1. Vincent Hattenberger Creative Support (Infogrames Europe)
  2. Oliver Davies Design
  3. John Heckley Design
  4. Pete Hodbod Design
  5. Bill Levay Executive Producer (Infogrames)
  6. Bennet Aldous Graphics
  7. Tracey Clarke Graphics
  8. Pete Gough Graphics
  9. Andy Hoggetts Graphics
  10. Doug Holmes Graphics
  11. Paul Robinson Graphics
  12. Andy Stockton Graphics
  13. Alex Szeles Graphics
  14. Jason Falcus Joint MD / Development Director
  15. Andy Taylor Lead Programmer
  16. Stephane Enteric Localization Support (Infogrames Europe)
  17. Weronika Larsson Localization Support (Infogrames Europe)
  18. Philippe Louvet Localization Support (Infogrames Europe)
  19. Valerie Maillot Localization Support (Infogrames Europe)
  20. Jocelyn Natali Localization Support (Infogrames Europe)
  21. Sylviane Pivot-Chossat Localization Support (Infogrames Europe)
  22. Marlous Van Vliet Localization Support (Infogrames Europe)
  23. Jon Wells Music
  24. Pete Hodbod Produced by
  25. Neil Holmes Produced by
  26. Steve Bruce Producer (Blitz Games)
  27. Darren Wood Producer (Blitz Games)
  28. Nick Cowen Programmer
  29. Neil Holmes Programmer
  30. Stuart Leonardi Programmer
  31. John May Programmer
  32. Chris White Programmer
  33. Ken Allen Senior Producer
  34. Todd Hartwig Senior Producer
  35. Logik State Sound Driver
  36. Tim Haywood Sound Effects
  37. Neil Holmes Tools & Technology
  38. Chris Simpson Tools & Technology
  39. Andy Whyte Tools & Technology


Data and credits for this game contributed by BGoldTLE, Cosmic!, Guard Master, Lisanne, odino, and oliist.

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