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Reviewed: 12/14/02 | Updated: 12/14/02

Game and Watch Gallery 4; Blast from the Past


Seeing as I had never played a previous Game and Watch Gallery, I decided it was about time I tried one, and I was definitely not disappointed in the slightest. The latest addition to the Game and Watch Gallery series takes a bunch of your old favorites along with modernized versions of the games and utilizes the GBA to great success, with some great bonuses and multi player option that add to the overall excellent game.

Gameplay: 9/10

Well, this game has terrific gameplay, nothing less. All the games are easy to get the hang of and has a screen that displays the controls before you play each game. You start off with 6 games, all of which can be played in Modern and Classic modes and with two difficulty levels. Every 200 point interval you reach in a game, you gain 1 Star. Each difficulty has up to 5 Stars to collect. As the games progress, so does the difficulty and overall franticness. Once you gain 5 Stars, you unlock a new feature, these vary from new games to a music menu to videos of some of the old Game and Watch games. There are 5 more games you can unlock that boast a Modern version, but after that, you can unlock the “Nifty-Nine;” nine games which can only be played in Classic Mode and have no stars to be collected in them. There is one game in the “Nifty-Nine” that will make you go for the big 160 Stars mark; the Zelda Game and Watch game. Sadly, this game is Classic only, but still provides a great game to play. With the 11 games that can be played in Modern and Classic Modes, if you find them to be too easy you can have a go at the Very Hard option which you unlock after gaining 1000 points in a game. There should be enough challenge in Game and Watch Gallery Advance for even the most gifted of gamer.

Graphics: 7/10

The game has a mixed bag of graphics. All the modern modes of games have great graphics that are bright, colorful and vivid. Alas, the Classic Games are a different matter. They were attempting mono-tone style and that is what they got. Sadly, this is a bit of a downfall, but it adds to the whole Game and Watch experience. To describe the majority of the Classic games' graphics, picture black characters on a white background and add a touch of brown or blue here and there. On the other hand, many of the Modern games have detailed backgrounds that you might want to pause from time to time just to look at it and take it all in. You might find yourself often replaying the Modern versions of games and not the Classics simply because of the graphics, and even though I was expecting mono-tone style graphics, I still felt slightly let down in this area.

Sound: 7/10

Along with graphics, this as a mixed bag. Often you will find yourself turning down the sound during Classic games to block the repetitive bleeping sounds from your ears, but when you play the Modern Modes you might want to crank up the sound so you can listen to some nice background music while you play.

Play Time: 9/10

Game and Watch Gallery excels in this area, as it is one of those games you can just pick up and play when you get bored of the latest RPG or Adventure game. Game and Watch Gallery Advance can be described as the “Mario Party of the GBA” with is variety of games that are extremely addictive, fun and easy to get straight into. To boot, Nintendo have included a multi player function that requires only 1 cartridge to play a friend. You will have to if you plan on getting every Star in the game, seeing as how 20 of the Stars can only be obtained by playing multi player Boxing and Donkey Kong 3. The game has over 200 Stars to be collected and it will be a long time before you get them all. (if you ever do)

Overall: 8/10

I recommend, if you are a lover of the Classics and overall good gaming, you should definitely buy this. If you are looking for a game with an in-depth story, you have come to the wrong place, as this game has none. Still, a great game for all to pick up and play any old time!

Rating: 8

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