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Nightmare Isn't That Much Of A Bad Dream 01/03/03 akuma master
The Nightmare faces the pink! 12/20/02 Alextheodd
The Pink Puff Ball returns 01/19/03 C Hiroki
Kirby explodes into your GBA in a burst of pink! 10/18/05 CallumPwns
A great buy for travelers 04/13/03 Child of Asuka
My first Kirby....and I love it! 06/14/03 DarkCrono x2
Relive the Classic, with improvements galore! 12/09/02 Eje12345
The pink puff ball is better than ever! 01/12/03 EliteMan
A 1993 classic makes a perfect comeback. 05/12/03 Fred Dibnah
All Hail Kirby's Triumphant Debut on GBA 12/07/02 HMManiac12
Kirby served fresh with buttered rice 07/05/03 IheartCheese
A legend is reborn on the GBA! 11/30/02 MajinMetaKnight
Tickle me pink. 08/11/17 Malorkus
Kirby: Right Back from NES! 06/07/03 MegaMario39
Is it better than Kirby's Adventure? 03/07/12 Ofisil
Now those new-schoolers can see what all the fuss is about. 12/15/02 Reokun
Nightmare of simplicity 12/22/02 Ryu Killer Dragon
Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland! Good or Not? 06/02/03 Shinobiyoru
How can I help you King DeDeDe? Give me a copy of that thare Kirby! 12/28/02 Spitball Sparky
The Pink PuffBall Returns! 12/30/04 TiMe bOmB
Disappointment in Pink 01/08/03 True Darem
This game is great -- it justs ends quickly. 12/09/02 Trunks2490
Kirby's Back! But smaller.... 12/01/02 vampyro
Puyo puyo! 12/11/06 wetwillies
Kirby's back and he brought his classic adventure to the GBA 11/30/02 Wolf4knowledge
The Power of the Puff 12/18/02 X Zero 1134
Great, fun gameplay outweighs easy/shortness 12/08/02 xBlueKirby
Over all a great game. 01/06/03 XxTonexX

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