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FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 05/26/06

Turbo Turtle Adventures FAQ(GBA)
version 1.0.0
copyright 2006 by Andrew Schultz schultz.andrew@sbcglobal.net

Please do not reproduce for profit without my consent. You won't be getting 
much profit anyway, but that's not the point. This took time and effort, and 
I just wanted to save a memory of a great game and the odd solutions any way 
I could. Please send me an email referring to me and this guide by name if 
you'd like to post it on your site.

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    1-1. THE GAME

    1-2. THE FAQ


    2-1. BASICS

    2-2. TIPS







    1-1. THE GAME

Turbo Turtle Adventures has you controlling a turtle who rolls about in an 
effort to pick up keys and power-ups to get to transport vortexes to escape 
from some beautiful but weird island. You need to avoid falling off some very 
narrow paths as your turtle rolls about, which is tricky. The game has 70 

7 main super-levels of 7 levels each, where you need to find a vortex to 
11 hidden levels, spawned by finding a second vortex on the level.
10 training levels you don't need to solve, but they help

Winning the first level in a group can open up two more, and winning the last 
doesn't open any. If you win enough levels a new location/superlevel opens. 
You get a win-screen for all 49 levels but you don't get 100% completion. 
Training levels aren't counted in the 100%.

It's a very cute little game and although some levels really pile up, 
especially for the maldexterous among us, the designs are ingenious and I 
didn't find any so-what levels. Even the ones with little more than a brief 
"gotcha" are well thought out. The only thing not well thought out? A nasty 
bug where you can't see level 5(glacier)'s secret side-level. Lots of detail 
and they miss the big picture! Aigh.

Fortunately the ROM image has been kracked so that you can find that. I'm not 
telling where. But there are two versions of the ROM, and you'll want the 
[t1] one with the unusual starter screen.

    1-2. THE FAQ

I substitute north/south/east/west for up/down/right/left sometimes, because 
I write guides for RPGs too. Be warned. Also, I abbreviate U-D-L-R or, for 
diagonals, UL UR DL DR.

Don't feel too bad about if my times seem low. I used save states a lot. 
Don't feel too smug if you can beat them, either. I'm a relative klutz, which 
is why I write FAQs, because it's not that much effort to describe what I did 
since I had to spell it out carefully to myself.

"Change to panzer helmet" means change to that option, but don't push the A 
button to select it. "Use the brick" means use the brick.


    2-1. BASICS

A activates the current power up shown. If you don't have any charges, this 
is ineffective.
--bricks are only used if you walk over air. You can hold A down to make 
bricks over thin air.
--helmets can only be used one at a time and last several seconds.
  --spike helmets stop you slipping on ice.
  --regular helmets protect you from energy barriers.
  --glide helmets look like a bowl of food and let you go faster over slow 
  --you can only have one type of helmet on at a time. Wear another and you 
lose the first power-up.
--jumping lets you leap based on speed and direction. However, if there is a 
barrier, you will bounce off it. Ground-based nuisances are not a factor when 
--teleports let you go to the last circle you activated. Circles are yellow 
before activation and red afterwards.

--for doors hidden by thick walls, you may have to angle into them. Going 
slowly may actually work better.
--running against arrows can occasionally work. You'll move a pixel at a time 
and suddenly break free. But if it takes more than 3 seconds for movement, 
forget it.
--running makes jumps go farther.
--bumpers aren't dangerous if you hit them head on, and the way to do that is 
to position yourself firmly in the center of a tile.
--bricks can be placed so that you can walk diagonally across them to link 
islands. This is critical to solving some puzzles.
--You can be 40% on a platform and still survive, which is nice. If you have 
a strip like this:


You can cruise right without having to tap either way.
--tapping the pad can be useful, though, if there's a bit more of a list, or 
if you're affected by a fan.
--You can go full speed ahead if you know there'll be a wall to slam into 
instead of an edge to fall off.
--slamming into walls can allow a rebound. Also slamming into a door that's 
over a gap works too, but you need a running start or you'll just fall down 
the gap.
--Jumping over arrows works well.
--Let the arrows make you swerve or go fast.
--You may have to try a few promising dead ends before you get the right 
--Go slow the first time through. Don't try to set speed records.
--Rocking back and forth to get out of doldrums works well, if arrows are 
pointing at each other and you need to get to one side or the other.
--to save time, change power-ups in the middle of a long straight run or even 
a jump. You don't save so much time pausing the game because it takes long 
enough to remember what you were doing.

I've found the game save oddly if you take a save state and back up over it.

    2-2. TIPS

--if you straddle two tile row/columns, this may work for or against you on 
crumbly blocks.
  --For: if they zigzag you can make it across.
  --Against: you'll cause both of them to crumble, causing problems if you 
want to go back.
--the same thing always works for you if you try a jump, though.
--you can't place single bricks diagonally from the edge, but you can often 
link several islands with two bricks. Say there are 4 2x2's in a 5x5 grid. 
You need 2 bricks to get to the center but it's very doable.
--Don't be afraid to inch along to take care of things. Better safe than 
sorry etc. But if there are long strips where you don't have anything that 
might get you, go ahead.
--Barrel full speed into doors and walls. It's no problem.
--Set a power up you know you're going to need in the future. It's difficult 
and probably fatal to have to remember to switch to a power up and then use 
--Remember the order in which power ups are listed. This can save you time, 
which is handy if you're low on it or you need to switch quickly.

Jump<>Teleport<>Panzer<>Glide<>glide shell<>Brick

--If you are using save states, you may want to save in the middle of a jump 
or a long run. Similarly with just pausing the game. If you pause while 
action is needed, it actually hurts your timing. Also it may be worthwhile to 
use several save states on a level.


After completing 3 levels you can try the lagoon.
After 9, you can try the woodlands.
After 15, the space station.
After 21, the glacier.
After 30, the volcano.
After 42, the bat cavern. Basically you need to solve all previous levels to 
get here.

Bonus levels do not count towards unlocking another level but they do count 
towards your percent.


    3-0. TUTORIAL

While none of these ten levels is deliberately nasty, they should also be 
used to help emphasize technique. You may even need to come back to these for 
moral support if the later levels get nasty.

      3-0-1. TUTORIAL 1

Maps are not drawn to scale, as that would be impossible with ASCII, given 
that the sizes are rather large.

Tutorial 1 shows you what to do with keys. They open gates of like colors.

=       R g
=       ===
=       |
=       ===
=.      B *
=       ===
=       |
=       ===
=      rG b

Roll southeast to get the red key, then up. Roll through the red gate and get 
the green key. You can turbo roll right and turn around as you touch the 
green key. Then you can swerve back down, open the green gate and get the 
blue key. Back up to the center to open the blue gate and down the vortex. 
You can speed as fast as you want to get through it.

Here there's the lesson of like keys giving passage through like gate colors, 
but you also might want to experiment with turbo rolls if you go through this 
again. See if you can get below 12 seconds.

      3-0-2. TUTORIAL 2

For lesson 2 you get to learn about arrows. The first time you can just walk 
over them and they will push you over the red key. But the second time you 
either need to use your turbo charge or run across the top of the arrows. The 
red gate is on the right side and once you go through it you just have to 
turbo onto the exit. You can get out in under 10 seconds.

=.     vvvvv=
=      vvvvv=
=   ===vvvvv=
=   = =vvvvv=
=   = =vv=R==
=   ===vv=  ====
=   <<<<<=     ====
=   <<r<<==       *

      3-0-3. TUTORIAL 3

Lesson 3 teaches you about weak ground. There are four types of weak ground, 
and when you pass over any part of it, it crumbles--so it is possible to 
knock out two pieces of ground that are side-by-side, which can be fatal. 
Basically you will have just enough time and stability to get across each 
narrow platform. You can take 3 trips across the ground to the bottom and 1 
past the blue door. Note you don't have to be standing in the center of it--
just on more than half of it. Also notice the ground above the blue, where it 
is two wide, may or may not completely fall. It depends on your exact 
location. This may be critical later on.

 1    ,
 1    ,
 1    ,
=B==  ,
   =  ,
.  R,,,
=3==   *
 3     ,

Go south, get the blue key, roll north, hit the wall, get the red and green 
keys and roll right, down and left to open the red gate. Then go back along 
the weak ground so it collapses. You can try to turbo right and turn UR to 
get out of the level as quickly as possible. I've beaten 14 seconds.

      3-0-4. TUTORIAL 4

Lesson 4 teaches you about your ability to build. Before getting going you 
may want to change your active item to the brick.



 3 [

Roll down to touch the left part of the first island. Detour briefly to pick 
up the extra brick in the second and then roll down, making sure to pick up 
the next brick in your way. With some care you can beat ten seconds and I've 
gotten below 8.

      3-0-5. TUTORIAL 5

Lesson 5: jump

Here you can find jumping when you're going faster sends you farther. Push 
the left button to get jump as your power up and then you can push turbo/B 
and just jump over each gap. Turn south and be sure to run as you jump again, 
then jump west twice. Note that the arrows near the end should guard you from 
falling over. I've gotten under 7 seconds here with turbo, 8 without.

,,, ,,,,
,,, ,,,,
,,, ,,,,


,, ,, ,,
,, ,, ,,

      3-0-6. TUTORIAL 6

Lesson 6:

  ,     ,
 ,      ,,
 , .,,,<,,
 ,    ,<,,
  ,   ,<,,

With tis one, you loop around clockwise to get the red key and then keep to 
the right as you head down--but not far right enough to fall--so that the 
fans don't blow you back into the one-way arrows. Note also you have to avoid 
the gravity as you head up--without bumping too hard into the walls and 
falling inside your initial octagonal path.

Once you open the red gate you can turbo to a bump south and then left into 
the vortex. Fifteen seconds is very achievable. Again, running at turbo will 
teach you a bit more about actual game conditions and even about when you can 
hold to the inside track. If you push things you can get below 12 seconds, 
but below 14 is still pretty strong.

      3-0-7. TUTORIAL 7

Lesson 7: the spiked shell

You also get a lesson with a pinball as a bonus here. Turbo right to get the 
power up. Then click to activate it...right button, A, and head up through 
the middle arrow so that you avoid the pinball bumpers. If you do hit them, 
don't push anything--you'll only bounce back and forth. Also if you manage to 
go right between the two, you can turbo south to blast through the red gate. 
Once you see the pinball bumper, hit left and you will fly towards the exit.

The pinball bumper lessons are twofold: 1) they can speed you up where you 
want to go and 2) they can distract you immensely, even causing you to fall 
off the board.


Slow gets you <15, fast gets you <10, and I've gotten 8:25.

      3-0-8. TUTORIAL 8

Lesson 8: teleporters. While this is one of the longer lessons there isn't a 
lot of risk. Basically you need to learn how to use teleporters. Don't run 
too fast over them, and push the power-up button once you're on them. Also, 
you'll have to remember which teleporter sends you where. Here it's easy as 
you just have a couple of choices. Later it gets tougher.

 2     1    1
t,,B,,t    t
      ,    ,
 2    r    R
t     ,    ,3
g     .    t

Here you roll north to land on teleporter 1 and use the red key you got to 
enter teleporter 3. Then get the blue key, go back through teleporters 3 and 
1, and west to teleporter 2. Get the green key, and back through 2, 1 and 3. 
Tear right through the green gate to advance. Under 30 seconds is pretty 
good. You'll be bouncing around a lot of edges of the playing field as you 
try to enter the gates, but that's part of the game.

      3-0-9. TUTORIAL 9

Lesson 9: Glide and Panzer shells. Here the spiked shell helps but the panzer 
one is the only one that's really necessary.

.,,,, ,,,,,
    , vv  +
    , vv
    , vv  ,
    , vv  +

Don't just plod along. Roll right and curve down and see if you can cut the 
corner. Before you bump swerve right and now try to turbo right up the center 
to pick up everything. See if you can jump the gap and you should land on the 
panzer helmet. Go left and once the arrows carry you, turbo down and, if 
you're really good with your fingers, switch to the panzer helmet. Activate 
it and run left along the side, curving down to enter the vortex.

Perfect timing can get you in in under 10 seconds but under 15 is pretty 

      3-0-10. TUTORIAL 10

Lesson 10: This is all about the ice. You need to learn how to navigate it 
and make up for its extra effects by swerving early. Also, use the wall to 
bash into. For instance, you need to turbo right and hit down before you see 
the ice below you. Once you hit the wall, then you can head left and get the 
spike shell to get a better grip. Toggle the power-ups to get to it as soon 
as possible and hit down. Note that the second fan cripples what you can do 
until you can use that shell, so be prepared to use it to go SE, then NE--but 
don't hit N too much, mostly E--run into the wall and then N-W-N wins pretty 

    I *
    I ,
    I ,
,,,+, ,,,
I       I
  I I

You have 49 levels to solve to get to the general end of Turbo Turtle 
Adventures: seven for each area. But you also have eleven levels that branch. 
There are two exits, instead of one. One exit completes the level and the 
other brings up the bonus.

You can tell if you've completed all the levels in an area if that area has a 
green dot at the main screen. With red, you can't visit, and yellow is "in 

The first few levels are relatively easy, as you might expect. There's not 
quite enough here to muddle your brain but silly mistakes can get at you.

Map for level 1:

?2        6 -- 4
|              |
|              |
7 -- 5 -- 3 -- 2 -- 1


The fan may blow you off a bit so be sure to account for that. Don't stand 
too close to the south edge. I prefer to veer to the right a bit as the left 
side may collapse and make things tricky on the way back--up and right and 
down to get the key(don't worry about the slowness) and back up, left until 
you bump into the edge(tap up if needed) and down.

Then back up, right and down the way you started. Head through the gates and 
then up for the green key, and you can bump against the leafy walls to save 
time as you head towards green gate that will unlock the vortex.

My best time: 12:40


This is a bit trickier and while there are no outside influences, there's the 
deteriorating walkway which may leave you confused. First, pick up the 
powerup as you go down. Then go right, and go just above the area locked with 
the red key. There's a brick there. Switch to it by pushing the left button. 
Use the brick to bridge the gap to the blue key area. Switch back to the jump 
power-up. Go back to the starting area--the walkway will have collapsed--and 
jump over that area, get the brick and blue key, and switch to the brick and 
go left. Switch to the jump, run and jump over the newly formed gap to the 
south, and go right to unlock the red door and enter the vortex.

My best time: 23:53


This combines a few tricks, and there is more than one way to do things. 
First pick up the two bricks you found and use the brick power-ups right of 
where you got the second, to make a bridge to the red key and teleport. Use 
that teleport to get to the island in the DL, which has a jump power-up. 
Return. From the north bit your jump power-up can kick you to the island with 
the red gate. Get the bricks and switch to the brick power-up. You can 
probably figure what to do now, but just in case, the trick is to make sure 
you're located on the UR edge. Then you can just go UR and wherever you place 
the bricks will be OK.

After this it's just a run through 1-way arrows to the vortex after bumping 
into the upper wall.

My best time: 19:72

      3-1-4. BONUS EXIT

While you can get the spike-helmet power-up here it's not especially useful. 
Instead, just go left and get the blue key. Skid across the ice and unlock 
the door below. Let the pinball bumper bounce you back up. Go left in the 
process--you may have to push up a bit to keep on course. Get the red key, 
head back left(under the arrows) and get the war helmet. Put it on and go 
back up through the energy barrier. Unlock the red door north of where you 
started to get to the vortex.

My best time: 16:87 for the main-line exit

10:92 for the bottom


Get the green key and speed right, tapping up to avoid getting kicked into 
the near green door. Then you can get another green key and a jump. While 
rolling you will also want to switch to bricks as your power-up. Now go back 
to the center green door(you may have to accelerate right) and follow the 
path. You may have to slow down to make it around the curve. When it hooks 
back left, try to stay near the top of the lane avoid the bumper which would 
kick you off.

Now how to use the bricks? It's actually possible to use one or two fewer 
brick than you are given. That encompasses 1) a strategy for later in the 
game and 2) switching to the jump as your powerup on the second-last island 
and taking a running-jump left. It's not necessary right now but it's an 
example of conserving for later. The basic pattern is below:

      xx xx xx
      xx xx xx
xx.xx.xx xx xx
xx xx xx xx xx

There aren't too many subtleties to learn other than that, after you are on 
the DL strip, it turns up and there is a bumper waiting for you. You can let 
it hit you or you can swerve right and probably land in the exit portal.

My best time is 26:40.

There's also some weird area by the start that features jumps into nowhere as 
far as I can tell. No bonus portal, nothing. It's possible to get there, 
actually. You just have to use all your bricks as indicated below. The key 
here is using the brick that connects two islands diagonally, and to be sure 
to make it, connect 1 and 2 and when standing on the square between them, 
roll down while holding the brick powerup. You can now scoot between 2, 3 and 
4 although it is a bit dicey. Once you used up your bricks you can running-
jump right from the portal and make it to the area you saw when you started.

      xx x1 x2
      xx x3 xx
      xx.xx xx
xx.xx.xx xx xx
xx xx xx xx xx


You get all your power-ups in a row to start this level. Then it gets 
tougher, especially with the time limitations the game puts on you. While 
collecting them you will want to change to the spiked helmet. That allows you 
to navigate the upcoming ice and the fan without slowing down. You're going 
in an up-down wave pattern(with a teleport in between, where you cross under 
another path) until you reach a straightaway to the right. Then switch to the 
bowl of glide shell. Use that, switch to the jump and take a running jump up 
when the path turns that way. Speed up and left, changing to a brick. Speed 
left over the gap, holding button A to bridge it. You then go back diagonally 
DL and while doing so you may want to change your power-up to the shock 
helmet and use it. There's a big straightaway to the left--try to get in the 
center if you're playing for time. That'll make it easier to get into the 
final chamber.

My best time: 27:32

      3-1-7. BONUS EXIT

This is an interesting level that leads to the second bonus round if you 
guess things right. There's one exit that just establishes level 1 as 
complete(the closer one) and another in the far lower left corner. The irony 
there is that it is easier to get to the bonus level once you know where it 
is, and you will probably be doing a lot of exploring anyway.

I'm including a map here since this is roughly grid based.

  1     2     3

b XXXX  XXXX  XbjX  XbbX
  XXXX  XXXX        XXXX

c XXjX  X>bb  XXbX  XbbX

  XXXX        XXXX
d XXjX        X++X
  XXXX        X++X
  XXXX        XXXX

e X++X

For the regular exit:

Use the brick from A2 to get to A3. Jump diagonally DR from a3 to get to b4. 
Use 4 bricks to make it from b4 to b2, rolling through the bottom of b3. Now 
jump down on the left edge. This gets you to c2, which has arrows pointing to 
the left and two bricks. Use the brick power-up to cross to c3 and then be 
sure to tap left a bit to avoid falling off. Then go down into the vortex.

For the bonus portal you can use the brick to go right, then jump to b3, b2, 
c1, d1 and e1. Yeah, it's that simple. Would be even simpler without the a3-
b2 diagonal blocker.

My best times are 9:40 to get to the bonus teleport and 18:85 to get to the 
regular teleport.

      3-1-?1. (FROM 4)

Here you have no particularly tricky obstacles, but you are adding and 
subtracting keys and it's possible just to get stuck. So you need to try to 
see what is behind some doors and, yes, you may make a few mistakes. Oh well. 
I know I made a few mistakes thinking I had to get all the keys but, in fact, 
there's a pretty easy way through. You need a panzer helmet and a green key 
to get to the portal which will take you to the platform with the vortex.

Go down and get the red key. Now you have 2 choices and the way left, with 
the red and green keys, looks nice so why not take it? Then go back right as 
you don't have a helmet yet. Unlock the red and green doors. Get the green 
key and head down. Switch to the brick power-up and use it once through the 
green door. That gets you a red key and a blue. Use the red, get the helmet, 
and use the blue key as you go up. Get the red and the blue and go through 
another blue door. You'll get a green key there. Now backtrack to the 
intersection where you started. Head left to the edge and up and once through 
the green door activate your panzer helmet. Push button A on the teleportal 
and then speed down into the vortex.

I don't think you can use bricks to get where the vortex is as there are only 
two of them, and you need to use one to get to the helmet--the crumbly 
walkways come to dead-ends.

My best time is 30:45 here. Knowing what parts of the level aren't relevant 
can really help you.

A schematic map is below, since I drew it out on paper:

t    B
|    |
X    g     ----g (need #=brick)
|    |
G    .     b-B-g
|    |     |   |
rg-R-r-R-G-g   R
|    |     |   |
G    R     G   g
|    |     |   |
B    #     R   B
|          |   |
r          g   rb
           |   |
           #   B
           |   |

      3-1-?2. (FROM 7)

Head down and left and go through the teleportal. Go right to get the brick 
and retreat and re-enter the teleportal. Have the brick ready as you go 
through the down arrows to bump against the ice. Then when you stabilize, 
head left to get the brick and right to get the helmet(if you want) before 
going down the ice. Stop in to the right cul-de-sac for a jump and now you 
will need to switch to the brick power up. Set things so that you cover the 
top of the three squares that create a gap to the left. You may need to 
accelerate in the direction you are being pushed a few times before you loop 
around the bumper for the jump power-up. You can use the spiked helmet here 
to navigate the ice, but it means you need to get the other one later. It's a 
bit tricky to navigate without the spiked helmet, but it saves a bit of time. 
Basically you need to be able to push left JUST after you get past the 

Use the jump to bridge the gap to the south. Then accelerate right, through 
the arrows, and rock back and forth if you go right next to the arrows on the 
right and run left. It should be just enough to get you another jump, which 
you'll need. (You can also get the spiked helmet to the right, where there is 
a teleport too, but this seems to be a wash in terms of time saved if you 
saved your other spiked helmet.)

Return to the main area. This isn't trivial and you will want to jump on the 
leftmost arrow close to the bumper. When you skid back right, go DR to head 
into the corner to pad your crash. Then head up through the ice and left, 
over the crumbly bridge. Up through the ice and right to get the helmet. Now 
retreat. Use your jump to get back up.

Now you need to use the glide helmet. Stand on the tile you made way back at 
the beginning, a minute or two ago, and use the helmet. Accelerate up and 
you'll make it past the arrows. Go into the teleport. Go right. Jump up to 
get on the new island you see--not on the ice but on the regular squares, so 
you don't skid if your helmet wears off. Wear the panzer helmet to get 
through the electric field and clear this.

I got through in 1:29:97 with save states.

    3-2. LAGOON

This is an idyllic looking level where the safe squares look the same as 
where you fall off, but the boundaries are defined well enough that you 
shouldn't. Crumbly squares blend in, too, but it's fun to see the underwater 
creatures and of course the portals are pretty clearly spelled out. You'll 
make a few missteps, but the scenery is worth it. The lagoon has the most 
bonus sections of any level--three.

Map for level 2(lagoon):

1 -- 2 -- 3 -- ?1
|              ?3
|              |
|              |
4 -- 5 -- 6 -- 7


Down, right, UR for a red key. Now down, and rock left/right with the arrows 
that point to each other to get to the left. Use the red key on the red door. 
Get the brick which you can ready during straightaway travels. Further up you 
have a green key. Go right and down and go up from the arrows. The right 
branch up leads to the green door. Take it, turn left, use the brick to get 
across(center platform works best) and roll left, get the blue key, roll back 
right and go to the arrows. You won't even have to rock--just go DR and you 
will be able to open the blue door and then the vortex.

My best time: 25:67


Get the red key first. To do this, go D, L and don't accelerate over the 
arrows up. Get the key and fly right, hitting the wall, and go down. There's 
a red door D and R of here. Take it, get the jump, and follow the arrows 
left, up and right. You'll have a jump here and there are two ways to go 
about it.

1) speed through the arrows and jump and go counterclockwise in the spiral
2) slow down through the arrows, stop, and make a hop-jump and go back up

Either way you have to open the green door next, which is UR. You then have a 
spiral to navigate but on the way in it's pretty easy because you can bump 
into a lot of walls. One thing to notice is that there are 4 crumbly blocks 
and you don't want to stand in the center of them while walking towards the 
red key. Once you've gotten it you can bounce into walls on the way out of 
the spiral. Then DL through where the red door was to the other spiral. Again 
there are walls to bounce around so you don't have to be too careful. The 
vortex is behind the red door.

My best time: 42:47

      3-2-3. BONUS EXIT

Follow the path down, left, down, right and up past the teleport. Get the 
brick and trace back to the start. You should change to a brick powerup along 
the way and place the brick left of the vortex to reach the starfish-shaped 
island. At its upper point there'll be another brick. If you want to unlock 
the regular exit, go down and UR a bit to get the key on the island right of 
the brick before leaving. If not, leave directly.

Retrace your steps but enter the teleport. You'll have two different things 
to try depending on how you want to solve this.

If you're trying for the regular exit, you can speed left to get the helmet 
and speed back right and reenter the teleport. Then go up, unlock the green 
door to the right(shuffling to the panzer helmet as the power up in the 
meantime,) unlock the red door below, activate your powerup, and plow through 
the field to exit the level.

Activate the brick power-up in transit. Use the brick to connect to the 
passage to the south. From there, walk to the right edge and down. Get the 
brick and move diagonally back up to the red door. Open it. Go to the left 
edge where the path turns. Take your time to ensure that when you go south, 
you'll be placing a brick in the gap you want to and not the square NW or NE 
of it. You can probably swerve right to hit the vortex, but there will be 
another bend and the first time through you may want to go slowly just so you 
don't fall off so close to the end.

My best time is 33:97 for the main exit and 36:98 for the bonus.


I spent a lot of time jumping directly down as that seemed "just obvious," 
but in fact after collecting the three power ups you'll want to run back up 
to the start and make a long running jump right. Voila! You have gotten to 
the island with the helmet and jump and wasted fewer power-ups. Now jump down 
and switch to the brick. You'll want to bridge the gap down but stay on the 
right--if you stay on the left you may bump into the coral walls and use two 
bricks instead of one. Use the arrows and bump against the bottom wall. Get 
the brick in the DR corner and go up. Then go left and be sure to push back 
right after crossing the arrows. That gets you the red key. Use a brick down 
to get to one island and left for another. Change to the panzer helmet while 
rolling down. Roll left through the red door, use the power-up, and enter the 
vortex past the energy field.

      3-2-5. BONUS EXIT

Another level with two exits. Let's go with the straightforward one first; 
the second requires some meddling near the end and is essentially the same 

Loop clockwise to the teleport. Take it. Run up through the down-arrows for a 
brick and red key. Use the brick to go back to the teleportal. Reenter and 
open the red door to the left to get another brick. Return.

Head left and use a brick to get to the island to the left. Hit the bumper 
straight on from the bottom and accelerate back down to get out of its way. 
Then get the green key and brick on the island below. Retreat to the 
teleportal and then use the bricks to go down in the SW part. Behind the 
green door you'll see two vortexes. The near one opens up stage six. The far 
one leads to the bonus round. You will need to steer carefully around the 
near one although if you get on the very edge of the walkway there(not 
recommended) you can fly by the right one.

If in doubt, inch very carefully left and push back up once past the right 

My best time is 29:10 for the right portal. The left, 30:35(from the same 
save state near the end.)


This level is an example of what happens if you trade off too much. The first 
bit is not too bad--right for a brick, all the way left, use two bricks up to 
get two back and a red key on the big island. Back down, left, and two bricks 
up to get one brick back and a green and blue key. Down, right, and up at the 
entry platform to get to a teleport.

Now you need to go through the blue door, get a brick, and go back left. Be 
sure to be left of the teleporter when you lay a brick to go left to the 
island with another brick and, as you follow the passage, a red door and a 
brick to the south.

But don't take the green door. Instead, retreat to your starting point and 
head right. Use two bricks down to get to another island and go left through 
to the vortex.

Note that if you'd traded the green key for a brick, you'd have been 
unprepared. If you'd gone to the left and down you'd have needed a red key.

My best is 46:15.

      3-2-7. BONUS EXIT

Another level with branching to different exits. UL you have a green key--get 
that first. To the left there's a green door with a brick behind it. That's 
next. The lower of two UR gets you a brick, and now head to the bottom where 
the two bricks will let you cross to get a red key and a brick. Trade that 
brick for a blue key(upper UR) and then come back to the bottom part to 
unlock the blue door. Enter the teleportal and go north through the red door 
for a jump.

Now you can use this jump in two ways. To complete 2-7 you can go to the UL, 
but just before the north wall, jump north to an island with a vortex.

Otherwise, go L through what was the green door. At the left edge, a 1-square 
running jump down should get you access to the bonus level.

48:38 for the regular, 46:60 for the bonus.


A very tricky level that requires timing and precise movement to get started. 
Move down. Get the jump. Move back up to the start and jump right. Get the 
red key and two jumps and jump back left.

Now the bumpers present some nasty challenges. For the first one, you need to 
hit it dead-center(not hard if you prepare beforehand.) Then push down when 
you're right over the first arrow, bouncing back left. You may need to spin 
left and right a bit to stay on the  narrow trail left of the bumper. The 
timing here seems a bit arbitrary so it may take a while.

Once you're on the narrow trail, be careful about picking up the jump 
powerup. Set the jump powerup and retreat past the bumper. Tap up to make 
sure you get the green key and jump left. You will probably need to tap down 
to get the key and have the right angle to jump to safety, but you won't need 
to tap left to clear the gap.

Now for tricky jump #2. Start at the top square of the three, speed to the 
bottom one, and jump. You may have to tap up to stay on the weird ledge. 
After this it's downhill.

Get the helmet and then, at the left-arrows, set up a brick and tap left onto 
them. Swerve down and, when you're on solid ground, push back right.

Accelerate from the top of the 3x3 down through the up arrows. You'll get to 
an area guarded by an electric field and green door. You know what to do. The 
branch up leads to a red door and the exit.

Now if you didn't get the red key up at the top, you have a sequence of 
islands to navigate. You need to place bricks in the correct places. I've 
marked islands with bricks with # and where you put the bricks with .'s. Take 
your time placing the bricks and remember to stay firmly in the center of an 
island before making the first move. Often on a brick you made you'll have to 
move diagonally to get to the next.

#   #
 # #
 .  ##

Once you've done this, go back. North of the islands is a passage bending 
right, which has a red door you can open. Then, the exit.

I got 1:13.77 here. A lot of inching.

Note that you don't really need to open the blue door, as you already got 
what was behind it, and you needed to grab the green key anyway to get there. 
You could also use the teleport to trade a red key for a blue, but in essence 
you'd just be losing a key.


This one isn't very esoteric. More just trying doors and noting what's behind 

Head left to get the red key. Head up through the red door for the red and 
blue. This is the trickiest part--I prefer to go up the right side as the 
crumbly blocks may leave you with a treacherous way back if you go up the 
center. (You can go UR from here to get a brick behind a red door if you 
like. If so, ignore the 2nd green door--you can even ignore one of the green 
keys mentioned below. I'm not sure which way's better, just proposing an 

Head DL through the blue for two greens. Then go along the bottom to get a 
panzer helmet and a blue key to unlock the blue door. You'll get a red key 
too. Exit through the green door and, if you don't have a brick, enter the 
one above it to get one. Now in the NW you'll use the brick, and you can also 
use the panzer helmet (you can have it highlighted and activate it early, 
then switch to the brick) to get by the field. It's a straight run UL into 
the vortex.

I got 29:88 here.


Lots of tight swerving into teleports here. Go left and up and, when going 
right, go down hard. That will get you to the first teleport, which is hard 
if not impossible to get back to. From there go up and right(through the two 
arrows--back up a bit so as not to fall off) to get one jump. Return through 
the teleport. All teleports go back to the one you'll enter here.

Up, left, and down. Now you need to rock left and right with the arrows. 
First you'll want to wind up left, but even if you wind up on the right you 
can speed back left.

Through the next teleport, go down. Speed through the left-arrows--you'll 
need to hit the breaks left when past. Pick up the other jump and teleport 
back. Again, go to the arrows that lead into each other, rock back and forth, 
only this time go right. Try to stay in the center so that when you hit the 
jellyfish-wall to the right, you don't bounce diagonally away. Ignore the 
teleport as you go north. You just need a double jump here. Speed up just as 
you are near the edge and that should be enough--you can get too much or too 
little if you're not careful.

Done in 29:02.

    3-3. WOODLANDS

Very much like the Ancient Ruins in terms of icons but of course the levels 
are a bit bigger and tougher. Only twoe bonus levels here. The background 
music is nice here--strings in some levels, flutes in others.

Map for level 3(woodlands):

     7         2 -- 4
     |         |
     |         |
6 -- 5 -- 3 -- 1


Head right, then down. Through the gauntlet of arrows pointing to crumblies, 
hold UL or UR and speed through. Down, right, get the jump and retreat past 
the crumblies but take the first fork left. Roll over the crumblies on the 
bottom(leaving the gap of 1 above) and enter the teleportal. Head UR and U to 
get the red key then roll back down. Jump over the gap to get the 2 jumps and 
bricks. You can just jump back north or if you want to be a hot dog, jump UL 
onto the teleportal to go back. Switch to bricks and run over the gap. You 
don't need to worry about being in the exact center of the column with them 
as you have an extra brick to use.

Switch back to the jump and head down. You need a bit of a running start to 
jump right, go up through the green door and get the blue key and jump. Then 
you can jump back left, go up-right-down and go through the blue door. During 
this you can switch to the Panzer helmet, which you can activate to get 
through the energy field below and into the vortex.

I got 40:50 after getting shocked twice by the energy field(duh.)


The path to the bonus level actually takes less time than the regular path. 
Go up, grab the jump, go right across the crumblies, get the brick, and jump 
DL to the island with the bumper. Get the brick and use it to get to the t-
shaped island. Get the green key and brick. Now you need to contend with a 
fan before crossing, so with the brick power-up, start in either the top or 
bottom lane, but in the center, so you aren't blown away and you wind up 
using a brick R and U instead of R and R. That leaves a path to the vortex.

My best time for this: 20:58

The other way is much harder. Go up and get the jump. Walk across the 
crumblies. Get the brick that's DL, then go back UR to pick up the red key. 
Jump back left over the gap. Then head back to the start and run left, 
curving up as soon as you accelerate past the narrow corridor. Get the blue 
key. Here comes the tough move. You need to move down and then swerve right. 
It helps if you are at the right edge of the arrows,i,e,



Then speed up as much as you can until you get sucked in by the arrows. That 
way you can swerve onto the narrow right platform more quickly and move 
around there, adjusting up/down as need be. At the end you get a green key 
and a brick.

Now go back up, right(use a brick to bridge the gap) and through the green 
door. Down, right and left for a brick. Use a brick on the right to get a 
brick and a green key. Go back below the bumper and open the green door. A 
blue door to the vortex is below that.

Best time: 38:22


A fun little level with a nasty misdirection. Go down and get a brick and use 
it to bridge the gap below. Get a blue key and a brick and then go UR to use 
the key and brick to get to an island with a blue key and three bricks.

Now instead of using the blue key on the door near the start, go across the 
first bridge you made and make a bridge of three bricks to the right. You 
will want to do this from the middle of the isle. Then you'll be forced into 
a bumper which probably won't damage you much. Just speed-run DL. You'll spin 
out to the DR. Get the blue key and circle around the arrows(too risky to run 
through them) and grab the brick and go up the single-file of arrows to get a 
red key. Follow the arrows to the left and return to the main area, using the 
blue key from the other side that you thought you would.

Now you can open that red door you saw at the beginning. Get the green key, 
go back left and down, open the green door and be sure to use a bridge to get 
to the block and panzer helmet. Use the panzer helmet after you cross the 
bridge you made to the right of the main area, then use the brick to make a 
passage to the electric field that shields the level vortex.

Best time: 50:45


This level has two exits. The paths to get there cross pleasingly. Let's 
start with the next-level exit. Get the jump, face south, and jump over the 
small gap. Roll left to get a jump and a green key. Jump UL to get a red key. 
Teleport. Get another jump there and teleport back. Jump upwards. There's 
another jump to collect. Past the green door to the right you can get a blue 
key to open the door just above you. Get the jump that is UR and DR before 
returning and jumping to the island to the UL for a panzer helmet. Now you 
can jump DR, activate the panzer helmet, and enter the vortex.

My best time: 31:18

To get to the bonus level, get the jump and bounce down as before. But after 
getting the powerups, jump U/UR to the mainland diamond. Get the blue key and 
unlock the door to the left. Get the jump and unlock the door above. Get the 
jump to the UR, return and jump down onto the small platform with the 
teleport. Take the teleport to get another jump and return. Now jump 
downwards twice and you'll hit the vortex.

My best time: 32:88


This is a pretty straightforward level to plan but you have some odd jumps to 
make. Get the jump to the right and jump right or down to the main area. Get 
the other jump to the left of the portal before entering the portal proper. 
You'll be kicked left and will receive a green key. Another green key is past 
the crumblies. Head down, left and right and at the edge of the walk, jump 
UR. Jump right after you go up and left. Then go over the crumblies to 
release the green door. Release the red door to the DL. Follow the "S" to the 
panzer helmet and return.

Jump over the crumblies past where the green door was(UR of the end of the S) 
and ready your panzer helmet as you go down. Then a swerve L-D-R to the 
vortex clears the level.

Level 5 opens up levels 6 and 7.

My best time: 41:95


This is a good level where you may have to do something wrong in order to 
really figure out how to do something right. It looks like you need to use a 
brick to get to the vortex's isle, and I assumed for a while you needed to 
use another to get to the front of the arrow-assembly-line. Oh, and one more 
thing, this is the first level where brick placement is critical.

First, switch to bricks and use one brick to go down. Then go down and left 
until you see a small island to the north. Use a brick to get 
there(preferably in the center) and then use a brick as follows:

* *

Now you can roll carefully to get both the key and the brick. Go back and 
then go UL to near the start. Open the red door and use a brick to get on the 
arrow conveyor. You'll hit a wall and need to head left to get out, a panzer 
helmet richer. Take the teleport to get to the vortex isle.

Get the blue key. Teleport out. Go right, open the blue gate, get the green 
key, go left-down-left and trade the green key for a red. Re-enter the 
teleportal, switch to your panzer helmet, and use it as you unlock the red 
door to get to the portal.

My best time: 43:60


There's a big weird pushy maze at the end of this. But the start is not too 
bad. You need to head down, get the jump power-up and get close to the 
bumper(on the right) without touching it. THen run down, curve left just past 
the bumper, and make a jump as soon as you touch the down arrows. You may 
bounce off a side wall, but if you don't swerve, you bounce off a wall in 
front. That gets you a jump and a red key. Now return and go to the left--a 
narrow curve up and right and take it slowly if you need to. Open the red 
door but be sure you can pass through it rolling before jumping through it, 
or you'll waste your jump. Get the brick and head north, using the brick to 
bridge the gap. That gets a brick and a green key. Go south and bridge 
another gap and use the portal.

That portal leads up to another portal. Which leads to a third portal, which 
leads to the maze area.

Follow the arrow passage right and up and up to the wall--steer UL and speed 
to bounce left, and you'll be sent down. Continue to steer to the left and 
after going UL you'll want to steer UL with the arrows pointing down so you 
can make it off to the left. You may bounce around before entering the side 
corridor but once you do it will lead to a blue key--just steer UR right 
after you get into the tunnel going left, then as you go up.

Then floor it down and follow the paths--eventually you'll be going right and 
will wind up facing a 4 way intersection. Go up from here and you'll be 
kicked to a teleportal with a blue door above it. Take the blue door, and up 
and left you have the vortex that completes the Woodlands, unless you still 
have the bonus levels.

My time: 1:17.60


The start here is quick. Go down, get the two jumps(running) and jump twice 
quickly. Roll some more and you will get another jump just before you fall 
off the edge. So it's a good idea to use THAT jump right away.

You'll wind up with 2 jumps and 2 bricks and a red key. You'll need 1 jump to 
get back out of the encased isle, and it's not a risky one. The arrows that 
forced quick action now save you from falling off the isle. Change to the 
brick and take the arrows to the right. You'll slam into a wall on an island. 
Do the same going up, and you'll get a jump back. Switch to the jump, walk 
across the arrows and jump(running may carry you off the isle.) Get the green 
key. Two quick jumps north--hitting an isle with a jump--gives a green door 
to the east. Trade your green key for a blue and continue. There's a teleport 
U and R of here. Go U and R again for the final little challenge.

Open the red door straight ahead for a brick, and switch to that. Then go 
down and right and take the lower blue door. Use the brick to get a blue key 
and panzer helmet. Switch to the panzer helmet as you open the blue door on 
top and use it.  You don't have to swerve to enter the portal.

My best time: 41:95


The letter-platforms on this level spell "Bister Snige" whatever that means. 
I think it's Swedish, since the designers/programmers are according to the 
credits. It also has a key you can completely ignore.

Get the brick above and shift right and roll up onto the B. Roll R and UR. 
Then roll U for the brick and place it so that it links the I and its dot, 


Grab the red key then DL DR. Get the brick at the bottom of the i and use it 
to get onto the S. Follow the curves and at the top, use a brick right. Get 
the green key and brick and use the red. At the bottom of the t(not quite the 
bottom saves time,) roll right and get the red key, then circle back up and 
there's another brick. Cross to the R and get the brick and blue key in the 
top bit.

Now at the s, use two brocks down to get to the other s. Use the red key to 
work your way through and, at the tail of the S, place the block so that you 
can touch both bricks at once by going halfway off it. This isn't as esoteric 
as it sounds. You just have to make it so your turtle would run between them 
if it fell off, but just use one brick instead. Then you can speed back right 
and use another brick to get to the N.

Use a blue key to get to another brick, then make a quick bridge to the i and 
another quick one to the g(if you place it right on top you save a few 
seconds.) Don't worry about the blue door; to get the blue key you'd need to 
trade a brick anway, so it is an even trade.

There are two bricks on the e so get the upper one first and come back down. 
Be sure not to run the bricks into a wall as you go right--tap down if need 
be. Use your final key to get the final brick and break into the vortex area.

My best time: 1:02.17


The space station set of puzzles is very compartmentalized--the levels feel 
like you have cabins locked off by keys, which are the main point of focus 
here. Also you'll be dealing with lots of crumblies and how to walk over 
them, and some narrow corridors too. A very sci-fi feel, and the green 
pulsing gravity pools look very much in place as well.

Map for level 4(space station):

               6 -- 7
1 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5
|              |
|              |
2              ?


This one isn't too tricky. Go right for the blue key, then down and left and 
down for the panzer helmet. U-R-U-U-L-U and right over the 1-way arrow. D-R 
for a green key and U-R-D to get a jump. Switch to and use a panzer helmet. 
Open the green door to get a green key. Place the brick up past the green key 
so that it connects with the passage to the NW. This passage runs U, R and D. 
Go just to the right of center here and the second bumper will hit you UL and 
send you to the bottom. From there run left and open up the green door above 
when you see it to get to the vortex.

Best time: 33:60


Here an energy field makes it look as if you need to go through it, but you 
really don't. The gravitational suckers are also particularly appropriate to 
the spaceship levels, too. Many of these levels are designed like you'd think 
a space station would be, which means extra cool points.

Go U for a panzer helmet, then D-L-U for a green key. D-R-R-D to use it on 
the green door. Then U-L-D to get through the blue door. That gets a red key. 
U-L-D and through the red door into the teleport. Part A done.

D for a red key. U R-all the way and U  for a green key and panzer helmet. 
Then open the green door to the right for a red, blue and panzer helmet. Go 
left and use the helmet to get by the blue door and get a brick. Go back 
right into the green-door room and down and to the left edge. Push down and 
create two bricks as you go down. That should get you to the isle below, 
which has a jump, a green key and a blue key. You won't need the jump but the 
green and blue allow you to go UL, then up from the portal, and get a red 
key, a blue key and a panzer helmet. Go down and as you're unlocking the 
doors, use the helmet and you'll pass through the field into the portal.

Best time: 57:80


To oversimplify, most of this level is just going around in circles. There's 
an inner spiral and an outer one. You start at the inner one, and all you 
have to do is bounce against the outer edges to get all four keys that 
appear. Go as fast as you wish. If all goes well you'll approach a teleport 
with four doors behind it. That teleport is there to send you back to the 
start in case you missed a key. If you want to try to make it through the 
doors without any bounce, keep bumping against the outer edges.

For the next part you need a Panzer helmet to clear the board, but the 
puzzling equivalent of a shaggy dog story stands in your way. First, go past 
the teleport beyond the doors to get two blocks. Next, enter the teleport and 
use the two blocks to go up. Get the jump and then go back down. Here you may 
need to be a bit careful on the one hand not to fall off and on the other 
hand not to reactivate the teleport accidentally. The best advice I can give 
is to tap the controls around if you are worried.

Jump to the right for a blue key and a jump. 

Best time: 48:40


Well, it's pretty easy to figure out how to start. You need a jump and a 
panzer helmet to jump past the UR part of the island onto the island with the 
vortex, but for want of a helmet the level was lost, blah blah.

Go down, get the green key, and go back up and right and down to open the 
green door. Right, up the right side, and left to get a jump and a brick. 
right and down and run at the arrows. Jump when you touch them. You'll make 
it past them and get a helmet and a brick. Dang, need a jump now. Run down 
from the brick, curve left and go up. Use a brick to get to the blue key and 
then use a brick to go up and right to get the red key. Don't go across the 
crumblies yet.

Instead, retreat to the main area, go right(beware of the gravitator in the 
bottom part) and get the brick and green key. Now go back down on the 
crumblies. Get the jump, use a brick to the east on the one-way doors, and 
open the blue door above. Go up the right side and jump as hard as you'd 
like--there's a wall--and change to the panzer helmet. Spiral clockwise and 
the level's done.

My best time: 47:72

      3-4-5. BONUS EXIT

This is another very square design. You start in the center and work your way 
across crumblies that will leave gaps behind. However, the first few moves 
are pretty easy to figure out, and then a little experimentation gets you the 

Getting to the bonus level here involves short-circuiting the main 
walkthrough, so I'll drop a note when that happens. But first, get the two 
bricks and place them to the left, where you get a brick and a blue key. Then 
go to the upper crumbly on the right side and step over. Use the blue key on 
the door and get a red key and a brick for your troubles, and get a brick 
behind the green door at the top there. You can then walk across the next 
crumbly to the right, get a green key, retreat and go up and left through the 
green door for another brick. Go up from there and swerve down for the jump 
power-up. Then down through the red door. Back up a bit and get a running 
start to jump over the up-arrows. No need for brakes; there's a wall below 

Now go to the left. If you want to advance to the bonus level, don't worry 
about using the jumps to the left. Note a weird platform sticking out into 
space on the bottom of the screen just beyond. If you want to see what's 
there, start at the center row of squares, run 1 down, and jump and jump 
immediately again. There you are.

(best time: 26:98)

But if you want to solve the regular level, get the jumps to the left and 
double back right. Jump across to get two bricks and a green key. Use a brick 
and a crumbly to get back. Keep going left. Open the green door, and behind 
it you'll get two red keys you'll need for later. You can get a running start 
to take the left one, and the upper one is behind crumblies that will fall 
apart after your second trip over them.

Cycle back all the way right and up. Use the two bricks to reconnect to the 
center. Slightly left of the center of the glass tilings, take a running jump 
north. Take time to line it up if you need; you don't want to hit a wall and 
fall in the void at this point.

You'll get a jump back, then there are two red doors to open. You get a blue 
key, so open that door. It shows a narrrow corridor and you want to make sure 
you're really in it before running through, or your jump won't go anywhere. 
Once you are, head up and work around the bumpers and head back left and 
down. Enter the green door.

Best time: 1:12:25 but I got a bit tired of honing it.


Take the arrows right, then rock back and forth to get the brick above. You 
can skid downwards and pull up in time. Get the four jumps and use three of 
them to get into the DL corner. Keep pushing DL until you've got the brick 
powerup readied, and then push up to move across the arrows. Keep slightly to 
the right of center and you can cruise to the top and bump into a wall. This 
nets a red key, and a green is just right. Then rush down(change to jump) and 
open the door to the right. Jump at the arrows' end and unlock the green door 
and rush right.

Now you'll hit up against a bumper, and this part is tricky. You need to head 
approximately DL, but once you do you will go spinning off and need to head 
DR to keep on course. Then there's another tricky move. You need to go right 
and past a bumper and by some fans to get a panzer helmet on the other side. 
You should get it almost accidentally, or a quick move should also help. The 
trick is to bounce off the top and rebound, and once you bounce off the 
bottom, steer down a bit so you don't float off into space but instead bounce 
off the purple wall.

Then, go back up. Go up the center, a bit to the left, and get the blue key. 
Use the panzer helmet to get the jump and retreat back down--again in the 
center. You need to be quick--or at least tap up while changing powerups--due 
to the fan blowing around. Move left at the bottom, switching to the jump 
powerup, and after unlocking the blue door, stay on the right of the hallway 
and run up. Jump once you get the green key.

Now there are three bricks you shouldn't have much problems getting, but go 
UL after the solo one so the fan and gravity don't nail you. Tiptoe along the 
left ledge L-U-R-U and now it's time to get that panzer helmet in space. V-e-
r-y carefully put out two bricks and then lean on the edge of the second, up. 
Got it! Run back down(there's a wall to slam into,) left and down to get the 
jump. But use that final brick to get the red key(change to panzer helmet 
after using the brick) and--another brick. Up, left, and up through the red 
door-you may have to spin DL here and do some fancy joypad work to stabilize. 
When you do you can head down the right path, which alternates up/down 
arrows. Use the panzer helmet and 

Best time: 1:24:95 though I know I missed a few gimmicks.


Many frustrating puzzles, and you've also got to deal with time pressure 
here--legitimate "start over" time pressure, even with strong play.

First go right and down through the crumblies. Rush left through the top bit 
and you'll get the brick. Tap up as you are leaving so as not to fall off. Go 
up the crumblies, use a brick, get the blue key and brick and go back down. 
Use the blue key and brick to get to the other side.

Run all the way right and back left after grabbing the jump and the brick. 
Use either one to go down the center of the down-arrows. Get the two blue 
keys, open the blue door and circle around and switch to the other and come 
back left. Go up the center of the up-arrows. Go through them, get a red and 
green and go right and down and exit. Fly right. Open the green and blue 
doors. Head south before the energy field and though you don't need the glide 
helmet, you might as well get it. More important is to focus on swerving 
right at the right time. You can floor it right, but try to keep in the lower 
part of the 2-wide bunch of arrows pointing left. THere's some gravity above. 
Eventually you'll get to a corridor that twists with the arrows a bit, then 
you'll go to the DL. Try to place yourself in the middle of the columns 
above(4 wide, but if in doubt, stray to the right so you are kicked into a 
wall.) Go all the way up to get a panzer helmet(which you should switch to) 
and one of each color keys: blue, red and green. Use the red and green for 
the doors.

Use your panzer helmet after opening the green. Then fly right, switching to 
a brick. Go up, use the brick left, get the red key and go right. Then go DR 
to open the blue door. Go right and down(you can floor it on this narrow 
strip) to get the next brick. Bounce back up, around the pinball bumper, and 
right and down. Get(and switch to) the panzer helmet, open the door and use 
the helmet if you want to save a bit of time. Switch to the brick. Use it 
when there's a hole R and D. D and R and you will find the vortex.

Best time: 1:07:83.


This is a nice snappy bonus level. You don't have to do anything profound to 
win it. You just need to head DL, then down and left. Run with the arrows 
downward. Jump twice quickly and then hit A when on the teleport to 
return(there's another teleport in between, but that's a formality.) You'll 
have one key now. Now go DL, left and down to get the jump and go back up and 
right so you're below the up-arrows. Again jump up quickly twice after 
grabbing the jump power-up. You'll go to an island with a teleport and blue 
key. Get the key, of course, before entering the teleport.

Go DL and down and then go to the right. Keep to the center a bit to get the 
red key and then you can unlock the green and blue doors. Take the teleport 
back. DL, down and left and now you can open the red door and enter the 

Best time: 28:88

    3-5. GLACIER

The glacier level features a lot of skidding and so you can't expect any 
whiz-bang solutions. It's a lot like the underwater level, but it's a bit 
easier to see things. Impatience is harshly punished here. There's also a 
HUGE bug where you can't open up the bonus level after getting to 6. Looks 
like someone forgot to put 6 out of a corner and assumed the double-vortex 
for a bonus level was on the 7th stage.

Map for level 5(glacier):

? <-you can't get here.
7              2 -- 4
|              |
|              |
6 -- 5 -- 3 -- 1


A very fun level as you only need to get 5 of 6 keys the first time through 
to advance, and you even have a second chance at a couple of them.  Speed-run 
DR at first--the movement will be slow but you'll do enough of that. Then try 
to head to the UR. You should be able to get the red key on top if you push 
UL after bouncing off the right wall, and it's not hard to bounce into the DR 
key. Then the other teleport isn't too bad either. The main risk here is 
running out of crumblies, but getting 3 keys here may be the tough part of 
the level.

Once you hit the teleportal, speed UR and you will get the red key in the UR 
past the bumpers. Speed DR along the wall and then speed DL. That nets key #5 
and you can get the last key you don't need by going hard UL right after--you 
may have to tap DL when just above it. Then you can just go DL or, if kicked 
back to the start, UL DL.

From there you have a bunch of doors to open. Note there are 5 guarding the 
exit and 1 guarding the return to the start. In other words, get it mostly 
right the first time and you won't have to do perfectly the next. It may be 
worth it to bump into the south wall here before running into the vortex, 
just for safety's sake.

Best time: 35:48 but I bet you can do better.


Get the green key to the left, the brick to the south and the jump below 
that. Turn left and switch to the brick. Place it over the gap. Be sure not 
to speed up here or you will fall to the left when turning back. There's a 
blue key to the left. Get it, unlock the door with the green key(no running!) 
and get the red key. Now go back right. Open the blue door and while the 
glide helmet is nice it's not fully necessary. Still, if you like, use it to 
run past the crumblies without breaking them up. Get the panzer helmet and go 
down, swerving right at the branch.

Use the panzer helmet when you're south of the energy field. Go up and get 
the brick and come back down. Go back left into the mess of arrows. Then 
swerve UL a bit(enough to keep from falling south) once you see the ledge 
that way--you may want to tap back DL if you're worried about getting sucked 
back up by the arrows to the left. Work around the bumper(tap up) and get the 
red key at the far left end of the cul-de-sac. Bounce back(another good place 
to use the glide helmet, but you can slow down and work things out) and be 
sure to take the up-arrows straight on. Crash into the wall at the top and 
then run back left. Switch to the brick and track back left over the 
crumblies and DL where you'll see a red door. Go through it and use the 
brick. When against the bottom wall, run left. When above the next red door(a 
great place to use the glide helmet if you still have it) open it, run back 
up, and(being sure you won't hit a wall in the jump) run down and jump. 
Voila, the portal.

Best time is 58:62.


You'll be connecting a lot of islands together here once you get through with 
the preliminary bits. Some odd maneuvers result from fans and the gliding, 

The first part, you can actuall accelerate. To the right and hold down just a 
bit and when you land on the teleport, push button A. Scootch right, get the 
brick, and scootch left. This sends you to a place with a red key to the 
left--but push right, because the fan that blows you left is very powerful. 
Run down the gamut of arrows, bump into the walls, and head right, to where 
the bumper is.

Then go up--keep to the right of where the arrows should be(on the right 
edge). Get another brick and now you can run into the arrows if you want. 
Open the red door on the right and switch to bricks. Use two of them, down, 
to get to the next area. Step on the right-arrows and they'll kick you to a 
series of islands.

        XXX XX
        X#X X#
        XXX XX
5   XXX XX#X
X*X    2
      X X#X
      X XXX

Above is where to place the blocks. There's a lot of diagonal sliding to get 
them all. But it should be pretty sensible. Then you'll get to a matrix of 
arrows. Once your turtle bounces off the right wall, be prepared to hit A to 
teleport back to the entry to the islands. In the meantime you may be able to 
use the panzer helmet and re-ready the brick. Go left when you leave and be 
sure to hold down once through the door to enter the vortex--it's possible to 
miss if you go straight left. I know, I tried, accidentally.

My best time: 1:26.78


I can divide this level into two areas: the teleports and the forking paths.

For the first bit there's not much to do but start by runnig into the 
teleporter to the right. It least to the DL teleporter, which leads to the UR 
teleporter, which leads to an island, but for now, let's go up and then floor 
it right into the arrows. You should get the red key. Keep flooring it, but 
now UR, and eventually you'll bounce into the panzer helmet--the fans kind of 
mess you up a bit, but persistence pays off. Use the helmet, speed it DR(it 
takes a bit of time, again,) and then get the green key beyond that(head UL, 
the fan actually helps here) and go UR to get out. Fly left and enter the 
teleport. Then re-enter where you landed. Fly left and fly back right after 
hitting the wall. Enter the teleport. Bounce against the bumper to get the 
green key and re-enter again.

This leaves you back in the DL, but you have three keys now. So unlock green, 
blue and red doors to get to the next area.

The second bit is tricky. You have six ways to go and you need to go in the 
right order. Keys in small, doors in caps.

   | |
   | panzer
   | |
   | B
   | |
   | g      energy
   | |        |
r  | R        R
|  | |        |
1  2 3        |

6 is a dead end.

The pattern here is 1(back and forth, over the crumblies) then 3(back and 
forth, but approach the door slowly or you will cause the crumblies to break 
up quicker than they should) then back over. Then go to 5 with the same 
caveat as 3--do the end bit slowly--and don't forget to go on the lower edge 
just to make sure you're not disturbing 4's tiles. Then retreat. 2 is next. 
You just need to tap left a bit when the wall looms. Then circle right and 
down, and if you were careful the crumblies will just support you. Then go 
across on 4, getting the panzer helmet ready. Use it when unlocking the red 
door. Once through the energy field go R-U-L to the vortex.

So: 1-3-5-2-4.

My best time: 1:30.62


Not a really tough level intellectually, but you need timing.

Run down, get the jump, lay off the running and head right. Get the jump up 
from the teleportal and then go down. Enter the teleportal. Run right and 
you'll nab a red key and then you should run left once you hit the right 
wall. Tap up so you are in the middle of the left-arrows in the big bunch of 
rows. You need to jump just before it ends and you'll get a green key and a 
brick. The left-arrows will bounce you back, but they may bounce twice. 
Switch to a brick. Go down and then run right to get across. Then go back to 
the teleportal area.

Run right from the teleportal. Be sure you will land on the first jump icon. 
Keep quick jumping until you get to a long island with a wall. You'll run 
into it, then you'll be running back and you need to jump in quick succession 
after touching the first jump. Be sure to push a little UL after bumping into 
the wall on the left on the way back.

Now you can go DL and open the last three doors to uncover the vortex.

My best time: 35:38


This is a pretty straightforward level. It has two portals, but one seems to 
be inoperative.

Go down, use the teleportal, tap down and you'll roll down. Push left once 
you hit the arrows at the bottom. That'll get you the panzer. When you go 
back over the arrows on the right, push UR and get back to the teleportal. 
There's a small window of time where you can get back there.

Switch to the panzer shell and use it when near the energy barrier to the 
south. Once through, keep against the north wall and go right. You should 
have plenty of time to make it through.  There's another shell beyond there 
and a red key. You'll need to use another panzer shell to get out. Use the 
red key. Back up, take a run and go UL over the arrows and you'll make it to 
the lower portal.

Best time: 36:60

What if you want to do it the right way? Well, then, flow with the arrows and 
go DR and then go left at the portal and up to get the red key. You now have 
a choice of several places to go. Take the red door above first, and get the 
green key. Retreat, go right and up, and open the green door. Get the red 
key. Retreat again and get the blue key behind the red door. Now back left 
and up to open the blue door. Detour down and get the panzer helmet. Go 
across the crumblies and down. Get the blue key and go back up and then use 
the panzer helmet and go all the way right. Get the brick and then go through 
the energy field UL. Get the brick above--a slight tap to the left should do 
it, then back south. Change to a brick and then you can open the blue door 
and use the brick to get across. Return to the teleportal.

Now you can go left and up. Be careful placing the brick and go slowly around 
the lower portal, left, up and right.

But the problem here is that I've solved 5-6 and gotten to the bonus 
level...and it doesn't appear on the map. Which confuses me.

Best time: 2:00.47


Go up and note where the arrows are. Fly right when at the edge of the 
arrows--on top of the top one, or below the bottom. Then curve down when past 
the middle section. You'll be able to pick up two jumps. Go back across the 
arrows, making sure you aren't running across a crumbly that vanished. Enter 
the teleportal, go right a few squares, then run up and jump and get the two 
keys and the panzer helmet. Run back down and jump over. Open the red door to 
the DR and get the jump.

Now you can track back L-U-R-U and switch to and use the panzer helmet on the 
way. Switch to the jump and jump up, to get the green key and brick. Switch 
to the brick and use it going down. Now return to where the red door was and 
you ca nopen a green and a blue door.

Past them you have a raft of arrows going up. Take them and steer UL. Get the 
jump. Go back right and down according to the arrows(switch to jump too)--
adjust your left-right as needed and then go up the middle of the three 
branches once at the bottom again. There's a blue key at the end. Get it and 
jump before the peninsula collapses. Then roll back left once you've gone 
through the arrows, all the way to the DL teleporter. Take it, and use the 
blue key to open the blue door and exchange for a red key. Return. Run 
through the clockwise arrows again and this time take the teleporter in the 
middle of them. You'll arrive on an island that looks like a spaceship. 
Collect the two bricks and then, right of the teleporter, use a brick to get 
a jump.

There's a tricky jump now--switch to jump, go left and run right, and in mid-
jump switch to the brick(hit button L) and hold A so that you create a bridge 
you can open the green door from. You can also try accelerating into the 
bridge and bumping off it, or swerving wildly.

But you'll have to go open the red door next, to get a brick and a green key. 
Use the green key to unlock the door and then hold down the A button as you 
go south, bump into the bumper, and speed UL. It's seemingly random where you 
can end up and if you wind up going right of the bumper you'll need that 
brick. But after all that there is the vortex.

Best time: 1:53.23


This level is supposed to be uncovered after finding the alternate exit for 
5-6 according to where the bonus portal is, but it's after 5-7 in a cracked 
"unlock all" version of TTA. Basically, if anyone owns the game or ROM and is 
frustrated about not being able to get to this level, it's not one of the 
better ones, but then it's up against good competition--to find it, find a 
ROM site that has Turbo Turtle Adventures [t1].

I think I pulled a fast one because I was unable to figure the "right way" 
out at first. Or maybe the level designers said "let's mess with their heads 
by putting in a relatively easy way they may or may not find." But basically, 
you can use one spiked helmet for a lot more than you think, leading to a 
quick victory where you don't even need to see much of the board. I've tried 
other ways, such as using the brick up instead of right at the start, but 
they all lead back to the same thing. Parts of the level just aren't 
relevant, and while the game usually doesn't have deliberate dead ends, maybe 
they suspended them for this bonus level.

You will need to wobble left/right a bit to get away from the fan's 
influence. Switch to the spiked helmet but don't use it until you're actually 
off the arrows and on the ice. Get the red brick and switch to that. Use it 
to get across. Go right and up at the arrows--fly a bit--and come back down. 
Back up to near the door and run right, over the arrows, and turn up when you 
see the teleportal just above. You may need to go UR a bit but hitting it 
makes life a lot simpler.

From the new teleportal, get the red key and head down through the blue door. 
Get a jump you won't need, a brick you won't need, and the green key. Go back 
up through the red door, switching to the panzer helmet. Use it and go right 
and then go through the green door to the exit.

Incidentally, if you take the "other" right door just before the end and 
follow the path, then run all the way down, you can see "Carl (heart) Anna" 
on a platform I couldn't quite reach.

My best time: 35:07

    3-6. VOLCANO

The volcano levels introduce you to the concept of teleports. I found the 
volcano levels to be easier and shorter than the glacier. But don't worry, 
you'll use the new teleport-circle concept more extensively in level 7.

Map for level 6(volcano):

2 -- 3 -- 5
     |    |
     |    |
     4 -- 6 -- 7


Nothing tricky here except an island/brick maneuver to get a panzer.

Go down for the blue key. Back up and right. Unlock the door and get the two 
greens behind. Down and left. One green door, then another. take the lower 
crumbly to get a red key and come back across the upper. Take the crumbly 
platform going up and you'll get a brick. Go up and right and you're back 
where you started, a red key and a brick richer.

Go through where the right green door was(DR) and now take the crumbly path. 
1S of the panzer helmet, place a brick. Get the helmet and go back 1S and SE. 
Continue along and you'll get to a red door. Go through it, get the bricks, 
and use them. Switch to the panzer and go UL and down to win the level.

Incidentally you can end this level with an extra brick but it costs time. 
Just go north from the island with the two bricks and you can backtrack over 
the one crumbly.

Best time: 34:17


An entertaining little level where you can sweep through several energy 
fields at once. The toughest part may be finding the first blue key.

R-U-L-D-L-U for the blue key, D-R-U-R-D to open the blue door. While doing 
this switch to the panzer helmet. Then get the panzer helmet and fly left to 
get a green key, then back right and up through the energy field on the 
right. From there you just need to go clockwise around the edge, all the way 
around. Back at the bottom bit, go down through two red doors to get to the 

Best time: 18:82 with a mis-step at the beginning.


The first level where you need to use a teleport. Go south, push button A to 
activate the teleport(change it from yellow to red,) then back to the start 
and head right to get the jump power up, which you should subsequently use 
immediately to get to the right island. Switch to the teleport as power-up 
and use it once you get it(and the green key.)

At the teleport, go down through the door and running jump onto the platform 
below. Pick up the goodies and jump UR--a running jump is OK from a distance 
but you'll fall off too close in. Now you have 4 islands to match with 2 
bricks, but you've done this before, in some form or another.


Just align the bricks as follows(be careful--1 is tricky to place as the 
bricks don't line up with the platforms) and you may have to do some 
tiptoeing, but once you do, brick 3 is easy to place. I recommend going DR 
first as then you have a relatively easy straight shot UR to save time and 
annoyance of swerving all over.

On the right side, get the teleport and open up a blue door and then a green 
door. Rush left(switch to the teleport,) get the jump and rush back right. Go 
up. Here you can afford to miss the bumper or hit it--just keep tending right 
to get to the panzer helmet. Switch to the jump in the process, then jump 
down and switch to the panzer helmet. Use it and go left to the vortex area.

Best time: 38:28

      3-6-4. BONUS EXIT

Getting to the bonus exit is easier, so let's cover that first. Go right, 
then down across the crumblies. Get the bricks and at the left edge, head 
down. Get three more bricks to the right, then use two of them after going 
back left and down(get a jump and a blue key,) and head back, switching to a 
jump. Where the crumblies were, running-jump north. Switch to bricks as you 
go back to the start. Use the bricks north, switch to a jump, and jump left 
into the vortex.

Best time: 22:82

For the regular path it's tougher. Start as before, getting the brick and 
going over the crumbly bridge, left to get the powerups, down using bricks, 
right for 3 bricks, back left and down to get a jump and blue key. Now when 
you come back, jumping across the ex-crumbly gap, go up and right across the 
other crumblies. You'll need to use a brick at the edge of the platform here 
to get the panzer shell. There's a bit of leaning out on the edge and when 
you get it, run left and jump back over. Now you can open those two blue 
doors. There's a narrow passageway beyond that. Don't use the glide helmet 
here as it's more critical later on. You'll get a green key and a jump at the 
end. Retrace your steps and now jump across the gap left of where the blue 
doors were. Follow your path to the island that had the key and jump. Build a 
brick bridge to the right of here. Switch to the spiked helmet and use it as 
you open the red door--then switch to a brick and head south along the ice 
paths. Once across, change to the helmet. Turn left at the T and when the 
energy field gets close, use the panzer helmet. Past that is a blue door just 
above which guards the vortex.

My best time: 1:04.47


More on the teleports here. Go down and right and get the jump and retreat to 
the start. Go left and up. Enter the teleport. Take the left branch and go 
down. Get the brick and go right. Now position yourself so you are on the 
edge of the 2-wide passage below. The point is not to take out both crumblies 
on your first trip as you'll need to return--albeit in an odd manner. At the 
bottom you'll have a teleport circle you need to activate. Do so, jump 
left(brick/panzer helmet) and then run up for a teleport circle powerup you 
should use immediately. Then run back up. You can run straight up. Then take 
the right path of crumblies back up to the teleportal to the main area.

Now zigzag down-right-down-right and change to bricks in the process. In the 
big twister mat full of arrows, cut through the center. Use two bricks to get 
a blue key(you don't need the teleport ring.) Run back left and then go up 
and run UR over the UL arrows to reach the red door. The vortex is behind it.

Best time: 38:02


Run down, switch to bricks, bridge across to the right and pick up a brick, a 
jump and a green key. Bridge back left to get the blue key. Then go right and 
up and jump over the gap right of the start. Unlock the blue door and go 
right and down. Unlock the green door and get the red key and brick. Use the 
brick to go back to the starting position, then go down and right and down 
and unlock the red door. There's a panzer helmet behind that. Ready it as you 
travel back up-left-up-right and use it to get through the energy field.

Now you have a bunch of islands. The only real trick is to note the first two 
below you--place a brick that connects both of them. Then go DL, get the 
brick and use it to get to the island with two bricks. Go back U/UR and DR to 
get a blue key then UL. Run right and use a brick to get the blue key on the 
island to the left, then go down for another blue key. Retreat U-L and open 
the blue door for two more keys. You can now get the blue key from the top 
island. Go back D-R-D(using a final brick to get to the last big island 

You can barrel down and do OK--be sure to push right so that the bumper kicks 
you UR and then you will be able to unlock the three blue doors. Switch to 
the panzer helmet in the process and there'll be a panzer helmet at the end 
of all this. Run back down and left--adjust to get in the middle of the 
passage when it turns--and use the helmet to bypass the energy field and 
enter the vortex.

My best time: 1:04.27


Run right for a jump, then back left, then jump down. All the way right, get 
a green key, use it below immediately and get a blue key. Run all the way 
up(get a jump) and use the blue key to get a panzer helmet and green key. 
Jump back to the starting area and open the green door to get a brick and a 
blue key. Use the brick to cross the gap back and then go left through the 
blue door(red key) and the red door(blue key) and try to switch to the panzer 
helmet in the process. Use it entering the red door and go down and left 
through the energy fields. Then D-R-U for one more jump and you have all you 
need. Jump down onto the teleportal circle. Activate it. Jump right. Jump DL. 
Jump UL two times. You don't need to be speedy but you may want to go a bit L 
to avoid hitting a wall. You'll get a panzer helmet and jump. Use the 
teleport to get back to the circle. Jump DL and switch to the panzer helmet. 
Use it on the energy field to advance.

My best time: 47:58


This bonus level is amusing because I was able to sidestep an energy field 
you're supposed to go through, apparently. Get the original power-ups to the 
left and jump south. Then jump right a couple times. At the right edge of the 
bottom platform, take what running jump you can to jump up. Then jump right 
and use the final brick to enter the vortex.

I got 19:25 without trying much here.

If they didn't intend this shortcut, then the other solution is not too hard. 
I'm still scratching my head trying to figure what the teleportals actually 
DO. I suspect you could clear the top islands, activate the top teleport and 
use bricks south and then right before clearing the bottom and using a 
teleport power-up, but you don't need to.

The other way to do things is to get the powerups on the left, go back right 
and jump UL. Get those power ups and jump right. Jump down back to the 
original part. Jump DL and use a brick to get right. Jump again to get to the 
DR island and now activate the panzer helmet and running-jump up before using 
a brick and a jump right and down.

I got 29:50 this way.

    3-7. BAT CAVERN

Like any good final level, this combines things you learned in previous 
levels(including stuff that seemed SO trivial) in ways you initially hope the 
producers weren't clever enough to figure out, and the puzzles are fun enough 
that you almost forget you're NOT smarter than the producers for solving what 
they thought up. Lots of time pressure, combination of motifs, and even maze 
nuisances to work through. A nice way to go out.

Map for level 7(bat cavern):

?         1
|         |
|         |
4 -- 3 -- 2
     5 ------- 6 -- 7


Start by grabbing raw materials. There are three bricks and here's how to get 
them. L-U and then D-all the way, R-D-L. Retreat and go left and D-L-D-R. Now 
go to the far left and use a brick up to get the blue key. Use two down to 
enter the teleportal. You can't use the hang-on-the-edge trick because you 
will teleport back into empty space. Use the teleportal.

You can get the red key and return now. The red door is a bit right and up. 
You can trade for a green key and then go back through the teleportal. Enter 
the blue door and then you'll need to turn left for the green door which 
guards the exit.


This is a fun level because you really go back-and-forth with the teleportal 
power-ups. Start by activating the teleport circle where the level begins. 
Switch to the teleport power up and speed left. You'll be grabbing a power-up 
just before you fall off, so you have to use it almost right away. Back at 
the start, run left and go down this time. You'll unlock a few doors and 
you'll need to loop around the diamond in the bottom to get two bricks. You 
may have a problem getting the blue key before the diamond, but you can push 
back up--or just stay in the center as you go down in the first place.

Now switch to bricks and head up and left. Use the bricks to bridge two gaps. 
There's ice that will cause you to swerve on the narrow tightrope, so don't 
go too fast. Left, up, right and now past the teleport there's some stuff to 
pick up. U-R-U gets a jump. D-L-U gets a teleport, and D-L-U gets you a red 
key. Now you can use the next teleport. Switch to the jump in so doing.

Head down/DL, tapping a bit more down when you get to the diagonal as there 
is a fan. Activate the new teleport circle and get the red below it. Go right 
of the teleport circle, jump, get another jump, and follow the passage right 
and up, turning right to unlock the red door. There's a green key straight 
right, so get it and run back left. Then up and left and you can jump over 
the gap to get the helmet. Push the R-button to activate the teleportal and 
use it. Then switch to the panzer and activate it as you roll left. The 
vortex is just beyond.

My best time: 52:65


Time is a bit tight in the level especially considering how you start out. 
You'll want to pick up the speed power-up in the UR and then head left. When 
you get the jump, use the speed power-up and run right and switch to jump. 
Jump over the gap, get the green key and the jump, and jump back left. Then 
do the same for the top bit, only mirrored.

So spelling this out: UR, left-button twice, L, activate power-up, run R, 
right-button twice and jump right at the edge. Jump back left. Hurry up, run 
left and jump left and get the jump/blue key and jump back right. Go UR and 
through the blue and green doors.

You don't have to be this quick and if you want to collect everything before 
powering up that is OK too, but it can lose substantial time you don't have a 
lot of.

The next bit after you go north and leave the netting is a maze of arrows. 
You'll go L-U-R-D-R and when you start to go right, tap up so you get the red 
key. Not much room for error in cycling around here. Then go down, left and 
when you go up, hug the right wall. This will lead you back to the icy area 
that contains the teleportal circle. Activate it(just run right,) then go DR 
and back up to the arrow-maze. You'll notice that a lot of time can be lost 
trying to get through doors or between posts, so be sure always to try to 
enter them diagonally. In the case of two doors in a row straighten out after 
the first one.

Anyway, in the maze, do as before but when you go back up, hug the left wall 
to avoid the area you already saw. As you go up and pass the ice room, the 
maze will bend right. Hug the bottom wall here so you go right down the 
passage with the blue key. Stick in the center for it, and you'll loop around 
AGAIN. Hug the left wall as you go up to avoid the ice room, then stay in the 
center of the path so you can open the blue door most easily. There's a 
teleport past the blue door. Take it. Oh, and by the way, switch to the 
spiked helmet while you're rolling.

In the new area, UL for the spiked helmet then D/DL/DR (using the helmet 
during the last bit and changing to the teleport power-up) and you can get a 
blue key and panzer helmet. It takes a while to pull away from the gravity, 
but when you do, go UL UR and open the blue door to get the teleport. Use the 
teleport power-up and switch to the panzer helmet and use that once you're 
out of the teleport.

Now go DR and D and R and the vortex is by the energy field. (Where've we 
heard that before?)

Best time: 1:39.55

    3-7-4. BONUS EXIT

For either bit, go down and get the green key. Activate the portal above, 
then grab the two teleports. Switch to them. Run right from the center and 
use a teleportal power-up to escape gravitational death. Now to deal with the 
ice. You can do it the easy way for the normal exit but you must do it the 
hard way for the bonus exit. The hard way saves resources and allows you to 
skip one key-fetch, but it's not necessary.

Easy way: switch to jump. Run at the netting on the left and jump to get the 
spiked helmet before the fans blow you back. Use the spiked helmet and then 
do the "hard way" only you don't have to steer as forcefully.

Hard way: tap right at the top part of the entry to the ice. Keep tapping 
right and up until you get one square up, then go UR and quickly UL to 
counter the gravity. You should be able to open the green door and enter it. 
That gets a blue key. Use a teleport to get back where you were.

Let's work with the bonus exit first since you're almost there. Go left from 
the center and open the bottom door. Get the goodies and with the glide 
helmet you're ready to make your jump. Stand at the doorway of the teleportal 
circle's chamber. Use the spiked helmet and then select the jump. Floor it DR 
and tip a bit right before going DR some more. You'll land right on the 
portal. Note how starting in the UR portal, which is closer, doesn't give you 
enough horizontal momentum to make it--quite--even with gravity helping out a 
bit more.

Best time 48:53(?)

But if you want to get to the regular exit, you'll want to go to the netting. 
If you need a glide helmet, run left and down and get the blue key and glide 
helmet beyond the blue door. Then run up to get a red key behind the other 
blue door. Down, right, down and right through the red door. Enter the portal 
and now you're at the second part of the level. Run up immediately to avoid 
gravity and go left and up. Activate the spiked helmet and go left and down 
to pick up a panzer helmet. Go up two narrow walkways and right. When out of 
the ice's and gravity's range switch to the panzer helmet and roll right, 
into the vortex.

Best time 58:77


Nudge right and up. (It's actually not critical to get the red key nearby, so 
this saves time.) Go right and down. Activate the teleportal circle and run 
back up and left. Enter the teleportal. Go down and left. Get the jump and go 
to the 2nd-top row of the netting. Run left and jump onto the solid ground. 
Now run left-ish. The path eventually turns up. Run counterclockwise around 
the edge of the structure until you get to a break in the wall. Use the brick 
on the hole to the right. Get the next brick, go 1 square down, and continue 
to the right, using a brick again. Now get the next brick but only step on 
the one square you need to. Inch back left and down to form a bridge between 
all 4 local crumbly islands. DR for 2 brichs, UL and UR and right for the 
teleport ring(you'll need it.) Now you'll have to go a bit UL and DL to get 
back to the nexus. From there, DL for another brick. Place a brick left and 
then down to get to the teleport. Use it, get the green key left of where you 
wind up, and use the teleport power-up. Have a jump ready and maybe tap right 
just to be sure you get out okay.

Up and left and go through one teleportal. Down and right and enter the 
teleportal. Go through the one-way passage and D UL D R U to the exit.

Best time: 2:08.50

Note that you can pick up the red key at the beginning, and then instead of 
taking the teleport after using the teleport circle, you can jump down where 
the crumbly bridges used to be. I'm not sure if it saves time, but it is an 
alternate solution. Not many of those in this game.


There's a lot to do here and while the time pressure isn't acute, it is 
definitely there if you dawdle.

Get the jump and activate the portal. Go through any of the crumblies. Get 
the jump past that. Start at the left edge and run right. When you bounce, go 
back left, run right and jump into the isle with the teleportal. Take that 
teleportal. Run right and jump when you see a hole. Clean up the goodies and 
switch to the teleportal power-up. Use it.

Return back to the teleportal you need to jump to get to. But this time you 
will want to go south. Don't rush, but when you et a jump, use it 
immediately. The bumper will hit you back. Keep to the left edge to walk 
around it. Open the blue door behind. Go down and head DL once past the fan. 
There's a blue key in the cul-de-sac. Go across the rope bridge and up over 
the crumbly. Get the jump and brick and go back down. Go left and get the 
teleport power-up before going up across the crumbly. Get the brick and red 
key(STAYING on the second crumbly so it doesn't disappear) and use a brick to 
go back across. Then note the blue door--open it and walk over the teleport 
circle and activate it.

Open the red door and head DL. That should open the green door--if you get 
stuck, run UL and it may take a couple of seconds but you should get 
untangled. Follow the arrows, switch to the teleport, and after gettig 
everything on the crumblies, use the teleport. Now go down and right and get 
the red key. Switch to the panzer helmet in the process. Then switch to the 
jump and use it to jump into the small island with the energy field and blue 
key. Once you've got the key, teleport back to the circle. Then go directly 

You'll have a winding road where you just need to zigzag L DR R and then open 
the blue door to get to a teleport. Run left and right to get the red key 
before re-entering the teleport. Then run downwards to get to the vortex.

Best time: 1:29.72


At last, the final level. Get the glide shell and teleportal. Use the glide 
shell. Switch to the jump as you run right. Use speed and jump three times in 
a row. You'll reach a teleportal. Enter it. You should have two blue keys 
now. Use one to get a brick off to the DR and another to return to the main 
area. Run across the crumbly above. Run to get the jump and then go up, left 
and along the fringes. You want to touch the teleport circle, go back to the 
center and place a brick to the north where the crumbly was.

From there you'll want to go through the netting but go down and left and 
jump left to get the green key. Use the teleport to return to the circle and 
then run back over the brick and U and R to open the green door and enter the 

Now for the maze. From the starting room go UR, U and L. There's a netted 
room two squares left and then above which has a panzer helmet. Get it. Go 
down, left and then when the path bends, follow it all the way up to find the 
teleportal circle and activate that. Now to get the teleport power-up. Head 
down and all the way right(there'll be a small bend,) down and right at the 
next turn, and down past a room with a teleporter. You'll be going back here. 
Right-up-right-down-right and now you should see the teleport power-up you 
want. You're close to the left edge. Follow the path down. Floor it if you 
want; there's netting at the end.

Now just left and all the way up and retrace your steps. Remember to 
accelerate upwards from the DR to get by the arrows, and take left at the 
first branch and up-left-down-left-up. Enter the teleportal room and then 
just fly left after taking the teleport. Get the blue key and run back right 
and use the teleport and now you're ready for the big long run to the ending 

Go right past the teleport room and keep rolling right-up-right-down-right, 
as you did to get the power-up. But go up at the T when there's purple space 
to the left. Switch to the panzer helmet as you're rolling, since you've got 
nothing else to do. There's a long passage here and only one branch. When it 
branches down, ignore and continue left. At the end of the long passage 
you'll find the blue door your blue key can open. Roll left, tapping up when 
necessary, then fly up through the arrows and use the panzer helmet to get to 
the DL of the teleports. It'll kick yo right, then you'll go to a small 
compartment with a red key. That matches the red door you see just to the 
left, but after another teleport you're kicked back to the start of the maze.

Gu UR U R and past the teleport room(down) and you know where you are. R-U-R-
D-R-U and back down the long passage. Change to the glide shell powerup. Now 
you are teleported to a new place. Get and use the nearby glide shell. Go DL 
(well, there are two passages that seem downish, but take the left of them, 
not the one that looks left-down) and follow the path to more glide shell and 
a jump. Switch to the jump and go back up and take the path just to the right 
of the one you were just on. Follow it to find a gap to jump over. Do so and 
you'll find the portal gaping ahead soon after. Congratulations! You've won 
the game.

My best time: 3:44.15

Finale: the turtle goes rolling out of the pyramid and across the desert. You 
get to see how many restarts, fall-offs and collections you got. Then the 
credits roll. And roll. And roll. And you don't even get credit for 
completing the last level. Hmph. A silly end to a very fun game. Even sillier 
than how I forgot to check the DL for a while, thinking I'd explored it all 
and ... oops.


This is not a tough level at all but thhe end bit is a bit of a nuisance. 
Roll up into the arrows and when at the top, troll along the bottom for the 
first passage down. Follow its zigs and zags, and you'll pick up a red key. 
Eventually you'll go back to the start. This time stay along the very top. 
The map will start to bend and you'll be able to run just above a pinball 
bumper. Then head down. You'll want to speed through but try to keep the 
octagon to the right in view. At the bottom you have a red door you can open. 
Enter it, go UL and enter the teleportal. Then get the jump to the right and 
head down. Go back to the start(right) and go down through the gate,and you 
can pretty much speed UL although once you start heading towards the void to 
the left and going UR won't send you back right but into a wall, floor it UR 
to be safe before continuing left.

Now it looks like there's no good place to jump but a diagonal jump from the 
UL to DR should get you onto the vortex platform.

My paper is smudgey but the best time seems to be 1:08.??, call it 99. But I 
just wanted to wrap up this last level to get on with finding the impossible 

End of FAQ proper



0.4.1: submitted to GameFAQs 5/24/2006, through the Lagoon.
0.7.7: submitted to GameFAQs 5/25/2006, through the Volcano L1. Still can't 
find that mystery secret level.
1.0.0: submitted to GameFAQs 5/26/2006, all done except for possible detail 
work later.


Thanks to CJayC as usual for such a great site and, though I hate to admit 
it, the people who write for more popular games so that these old school FAQs 
can be hosted for free. 
Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang. They know who they are, and you should, 
too, because they get some SERIOUS writing done. Good people too--bloomer, 
falsehead, Sashanan, lisanne, Masters, Retro, Snow Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, 
ZoopSoul, and others I forgot. OK, even Hydrophant.
The hackers at "Quartex" for providing a version of the game that unlocked 
the bonus level I couldn't get to, but it wasn't my fault.

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