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Sonic Advances some more! 06/04/03 benjones1blj
Another Great game from Sega 12/20/02 Bronx88
This game is so great, it makes the first sonic game for the GBA look like crap 06/26/03 CAHowell
Sonic does it again 10/22/07 Da_GTA_Masta
Blue hedgehog gets own game..... again. 05/05/03 Fred Dibnah
Another fun Sonic game with a few minor flaws. 06/06/03 GameCubeGuy49
Sonic is great! 12/21/02 InitialXero
Very fun handhekd game 06/07/13 irrewonderful
Wayy too short for a Sonic game 12/07/04 peach freak
An awesome game! But a few minor flaws. 03/15/03 pokemaster252
On a scale of 1 - Great, Sonic Advance 2 is AWESOME!!! 02/06/03 Protoman74
A good game, but tough... 03/20/03 Rollo T
Best Sonic Game since, dare I say it, Sonic 2 for Sega Genesis 05/06/03 Sandact6
Feel the speed and the fun with Sonic the Hedgehog 06/04/03 Shadow blackHedgehog
A great rent, but not a good buy. This Sonic will quench your thirst for long enough. 02/26/09 ShinyKendo
One of the hardest (and best) Sonic games ever made! 12/20/02 Sketch Tucker
Colorful and Brilliant 03/16/03 soniconcube
2d Sonic gaming has just been improved! 03/23/03 SSJ6Gohan
Sonic's third debut on the GBA, a great one at that 03/16/03 Super Sonic Spirit2
Wow, they did everything right, and this is what we get... 03/12/03 T03 NEMESIS
Sonic Advance 2, Just as good as the classic Genesis games. 12/07/05 TehShowstoppa
Blarg...this game is fun, yet.. 04/18/03 The 1035th Ninja
So, the only thing I'm looking forward to now is the Tiny Chao Garden... 08/14/08 TwoTailedChaos
In my opinion, this is one of the best Sonic games ever released. 03/23/09 Vyse_skies
It's like Sonic Adventure, but Really Bad 05/04/03 willis5225
Finally a decent Sonic game 07/27/07 wolverinefan
The not so spectacular sequel to Sonic Advance 03/25/03 xeno
Another great Sonic game that should be owned by all Sonic fans 03/17/03 XxXRPGFREAKXxX

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