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Palace of the Four Sword FAQ by EOrizzonte

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/27/02

            | |
           _| |_    ___      _       _  _   _           _   _
          /  ?  \    |  |_| |_   |  |_ | _ |_ |\| |\   | | |_
         /_/\_/\_\   |  | | |_   |_ |_ |_| |_ | | |/   |_| |
       /¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯/                          
      /.'¯¯¯| /  /\¯¯¯¯¯¯|\¯¯¯/   \¯¯¯¯¯\   \¯¯\ 
            |/  / | |¯¯¯\| | |     | |¯\ \   ¯/ \ 
            /  /  | |__/|  | |     | |  | |  / _ \ 
           /  /   |  __ |  | |     | |  | | / /_\ \ 
          /  /|   | |  \|  | |  /| | |  | |/ _____ \ 
         /  / |   | |___/| | |_/ | | |_/ // /     \ \ 
        /  /| |  /_______|/______|/_____//_/       \_\
       /  /_| |_' /  _                ___  _   ___     _    _  _  _ ___
      /_____| |__/  |_|  |  | |\| |/   |  | |   | |_| |_   |_||_||_  |
            | |     | |  |_ | | | |\   |  |_|   | | | |_   |  | | _| |
            | |

                         PALACE OF THE FOUR SWORD FAQ

                                  Version 1.1

                       For the Nintendo Game Boy Advance

                            Author: Efrem Orizzonte


This document is (c)2002 Efrem Orizzonte. It cannot be reproduced, be it 
partially or entirely, without the author's explicit permission. Publishing of 
it on any Web site without the author's permission is illegal, as is using it 
in any form to make profit. This document is for private use only, and it is 
not to be sold for cash.

The author of this document is not an English-speaking person, so please be 
comprehensive if you find any mistakes in the document. If you have 
suggestions, corrections, questions, or comments that may be useful and that 
are pertinent to the subject of this document, please send an e-mail to the 
following address: 

                          efroriz at hotmail dot com

You are advised not to send in any spams or advertisements. Whether your 
contribution is worthy of being added to the document is up to the author's 
decision. If you contribution is useful, it will be inserted in the subsequent 
update to the document, and you will be given full credit for it.




Version 1.0 [12-3-2002]

This guide is an extract from my A Link to the Past/The Four Swords FAQ. It 
provides the complete walkthrough for the bonus dungeon. The guide can be 
considered complete, unless someone discovers something that will force me to 
correct it. Until then, the FAQ is officially complete.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Version 1.1 [12-26-2002]

I corrected the starting paragraphs in Section 2 accordingly to my latest 


The Palace of the Four Sword is a new dungeon that can be found in A Link to 
the Past. To access it, you must enter the hole in the East wall of the Dark 
World Pyramid. However, to go past the first room you must have completed the 
multiplayer game The Four Swords. This will make you a "true hero" and allow 
you to explore this dungeon. 

If you can't find any friends to play The Four Swords with, but you have the 
Visual Boy Advance GBA emulator, you can enter the Palace using a code. The 
code, first provided by MetalKoola, is specific to the emulator, so you can't 
use it with GameShark or Action Replay. The code is 030038F0:20. Go into the 
Palace and activate the code, then immediately deactivate it. Link will turn 
invisible. Now just walk up to the next room, and Link will reappear, allowing 
you to explore the dungeon freely.

If you can access the Palace of the Four Sword, it's advisable that you have 
the maximum amount of Hearts you can get first. The Palace features many 
puzzles that may have you wondering for a while, but most important, amazingly 
powerful bosses defend its treasures. If you want to visit this place, be sure 
to bring a lot of Red Potions, or four Fairies to revive yourself if something 
goes wrong. Also note that you need a lot of special items to complete the 
Palace - the Hookshot, the Flippers, the Cane of Somaria, the Magic Hammer, 
and the Fire Rod. Having the Magic Cape or (better) the Cane of Byrna is 
strongly recommended. And of course, bring the most powerful Sword you can 

Below is a complete walkthrough for the Palace of the Four Sword. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- The Green Sword -

From the entrance, avoid the Chain Chomps and go up to the next room. In the 
big hall, enter the door at the South-West. There's a very strong current that 
prevents you from swimming North in this room, but if you light the torch in 
the corner, it will slow down. Now swim upwards, paying attention to the 
bubbles that will be shot at you from the walls. Soon you'll come to a spiked 
rolling log - press B to dive and quickly swim past it. Keep going and you'll 
come to a door. Go through it.

This Boss is no joke, although he's easier than others. First, you'll need to 
defeat the jellyfish that surround his body. Use the Hooshot to pick them away 
from the body, and slash them with your Sword. Be careful thoug, as they may 
emit electricity and hurt you. Use Arrows if you don't want to risk. Stay away 
from Arrghus because he'll try to get close to you. He'll periodically stop to 
release the jellyfish in a spiralling movement. This attack has a long reach, 
so get to the other end of the room when he stops.

When you've defeated all of the jellyfish, Arrghus will leap to the ceiling, 
then come down where you are standing. Move away to avoid this attack. Then, 
he'll start bouncing against the walls. Hit him now, because if you wait for 
too long, he'll stop and a lot of watery creatures will come out of the water 
to attack you. One or two of these creatures will also appear while Arrghus is 
moving on the floor, but they're much easier to avoid.

After nine hits from the Golden Sword, Arrghus II will die. Go to the next 
room and take the Green Sword, then use the teleport back to the big hall.

- The Red Sword -

Now enter the South-East door. In this room, you have to kill all the monsters 
to open the door. Soon the wall around the center of the room will collapse. 
When this happens, use the Pegasus Shoes to bounce off walls and blocks to and 
from the center platform. This way, you'll be able to reach and defeat the 
enemies. When you're done, go up. Hit the crystal switch on the other side of 
the treadmill, then go where the blue block was and push down the white block. 
Then, push aside the block on your right, and push up the block that still 
stands in your way.

Defeat the turtle, then create a Somarian block and throw it on the treadmill. 
When it passes below the crystal switch, use the Cane to make it explode and 
lower the orange block. Go up.

The Helmasaur King moves around the room. When he stops and moves his tail, 
he's going to stretch it and attack the bottom of the screen. To avoid this 
attack, stand right in front of him. If he stops and spits out a fireball, it 
will then divide into three, and each one of them will further divide into 4. 
They split diagonally, so position yourself accordingly and you won't be hit.

First, destroy the Helmasaur King's mask with Bombs. When it's gone, attack 
him in the head with your Sword or Arrows. When he's maskless, he can release 
small Helmasaurs, so be quick. After nine hits from the Golden Sword, he'll 
grow a new mask. Destroy that one as well and an eye will be uncovered. A 
single Silver Arrow will kill the King now. Don't bother attacking him with 
the Sword in this form, it won't work.

When the Helmasaur King is dead, go up and collect the Red Sword. Then, use 
the teleport back to the main hall.

- The Blue Sword -

Now take the upper-left exit to the lower floor. Kill the three enemies to 
make a ladder appear at the bottom of the room, and proceed to the next room. 
Here, go to the lower-left corner and break the pot to fond a switch. Use the 
Cane of Somaria on it to keep it pressed, and exit North. Here, break the pot 
and shoot an arrow to the crystal switch. Then, create a Somarian block with 
the Cane. Pick up the block and throw it at the crystal switch. Go down the 
ladder and walk below the bridge, then go up the ladder on the other side. Use 
the Cane of Somaria again and the block will explode, hitting the crystal 
switch and allowing you to pass. Go up.

I can't think of a proper strategy to beat this monster. It will create two 
copies of himself, and the three of them will swirl around the room, shooting 
energy rings like crazy and releasing bees. You'll be attacked from every 
direction, so the best thing to do here is to activate the Cane of Byrna and 
attack the Mothulas with your Sword. Two Mothulas will die with one or two 
Sword hits, but soon the real Mothula will create others to compensate the 
loss. Try to locate the real Boss and attack it as much as you can. It should 
take 8-10 hits to kill it. The only problem is to stay alive enough to kill it 
- if you have some Faeries with you, you can do it.

When you win, walk North and get the Blue Sword. Then, use the teleporter to 
return to the main hall.

- The Purple Sword -

Now enter the upper-right door. Cross the dark room, killing Like Likes on 
your way, until you get to the next door. Go through it. In the next room, 
destroy the pot above the lone block with an Arrow, and do the same with the 
lone pot on the far right. This will reveal a switch. Now create a Somarian 
block and throw it on the switch to open the North door. Go up. Here, kill all 
the bats to get an energy refill, then run against the upper face of the lone 
block to bounce on the other side of the pit. Enter the door.

After a shock scene, the battle will begin. Blind moves left and right, 
shooting fireballs and an occasional laser beam (this one hurts, so do your 
best not to stay in front of the enemy). When Blind spins around, he'll change 
side of the room and restart his left-right movement.

Hit his head three time and it will detach. Now the body will keep shooting, 
while the head will float around. If you hit the head, it will bounce off 
walls for a while. What you want to do is to hit the head so that it rejoins 
the body. When this happens, hit Blind in the head two more times. Now two 
heads will detach, and they will shoot fireballs as well. Throw them both back 
at the body. Now, one hit to the head will make three heads appear. When you 
hit them back at the body, Blind will finally die.

After the battle, walk up and get the Purple Sword. Now it's time to complete 
the dungeon.

- The final battle - 

In the main hall, walk to the center-North door and hit the magic beam to 
break it. Walk up and in the next room, freely walk on the invisible bridge 
that will take you to the final Boss room.

Four copies of yourself are ready to fight you. The first one is pretty easy. 
He'll just try to hit you with regular Sword attacks, or running towards you. 
Try not to stay directly in front of him, but slightly above or below his line 
of attack. When he runs, move out of the way, and as soon as he hits the wall, 
quickly stab him in the back. Do this 8 times to defeat him.

The second doppelganger can attack you with the Whirling Blade attack. When he 
executes this attack, move out of his way, and when he stops, hit him. He can 
also dash attack. Eight hits will beat him as well.

The third clone is more problematic. He runs like the previous two, but he 
also has a very powerful diving attack where he leaps above you and plunges 
his sword into you from above. This is very quickly executed, so it's hard to 
recognize and avoid it. Do your best to dodge his attacks and hit him 8 times 
to kill him.

The final doppelganger is also the strongest. He will never dash attack, so 
hitting him is quite hard. He can also do regular Sword swipes, and even a 
dangerous lunge in your direction with his sword out, which will end with a 
fireball coming out of the tip of his Sword. He can also use the Whirling 
Blade (he'll bounce on walls until he stops) and the attack from above. Be 
sure to have Fairies or Potions to survive his very damaging attacks, and 
strike at the first chance. 

It takes 16 hits to defeat the final doppleganger. When you kill him, stand in 
the middle of the room and a new, alternate ending scene will take over! When 
it ends, you'll also be shown the Quest Log, which shows you how many times 
you've used each item, and more data on your current game.


Thanks to...

Nintendo, and especially Shigeru Miyamoto, for rereleasing this game, and for 
adding this new, stimulating dungeon. Too bad not enough people will be able 
to visit it...

MetalKoola for providing the Visual Boy Advance code needed to enter the 
 Palace of the Four Sword.

Thug4L1fe, Nicko, and Aura for providing the save state with The Four Swords 
 completed. This file allowed me to correct the requirements for entering the 
 Palace of the Four Swords. It can be found at http://www.zeldasave.fr.st/

Jeff "CJayC" Veasey of GameFAQs for posting my documents on his site.

And you, for reading this guide and having fun with the game.

                  ~The Legend of Zelda: The Four Swords FAQ~
                        Copyright Efrem Orizzonte 2002

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