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The next entry in the "Narikiri Dungeon" series that appeared on Game Boy as part of the legendary role-playing "Tales of Phantasia" game series. A Cosplay RPG, in which the characters are strengthened by changing costumes, arrives on GBA with various additional elements and new features.

The two main characters are a boy named Julio and a girl named Caro. They are given the power of "impersonation" by the goddess to prevent a crisis, the collapse of the world tree that controls the alternate world, Yugrados. By dressing in various costumes, you can acquire the professional abilities that reside in them.

In this game, in addition to the series "Narikiri System" and "Linear Motion Battle" where you can enjoy action-packed battles, the new "Quest System" is introduced. Which exists to complete small quests requested by others. Since the quests change depending on the actions taken by the player, it is possible for each player to enjoy different developments. You can obtain request rewards with rare items, ensuring that you will enjoy actively accepting requests.

In addition, characters from other entries in the series such as Mint and Arche perform in a dream collaboration, and there are many elements that will make fans happy.

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