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Item/Equipment FAQ by Wolf4knowledge

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 06/08/06

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past /w The Four Swords
Item/Equipment FAQ
Written by: Wolf4knowledge
COPYWRITE 2002 Wolf4knowledge
Version 2.0     08/24/03

             - Content -

1.         Version History
2.         Introduction
3.         Game Info
4.         Items
5.         Inventory Menu
6.         Inventory/Equipment
7.         Four Swords Items
8.         Contact Information
9.         Credits
10.        Copywrite Info

1.           - Version History - 

2.0 FINAL  - 08/24/03 - Removed my E-Mail Address

1.6   - 06/16/03 - Changed something in Copywrite Info

1.5   - 02/04/03 - Whoops I had 2002 instead on 2003 =P
                   Fixed a few things

1.41  - 02/01/03 - Whoops fixed a small error

1.4   - 02/01/03 - KrysT711 gave me the idea of putting
                   the inventory menu so people know what
                   items are found in the inventory menu
                   So I added an invetory menu section

1.3   - 01/19/03 - Since 3 people (Gokachu, macman5689,
                   and some other guy) E-Mailed me about 
                   Bow-Wow being an item I decided to put
                   it in.

1.2a  - 01/12/03 - Changed something in the credits section

1.2   - 01/09/03 - Added specific directions on how to get a 
                   certain item

1.1   - 01/06/03 - Fixed a few things thanks to people

1.01  - 01/02/03 - Changed the Contact Information
                   Fixed a few things

1.00  - 01/01/03 - First Release

2.           - Introduction - 

This FAQ will show you where to find every item, weapon, and
equipment found throughout the game The Legend of Zelda: A 
Link to the past. This FAQ also covers some items found in
The Four Swords

3.           - Game Info - 

What is The legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past?

The legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was Link's first and
only game to be released on the SNES. This game is considered
one the best SNES and Zelda game made up to this date. With
a big world, varities of items and weapons and dungeons this
game will be a favorite for many people.

What is The legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past /w Four Swords?

The legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past /w Four Swords is the
remake of the very popular SNES game The legend of Zelda: A 
Link to the Past plus they added a new multiplayer game. 

4.          - Items -

Arrows - Arrows are found throughout the world. If can be 
found by defeating enemies, inside a chest, under bushes, 
and at the stores. It is used with the bow so you can shoot 
arrows. It can come in sets too.

Silver Arrows - Silvers arrows are found after you get the 
Silver bow. Once you have that you can only get silver arrows.

Hearts - Heart are also found almost anywhere in the game. A 
heart replenishs one heart lost in your health.

Bombs - Once again Bombs can be found almost anywhere. It is 
used todestroy certain enemies and destroy crack walls. It can 
come in sets too.

Rupees - Rupees are found practicallt anywhere in this game. 
It comes in three colors. Green (1) Blue (5) and Red (20). It 
can be used to purchase items, upgrading your bomb/arrow 
capicity and a lot more stuff.

Apples - Apples can be found by dashing into certain trees or 
other objects. Apples replenished one heart lost in your health.

Magic Jar - Magic Jar comes in both small and big. The small one 
replenishs some magic lost and the big one fully replenishs your

Keys - Keys are found in every duegeon in this game. It is used 
to unlock a locked door.

Bee - Bee are captured using a Bug-Catching Net and also
requires an empty bottle. If you release one it will damage 
enemies for you. It can be found under bushes or on trees.

Good/Golden Bee - This bee is found in two places. First you 
need to capture one. Go to the cave where the ice rod can be 
found. Dash into the statue in one of the room with two fairies 
to lure the bee out. Capture it and you'll have it. If you show 
it to one of the shopkeepers in the village of outcast he will 
start to sell his also. The good/golden bee is the same as normal 
but still follows you if you go to another screen.

Fairies - Fairies are usually found in secret places. If you
touch one it will replenish seven hearts. It also can be captured. 
If you lose all of your hearts and have a fairy in one of your 
bottle, you'll be revived with seven hearts.

Magical Mushroom - This mushroom is found in the Lost Woods. Once 
you find one take it to the witch's apprentice and give it too her.
Leave the screen and some back and go in the shop to get a Magic

Super Bomb - This bomb is only aviliable once you completed the
Ice Cavern and Misery Mire. It is sold in the Bomb Shop for 100
rupees. Note that this bomb is only used to destroy the cracked
wall on the pyramid. It doesn't damage anything else.

Life Medicine - This item requires one empty bottle. Life medicine
replenish all hearts lost. This is only found in stores.

Magic Medicine - This item requires one empty bottle. Magic medicine
replenish all magic lost. This can be found in the magic shop and 
throwing an empty bottle in the Waterfall of wishing and Mysterious 

Cure-All Medicine - This item requires one empty bottle. This item
replenish all hearts and magic lost. This can be purchased in the
magic shop.

5.             - Inventory Menu -

This section shows what items are in the inventory (select button)
menu. The item that the numbers represent will be shown on the

 _Item_____________ _________
|                  |Name of  |
A 1  2  3  4  5  6 |Item     |
|                  |_________|
| 7  8  9  10 11 6 |         |
|                  |         |
| 12 13 14 15 16 6 |   26    |
|                  |         |
| 17 18 19 20 21 6 |         |
 _Do_______________ equipment
| talk read  run   |27 28 29 |
R swim Liftx swim  |---------|
|  22  23  24  25  | 30   31 |

1.  Bow & Arrows/ Bow & Silver Arrows
2.  Boomerang/ Magical Boomerang
3.  Hookshot
4.  Bomb
5.  Magic Powder
6.  Bottle
7.  Fire Rod
8.  Ice Rod 
9.  Bombos Medallion
10. Ether Medallion
11. Quake Medallion
12. Lamp
13. Magic Hammer
14. Flute
15. Bug-Catching Net
16. Book of Mudora
17. Shovel
18. Cane of Somaria
19. Cane of Byrna
20. Magic Cape
21. Magic Mirror
22. Pegasus Boots
23. Power Glove/Titan's Mitt
24. Zora's Flippers
25. Moon Pearl
26. Pendants/Crystals
27. Current Sword
28. Current Shield
29. Current Mail
30. Heart Pieces
31. Basket

The x next to lift represent your lift level.

6.             - Inventory/Equipment -

Bow - This item is located in the big chest at the eastern 
palace. The bow is used to fire arrows so having no arrows 
means the bow is useless. To upgrade the arrows to silver 
arrows you must do the following. Complete the Ice Cavern 
and Misery Mire dungeon. Then purchase a super bomb in the 
bomb shop. Use it to destroy the crack wall on the pyramid. 
Enter and throw your bow in the pond. The arrows will be 
upgraded to the silver arrows.

Boomerang - Found in a treasure chest in hyrule castle. It is
used to damage or stun enemies. It also retrives item that are
some distance away. 

Magical Boomerang - Throw your boomerang in the waterfall of
wishing pond to upgrade you boomerang. The magical boomerang
travels fasters are farther the the original one.

Hookshot - This item is located in the big chest at the swamp
palace. It is used to retrive items and damage or stun certain
enemies. It can also be use to grapple stuff to get across gaps.

Bombs - This will be in your inventory once you pick up a bomb.
It is used to destroy certain enemies and destroy crack walls.

Magic Powder - Found after giving the witch a mushroom (check
the magic mushroom in the items section). Different thing 
happens when you use this item so try sprikling it on 
everything.(Consume Magic)

Fire Rod - Located in the big chest at Skull Woods. This item
is used to burn enemies and light the torchs.(Consume Magic)

Ice Rod - Found in the cave east of Lake Hylia in the light 
world. This item is use to freeze enemies for a short period
of time.

Bombos Medallion - To get this medallion you need the
Master Sword or better and the Book of Mudora. Go to
the swamp palace and head west. Keep going until you see
a bunch of purple stakes. Go within the stakes and use
the magic mirror. Use the Book of Mudora to encrypt the
text on the green runes to aquire the Bombos Medallion.
This item engulfs everything on the screen in flames.
(Consumes Magic)

Ether Medallion - To get this medallion you need the
Master Sword or better and the Book of Mudora. Go to
the tower of hera and head west across the bridge.
Use the Book of Murda to encrypt the text on the green
rune to aquire the Ether Medallion. This item freezes
all enemies on the screen for a short period of time.
This is also required to enter misery mire.
(Consumes Magic)

Quake Medallion - In the dark world locate the circle
of stones found where the waterfall of wishing is 
found in the light world. Throw an item in the circle
to aquire the medallion. This item turns most enemies
into a vegetable and reveals hidden items found in 
trees and statues.

Lamp: Found in Link's house (or any chest in Hyrule Castle
if you didn't get it there). This item lets you see dark areas
and light torches.

Magic Hammer - Found in the big chest at Palace of Darkness.
This is used to destroy stakes and enemies.

Flute - Found by digging in the Haunted Grove in the light 
world (requires shovel). Play this in front of the bird 
statue in Kakariko villageto release the duck. The duck 
can take you to nine places in the light world only.
1. Death Mountain (near old man's house)
2. Magic Shop
3. Kakariko Village
4. Link's House
5. South of Eastern Palace (North of Ice Cave)
6. South West corner of the desert
7. Swamps
8. South East corner of Lake Hylia
9. Death Mountain (near the transporter to turtle rock)*
   *only availible once you go in the transporter

Bug Catching Net - Found in Bug-Catching Kid's house
in Kakariko Village. Used to capture fairies, bee, and
items for the riddle quest.

Book of Mudora - Found in the library in Kakariko Village.
Dash and the bookcase to get it. This is used to encrypt
Hylian Language.

Shovel - Found in Haunted Grove in the Dark World.
Just talk to the flute playing boy to get it. Use
it to dig.

Cane of Somaria - Located in the big chest at Misery
Mire. Use this to create a block or platforms. It
also can be used to attack. (Consumes Magic)

Cane if Byrna - To find the cane you need the magic 
hammer. Enter the transporter on Spectacle Rock (one
used to enter tower of hera). Once in the dark world
go south and leap off the hill to reveal a cave. Use
the hammer to destroy the stakes. And walk across the
spikes (or use magic cape). The cane is found at the
end. This item makes you invincible for as long as how
much magic you have. It also destroys all enemies who
touches you. (Consumes Magic)

Magic Cape - To find the cape go to the cememtry in the
Light World. You will see one tombstone surrounded by black
rocks. Dash into that tombstone and enter to get the cape.
The cape makes you invisible so you become invicible and
you can walk through the blue bumpers. (Consumes Magic)

Magic Mirror - The old man in the mountains will give
it to you. Use it to return to entrance to any dungeon
and trasport you from the dark world to the light world

Bottles - Used to carry medicine, fairies, and bees
There are four bottles in this game.
- You can buy one for 100 rupees in Kakariko Village
by talking to the merchant sitting next to the bottle.
- Enter the Kakariko Inn through the north enterance
- Swim under the bridge north of Lake Hylia
- In the Dark World go to where the Blacksmith are
in the light world. Get the chest found there. Go to 
the man sitting near the enterance to the desert
in the light world. He will open the chest to reveal
a bottle.

Sword - Link's uncle gives it to you in Hyrule secret
enterance. Use B to swing your sword. Hold B and let
go once it's charged to do a spin attack. While doing
a spin attack tape B rapidly to do a whirlwind attack.
(Only availible on you complete the riddle quest)

Master Sword - Get it by aquiring all three pendants
and pulling it out at lost woods. Stronger and more 
range than original sword and can shoot beams when 
health is full.

Tempered Sword - Go south of village of outcase and
talk to the frog surrounded by dark skulls. Return
the frog to the blacksmith shop. Leave then return
again and they will temper the sword for 10 rupees.
Tempered Sword is a stronger version of Master Sword.

Gold Sword - Using the super bomb to destroy the
cracked wall in the pyramid reveals a pond. Throw
in the tempered sword to recived the Gold Sword.
Gold Sword is a stronger version of the Tempered

Shield - Recieved with Sword. Protects Link's front
side from some projiles.

Red Shield - Recived by buying it in stores in the
dark world or throwing in your shield in the 
waterfall of wishing. This shield allows Link to
block against fireball now.

Mirror Shield - Found in the big chest at Turtle Rock.
Allows Link to block against lasers now.

Green Mail - Link's defualt armor

Blue Mail - Found in the big chest at the Ice Cavern.
Reduces damage from enemies attacks.

Red Mail - Found in the Big cest at Tower of Ganon.
Reduces even more damage from enemies attacks.

Pegasus Boots - Given by Sasharla after completing
the Eastern Palace. Push and hold R to dash in stuff.

Power Glove - Found in the big chest at Desert Palace.
Allows Link to lift up light colored stones.

Titan's Mitt - Found in the big chest at Thieve's
Hideout. Allows Link to lift up dark colored stones.

Zora's Flippers - Found in Zora's pond, cost 500 rupees
to buy it. Zora Pond is found North East of the magic shop
and east of the waterfall of wishing. This item allows Link 
to swim in deep water. Push A to swim faster and B to dive.

Moon Pearl - Found in the big chest at Tower of Hera.
Allows Link to keep his shape in the Dark World.

Heart Piece - Collect four to earn an extra heart to
your health capicity

Heart Container - Increase one heart in you health

Basket - Use to capture required items for the riddle

7.     - Four Swords Items - 

Bow & Arrow - Press the A button to shoot an arrow. The longer
you hold the A button the stronger your volley will be.

Bombs - Press A to light a bomb and press A again to throw
it. You can press A again after the bomb lands to set them
off quickly. This item is used to damage enemies and blast
through crack walls.

Boomerang - This item attacks enemies or stuns it. It is
also use to retrieve items.

Gnat Hat - Wearing this item shinks you so you can enter
small tunnels and etc.

Roc's Cape - Press A to jump. Press A in midair float a little

Magnetic Glove - With this item you can repel or pull yourself
from a magnetic rock. This can also be used to attract other

Pegasus Shoes - Allows you to dash and run up slopes.

Shield - Used to deflect enemies

The item listed above in Four Swords can only be held one
at a time. To equip a different item, press A at a item

Rupees - Items collected everywhere. Get more to unlock
more stuff. Found in 3 colors and 2 sizes.

Black Rupee - This item scatters your rupees everywhere
so you might want to avoid this item.

Rupee Shards - Collect 4 of them to get a gem worth a lot
of rupees

Heart - This item replenish one heart lost in your health.

Fairy - This item recovers 7 hearts.

Razor Seed - Increases your attack power if you get one

Armor Seed - Increases your defense power if you get one

Pegasus Seed - Increases your moving speed if you get one

Heart Container - Increase your max health by one heart.
The increase in hearts only last for that level only.

Three Keys - There are three keys to get. Each one is 
recieved from a Great Fairy. Once you get all 3 you can
enter Vaati's Palace.

The Medal of Courage - If you did the best on the stage
you get this item.

Bow-Wow - Eats most enemys and "shakes" other players for 
11 rupees from their collection. (since I never seen one 
before I just used Gokachu's description of this item)

8.    - Contact Information -

I removed my contact information because people like to be stupid.

9.     - Credits - 

I would like to thank

Gamefaqs - For making this FAQ possible

Nintendo and Capcom - For making this game possible

Me! Wolf4knowledge - for writing the FAQ

KrysT711 for correcting some errors, gave me the idea
for making an inventory section, and for writing two
great FAQ for this game

and all the people who helped out and corrected errors I made
(Janet McKinley, Gokachu, macman5689, Grant Lile, 
Anthony Vaughn and Ccbb3344)

10.     - Copywrite Info -

This FAQ is copyrighted 2002 to 
Kennth Yeung  A.K.A. Wolf4knowledge

This is for personal use only, you may not put this 
in your site or use it to make a profit. If you wish 
to use this FAQ, contact me at me e-mail or IM me and 
I will consider it. Do not distribute this document, 
or alter it in any way shape or form. It can be printed 
out for personal use only. You can NOT use this document 
without my permission.

If you find the FAQ on a site other than GameFAQS.com and
www.cheats.de then please contact me.

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