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Guide and Walkthrough by KMFX24

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 09/01/2011

Welcome to...
For the GameBoy Advance
Complete FAQ/Walkthrough
Written by Keith McMullen
Current version: Version 1.3
Completed:    06/24/2004
Last revised: 02/26/2012
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hit Ctrl + F on your keyboard and use the [XXXX] search tool next to the
section that you want to view.

 01. Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [INTR]
 02. Version History  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [VRHX]
 03. Controls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CNTR]
 04. Power-Ups  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [PWUP]
 05. Walkthrough  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [WALK]
      > Level 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CLV1]
      > Level 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CLV2]
      > Level 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CLV3]
      > Level 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CLV4]
      > Level 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CLV5]
      > Level 6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CLV6]
 06. Credits  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CRDT]
 07. Legal info . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [LGIF]
01.  INTRODUCTION                                                        [INTR]
Hello, and welcome to my guide for Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX. I had
actually completed and submitted this guide many years ago, but later ended
up removing it. However I've recently found a saved copy of this guide as
well as my Rainbow Six 3 guide, which I have also reuploaded to GameFAQs. If
you want a more complete story about all this, check out the introduction
section on my Rainbow Six 3 guide. Basically the only thing I have changed
since I last wrote this is the formatting - I completely redid that. Other
than that what you see is exactly the same as what was written back in 2004.
Therefore, you might notice my style of writing isn't exactly the same as it
is now (and by not the same, I mean worse.) I eventually might go back and
redo this guide completely, but as of right now I have several other projects
that I'm working on and don't have the time.

If you have any questions or comments, send me an email at:

kmfx24 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Please make sure you include the words "Alien Wars EX" in the title of the
email so I know what game you're talking about. I also wrote an FAQ for
Contra: Shattered Soldier, so it'll just make it easier on me if I already
know what game you're talking about before I read the email. As always any
questions, comments, or information is welcome - please refrain from sending
any hate mail. If you send me something that I use in the FAQ, credit will
of course be given.
02.  VERSION HISTORY                                                     [VRHX]
Version 1.3 (02/26/2012) - Revised the formatting a bit. Also changed my stance
 on posting this guide on websites other than GameFAQs, -> PLEASE READ UPDATED

Version 1.2 (09/05/2011) - Just fixed a few spelling/grammar mistakes, nothing

Version 1.1 (09/01/2011) - Redid the entire format of the FAQ, and resubmitted
 it to GameFAQs. Might eventually play through the game and redo a lot of the
 content, but as of right now that's on hold for several other things.

Version 1.0 (06/24/2004) - FAQ/Walkthrough completed.
03.  CONTROLS                                                            [CNTR]
Start button - Pause/Select highlighted option

Directional pad - Move/Aim with weapon/Highlight mode

A button - Jump/Cancel
B button - Shoot (hold for rapid fire)/Select highlighted option
L button - Lock shooting angle while moving.
R button - Lock character movement while controlling weapon direction.
04.  POWER-UPS                                                           [PWUP]
In Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX you can get power-ups for your weapon.
In order to get these power weapons you need to shoot down the weapon pods
that will fly across the screen, then a weapon icon will drop out of one,
grab it to get that weapon power-up. You can only have 1 type of weapon at
a time, so once you pick up a new weapon power-up the previous one you had
you will no longer be able to use unless you pick up another weapon icon of
it. Also, when you lose a life the weapon power-up will be lost as well.
Here are what the letters on the weapon icons mean:

B = Barrier - Your character will be invincible for a short amount of time.
C = Crash   - Explodes on contact.
F = Fire    - Turns weapon into a flamethrower.
H = Homing  - Fires homing missiles.
L = Laser   - Fires a laser which will go through objects.
S = Spread  - Fires bullets in several directions.

My personal opinion - the S is the way to go. Seriously, the thing is so
overpowered and it makes this game just so much easier. Always take the S when
you have the option, unless you really want a challenge.
05.  WALKTHROUGH                                                         [WALK]
Here you will find a complete walkthrough of Contra Advance: The Alien Wars
EX. This walkthrough is complete, and if you find any errors in it please feel
free to email me about it.

Also note that Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX is a very hard game, and
although I may make it sound like some of the areas in a level are easy to
get past, it's easier said than done. Some levels you may have to play
through several times to get it down, but I hope this walkthrough helps
give you a heads up on what's to come in the next area of the game before
you go to it. Good luck.

LEVEL 1                                                                  [CLV1]

Run forwards a bit and a weapon pod will fly across the top of the screen,
shot it to pick up the barrier power-up which will make your player
invincible for a short amount of time. Run forward and shoot the car until
it blows up then shoot the enemy behind it. Run forward some more and 2 more
weapon pods will fly across the screen to the top. Shoot both and grab
whichever power-up you want. Since you are invincible for a short amount of
time right now you can let the enemies run right through you when you
go to pick up the power-ups. Run forward and take out any enemies behind you
and the gun set up in front of you, a sniper is up at the right, take him
out and any other enemies coming towards you.

Run forward some more, shooting any enemies that are coming up behind you.
Run forward and take out the next gun and enemy, run past the dog eating
out of some trash. Two enemies will come breaking out of the windows of the
store in the background, quickly shoot them then the dog that was eating
trash will chase after you, turn around the kill the dog.

Run forward some more past the next dog, watch out for the enemy that will
drop down off of the ledge in front of you jump over him, take out the
sniper at the ledge to the right then run forward some more and this dog will
run after you as well, shoot this dog as well. Run forward some more past
the next dog and shoot the enemy running at you, this dog also will chase
after you however you probably won't have enough time to turn around and
shoot it without losing a life so jump over it instead. Jump up to the
top ledge in the background and run across it.

In the next area is a fortress with a sniper on the top, from the top ledge
lay down and take him out but quickly jump back up to dodge his fire. From
the safety of the top ledge shoot out the two guns firing bombs from the
fortress, then lock your gun so it is pointing diagonally to the right, then
from the top ledge jump up and down shooting the red ball in the middle
of the fortress. Keep shooting the red ball until the fortress is destroyed.

Run forward and jump in the tank. Take out any enemies that appear in front
of you (which shouldn't be too hard) and ignore any snipers or enemies on
the top ledges. Keep moving forward until you come to another fortress;
quickly destroy this one as well, a few blasts from the large tank will
easily destroy it.

Keep moving forward and you'll come to a place in the ground where fire
is being shot out of. Get out of the tank and wait for the fire to be low
then jump over it, do the same at the next one. Then do it at the next
two after that. Shoot any other weapon pods that appear at the top.

Move forwards a bit and a wall in the background will tear down and a guy
in a large tank will come out over you, he looks intimidating but actually
is very easy to kill. Move to the left of the screen and lock your weapon
with it aiming towards him. When he fires missiles into the air stay close
to him while all the time shooting at him. Watch out for when he stops
backing up and starts to move the tank towards you, if you're too close he
might crush you but this shouldn't be much of a problem. Keep pummeling
ammo into him until his tank explodes.

Run forwards some more and you'll come to an area with 2 pillars in the
background. A plane will come by and shoot missiles down, when it does
quickly jump onto one of the pillars in the back because the whole ground
will turn into one big inferno. Jump across the next few pillars and you'll
come to a railing which you can hold onto. Jump towards it and he will
grab a hold of it. Just a head is another raging fire, wait until it dies
down and quickly move past it. Move past the next few fires the same way.

You will come to another railing, grab a hold of it and move forwards and
you'll see a large archway of fire, once it stopped quickly jump onto the
railing below then onto the pillar to the right and lay down, wait for it
to pass above you 1 more time then jump down to the next railing and onto
the last pillar. The fire will then stop.

 Move forwards to the last area where there are 2 pillars to the left. A
large turtle will then come busting through the wall to the right!

           +              BOSS: GIANT TURTLE              +
           + This guy actually isn't all that though. One +
           + of his attacks is to let loose a swarm of    +
           + moths from the top of his shell, just aim    +
           + your weapon at them and shoot them. Watch out+
           + for any balls of electricity he will shoot   +
           + at you. Also every now and then he will lunge+
           + his head at you in an attempt you attack you,+
           + Just jump up to the left of the top ledge    +
           + when you see him ready to do this. Also,     +
           + watch out for some balls he will spit out of +
           + his mouth at you, jump over them when they   + 
           + come which sometimes is tricky. Also, when   +
           + you see him opening his mouth and charging   +
           + some kind of fire ball, go up to the top     +
           + ledge and stay there dodging any more balls  +
           + of electricity that he will throw at you.    +
           + (The reason why you can't lay at the bottom  +
           + and keep shooting the heart during this time +
           + is because if he shoots off any electricity  +
           + balls at you you won't be able to escape     +
           + them.) Keep firing at the heat that is below +
           + his head. The way to kill him is to destroy  +
           + that heart, so keep shooting at it.          +

LEVEL 2                                                                  [CLV2]

On this level you start out on a train. Run forward and a weapon pod will
appear above you, shoot it down then quickly shoot out any enemies that
are near you. Keep running down the train and shooting any enemies that
appear. You'll come to a part where an object is on the train floor and
you need to jump over it. When you do you'll grab onto the top of the train,
quickly hold the down arrow and the A button to let go of the top of the
train since you don't want to be up there.

Continue running down the train shooting any enemies in front of you or
in back of you. You'll come to a place with 2 more objects on the floor
close to each other, jump over the one and let go of the top of the train
and jump over the next one and drop down again, clear the area of enemies
and a little ahead of you is an enemy shooting balls of electricity, lay
down to avoid his fire then take him out and shoot down the wall behind him.
Now jump up onto the top of the next section of the train.

Run forward and you'll come to an area where there is a small ledge in the
middle and two robots will appear to the right and to the left. Quickly
jump up onto the ledge. These two robots are actually very easy to kill.
They will float up and down firing a fireball, keep shooting at one of them
and whenever the cannon is by the ledge just jump when they shoot, very
easy to avoid. Once one is destroyed the other will crash to the floor and
just run back and forth on the floor. It cannot do any damage to you if
you're on the ledge so simply just keep shooting it until it is destroyed.

Run to the right down off the top of the section of train and jump onto
the railing. Move across it and enemies on a bike will ride up next to
the train and shoot balls of electricity at you and also try to shoot you.
Jump over the balls of electricity and shoot the bikers. Be careful to
not accidentally press the down arrow and the A button at the same time
or you'll drop down off the railing and lose a life. Any easy way to
get past this area is to get ahead of the bikers and jump over the
electricity ball, then aim your gun to the ground and keep shooting, then
when they speed up to try to get in front of you they go right into your
line of fire and get destroyed.

Make your way across the railing and at the end hop onto the pipe to the
right and climb up onto the top of the train. Run to the right and you'll
come to an area where there is a little section in the middle. A machine
will then come up and out of this section. It is what appears to be a
drill attached to some other machine. The drill will go bouncing back and
forth on top of the train, try to be on the other side of the screen from
where it is bouncing around. You cannot shoot this machine to destroy it,
instead what you have to do is this: After it bounces around a little it
will fire up a large fireball and shoot it at you. You know when this is
going to happen because on the screen of the machine it counts down from
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 then shoots. The drill will follow you and try to shoot the
fire ball at you. When it gets around 4 run under the machine so the drill
fires the fireball at the red top of the machine, damaging it. Do this a
few times until the machine is destroyed.

           +              BOSS: Alien Runner              +
           + Run forward to the right until you get to the+
           + front of the train. A machine will then come +
           + running forward to the front of the train and+
           + stop it. While it is stopping it lay down and+
           + keep firing at it. Then it will shoot some   +
           + missiles to the left of the screen, dodge    +
           + them while firing at the machine. Then it    +
           + will shoot off 2 balls of electricity, they  +
           + move up and down, stay to the far left of the+
           + screen and let them move over and below you. +
           + Then he will rock the train up and down, lay +
           + down and shoot him while he does. Then he    +
           + shoot out a wave of blue and red connected   +
           + balls, simple jump over them when they come. +
           + Then he will jump up onto the train and shoot+
           + off more missiles, dodge them as well. Then  +
           + he will jump up and down on the train, go to +
           + the left part of the screen and lay down, he +
           + will not be able to kill you even if it looks+
           + like he is jumping right on you. Now stay    +
           + laying down when he comes back because he    +
           + will try to kick you. Now when he goes back  +
           + to the left of the screen he will bend down  +
           + and roll a fireball across the bottom of the +
           + train, jump over it and shoot him while you  +
           + do. Repeat this pattern until he is dead.    +

LEVEL 3                                                                  [CLV3]

Run forward and you'll come to a sniper on a ledge to the right, shoot him,
and a rolling machine gun is behind you, when it opens up shoot it to destroy
it. Then jump up on the ledge to the right. Jump onto the railing in the
next platform and several rolling machine guns will appear at the bottom,
take them out carefully while dodging their fire, then at the end of the
railing is a sniper, drop down and take him out as well.

Jump onto the next section and dodge/destroy the few rolling machine guns
that appear. Run forward past the windmill and take out the sniper at the end,
then jump onto the railing. Large flying beasts will try to attack and
grab you as you make your way across the railing, if they manage to grab you
then quickly shoot them and grab back onto the railing.

At the end of the railing a machine will come and attack you. On the bottom
of it is a red ball, this is where you have to hit it. It attacks you with
a drill, however it is very easy to dodge just jump over it. It has two
wings that go around it, what you have to do is grab a hold on one of these
wings and when the wing is below it fire up into the red ball, keep doing this
until you destroy the machine. When you destroy it the wings will start
moving real fast, be careful when trying to grab back onto the railing,
make sure you're at the top, but you also need to work fast and get off the
wing fast.

Once it's over the screen will start moving up, grab onto the top railings
and quickly jump over to the wall to the right. A machine will come and
attach itself to the wall, it will slowly climb the wall, keep in between
its two large feet, make sure they don't crush you. When you get to the
top it will bring out two sections of the wall, one above you and one
below you, and they will both have spikes on them, so obviously you can't
touch them. Then it will open the front of it, revealing a red ball, and
when it does it will pull out 2 drills and lunge at you, what you need to
do is get a few shots in at the red ball then quickly move up or down when
it gets close to the wall. You can only get a few shots in, so it may take
a while to kill. After a while of doing this you will destroy it.

Continue climbing up the wall and to the left will be some snipers, just
simply dodge their fire don't bother trying to kill them. Then when you
reach the top pull yourself up. Run to the right, jump over the gap and
onto the next platform and run a little bit farther to the right.

A large alien ship will then appear. First it will drop some bombs below
it, this is easy to dodge as it comes towards you just stay at the far left
of the screen. Then it will release a bunch of enemies from the top of the
ship. This alien ship is actually really easy to destroy. When the
grenades have stopped lock the aim of your gun so you're aiming right
above you, and stand under the ship and keep firing. Not only will you
kill all of the enemies that jump out of the ship you will also damage it.
Keep doing this an shortly the alien ship will be destroyed. Now run to
the right and destroy the weapon pod that comes flying above, it has a
barrier power-up.

Now that you cannot be hit, quickly run to the right and kill a bunch of
snipers who are waiting for you. Then destroy the wall at the end. Enter
the next area. Watch out for the guns that appear on the wall and try to
shoot you, quickly destroy them before they can. Now go to the right,
destroy the gun on the wall and use the spinning poles to jump up to the
next few ledges. (NOTE: Make sure you don't fall down, or you will lose a

To the left come some soldiers, take them out then take out the wall gun
to the left, jump up onto the ledge by the wall gun and more soldiers will
come out of the area to the right, take them out once they do. Then keep
jumping up the next few ledges and taking out the wall guns to the right.
You'll come to a ledge with a few rotating poles to the right and 2 wall
guns at the top, take out the wall guns first. Then use the 2 rotating
poles to get to the next ledge on the right.

Run to the right and make sure you shoot the weapon pod that goes by, it
has the homing missiles which you will NEED. Enter the next room. Two large
robots will be in the room. They will start walking towards you, do all you
can to avoid their fire although it is rather hard considering the small
size of the room. Keep shooting them and hang onto the ceiling of the room,
once one of them is destroyed things get easier. When one of them is
destroyed it will bounce across the floor of the room. Stay on the ceiling
and just keep shooting the other robot until that one is destroyed as
well. Now they're just bouncing around the floor of the room, and if you're
on the ceiling just keep firing down until both of them have been destroyed.

Once they're both down the real boss will show itself.

           +              BOSS: Giant Robot               +
           + The first thing this boss will do is shoot   +
           + some beams from his eyes which will follow   +
           + you. To avoid them, when he shoots them start+
           + to climb up a wall, grab onto the ceiling    +
           + then drop down. By now the balls will have   +
           + vanished. Now start shooting the boss, and   +
           + keep shooting him every chance you get. Now  +
           + comes the tricky part. He will shoot fire out+
           + of his mouth, and it will go around the whole+
           + room so there is no place to hide. When he   +
           + starts shooting the fire out of his mouth    +
           + try to get behind the fire and follow right  +
           + behind it, but make sure not to touch it.    +
           + Try to keep up with it. Then once the fire   +
           + is over, shoot him some more and he will     +
           + release some bombs in the room which have a  +
           + timer on them, that timer shows when they're +
           + going to explode. Quickly climb up one of    +
           + the walls and get to the ceiling, make sure  +
           + you're as far away from the bombs as         +
           + possible. Keep this pattern up until the     +
           + boss is destroyed, which actually won't take +
           + all that long.                               +

LEVEL 4                                                                  [CLV4]

The level begins with you riding a bike through a tunnel. A bunch of enemies
riding in the air then come by and start throwing grenades at you and
shooting at you. Stay to the far left of the screen and when you see them
throw a grenade down jump in the air to avoid the blast. Keep doing this until
you're out of the tunnel. When you're out of the tunnel you'll come to
a tank in front of you. Keep shooting it, and you will also shoot any
missiles it shoots at you, however watch out for the enemies flying in the
air above you, either occasionally stop shooting the tank to shoot them or
keep shooting the tank while dodging their fire.

Once the tank is destroyed a large ship will appear above you. There will
be 2 cannons facing down to the road shooting out lasers. Weave in between
them without getting hit, this can be tricky. Then watch out for the 3
guns that appear after the lasers, jump over their fire when it comes
towards you. Then when the large chain-like thing is at the top near the
ship quickly move underneath it.

Then in the next section a bunch of enemies will move across the railing
above you and try to jump onto you. Keep moving around and shoot them
until they are all gone. Now to the left will be 4 more cannons shooting
lasers down to the ground, carefully weave in between them making sure
you don't get hit by any lasers.

There will be a large cannon hanging down from the ship to the left,
quickly move to the left of it and it will shoot a fireball down which
will go down the road, jump over it when it comes by you. Finally the ship
will pass over you. Now some type of machine with large chain legs will
drop down and come after you. It will shoot missiles out of the back of it,
just keep jumping off your bike and shooting at it, your fire will destroy
the missiles and also damage it. Keep doing this until it is destroyed.

Destroy the weapon pod that appears to get a spread power-up. Now a plane
will come by and fly above you. Position yourself below it then jump off
your bike to grab a hold of the missile it is carrying. An enemy will then
fly by you and attack himself to the missile and will swing back and forth
for a little before pulling himself up beside you and trying to attack
you with a sword and throwing a blade at you, avoid his sword and blade
and keep firing at him. Then the plane will launch the missile you're on.

More missiles will be flying to the left, jump onto them. Then a large
machine appears to the right. 

           +               BOSS: Large Ship               +
           + You cannot shoot the large red area in the   +
           + middle yet, first you must destroy the 2     +
           + small cannons below and above it. This       +
           + machine will shoot bombs at you and the      +
           + lower cannon will shoot regular fire at you. +
           + Keep jumping from missile to missile while   +
           + focusing on shooting one of the cannons. This+
           + is pretty difficult, it may take a while to  +
           + get the hang of it. You shouldn't have to    +
           + worry about the small bombs that it shoots   +
           + off, since the missiles will usually destroy +
           + them when they get hit by them. Once the 2   +
           + small cannons are destroyed you will be able +
           + to shoot the large red area in the middle,   +
           + keep shooting it. It will launch large       +
           + missiles at you, but usually it will just    +
           + wind up destroying a missile, but if it does +
           + come towards you quickly get off the missile +
           + you're on. Keep shooting it until it is      +
           + eventually destroyed.                        +

 (NOTE: If you're playing on Novice difficulty this will be the last level
        and you will not be able to play level 5 or 6 unless you play the
        game on Normal difficulty.)

LEVEL 5                                                                  [CLV5]

Run to the right into the room with aliens in jars. Some aliens will burst
out of the jars and start jumping towards you, quickly shoot them before
they can hurt you. Also shoot down some of the weapon pods flying above,
try to get the homing power-up because it comes in a lot of use here. Move
through the room killing any aliens that burst out of the jars. Run to
the right into the next room.

A large red ball enters the room, and it releases its legs around the room
which will slowly move around. Climb the walls to avoid them as they move,
they move one by one. Keep shooting one of the legs until it is destroyed,
the move to the next leg and keep doing it until all the legs are destroyed.
Now it appears as if the ball will split in half and move around, when the
2 images move back into one make sure you aren't standing under it, because
it will rapidly bounce up and down in that area, when it's doing this shoot it.
Keep doing this until it is destroyed.

Now when the door to the right opens run through it and up the ramp and
into the next room. Some lizard type creature will come into the room and
crawl across the ceiling and down the walls. Keep shooting it and it will
then stop and shoot out some kind of web which will go around the room a
little. Make sure you aren't near any of the web, because it will then
fly right down the line of web, then when it reaches the end it will move
around the room a bit more and shoot out more web and do what it did before.
Just make sure you're not by any of the web and keep shooting it until it
is killed.

The door to the right will open, go through it and up ramp into next room.

           +                  BOSS: Demon                 +
           + Well, I didn't really know what to name this +
           + guy so I just dubbed him a Demon. He'll be   +
           + standing at the right of the room laughing,  +
           + keep  shooting him then he will crouch down  +
           + and a timer counting down from 3 will appear +
           + above his head, when it reaches one run      +
           + forward a bit then jump to the right, because+
           + he will dash VERY quickly from the right of  +
           + the room to the left after it is done        +
           + counting down. A few of his other attacks are+
           + to throw some kind of large fireball at you  +
           + after he dashed across the room, quickly jump+
           + over it once you see him coming. Another one +
           + of his attacks is to jump up into the air    +
           + after dashing across the room and throwing   +
           + a bunch of fireballs at you, keep jumping    +
           + in the air when he does. After a little while+
           + of shooting him he will jump to the middle of+
           + the room and change into...                  +

           +               BOSS: Demon Heads              +
           + This boss seems to be a large piece of body  +
           + mass with hands at the bottom of it and a    +
           + head on each side. This guy will jump to one +
           + side of the room, simply run underneath him  +
           + to the opposite side of the room. Each of the+
           + heads has a different attack. The left head  +
           + will bang itself up and down and a bunch of  +
           + red and blue balls will fall down from the   +
           + top of the screen, they aren't too hard to   +
           + dodge, keep shooting the head while dodging  +
           + the balls. The head to the right is harder   +
           + to dodge, however. It will start to stretch  +
           + itself and move around the screen, try your  +
           + best to dodge it while trying to get a few   +
           + shots in as well. After shooting the heads   +
           + for a little while the final part of this    +
           + boss will reveal itself...                   +

           +                  BOSS: Brain                 +
           + For a little while the brain (not sure if it +
           + is a brain, it appears to be to me however so+
           + that's what I'll call it) will float in the  +
           + middle of the screen while heads start to    +
           + surround it. Use this time to shoot the      +
           + brain. As long as the brain is showing       +
           + through the heads you can shoot it. Once the +
           + heads have surrounded the brain The brain    +
           + will start to move around the room and the   +
           + heads will expand around the brain then they +
           + will surround the brain again so none of it  +
           + is exposed, then it will keep up this pattern+
           + while moving around the room. Each time the  +
           + heads expand revealing the brain shoot it.   +
           + However when the brain starts to move towards+
           + you, wait for the heads to go around it and  +
           + it is smaller and quickly run underneath it  +
           + to the next side of the room. Make sure the  +
           + heads don't touch you. Keep shooting the     +
           + brain every chance you get and eventually it +
           + will be destroyed.                           +

LEVEL 6                                                                  [CLV6]

This is it, the final level. Run to the right and jump across the gap. Now
aliens will start to appear in front and in back of you. Keep shooting any
that appear and run a little farther to the right and you'll encounter a
large alien hanging from the ceiling. Jump on the ledge up top and lay down,
each time this alien opens its mouth you can shoot it, but it will also
shoot out small aliens, but if you're laying down on the ledge when they
get near you your gun fire will just take them out so they won't hurt
you. Keep shooting the alien until it is destroyed.

Now keep running to the right and you'll encounter more aliens, keep shooting
any that appear in front of you and occasionally shooting any behind you,
this area is tough to get through without losing a life since there are
a lot of aliens. Just keep running to the right and you'll come to a heart
with 4 eggs by it, 2 above it and 2 below it. Small alien creatures will
come out of it, the ones to be concerned about are the ones at the top
because they will drop down from the ceiling at you. Shoot out the 2 eggs on
the floor and shoot any aliens that come out of the eggs to the top,
now shoot out the first egg at the top, you won't be able to destroy the
last egg but now it shouldn't be hard since only 1 small alien creature
will come at you. Just keep shooting the heart until it is destroyed.

Run to the right and a large creature will burrow out of the ground. First
it will charge you, simply jump on top of it to avoid this, then jump back
down to the floor, then it will reveal its face, which you need to shoot
in order to inflict any damage, and will shoot some type of blades at the
top of the screen which will fall downwards, keep shooting it while
dodging the blades. Then it will probably burrow back into the ground
and appear at another section of the room. Just keep repeating this pattern
and this guy will be killed soon.

Run to the right, jump up onto the platform then jump onto the wall to
the right. Climb up it. A flying demon will appear to the left, and this
guy is tough. He'll fly to the left then lunge at the wall to you, you
have to quickly shoot him then get out of his way. Make sure you time it
right, you don't want to lose any lives now, you're getting close! When
you've damaged him quite a bit he'll start to vanish then appear in another
part of the room to the left, it's easier to shoot him now, shoot him when
he appears then quickly climb up/down to get out of his way.

Once the flying demon is dead climb up the wall and make sure you shoot
down the weapon pod that comes flying by and get the fire power-up. Now
run to the far right of the screen.

           +               BOSS: Alien Queen              +
           + This is going to be a TOUGH battle, and      +
           + believe me you have got to be real good to   +
           + beat this guy. First run all the way to the  +
           + right of the screen and shoot the first small+
           + head to the right, and if you got the fire   +
           + power-up it will be destroyed quickly, now   +
           + quickly run over and destroy the small head  +
           + to the left, for now stay on the left side of+
           + the screen. Now aliens will start to drop    +
           + down out of the arm to the right, and he     +
           + large alien head in the center will shoot off+
           + some small aliens. Keep shooting all of the  +
           + aliens that come out of the arm to the right +
           + as well as the small aliens that large alien +
           + head shoots out. Every now and then aim up   +
           + to the top left and shoot the aliens head,   +
           + shoot it a little above its left eye to cause+
           + damage. Keep switching between shooting the  +
           + aliens to the right, the small aliens that   +
           + are being shot out of the alien queen's      +
           + mouth and then keep shooting the alien queen +
           + itself until it is destroyed. Then it will   +
           + reveal...                                    +

           +               BOSS: Alien brain              +
           + Once you destroy the alien queen's body, its +
           + brain will be revealed. It will move to the  +
           + middle of the room and shoot a bunch of balls+
           + out of it, and whatever ball you hit is the  +
           + attack that it will use. Good luck here, I   +
           + suggest trying to get the spiky ball one     +
           + since it is the easiest to dodge. Whichever  +
           + ball you get, good luck with dodging the     +
           + attack, some of the attacks are easy to dodge+
           + and others are very hard to dodge. Just keep +
           + shooting the brain when the eye appears      +
           + in the middle. Once you've destroyed it it   +
           + will crash to the ground. A helicopter will  +
           + then fly down from above, grab onto the      +
           + missile. However the brain is not dead yet...+

           +          BOSS: Alien brain (part 2)          +
           + The alien brain will enclose itself in metal +
           + armor with spikes at the top middle and arms +
           + flying up and down on each side. it will     +
           + rush up underneath you. Simply lock your guns+
           + aim downwards and keep shooting it on its    +
           + spikes, when it lunges up at you simply jump +
           + up to avoid touching the metal spikes. This  +
           + part of the boss is very easy to destroy.    +
           + Keep shooting it until it is destroyed.      +

               a long, tough battle but you've done it!
06.  CREDITS                                                             [CRDT]
Thanks go to me for taking the time to write this guide, to Konami for making
this game, and of course to you for actually reading it. Hopefully you've
found it helpful. If you think there's something I'm missing, send me an email
and I'll give you credit as well. See the introduction section for more
information on this as well as my email address.
07.  LEGAL INFO                                                          [LGIF]
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