all came out all of a sudden!!
Klonoa: OUT OF MY WAY!

Pango: Kh, leave this to us!
Guntz: No choice! Klonoa!
You figure it out somehow!!

Klonoa: Lolooo!
Lolo: Klonoa!!
Janga: Impressive, huh...
... But it's already time to part.

Lolo: Klonoa! Klonoa!!
Janga: Kehehahahahaha....
Klonoa: LOLOOO!!
Klonoa: Guaaaah!
Joka: Such a shame that you cannot pass, yes?
Klonoa: D-damn iiit!!
Joka: Such a beautiful climax indeed....
But it seems the audience prefers a tragedy.

Klonoa: Move! I said move!!
Joka: Scream. Cry.
That way,
it will spice up more dramatically.

Klonoa: MOVE!!!!
Announcer: Takeoff in 10... 9, 8....
Klonoa: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!
Announcer: 7, 6...
Pango: Klonoa!
Guntz: Damn it!!!
Joka: I lost.
Go ahead, prince.
Klonoa: Let go! Let go, Pango!!
Pango: No, you can't! It's already too late!
You'll get caught by the impact
of the launch!

Announcer: 3, 2...
Klonoa: Lolo...
Pango: ........
Guntz: .... Damn it all!!
Klonoa: ....

Joka: ... Aaah, now this is tragedy.
Farewell, beloved you.
Guntz: Damn it! You...!!

Klonoa: Joka!
........ All because of you...
It was all because of you!!
Joka: Yes, that rage! That hatred!

Joka: A good situation!
A good situation!

Klonoa: YOU!!!
Pango: Stop, Klonoa.

Pango: Don't get caught up
in simple provocation.
We have to find another rocket
and head to the moon too.

Klonoa: But!
Pango: I won't tell you to cool down.
That fervor of yours is good as it is!

Pango: But don't dash in alone.
Let's combine our strength
and beat up this messed up clown!
Joka: Hyooooh!

Joka: Very well! How about I also
clean this up without fail
and go back to the moon
with a gooooooood feeling!

Guntz: Screw around. Better not regret it!!
Pango: Guntz is with us.
And we've gotten stronger!
Got it? We'll defeat you...
Klonoa: And head to the moon together!!

-=VISION 4 Closing: "Nahato's Darkness?"

<Volk Military Rocket Base>
Joka: I... Impossible... For me to lose....
To be ruined, to be broken, to be crushed...

Klonoa: .... How's thaaat!!?
Joka: ... Krh...

Pango: Now then, we have a lot of things
we want to ask you.
Guntz: How about ya just
spit it all out for us, eh?

Joka: ... Huhuhuhu....
Klonoa: ?

Joka: I suppose so... Indeed, since you won,
you have a right to know the truth.
Guntz: ... The heck's up with this guy...?

Joka: Therefore, I shall tell you just one thing.

Joka: We plan to revive "Nahato's Darkness."

Klonoa: "Nahato's Darkness?"
Guntz: What is that?
Does it have somethin' ta do
with the Star Medal ya mentioned before...!?

Joka: You investigate that by yourselves.
That is all that I can tell you....
Guntz: ....?

Pango: ....!! Not good! Stay back!!
Joka: Goodbye, everybody.
It has been terribly interesting.

Klonoa: Wait, Joka!!
You can't! You can't do that!!
Joka: Huhuhuhuhu....

Joka: I am satisfied.
I have no interest in the results,
after all.
Klonoa: Results...?

Joka: Piling up toy blocks
is a fun thing to do.

Joka: Take utmost care not to be manipulated
by the toy blocks that have been piled up...

Pango: Watch out!
Klonoa: Eh....
Guntz: A bluff, huh....?

Pango: Down to the very end....
he was a completely arrogant guy.

-=EXIT: With a Rocket, to the Moon!=-

And that one day,
we were left behind by Janga.

3, 2, 1... Zero!!
Despite all of the confusion,
we stole a rocket from Volk and...
No, quietly borrowed one
and took off into space.

... I wonder what's waiting on the moon.

... I wonder what "Nahato's Darkness" is.
Is that where the Star Medal is?

.... Is Lolo...
.. Is Lolo okay?

With hearts beating in uneasiness,
and caught in a little bit of excitement,
we left the earth.

.... It's alright!
I'm sure I'll come back safe
with everybody!!

|          The Moon World             |					[MooWd]

-=Opening: The Moon World=-


To think I'd make it all the way here...
Just a while ago
I couldn't even imagine it.

I would have liked to enjoy it
as a relaxing space trip.

But right now, the most important thing
is to go after Janga and land on the moon!

Guntz: I can see it!
Pango: Hrmm.... In any case,
it really does seem like
there's a base built on the moon.

Klonoa: Alright, let's land on the moon base!
Pango: Ummm, the method of landing is....
Guntz: You alright, Old Guy....?

Klonoa: Wh-whoaah!!
Guntz: Wh-what the!?
Pango: Oh no! Anti-aircraft fire!
We're being targeted by the moon base!!

Pango: I-it can't hold on any longer!
We'll have to evacuate for the time being!

It was annoying,
but they won't let us in that easily!

There's no choice.
We chose to land
in a place away from the base.

But over there,
something even more surprising
was waiting for us....!

Guntz: ... Are you serious...?
Pango: Oh my, for space to be
mysteriously filled like this, huh...

Klonoa: U-ummm....
H-hello... would that be okay...?

Over there,
I can't say that even shaking hands
would be modern, but...

People living on top of the moon...

It was a town of moon people....!!

-=VISION 1 Opening: Town of the Moon People=-

Guntz: ... There's quite some stuff
on the way to the base.
Klonoa: Well then, let's go!

Pango: ...?
Guntz: What's up, Old Guy?
This isn't a place to be stargazin', right?

Pango: No, a mist...
Guntz: Mist?

Pango: You can't see some kind of
mist of light or something?
Guntz: Huuh? Isn't it the clouds or something?

Klonoa: Heyyy, let's gooo!
Guntz: I got it. Quit gettin' so excited.
Hey, let's go, Old Guy.

Pango: Hrmmm....

-=VISION 1 Closing: A Mist of Light=-

<Surface of the Moon>
Klonoa: Is it that...?
Guntz: Inside that dome
should be our enemies' base.

Pango: .... I thought so!
Guntz: What's up, Old Guy?
Pango: The mist of light! It's gotten
significantly larger than before!

Guntz: .... Really? What the heck is that?

Klonoa: It... isn't fog, huh.
Pango: .... Whatever it is,
I'm getting a bad feeling from it...

Guntz: Could it have somethin' ta do
with the "Nahato's Darkness" that Joka...?

Klonoa: Ah!!
Guntz: .... Wh-what the!?
Pango: In the middle of space... giant screens???
I announce
to all of those in the entire world.

My name is Garlen.
I am going to rule over your nightmares....

-=VISION 2 Opening: My Name is Garlen=-

Garlen: My name is Garlen.
I am going to rule over your nightmares.

Pango: What'd he say?
Guntz: The heck's this guy!?

Garlen: I will announce to you this.
You will promptly fall asleep,
and you will provide to me
those nightmares of yours.

Garlen: Even if you resist, it's useless.
At this very instant, I am transmitting
a special type of wave from my moon base.

Garlen: When the transmitted mist of light
covers the world, you, without exception,
will be taken in by nightmares.

<Village Outskirts>
Garlen: There is nothing to be afraid of.
After all, while you are asleep,
I will not deprive you of your lives.
Be at ease.

<Juglenne Strait>
Garlen: This is not a threat or a joke.
In reality, the Phantom Beasts
that have appeared all over the world....

<The Moon's Village>
Garlen: I have been using
or manipulating them.... to be able
view your unpleasant nightmares!

<Temple in the Sky>
Garlen: I will gather the power
of the entire world's nightmares,
and I will awaken "Nahato's Darkness!"

H.Priestess: "Nahato's Darkness....?"
Is that why Lolo was....!?

<Volk Construction Zone>
Garlen: Once you all wake up again,
I shall say that I will have obtained
the power of the Star Medal and will become
the ruler of the entire world.

Balue: Star Medal.... what's that?

Garlen: For that time which will arrive!
It is best that you remember this.

Garlen: My name is Garlen!
I am going to rule over your nightmares!!

<Surface of the Moon>
Klonoa: ... He disappeared....
Guntz: That's....
Pango: Our real enemy....

Ngapoko: Nga, to Mr. Klonoa, Mr. Guntz,
and Mr. Pango. A message for you. Nga.
Guntz: ???

Garlen: Welcome, to my Lunar Base,
you foolish adventurers!
Klonoa: Garlen!!

Garlen: It seems like Janga and Joka
have been of great help.
No, of great significance.

Garlen: In actuality, this is the part where you
can get torn to shreds or remain alive, but I
am considerate. If you turn back now for me,
then I will do nothing.

Garlen: You also listened to my speech, correct?
If, perhaps,
you would like to cooperate with me,
then I will gladly welcome you instead.

Guntz: What'd you say!!?
Pango: Don't get so heated up.
It's just a message.

Garlen: Give me your answer
using this Ngapoko.
... Yes, yes. Dear Pango, was it not?

Pango: Mm?
Garlen: "To the family I love...", huh? Hmm,
your thoughtful feelings of your family,
they have touched my heart tremendously.

Pango: What was that...? Could it be
that the message that I sent at Volk...???

Garlen: Your son with the Sleeping Sickness,
indeed, he certainly is in trouble.
You don't want him
to show me any more nightmares, yes...?

Pango: Y-YOU........!!!!
Klonoa: Pango, calm down!

Garlen: I pray from my heart that you will give me
the correct judgement.

Guntz: Chill, Old Guy!
Pango: Grrrrrrr!
Klonoa: Pangooo!!

Pango: Huu, huu.
Klonoa: Pango...

Garlen: Yes, yes. I'll warn you just in case.
Guntz: Ya still got somethin' ta say!?

Garlen: About my counter-measures for those
pesky moon people,
I have installed security systems
in various places around the dome.

Garlen: If you are in the same Area for a fixed time,
then it will blow up. Well, only kids
would think of such stupid things.

Guntz: Scum...
Ngapoko: End of message, nga.

Klonoa: ....
Pango: ........ Damn.... damn it, what the hell....
Guntz: ....

Guntz: .... Old Guy, ya ain't the type
ta use dirty words like damn.
Pango: ?

Guntz: Ya gotta use 'em like this.
... Hey, message bot.
Ngapoko: Nga?

Guntz: Tell this ta that jerk Garlen.
Guntz: EAT CRAP!!
Ngapoko: Hanga~!!
Guntz: Let's go, Klonoa, Pango!
Klonoa: Guntz...
Pango: But the security systems...

Guntz: He said something about a time, right?
Before that happens,
we'll tear right through the Area!!

-=VISION 2 Closing: Eat Crap=-

<Town of the Moon People>
Klonoa: Alright, we made it out somehow!
Pango: Oh, this place is...?

Guntz: Moon people?
They made houses around the dome too?

???: You people....
Klonoa: !?
Moon Elder: You people....
hail from the Mother Star....?

Moon Elder: ... Is that so...
to make it all the way
to a place like this...
Klonoa: But why are you people here?

Moon Elder: I am sure that you saw the security systems.
Garlen has tied us up here the whole time
to use us however he wants.

Klonoa: Don't listen to him!!
Pango: ... Great Elder, you mentioned something
about a "Mother Star" before...

Pango: If you happen to have knowledge
of the situation,
may we ask you to tell us about it?
Moon Elder: Mmm. I suppose so.

Moon Elder: We are Moon Nation's people.

Moon Elder: We are the far descendants
of those who once resided in the Moon Nation
and served the Great Nahatomb.

Moon Elder: In the distant past, our ancestors,
under the hero Nahatomb,
amassed glory at the Moon Nation.

Moon Elder: However, our ancestors were despised
by surrounding nations and,
together with the Great Nahatomb,
were driven away from the earth.

Moon Elder: The Great Nahatomb, wounded,
fell into a distant slumber on the moon.

Moon Elder: To protect the Great Nahatomb,
we built a town on these lands.

<Town of the Moon People>
Moon Elder: A long time has passed,
and when our memories had also faded,
that Garlen appeared all of a sudden.

Moon Elder: Garlen has been forcing us
to build that base of his
and is also plotting to make
the Great Nahatomb revive.

Pango: That's...
Klonoa: "Nahato's Darkness....?"

Moon Elder: We are powerless.
Please, could you please do something
about that horrible Garlen....?

Guntz: .... I'm not buyin' it.
Klonoa: Guntz?

Guntz: Ya left out the part
where Garlen wants ta take over the world
with the power of the Star Medal.

Guntz: That Nahatomb guy, too, he couldn't possibly
be partners in crime with Garlen, right?
Klonoa: Guntz! That's rude!

Moon Elder: .... Certainly, it is left as nothing
but an old legend now,
and I cannot deny that possibility.

Moon Elder: Thus, I will not ask of you
to save the Great Nahatomb.

Moon Elder: But Garlen... Could you at least
defeat that Garlen for us?

Guntz: .........

-=VISION 3 Opening: The Nightmare Wave=-

<Lunar Dome>
Guntz: Ha, I've never heard of a hero
that revives by eatin' nightmares.

Pango: If we put it all together,
it doesn't seem to be much of a mistake
to think that Nahatomb holds
the Star Medal.

Guntz: The Star Medal, huh.
I thought it was nothin' but a fairy tale.
Klonoa: ......... Star Medal... huh?

Guntz: Whaaat? Klonoa, you...
aren't sayin'
that you want the Star Medal, right?
Klonoa: I have interest in it.

Klonoa: But we gotta save Lolo first!
Joka said
"use the priestess as a catalyst."

Klonoa: Saving Lolo, defeating Garlen,
and clearing away the mist of light
are the most important!

Klonoa: Let's go! Worrying here
won't get us anywhere!

Guntz: Ha, little kid.
Klonoa: What was thaaat!?

Guntz: I'm with ya. I'm a kid too!
Let's leave all the thinkin' ta the Old Guy
and beat up Janga first!

???: That's quite brave of ya.
Janga: .... Geez, I'm glad that these idiots
are all here together.
Thanks ta that,
I'll be cleanin' things up here.

Guntz: Janga!!
Janga: It's too late. Half of the star's already
bein' covered by the nightmare wave, y'know?

Janga: Can ya see it? The places bein' covered
by that nightmare wave. Volk, Jugkettle,
Breezegale... Everyone's
in the depths of nightmares right now.

Klonoa: Even Breezegale!?
Janga: That one's special to you, huh.
We'll be puttin' in some extra care
when dealing with that one.

Klonoa: YOUUU!!!!
Janga: Kehehahaha...
Janga: Ke...!?
Guntz: ... I missed on purpose with that one...

Guntz: Ya didn't come all the way here
to mock us, right? If you wanna fight,
then let's hurry up and fight, Janga!!

Janga: Ke... very well then.
However, I'll be your opponent
after we play for a little!

Guntz: Let's go! We'll kick 'im down!!

-=VISION 3 Pre-Boss: The Fight Against Janga!=-

<Lunar Dome>
Janga: So ya came, huh...
Guntz: It's do or die, Janga!
Janga: Kids...
they shouldn't be tryin' ta act cool.

Guntz: .... Before I beat you up,
there's one thing I wanna ask ya.

Guntz: You and Pops were a famous duo
called the Treasure Hunters.
But why did you betray Pops!?

Janga: Betraayy?
Kehehaha... he was the one who was wrong.

Janga: Batz was the best Hunter, y'see.
Him gettin' used from the start
was only gettin' closer.

Janga: Get it? The one who investigated
the Moon Ruins, the one
who found out how to awaken
"Nahato's Darkness..."

Janga: Guntz, it was your Pops, y'see?
Guntz: !!

Janga: That being said, he was really opposed
to using it...
So he had to go for a little
on that night.

Janga: Even though he was strong,
for thinking... Kehahaha.
Guntz: I see....

Guntz: In that case,
I don't need ta hold back.
... Except I wasn't holdin' back
in the first place anyways!!

Janga: Kehehe, GO DIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

-=VISION 3 Closing: Janga's Poison=-

<Lunar Dome>
Janga: Ah... Aagh... What the...???
Guntz: It's over, Janga.

Janga: W-wait, stop!
I-I was wrong!
I'll apologize. So forgive me.

Guntz: What's that?
Janga: I was just doing everything
Garlen was telling me to do.
S-see? You understand, right?

Janga: Even if ya do this,
Batz won't be happy.
Forgive me. Yeah? Yeah?
Guntz: ........ You..............

Klonoa: Guntz!
Pango: No, wait.

Janga: I was really planning
to betray Garlen from the start.
So if ya let me go,
I'll cooperate with you!

Janga: Help me. I'm begging you. C'mon. C'mon.
Guntz: ....................

Janga: Please forgive meee!!

Guntz: .......... Pathetic.

Guntz: Ta think I was chasin'
a piece of crap like this...
It's so pathetic, I'm gonna cry.
Janga: ....

Guntz: Disappear.
Don't show me your face ever again.
Janga: Eek... Y-yeah.

Klonoa: Guntz....!
Guntz: Geez....
What the heck was I doin', I wonder.

Guntz: But....
Guntz: It ain't a bad feelin', Klonoa.

Klonoa: Ah...!
Klonoa: Your medal!
Guntz: ........

Guntz: Hmph....
Guntz: I wonder if I've gotten
a step closer to you,
........ Pops.

Klonoa: LOOK OUT!!!
Klonoa: !!!
Janga: Tch.... How unnecessary....

Guntz: Klonoa!!
Janga: Ke.... Kehehahahaha........
It's already too late.... your friend,
my poison.... it's that... his life....

Janga: Regret...!
Regret, and draw out your pain,
Guntz: Klonoa! Hey, Klonoa!!

Klonoa: Guntz.... Hehe...
looks like you're safe...
Guntz: You, why're you still tryin'
ta act cool!!?

Klonoa: .... What happened... to Janga?
Pango: ... He fell into a crevasse.
He was swallowed up
by the earth of the moon.

Klonoa: I see....
Guntz: Klonoa! Klonoa!
Hang in there!!

Klonoa: It's alright.... We'll save Lolo,
and we'll all... come back safe...
Pango: Yeah, that's right! We'll come back safe!

Klonoa: ... But I'm...
Guntz: Klonoa! Hey, Klonoa!

Klonoa: ............ a little....
.......... sleepy........

-=EXIT: Into the Middle of Darkness...=-

And just like that,
I kept falling
into the middle of darkness.

Everywhere, everywhere,
it felt like I was sinking down endlessly.

A great distance away,
I heard a voice calling to me...

And whether it was coming closer
or whether it was fading further,
even that,
I couldn't tell.

|            Lunar Base               |					[LunaB]

-=Opening: The Hero Garlen=-

<Lunar Base>
Garlen: So Janga was done in, huh...? Hmph,
it doesn't seem like these are just
any ordinary kids.

Garlen: However, the mist of nightmares
is already heading torwards its completion.
All that is left is to awaken
"Nahato's Darkness."

Garlen: You will cooperate with me,
won't you, my dear Lolo....
Lolo: ....!!

Garlen: I am a considerate man...
If you cooperate for me,
I will overlook
that Klonoa fellow and his friends.

Lolo: Klonoa won't lose!
He definitely won't lose
to a person like you!
Garlen: Ho hoh.

Garlen: However, you should be thinking like this.
As long as you are within my grasp,
they have no chance of winning!

Lolo: ....!!
Garlen: Cooperate with me!

Garlen: With the prayers of a priestess,
I will combine all of the world's nightmares
into one! And with that power,
I will awaken "Nahatomb's Darkness!"

Garlen: If you scratch my back,
then I will free everybody
from their nightmares. I shall also overlook
that Klonoa fellow and his friends!

Garlen: I will not harm one person, you know.
But your resolution is necessary!
Lolo: ............

Lolo: .... I understand.

Lolo: I will cooperate. But, in turn... in turn,
don't hurt anybody no matter what!

Garlen: Of course.
I shall vow unto my own pride.
Lolo: ........

Lolo: Klonoa....

Garlen: Hmhmhm.... Yes, that is good....

Garlen: Yes, yes. There was something
that I forgot to mention.

Garlen: I said that I would not harm anybody, but...
That was only under the condition
that they wouldn't resist against me.

Garlen: If I were to say more,
then you are not included in that promise,
my dear Lolo...
... I wonder if you can no longer hear me.

Garlen: Now, let us begin
"Nahato's Darkness!"

Garlen: The Star Medal will be in my hands!!

Garlen: And then,
the world will honor me as its hero,
and I will be worshipped for an eternity!!

-=VISION 1 Opening: Where's a Doctor?=-

Klonoa: ....
Klonoa: U... mm... where am I........?
<Bell Hill>
Chipple: Klonoa, what's wrong?
Klonoa: Ah, Chipple...

Chipple: You've been starin' out
into space or something, you know?
You have a fever or something like that?
Klonoa: Eh? Ah, no, not really.

Popka: C'mooon, you two!
If you keep zoning out like that,
then all of the river fish'll be taken!
Chipple: Ah, wait! My head's spinnin'!
Klonoa: .... I see.... So we all came here
for a hike...

Lolo: Klonoaaa!
Lolo: I brought some lunch.
I did my best to make
everyone's sandwiche-... kyaa!
Klonoa: Wh-whoaoah.
Lolo: Ooouch.... Ah, the sandwiches!

Klonoa: Sorry, Lolo. You didn't make it, but
it looks like the sandwiches are safe.
Lolo: Thank goodness!

Lolo: As expected of you, Klonoa!
You do have the qualities of a hero,
don't you!
Klonoa: Eh?

Klonoa: He.... ro.........?

Guntz: Tchhh! Even though we made it all the way
to the Lunar Base!!
Pango: Where's an information board?
Is there a map or anything!?

Guntz: DAMN IT!! You! Hurry up
and show us where the heck Garlen is!!
Robot: [Beep Bebebebeep!]

Pango: Don't panic! In any case,
it doesn't seem like this is
a fast-acting poison.
Let's search for a medical room first!

Guntz: Tch... no choice!
HEY, I said hurry up and tell us!!
Robot: [Beeeeep!!]

Pango: Let's go, Guntz!

-=VISION 1 Intermission 1: Why a Hero?=-

<Bell Hill>
Lolo: Speaking of which... Klonoa,
is it true that you took care of the thief
who entered Delia's place?

Klonoa: ... Eh?
Klonoa: Ah, yeah. It was nothing.
Lolo: That's amazing... just like a hero of
The Wind Village.

Klonoa: A hero?
Lolo: Yes. Everyone's also saying that about you.
Klonoa: ....

Lolo: But, Klonoa,
why are you so obsessed with being a hero?
Klonoa: Obsessed?

Klonoa: .... Why a hero....?

-=VISION 1 Intermission 2: That's Not What I Am=-

<Bell Hill>
Klonoa: Why do I wanna become a hero...?
.... What is a hero?

???: Those who want to help people
who are in trouble?
Klonoa: .... That's true.

???: Those who want to protect people
who are important?
Klonoa: .... That too.

???: Those who want to fulfill
their own wishes?
Klonoa: There's also that, huh.

Klonoa: But that's...
that's... not what I am....
Klonoa: That's not what I am....

-=VISION 1 Intermission 3: Even Though I'm Supposed to Know=-

Lolo: Why are you so obsessed with being a Hero?
Klonoa: Because.... It's because!
Chipple: What'll you do to become a hero?
Popka: A hero's just about being cool, right?
Klonoa: It's not that!
I'm not trying to be cool!
Guntz: Better quit posing as a hero already.
Klonoa: Wait! I...!
Pango: Just leave all the hero stuff to me.
Klonoa: .... That's not it!!
Klonoa: It's a lot simpler than that!
I'm supposed to know!!

???: Then what'll you do?
Klonoa: Darn it! Damn it!
Even though I know!
Even though I'm supposed to know
what I should do!!

Klonoa: Even though I'm supposed to know!!

-=VISION 1 Closing: Act Strong, Become Strong!=-

Klonoa: I!!
<Medical Room>
Guntz: Damn it! Wake up already!!
Pango: The poison should be neutralized
with the medicine we found. But...

Pango: Garlen's nightmare wave
could be affecting the moon, too.
If Klonoa were to be taken in
by nightmares...

Guntz: Don't be stupid!
As if this carefree kid'll lose
ta somethin' like nightmares!
Pango: I'd like to think that too...

Pango: Klonoa.... do your best... do your best,
and show yourself acting strong
like always...
Guntz: That's exactly why you shouldn't stop now!

Guntz: It's because ya helped me
that we were able to beat up Janga.
This time, it's my turn to help ya!

Guntz: Wake up! LET'S KEEP GOING!!

Klonoa: ........!!
Klonoa: I.... heard something right now...

Klonoa: "Act strong...." "Keep going...."

Klonoa: .... That's right.... I...
Whether it's for myself,
or whether it's for someone else,
that's what I'm not sure about, but....

Klonoa: I wanna........
keep going forward!!

Klonoa: I wanna keep going forward!
Even if I fail, even if I regret,
I wanna keep going forward!
I want the next step!

Klonoa: The step to help!
The step to protect!
The step to stand strong!

Klonoa: Even if it was just an act of strength,
even though I kept acting strong,
What I really wanted
was the first step to become strong!

Klonoa: That's why!
That's why I want to become a hero!!
???: ........
<Medical Room>
Guntz: ....!!
Pango: .... Klo... noa....?
Klonoa: Hu.... aaaaaaah. That was a good nap.
.... Huh? Guntz and Pango?
What's with those surprised looks
on your faces?

Pango: Y... You're safe?
You don't feel abnormal anywhere?
Klonoa: Yeah. Why?

Pango: ............ Phew. My oh my.

Guntz: ............ Keh. I said so, didn't I?
Don't worry about carefree guys like that.
Pango: .... Is that what you said?

Guntz: Quiet!
If you've come to your senses now,
then get up already!
We're off ta save your friend, right!!?

Klonoa: Yeah! ........ Thanks, Guntz, Pango.
Guntz: For what?
Klonoa: I'm not sure, but.... in a dream...

Klonoa: It felt like
you two were helping me somehow.
Act strong.
Even if it's just for a step, keep going.

Guntz: ........
Pango: Well then, you're welcome. Right, Guntz?
Guntz: .... A-as if I'd know. Let's go!
Klonoa: .... Ah!!
Klonoa: Silver... Medal....?
Pango: Ho-oh......... I wonder
if you had a really good dream or something?
Klonoa: That....
Klonoa: ......... Hehehe,
could be it, huh...

Pango: Mmm, with this, everyone's Silver.
Klonoa: Yeah!

Guntz: Hey, what're you doin'!?
Klonoa: Ah, we're going now!!

-=VISION 2 Opening: Time Is Up=-

<Lunar Base>
Klonoa: Lolo! Where are youuu!!?
Guntz: Garlen's torwards the Core Area!
Tch... There's still a ways ta go, huh?
Pango: H-hey!!
Klonoa: I-is this...!? Chipple...???

Pango: It's a live-camera.
It's broadcasting what's going on down there!
Guntz: Geez,
what an awful hobby that old guy's got!

Klonoa: Damn iiit...!
Pango: The nightmare signal, it seems like
it's already made it throughout the world...
Things are getting worse!

Guntz: Tch, let's hurry up!
<Core Area>
Ngapoko: ALERT! ALERT!
The entrance has been breached.

Ngapoko: The intruders are approaching here
without doubt.
Garlen: .... Leave me alone.

Garlen: Time is already up.
There is no longer anything
that they can do.

Garlen: It is as the "Legend of the Moon and Dreams"
says. "The morning that 'Nahato's Darkness'
awakens will only rise in the sole lands
of Breezegale".

Garlen: Behold. Breezegale is already covered
by jet black slumber!
Even the smallest of hopes
are already in the depths of nightmares.

Garlen: Now, Claire's priestess!
Gather all of the world's nightmares
into one!

Garlen: It is time to begin "Nahato's Darkness!!"

-=VISION 2 Intermission: Hold On, Lolo!=-

<Patrol Sector>
Monster: Gehllaaaaaaaah!!
Guntz: Kh... These guys!
I'm sure guns don't work on 'em!!

Klonoa: Mock puzzles in a place like this!
Guntz: You jerks, tryn' ta stall for time!?

Pango: Calm down! A setup like this
must mean that we're getting close to Garlen.

Klonoa: ... I see.
That's right. We can't be impatient!
Calm down and keep going without fail!

Klonoa: Hold on, Lolo!
Just a little more!
There's just a little more to go!

-=VISION 2 Closing: Gold Medal=-

<Core Area>
Pango: Alright, this is it!
Klonoa: Loloooo!!
Klonoa: !!!
Pango: .... Oh my...
Guntz: ... The captured princess... huh...?
Tch... he's horrible!

Klonoa: Lolo!!
Lolo: .........

Klonoa: Lolo, LOLO!
Lolo: .........

Klonoa: Wake up! We came here to save you!
Lolo: .........

Guntz: Could this be the effect
of the nightmare wave too?

Pango: It's like.... the Sleeping Sickness....

Klonoa: Lolo, Lolo! LOLOOO!!!
Garlen: It's useless, my dear Klonoa.
Garlen: Huhuhuhu.... It's useless. Useless, useless.
It is already too late,
you foolish heroes!

Guntz: You damn scumbag!!
Pango: .... Garlen....!!

Garlen: Welcome to my Lunar Base. To think
that you would make it all the way here.
I shall pay my respects for your courage
down from my heart.

Garlen: But in the end...
It was all meaningless.

Klonoa: Garlen!!
Klonoa: What did you do to Lolo!!?
Bring her back!!

Pango: Take away the nightmare signal at once!
Guntz: If ya don't wanna get beaten down!

Garlen: My goodness, aren't you brave!
You think it will matter if you defeat me!?

Garlen: I said that it is too late, didn't I...? 
Behold, the world!!
Garlen: Can you see them!!? Can you hear them!!?
All of the world's people,
their forms writhing in nightmares!!

Garlen: The world's nightmares
will be gathered by the priestess' dream,
and I will awaken Nahatomb!!

Garlen: It is as
the "Legend of the Moon and Dreams" says!
"The hero Nahatomb sought for dreams,
and was tormented by nightmares."

Garlen: Do you understand? That meaning!
What heroes need
is not exaltation from the public!

Garlen: It is the power and the intellect
to lose to nothing
and a tenacious will
that can subdue even the world!!
Pango: Wh-what...!?
Guntz: Impossible! That's....!?
Klonoa: A Gold.... Medal........

Garlen: Indeed! It is this alone
that is the definitive proof
which exemplifies my justice!

Garlen: This golden shine,
it is what I have been
continuously waiting for.

Garlen: Therefore, the world is mine!
That is the most fitting state for the world!!

Guntz: ... The heck's up with this guy....?
Pango: He's not honest.........
However... that Gold Medal...

Guntz: So this guy's the strongest hero, huh....?

Klonoa: ........ Pfft.

Pango: Klonoa?
Klonoa: Ahahahahahaha! Whaaaaat!

Garlen: .... What is so funny?
Klonoa: Because.

Klonoa: If someone like you is Gold,
then it seems like
I can EASILY become Gold!

Garlen: What did you say?
Klonoa: I've decided that I'll keep going forward!

Klonoa: I'm Silver right now,
but if I keep going forward,
then I'll certainly become Gold someday!
I'll show you!!

Klonoa: Because I have no plans to lose to you!
I have no reason to lose!

Klonoa: I'll defeat you
and show you
that I'll save Lolo and the world too!!

Garlen: .... Kh, damned fool!

Guntz: .... I'm a little different.

Guntz: Simply put it,
I was pissed at your Gold.
......... That's why I'll beat ya up!

Pango: It's selfish of you
to take Lolo and my son as hostages.

Pango: But I'll say this. No matter what you do,
no, the more you do, the more you'll lose.

Pango: Because we're here!!

Garlen: .... You do not know your place...

Guntz: Look who's talkin'!!
Guntz: Wha!? He disappeared!?
Pango: It's a hologram!!

Garlen: ... I will make you realize....
My intellect! My science!
The bewilderment of the true power
of those who hold the Gold Medal!!

Garlen: It would be best for you to come before me!!
Know thyself!
The weight of the sins
that you have committed!!

Guntz: Exactly what I was hoping for!!
Pango: .... Very well.
This will be the last fight!


-=VISION 3 Opening: We'll Defeat Garlen!=-

<Core Area>
Klonoa: .... Alright, let's go!

Guntz: You sure?
Klonoa: .... Even if we stay here,
Lolo won't wake up from her sleep.

Klonoa: We'll defeat Garlen!
No matter what! No matter what,
we'll save Lolo and everybody!!

Pango: Yeah.
Guntz: ... Okay.

Klonoa: We're off, Lolo.
Just wait!

Klonoa: We'll finish off Garlen.
We'll drive out the nightmares too.

Klonoa: Then, together, we'll all go back safe!!

-=VISION 3 Pre-Boss: The Fight Against Garlen!=-

<The Garlen Room>
Garlen: So you have arrived...
you Silver Medal juveniles...

Pango: As long as you're drooling
over the color of your own Medal,
we have no intention to lose!

Guntz: At least now,
this makes us the heroes of justice.

Garlen: Huhuhu........
How pitiful it is that you are this foolish.

Garlen: There is no "good" or "bad" for heroes.
The only thing that is there
is the measure of their power
and the strength of their will!

Garlen: Such things like you, such people
taken by desires right before their eyes,
my tenacious will has no expectations
to lose to such things!

Garlen: A hero is the title of you yourself!

Garlen: A hero is the title that is given to you
by only the belief in your power
and your thirst for your power!!

Klonoa: Then!
Klonoa: Then there's no way we'll lose to you!!

Garlen: You fools! You complete fools!!

Garlen: Regret! Lose hope!
Your nightmares,
I will make Nahatomb consume
down to the very last for me!!

Klonoa: NO WAY WE'LL LOSE!!!!

-=VISION 3 Closing: Revive! Nahatomb!=-

<The Garlen Room>
Klonoa: .... Did... we... do it?
Guntz: ....

Pango: .... Yeah.
Pango: It's our victory.

Klonoa: ............!
Guntz: .............
Pango: ............ Hrmm.


Klonoa: We won! We won!!
Guntz: ... Keh, isn't it obvious?
Pango: Phew. My oh my, what a relief at last.

Klonoa: With this, Lolo! And everybody!
Pango: That's right.
There's still one thing that remains.

Pango: Guntz, get Garlen.
Guntz: Right on. Hey, come out!

Guntz: ....!?
Pango: What's wrong?
Guntz: What the....? Garlen.... isn't here!?

Garlen: DAMN IT... For me to be crushed
by such foolish children like those!
It cannot be! It cannot be!

Garlen: But... I have stalled for enough time!
It would be best for me
to claim the last victory!
<Core Area>
Garlen: Priestess... it is time to begin!!
Your spirit which has gathered nightmares...
I will force Nahatomb to devour it!

Garlen: With the power of the nightmares,
I will make Nahatomb obey me!!
The Star Medal will fall into these hands!!

Garlen: Now! Revive at this instant!!

Garlen: In my hands is a priestess' spirit!
I have a healthy priestess' spirit
that has gathered the nightmares
which have driven you away!!

Garlen: I will hand these to you for me!
Bite into the nightmares with your very hands!

Garlen: It would be best for you
to once again regain
the shine of a hero!!

Garlen: It would be best for you
to once again regain
the shine of the Star Medal!!!

<The Garlen Room>
Guntz: .... Wha!?
Pango: The mist of light.... it's pitch black!!!

Klonoa: Could it be... "Nahato's Darkness...!?"


-=EXIT: Let's Go!=-

In the next instant,
a dark radiance covered the entire world.

Even though we couldn't hear anything,
we felt a treacherous shock
as if tens of thousands of voices
overlapped with each other
and screeched within the depths of our ears.

Within a faint sense
of not being able to tell
whether it was a dream or a reality,

right in front of our eyes...
right in front of the Lunar Base,
an enormous haze-like "tremor" appeared.

The "tremor" opened a pitch black hole,
and, eerily, it did nothing but eerily
and continuously devour
the world's nightmares.

That's.... "Nahato's Darkness....!!"

Klonoa: .............
Guntz: .............
Pango: .............
Klonoa: ..................!!!
But... we understood.

We no longer had doubts
on what we should do.

Face forward!!
No matter what kind of situation we're in...!!

Face forward.
Together, no matter what!!

Klonoa: Let's go!!
At that moment...

We became Heroes.

|         Nahato's Darkness           |					[NahaD]

-=Opening: Nahatomb=-

It was an ominous world of darkness
that went on endlessly.

It was a world of hopelessness and insanity
that twisted people's nightmares together
and swallowed menacing, accursed words.

But even in the midst of that "tremor,"
our footsteps remained steady.

Just like the shine of our Gold Medals,
just like our small hope that guided us,

Just like whether or not we should believe
in the true and small light
that slept in the depths of the nightmares,

were there.

<"Nahato's Darkness">
Klonoa: That's....?
Guntz: The hero Nahatomb....?

Nahatomb: ............
Klonoa: Is he alive....?
Guntz: .... I dunno.... but....

Guntz: This damn annoying irritating feeling...
There's no mistaking that guy's
the center of "Nahato's Darkness."

Pango: .... Where's Garlen?
I expect him to be here before us....
Klonoa: ........ Th-that's!?

Garlen: ... already....
why... don't you... obey me...!
Klonoa: Garlen!!

Garlen: Do you not...
have enough nightmares....!?
For one like you... to not listen to....

Nahatomb: ......... How foolish.... my child...
Klonoa: !?

Nahatomb: .... Without knowing
the meaning of the Medal....
only taking pride in power,
pitiful descendant of mine....

Garlen: Si... lence! I... am! I am...
Nahatomb: .... Your dreams.... hopeless...
pitiful.... only, only pitiful...

Nahatomb: .... I shall save you.
I, the true hero...
shall save your nightmares.

Nahatomb: One who is led by the shine of gold.
Be saved.
Disappear, and become a part of my dreams.

Garlen: ... Yo... u.... I.... am...
the world's... ru.... ler..................
Guntz: Garlen was............
Pango: Taken in........?

Klonoa: ... Nahatomb....?

Nahatomb: ........ I am Nahatomb.
Chosen as the bearer of the Star Medal
and creator of all of the Medals.

Klonoa: ... The Star Medal!!

Nahatomb: You, too, are worthy heroes?
........ In an aim to satisfy my dreams,
you are those who are guided
by the shine of gold?

Guntz: Satisfy dreams........?
Pango: Guided by the shine of gold...?

Pango: Nahatomb!
Just who could you possibly be!?

Nahatomb: ........ I am Nahatomb.
I reign above all things,
the one and only true hero.

Nahatomb: I forged the Star Medal
and created the Hero Medals
to distinguish the world into two.

Nahatomb: Heroes
and those who obey heroes.

Klonoa: Heroes and those who obey...?

Nahatomb: Those who obey
offer me their dreams.
I hold my body's nightmares,
and I am requested, honored as the hero.

Nahatomb: Those who are worthy heroes gather dreams.
They transport dreams before my presence
and bring to me abundant dreams.

Pango: ......... What'd you say....?

Nahatomb: The world moves with dreams.
To bear that, that is the heroes' role.
To bear heroes, that is my role.

Pango: In other words...
you separate those who are heroes
and those who aren't heroes
with the Medals...

Guntz: So ya make heroes gather dreams,
and in the end, ya eat 'em, huh?

Klonoa: .... You
.... manipulated us with the Medals....?

Nahatomb: My children who have been guided
by the Hero Medals. My descendants
with the shine of gold
who will gather dreams.

Nahatomb: I shall ask here once again.
Ben ye heroes?*
Or those who obey heroes?

Pango: ........ What are you saying...?
You were sealed on the moon,
and yet you still want to pose as a god?

Guntz: .... So ta make people worship you,
you're gathering nightmares, huh....?
How cute of Garlen ta do that for ya...

Klonoa: .... You're wrong.
Klonoa: Heroes are nothing like that!

Klonoa: You don't become a hero for someone's sake!!
You don't become a hero for wanting dreams!!

Klonoa: To want to fulfill dreams.... No,
to want to keep fulfilling dreams!!

Klonoa: To keep going forward,
to have the courage to keep going forward,
that's why heroes exiiiiiiiist!!

Nahatomb: .... Pitiful.... After all,
you are merely dancing dolls
within my hands....

Nahatomb: Then, at least,
those bodies which are seething with dreams
will become my power.

Nahatomb: There will always be one hero!

*"Are you heroes?" in Middle English

-=Intermission 1: The True Hero=-

<"Nahato's Darkness">
Nahatomb: You fools... Why do you defy me?
Why do you not honor me...!?

Klonoa: Unlike you,
we're waaayyyy more like heroes!!

Nahatomb: You do not understand....
Then if that is the case, you should enter
inside of me and obey my spirit.
You should realize your foolishness.

Klonoa: Whooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!
Nahatomb: I am Nahatomb.
I reign above all things,
the one and only true hero.

-=Intermission 2: Nahatomb-Danclus=-

<"Nahato's Darkness">
Nahatomb: ........................

Klonoa: ........ Did we do it?
Guntz: .... No, not yet.
My mane's startin' ta get all tingly
from a bad atmosphere around here.

Nahatomb: ........ Dreams....
Klonoa: ... Eh?

Nahatomb: ... Requesting dreams....
above dreams,
.... and having come
to suffer in dreams....

Nahatomb: If they are all satisfied,
then only unto heresy will I fall.
Satisfying dreams,
and yet still continuing to suffer...

Nahatomb: Therefore... Therefore, I....!!!
Pango: That light!!

Klonoa: Lolo!?

Nahatomb: I shall consume
all of the world's nightmares.
I shall consume nightmares,
and further create even more nightmares!

Nahatomb: People!
You should cling to hope
within eternal nightmares!
You should honor me as the hero!!

Klonoa: LOLOOO!!
Pango: No, Klonoa!
You'll get taken in too!!

Nahatomb: Shine of the Star Medal!!
Show me! Show me the way!!

Klonoa: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-=Post-Boss: That's Why We'll Keep Going Forward=-


Klonoa: No, Guntz!!
Inside, inside of him, Lolo's still!

Guntz: .... But!!
Pango: .... Wait!!

Pango: Can't you.... hear something........? No,
isn't something arising
inside of your mind....?
Klonoa ...!?

???: .... y....
Klonoa: ........ Eh?

Chipple: .... t's okay! Klonoa's doing his best,
so we're also... gonna do our best....
Popka: Lo... lo, we'll protect her!!

Klonoa: Chipple....!? Popka too!

Karal: I know... that you'll definitely... win!
Pamela: Even if you exchange your lives...
We will return our debt to you!
Guntz: Karal... and Pamela too!?

Diglo: ... Better send my thanks to 'em...
Balue: Drop dead all the way down
ta my dear Lephise's

H.Priestess: Even though they are nightmares,
they are still dreams in the end....
I will gather everyone's dreams
and protect Lolo.

H.Priestess: This, too, is a priestess' duty.
... We can do it.
We will lend you what we can.

Pango: The High Priestess........
.... Mm?
........ Wha? What's this... feeling...?

Boris: I won't... lose either!
So... do your best, Daddy!!
Pango: Bo!? .... Bo!!
Grandpa: ... Klonoa....
There's no need to be lost.
Straight ahead, just straight ahead....
Klonoa: .... Yeah! Grandpa!!

Lolo: ........ I won't lose...
because everyone is here...
Lolo: Klonoa and his friends are here...
Lolo: So I..........
I'll also.........!!

Klonoa: Guntz! Pango!
Guntz: Right on!
Pango: Hrm!

Klonoa: Let's believe in everybody! There's no way
that everyone's dreams'll lose to Nahatomb!!
No matter what!!

Klonoa: That's why!
Guntz: We'll keep going!!
Pango: FORWARD!!!

In that instant.

Just for a moment.

It was just for a moment.

It appeared as if our Medals
had emitted the shine of the stars themselves.

Dr... eams....
More.... more... to me........


-=Ending Pt 1=-

<Lunar Base>
Guntz: .........
Klonoa: Lolo! Hey, Lolo!
Wake up, Lolo!

Lolo: ........................

Klonoa: Nahatomb isn't here anymore!
The mist of nightmares is gone too!
So, so please!

Lolo: ........................

Klonoa: Lolooooo!
Guntz: ................ Klonoa.

Guntz: You felt it too, right? Lolo,
so that she wouldn't hand over
the world's dreams to Nahatomb,
desperately gave it her all...

Guntz: More desperately than us....
Klonoa: But still!

Klonoa: But still,
does that mean she won't wake up!?
She'll just keep sleeping here,
is that what that means!!?

Guntz: ..............

Klonoa: Lolooo...!!

Guntz: Old Guy, isn't there somethin' we can do!?
Pango: .... I'm looking through
"Legend of the Moon and Dreams" right now.

Pango: ... This is it!

Pango: ... For those who have been taken in
by the Disease of Slumber
or those who are lost in such dreams...

Pango: In the land where the wind crosses over,
Breezegale, wherein a unique light resides,
is the breath of a flower to which the ill
are to be exposed to.

Klonoa: Breezegale?
Guntz: A flower of Breezegale....
Hey, you don't mean...

Klonoa: The Radiant Flower....?

Pango: However, that flower
will strictly refuse
to bloom on the land.
Guntz: Then why....?

Klonoa: The Radiant Flower of Joy
is a bud that won't bloom no matter what.
That's why... it's so odd....

Klonoa: It can't! There's no way for a bud
that can't bloom to open up!

Pango: On the other hand,
when it is freed from the yoke of the stars,
it will cure dreams with an abundant shine.

Guntz: The yoke of the stars?
........ H-hey!!

Klonoa: .... Lolo!?

Klonoa: The Radiant Flower just........!!
Guntz: ... Bloomed....!?

Lolo: ........................

Klonoa: Lo........lo..............?

Lolo: ........................
Klonoa: ........................
Lolo: .... We promised
that we'd come back home safe, right?
Klonoa: Lo........

Pango: Hrmm........ The yoke of the stars...
in other words, it meant gravity, I think.
Guntz: Gravity?

Pango: The moon's gravity is low.
The burden on the petals is small too,
so it was able to open at last.... I think.

Guntz: .... Well, whatever. Anyways,
your son should be saved with this too,
right? Thank goodness.
Pango: Yeah!

Guntz: .... Now then,
how 'bout we go back on land!
We might get a reward
for dealin' with Garlen!

Guntz: Oh, that's right.

Guntz: Nahatomb's Star Medal...
... What happened ta that?

Pango: Not sure. Nahatomb's disappeared...
... is all that we can say.

Pango: On the other hand,
it was just for a moment,
but it also felt like our Medals
became Star Medals or something....

Guntz: .... It's still Gold.
Pango: Hrmm..........
.... Very well then!!

Pango: Klonoa, when the time comes,
Guntz: Let's do some more beatin' up again.

Klonoa: Guntz, Pango!
Klonoa: Let's go home! Back to our land!
Klonoa: Back to our home!
With everyone!!


Klonoa Heroes
         ~Legendary Star Medal~
[line break]

   Toshiyuki Nakanishi
[line break]
Game Design
   Toshiyuki Nakanishi
   Aisaku Yamanaka

Character Design
   Yoshihiko Arawi
   Shouko Kadotani
   Takashi Kurihara
   Misaki Imai

Pixel Art
   Misaki Imai
   Shouko Kadotani
   Atsuko Kadoya

Pixel Art
   Akiko Matsunaga
   Rieko Niwa
   Masaharu Okada

Map Layout
   Akiko Matsunaga
   Rieko Niwa
   Masaharu Okada
   Noriyoshi Sekiyama
   Atsuko Kadoya

Puppet Design
   Takahashi Kurihara
   Manabu Okano
   Shouko Kadotani
[line break]
Interface Design
   Takashi Kurihara

   Yoshihiko Arawi
   Manabu Okano
   Shouko Kadotani
   Takashi Kurihara
   Hidekazu Shirai

Main Program
   Yoshikazu Hatou
[line break]
Character Program
   Eiji Akahori

Customize Program
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[line break]
Map Program
   Hiroyuki Akamatsu
[line break]
Puppet Program
   Harada Hideki

Sound Director
   Kanako Kakino
[line break]
   Yoshinori Kawamoto
   Yuuji Masubuchi
   Kanako Kakino

Sound Effect
   Yuuji Masubuchi
   Kanako Kawakino
[line break]
Mixing Engineer
   Masanobu Murakami

Theme Song
   "Sign of Hero"
   Lyrics: Yoshihiko Arawi
   Composer: Kanako Kakino
   Arrangement: Kei Kusama
      (KURID INT'L)
   Vocals: Kumiko Watanabe

Character Voice
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      Shouzou Iizuka

Voice Reconfiguration
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[line break]
Reconfiguration Engineer
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Reconfiguration Assistant
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[line break]
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Character Voice

Graphic Design
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[line break]
Web Design
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[line break]
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Boxmare Design
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[line break]
Quality Control
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Test Players
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   Reiko Yokota

Special Thanks
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Special Thanks
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Special Thanks
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Special Thanks
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   Takashi Nakamura

   Tsuyoshi Kobayashi



-=Ending Pt 2=-

After that....

Pango returned to the family he loves.
With the power of the Radiant Flower,
his child's Sleeping Sickness was cured,
and now, he's completely back
to the mischevious child he is.

Before the summer festival starts,
Pango's doing his best
to prepare the fireworks.

In the picture that Pango sent me,
he somehow looked even more lively
than the time he was adventuring.

I'm looking forward
to meeting him at the summer festival!

Guntz disappeared unkowingly.
He probably wandered out on a trip again.

He said that he got his father's revenge,
so it doesn't seem like he lost his meaning
for his adventure.

In the end, I never got to hear
what he'd do with the money he earned...
Well, in the meantime,
we might get to see each other again!

And I....

<Blossom Pass, Wind Village>
Chipple: Klonoaaa!!

Klonoa: Huuaaaaaahh.... C'mon,
I was having a good dream.
Chipple: You were napping in a place like thiiis?

Chipple: Your Hero Medal,
you still haven't shown it to me.
Klonoa: Really?

Klonoa: Heheh, I wonder what I should do....
Chipple: Don't tease me. I want you to show me!

Klonoa: Alright. Theeen! Ta-daaaaaaaaaa!!
........................ Huh?

Klonoa: A Blank... Medal....?

Chipple: What's wrong?
Klonoa, I'm sure you said that
it turned into a Gold Medal
or a Star Medal or something...

Klonoa: Huuuh...? That's weird....

Klonoa: ........................

Klonoa: .............. Well, whatever.
Chipple: Eehhh!?

Klonoa: Stuff like this happens too. Besides,
I found a really good secret place!
It's amazing! I'll take you there!

Chipple: Eh, really? Ah, hey, wait.
I'm going toooo!!
I wonder if it was because
I was playing around too much....
The Medal unknowingly
went back to its original state.

But it's nothing to worry over.
It's simple!
If I just go out on an adventure again,
then it'll be alright!

The power to keep going forward each step.

With just that,

I can become a hero at any time.

|            Extra Story              |					[EXstr]

-=Breezegale Opening: A Reuniting of Heroes!=-

<Bell Hill>
Klonoa: ... Whoa, there're still Phantom Beasts
roaming about in a place like this!
Even though we took care of Garlen!

Pango: Oooh? Klonoa! If it isn't Klonoa!
Klonoa: Pango! And...

Guntz: ... Yo.
Klonoa: Guntz is with you too!
Why're you two together!?

Pango: Well, there's been a suspicious rumor
going around...
We were concerned and came here.
Guntz: That's when we bumped into you.

Klonoa: A rumor?
Pango: Hrmm, about that... it seems like
there's someone who's gathering
the left over Phantom Beasts.

Pango: If it's true, then we were thinking
that it might be a guy who's
up to no good again.

Klonoa: ... Could it be Janga or Joka!?
Guntz: We're not sure 'bout that...
but it could be them or...
could be someone else.

Guntz: Dunno what's goin' on,
but if we don't kick 'em down ta the end,
then we won't be able ta sleep at ease,

Klonoa: In other words,
you just want a reward, don't you?
Guntz: Sh-shut up!!

Pango: Hahaha. Well, in any case,
we were concerned, so we thought of
looking around for a little bit.
Klonoa: I see! Alright!

Guntz: The heck. You're plannin' ta come too?
Klonoa: Of COURSE!
It's a reuniting of heroes!

Guntz: Tch.... won't the split get lower?
Klonoa: Oooh, so you really do want a reward...
Guntz: Shut up! Let's go already!

Klonoa: Ah, wait up, Guntz!
Pango: Hahahaha, haven't changed at all, huh?

-=Breezegale Closing: Who's the Culprit?=-

<Bell Hill>
Klonoa: Phew, that was pretty tough.
Guntz: What?
Hah, did ya get weaker while we weren't
keepin' an eye on ya for a bit?

Klonoa: Quiet.
The Phantom Beasts here are strong!
Pango: Hrmm, that's true.... oh?

Pango: These are...
Guntz: Swimming goggles, flippers, snorkels....
fishing tools, and nausea medication?

Klonoa: There really aren't any
deep lakes or rivers for tools like that
to be needed around here though.
Pango: Which means that the culprit is....

Klonoa: From Jugkettle... I wonder.
Pango: Hrmm.... not much of a choice.
Why don't we try going there?

Klonoa: ... Why're you fishing
for the nausea medication?
Guntz: U-uuuhh, ya know.... hahahahaha!

-=Jugkettle Opening: Phantom Beasts Spotted=-

<Jugkettle Bay>
Klonoa: ... So there're new Phantom Beasts
spotted out at the sea too?
Karal: [Squeal!]

Karal: It's not a place where boats pass,
so the harbor people aren't concerned,
but Mommy's still worried.

Pango: Have you seen anyone suspicious around?
Karal: Mmm, I dunno, but I'll try asking Mommy.

Guntz: Talkin' won't do us any good.
Let's try divin' with the Depth Suit
for the time being.
Pango: Mm? First, I think a boat around here...

Guntz: We're gonna try ta dive!!
Pango: H-hrmm...

-=Jugkettle Closing: Hero and Strength=-

<Jugkettle Bay>
Klonoa: I wonder if there are any clues around...
Pango: We haven't found anything so far, huh...?
Oh, Karal!

Karal: [Squeal!] I asked Mommy!

Karal: She doesn't know if it's
a suspicious person, but
she said there's a round person who was
looking around the bottom of the ocean.

Guntz: A round person?
Klonoa: Round........ Wh, it can't be!!

Pango: I-I'm different!
I'm not round, I'm just rough!
Klonoa: Rough, huh....

Guntz: Either way, that's not enough.
Any other clues?
Karal: Mmm, Mommy said that
that person's going torwards the ruins.

Pango: The ruins? You mean at The Moon Nation?
Karal: Probably so.

Pango: Hrmm. There's no choice.
At this rate, we'll have to-
Guntz: I'm not ridin' a boat! No way!!

Pango: Even if you say that,
at this rate, we won't be able-
Klonoa: Yeah, right.

Guntz: Ughhh~....
Klonoa: Alright, let's get on a boat already!

Karal: Klonoa... he's somehow gotten stronger...
Pango: He's gonna become
that kind of an adult, huh...

-=Moon Ruins Opening: A Round Shadow!?=-

<The Moon's Village>
Diglo: Hmm... I'm sure I also feel that
there's some kind of commotion going on
in a place away from here, but...
I don't know any details.

Klonoa: I see...
Pango: Well, why don't we try looking there?

Diglo: Oooh, that's right. How about this.
I'll try some special divining.
Mattoh... [mumble mumble mumble] la...

Klonoa: Divining?
Guntz: Pathetic. It's a waste of time.
Pango: Well, since he's doing it for us....

Diglo: Hm... what's this...?
I can see some kind of round shadow...
Klonoa: A round shadow!?

Pango: It's the same thing that Pamela said!
Could this be what I think it could be?
Guntz: Keh, it's just a coincidence, right?

Diglo: I see it!
The culprit with a round shadow...!
Klonoa: The culprit!?
Diglo: The culprit!

Diglo: .... The culprit is a round guy!
Klonoa: Guuuhhh!

Pango: Mister, Mister....
Diglo: Aaah, no, sorry.
I'll try to do it a little more carefully,
so can you wait?

Guntz: I told ya it's a waste of time, right?
Klonoa: There's no choice, huh.
In the meantime, let's try
looking around here for a little too...

-=Moon Ruins Closing: Round, Grinning, and Puffy=-

<The Moon's Village>
Klonoa: Phew, puzzles all over. I'm dizzy...
Pango: They're just like the mazes
that Joka made...

Diglo: Oooh, you came back safe, huh?
I've got some results.
Klonoa: Really?

Diglo: Unfortunately, I don't know
who the culprits are.
But I know one important thing.
Pango: Important thing?

Diglo: I saw the shadows.
There isn't just one culprit!
Along with a round guy
are two more people!

Diglo: A group of three consisting of
a round guy, a grinning guy,
and a puffy guy!!
Klonoa: A group of three!?

Klonoa: Could that mean....?
Pango: Hr-mmm........
Guntz: Hey, hey, wait a second.

Guntz: Divining isn't the kinda stuff
that's easy ta believe.
Diglo: Well, I won't tell you to believe it
if you don't want to.

Pango: Either way, strong Phatom Beasts
are appearing here and there.
We shouldn't ignore this for now.

Pango: I wonder if we should go to
the Temple in the Sky for once
and consult with the High Priestess.
Klonoa: Yeah.

Guntz: My oh my...

-=Temple in the Sky Opening: A Sneaky Mysterious Group of 3=-

<Temple in the Sky>
H.Priestess: ... A group of three
that's gathering Phantom Beasts? Well...
I don't feel the presence of nightmares...
Pango: Hrmm...

H.Priestess: Certainly, there has been a commotion
at the Temple in the Sky as well, but...
fortunately, since it is away from here,
we are still looking at the situation.

Klonoa: Seems like everyone's been saying that, huh.
A place without people or a place
that's not being used. Doesn't it feel like
there's quite a few things to think about?

Guntz: Sneakin' around. I don't like it.
Pango: Well, in any case, why won't we try going?

H.Priestess: ... A round person, a grinning person,
and a puffy person........
Pango... Guntz... and Klonoa?

H.Priestess: ........ As I thought,
it's a little different from that....
Not good, what am I thinking?

-=Temple in the Sky Closing: Lolo's Message=-

<Temple in the Sky>
Guntz: Hey, look at this!
Klonoa: Mm, what is it?

Pango: A map....? No, th-this is...!!
Guntz: No mistake!
It's a sketch of the Lunar Base!!

Klonoa: Why's something like this...?
Pango: Hrmm.... a group of three.... huh...?

Guntz: I dunno if I can believe Diglo's stuff,
but this is gettin' suspicious!

Ngapoko: Ngaaa, a message for you, nga.
Lolo: Hello, Klonoa. It's Lolo.
Klonoa: Lolo!

Lolo: Right now, I'm running errands
for the High Priestess at Volk.
A Claire temple is being built here too.

Lolo: Klonoa, I heard you're out on a trip again.
If you're around, please...
.... Kyaaa!!

Lolo: [THUD CRASH THUD].... [plop].
Ngapoko: End of message. Nga.
Klonoa: Lolo!?

Klonoa: Oh no! Something happened with Lolo again!
Guntz: Could it really be that group of three!?
Klonoa: We gotta hurry and go to Volk!!

Pango: ... Ah, I didn't really
want to say this, but... Lolo,
wasn't it just her clumsiness again....?

-=Volk City Opening: Hurry Hurry!=-

<Volk Industrial Zone>
Popka: Yo, Klonoa. Why're you rushing around
with that look on your face?
Klonoa: Popka!

Klonoa: Lolo! Where's Lolo!?
Popka: Lolo? Aaah, she's out
with the other priestesses to check on
the new temple.

Pango: Lolo's safe, right?
Popka: Yeah, nothing special.
Still airheaded as usual though.

Klonoa: I'm worried. Let's hurry!
Popka: Ah, heyyy, Klonoa!!

Popka: Aaaah, that's a no-entry zone.
Aren't you just being careless
like Lolo...?

-=Volk City Closing: A Pink Shadow=-

<Volk Industrial Zone>
Klonoa: Lolooo! Lolooo!
Guntz: Mm, oh?

Guntz: Look. A rocket's flyin'.
Klonoa: Rocket?
Pango: Mm!

Pango: The rocket's window!
I'm sure I just saw a round shadow!
And... someone else with a pink shadow!

Guntz: Pink...
Klonoa: It's Lolo!!

Klonoa: We gotta go after them!
Let's get on a rocket!!
Guntz: My oh my, space again...?
Pango: Rmmm....

Lolo: Klonoaaaa.
That's odd... He's not here, Popka.
Popka: Geez, busy group of guys, huh.

-=The Moon World Opening: Hrmm, Something's Getting Mixed Up=-

<Surface of the Moon>
Pango: I'm sure the rocket landed around here...
Klonoa: Lolooo!

Guntz: Whoah, whoah. What the hell!
The Lunar Base's alarms're still active!!

Guntz: .... Either way, looks like
someone turned on the alarm switch
in this Area just a while ago...

Klonoa: We gotta go after them!
Pango: Calm down! Here, you forgot the Depth Suit.

Guntz: As usual, if we're in the same Area
for a fixed time, it'll blow up.
Don't linger around for too long!

Klonoa: Darn iiit! Hold on, Lolo!!

Pango: Hrmmm... sure feels like some-thing's
getting mixed up in this....

-=The Moon World Closing: Sooomething's Odd=-

<Surface of the Moon>
Klonoa: O-over there!
The group of three!!
Guntz: It's them, huh!!?

Klonoa: They ran away!
Torwards the Lunar Base!!
Guntz: Hey, WAIT!!

Pango: Mmmmmm? If Lolo were there with them,
then it'd be a group of four, right?
Sooomething's odd here....

-=Lunar Base Opening: The Group of 3 Isn't Garlen's!?=-

<Lunar Base>
Klonoa: Darn iiit,
where'd the group of three go!?

Guntz: HEY, did someone come here?

Guntz: Alright! This time, we'll beat 'em up!!
Klonoa: Garlen! Janga! Joka!
Give Lolo baaaack!!

Pango: ... Wh, hey, wait!
If the group of three were them,
then why would they be called suspicious???

Pango: That's not it, Klonoa! The group of three
isn't Garlen and the others!!

-=Lunar Base Closing: Phantom Beast Leisure Land!=-

<Lunar Base>
Klonoa: Got youuu!!
Guntz: HEYYY!!
???: Whuuuh???
???: Wh-what???
???: Owowowowowow!!

Klonoa: ... Uuhh, h-huuuh?????

Klonoa: O-Old Man!?
Balue: Grrrrrr, what's goin' on!!?

Guntz: Th-then the other two are...?
Momett: Oh dear, what in the world!
Mamett: Forgive us, Brother!!

Klonoa: A round guy...
Balue: Huuuh?
Guntz: A grinning guy...
Mamett: Huuuh?
Pango: And a puffy guy.... and also pink...
Momett: My goodness, I wonder
what happened with these people?

Klonoa: A Phantom Beast Leisure Land????

Momett: Yes. We Momett Brothers
and our friend Balue
were thinking of making a theme park!

Balue: While you were chasin' after us,
we were gatherin' Phantom Beasts.

Mamett: Well, the whole commotion with the
Phantom Beasts has calmed down,
and they'd help us make a fortune.
This'll be a nice profit...

Klonoa: Hey hey heyyy....
Pango: Well, I thought this would
eventually happen, but... ahahaha.

Guntz: Geez... even when causin' trouble,
ya should know your limits!
Mamett: Ooooh!? Aren't you Mister Guntz!?

Mamett: I've been eyeing at your skills! Please
agree to become our Campaign Character!
Guntz: H-hey!

Mamett: Of course, you can treat yourself
to lots of contract money! Now then,
let's take our time talking over here...

Klonoa: Guuuhhhh....
Balue: So why're you guys here?
Klonoa: Eh? Ah! Right, Lolo!!

Ngapoko: A message for you, nga.
Lolo: Klonoa, it's Lolo.
Klonoa: Lolo!?

Lolo: Sorry about before. I tripped
while sending the message...
Popka: She was sendin' it while walking!

Lolo: Klonoa, you came to Volk, right? Sorry,
it looks like there was
some kind of misunderstanding.

Lolo: And... kyaa
[THUD CRASH THUD].... [plop].
Ngapoko: End of message. Nga.

Klonoa: L-Lolo... ahahaha.
Pango: .... A wasted effort... huh.

Momett: Mm, oh, Klonoa... that Medal...
Klonoa: Eh?

Klonoa: When did it...!!?
Pango: A Gold Medal!!? Hahaha,
you really give it your all
on anything, huh, Klonoa!

Klonoa: Hahaha... Well, that's good!
It was interesting anyways!!
Old Man, I'll help too!

Klonoa: Let's gather Phantom Beasts
and make a wonderful theme park
where everyone can play together!!
Right, Pango!!?

Pango: Hrmmm. Well then....

Klonoa: Let's go!!

|4.    ~* Acknowledgements *~         |

As mentioned in the introduction, the meat of this guide, the script, was
supplied by CalmSerenity, as were the tutorials.  That script may not exist,
however, if not for the efforts of a certain RollingMeowcat to produce a
translated ROM, even if that ROM never came to be.  CalmSerenity's translation
was initially made for that project, and was formatted with that purpose in
mind (which was why I overhauled its formatting, as its new purpose is ease of
use).  As much as I am thankful for CalmSerenity's help with Moonlight Museum,
I cannot express how much I value the lending of a translation of this game's
script for everybody to enjoy.  It would truly be a significant part of the
Klonoa series to miss out on.

I did not produce the rest of this guide alone.  Although everything aside from
the script and tutorials was typed by my own hands, I received much advice from
Vokadae on certain matters, primarily for occasional help translating item
names and descriptions, as well as a few second opinions on creative decisions.

All four of these people, CalmSerenity, RollingMeowcat, Vokadae, and myself,
have put an exceptional amount of time into producing what eventually became
this guide, the culmination of what may have been literally hundreds of hours
of work (having timed myself for other purposes, I took over sixty hours, and
Serenity contributed massively more than I did).  I think all of us would want
nothing more than to thank the people using this guide for allowing us to help
contribute to your enjoyment of the otherwise-incomplete Klonoa series that
we all care for deeply.

All rights reserved.

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