Review by Archangel267

Reviewed: 04/18/04

A decent sidescroller that will keep you entertained for a fair amount of time

I actually disliked this game the first time I played it. I immediately thought that Super Mario World was much better. Yoshi's Island felt way too happy-go-lucky, and the graphics were equally childish looking. But those were the very things that made me start liking the game later on, ironically, when I decided to give the game another chance.

Story- Mario and Luigi are being delivered to their parents by a stork, and one of them(Luigi) gets captured by Kamek, a Magikoopa, convinced that the babies will be the downfall of Koopa Kingdom. The other baby, Mario, meets Yoshi and his pals, and they all set off to find Luigi.

It's an okay story, at least what you are after is worth it...


Graphics- This is a matter of taste. The landscapes look like they've been drawn with crayons, and the rest look like pictures you would see in a story book. And essentially, this is a story, being played by you, so the graphics do fit the game. The game has somewhat of a 3D-like quality to it, see for yourself.


Gameplay- Well obviously this is where it all counts. The game plays smoothly, the controls are well organized and should be immediately familiar to you if you have played an side-scrolling game, such as the previous Super Mario World.

Yoshi has Baby Mario on his back most of the time, but if Yoshi takes a hit, Mario will be knocked off Yoshi and will float in the air(crying continuously), until Yoshi touches Mario. There is a timer(normally 10 seconds, able to be extended by continue rings, rings made up of stars that you can touch midway in a level, that will save the progress you made in that level so far, so you can return if you lose), so you must be quick in nabbing back your precious cargo. If not, Kamek's cronies will snatch Mario, and you will lose a life. Yoshi himself can only be killed by spikes, lava, or endless pits.

You have a score at the end of each level, and how many points you get is determined by how many gold and red coins and flowers you collected in each level. The flowers are scarce(only 5 in each level), and they can provide great benefits besides giving you a high score. At the end of each level there is a ring you pass to end the level. The ring is composed of 10 parts, and if you collected an flowers, that amount will be on the ring. For example, if you collect 4 flowers, every other part of the ring will be a flower, with a blank where one of the flowers were supposed to be. Then a roulette will start. If you are lucky and the marker gets on a flower, you can play a mini-game where you can earn extra lives.

Yoshi can hover for a short time. Yes he was probably stronger back then ;) This move is useful for getting across ledges or higher ground. He also can throw eggs, a very, VERY essential move, as you will need it to collect coins(just for a good score) that are out of reach So make sure you have a good supply of eggs at all times. Mario has some moves of his own. If you happen to touch a yellow star, Mario will get off Yoshi's back and will be invincible and be able to run up walls. There is an amusing element to this game, which is Yoshi's ability to transform into a helicopter, submarine, or bulldozer, to pass through otherwise impassable areas. It's actually quite cute.

There are two bosses in each world you go to in this game. They are ridiculously easy; only the last boss(Baby Bowser) isn't a joke like the rest are. Even the less experienced gamer should have little to no problems.

And that brings me to the general difficulty. The game is pretty darn easy until the near end, the challenge increasing(rather dramatically) if you prefer to go all the way and collect all the coins and flowers in a level. There are puzzles in each level, some of them quite confusing, but pretty much that is the extent of the game's difficulty.


Music/Sound- Hmm, not shabby at all, if not insanely repetitive. I count only about five total tracks in this game, which isn't quite enough. However, the tracks fit the mood pretty well. There is a happy-happy theme for the sunny levels, and a rather melancholy tune for underground cave levels. The sound effects are quite good, even Mario's crying.


Replayability- I didn't feel like playing this game again after completing it, so I can safely say that I am done(for a long time, if not for good). It depends on you, partly on how much you enjoyed it the first time through.


Overall- 8.1/10(not an average)

Decent, if not an above average side-scroller. But it is overshadowed by many 2D sidescrollers out there, like any game from the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, or even the first Super Mario World. But don't be afraid to try this one out.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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