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by TheRewster

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FAQ/Walkthrough by TheRewster

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/12/19


Welcome to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past! This is the first game in the franchise to get a 16-bit release, and it would set the standard for many games in the series to come. This guide covers the original Super NES version of the game released in North America, so be aware there may be regional differences, as well as differences from the later Game Boy Advance version.

This guide is intended to be as thorough and comprehensive as I can make it. Along the way, I'll be telling you everything you can do in this game--not only every item and Piece of Heart you can collect, but also every treasure chest you can open, every secret entrance in the overworld and in the dungeons that you can open with a Bomb, each room you can fill in on your dungeon map, etc. For this reason, there may be a few (seemingly superfluous) detours for those who want to explore everything. Nevertheless, even if you just want the main items and complete each dungeon, this guide should still be of use to you too. But just be aware it's primarily written with the completionist in mind.

Before each dungeon, I'll tell you what all it's possible to have at that point in the game (after walking you through how to get everything of course), then take you room by room through the dungeons. At the end is an appendix that serves as a quick reference if you want to look up where certain things (e.g. shops) are located. After that is a quick version of the guide for those more experienced with the game who just want to know the best order for completing the adventure and have a brief list of all there is to do in the game.

Continuing and Saving

One final note, about saving and the like. Link's Life Meter is measured in hearts, and if you run out of hearts by taking damage in battle with enemies or from traps, then Link will fall, and you'll receive a game over (unless you have a Fairy in a Bottle--more on that in the main walkthrough). From the game over screen, you'll see the following options:

  • Save And Continue
  • Save And Quit
  • Do Not Save And Continue

If you choose to "Save And Continue," then your progress will be saved and Link will start again, and where he respawns depends on a number of factors.

  • If Link falls in the overworld of the Light World, then you can choose to restart from one of the following three locations:
    • Link's House
    • Sanctuary
    • The Mountain Cave
  • If Link falls in the overworld of the Dark World, then you will automatically restart from the top of the Pyramid of Power.
  • If Link falls in a dungeon, then you will automatically restart from the entrance of that dungeon.

Also, note that if you choose "Do Not Save And Continue," then Link will still restart from one of the above locations--but your progress will not be saved.

If you choose to "Save And Quit," then your progress will be saved and you'll be taken back to the title screen. From the selection menu, you can choose to start up your file again, but even if you were in a dungeon, you'll still have to choose one of the three Light World respawn points (if you quit in the Light World) or the Pyramid of Power (if you quit in the Dark World). You cannot quit a game and restart from a dungeon entrance.

At any point in the game that you choose, you can press the SELECT button to bring up the following two options:

  • Continue Game
  • Save And Quit

To "Continue Game" merely unpauses the screen and lets you carry on as before. Selecting "Save And Quit" will save your progress and return you to the title screen.

It's important to note that the game keeps track of how many times you get a game over, save, etc. You won't be able to see this counter yourself until after the ending credits, at which point you'll see how many "games played" you have--i.e. each time you saved, whether from pressing SELECT or from the game over screen. It is possible to get a 000 count, but it requires completing the game without saving or dying once.

And now, with all that out of the way, let's start our adventure!