GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File02/05/04Great Link64K
1st save: yallam, all djinni. 2d save: clear data. 3th save: eastern alhafra with some djinns
Save Game File04/24/03evilexorcist64K
All 72 Djinn and Summon Tablets gathered. Your team is level 40. Good weapons, and an level 56 Issac team transported from the original Golden Sun. Lots of forgeable materials, and status raising items. Location: Outside of Mars Lighthouse. Enjoy!
Save Game File05/19/03redllink64K
All dijinn, all characters about level 55. All the best items, almost max money. I have all good summons, Iris etc. 1 cleared file, and one at where you fight the doom dragon.
Save Game File08/08/04Darkloud64K
All in level 54. All summons. All techniques. All djinn. Most forgeable Iems. Great Items. Everything!!!
Save Game File04/23/03FlashBen64K
At Starting area with data transfer over from GS 1 and a clear data.
Save Game File06/08/03SS3 Grown Trunks64K
Currently at world map next to Air's Rock. Just learned the Psyenergy reveal, finally got through the really long quest and reveal is your to use, characters at level 13.
Save Game File10/14/03gOldEn SuN23464K
End of the game, beaten everyone ( including Dullahan) except for the Doom Dragon. All Djinn, currently on top of Mars Lighthouse. Levels are 60-99, Isaac being the highest, Mia and Garet being the lowest.
Save Game File06/16/04Mykas064K
Game saved in Gamboa Statua, you have some Djinn's, level 21 Felix, Sheba and Jenna and level 19 Piers.
Save Game File03/17/04Chaos Luigi64K
In Fire Mountain GS1 people MAX stats Great Items.
Save Game File04/21/03mdey264K
In Treasure Isle (just use retreat on Felix). Last psyenergy gotten was grind from lemuria. Max money. 4 fire djinn and water djinn 2 earth 3 air.
Save Game File05/28/04NeoDhaos64K
Issac, Felix, Jenna, and Ivan at levels 99. Have Sol Blade, all 18 Djinn, Excaibur and Tisiphone Edges and all rare weapons from GS1. 3 saves, 2 in Mars Lighthouse and 1 before fighting Dullahan
Save Game File10/23/06ZeroWeapon64K
Level 40+, ALL Summons and Djinn w/ GREAT equipment equipped and in the shops including ALL GS1 only armor. 1st Save: Saved right before Final Battle after beating Dullahan. 2nd Save: Saved right before Dullahan w/ a capable Party
Save Game File04/23/03FlashBen64K
Lv 99 with 1 Clear Data ,1 save in the beginning and 1 save at the end.
Save Game File07/29/04moneydog9664K
Max Stats File One ready for final boss and has great equipment. File two Clear Data. File Three Item Test.
Save Game File12/15/03V Jasper64K
One saved game. All Djinn. 774812 Coins. Playtime 69:27. Felix Lv. 53. Jenna and Sheba Lv. 51. Piers Lv. 50. Isaac Lv. 45. Garet Lv. 43. Mia and Ivan Lv. 42. At End Of Game.
Save Game File08/21/04XxThunderxX64K
Party Members all Level 99. Each one equipped with the absolute strongest weapons and armor. Saved right before fighting Doom Dragon.
Save Game File07/25/06HaCMurder64K
Porbably one of the best saves you will see of this game. All character on level 80-82. All dinjin, all weapon, all armor all items. all summons. beat everything already. VERY powerful characters. Sol Blade Valkyrie mail etc
Save Game File11/08/04ChandooG64K
Save before the final boss fight at mars lighthouse
Save Game File07/26/03Kumin64K
Save game with all characters around level 43, all djinn, great deals of money, all summons except Flora, saved right before the Doom Dragon.
Save Game File06/13/03SS3 Grown Trunks64K
Vall Currently at Gondowan Cliffs, 237094 coins, which is enough to buy lots and lots of things, characters at level 35.
Save Game File06/15/03SS3 Grown Trunks64K
Vall currently on the World Map in the first time you can control the ship. 260617 coins, Vall lvl 36, Jenna&Sheba 35, Piers 19 for some odd reason.
Save Game File04/16/04Skye770764K
You're at Yampi Desert, 4 Djinn.
Save Game File05/25/03SS3 Grown Trunks64K
Your characters has just got the Psyenergy Lash, that without it you will have much trouble, have a lot of Djinn for Golden Sun 1, most are recovering.

GameBoy Advance GameShark SP Save File (North America)

Save Game File01/29/13PurestProdigy65K
2 saves. 1st at end of game with all Djinn, best equipment, all summons, and all hidden bosses defeated. 2nd is clear game data of the first save
Save Game File11/21/07steven122199565K
gold transfer code put in begining of game
Save Game File08/11/05pidude65K
save 1) on world map 8 djinni (save 2) dekhan plateau 3 djinni

GameBoy Advance Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File05/05/04Cyan of Doma64K
All that remains is collecting a few Djinni for Anemos Sanctum. Great levels and weapons Just enou
Save Game File03/19/06the zelda master64K
At Mars Lighthouse with Felix at level 52. Has all 72 Djinn with 992,500 Coins
Save Game File01/23/06JockoMay64K
Save 1 Clear Data, Save 2 Location Naribwe, All Dijinni except 1 earth and 1 fire dijinni

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Europe)

Save Game File02/24/08DavidWolfen64K
GS1 Characters at Lvl 99, GS2 near lvl60. All psyenergy items, great equipment (Tisiphone, Lachesis, Excalibur, etc
Save Game File11/26/04website maker64K
Inside Air's Rock with characters Levels as 16, 15 and 15 also with 6 Djinn.

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