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Reviewed: 12/06/02 | Updated: 12/06/02

Too bad it doesn't come with a GBA and another cart for a friend...

When the Game Boy Advance first came out, everyone whined and begged for a Zelda All Stars game. Instead we got a port of Link to the Past with a a multiplayer game. Now A Link to the Past itself gives this game a rating of 8 automatically. The other 2 comes from multiplayer. Let's how good it is.

Graphics: 10/10

They ported A Link to the past, and the graphics there are already good. The graphics for the Four Swords are EXCELLENT. The Links all look very good, and I can only hope another Zelda on GBA will have these same graphics.

Sound: 9/10
Same great music, and the Four Swords title screen is great. Now personally I like the one new addition to the game that everyone hates: The sounds Link makes. They are the same as in the N64 games. He screams when you fall down a cliff, when he gets hit, and when he swings his sword. You may or may not like this, I gave it a 9 for those people who don't like it.

Controls: 9/10
It's just not the same pressing R and L where X and Y used to be. It's not bad, unless you're used to the SNES game. If this is your first time playing the game, you shouldn't have any problems. But pressing R for the Pegasus boots just doesn't feel right.

Games modes/options 10/10
There are 2 games included on one cartridge; that's pretty good. There are 3 save files with battery save. And the Four Swords can be beaten with 2, 3, or 4 players. So don't worry if only one friend you know has it. Sword upgrades you acquire in A Link to the Past are instantly transferred to the Four Swords when you play it.

Gameplay: 10/10
You couldn't ask for more. A Link to the Past by itself would have done well. We've seen proof of that through the Mario Advance games. But then they go and make an awesome 2-4 player multiplayer mode. If you've ever played any of the Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, they're nothing compared to this. The excellent variety of items Link can get is great too. In how many other games could Link get capes that made him invincible, or fire and ice rods? How about the realistic weather scenarios, such as when Link first begins the adventure? This Zelda game is in a class by itself.

To Buy or Rent? Why would you rent this game? You'd only get angry that you had to return it to Blockbuster! This game is a must buy. If you have a lot of money, well then you are in for extra fun, because you can buy yourself another GBA and Zelda game for your friend. That's how bad you'll be wanting to play the multiplayer. So go out and buy this game at all costs!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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