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Game Shark Codes by Labmaster

Version: 2.43 | Updated: 12/05/2004

                                          /     \
                                         / ___  /
  ___       __    _                     / |   \/
 / _ \     /_ |  / \__   ____  _  _    |  |       ___  ___   _  _
| | \ \   __ ||  \ __ \ /___ \/_|/_\   |   \     /_  //_  | /_|/_\
| |  |/  /_ \||  /|  \ ||___|/ |// \\  |     \    / /   | |  |// \\
| |  __ || \ ||  ||   |||__/   ||   \\  \      \ / /    | |  ||   \\
|  \/_ |||  |||  ||   || \     ||   ||    \     || |    | |  ||   ||
 \  \| ||\__|||__| \__|/\ \_|  ||  //       \   |\ \___/  |_ ||  //
  \___ | \__/|__/\____/  \__/  |/ /          |  | \_____/|_/ |/ /
      ||                                /\___| /
      |/                               /      /
         T h e  L o s t  A g e         \_____/

          P A T C H   C O D E   L I S T / G U I D E

Copyright © Labmaster, 2003 - labmaster@gmail.com

Apologies to all those who tried to email me through my old address. 
If you're reading this, please direct messages to my GMail account.

Version 2.43 - 02/07/04

This guide exclusive to: www.gamefaqs.com

If you wish to host this document, email me, and I will consider it.

All codes are for and have been tested on the US version of this game.
_Most_ codes should work with the JAP version as well.

See Legal Info section and bottom of document for Copyright Information
and other Legal miscellanea.

Before using this guide, please read Section A in its entirety.

Download the Golden Sun TLA Code Generator: 





A. Introduction/Instructions
         A1. FAQ
         A2. Version History
         A3. How to use this guide
    AI. Usage
         AI1. Codebreaker / Xploder
         AI2. Gameshark Advance / Pro-action Replay
         AI3. Emulators
    AII. CodeGEN
    AIII. Encryption Instructions

B. Codes
    BI. Master Code
    BII. Character Stat Codes
          BII1. - Infinite/Max HP
          BII2. - Infinite/Max PP
          BII3. - Battle Stats (Attack, Defense, Agility, Luck)
          BII4. - Status (Sleeping, Poisoned etc.)
          BII5. - Naming (Changing names)
          BII6. - Djinn Power/Resistance
          BII7. - Psynergy
    BIII. Battles
          BIII1. - One-hit-kills
          BIII2. - No Random Battles
          BIII3. - Gain Experience
          BIII4. - Gain Coins
          BIII5. - 'Dark Panther' kill
          BIII6. - Item Drop
          BIII7. - Enemy Status
    BIV. Djinni
          BIV1. - Djinn Mods
    BV. Items
          BV1. - Item Slot Mods
    BVI. Walk Through Walls
          BVI1. - Normal Map
          BVI2. - World Map
          BVI3. - Boat
    BVII. Debug Rooms
          BVII1. - About the Debug Rooms
          BVII2. - Codes
    BVIII. Miscellaneous
          BVIII1. - Coins
          BVIII2. - Party Mods
          BVIII3. - CharSet (Play as Jenna)
    BIX. Event Specific Codes
          BIX1. - About
          BIX2. - Contigo Djinn Lock

C. Appendices
    CI. - Item Slot GSA Codes
          CI1. Isaac Slot 1
          CI2. Garet Slot 1
          CI3. Ivan Slot 1
          CI4. Mia Slot 1
          CI5. Felix Slot 1
          CI6. Jenna Slot 1
          CI7. Sheba Slot 1
          CI8. Piers Slot 1
    CII. - Psynergy Slot GSA Codes
          CII1. Isaac Slot 1
          CII2. Felix Slot 1
    CIII. - Item Drop GSA Codes
          CIII1. Slot 1
    CIV. - Item Slot AR V3 Codes
          CIV1. Isaac Slot 1
          CIV2. Garet Slot 1
          CIV3. Ivan Slot 1
          CIV4. Mia Slot 1
          CIV5. Felix Slot 1
          CIV6. Jenna Slot 1
          CIV7. Sheba Slot 1
          CIV8. Piers Slot 1
    CV. - Psynergy Slot AR V3 Codes
          CV1. Isaac Slot 1
          CV2. Felix Slot 1
    CVI. - Item Drop AR V3 Codes
          CVI1. Slot 1

D. Credits / Contact Info
          D1. Credits
          D2. Contact Info
          D3. Legal Info


A. Introduction/Instructions on Using.


Hi, my name is Labmaster, and this document is a collection of codes for
probably the best RPG ever to come to the Handheld: Nintendo/Camelot's
Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

The codes are presented in two formats: Codebreaker (CBA), and Gameshark.
Codebreaker, which is sold in America, is the same as the Xploder, which
is sold in Europe. Likewise with Gameshark (US) and Action Replay (EUR).
However, the Pro Action Replay V3 is a different device altogether. It
has more code types and uses a different encryption system. All of the
above code types also work on VisualBoyAdvance (1.5.1 ++).

Before using these codes, PLEASE read the information below. It is very
important stuff. If you have a problem, you'll probably find the solution 

In each section I have a description, followed by the Codebreaker codes,
then the Gameshark codes. NOTE: ALL Gameshark codes are 16 characters
long. The space between the 8th and 9th characters is there to improve 
readability. Codebreaker codes are 13 characters long. This is because
the <space> should be included when entering the codes.

These codes have been collected from a variety of sources; Sappharad.com,
CMGSCCC and GameFAQs. They were all originally presented in Codebreaker
format. I've also done a bit of hacking myself, and converted all codes
to GSA format where possible.

APOLOGY: I'm sorry for the large size of this file, I blame it all on
Gameshark for encrypting code addresses with their values. If they hadn't
done that this file would probably be only half of the size it is,
that is, without the appendix.

Every attempt has been made to ensure that all these codes are correct.
The majority of the GSA ones have been generated by a computer program
I wrote, so there shouldn't be anything wrong with them. If there is,
however, email me at labmaster@gmail.com explaining the problem, and
including the code. If you do not include the code, don't expect a

If you would like to contribute to this guide, you can email me as well.

IMPORTANT Disclaimer: These codes are not official codes. They have been
hacked by members of the gaming community. Myself, and the authors of
these codes take no responsibility for any corruption of save data as
a result of using these codes. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    A1. FAQ

Q: One of your codes doesn't work!
A: Follow this guide before emailing me:
   1. Make sure you've thoroughly read ALL of the information in section A
      of this FAQ. This explains in detail what you should be doing.
   2. Make sure you have the Master codes on.
   3. Make sure you've entered the code correctly.
   4. Make sure you're entering the right code.
   5. If you've got an AR V3, you can forget about it, because you'll never
      get the codes to work.
   6. If you've encrypted a GSA code, make sure you've changed the first
      digit of the code to the right digit, as a general rule, if the CBA
      is an '8', change it to a '1', if it's a '3', change it to '0'. Read
      the section on GSACrypt for more info.
   7. Make sure you don't have any other conflicting codes on (e.g. More than
      1 debug room code on. Try the code without any other codes to be sure 
      of this.
   8. Now you can email me at labmaster@gmail.com . Please state the 
      version no. of the document (it's right at the top) and also which 
      site you got it off. Also include the EXACT code that you put in into 
      your cheat device.

Q: I found this guide on a site other than the one at the top.
A: PLEASE email me. I need to contact them about a problem...

Q: What codes can I use to get the trident pieces?
A: You've got three options: You can use the Debug Room 4 code, you can use
   an item drop code or you can use an item slot mod.

Q: Can I really make my characters use Judgement and Megiddo as Psynergy?
A: Yes!!!

Q: Hey! You've got one of my codes! And you haven't credited me! 
A: Well, I might have made an honest mistake, but chances are I haven't.
   I don't really care if you got the codes before the guy I have down,
   because that's who I got it from.

Q: I think my Codebreaker/Gameshark is stuffed.
A: I can't help you there.

Q: Why is this called a 'Patch Code List'?
A: Cheat devices are basically RAM and ROM editors. They 'patch' the 
   current ROM/RAM. Which is why they're called 'Patch Codes'.

Q: Can I put your document on my site?
A: Email me. Generally, I'll let most people use it, but you HAVE to email
   me first. Or else you may be in big trouble. Unless you know a sleazy
   lawyer. Yeah right.

Q: I-emailed-you-and-asked-you-a-question-but-you-never-answered. What's-
A: Well, if you email me for a reason that I have SPECIFICALLY told you
   not too, then I'll ignore you. Also, if it's a stupid or non-related
   question (you'll be surprised at the mail I get), then you'll be 
   ignored as well. And if it's a request, you won't get a reply either,
   though it WILL be dealt to. (See Contact Section for more info)
   Or, I might have just forgotten about you, so email me again.

 A2. Version History

Version 1.0 (23/04/02)
• Added almost everything - Intro, Master codes, all stats, Psynergy,
  items, WTWs, Debug Rooms, etc...
Version 1.1 (25/04/02)
• Re-organised top and bottom of guide. Added Misc. codes, Naming,
  Djinn codes. Corrected spelling of 'psynergy'.
Version 1.11 (26/04/02)
• Fixed up the link to GSACrypt and fixed Master Codes. Thanks to those
  of you who corrected me.
Version 1.2 (28/04/03)
• Added way to escape the Debug rooms. Thanks everybody! Also fixed the
  Code Types for the Psynergy codes and added some sliders from grey41.
Version 1.3 (01/05/03)
• Added rest of the party mods and working GSA no random battle mod.
Version 1.4 (03/05/03)
• Added references to CodeGEN.
Version 1.41 (04/05/03)
• Changed 1 digit! Find it!!!
Version 1.5 (09/05/03)
• Added more CodeGEN info. Fixed GSA master codes (again). Re encrypted 
  all HP & PP codes (changed the values). Fixed One-hit-kill codes. Added
  Doom Dragon code.
Version 1.52 (10/05/03)
• Fixed Party codes. CodeGEN v1.1 released.
Version 1.6 (17/05/03)
• Exams are over, so you'll probably see a few more updates. Added Preset
  Djinni codes. Added Djinn lock event code.
Version 1.61 (17/05/03)
• Two updates in three hours! Changed the Contigo Djinn lock event code.
  It now doesn't affect your Djinn count. Added GSA version.
Version 1.65 (21/05/03)
• Added back Piers' psynergy codes (they got deleted)
Version 1.7 (25/05/03)
• Added Dark Panther kill code. Added some form of GSA Djinn code.
Version 1.74 (25/05/03)
• Added Item Drop codes and encrypted codes to the Appendix.
Version 1.80 (06/06/03)
• Added instructions on using GSACrypt (Section A, III). Added Play as
  Jenna code (this should please the girls :) ). Changed Gain EXP and
  coin codes in battle. Added 'Usage' section.
Version 2.0 (30/06/03)
• Converted ENTIRE document to include AR V3 codes. May not be accurate.
Version 2.3 (13/07/03)
• It's official. All those AR V3 codes last version were incorrect. But
  I've fixed them now, so they shoud work.
Version 2.4 (15/07/03)
• Added Indexing system and status codes.
Version 2.5 (16/07/03)
• Fixed some codes and added digital signatures to some AR V3 codes for
Version 2.5.1 (26/01/04)
• One more update - changed link to code generator.
Version 2.5.2 (03/04/04)
• Various Links corrected.

 A3. How to use this guide

This guide is quite large now, so I've implemented an indexing system
'borrowed' of Mastersord's Pokemon guide. Each section has been assigned
a code, which is listed in the contents. For example, the HP codes are 
at BII1. So, to find a code, get the 'Find' tool in whatever viewer
you're using (usually CTRL + F) and type in the code. This should take
you to the section you're looking for. Easy!

AI. Usage

This section covers how to use the codes with the various cheating 
devices. If you are deciding which device to buy, get a AR V3. Despite
the fact that there are compatibility issues, it is now very easy to
encrypt V3 compatible codes, and the V3 has far more code types, allowing
for advanced code types that the other devices do not have.

  AI1. Codebreaker / Xploder

The Codebreaker Codes presented are compatible with all current versions
of Codebreaker and Xploder at the time of writing. Ensure you are using
the Codebreaker Enable codes and you shouldn't have any problems with 
this. You do not to do anything to the Codebreaker codes, you can just
put them straight into your device. For more info and codes for
Codebreaker visit www.cmgsccc.com

 AI2. Gameshark / Pro-Action Replay 

Unlike the Codebreaker, Gameshark/PAR compatibility is not as good. This
is due to changes in code software and formats, etc... The codes may not
work if you:

1. Own an early version Gameshark. It is recommended you have at least 1.2
   hardware and software.
2. Own a AR V3. The AR V3 has a new code format, which is not compatible
   with the codes presented in this guide. Use the AR V3 codes instead.
3. You own a non-GBA Gameshark. These codes do not work with devices for
   the Gameboy Colour.

For PAR support, go to www.codejunkies.com . Gameshark V.1/2 is no longer
in productioin

Important: The codes in this guide ARE NOT for the Gameshark SP, by MadCatz.
I do not intend to convert to this format, therefore you will have to use
the official codes from www.gameshark.com


You may notice, that the GSA codes look a lot 'messier' than the CBA codes.
This is because they have to be encrypted. To use GSA codes for 'slot mods'
e.g. Item slot mod, you have to encrypt them first (all other codes have
already  been encrypted). Please refer to the section on ARCrypt for info
on how to do this. All other codes have already been encrypted

Again, ensure you are using the GSA Enable codes.

A notice to anyone who wants to steal my AR V3 codes:
Some of the harder to hack AR V3 codes have been encrypted with a 
digital signature. If you legitimately hack and encrypt these codes 
yourself, they will NOT be the same as mine. So don't try stealing the 
codes in this guide and posting them as your own, because you will be 
caught. If you do wish to post them, email me first.

 AI3. Emulators

The only Emulator these codes have been tested on, is VisualBoyAdvance.
In fact, most of the codes were hacked with VisualBoyAdvance. If you have
any other emulator, I suggest you ditch it and go to 
http://vba.ngemu.com and get the latest version.

When entering AR V3 codes there should be a <space> in the code, with
GSA take out the <space>. V3 codes may optionally be entered with each 
half on a separate line, e.g.


You do not need to enter any Enable codes when using an emulator.



With my slightly-better-than-average JavaScript skills, I've written a
Golden Sun 'Code Generator'. I would DEFINITELY recommend getting this,
it'll make creating codes A LOT easier. Here's a basic run-down on what
it does:

Item Generator: Generates codes to modify any character and any slot.
Psynergy Slot Generator: Similar to above.
Naming: With this you won't have to follow all those complicated
        instructions, just select the character, type in the name and
        Presto! Done!
Party modifier: An easy way to get Party modifying codes. You can modify
                the amount of people in your party as well.

The link: www.labmaster.tk

It only creates CBA codes at the moment, I do not plan to add any other
formats due to the difficulties in replicating the encryption algorithms
in Javascript (the lack of unsigned variables complicates things 


In previous versions of this guide I have advocated a DOS program called
GSACrypt. However, it has been brought to my attention that a better
program exists, called ARCrypt. ARCrypt is a Windows based program that
converts RAW AR/GSA codes to either GSA/PAR V.1 and V.2 codes or the new 
AR V3 format. 

Download it from: http://www.gscentral.com/lib/downloads/AR%20Crypt.rar

is section of the guide shows you how to convert the RAW codes listed
into either GSA/PAR codes or AR V3 codes.

1. Boot up ARCrypt. You should see an editable text box on the left,
   and uneditable text box on the right, and lots of strange buttons.
   First, select 'Menu' and uncheck the 'Expert Mode' choice if it is
2. Select the RAW code you want to convert. Plug in the right values
   for the xxxx .
3. Type in the complete RAW code into the left text box.
4. In the 'From' box, down the bottom left, select RAW.
5. In the 'To' box on the right, select the code type you want. If you
   want either a Gameshark Advance code or a Pro-Action Replay V.1 or
   V.2, select 'AR V.1/V.2'. If you want a Pro-Action Replay V3 code,
   select 'AR V.3'If you select V3, you must also check the box below,
   which says something like 'Convert AR V.1/V.2 to AR V.3'
6. Select the Output format you want. If you are unsure what you want,
   select auto.
7. The code should turn up in the right text box.
8. Done!


B. Codes

BI. Master Codes

Also known as Must be On, or Enable Codes. If you are using the real
cheat device you need these codes for a) the device to detect the game
and b) all the other codes to work. Emu users don't need to worry about

[Original CBA hacks by Sappharad - www.sappharad.com]


000039FA 000A
100005E8 0007


B2E23527 37C94C32
EEEC9043 A09AF28F


6F5B8496 33380EFE

BII. Character Stat Codes

 BII1. Infinite & Max HP

[Original CBA slot hacks by Sappharad - www.sappharad.com]

These Codes modify your Character's health. 

They're pretty easy to understand: Max codes modify the MAXIMUM value
your HP can be and INFINITE modifies the current value of your HP.

See section 3 for some CBA codes that modify these PLUS the PP and 
battle stat codes (in one go).


82000554 03E7: Isaac Max HP
82000558 03E7: Isaac Infinite HP
820006A0 03E7: Garet Max HP
820006A4 03E7: Garet Infinite HP
820007EC 03E7: Ivan Max HP
820007F2 03E7: Ivan Infinite HP
8200093A 03E7: Mia Max HP
8200093C 03E7: Mia Infinite HP
82000A84 03E7: Felix Max HP
82000A88 03E7: Felix Infinite HP
82000BD0 03E7: Jenna Max HP
82000BD4 03E7: Jenna Infinite HP
82000D1C 03E7: Sheba Max HP
82000D20 03E7: Sheba Infinite HP
82000E68 03E7: Piers Max HP
82000E6C 03E7: Piers Infinite HP


81C8AB3B 35B14417: Isaac Max HP
1E351B74 37F90E82: Isaac Infinite HP
E533F713 6314F468: Garet Max HP
518E0E83 CA9B51FC: Garet Infinite HP
3E8C9E48 41DCDCFC: Ivan Max HP
71C355A5 34F1A807: Ivan Infinite HP
E5D1C88D A782A0CE: Mia Max HP
2454945D 6B1FC63C: Mia Infinite HP
F8C06454 8D69C298: Felix Max HP
5A9FDC2C F9EF89EF: Felix Infinite HP
719C9849 9B7A3DAC: Jenna Max HP
EBEC32C6 22EEA396: Jenna Infinite HP
5642AC4A C6E324A8: Sheba Max HP
720A7E25 E51EED26: Sheba Infinite HP
64BF4551 D1A5A2E8: Piers Max HP
160BCC47 2FF83DB9: Piers Infinite HP

*AR V3*

1A0A8E76 6C956B10: Isaac Max HP
4E6EA3D9 9AB71757: Isaac Infinite HP
DB1B1BD3 212B6DB7: Garet Max HP
80B3192E 29415741: Garet Infinite HP
B091FE85 ED0E1F96: Ivan Max HP
7ABFD687 3E509046: Ivan Infinite HP
4B0797CF 1BA9471E: Mia Max HP
9123E15C F78008B6: Mia Infinite HP
63D7B218 6B32B256: Felix Max HP
7B88C88A 6CE59903: Felix Infinite HP
F5DA0793 281F90D9: Jenna Max HP
57A5F617 1C25E7F7: Jenna Infinite HP
354B43BB 8FA2CEAB: Sheba Max HP
FDAE169B 48962D4F: Sheba Infinite HP
57AF6AFE B6676E96: Piers Max HP
114AF70B CECC85FC: Piers Infinite HP

 BII2. Infinite & Max PP

[Original CBA slot hacks by Sappharad - www.sappharad.com]

These are like the HP codes: pretty simple. See section 3 for some CBA
codes that cover these, plus HP and the battle stats.


82000556 03E7: Isaac Max PP
8200055A 03E7: Issac Infinite PP
820006A2 03E7: Garet Max PP
820006A6 03E7: Garet Infinite PP
820007EE 03E7: Ivan Max PP
820007F2 03E7: Ivan Infinite PP
8200093A 03E7: Mia Max PP
8200093E 03E7: Mia Infinite PP
82000A86 03E7: Felix Max PP
82000A8A 03E7: Felix Infinite PP
82000BD2 03E7: Jenna Max PP
82000BD6 03E7: Jenna Infinite PP
82000D1E 03E7: Sheba Max PP
82000D22 03E7: Sheba Infinite PP
82000E6A 03E7: Piers Max PP
82000E6E 03E7: Piers Infinite PP


352335EB 348E2E6A: Isaac Max PP
5990DFB7 C1C7EF44: Issac Infinite PP
1631965E B9861791: Garet Max PP
61D4871B EEEB90C4: Garet Infinite PP
0B227164 88956DF1: Ivan Max PP
89AB0CEB 0116F233: Ivan Infinite PP
8FF3C24D 42FA39E5: Mia Max PP
D380790B A04C926E: Mia Infinite PP
F5EDEEFF 7F56DA9E: Felix Max PP
A174616B 5672569A: Felix Infinite PP
E86F351D AF4D7740: Jenna Max PP
6DF43126 CC3534AC: Jenna Infinite PP
A4F4841C 980DF328: Sheba Max PP
99776877 476C32D7: Sheba Infinite PP
BF46E514 73DFD2B8: Piers Max PP
B7B4A96A 41C00213: Piers Infinite PP

*AR V3*

73D5BCCA C0CE1952: Isaac Max PP
48D7DCF9 104122D5: Issac Infinite PP
ECFD3659 6C8332CF: Garet Max PP
BA9C922B AFE46AFF: Garet Infinite PP
EE85ECE7 623F631A: Ivan Max PP
17B819AB 2A95BD76: Ivan Infinite PP
B14609A3 A17F8E3A: Mia Max PP
0A5D6702 FF1526A8: Mia Infinite PP
1ACECE9C 6B7A9F14: Felix Max PP
FE31419B 46AE178E: Felix Infinite PP
7F40910E 7E06831C: Jenna Max PP
171BC1D5 B0380ED0: Jenna Infinite PP
5B1E5491 3429C43B: Sheba Max PP
5827443A 3436E58A: Sheba Infinite PP
00440673 FFC2C9FA: Piers Max PP
2E888603 48CA8AAE: Piers Infinite PP

    BII3. Battle Stats

[Original CBA slot hacks by Sappharad - www.sappharad.com]

This section covers Attack, Defense, Agility & Luck.

I've also included some CBA slider's (they modify the HP, PP and the first
three listed here) by grey41


42000A84 03E7
00000007 0002

42000BD0 03E7
00000007 0002

42000D1C 03E7
00000007 0002

42000E68 03E7
00000007 0002

42000554 03E7
00000007 0002

420006A0 03E7
00000007 0002

42000938 03E7
00000007 0002

420007EC 03E7
00000007 0002

8200055C 03E7: Isaac Attack
8200055E 03E7: Isaac Defense
82000560 03E7: Isaac Agility
32000562 00FF: Isaac Luck

820006A8 03E7: Garet Attack
820006AA 03E7: Garet Defense
820006AC 03E7: Garet Agility
320006AE 00FF: Garet Luck

820007F4 03E7: Ivan Attack
820007F6 03E7: Ivan Defense
820007F8 03E7: Ivan Agility
320007FA 00FF: Ivan Luck

82000940 03E7: Mia Attack
82000942 03E7: Mia Defense
82000944 03E7: Mia Agility
32000946 00FF: Mia Luck

82000A8C 03E7: Felix Attack
82000A8E 03E7: Felix Defense
82000A90 03E7: Felix Agility
32000A92 00FF: Felix Luck

82000BD8 03E7: Jenna Attack
82000BDA 03E7: Jenna Defense
82000BDC 03E7: Jenna Agility
32000BDE 00FF: Jenna Luck

82000D24 03E7: Sheba Attack
82000D26 03E7: Sheba Defense
82000D28 03E7: Sheba Agility
32000D2A 00FF: Sheba Luck

82000E70 03E7: Piers Attack
82000E72 03E7: Piers Defense
82000E74 03E7: Piers Agility
32000E76 00FF: Piers Luck


3A659EF1 4E5ACD7C: Isaac Attack
27757C68 F675D7A8: Isaac Defense
2481A714 161C6EAC: Isaac Agility
74BECC17 FF93171E: Isaac Luck

CBFABB53 A897488D: Garet Attack
5796D11E 2011F78A: Garet Defense
4889E80F 83C6C7CB: Garet Agility
FAD44DF1 89C553B9: Garet Luck

B21D1646 DE2AE336: Ivan Attack
9C31C151 9D729115: Ivan Defense
5EC8B1D8 D8A47E99: Ivan Agility
5CFB39C8 DD5271AB: Ivan Luck

04642BCF 65A7A65E: Mia Attack
0EFCB137 48B22EA9: Mia Defense
2B5FEDF7 94D28739: Mia Agility
4BEDF156 B551FE35: Mia Luck

031459D2 029F37BC: Felix Attack
71A2915C 53352B41: Felix Defense
00A24FD5 0504E105: Felix Agility
307BE881 F074B8A0: Felix Luck

022ACAAB 47AD7AC2: Jenna Attack
0585241F E62B0E0B: Jenna Defense
B924862C B2042448: Jenna Agility
74C319E5 94F24F97: Jenna Luck

4A15CE8D C633E898: Sheba Attack
2D572C7E A73F23D2: Sheba Defense
172A4B00 33638FC0: Sheba Agility
8B0313A1 5D21EDA3: Sheba Luck

69E2E721 9F548C16: Piers Attack
3BA5E1EC 4742DF53: Piers Defense
630569BD EB51379C: Piers Agility
45B20F2E A1FE333A: Piers Luck

*AR V3*

7F7AB8FC 149B7AF2: Isaac Attack
A827D7DC 99E4EA26: Isaac Defense
0A568A45 CD6490FF: Isaac Agility
B5238D06 B5D48621: Isaac Luck

7FFD660F 3C4C5272: Garet Attack
B58AA781 B7C34886: Garet Defense
19E3A5EC 241ACF4C: Garet Agility
752209E2 F84FC132: Garet Luck

D7BFB7A4 56BBCF76: Ivan Attack
B2BB7CCB CDDB5ED1: Ivan Defense
38E32103 58364CC7: Ivan Agility
AF379B09 8371FFBC: Ivan Luck

3EB28380 0E3AA10F: Mia Attack
6D023E07 C6DFD03A: Mia Defense
9CFE1D0A 906147BE: Mia Agility
29EECCEC F1262326: Mia Luck

731AE976 0976EB53: Felix Attack
505BA7EA C5F05E6F: Felix Defense
0EECD73F 97973723: Felix Agility
C8921475 93B48E29: Felix Luck

35761720 D673BC7B: Jenna Attack
25242DC2 F57F8730: Jenna Defense
0AA69C48 4AE4B643: Jenna Agility
23279840 F5A0EABB: Jenna Luck

7F52172E BE0146B0: Sheba Attack
4B75ED79 D214B49E: Sheba Defense
A8850A6E 689B6F87: Sheba Agility
84369DF5 B68209B6: Sheba Luck

3B899F18 124C75DF: Piers Attack
AA1E0BB0 E2A25CC9: Piers Defense
4070E462 6AF9C903: Piers Agility
F235C448 8810A80B: Piers Luck

      BII4. Status

These codes modify the character's status, that is, stuff like poison
and curses. I'm not sure how many different statuses there are, so this
list may be incomplete. If you know any I've missed (not including
'downed'), then please email me. The battle ones are quite interesting,
because these values decrease each turn, until you're back to normal
(just a little info on the game mechanics). The only codes you'll be
able to notice out of battle are the poison/venom, haunt and curse
codes. The rest only take effect in battle.

You probably won't be using the inflicting damage codes, these are 
provide merely for educational purposes. 

NOTE: Signed variables are used for the stat boosts. Signed means
      digits from 0-7F are positive, 80-FF are negative. (FF = -1)
      Also, the value you put in, isn't the ammount that the skill
      will be changed by. Rather, there are certain 'levels' of
      increase (or decrease), depending on your level.

Another Note: The stat mods (attack, defense etc.) take a turn to
              take effect. Also, where codes have an xxxx, you can fill 
              these in with whatever you like. Note, the biggest value 
              you can have is 00FF NOT FFFF. You MUST have two 0's 
              first. The GSA and PAR codes have been encrypted for a
              beneficial increase, which lasts infinitely. One more 
              thing, you MUST use the countdown code and the mod code
              for a status TOGETHER, or else they won't work (countdown
              refers to how many  more turns until the effect wears off,
              or takes effect in the case of the Grim Reaper code).



32000650 0003: Cursed
32000650 0000: Not Cursed

32000651 0001: Poison
32000651 0002: Venom
32000651 0000: Neither

32000652 xxxx: Attack boost/drop countdown
32000653 xxxx: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

32000654 xxxx: Defense boost/drop countdown
32000655 xxxx: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

32000656 xxxx: Resistance boost/drop countdown
32000657 xxxx: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

32000658 00FF: Deluded
32000658 0000: Not Deluded

3200065B 00FF: Stunned
3200065B 0000: Not Stunned

3200065C 00FF: Sleeping
3200065C 0000: Awake

3200065D 00FF: Psynergy sealed
3200065D 0000: Psynergy not sealed

32000660 0001: Haunted
32000660 0000: Not Haunted

32000661 00FF: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
32000661 0000: Not going to die

32000666 xxxx: Agility boost/drop countdown
32000666 xxxx: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


3200079C 0003: Cursed
3200079C 0000: Not Cursed

3200079D 0001: Poison
3200079D 0002: Venom
3200079D 0000: Neither

3200079E xxxx: Attack boost/drop countdown
3200079F xxxx: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

320007A0 xxxx: Defense boost/drop countdown
320007A1 xxxx: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

320007A2 xxxx: Resistance boost/drop countdown
320007A3 xxxx: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

320007A4 00FF: Deluded
320007A4 0000: Not Deluded

320007A7 00FF: Stunned
320007A7 0000: Not Stunned

320007A8 00FF: Sleeping
320007A8 0000: Awake

320007A9 00FF: Psynergy sealed
320007A9 0000: Psynergy not sealed

320007AC 0001: Haunted
320007AC 0000: Not Haunted

320007AD 00FF: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
320007AD 0000: Not going to die

320007B2 xxxx: Agility boost/drop countdown
320007B2 xxxx: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


320008E8 0003: Cursed
320008E8 0000: Not Cursed

320008E9 0001: Poison
320008E9 0002: Venom
320008E9 0000: Neither

320008EA xxxx: Attack boost/drop countdown
320008EB xxxx: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

320008EC xxxx: Defense boost/drop countdown
320008ED xxxx: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

320008EE xxxx: Resistance boost/drop countdown
320008EF xxxx: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

320008F0 00FF: Deluded
320008F0 0000: Not Deluded

320008F3 00FF: Stunned
320008F3 0000: Not Stunned

320008F4 00FF: Sleeping
320008F4 0000: Awake

320008F5 00FF: Psynergy sealed
320008F5 0000: Psynergy not sealed

320008F8 0001: Haunted
320008F8 0000: Not Haunted

320008F9 00FF: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
320008F9 0000: Not going to die

320008FE xxxx: Agility boost/drop countdown
320008FE xxxx: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


32000A34 0003: Cursed
32000A34 0000: Not Cursed

32000A35 0001: Poison
32000A35 0002: Venom
32000A35 0000: Neither

32000A36 xxxx: Attack boost/drop countdown
32000A37 xxxx: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

32000A38 xxxx: Defense boost/drop countdown
32000A39 xxxx: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

32000A3A xxxx: Resistance boost/drop countdown
32000A3B xxxx: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

32000A3C 00FF: Deluded
32000A3C 0000: Not Deluded

32000A3F 00FF: Stunned
32000A3F 0000: Not Stunned

32000A40 00FF: Sleeping
32000A40 0000: Awake

32000A41 00FF: Psynergy sealed
32000A41 0000: Psynergy not sealed

32000A44 0001: Haunted
32000A44 0000: Not Haunted

32000A45 00FF: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
32000A45 0000: Not going to die

32000A4A xxxx: Agility boost/drop countdown
32000A4A xxxx: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


32000B80 0003: Cursed
32000B80 0000: Not Cursed

32000B81 0001: Poison
32000B81 0002: Venom
32000B81 0000: Neither

32000B82 xxxx: Attack boost/drop countdown
32000B83 xxxx: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

32000B84 xxxx: Defense boost/drop countdown
32000B85 xxxx: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

32000B86 xxxx: Resistance boost/drop countdown
32000B87 xxxx: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

32000B88 00FF: Deluded
32000B88 0000: Not Deluded

32000B8B 00FF: Stunned
32000B8B 0000: Not Stunned

32000B8C 00FF: Sleeping
32000B8C 0000: Awake

32000B8D 00FF: Psynergy sealed
32000B8D 0000: Psynergy not sealed

32000B90 0001: Haunted
32000B90 0000: Not Haunted

32000B91 00FF: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
32000B91 0000: Not going to die

32000B96 xxxx: Agility boost/drop countdown
32000B97 xxxx: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


32000CCC 0003: Cursed
32000CCC 0000: Not Cursed

32000CCD 0001: Poison
32000CCD 0002: Venom
32000CCD 0000: Neither

32000CCE xxxx: Attack boost/drop countdown
32000CCF xxxx: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

32000CD0 xxxx: Defense boost/drop countdown
32000CD1 xxxx: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

32000CD2 xxxx: Resistance boost/drop countdown
32000CD3 xxxx: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

32000CD4 00FF: Deluded
32000CD4 0000: Not Deluded

32000CD7 00FF: Stunned
32000CD7 0000: Not Stunned

32000CD8 00FF: Sleeping
32000CD8 0000: Awake

32000CD9 00FF: Psynergy sealed
32000CD9 0000: Psynergy not sealed

32000CDC 0001: Haunted
32000CDC 0000: Not Haunted

32000CDD 00FF: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
32000CDD 0000: Not going to die

32000CE2 xxxx: Agility boost/drop countdown
32000CE3 xxxx: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


32000E18 0003: Cursed
32000E18 0000: Not Cursed

32000E19 0001: Poison
32000E19 0002: Venom
32000E19 0000: Neither

32000E1A xxxx: Attack boost/drop countdown
32000E1B xxxx: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

32000E1C xxxx: Defense boost/drop countdown
32000E1D xxxx: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

32000E1E xxxx: Resistance boost/drop countdown
32000E1F xxxx: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

32000E20 00FF: Deluded
32000E20 0000: Not Deluded

32000E23 00FF: Stunned
32000E23 0000: Not Stunned

32000E24 00FF: Sleeping
32000E24 0000: Awake

32000E25 00FF: Psynergy sealed
32000E25 0000: Psynergy not sealed

32000E28 0001: Haunted
32000E28 0000: Not Haunted

32000E29 00FF: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
32000E29 0000: Not going to die

32000E2E xxxx: Agility boost/drop countdown
32000E2E xxxx: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


32000F64 0003: Cursed
32000F64 0000: Not Cursed

32000F65 0001: Poison
32000F65 0002: Venom
32000F65 0000: Neither

32000F66 xxxx: Attack boost/drop countdown
32000F67 xxxx: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

32000F68 xxxx: Defense boost/drop countdown
32000F69 xxxx: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

32000F6A xxxx: Resistance boost/drop countdown
32000F6B xxxx: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

32000F6C 00FF: Deluded
32000F6C 0000: Not Deluded

32000F6F 00FF: Stunned
32000F6F 0000: Not Stunned

32000F70 00FF: Sleeping
32000F70 0000: Awake

32000F71 00FF: Psynergy sealed
32000F71 0000: Psynergy not sealed

32000F74 0001: Haunted
32000F74 0000: Not Haunted

32000F75 00FF: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
32000F75 0000: Not going to die

32000F7A xxxx: Agility boost/drop countdown
32000F7A xxxx: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)



715B97F5 ABCE3555: Cursed
E2C8584B C79FAF2D: Not Cursed

E6B4DEFA 60058F07: Poison
EC9345BE B94B560E: Venom
84D322EF 5397BEBF: Neither

52ED48D9 9955F848: Attack boost/drop countdown
00B8CFCB 164A254A: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

D58C3044 1524CE7C: Defense boost/drop countdown
FB476276 2DCD2610: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

A9C69F81 1EEEA650: Resistance boost/drop countdown
8AEEE9D2 EA52BCC3: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

8C3B5649 E8F5B15A: Deluded
510B1789 683409D7: Not Deluded

9BD76E77 AA17431A: Stunned
3376053A 011329DA: Not Stunned

465C70B7 5A28E70B: Sleeping
49D7792B 377E9B03: Awake

98E9B650 14F61B71: Psynergy sealed
24128906 34371A3D: Psynergy not sealed

03D23C2C 560B4C04: Haunted
63148C73 14AD9EBC: Not Haunted

DC2A7415 38CA7AC4: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
2E8CE415 3D452009: Not going to die

3FA5558B 904F25DE: Agility boost/drop countdown
299F0C68 76F8BEC7: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


3E046268 A1BB2E67: Cursed
C64D8D0D B052DDE4: Not Cursed

7243A9D6 4EDEFD3D: Poison
EEEC8D90 B863275A: Venom
C0011261 7E87684A: Neither

156074A8 BC8A6165: Attack boost/drop countdown
BA7C90B2 2F32AAFB: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

F7AA5AD5 8AAC00C0: Defense boost/drop countdown
2C2D2852 AF5FF059: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

A304B620 EAFEFDB7: Resistance boost/drop countdown
7F5AE4C6 DCCF1E29: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

D1858312 77060F4F: Deluded
0A019A9E 89D896DF: Not Deluded

1A99C4BC 338E4DB6: Stunned
DEBF55DC 7DFC2794: Not Stunned

FA92C1B0 95EB7D6B: Sleeping
6B5F5C87 7698CA72: Awake

CD749EB5 0C9AB333: Psynergy sealed
99C8E1CB 3B0DC801: Psynergy not sealed

651EBB8C 62AD1B89: Haunted
87CE10D6 44EDFEF0: Not Haunted

1A99DFA6 224CA73E: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
6D48D128 43EFE379: Not going to die

422F4DDB 0C58F993: Agility boost/drop countdown
2F43D37F D1D17655: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


A8E29865 141C082A: Cursed
A40680FA 851BD956: Not Cursed

043F15C1 56A8DE47: Poison
2391FF07 223D2F0A: Venom
51F584D2 C4DF8D9F: Neither

BC56D419 C7B72347: Attack boost/drop countdown
514B4888 1BED60CD: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

E265E578 F580AEFB: Defense boost/drop countdown
ADBA80B8 C60E9B23: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

5019AE91 FCEC4BE6: Resistance boost/drop countdown
820D7214 9AC97438: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

A026E38D 0988955B: Deluded
F6D2315F 5C4C082A: Not Deluded

A14C7915 1A0FD78E: Stunned
8E25E8FC A1FB5B30: Not Stunned

8C5D7C87 C553F724: Sleeping
BAF10D2F 4CDC0342: Awake

FE96CA6D F0E85938: Psynergy sealed
FEBF726E 177F0778: Psynergy not sealed

8E56D4AA 19E97347: Haunted
BFDDB08A 929C3DAF: Not Haunted

F574113B F2474AAE: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
FC531E65 D8C7B6A0: Not going to die

ADDA5F55 4EF14564: Agility boost/drop countdown
A6D47E0E 7340B86F: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


37EDB115 2D051521: Cursed
55E1B122 51ADB18C: Not Cursed

F0EDEB91 3A34B394: Poison
2D4B269E ACFBCD8C: Venom
23BFE86F 2E275158: Neither

3590FA70 79999A63: Attack boost/drop countdown
0538E898 028F28BA: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

450EA1B7 34B469C1: Defense boost/drop countdown
9384924A AFA42A98: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

FF4ED26A 15EAA454: Resistance boost/drop countdown
70F51015 27DD57C1: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

2C4A2F3A ACC01AF6: Deluded
5796DDDC C2F630EF: Not Deluded

42EAC8A3 BEF7C3C3: Stunned
1F3C5A66 81E34A56: Not Stunned

5D666033 74BC5B9C: Sleeping
4DE0DFE6 BE49CDDA: Awake

E619B054 368CDEBE: Psynergy sealed
5D62E150 0D70B0F7: Psynergy not sealed

E472B245 0238300D: Haunted
69395CB2 BEF3D7F7: Not Haunted

D77C18F4 1660DC3C: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
B3331354 7B56C3F8: Not going to die

E41DCD6B 5DD60712: Agility boost/drop countdown
12A6C04A F97EADD4: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


96AC9EA0 5B8E4F1A: Cursed
CF86F21D AC5CA422: Not Cursed

71669F66 0373FDC2: Poison
3C646B14 1A9848A8: Venom
06B022D6 A47A92F2: Neither

8E9AD246 82756A5A: Attack boost/drop countdown
39EE0B47 4559F35A: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

9972A6B8 CE543DE5: Defense boost/drop countdown
3CFA9D65 A37457BA: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

D8DD949D 844CFE66: Resistance boost/drop countdown
FCA9CF0F CEF6D1C9: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

CFF6CB8F 0A8DC236: Deluded
E9DA8BE5 2ADD3328: Not Deluded

50212398 AB6C22CF: Stunned
9E005D48 CC5EF803: Not Stunned

62BDFF34 F2A5A21B: Sleeping
79CE098E B9CC4A68: Awake

82DF8FB9 050781C6: Psynergy sealed
E3472BDD C5207054: Psynergy not sealed

24D0DC55 911454D9: Haunted
0FA1FEB2 E40DA96A: Not Haunted

921C9A6F 86E52261: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
6D2B30D8 86E3AD0D: Not going to die

C3062D88 B429D734: Agility boost/drop countdown
B229EEE0 D3317C9D: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


CE6124DA 2F220122: Cursed
DA3C6428 15A9717D: Not Cursed

5BE96CB3 35EFCFF1: Poison
520716DD 28BF2F82: Venom
CE549015 4E69A26F: Neither

91A546BB 02C442F0: Attack boost/drop countdown
C0BBCE27 A19D361C: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

09E7F26A 89984FD4: Defense boost/drop countdown
9A72699B BBC20971: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

51C1656B 539265B8: Resistance boost/drop countdown
63539606 5DA3E3BA: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

C92531B4 71A1FA17: Deluded
11BAC7C3 ECC09208: Not Deluded

74A93DD8 4ECF9DED: Stunned
E13386C5 A6C4706F: Not Stunned

B0EBBFFC B68C238C: Sleeping
C292A793 F321B9E9: Awake

9BB3013F EC9EC147: Psynergy sealed
049A1749 29E9F8BE: Psynergy not sealed

651C3CBF 285D56AF: Haunted
6D96D5D8 01690FB3: Not Haunted

D136A28C CA36A1DB: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
1EF33883 21FF264C: Not going to die

44EB0919 31DE8427: Agility boost/drop countdown
B036010D 14630891: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


331D2964 9452C265: Cursed
E21A2413 E0F448AB: Not Cursed

82A808C4 1B548010: Poison
9D83494C 8F3CA403: Venom
7F9CF2DD 5221B6FC: Neither

973F129C 4E26F46C: Attack boost/drop countdown
88A039DD 60B2C670: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

B4EF2AA7 0F354175: Defense boost/drop countdown
21221DC5 9F1408C6: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

F22F8087 E5F2E5AD: Resistance boost/drop countdown
F20CB884 30A9F404: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

2D62A19C 341949BF: Deluded
66E1FDE0 3D290918: Not Deluded

855C1C73 BC1E811C: Stunned
F05FF5BB A046D4A4: Not Stunned

01424BF3 DF25AA4C: Sleeping
42214C94 D3653F19: Awake

0F3AB00C 6E78EC44: Psynergy sealed
91C1AFF0 F36A47C3: Psynergy not sealed

A004C474 2891B1A9: Haunted
1CC35CB9 86DA40F8: Not Haunted

5AD054AF 97D6BD47: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
83ABFC13 79BB21F9: Not going to die

D0C81672 CE385073: Agility boost/drop countdown
03E02BB2 BBA9AD4D: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


A50C3BF3 D9ABA3C3: Cursed
F0FF1FD8 7908FEFB: Not Cursed

29E369AA 8BC7E95D: Poison
7CC360C4 AA8AB512: Venom
8C5C0847 29557D04: Neither

8A1D16F1 6EBDA1B9: Attack boost/drop countdown
5312D456 5856A86B: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

F513BC5B 09D44973: Defense boost/drop countdown
CFD0C1D2 760AA1FE: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

46207AC1 01187BA9: Resistance boost/drop countdown
043A289D 8C8FE010: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

623D7A82 45F112FC: Deluded
78DEED9D B6CAC125: Not Deluded

669F7806 9A60A26E: Stunned
9F10F5E3 7832D4A0: Not Stunned

98763076 4FDCAC2A: Sleeping
DF968C49 271482AB: Awake

21272A3E 463574AB: Psynergy sealed
4E2A635B 85FE4F9B: Psynergy not sealed

CA95B92A AFCC42BE: Haunted
A31A3074 17009329: Not Haunted

94CEF538 C19CC3F9: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
C45BDCBD 2ECDA5F5: Not going to die

12079028 545CA458: Agility boost/drop countdown
9CB1FD59 67A6B20D: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)

*AR V3*


C8F1CAB7 EF91B918: Cursed
4B5E4B5F 53058A6A: Not Cursed

20081DEC 65271D1D: Poison
2AB56F14 651D9EE0: Venom
4A166C14 148054FB: Neither

73E065E7 F126E489: Attack boost/drop countdown
CF6E196C 271CF74B: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

8BCED764 096AE7FC: Defense boost/drop countdown
5BA890A6 BD560C00: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

E7DD4909 74E87012: Resistance boost/drop countdown
B4C006E0 1717D83F: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

262BDE8D BF616E21: Deluded
A62484F5 9E7C9912: Not Deluded

69F9D8DC 65F41B07: Stunned
AF00769C 6213E30E: Not Stunned

A69CA070 331E87F7: Sleeping
268D20DA 8403F573: Awake

BE475BE1 8A69E1BC: Psynergy sealed
8A97ACFA 3DE408A7: Psynergy not sealed

FB233268 1A5C7CE7: Haunted
D5D228CD 55CF59F0: Not Haunted

63CF16CD CBD03BAB: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
E6E66753 6478F7D8: Not going to die

AC85B49E 1CC0A889: Agility boost/drop countdown
E0637918 0FFCE3CA: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


D126AF82 908D7196: Cursed
04442A9F 3F137F8C: Not Cursed

0D7298F3 F46AFFE3: Poison
16A9602D 722B00D5: Venom
A7C2DFBB 3616349F: Neither

1B599E03 0687D23B: Attack boost/drop countdown
A47F46E4 36FBEA51: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

C0718600 E5F9403E: Defense boost/drop countdown
48D4AE54 13855B05: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

0A2BB7D9 502EEAD8: Resistance boost/drop countdown
AC2743A9 C83620FF: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

58939037 A97A4F91: Deluded
BA36B96E E90CE6C8: Not Deluded

12D68B14 7AA7366C: Stunned
322F6D82 39218BAC: Not Stunned

C924E806 EFB01E64: Sleeping
87D04DEE 99DA99C8: Awake

29295C67 654F9014: Psynergy sealed
9E0AF4A7 AB06F60B: Psynergy not sealed

D2192F18 F7696485: Haunted
603E8BB1 3A68948B: Not Haunted

4266F449 5817AE1A: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
F5E25DC4 AF6C90FF: Not going to die

C01357A9 A6C92E25: Agility boost/drop countdown
B5ADC275 B9F8061B: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


DD735291 202F6FD6: Cursed
9267299B ACC0E13E: Not Cursed

FB004F90 121E0E22: Poison
4F10F8F8 7710AB53: Venom
2E7C022E 4516E717: Neither

FD5AED82 FB54AAAD: Attack boost/drop countdown
CDE9F0CB 4055B865: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

427FAC00 CF0BED16: Defense boost/drop countdown
0804AB21 EE9FDFFB: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

31BAF068 693550F3: Resistance boost/drop countdown
ACBD253C 51307CD9: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

0D20ABBB E01D306F: Deluded
57216CF5 B307C968: Not Deluded

DEF2E0A1 44ED737E: Stunned
25D4B9D4 AF54AFAD: Not Stunned

F6848E7E 8965E697: Sleeping
0AD5323D 71AC8400: Awake

E518696C 57880E6D: Psynergy sealed
2418C236 1B84AE41: Psynergy not sealed

2BD9CF8C C29E6E02: Haunted
6B5D7A4E DF5A5E5E: Not Haunted

CC8078F6 F9747F85: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
0726BF0C 0344BF08: Not going to die

8536E916 53D36F05: Agility boost/drop countdown
329A88FB 1787D799: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


10462CA6 EBFC24E3: Cursed
CD128470 E0B67108: Not Cursed

11551F2A 356DA22F: Poison
C23237A1 71959926: Venom
96A9EAA2 22919446: Neither

CAC72693 CA27EC88: Attack boost/drop countdown
2D3FCFF6 8EF4CA59: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

37185CAD 898E494B: Defense boost/drop countdown
86258EB0 A8E4D228: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

2798F266 287C1F0D: Resistance boost/drop countdown
A15BB1FB CFB12F4C: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

81D9434D 62ED1268: Deluded
52F3F0E5 C7E7084F: Not Deluded

A49C7E3F F42E90A9: Stunned
425A4496 2461DFA8: Not Stunned

1303595D 557476F9: Sleeping
925652F0 6B7AD71A: Awake

DFC6A10B BAFBFBD1: Psynergy sealed
76EE5786 5A827FC7: Psynergy not sealed

ABEEF156 CE3A3720: Haunted
2F5C8DBB 0123E082: Not Haunted

B12D45FC B447E4EA: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
32316226 E02E75DA: Not going to die

02B9B670 6C08DF99: Agility boost/drop countdown
7912BEB2 E70475C8: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


3501CBA7 4A7126E1: Cursed
B0DC36F2 EAC6766B: Not Cursed

34845C9F 4EF975AF: Poison
6CCEC49E 8F6D1332: Venom
289BBE0F 9C53763C: Neither

50123DB0 0DF5F8AB: Attack boost/drop countdown
8F211BAC 37094BC6: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

96ED4D50 2290B889: Defense boost/drop countdown
2FF9CA61 F376A912: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

E194DD6B 5B1BAC5B: Resistance boost/drop countdown
4E180BFD 07E77561: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

79E2F323 7C9B5C97: Deluded
97D7B760 0664DC0A: Not Deluded

3EB21C95 72CFC8DB: Stunned
A029CFE0 B5919C16: Not Stunned

6C3FDE25 24C767A5: Sleeping
F95F534C 912A1600: Awake

276873AD 6C74F01E: Psynergy sealed
727BD1C7 694DED59: Psynergy not sealed

3B5D58B9 4CEB9444: Haunted
45046086 C0D27FD3: Not Haunted

08638950 8C4ED0AE: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
A264D8E6 89CDF352: Not going to die

E69B0B6F 009E6F76: Agility boost/drop countdown
154447E5 964A063B: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


03ED857D 5FAFA42F: Cursed
2E7B33BE 61B0C2B5: Not Cursed

3E0BF2BB B68C2650: Poison
CEF5B550 703D03BF: Venom
E5775DCC CFEC57AD: Neither

C23C476C FF1FBB33: Attack boost/drop countdown
BE4CF460 E16CA167: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

B17FE9B9 71A35304: Defense boost/drop countdown
257C137C 4B5DAAA6: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

6BEBD9A2 FC509605: Resistance boost/drop countdown
80768AF5 0D8C332C: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

AA5573BA B59995C5: Deluded
056D5821 FBC75EEA: Not Deluded

0AB91EDC 2CD4E03B: Stunned
005F9C2D 6C5EE988: Not Stunned

C468DDFA 581F5490: Sleeping
177A7301 F98D0301: Awake

3F932B1F 22236301: Psynergy sealed
F6917B6C 9DCDF325: Psynergy not sealed

C7C57754 5FF763FE: Haunted
36C75782 D340B9D6: Not Haunted

34D66861 ACA8BF66: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
9AF93C99 8C7813FA: Not going to die

2266B467 0343FBBC: Agility boost/drop countdown
63E8AFA2 885C9AA1: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


73FBCBB7 2CA63DF0: Cursed
9A0E7A85 90231FB0: Not Cursed

A2AAC268 67C16757: Poison
36F5FA2F AB1DEDAA: Venom
8BE1C01C 0C7F3A6B: Neither

A3100B83 B82600CF: Attack boost/drop countdown
E9F104C4 0B72089C: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

D7F4D222 4C3288AE: Defense boost/drop countdown
3FA9F6BC 764DC800: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

316ABDBB 68D0781F: Resistance boost/drop countdown
9E70F119 4B8AC65E: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

BFFB25BC 22B973B4: Deluded
8C0B1857 A649D59F: Not Deluded

3C3C77E9 3902D4C4: Stunned
D2A8809F 797E0250: Not Stunned

3B1353B4 E8DDFFB6: Sleeping
71E232E9 10F3297C: Awake

A8A39A3B 7611FF50: Psynergy sealed
D435677F FF3019F5: Psynergy not sealed

D9D322E9 2F017912: Haunted
558EE386 7F25EE62: Not Haunted

9724106B 8227E55D: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
5DFAF2AB A3F5F54C: Not going to die

7D783C15 B49915E1: Agility boost/drop countdown
7C5A7263 E3246FDC: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)


009D74AD C243B3CD: Cursed
458F9164 1926A1BC: Not Cursed

E5A4BC05 AE084FF2: Poison
2D301163 4B3CBD6F: Venom
92799823 36183347: Neither

37845C76 E5A588E9: Attack boost/drop countdown
AB850C07 A46290EA: Attack boost/drop level (signed)

40F4E659 84F4E368: Defense boost/drop countdown
82EDB014 53E37B25: Defense boost/drop level (signed)

1F82C34A E34D0C78: Resistance boost/drop countdown
302FCD0B 8697633F: Resistance boost/drop level (signed)

A2C5C550 51FA6DA6: Deluded
81A06051 F5E49F19: Not Deluded

8C431E80 0C66BAC7: Stunned
1A12ED2D D934BD2D: Not Stunned

003EF65E 60D43924: Sleeping
7BE8A262 D74D0D12: Awake

16AE5E81 1327864D: Psynergy sealed
00F1B4CD 86A6B5CF: Psynergy not sealed

6AFEE2B0 7A0F2E97: Haunted
F547F5AD F827D1C0: Not Haunted

5E2C4F51 835072B3: Countdown to death (not sure of name, icon is a candle) 
DD8F642D 761FB6CC: Not going to die

CE37E787 2DF73A39: Agility boost/drop countdown
3CF65EC1 D39C3194: Agility boost/drop (signed variables)

      BII5. Naming

[Original CBA hacks by me]

This is one of the codes incorporated into my Calculator. See
the Calculator section in the introduction for more info. 

The names for each character are stored in native ASCII format.
So, if you took out your hexeditor and used it on this doc, the
values you would see are the same ones the game use. So that
makes it a helluva lot easier. 

Here's a list of values (in Hex) for the Alphabet, numbers, and 
some special characters like !, ?, @, and stuff like that.

NOTE: Some of the characters below may appear different to what
it does in the game. This is due to changes by your browser to the
ASCII characters. If you view it in a Word processor on font 
Courier New, you should get the correct stuff though.

00: NULL

20: <space>
21: !
22: ”
23: #
24: $
25: %
26: &
27: ’
28: (
29: )
2A: *
2B: +
2C: ,
2D: -
2E: .
2F: /
30: 0
31: 1
32: 2
33: 3
34: 4
35: 5
36: 6
37: 7
38: 8
39: 9
3A: :
3B: ;
3C: <
3D: =
3E: >
3F: ?
40: @
41: A
42: B
43: C
44: D
45: E
46: F
47: G
48: H
49: I
4A: J
4B: K
4C: L
4D: M
4E: N
4F: O
50: P
51: Q
52: R
53: S
54: T
55: U
56: V
57: W
58: X
58: Y
5A: Z
5B: [
5C: ¥
5D: ]
5E: ^
5F: _
60: ±
61: a
62: b
63: c
64: d
65: e
66: f
67: g
68: h
69: i
6A: j
6B: k
6C: l
6D: m
6E: n
6F: o
70: p
71: q
72: r
73: s
74: t
75: u
76: v
77: w
78: x
79: y
7A: z
7B: {
7C: !
7D: }
7E: ~

Okay, now for the codes. Each code modifies two of the letters in 
the characters name. The format is something like this:

82000xxx zzyy

You don't have to worry about the xxx part (no, it's not anything
rude, sicko, it's the address), just the zzyy part. You'll notice 
that the zz comes BEFORE the yy. So, you put the numbers 
representing the second letter of the pair BEFORE the numbers 
representing the first letter of the pair.

IMPORTANT: If you put a name longer than 7 characters, it won't
display properly when you press <A> to get to the menus (you'll
see what I mean if you try). However, you can have names up to
14 characters long and they'll still display in dialog (actually,
you can get up to 15 displayable, except the 16th byte is used for
some other data, so you'd have to use a '3' code type, but I 
can't be stuffed, so you'll have to shorten your names to 14 
characters :) ). 

NOTE: Download my Calculator (see intro), and you won't have to
do all this complicated working out!


So, say, you wanted to change Felix's name to Blond32:

The first to letters are B (42) and l (6C). So, we'll plug that
into the first of Felix's codes:

82000A50 6C42

The next two are o (6F) and n (6E), so:

82000A52 6E6F

The next set's d (64) and 3 (33):

82000A54 3364

The last one is 2 (32). Since it's the last one, and it's by 
itself, you have to stick a NULL (00) in as well so the code

82000A56 0032

Therefore, the final code, to make Felix's name Blond32 is:

82000A50 6C42
82000A52 6E6F
82000A54 3364
82000A56 0032

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the name that you want to change to is
SHORTER than the previous name, you have to stick in enough
NULLs over it so that it wipes it out. Just use the next code
with the last 4 numbers (the zzyy) as 0000 .

*Instructions on GSA Encryption*

I'm not going to provide codes in the Appendix, so you'll
have to encrypt your own GSA codes. To do so is very simple.
Just get GSACrypt (link is in the intro), and replace the
'8' at the start of every code with a '1'. Then just follow
the instructions above.

Right, here's the codes:



82000520 zzyy : 1st and 2nd letter
82000522 zzyy : 3rd and 4th letter
82000524 zzyy : 5th and 6th letter
82000526 zzyy : 7th and 8th letter
82000528 zzyy : 9th and 10th letter
8200052A zzyy : 11th and 12th letter
8200052C zzyy : 13th and 14th letter


8200066C zzyy : 1st and 2nd letter
8200066E zzyy : 3rd and 4th letter
82000670 zzyy : 5th and 6th letter
82000672 zzyy : 7th and 8th letter
82000674 zzyy : 9th and 10th letter
82000676 zzyy : 11th and 12th letter
82000678 zzyy : 13th and 14th letter


820007B8 zzyy : 1st and 2nd letter
820007BA zzyy : 3rd and 4th letter
820007BC zzyy : 5th and 6th letter
820007BE zzyy : 7th and 8th letter
820007C0 zzyy : 9th and 10th letter
820007C2 zzyy : 11th and 12th letter
820007C4 zzyy : 13th and 14th letter


82000904 zzyy : 1st and 2nd letter
82000906 zzyy : 3rd and 4th letter
82000908 zzyy : 5th and 6th letter
8200090A zzyy : 7th and 8th letter
8200090C zzyy : 9th and 10th letter
8200090E zzyy : 11th and 12th letter
82000910 zzyy : 13th and 14th letter


82000A50 zzyy : 1st and 2nd letter
82000A52 zzyy : 3rd and 4th letter
82000A54 zzyy : 5th and 6th letter
82000A56 zzyy : 7th and 8th letter
82000A58 zzyy : 9th and 10th letter
82000A5A zzyy : 11th and 12th letter
82000A5C zzyy : 13th and 14th letter


82000B9C zzyy : 1st and 2nd letter
82000B9E zzyy : 3rd and 4th letter
82000BA0 zzyy : 5th and 6th letter
82000BA2 zzyy : 7th and 8th letter
82000BA4 zzyy : 9th and 10th letter
82000BA6 zzyy : 11th and 12th letter
82000BA8 zzyy : 13th and 14th letter


82000CE8 zzyy : 1st and 2nd letter
82000CEA zzyy : 3rd and 4th letter
82000CEC zzyy : 5th and 6th letter
82000CF0 zzyy : 7th and 8th letter
82000CF2 zzyy : 9th and 10th letter
82000CF4 zzyy : 11th and 12th letter
82000CF6 zzyy : 13th and 14th letter


82000E34 zzyy : 1st and 2nd letter
82000E36 zzyy : 3rd and 4th letter
82000E38 zzyy : 5th and 6th letter
82000E3A zzyy : 7th and 8th letter
82000E3C zzyy : 9th and 10th letter
82000E3E zzyy : 11th and 12th letter
82000E40 zzyy : 13th and 14th letter

 BII6. Djinn Power/Resistance

[Original CBA hacks by Grey41/Grey85 (they're the same person :)]

These codes modify your Djinn stats, they can be accessed from the
'Status' menu, then selecting the character with <A>. Unfortunately,
GSA doesn't have a slider code, so you have to enter all codes
individually. Sorry! Actually, there is a 9-line code that does
the whole lot (all characters), which I've given at the top of the
GSA list, but I haven't been able to test it on an actual GSA (it



42000568 03E7
00000008 0002

82000568 03E7 : Venus Power
8200056A 03E7 : Venus Resist
8200056C 03E7 : Mercury Power
8200056E 03E7 : Mercury Resist
82000570 03E7 : Mars Power
82000572 03E7 : Mars Resist
82000574 03E7 : Jupiter Power
82000576 03E7 : Jupiter Resist


420006B4 03E7
00000008 0002

820006B4 03E7 : Venus Power
820006B6 03E7 : Venus Resist
820006B8 03E7 : Mercury Power
820006BA 03E7 : Mercury Resist
820006BC 03E7 : Mars Power
820006BE 03E7 : Mars Resist
820006C0 03E7 : Jupiter Power
820006C2 03E7 : Jupiter Resist


42000800 03E7
00000008 0002

82000800 03E7 : Venus Power
82000802 03E7 : Venus Resist
82000804 03E7 : Mercury Power
82000806 03E7 : Mercury Resist
82000808 03E7 : Mars Power
8200080A 03E7 : Mars Resist
8200080C 03E7 : Jupiter Power
8200080E 03E7 : Jupiter Resist


4200094C 03E7
00000008 0002

8200094C 03E7 : Venus Power
8200094E 03E7 : Venus Resist
82000950 03E7 : Mercury Power
82000952 03E7 : Mercury Resist
82000954 03E7 : Mars Power
82000956 03E7 : Mars Resist
82000958 03E7 : Jupiter Power
8200095A 03E7 : Jupiter Resist


42000A98 03E7
00000008 0002

82000A98 03E7 : Venus Power
82000A9A 03E7 : Venus Resist
82000A9C 03E7 : Mercury Power
82000A9E 03E7 : Mercury Resist
82000AA0 03E7 : Mars Power
82000AA2 03E7 : Mars Resist
82000AA4 03E7 : Jupiter Power
82000AA6 03E7 : Jupiter Resist


42000BE4 03E7
00000008 0002

82000BE4 03E7 : Venus Power
82000BE6 03E7 : Venus Resist
82000BE8 03E7 : Mercury Power
82000BEA 03E7 : Mercury Resist
82000BEC 03E7 : Mars Power
82000BEE 03E7 : Mars Resist
82000BF0 03E7 : Jupiter Power
82000BF2 03E7 : Jupiter Resist


42000D30 03E7
00000008 0002

82000D30 03E7 : Venus Power
82000D32 03E7 : Venus Resist
82000D34 03E7 : Mercury Power
82000D36 03E7 : Mercury Resist
82000D38 03E7 : Mars Power
82000D3A 03E7 : Mars Resist
82000D3C 03E7 : Jupiter Power
82000D3E 03E7 : Jupiter Resist


42000E7C 03E7
00000008 0002

82000E7C 03E7 : Venus Power
82000E7E 03E7 : Venus Resist
82000E80 03E7 : Mercury Power
82000E82 03E7 : Mercury Resist
82000E84 03E7 : Mars Power
82000E86 03E7 : Mars Resist
82000E88 03E7 : Jupiter Power
82000E8A 03E7 : Jupiter Resist


All Characters (Note: This has not been tested as DOES NOT work on
VBA (Forgotten has forgotten to put it in)).

84F2C16C 72663800 
8A76C667 C7B8E1DB 
E8497CC6 122AADCA 
F54744DD 996BD346 
59A53262 B23B52EC 
7E5D8939 C62FFD81
FC22161F 4A3875F8
69C818A3 4527C02B
C332AE11 574D3CB0


8236F96D 9541CFB2 : Venus Power
D7D9FA6C 8FA363B6 : Venus Resist
8941E942 00F55D56 : Mercury Power
F9C95194 3A8DC103 : Mercury Resist
14546CAD D2F08DB2 : Mars Power
B6B3BDF2 0CE6DBB7 : Mars Resist
18F070FA 02DD616C : Jupiter Power
1A665AA3 454DB5AA : Jupiter Resist


2FA3375B 5D025171 : Venus Power
0226740D 496358F6 : Venus Resist
4195F872 47390227 : Mercury Power
5525FEAC 62130FEA : Mercury Resist
8A3846C7 7661A2A4 : Mars Power
06FB9123 BADA57AE : Mars Resist
3C4D03B2 15002E86 : Jupiter Power
21036673 F5AFF4A9 : Jupiter Resist


920B9159 A86FA987 : Venus Power
905AD4C0 5D02A15E : Venus Resist
B3ED5BA8 1C548FF1 : Mercury Power
03216B5B DC3BCC69 : Mercury Resist
3548FCB0 948D5E41 : Mars Power
C0C187B3 5C27B53D : Mars Resist
2D3DD2F2 2AD69F45 : Jupiter Power
B3B5D170 749ECD19 : Jupiter Resist


EFC30C6D FA426240 : Venus Power
9E537268 312C89E0 : Venus Resist
681FDA28 D92D6C0B : Mercury Power
36BF715F 867F1EF0 : Mercury Resist
EF50B3E8 07A3CB2E : Mars Power
F711D078 F4289005 : Mars Resist
95540C96 54B18235 : Jupiter Power
AC353EA7 EB91EE9B : Jupiter Resist


767709BE 8FFAFE38 : Venus Power
1B178A57 5F4D7233 : Venus Resist
472CF62B 8FDF50AB : Mercury Power
14DEDB6F BE0668FF : Mercury Resist
796A234B 242258A8 : Mars Power
37EB2B25 936A377C : Mars Resist
C70E75F3 5FB94CE3 : Jupiter Power
308B3D7D 73677E62 : Jupiter Resist


5BD4160E F6680346 : Venus Power
46C6F90D 7F684836 : Venus Resist
F07B6260 0E330D8B : Mercury Power
7F16EF7D 2815D3D3 : Mercury Resist
357429E5 6E75DF5E : Mars Power
35F77504 C60D466E : Mars Resist
5CA1EFC4 11F1196C : Jupiter Power
780B1A92 6A597EA1 : Jupiter Resist


E5E060B5 C4A4AF88 : Venus Power
4DDCE772 51F29B24 : Venus Resist
CBF1CAE8 49DA14AD : Mercury Power
3130CE76 706D368C : Mercury Resist
B37EA43B 20E0817A : Mars Power
F3120FC2 A041AA1E : Mars Resist
4174054F E4EB7B8D : Jupiter Power
AE5DA926 62948F13 : Jupiter Resist


98C6FAB9 D6E39489 : Venus Power
557F8856 9687777E : Venus Resist
66A61DD1 D7EA8EE6 : Mercury Power
98F7432E 6A66BFFB : Mercury Resist
DE6A581F 434AFFF8 : Mars Power
221FF4F6 12CDAA73 : Mars Resist
54D54CA5 02DE708E : Jupiter Power
A0088CCC 7E82BD73 : Jupiter Resist

*AR V3*



1D4564AA AA211E08 : Venus Power
AC9E06B2 650BAD22 : Venus Resist
294CDBBE A121CF5C : Mercury Power
42D05656 2F98E2C3 : Mercury Resist
F6337C92 F594ED1A : Mars Power
FF95F406 099B04D9 : Mars Resist
17F85246 8087E944 : Jupiter Power
A9284FC0 B3AB3E6B : Jupiter Resist


962ED7D8 9AB130E1 : Venus Power
9E092508 5704996D : Venus Resist
07C8E96C 3920C08B : Mercury Power
317F49C3 389F03A3 : Mercury Resist
031BF87C 8A93AF46 : Mars Power
9BE9BCC1 7126E784 : Mars Resist
6D05CEB3 3D731CDE : Jupiter Power
B63A42EB 7E69190D : Jupiter Resist


1C1DDA5E E7747DB1 : Venus Power
FFD22F31 6D55FD4E : Venus Resist
D281B811 27205697 : Mercury Power
DBDD9508 7701FB12 : Mercury Resist
C860566A 8ED7EEBB : Mars Power
C21E19CD B26E0A7B : Mars Resist
9AEC80E3 634EFB04 : Jupiter Power
3343A463 E177BB81 : Jupiter Resist


747DDFD6 0F28E64C : Venus Power
C406A22D F827ACE0 : Venus Resist
08BE5963 C06E6318 : Mercury Power
4E131FB6 1578152D : Mercury Resist
C29F6316 79BD8A6F : Mars Power
B023D7C6 A120C97F : Mars Resist
9DB14573 8C6121BC : Jupiter Power
1D384F68 B292C665 : Jupiter Resist

D2A02F1C 5A660535
282168AF 6FB5D919

F3AE8959 EF6D4C09 : Venus Power
E854C58A 5A5C2412 : Venus Resist
448F3CA5 39C75393 : Mercury Power
B6050470 6715D9A6 : Mercury Resist
416FE9D2 67FF2E1E : Mars Power
9622F5BD B62C0BB3 : Mars Resist
77B8EC2C 90AB4A2F : Jupiter Power
F7FF1052 FE8B2F9E : Jupiter Resist


49481D6E 8C1489C4 : Venus Power
116A1853 9918F7B1 : Venus Resist
F8053E94 CC215838 : Mercury Power
BFB82C7A 753431ED : Mercury Resist
73AECC22 0BE1BBD7 : Mars Power
3B334AE0 53F40061 : Mars Resist
664F0904 BB1222F9 : Jupiter Power
BE8B8E1D 97FD20ED : Jupiter Resist


B9C8B6F3 1FE81BEC : Venus Power
F1F971C8 36B38514 : Venus Resist
736C606F 2311371F : Mercury Power
8891391D FD2DC387 : Mercury Resist
421C704A 96FC6E24 : Mars Power
4AB2198D AFD8485F : Mars Resist
DAEEE149 F848CF5C : Jupiter Power
0F3268FC 9057DDD2 : Jupiter Resist


9EFEE077 FC03E0A0 : Venus Power
0F4976FB C7927D73 : Venus Resist
66E64607 BB9F911D : Mercury Power
8593DFD7 34206894 : Mercury Resist
921BCE23 CDB46D4F : Mars Power
2AB10BA9 F5E808CA : Mars Resist
CD78CEEC FB8582BA : Jupiter Power
B06A7A8A 159B018F : Jupiter Resist

      BII7. Psynergy

[Original CBA slot hacks by Sappharad - www.sappharad.com]
[IDs by Mr UnOrigino and myself]

This is one of the codes incorporated into my Calculator. See
the Calculator section in the introduction for more info.

This is one of those 'slot mod' codes. Basically, you plug in a value 
into the code you want.  The List of IDs is outrageously long. Mr UnOrigino
did up to around Skullsplitter, then I slaved my way through the rest.
Note: The ones Mr UnOrigino did were for the JPN version. I changed
the ones that obviously looked Japanese, but some, like Lash, had
different names (Release), and I only found those by chance. So, if
there is a mistake with those names, email me.

With these Psynergy codes, you can 
a) Give your characters ANY normal psynergy 
b) Give your characters 'Weapon Unleases' as Psynergy (all casting 
   costs are 0)
c) Give your characters in-battle item effects as psynergy, e.g. Nut
   (casting costs are 0)
d) Give your characers Djinn Unleases as Psynergy (casting costs are 0)
e) Give your characters Djinn Summons as Psynergy (casting costs are 0)

IMPORTANT: The 1st Psynergy displayed when you go to the 'Status' screen
isn't necessarily the 1st slot. This is because the game displays Psynergy
that can be accessed from the 'Psynergy' menu (Psynergy that you use out
of battle) 1st, before Psynergy only usable in battle. So, don't be fooled.

As with all Slot Mods, you have to 'plug' values in, i.e. where the xxxx 

*Instructions on PAR/GSA Encryption*

Using the RAW codes provided, follow the instructions in the ARCrypt
section to encrypt the codes.

Also, the Appendix has codes for Isaac and Felix's first slot.



82000578 xxxx
8200057C xxxx
82000580 xxxx
82000584 xxxx
82000588 xxxx
8200058C xxxx
82000590 xxxx
82000594 xxxx
82000598 xxxx
8200059C xxxx
820005A0 xxxx
820005A4 xxxx
820005A8 xxxx
820005AC xxxx
820005B0 xxxx
820005B4 xxxx
820005B8 xxxx
820005BC xxxx
820005C0 xxxx
820005C4 xxxx
820005C8 xxxx
820005CC xxxx
820005D0 xxxx
820005D4 xxxx
820005D8 xxxx
820005DC xxxx
820005E0 xxxx
820005E4 xxxx
820005E8 xxxx
820005EC xxxx
820005F0 xxxx
820005F4 xxxx


820006C4 xxxx
820006C8 xxxx
820006CC xxxx
820006D0 xxxx
820006D4 xxxx
820006D8 xxxx
820006DC xxxx
820006D0 xxxx
820006E4 xxxx
820006E8 xxxx
820006EC xxxx
820006F0 xxxx
820006F4 xxxx
820006F8 xxxx
820006FC xxxx
82000700 xxxx
82000704 xxxx
82000708 xxxx
8200070C xxxx
82000710 xxxx
82000714 xxxx
82000718 xxxx
8200071C xxxx
82000720 xxxx
82000724 xxxx
82000728 xxxx
8200072C xxxx
82000730 xxxx
82000734 xxxx
82000738 xxxx
8200073C xxxx
82000740 xxxx


82000810 xxxx
82000814 xxxx
82000818 xxxx
8200081C xxxx
82000820 xxxx
82000824 xxxx
82000828 xxxx
8200082C xxxx
82000830 xxxx
82000834 xxxx
82000838 xxxx
8200083C xxxx
82000840 xxxx
82000844 xxxx
82000848 xxxx
8200084C xxxx
82000850 xxxx
82000854 xxxx
82000858 xxxx
8200085C xxxx
82000860 xxxx
82000864 xxxx
82000868 xxxx
8200086C xxxx
82000870 xxxx
82000874 xxxx
82000878 xxxx
8200087C xxxx
82000880 xxxx
82000884 xxxx
82000888 xxxx
8200088C xxxx


8200095C xxxx
82000960 xxxx
82000964 xxxx
82000968 xxxx
8200096C xxxx
82000970 xxxx
82000974 xxxx
82000978 xxxx
8200097C xxxx
82000980 xxxx
82000984 xxxx
82000988 xxxx
8200098C xxxx
82000990 xxxx
82000994 xxxx
82000998 xxxx
8200099C xxxx
820009A0 xxxx
820009A4 xxxx
820009A8 xxxx
820009AC xxxx
820009B0 xxxx
820009B4 xxxx
820009B8 xxxx
820009BC xxxx
820009C0 xxxx
820009C4 xxxx
820009C8 xxxx
820009CC xxxx
820009D0 xxxx
820009D4 xxxx
820009D8 xxxx


82000AA8 xxxx
82000AAC xxxx
82000AB0 xxxx
82000AB4 xxxx
82000AB8 xxxx
82000ABC xxxx
82000AC0 xxxx
82000AC4 xxxx
82000AC8 xxxx
82000ACC xxxx
82000AD0 xxxx
82000AD4 xxxx
82000AD8 xxxx
82000ADC xxxx
82000AE0 xxxx
82000AE4 xxxx
82000AE8 xxxx
82000AEC xxxx
82000AF0 xxxx
82000AF4 xxxx
82000AF8 xxxx
82000AFC xxxx
82000B00 xxxx
82000B04 xxxx
82000B08 xxxx
82000B0C xxxx
82000B10 xxxx
82000B14 xxxx
82000B18 xxxx
82000B1C xxxx
82000B20 xxxx
82000B24 xxxx


82000BF4 xxxx
82000BF8 xxxx
82000BFC xxxx
82000C00 xxxx
82000C04 xxxx
82000C08 xxxx
82000C0C xxxx
82000C10 xxxx
82000C14 xxxx
82000C18 xxxx
82000C1C xxxx
82000C20 xxxx
82000C24 xxxx
82000C28 xxxx
82000C2C xxxx
82000C30 xxxx
82000C34 xxxx
82000C38 xxxx
82000C3C xxxx
82000C40 xxxx
82000C44 xxxx
82000C48 xxxx
82000C4C xxxx
82000C50 xxxx
82000C54 xxxx
82000C58 xxxx
82000C5C xxxx
82000C60 xxxx
82000C64 xxxx
82000C68 xxxx
82000C6C xxxx
82000C70 xxxx


82000D40 xxxx
82000D44 xxxx
82000D48 xxxx
82000D4C xxxx
82000D50 xxxx
82000D54 xxxx
82000D58 xxxx
82000D5C xxxx
82000D60 xxxx
82000D64 xxxx
82000D68 xxxx
82000D6C xxxx
82000D70 xxxx
82000D74 xxxx
82000D78 xxxx
82000D7C xxxx
82000D80 xxxx
82000D84 xxxx
82000D88 xxxx
82000D8C xxxx
82000D90 xxxx
82000D94 xxxx
82000D98 xxxx
82000D9C xxxx
82000DA0 xxxx
82000DA4 xxxx
82000DA8 xxxx
82000DAC xxxx
82000DB0 xxxx
82000DB4 xxxx
82000DB8 xxxx
82000DBC xxxx


82000E8C xxxx
82000E90 xxxx
82000E94 xxxx
82000E98 xxxx
82000E9C xxxx
82000EA0 xxxx
82000EA4 xxxx
82000EA8 xxxx
82000EAC xxxx
82000EB0 xxxx
82000EB4 xxxx
82000EB8 xxxx
82000EBC xxxx
82000EC0 xxxx
82000EC4 xxxx
82000EC8 xxxx
82000ECC xxxx
82000ED0 xxxx
82000ED4 xxxx
82000ED8 xxxx
82000EDC xxxx
82000EE0 xxxx
82000EE4 xxxx
82000EE8 xxxx
82000EEC xxxx
82000EF0 xxxx
82000EF4 xxxx
82000EF8 xxxx
82000EFC xxxx
82000F00 xxxx
82000F04 xxxx
82000F08 xxxx



12000578 0000xxxx
1200057C 0000xxxx
12000580 0000xxxx
12000584 0000xxxx
12000588 0000xxxx
1200058C 0000xxxx
12000590 0000xxxx
12000594 0000xxxx
12000598 0000xxxx
1200059C 0000xxxx
120005A0 0000xxxx
120005A4 0000xxxx
120005A8 0000xxxx
120005AC 0000xxxx
120005B0 0000xxxx
120005B4 0000xxxx
120005B8 0000xxxx
120005BC 0000xxxx
120005C0 0000xxxx
120005C4 0000xxxx
120005C8 0000xxxx
120005CC 0000xxxx
120005D0 0000xxxx
120005D4 0000xxxx
120005D8 0000xxxx
120005DC 0000xxxx
120005E0 0000xxxx
120005E4 0000xxxx
120005E8 0000xxxx
120005EC 0000xxxx
120005F0 0000xxxx
120005F4 0000xxxx


120006C4 0000xxxx
120006C8 0000xxxx
120006CC 0000xxxx
120006D0 0000xxxx
120006D4 0000xxxx
120006D8 0000xxxx
120006DC 0000xxxx
120006D0 0000xxxx
120006E4 0000xxxx
120006E8 0000xxxx
120006EC 0000xxxx
120006F0 0000xxxx
120006F4 0000xxxx
120006F8 0000xxxx
120006FC 0000xxxx
12000700 0000xxxx
12000704 0000xxxx
12000708 0000xxxx
1200070C 0000xxxx
12000710 0000xxxx
12000714 0000xxxx
12000718 0000xxxx
1200071C 0000xxxx
12000720 0000xxxx
12000724 0000xxxx
12000728 0000xxxx
1200072C 0000xxxx
12000730 0000xxxx
12000734 0000xxxx
12000738 0000xxxx
1200073C 0000xxxx
12000740 0000xxxx


12000810 0000xxxx
12000814 0000xxxx
12000818 0000xxxx
1200081C 0000xxxx
12000820 0000xxxx
12000824 0000xxxx
12000828 0000xxxx
1200082C 0000xxxx
12000830 0000xxxx
12000834 0000xxxx
12000838 0000xxxx
1200083C 0000xxxx
12000840 0000xxxx
12000844 0000xxxx
12000848 0000xxxx
1200084C 0000xxxx
12000850 0000xxxx
12000854 0000xxxx
12000858 0000xxxx
1200085C 0000xxxx
12000860 0000xxxx
12000864 0000xxxx
12000868 0000xxxx
1200086C 0000xxxx
12000870 0000xxxx
12000874 0000xxxx
12000878 0000xxxx
1200087C 0000xxxx
12000880 0000xxxx
12000884 0000xxxx
12000888 0000xxxx
1200088C 0000xxxx


1200095C 0000xxxx
12000960 0000xxxx
12000964 0000xxxx
12000968 0000xxxx
1200096C 0000xxxx
12000970 0000xxxx
12000974 0000xxxx
12000978 0000xxxx
1200097C 0000xxxx
12000980 0000xxxx
12000984 0000xxxx
12000988 0000xxxx
1200098C 0000xxxx
12000990 0000xxxx
12000994 0000xxxx
12000998 0000xxxx
1200099C 0000xxxx
120009A0 0000xxxx
120009A4 0000xxxx
120009A8 0000xxxx
120009AC 0000xxxx
120009B0 0000xxxx
120009B4 0000xxxx
120009B8 0000xxxx
120009BC 0000xxxx
120009C0 0000xxxx
120009C4 0000xxxx
120009C8 0000xxxx
120009CC 0000xxxx
120009D0 0000xxxx
120009D4 0000xxxx
120009D8 0000xxxx


12000AA8 0000xxxx
12000AAC 0000xxxx
12000AB0 0000xxxx
12000AB4 0000xxxx
12000AB8 0000xxxx
12000ABC 0000xxxx
12000AC0 0000xxxx
12000AC4 0000xxxx
12000AC8 0000xxxx
12000ACC 0000xxxx
12000AD0 0000xxxx
12000AD4 0000xxxx
12000AD8 0000xxxx
12000ADC 0000xxxx
12000AE0 0000xxxx
12000AE4 0000xxxx
12000AE8 0000xxxx
12000AEC 0000xxxx
12000AF0 0000xxxx
12000AF4 0000xxxx
12000AF8 0000xxxx
12000AFC 0000xxxx
12000B00 0000xxxx
12000B04 0000xxxx
12000B08 0000xxxx
12000B0C 0000xxxx
12000B10 0000xxxx
12000B14 0000xxxx
12000B18 0000xxxx
12000B1C 0000xxxx
12000B20 0000xxxx
12000B24 0000xxxx


12000BF4 0000xxxx
12000BF8 0000xxxx
12000BFC 0000xxxx
12000C00 0000xxxx
12000C04 0000xxxx
12000C08 0000xxxx
12000C0C 0000xxxx
12000C10 0000xxxx
12000C14 0000xxxx
12000C18 0000xxxx
12000C1C 0000xxxx
12000C20 0000xxxx
12000C24 0000xxxx
12000C28 0000xxxx
12000C2C 0000xxxx
12000C30 0000xxxx
12000C34 0000xxxx
12000C38 0000xxxx
12000C3C 0000xxxx
12000C40 0000xxxx
12000C44 0000xxxx
12000C48 0000xxxx
12000C4C 0000xxxx
12000C50 0000xxxx
12000C54 0000xxxx
12000C58 0000xxxx
12000C5C 0000xxxx
12000C60 0000xxxx
12000C64 0000xxxx
12000C68 0000xxxx
12000C6C 0000xxxx
12000C70 0000xxxx


12000D40 0000xxxx
12000D44 0000xxxx
12000D48 0000xxxx
12000D4C 0000xxxx
12000D50 0000xxxx
12000D54 0000xxxx
12000D58 0000xxxx
12000D5C 0000xxxx
12000D60 0000xxxx
12000D64 0000xxxx
12000D68 0000xxxx
12000D6C 0000xxxx
12000D70 0000xxxx
12000D74 0000xxxx
12000D78 0000xxxx
12000D7C 0000xxxx
12000D80 0000xxxx
12000D84 0000xxxx
12000D88 0000xxxx
12000D8C 0000xxxx
12000D90 0000xxxx
12000D94 0000xxxx
12000D98 0000xxxx
12000D9C 0000xxxx
12000DA0 0000xxxx
12000DA4 0000xxxx
12000DA8 0000xxxx
12000DAC 0000xxxx
12000DB0 0000xxxx
12000DB4 0000xxxx
12000DB8 0000xxxx
12000DBC 0000xxxx


12000E8C 0000xxxx
12000E90 0000xxxx
12000E94 0000xxxx
12000E98 0000xxxx
12000E9C 0000xxxx
12000EA0 0000xxxx
12000EA4 0000xxxx
12000EA8 0000xxxx
12000EAC 0000xxxx
12000EB0 0000xxxx
12000EB4 0000xxxx
12000EB8 0000xxxx
12000EBC 0000xxxx
12000EC0 0000xxxx
12000EC4 0000xxxx
12000EC8 0000xxxx
12000ECC 0000xxxx
12000ED0 0000xxxx
12000ED4 0000xxxx
12000ED8 0000xxxx
12000EDC 0000xxxx
12000EE0 0000xxxx
12000EE4 0000xxxx
12000EE8 0000xxxx
12000EEC 0000xxxx
12000EF0 0000xxxx
12000EF4 0000xxxx
12000EF8 0000xxxx
12000EFC 0000xxxx
12000F00 0000xxxx
12000F04 0000xxxx
12000F08 0000xxxx


0003: Quake 
0004: Earthquake 
0005: Quake Sphere 
0006: Spire 
0007: Clay Spire 
0008: Stone Spire 
0009: Gaia 
000A: Mother Gaia 
000B: Grand Gaia 
000C: Growth 
000D: Mad Growth 
000E: Wild Growth 
000F: Thorn 
0010: Briar 
0011: Nettle 
0018: Frost 
0019: Tundra 
001A: Glacier 
001B: Ice 
001C: Ice Horn 
001D: Ice Missile 
001E: Prism 
001F: Hail Prism 
0020: Freeze Prism 
0021: Douse 
0022: Drench 
0023: Deluge 
0024: Froth 
0025: Froth Sphere 
0026: Froth Spiral 
0027: Cool 
0028: Perky Cool 
0029: Violent Cool 
002D: Flare 
002E: Flare Wall 
002F: Flare Storm 
0030: Fire 
0031: Fireball 
0032: Inferno 
0033: Volcano 
0034: Eruption 
0035: Pyroclasm 
0036: Blast 
0037: Mad Blast 
0038: Fiery Blast 
0039: Blast 
003A: Nova 
003B: Supernova 
003C: Fume 
003D: Fume Worm 
003E: Fume Dragon 
003F: Beam 
0040: Cycle Beam 
0041: Scramble Beam 
0042: Bolt 
0043: Flash Bolt 
0044: Blue Bolt 
0045: Ray 
0046: Storm Ray 
0047: Destruct Ray 
0048: Plasma 
0049: Shine Plasma 
004A: Spark Plasma 
004B: Slash 
004C: Wind Slash 
004D: Sonic Slash 
004E: Whirlwind 
004F: Tornado 
0050: Tempest 
0057: Aura 
0058: Heal Aura 
0059: Clear Aura 
005A: Cure 
005B: Cure Well 
005C: Potent Cure 
005D: Ply 
005E: Ply Well 
005F: Pure Ply 
0060: Wish 
0061: Wish Well 
0062: Pure Wish 
0063: Cure Poison 
0064: Restore 
0065: Revive 
0066: Impact 
0067: High Impact 
0068: Dull 
0069: Blunt 
006A: Guard 
006B: Protect 
006C: Impair 
006D: Debilitate 
006E: Ward 
006F: Resist 
0070: Weaken 
0071: Enfeeble 
0072: Poison 
0073: Venom 
0074: Delude 
0075: Confuse 
0076: Charm 
0077: Paralyze 
0078: Sleep 
0079: Bind 
007A: Haunt 
007B: Curse 
007C: Condemn 
007D: Drain 
007E: Psy Drain 
007F: Break 
0080: Re-heal 
0081: Reflect 
0085: Lash
0086: Pound
0087: Tremor 
0088: Scoop
0089: Cylone 
008A: Parch 
008B: Sand 
008C: Move 
008D: Mind Read 
008E: Force 
008F: Lift 
0090: Reveal 
0091: Halt 
0092: Cloak 
0093: Carry 
0094: Catch 
0095: Retreat 
0096: Avoid 
0097: Burst 
0098: Grind 
0099: Hover
009A: Blaze
009B: Ma???? (Probably Magnet) 
009C: Teleport 
009D: A?? (Probably Arrow) 
00A0: Dragon Cloud 
00A1: Demon Night 
00A2: Helm Splitter 
00A3: Quick Strike 
00A4: Rockfall 
00A5: Rockslide 
00A6: Avalanche 
00A7: Lava Shower 
00A8: Molten bath 
00A9: Magma Storm 
00AA: Demon Spear 
00AB: Angel Spear 
00AC: Guardian 
00AD: Protector 
00AE: Magic Shell 
00AF: Magic Shield 
00B0: Death Plunge 
00B1: Shuriken 
00B2: Annihilation 
00B3: Punji 
00B4: Punji Trap 
00B5: Punji Strike 
00B6: Fire Bomb 
00B7: Cluster Bomb 
00B8: Carpet Bomb 
00B9: Gale 
00BA: Typhoon 
00BB: Hurricane 
00BC: Thunderclap 
00BD: Thunderbolt 
00BE: Thunderstorm 
00BF: Mist 
00C0: Ragnarok 
00C1: Cutting Edge 
00C2: Heat Wave 
00C3: Astral Blast 
00C4: Planet Diver 
00C5: Diamond Dust 
00C6: Odyssey 
00C7: Liquifier
00C8: Plume Edge 
00C9: Thunder Mine 
00CA: Planet Bomber 
00CB: Diamond Berg
00CC: Death Leap
00CD: Epicenter
00CE: Thorny Grave
00CF: Skull Splitter

00D2: Terra Strike
00D3: Poison Cloud
00D4: Poison Death
00D5: Mortal Danger
00D6: Bad Omen
00D7: Life Nourish
00D8: Aqua Sock
00D9: Blizzard
00DA: Frost Bite
00DB: Drown
00DC: Life Leech
00DD: Psy Leech'
00DE: Broil
00DF: Meltdown
00E0: Heat Mirage
00E1: Barrage
00E2: Demonfire
00E3: Acid Bath
00E4: Vorpal Slash
00E5: Stun Voltage
00E6: Blinding Smog
00E7: Murk
00E8: Cyclone Slash
00E9: Psyphon Seal
00EA: Rapid Smash
00EB: Sonic Smash
00EC: Asura
00ED: Titan Blade
00EE: Shining Star

00FA: Herb
00FB: Nut
00FC: Vial
00FD: Potion
00FE: Soothing Water
00FF: Psy Crystal
0100: Antidote
0101: Elixir
0102: Water of Life
0103: Mist Potion
0104: Power Bread
0105: Cookie
0106: Apple
0107: Hard Nut
0108: Mint
0109: Lucky Pepper

010B: Smoke Bomb
010C: Sleep Bomb
010D: Adept Ring
010E: Corn

012A: Aurora Field
012C: Flint
012D: Granite
012E: Quartz
012F: Vine
0130: Sap
0131: Ground
0132: Bane
0133: Echo
0134: Iron
0135: Steel
0136: Mud
0137: Flower
0138: Meld
0139: Petra
013A: Salt
013B: Geode
013C: Mold
013D: Crystal
013E: Earth18
013F: Earth19
0140: Fizz
0141: Sleet
0142: Mist
0143: Spritz
0144: Hail
0145: Tonic
0146: Dew
0147: Fog
0148: Sour
0149: Spring
014A: Shade
014B: Chill
014C: Steam
014D: Rime
014E: Gel
014F: Eddy
0150: Balm
0151: Serac
0152: Water18
0153: Water19
0154: Forge
0155: Fever
0156: Corona
0157: Scorch
0158: Ember
0159: Flash
015A: Torch
015B: Cannon
015C: Spark
015D: Kindle
015E: Char
015F: Coal
0160: Reflux
0161: Core
0162: Tinder
0163: Shine
0164: Fury
0165: Fugue
0166: Fire18
0167: Fire19
0168: Gust
0169: Breeze
016A: Zephyr
016B: Smog
016C: Kite
016D: Squall
016E: Luff
016F: Breath
0170: Blitz
0171: Ether
0172: Waft
0173: Haze
0174: Wheeze
0175: Aroma
0176: Whorl
0177: Gasp
0178: Lull
0179: Gale
017A: Wind18
017B: Wind19
017C: Venus
017D: Ramses
017E: Cybele
017F: Judgement
0180: Zagan
0181: Haures
0182: Charon

0184: Mercury
0185: Nereid
0186: Neptune
0187: Boreas
0188: Moloch
0189: Coatlicue
018A: Azul

018C: Mars
018D: Kirin
018E: Tiamat
018F: Meteor
0190: Megaera
0191: Ulysses
0192: Daedalus
0193: Daedalus
0194: Iris

0196: Jupiter
0197: Atlanta
0198: Procne
0199: Thor
019A: Flora
019B: Eclipse
019C: Catastrophe

01A4: Fire Breath
01A5: Fire Breath
01A6: Fire Breath
01A7: Water Breath
01A8: Water Breath
01A9: Water Breath
01AA: Ice Breath
01AB: Ice Breath
01AC: Ice Breath
01AD: Dark Breath
01AE: Dark Breath
01AF: Acid Breath
01B0: Acid Breath
01B1: Acid Breath
01B2: Storm Breath
01B3: Sonic Wave
01B4: Sonic Wave
01B5: Shriek
01B6: Banshee Howl
01B7: Crazy Voice
01B8: War Cry
01B9: Wicked Howl
01BA: Wing Beat
01BB: Wing Flutter
01BC: Wing Stroke
01BD: Evil Blessing
01BE: Deadly Gas

01C2: Rumble
01C3: Bone Chiller
01C4: Slice
01C5: Bone Charge
01C6: Mystic Flame
01C7: Numbing Sting
01C8: Brute Force
01C9: Sticky Goo
01CA: Cannibal Fang
01CB: Bear Claw'
01CC: Poisonous Bite
01CD: Flying Attack
01CE: Undead Sword
01CF: Ransack
01D0: Sticky Poison
01D1: Poison Fang
01D2: Electric Bite
01D3: Poison Tail
01D4: Onslaught
01D5: Vampiric Fang
01D6: Bacteria Rush
01D7: Swift Strike
01D8: Rotten Blood
01D9: Forcible Arm
01DA: Double Fang
01DB: Mortal Blow
01DC: Freebite Rush
01DD: Twin Beaks
01DE: Rabid Fang
01DF: Acid Bite
01E0: Dynamite
01E1: Headbutt
01E2: Poison Ink
01E3: Truncheon Fist
01E4: Counterstrike
01E5: Mad Dash
01E6: Soothing Star
01E7: Spider Web
01E8: Heartrender
01E9: Mad Spatter
01EA: Spasm
01EB: Sleep Star
01EC: Decompose
01ED: Haunting
01EE: Worms
01EF: Berserk
01F0: Lucid Prophecy
01F1: Recovery
01F2: Flee
01F3: Contain
01F4: Threaten
01F5: Tremble
01F6: Fortify
01F7: Speed Surge
01F8: Ally Search
01F9: Sidestep
01FA: Total Defense
01FB: Stand Ready
01FC: Battle Cry
01FD: Can't Use
01FE: Poison Beat
01FF: Spinning Beat
0200: Heat Flash
0201: Death Scythe
0203: Outer Space
0204: Drain Fang
0205: Severe Blow
0206: Thrash

0208: Stone Justice
0209: Sarcophagus
020A: Evil Eye
020B: Vein Tap
020C: Heavy Divide
020D: Hammersphere
020E: Mother Earth
020F: Wyrd Curse
0210: Heartbreak
0211: Vengeance
0212: Acheron's Grief
0213: Megiddo

0217: Hurricane
0218: Dreamtide
0219: Stun Cloud
021A: Searing Fog
021B: Ice Crush
021C: Flash Force
021D: Sargasso
021E: Lethe Albion
021F: Reverse Star
0220: Rising Dragon

0225: Power Drive
0226: Boost Hack
0227: Heat Smash
0228: Fire Dance
0229: Blaze Rush
022A: Flare Burst
022B: Shred
022C: Crucible Fire
022D: Scorpionfish
022E: Purgatory
022F: Soul Shatter
0230: Radiant Fire
0231: Life Shear

0235: Moon Air
0236: Flash Edge
0237: Aging Gas
0238: Mad Zephyr
0239: Lunar Slash
023A: Nirvana
023B: High Vitals
023C: Stun Bolt
023D: Trident
023E: Light Surge
023F: Raiden's Wrath
0240: Void Beam
0241: Supernova
0242: Apocalypse
0243: Legend

0248: Sabre Dance
0249: Backstab
024A: Fire Breath
024B: Juggle
024C: Heat Juggle
024D: Fiery Juggle
024E: Flame Card
024F: Thunder Card
0250: Bramble Card
0251: Frost Card
0252: Baffle Card
0253: Sword Card
0254: Sleep Card
0255: Death Card

0257: Whiplash
0258: Wild Wolf
0259: Emu
025A: Roc
025B: Salamander
025C: Orc
025D: Harpy
025E: Grand Golem
025F: Cerberus
0260: Wyvern
0261: Pixie
0262: Dinox
0263: Gryphon
0264: Living Armor
0265: Chimera
0266: Blue Dragon
0267: Faery
0268: Elder Wood
0269: Lich
026A: Troll
026B: Minotaur
026C: Ghost Soldier
026D: Macetail
026E: Fire Dragon
026F: Weird Nymph
0270: Succubus
0271: Estre Wood
0272: Manticore
0273: Phoenix

0275: Call Zombie
0276: Call Demon
0277: Call Dullahan
0278: Raging Heat
0279: Fiery Abyss
027A: Dire Inferno
027B: Poison Flow
027C: Fire Puppet

0280: Sand Breath
0281: Desert Gasp
0282: Black Ice
0283: Toxic Breath
0284: Typhoon Blow
0285: Blast Breath
0286: Gravel Blow
0287: Darksol Gasp
0288: Flame Breath
0289: Aqua Breath
028A: Fire Breath
028B: Chill Breath

0294: Flash Punch
0295: Formic Acid
0296: Claw Attack
0297: Beat Dance
0298: Twin Shear
0299: Paralytail
029A: Echo Cut
029B: Clarion Cry
029C: Triple Chomp
029D: Raging Flood
029E: Rising Venom
029F: Slaver
02A0: Mighty Press
02A1: Star Mine
02A2: Heat Stun
02A3: Ocean Fist
02A4: Watery Grave
02A5: Counter-rush
02A6: Counter
02A7: Bosca Hit
02A8: Strong Hit
02A9: Rolling Flame
02AA: Rising Dragon
02AB: Meteor Blow
02AC: Cage
02AD: Stun Muscle
02AE: Djinnfest
02AF: Heat Kiss
02B0: Fatal Fang
02B1: Angle Spike
02B2: Quick Slash
02B3: Doublestep
02B4: Maneater
02B5: Claw Slash
02B6: Mega Slash
02B7: Vanish Claw
02B8: Crusher Grip
02B9: Ur Flash
02BA: Power Bite
02BB: Terrible Bite
02BC: Poison Sting
02BD: Kill Sting
02BE: Beast Needle
02BF: Poison Sting
02C0: Stun Sting
02C1: Mucous Gel
02C2: Poison Gel
02C3: Hydro Slash
02C4: Regen Dance
02C5: Fire Dance
02C6: Power Crush
02C7: Sack
02C8: Vital Moon
02C9: Human Hunt
02CA: Demon Eye
02CB: Stun Jip
02CC: Pike Assault
02CD: Formina Sage
02CE: True Collide
02CF: Armor Crush
02D0: Djinn Blast
02D1: Djinn Storm
02D2: Earth Force
02D3: Guard Aura
02D4: Cruel Ruin
02D5: Mystic Call
02D6: Mine Ball
02D7: Angry Mine
02D8: Djinn Stun
02D9: Crucible
02DA: Element Swap
02DB: Earnest Ply
02DC: Psy Boost
02DD: Pressure

NOTE: The rest of the IDs go up to who knows where. There's text like
"attacks with frigid blasts" etc...

BIII. Battles

These codes are concerned with battles, and mainly contain codes that
effect either the enemy, or any results of the battle.

   BIII1. One-hit-kills

[Original CBA/GSA hacks by me]

These codes set all enemy HP to 1. Thus, it still require you to deal
damage to it, the 'one hit' (if you set their HP to 0, you don't 
receive any experience, by setting it to 1, you do.) Note: These
codes DO NOT work for the Doom Dragon, instead, use the codes below
them. They may not work for some other bosses as well, so use the 
Doom Dragon codes for them as well.


82030900 0001
82030902 0000
82030A4C 0001
82030A4E 0001
82030B98 0001
82030B9A 0000
82030CE4 0001
82030CE6 0000
82030E30 0001
82030E32 0000
82030F7C 0001
82030F7E 0000
820310C8 0001
820310CA 0000
82031214 0001
82031216 0000


20168D82 37B51EB2
A87EC446 804B871D
4EFC6585 75357886
FCBBA1B4 1935B4A6
B27C5B98 514C7558
5D79EDC4 8015A3ED

*AR V3*

B618B78A FB8954E2
0CC25C36 9D37860D
4387DBE1 07B2D27F
6E608414 2A5D82E6
C3030042 3902813E

Doom Dragon Codes


82030900 0000
82030902 0000

521E9389 3A4D3ADC

*AR V3*
14D1E5CC 21A5B55D

 BIII2. No Random Battles

[Original CBA Hacks by Sappharad - www.sappharad.com]
[GSA Hack by UssMysticGohan@aol.com]

82000498 0000

F8C66295 20626921

*AR V3*
FFA71F4D 671BA474

  BIII3. Gain Experience

[Original CBA Hacks by Sappharad - www.sappharad.com]

I have now decided to add multiple codes, which give you different
amounts of experience. Just experiment using different codes to 
level up the amount you want.


820305A0 03E8
320305A2 0000

820305A0 1388
320305A2 0000

820305A0 61A8
320305A2 0000

820305A0 C350
320305A2 0000

820305A0 86A0
320305A2 0001

820305A0 D090
320305A2 0003

A lot (99,999,999):
820305A0 E0FF
820305A2 05F5


BD36F60A 176F7047

7B436F3D C36F06AC

9C7E5936 772BADDD

11944039 925EA6ED

93B2EEDD D5088F8E

587BAAB6 479B4590

A lot (99,999,999):
D169D2F4 E2ABC98E

*AR V3*

410F4F24 AF507B5A

3F535DF5 4C5B0985


C1CF7338 E8C6C1CE

C130C752 E598A692

0F121830 B925654D

A lot (99,999,999):
95CA5F95 5684086D

    BIII4. Gain Coins

[Original CBA Hacks by Sappharad - www.sappharad.com]

Another simple code, gives you 99,999,999 coins.

8203059C E0FF
8203059E 05F5

96CC0CF2 4FF51BA2

*AR V3*

F4D3371A 7D07267A

BIII5. 'Dark Panther' kill

[Original CBA/GSA hacks by me]

This code gives you an automatic 'Dark Panther' kill (for all enemies). 
For those of you who aren't familiar with the 'Dark Panther Method', the
Dark Panther Method states that whenever you kill an enemy with an 
opposing Djinn element, that enemy will experience a 'flashing death'
(the enemy will flash multi colours before it dies). This increases the
experience & coins (I think it's around 30%) you receive and also increases 
the chance of an item drop. It is called the Dark Panther Method because it 
was discovered by Dark Panther, of the GameFAQs boards. There has been 
some reports that this doesn't work for some people, but the discovery of 
this variable probably dispells that. Please remember, this DOESN'T 
GUARANTEE an item drop, only increases the chances. The enemy should still 
flash multiple colours.

So, here they are, the automatic DP kill code:


3203089C 00FF


FB393559 03591E63

*AR V3*

5C76370A C26F075A

    BIII6. Item Drop

[Original CBA/GSA hacks by me]

These codes set what items you receive from a battle. If a value is set
you WILL receive that item, you don't need to DP or anything else. There
are four slots. 

To encrypt to get PAR/GSA codes, use the RAW codes and follow the 
instructions in the ARCrypt section.

I have encrypted slot 1 codes for all items, and stuck those into the

The items have the same values as they do with the item slot modifiers,
use those.


820305A8 xxxx
820305AA xxxx
820305AC xxxx
820305AE xxxx


120305A8 0000xxxx
120305AA 0000xxxx
120305AC 0000xxxx
120305AE 0000xxxx

  BIII7. Enemy Status

[Original CBA/GSA hacks by me]

These codes are very similar to the character status codes, in fact, they
use exactly the same format. The thing is, I'm not sure whether your
enemies can be effected by some of these statuses.

BIV. Djinni

This guide now has two Djinni codes, a short one by Sappharad and a rather
complicated one by me. Use Sappharad's code unless you're using an emulator,
then it'd pay to CP my codes in.

My code

The way Golden Sun stores Djinn is quite complex. First, there are 16
bytes for each characters which tells it what Djinns they have, followed
by 8 bytes for the Djinn Count. Then there's another 16 bytes for the
Djinn that your entire party have. This is entirely separate, which makes
it hard to make codes. So, if you're using an emu, use my 71 line code, 
as it will work perfectly. Or else, use the one's below that, with the
complicated instructions :)

To GSA users: use Sapphards code. They're not perfect, but they work.

YOU MUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS or else your game will get stuffed up.

Right, here are the Preset codes. Unfortuantely, there's 71 of them, so 
you would probably want to use a Com link or an emulator.

Isaac: Flint, Granite, Quartz, Vine, Sap, Ground, Bane, Echo, Iron
Garet: Forge, Fever, Corona, Scorch, Ember, Flash, Torch, Cannon, Spark
Ivan: Gust, Breeze, Zephyr, Smog, Kite, Squall, Luff, Breath, Blitz
Mia: Fizz, Sleet, Mist, Spritz, Hail, Tonic, Dew, Fog, Sour
Felix: Steel, Mud, Flower, Meld, Petra, Salt, Geode, Mold, Crystal
Jenna: Kindle, Char, Coal, Refulx, Core, Tinder, Shine, Fury, Fugue
Sheba: Ether, Waft, Haze, Wheeze, Aroma, Whorl, Gasp, Lull, Gale
Piers: Spring, Shade, Chill, Steam, Rime, Gel, Eddy, Balm, Serac

Instructions on use

1. For each character currently in your party, use their codes.
2. Select the party codes that correspond to your current progress
   in the game and use them. If you use the wrong code you could get
   you'll have extra Djinn that you shouldn't have (NOTE: I haven't
   finished all these codes yet, only the one for 'All' is done.
3. Add the 'Other' codes. These codes modify the 'set' variables,
   so if you don't add these, it is possible you could get other
   Djinn, depending on the Djinn you had previously. The codes will
   still sort of work without adding these, but I strongly recommend
   it to make the codes complete.


82000618 01FF
4200061A 0000
0000000E 0001
32000638 0009
3200063C 0009


42000764 0000
00000008 0001
8200076C 01FF
4200076E 0000
00000006 0001
32000784 0009
32000788 0009


420008B0 0000
0000000C 0001
820008BC 01FF
820008BE 0000
320008D3 0009
320008D7 0009


420009FC 0000
00000004 0001
82000A00 01FF
42000A02 0000
0000000A 0001
32000A1D 0009
32000A21 0009


82000B48 FE00
32000B4A 0003
42000B4C 0000
0000000B 0001
32000B68 0009
32000B6C 0009


42000C94 0000
00000008 0001
82000C9C FE00
32000C9E 0003
42000CA0 0000
00000004 0001
32000CB6 0009
32000CBA 0009


42000DE0 0000
0000000C 0001
82000DEC FE00
32000DEE 0003
32000E03 0009
32000E07 0009


42000F2C 0000
00000004 0001
82000F30 FE00
32000F32 0003
42000F34 0000
00000008 0001
32000F4F 0009
32000F53 0009

Party Codes

(use only one of these)

42000046 FFFF
0000000A 0001


42000628 0000
00000010 014C
4200062A 0000
00000010 014C
4200062C 0000
00000010 014C
4200062E 0000
00000010 014C
42000630 0000
00000010 014C
42000632 0000
00000010 014C
42000634 0000
00000010 014C
42000636 0000
00000010 014C


Sappharad's Codes

These codes are the not-so-perfect codes, that only modify the info for
the characters, it doesn't change your party tally, or your Djinn count.

There is another problem about the Djinn codes: They use 1 bit arrays. 
Since codes modify bytes, and not bits, one code will determine 16 Djinn, 
and the other will determine the last 2. You'll see what I mean:

Basically, you choose the Djinns you want, then you add up their values
(using a Scientific Calculator, set to HEX), then you plug that into the
right codes. However, if you just want all the Djinns, it's very simple.
For all the first code (the ones that control 16), you'll use the value
FFFF . For the one that only controls 2, you'll use 3.

If you don't want to work all that out, just use the preset codes by

Preset Codes:

72000060 0018
42000628 FFFF
00000004 0004
72000060 0050
42000628 0000
00000004 0004
72000060 0018
42000774 FFFF
00000004 0004
72000060 0050
42000774 0000
00000004 0004
72000060 0018
420008C0 FFFF
00000004 0004
72000060 0050
420008C0 0000
00000004 0004
72000060 0018
42000A0C FFFF
00000004 0004
72000060 0050
42000A0C 0000
00000004 0004
72000060 0018
42000B58 FFFF
00000004 0004
72000060 0050
42000B58 0000
00000004 0004
72000060 0018
42000CA4 FFFF
00000004 0004
72000060 0050
42000CA4 0000
00000004 0004
72000060 0018
42000DF0 FFFF
00000004 0004
72000060 0050
42000DF0 0000
00000004 0004
72000060 0018
42000F3C FFFF
00000004 0004
72000060 0050
42000F3C 0000
00000004 0004

Code Templates:

Venus 1

0001: Flint
0002: Granite
0004: Quartz
0008: Vine
0010: Sap
0020: Ground
0040: Bane
0080: Echo
0100: Iron
0200: Steel
0400: Mud
0800: Flower
1000: Meld
2000: Petra
4000: Salt
8000: Geode

Venus 2

01: Mold
02: Crystal

Mercury 1

0001: Fizz
0002: Sleet
0004: Mist
0008: Spritz
0010: Hail
0020: Tonic
0040: Dew
0080: Fog
0100: Sour
0200: Spring
0400: Shade
0800: Chill
1000: Steam
2000: Rime
4000: Gel
8000: Eddy

Mercury 2

01: Balm
02: Serac

Mars 1

0001: Forge
0002: Fever
0004: Corona
0008: Scorch
0010: Ember
0020: Flash
0040: Torch
0080: Cannon
0100: Spark
0200: Kindle
0400: Char
0800: Coal
1000: Reflux
2000: Core
4000: Tinder
8000: Shine

Mars 2

01: Fury
02: Fugue

Jupiter 1

0001: Gust
0002: Breeze
0004: Zephyr
0008: Smog
0010: Kite
0020: Squall
0040: Luff
0080: Breath
0100: Blitz
0200: Ether
0400: Waft
0800: Haze
1000: Wheeze
2000: Aroma
4000: Whorl
8000: Gasp

Jupiter 2

01: Lull
02: Gale


82000618 xxxx : Venus 1
3200061A 00xx : Venus 2
8200061C xxxx : Mercury 1
3200061E 00xx : Mercury 2
82000620 xxxx : Mars 1
32000622 00xx : Mars 2
82000624 xxxx : Jupiter 1
32000626 xxxx : Jupiter 2


82000764 xxxx : Venus 1
32000766 00xx : Venus 2
82000768 xxxx : Mercury 1
3200076A 00xx : Mercury 2
8200076C xxxx : Mars 1
3200076E 00xx : Mars 2
82000770 xxxx : Jupiter 1
32000772 xxxx : Jupiter 2


820008B0 xxxx : Venus 1
320008B2 00xx : Venus 2
820008B4 xxxx : Mercury 1
320008B6 00xx : Mercury 2
820008B8 xxxx : Mars 1
320008BA 00xx : Mars 2
820008BC xxxx : Jupiter 1
320008BE xxxx : Jupiter 2


820009FC xxxx : Venus 1
320009FE 00xx : Venus 2
82000A00 xxxx : Mercury 1
32000A02 00xx : Mercury 2
82000A04 xxxx : Mars 1
32000A06 00xx : Mars 2
82000A08 xxxx : Jupiter 1
32000A0A xxxx : Jupiter 2


82000B48 xxxx : Venus 1
32000B4A 00xx : Venus 2
82000B4C xxxx : Mercury 1
32000B50 00xx : Mercury 2
82000B52 xxxx : Mars 1
32000B54 00xx : Mars 2
82000B56 xxxx : Jupiter 1
32000B58 xxxx : Jupiter 2


82000C94 xxxx : Venus 1
32000C96 00xx : Venus 2
82000C98 xxxx : Mercury 1
32000C9A 00xx : Mercury 2
82000C9C xxxx : Mars 1
32000C9E 00xx : Mars 2
82000CA0 xxxx : Jupiter 1
32000CA2 xxxx : Jupiter 2


82000DE0 xxxx : Venus 1
32000DE2 00xx : Venus 2
82000DE4 xxxx : Mercury 1
32000DE6 00xx : Mercury 2
82000DE8 xxxx : Mars 1
32000DEA 00xx : Mars 2
82000DEC xxxx : Jupiter 1
32000DEE xxxx : Jupiter 2


82000F2C xxxx : Venus 1
32000F2E 00xx : Venus 2
82000F30 xxxx : Mercury 1
32000F32 00xx : Mercury 2
82000F34 xxxx : Mars 1
32000F36 00xx : Mars 2
82000F38 xxxx : Jupiter 1
32000F3A xxxx : Jupiter 2


These codes don't overwrite your current Djinn, so you could end up with 
Duplicate Djinn, depending on what you currently have. DO NOT EMAIL me
complaining about these code, I know they're not that good, but there's
nothing I can do about them, unless I make them real long. And I'm not 
converting my codes to GSA  because there'd be so many codes it wouldn't 
be funny.

C42820A9 6B70AF3F
3904A83B 947669FF
7D58B75A 8DAF89F5
25DF0679 9DB1F068
466C03E0 95B16C79
82CDE978 DE099E69
2E233B2C 73F7C804
6A20E591 0EC3FBE2

*AR V3*

D1BE7310 C47ABD61
88405C44 4E14ACAB
841EC4C3 6CDBEB03
59A82770 44CB3A93
310B3CE9 FC812156
2B0070FE 98E4AE91
8863C8E1 64441768
05A62EDD 0631E430


BV. Item Slot Mods

[Original CBA hacks by grey41 on the CMGSCCC boards.]
I added Piers, Isaac, Garet, Ivan & Mia. Also a couple of ones he missed
for some reason (Catch beads, carry stone, cloak ball).

This is one of the codes incorporated into my Calculator. See
the Calculator section in the introduction for more info.

To encrypt these codes to PAR/GSA, use the RAW codes and follow the 
instructions in the ARCrypt section.

However, I've included encrypted codes for the first slot of each character
in the Appendix.

There is a problem with the way Golden Sun stores items. The first byte
(each slot is allocated two bytes), stores both the quantity, it's status
(whether it's 'Equipped' or not), and the first part of it's item ID.
(0 or 1). It hasn't quite been figured out how this works. It is 
unlikely, however, that this will ever be covered here (although it
might be added to the Calculator one day).


820005F8 xxxx
820005FA xxxx
820005FC xxxx
820005FE xxxx
82000600 xxxx
82000602 xxxx
82000604 xxxx
82000606 xxxx
82000608 xxxx
8200060A xxxx
8200060C xxxx
8200060E xxxx
82000610 xxxx
82000612 xxxx
82000614 xxxx


82000744 xxxx
82000746 xxxx
82000748 xxxx
8200074A xxxx
8200074C xxxx
8200074E xxxx
82000750 xxxx
82000752 xxxx
82000754 xxxx
82000756 xxxx
82000758 xxxx
8200075A xxxx
8200075C xxxx
8200075E xxxx
82000760 xxxx


82000890 xxxx
82000892 xxxx
82000894 xxxx
82000896 xxxx
82000898 xxxx
8200089A xxxx
8200089C xxxx
8200089E xxxx
820008A0 xxxx
820008A2 xxxx
820008A4 xxxx
820008A6 xxxx
820008A8 xxxx
820008AA xxxx
820008AC xxxx


820009DC xxxx
820009DE xxxx
820009E0 xxxx
820009E2 xxxx
820009E4 xxxx
820009E6 xxxx
820009E8 xxxx
820009EA xxxx
820009EC xxxx
820009EE xxxx
820009F0 xxxx
820009F2 xxxx
820009F4 xxxx
820009F6 xxxx
820009F8 xxxx


82000B28 xxxx
82000B2A xxxx
82000B2C xxxx
82000B2E xxxx
82000B30 xxxx
82000B32 xxxx
82000B34 xxxx
82000B36 xxxx
82000B38 xxxx
82000B3A xxxx
82000B3C xxxx
82000B3E xxxx
82000B40 xxxx
82000B42 xxxx
82000B44 xxxx


82000C74 xxxx
82000C76 xxxx
82000C78 xxxx
82000C7A xxxx
82000C7C xxxx
82000C7E xxxx
82000C80 xxxx
82000C82 xxxx
82000C84 xxxx
82000C86 xxxx
82000C88 xxxx
82000C8A xxxx
82000C8C xxxx
82000C8E xxxx
82000C90 xxxx


82000DC0 xxxx
82000DC2 xxxx
82000DC4 xxxx
82000DC6 xxxx
82000DC8 xxxx
82000DCA xxxx
82000DCC xxxx
82000DCE xxxx
82000DD0 xxxx
82000DD2 xxxx
82000DD4 xxxx
82000DD6 xxxx
82000DD8 xxxx
82000DDA xxxx
82000DDC xxxx


82000F0C xxxx
82000F0E xxxx
82000F10 xxxx
82000F12 xxxx
82000F14 xxxx
82000F16 xxxx
82000F18 xxxx
82000F1A xxxx
82000F1C xxxx
82000F1E xxxx
82000F20 xxxx
82000F22 xxxx
82000F24 xxxx
82000F26 xxxx
82000F28 xxxx



120005F8 0000xxxx
120005FA 0000xxxx
120005FC 0000xxxx
120005FE 0000xxxx
12000600 0000xxxx
12000602 0000xxxx
12000604 0000xxxx
12000606 0000xxxx
12000608 0000xxxx
1200060A 0000xxxx
1200060C 0000xxxx
1200060E 0000xxxx
12000610 0000xxxx
12000612 0000xxxx
12000614 0000xxxx


12000744 0000xxxx
12000746 0000xxxx
12000748 0000xxxx
1200074A 0000xxxx
1200074C 0000xxxx
1200074E 0000xxxx
12000750 0000xxxx
12000752 0000xxxx
12000754 0000xxxx
12000756 0000xxxx
12000758 0000xxxx
1200075A 0000xxxx
1200075C 0000xxxx
1200075E 0000xxxx
12000760 0000xxxx


12000890 0000xxxx
12000892 0000xxxx
12000894 0000xxxx
12000896 0000xxxx
12000898 0000xxxx
1200089A 0000xxxx
1200089C 0000xxxx
1200089E 0000xxxx
120008A0 0000xxxx
120008A2 0000xxxx
120008A4 0000xxxx
120008A6 0000xxxx
120008A8 0000xxxx
120008AA 0000xxxx
120008AC 0000xxxx


120009DC 0000xxxx
120009DE 0000xxxx
120009E0 0000xxxx
120009E2 0000xxxx
120009E4 0000xxxx
120009E6 0000xxxx
120009E8 0000xxxx
120009EA 0000xxxx
120009EC 0000xxxx
120009EE 0000xxxx
120009F0 0000xxxx
120009F2 0000xxxx
120009F4 0000xxxx
120009F6 0000xxxx
120009F8 0000xxxx


12000B28 0000xxxx
12000B2A 0000xxxx
12000B2C 0000xxxx
12000B2E 0000xxxx
12000B30 0000xxxx
12000B32 0000xxxx
12000B34 0000xxxx
12000B36 0000xxxx
12000B38 0000xxxx
12000B3A 0000xxxx
12000B3C 0000xxxx
12000B3E 0000xxxx
12000B40 0000xxxx
12000B42 0000xxxx
12000B44 0000xxxx


12000C74 0000xxxx
12000C76 0000xxxx
12000C78 0000xxxx
12000C7A 0000xxxx
12000C7C 0000xxxx
12000C7E 0000xxxx
12000C80 0000xxxx
12000C82 0000xxxx
12000C84 0000xxxx
12000C86 0000xxxx
12000C88 0000xxxx
12000C8A 0000xxxx
12000C8C 0000xxxx
12000C8E 0000xxxx
12000C90 0000xxxx


12000DC0 0000xxxx
12000DC2 0000xxxx
12000DC4 0000xxxx
12000DC6 0000xxxx
12000DC8 0000xxxx
12000DCA 0000xxxx
12000DCC 0000xxxx
12000DCE 0000xxxx
12000DD0 0000xxxx
12000DD2 0000xxxx
12000DD4 0000xxxx
12000DD6 0000xxxx
12000DD8 0000xxxx
12000DDA 0000xxxx
12000DDC 0000xxxx


12000F0C 0000xxxx
12000F0E 0000xxxx
12000F10 0000xxxx
12000F12 0000xxxx
12000F14 0000xxxx
12000F16 0000xxxx
12000F18 0000xxxx
12000F1A 0000xxxx
12000F1C 0000xxxx
12000F1E 0000xxxx
12000F20 0000xxxx
12000F22 0000xxxx
12000F24 0000xxxx
12000F26 0000xxxx
12000F28 0000xxxx


0001 Long Sword
0002 Broad Sword
0003 Claymore
0004 Great Sword
0005 Samshir
0006 Silver Blade
0007 Fire Brand
0008 Artic Balde
0009 Gaia Blade
000A Sol Balde
000B Muramasa

000F Machete
0010 Short Sword
0011 Hunter's Sword
0012 Battle Blade
0013 Master Rapier
0014 Ninja Blade
0015 Swift Sword
0016 Elven Rapier
0017 Assassin Blade
0018 Mystery Blade
0019 Kikuichimonji
001A Maamune
001B Bandits Blade

001F Battle Axe
0020 Broad Axe
0021 Great Axe
0022 Dragon Axe
0023 Giant Axe
0024 Vulcan Axe
0025 Burning Axe
0026 Demon Axe

002B Mace
002C Heavy Mace
002D Battle Mace
002E War Mace
002F Righteous Mace
0030 Grievous Mace
0031 Blessed Mace
0032 Wicked Mace

0037 Wooden Stick
0038 Magic Rod
0039 Witch's Wand
003A Blessed Ankh
003B Psynergy Rod
003C Frost Wand
003D Angelic Ankh
003E Demonic Staff
003F Crystal Rod
0040 Zodiac Wand
0041 Shamon's Rod

004B Leather Armor
004C Psynergy Armor
004D Chain Mail
004E Armored Shell
004F Plate Mail
0050 Steel Armor
0051 Spirit Armor
0052 Dragon Scales
0053 Demon Mail
0054 Asura's Armor
0055 Spiked Armor

0059 Cotton Shirt
005A Travel Vest
005B Fur Coat
005C Adept's Clothes
005D Elven Shirt
005E Silver Vest
005F Water Jacket
0060 Storm Gear
0061 Kimono
0062 Ninja Garb

0067 One-Pieced Dress
0068 Travel Robe
0069 Silk Robe
006A China Dress
006B Jerkin
006C Cocktail Dress
006D Blessed Robe
006E Magical Cassock
006F Mysterious Robe
0070 Feathered Robe
0071 Oracle's Robe

0076 Wooden Shield
0077 Bronze Shield
0078 Iron Shield
0079 Knight's Shield
007A Mirrored Shield
007B Dragon Shield
007C Earth Shield

007F Padded Gloves
0080 Leather Gloves
0081 Gauntlets
0082 Vambrace
0083 War Gloves
0084 Spirit Gloves (Elemental pwr)
0085 Battle Gloves
0086 Aura Gloves

0088 Leather Armlet
0089 Armlet
008A Heavy Armlet
008B Silver Armlet
008C Spirit Armlet
008D Virtuous Armlet
008E Guardian Armlet

0091 Open Helm
0092 Bronze Helm
0093 Iron Helm
0094 Steel Helm
0095 Silver Helm
0096 Knight's Helm 
0097 Warrior's Helm
0098 Adept's Helm

009C Leather Cap
009D Wooden Cap
009E Mail Cap
009F Jeweled Crown
00A0 Ninja Hood
00A1 Lucky Cap
00A2 Thunder Crown
00A3 Prophet's Hat
00A4 Lure Cap

00A6 Circlet
00A7 Silver Circlet
00A8 Guardian Circlet
00A9 Platinum Circlet
00AA Mythril Circlet
00AB Glittering Tiara

00B4 Herb
00B5 Nut
00B6 Vial
00B7 Potion
00B8 Hermes' Water
00B9 Empty Bottle
00BA Psy Energy Crystal
00BB Antidote
00BC Elixer
00BD Water of Life
00BE Mist Potion
00BF Power Bread
00C0 Cookie
00C1 Apple
00C2 Hard Nut
00C3 Mint
00C4 Lucky Pepper

00C6 Lash Pebble
00C7 Pound Cube
00C8 Orb of Force
00C9 Douse Drop
00CA Frost Jewel
00CB Lifting Gem
00CC Halt Gem
00CD Cloak Ball
00CE Carry Stone
00CF Catch Beads

00D0 Temper Bit
00D1 Scoop Gem
00D2 Cyclone Chip

00D5 Burst Brooch
00D6 Grindstone
00D7 Hover Jade

00D9 Teleport Lapis

00DC Venus Star
00DD Mercury Star
00DE Mythril Bag (Mars Star)
00DF Mythril Bag (Jupiter Star)
00E0 Mythril Bag
00E1 Small Jewel
00E2 Smoke Bomb
00E3 Sleep Bomb
00E4 Game Ticket
00E5 Lucky Medal
00E6 Dragon's Eye
00E7 Bone
00E8 Anchor Charm
00E9 Corn
00EA Cell Key
00EB Boat Ticket
00EC Sacred Feather
00ED Mystic Draught
00EE Oil Drop
00EF Weasel's Claw
00F0 Bumble Seed
00F1 Crystal Powder
00F2 Black Crystal
00F3 Red Key
00F4 Blue Key
00F5 Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)
00F6 Jupitar Star
00F7 Mars Star

00FA Mythril Shirt
00FB Silk Shirt
00FC Running Shirt

0100 Hyper Boots
0101 Quick Boots
0102 Fur Boots
0103 Turtle Boots

0106 Adept Ring
0107 War Ring
0108 Sleep Ring
0109 Healing Ring
010A Unicorn Ring
010B Fairy Ring
010C Cleric's Ring

0110 Huge Sword 
0111 Mythril Blade
0112 Levatine
0113 Darksword
0114 Excalibar
0115 Robber's Blade
0116 Soul Brand
0117 Storm Brand
0118 Hestia Blade
0119 Lightning Sword
011A Rune Blade
011B Cloud Brand

011D Sylph Rapier 
011E Burning Sword
011F Pirate's Sword
0120 Corsair's Edge
0121 Pirate's Sabre
0122 Hypno's Sword
0123 Mist Sabre
0124 Phaeton's Blade
0125 Tisiphone Edge

0127 Apollo's Axe
0128 Gaia's Axe
0129 Steller Axe
012A Captain's Axe
012B Viking Axe
012C Disk Axe
012D Themis' Axe
012E Mighty Axe
012F Tartarous Axe

0131 Comet Mace
0132 Tungsten Mace
0133 Demon Mace
0134 Hagbone Mace
0135 Blow Mace
0136 Rising Mace
0137 Thanatos Mace

0139 Cloud Mace
013A Salamander Rod
013B Nebula Wand
013C Dracomace
013D Glower Staff
013E Goblin's Rod
013F Meditation Rod
0140 Fireman's Pole
0141 Atropos' Rod
0142 Lachesis' Rule
0143 Clotho's Distaff
0144 Staff of Anubis

0146 Trident

0148 Planet Armor
0149 Dragon Mail
014A Chronos Mail
014B Stealth Armor
014C Xylion Armor
014D Ixion Mail
014E Phantasmal Mail
014F Erebus Armor
0150 Valkyrie Mail

0152 Faery Vest
0153 Mythril Cltohes
0154 Full Metal Vest
0155 Wild Coat
0156 Floral Dress
0157 Festival Coat
0158 Erinyes Tunic
0159 Triton Ward

015B Dragon Robe
015C Ardagh Robe
015D Muni Robe
015E Aeolian Cassock
015F Iris Robe

0161 Luna Shield
0162 Dragon Shield
0163 Flame Shield
0164 Terra Shile
0165 Cosmos Shield
0166 Fujin Shield
0167 Aegis Shield

0169 Aerial Gloves
016A Titan Gloves
016B Big Bang Gloves
016C Crafted Gloves
016D Riot Gloves
016E Spirit Gloves (PP)

0170 Clear Bracelet
0171 Mythril Armlet
0172 Bone Armlet
0173 Jester's Armlet
0174 Leda's Bracelet

0176 Dragon Helm
0177 Mythril Helm
0178 Fear Helm
0179 Mellenium Helm
017A Viking Helm
017B Gloria Helm
017C Minerva Helm

017E Floating Hat
017F Nurse's Cap
0180 Thorn Crown
0181 O. Mask
0182 Hiotoko Mask
0183 Crown of Glory
0184 Alastar's Hood

0186 Pure Circlet
0187 Astral Circlet
0188 Psychic Circlet
0189 Demon Circlet
018A Clarity Circlet
018B Brilliant Circlet
018C Berserker Band

018E Divine Camisole
018F Herbed Shirt
0190 Golden Shirt
0191 Casual Shirt
0192 Leather Boots
0193 Dragon Boots
0194 Safety boots
0195 Knight's Greave
0196 Silver Greave
0197 Ninja Sandals
0198 Golden Boots
0199 Spirit Ring
019A Stardust Ring
019B Aroma Ring
019C Rainbow Ring
019D Soul Ring
019E Guardian Ring
019F Golden Ring

01A1 Rusty Sword
01A2 Rusty Sword
01A3 Rusty Sword
01A4 Rusty Sword
01A5 Rusty Axe
01A6 Rusty Axe
01A7 Rusty Mace
01A8 Rusty Mace
01A9 Rusty Staff
01AA Rusty Staff
01AB Rusty Staff

01AD Tear Stone
01AE Star Dust
01AF Sylph Feather
01B0 Dragon Skin
01B1 Salamander Tail
01B2 Golem Core
01B3 Mythril Silver
01B4 Dark Matter
01B5 Orihalcon

01B7 Right Prong
01B8 Left Prong
01B9 Center Prong

01BB Mysterious Card
01BC Trainer's Whip
01BD Tomegathericon

01C0 Healing Fungus
01C1 Laughing Fungus
01C2 Signal Whistle
01C3 Dancing Idol
01C4 Pretty Stone
01C5 Red Cloth
01C6 Milk
01C7 Li'l Turtle
01C8 Aquarius Stone
01C9 Large Bread
01CA Sea God's Tear
01CB Ruin Key
01CC Magma Ball

BVI. Walk Through Walls

[Original CBA hacks by Sappharad - www.sappharad.com]

NOTE: These codes only work when a menu is up, i.e., press <A>, then
walk. This is because the Collision Detection routine doesn't run when
the menu is up, so you can 'walk through walls'. You calso cannot walk
diagonally, only left, right, up & down. This is to shorten the codes.

Also, you will see that sometimes the screen doesn't follow you. You'll 
have to press <B> to shift to where you currently are, then press <A> 

It's also important that you enter these codes IN THE ORDER THAT THEY
APPEAR. This is because they contain IF codes, which won't function
properly if you mess up the order.

  BVI1. Normal Maps


74000130 03BF
8203231A FFFD
74000130 037F
8203231A 0002
74000130 03DF
82032312 FFFD
74000130 03EF
82032312 0002 


6FD25109 89E24953
F6444AE8 FA4197B9
BEE79199 32F493D0
86989708 13348FAB
9C1C1838 9DAC6B9F
E609C403 2FAFB446
410097DA 3BE99FBC
397377E0 7B4C1EFE

**AR V3**

E6F8CBF6 5A1E392A
E6F8CBF6 5A1E392A
318499D2 AE539E2E

F87DAD26 9E4C93EA
E17EEB50 61774F0A
B01A6B02 EA97B0C8
298C2FA0 5372EFDC
E18D243E B809572E
548FC56F ED0829D0

BVI2. World Map


74000130 03BF
820321E6 FFFD
74000130 037F
820321E6 0002
74000130 03DF
820321DE FFFD
74000130 03EF
820321DE 0002 


6FD25109 89E24953
494125F1 5931F31B
BEE79199 32F493D0
ADF9F57C 9F5EE425
9C1C1838 9DAC6B9F
6CDDB252 F1E43F9B
410097DA 3BE99FBC
C2CC6770 321EEE58


00A8C534 E4E6DA6A
F0F94565 625641D9
F87DAD26 9E4C93EA
0E7887F2 91A625C9
B01A6B02 EA97B0C8
E18D243E B809572E
E1B9A246 E5418D66

BVI3. Boat


74000130 03BF
82032266 FFFD
74000130 037F
82032266 0002
74000130 03DF
8203225E FFFD
74000130 03EF
8203225E 0002 


6FD25109 89E24953
835866F1 B0F15DEB
BEE79199 32F493D0
44A5D60D AE677FCF
9C1C1838 9DAC6B9F
D3B98439 E32B7AB1
410097DA 3BE99FBC
673253EC 73F208A5


00A8C534 E4E6DA6A
EADB3400 E77AB711
F87DAD26 9E4C93EA
B01A6B02 EA97B0C8
C12A6E13 B6660E06
E18D243E B809572E
DD04F637 52269217

BVII. Debug Rooms

 BVII1. About the Debug Rooms

Debug Rooms, are where the makers of the game, test out code snippets
etc... And they've kindly left them in the game. Basically, the codes are
teleport codes, teleporting you to those rooms. 

IMPORTANT NOTE from ClarinetBoy1 (don't laugh at his screename)

"After you activate the code and enter the game go to the title screen 
and turn off the GSA codes as they immediately take you to the debug room. 
Go to the continue option and re-activate the codes then highlight the 
file you wish to use then you MUST hold L+R+START then press A (sanctum 
code) to enter in the middle of the debug room (if you dont you either 
start in the wall or when you try to save and exit and go to the last 
sanctum you were at it will tell you that it lost your file and cannot 
restore its data trapping you in the debug room permanently). when you 
are ready to leave the debug room save your file and then use the sanctum 
code to return to the main game without the error that usually occurs."

I haven't been able to verify this, but it is definitely a good idea to
do this, especially if you use a GSA or PAR. However, if you're trapped
in the debug room, I can still get you out by writing a push button
teleport code, to take you to a map near where you previously were.
Only email me for this code as a last resort.

How to get out: Save your game in the room, then reset (turning the codes
off). When you get to the main screen select continue and HIGHLIGHT the 
slot. Hold L, R and START, then press A . You should begin at the last 
sanctum you were at. Note: This method can be used on any save file.

Also, if you're using VBA and you want to use this, you may have a problem,
depending on your keyboard. To get around this, go to Options, Joypad, 
Configure, 1.. You should be at a dialog where you can set your controls.
Set L, R and START to the SAME KEY! you can keep A separate. Now press
the key you set L, R and START to, then press your key for A. Then you
can set your keys back to normal.

Anyway, here's what you can do in each room:

Debug Room 1

Top Statue - Icon test. Displays all icons
Middle Statue - Face test. Displays all faces with an accompanying 
Bottom Left Statue - Item test. Displays all items, descriptions, effects
                     of equipping, and lets you get them.
Bottom Right Animal - Level Up

Debug Room 2

Garet - Nothing
Guy next to Garet - Shop test
Mars Djinn - Moves when you talk to him
Writing next to Mars Djinn - Text: "The body is being torn apart".
                             Some characters faint.
Jenna - Faces you when you talk to her.
Dead guy next to Jenna - Rotates when you talk to him.
Leaves - Icon test
'LV' - Raises levels of all characters by 10
Ivan - Same as Jenna
Sanctum guy next to Ivan - Sanctum test
Plant - Grows when you use 'growth', then disappears.
Writing next to plant - Gives you 10 game tickets and 10 lucky medals
Mia - Uses some sort of Psynergy on you.
Guy next to Mia - Shop text test.
Ice pillar - Shows your current items.
Square with cross - Gives you quite a few Djinns

Debug Room 3

There's not a lot to do here. There's a rope to lash, but I'm not
sure about the rest.

Debug Room 4

I'm going to go from left to right, top row first, bottom second.

Lightbulb - Nothing
Lady - Inn test
Sanctum Guy - Sanctum test
Attack Shop guy - Shop test
Defence Shop guy - Shop test
Item Shop gal - Shop test
Shop gal - Shop test (all three)
Guy - Text test
Lady - Text test

Fairy - Level raise
Tour guide - Get any item
Treasure chest - Gives you some rare items
Venus Djinn - Gives you LOTS of Djinn
Guy - Haunts, Curses, Poisons, Venom, Downs you.
Lightbulb - None
Signpost - Shows current items

Metal Post (Top right, next to statue) - Icon test
Statue - Face test
Signpost (Top right) - Naming screen
Signpost (Below previous)  - Gives Muramasa (VERY good sword), 
                             Summon Eclipse (Good summon)

       BVII2. Codes

[Original CBA Hacks by Sapparad - www.sappharad.com]


Debug Room 1

82000420 0141
82000422 0001

Debug Room 2

82000420 0142
82000422 0001

Debug Room 3

82000420 0143
82000422 0001

Debug Room 4

82000420 0144
82000422 0001


Debug Room 1

AE988B32 33CECBED 
A616F27C 0F297C98

Debug Room 2

78E4C8FD 39D27546 
A616F27C 0F297C98

Debug Room 3

E443E2E3 62B30246 
A616F27C 0F297C98

Debug Room 4

C5611195 4D5585C0 
A616F27C 0F297C98

*AR V3*

Debug Room 1

D8891F5B 276EEDC9 

Debug Room 2

37EECC6D 22BA07DA 

Debug Room 3

E6F48D76 3D7C94FE 

Debug Room 4

89B301A4 6AA80BEE 

BVIII. Miscellaneous

  BVIII1. Coins

Can't really credit this code to anybody: Sapphard got it, a guy on
GameFAQs got it, my mate The_Crystal_Sword got it, so I'll just leave it
at that.

Very simple code, gives you 9,999,999 coins:


82000250 967F
32000252 0098


BDAE27BE 741DA168

*AR V3*

EB835FEC 30EC08F0

  BVIII2. Party Mods

[Original CBA Hacks (1-4) by Sapparad - www.sappharad.com]

Pretty simple, it modifies the character in a particular slot.

With these codes you can only modify slots that already have 
characters in them. If you download my Calculator, however, you
will be able to edit as many slots as you like. Which means you
can start off the game with a full party of 8 if you want!

You can also have as many of one person as you like in a party, 
e.g. a whole party of Felix's!

00: Isaac
01: Garet
02: Ivan
03: Mia
04: Felix
05: Jenna
06: Sheba
07: Piers


32000458 00xx : Slot 1
32000459 00xx : Slot 2
3200045A 00xx : Slot 3
3200045B 00xx : Slot 4

3200045C 00xx : Slot 5
3200045D 00xx : Slot 6
3200045E 00xx : Slot 7
3200045F 00xx : Slot 8


Slot 1 

20EA1806 FF3E11E9 : Isaac
13A28290 C9CD820B : Garet
53A882BD D969E5F7 : Ivan
65A0A9B7 BF999625 : Mia
4C48BFEA E0C5ACEE : Felix
506FE650 2871B322 : Jenna
E76ACA2C 0BEBE642 : Sheba
1486EF86 AE5ACBEB : Piers

Slot 2

BEEAE049 EC7AE6AB : Isaac
F32740ED 5334ABCD : Garet
E81CC64A A6EA8C3B : Ivan
99C78809 09752275 : Mia
22ACD5DD 53D4317D : Felix
962CF56A 455D48C8 : Jenna
ECF543FB E4BA24C7 : Sheba
CFD1D6FA 2FE73957 : Piers

Slot 3

C8ECA4CC 0C91C9DE : Isaac
F2153B0B 50B17FEF : Garet
94285193 F84D0D9E : Ivan
3B519038 A89C7B5A : Mia
EB1FC9DD 75691FA1 : Felix
BC523868 EEC70BAC : Jenna
6D63F4EE 0CF18B31 : Sheba
A8FF9099 61F1FD0E : Piers

Slot 4

8B09F833 66FFA5F9 : Isaac
BB245958 B5847C4F : Garet
D0E81864 72E3439C : Ivan
E5FE2D2B BBF5EE20 : Mia
79BABF94 C9537FE3 : Felix
F038F3CF F7B30EFB : Jenna
751A0349 52311B56 : Sheba
7C878D12 7C243F98 : Piers

Slot 5

47AD3E9A 5C2009E8 : Isaac
7C8ADE66 4E5CC89A : Garet
7D04EC1E 6B27F0C0 : Ivan
EA2E08EE F05B7BFE : Mia
062AEF48 FCBDF523 : Felix
CBA49B04 F7BD1280 : Jenna
806AB599 295BAACD : Sheba
71AD10BF A6AFDD45 : Piers

Slot 6

47AD3E9A 5C2009E8 : Isaac
7C8ADE66 4E5CC89A : Garet
7D04EC1E 6B27F0C0 : Ivan
EA2E08EE F05B7BFE : Mia
062AEF48 FCBDF523 : Felix
CBA49B04 F7BD1280 : Jenna
806AB599 295BAACD : Sheba
71AD10BF A6AFDD45 : Piers

Slot 7

7E3F16D6 6272A8B5 : Isaac
220F8EAB 8C9A653B : Garet
39013999 0A72EBAC : Ivan
E71E92C7 2DED7615 : Mia
E8B42584 B454CF40 : Felix
74E187A8 154CDAAA : Jenna
AB2890A9 51121C4B : Sheba
FFA7B5AF FB100350 : Piers

Slot 8

BC60545D CD0867B1 : Isaac
7BF20678 228B09B1 : Garet
A63708FD C99B594A : Ivan
13AF6FFB FF921DE0 : Mia
E4C17520 75A046D5 : Felix
ACC288B4 BEE431B5 : Jenna
F410CC20 3AA38DAD : Sheba
DA7312AF AE23A6F8 : Piers

*AR V3*

Slot 1 

D3745385 58A50EAE : Isaac
A624038D 56D4B6AE : Garet
09D3DA41 E7B4211B : Ivan
E38147B5 4DB312CA : Mia
89E2D076 42C0E1F4 : Felix
0FF8FC33 704E7041 : Jenna
774976CF 0419FA88 : Sheba
A18EFF4B AA628ACB : Piers

Slot 2

7DD667E9 92455EB4 : Isaac
6EEC97A0 148CF32A : Garet
4D02E301 EEAF854B : Ivan
4433B7CD 6AC97CC6 : Mia
8A028FD2 FC930BB9 : Felix
FB0E5AFF 4370B5DA : Jenna
B02F7990 9902711C : Sheba
772F4711 EE8582FC : Piers

Slot 3

0A27960B EEB0731E : Isaac
37B79180 3CBE7BAD : Garet
EBF761D5 FDC2F20D : Ivan
FD28E9AB 51C0E834 : Mia
D8A89050 045BC954 : Felix
C2C748D5 DF65062B : Jenna
F5D8CF4E 26BD16E5 : Sheba
1D5302C3 7779C035 : Piers

Slot 4

8BC561AD 70CCF58D : Isaac
0FAA8007 3EDB617B : Garet
69812113 B2DC5478 : Ivan
8E00B16F 03E70580 : Mia
4114F643 96F1EDD2 : Felix
A42EA2AF 74CA7594 : Jenna
B2A7DA89 DC7B6E2E : Sheba
22445BBC F49B8664 : Piers

Slot 5

B007D6EE C827C558 : Isaac
B1A3A881 06795280 : Garet
A3E15B65 80883643 : Ivan
84F6F339 AC10E5A5 : Mia
EEC839D7 25C5EB25 : Felix
317434CE 64CEBD13 : Jenna
4479ECAD EAC98834 : Sheba
8238DE69 90F3A6D1 : Piers

Slot 6

B007D6EE C827C558 : Isaac
B1A3A881 06795280 : Garet
A3E15B65 80883643 : Ivan
84F6F339 AC10E5A5 : Mia
EEC839D7 25C5EB25 : Felix
317434CE 64CEBD13 : Jenna
4479ECAD EAC98834 : Sheba
8238DE69 90F3A6D1 : Piers

Slot 7

0C5DF502 39FE41BD : Isaac
90E5E9A2 663C5EC9 : Garet
9BDBF62C 34565FD1 : Ivan
3D02B3DC 3B454413 : Mia
E2663564 3E4BE366 : Felix
E1E3346B 2EF7623F : Jenna
D422FAE6 7ED57DBC : Sheba
FC436FAC E28282E7 : Piers

Slot 8

9BF185F2 22BCAC1A : Isaac
42B4100C D65195F6 : Garet
A96109F6 73C08269 : Ivan
A94750AA 69FAD020 : Mia
4E68B7F3 B6D42406 : Felix
EA7CD873 DB104DF7 : Jenna
9CE60669 616357C9 : Sheba
6719B1E3 AE82EC7D : Piers

BVIII3. CharSet Mods

I guess this code was made to satisfy all those girl gamers out there.
What it does, is modify what you look like on Normal maps, changing you 
from Felix, to Jenna.  DON'T ask me for other characters either, because 
they are hard to get (I need a spot in the game where you actually are 
that character, as the values are quite complex, and I'm not sure where 
I can do that). YOU WILL APPEAR AS FELIX ON WORLD MAPS. This is because
the values for the charsets are always changing on the World maps, and
you'll probably see a line running across your screen. There's nothing
I can do about this. When you go back to a normal map, you'll be changed
back to Jenna. Also, the codes aren't perfect, due to the fact that Jenna, 
does not have the full set of Charsets that Felix does. As a result, when 
she's climbing ropes or ladders and stuff like that, her graphics may be 
slightly stuffed up. There's also nothing I can do about this.


33002107 0003
83002108 7EEC
8300210A 0830
3300210C 00DC


D085BD7B 94F9E999

**AR V3**

F5DDBAC1 828B53B7
22D9AF4E 5F22FE9C

BIX. Event Specific Codes

   BIX1. About

Basically, this is where I'll put codes that affect specific events. If 
you have any requests, feel free to send them in. I'm currently playing 
the game through, so if I find anything that I think is worthy of a code, 
I'll make it. In the mean time, keep on sending in those requests!

 BIX2. Contigo Djinn Lock

This code lets you through that place in Contigo.
Unlike the code posted in a previous version, this DOESN'T modify your 
Djinn count, instead, it modifies the switch that controls the door. 
NOTE: The door doesn't actually 'open' as such, but you can walk
through it as normal. This may screw up on some other maps, I'm not sure,
so use it only in that room.


32024421 0000


A9989BAA 963BCE8F

**AR V3**

E5019787 1CF6C030


C. Appendix

CI. Item Slot GSA Codes

As promised, I have encrypted codes for the first slot for each character.
If you want to modify other slots you will either have to encrypt them
yourself with GSACrypt, or buy a Codebreaker :)

Every attempt has been made to make sure these codes work, but it is 
impossible to test them all (there's a fraction under 5,200 of them!). 
If you do find an error, report it to lab_master@email.com

The item codes HAVE been tested actually, by some guy who admits he 
doesn't have a life (his name escapes me at the moment). Well done!

  CI1. Isaac Slot 1 

1D0E2146 19412182  Long Sword	
C749CAF1 01491F58  Broad Sword	
94A28430 533ED63A  Claymore	
A8A3E39E 09503F5D  Great Sword	
CA98A797 22E9ADA8  Samshir	
294F2379 59201344  Silver Blade	
B38E4435 E05837C6  Fire Brand	
E14E2FA4 15BB78B8  Artic Blade	
E69EBF45 ED41C448  Gaia Blade	
0570852D 424794F9  Sol Balde	
3ED8BFA5 517A40A4  Muramasa	
2F9B8F07 D3B6839D  ???
DE6E2AAD D96CE77B  ???
ADA4B1DA 5FDDF45F  ???
110D2D9D 1F30CACF  Machete	
7766AF8D 347BC1A5  Short Sword	
C637B29B 4C3068D1  Hunter's Sword	
6164C53E DC3BD4E1  Battle Blade	
F1C61ACE B7470A13  Master Rapier	
13F6DD40 43888513  Ninja Blade	
ECDDE94F 2EB05331  Swift Sword	
28FF4906 C1F00A8C  Elven Rapier	
5345A3BF 2D0051EA  Assassin Blade	
03176BFF A69D5802  Mystery Blade	
CC50ED0E 8BE65B8F  Kikuichimonji	
1ADA9596 E6CE577B  Maamune	
0B2CFD9B BE979088  Bandits Blade	
03CE2F83 ADCB8ADB  ???
4126422F FA8D0625  ???
C67AB31F D09CB4C7  ???
5F8C0F31 397574FE  Battle Axe	
6FA78BA3 A9B64C9A  Broad Axe	
87B95F33 610082D3  Great Axe	
02FAEE28 4DDBB9AC  Dragon Axe	
232548F9 ED1320D3  Giant Axe	
19376F99 9A325E5F  Vulcan Axe	
DCD988AF BCC35413  Burning Axe	
0C0C5515 47E9263C  Demon Axe	
EA72A176 C3B5BEA6  ???
0F0018BC 668DED74  ???
1EB2D333 6DFE6B3A  ???
09A17ED5 45940426  ???
C78F7A92 9BD0C3C9  Mace	
029FEC04 66CC51AB  Heavy Mace	
B262703B CE9F1229  Battle Mace	
CA1D0171 930B381F  War Mace	
02D600EA 3D12C1CF  Righteous Mace	
8F1D5594 9F5DF423  Grievous Mace	
51025519 DCDFE38C  Blessed Mace	
723959A8 564CEA36  Wicked Mace	
11189A6C 6296450E  ???
AC8E9890 FB92E206  ???
842460E4 C324D03F  ???
B7BF25A1 3E268946  ???
C7A5BF35 2565FA09  Wooden Stick	
B0C43130 6D45D3FE  Magic Rod	
EBAAA84B 1EE6A41E  Witch's Wand	
E7CC275F 711E25B2  Blessed Ankh	
6A23A63C 2FCE7029  Psynergy Rod	
C14A6378 C3767341  Frost Wand	
1395ADCB 47CDEF4C  Angelic Ankh	
0F6E7A68 C67B63B1  Demonic Staff	
FFB3ECC8 06DF76C2  Crystal Rod	
AF2DFD59 EAC3B921  Zodiac Wand	
27E8CFCB F5C6A53C  Shamon's Rod	
46F7E283 FAAC4A54  ???
115C5FA5 AF2CC21C  ???
10EAE94C 972A0DFF  ???
4EEBC79C 36A3D1F4  ???
A9F93E4D 1459AFCB  ???
EF0C903D 2B6318CB  ???
F0382107 DDF86503  ???
0724D28C AD0E1140  ???
56DE3455 40B7B907  ???
F4FA6874 BE5F9A86  Leather Armor	
11E8A848 8A52C51C  Psynergy Armor	
69A1829F 15977120  Chain Mail	
73DEFB13 AFD4C8FF  Armored Shell	
F5421F4F A6B57EBB  Plate Mail	
B1410EE8 A0BAFB52  Steel Armor	
DD0D797C 15D348E2  Spirit Armor	
71FDF474 663EDAFB  Dragon Scales	
D1449B4B 99CEA754  Demon Mail	
FAB1BAD0 9FAFE0B2  Asura's Armor	
ABC3313B 12EA4CE7  Spiked Armor	
4A48BCCD 1FDFDF42  ???
DDE44AAE 1CE13F91  ???
95D18566 D66C014F  ???
9B39D284 55D77559  Cotton Shirt	
9C2329E7 E1CFA30F  Travel Vest	
BE9FB11D 5335190F  Fur Coat	
34B6D593 3CB63190  Adept's Clothes	
223F094C 97D73BDC  Elven Shirt	
161542C7 C05ADAB1  Silver Vest	
F12B5AF6 6D209C38  Water Jacket	
53C1B076 EA7F4257  Storm Gear	
22950B5E 2C6DCECB  Kimono	
AADF271A C97F45B0  Ninja Garb	
CFD4C95D B4F1108C  ???
10E3918F B43340E1  ???
173E2AEE 404D83C3  ???
1D03AC72 A76107BF  ???
6EA4749D 2BEC995E  One-Pieced Dress	
18C6EEE3 3DFF1F4A  Travel Robe	
F12FA960 C6ACF426  Silk Robe	
FA538A03 87FB32C8  China Dress	
EE5D0E26 573D6AE3  Jerkin	
DB29553E FF3C5F59  Cocktail Dress	
3F1DC2D5 0EDB4170  Blessed Robe	
8CD01819 746E3ADE  Magical Cassock	
AA106B79 9003AFEE  Mysterious Robe	
262C673F 929AD42F  Feathered Robe	
87E38146 6A77B921  Oracle's Robe	
22B04EC4 424ADF92  ???
C4B064B0 6E416B99  ???
0A53D49C 85A23193  ???
C4255BDC 63FEE642  ???
B018E7F6 F2394724  Wooden Shield	
1DCECEE1 83735458  Bronze Shield	
1FFA7121 0BFCC3A6  Iron Shield	
43DBB830 9572A534  Knight's Shield	
CE27EA2E D49BC755  Mirrored Shield	
CB4421EE 3B871DBC  Dragon Shield	
939D453B 07564D7F  Earth Shield	
A879A4CE 1F17DECA  ???
0E951D73 BC6E88AA  ???
93D3E2CF BCFEF4BD  Padded Gloves	
3F1C89F4 53AB528E  Leather Gloves	
9D579C57 EBD451BC  Gauntlets	
E4BFDF2E 676991F8  Vambrace	
2EC66AD5 40AB6ACC  War Gloves	
CF361FBE A444B02A  Spirit Gloves (Elemental pwr)	
940C9237 6ECF4F82  Battle Gloves	
D6AEDDD2 DD178205  Aura Gloves	
8CF79AAC 834C9792  ???
71F22A91 A8BBEDDA  Leather Armlet	
B2393954 FB2922DA  Armlet	
0E692AD9 4040E809  Heavy Armlet	
47430EE8 35D124EB  Silver Armlet	
B49581E9 86769DAF  Spirit Armlet	
9765B9D8 54E5205C  Virtuous Armlet	
1446FC6B 368DA33D  Guardian Armlet	
647D2DE9 3210BF7E  ???
C6066731 DD70C7F7  ???
9C680A9F 97CB51FB  Open Helm	
AE4824EF C85A77C3  Bronze Helm	
5A7C794E 8B0DB4FD  Iron Helm	
9599B5F5 968A5329  Steel Helm	
DA9C7B2F 37EFFB26  Silver Helm	
531001C5 1331F17B  Knight's Helm
B7DB0ABC E2E8E41C  Warrior's Helm	
E15420E4 DEFFE4CA  Adept's Helm	
485AE803 99ADDF7B  ???
DE69342E 3C847738  ???
E78E60E1 AC398631  ???
470E3D17 F0F427D4  Leather Cap	
30CB9C0C 9902A586  Wooden Cap	
1D0EFFD7 01DAFB86  Mail Cap	
310D4D46 A74D29A6  Jeweled Crown	
E17B5175 B3684517  Ninja Hood	
2AD2C707 E9011C4D  Lucky Cap	
C76361C0 360E9671  Thunder Crown	
48EACB74 1D96A2A6  Prophet's Hat	
EF768605 4FE130DC  Lure Cap	
474EE0B1 71856CC3  ???
502A2B0E 47486BF9  Circlet	
FFB8EB80 0E680BFA  Silver Circlet	
A3D115DC D3ECE82A  Guardian Circlet	
A1FD8756 68ADBD41  Platinum Circlet	
F56FD9E5 98B32177  Mythril Circlet	
014D8CE8 14A644B5  Glittering Tiara	
6DB4F300 77255F80  ???
1CC06AD0 D78A0005  ???
97B07688 C7B06AF0  ???
BDC751D3 E25C7313  ???
1F89E459 7B910A3D  ???
97C9D9C2 8897372B  ???
F65887BA 14B06ECE  ???
35716579 904E3467  ???
D093D804 D3D8088A  Herb	
26A69F43 4B3A0048  Nut	
66F0B74A B6E6CF9D  Vial	
33D58B16 AA87814F  Potion	
045EFD1F E1B72E79  Hermes' Water	
BC042E3F D9B10C1A  Empty Bottle	
866FFD13 C57F6676  Psy Energy Crystal	
5CC4E51D 07119CE4  Antidote	
A9830263 5D462F0D  Elixer	
B5306785 5B666F4B  Water of Life	
7AE17DF1 416E8969  Mist Potion	
C70D10AF 70722591  Power Bread	
0D0947D3 5A2369BC  Cookie	
7B5DB80D DCA6720E  Apple	
E6703AD3 5692D0BA  Hard Nut	
32B52078 1BECE34A  Mint	
DA207C2B 3F3EFA55  Lucky Pepper	
019F8A83 144965A1  ???
DC9FEAD8 E5CB6850  Lash Pebble	
1035DE9C D309C523  Pound Cube	
CD3C6388 902D83B5  Orb of Force	
86FDE38D B3142B2B  Douse Drop	
ACE91781 3E351CEB  Frost Jewel	
B93C470C 61AAF52F  Lifting Gem	
D5E66081 29E195A5  Halt Gem	
DE765981 55DED5E3  Cloak Ball	
082A0AE3 AC5D55AF  Carry Stone	
B75E0B6E 828DF9AD  Catch Beads	
2F579F6B DCEF0A5E  Temper Bit	
E421CF70 6EB275AA  Scoop Gem	
DF370AD6 197BEA7D  Cyclone Chip	
04539693 B919961B  ???
03AF16D0 C6243D11  ???
F82C2641 7BA5C1C0  Burst Brooch	
E5BE1849 3EF18253  Grindstone	
26EEDB6A 108846BA  Hover Jade	
7E4E9552 740F7F39  ???
9B1DA0CD C592645B  Teleport Lapis	
AC74B36D 32A25B69  ???
C6F8CFF7 39324F28  ???
E39A9F5A 861A39B1  Venus Star	
55A5DCED 1D659170  Mercury Star	
EB7D7B54 658B9C30  Mythril Bag (Mars Star)	
9B3C9D5C 50C882E0  Mythril Bag (Jupitar Star)	
21B8AFD1 3A4E8359  Mythril Bag	
ACC153E1 2655BA89  Small Jewel	
15F32CD2 B3D7D497  Smoke Bomb	
DAB7153C B6A66F34  Sleep Bomb	
2CFBA0C0 BE41F5EC  Game Ticket	
233E142E 95410C14  Lucky Medal	
220AEFDA D074B9CB  Dragon's Eye	
2FA6D7EB C369D151  Bone	
370F6CCC 7F20EF8E  Anchor Charm	
1CA6A5FC 083BCD67  Corn	
A6F27581 05492584  Cell Key	
FD3D1C6D 656A21E9  Boat Ticket	
F928894A 8003D1EE  Sacred Feather	
17F18282 D362DED8  Mystic Draught	
1A505B5C C629ED94  Oil Drop	
89C78458 37510A77  Weasel's Claw	
DA1FAC21 4C079436  Bumble Seed	
3617BDF4 83CF88D7  Crystal Powder	
002D130D 677A9E12  Black Crystal	
823D1CE5 7AED195F  Red Key	
AD2A4CC3 A54FB2E4  Blue Key	
AFC0F5FF 09DCBD18  Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)	
D1750127 DCEE1603  Jupitar Star	
059AC359 D8E7CECB  Mars Star	
24FBCF94 32862CB5  ???
20DD1247 44821EA4  ???
0E9EC052 98F58FBC  Mythril Shirt	
1F904B9E 65AC01B1  Silk Shirt	
48B93505 EB9FA816  Running Shirt	
9AC2A85D 1608F252  ???
C8B3F2D9 6FF4C1FA  ???
D1F33BBC D1CA46DA  ???
187DA9C8 DE3D4351  Hyper Boots	
3D228AF2 2202CC39  Quick Boots	
E4FD79F8 7B4988C1  Fur Boots	
0CFBD1D2 1C298932  Turtle Boots	
73D6EE02 A8E077FA  ???
96D76FB2 6130CAAE  ???
CCF671FC 427CECFA  Adept Ring	
B5A54054 867B90EB  War Ring	
867E983C 275DE446  Sleep Ring	
AA742501 01962AF9  Healing Ring	
DFACC1CC CD4FD6FB  Unicorn Ring	
210143AA 67910FC0  Fairy Ring	
B9B74FB7 8CB27A96  Cleric's Ring	
4A2CC021 759AE328  ???
A448C74B 433E38ED  ???
15A650BB 5AC260DE  ???
5ECC6A9E 52410B28  Huge Sword
51EF7943 EECD3F88  Mythril Blade	
7D0ABD5E 016AFB51  Levatine	
02B5A3F5 DB6DBE83  Darksword	
97C89D88 6180C44B  Excalibar	
9C0AAE35 E40FD0C2  Robber's Blade	
7AB1CCB7 A8034159  Soul Brand	
7EC2EC36 F2FDDC14  Storm Brand	
CE6FF81E 73059A5D  Hestia Blade	
591218D4 74D65ECB  Lightning Sword	
8936D4FE 8DBB2AB4  Rune Blade	
B9BC344E FD28A658  Cloud Brand	
B6F7309A 55BB57E3  ???
DDC3908C F12DC743  Sylph Rapier	
D8C8049C 66AB5D2F  Burning Sword	
080F3923 8D5736AA  Pirate's Sword	
A20260D2 377B05C9  Corsair's Edge	
66529F56 C95A01C9  Pirate's Sabre	
091F323F 5F6BE13A  Hypno's Sword	
511B2610 0D78D390  Mist Sabre	
14259F56 A7933B55  Phaeton's Blade	
D0EEED41 B216CADD  Tisiphone Edge	
BEE9305D BD122524  ???
3551966C 9E9DA8BC  Apollo's Axe	
C6D5F869 786D92F2  Gaia's Axe	
029EC556 CFEC2D83  Steller Axe	
139702A5 AF6F0C7C  Captain's Axe	
FBF7A01B A0603D15  Viking Axe	
9771931E E627A7A6  Disk Axe	
1B1AF20A 4D9A73DF  Themis' Axe	
92FAF257 2C0256F3  Mighty Axe	
112E301A 7CC66B1A  Tartarous Axe	
CB43EE8E 74479AC1  ???
5A273B14 13DBDC17  Comet Mace	
FF3A3BD3 6E78D403  Tungsten Mace	
56EE9B78 F36E6590  Demon Mace	
85D247E1 807E8604  Hagbone Mace	
7131DE7F E782EA98  Blow Mace	
0802D260 F93AE5CC  Rising Mace	
A30C23AE B1859E61  Thanatos Mace	
867A9FAB 0F444C3D  ???
6E5E7A3F 80BA0B91  Cloud Mace	
949F1B0B 740170FC  Salamander Rod	
C02DDA6B 1CDEA411  Nebula Wand	
8BF5405F EBF9D26F  Dracomace	
754185E6 79E81C39  Glower Staff	
FBE112A8 30EE9278  Goblin's Rod	
853708EA 4E3CCA10  Meditation Rod	
D8115157 661FD352  Fireman's Pole	
85972C9D CE5B702B  Atropos' Rod	
23B30D9E 899C3993  Lachesis' Rule	
93250F69 353E234B  Clotho's Distaff	
70C5C8BC D11FE3C3  Staff of Anubis	
3EB485B4 4CAF3466  ???
9FE8FDC2 80B05986  Trident	
8F2FD3BF BE0BE4BC  ???
5BE33CEA 8D2F3BB4  Planet Armor	
7D9ACCB6 C79A234D  Dragon Mail	
133AB97E 4E8CA881  Chronos Mail	
63837AD4 3F6100BD  Stealth Armor	
4450BA2D 3298B460  Xylion Armor	
E7B02D5E 6823ACBB  Ixion Mail	
05BE77A4 2071BA0A  Phantasmal Mail	
6DFBA8EC B0ACB4DA  Erebus Armor	
6AAE5C0C DDC619E0  Valkyrie Mail	
CA82B2F6 56D5D31B  ???
524D44CD 8863CA35  Faery Vest	
CD66EF83 ACDF6FAD  Mythril Cltohes	
F681EEDE 1AE2ACE5  Full Metal Vest	
5DEA3C0C 67673A79  Wild Coat	
117981AE 13E47AD8  Floral Dress	
B82037EC 21509571  Festival Coat	
6033EF00 9E808704  Erinyes Tunic	
43987E14 E9B97D8C  Triton Ward	
AEF19914 182A882B  ???
64D40427 86B52492  Dragon Robe	
CE5831F2 D4BB65C3  Ardagh Robe	
CDAF4CA4 0A9C0164  Muni Robe	
BBC359BA B8B91B9D  Aeolian Cassock	
0B35E6B3 E4025804  Iris Robe	
5C1F8134 49E28D56  ???
CDFA139E CC055411  Luna Shield	
A7F3FE49 68B4D475  Dragon Shield	
296C8C6C E0086AB1  Flame Shield	
C770C718 B689762B  Terra Shile	
9C3FA999 9DB16EC7  Cosmos Shield	
BA064132 3C5F8EC2  Fujin Shield	
FC42D283 B711B8BC  Aegis Shield	
6CD1721F 78074D78  ???
778EF743 6EDB4568  Aerial Gloves	
9806844E 5AD94473  Titan Gloves	
89FAED18 A2497F4F  Big Bang Gloves	
F6AE9C42 20F8A83D  Crafted Gloves	
1BB1B8C9 7E75FA7F  Riot Gloves	
0A6575D7 16AA3F3F  Spirit Gloves (PP)	
E718DF6D 3EE36605  ???
153DDBB5 3F16E105  Clear Bracelet	
F5DD2264 20DC88AF  Mythril Armlet	
B21E4E6B 096329E8  Bone Armlet	
D0ED47B0 7091EC5F  Jester's Armlet	
E3564D55 33649509  Leda's Bracelet	
D6D8D4A0 25E417D7  ???
D8AF481F D963C4FA  Dragon Helm	
6B323208 60ECC6FD  Mythril helm	
8835CEB6 3B75A3B1  Fear Helm	
6B64557E D0A21BBD  Mellenium Helm	
7D7B297C 8DE87B82  Viking Helm	
B7FF1543 E3E1533B  Gloria Helm	
87915B16 364AF508  Minerva Helm	
D090A0AA 9ABFD02A  ???
A05FDCD0 13F65F19  Floating Hat	
EF05600E B7ED2F66  Nurse's CAp	
15CD220C 52D74A1C  Thorn Crown	
33EE6FC3 0007FBA9  O. Mask	
CD885FB6 6EE68B42  Hiotoko Mask	
2AF9CA2F CE9E8011  Crown of Glory	
AC8A3259 48BCB43E  Alastar's Hood	
799E3921 3AFB2AAE  ???
1FF33DB1 EE628C34  Pure Circlet	
FE038099 F79DAE8C  Astral Circlet	
E9868EF5 4436967D  Psychic Circlet	
EEB4615A FED2CC40  Demon Circlet	
41BEC62B 58F55585  Clarity Circlet	
8CA93E99 5EB0D873  Brilliant Circlet	
AAECB644 5049B8B4  Berserker Band	
FBF29AED 392037F9  ???
D72CF249 65EACF64  Divine Camisole	
24E492A8 E4AF7A20  Herbed Shirt	
6B0809C4 92B975A4  Golden Shirt	
D3B430DF AB59233B  Casual Shirt	
43B3DBFD 993945AB  Leather Boots	
31D522F9 46A47EEA  Dragon Boots	
E3E52135 C30E6BA5  Safety boots	
3B89B32A C3E7EFBB  Knight's Greave	
60960213 CC89EF6E  Silver Greave	
EC915703 5EA3058F  Ninja Sandals	
B7CDC647 4C3C7FF0  Golden Boots	
13C1949D C2613DDE  Spirit Ring	
3A03DA64 F0A9C565  Stardust Ring	
9FF51E66 30FBA21F  Aroma Ring	
CF5974AE FB290EB1  Rainbow Ring	
52D73042 B3B4CC0F  Soul Ring	
AC3B27A7 B2311450  Guardian Ring	
43AD00D5 D0DAF631  Golden Ring	
137C57C4 166347B6  ???
7ADA1D3F 4D96BB45  Rusty Sword	
C81946CB 836D7209  Rusty Sword	
2AFB16AC 9B944884  Rusty Sword	
8725CCF2 4AE28D86  Rusty Sword	
DEE995F6 3FE5FC84  Rusty Axe	
6C347546 69A3F537  Rusty Axe	
4943D0CD 5C7CBF08  Rusty Mace	
0EAE935E F6A76FE4  Rusty Mace	
9E76672C 0B73F8B9  Rusty Staff	
B52641EF 88BA1D3B  Rusty Staff	
2D08FE0C B8E0A478  Rusty Staff	
CC0B9289 6AECB524  ???
A895B6FB D94EF9A3  Tear Stone	
5F6C7E45 463519B8  Star Dust	
E7507C6A A425CBC3  Sylph Feather	
6ED7B37E 44A0E5AE  Dragon Skin	
34A0DD58 28A0C572  Salamander Tail	
EC3CA8A4 58D1A0F0  Golem Core	
59D7BFF1 83F2BF26  Mythril Silver	
45A63258 C300CFFC  Dark Matter	
CAF20326 F8BE04F6  Orihalcon	
72D05BBB 9C513C0D  ???
5AE98D5A 905E1719  Right Prong	
D51063EB AFA4F0FD  Left Prong	
45529256 479A61EB  Center Prong	
E48353D3 3B38D5C4  ???
7053564E 59B322BB  Mysterious Card	
2A4C957A 0278B36D  Trainer's Whip	
58B72CF6 9B4C4F47  Tomegathericon	
0303B1CC 286C4429  ???
059503BA DEC61ACF  ???
F2AB58C6 5EE2CAF2  Healing Fungus	
10C221B9 6D9EC824  Laughing Fungus	
D410373D 0185FF4D  Signal Whistle	
9DCE22F1 76551855  Dancing Idol	
27533ED3 4684CBD3  Pretty Stone	
C56AD092 3357A8CA  Red Cloth	
021B3502 32DE3E0A  Milk	
D79CE175 3BDFD082  Li'l Turtle	
188A5D39 52E36B46  Aquarius Stone	
98682257 F4A5F6D3  Large Bread	
DF0AD4E0 36F1B986  Sea God's Tear	
CE64ED71 0EC9562C  Ruin Key	
EA40DC80 1F3F7AD4  Magma Ball

  CI2. Garet Slot 1 

19CAB78A A77A9614  Long Sword	
0E5C1008 988A230B  Broad Sword	
5CA7BED7 B645638C  Claymore	
15B8296A CC84F8B8  Great Sword	
7AE9D03D 84568971  Samshir	
30F9FE15 99F42BD1  Silver Blade	
A9012245 3A94010B  Fire Brand	
F45F2CA9 4D199251  Artic Blade	
415CC214 A1FF464A  Gaia Blade	
537646B1 02BCC7B0  Sol Balde	
A52268F9 0EAF0E3C  Muramasa	
4F683717 4B917BB7  ???
A14809B9 85ADDD58  ???
E0312A7C 819240A6  ???
2B454BEC A8584D7C  Machete	
5045D8C9 607DA02B  Short Sword	
37C0C325 6BE24322  Hunter's Sword	
3216012A DE90F535  Battle Blade	
A3F4C1F4 D022426E  Master Rapier	
78DCFFC8 76E4D99A  Ninja Blade	
7F20A269 0A08B92D  Swift Sword	
1597BAA8 2309F2BD  Elven Rapier	
707CE6DC 92700A23  Assassin Blade	
2C886B33 21E64A1F  Mystery Blade	
34AA0F75 F4436403  Kikuichimonji	
825B20CA A2E5686A  Maamune	
C4A0FFC9 847CF935  Bandits Blade	
0B3E0E7A EEABF35C  ???
905B56B3 4B2151D1  ???
6AAC3A45 A0403723  ???
FFE09BD0 E6F75D75  Battle Axe	
4A8EB752 86158E07  Broad Axe	
7C4B3218 A566227E  Great Axe	
FAFB43CC EE58A429  Dragon Axe	
EC0637B9 AF6E1309  Giant Axe	
7EA89451 DCB5F2A6  Vulcan Axe	
15E6B5AE A2489FBF  Burning Axe	
8624F1DA DFDC8271  Demon Axe	
C058FA70 F3EE20AD  ???
8812C2AE DFF4F9E9  ???
8FC7D93B E2596478  ???
45DC7B37 A92008E9  ???
354FD977 899E1C6E  Mace	
4796E0C2 CFCDB157  Heavy Mace	
DCF2BE08 7FCBD7F6  Battle Mace	
6402435D F7BF9E9E  War Mace	
83CF22DE 2CF62FFD  Righteous Mace	
C986B43D 16BAED62  Grievous Mace	
45ACBB56 2672339C  Blessed Mace	
4CD7621D 0A0C1738  Wicked Mace	
3ED4A7E9 91031F66  ???
67975C7A 7C003B68  ???
595A7991 53768D9F  ???
57EED058 91C63849  ???
8DFBCF35 41F55ED5  Wooden Stick	
64DF1022 F32C399E  Magic Rod	
85FB7243 D89A09C5  Witch's Wand	
8017DA2C 6EA63FEF  Blessed Ankh	
EDE4D50B 7FAE838B  Psynergy Rod	
8D16BB52 59141A8B  Frost Wand	
DF6FF3B7 C7A6E7F3  Angelic Ankh	
546F8908 6D5E4DB3  Demonic Staff	
72ED3F1E 43F00B4D  Crystal Rod	
6E93EAD4 BE94601B  Zodiac Wand	
EDC1BE56 9C19C6CC  Shamon's Rod	
38E8F9B9 4638C00F  ???
EB47D043 3561C645  ???
48EAB8A2 E406854B  ???
5A5EB252 6E545CAF  ???
DE1F721C C3E2830F  ???
B7A723A6 3A545CC1  ???
6CEF7530 147EC4A3  ???
3459E79A 77931B64  ???
D1F4D56E DCE24FE7  Leather Armor	
D8814EB7 333E8607  Psynergy Armor	
2CC0EE20 73CC6900  Chain Mail	
5002405E FA14D822  Armored Shell	
192BDFE5 4B9669B2  Plate Mail	
14BE0D40 000CF7D7  Steel Armor	
F7C5987B 96B080E4  Spirit Armor	
EC1A8DF4 8959FEE3  Dragon Scales	
FA575E90 1B34A20B  Demon Mail	
3C1863C3 EEA8EF21  Asura's Armor	
A02ABBB5 4F10D11C  Spiked Armor	
86D9B6CC C6217659  ???
F8A76092 D26434E5  ???
D55641B9 3D3BF7A2  ???
DAD4DD28 281A620C  Cotton Shirt	
58FA6CC6 CFBBF463  Travel Vest	
D3468BD8 61961A31  Fur Coat	
D1A68219 7261DB55  Adept's Clothes	
C4CA6754 65AA145B  Elven Shirt	
AEFAEE40 1F5223F1  Silver Vest	
EABE65A0 79E4839E  Water Jacket	
2A2DCF8F 36B2F41E  Storm Gear	
45B25D14 2AF1BAB1  Kimono	
E96DBC74 7A0488B3  Ninja Garb	
0FDBD121 3213C2B9  ???
F6FD74FA 46475E4E  ???
050A64BC 72A1AAD3  ???
1197F544 C90CE169  ???
E81BE656 EEFA10B5  One-Pieced Dress	
89BB9DBF 5913A978  Travel Robe	
FE63C720 8A83DDA0  Silk Robe	
8D43378A A2378F01  China Dress	
28B2DC2A D3714FE7  Jerkin	
D7AA535B D82FB97A  Cocktail Dress	
21765BC2 B5635432  Blessed Robe	
7AFD8EF1 79C8C606  Magical Cassock	
946C4EEF FE9B636B  Mysterious Robe	
089C4C1A 77FE923F  Feathered Robe	
6FE82895 37E3E0E9  Oracle's Robe	
135C9695 82193882  ???
E0ED6CF3 A26A2F1E  ???
72598790 BCAB6938  ???
BFAF64A1 5790856B  ???
C361BF01 EACA072D  Wooden Shield	
E055C52A D3F906DE  Bronze Shield	
229250C3 4DF64302  Iron Shield	
DA86C901 3A3E0241  Knight's Shield	
1E57F88E 96902153  Mirrored Shield	
C2E7458B 40B020F6  Dragon Shield	
010DA717 2D51D20F  Earth Shield	
A2F7738C 0F081313  ???
0BC79F1D BBF4B1E7  ???
583DB206 9F956BC0  Padded Gloves	
B7055E8B 7961ED99  Leather Gloves	
B52E876E 5D229AB1  Gauntlets	
0F2F3CC5 1FB659C4  Vambrace	
392856E1 B1D1D1A6  War Gloves	
1297A5C4 E5F44357  Spirit Gloves (Elemental pwr)	
FD82010D 78788E08  Battle Gloves	
875D13B1 3FB3746B  Aura Gloves	
B435F1F1 685607AE  ???
6E27B771 9E0539ED  Leather Armlet	
4DD77131 B98CCBF6  Armlet	
EC7447C8 8097E796  Heavy Armlet	
45B6CEDE 2AE5B542  Silver Armlet	
54B8ECE0 267B6787  Spirit Armlet	
47E0E474 0A77B4A7  Virtuous Armlet	
32A75DCB 98AA04B9  Guardian Armlet	
52C2290D A09E1FB3  ???
54E6D862 115772E9  ???
9AA5C61C 478EAF73  Open Helm	
0BBD5994 3EA5A9FD  Bronze Helm	
FFB95DCA 09E06931  Iron Helm	
9CDA4289 67403CBB  Steel Helm	
DF48D4F4 1C91D660  Silver Helm	
FAD89C8A 1DA950AB  Knight's Helm
46B720DD 6EC25023  Warrior's Helm	
2ADFAFEF 18F1CBA1  Adept's Helm	
2B7D5466 97806A71  ???
4E6D82D3 5462FFE2  ???
D1F65B82 F411D395  ???
69819C68 E972D8E8  Leather Cap	
2AD9784D 9831DC78  Wooden Cap	
583B7F10 54CA2919  Mail Cap	
E9C38364 9B07C6AA  Jeweled Crown	
72AC24D8 A900277F  Ninja Hood	
052C1E64 9F864B52  Lucky Cap	
3D8FC0EB D78A7A26  Thunder Crown	
CB29734E BA05168B  Prophet's Hat	
E05DE163 36F8FCB2  Lure Cap	
C64479DA 2E2DBB4B  ???
4C7EAEB3 EE4C9B53  Circlet	
C654512F 1948C496  Silver Circlet	
E224E1CC 8DB4F809  Guardian Circlet	
7F3CCB16 5E8540FF  Platinum Circlet	
8C9FD1B5 4BA2E0D2  Mythril Circlet	
28D606E8 BA44A447  Glittering Tiara	
EA757439 FDBE5C8F  ???
CEDBA4ED 632D6FDC  ???
1CE32AB7 FA5FACB2  ???
D3DB487C 61CA4870  ???
F5DD003F FEB436D0  ???
C799E340 46413430  ???
7864366A 1BD96644  ???
224E976A 63013346  ???
E827885D 40E3179E  Herb	
D34B8A0D 8F513D33  Nut	
4F3C6F65 5738D391  Vial	
BB836DCB 219F7934  Potion	
44510DB1 2F5D7FE9  Hermes' Water	
B6C024A7 FA2400CE  Empty Bottle	
FB94035A 5F3E3470  Psy Energy Crystal	
B8088E3A FEE28690  Antidote	
458260C2 22A4E3E0  Elixer	
0BAD0319 C291632A  Water of Life	
199B6BC2 6CB46A75  Mist Potion	
C213E84F FBF2A128  Power Bread	
C92E4516 F9640576  Cookie	
113F2DEB F459BA51  Apple	
0A112DFB E6F9F94A  Hard Nut	
A458BB86 EEAD928F  Mint	
6EE79870 5597E394  Lucky Pepper	
49FA3766 033BF144  ???
4DC3963D B05A3BCD  Lash Pebble	
439AC846 DEC56C1C  Pound Cube	
57D73EEE ABDE8672  Orb of Force	
D551BEB8 E76D0B02  Douse Drop	
9D0178D9 AB69F18D  Frost Jewel	
8A853113 9303D980  Lifting Gem	
12F788A4 2047ED3F  Halt Gem	
E572E4E1 5A2195A7  Cloak Ball	
41541568 C150B6A5  Carry Stone	
F903B3AD 2044A39C  Catch Beads	
63825E11 C7BC616D  Temper Bit	
5442DE14 E51F22C3  Scoop Gem	
F349466C 6182C9F2  Cyclone Chip	
C7E50C12 B97D593F  ???
EBBDE476 F359977E  ???
B1A8CFB4 79DC22FA  Burst Brooch	
0E12B31C 6162E95F  Grindstone	
8B25925E 2E26985B  Hover Jade	
75679921 39A5B5D8  ???
FD2BB41A 8ED85F62  Teleport Lapis	
112387F8 C0030C57  ???
612A427F B08FBA48  ???
70B6A7A3 C9AFE169  Venus Star	
68960B71 8361FFC4  Mercury Star	
99242578 2A6D63E3  Mythril Bag (Mars Star)	
E5DDB57A A93B3D49  Mythril Bag (Jupitar Star)	
3B6A7A56 7B42EE15  Mythril Bag	
74BAB2BC 83677856  Small Jewel	
E896DFC0 F16CA83B  Smoke Bomb	
0D1700AE 13AAB314  Sleep Bomb	
EADFBCC6 E4D0279A  Game Ticket	
420DECE7 7900FAD0  Lucky Medal	
24938AFC 57807CD6  Dragon's Eye	
A0D628B3 65491E25  Bone	
34469CC7 3E7A0250  Anchor Charm	
A5212EC6 8CDBC990  Corn	
4957A71F AFBC6EE3  Cell Key	
9112B582 7A034BF6  Boat Ticket	
94DF47EC EE6E8807  Sacred Feather	
C7B095EC 342881C3  Mystic Draught	
561D79AE 86A61A93  Oil Drop	
83DC3FED 37CE1CB3  Weasel's Claw	
E834A99F FA096C7B  Bumble Seed	
F124021D 63A6655B  Crystal Powder	
EABE2CB1 69291403  Black Crystal	
FB121051 07A10D61  Red Key	
EBA18DF0 B6974991  Blue Key	
6CD2D382 E936AEE5  Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)	
3DD3D284 5FAC4B4C  Jupitar Star	
F7539CAF E1FE0497  Mars Star	
ED56D3AA F414AF5A  ???
73A27F69 3B010A7E  ???
DA809968 F99604A2  Mythril Shirt	
36819221 45DC1F35  Silk Shirt	
ABCA2F87 33F5555B  Running Shirt	
85777FC2 0365D20F  ???
5267ECB0 60C70C54  ???
0FD373B8 86B94321  ???
FA28C7CF 1B7E3D06  Hyper Boots	
0A0DE4AB 99A78176  Quick Boots	
7C815F5A 14A92E32  Fur Boots	
BC4580D4 373FB1F0  Turtle Boots	
E919A6EE 1624960B  ???
B2BA4CA7 C942E959  ???
EBF394F9 192BFCD2  Adept Ring	
033EF1AD 99297391  War Ring	
EE3182C3 1954F16D  Sleep Ring	
64F4ADB5 04F7DA63  Healing Ring	
C9553F59 BACAABC2  Unicorn Ring	
ED65ABEC 269D42DF  Fairy Ring	
2A74CB2F E8D43E1B  Cleric's Ring	
4AB29D73 897B6C0E  ???
70C55158 E70BB100  ???
99B7F810 FEF5B518  ???
7BB5EEDB 9E2838C6  Huge Sword
F94F285F 1F7E624D  Mythril Blade	
9E4BE9FD A5A5D074  Levatine	
E28563EB 37A7F1A2  Darksword	
6352696C 45F031F8  Excalibar	
4888112B 52AAD2F7  Robber's Blade	
7B143D97 CB1C7461  Soul Brand	
498E0FE2 B2EE91EA  Storm Brand	
CAF390F9 93CB7A0A  Hestia Blade	
07C36DC5 E3618655  Lightning Sword	
641E4443 DFFA30FE  Rune Blade	
C4ABE4EE A995F19E  Cloud Brand	
E76DDECE 1276C958  ???
AA404BFD 137F44E0  Sylph Rapier	
5DFFC49C A7D28926  Burning Sword	
349602B3 33B97EE7  Pirate's Sword	
722EF6CD 5CD72192  Corsair's Edge	
D065F7F5 6D135B17  Pirate's Sabre	
AADDCB57 4CD572CA  Hypno's Sword	
DACB7B13 F608EDF2  Mist Sabre	
A63E9339 0A278706  Phaeton's Blade	
1BA53307 FE1D1D0C  Tisiphone Edge	
EEC1F68F 28C37CE6  ???
FCB5CD0A C3A7E4F7  Apollo's Axe	
A3720B57 EB5B0BEE  Gaia's Axe	
E5AE2074 188938BA  Steller Axe	
ACD03D7F 4D97950F  Captain's Axe	
3550CFC9 8A55F261  Viking Axe	
4A2FDB2F B9F76CEF  Disk Axe	
28DDC914 FC547B71  Themis' Axe	
6F21EA3F 4A2B6B6F  Mighty Axe	
76F320ED 1221342D  Tartarous Axe	
3C03678F 799CA25F  ???
09256C68 0C21FBDE  Comet Mace	
D9B17155 8335D81D  Tungsten Mace	
C0F240C8 7EBDF254  Demon Mace	
90E4298D 4C1EC149  Hagbone Mace	
F0DF5899 C4B17F95  Blow Mace	
06FA4AE5 CBDA6618  Rising Mace	
246C476B 3E285630  Thanatos Mace	
6E0B6A68 2E750ECE  ???
34F7A868 1356F2B1  Cloud Mace	
A4E1DBF9 92F0A66B  Salamander Rod	
58D1C48A DD2B702C  Nebula Wand	
FFDD6973 9BB30E1E  Dracomace	
2F1E0734 F9F6880F  Glower Staff	
ACFBFF94 1B6E761F  Goblin's Rod	
8B634E73 1C59E2AE  Meditation Rod	
83E63D63 A8F539CC  Fireman's Pole	
F19C89BF 1E965243  Atropos' Rod	
BDAEAB1D 609F603B  Lachesis' Rule	
DF7857F2 CA27E4DB  Clotho's Distaff	
B30A9948 E5EE7087  Staff of Anubis	
29F56E73 936D2EFD  ???
18755FF0 98712989  Trident	
71343060 7A0ED316  ???
5F5BF56C 22F979C4  Planet Armor	
7B3C4862 60E3DB48  Dragon Mail	
6CCE47BE 7B1EEBBE  Chronos Mail	
7C928D70 3A8ED218  Stealth Armor	
4EC1EF0E 90FD5403  Xylion Armor	
0695295D CCE1F62D  Ixion Mail	
9F1404F5 D8EB6322  Phantasmal Mail	
AEC60793 6AA20AC5  Erebus Armor	
818F62F6 E853242B  Valkyrie Mail	
2AF2AC7D 6834694F  ???
7F95EBC1 60D700A4  Faery Vest	
47E22D89 4F8CB014  Mythril Cltohes	
D07E7272 B8F70902  Full Metal Vest	
145228FC 43EBC2A2  Wild Coat	
9315D726 AC5DC109  Floral Dress	
755F203C DAF10D66  Festival Coat	
AA004A6B 328A914F  Erinyes Tunic	
A67087E4 582B3D36  Triton Ward	
74024153 FD9E0601  ???
CA4FB079 4D4A9BE9  Dragon Robe	
3384EA95 6790DF11  Ardagh Robe	
AC1E022D E6217645  Muni Robe	
0BD9AB32 B18B8669  Aeolian Cassock	
F6008D00 F4D7D9FD  Iris Robe	
4D39DB69 4568CF48  ???
60B914F7 7B9B35F9  Luna Shield	
E55F42EF DE75E86E  Dragon Shield	
3D8E6B28 16DA6C41  Flame Shield	
5E4DC5D6 0AF6475D  Terra Shile	
217AE1C9 B588ADFB  Cosmos Shield	
DB48C7B0 41960A30  Fujin Shield	
CB1AF87D 76F12A6C  Aegis Shield	
D218410F 40E78650  ???
B0D304CC 2F9C8A7F  Aerial Gloves	
CCB9C4FB F8FF11B1  Titan Gloves	
A614C6DB 3A985930  Big Bang Gloves	
5091CA8B C7879268  Crafted Gloves	
FC44676A FF82A7CC  Riot Gloves	
582D283E 1A4151E7  Spirit Gloves (PP)	
C52B5363 05374403  ???
10ECE4FA DBE70757  Clear Bracelet	
3966C35B 1364AA31  Mythril Armlet	
49C11E1F 3D490327  Bone Armlet	
B9CB8820 C9AA6FDA  Jester's Armlet	
C086EBFD 721E68F6  Leda's Bracelet	
ED61E43F 6D5910EA  ???
BE994D73 5F828249  Dragon Helm	
5EBB532A DFC4E912  Mythril helm	
259C52CF 2C4F32E7  Fear Helm	
87FFDA98 9140DFBE  Mellenium Helm	
FB232B4D 010E50B0  Viking Helm	
54BFC560 A2911950  Gloria Helm	
4F620C5E 56B064DE  Minerva Helm	
499ABC5A CC1E55DA  ???
61784146 A12221DD  Floating Hat	
F0C4B760 6F89CD3C  Nurse's CAp	
9254D877 D27C8882  Thorn Crown	
A78003E2 4B5A86FB  O. Mask	
7DA7389D BB785FD5  Hiotoko Mask	
4FB5B569 DFD5F89D  Crown of Glory	
879A4978 DED35497  Alastar's Hood	
11C7E617 167CAA59  ???
5DE3C086 CFE00265  Pure Circlet	
8A813518 F052DADA  Astral Circlet	
34530ED0 59FEEA8C  Psychic Circlet	
1C0B2140 7E4A79F8  Demon Circlet	
B083915B 3F6719EE  Clarity Circlet	
E572082E 7BA2B1FF  Brilliant Circlet	
9C8361ED E4AC43A1  Berserker Band	
666D84B2 6B67791A  ???
957DD996 F6B80D40  Divine Camisole	
0F1056DC A21B65AB  Herbed Shirt	
6C6245DB F13F4F6C  Golden Shirt	
0E041149 E19F8F60  Casual Shirt	
93C587AA 24577ED2  Leather Boots	
8D5DDAF7 CD068996  Dragon Boots	
2ED01202 90AEB2FC  Safety boots	
5876CF99 63601F9D  Knight's Greave	
61F1A998 10D93DC5  Silver Greave	
B56A4DC9 80DD49DF  Ninja Sandals	
B97EABF1 004A7F5B  Golden Boots	
F2968988 1E8EF103  Spirit Ring	
0AA92CE9 4B7B8D7C  Stardust Ring	
2359A7BE 706FD494  Aroma Ring	
3DFCCFEB 487325DA  Rainbow Ring	
F8A8EE58 AA808877  Soul Ring	
BD307C2A A1018CD7  Guardian Ring	
D25ED8BC DE8563D8  Golden Ring	
EC72B055 214E06BF  ???
112E2AE3 62E851F8  Rusty Sword	
78ACCF88 3CC1E5DF  Rusty Sword	
D8763987 D4BC3398  Rusty Sword	
4E659907 3EC27055  Rusty Sword	
A181ADC2 B519691D  Rusty Axe	
7F1E26B1 7F8752B3  Rusty Axe	
D8D9B2C0 5D9689A3  Rusty Mace	
4EAFF22A E191A2F9  Rusty Mace	
DCECCAB6 89FF5961  Rusty Staff	
D1547B16 030B96ED  Rusty Staff	
2A86ED5A 78E6A91E  Rusty Staff	
BC71674C F686B2CB  ???
76ED918C 5E886E5F  Tear Stone	
DD9AE8F0 7E64A905  Star Dust	
4DC8061B 0F59793F  Sylph Feather	
E291AB53 DCD1CE39  Dragon Skin	
D91C7859 2FDA4385  Salamander Tail	
A69FDDCF E50EF5BA  Golem Core	
37DD0F44 5C237249  Mythril Silver	
3C117CA2 BF298F64  Dark Matter	
25E0ABB1 7EFF72B0  Orihalcon	
78B1B735 06795959  ???
BD918A1E A9152E5E  Right Prong	
5774FDBD BC1D6852  Left Prong	
530F1C13 7D8E5FC9  Center Prong	
C33EA8BF C2C6E687  ???
473FAE1E 4596301A  Mysterious Card	
C4ABF2BD CF1CE41B  Trainer's Whip	
4CAA219A 58000AAC  Tomegathericon	
47D87621 9996429F  ???
4F47008E D534ADE1  ???
DB699839 527F7704  Healing Fungus	
BBB477A1 CD6B1A66  Laughing Fungus	
FAF2BC6E 60071BE3  Signal Whistle	
1CE1F160 1B291FC0  Dancing Idol	
A00738E4 A08EA8B3  Pretty Stone	
D5963BDE E387FAB7  Red Cloth	
13818032 D07D3D4D  Milk	
30426390 BE617975  Li'l Turtle	
3E3DE857 C5689848  Aquarius Stone	
3AEE9E73 D1D4FC9D  Large Bread	
D7AF486C 2562624A  Sea God's Tear	
6CDB5817 C0B22E0D  Ruin Key	
4D791564 53414B79  Magma Ball

  CI3. Ivan Slot 1 

BC2E2E21 392E57DD  Long Sword	
5FCC0522 04F34B6E  Broad Sword	
8E4A7450 797BE859  Claymore	
04DE2BE9 DC376953  Great Sword	
6F2A755E 20B3BF46  Samshir	
159C66DB C08A0AB2  Silver Blade	
A1BC31A4 C2A12E73  Fire Brand	
8808516E 71477126  Artic Blade	
A8FD4B6A 6C981461  Gaia Blade	
54895D9B 30EC62CE  Sol Balde	
5A798C5A 6797039F  Muramasa	
B7CC63E4 21B1E019  ???
E3B84FD5 F70D9055  ???
745D5F86 462DC632  ???
658A763B B8DB993B  Machete	
3050F59C 468288DB  Short Sword	
0E7D23A8 A5CECDD7  Hunter's Sword	
1BB28859 453EE222  Battle Blade	
3A14C756 7A85872A  Master Rapier	
EC6F502C B69E624F  Ninja Blade	
AD27093A 766CB0FD  Swift Sword	
1BDB05E1 5979691F  Elven Rapier	
7C917C80 61CAF207  Assassin Blade	
4C89C5EC C987E30B  Mystery Blade	
AE91C0CB 7AAE484E  Kikuichimonji	
BAB8D02E 0F41EA43  Maamune	
81563928 BF2028C2  Bandits Blade	
89053165 B3459141  ???
61745682 C640272F  ???
E2AD4D1A 743C4A61  ???
C3C8B52C BB01C466  Battle Axe	
780D5D07 8FF2BC68  Broad Axe	
A835E202 B8C8D59F  Great Axe	
B925FCDD E061DA41  Dragon Axe	
FC803851 51A27846  Giant Axe	
B36F5A7C DFA71AB8  Vulcan Axe	
D5B8E148 BBA16B91  Burning Axe	
BD02E2F3 2F062031  Demon Axe	
3A6D046F 0B7E0C13  ???
DC049C65 6A0A5E6F  ???
E8B592B3 50E56B10  ???
F20F5BBB 5A57C597  ???
33F210E5 B6A251B5  Mace	
C6BAF457 8000E515  Heavy Mace	
B42D7EE1 1A31B390  Battle Mace	
9EEDC6C9 95DE22BE  War Mace	
D19B272C 82E86A45  Righteous Mace	
87852A47 9D8D0088  Grievous Mace	
FF92D938 D3AAD6A4  Blessed Mace	
9A7CE150 8D4D7742  Wicked Mace	
0F5D3D52 B03F779F  ???
92533F7D 05835200  ???
E1805A34 6AAF1237  ???
5BD925AA 052FDBB7  ???
7329B4FB 1CA2BE30  Wooden Stick	
0ACEBF87 99905703  Magic Rod	
7A326ACA 0950F060  Witch's Wand	
C72A67D5 F4038EA6  Blessed Ankh	
25F95360 8B37F38C  Psynergy Rod	
54731262 7DD6AB14  Frost Wand	
81EC031A CBAC8AB8  Angelic Ankh	
F97B2299 5916EF7C  Demonic Staff	
1FD85A88 5716C0DA  Crystal Rod	
AC5F8C53 72FEA3E3  Zodiac Wand	
555C4AEA 53367211  Shamon's Rod	
025A390A 362E0BB1  ???
B25DA3A6 CE1B7523  ???
54A737DE 543C24AA  ???
FB6938FF 2428267F  ???
311B56C6 382A1A52  ???
F57BCD6B BAF1D848  ???
94B2903B B3FEEF09  ???
7DB7F0D0 0711F08A  ???
EFC4EBEC 69E0B3FF  ???
D1062595 0C71CF5F  Leather Armor	
9C61F238 27BB7D4E  Psynergy Armor	
4A9FC7E0 7656BD2D  Chain Mail	
323FFC9C 72710028  Armored Shell	
D3EE9B5D DDA1F0BA  Plate Mail	
2F1BC76A 6B73F17D  Steel Armor	
581003A1 FB587F7C  Spirit Armor	
A4566043 544C4BFE  Dragon Scales	
E5BB8A72 9C724F96  Demon Mail	
760A9365 71316AAF  Asura's Armor	
ECC5F53B ABA79CFF  Spiked Armor	
13EA737B 622B131D  ???
45CC2AAF EE37DDB0  ???
092E8126 56140E42  Cotton Shirt	
53F697EC DAD616A0  Travel Vest	
735BA7FE ECD10994  Fur Coat	
E7792768 4478993D  Adept's Clothes	
E3C079DC 70905010  Elven Shirt	
F40ACAD0 5A850445  Silver Vest	
8A5E33EA DA91E72C  Water Jacket	
A4926B72 A8503E51  Storm Gear	
2B85D206 5E3EF676  Kimono	
1FC8487F 6BB6201A  Ninja Garb	
28894987 A7B72F25  ???
69C752A8 2F172A46  ???
601AB007 75D56602  ???
58E6C2E5 399945E5  ???
05DB6A4B B71009D1  One-Pieced Dress	
DDC382F8 70144681  Travel Robe	
7E6AA20D 0CBEDC00  Silk Robe	
ECC5DED5 27E65615  China Dress	
D144DB68 16DE2A3D  Jerkin	
3A9AF965 9BDC23F9  Cocktail Dress	
EC2B258E 8A898CDE  Blessed Robe	
46CBE904 CCF787D7  Magical Cassock	
927DE0E9 C3D4B711  Mysterious Robe	
0C119262 EAC4140A  Feathered Robe	
26E0C0B2 9EC4218A  Oracle's Robe	
209D35A2 03A17547  ???
BD75DDEA 2F8487B1  ???
9E71FBB8 E5B4A8C6  ???
AD4B9D1F 210F2D31  ???
1AC07DF9 7B2B6192  Wooden Shield	
808655E3 3A5558B3  Bronze Shield	
8CE65306 89A80ABD  Iron Shield	
800BAE11 D014FD04  Knight's Shield	
6CD82DE1 1031C2DF  Mirrored Shield	
9E46A06C 5DD918F1  Dragon Shield	
8AE0F030 9ECAEF5A  Earth Shield	
5B48CF86 04750220  ???
9F93874F 4CBDBF32  ???
F6F5AAE4 BE2244FA  Padded Gloves	
E58D9DB8 6B75D55E  Leather Gloves	
FCFFBD59 DFAC63D4  Gauntlets	
14BC7E5D 9D294CCE  Vambrace	
CD7E72E4 BF2A62CF  War Gloves	
A7DE84FE FBBC4F0D  Spirit Gloves (Elemental pwr)	
C423C104 71033899  Battle Gloves	
2752DD3A FE46E2FF  Aura Gloves	
ED534697 6C90718A  ???
23BECBF0 873F0CAB  Leather Armlet	
BD7B97E6 1665C5CA  Armlet	
FDF7BD32 5420560B  Heavy Armlet	
B8249637 7E2FB1E9  Silver Armlet	
D032057D BE4D9A0B  Spirit Armlet	
4B75B63A 6DD89E55  Virtuous Armlet	
E7DBBC4A 07F682AE  Guardian Armlet	
27CA2522 C9F93B87  ???
45D7ECAD D695FA55  ???
E8C0A1EF ACCF3502  Open Helm	
CDB66443 6D602D30  Bronze Helm	
FD1A52A1 761C6551  Iron Helm	
0ABD6039 F7034AE9  Steel Helm	
115AB755 35FE0B97  Silver Helm	
05A75CAA 32098B0C  Knight's Helm
081C9768 3D0C4D20  Warrior's Helm	
4CE18EAF 6EB69473  Adept's Helm	
2A73DDEF 191A63BE  ???
1F8FCB96 42F3EF3C  ???
93950B8E 9326C3F7  ???
A78916D4 57E5E89D  Leather Cap	
2C1FE2F9 A006D790  Wooden Cap	
909C682F 0BA30C30  Mail Cap	
50658F07 348BD8E2  Jeweled Crown	
08C2C801 9295CB14  Ninja Hood	
D94AA2BC B35C9BB5  Lucky Cap	
037E8D95 0CA93839  Thunder Crown	
04312D8B E927230E  Prophet's Hat	
18240221 EEF96D59  Lure Cap	
412552C4 4958EDEE  ???
7C64B5D0 A6862940  Circlet	
19DE60B2 DB7D17D1  Silver Circlet	
2F2100CA BB1ADD13  Guardian Circlet	
02EA16EA 0EEC37C0  Platinum Circlet	
F636F186 9AFE843D  Mythril Circlet	
2019C537 B32BB9B1  Glittering Tiara	
7FF5D4B8 C49D2A76  ???
0CB58804 01E59714  ???
AA29D4BE EA4F5223  ???
33BAA8F2 279DE76A  ???
C9F30D29 EF3431F9  ???
3C6075B1 559AE436  ???
F69433EB 1780C977  ???
9934558C E144ADDD  ???
D41F175F 65B42D49  Herb	
5122E091 F14B9680  Nut	
B4421D64 D0DE3BF6  Vial	
3961DBC3 3D6C8BA5  Potion	
CDFBA8C7 AB55ED78  Hermes' Water	
049A73CE 55FC20D5  Empty Bottle	
631F0351 B4BCC1F5  Psy Energy Crystal	
1797B5FB 90C776ED  Antidote	
8605D721 A3FF750A  Elixer	
7DB180B1 E9F3C9DA  Water of Life	
37876C98 8022F426  Mist Potion	
A14D45AB F53BACA5  Power Bread	
8EB45E0D F9B05A39  Cookie	
CFD979CB 8C7CC08A  Apple	
7F5B33FF E01BCF4D  Hard Nut	
96A30F2D 9CA60388  Mint	
6F518493 605F48BF  Lucky Pepper	
B450BDC7 62AF883C  ???
3BA1471E A9E10753  Lash Pebble	
B4E0C5BB 41E00B2C  Pound Cube	
E2A69A71 6E7B426B  Orb of Force	
F6190EB7 F9DD5AD2  Douse Drop	
6FF59776 7AD363E7  Frost Jewel	
683CF01E B6EAD4B1  Lifting Gem	
13EE4AF2 E84C0C33  Halt Gem	
96423268 3319F8A3  Cloak Ball	
C9E5380E 917B1A0F  Carry Stone	
EF736C77 41E2CA7E  Catch Beads	
2780A579 5ABD4753  Temper Bit	
59D97DA4 1B7072A3  Scoop Gem	
00695546 7C93567F  Cyclone Chip	
32456F7D A7AD2EAD  ???
2B472991 A88B5D6E  ???
21C79109 2B59494E  Burst Brooch	
382C30D0 0508FEB2  Grindstone	
83AD2D6C 6D42B88C  Hover Jade	
6150290A D01462C8  ???
3A8B4EE5 663EF7A9  Teleport Lapis	
152D7576 559EF403  ???
E8AF3910 4A1264DF  ???
7F5085A4 FF1C7F3A  Venus Star	
AECE113A DB0A1F46  Mercury Star	
3F6A8773 F4A352CA  Mythril Bag (Mars Star)	
6D790E51 0F9D0CEE  Mythril Bag (Jupitar Star)	
76819F05 A3C375B6  Mythril Bag	
29A68F31 E88A6440  Small Jewel	
179CC2E9 CC6879A4  Smoke Bomb	
0FDF63AC 3F8EB671  Sleep Bomb	
BAE5D876 6062C47C  Game Ticket	
9AFDC19D 787B8D93  Lucky Medal	
721E1A0E E8E4C832  Dragon's Eye	
F7AD88AA 2BAB9777  Bone	
1E0F79A2 F4CC06CF  Anchor Charm	
9F3D30C7 C87AE6F4  Corn	
1508AE4D 914DA2BF  Cell Key	
F8207B54 C7084A01  Boat Ticket	
E199D5CF 42A5FADA  Sacred Feather	
4A245D5A B9ADE37A  Mystic Draught	
0A87450E D44457C9  Oil Drop	
8657BA28 008B9027  Weasel's Claw	
C19DEE46 06A2A5BF  Bumble Seed	
D9F1229F AC79C6E8  Crystal Powder	
ADC548E8 04C9082F  Black Crystal	
504FF434 F6403541  Red Key	
36D26895 472DDF24  Blue Key	
59582E1A 414C19DD  Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)	
AEEF36E5 3F7FE981  Jupitar Star	
77F7E04C A7E99A59  Mars Star	
3778AE88 1D7B67DD  ???
B5A36D22 B08D3099  ???
6313CB0D 973B85E4  Mythril Shirt	
B60F7A15 FCFDC654  Silk Shirt	
A70D628E 7EF1C8AB  Running Shirt	
7C0C2631 C132FC13  ???
2032E2CB DFB6B69E  ???
1B09F52F 36014B3D  ???
91033BF3 4E80247E  Hyper Boots	
0DEBF437 6249A4DC  Quick Boots	
B57BE113 C7AAD26F  Fur Boots	
21116F35 2D687FA4  Turtle Boots	
4E810704 13292D65  ???
08C4AF19 94546A69  ???
6A78C0F4 2D9189D6  Adept Ring	
5964B78B 5CA584FC  War Ring	
F4D7452B 7E63F5EA  Sleep Ring	
6640086C 95C99522  Healing Ring	
58E0551C 1137D6EA  Unicorn Ring	
68616542 50CE0FE8  Fairy Ring	
EAAA19F1 F2140773  Cleric's Ring	
B8DC69A3 6411726A  ???
07BCA91D C86AAFCE  ???
3E4BA366 418F6F4B  ???
E7D573B2 E34DE244  Huge Sword
E01137A6 DF80E49E  Mythril Blade	
966B9753 8064021B  Levatine	
302A337B 3B95D6DA  Darksword	
9DADE7C2 B2811AD9  Excalibar	
DB2B405D A61D5073  Robber's Blade	
37186F87 BB3E77E8  Soul Brand	
DC83E670 E4F4F94A  Storm Brand	
CC6CAB6B BC10A08D  Hestia Blade	
4E0C33B9 F1AA5B81  Lightning Sword	
4ACF5C83 1066848F  Rune Blade	
B12DF57B 8A37FF6F  Cloud Brand	
4C2BF53A 3A637C1E  ???
65FA966C 5A9C4595  Sylph Rapier	
9DEAA95A 5FC324E3  Burning Sword	
DB9F4823 9D0C5BD6  Pirate's Sword	
58218461 264B77DD  Corsair's Edge	
FD66783C 7E5DEB31  Pirate's Sabre	
ABDF934F E0DD810A  Hypno's Sword	
FEFF13AE 533FAA70  Mist Sabre	
611148B2 E289136B  Phaeton's Blade	
84115D4A 7B1DD6BE  Tisiphone Edge	
5236C49C 48D10EEE  ???
3F092F0B 9D22811F  Apollo's Axe	
7FA424F3 7D23B6E4  Gaia's Axe	
85A50BE2 1026BB5E  Steller Axe	
12E69A72 EAF8E1F1  Captain's Axe	
78331659 03D8EBB7  Viking Axe	
F9AD230F 752F89E9  Disk Axe	
CAE64DD2 BF57646C  Themis' Axe	
5B365EE7 FCE7D03D  Mighty Axe	
D220B64E 9D73BD5F  Tartarous Axe	
AF58B1F7 BFB829D8  ???
2063C576 58FC9CE5  Comet Mace	
B834BD07 5740144E  Tungsten Mace	
20431E31 629086F4  Demon Mace	
6262DDA9 42379C6C  Hagbone Mace	
706B4414 343ED344  Blow Mace	
2EB4D602 B6D8D882  Rising Mace	
6129DF3B 9E6E3F60  Thanatos Mace	
E73B1A40 F27CDD25  ???
61ABE875 05C181DE  Cloud Mace	
B72F9AB6 59EA267B  Salamander Rod	
A66F2172 9CDBC81B  Nebula Wand	
69EA3391 AAD78B32  Dracomace	
D73113C7 17879D56  Glower Staff	
D78A0499 1669605E  Goblin's Rod	
3F95D47D A5A01FFB  Meditation Rod	
45ED31E2 3CA1965D  Fireman's Pole	
C0F7FC96 1156D1E2  Atropos' Rod	
85B98134 DF721C15  Lachesis' Rule	
B23D4D71 40A8FDBA  Clotho's Distaff	
55916595 6CEF5791  Staff of Anubis	
26AE7E75 3402A14C  ???
45C51956 B0F1C270  Trident	
25C2160B 44BF530D  ???
E2F4CA04 1C1A2F7D  Planet Armor	
B8EFE142 62B8B110  Dragon Mail	
27F03F88 5BDEEB3B  Chronos Mail	
2772E9B3 E8414E32  Stealth Armor	
3685FF19 3536CCFB  Xylion Armor	
D288BEE1 A8C39E53  Ixion Mail	
8ABCBD9E FEE17C75  Phantasmal Mail	
2545F960 D5B099C8  Erebus Armor	
011537CC A8866073  Valkyrie Mail	
D122A8CD 7EA2A57C  ???
09F8AB55 5DEDDE99  Faery Vest	
F73C43E5 51ACC8AA  Mythril Cltohes	
757B6C9A 20857C61  Full Metal Vest	
AD630F5A 8E81C2F4  Wild Coat	
EF873993 6E7B3CB1  Floral Dress	
46F3AB7C CC8AE872  Festival Coat	
42F026A9 3EC9AACA  Erinyes Tunic	
FEEE666D E0636673  Triton Ward	
E8A2D00D 8DFE8101  ???
52DBC5D4 8DE594DD  Dragon Robe	
2947C8C9 7BB37E94  Ardagh Robe	
F8CBB05E 97BEF2A7  Muni Robe	
001E66C3 FC9D116C  Aeolian Cassock	
E169918E B4B0BACF  Iris Robe	
83A7BF28 031AFC00  ???
5E1CB900 2904FD39  Luna Shield	
9F324B70 2F00F7F2  Dragon Shield	
02BF6700 06B3E685  Flame Shield	
F5D70EB7 6843F184  Terra Shile	
2B4BC136 336B8724  Cosmos Shield	
D04ABA9C 9E055D95  Fujin Shield	
FFD542CD 761B03C0  Aegis Shield	
7776AF9C A80E95DD  ???
BBD1A2C4 60B09B07  Aerial Gloves	
BBE5EDE3 B1822DA5  Titan Gloves	
BABB554C 362F5D33  Big Bang Gloves	
718A7241 47121F83  Crafted Gloves	
EB9BE4A4 7141456D  Riot Gloves	
7FD45002 B949E9B2  Spirit Gloves (PP)	
C3B6A516 9DD4CFA1  ???
C28A16E2 1AC0106B  Clear Bracelet	
90FD1AB8 334C86AA  Mythril Armlet	
BB9595AA 00BB59D0  Bone Armlet	
CC803168 055E67C0  Jester's Armlet	
1E09464A 84518388  Leda's Bracelet	
8EE987A9 BAD4D0EB  ???
E3B66A17 BBC92516  Dragon Helm	
25F94BEB 9E754742  Mythril helm	
F2514059 60CAA628  Fear Helm	
32061697 EC2CBB32  Mellenium Helm	
6D729743 740CF91F  Viking Helm	
A176B8D3 18552ADB  Gloria Helm	
BF89595B AC42B8B8  Minerva Helm	
4C41FA09 DCF44B05  ???
A94C1FAD E661F879  Floating Hat	
E78421AB 0A8B4FEB  Nurse's CAp	
F36FF740 D6BFBC4F  Thorn Crown	
A94B00B9 00E10629  O. Mask	
D717ED83 2A4AE3D8  Hiotoko Mask	
7A65DA68 B1D21FB0  Crown of Glory	
3897F0B6 23941A39  Alastar's Hood	
CDCC25A0 CA149CF2  ???
918921F2 166D455F  Pure Circlet	
9F8116FC 1C08A77D  Astral Circlet	
7978BF6B 1B0F21BD  Psychic Circlet	
A162888D 02E087C0  Demon Circlet	
5CAB0280 591712AA  Clarity Circlet	
B11C1A48 3514BC12  Brilliant Circlet	
9D346905 D8453475  Berserker Band	
EF5DEC5C 99088258  ???
57A50EDA 93E47F52  Divine Camisole	
08338D0E DF81F62E  Herbed Shirt	
07592A7E 4E085920  Golden Shirt	
EF102568 B9FF8B9C  Casual Shirt	
7F44BB1B 45B8502A  Leather Boots	
0A072AAD FFB139CC  Dragon Boots	
3C59E351 D678E7A1  Safety boots	
5C82F959 70B271B2  Knight's Greave	
0DB0D8DF 81605D72  Silver Greave	
10C15A85 AFDAC15B  Ninja Sandals	
030A73C5 B41B5842  Golden Boots	
FA9ABBDC ECE8DD89  Spirit Ring	
1CCDBC7E C4F3080A  Stardust Ring	
DB7D4B93 4981906C  Aroma Ring	
3F271F6A CCA9AF8F  Rainbow Ring	
E97D5B36 5D312C2D  Soul Ring	
C3FDE179 EA6758F5  Guardian Ring	
4817F558 A456623D  Golden Ring	
04EE3181 3E757E3F  ???
A9718487 05089E73  Rusty Sword	
86E05AD7 9252492D  Rusty Sword	
DBBB01B3 B67DF914  Rusty Sword	
DE33428C 12977C0B  Rusty Sword	
D3CB55CF 3E4E3324  Rusty Axe	
D9CC5077 C94DCB01  Rusty Axe	
CBC703DC 5E9F7F89  Rusty Mace	
2C3818FC EB90F05C  Rusty Mace	
1C570F99 7AF2C5D5  Rusty Staff	
1BEFC833 8A0CC116  Rusty Staff	
867FB108 694AFF90  Rusty Staff	
56C01ECF 9E20B009  ???
42B318EC 51CB92F4  Tear Stone	
F36BC197 B826B9DC  Star Dust	
415BCA5D C352BA64  Sylph Feather	
EBE0CB2D CD1F341E  Dragon Skin	
26F51C43 ED6F4558  Salamander Tail	
C0F158F6 67826B15  Golem Core	
6EE0E0E5 8E228DC2  Mythril Silver	
A38B2730 10DAB692  Dark Matter	
25B3FF03 98836091  Orihalcon	
F0A85795 8F16A244  ???
3AD7DEAE A7ACC6BC  Right Prong	
2F99D87A C350B11E  Left Prong	
24BFD8E0 9591C91D  Center Prong	
87D0AE8E 45E1CDD4  ???
F4CBCA3E BB16ABC9  Mysterious Card	
18D679D3 6C8C3E50  Trainer's Whip	
8439034A 99CCCDAC  Tomegathericon	
9ABA087F 1BF84E6D  ???
C0D37176 2EB215B5  ???
CB9B31B0 7253C72B  Healing Fungus	
0630ED68 1FB1D22B  Laughing Fungus	
7FF70032 C52194DF  Signal Whistle	
D27344A2 9ACF9541  Dancing Idol	
36A3C2A5 C9C97EA4  Pretty Stone	
33F9EB6E 632E394D  Red Cloth	
43F80347 6A40BB27  Milk	
581C4C35 C8455E5E  Li'l Turtle	
BF51F802 C049FFCA  Aquarius Stone	
446AC778 39F8FA78  Large Bread	
4C0D90B2 901102FB  Sea God's Tear	
DA665CBE AE83AA87  Ruin Key	
71DF308E E01614F0  Magma Ball

   CI4. Mia Slot 1 

46BA198A 6FBD34EB  Long Sword	
5B2A34B4 1CA182A3  Broad Sword	
9BA6F644 C6A4FDFD  Claymore	
749181E4 5E07AE55  Great Sword	
6E4F96A3 D428BF1B  Samshir	
D166FD7F 36F79462  Silver Blade	
2F56C71A 25CA3BB1  Fire Brand	
91737E3E 77BC1A42  Artic Blade	
E7AFC167 C94A5905  Gaia Blade	
29E64EB3 FAD707CE  Sol Balde	
96D5690B 1769B0C8  Muramasa	
823FDEE3 BEBFF0E3  ???
ABBF1414 3866E252  ???
11262B03 AC1DDE1E  ???
4D89E8EC E4AEA006  Machete	
6F008169 6BBD37FB  Short Sword	
F128AF23 ECAAE3F3  Hunter's Sword	
8C0DA63F 8FB44B93  Battle Blade	
A513FEA2 FEF1C2D8  Master Rapier	
308607E5 F1C5438F  Ninja Blade	
9DC7397E 57F1C4C5  Swift Sword	
EDBBB256 8648BF10  Elven Rapier	
CAA4E934 B027E817  Assassin Blade	
DC884AE1 0106B6D3  Mystery Blade	
D3C1F85C AF4FD44B  Kikuichimonji	
20BFB205 6A06CF5C  Maamune	
BF3815AB 664E0C99  Bandits Blade	
E4D221CA 8A1DE3DB  ???
B68E5332 333F1605  ???
1F7C00E8 5F97D7C0  ???
AD7D3721 996A7DC5  Battle Axe	
6B3609C3 3E01AF91  Broad Axe	
7A8DA5EC 393C6593  Great Axe	
D16782D0 4DE8D25D  Dragon Axe	
FC05BAA2 9FB4CD9E  Giant Axe	
40D02D4B 6F095B92  Vulcan Axe	
FEB980A7 D10FC440  Burning Axe	
BE23D862 C01E4B7B  Demon Axe	
0588A976 96810C26  ???
201C88E1 89FAECDE  ???
90548A8D BC79D16D  ???
F598EA89 CA778819  ???
6268332C DFF65048  Mace	
C924B385 BB3BC32F  Heavy Mace	
74A1BB9A C9B79900  Battle Mace	
9145041F 8B108450  War Mace	
9604E330 13427A35  Righteous Mace	
784CE98C 7367A0C6  Grievous Mace	
EAE75266 7E45C051  Blessed Mace	
C8C34C9B 8F5B1455  Wicked Mace	
AF537F5D FCD25050  ???
3CB61778 C24C86D3  ???
239DD830 3912A177  ???
C32DE137 115E19C9  ???
6A673718 E345DCF9  Wooden Stick	
2BF77369 9C0D834B  Magic Rod	
F9868089 2CB23478  Witch's Wand	
1FED5613 0B5A38E4  Blessed Ankh	
2679611E 3124A434  Psynergy Rod	
430A24F4 62930D6B  Frost Wand	
9F684450 B48111BD  Angelic Ankh	
53749415 ACFA91DA  Demonic Staff	
F622BDE8 CCA07BF8  Crystal Rod	
A71A0C51 F4406D9C  Zodiac Wand	
6AF674FE 00799130  Shamon's Rod	
94E98F8A C5A2A25C  ???
1BC67021 875FC0A3  ???
FB71B861 68828205  ???
B98C0218 F7CB60AE  ???
CA8726FB 79E1037A  ???
BD89E40E E66FB0EE  ???
2AB2D17A B40E39F3  ???
3494683D 2EA7233E  ???
0B9FE52A F6054991  ???
A1B1B5DA 6006A915  Leather Armor	
707F3F64 22AB6383  Psynergy Armor	
6757D7B7 1DCF9C7A  Chain Mail	
8ABD4602 7B0E562F  Armored Shell	
76E2D92F 443126E3  Plate Mail	
DFD0A07B 40005230  Steel Armor	
0586B240 24B7B5AA  Spirit Armor	
9CAE5325 542198DC  Dragon Scales	
AB6632A0 934E1D62  Demon Mail	
2684B225 98282DC6  Asura's Armor	
563270CA CA1CCAE0  Spiked Armor	
3971ACB2 0B7D582C  ???
DE4CBA12 EFFB11B0  ???
FF233988 02A8E9C4  ???
88EDEC52 27217C1B  Cotton Shirt	
7BE566C3 FE20614F  Travel Vest	
7A928F4F 71C7983E  Fur Coat	
8E0855A4 644B93AE  Adept's Clothes	
F77FF6AD B0A07724  Elven Shirt	
9A5BD508 FA07F798  Silver Vest	
546826FC 16E20B69  Water Jacket	
88583B87 BB779129  Storm Gear	
B0D5FEF6 55D5D477  Kimono	
7D4C2272 EA38FF55  Ninja Garb	
525D8CC0 E5CD47FD  ???
10BBD5F7 C9B2DA15  ???
6F562FF1 D68FC869  ???
BBBD9E3E DC46F953  ???
44206206 80C07441  One-Pieced Dress	
58BCB052 BFC189D0  Travel Robe	
9882344A 3EAB760F  Silk Robe	
18CEF891 1A1EEF19  China Dress	
2D7539A5 47189E7E  Jerkin	
98F69450 5C2367D8  Cocktail Dress	
830CDED8 61A3A59F  Blessed Robe	
BAB54321 6B075167  Magical Cassock	
488DE01E 8225570E  Mysterious Robe	
5A0A517A 2F8ED5FC  Feathered Robe	
F2824AD0 B811AB17  Oracle's Robe	
07AD5299 4F2803BA  ???
E76A87D3 8FBD89DF  ???
653A6CEB DA32F08F  ???
14646A22 F0A44FB3  ???
8F201BA0 16D79627  Wooden Shield	
F037A60D F821E776  Bronze Shield	
1BC65C2F 90468F67  Iron Shield	
06C5EF50 4425DA5D  Knight's Shield	
48507DC6 9A8E1D08  Mirrored Shield	
805E4FA6 6BA86E61  Dragon Shield	
7BF9167A 2750C19D  Earth Shield	
C66461A7 376AF100  ???
EA3A71C0 2FCDE8E5  ???
238EF1FA 10188862  Padded Gloves	
9828ED43 2E9BF58F  Leather Gloves	
FA2FF412 EFD951AC  Gauntlets	
33A1D6A9 E918BD84  Vambrace	
9914D831 F2D7D7A0  War Gloves	
AE0A504D 84B994B6  Spirit Gloves (Elemental pwr)	
29ADEA8F 75AC0A0E  Battle Gloves	
DA460026 D7669B5F  Aura Gloves	
072639D0 DDF51543  ???
198EEEBF B5336FCF  Leather Armlet	
14C55006 8B49F1EC  Armlet	
ADFE7ACD 57B6BF92  Heavy Armlet	
C6609645 1F63CBDE  Silver Armlet	
5382244D 404CF817  Spirit Armlet	
33A1225C 6425B12B  Virtuous Armlet	
0929F531 99744C49  Guardian Armlet	
61D91152 C1571038  ???
C737D5A7 2B2CA23C  ???
A845E31C 2E2BFC1E  Open Helm	
2E498F45 2B60D8B9  Bronze Helm	
F5EB8C0A EAB9082D  Iron Helm	
1A778C6F 2A9080AE  Steel Helm	
6AD7712C 87D62C7B  Silver Helm	
A85B8E2D 1411505B  Knight's Helm
C33223B0 8428BD97  Warrior's Helm	
160C3CBF 66738EE1  Adept's Helm	
40494C4C 637215DA  ???
285907F9 819B0AC5  ???
C75AB03A 0CB7221E  ???
6FAC5EC5 018DA522  Leather Cap	
9A09A20E 96D85438  Wooden Cap	
98E4C357 1EEEA912  Mail Cap	
664DAA17 98DAD77A  Jeweled Crown	
86C9D2C5 CE6208F3  Ninja Hood	
47B8E6E9 50AE296D  Lucky Cap	
A493F752 B865CE33  Thunder Crown	
D80A205A 174FD898  Prophet's Hat	
1D27A8AB B3F20D60  Lure Cap	
6FFEB62B 10E8E665  ???
32694200 F7D73C6A  Circlet	
F32DA6EB B469C5B8  Silver Circlet	
76BFF552 6883224E  Guardian Circlet	
D6859FC8 641250DE  Platinum Circlet	
8F7AF6DB FF2BE3E9  Mythril Circlet	
63FBC727 DF3A37CA  Glittering Tiara	
D9CC1088 A07AF9C8  ???
6F7D829A AC2B7760  ???
04439782 83435D1A  ???
919C14F3 14CF0218  ???
255021DD E129F715  ???
E1A10A03 F83C129E  ???
4F39E135 A1C73178  ???
1FF1BECB 80960EEF  ???
FAF1458F E00180E8  Herb	
79B95EDD 1A9D1927  Nut	
A05275C1 367D2A92  Vial	
5CBEA480 13506B63  Potion	
1EA75CBD 86682069  Hermes' Water	
36A85530 E536EED4  Empty Bottle	
893833F6 3C24E7CB  Psy Energy Crystal	
832CD2F3 729D8429  Antidote	
9D6C5023 5090CA89  Elixer	
328C6871 DA8C2FC4  Water of Life	
FEC11575 ABDDBE5E  Mist Potion	
DB0FDA45 192816AB  Power Bread	
BEEFD172 47500A99  Cookie	
038C1553 BA7A7F2C  Apple	
6D971B52 815D3744  Hard Nut	
8958CD71 62FAC4DD  Mint	
09C97A7F 691E90D9  Lucky Pepper	
EAA9831F E7C8BCCF  ???
AA24DA8A 9F4D373F  Lash Pebble	
168F33AA A6AEEB92  Pound Cube	
6063228E 8AC78F18  Orb of Force	
E0A94334 86243110  Douse Drop	
75E1EC73 21BC3ECB  Frost Jewel	
AD7A8081 08BDA1D4  Lifting Gem	
D7A8D5FF DD77D96F  Halt Gem	
715FB52F 7E2ECA84  Cloak Ball	
847F246C 01B5BD03  Carry Stone	
ED74B016 EF2B2176  Catch Beads	
9599C03B BA99C8BD  Temper Bit	
A9905E8D A653BF23  Scoop Gem	
C30E5615 61B77CD3  Cyclone Chip	
8DF78F66 02DEE249  ???
CD4B3663 7E5C47D0  ???
DBD54B5A F5F13A98  Burst Brooch	
0701FD60 9FDC9DCC  Grindstone	
71CAFB27 92A1A782  Hover Jade	
C58A8552 58BB5A68  ???
C1DA9C0F 961F7493  Teleport Lapis	
D47A3A03 EE1322B6  ???
CD9E5FE8 1C5744BC  ???
AC1D8473 1D0CD209  Venus Star	
2AFA88B8 04033174  Mercury Star	
25811812 32A7B2AD  Mythril Bag (Mars Star)	
9AC2A654 0833642C  Mythril Bag (Jupitar Star)	
AB1AB587 9739CA2E  Mythril Bag	
C4598A3E 66F1D43D  Small Jewel	
E5A63883 9EDE9227  Smoke Bomb	
718FEF9F 607F40E1  Sleep Bomb	
C795D4E0 469FE3C0  Game Ticket	
DB5E4F37 D4FE4501  Lucky Medal	
86AB1B4F 292E3511  Dragon's Eye	
0531D379 2FD5E92A  Bone	
2F8E1F4B D74A4AC6  Anchor Charm	
62ECCE63 9B08E319  Corn	
AB35D5FC 9886C817  Cell Key	
61336868 8CD4EA4F  Boat Ticket	
EEE6845A 6CE2AAFA  Sacred Feather	
277F3A38 D9BAFFFB  Mystic Draught	
ED84C105 0E6A087B  Oil Drop	
E00F7C42 A437767B  Weasel's Claw	
7FFAAE02 3A08467B  Bumble Seed	
4AE1990C 26206214  Crystal Powder	
DB5CEC0F 4D186160  Black Crystal	
C07A3F81 379502B7  Red Key	
13086150 419A4521  Blue Key	
B30C3264 193624C2  Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)	
CC0D73B2 DE7FD679  Jupitar Star	
E541A669 124630F6  Mars Star	
853D6815 EFFE1EAB  ???
F93272D8 98563BEF  ???
6C05B779 88DFC3BC  Mythril Shirt	
B31C74E3 96B1F05F  Silk Shirt	
44065BAA F4171E9D  Running Shirt	
93CE166F D7A3949D  ???
E24A30DA 62199E90  ???
C574F7D3 7D76FD54  ???
46B3C34A B6D5AC0C  Hyper Boots	
A6139703 2467E95D  Quick Boots	
181385EA DD22DDFC  Fur Boots	
A365D773 A5FCF9BF  Turtle Boots	
51EE0838 195E7589  ???
0963925A 7143ED3B  ???
E8C61B00 67824E19  Adept Ring	
0436E5BF 84570F03  War Ring	
E02C0559 1B7A1B17  Sleep Ring	
27499D48 49E673D0  Healing Ring	
6B416A6E 19DBEEAA  Unicorn Ring	
6A57904F AB5EB2CB  Fairy Ring	
5C22B375 467310B7  Cleric's Ring	
0215BA1B D2A7761F  ???
553C348C 17F7C8D3  ???
5929E22D B6FA22AD  ???
6D5250AA 2F12461C  Huge Sword
1BF0302F D3A6D6B5  Mythril Blade	
0B974BBB 950E6D83  Levatine	
3289EFE8 54068DF0  Darksword	
56C6CBF9 DFE8792D  Excalibar	
D4AC6C01 0660D319  Robber's Blade	
FF6821E5 E4D2DFED  Soul Brand	
4AEFC44E E4BED5DF  Storm Brand	
E50C6B07 1FC2A11D  Hestia Blade	
046D9570 A24137BC  Lightning Sword	
0E43D984 7472D684  Rune Blade	
34AA83CE B0291994  Cloud Brand	
E075B73D 233B002B  ???
C7A53BD8 16B96BD0  Sylph Rapier	
F5D35819 DC7B0262  Burning Sword	
1CD70AC5 64346345  Pirate's Sword	
B1B60447 D094C4D1  Corsair's Edge	
DC82926E 1369D4A6  Pirate's Sabre	
C38E2E83 AB1AC8E2  Hypno's Sword	
F61E6F6C 6E749D5C  Mist Sabre	
A6B45670 D552B223  Phaeton's Blade	
23296A3D 95CF7D78  Tisiphone Edge	
1C0FFFA0 35AC786C  ???
947F10B6 6F09735E  Apollo's Axe	
D7287AA7 3C3D3B87  Gaia's Axe	
4BC730B9 89C4E719  Steller Axe	
570B692B 9A8CE4F3  Captain's Axe	
F51AE57E 0CC3AC48  Viking Axe	
9B6A5BE7 93FA8A45  Disk Axe	
FAA52642 BA6A8C50  Themis' Axe	
57C7380F 474000F5  Mighty Axe	
AD9BE787 153A2FCA  Tartarous Axe	
F80A9446 77D46318  ???
90A2DB3D E6603698  Comet Mace	
4A53F3C2 459943C5  Tungsten Mace	
BEC8525B C4D80E4D  Demon Mace	
966B6970 F67F7ED3  Hagbone Mace	
5AC3F312 8B76CCF7  Blow Mace	
2771B57A 8E7F8218  Rising Mace	
8901ECEB 58BAC33E  Thanatos Mace	
E6C10B68 07C4D852  ???
413ADE50 981865E2  Cloud Mace	
53FA2F35 B97F6EF2  Salamander Rod	
3952DD48 13405735  Nebula Wand	
AA7E7FF8 CF22C4FE  Dracomace	
F3120B26 4DF00226  Glower Staff	
C25BF6F5 D297F3E0  Goblin's Rod	
0250D2E9 13C95214  Meditation Rod	
1BEB8942 5F06C957  Fireman's Pole	
F9B2E8EF A800078F  Atropos' Rod	
CD4464A4 17AC86A2  Lachesis' Rule	
EEF40EF3 E4812573  Clotho's Distaff	
3A4BEF92 DC7C1EA3  Staff of Anubis	
4BFE1742 315B57EE  ???
00FEBF11 C4A8FB1D  Trident	
6248AE0F 2FD76661  ???
725E5857 32D4C75D  Planet Armor	
691B4079 AB6663E0  Dragon Mail	
0AFC6955 7206F77B  Chronos Mail	
4DC42B27 454848B7  Stealth Armor	
B20FCB71 4C235D89  Xylion Armor	
F6FD61F1 0917A52C  Ixion Mail	
93B6EF71 23522F65  Phantasmal Mail	
1481467B B1AF4641  Erebus Armor	
31D2BDF1 1BC7F92A  Valkyrie Mail	
83F1BAEB 4E3DBE7C  ???
CD4C94BA BC8D359B  Faery Vest	
0B04E5F3 6BE29EFE  Mythril Cltohes	
64938C33 1E62AAAC  Full Metal Vest	
71D8C694 3DFAAE94  Wild Coat	
4D5E048F 40443651  Floral Dress	
C67F638C 0DD4CCD4  Festival Coat	
CBAC9231 44B2B2F4  Erinyes Tunic	
9485AE80 27CA6705  Triton Ward	
54A90993 0F41A151  ???
0EFD5F1B 1D5803CB  Dragon Robe	
1F0DAFC2 933244A1  Ardagh Robe	
7C072286 8779F9DD  Muni Robe	
36BECB71 35D8774B  Aeolian Cassock	
F5423BF0 44698713  Iris Robe	
A8AAB2A0 3B3F0DE9  ???
9F948E66 53927260  Luna Shield	
2E29B5E9 30359086  Dragon Shield	
2312A15F 3360E3C9  Flame Shield	
FEAC65AF F649FFDE  Terra Shile	
0E8F4509 873AFD82  Cosmos Shield	
8B6D584F 5FCF7CA1  Fujin Shield	
2FE9B773 83AB685A  Aegis Shield	
43FB67CF 203033DF  ???
0B2B4412 6B16ED74  Aerial Gloves	
676400B1 3FDE4D71  Titan Gloves	
88D1EE5A 2C7042C7  Big Bang Gloves	
359F7E9A 7E7A51A1  Crafted Gloves	
B0947699 0A82CDFF  Riot Gloves	
27424ED7 6534F0CD  Spirit Gloves (PP)	
06707EB4 5511A0AA  ???
4BEEADA5 AE78B75F  Clear Bracelet	
B2F9FE5F 9F1DB8C0  Mythril Armlet	
B2D8325D 935E7491  Bone Armlet	
D31CCB99 ABAC8879  Jester's Armlet	
726A69AA 30165496  Leda's Bracelet	
972671A5 0FC74041  ???
655AACA6 A72D3944  Dragon Helm	
8DA8380D 87F6F794  Mythril helm	
204DE32E 2673655E  Fear Helm	
FED9C230 CCBE59FE  Mellenium Helm	
23AFD9BB AEEFEF01  Viking Helm	
D0008534 C3657658  Gloria Helm	
0A89A57C D6E1596E  Minerva Helm	
4670F41A 3FFD1058  ???
F287DD5A 3E36E94D  Floating Hat	
30C64242 10BC68A3  Nurse's CAp	
436B589D 6C91AD8A  Thorn Crown	
CDC2CFE7 EB12C152  O. Mask	
0D0B4D06 4C7F0993  Hiotoko Mask	
176CD270 DC02620D  Crown of Glory	
1EDD2045 A1FAE506  Alastar's Hood	
5F2CB8E4 10110457  ???
4BB088F2 DBF541E7  Pure Circlet	
F5E9F470 70CB41DB  Astral Circlet	
45C8BCD9 207B187C  Psychic Circlet	
34BB5C54 B29D9E27  Demon Circlet	
462B139F 8133F224  Clarity Circlet	
C5E3FE41 44E81B65  Brilliant Circlet	
18DF0463 83141039  Berserker Band	
582A049C 5DE4AA7F  ???
108889C1 D07D0F03  Divine Camisole	
76CBA44F 536DC48B  Herbed Shirt	
1DD43D68 FE22D475  Golden Shirt	
FFD3F29B CC42BE35  Casual Shirt	
59FD8551 64ECD19C  Leather Boots	
130515F5 B99D5CC8  Dragon Boots	
77CBC2BF 11773832  Safety boots	
E64E11B3 12295C0B  Knight's Greave	
1DCEC017 27684B6D  Silver Greave	
F1380E2D 30B0F210  Ninja Sandals	
F1AA2109 C2DD21DF  Golden Boots	
89E779C9 3E6E96E2  Spirit Ring	
314D62B5 0B4533F4  Stardust Ring	
192D81B8 603D6457  Aroma Ring	
4681A9A4 47CE25AD  Rainbow Ring	
295A9797 7E31FF53  Soul Ring	
154E6840 6612C46B  Guardian Ring	
42B5FB1A D08706E4  Golden Ring	
B85CE653 E3DA383D  ???
0BB94FBF 53DD9344  Rusty Sword	
5159899F 4781833E  Rusty Sword	
C79ABA95 836B6682  Rusty Sword	
9B3FF34D 62EA212E  Rusty Sword	
D405128A 1F572DF8  Rusty Axe	
788920AC C0B23F32  Rusty Axe	
C31FBEAF FE7FE368  Rusty Mace	
39B040B8 3C011A5D  Rusty Mace	
8BE9D727 2CD40899  Rusty Staff	
ABAA254C 7E5B18EE  Rusty Staff	
520ECC4A 5167810F  Rusty Staff	
8CB4B832 D66AAE6C  ???
B6C9F246 20931074  Tear Stone	
21B3E8FD DA44017E  Star Dust	
062EA832 10E0AB2A  Sylph Feather	
2CA58290 34CC2FA2  Dragon Skin	
3CCCAFF8 B57AE26F  Salamander Tail	
5BB5BE37 1E93B216  Golem Core	
68E1E035 4ECB3E12  Mythril Silver	
CE1017DB 1ACE0237  Dark Matter	
22818D63 40ABB111  Orihalcon	
C554200B 58B5A842  ???
8D502842 3649D4CE  Right Prong	
338D4A19 521A94F7  Left Prong	
1EA9B68C D8868417  Center Prong	
476F6E99 A83999EE  ???
A7882422 7FFE867F  Mysterious Card	
C04AD30E 4464C0AD  Trainer's Whip	
326E5A22 44376DC7  Tomegathericon	
DD62F288 794E1BED  ???
74AEC6A0 85677D98  ???
F8D024F3 AC21C71B  Healing Fungus	
11C1A98A 237911D4  Laughing Fungus	
E9EBFA1E BF74D898  Signal Whistle	
A1CCF4BB A2D6F3FE  Dancing Idol	
45329112 900D551C  Pretty Stone	
B447149F B6179227  Red Cloth	
0A7FCBC5 F93DB433  Milk	
443D81BC 734C69D5  Li'l Turtle	
C8D352E4 012C97C6  Aquarius Stone	
77799768 E10C5E77  Large Bread	
FED48B57 D51F4FD0  Sea God's Tear	
333FA9F8 5D8F8297  Ruin Key	
F1B791AC CDB3C25D  Magma Ball

  CI5. Felix Slot 1 

5BD0A937 4A0997F4  Long Sword	
2C605792 1C30AA91  Broad Sword	
B915517C 45633990  Claymore	
00D487C1 52D36D86  Great Sword	
C8F584DC 2EB5760F  Samshir	
6B1675A2 82D0A7FA  Silver Blade	
A5925D6D 2BB6A5E7  Fire Brand	
BE3A732D 1347902D  Artic Blade	
85FF2248 9EB726E2  Gaia Blade	
0612C37C 380D0C05  Sol Balde	
04F9C1BF 56890AA8  Muramasa	
A08C330E 8C636D8C  ???
0F626C62 B929BD8D  ???
A5C50756 9575ADB4  ???
4404D454 04F994F6  Machete	
B5825599 AA4C0F18  Short Sword	
8F45E472 C6046651  Hunter's Sword	
7FFE3264 444FA14C  Battle Blade	
D869F56C 8C70D7AF  Master Rapier	
6FB19AAA DCF3680F  Ninja Blade	
3C2DC0B4 56F2C736  Swift Sword	
CEF7D60B 6D3BD621  Elven Rapier	
FD80357C D92E3D27  Assassin Blade	
31307AFC C7FEE8E8  Mystery Blade	
4EFFA07E D180D172  Kikuichimonji	
B1B83E2D 738F944F  Maamune	
403696E9 38277411  Bandits Blade	
473BFD99 7A2AC935  ???
AD3FDA4C F9592B1B  ???
00D15220 565701CA  ???
815B7387 EC09CDE6  Battle Axe	
40F788D1 A6A52F9A  Broad Axe	
62A50DDB F41FC102  Great Axe	
A1B2BC70 2EEDA664  Dragon Axe	
2A2FEE32 C5D2EAFD  Giant Axe	
8A540F35 1EA55362  Vulcan Axe	
B7DADBB7 88FFBFFC  Burning Axe	
4E7FBAF4 D79AA0AB  Demon Axe	
732888B5 0A140FCB  ???
5355183F 7C8BFCF3  ???
9139F60E A753B312  ???
F173FA27 FD07E3D8  ???
653DDF88 289310E2  Mace	
9B966C71 A6B3DB14  Heavy Mace	
B3EDBB0F 26FC94DA  Battle Mace	
C1783DEA 04502D55  War Mace	
D7F75E6C 18354DE7  Righteous Mace	
AD808B2D 88C46289  Grievous Mace	
2A26D34F B46D10D6  Blessed Mace	
44488459 19ABD77F  Wicked Mace	
A3147D22 EAF8EE90  ???
449A3DDB A8115581  ???
49082A4D C3467DD6  ???
2CCD3E03 34690813  ???
05BFA9DD C9A64E06  Wooden Stick	
660505C1 9536B18D  Magic Rod	
19BFA200 52451CEF  Witch's Wand	
70CB60DF 7D6F8886  Blessed Ankh	
AB5E0FB5 9826D96A  Psynergy Rod	
7DCA5494 884A5D72  Frost Wand	
880C7E7A E4A1D694  Angelic Ankh	
E0E11E04 E7E1420D  Demonic Staff	
C2C5247D CE7C728F  Crystal Rod	
8301DA28 2AAFAD9D  Zodiac Wand	
0BD656CA 2F8CB130  Shamon's Rod	
9A3E99CA 00D2E53B  ???
065C1DDD B525C98E  ???
32C443F0 51F3E979  ???
601E887F F22E0906  ???
26E566D4 6518088A  ???
1409E0B9 8C0D3BEB  ???
4006BE1E 5DEBFE0B  ???
DC3A69B4 0AEEB6B2  ???
3600133A 2949DD0E  ???
ED21253E 51854D2A  Leather Armor	
53B6CEDB 8A7841A0  Psynergy Armor	
C6D25A4A F4ED49A0  Chain Mail	
7E270E85 88F4DB18  Armored Shell	
0B410F53 2FE6A3B8  Plate Mail	
D78C4CDF 20913340  Steel Armor	
1705077A 57C33382  Spirit Armor	
A20A9757 AD33E456  Dragon Scales	
568F9D6C AB0AB9D0  Demon Mail	
66EA42DB A1097E97  Asura's Armor	
05BEF183 76B75A68  Spiked Armor	
C94052D8 625F9842  ???
3C0FC091 C96E4712  ???
221B6B0F A5AFCDC9  ???
C49B9D65 62872E06  Cotton Shirt	
FC72FE2C 179D6A9F  Travel Vest	
5EAD3170 21291D7F  Fur Coat	
4210902B 35BE3077  Adept's Clothes	
459266C8 6283D929  Elven Shirt	
FCC6467B 15A7BCC2  Silver Vest	
4B7448BB 80BE3E00  Water Jacket	
F7DBA299 6917DAE2  Storm Gear	
BAFD4B14 2EEA6EB3  Kimono	
3654DED1 C523B82F  Ninja Garb	
23C0C511 CDAB6CCD  ???
02E19007 991E0551  ???
56FAFE36 1F660F46  ???
AECDF875 04FC2460  ???
29E6FD33 C7EBDDCD  One-Pieced Dress	
433D7CD8 39A9B9A3  Travel Robe	
1B6B0AB1 D10FC4D7  Silk Robe	
89D2E997 832A014E  China Dress	
2784FB66 312C161C  Jerkin	
072AB356 639F13B1  Cocktail Dress	
A4710C3F EB4AE471  Blessed Robe	
51C7ABC3 05BAA849  Magical Cassock	
1AC8973A 477B876D  Mysterious Robe	
42EB9966 962C75CE  Feathered Robe	
1D27154A 09B27A8A  Oracle's Robe	
5016A856 BC8F88C2  ???
3676F06F A22F1097  ???
59F012C3 9AC4D6F3  ???
664D4EE5 AF8B98EC  ???
D1F2FC2E F94A37A0  Wooden Shield	
58B239A2 A17D6BAA  Bronze Shield	
4CDEB271 D181BA05  Iron Shield	
310BAF4A 6E203D75  Knight's Shield	
F82F8604 A6D7CB26  Mirrored Shield	
A18C4171 3340C3CE  Dragon Shield	
D4104F24 5314C640  Earth Shield	
B7C16664 F32A1BAF  ???
03ADBFF7 FB7C193E  ???
3B8FFEC9 ED576813  Padded Gloves	
29832B12 C6C161E1  Leather Gloves	
83A721DD F3F4E68E  Gauntlets	
37DFCFCA A543DF73  Vambrace	
60E8BE71 962BEBA1  War Gloves	
5E6A444B 8B0C814F  Spirit Gloves (Elemental pwr)	
D4FA6D1A A148F2E5  Battle Gloves	
7303F9FF 14460F53  Aura Gloves	
39AFAF16 A10B4E61  ???
FD963244 BEA563D3  Leather Armlet	
07A6F0D3 475A6B6B  Armlet	
EEAD278F 7ADFFF2C  Heavy Armlet	
EAE2FD45 889681DC  Silver Armlet	
061BFB3A 62ED7D5F  Spirit Armlet	
FCD32763 35FE1500  Virtuous Armlet	
3FB548DB BC4A3325  Guardian Armlet	
655A0793 1E3CE57B  ???
2DDEDCE4 C412ABB3  ???
B01E0C0E 5FA14963  Open Helm	
5043A0DB 673347B2  Bronze Helm	
B227C3D6 2FEAAC1F  Iron Helm	
8D76D58F 2CA69B79  Steel Helm	
FC12D84A 86EAB840  Silver Helm	
4647C095 5363483D  Knight's Helm
EB95EF63 8E077888  Warrior's Helm	
160328DC 77309CF0  Adept's Helm	
0426B9D0 61BF141F  ???
AC1DB165 6C91CFBE  ???
3AA06455 A6111DAD  ???
3AD62CEB 82AFF3F4  Leather Cap	
829AF814 3F1F186D  Wooden Cap	
D6557DF3 429AAA37  Mail Cap	
A770A558 34DF9170  Jeweled Crown	
DF4F576C 3BDD56AE  Ninja Hood	
38FC4E3F 23D04E15  Lucky Cap	
AC7BFA91 C24F4FE3  Thunder Crown	
4833F6F8 09932D83  Prophet's Hat	
21DCDA16 72E6A46E  Lure Cap	
1F938043 35989293  ???
A6C6F807 58544309  Circlet	
32EC75A2 5650B7EA  Silver Circlet	
135988CC 543F0F6D  Guardian Circlet	
59D60DE7 3E22A2F7  Platinum Circlet	
EDF3D4CD DD40B794  Mythril Circlet	
57AACB44 396D70E9  Glittering Tiara	
5EEB4AD3 CA8DABB7  ???
771C372E 5F6D1ABC  ???
8C41D3FD 3187349D  ???
2B1B2CF6 3555B926  ???
0600AA6B 7C7AE313  ???
07B0198D 818AD369  ???
5545FEB5 A49EBB34  ???
41FF98A9 5908CEA0  Herb	
EB73CF18 64F88AE2  Nut	
D2EA8B0E A367635E  Vial	
B0D4C20E 18E4D6FC  Potion	
D4F9C25A 88115D47  Hermes' Water	
32FDA600 002DA51F  Empty Bottle	
CB76B7BF E2F6BC8A  Psy Energy Crystal	
3A648E82 27CF7B5C  Antidote	
EE10460D 60FDE048  Elixer	
7E322EC2 AF35B9F7  Water of Life	
FBFA5FD5 A234D06B  Mist Potion	
4DA7E761 C986189C  Power Bread	
3A5D6307 66877121  Cookie	
F1EB6AAB EA2FB60D  Apple	
E5BBEE20 DED96A2F  Hard Nut	
93C2610F BB4AD8C4  Mint	
D4E3EC4B 7522C202  Lucky Pepper	
679DE1BD B5368B03  ???
67F29B14 28B5B79D  Lash Pebble	
EA564C93 10B9CDA9  Pound Cube	
3EE8125E E6B2D0FA  Orb of Force	
822D1E3C 6AEA3C0B  Douse Drop	
0935A47E 819B8925  Frost Jewel	
5475F5EB 84E55DC8  Lifting Gem	
B11D43F2 336595D9  Halt Gem	
DE3ACA76 B9F4C062  Cloak Ball	
0E83AD42 1C4B072F  Carry Stone	
C5DB9328 B753B61A  Catch Beads	
0C9B2164 93000307  Temper Bit	
4D64107E 24681AC4  Scoop Gem	
947F11B5 1F9A0FF6  Cyclone Chip	
D0DEC9EB 5FA0704E  ???
5D643462 2C7E852C  ???
48056FB6 53EB185A  Burst Brooch	
97493AA1 01616677  Grindstone	
A28621B5 A74F0FAC  Hover Jade	
BC02DC4D ED095B62  ???
6F03F600 59E65C90  Teleport Lapis	
DDD53175 76682BDC  ???
E87B011E DF6D0FB6  ???
7D5733AB E467249E  Venus Star	
26DC3A98 C1F02746  Mercury Star	
2CCA167A 9405A3A5  Mythril Bag (Mars Star)	
AEE5DCAF F0CA0E78  Mythril Bag (Jupitar Star)	
3F0EF045 59E0E554  Mythril Bag	
AF9E449C 58113456  Small Jewel	
766314B9 9A9AD202  Smoke Bomb	
74BA1450 58080DB8  Sleep Bomb	
F13EC955 8FAD9650  Game Ticket	
15097EA5 8BB96012  Lucky Medal	
29BCAEFB F886D7F0  Dragon's Eye	
DE812478 3CCC3E06  Bone	
B3F0C3FC 3C73B9E5  Anchor Charm	
244FB2FF 8CAE9B4A  Corn	
C3046B2C E439327B  Cell Key	
039EFA55 0F09C1DF  Boat Ticket	
D52283E6 1725C9E9  Sacred Feather	
14F98D4A EB57936C  Mystic Draught	
0EAEAC65 DC6DFAC9  Oil Drop	
F2430DA5 9A6808FC  Weasel's Claw	
7A505E45 89F28094  Bumble Seed	
03656013 DB2CBD96  Crystal Powder	
2CC4997A D768D878  Black Crystal	
3AE6BDD5 B9DA85B0  Red Key	
E1AF42B7 DAFE7A2A  Blue Key	
B893B102 5A03EE24  Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)	
1EF0E44B 7F5D6E7D  Jupitar Star	
1266FE81 9F4D9E75  Mars Star	
06F30121 E9919B50  ???
6A3B97BD 40395FC2  ???
DF6AA1F6 3E9D5DA8  Mythril Shirt	
99403D77 10B9F970  Silk Shirt	
7A2D8F9F C1B2AD7F  Running Shirt	
346F4AF2 D3EA4C3A  ???
162A6CA8 67572579  ???
9162A8DD AA34AA16  ???
46B7D874 0E7F15E9  Hyper Boots	
AFAF24AF 04706693  Quick Boots	
D52DB721 111E8615  Fur Boots	
04C1E2F1 BBCF1F64  Turtle Boots	
4460942F A08C3E31  ???
49DAF040 6DCCE52F  ???
19C07407 01296420  Adept Ring	
FE184F89 B80EEF47  War Ring	
2537AD49 1F923123  Sleep Ring	
FFAD6F36 ABE74FE8  Healing Ring	
F9AD23AA 26BDAF83  Unicorn Ring	
EC08DB64 355F5B0D  Fairy Ring	
5265A387 CC2149D4  Cleric's Ring	
3C4768F7 4D288CD3  ???
5C1E1F79 2340FFCB  ???
0ACE4710 B10F0610  ???
4933B801 4D122AAC  Huge Sword
42C5129B 77AE38C7  Mythril Blade	
F72E3DB5 B0A7F812  Levatine	
A0A7D2C9 A73E00B7  Darksword	
4316D2ED 21CB324F  Excalibar	
223F4FD0 6A975A54  Robber's Blade	
2C31038A 7C15B1A4  Soul Brand	
3F6C5667 C8047903  Storm Brand	
367AF867 E9614AE0  Hestia Blade	
E6A0CFF4 9D5FAB44  Lightning Sword	
2286FF69 4F3E27C3  Rune Blade	
5064970D 561194E2  Cloud Brand	
A48B1EBF 4B1F2F54  ???
E58EEBF1 95D28C13  Sylph Rapier	
C1646B31 6EFEBE1B  Burning Sword	
E5DDBE4B 2AFFBEDD  Pirate's Sword	
124A3D46 C3689E56  Corsair's Edge	
370E4E11 924E7C97  Pirate's Sabre	
68665AD3 613618CC  Hypno's Sword	
40AE9038 6DA5815A  Mist Sabre	
2276B4ED B341E00C  Phaeton's Blade	
3BADB3FE 06D68BC4  Tisiphone Edge	
290BB8E6 E70F4E28  ???
72AC6E08 05E08C3F  Apollo's Axe	
665E75C0 345F5A6E  Gaia's Axe	
CFC785A2 77610249  Steller Axe	
745A85EB 630B6EFB  Captain's Axe	
BAA85419 5A479D54  Viking Axe	
3BE204BA BDE1DCBD  Disk Axe	
096120F3 96999ECC  Themis' Axe	
9F5ADBF1 3F2F210D  Mighty Axe	
9881FF89 C46E54BB  Tartarous Axe	
82B2FF47 122E0510  ???
DEAD005B B94B53DA  Comet Mace	
61E4CE1A DCF275EE  Tungsten Mace	
96B13551 08CAE0D7  Demon Mace	
9FACD3CF C22F5140  Hagbone Mace	
160907A9 924DCBD2  Blow Mace	
A4DF2DB7 E7A86D0E  Rising Mace	
DCB88885 62F6DF4A  Thanatos Mace	
BD65DA20 E9C6DD8F  ???
E0A2280C 1324A361  Cloud Mace	
6341D57A 160BC66A  Salamander Rod	
EB24EE57 1024E40F  Nebula Wand	
EC271C13 744370EE  Dracomace	
D8557531 47BABE70  Glower Staff	
6C6130E3 7347253F  Goblin's Rod	
C8460831 A45CEAF0  Meditation Rod	
44969129 A5165176  Fireman's Pole	
A23871EE 2C19F351  Atropos' Rod	
1D64A75A F6D42D17  Lachesis' Rule	
4A3A2D66 5EB9AB7D  Clotho's Distaff	
B141A0E3 BF7402C8  Staff of Anubis	
8C0A58FD CFB0E186  ???
26FB47AE 9180A5B1  Trident	
6C5055FB 587A9396  ???
15997A73 6F6F4FB4  Planet Armor	
0AE31662 29725B68  Dragon Mail	
A534B646 C16A5B09  Chronos Mail	
29311565 CD5FBE8C  Stealth Armor	
C0A5D8F9 39CC3EBE  Xylion Armor	
BD781B8D 6FF13D8F  Ixion Mail	
1B3BE644 20EB914B  Phantasmal Mail	
9D92F63E 4E002828  Erebus Armor	
EA998EC2 7FEED86F  Valkyrie Mail	
0401D210 47711DA3  ???
F058D7C0 EF630197  Faery Vest	
606EECF5 4C61CC8F  Mythril Cltohes	
BFBAD2E5 72C25A37  Full Metal Vest	
639ABFE2 B7594E40  Wild Coat	
A7A93062 7DAE8C7C  Floral Dress	
8819874B 3AC52788  Festival Coat	
5BBD4843 8CAFFCDB  Erinyes Tunic	
E0B5990D F12A550B  Triton Ward	
1410C828 7E3ED1EE  ???
CBDC8BDC 29AEE8B1  Dragon Robe	
3A8BA2F1 32E0A27F  Ardagh Robe	
944D14BB F953231F  Muni Robe	
99EBC8AC DC3AC10E  Aeolian Cassock	
037A9C29 B781C3F1  Iris Robe	
FD775550 9E2D2DEB  ???
CEBB396A 9AA3F717  Luna Shield	
928F0990 20F315B4  Dragon Shield	
7F2DFBE2 EAA0B0E0  Flame Shield	
E4B56122 3D46E477  Terra Shile	
F8FBB950 799F0E98  Cosmos Shield	
46C54AB5 4F5E864E  Fujin Shield	
689330FA 5459941E  Aegis Shield	
65894BE9 D83BD2D7  ???
1A6C7DE9 FAC051F2  Aerial Gloves	
00A82CC6 B98E0CD3  Titan Gloves	
B7E36B14 468DF187  Big Bang Gloves	
76732A45 4D5E6760  Crafted Gloves	
BDECD021 9E8A4B06  Riot Gloves	
AF80559C 7940797F  Spirit Gloves (PP)	
2D3F2766 5B50A2C7  ???
15B9A8C3 C76C1329  Clear Bracelet	
B7AB5FF3 BD357378  Mythril Armlet	
3A247D8A 613B0565  Bone Armlet	
1A078E1C C75B8D34  Jester's Armlet	
A7AD72B7 F853551D  Leda's Bracelet	
F68127B9 C7DE5E9E  ???
94FBC979 15E900D0  Dragon Helm	
A8FBB7B4 E0D97FE9  Mythril helm	
F184C4F8 1AA6EBE1  Fear Helm	
B758DCAF EB077A79  Mellenium Helm	
AB594CA6 04C3C1EE  Viking Helm	
A5F7A0F0 BDE5C591  Gloria Helm	
BA9A91C9 4194A950  Minerva Helm	
8E3FF0AD 6BFB30B7  ???
9273F91F B9359F75  Floating Hat	
A5EF6C36 20575293  Nurse's CAp	
C27F5DBF 6F8F4E87  Thorn Crown	
E38AD320 DB94C44C  O. Mask	
89F332EC BF6EC35B  Hiotoko Mask	
7A3C4CC7 A4E0599A  Crown of Glory	
4DC68E26 8C347E6A  Alastar's Hood	
1BCF92C4 787D0EAC  ???
AD5E7E68 2F7CE1EA  Pure Circlet	
98079663 1F143A03  Astral Circlet	
570CDB16 25BB3487  Psychic Circlet	
8DEA993A B23C825E  Demon Circlet	
C38898D9 44874F94  Clarity Circlet	
9C71C29E 06CA54C5  Brilliant Circlet	
11635315 95F3264A  Berserker Band	
DAC3049C 1B8063D8  ???
3A876264 E04426F5  Divine Camisole	
86EAF5C3 69FDD789  Herbed Shirt	
05C9CDD0 B23EDA43  Golden Shirt	
13F556C4 6AD6BB88  Casual Shirt	
B544E70B 6A9240D1  Leather Boots	
FD34F767 73E13879  Dragon Boots	
74FF728F D577961C  Safety boots	
CC28DAF3 394122F9  Knight's Greave	
B33E77A5 C5877CB3  Silver Greave	
1F11713B 308F8A09  Ninja Sandals	
1A1D3B8E E8D5CB52  Golden Boots	
FA6C93CC BD5795EE  Spirit Ring	
630E03EC D3575D3A  Stardust Ring	
6ABF5B75 322EE09D  Aroma Ring	
A003D1A1 CBAABD11  Rainbow Ring	
E004363A D3DE3FB9  Soul Ring	
2E36BA5A 45A60706  Guardian Ring	
0F54DD6C 06B0CFDE  Golden Ring	
B89BC60F DA30AC87  ???
52E7C86C FB2E98F2  Rusty Sword	
9461FD55 9595E75C  Rusty Sword	
2050B5E8 9E2A61E9  Rusty Sword	
55948CF2 9D343FE3  Rusty Sword	
9A072EC7 42CDB1EB  Rusty Axe	
B9C77169 ECE3842A  Rusty Axe	
79DC9284 9F5B2823  Rusty Mace	
9D32B36C 8F0FFDE2  Rusty Mace	
4882A141 D36F2E36  Rusty Staff	
65AD03C5 C6FAD2AA  Rusty Staff	
83CD7618 006AB4B3  Rusty Staff	
0FB72D4C 3EC1E89B  ???
468CC458 C5F7B8E2  Tear Stone	
63721E67 71E94DCC  Star Dust	
A1419AA2 2FBDC35A  Sylph Feather	
968DA49D B5480ACE  Dragon Skin	
9AE7B6F8 E7B6FEB5  Salamander Tail	
05BB132F EDEB1CA1  Golem Core	
98DBF663 56A6DA89  Mythril Silver	
B998A485 F47CBC3D  Dark Matter	
9774ECEA AE1B8DF6  Orihalcon	
C50777E7 AB433568  ???
7749C6BB 9CDA060D  Right Prong	
83089616 3183E16E  Left Prong	
A8994E3C 8458ACE5  Center Prong	
EFD8EE8C 37B59737  ???
B03EA84B 439EFBB0  Mysterious Card	
C2A152C0 1E48E350  Trainer's Whip	
E9EB5FDB 0182251A  Tomegathericon	
5DAFC914 E9ECE6DE  ???
1FD48709 CBEAB68C  ???
7E52DF82 104993F3  Healing Fungus	
6294BB6E 52B12888  Laughing Fungus	
FBAD8D78 0B7B627B  Signal Whistle	
244BAAC0 895D0C9F  Dancing Idol	
487878C3 7A44B22E  Pretty Stone	
BCC42AFB 46A9F3ED  Red Cloth	
E000B805 D6588FD2  Milk	
8438331F 5CB137ED  Li'l Turtle	
2CD46E2D 26ADFE3A  Aquarius Stone	
59E1D8B5 6C801719  Large Bread	
DE17A326 638D1F14  Sea God's Tear	
D8A03FB7 466A0787  Ruin Key	
40D08752 88E089F0  Magma Ball

  CI6. Jenna Slot 1 

D9E4594C 7A410107  Long Sword	
8053A76A B363DF7F  Broad Sword	
AA2061A9 80347B43  Claymore	
CFAD2CAE 278FF334  Great Sword	
CE861004 CD187A9B  Samshir	
C0D5372A 2D53EE2B  Silver Blade	
EB24DF44 C45D313E  Fire Brand	
D7CDE572 EDA4D263  Artic Blade	
878B3916 A021AF1B  Gaia Blade	
6BA6B658 A99C6CC6  Sol Balde	
C229C4AC 3110ADCA  Muramasa	
31F9D921 727EAEF8  ???
46F4F07C CD4B3C63  ???
D70C0103 444F8EA1  Machete	
E674F15C 45AA78DA  Short Sword	
345824B7 160E1428  Hunter's Sword	
C6271114 9E01902A  Battle Blade	
B7D1424C A17B2659  Master Rapier	
CF18D4E4 CA85A713  Ninja Blade	
732F16CA 038B27F6  Swift Sword	
1BB57089 55B9103D  Elven Rapier	
275DD42C 8D1E76AB  Assassin Blade	
F93CBB2C 83DA2E4E  Mystery Blade	
5C85701E 09CFDA78  Kikuichimonji	
3FD0E631 9BFF2A41  Maamune	
91D40D33 A34A5C13  Bandits Blade	
2A60F3EC B6C96213  ???
5EF58B08 8287F939  ???
3CA3CBF3 55384D06  ???
FFF76D62 1A6F4ED7  Battle Axe	
34E0163C BC5C0037  Broad Axe	
478BB8B6 6A49BEF8  Great Axe	
F2C1C97B 50D441EC  Dragon Axe	
66AF479A A0F0ED47  Giant Axe	
9B6648A8 0B604A01  Vulcan Axe	
0BD97900 D509DA72  Burning Axe	
2F8803B7 094D9A48  Demon Axe	
A14C723A 95D8C632  ???
5D3EC10E 60072432  ???
CF2F27B3 278AD14E  ???
12F78A62 7B8C14C9  ???
809A5BC4 8B6B9E67  Mace	
0E0695D5 4669A42E  Heavy Mace	
B7A32F24 B617BB68  Battle Mace	
AC635D53 BD332338  War Mace	
712A5E6D 525739A8  Righteous Mace	
80D9AC4C 1C90F071  Grievous Mace	
214BC689 42249062  Blessed Mace	
B15B92AA 2AEB6B73  Wicked Mace	
237B65DA 4C022F86  ???
0710D43C D8094E1A  ???
C28198A3 4DDD86CD  ???
4CB40AAA 280CD605  ???
C35EEBA8 630531C1  Wooden Stick	
4C943B81 6E4E5FCD  Magic Rod	
7D33844F F72AE9A8  Witch's Wand	
2DED573C 6A18E339  Blessed Ankh	
D2636229 BEADDBC8  Psynergy Rod	
E4E87CCD 834E5838  Frost Wand	
22ECEDE1 F3E6159C  Angelic Ankh	
A21547E4 EFD90CF2  Demonic Staff	
219BFA8D 30610118  Crystal Rod	
95887A1C F0759F3E  Zodiac Wand	
9BA5761C 5AEE557A  Shamon's Rod	
8BEEF23F 8A987DB1  ???
8C1C51DE ABE5F700  ???
FC950693 391F1014  ???
EF406C50 821DF95D  ???
CFF6B4E9 4A0D40E3  ???
9C0686FE 77365CAA  ???
B4995636 D6418971  ???
54E6F963 99FE8E50  ???
5C4735A3 8156BA9D  ???
08BE7862 233033F7  Leather Armor	
345FE71A 4561314D  Psynergy Armor	
FA7FC2AD 904DAB9C  Chain Mail	
E319E52F C2AE8884  Armored Shell	
24B7DC9F A697495B  Plate Mail	
58E6F051 17AEE169  Steel Armor	
6134EBC3 26F5B100  Spirit Armor	
CFCAD54A FA193D9D  Dragon Scales	
39F766A0 2B39DE58  Demon Mail	
2D7735F8 7629113F  Asura's Armor	
B508C345 05BB3991  Spiked Armor	
497DCB0B 976171A6  ???
01EAF034 9C043E02  ???
AEDDF48A 789C8BC8  ???
936531A1 2B0A19A2  Cotton Shirt	
1049509A 74D3FCAB  Travel Vest	
E2D04385 B61BD3BE  Fur Coat	
4695D3C9 61FA2E41  Adept's Clothes	
636365AB E8887DDB  Elven Shirt	
A7CA94AC 11E0C966  Silver Vest	
F753292A B9974DAF  Water Jacket	
19400E9C 2F6EFC08  Storm Gear	
3A882D4E 0B287B51  Kimono	
335D64A3 AB465F89  Ninja Garb	
27B4796E 72B0479E  ???
533ACE70 DFDB17A3  ???
08B26C6D 53877278  ???
B538296A CC6796E4  ???
DBDC2962 E46473BB  One-Pieced Dress	
EB091BF0 99E5915C  Travel Robe	
4244CFD2 9EF13A53  Silk Robe	
591D2784 726AF02E  China Dress	
4C18DF36 EEF8C657  Jerkin	
C0C0227B 50CE796F  Cocktail Dress	
30C682CD 661007DF  Blessed Robe	
E7460678 F3C2A9A6  Magical Cassock	
1064C936 85039C98  Mysterious Robe	
655E3A86 D7AD8455  Feathered Robe	
BC973DCA 49A3DBA2  Oracle's Robe	
31A357CC 5DCA1346  ???
619724B4 47CD4816  ???
03E08474 4853E0B9  ???
06A4332F 5462DF96  ???
1F5370BA 3B49FCF2  Wooden Shield	
EB7AA37E 6C643D52  Bronze Shield	
FFAF94B0 4290556A  Iron Shield	
BCBB7122 FA0515BA  Knight's Shield	
80916CEB C7D53674  Mirrored Shield	
9B41253F F1A3D6D6  Dragon Shield	
8DA50310 BC98A961  Earth Shield	
7056E698 ABFF8A3D  ???
A40AC0A8 26113384  ???
01C1FE99 CFF96121  Padded Gloves	
A48AC3B9 AC4FB1BB  Leather Gloves	
DDFB2CA2 C0361E63  Gauntlets	
F43C5537 779CD575  Vambrace	
ECD4E90D 789BE78F  War Gloves	
2B27A90B CDB83FC1  Spirit Gloves (Elemental pwr)	
7597D969 93B5DB2D  Battle Gloves	
3D764FCE 4E393DE6  Aura Gloves	
9D514D2D 54C69E95  ???
B15FC33B C61797BE  Leather Armlet	
10701E3E F72CD54C  Armlet	
201734F0 D4AA7551  Heavy Armlet	
FC37E002 F275D183  Silver Armlet	
A1095036 CAD523D1  Spirit Armlet	
2D055DB3 7F4598E7  Virtuous Armlet	
3A9FFDFA F21BE702  Guardian Armlet	
5A6E0364 ADC956EC  ???
E2758A3A 67EE1089  ???
63FF1ABD 90F13173  Open Helm	
91687260 229F22D3  Bronze Helm	
4A405935 00FF4C44  Iron Helm	
936BFFFD 38A0060D  Steel Helm	
72845570 A75B0EAE  Silver Helm	
46D8114E E8D8EBE5  Knight's Helm
C5070505 CE542CAD  Warrior's Helm	
020BA790 AE107071  Adept's Helm	
99D85A1C 85CA44D7  ???
23F1515B AE8543D4  ???
341170E6 B873CC6B  ???
AB9F663D A6366B2A  Leather Cap	
BA67B6CF A07BD6CE  Wooden Cap	
A97833D7 DB55A07E  Mail Cap	
CD1FFA59 3E76D5BE  Jeweled Crown	
1B51EA41 74E35955  Ninja Hood	
CAC022A8 84BFDA11  Lucky Cap	
E4BB2D95 0FB0C86D  Thunder Crown	
342FC466 81CBD328  Prophet's Hat	
94C4CB9E 4FB3EA27  Lure Cap	
B07837A8 F3608B26  ???
3F94A39B 17A98512  Circlet	
FE7CBA26 641E7BD6  Silver Circlet	
CA3548AE 906D9DD0  Guardian Circlet	
B55740CF E94D1FC8  Platinum Circlet	
76A0AE1D 882893B1  Mythril Circlet	
89B14833 38A86871  Glittering Tiara	
CEC68D98 DD4A5856  ???
838D81EF 2EED5332  ???
5D8658B0 3598D0D7  ???
129A3BE4 6FD7B6BB  ???
38BE9E7B 26CE9823  ???
FEB43C4D 05B8DA48  ???
1017E46D 6596C9FA  ???
BA6A23E7 7E30B215  ???
61E751CE 013F2C2C  Herb	
D8FA101A A8BC5B07  Nut	
A105DD3F F0C85CD2  Vial	
77F2C887 E7C497DA  Potion	
82D58CCD A2683EA5  Hermes' Water	
F1E4AA53 54D71175  Empty Bottle	
0EF1BDCD 292B067E  Psy Energy Crystal	
E62AACF4 48466296  Antidote	
0F2840AD 6150655B  Elixer	
00D372DA 65700895  Water of Life	
ECF17FEA FAE3D44D  Mist Potion	
C5C97D3E 0D9704B7  Power Bread	
6B64F2FE 031AF88D  Cookie	
A178ACCD F8217742  Apple	
187ED67C A208FD72  Hard Nut	
FAE5671D CFD948F4  Mint	
1F15C821 AE704FE7  Lucky Pepper	
048EB11E E1B436BF  ???
E9BF725E 73B41FBC  Lash Pebble	
8268AB31 C06E5E82  Pound Cube	
2197940A AE720428  Orb of Force	
957C49BB 3E631E7B  Douse Drop	
E3BEA2C0 27C22D5C  Frost Jewel	
A2926D0F 2B1D0BD7  Lifting Gem	
06FD97EF 82DF79F7  Halt Gem	
8004DBDE B9A98233  Cloak Ball	
ED2B0322 E32E49F9  Carry Stone	
DEC6C994 FBE35A65  Catch Beads	
0205D2EE D84D57D4  Temper Bit	
525BF295 8414DF7B  Scoop Gem	
0AF91172 F2992536  Cyclone Chip	
35071989 7C75BA5D  ???
53A7B0AB AE27A39A  ???
D0E02590 1CBC171D  Burst Brooch	
5417D18C 439687C4  Grindstone	
C2EA3385 16B7B060  Hover Jade	
06330F5F 7B714EBF  ???
C64B0F2B 5F260FBA  Teleport Lapis	
10D99D31 AF04F1D0  ???
38426B4B 20A8F482  ???
430C21EA EC03D3F3  Venus Star	
091364FC DA6946AE  Mercury Star	
08AE7458 D4DF103C  Mythril Bag (Mars Star)	
9D48CBD2 E7A796F2  Mythril Bag (Jupitar Star)	
524E13D5 8E813B9A  Mythril Bag	
B8D47ED2 EC01685D  Small Jewel	
FE5BACBC 18DB7A25  Smoke Bomb	
46584899 5E9AA706  Sleep Bomb	
5B6BB9F3 474DC35C  Game Ticket	
A90D0DC7 9D10999E  Lucky Medal	
40ABFF88 2709A1BC  Dragon's Eye	
F434A6C0 4C71FB08  Bone	
51432DBC 6024E55E  Anchor Charm	
ACD0F01E 83B7CBB4  Corn	
64B6375F EDC187D2  Cell Key	
AD327969 4FE3B3F4  Boat Ticket	
8F2CB9C3 9F4E5E6E  Sacred Feather	
06F6467B 1ECD6915  Mystic Draught	
14CFD416 BA61E54C  Oil Drop	
1CF0CC4B 0F201D1F  Weasel's Claw	
B650B880 89A51BE6  Bumble Seed	
92ED462C E4F7369D  Crystal Powder	
EE4D896B B6BD4EA3  Black Crystal	
C75E604C 6CB235B7  Red Key	
95C4C134 19560822  Blue Key	
C6B878A8 FBB4E9F7  Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)	
4631003F FC7302C5  Jupitar Star	
6E4ECAD8 CBA0D8BE  Mars Star	
4CA32773 16052ABF  ???
9F4B8836 5C2C49FB  ???
CDD97F1D 0ADB28CC  Mythril Shirt	
576A30BD 5A3E371C  Silk Shirt	
ED1AE3D3 B78D3AAC  Running Shirt	
77005BE9 31232435  ???
A61DD06A 27C9645E  ???
8C0A7AEE 03796AD7  ???
6E1C232D 36B2F4FC  Hyper Boots	
BE6EFDEB 4F4CD532  Quick Boots	
367A2C54 8A8C42B1  Fur Boots	
BEF67D6E AD36A7AF  Turtle Boots	
FE1A18C4 B2D9BF1C  ???
2B367736 ED41A39A  ???
A55A0411 B9B1E5E9  Adept Ring	
88819083 2D12710B  War Ring	
20252D65 B10A6DD7  Sleep Ring	
D112C7EF 40937383  Healing Ring	
41E09FEE CA708157  Unicorn Ring	
2A77EA50 E8400C52  Fairy Ring	
572A2AD0 278F341B  Cleric's Ring	
6CDAFF2B 913F9271  ???
F927DD99 47F37395  ???
F0979085 5232FEF6  ???
619A60CA B0B15C18  Huge Sword
99BA247A D8307CEB  Mythril Blade	
FC7BEDA6 B6F9188C  Levatine	
E888E31C 86835363  Darksword	
73F26AEE 9075CDD3  Excalibar	
D5DC294C 9707883A  Robber's Blade	
A6A86E37 EC3374FA  Soul Brand	
C9254315 793A55EC  Storm Brand	
FE780364 23C57990  Hestia Blade	
87C676AC 6C00A39B  Lightning Sword	
FAFD9894 5264D35D  Rune Blade	
6A8DCF20 450BF938  Cloud Brand	
C94A2CDB DE73B06B  ???
956F5FC1 68E477E1  Sylph Rapier	
F7791C07 77903315  Burning Sword	
B6C0EF51 27702E01  Pirate's Sword	
A5D5EF85 4EB548CD  Corsair's Edge	
86BF4822 B04426ED  Pirate's Sabre	
D53E14E6 FEAEE517  Hypno's Sword	
7DF709B3 D92E09B1  Mist Sabre	
F829E963 1E00DA49  Phaeton's Blade	
E5C3C8A0 E2E4B229  Tisiphone Edge	
B8569DE8 10B9B42C  ???
7E98063C 4AE5F0D0  Apollo's Axe	
E868FFA6 06BA47B6  Gaia's Axe	
EEA6B345 3D4CFCB1  Steller Axe	
F95C1709 7435E40D  Captain's Axe	
C962DC26 E0A33780  Viking Axe	
072EA81D 4D1FA3FB  Disk Axe	
6839D03E D6B55C68  Themis' Axe	
AB05A926 D2ED52DC  Mighty Axe	
1BC06327 634F7CBB  Tartarous Axe	
B9FAA636 109B9466  ???
A443C2BC BA346A72  Comet Mace	
40DF955B 07FA1F8C  Tungsten Mace	
82729BCF 31FAA5A8  Demon Mace	
AF7C9680 D7E94FE4  Hagbone Mace	
CB422A91 58ADEBE3  Blow Mace	
2C0CF778 FDF2296E  Rising Mace	
82DE002B 9E6C3E20  Thanatos Mace	
18948B6F 782F430C  ???
9D7C8580 F8EFFFD2  Cloud Mace	
AEA4B718 D4BAA665  Salamander Rod	
74FBA6B7 043096EB  Nebula Wand	
709452B8 889C67A3  Dracomace	
C1D561F9 D2F57BCB  Glower Staff	
5BCC309E 4C7BAAC9  Goblin's Rod	
3FD73E03 EB27881C  Meditation Rod	
B24E9BA0 6630A7C0  Fireman's Pole	
6866B674 F108C8D2  Atropos' Rod	
D94D7FDF 88FD6104  Lachesis' Rule	
2834239D DC114237  Clotho's Distaff	
E080696D AA15383C  Staff of Anubis	
68448C55 F37890C0  ???
A4976878 15C4B5A3  Trident	
0417E555 F03D6179  ???
41290F52 103B87AA  Planet Armor	
933C30E1 90774E37  Dragon Mail	
978C2405 2C1EC905  Chronos Mail	
59C43712 7286DE4B  Stealth Armor	
541E86AB FA27ACE0  Xylion Armor	
E117DB1E 1D43CAD9  Ixion Mail	
6E784D1E 57E17684  Phantasmal Mail	
89EB7EA1 4885B295  Erebus Armor	
FAA6EDCE 5E3DD6EF  Valkyrie Mail	
6448F41A 5035E9E4  ???
A3DC8D8C ADAB90F3  Faery Vest	
D2272934 E7C96844  Mythril Cltohes	
675D5002 46FABFAA  Full Metal Vest	
7B1A0279 9E7923CC  Wild Coat	
6558C487 49981D8A  Floral Dress	
17CDB177 1B460C69  Festival Coat	
2758F9FE 029F0C65  Erinyes Tunic	
C4B9F402 776826AE  Triton Ward	
D6A57D50 49200AD9  ???
38A63F6C E4F24237  Dragon Robe	
0C4313CA E39A11A4  Ardagh Robe	
B813FF31 909C3033  Muni Robe	
F43EAC97 288B4FCD  Aeolian Cassock	
9FDFB736 A5D6A762  Iris Robe	
48C7AC13 5D48E564  ???
DFDF5F5F 0686004C  Luna Shield	
BCAB59A8 1E534AFF  Dragon Shield	
A760EC3A 8E15669C  Flame Shield	
12DFCD33 69E0A192  Terra Shile	
10AAED79 BEC4C581  Cosmos Shield	
2B4E4E40 1FD25866  Fujin Shield	
BA1F7FA4 38720B20  Aegis Shield	
B56124F2 07BE8076  ???
F6A5DB6D 86A12DCF  Aerial Gloves	
0C23DA2E 2BB2650B  Titan Gloves	
FDD89C47 553C9E87  Big Bang Gloves	
A9F9BBC4 55AAAB04  Crafted Gloves	
A31BF447 D059993A  Riot Gloves	
49003A56 EB78B1CC  Spirit Gloves (PP)	
6C05315B E365057F  ???
C48F72FC B15F465D  Clear Bracelet	
47737CA0 C8084A90  Mythril Armlet	
63508E80 F6E78E22  Bone Armlet	
6A95E524 C7E60757  Jester's Armlet	
5D0E77B2 C6F95F49  Leda's Bracelet	
FAC04AEF AEE04449  ???
5CB8D7C1 3C9416C3  Dragon Helm	
AFB40CC4 803E9ECD  Mythril helm	
EA17E08A EFEAA372  Fear Helm	
B8972AEF 495D8D7D  Mellenium Helm	
B6D19B73 7577210B  Viking Helm	
78BF4444 A09604B6  Gloria Helm	
630AE180 85B12F78  Minerva Helm	
A7A2B8F0 DCE19287  ???
38465FF8 01F3029E  Floating Hat	
4BAD0CED D47A8DBE  Nurse's CAp	
3294D1A2 1B0E4E6E  Thorn Crown	
B5B8BECC 1435F0F9  O. Mask	
97ABB46C C1C00FB1  Hiotoko Mask	
2A1D8BF2 12F2A0FD  Crown of Glory	
2CD72CD4 D810BBE6  Alastar's Hood	
0756387F 3DEF6D02  ???
43C570C4 7242D1E2  Pure Circlet	
57BD19D7 A47AD229  Astral Circlet	
46787C17 F2FEC4E0  Psychic Circlet	
5DDEDB89 523C9920  Demon Circlet	
0FA14A73 26987D21  Clarity Circlet	
DB235551 76183391  Brilliant Circlet	
BB464DE4 033E020A  Berserker Band	
EDB97E2C AF76366F  ???
F99DDB79 4FB8FC8C  Divine Camisole	
D9FF65AF 7EA87EC8  Herbed Shirt	
5793F1DA E760349A  Golden Shirt	
0B9A6B98 5B2530CF  Casual Shirt	
7986BA6D 0BB3F863  Leather Boots	
B629E268 18AA7863  Dragon Boots	
70D63024 5DD8C573  Safety boots	
5EE37C7C 829456DA  Knight's Greave	
FA27291C 5C8BD930  Silver Greave	
BE51ADC3 F349662A  Ninja Sandals	
E7044C93 17B0F917  Golden Boots	
7D494F57 04D8981C  Spirit Ring	
09F774CE 714630FD  Stardust Ring	
C104D072 29A969A7  Aroma Ring	
7F5086E2 3803A2F8  Rainbow Ring	
FC85A5C1 4BDD1655  Soul Ring	
CDACFDDF 2905BF54  Guardian Ring	
FD5B3281 EC40524D  Golden Ring	
0DDAE268 DC38B6B0  ???
BCAD4B0A A95DFD27  Rusty Sword	
DDC03A40 3166580A  Rusty Sword	
428036CC 6CE4A223  Rusty Sword	
EA07A154 90FB62FA  Rusty Sword	
F0FE8095 4FCA15DE  Rusty Axe	
E1BFCDD4 A767B71F  Rusty Axe	
31DAA4EA 08F3CEAF  Rusty Mace	
9E259E32 24B00142  Rusty Mace	
35215E90 A9A03B34  Rusty Staff	
0AE193CA C005F487  Rusty Staff	
8AD67048 E3CF4831  Rusty Staff	
CE65DB87 99BF8146  ???
19DDE4F2 73BD2D9E  Tear Stone	
D6668A5C 162FCE6A  Star Dust	
4B4A7850 DE29404B  Sylph Feather	
29C4F6E0 7E2649FA  Dragon Skin	
0D141F49 34622E52  Salamander Tail	
8651577F FF5C4CAE  Golem Core	
554E6D3C E5398F76  Mythril Silver	
543530B6 6219E989  Dark Matter	
B96286B8 37C5E32D  Orihalcon	
8AAC8342 E9358260  ???
3699069F 1C91D11C  Right Prong	
D4E7889D 0C711646  Left Prong	
4D8702DF 388BB614  Center Prong	
ECCD945D CE71E7DE  ???
C1A96F69 F3697243  Mysterious Card	
BA7C7268 7DD642F3  Trainer's Whip	
144E99F7 38E529B3  Tomegathericon	
CA3D8291 6CF646E0  ???
2E0D605C D653AD3A  ???
C73CA465 21D565F6  Healing Fungus	
6B78A431 72C6FAFD  Laughing Fungus	
802D8AEC DCF99E56  Signal Whistle	
8122BD46 2AB7F966  Dancing Idol	
5A922CF8 23AED7B2  Pretty Stone	
4C77431C 99119BBF  Red Cloth	
25823357 12ABBDFF  Milk	
7F72696B 2931F579  Li'l Turtle	
B1030D10 0003970F  Aquarius Stone	
B429D780 70136905  Large Bread	
7AD4D220 C2E37C77  Sea God's Tear	
0573DDB0 BDB7543E  Ruin Key	
4EFAC8E0 2B73CFB3  Magma Ball

  CI7. Sheba Slot 1 

5A67C0D6 5D53E229  Long Sword	
DC39F5CD B4D83A7B  Broad Sword	
3DB2E4B2 D76E908B  Claymore	
15B62CD7 4696F3F7  Great Sword	
E4AEBC5C E4B7E276  Samshir	
AFFDABA9 CA03EA98  Silver Blade	
8BFCE910 44DE8B56  Fire Brand	
FCFB41C1 018A7786  Artic Blade	
FB6FA74C E96B8AD2  Gaia Blade	
FE55B41E 00004D3A  Sol Balde	
92016B0A 3C31FF54  Muramasa	
AA5428DF 9D9D4358  ???
DFDA2CDB 08D6E6AB  ???
9E188B57 4FF15DE3  ???
A89D44F7 563EC95C  Machete	
EA755340 4B204D5F  Short Sword	
0B928809 609AA7CB  Hunter's Sword	
3B8BFE50 424558BC  Battle Blade	
1B9918E7 8CBB3C99  Master Rapier	
016CE352 267BA341  Ninja Blade	
21068C8B F80F6B7D  Swift Sword	
316D85E2 C468DB30  Elven Rapier	
C37D22C8 0D48059A  Assassin Blade	
0160CDA5 BBAED24F  Mystery Blade	
57B86D69 32F7DA8A  Kikuichimonji	
E1E7B68C 120F41B9  Maamune	
4891B96D 5085D05B  Bandits Blade	
75A45066 303B9363  ???
41566CA4 CFF54F49  ???
32C79E31 3AD99AE3  ???
59088394 9CBFFFA7  Battle Axe	
D63FCEA5 C0361B82  Broad Axe	
54FFAAE7 92DC6CB4  Great Axe	
5D545643 AE43FE64  Dragon Axe	
EEA84155 9BC818E9  Giant Axe	
4080169F F75CBA4B  Vulcan Axe	
5B15344B B8F8A95C  Burning Axe	
A66CBC10 E480D4FC  Demon Axe	
D126996C D5DFF22C  ???
C96464C1 A2AF7B5D  ???
8AF4DBA5 FEBF65BE  ???
E9004703 969C7E4E  ???
D3C82704 C768DF3E  Mace	
965E80A3 D66AD6B3  Heavy Mace	
EFBCF0FC EC6B749C  Battle Mace	
93C4280F 316039F9  War Mace	
E7038BFF 0E90C40A  Righteous Mace	
B7E26B44 8F8E0224  Grievous Mace	
0BBF2541 CBB14591  Blessed Mace	
A36EA942 D4DD1E70  Wicked Mace	
3811B11F 7D0B4EAF  ???
2F966811 A188E91E  ???
391F4943 F2F25008  ???
99D870FD 6D2D2F27  ???
C9EB8120 B993BC7D  Wooden Stick	
B649AABB 5827FA92  Magic Rod	
CD1AA100 35932FB6  Witch's Wand	
49642E15 DD482509  Blessed Ankh	
C50B3AEC 99FBD869  Psynergy Rod	
7038B1E2 C761B104  Frost Wand	
09971627 250E03F6  Angelic Ankh	
E1CC5C9E 8F64A0E7  Demonic Staff	
58B616E5 CA69FEDB  Crystal Rod	
923FBB05 E4F5C44D  Zodiac Wand	
39747E32 A1F822AB  Shamon's Rod	
600BFB25 DB44EF18  ???
494E92D2 CC968230  ???
ADA54A74 41055012  ???
7C9CD75D 07B82CC5  ???
DE9C9AD6 004856D1  ???
E39D4BE2 C1DD2DFB  ???
DA9410D0 C6CF3CB6  ???
3517F9FB 7B9C32D9  ???
2B9871C7 009374F5  ???
AD117D6B ED4102E1  Leather Armor	
CE672409 A9694A9C  Psynergy Armor	
F65C2048 AD6131CD  Chain Mail	
36F0BBD7 9AA30C7B  Armored Shell	
4057BB92 8BE8CF05  Plate Mail	
C728A1E7 8757881C  Steel Armor	
D5A88F7E 083F8498  Spirit Armor	
97540D42 D9F0337E  Dragon Scales	
ED54E6BD C45E6418  Demon Mail	
E57FEB3B 3558AD78  Asura's Armor	
8F6E0401 672F74F4  Spiked Armor	
4997F17A 7B863121  ???
FE4F24D0 C7D78105  ???
5B4AC9EE B02D9696  ???
3DB30222 701B3892  Cotton Shirt	
E15F7FE5 906A6A2D  Travel Vest	
D0F283F8 C4A413C8  Fur Coat	
F0E50C05 C476A7F8  Adept's Clothes	
91840613 2BED4B36  Elven Shirt	
1C4C6296 CDBB3F53  Silver Vest	
33425C4A 6A9909F4  Water Jacket	
12D92FCC E5BE84E5  Storm Gear	
A3747FA4 DB90563E  Kimono	
D45DB49D B9459AEA  Ninja Garb	
85FFCBCD 5213D5F6  ???
45E346EF 2ED7EBB6  ???
45FA35D9 1F0DBE69  ???
0021B09F C8E48E61  ???
7049D5EA 0482A2BA  One-Pieced Dress	
58CF50EB ABA8F807  Travel Robe	
4B021A48 EE5D5067  Silk Robe	
27CDAD5A 4E8A74C7  China Dress	
282AA30A D72FF8E6  Jerkin	
1A2EFB98 97B46297  Cocktail Dress	
4B8BA921 5510185C  Blessed Robe	
4563A84D E6446F65  Magical Cassock	
545535EA 3DC01152  Mysterious Robe	
DB8E1AD3 08EC95E5  Feathered Robe	
D3403287 FF43B247  Oracle's Robe	
0937743C 61B89E5C  ???
5296BB59 4C7F4A3B  ???
130E452C 329B1276  ???
B6190F6D 63FE3E1D  ???
D738D7EC 0CCA6A0D  Wooden Shield	
25BC7C95 FA6D61A2  Bronze Shield	
C135702C 3FEE76AF  Iron Shield	
F17A126C FF2055C0  Knight's Shield	
8F630EFF A5DBC0A9  Mirrored Shield	
B1B0BAD3 63427DEE  Dragon Shield	
B335A423 E06F69EA  Earth Shield	
E64C110D 6377DCB5  ???
8091C9A4 378F28F8  ???
5FA89561 B6E3C6FC  Padded Gloves	
944B0492 BEDA6CEA  Leather Gloves	
4D00215F 8EEA67E3  Gauntlets	
85AB6CBE 8AD95D27  Vambrace	
887E27B2 B44B24A4  War Gloves	
E361C648 9083A681  Spirit Gloves (Elemental pwr)	
DCC0E971 A6C0C72C  Battle Gloves	
39BFF841 D3B5F03D  Aura Gloves	
B91DC7D5 468AE832  ???
966D3746 07D4E345  Leather Armlet	
EC3D53BB 3565E2E2  Armlet	
8B3C9FE1 91926CA9  Heavy Armlet	
DB3A4C2F 9CC2848A  Silver Armlet	
C5FF5C56 A802A620  Spirit Armlet	
0AAC715F 85E1C516  Virtuous Armlet	
91DE2F8D C8AE74F8  Guardian Armlet	
8009AA38 A1E84276  ???
F1D76866 A0219CCC  ???
2B6E1F29 E142B415  Open Helm	
09B80092 FE91A6F4  Bronze Helm	
AADD60EB 9738ABE0  Iron Helm	
0D982EED DED3953E  Steel Helm	
6DAEB12B C14DCD0F  Silver Helm	
FAE8C2D6 DCF213F2  Knight's Helm
8FE84F3C 722A92B7  Warrior's Helm	
6E705B3E 72C68B4D  Adept's Helm	
896F916C 28A04F17  ???
4EF9D73A F887E696  ???
A48F1343 A347A718  ???
62775048 23549804  Leather Cap	
CE8D721A 84BDD2CD  Wooden Cap	
4E3A5ED1 DB6513F3  Mail Cap	
6E2CA084 C48AA1B6  Jeweled Crown	
5FAD2DA3 42B76310  Ninja Hood	
765C8F57 2275E371  Lucky Cap	
58F0CE74 A4751226  Thunder Crown	
DAB5BC31 252FCC8F  Prophet's Hat	
575473C0 889D7726  Lure Cap	
931A3541 AEA7D147  ???
CA39E762 D292C2DD  Circlet	
03FF4238 1BEC26C2  Silver Circlet	
20E781FB EC01984D  Guardian Circlet	
40E8CE0E E67F93EE  Platinum Circlet	
2B886522 5C6688ED  Mythril Circlet	
B32EF741 6CB66EE8  Glittering Tiara	
E2D98B17 E85AE001  ???
06DC04E3 F7649887  ???
785311B2 F43AC478  ???
710D840C 9EC78684  ???
8CD97DD2 A829580F  ???
C7195A6D 777730F4  ???
AB68F512 873B105E  ???
1D0582A0 6BF5236D  ???
26EA1635 3DA261FB  Herb	
0EFACDC2 030256D0  Nut	
3A8AE562 1EF5D282  Vial	
44B2AFFE 814135C6  Potion	
115F5E45 24FA979E  Hermes' Water	
A8986AB7 340D51FD  Empty Bottle	
EDDDD10B CEB36316  Psy Energy Crystal	
03ECEB40 4D2F7A4F  Antidote	
0DA670BC F1F7C70F  Elixer	
ED96C7AF 1E66A504  Water of Life	
2CC7476A F2B353A7  Mist Potion	
A2D30598 7C028CC8  Power Bread	
825FF462 488CD8FC  Cookie	
60CBBFB0 2AA18967  Apple	
3019673E 3C4DC915  Hard Nut	
04BF145E 44E4AF92  Mint	
4BD3A3DB 814B1AEB  Lucky Pepper	
5E6B5BF3 56B3D0A9  ???
9D980C95 228E36C4  Lash Pebble	
651BABD5 11C02B0B  Pound Cube	
EED495FC 0EF82BA6  Orb of Force	
BDF38876 F0A31F96  Douse Drop	
59642DC5 69AABD16  Frost Jewel	
194852B2 0ABF994E  Lifting Gem	
CA481DD5 47AB73DD  Halt Gem	
C3AE06C9 89064A14  Cloak Ball	
35ADD5F1 9FB5FDE9  Carry Stone	
0E979164 7F882C65  Catch Beads	
2CD1FCE5 091C94B7  Temper Bit	
68BCC58D E7F8A101  Scoop Gem	
85822960 ABB2D189  Cyclone Chip	
B9B4030B 5CAA7077  ???
E8093DF2 20F8171B  ???
3BBA40FD 14F70695  Burst Brooch	
09461859 C3EE64BB  Grindstone	
850D1C04 914B2FA9  Hover Jade	
812740DC 45C2D877  ???
E2F88B99 8CC33CF8  Teleport Lapis	
77409DB8 45D6FCD4  ???
42D0791E CF8D57E8  ???
D35BBA7B 160D9B65  Venus Star	
0A1A2F05 AE60E29B  Mercury Star	
FAE5F297 BE4A06B9  Mythril Bag (Mars Star)	
F51C1B6B 19196C79  Mythril Bag (Jupitar Star)	
BA3074C7 91FEF591  Mythril Bag	
AE3B960E 259A5EBC  Small Jewel	
B018EDA5 69BCFBB6  Smoke Bomb	
25024A24 7277C964  Sleep Bomb	
F0252168 F323C1C8  Game Ticket	
D6B3C202 6831B682  Lucky Medal	
1052CD3D 34F25866  Dragon's Eye	
C8741510 A3F804AB  Bone	
CC00845F C3C1A52D  Anchor Charm	
922612F0 B9B615A2  Corn	
28E1880C 241C7BEA  Cell Key	
CFCDC0F3 64B2C1EF  Boat Ticket	
286CC301 9A9D42A6  Sacred Feather	
EB3DD998 FE34ECE6  Mystic Draught	
CBB141ED 79335C38  Oil Drop	
8D62E247 83344E47  Weasel's Claw	
2636EFC9 ADD71189  Bumble Seed	
62E9240B 71F47A31  Crystal Powder	
BF8B69A4 2EABC27F  Black Crystal	
2B8B4685 62355F16  Red Key	
073DBB91 7E28F992  Blue Key	
DFDD3D6E 7CB3F9F3  Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)	
F5849FBB 9ECED48A  Jupitar Star	
B50F00EF 3C3E8398  Mars Star	
BBE2AB3E C48B7F5E  ???
3D52613D FB745BCC  ???
626430C1 983DFA15  Mythril Shirt	
82429050 3D7B1831  Silk Shirt	
6E3E0AEC 44F36121  Running Shirt	
99610A72 AEEEE490  ???
9B9E5B04 697B1515  ???
3C0F3761 B9BA9712  ???
6CA78AB6 02840FD1  Hyper Boots	
1BC16522 B44B3859  Quick Boots	
A8DF1430 ED46AD46  Fur Boots	
E356A06F B81C935C  Turtle Boots	
DDE99E46 2EEC1FA4  ???
851E3BD4 5B424D54  ???
6BA93315 42E07C8C  Adept Ring	
A024E9E8 9EC6E488  War Ring	
91188571 2265F361  Sleep Ring	
836DC751 CCAFD24B  Healing Ring	
7351D3FA 4E595F3D  Unicorn Ring	
C9D1C976 9F4FEC5C  Fairy Ring	
BFF3B7BC 83F1DFA0  Cleric's Ring	
A8EC112C 4C94B25E  ???
CF1991AA 88909FB8  ???
16F85066 9CC5EC99  ???
B45B0027 AC90A831  Huge Sword
85FA4F14 9109A95E  Mythril Blade	
29D3150A 4331F86F  Levatine	
BD436E5D 944FB6FF  Darksword	
C0AAC9E9 24007FF4  Excalibar	
38D41809 18F416BC  Robber's Blade	
366AEF02 99B67FE1  Soul Brand	
62CA71EC F814596B  Storm Brand	
EC43F444 81DF4FC3  Hestia Blade	
A50090D7 AC8BFEFB  Lightning Sword	
7A4909F0 4F0779EA  Rune Blade	
B5D07232 8CB52B26  Cloud Brand	
E08CDF01 E5973F8B  ???
1413F8C6 0395C98B  Sylph Rapier	
34D61D2E A65CA3E5  Burning Sword	
8E9F0BD9 1A4ABEAE  Pirate's Sword	
AB45AC5F 1C96CF04  Corsair's Edge	
FAE44237 5DF9E1BC  Pirate's Sabre	
BD2F5600 0A9B5D47  Hypno's Sword	
9CD9234C 0EAA712A  Mist Sabre	
D0AAFA84 03ECAA04  Phaeton's Blade	
B4D747C9 8AF6B34F  Tisiphone Edge	
DDA3C0C7 212CCB98  ???
2420165E 22B85BE1  Apollo's Axe	
552C6182 41680A49  Gaia's Axe	
C5B89D94 9FE59A0B  Steller Axe	
3A5D067D 9E7F8E84  Captain's Axe	
754F4B49 68742E89  Viking Axe	
8558E43A 22CBF39E  Disk Axe	
DE484F08 44608FF0  Themis' Axe	
9F46D01F 4886C1A1  Mighty Axe	
1E86D5A3 3C47F9DC  Tartarous Axe	
615D9E20 F5D92471  ???
6A4A78E1 ACD2CF8B  Comet Mace	
69DD9113 ACCC3F6A  Tungsten Mace	
F80F20BA 125C87A2  Demon Mace	
869322EE 8CC0DCC5  Hagbone Mace	
55A99EC1 E1DD0E2E  Blow Mace	
EDC5491E 78458320  Rising Mace	
6D5D9D29 45052574  Thanatos Mace	
F399CF07 2F01880C  ???
E17CACED 5C48BABE  Cloud Mace	
0D4F3D33 0A109227  Salamander Rod	
745CBECC 26732A59  Nebula Wand	
B6A082FD FE8D33BC  Dracomace	
C6B7E29E 6C2538F5  Glower Staff	
24805703 81FEA5BC  Goblin's Rod	
A32D8A7D 49DFEA75  Meditation Rod	
99871B3E 20491440  Fireman's Pole	
9C54FEF9 6DBE4F38  Atropos' Rod	
32B11FFE 686BEEBA  Lachesis' Rule	
192281B6 FEA25DBB  Clotho's Distaff	
59AC3BD6 1F181AC4  Staff of Anubis	
CF0E3D8D E6CB1BCE  ???
8D308F0A 77CCC85A  Trident	
71FB2EAF 489B9433  ???
873E43DB 9B7E820C  Planet Armor	
73DF53D1 BDB97F87  Dragon Mail	
B15594DE 7BADBC02  Chronos Mail	
C14A7A77 D8F976EA  Stealth Armor	
3A1074B8 8627CD29  Xylion Armor	
C17D4A14 268C7349  Ixion Mail	
B7620146 F234933F  Phantasmal Mail	
7A0CBB96 9B755D86  Erebus Armor	
4E5901EB 41D8A089  Valkyrie Mail	
7E7084CE 9690A842  ???
60C8DA3E 0BA92DF3  Faery Vest	
598D57F1 C1F9B0CD  Mythril Cltohes	
1CA7CAA8 26270324  Full Metal Vest	
C6BB207F 4BA43817  Wild Coat	
0DFDA19F 0A734C0B  Floral Dress	
1335BA97 272D91E4  Festival Coat	
BBDBF3EE CE71D08D  Erinyes Tunic	
1F3E1F28 0A29982D  Triton Ward	
BA5B9726 86DB4DD1  ???
095B9EBD CAD94D2C  Dragon Robe	
495292FE 7BD9A5FF  Ardagh Robe	
4666302C 3E0A06EB  Muni Robe	
A7965B38 AF86039C  Aeolian Cassock	
7CCBC4F2 3A268B42  Iris Robe	
EF81A60A 6DD510FC  ???
8735ECC3 35DCCA79  Luna Shield	
8159EB07 F76D6A73  Dragon Shield	
17259DD0 DE661901  Flame Shield	
9D92826A 2994658F  Terra Shile	
BAB89DDD C1B3D907  Cosmos Shield	
E532DA58 1937C760  Fujin Shield	
5AB71980 FA4DADE3  Aegis Shield	
10B6662B 26FB1212  ???
9F287F65 5DA72F8A  Aerial Gloves	
FDE0588E 1DEF63E6  Titan Gloves	
6F5C0FD7 20FF966A  Big Bang Gloves	
833A4264 C650D43B  Crafted Gloves	
797C46F6 5C344BD2  Riot Gloves	
3B853AD0 EBC74AFB  Spirit Gloves (PP)	
5FF98232 BF73F77C  ???
116C099F 611B7AEF  Clear Bracelet	
2E18949F CFE4B253  Mythril Armlet	
82C655B3 042BA0E8  Bone Armlet	
52B5BF72 A7BFD216  Jester's Armlet	
9763736B A4C06D2F  Leda's Bracelet	
A3095EC4 D1B920C0  ???
E6DEC87A 8C472348  Dragon Helm	
F96A222E B8E53F95  Mythril helm	
DF9519FA F82A1808  Fear Helm	
9904153B E2DD378D  Mellenium Helm	
EB1DCBBD FCA6A668  Viking Helm	
54B801A7 B78DB541  Gloria Helm	
B2920AD6 F9E9A279  Minerva Helm	
7D4B8363 88EF11F3  ???
E4C02244 4B07F555  Floating Hat	
11B723CD 89F264E5  Nurse's CAp	
AD352110 E43B775C  Thorn Crown	
94251019 C8CAEC55  O. Mask	
826D0B2A 4C60E88C  Hiotoko Mask	
CCEFD0F2 F557265D  Crown of Glory	
2708EFD4 3F5000DF  Alastar's Hood	
242ACBCA CB5403F9  ???
54DE012A B7185414  Pure Circlet	
D085C401 6E8E545C  Astral Circlet	
C9EB82D7 9FC97DD4  Psychic Circlet	
909F6AD6 8E8402CC  Demon Circlet	
F9C9BCB7 171601D7  Clarity Circlet	
B95884A2 7F2593DE  Brilliant Circlet	
090B7581 3271DCBE  Berserker Band	
CC444179 AA2599E1  ???
D40416C3 8CF10C02  Divine Camisole	
8A5612FD 687DBAA0  Herbed Shirt	
93418648 11FB41A1  Golden Shirt	
CFC3D339 EB30FE55  Casual Shirt	
BC888A97 F198A844  Leather Boots	
BFD29EC8 43DD0410  Dragon Boots	
EFBB8413 C392F093  Safety boots	
7B21225B 7DAD19A1  Knight's Greave	
B9FECAB8 4CBBCA70  Silver Greave	
88A5B1D6 08CEE1C4  Ninja Sandals	
1A487E65 04206AF3  Golden Boots	
B2A69BB5 A3136BF7  Spirit Ring	
4A9341E5 CA25C410  Stardust Ring	
75A5AD66 B2A1C077  Aroma Ring	
CD8F74B7 9FB1B0C5  Rainbow Ring	
7A7B4C23 A2C1236F  Soul Ring	
BB295B67 FA6C60D4  Guardian Ring	
7F8B5324 7BE63D61  Golden Ring	
CB96600E 340F6DAF  ???
A5839E42 0A489577  Rusty Sword	
C6A3093E 864B3EEE  Rusty Sword	
3D4DE520 019CCA0E  Rusty Sword	
9C0F19C7 6972FD2C  Rusty Sword	
7C0373D2 9D2E31C0  Rusty Axe	
E134DA57 851ACB00  Rusty Axe	
206641B8 6B1A4A95  Rusty Mace	
B820DADC 578C2445  Rusty Mace	
5C0C8A9A 6B15F6F5  Rusty Staff	
D61EA5D7 238CD71D  Rusty Staff	
83392E39 3D7352B6  Rusty Staff	
E7840284 254776ED  ???
89695C1D B39CE6D7  Tear Stone	
960AA97E F268DEA1  Star Dust	
0DDE0C52 E05B8AB8  Sylph Feather	
1A4CE247 62D5BAAE  Dragon Skin	
AC0DFEEB C6C048E6  Salamander Tail	
00FB3C4C 35E77B76  Golem Core	
9AAE4451 E47E993E  Mythril Silver	
26DD646D 578ABBC2  Dark Matter	
D3BCF1EB 16962832  Orihalcon	
61E79338 988F13F9  ???
D8417C87 9C4B6CDB  Right Prong	
6AF8BA89 155F615B  Left Prong	
2632EDBA C08658CE  Center Prong	
314951F2 1985CDBC  ???
0EB2B4F3 595031C1  Mysterious Card	
4C664A03 E80E44C3  Trainer's Whip	
E1E47D5C E601646A  Tomegathericon	
153E6D4E 9BED3E74  ???
1A465680 BE92581C  ???
3B8AE07B 0C3D48D5  Healing Fungus	
B3208D6E B87F62EE  Laughing Fungus	
2B2A9A95 AF85062D  Signal Whistle	
62BDD439 AF1E679C  Dancing Idol	
775A0314 A27BD023  Pretty Stone	
44F7BC63 9CD3D96A  Red Cloth	
26CD7AF6 E8A506C9  Milk	
852D36AB 0B67A27C  Li'l Turtle	
9AE36863 BD33D754  Aquarius Stone	
F6743B78 172906EE  Large Bread	
D0497DFC 5702AA15  Sea God's Tear	
E678257C 65AF4B84  Ruin Key	
DCCFCBE7 6579A007  Magma Ball

  CI8. Piers Slot 1 

019BF386 A2C59509  Long Sword	
81DDC675 7951BCA9  Broad Sword	
EF168174 8E373785  Claymore	
35CDBFA1 8295CE6D  Great Sword	
FEC12816 74A9DB63  Samshir	
4D5B44D0 C21B7C9B  Silver Blade	
2222CD21 7697C4F2  Fire Brand	
36E07DEF 4970BFD1  Artic Blade	
58617165 4752E179  Gaia Blade	
42DD74FE 68637F3A  Sol Balde	
6705F95C 111B6F46  Muramasa	
32C2244C 9A0693FB  ???
5F1766E3 2F889486  ???
A936D628 EE8B9661  ???
70C059C5 6EA96DF2  Machete	
38982281 E26852E7  Short Sword	
0AA5C9BC EF7E3D2E  Hunter's Sword	
DC25C7C8 3E377332  Battle Blade	
713AC64D D5B2D6A7  Master Rapier	
5ACF34F4 DA7F2D71  Ninja Blade	
1EB282A6 72B1EE51  Swift Sword	
438FE6DD B3DEDDCA  Elven Rapier	
80932B0D 73E8D568  Assassin Blade	
3A2127BD 05427A9A  Mystery Blade	
6683C545 FE5C6DC3  Kikuichimonji	
9D8FEDD9 A6D5962D  Maamune	
3E8E9780 CD62A4E5  Bandits Blade	
B5D0A21F 392A2712  ???
825ECCC3 4531AC0D  ???
70792952 80D810AE  ???
A90050E7 1526A34D  Battle Axe	
29A90726 2D84F9AE  Broad Axe	
C2EE6ED1 64D8C0E3  Great Axe	
72113577 301C1537  Dragon Axe	
2EDEC60C F3D3AFFA  Giant Axe	
95B37F8E EF2A99F5  Vulcan Axe	
4FB0C5E1 D7B197AC  Burning Axe	
D7CDBFBD 000B5213  Demon Axe	
A973A89A 12B28B11  ???
85A6EDC7 EEF707F5  ???
C2B5844F 73AEEEF1  ???
D04CB5C2 D043B1E8  ???
9EEAA18F A59D8BEE  Mace	
D81C0D7C 994485AF  Heavy Mace	
D13753B9 4E2D2001  Battle Mace	
84721E49 E850A80B  War Mace	
E7B0E3CD 5BCA44FF  Righteous Mace	
3C8DA189 2652A16B  Grievous Mace	
7E9C8BAA 24D3D167  Blessed Mace	
D6ACCCA3 D5942A74  Wicked Mace	
E1B5970C 0229EC28  ???
7877F4BA 7B6A9BCE  ???
99D7E637 B9165D85  ???
2C081404 D8A30561  ???
F2B53E20 7AA79623  Wooden Stick	
E84388D9 733654E3  Magic Rod	
7025B6A5 229D81ED  Witch's Wand	
FC081E80 1DB50008  Blessed Ankh	
AD9CE929 237B654D  Psynergy Rod	
CC352C26 70EA87A0  Frost Wand	
6D4FB362 3706E497  Angelic Ankh	
FE5C5373 5D4A23E9  Demonic Staff	
56478881 AD99384F  Crystal Rod	
354A5627 391EDF7E  Zodiac Wand	
675423A5 83D95224  Shamon's Rod	
37A2F9B2 AB77BBE2  ???
CF0C3A7F 63BF05A3  ???
1C94E8B7 C6115F1A  ???
820AF3D0 71AE8F5F  ???
59D85034 711667C6  ???
A4FD874C 93BDF43D  ???
E5A0D679 6D6D3196  ???
471EBF66 03AFFE94  ???
28C343A0 5F4E4BEE  ???
CA7B5020 6F8123C6  Leather Armor	
84432299 5480274F  Psynergy Armor	
28CB7E25 20D878D3  Chain Mail	
33C17904 6E177E91  Armored Shell	
7AE6551E 2902087A  Plate Mail	
1E2143A2 0E7080D4  Steel Armor	
8B818313 DA3F66F3  Spirit Armor	
5A598DC0 2280537A  Dragon Scales	
188A82C4 1E89E2BE  Demon Mail	
777F6854 68018269  Asura's Armor	
005A0FE9 465AE440  Spiked Armor	
3C736962 56C0082E  ???
F9B98E59 CA3644E0  ???
905AD42D 18701B8B  ???
92521508 96FAF6B5  Cotton Shirt	
0CE8ADEB 1B8F17E6  Travel Vest	
827159AD 39A7C88D  Fur Coat	
2AD8DE17 5E21A88B  Adept's Clothes	
DA5A5F8C 1DCDD7FA  Elven Shirt	
2CA480F7 58827812  Silver Vest	
7F90059B 05A0EB15  Water Jacket	
2FB3057D 5DFA1129  Storm Gear	
71FB7549 989EB31B  Kimono	
C5AA4293 A3B78316  Ninja Garb	
E47B5774 00392239  ???
F41F8399 4CD2046F  ???
A5EB89CC 02CA438F  ???
357335A5 623DA57C  ???
77827FEE FA099A2E  One-Pieced Dress	
1D02CD11 CAE20647  Travel Robe	
B069BB7C 0929E970  Silk Robe	
BEAC4DDE DB4CF4D5  China Dress	
A24AFC3F E4A8A7CE  Jerkin	
6CB53675 07E92E9F  Cocktail Dress	
7D30A1F7 FF530583  Blessed Robe	
DA8B9F61 5C3D77BF  Magical Cassock	
AD09E42A 5135BF9C  Mysterious Robe	
D26130C9 3435D3DB  Feathered Robe	
2E1C1B62 F4E8FCFC  Oracle's Robe	
406483BE 9A7F9D97  ???
FE9B19A8 C1C30CFF  ???
4F6CB8BD AE09D1E6  ???
D51C9055 97BF0330  ???
D6B24D2C 21A296BA  Wooden Shield	
ED678450 AA1F98B8  Bronze Shield	
36554D77 E387EAA7  Iron Shield	
19725DB2 4E90960A  Knight's Shield	
08FB36CF CE089346  Mirrored Shield	
556D9F6C C78BDE8D  Dragon Shield	
F23EF250 8545C89C  Earth Shield	
FFAE58FD 9650F346  ???
73EA67E1 729A7A64  ???
099DD93B 824AA903  Padded Gloves	
E0B97066 B84D7956  Leather Gloves	
8AF3C4DC DFD1316D  Gauntlets	
16FCA115 CC0EC0D5  Vambrace	
58B73400 8673457C  War Gloves	
B7B48EBC D4FA7208  Spirit Gloves (Elemental pwr)	
9918451F 50E4CF8C  Battle Gloves	
E5BA043B F491A271  Aura Gloves	
49BF73F7 F2C64B16  ???
41ABEADC E522C159  Leather Armlet	
A99EF4BC B589D37E  Armlet	
01EB885D 59B8CDA3  Heavy Armlet	
EB51DF37 BEABE3A1  Silver Armlet	
7CC96FAD E8FEDA36  Spirit Armlet	
6DF6C6F0 A14CA880  Virtuous Armlet	
68CA1F19 4339CF18  Guardian Armlet	
9D18B3CF 22E31441  ???
44A795DB 7C381372  ???
43D44401 1ACC1989  Open Helm	
9310038E F5B3D06D  Bronze Helm	
F57FFCB4 1EDCE998  Iron Helm	
2FBA3272 EC34241B  Steel Helm	
D715DF06 4CC5A71A  Silver Helm	
7F18A715 3EB99722  Knight's Helm
6B22ECC4 2F32B534  Warrior's Helm	
E1998737 BA3AA132  Adept's Helm	
9AD6E74F DAA8D24F  ???
624E67A5 4BC8A3F9  ???
6307AB54 740CA505  ???
85C60222 33C4CB30  Leather Cap	
59BCE62F BFADFC0E  Wooden Cap	
D988C53D 02677B96  Mail Cap	
50E760A0 9C11396F  Jeweled Crown	
CCE0E16F D170FAF6  Ninja Hood	
97B5BD8C 351BFB5E  Lucky Cap	
7CEE30A3 47DAECD7  Thunder Crown	
E060E627 F663F0E9  Prophet's Hat	
A6DEF458 FF78B38D  Lure Cap	
EC21DD5F 556E31F4  ???
1CFBF83D 0F56CF3B  Circlet	
26FAEED8 4C00FD38  Silver Circlet	
231EFCDF 6F8EE365  Guardian Circlet	
17430706 DFC58683  Platinum Circlet	
B4CDBBDB E5C11247  Mythril Circlet	
55D76A8E B628E816  Glittering Tiara	
A28EE561 CD37A20D  ???
63745769 28BB8E8D  ???
4BF33689 A57C9731  ???
FE890784 B7F12459  ???
D22D96FF E46D61B9  ???
7A6C7F62 21417D49  ???
3B9A43AF 679523EE  ???
08CA5A8E AE114B8C  ???
FD6E77F8 9269EFF5  Herb	
096756CC 42A9577D  Nut	
FED6208B E3087CF3  Vial	
E8A4D6F1 207A1861  Potion	
058CC596 02CA02F0  Hermes' Water	
8EE214BC 88D27413  Empty Bottle	
57660DAC 1A5F4106  Psy Energy Crystal	
5EA0AED2 7E2B619A  Antidote	
9CBE0715 DB6209AE  Elixer	
9F247217 69DBBE90  Water of Life	
C9784E46 D06A21A6  Mist Potion	
E54590BB E28795DB  Power Bread	
5D2BBA82 2EF23DD8  Cookie	
ABCC57E6 FE1078B2  Apple	
C90C41AB 306788FD  Hard Nut	
4EFD6B64 DA166CD2  Mint	
616A7844 1F0F1F9F  Lucky Pepper	
FACCE120 B80312CC  ???
09BC9A2C 124A74BD  Lash Pebble	
DF8C8AB8 D3BEF4CE  Pound Cube	
DFD059AC 8BC12780  Orb of Force	
20082D84 DD634AC2  Douse Drop	
7400A098 EEC91A40  Frost Jewel	
D88548EC AB04A1B5  Lifting Gem	
E27793C7 EAA02957  Halt Gem	
EC20D5B1 AAF85790  Cloak Ball	
CC487726 E31B88A0  Carry Stone	
75EEFBC4 E9D5A272  Catch Beads	
154B628E CF390398  Temper Bit	
8BC05160 17A4932D  Scoop Gem	
6F4D7394 846CAA75  Cyclone Chip	
44A677E7 BEB0B12B  ???
E6D0A4F2 39D45F3B  ???
233DF817 7922E1E6  Burst Brooch	
3B125E36 AEBF2F9E  Grindstone	
482E5427 C58E0CD3  Hover Jade	
ECFA8220 D81C0119  ???
DCA15C39 A68634BF  Teleport Lapis	
9B88D224 3B5C55CD  ???
D5042AB1 6484010E  ???
F28ECD3D F2760FF5  Venus Star	
FD46EDB7 2589D0DB  Mercury Star	
A28AABE6 07FF26C7  Mythril Bag (Mars Star)	
8C79728C 0194B694  Mythril Bag (Jupitar Star)	
A87D6A4E C7BCF91A  Mythril Bag	
6DDE7AA1 5A7DA758  Small Jewel	
439D5A26 27BBB170  Smoke Bomb	
E033A598 8F92BD19  Sleep Bomb	
42C24FE6 D3B5E2E3  Game Ticket	
461D63C8 7DCE6E3C  Lucky Medal	
E59452CE 5092DA20  Dragon's Eye	
9F9002BF AF5CFED7  Bone	
D70D675A B9BF8E4D  Anchor Charm	
FB7E1A8D 0AB7615F  Corn	
012C3F72 FCA02A9D  Cell Key	
43C8C3AD 6C5E4A46  Boat Ticket	
F850A31A 66EC2685  Sacred Feather	
7A47EC45 67BB2956  Mystic Draught	
146B54AC E90F8277  Oil Drop	
997E304E 8B312781  Weasel's Claw	
92EBC709 2D4B6C0C  Bumble Seed	
93BBEABB 7CA36679  Crystal Powder	
7FCF3984 0E5391E1  Black Crystal	
E02CB987 8C93F7EF  Red Key	
D747FB0C 37601B72  Blue Key	
83C24F73 68ED9FD0  Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)	
55CA4BCE A2BA24B5  Jupitar Star	
4A87C30F AD3D001C  Mars Star	
E355607C E5E3E8DF  ???
321BB86D 93458E32  ???
3C9848CE B6DA1F90  Mythril Shirt	
13A29A62 E941CBAE  Silk Shirt	
290CE3D6 E12BE8D5  Running Shirt	
22C31B9D 8FD699AC  ???
3AA33829 CDCF6395  ???
D4364383 FD4D3DEF  ???
5ADB978B 257833A4  Hyper Boots	
CBD32A7C 2B62E79F  Quick Boots	
B25EF7C2 310DA907  Fur Boots	
AC3B2CB3 C94211DD  Turtle Boots	
A50C51A0 EF61E0F6  ???
12E18B2E D2790DCB  ???
2ED553AD 1AC876E2  Adept Ring	
E9E4F2CA 5DEB1827  War Ring	
B2E155C1 FABB9F61  Sleep Ring	
5CE23E40 28AF9080  Healing Ring	
DEAFDF15 D765443F  Unicorn Ring	
C3B9040C E173E09F  Fairy Ring	
23781974 0052F4A0  Cleric's Ring	
7C29A702 4C47C761  ???
412B7398 93E73A6A  ???
83767516 F0182CEA  ???
C694BF92 AE0EA400  Huge Sword
8D6DC6DC CA620962  Mythril Blade	
C8ADB16A E8FEA533  Levatine	
140DF251 EF6CBA94  Darksword	
30452065 36034A58  Excalibar	
20B4C5EA 4C24A4DB  Robber's Blade	
889F9314 A7564FA0  Soul Brand	
61E15457 968D5692  Storm Brand	
B9030395 8CC7FD53  Hestia Blade	
9180E33A F65A3407  Lightning Sword	
EB35F5E1 7714DCBF  Rune Blade	
64115397 A4C6B531  Cloud Brand	
999115A7 44FA2184  ???
EFCD3E64 32716F48  Sylph Rapier	
D7FF4C69 8DB8E8C9  Burning Sword	
A92AEF40 9389409E  Pirate's Sword	
EF70EA09 A6A742E7  Corsair's Edge	
A29E9056 8705EB50  Pirate's Sabre	
F74C2D3E 227D6F26  Hypno's Sword	
DCA64DD5 86945650  Mist Sabre	
83365EAB 3E4242E2  Phaeton's Blade	
107162A2 D1017048  Tisiphone Edge	
59079E84 5875F7D3  ???
CBFFB03D 320E058C  Apollo's Axe	
77411CF5 5B35F0FE  Gaia's Axe	
5CFD3EA3 BAD1046E  Steller Axe	
78C8A702 BF5254E2  Captain's Axe	
DCD3022E 00477C16  Viking Axe	
07FDDA22 17202C4D  Disk Axe	
19708245 9FA37B54  Themis' Axe	
5F0B9C38 8777FA17  Mighty Axe	
6E8E9E62 C2821CEA  Tartarous Axe	
74255904 701AA252  ???
46CD2454 0CF9109F  Comet Mace	
3ECDCB4F 2D9B1ADF  Tungsten Mace	
C6CB4D5F 1153DC36  Demon Mace	
62C182D1 97BAEA71  Hagbone Mace	
F7FA1FD3 4F548815  Blow Mace	
A761FC45 CFAD95D2  Rising Mace	
E9F71E55 D38AC92C  Thanatos Mace	
85669175 EE7BE50B  ???
AC8FEED8 C3057B32  Cloud Mace	
8EF90534 D814FC29  Salamander Rod	
AEA3B5DB 31D00383  Nebula Wand	
4A1629C5 98F39FB1  Dracomace	
1600AB53 3AD24857  Glower Staff	
51C79CFD A9D9FF53  Goblin's Rod	
812B2F58 F6045913  Meditation Rod	
5A176742 16AAB5E6  Fireman's Pole	
4098E17D 36135C68  Atropos' Rod	
FA8931D8 62623325  Lachesis' Rule	
7335C945 E9DEEA83  Clotho's Distaff	
725C24C0 2B758643  Staff of Anubis	
DBCC6877 9DA2EF05  ???
A731578C 523386D9  Trident	
84DDF4A9 F987C804  ???
48D5F561 E6A64A35  Planet Armor	
6FFA24CA E2CCB23C  Dragon Mail	
997DAC04 82AEA55C  Chronos Mail	
112F3148 7F3455FC  Stealth Armor	
9D435770 07E6BC50  Xylion Armor	
87A1441C 39893656  Ixion Mail	
10B13432 C49B8D61  Phantasmal Mail	
DC1FB8F7 D72E0C01  Erebus Armor	
0DB769DA A559B1C2  Valkyrie Mail	
24EAB4B0 A611CCD6  ???
E1C085B0 899D8707  Faery Vest	
40E22E0C D466A09C  Mythril Cltohes	
32EE3376 0A937296  Full Metal Vest	
E57817B4 0C1BC5F5  Wild Coat	
F386E5B9 08B8A587  Floral Dress	
32E00764 74BAA5F6  Festival Coat	
E1C7CF02 918D98C4  Erinyes Tunic	
0C4C349D 11CB4D4B  Triton Ward	
2C5DE1E7 6E3B49AF  ???
27510F25 AD2C72A3  Dragon Robe	
06F9D724 0C496C9F  Ardagh Robe	
AB833317 A137D369  Muni Robe	
9A12FB87 7046D8ED  Aeolian Cassock	
C44B8051 8732BD00  Iris Robe	
606103AD 5C0D680A  ???
DF6092E7 7D8B725F  Luna Shield	
EE4D98D8 66015C8C  Dragon Shield	
D6BB307B 25DB9898  Flame Shield	
5E87BFE4 7A9241D6  Terra Shile	
87725A52 B87D6E31  Cosmos Shield	
4E3289F5 6CA6FE5C  Fujin Shield	
03E37820 09AA8A3D  Aegis Shield	
B0167315 60D568B9  ???
67D1F8DA 0B89DFB3  Aerial Gloves	
C34E8741 C02751DC  Titan Gloves	
6C475062 E2AB0912  Big Bang Gloves	
60D33CEF F70647B2  Crafted Gloves	
13BBEFAE 216F5DE2  Riot Gloves	
7EC69375 16F06B82  Spirit Gloves (PP)	
B1B0764E 3E02B77C  ???
531547D2 BC210472  Clear Bracelet	
E406419E 2668D66D  Mythril Armlet	
206A0F70 D0A52574  Bone Armlet	
0679A356 649347CE  Jester's Armlet	
AD763546 41AF184C  Leda's Bracelet	
BFB05E45 2DC5EA85  ???
DC625E52 6F33D7E2  Dragon Helm	
57572191 2A357351  Mythril helm	
5EF427BC 73FBC6C9  Fear Helm	
2ACDB6EF A1FC9878  Mellenium Helm	
88069CF2 6D6EC293  Viking Helm	
A39E9CE9 F4B5CE9B  Gloria Helm	
696AB881 C35E27C7  Minerva Helm	
A68C2012 C0AFC7CE  ???
8673B9F1 A70C20EF  Floating Hat	
756418AF 3F1E1633  Nurse's CAp	
C81AC68E F002F09C  Thorn Crown	
27D12C96 E4E3CBDD  O. Mask	
5BE2AF46 D66C3C1B  Hiotoko Mask	
008707FC BA8C0939  Crown of Glory	
82116D4B B74BC06B  Alastar's Hood	
C9B9B16E B7CC611E  ???
5B24955B 7AFB5364  Pure Circlet	
E3ACC8DB 25D189C9  Astral Circlet	
B53C4542 7289E471  Psychic Circlet	
427710EC C643D62F  Demon Circlet	
7BE47A14 D8387BF6  Clarity Circlet	
A29AD202 D5856E7C  Brilliant Circlet	
9DD57A8E E8438287  Berserker Band	
038C2470 95D1BAFD  ???
B3BA6147 BE70884F  Divine Camisole	
0FF83DA7 EA680877  Herbed Shirt	
24C09DEA F003A170  Golden Shirt	
C09CA994 8D4D2AE2  Casual Shirt	
E76B8362 B5E4DD51  Leather Boots	
02A1095C 6AB13F27  Dragon Boots	
06363BCB D25A46B3  Safety boots	
D65FA444 D4824129  Knight's Greave	
8C310640 930590E6  Silver Greave	
7EF9EBA7 3D8A76CA  Ninja Sandals	
A8034574 C2035635  Golden Boots	
974A32CE DBEDCC64  Spirit Ring	
D1E3ABA0 5A1647B6  Stardust Ring	
9AA1F515 C06C6E41  Aroma Ring	
5769D762 28DC92DD  Rainbow Ring	
A7456D25 1C98C3BA  Soul Ring	
0C8579BD C8D26DD7  Guardian Ring	
F4F45749 036108CE  Golden Ring	
C7CABA7C 4DB5498D  ???
0E294739 044D7CF4  Rusty Sword	
9235F93B 59134BA9  Rusty Sword	
347CCAA0 A6D46C8A  Rusty Sword	
84231D11 7B2BBB24  Rusty Sword	
7137A5E1 290470E2  Rusty Axe	
53EC6034 0FE5A0CE  Rusty Axe	
B1788C10 2AF0335A  Rusty Mace	
7D50DE3E DC482328  Rusty Mace	
9585EEEC FF37AD65  Rusty Staff	
65022931 2D9560AD  Rusty Staff	
40134E43 CD80A6A4  Rusty Staff	
C2332FB9 E4EEDDCA  ???
126AF6C6 9B3C0A08  Tear Stone	
8CD49393 C883DC2C  Star Dust	
B6517586 7D2EA619  Sylph Feather	
3BBCD82D B96F8F29  Dragon Skin	
CF5653BA 5D2FFFFE  Salamander Tail	
192EC758 08DD0037  Golem Core	
BD644749 2E8738DA  Mythril Silver	
2B85E0A8 7649FE70  Dark Matter	
C43553F0 25090324  Orihalcon	
5AC05566 40A22814  ???
2D248A57 E90D7CDC  Right Prong	
21503A39 DC1A4AAE  Left Prong	
BE90EBEC C06C5CD2  Center Prong	
2D0BB5B1 800114F6  ???
73C25283 52AB1144  Mysterious Card	
5B0BB157 09CF73DD  Trainer's Whip	
150FDD03 1C3B9300  Tomegathericon	
166C2F72 EEC73EB0  ???
EE703B2C A54BCAA1  ???
D8D0FD1E 62D2D3B8  Healing Fungus	
BD0CF4A1 AD58A06E  Laughing Fungus	
640D9E2B D65DD268  Signal Whistle	
8DCA702E 071B64C7  Dancing Idol	
637DC0ED B75F95EC  Pretty Stone	
AF1A08A7 E5E6FE58  Red Cloth	
2773F080 210AE965  Milk	
629FEEBC 36F109C5  Li'l Turtle	
376074AA 43D1D342  Aquarius Stone	
98BAB039 24619B31  Large Bread	
96B6F8C2 F3B01C69  Sea God's Tear	
888ADD92 2014879E  Ruin Key	
F39FDC1D 78050EDE  Magma Ball

CII. Psynergy Slot GSA Codes

   CII1. Isaac Slot 1

2A35D172 83D8E734 
8B9F0465 CFAD35B1 
5C3983C2 41B509AA  Quake 
9966FCDA EBA34F6B  Earthquake 
4BB5907E 2A154905  Quake Sphere 
CEE28A59 99424156  Spire 
D8D81A77 E59A2B54  Clay Spire 
4FF0BE3B E640D134  Stone Spire 
D7B30AF5 90051478  Gaia 
C674B326 0A42D3EF  Mother Gaia 
61B29412 B721F7CF  Grand Gaia 
CEBFB7F9 1F70BCB7  Growth 
34663495 BC4C8E85  Mad Growth 
ED811960 A8E27518  Wild Growth 
FBA190CB 521AC622  Thorn 
304D9BDB 44FA06B1  Briar 
6C82F2E4 85641E65  Nettle 
5E935511 F25F61BA 
31E41F0F C3161238 
26D94711 09DC57A6 
345A2808 C394ED71 
4BBAD606 65361562 
2028F5A7 78625486  Frost 
1A6086CD A9D1C3DE  Tundra 
9F620723 844B5BEE  Glacier 
8470BECA C5B74D86  Ice 
3CDD6AE2 3C9F1229  Ice Horn 
EF28BE79 79E74E19  Ice Missile 
A38A34B0 A239E821  Prism 
C59A3017 C64068F6  Hail Prism 
5D52080C 6C1A375A  Freeze Prism 
3E9C23AA AC3B983F  Douse 
07A102AC DA903FB9  Drench 
C1C83A46 47C8E702  Deluge 
570AC2A2 A2A70623  Froth 
898DB0EC C27972A6  Froth Sphere 
F06E5382 8E6FFF14  Froth Spiral 
816D6913 B729A071  Cool 
7257B954 35BA90E5  Perky Cool 
981089DF 6BB056B3  Violent Cool 
FE891F24 8B6A7AC5 
38490362 BAA0CD42 
93441FBD B58D152F 
B069FD97 391ADE61  Flare 
6AA9C2E7 3D3A82CC  Flare Wall 
CAFD9CF7 3AF4F139  Flare Storm 
FD0C51B9 A36B9FF1  Fire 
CDB15DFC BCC8CCBB  Fireball 
9062E9ED 5709E4AB  Inferno 
8F73BD36 259D28D5  Volcano 
70D14849 22C477D1  Eruption 
8CA51EA0 EF7965ED  Pyroclasm 
070FDECE 12B1B29C  Blast 
DB5CDD08 E7FC47DA  Mad Blast 
8A7416F7 53AB28C1  Fiery Blast 
76E474A1 545FD733  Blast 
EC1EFABC 2503124E  Nova 
C95B5B60 BAE574A7  Supernova 
D2D8B665 94A4583B  Fume 
F8D4C1E7 21B33356  Fume Worm 
88BE538B 9740C015  Fume Dragon 
C597675B DEBDF8B7  Beam 
FA8BE560 4A234005  Cycle Beam 
E6E00BBE F9D0E7E3  Scramble Beam 
302B397E DDBB2085  Bolt 
B443FAC2 99E0E3E2  Flash Bolt 
A130CBE4 6E70CE40  Blue Bolt 
72DBA264 B7DFAC62  Ray 
C3043806 7813DD98  Storm Ray 
D21CE0D0 78B5D807  Destruct Ray 
A9F5D7D0 3A268882  Plasma 
8F2142E0 2C9A929C  Shine Plasma 
70D7D41F 3805D7D1  Spark Plasma 
3FB8E740 07440D15  Slash 
9A294ACA 4F7F32C2  Wind Slash 
DD882192 B3BE56A3  Sonic Slash 
3366E6EE 03D2B012  Whirlwind 
2F6DC2DE 6CF4FBC5  Tornado 
E902372D 8AF30DE7  Tempest 
02E2E0FA B217EBCE 
A4431D42 DF2B0235 
3737F827 193BE90E 
2C81A293 D4A36D74 
690BB9EA B0881793 
87C477F3 B291FB07 
37064A2B 75631550  Aura 
0081D8FC 4A8C0B7E  Heal Aura 
620FF18E 4A879435  Clear Aura 
5F2E7BF2 82D2907B  Cure 
587CD451 76BAC2BF  Cure Well 
8F1CA5F4 D71FCB07  Potent Cure 
E061AE4A FE9B1CA6  Ply 
6FCA2162 644CAC76  Ply Well 
D15E3B70 96750AA2  Pure Ply 
B35CF660 9662B8A8  Wish 
488ED176 D748C8C7  Wish Well 
3C2A4A78 A3853080  Pure Wish 
0C43631D 3D5A4EC7  Cure Poison 
FE994BB9 046F6A6C  Restore 
DC89B36A 5F690400  Revive 
A3972CE1 9216F85F  Impact 
C0D515BC A101033C  High Impact 
F1CCFDFC 9318F144  Dull 
EF1B56A7 EF3CB571  Blunt 
0A1AED2F 62341675  Guard 
56C6A86B EE2AFD2D  Protect 
9EF3EBEA 32D05B23  Impair 
5538A7DB 31A8B702  Debilitate 
64F6C6A0 311D8CDA  Ward 
B7C75137 EF006731  Resist 
50FBF4A2 58BDD4C1  Weaken 
D1C0F244 3D95127B  Enfeeble 
F0DD45B5 6A2395E1  Poison 
E5BB8658 C4581D37  Venom 
71E01716 96D3A23A  Delude 
45791F2C 532E50AF  Confuse 
900A1324 EE0ABBF1  Charm 
99EDBF1D CA812E7E  Paralyze 
6863D287 6DA4E577  Sleep 
2562A1E7 229873D9  Bind 
0F0E0CA7 F3FCFDBA  Haunt 
859EC0C2 7DBCFA38  Curse 
79FE661E 8D2A7771  Condemn 
9CBDEB8B 36A62D7B  Drain 
F8E17937 D5CDD00A  Psy Drain 
44E73E20 D870515B  Break 
DF9D265D 337A8BE6  Re-heal 
3AED64E7 4BE416BF  Reflect 
80C845B2 273E7ED5 
56AF9894 1B6F414F 
FE6A9C8B 8837C292 
12C12E47 75B5DF6D  Lash
384C12D8 85578FE6  Pound
899F57A6 745AA3A2  Tremor
CBC3AFB5 13D64A4A  Scoop
C346561E 660696AA  Cylone 
33E2E04C 7E5D6DF2  Parch
522B170E 63325C02  Sand 
24D48D0E 6B0AD6ED  Move 
A1B314A3 C77D9AAC  Mind Read 
B53AEF39 CB73E539  Force 
26C8B71C 6BC61922  Lift 
C8D0132B 677D51BB  Reveal 
ECACDCE0 CD7D0809  Halt 
74717679 D3A3426C  Cloak 
6642EA0F 70E066C7  Carry 
9A0ACC00 B0A97A20  Catch 
B7A0A529 3ED554D3  Retreat 
A5329D80 74A421EF  Avoid 
E3AC8D8D 6F36A773  Burst 
636CA4B4 BFCA3C75  Grind 
C569A22B 5F8F9C0C  Hover
1E53E179 843706D3  Blaze
842DC237 E7D38792  Ma???? (Probably Magnet) 
96C8F00C 9169F21C  Teleport 
F91E01C9 F96D3ADC  A?? (Probably Arrow) 
8211B28B B683EE28 
0174AF81 7880968D 
DA264214 8A8973C3  Dragon Cloud 
BBB5DDBD AEC243F7  Demon Night 
ACD1B63C 46427CF3  Helm Splitter 
342734DF AF92056A  Quick Strike 
F267D2B5 2241958A  Rockfall 
A0E919B6 E9844E8A  Rockslide 
98B2E57F 73531DD9  Avalanche 
E5897D27 A951B23F  Lava Shower 
3C2DB2EC 7672069C  Molten bath 
F8928C1B 19BA309F  Magma Storm 
72A39F20 0E15FF6C  Demon Spear 
FFE0F825 F1DD3028  Angel Spear 
971F3D7C B667FEA8  Guardian 
13129AFA E40279D8  Protector 
E63B9312 F9C36398  Magic Shell 
BC4FB83D 685A7CA8  Magic Shield 
11B196EC DCDDB279  Death Plunge 
92BABE6C 033E0044  Shuriken 
4820305B DB5CBBE3  Annihilation 
89B764B1 07353EEF  Punji 
6A1307C7 E2A712B0  Punji Trap 
FE7FF207 8364F646  Punji Strike 
230F8BBC 9C4DA215  Fire Bomb 
A7EA3D5C 4A490817  Cluster Bomb 
EC8F0FF8 5337AF84  Carpet Bomb 
9D2487D8 555B220C  Gale 
BC6C5508 135E1EBE  Typhoon 
06142237 698DA00D  Hurricane 
C665818F F142B961  Thunderclap 
5DA4B81A F9E4DFDA  Thunderbolt 
1C01AA5E 65005D9F  Thunderstorm 
30F1BC06 9D2C18A1  Mist 
9A1DD7EE 6B9120B4  Ragnarok 
43E2BE5E 65D0EEEE  Cutting Edge 
4C8F3802 FACFB345  Heat Wave 
2307A0F9 C031C977  Astral Blast 
0AD1710C 7871C674  Planet Diver 
D31829CF 6C2F6604  Diamond Dust 
1795797B 2E852FAF  Odyssey 
C9A675F1 7B0BFE36  Liquifier
BED11317 E0888C54  Plume Edge 
DA4F326A AAD8E383  Thunder Mine 
2FF0082A 94630417  Planet Bomber 
1D3C4FA1 DB93377D  Diamond Berg
C1639219 576FBF93  Death Leap
1DA9BE0A 3F4FC9A3  Epicenter
FD212CC1 E644768F  Thorny Grave
84619371 7FB1788D  Skull Splitter
8E1F69EE E1C1B4C5 
93B041E2 7628C5B9 
69CF84FB 745C3A1A  Terra Strike
A796FC46 869D7FCE  Poison Cloud
C2F7B612 A64A119F  Poison Death
5A1058C0 ABE9C931  Mortal Danger
0531A702 E9D06A3F  Bad Omen
B42A8039 CF0AA732  Life Nourish
D91DD723 00C957E0  Aqua Sock
6FD08D3B EDB90809  Blizzard
77F80B21 7CB1CC5B  Frost Bite
752341B6 AFA77E11  Drown
E9225552 A543A21E  Life Leech
78948D83 733CDA35  Psy Leech'
1180BD81 32FDDD6D  Broil
A79E2F13 53CF03F7  Meltdown
7223DB7B 1708322D  Heat Mirage
57E9005B 8D00FB2D  Barrage
53C95855 CB27C379  Demonfire
F403F76E 6030F858  Acid Bath
70F5F1E7 5FE89356  Vorpal Slash
90534C9B 2433F605  Stun Voltage
0E00B336 2684EBFD  Blinding Smog
B4D9BB7B A010D49D  Murk
A688882F EC183143  Cyclone Slash
ABBF97FE E6D1DAD1  Psyphon Seal
3E8DDA75 2E532123  Rapid Smash
AC55BFA4 6C451B57  Sonic Smash
2C786DD3 07372F1D  Asura
AEF5620C 443D20BA  Titan Blade
552EB4DA AE0AAB89  Shining Star
DD958790 1218D410 
05F24EE4 6EF840F8 
8D369D60 B10774FE 
536C09D2 4F2786E1 
C6788F3F 0E575C3E 
2A091C0E 2E596807 
0D063CC0 2240E933 
5CA56757 AAB49C92 
3F5A84D0 DEFFA448 
B7B95508 6053E621 
B1846957 0FBB03FB 
832498D4 71CB6B1C  Herb
626E8A4B 86B0FA7D  Nut
59B7BD14 C0C2F36E  Vial
56525E23 DFA876EA  Potion
7CCA21BE 361C7949  Soothing Water
156E4DB2 FEBABCCF  Psy Crystal
C4241E0D 4F0422ED  Antidote
68097153 C7CE4099  Elixir
1A0185E7 8FBF0DCD  Water of Life
5659671D 70293052  Mist Potion
9D5A4B8F 172DAA25  Power Bread
FC5CD98C 37956BFF  Cookie
F9773F74 4008AAB7  Apple
92AFF71B BED7E401  Hard Nut
127BCF25 D47AD375  Mint
EFCB90A0 7A903DB0  Lucky Pepper
07E25F41 658D35AB 
FF2F2FA8 E0DC755E  Smoke Bomb
E4808D53 962A1D74  Sleep Bomb
38420BCC A89A4D1F  Adept Ring
5F016416 497F9FBD  Corn
AC98F83A A7FF491D 
32553682 87308EE5 
DC4270F8 21F28416 
3951FB29 4E74D07A 
993CD3FC 1B9735AD 
064A32ED 7649DD42 
725622E7 779D135A 
59708849 D54D290D 
EA181C68 CE3985D9 
541B18A2 DEED79CF 
C9B40864 9F8E50D6 
C7281C47 FAAB7484 
CD1602E9 317FDB09 
E12F92E0 C2E3B278 
BAE6AC8F 00C64BD2 
1C6FB556 808B1FC6 
A0EE79CD 43E8F004 
50528E57 C774D522 
FB4EBF2C D457E439 
C8A64933 1705380E 
FF63FBE0 DBCF9204 
57A254A5 9739675A 
D5C4EC35 4C34E142 
AAFA0339 A4579D32 
D370D17C B0623BB8 
89B1FEFF 9C350152 
E03F4A5E 0BDD0F24 
DF6A310F 5507BA55  Aurora Field
C01F33AF FC59A3D4  Djinn Counter
09B1BAE3 498F26AD  Flint
AA49392A 74A52345  Granite
5A4C4305 DDE18CAC  Quartz
608C1C63 DCC4FDE5  Vine
F138C9E7 545C9AD8  Sap
23DDEA8F D96E3765  Ground
C7640994 5B81CF26  Bane
9FA56B68 A4FBD8C9  Echo
0D723E8B 4DA53450  Iron
EF2D2C83 7BD033FB  Steel
9FB50B07 1E0DDDB8  Mud
56515B85 7DD85926  Flower
81A204E0 04A30FA5  Meld
2EE1FBE7 6C6E3733  Petra
1B2EB8F3 8A018DAB  Geode
E5E9001D 1D328910  Mold
A8F93F0C 245D9E90  Crystal
8BE730B4 267B8CC6  Earth18
0189E38A 908C13BC  Earth19
F8723E9A 3303A773  Fizz
C39E843E 9A92F2F3  Sleet
5D5EFF0A C22EDEB4  Mist
A0FC3ED1 B1EE20F2  Spritz
B36C368E 07235DC9  Hail
750AE0A1 B8000390  Tonic
7763CD39 5FC72D7F  Dew
29A414FF AB39B09E  Fog
C2D7D2C9 42F18FF6  Sour
DC420CB7 A66A79E8  Spring
F0CCD467 9728ACC2  Shade
69AE6E0A E15C3FF0  Chill
20FFE23C F5E18E89  Steam
A26C3A49 F094354F  Rime
03243DA5 9CCF6F43  Gel
8D31E59E 1E91E206  Eddy
131B198B 3EC39E38  Balm
1BFAD669 A3F3D3F3  Serac
D8F2247F 2EACB09B  Water18
EF711BB8 3E57EA3D  Water19
05A610AD EB39C1E8  Forge
8155A8D9 18FC7459  Fever
351EDB0D F626C2FB  Corona
88F81E42 2541BC53  Scorch
67D7ED70 7D3BC212  Ember
AB3DBFC0 28D84DD6  Flash
844A1DCB 6F3E70D3  Torch
A6F87D4C 08B9BDFD  Cannon
7C478AA8 322188FF  Spark
2BFCFEF0 72205243  Kindle
E6224550 E3966AB5  Char
751624BD 26C19ECC  Coal
05FE0E94 AB1D4C47  Reflux
81396362 BBD665D6  Core
A3F31FB8 6582DABB  Tinder
C8BC2CDE F4EE2C1B  Shine
D7512337 F6156532  Fury
9F915C81 88E6640F  Fugue
04434489 5DDE1F78  Fire18
7199045D AA12C6BA  Fire19
F5C1FC1F 7C5A56D8  Gust
B2E8B5C6 AB42173E  Breeze
05BE074D 8C222D04  Zephyr
C639CBBB 4FD667AB  Smog
838E9A27 3693DA61  Kite
5712B3AC C2DB2A7C  Squall
A518AB92 565AD003  Luff
51CDFCDE 29E1D9B3  Breath
115542FA E0C6BC70  Blitz
C0343189 7BF2C0A2  Ether
9DA5BEA5 9559688D  Waft
5B09E3F7 A9F3CF5F  Haze
FA545F61 494EC8B4  Wheeze
85ED4B17 D0C186B0  Aroma
F210F2AF C40D54E6  Whorl
52EB71C8 EB5F3D2B  Gasp
7EE0EA16 F7FA806F  Lull
702D9B85 E13B070A  Gale
36E9AFB1 AC754434  Wind18
E1982084 16B8C836  Wind19
1ED7C3D9 0D588F7F  Venus
1EE4BF8D F9F90429  Ramses
A77C2717 120D8F3A  Cybele
AACD37D8 3516CB03  Judgement
9C492E0C B4478261  Zagan
4D7241C3 88518A5B  Haures
206642FA 08593091  Charon
7D169A60 F4A20B57 
2A6C6155 74C0337E  Mercury
B6A26997 914C0429  Nereid
D8E5F43A A929713E  Neptune
A0F27A40 58B82880  Boreas
D65030A0 C0142814  Moloch
CA047E08 1462049C  Coatlicue
E1E83D28 4F3CDE85  Azul
00903486 E1BC752E 
EE62ECB5 72C96A30  Mars
D44319E6 2652E567  Kirin
EF730B4F 8A347B33  Tiamat
6283E138 5D12C55F  Meteor
E5EF6DDB AF6A3F84  Megaera
9B1EFA9F DDED5BA5  Ulysses
B11409A9 546843C6  Daedalus
BAC1DD60 BE91F1E0  Daedalus
B6EC2150 006ACFCF  Iris
BCEE978C 75CFB342 
C47B5607 A345BB1B  Jupiter
9C4D5449 ADBF9EDF  Atlanta
99DC5F29 F160F462  Procne
2D80054D AE11F619  Thor
1DFEC4FB 038A2D0A  Flora
0BC1FA15 24062266  Eclipse
939ADF5E 3918F2DB  Catastrophe
0486DF83 C70C6853 
AE0347D5 CCC549DE 
F39630C1 414A44D0 
DA081FDA EAF5B449 
D0FF642B 3E3E037A 
563C7867 7651F6F2 
58504F83 209A1D40 
C2EA7AAD EE19B1CD  Fire Breath
E00C7E17 492CCC1A  Fire Breath
615E249E 4636B891  Fire Breath
E215BB59 19A63EA7  Water Breath
81561464 A9BC75FE  Water Breath
42B97E73 AE4B4263  Water Breath
BC94D8DF 79C94793  Ice Breath
ACDED469 14728032  Ice Breath
AA751D24 E2159A71  Ice Breath
AF063496 E6933151  Dark Breath
BE8D410C B7C5EE4C  Dark Breath
A7E72862 6E3134C4  Acid Breath
9E7868C8 2717180A  Acid Breath
DB8DE155 EF7354C5  Acid Breath
BE6BF8B2 DBB994CE  Storm Breath
4AC003D5 9B429493  Sonic Wave
518B7459 2C6C03A9  Sonic Wave
FAC8B6C2 E28F120F  Shriek
7B49C44D ED4F28B0  Banshee Howl
DED0990A 2BAB31B5  Crazy Voice
712B37B3 26A830A4  War Cry
E5083C88 CC023AB0  Wicked Howl
353A0BD1 43A4CA36  Wing Beat
3FA0E904 D896D835  Wing Flutter
24817F40 BF2D909B  Wing Stroke
D214E1D7 28BB66F2  Evil Blessing
A8D0041C 66F769B3  Deadly Gas
1F1A71AF 91800DA1 
91FD265C D0AD956B 
70D5863D 2E777348 
F2B3AE0B 61DF23A9  Rumble
B379B95C 4C7B3220  Bone Chiller
0ED1441C ABC50D2D  Slice
5CA5E689 5B7DF610  Bone Charge
EBBA734D 3BACB1CA  Mystic Flame
8A3FDA98 36329A5B  Numbing Sting
820E4E5A 87DA0006  Brute Force
A28D460E DFE5EDC9  Sticky Goo
E5DB9AE3 9CE45440  Cannibal Fang
D39C9114 46AFB7A2  Bear Claw'
3636EE9A DE937E33  Poisonous Bite
76E82E5C FC46F2DA  Flying Attack
0EA6F2B0 E869A0C7  Undead Sword
CCB9752F 46DD5EB6  Ransack
E8CDD365 89C9F58D  Sticky Poison
BFDE6F4C 1E56392A  Poison Fang
6EFF883D EE04AF2D  Electric Bite
D56A0136 559872B9  Poison Tail
826801B3 BE13AC30  Onslaught
D1D53B96 B62AB4C2  Vampiric Fang
8C05454D 5A4D1B39  Bacteria Rush
FAA1A87D AEDDE75C  Swift Strike
342C36E3 A123708C  Rotten Blood
7AF3C632 C99CFA7C  Forcible Arm
041051D7 CE15372B  Double Fang
F273667B B28E2C76  Mortal Blow
BC561AC8 A7F24C38  Freebite Rush
3F4FD519 178B113D  Twin Beaks
22F06A27 7AD8537F  Rabid Fang
91B645EB 3B9473D6  Acid Bite
8293C430 DF9E2E71  Dynamite
1ECD5771 934C9238  Headbutt
E5E67BF4 20C797E7  Poison Ink
46BC1050 BD67D807  Truncheon Fist
36BCDCF9 D48386A6  Counterstrike
B198EB55 4097692D  Mad Dash
4D61320C 4CAEA9D5  Soothing Star
984072B6 B720A898  Spider Web
488FAF00 CF2D6079  Heartrender
3F458BE0 621F4914  Mad Spatter
A2DEAA84 2F526097  Spasm
FB1EF445 19FEFE50  Sleep Star
F4163A85 674F653F  Decompose
5EC7F8F0 547D9D85  Haunting
1DC7978B FCFD32F5  Worms
CE7875BC 444148D8  Berserk
5EEC2AE8 35948C37  Lucid Prophecy
9D1F73F0 E997981A  Recovery
93F9CEBD A1F0E431  Flee
42FC8318 0EDF857E  Contain
61D6321C 3CED07B6  Threaten
726E8DFC 93995107  Tremble
D7DF39D6 315C21AA  Fortify
55864695 0EFC3A61  Speed Surge
9C083A0F C1CC20B4  Ally Search
8FA53EEE F430E846  Sidestep
E698EA13 F76B1058  Total Defense
A6C765F4 48F2B296  Stand Ready
446D3CFB 8C965F20  Battle Cry
2D277A1E 3342F19F  Can't Use
F321F797 24E03990  Poison Beat
7613B8EA 91ECDD2A  Spinning Beat
29D1DAEA 8BCBF46A  Heat Flash
4E24CB1D 84947D43  Death Scythe
EA317A91 F861A745  Outer Space
3D74BB01 47C161B3  Dragon Driver
72CB5520 40640AAE  Drain Fang
2049CF46 8C1E02F7  Severe Blow
BF445FDA B954495A  Thrash
837E74C7 D1F697B6 
9D7C8C7E E056CF09  Stone Justice
1EB4AF2B FF4A5C5C  Sarcophagus
234C0827 A8C00DA9  Evil Eye
47CB068D A929CD15  Vein Tap
D2C6A2DF D788283C  Heavy Divide
CD216E60 B8C1CEDA  Hammersphere
7A2B24B1 CCF7CEF4  Mother Earth
FF6238E2 AED4DF6E  Wyrd Curse
7B8649C2 AE461885  Heartbreak
25446D98 86E95C09  Vengeance
F16D26A7 26204F9C  Acheron's Grief
46EAF2B8 86F58AF0  Megiddo
0C11BD18 28899531 
7AFCD0CC C6A90552 
4FC0F162 63F489C6 
F0FD8AFE 78849500  Hurricane
CB59CF7F 6721374B  Dreamtide
5821DA24 36ECC908  Stun Cloud
96C36D29 F063E650  Searing Fog
88011500 D1B18D43  Ice Crush
F662583B AA471C98  Flash Force
E3020BD3 03898315  Sargasso
6BEB2718 1957A55C  Lethe Albion
5DB536ED 4E7984E8  Reverse Star
2C4BA061 5648B484  Rising Dragon
87314077 72AA6F10 
9E12A14B B526502E 
2D05BF06 EC64A15D 
411D3C61 96C685E3 
FFD5E831 B4205C66  Power Drive
0D7B5D80 0CD51DEA  Boost Hack
E3796B5F 2FF5D816  Heat Smash
596D4E19 4E5E1B64  Fire Dance
15603075 5CF2CAB1  Blaze Rush
34B19375 4502B0EC  Flare Burst
504BFB13 F87BAB39  Shred
6D837243 06CD9B50  Crucible Fire
8FEC28E3 D9E36B15  Scorpionfish
8A6AE633 0C0784AC  Purgatory
FBB6E2B5 FFBE34B3  Soul Shatter
A3F0FB38 4B32F64E  Radiant Fire
368A7707 E1755EDB  Life Shear
D65EB76F 267C7CA0 
5631185B B470A997 
6499C9DB E8936846 
9D221BCF 21800944  Moon Air
31E33B12 3B22E5E9  Flash Edge
E10EE59C 6C7EE4A6  Aging Gas
61CF0651 6462F25C  Mad Zephyr
E3B8C250 97EB45E4  Lunar Slash
E8FA0B00 2A039FAD  Nirvana
EADF3A7E EAC47188  High Vitals
BAC8AF69 D5B7734A  Stun Bolt
651FA9B8 83E6F725  Trident
22D38BAE 5822B836  Light Surge
95736FD6 B3ECC975  Raiden's Wrath
A7C48084 1F034E74  Void Beam
9C1ED13F E6A32E93  Supernova
47AF5D01 4305E300  Apocalypse
4141FC2E 61934270  Legend
566C7B2E 2F61AE5F 
FCAD4D66 3F798247 
7AB43A9B 023E7BA0 
41E74546 925EA687 
E2336C05 F75D2400  Sabre Dance
E59281E1 766DD28D  Backstab
7DE8E6A5 2BFBC2EF  Fire Breath
89DA1F9E B781BF7E  Juggle
00A9D74D 7508FFF7  Heat Juggle
47893106 0F411989  Fiery Juggle
C37F0600 1F5A80FA  Flame Card
D9CAA333 9A8988E7  Thunder Card
AC608D37 388E15BE  Bramble Card
F8605171 A2E3910D  Frost Card
F8843EC3 A6A6A273  Baffle Card
991017A5 7EC0803A  Sword Card
B40E4504 566A4D23  Sleep Card
E359AA96 44C81E43  Death Card
207DCF50 903CE289 
F8AC6934 6B284B68  Whiplash
E01BE530 29F59B7A  Wild Wolf
AEE23274 683A9C76  Emu
39BA7489 2AA46F7C  Roc
F7B75E71 E58996E6  Salamander
99878F74 5EBE2328  Orc
21189661 F14C4238  Harpy
4264D42B 67F293EC  Grand Golem
26E105BA 7FAB7B80  Cerberus
EAA32A84 A4225DDC  Wyvern
4B3F58AF 6D525627  Pixie
AAB8330D C87AC715  Dinox
9B8E9D6A C8527EEF  Gryphon
488D1074 9A833D8F  Living Armor
8DE82CC0 ABCA2D8D  Chimera
D77D33A6 7DD7BB30  Blue Dragon
83B66435 A5A4232D  Faery
3B7C962B 06970851  Elder Wood
89187C40 72BDF07E  Lich
58A716C5 73374107  Troll
F2D39B7B 78D35F47  Minotaur
F97DCABA AA43692E  Ghost Soldier
A041AFA0 96AE21FF  Macetail
396308E1 C0DC937C  Fire Dragon
8A25497F C349B618  Weird Nymph
9701CB6D E1AD94AC  Succubus
3F90DC44 6500299F  Estre Wood
BA334B44 AD14970F  Manticore
4AF4DA7A C382B33C  Phoenix
F30F6474 4FF9FB2E 
BCA890B0 99DFCD0A  Call Zombie
283A14B7 14FA0F86  Call Demon
E217A6EE A28121D0  Call Dullahan
3B040DE2 79A552CC  Raging Heat
A9FF7E69 D791B6C4  Fiery Abyss
ECCD50D1 93951BD6  Dire Inferno
017C8C94 2FFBB290  Poison Flow
2C61AD4D 277B16AB  Fire Puppet
DC9EB08B A0D9E389 
D457A4BA D1CD9BB0 
C06AB628 62F1DDDA 
6C89BB3B 441A81AF  Sand Breath
808335EF A7CB4B15  Desert Gasp
188C231B BC8531F7  Black Ice
E0A2354C A460625A  Toxic Breath
9FB0490F E02C2FBE  Typhoon Blow
9EAF9485 D22B1ECD  Blast Breath
0EFEDA51 A4CC4348  Gravel Blow
EDB073F9 23723B2D  Darksol Gasp
6B379E47 CFF656D9  Flame Breath
3AF2D5C8 3304AE66  Aqua Breath
36EDF51A 3B4DA41D  Fire Breath
21559A0A 614D4F01  Chill Breath
FC259EAB 235DD602 
4DA5A017 4BB55063 
16DD3ED1 35069DBF 
359FE100 B66422BC 
3FE07695 F08438DE 
40114877 8705618C 
56C939FD B3C014CA 
81211B95 2C0F8F0D 
82EBA6CC 56779927  Flash Punch
11CD84EF 3EF91D0C  Formic Acid
0DE051F1 65392BE3  Claw Attack
C0D608D5 D3481910  Beat Dance
122FBFC6 CE2D8047  Twin Shear
03FA85C6 A9FC9EA0  Paralytail
4D18A3AE 2E5D739C  Echo Cut
BD2312AE BE933B76  Clarion Cry
00DBFD88 D9388A07  Triple Chomp
A3E3EDE9 7DDC69AC  Raging Flood
EC1F5DC9 65CD3C65  Rising Venom
420870A6 D5B026A9  Slaver
991B5CC6 F3CDDD65  Mighty Press
B243B9D3 E19F2977  Star Mine
BD45D80B 103D8077  Heat Stun
65175733 8C97C816  Ocean Fist
2D986B5E C62A5BE5  Watery Grave
8E839578 1F570A01  Counter-rush
19F55A74 2A011F5E  Counter
8A6CD337 61A1614B  Bosca Hit
CA71B32E 96A47C81  Strong Hit
E1C25DBE 90D75BFC  Rolling Flame
7E8B7051 FB71C623  Rising Dragon
1656D65C 46CD2EE6  Meteor Blow
0075D473 BAE75460  Cage
8433ED51 D5BD937F  Stun Muscle
26D9A3BD 14CE6272  Djinnfest
F47B2A32 21F9B18E  Heat Kiss
24AEE132 15892EA1  Fatal Fang
CCD2971C 5E9780DB  Angle Spike
42E3355F B864ED99  Quick Slash
7EF0E1B0 B0005022  Doublestep
EE154E3C D8E3B31A  Maneater
5F5945B2 DDC59892  Claw Slash
1469EB7A A770314C  Mega Slash
B175F798 39968A84  Vanish Claw
11A48C3A 8756A33D  Crusher Grip
C123792B 660AC957  Ur Flash
77EF00B6 E7A7D58B  Power Bite
32592BC2 528FB6DE  Terrible Bite
B3BF246A F3D08354  Poison Sting
80CBF22E 6BEE63BF  Kill Sting
F99F73C8 E52CAB52  Beast Needle
A1ADFC81 CB13BFD5  Poison Sting
6D15BB71 3CFE7CCB  Stun Sting
BA5DE8E0 9CDD70FD  Mucous Gel
D033567F 2E972E8E  Poison Gel
96BB8EF6 F032C682  Hydro Slash
854E62B9 75EFF167  Regen Dance
9BEA559F 7AB1109A  Fire Dance
3B424B56 D917020F  Power Crush
0F48AD04 AD6C869A  Sack
B0EDD74C 16761628  Vital Moon
7C3E96A7 EB908C84  Human Hunt
B08A915C 7F6A59A7  Demon Eye
92BB3F59 E6C4B278  Stun Jip
CAF83DEB BB642F06  Pike Assault
2808C81A 6A23EBE7  Formina Sage
70B4E02D 8039F79D  True Collide
3F58FD86 0359F987  Armor Crush
B4E8FC90 81858C8F  Djinn Blast
F4571BBA 166E62E3  Djinn Storm
9D130D4C 6107555F  Earth Force
1A52570B FB717FD2  Guard Aura
ACB4D448 2936B033  Cruel Ruin
3B09DB69 6EA434EE  Mystic Call
31BC68FB FF83A4FF  Mine Ball
4FEF3815 8577F62D  Angry Mine
940F45F2 108AE27C  Djinn Stun
8322F71E 7A299082  Crucible
63069FC5 5BC6888C  Element Swap
D59414C9 41AE513D  Earnest Ply
9ED7A7F9 D98CBB91  Psy Boost
41D21D44 E4DCD05C  Pressure

  CII2. Felix Slot 1

D022B7EC 6B19F20C 
8FBC79D9 CDB28CC6 
BC5E7176 FE96DEC2  Quake 
A33ECA1B 19089440  Earthquake 
56583A1E E193DBAA  Quake Sphere 
D38004A3 335FC45F  Spire 
EE89B521 3B971D38  Clay Spire 
DFE053E8 F7933A60  Stone Spire 
BE8AA4FD 282FD9D9  Gaia 
204BFEB1 52FBC920  Mother Gaia 
2E5A8281 A5AE7372  Grand Gaia 
CD73A0B3 0A5C66DE  Growth 
517BA499 14536301  Mad Growth 
23A4A74F A0C554E4  Wild Growth 
12CE08DC 6F736202  Thorn 
4B052DB5 92FE214E  Briar 
C3D361CD 6AEE36D1  Nettle 
E352F235 ADFAE7F1 
C4F2E152 FF07DBC4 
A9D59659 75379973 
2A88A388 4516D2A3 
1384269E F6494A83 
F9072FA6 926D39DE 
2C34AF09 6F925A85  Frost 
B7146707 42D94D23  Tundra 
56B9BBE2 AB54CE0A  Glacier 
232BE883 8CBF99AA  Ice 
CE00165E 79CAA824  Ice Horn 
4B27D75D 899B893E  Ice Missile 
A09F3A86 20529367  Prism 
CBD590CE D746AE4F  Hail Prism 
941D4FFB 837157D1  Freeze Prism 
8B8627B2 E1E1D371  Douse 
FCEE9D29 5F1671B6  Drench 
7F85A5E8 48A7A824  Deluge 
D64E6BD9 B1722223  Froth 
107DF369 29D92290  Froth Sphere 
3F8C4212 8D80B19E  Froth Spiral 
5234D659 5709E4C6  Cool 
21B3CCBE BD55D847  Perky Cool 
2CD70A4A 30E0F27B  Violent Cool 
96BADCC5 3E518860 
22C8850D 7B425434 
77BC6F95 CAF34918  Flare 
4AAFD4AA 4BF14A2B  Flare Wall 
B997CEF7 CF021A40  Flare Storm 
D64BA3F7 D0E86295  Fire 
A40B6D3D 52C8548D  Fireball 
0A813CA9 E7A747BD  Inferno 
5D9670A4 5F588FC8  Volcano 
B86DA464 14EE1E1A  Eruption 
545768A4 07B684AF  Pyroclasm 
29CBE806 8F1AECC4  Blast 
9EB8D278 E4E4B556  Mad Blast 
BD58CEDB D4044A1C  Fiery Blast 
37ED59FC EF3579D4  Blast 
ED56FDC6 6F79A9DA  Nova 
552A7E44 31A7B674  Supernova 
47A0DFC4 CEBB8F39  Fume 
29DE9E83 4A20119F  Fume Worm 
8AAFA175 DA8E8476  Fume Dragon 
C88F3292 82F00846  Beam 
E5AD126B 4F95C7A3  Cycle Beam 
2915062D 3B9A4911  Scramble Beam 
8DAFFAAA 0CD203B3  Bolt 
D4E01876 E715BB6E  Flash Bolt 
9A4E0F80 9C8C33A2  Blue Bolt 
4BEC36BC 36CAF66F  Ray 
213606D6 E91C845E  Storm Ray 
E882FC96 9E58956A  Destruct Ray 
E0A5C903 AA3FE094  Plasma 
21B2C455 EB403F5C  Shine Plasma 
343947CB B58C846A  Spark Plasma 
B96AAEE4 3384A3B4  Slash 
B07DC51E AEE92C5E  Wind Slash 
9D582D74 03650A09  Sonic Slash 
B6685CD3 18054A25  Whirlwind 
12D45477 11FF2B3F  Tornado 
E1E5D0FB B4B12268  Tempest 
15B624E0 4DE1DFF0 
1872EA6A 0BF84D0D 
18D9C4FC AB96BC31 
E17E70F2 0F2211EA 
FD9D75A3 25754EFB 
6A56656E 161E3AEC 
1DB995F8 D4B38928  Aura 
FC4C4FC8 CCD4DE6C  Heal Aura 
EE657F2C 2088D07A  Clear Aura 
77370A05 477A7E54  Cure 
171261A8 45270D60  Cure Well 
CA303187 4C6DC301  Potent Cure 
67BEB4A3 4A74ADCC  Ply 
B151E786 E4B242CD  Ply Well 
5A646D77 D58694CC  Pure Ply 
0415F8A2 9FB75E8D  Wish 
B4ECDE54 F144DBFB  Wish Well 
8B3662A4 AF0B8825  Pure Wish 
529E9BD4 118A8B34  Cure Poison 
BF641D70 7272A3B2  Restore 
6369059F ABD760AE  Revive 
49295C4F F9891FEB  Impact 
B8335827 3EF4633D  High Impact 
5E50A682 9739DC14  Dull 
601ED20C 3D8DF9BC  Blunt 
DB9627EF 9789B6E2  Guard 
27F182BF 4E462D00  Protect 
4BC4EF15 CFFC045B  Impair 
FED43E07 20EE601E  Debilitate 
B829A157 B771C2D8  Ward 
7F6BBE0A FD0AA08F  Resist 
78A190D3 5CAC7914  Weaken 
54853801 18D0D30C  Enfeeble 
93D8D517 9709968B  Poison 
267BD491 5E5BC7BB  Venom 
5E00DD20 2C6AF71B  Delude 
9898192C D8937FA7  Confuse 
D095414A D7CF030C  Charm 
775EE133 A46BC901  Paralyze 
F6E9CD00 C2BBD430  Sleep 
080D4B6F D8F5505F  Bind 
4D4AD950 1BFBD156  Haunt 
28864354 01381594  Curse 
99C528B9 4FAB9471  Condemn 
628AFE03 669BB14E  Drain 
D637EED2 C4C68853  Psy Drain 
A2CA64C2 DDBA97C1  Break 
D93FA383 13FB83B4  Re-heal 
EE921B65 C4202CA7  Reflect 
7BD2247C 75B94349 
D6B1B977 0D34CA40 
1B3CCBDE 09C43FF8 
00D10729 5ADAAFDF  Lash
31CA8C3A 91EFF2AA  Pound
BF342B86 9A0B57A9  Tremor
3344CEBC 77615C3C  Scoop
47D9F531 DC8B337D  Cylone 
5AD3A696 C48EAE35  Parch
A5147863 6C8090D6  Sand 
030A968F 776E9494  Move 
1CF25E80 51CE505E  Mind Read 
1850874E 5486CE73  Force 
DB5B2D79 02CC2390  Lift 
8278B465 364DA38C  Reveal 
D97DB7E5 1BB3C4EB  Halt 
EEEADA35 63BE305D  Cloak 
ACDAF0C0 6D16A86E  Carry 
B5A211BF 2B2889F0  Catch 
0844443B DEABE004  Retreat 
2BE1E1A2 7825D18E  Avoid 
D3A5BE7B E484A1EB  Burst 
25C630D1 4653237B  Grind 
9C18F3A5 61636E67  Hover
121DAC73 ED734EF5  Blaze
309A8278 0D55DBF2  Ma???? (Probably Magnet) 
A0F2534F 72632C9F  Teleport 
AA870CF6 F280482D  A?? (Probably Arrow) 
8D101FDD 28FE9F40 
F42FDFAD C5E54B8C  Dragon Cloud 
53537BF9 0DDD46FE  Demon Night 
1ADAA3A7 38639B73  Helm Splitter 
0CFC091B FEDFA46B  Quick Strike 
2AF91BB4 96870780  Rockfall 
3E50B2AF E52BFE53  Rockslide 
6975564F 4BCAB93D  Avalanche 
D52EDD0D 432CBDA8  Lava Shower 
B023711E F93F9DF7  Molten bath 
70DE1226 2A8D10CF  Magma Storm 
0426E0B5 D324A244  Demon Spear 
08B235C5 FF395EBF  Angel Spear 
4A70D31A 12D4E5A9  Guardian 
3A58B09F 6D8DD439  Protector 
BF674850 760B1A25  Magic Shell 
7BDDC037 83D134D9  Magic Shield 
8A3999D5 D442ACD7  Death Plunge 
64059321 259A5737  Shuriken 
0D5E4FF1 DEC3F621  Annihilation 
14B80729 1CE94E71  Punji 
E6A4F18A B8BA1FDD  Punji Trap 
E7BEB5A9 BD8858EC  Punji Strike 
5319C689 D22AEA34  Fire Bomb 
78F89924 2699D6EB  Cluster Bomb 
073A7426 03575C75  Carpet Bomb 
2F12244C A24934E1  Gale 
B3D1855A 1EF5573A  Typhoon 
B1C0D302 ACAE55EA  Hurricane 
15C05BAD 8AF74F76  Thunderclap 
BFC3BEA0 408811F0  Thunderbolt 
ED218971 08E2B093  Thunderstorm 
36DACD9C 4E8730CA  Mist 
8019E2ED C98DC8A3  Ragnarok 
4D6A5E44 5776DA7D  Cutting Edge 
8F338AE4 46EEB59F  Heat Wave 
1457C6A9 67619809  Astral Blast 
A9765412 ADCCB18D  Planet Diver 
6583B6F4 31283919  Diamond Dust 
4C05ADC6 BE055798  Odyssey 
801DAD46 BF8D96AE  Liquifier
B184A054 90EC3A50  Plume Edge 
821A1363 B33F9F80  Thunder Mine 
DC29D054 E80E35BF  Planet Bomber 
8BED1B89 ADA7A47D  Diamond Berg
A9240FD7 F25369EE  Death Leap
754D88E6 EED34E76  Epicenter
13769328 D380518D  Thorny Grave
BCFE231B 08394CFE  Skull Splitter
9965BCBB A93C5EED 
B6A20F56 0A8B5E93 
955444AC CA86073E  Terra Strike
7A890F23 4505A343  Poison Cloud
9ACBD717 78425B0F  Poison Death
7516CDE7 80E56FE5  Mortal Danger
99D8FEA7 0EAF84F7  Bad Omen
35F467B8 0691E59C  Life Nourish
90066255 86FF0416  Aqua Sock
EA75D70D D044929A  Blizzard
CE27353E 9C329E6F  Frost Bite
01C1F20F 24CF327A  Drown
1FEBC91A E080D03D  Life Leech
C9F83FDD FC00B47D  Psy Leech'
055E56E0 1A0B9119  Broil
4B1CAA27 82AC0722  Meltdown
EFAA0C86 0354880B  Heat Mirage
55260676 F2E8258D  Barrage
02D8A395 7F8D0D27  Demonfire
7E438977 9980F443  Acid Bath
93D1F799 F4C1ED86  Vorpal Slash
47BE95C6 7832F387  Stun Voltage
A023A727 62F66973  Blinding Smog
52A488B4 35A8654A  Murk
B5325C9C 2B507365  Cyclone Slash
850085B1 0E06C112  Psyphon Seal
FFA69422 BEBD0624  Rapid Smash
9F8F56D1 C613E0C1  Sonic Smash
9C12B099 CBA909D7  Asura
EFF3E476 420D5BAF  Titan Blade
1405D5DC 63F209B7  Shining Star
30AF4D0A 9C3BE578 
BF386F55 571E23EE 
5A9BD6B8 409BABF9 
A7C647A2 9BB417AC 
A64A7FA9 A4C5AFF6 
133A4702 0109058F 
F22F832E 30F13128 
3CFACFF5 E749B71F 
ED45EC43 533D5AFC 
6EACD013 67945B36 
0BE89529 2B2D25E8 
A6ECD60D D78411DF  Herb
AD49C233 56C86791  Vial
D206F6E7 CDD7C599  Potion
826859F6 7E65FE27  Soothing Water
A9207636 AF92D6BE  Psy Crystal
F239B68C 805B5D14  Antidote
B4C79234 F7BE7BD6  Elixir
557D19FE CA8F5138  Water of Life
2C078DA0 282EEC35  Mist Potion
C5707E8C 31CB4F53  Power Bread
8DE2A664 C52C0045  Cookie
A80971CF 98A34D5C  Apple
C80EF6DA E3ABE3F7  Hard Nut
DDC60DD4 AFF80FB5  Mint
E4551029 BC3DB563  Lucky Pepper
56DE2280 AB080E4D 
4B70B6FB 5BB79639  Smoke Bomb
F0CB31BC E2B5A6B0  Sleep Bomb
7B6B5CA7 172281B6  Adept Ring
D846695B 15A25C20  Corn
0454BE27 1F68901F 
64CBF423 A97105BA 
D1204856 7549DC58 
528162B6 1995C0DF 
C8C26BBC E770EEB7 
53C9DEF7 0C984457 
40ED298A B866E836 
6A827F0F FDB400CD 
90B97D51 709FDAFA 
88B16258 5396416D 
4EDD7A8B C83A39F4 
582BAB1E 9B03EDCF 
5E724B48 E8A49780 
B668B157 DD1A6F59 
AE150AB7 1F5A8B7E 
3A82E17A C4F2D18B 
FF1C0917 4CC44DAA 
B609404F D654B5B8 
949B29E3 9042CD3D 
F19E6BC4 BE024540 
DD98F664 6627E4D9 
640D7194 2295E620 
3194D8A5 5AED67B0 
29A31CED 77A0F3B7 
47BA9E6F 0B20DF07 
D6B4EACC 73E7BB50 
133B12B2 6213150E 
AEB7DEED 421F5EB4  Aurora Field
7E3AE2AC 31EC8769  Djinn Counter
FFCD01A9 0DC75DED  Flint
494C179A 3529F49E  Granite
91A8CE2A 8E285DB9  Quartz
8D709AE0 5A1C07EE  Vine
BC808E7F 56B9C60E  Sap
4954A20D C265E1E0  Ground
8FB44B02 229D8135  Bane
1EFD3851 1FCA0230  Echo
BD347687 F951F9B3  Iron
7D405BFB 10613D62  Steel
A4880D31 10830095  Mud
5E44E100 4C26F6A3  Flower
E699156A C803A715  Meld
81FE625A 47D2A375  Petra
29E645F6 37447641  Salt
808C7756 5CFF9553  Geode
E0A2CA96 D32F932B  Mold
0C76FC81 4F062EDE  Earth18
0E71E362 165FF61D  Earth19
86F717F0 AD7B67A8  Fizz
4379F941 3944D36A  Sleet
4F447104 7BAAF720  Mist
8745933A 1B0E869D  Spritz
F1879777 23325B6D  Hail
4C386C9F A187D55A  Tonic
468B2032 DDA31219  Dew
4BB66CC4 D9620C36  Fog
6566D516 63437C60  Sour
6DA6948A 8228F286  Spring
477464F4 7B6384FD  Shade
E1C82534 DB86FF5A  Chill
5A2E7AFA 2D0908B8  Steam
3B0B85D6 12A6138F  Rime
789B8D86 319F53D9  Gel
2793CF4A 94A07145  Eddy
365D90C4 4700FD91  Balm
A603947D 25C5899C  Serac
07DA058B 92604740  Water18
116B50F6 78D72530  Water19
8019E187 25B8D525  Forge
1AFFB38C A1D6A2C0  Fever
5A51EBAE 5ADBB2A1  Corona
677C794D 76D5F464  Scorch
C5169AE4 2CE4636C  Ember
B7D4129B D783F47D  Flash
7AF0DB49 54243A71  Torch
5753B3AF AEC88FC0  Cannon
8905D02F 2243D1F9  Spark
9D8451B2 7D33C953  Kindle
DDC84452 FB8FB001  Char
6869C18D 035055C5  Coal
6BEC7B2A 523FFE20  Reflux
D60D489B CFF518A2  Tinder
AD1BE7C6 E28C094B  Shine
EFB40A37 01EC144A  Fury
4771DABF 73D19723  Fugue
50B4CE9C 43EFF7B1  Fire18
6E5495A2 7A7F1AAE  Fire19
38992783 5F0319E8  Gust
7287EBD0 397B2F2F  Breeze
ADF16EB3 2FFAF12A  Zephyr
826BE4B2 BEFC0DDD  Smog
07D07B3A 8759FED6  Kite
C1ADD10A 4F135872  Squall
A95ED4A1 7270825C  Luff
32CB158E 88373FA6  Breath
912F137B 7B44ADCC  Blitz
6376492B 62D60836  Ether
1389DFA1 49010E39  Haze
D522128B 5723E558  Wheeze
3D223969 E60EEEAE  Aroma
6072665A D61204A8  Whorl
87FB061C A265C0B1  Gasp
16BC257B 62F03D90  Lull
A6CF50BA D15E35C4  Gale
1D8D68AB 4D4947EF  Wind18
1179435E DF8419D6  Wind19
9118AF8D F9128B0F  Venus
CDDB197B 02BCCFA4  Ramses
C9404BB1 605BD71B  Cybele
3736D5CA 9FE0873C  Judgement
FEC4C11D A8C20375  Zagan
2B77244D 69D22D99  Haures
8B90C89A 581C3383  Charon
A8F4E962 8B5A273A 
CE0359DD 0A78A400  Mercury
8274F80A AED1FE68  Nereid
36C6AEF6 2A077AD5  Neptune
873084C0 E5230B01  Boreas
2C3F8287 9D82E69D  Moloch
0FAAF8B3 C943C814  Coatlicue
292552FC 193B0CFE  Azul
CDDE262E 14B3E63F 
15DE8F3B E2A410C7  Mars
2AC5216D 18C491A4  Kirin
73B45E41 873D25FE  Tiamat
29410FAD 0181E71A  Meteor
64A6F8CD 6B04E2C5  Megaera
813C1303 C55B8898  Ulysses
AFE8E2DE 74A44695  Daedalus
C90E4511 57CC1DC0  Daedalus
4E7C9B94 5EDDD883  Iris
6746F924 B00D15CD 
24CC7F92 16D84BED  Jupiter
82E65D5A 15B9E0C7  Atlanta
693AEFC3 77498EED  Procne
231B2779 BCC193A1  Thor
5929E3DE 60EC2EB4  Flora
D6BDF014 907BE67E  Eclipse
76CFFD08 9F1ECB52  Catastrophe
D13B5087 95033106 
C8427124 959B3B2B 
850337FB CAEC72A3 
93DF30D5 3EF78F93 
D18A407D D43D04E8 
37A3F397 82973501  Fire Breath
2756D0F2 1BE65330  Fire Breath
AD1DCDC0 27F170E4  Fire Breath
DE36EE7F DE817C1D  Water Breath
5A58E75B 1FC5BF0B  Water Breath
73475E21 B4170A50  Water Breath
8CAFC0BC E970A2E1  Ice Breath
BF7B035D 68D3C25E  Ice Breath
391036DD A0F4F7E9  Ice Breath
C9F98006 AC6FBBE9  Dark Breath
9528188D 90E6DCDB  Dark Breath
CA5235DA C32596D5  Acid Breath
F03149DA 37009E2E  Acid Breath
21F21B91 8054DB1F  Acid Breath
A8F94DC3 3C676612  Storm Breath
44848E01 A5BE8CAC  Sonic Wave
FC9063B0 05AE36FA  Sonic Wave
0041A55B 97FAE1FC  Shriek
8EBE3A94 60A33F3B  Banshee Howl
1E1E6D2E 7F25C7BD  Crazy Voice
48FC98A5 B1B1F1D1  War Cry
AAEB58BF 35B5DBE3  Wicked Howl
758CD7E2 21C18C6F  Wing Beat
D64E07A1 A0180BB5  Wing Flutter
CEEDCD05 3216C73E  Wing Stroke
3611133F 9EA303E9  Evil Blessing
19BA2031 DAA0CAE9  Deadly Gas
C2286239 3834F629 
16747CD4 96F8A7A8 
879F7026 9E18EB2C 
733240AE 8410D0EF  Rumble
CF24F94F 9FCEE539  Bone Chiller
3DDDDB48 4D6588D0  Slice
60438002 5E9CBC92  Bone Charge
9368660A 7BFFA235  Mystic Flame
B839F439 6ACC5E24  Numbing Sting
4A2B2F9E BBAD166E  Brute Force
889B80E7 C4662F10  Sticky Goo
536453FF 50F78F94  Cannibal Fang
B30C2B04 33478B7A  Bear Claw'
45D1AFB3 C59C0502  Poisonous Bite
211FBE18 CC5FE2B9  Flying Attack
FAAD86CE 5D7DDE63  Undead Sword
6B1AE4E9 286B6734  Ransack
16CB4208 B3D53A9D  Sticky Poison
B5EC0C17 1268BE2C  Poison Fang
33CED70D 6558A419  Electric Bite
685F939D 8AA46422  Poison Tail
268CAA24 5A0500C7  Onslaught
A9A0B7F1 33682177  Vampiric Fang
8F2F118F DFC0B1DA  Bacteria Rush
BDB7FA0D C5CBAF3A  Swift Strike
D2EA362B 24715517  Rotten Blood
83B2DFFF 58F215DA  Forcible Arm
BA930ABC 621E4573  Double Fang
025CE94C A16FF243  Mortal Blow
DA2453C4 DE5B6DB0  Freebite Rush
A5E3668F B300C6F1  Twin Beaks
372B6A51 58C09FE4  Rabid Fang
357B7815 7C08D30B  Acid Bite
81066726 1E54E078  Dynamite
FB6189B1 8EE12D74  Headbutt
484A79C2 53D49315  Poison Ink
18E6162B 9514A71B  Truncheon Fist
63AFB115 D090C4F2  Counterstrike
C485392A 5B845A71  Mad Dash
D860965C 0B283D3F  Soothing Star
11BEF34A 88E498BF  Spider Web
1D278F9B E79B4D7F  Heartrender
0D2876D9 A858F359  Mad Spatter
9B1EFFDC 665F26FB  Spasm
E7D347A9 E35665C8  Sleep Star
9FA81287 FAD58293  Decompose
D10D1B22 C2103DE1  Haunting
0B144715 859E5635  Worms
FB9C140A 490CC9EB  Berserk
E5423E37 22AC16C1  Lucid Prophecy
D6080E03 CD5CBDB7  Recovery
93949514 7598B3ED  Flee
86C3EE47 156B64FA  Contain
318B6AAC 1160DD5E  Threaten
D70D8C3A 6DD3211B  Tremble
239E03D9 81DC7789  Fortify
9C3989F3 47EDF98D  Speed Surge
50F9B570 07BD9910  Ally Search
C4C713E9 56D97090  Sidestep
77162B6F 6C597449  Total Defense
7A5CCBB4 7D0CA405  Stand Ready
30A82E10 0EF96159  Battle Cry
39FEA639 20B70A9F  Can't Use
B7446404 A5553500  Poison Beat
F74D750B 7B2DC097  Spinning Beat
F7C47745 D63FA538  Heat Flash
29FA3373 50ECF939  Death Scythe
D75349CA EF25DCC9  Outer Space
A3C1BDB3 22FF3991  Dragon Driver
278313C1 7D961B0D  Drain Fang
9AA5B204 3AC13623  Severe Blow
64C28C89 9743F37B  Thrash
97E2C963 82AE5347 
79B26428 35A79398  Stone Justice
E5C6E6A1 0C7D579E  Sarcophagus
9003A2E4 DFB804FF  Evil Eye
0765B515 0F1546BC  Vein Tap
0B62EDB2 5A53A10D  Heavy Divide
F309BB2D 76FA430E  Hammersphere
AFC5DF4C 9DEBB84E  Mother Earth
79BE734D C6403223  Wyrd Curse
7446D934 3A7A2BAA  Heartbreak
2DEEC91D 35DE8771  Vengeance
B80D5F4E 2E74DEE2  Acheron's Grief
2E387632 6E4A7A73  Megiddo
BBB61BD8 55BD4428 
829FB414 0C60D44B 
9838EE56 9EDFF9AF 
81246389 11C0A076  Hurricane
949D5888 A9846D4B  Dreamtide
20B7FA0D D4078658  Stun Cloud
4B8EDEE0 5FE93C2D  Searing Fog
31BCD5B0 836295AC  Ice Crush
08E11F2D B1A53D13  Flash Force
1411961A A4D62D9C  Sargasso
7E876FDE 980F6BE8  Lethe Albion
0C19D30C 55F02D13  Reverse Star
32511549 DCDF15E7  Rising Dragon
DEDD8D71 B4402D84 
4022CB20 C24555F9 
FBF597D6 8C7960F9 
DF557AB4 52D34C29 
80F9E7E1 56FCADFF  Power Drive
B8CA51BD 30FB9E75  Boost Hack
E90B6B20 6C1A45A6  Heat Smash
4D9E36C7 D772B856  Fire Dance
BBE23ACA 1E5F5143  Blaze Rush
44C87D60 BAD1D866  Flare Burst
8BEEFB72 8121DF86  Shred
A4906C5A 36F5FA2A  Crucible Fire
7E9EB1A5 87C6D8E0  Scorpionfish
10529FBB 05636BE3  Purgatory
D115F743 450BB7C4  Soul Shatter
4512C385 40B297B3  Radiant Fire
7093B4E1 ECB6B0AA  Life Shear
915E0DD0 C4ECE482 
3981483F B1390B91 
8DB96243 EEEFDE01 
F89A5B5F 1BCF584B  Moon Air
44C2A000 437456F2  Flash Edge
56A637C5 2165323C  Aging Gas
BF57308B 34C4340B  Mad Zephyr
A7E94E4E 8821A213  Lunar Slash
2A8084FE E4221D89  Nirvana
1E9C528E 2168178C  High Vitals
2B17F45C BF9BBC04  Stun Bolt
B31B3305 3ED45870  Trident
460D082E 43F4B836  Light Surge
9DE92312 E9771221  Raiden's Wrath
8A013277 C2B9053E  Void Beam
42ADAD9D 5A83C371  Supernova
5670BF0E DDC076F3  Apocalypse
17EBF9DD 7DDDF678  Legend
DD3DFC2C 69D08B20 
191C1297 0D168A7E 
495CF62B 1C520C91 
9200128A B421307D 
282A9B18 B81F5557  Sabre Dance
4679D091 337D39E2  Backstab
A9633EBD 8DB2C7D6  Fire Breath
2CC7AC5B B54D522A  Juggle
97A5A2D0 F4645AA3  Heat Juggle
35A9FAB4 6B91632E  Fiery Juggle
C82627CE CDC18825  Flame Card
5D88B453 33B4D126  Thunder Card
3A97C6A6 9DEB73BF  Bramble Card
41CA8698 1CC8C4B7  Frost Card
FC429CBA 0A23B99C  Baffle Card
0A2356B1 4FFFFBEA  Sword Card
AD5CB19B D318624A  Sleep Card
D8AF31DE EFBE1D31  Death Card
8CFA466F 8B9BD155 
BA93C867 DA9A06B0  Whiplash
5C524C99 C0F60487  Wild Wolf
29513485 35A8EF72  Emu
FC8A9286 68387856  Roc
6D23AF4D 7A86C107  Salamander
4F8FF0D8 850E7562  Orc
0D2272DE 78F994F9  Harpy
5FD4172A F764A608  Grand Golem
5C2A7483 ED2E8BD0  Cerberus
DDD12424 7D55EFB8  Wyvern
CE2FC1C4 1C8862BD  Pixie
4D9A1999 4543FA06  Dinox
3A8C7E86 83A6BF2F  Gryphon
38C7EAA0 14AE6F2E  Living Armor
B7ED342A 4B8BB53C  Chimera
31BC7CA5 A142563B  Blue Dragon
782BB48E 7E75783B  Faery
22E89271 69D88612  Elder Wood
D7348C4A 13EB3322  Lich
09173BD0 6CA5CCB7  Troll
E4B36789 21A2EC20  Minotaur
6E019307 E930B2D3  Ghost Soldier
046BDA00 84263629  Macetail
74DB796C BF766068  Fire Dragon
7472448C 9C2580C5  Weird Nymph
5F6C5A4F 2F8DA911  Succubus
46A9E240 A9C8AE66  Estre Wood
4C5AE86F 783D93C6  Manticore
24D93A2D 82515BB9  Phoenix
68290F6B FF0B987F 
E31FDCFB 1A3BFA90  Call Zombie
81D8C360 1ABA5F23  Call Demon
925DF7C2 550D0990  Call Dullahan
19E82E21 B3DF6A0D  Raging Heat
D946995A 40025A52  Fiery Abyss
2BC3D25C F6217A81  Dire Inferno
2730A007 69B101D2  Poison Flow
F90AFD86 9EDAC719  Fire Puppet
41DABFA3 792C1761 
89B48B68 8F1D4CA1 
C3B3F452 7F129AE1 
5E9FFC05 85AFC302  Sand Breath
9185EA8E 577F39A8  Desert Gasp
DF5BEA9E E231E119  Black Ice
56E017D8 30721C94  Toxic Breath
BA448D59 A8F019A5  Typhoon Blow
1B24ACF0 A1778235  Blast Breath
3B2AF068 BC3CE77B  Gravel Blow
6E11A443 C8C6D239  Darksol Gasp
65E826BB C371ACD0  Flame Breath
A9A7F9D6 6EE2579C  Aqua Breath
C2101BAF C2995E4F  Fire Breath
3D0C7209 ABB6D9B7  Chill Breath
7E7D5B27 8AFD5565 
46FC3BEC 139D1CFD 
B3A86D9E BBB89BB0 
0B5E8EF1 A9F43EE6 
7014CE8E 1F042B2B 
B507D910 2A7C5DFF 
B6F5216A 36D01E82 
DA8C6371 7CC39D0A 
083A4579 4A9DBF88  Flash Punch
3B313944 5A98563F  Formic Acid
BC6A1662 199B5A1D  Claw Attack
90E98017 6D8AFE3E  Beat Dance
87AC94C5 D2926FBF  Twin Shear
1FD7E88D 61B8E8ED  Paralytail
64C848BE 99BA7334  Echo Cut
0F9F4B8A 020CF190  Clarion Cry
6249ADCD 01B72FD5  Triple Chomp
FCEC600C DECEE7DC  Raging Flood
560369F7 C3DF9B25  Rising Venom
85D6378C 5274117A  Slaver
79ED5AF2 B1649510  Mighty Press
F387261A 502607D2  Star Mine
82DEB22D CEEC427B  Heat Stun
BF89236E C6168F7A  Ocean Fist
AD5AA5ED 435A201D  Watery Grave
4256AFB0 C863CA40  Counter-rush
0A55B8E8 B8BABEA0  Counter
4D03642D 36E49423  Bosca Hit
26FD65A0 F98F2309  Strong Hit
7B63E79E D8146E81  Rolling Flame
DAC1C94B A7C24BC1  Rising Dragon
3A281CC9 79C38CDB  Meteor Blow
076E9889 5B7DC6F7  Cage
2DAA6A5F BC7EF0C8  Stun Muscle
51FD8C1D 8AA49097  Djinnfest
682D3C13 FE6D7302  Heat Kiss
2D541D3A 4FC06F39  Fatal Fang
88D2A9A7 ADBC5414  Angle Spike
4AD8E738 697F0612  Quick Slash
8ABC7136 0F9231AD  Doublestep
7BA77CBE 89591323  Maneater
7CB98257 AE654BF8  Claw Slash
7AE38CB5 1B4FF71B  Mega Slash
FD543F94 F648F755  Vanish Claw
B6310018 95B8C34B  Crusher Grip
53126A93 415FFA73  Ur Flash
18C67DC8 C27231BD  Power Bite
A48F3DAD 4D4906D8  Terrible Bite
EA18C3BB 5AA21EE2  Poison Sting
72AAF258 117532FD  Kill Sting
A47FDB2C 76415289  Beast Needle
64D131F4 E9BF1265  Poison Sting
0E15689B AFF7F25A  Stun Sting
E2A4C4A4 9E719C76  Mucous Gel
5A9A8359 225627C2  Poison Gel
A3B9DE45 12C0789F  Hydro Slash
0F84F9C1 CD07C683  Regen Dance
24FDEFBA E4368881  Fire Dance
F827F2BF 32B4AC37  Power Crush
FD75EE7B 554C079A  Sack
EC8696AD 5404B3D6  Vital Moon
FC5A0EC4 A39141A8  Human Hunt
6D0D0C41 4AC77D75  Demon Eye
14BE5F35 8EE7AB76  Stun Jip
FD5483EC F9575266  Pike Assault
F06250F6 CD896C46  Formina Sage
23913614 60200B00  True Collide
9DE241A7 D185B1F5  Armor Crush
110193A5 E22EC85B  Djinn Blast
066A39E8 C76E2B02  Djinn Storm
66876DB7 4FDA0254  Earth Force
3A0D0B6F EF06F274  Guard Aura
08FEBE25 2FA009FE  Cruel Rui
AED80F9C 0A19F45B  Mystic Call
A5AA7295 C7694299  Mine Ball
3103F7F3 D5AB8C63  Angry Mine
FC729D4F 6383B23D  Djinn Stun
A3B96D5E 75C6B276  Crucible
591B09D3 907398F5  Element Swap
0816BBA5 72318E58  Earnest Ply
1A401875 DC85C88B  Psy Boost
5E906893 73D45B5F  Pressure

CIII. Item Drop GSA Codes

CIII1. Drop Slot 1

24FF30A9 5918D8D3  Long Sword	
79971CC9 F40384B8  Broad Sword	
C4819D99 3612F1DE  Claymore	
36DCBECE 26AEAE72  Great Sword	
143F932B BEB08581  Samshir	
6195945C C7E5421E  Silver Blade	
AFE4AC48 AD1D4330  Fire Brand	
E51F0A1C DBADECEA  Artic Blade	
73E3133E 23BD7B0B  Gaia Blade	
8D2B0C77 E6E1B887  Sol Balde	
5A85C462 775368E7  Muramasa	
BF5EEE47 915976BE 	
A1698BC9 3A38E243 	
140D9CE2 315D39A9 	
5AE09277 8AABF747  Machete	
230711FC 9B32F77E  Short Sword	
12D6D372 B2B1B4E7  Hunter's Sword	
A5DEA0EC 6DD90EC2  Battle Blade	
C37CE218 5D1D9AB8  Master Rapier	
740A4344 4057E43D  Ninja Blade	
E8B18B06 620D12EF  Swift Sword	
2D299695 FFC4B60C  Elven Rapier	
C673D5D8 F1024F17  Assassin Blade	
D3F289EF 4C6FEF80  Mystery Blade	
3535840E F18F4A70  Kikuichimonji	
7C34D704 CB4FEB93  Maamune	
D27038E1 78B255D7  Bandits Blade	
10D36922 C9A99D38 	
56C83925 ACFE4FDE 	
1CB4A15D A58602B4 	
4B99650A D9178ECF  Battle Axe	
C2D588C7 8E497854  Broad Axe	
7BEEF737 728FF7A2  Great Axe	
42CC01A7 F0DB8E2E  Dragon Axe	
F29A023B D5FBDDB3  Giant Axe	
85383BF1 CEF09273  Vulcan Axe	
DF5E0DCD BD4835F9  Burning Axe	
4C162317 48A1DB25  Demon Axe	
AF5AB2C1 34914610 	
04C2C4CB 0C02024C 	
A7B6E918 45B58E84 	
409759F2 D81D62CB 	
4C28D110 948AEB8E  Mace	
D8349C56 1D435703  Heavy Mace	
F9A60870 1B8502A9  Battle Mace	
9574109D 2F9D0F7D  War Mace	
63EF6F46 1C819D46  Righteous Mace	
EEE2F484 2C6C1851  Grievous Mace	
17EE68C9 81BCF08C  Blessed Mace	
2AF4EF99 93CED78F  Wicked Mace	
6FB04423 85FFD56B 	
C04120DD D994D11F 	
5C5A3203 FA62DE2A 	
D2E9DB01 B8AAE5C2 	
977C7EA1 5E9B2656  Wooden Stick	
B061C57F ADB463DD  Magic Rod	
40664FFB 62967342  Witch's Wand	
79FF5CD9 0DDD11F6  Blessed Ankh	
CC4ECE02 9546CCA2  Psynergy Rod	
99D40E57 02FC47DE  Frost Wand	
4CE7F7D8 8B33856E  Angelic Ankh	
7209185C B214B6D7  Demonic Staff	
C71C2FF0 1DE97803  Crystal Rod	
392B9195 30CE997C  Zodiac Wand	
74B6E1AD 0BAC4D24  Shamon's Rod	
FDB8C065 210B0752 	
E5052D92 1C14F463 	
03AE9A1F AD4C5472 	
3CCDDA82 91518733 	
214D01EB 43FE6C62 	
7B7E4A6E F9DFE987 	
3A314A04 8ED2C568 	
1A59C52C 4201D6DC 	
9C41CD28 567BD737  Leather Armor	
6D7D0395 FC9C404D  Psynergy Armor	
B4C4FDFF 4EE01CC0  Chain Mail	
7AE79276 44BDE9AF  Armored Shell	
C4EB7FB1 85F21EC0  Plate Mail	
EF026E8B 55F1E655  Steel Armor	
7ED5A1C6 E30A9C7D  Spirit Armor	
C0E5598C 8DB78438  Dragon Scales	
7B497F6E F2BE046B  Demon Mail	
3E600388 4AF3E343  Asura's Armor	
755DBADB 54058191  Spiked Armor	
8507FBDC A612BA2D 	
81F27D1B 10E5043F 	
FB1C422E 97FD600E 	
B9E7D9CF B955580D  Cotton Shirt	
0FFC0E14 EDEBFF09  Travel Vest	
34BFE5D0 1ADE0B7D  Fur Coat	
079BDCD8 A443FFB9  Adept's Clothes	
823DCC94 1064DCBB  Elven Shirt	
C83370E5 81905E1C  Silver Vest	
DA81348C 1FC218D2  Water Jacket	
39E87EC9 1B1FA2EF  Storm Gear	
2F802E59 ABDCBCB1  Kimono	
B1742C56 66D5A43F  Ninja Garb	
3A7AF927 17130E3F 	
955CEDE0 F0A94AD6 	
8084DC76 4BA48A1D 	
5DF46592 04C0734B 	
340A087D 2FDE6491  One-Pieced Dress	
878D52C9 8C64C1B5  Travel Robe	
B98C15BC FA89025C  Silk Robe	
A39869D8 86BC1548  China Dress	
C1A790EF 19DC00E7  Jerkin	
669F3363 4F8CACDE  Cocktail Dress	
3450334D CA298B54  Blessed Robe	
ED002E91 EA1D9804  Magical Cassock	
98171264 2AD11538  Mysterious Robe	
F2F6B252 8015BFBA  Feathered Robe	
F48F8BC1 38189079  Oracle's Robe	
F766069E 1DCD029C 	
ADC4A4CA 9DD02563 	
48A037CC ADC3DBF0 	
FDFAABEB 3E1AD728  Wooden Shield	
56DB1E75 6AB6F740  Bronze Shield	
28AD1702 B949380F  Iron Shield	
67EAD8CE 7FD86CF8  Knight's Shield	
39E251E7 70996D93  Mirrored Shield	
061C7DDA 6A37A229  Dragon Shield	
8D15D569 A767CCCC  Earth Shield	
4BFB13BA DA774278 	
09ED7CD1 54C30759 	
FD32047C 1DFDF7DE  Padded Gloves	
DE10510D 5CF841F1  Leather Gloves	
8755AF1C 1F05BB3B  Gauntlets	
FE811C7A 071946D7  Vambrace	
34EBCC79 BD17D218  War Gloves	
05702685 9F3DC6A1  Spirit Gloves	
EBC4DE0D 8FB5A277  Battle Gloves	
27F9CB26 FA19443C  Aura Gloves	
627491B6 32AB5DB6 	
6DA491B8 947B9E0D  Leather Armlet	
DD9A09C7 C4DF7C6B  Armlet	
A9B9CEFD 273A2514  Heavy Armlet	
129A8237 6945E134  Silver Armlet	
BCAB8040 F7AC4EF3  Spirit Armlet	
568E0699 19E4A358  Virtuous Armlet	
63649AD8 44F1B0F5  Guardian Armlet	
841BF9EC 0CF768E5 	
46BEB8A3 77F97DF6 	
257DCD77 E73AD2B6  Open Helm	
5CBE846C 2E58140B  Bronze Helm	
AE180CB4 A11887C4  Iron Helm	
A9D5C674 54FCB34F  Steel Helm	
C5784E26 B34983BC  Silver Helm	
94A5C1E0 6F3B833D  Knight's Helm
96CDCAF6 D2316A47  Warrior's Helm	
B7060A88 078F435E  Adept's Helm	
CE00858C 18F71AFE 	
6A8DC608 C089BC7E 	
36AA17E1 342F5FEF 	
B654D3C8 7506A018  Leather Cap	
8C34FC6E BF4E9110  Wooden Cap	
C3A43637 87EB01E6  Mail Cap	
549D411E 7F088787  Jeweled Crown	
468F142D A1663A3F  Ninja Hood	
4B66F0CE 67A09FEE  Lucky Cap	
3DF2099F 49E7EE9B  Thunder Crown	
5DE4DED5 7E3915C3  Prophet's Hat	
E55D9EF2 DE5FB102  Lure Cap	
B9E0AAE3 3466D386 	
6F28B5D2 D2178656  Circlet	
E587784E 5CC4D496  Silver Circlet	
EDDA0E76 BAB6CFDA  Guardian Circlet	
60B452DE D5CCBDFF  Platinum Circlet	
4E6EADA1 7ABB770B  Mythril Circlet	
5FCFB210 8A3F1553  Glittering Tiara	
C2F8AFEC 14EB0904 	
AAC1F6D8 2B185A9B 	
2DE2BF43 1EB27190 	
53678536 FB28F93F 	
1C8BBB37 7898564E 	
D70D89C8 353F156D 	
426DE06A 6B38F2AA 	
941DEBDC 6E0419DD 	
4D9BA798 C91CD19D  Herb	
1A1647AF E297EBA9  Nut	
56C7D532 D8AA9D29  Vial	
A98A2D12 76C3247C  Potion	
BF56089F F25478A1  Hermes' Water	
02CCB2F1 F4589954  Empty Bottle	
D207C5DF FC097635  Psy Energy Crystal	
16F1F65D D7228965  Antidote	
C6FF0B94 81FAD650  Elixer	
1364D7C7 EE1C2B43  Water of Life	
1F96B081 48B08300  Mist Potion	
8F8DF193 D989E4CC  Power Bread	
30CFD2C5 B1DFC769  Cookie	
49E4F3D3 31096F1D  Apple	
85CB612B 87A4CF49  Hard Nut	
68AE4A15 6879FDAF  Mint	
23B3AE69 4B20A4F3  Lucky Pepper	
4AC7736E B9855410 	
B8BBD3DE 6412B594  Lash Pebble	
0E9B7537 11EE4470  Pound Cube	
63CD44B2 6B2726B1  Orb of Force	
F2D91F3C 214A17CF  Douse Drop	
1780547B DC637B7E  Frost Jewel	
6002D0D4 FBF627F0  Lifting Gem	
1D9097A3 37553D66  Halt Gem	
1D5DC7BC C1CE1E41  Cloak Ball	
4DD6DCB7 E73DFF2C  Carry Stone	
7B29F3C9 ED7189BC  Catch Beads	
9BE3AA17 BCDCB1E9  Temper Bit	
63A2184B 6FCB0F98  Scoop Gem	
8ACD6601 2057BFA5  Cyclone Chip	
2295A0CB 1AAE40B4 	
1C27EA7A C36F6407 	
184A035E 4B4846D1  Burst Brooch	
610E863A 3C47D3FD  Grindstone	
EA9CFFDF 72931087  Hover Jade	
58F0B456 057556C0 	
964687CF 71FFF2B3  Teleport Lapis	
88EDF88E 01F97302 	
8B97D569 0CD0B28E 	
03EC2B13 EBD26FEE  Venus Star	
62CA6FA0 8616E06D  Mercury Star	
16CC970F 076562A7  Mythril Bag (Mars Star)	
9AEC0DD5 562912AA  Mythril Bag (Jupitar Star)	
DA009A3E FCD9394A  Mythril Bag	
CD8DEBB1 352E60A0  Small Jewel	
04DADC00 D5F5513A  Smoke Bomb	
703D2F6D F6F31F8D  Sleep Bomb	
A975A8A4 C9145769  Game Ticket	
579C172D 42EED53F  Lucky Medal	
064C9775 D7427BF0  Dragon's Eye	
5A81F9A2 D98B0439  Bone	
F559E70D 65343EF6  Anchor Charm	
C1D12CA2 C9D876F1  Corn	
8D08A681 1F22EB21  Cell Key	
CE2C0BE0 8252DE78  Boat Ticket	
9AB24409 7B404BFC  Sacred Feather	
D2827269 9CCDD9DE  Mystic Draught	
213F53EF 6E981964  Oil Drop	
5A99D9EA 2AA1D45B  Weasel's Claw	
6CD8C8B3 37340413  Bumble Seed	
7B9A67B2 B135916D  Crystal Powder	
E1CC6EC1 70BF8B93  Black Crystal	
2D32054B 0BFB4C97  Red Key	
3E9643AE F5CF24A4  Blue Key	
92E655CE AF65FB37  Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)	
401113CF 823B6A5A  Jupitar Star	
D9C6874B E67F6A5F  Mars Star	
78F4BF2D CF88539F 	
B6DD9C5A E1E062E8  Mythril Shirt	
0D794A9F 56EA3E40  Silk Shirt	
E652655C B4C81661  Running Shirt	
1D60E156 16D9F85F 	
2FAA0984 1D037F84 	
619AF03D 390FDEC3 	
A35CE3BF 4712EAD8  Hyper Boots	
D6994A54 BC3E40E6  Quick Boots	
09994E8D A7D2CF87  Fur Boots	
1BD7512C D7E24D53  Turtle Boots	
F3130522 20AD363F 	
2EBADAC0 A3F2B669 	
82CC1A32 84874F26  Adept Ring	
252499F0 EE4132EB  War Ring	
8861CF40 C8B34DE6  Sleep Ring	
5454F5BE 1322493D  Healing Ring	
1D82244D 435BC066  Unicorn Ring	
A42A8AA2 581C8D2E  Fairy Ring	
4494C41B 258B7655  Cleric's Ring	
32C31F9C 27538D4A 	
4112D9D0 036CF61F 	
4F6ECCDC 1AA6540E 	
3A5C773A E6882E14  Huge Sword
96364338 47E8588A  Mythril Blade	
FE7CB263 70F4A27D  Levatine	
2D4B663B B9C6B617  Darksword	
BFFB44F0 75CC7ED7  Excalibar	
0F74AC90 458C67FD  Robber's Blade	
3242E5C4 7A15A640  Soul Brand	
63A409B6 7C2FA6FF  Storm Brand	
457FC80E DFBBAFAC  Hestia Blade	
78EADBD2 F09491A9  Lightning Sword	
1A8F039A C005567C  Rune Blade	
403B6C46 2C21FF13  Cloud Brand	
DB07DAF6 04633495 	
2C80709F 9735A74C  Sylph Rapier	
47035488 5823BC68  Burning Sword	
3D771169 3CB3E257  Pirate's Sword	
513AFEA4 9C3B1B4B  Corsair's Edge	
19680D4F 26F0A1EE  Pirate's Sabre	
55A8F877 58A2D3D1  Hypno's Sword	
6F3A5ACA F71312B1  Mist Sabre	
0C2758D7 A46D7958  Phaeton's Blade	
3AA8DF4B AB298900  Tisiphone Edge	
09C98F30 F18F66F7 	
1D5D8487 9C840A1F  Apollo's Axe	
8418835D 44EC8427  Gaia's Axe	
A6148A1C 46F798C9  Steller Axe	
03F1623A 8A1B104D  Captain's Axe	
8D841C4A 7C51C956  Viking Axe	
C61F9D08 D73268A8  Disk Axe	
B3E604B3 B85CD914  Themis' Axe	
AA97C5DF 24B7576D  Mighty Axe	
8F299893 BAB7CAC7  Tartarous Axe	
E5F04163 883CFB7F 	
496740AF 1DC3BF93  Comet Mace	
5D9046FE 3E90C171  Tungsten Mace	
EE8B4C65 984D5F84  Demon Mace	
786B98E0 FF348F59  Hagbone Mace	
52CF9A16 8D67372E  Blow Mace	
43E5FF3D BD9C1012  Rising Mace	
476CA51C 1C64F470  Thanatos Mace	
C6DDE5BF B869D079 	
C69AB390 11F5AE7B  Cloud Mace	
DFC4B843 75524AE6  Salamander Rod	
362B0236 0EA9FBE6  Nebula Wand	
9F3B2E56 9B5C548B  Dracomace	
0C06AA36 83E9E465  Glower Staff	
CE3CA90E 559997AC  Goblin's Rod	
E2C4E55C 071EE845  Meditation Rod	
B8030EFE 01FA90D7  Fireman's Pole	
503E3ED4 3EAA6E36  Atropos' Rod	
B1FD1024 6CD57293  Lachesis' Rule	
57567751 AD5B7D86  Clotho's Distaff	
16A76A3D 781A0D31  Staff of Anubis	
C08ED34F 4A8A06F9 	
11061028 0E0ED22F  Trident	
817AE4B9 E3B8B4CF 	
91131833 9AD156E0  Planet Armor	
7077251D FFB1E3AE  Dragon Mail	
C3B955EA D5D63209  Chronos Mail	
51352AA0 06FD7325  Stealth Armor	
24EBDD63 BC9F6BC3  Xylion Armor	
DE5C2923 4DFD370E  Ixion Mail	
EB3C9EE6 BD9DB150  Phantasmal Mail	
8A92CB49 23F764A7  Erebus Armor	
C308177F 3DD1D258  Valkyrie Mail	
0238B3AC F2909F08 	
CEC2D6EF 7433F388  Faery Vest	
F092948C 82C1B821  Mythril Cltohes	
B98C4448 C7362F44  Full Metal Vest	
1D6C3008 CDF79ABE  Wild Coat	
5BA98EB2 422072F8  Floral Dress	
43CE4388 AD14E3F3  Festival Coat	
6DC4CDF0 DD9C3CF8  Erinyes Tunic	
BB9D7EFC C1D51986  Triton Ward	
DB569815 7728B605 	
794093D2 D3E9AFB1  Dragon Robe	
5C2C7595 29B953C6  Ardagh Robe	
6160477D 8267C5BF  Muni Robe	
E4DDD792 1755CC2F  Aeolian Cassock	
E4942121 3F43B53A  Iris Robe	
612305E9 E9DC6469 	
9BCA917B 2C1C1C4A  Luna Shield	
85EAFC5C 53639D74  Dragon Shield	
580D8BE1 4E2E8D3C  Flame Shield	
94F402A2 1D0503A9  Terra Shile	
27B00A7C 10F3E949  Cosmos Shield	
053F7C60 FDB4FB42  Fujin Shield	
4105EA5A 3550D4BB  Aegis Shield	
119EF71C EBFDF77A 	
85615FB1 2CDCD774  Aerial Gloves	
6D103A0C EB09A4B8  Titan Gloves	
66872A95 C0DD6B0E  Big Bang Gloves	
9DA9EF94 A755B30B  Crafted Gloves	
68F16EE6 39342015  Riot Gloves	
ECBBB665 3E903606  Spitit Gloves	
0448DF45 15156CBC 	
8A46823F 8B583443  Clear Bracelet	
F25B8CAF 94D13E49  Mythril Armlet	
0100D8F3 184BCFFC  Bone Armlet	
19A6D009 78345F14  Jester's Armlet	
A1BB2F16 3AE62DAF  Leda's Bracelet	
807489A5 8CE7B406 	
82492558 8D30576F  Dragon Helm	
91CC0BB6 C701EB10  Mythril helm	
EB6A3E0D E2CBDCE1  Fear Helm	
6E581901 042F8B24  Mellenium Helm	
2B2427A3 7E029C73  Viking Helm	
FF36B3A1 0CF0C703  Gloria Helm	
E71F9B97 71AB3907  Minerva Helm	
22630D28 73859E57 	
E3FC1BC2 6A16753A  Floating Hat	
7065A477 FC7D9E2B  Nurse's CAp	
823F5471 D167FD14  Thorn Crown	
23A99DCE 8105AED7  O. Mask	
3BFAF92D D763AF9D  Hiotoko Mask	
99981F3B 2C2694E6  Crown of Glory	
C42B03A8 EE0B9261  Alastar's Hood	
998C13A8 DF2506F0 	
8B7D019F 8EBDCCFF  Pure Circlet	
95310D06 36CED01F  Astral Circlet	
81900955 1447995D  Psychic Circlet	
B97F57F4 AAFE3C5E  Demon Circlet	
9B0FB165 903B1352  Clarity Circlet	
9998AE58 09C452FF  Brilliant Circlet	
DF69F63F 8A21F813  Berserker Band	
D650A836 71D05A4E 	
1D019571 C3B955E5  Divine Camisole	
1A4A94E0 F7975F30  Herbed Shirt	
563C56FA BAD1B326  Golden Shirt	
4E1748AA 9BB0554A  Casual Shirt	
D8F2D6CA 5704D893  Leather Boots	
4105C535 08DF35DB  Dragon Boots	
B62D37AB DB26D475  Safety boots	
9FE7F3C2 18B801B0  Knight's Greave	
D337751D 9D934839  Silver Greave	
37853D9E B0BDB9E9  Ninja Sandals	
13460601 A7F2B3D6  Golden Boots	
AB61B606 2D025259  Spirit Ring	
AB0D8559 888962AE  Stardust Ring	
5641C702 F19834A3  Aroma Ring	
CF88749F 318124D3  Rainbow Ring	
CD018B00 FE528C7B  Soul Ring	
328818ED 73465A84  Guardian Ring	
B6B72F62 59A97351  Golden Ring	
D47F2515 57831CFE 	
E51C1D1D DEA0431B  Rusty Sword	
3230DBA6 A498FFB6  Rusty Sword	
96D775DF A0665B36  Rusty Sword	
9B32009C 9FED9C8A  Rusty Sword	
0E1E831A B9EBF794  Rusty Axe	
4075F2A1 BF60EB68  Rusty Axe	
33E7B196 FCB5B241  Rusty Mace	
88DEE186 A39E43A1  Rusty Mace	
D97FBC0E CA56977E  Rusty Staff	
65686EBE 96E6764A  Rusty Staff	
1067E5A0 0F399A8F  Rusty Staff	
169CD411 04D1FCAD 	
802A5CB3 F7D32661  Tear Stone	
8F1A95EE 03FBB483  Star Dust	
32B57D71 572DD070  Sylph Feather	
9881FE48 041C1D96  Dragon Skin	
20E9D2D8 1D8A03FD  Salamander Tail	
B83FDD2F C4514911  Golem Core	
9C20E975 E6BF3371  Mythril Silver	
D32973F8 554D2723  Dark Matter	
AB3572FB E79102E5  Orihalcon	
79BD96F1 E3972C20 	
0D85D5A9 3778D164  Right Prong	
7B590CB0 1A6282BD  Left Prong	
034C25F3 896CDD6F  Center Prong	
E04EB4F9 F89AF4CC 	
A9FBFA1B B77C8A1E  Mysterious Card	
600F3B2A DAF48B94  Trainer's Whip	
42904934 61D397BC  Tomegathericon	
523EF0B6 2E2929CB 	
8A74A3FB CB13E966 	
C72516C9 5399727E  Healing Fungus	
421C802E D0D013E0  Laughing Fungus	
8AF49432 CF9F30FF  Signal Whistle	
F8127C22 06905F22  Dancing Idol	
465ACF3A CE72D093  Pretty Stone	
76A98FBD 27A4662D  Red Cloth	
B9CCDC4D 7BD62808  Milk	
08D9757F 40FAD5E5  Li'l Turtle	
592CCB45 F1955216  Aquarius Stone	
BEC08554 8D785524  Large Bread	
EA797545 1FD6F8B0  Sea God's Tear	
72F3049C 203B4359  Ruin Key	
7CCC1250 5AB290F7  Magma Ball

CIV. Item Slot AR V3 Codes

These are the AR V3 codes for the Item slots. The problem is, I don't 
have any hardware to test these. So it's possible all the codes are 
wrong! However, they shouldn't be because they've been encrypted by
ARCrypt, which is usually quite reliable.

  CIV1. Isaac Slot 1 

567978A4 435ACF21  Long Sword	
9282EC58 CBD65539  Broad Sword	
AC4053E7 EC6BB3EE  Claymore	
781F20F1 CE23BD77  Great Sword	
B9DEE4A7 EE04FD74  Samshir	
DD72C746 DBE029B8  Silver Blade	
86126904 13744B4E  Fire Brand	
9A089952 2E9BD0E6  Artic Blade	
52D2ECFD 7348D21A  Gaia Blade	
D934A423 DA5E24AA  Sol Balde	
A1D4CB6F 3F4EF7DB  Muramasa	
BD3727DA 6C3F91A6  ???
985124D8 F38A3B04  ???
BD03583F DE690924  ???
D35BE42A F34BBFA4  Machete	
A232BE95 83D0B469  Short Sword	
8422D416 C4C4BDCB  Hunter's Sword	
B2367968 6DCA90CC  Battle Blade	
41F508D5 3D06DD28  Master Rapier	
99B77202 71BC1C3B  Ninja Blade	
4204280B CA9C077A  Swift Sword	
BF24DF3B 7D744080  Elven Rapier	
73975A1E 4783345D  Assassin Blade	
AF400DE9 996BED1A  Mystery Blade	
CAD809CC BBF49D31  Kikuichimonji	
591CEE34 8E32E34D  Maamune	
7F47A80B C185D658  Bandits Blade	
360E5CA1 54D9ECC9  ???
8220E6F8 C660504B  ???
DC8331FD 9CFDF5C9  ???
70DDAA70 792F203A  Battle Axe	
1CF7722A DA2E4FB3  Broad Axe	
26D1C352 B4869ED8  Great Axe	
26138CB5 37B23CE0  Dragon Axe	
BA7A62F2 057D36D8  Giant Axe	
6429A806 F0F19E6E  Vulcan Axe	
E8CAF9DA 50801311  Burning Axe	
D7F509CE 8FCC5316  Demon Axe	
CE0258C7 D565FF5B  ???
06ADF6EA A45C7DB3  ???
0D61D8FB BF996D14  ???
9260CA15 98BDE803  ???
A129EB06 E418A536  Mace	
30AB8619 A9A088C2  Heavy Mace	
18D05CB7 4736E018  Battle Mace	
3B7A3CFB 66A53817  War Mace	
ACECECD0 5F105630  Righteous Mace	
DDDBCDCE 4C26A503  Grievous Mace	
CFD15B85 2BBF57BC  Blessed Mace	
8C7D40FE 824DD45B  Wicked Mace	
C2E68B2B CD660886  ???
DA02D5B1 0472CA67  ???
A6D2F83D D9B6245B  ???
1E2E63DA 69E693FE  ???
E4616C66 830CDEE2  Wooden Stick	
68407B26 371696FA  Magic Rod	
972A96EB 5E5B587E  Witch's Wand	
5531137B E0D18758  Blessed Ankh	
E273B189 D4ABB441  Psynergy Rod	
0C6D6079 1B17CF5D  Frost Wand	
9EB58B3D B40550DD  Angelic Ankh	
6B871F82 6182680E  Demonic Staff	
81433E4E 35513D4F  Crystal Rod	
BCB3B9A8 B0187FF0  Zodiac Wand	
A8FC5BAB 7C001D06  Shamon's Rod	
AF9620C6 A777A11F  ???
6FFA4D08 D830A764  ???
3F7F0052 15675767  ???
884F4DD7 DBA1BDC2  ???
F37A2CA7 9E92B345  ???
84241937 73D90A72  ???
F26C9C86 F81D3D7C  ???
C84631DC 0A24DDB2  ???
C788F76B F874869F  ???
0C87F0C9 FB9CB926  Leather Armor	
DB67D255 F22D6A69  Psynergy Armor	
488EDCBF 4D8E657C  Chain Mail	
A8B2A727 911BF8AF  Armored Shell	
CCD57A51 7516E927  Plate Mail	
84D2B29E F9447E28  Steel Armor	
9DCC9FF1 DC0733B4  Spirit Armor	
7A7B44F2 BDB6D5A3  Dragon Scales	
02707BD5 2D406C8A  Demon Mail	
AEFD0FB2 D145A147  Asura's Armor	
812FB87A B37681A5  Spiked Armor	
B2F59F5E FD9A49D0  ???
401AFBE3 4E4B2C3A  ???
92C14E84 E8B8B568  ???
5D8F1C51 0B644308  Cotton Shirt	
EB0685E7 E616D3B1  Travel Vest	
E500BAAB 0BF2D0DF  Fur Coat	
7207638F 031C7C77  Adept's Clothes	
DE166CCC 7CB9A2AD  Elven Shirt	
215F7606 93DF56EA  Silver Vest	
928BC020 C54576FF  Water Jacket	
3BC06F08 907C6BFD  Storm Gear	
79EC8C11 6BDD227C  Kimono	
B938AEE3 E3288AF8  Ninja Garb	
FB6347CB C520A31E  ???
F3436DA6 315B7F6B  ???
C850AD21 6EA2D62B  ???
184EF483 DD4B5C1D  ???
E6410B66 AF0881AB  One-Pieced Dress	
4EDA78BC 5EC68737  Travel Robe	
3BF58A0F 3E87B330  Silk Robe	
B63AAAD5 8710AFE2  China Dress	
62D81D1B 43CDD7B5  Jerkin	
2BFA7265 44525945  Cocktail Dress	
4EBD076A 310A9708  Blessed Robe	
378D36FD 6E95202B  Magical Cassock	
A2AE1425 CB012F32  Mysterious Robe	
4E48C5C0 F99B4717  Feathered Robe	
EBA58A73 A5CD5213  Oracle's Robe	
C13D3A8D 5832931D  ???
A35340C1 928791D1  ???
1189754D 4B61ADFE  ???
64CE0958 21E76504  ???
ED3A0CBF 2E78D63F  Wooden Shield	
543A4228 764B1A81  Bronze Shield	
61ADBE34 D41D4482  Iron Shield	
7124620A D4FB9012  Knight's Shield	
DA4CA7EB D4A11AE5  Mirrored Shield	
C424240F A2155733  Dragon Shield	
9EDA566A 2E491EB6  Earth Shield	
B2AD97AC 656F3B6B  ???
C859BD90 BDEFC11D  ???
C6CF5265 81495FD9  Padded Gloves	
5D8369AE 30D8564E  Leather Gloves	
CA1983ED C4B07245  Gauntlets	
3DA47C0A EE844DF0  Vambrace	
DC0BCD51 1BDB8920  War Gloves	
AEE10D33 2C557987  Spirit Gloves (Elemental pwr)	
FEF0D3E8 1A5FFDA8  Battle Gloves	
155A620E 45250E62  Aura Gloves	
11E81C02 2C85375D  ???
095DB7C0 4E8F9CFD  Leather Armlet	
0D4B0F56 09801DBE  Armlet	
35156E6D 9C1FF824  Heavy Armlet	
2EA9E731 244BE877  Silver Armlet	
5EEE6C6B F7ADBF30  Spirit Armlet	
76871065 36D0B6E2  Virtuous Armlet	
546061B4 625D8406  Guardian Armlet	
398EEEF9 42B90054  ???
D2D4EC22 318F8256  ???
7750243C 28AFA691  Open Helm	
E5792DC3 28B5768A  Bronze Helm	
AE55809E F303BB6A  Iron Helm	
6AAB9F33 BC9FA99E  Steel Helm	
393390FD DA7EAB0B  Silver Helm	
E11A98C5 7BFDFBBB  Knight's Helm
85A8342A 8E9CF4DF  Warrior's Helm	
86CB0234 0812E41F  Adept's Helm	
D110A77C D2E726B8  ???
2B9039D5 ADA95AA6  ???
62182635 1B4E222A  ???
6DD98D62 44DFBAB6  Leather Cap	
663F7DB7 2FBB554A  Wooden Cap	
45822B83 65BD9F24  Mail Cap	
89BCCB1E 63B55FF6  Jeweled Crown	
F7084E31 2894FBC4  Ninja Hood	
5F525977 51AEAB77  Lucky Cap	
06B14B3F 077374CA  Thunder Crown	
20F54413 DD76DB8C  Prophet's Hat	
AB71371F 9525DAC6  Lure Cap	
8D76EFF5 418561B3  ???
F7A5D4CD 0DE7772B  Circlet	
8B9F297C 6CF01F6F  Silver Circlet	
097D99A1 B6F532AE  Guardian Circlet	
DE37A2C7 AE9F0305  Platinum Circlet	
42A75342 D8D5622A  Mythril Circlet	
6AA902A1 87BDE317  Glittering Tiara	
4BC3AA44 E0E716EC  ???
1D12D4A2 DD34DF32  ???
DB0CEBAC 8D13C269  ???
84BBD551 F62852A1  ???
333EAA52 B3309618  ???
67CB32E5 F34F96BE  ???
5EB1AF58 59FDCCA6  ???
12A56D4B A0966B92  ???
B1BB6612 6534839C  Herb	
5F105ED9 DB7D6620  Nut	
30A47CF9 5DC5F3E3  Vial	
B31D2E52 37772510  Potion	
B4DFC523 FA699A77  Hermes' Water	
05E0003D 39ED72D8  Empty Bottle	
D5E33E60 AF0BF65E  Psy Energy Crystal	
B71D7571 2026FB6C  Antidote	
0EE029E8 CF479197  Elixer	
6A8B8D71 A16D2560  Water of Life	
95DBDE90 1A06E9CA  Mist Potion	
B4326CA4 1EF2C148  Power Bread	
363BA6C0 CA83EC18  Cookie	
62C15A1A 3686BC54  Apple	
2FD4A749 1F486655  Hard Nut	
6449F5DC F2D9E842  Mint	
4BC7D9D6 E893EF7D  Lucky Pepper	
ACF31771 4B8AC6C6  ???
6658AE79 6D71BA9D  Lash Pebble	
C8955789 5D8586AD  Pound Cube	
7908D620 28F1BC2C  Orb of Force	
D4BB1233 3C4AD771  Douse Drop	
9FA5E505 9BE6CA00  Frost Jewel	
F453266C 842FE125  Lifting Gem	
58C008ED 638ED44B  Halt Gem	
59A36AE8 6DA2F431  Cloak Ball	
2FC4452D 89E5244C  Carry Stone	
BD672F74 1A2D80E1  Catch Beads	
A3537DAE A44DFC31  Temper Bit	
E5C7593D B467DF1F  Scoop Gem	
28A1160E 77270EE1  Cyclone Chip	
56CD91AC 39501B21  ???
03969AD9 1F15AD55  ???
F68C4998 9F343A69  Burst Brooch	
31DD622F AC7E151C  Grindstone	
0D81769D C4F8A743  Hover Jade	
85F504AD 39AAA89D  ???
D8D02859 C4A83760  Teleport Lapis	
D10F2E37 EE15CA3B  ???
7850140A 4DC485F9  ???
42320C4B 3EA826F6  Venus Star	
3A02B593 F856C110  Mercury Star	
5B91BC26 289A3719  Mythril Bag (Mars Star)	
E76BE87F 892EE9CD  Mythril Bag (Jupitar Star)	
9B499597 DC3237A5  Mythril Bag	
46D8B176 CEF04D1B  Small Jewel	
FD0C7924 DAF5B165  Smoke Bomb	
66FE48BE 656D33C1  Sleep Bomb	
3DCC97BE ADA6E8A5  Game Ticket	
F72F30C2 43D69F13  Lucky Medal	
DD77FFAE 945A0FBA  Dragon's Eye	
B54D34B5 AFF0C852  Bone	
B22E4351 2303B5E6  Anchor Charm	
E2A13443 BE6A11F9  Corn	
134A8302 9881F491  Cell Key	
FFA686CC 7D659CF3  Boat Ticket	
4C370C64 B6E434A5  Sacred Feather	
078FF25B 8B541E4F  Mystic Draught	
BDAD5B91 0B4A8BD8  Oil Drop	
D0DB8BAA 5A89E72A  Weasel's Claw	
31BD4D1A A6E9DC62  Bumble Seed	
C11E48B7 14EA21B3  Crystal Powder	
D83EF05C D1659243  Black Crystal	
6DBA11BD F2909815  Red Key	
B3F94A2F 1D6FC699  Blue Key	
E5107086 CE05D3F7  Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)	
ECD122EE E051446D  Jupitar Star	
796926CD A03C8A8A  Mars Star	
2CD1CD61 30651C64  ???
9F93EA5A 5B500659  ???
A1BC4D4C 6F7234C4  Mythril Shirt	
05AF992F E7E8C712  Silk Shirt	
7ABFD180 805CA145  Running Shirt	
3837AFF8 7AA5BE42  ???
6F11DB88 0E9ECEF5  ???
883CEB51 5C12CB37  ???
C0089D87 71C5722D  Hyper Boots	
11E8B75F 2DE8E095  Quick Boots	
0D700151 7D936EEA  Fur Boots	
465EFA81 8A02C500  Turtle Boots	
69EEC823 409738D0  ???
ED9C3DD1 5899CA3C  ???
3FDC7CD6 40571684  Adept Ring	
FA1BE695 2D46174C  War Ring	
3026639B A9158D85  Sleep Ring	
513376E5 E5EFA355  Healing Ring	
FA7DCEDC 9FF5817E  Unicorn Ring	
6580FAF3 808DE82C  Fairy Ring	
C43AB57B F4F12CF5  Cleric's Ring	
3CB868D4 7C71937E  ???
E4F978FD 5261B939  ???
F0DD0817 A93EB416  ???
F5D266C3 06A3CE6F  Huge Sword
CA8D2057 465B29EB  Mythril Blade	
04B71A4D 7BA02866  Levatine	
EED60FEA 0E721576  Darksword	
0B2DAE72 1192EAF4  Excalibar	
CD19204E B31C6E4B  Robber's Blade	
DB9FED40 782989C4  Soul Brand	
69997AF5 76C06D37  Storm Brand	
D02877D4 DCD92A0A  Hestia Blade	
901784CE 78CCCF24  Lightning Sword	
2A411FF9 4E73FCBA  Rune Blade	
86A8287F 20F23A53  Cloud Brand	
7242D6D9 74087C7B  ???
344CDE35 7E5CC4AA  Sylph Rapier	
BA1F58AA BFCAA03C  Burning Sword	
56CDC288 F5A68B75  Pirate's Sword	
D712BBE2 0666CF9E  Corsair's Edge	
26CEFFE2 40E12133  Pirate's Sabre	
87B364CD 1F5ACD04  Hypno's Sword	
2FE6D8F5 E1A85B9C  Mist Sabre	
C7832444 B8ADBCC9  Phaeton's Blade	
2C1F9FCF B408A9BC  Tisiphone Edge	
AC76E040 9BCA452E  ???
FF7151C0 D44D4AD1  Apollo's Axe	
98315191 4862E998  Gaia's Axe	
F3887ABE FE1571B7  Steller Axe	
46151B10 0680803E  Captain's Axe	
67678B1A 2B332EC4  Viking Axe	
EDB7AFCA B0FAB008  Disk Axe	
0B38CD65 F9820A50  Themis' Axe	
8E63B796 FD7B5FA4  Mighty Axe	
A16ACC91 480A71E5  Tartarous Axe	
3E9B9699 3869F4D3  ???
59B4AA15 801D221F  Comet Mace	
45B20569 F6D305F3  Tungsten Mace	
2DFBD039 F2C7ECC0  Demon Mace	
3C56074C 1C12AF1A  Hagbone Mace	
E9DAE659 334A05DF  Blow Mace	
03FC65EE EB630B5D  Rising Mace	
9EC797E8 CC754322  Thanatos Mace	
54B434EA C6001AC7  ???
532C50E5 F071A860  Cloud Mace	
0332FF64 C051C373  Salamander Rod	
30ADE1AC 5830A000  Nebula Wand	
53A2C1C4 0DE280A7  Dracomace	
0FFB813E 2FA80D5F  Glower Staff	
C9AFF7E5 33C19969  Goblin's Rod	
358BC767 7A29CA65  Meditation Rod	
93491D74 E941152D  Fireman's Pole	
5C42DB7D 0D43AC1F  Atropos' Rod	
BD532209 97BA85EF  Lachesis' Rule	
E839A076 CF4E63DE  Clotho's Distaff	
7EB917A9 AA20AF31  Staff of Anubis	
0919ACE8 21E8D085  ???
A5B72179 2B14D0C7  Trident	
581718CD BC8001E8  ???
602E054C 0FB850F8  Planet Armor	
58AA99CC 92CA5AC5  Dragon Mail	
1A7982C1 94CD9DF9  Chronos Mail	
F6A88363 9B5E1EC5  Stealth Armor	
48184411 1BA2167D  Xylion Armor	
F4C803F1 27F1F6D8  Ixion Mail	
B7DDEE71 3F95B761  Phantasmal Mail	
ED111DDA 8E9483EA  Erebus Armor	
E44974CA 788C646D  Valkyrie Mail	
1181E6A2 43737792  ???
6C7B7290 E8216ECD  Faery Vest	
E82B2D15 466BA19B  Mythril Cltohes	
21921AD1 D72EF25A  Full Metal Vest	
1E081A03 AB15F71A  Wild Coat	
BC0860C7 50878EC5  Floral Dress	
7A6FF7C2 B2450E9F  Festival Coat	
CAA815FB B31D8FF2  Erinyes Tunic	
ED3E8A8B 23BDEA11  Triton Ward	
84E9B966 CA692BAC  ???
576EC78D AE882630  Dragon Robe	
5B5DE9D1 F9C20895  Ardagh Robe	
D48A30E5 03EFD6D3  Muni Robe	
8ECDAAAE 99883F12  Aeolian Cassock	
4F92D713 418B4B63  Iris Robe	
8F953045 258AB3E3  ???
AAC520BF A0F12385  Luna Shield	
59F9DCB8 2621A88F  Dragon Shield	
00A67D9D E3DAEBC4  Flame Shield	
5F4B26BC 8CA432A2  Terra Shile	
8817A0E8 561F9BD1  Cosmos Shield	
962DF7A1 3E2127A0  Fujin Shield	
FD908F6B 5CD3460B  Aegis Shield	
6BA98DA6 36D219D2  ???
F428B821 49821119  Aerial Gloves	
9B9F6AF8 45D2E0E8  Titan Gloves	
F9BDD5C3 7DAC1260  Big Bang Gloves	
41A456A9 955ED52A  Crafted Gloves	
042D79E2 3BA4C1B3  Riot Gloves	
C47F27A7 2C9CAD19  Spirit Gloves (PP)	
E63907A4 A76DB637  ???
91F2EA8B 529D6A30  Clear Bracelet	
E6658C04 CA755558  Mythril Armlet	
2B2BD90D 5CA875B4  Bone Armlet	
AF91161A 438D576F  Jester's Armlet	
39AF2A0A C7EEC803  Leda's Bracelet	
A4EDC62E 69B03950  ???
0F75E185 709B3D87  Dragon Helm	
B914FA03 53337319  Mythril helm	
2CC57B99 6900433F  Fear Helm	
F0B068CC E0F91E64  Mellenium Helm	
EE887D1A 5599F48D  Viking Helm	
3D92F42A 7EF63E9C  Gloria Helm	
1CB8A0A0 9894D54F  Minerva Helm	
3A391B8A 71895FF0  ???
4671C8E0 7D42C192  Floating Hat	
787B8A6C 88609726  Nurse's CAp	
C0543FAD 426A4206  Thorn Crown	
A4150195 7C1A2F49  O. Mask	
B7FC19F9 E3222291  Hiotoko Mask	
79131B4F 93AB6556  Crown of Glory	
CA5EBA0C 50043A70  Alastar's Hood	
21CDCACD 105A09BC  ???
25181C39 89758DDB  Pure Circlet	
32700584 A2D51FF4  Astral Circlet	
949FF431 EF94637B  Psychic Circlet	
BF512D90 9808DC31  Demon Circlet	
28B3A736 29C11F9E  Clarity Circlet	
48DA7967 0875EBBE  Brilliant Circlet	
D1EF06AA 63F260A4  Berserker Band	
2798CA32 C9275974  ???
19277CE0 6F24A803  Divine Camisole	
76561816 6F115698  Herbed Shirt	
231AE7A9 D9AD63EB  Golden Shirt	
0CFB456B AA53AEDD  Casual Shirt	
6D5ABC70 C0084153  Leather Boots	
C0E93E1F 0599B409  Dragon Boots	
714F9223 CBED19C2  Safety boots	
1C7D6CC5 3B6BEEBB  Knight's Greave	
536DDF4C EBA36CCA  Silver Greave	
8CD03F95 BBBE682D  Ninja Sandals	
BFF1926B 44BE10EB  Golden Boots	
9AECC8B3 F45E82E2  Spirit Ring	
6C29EB61 711E552F  Stardust Ring	
835DBC0D E585DCC4  Aroma Ring	
8E8BA5CB 61CB39B3  Rainbow Ring	
6CC2BF12 13E74162  Soul Ring	
628964A2 868E1DE4  Guardian Ring	
174D09DE A0AB72AC  Golden Ring	
2FF4A68B 4121C2A0  ???
B11301E7 B7C32C8A  Rusty Sword	
E29F01C7 B9F2E0B0  Rusty Sword	
BBE7FA26 370A359D  Rusty Sword	
287D4496 C7C0EBFF  Rusty Sword	
FC931338 35A2535E  Rusty Axe	
C40262E0 3CD9D8C2  Rusty Axe	
CA8AB8DF 39B352CC  Rusty Mace	
DB86BA08 271BD657  Rusty Mace	
9B7ACB09 2CDBF8C4  Rusty Staff	
52E1DE88 85BAA6F8  Rusty Staff	
102964A1 0013719A  Rusty Staff	
41A6B92E 246BE65B  ???
5EB8A2EC B7905B77  Tear Stone	
FE89915F 1049DC18  Star Dust	
E6A3A47C CD1A31A7  Sylph Feather	
6E1E93F0 6FC86B54  Dragon Skin	
D618697F CD2A4FD4  Salamander Tail	
99A81471 868B11F7  Golem Core	
4A135BD0 F5BB3669  Mythril Silver	
C60960B6 12C92D11  Dark Matter	
B1D0407A 37970F96  Orihalcon	
4F5A8B5C EE3236EE  ???
D9F7F209 474A4D28  Right Prong	
638D10B6 C30DACF1  Left Prong	
3771C697 EDC1192C  Center Prong	
0CF4AB40 67FA5ACE  ???
860AA68A 3B5841F7  Mysterious Card	
FBB273C7 46574502  Trainer's Whip	
497A1402 EBF5BBE5  Tomegathericon	
AA691DE8 AF0D06EB  ???
425119AE 5F592B65  ???
EB689120 86765C5B  Healing Fungus	
0BAF21E3 FCD6E3E2  Laughing Fungus	
288A236F B8FA1F48  Signal Whistle	
B5C60400 FB5F8F57  Dancing Idol	
82D07C6E DDD84A6E  Pretty Stone	
109DE563 6028F7BF  Red Cloth	
48100C69 7F5568F0  Milk	
2EB1BFE6 2EE5AB68  Li'l Turtle	
5DD5BFA3 25EB098B  Aquarius Stone	
BD1D4F48 DEBB8338  Large Bread	
96D6000E 85BE53AE  Sea God's Tear	
D93ACE4F 4E354120  Ruin Key	
60A28C5C 4079F714  Magma Ball

 CIV2. Garet Slot 1 

DC826C7E 23318F98  Long Sword	
92A4A6BF 374BC508  Broad Sword	
E6A586E1 7E46FEB0  Claymore	
92F62521 6B7E3374  Great Sword	
22FFC46C 9C54F64C  Samshir	
B0678E4E C9F9B6D2  Silver Blade	
E935BCEC 1C86901D  Fire Brand	
A223BB73 299763D4  Artic Blade	
C5D31061 9C15E80A  Gaia Blade	
2897BE8A 7BB701A4  Sol Balde	
C07CB02C 7FE0FD6F  Muramasa	
A233D902 44E8C8E1  ???
FD00FC27 AB368445  ???
8043DBD3 39DD9D56  ???
34D8CDA7 26C960BB  Machete	
DF1388BB 791B7FB1  Short Sword	
2DF42303 5CCE9D83  Hunter's Sword	
C47539B0 D34F3D23  Battle Blade	
D3893A5A 6D4DCEAB  Master Rapier	
8D3A6383 F45220DE  Ninja Blade	
2D2D739C CD0B7172  Swift Sword	
B5F53866 D8FB5712  Elven Rapier	
93F1D0F9 A206D153  Assassin Blade	
3A1464EF E8B579C6  Mystery Blade	
670BED6F 086FA934  Kikuichimonji	
37654D46 46BCB549  Maamune	
E9E5FB6A A7ABD51D  Bandits Blade	
235F7049 9E674F80  ???
CD50CF90 CFA49EA5  ???
E590A81F 92FCF28B  ???
4B3FC005 8AE3C100  Battle Axe	
7FAA3291 48989BFB  Broad Axe	
C6564558 A962A13A  Great Axe	
FDFD3B78 22EE526F  Dragon Axe	
620B0DE0 60E83133  Giant Axe	
FCB956CC C78F5399  Vulcan Axe	
9A4117BE 5FBF73A2  Burning Axe	
0D51E5BD B4832718  Demon Axe	
52E8A979 8E7DD77C  ???
1F39DD1C E5B7C3CA  ???
5C4C3E3A 713E3A6C  ???
A68FC426 80AA18D6  ???
6B166857 3C7DC38A  Mace	
9C56EB2B FFE4994C  Heavy Mace	
16EFBAFC 63BD93D8  Battle Mace	
F4B989CE 9C3725DC  War Mace	
FE792B83 A37727B5  Righteous Mace	
DB3C72FD E7A69CEC  Grievous Mace	
0F6057DC 8E226101  Blessed Mace	
497E37DE 86808ECE  Wicked Mace	
65CCDEE2 7DB7F6B5  ???
8789FAA9 DB98DE2C  ???
C1CABECB 14CD586B  ???
73B3BF14 1C3B17BE  ???
0262470E 2C6E9F1C  Wooden Stick	
A090B25A 41AE398A  Magic Rod	
DEB3C4FB B5ED9E77  Witch's Wand	
993BA723 2986B963  Blessed Ankh	
F6A17EC9 11171C88  Psynergy Rod	
25B96E8B 6B0991D9  Frost Wand	
95897203 B12E7496  Angelic Ankh	
928FC6EF C51B38DA  Demonic Staff	
964B9416 FC83B73F  Crystal Rod	
048F1596 51A7F328  Zodiac Wand	
2FDF0CCE 397C838A  Shamon's Rod	
513FA299 B1F48FA5  ???
990D1082 94FA1B41  ???
DCB87A21 84F99F1B  ???
AAE4D5FC 30CC8ED7  ???
3DAAF74A 05DCF2AE  ???
FFFA07B8 948EE368  ???
A27D0FE8 82DDBD84  ???
6176AE16 81559951  ???
4684A7FD A9E1B367  ???
B77F620D 831C567F  Leather Armor	
CF4A85F2 5E8A2035  Psynergy Armor	
B7225DA6 C402AC82  Chain Mail	
F050E767 38B3EFF3  Armored Shell	
1B79BA94 F562CECA  Plate Mail	
1CB09305 21DA3634  Steel Armor	
37B93667 2D765F9D  Spirit Armor	
0826E58F 24A46FAB  Dragon Scales	
4DFA3ADA 818DAE15  Demon Mail	
B36A6FFE 5DF481A6  Asura's Armor	
C2B570B5 108A1945  Spiked Armor	
7CE599A1 E6BB09EE  ???
993F54BA D6172A7D  ???
B0798C4C C49AFE5E  ???
6EE49DF8 06B9AF34  Cotton Shirt	
7CA752EA C2049C4F  Travel Vest	
7EECDF2F F2DBF397  Fur Coat	
5B287C12 8128D697  Adept's Clothes	
787B71FB 02F6E483  Elven Shirt	
8148E66A 4DE44DC2  Silver Vest	
A2AE52D7 C1EA98DB  Water Jacket	
8996F81A 3B665BBA  Storm Gear	
90A11CC7 9A65740C  Kimono	
290AEB4B 19F19EB2  Ninja Garb	
2C021169 01C11569  ???
B7A18D29 7C58BF2B  ???
D7B04DED 7363CF3E  ???
F71829F9 6540F457  ???
8DCF8788 4AF29C1D  One-Pieced Dress	
802520C7 121139E6  Travel Robe	
79D56FD5 46499C36  Silk Robe	
8166BDF1 AA6A4E11  China Dress	
EBD0664C 46BDF87C  Jerkin	
369313BF 3DCB8087  Cocktail Dress	
5186ECC7 F219D806  Blessed Robe	
BA395D69 9338539A  Magical Cassock	
855869A4 14708943  Mysterious Robe	
369164D9 697A7381  Feathered Robe	
604DB06A B543A6FD  Oracle's Robe	
7651C409 AEB64A2C  ???
E4312F21 ED5B6282  ???
5E1B01F8 F24DC63D  ???
CA5D9666 FD26DC2B  ???
23C7177B D1ED01E8  Wooden Shield	
08672050 F52A3F97  Bronze Shield	
2DA4AD6E A41BA48A  Iron Shield	
BF36D2CA B9CEC899  Knight's Shield	
C5130E5F D3A04DFF  Mirrored Shield	
9883192A 3C99BC2D  Dragon Shield	
E255733B 767272E5  Earth Shield	
0DE5FA65 9C841E3D  ???
CA844C37 D9197F16  ???
4089F771 3FCDCE6E  Padded Gloves	
FC49513A F00311B4  Leather Gloves	
866DB54B 4D567475  Gauntlets	
DCE86032 93DE5A51  Vambrace	
D1AB4B95 164D830C  War Gloves	
17FE639A 17EC96AD  Spirit Gloves (Elemental pwr)	
3FF29226 964731AB  Battle Gloves	
1141BB13 F2A14083  Aura Gloves	
06763A64 D2B1720B  ???
7E39DC4B 2268A3AB  Leather Armlet	
8900C56E C636EFC7  Armlet	
ABAD5400 E659D11A  Heavy Armlet	
B07034AB 121ACD24  Silver Armlet	
ECDBEC2D 3C614A33  Spirit Armlet	
46156537 B5E4DE28  Virtuous Armlet	
61F1F195 C5C9B2A5  Guardian Armlet	
514288A3 93D55819  ???
E56F7F67 A3B17F71  ???
88CB830B DB16C66F  Open Helm	
981F12EC 095EDA52  Bronze Helm	
FE7E84B9 B21703AD  Iron Helm	
FD9A42C6 FFF6B905  Steel Helm	
40C03B7E C977D9AA  Silver Helm	
3E2C1444 B806AFA2  Knight's Helm
D033BBD8 50A7D47A  Warrior's Helm	
1C235E43 415AB087  Adept's Helm	
B3E14A80 3619AC22  ???
62AFDB59 D9CF8385  ???
CA8B85F3 97342385  ???
F7EAA407 2FBE41B4  Leather Cap	
7CA8C015 70DD45B5  Wooden Cap	
32EA31DA 82B06D42  Mail Cap	
2CD33458 F3540AAB  Jeweled Crown	
A607650B 970706D5  Ninja Hood	
63CD9C4E 196F4112  Lucky Cap	
0AE7436C D949F19E  Thunder Crown	
A02CB8DE 78CBD27D  Prophet's Hat	
695CA992 96419C4E  Lure Cap	
B7B89690 D2F7555E  ???
5AFF0FC0 B65A5085  Circlet	
B9EDAFDE 10961936  Silver Circlet	
2AA2C2FD 335DFAF3  Guardian Circlet	
37C55FB0 E9611E71  Platinum Circlet	
B921481C 493A33EC  Mythril Circlet	
C919480F 32CAA3CF  Glittering Tiara	
9EF89D21 34BB7F76  ???
3E7918CD 9A19A8D2  ???
E741EE4D DA71B7C4  ???
A2EA3968 F04F16E7  ???
3144823D 180C1C24  ???
69F8B3CB 9456AFE3  ???
EB6627BA AA1554DE  ???
59EEF2E1 E66677B9  ???
737B2F67 6380BFD1  Herb	
987DDA14 4F76110D  Nut	
5BE9ABD7 98584284  Vial	
588674F1 BD4CD562  Potion	
52F84ABB 7DF36242  Hermes' Water	
4E3D8A33 847D923A  Empty Bottle	
D1CD60CE C1E10EE3  Psy Energy Crystal	
01016F1D EC843040  Antidote	
7B0087A3 12D0E511  Elixer	
14CEFCEA BF7DA0C1  Water of Life	
754123C8 E03431C7  Mist Potion	
30DAD50A 0F0A94A9  Power Bread	
D1127B6F 1EF5EA3B  Cookie	
8E8C8BAC 9975842E  Apple	
9CB84080 C26275E8  Hard Nut	
03470819 ADB6CB4F  Mint	
C451811A 60F24C34  Lucky Pepper	
1C4C4F02 225DA2FF  ???
B9F0DF82 FC7CAEFA  Lash Pebble	
EC1528CA 5DDA7E79  Pound Cube	
D98CCF5E C19CAE60  Orb of Force	
32BF7826 0B9FC221  Douse Drop	
14457F90 C9BF53D2  Frost Jewel	
B657418E D395A77E  Lifting Gem	
B91058C3 5F1EF719  Halt Gem	
CC346587 C3287AF6  Cloak Ball	
DA3BC69B F44952FD  Carry Stone	
311F8BFB 171F38B7  Catch Beads	
D76B378E 89334019  Temper Bit	
7CDC74CF FD562522  Scoop Gem	
8E9EB8CA 538CD5E6  Cyclone Chip	
C04BBC53 D0255F7D  ???
70C87CD0 243B7CBB  ???
2BC1881D 5DE2DC7D  Burst Brooch	
7CBA2BDE F1533B02  Grindstone	
64BED832 58D8B08C  Hover Jade	
30F1D0CD 90AE8271  ???
AB81C781 9F8D5F15  Teleport Lapis	
7194A806 A0F62E0A  ???
B9A27F85 9639D6FC  ???
3A16E249 97DF7E43  Venus Star	
A3118DB3 81C1D128  Mercury Star	
D152390B 2FAF468D  Mythril Bag (Mars Star)	
B52BAC17 1159D1F6  Mythril Bag (Jupitar Star)	
9C9E6532 03BBDFB1  Mythril Bag	
F34032B4 4BB1D8E1  Small Jewel	
BA34C6A7 41F11D94  Smoke Bomb	
1A27707A 100BB894  Sleep Bomb	
C9A6D591 F1DAF573  Game Ticket	
1ED70593 FBB86976  Lucky Medal	
614D1D72 E20E8369  Dragon's Eye	
E5C3D3EB AB09B9C3  Bone	
BAA22987 FB7D6164  Anchor Charm	
56721360 BA4EF7AB  Corn	
7A186F87 181DC2AF  Cell Key	
2D99C2AB 38CDD384  Boat Ticket	
6C6C7BFE 168098A6  Sacred Feather	
1F7267FA 713E91ED  Mystic Draught	
AA8B6D9D 9F9205A9  Oil Drop	
9AC2FEF3 D63CB845  Weasel's Claw	
0FB16047 87633B26  Bumble Seed	
7274FB1E 9352A85B  Crystal Powder	
A73E6E2B A9005561  Black Crystal	
F1BDB6D1 78D39D48  Red Key	
33708616 FC910237  Blue Key	
A1F7C657 8C26CF6C  Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)	
A54EC614 F299D7B8  Jupitar Star	
DC07CB53 619C3EF3  Mars Star	
20F88516 112446E0  ???
23A3D12B 608FDCE3  ???
E4658F70 6DFFC0CC  Mythril Shirt	
A0619DC9 66041E19  Silk Shirt	
F18DABBA 5041B226  Running Shirt	
840E0DAD 09FE3B75  ???
C13E90CD D02D5BC2  ???
B08F2719 72C43863  ???
51BE5362 98EA0DBB  Hyper Boots	
A2696E31 6E951126  Quick Boots	
E9194B15 BFB0C982  Fur Boots	
64B7B80D A483E7B6  Turtle Boots	
8A6911B5 A0F69569  ???
E472E730 DDAD0F56  ???
CEE68C49 ECF45F9D  Adept Ring	
62A1CDBA 2209542D  War Ring	
2A75019D B9129984  Sleep Ring	
5BA37AD6 0607749E  Healing Ring	
BCD311D0 E310CF25  Unicorn Ring	
A52F2D72 C037BB5C  Fairy Ring	
FF54A4C7 59E4E208  Cleric's Ring	
9C1F02F0 0EAAEE9A  ???
BC03A95A 07F27323  ???
8C56B74E A490E68B  ???
7238E6BD 67DC879D  Huge Sword
6A3F69DA 907F0B3C  Mythril Blade	
5758BF8A BBF419C1  Levatine	
CF8C69BA 9AB0508E  Darksword	
01393D5F BF32DB40  Excalibar	
C2376191 38E0075D  Robber's Blade	
36889D68 799EFA32  Soul Brand	
4416F6F9 399C46D2  Storm Brand	
5590F258 0FC4CA45  Hestia Blade	
C4C5A3C6 E973B2D8  Lightning Sword	
65976A3B 868DA428  Rune Blade	
F398E913 697D55E0  Cloud Brand	
4DD5F591 F1B3DC58  ???
C790CFE6 939906F6  Sylph Rapier	
B3168C02 490C389C  Burning Sword	
76EE4F80 F210C1F9  Pirate's Sword	
163F1B15 6731444C  Corsair's Edge	
56C42D48 9F03A075  Pirate's Sabre	
5851E59E 041F82A6  Hypno's Sword	
431A5E93 F201F04E  Mist Sabre	
4E22B970 70F459AE  Phaeton's Blade	
B27249A5 2C991E63  Tisiphone Edge	
C3DED3DD 8504FAC6  ???
454E9878 8D17F733  Apollo's Axe	
42E8EAF0 35D87B54  Gaia's Axe	
6F8A778A FD505FBC  Steller Axe	
E4B7AC6B 59CD4911  Captain's Axe	
577453AA C0FAFC3F  Viking Axe	
DAD2DEB7 0310E505  Disk Axe	
5057639A FDBD4D88  Themis' Axe	
92A8C058 42267044  Mighty Axe	
79C82150 A3D050A8  Tartarous Axe	
873951D6 268D7C5E  ???
1AA0D4C3 09918FD9  Comet Mace	
180517B7 3B77F905  Tungsten Mace	
AFBB1AB5 9E78D341  Demon Mace	
B0BE2DFB 2AFA56EA  Hagbone Mace	
A7A4C574 2E9BA335  Blow Mace	
6652971B E28A68CF  Rising Mace	
FCF15A5D C196C994  Thanatos Mace	
E081FBB1 437B8E87  ???
02DCB54B 445260B9  Cloud Mace	
F4FC276F 9145D5A6  Salamander Rod	
A6371118 4620B895  Nebula Wand	
85FFFBF8 03BC8457  Dracomace	
44FFA557 F4D9872E  Glower Staff	
E8017BC2 F95BF79D  Goblin's Rod	
AC826199 82AAF89E  Meditation Rod	
B065A5D9 6150BA2B  Fireman's Pole	
8AD3611F AACB8754  Atropos' Rod	
54BD097C 39C8E388  Lachesis' Rule	
2E54063F 0DEF5F6B  Clotho's Distaff	
260BB2B7 340E8469  Staff of Anubis	
BA85F741 93A1ECC9  ???
41D73671 47E1A940  Trident	
9DACADBE 6132BEA4  ???
D4207559 62211ED2  Planet Armor	
8D04F3CD A95529B3  Dragon Mail	
D608A9AE 306E5F98  Chronos Mail	
62F1ABA0 515CF125  Stealth Armor	
C3962636 1A9F9B78  Xylion Armor	
65496C9E 74DD9F21  Ixion Mail	
DB0E508A C24431DF  Phantasmal Mail	
9FAB20B0 83DFC853  Erebus Armor	
56D3BBD1 A530EB6E  Valkyrie Mail	
887C34CA 78378603  ???
CD9A5BA6 45417338  Faery Vest	
AF6CA85D 0C52D737  Mythril Cltohes	
FBDF7134 F74F57BD  Full Metal Vest	
C749A165 4C9A3447  Wild Coat	
A5E4E6B0 689EF69F  Floral Dress	
BAF89232 4AC2EDF1  Festival Coat	
FC0383A8 D99B06C4  Erinyes Tunic	
4E17F343 49FDD8A3  Triton Ward	
909CCE2D 76DF578A  ???
C48AD61B 16D99AFD  Dragon Robe	
3B61C036 327C6E3A  Ardagh Robe	
DD5314C2 3DE3256C  Muni Robe	
B1E2EE54 2D10B1B9  Aeolian Cassock	
46365F20 8129A136  Iris Robe	
84BD9946 8AE4FBFC  ???
C2A78A9E BF5D1E36  Luna Shield	
7C51CEA7 2E86F2B3  Dragon Shield	
2854ED4D 0798034F  Flame Shield	
81D9DF5E 67CEF79B  Terra Shile	
44512247 DBFD7021  Cosmos Shield	
6E4E1EC1 E5AF838D  Fujin Shield	
2E0E7148 4ECF9B3B  Aegis Shield	
B2E3F6EC CAEAAB74  ???
8B387726 33502EC6  Aerial Gloves	
C4397711 B3780CBD  Titan Gloves	
94E7E3F9 4DE1CD2A  Big Bang Gloves	
391D578F 1A2A1652  Crafted Gloves	
0096FD8B 0E28F258  Riot Gloves	
B1A3E00F CB822E98  Spirit Gloves (PP)	
289F3CB3 F8F41C19  ???
29AC8FBE 6F35BDF1  Clear Bracelet	
7188E98F 601EB423  Mythril Armlet	
4BED9FCA 0BC18655  Bone Armlet	
F6F645E3 CC94BF5D  Jester's Armlet	
241005A3 891C4595  Leda's Bracelet	
8742CBB5 0861C864  ???
7F8A5E6E A42D9F8A  Dragon Helm	
ECD2E468 166D0C48  Mythril helm	
A6500CBF D63560D3  Fear Helm	
20111F89 88AB63C1  Mellenium Helm	
CBE4157C 501A6ED5  Viking Helm	
3BC0EEA1 D35F1D6F  Gloria Helm	
4CF16886 C13C31B5  Minerva Helm	
997D236F BB771091  ???
F134263E 8D377922  Floating Hat	
B1C8A3AD 25519349  Nurse's CAp	
E0A72147 F0D5AC50  Thorn Crown	
233859E6 6A4EC9DD  O. Mask	
DBD88BC5 205FDE6B  Hiotoko Mask	
EAF7B83F 826BAFBF  Crown of Glory	
6166E1F3 5BBF5764  Alastar's Hood	
3630340E 63582EAC  ???
B0BC44CC FAAB49D1  Pure Circlet	
E7CA9C08 5B78F0C1  Astral Circlet	
EE08A566 16C619E1  Psychic Circlet	
3E891C5C 784AF0D6  Demon Circlet	
4178491C AAAB31F7  Clarity Circlet	
BFD1B729 96444D1C  Brilliant Circlet	
DD755A4B 16178A54  Berserker Band	
39A76109 0959B18C  ???
BDFA33A6 5EA27793  Divine Camisole	
377EBC21 74E6292F  Herbed Shirt	
D87ADB4F 50380BE1  Golden Shirt	
AADB549A A1645A56  Casual Shirt	
862A8F58 EE74361C  Leather Boots	
15B04FAA 505AF5A9  Dragon Boots	
D80BB2E6 D8A2ABF9  Safety boots	
F34D2415 EF7C0A44  Knight's Greave	
A3C4D209 62BEED7E  Silver Greave	
84A126D3 E8F222F9  Ninja Sandals	
E3777802 9E048444  Golden Boots	
B6B9DF79 9DBD429D  Spirit Ring	
0E8F8FFA 33A2C457  Stardust Ring	
070AA014 DEDA279F  Aroma Ring	
7F17DB79 D7A16332  Rainbow Ring	
DAD63C17 5983A760  Soul Ring	
BEC08C50 641EA75B  Guardian Ring	
42C58471 1FC53133  Golden Ring	
55981E83 0D446533  ???
A901C6E8 66D34610  Rusty Sword	
B2E41BF7 CD044744  Rusty Sword	
C4A53A09 C50D40CA  Rusty Sword	
85FF24DB 520EBD76  Rusty Sword	
C5CCCF4F F8813099  Rusty Axe	
F83B8653 6397BEC2  Rusty Axe	
A2F5FD6B C6BD9906  Rusty Mace	
C2031B41 580B93D2  Rusty Mace	
7D68510C 6DC6A7A8  Rusty Staff	
8549067D 08D82A71  Rusty Staff	
05C63B2F BB6B166F  Rusty Staff	
533A6264 7486DA52  ???
A2E95C60 50B255D2  Tear Stone	
D447C381 99D2F21E  Star Dust	
E6D33F71 59BFB054  Sylph Feather	
C3BCC0F5 0B412226  Dragon Skin	
D01FF84B 1DE41586  Salamander Tail	
22A279A0 CF5673C4  Golem Core	
3921FDD7 BD194C41  Mythril Silver	
8A2CD4E1 FB71CA67  Dark Matter	
6B41A5E3 533F7B9F  Orihalcon	
287F964D 3DB36E67  ???
50D55E10 55B25AC2  Right Prong	
ECF3DD65 4620E38B  Left Prong	
6B927725 3968D8F2  Center Prong	
7A1E2211 C0DEA488  ???
98EE74A2 A39CA4FF  Mysterious Card	
F82E34C3 7D4EB334  Trainer's Whip	
551470A8 56E46F27  Tomegathericon	
7D795D27 57A80C73  ???
586F5DBA 25A21417  ???
A9A51AFE D549B09B  Healing Fungus	
715F8BCD 8A3A508E  Laughing Fungus	
4E449569 B06C42B0  Signal Whistle	
2B5B1248 DAA55E83  Dancing Idol	
F1F54E60 A43DAF4A  Pretty Stone	
7C0D942F ED2FD96D  Red Cloth	
14000674 6399C265  Milk	
60AFB131 A613E3C8  Li'l Turtle	
DAE3F95A 7963596C  Aquarius Stone	
F2D86A5E 3BED05BD  Large Bread	
97EBD782 A2DA240B  Sea God's Tear	
654B25CD 9690400D  Ruin Key	
C88F48D1 A945503F  Magma Ball

  CIV3. Ivan Slot 1 

5B6AC160 C3473E96  Long Sword	
4224DB8B EE9205C2  Broad Sword	
BEF31375 E9C8EDA0  Claymore	
3C3920C8 47DCDEA3  Great Sword	
0BFE637D AE3ED0E9  Samshir	
146D454D 1F5AC884  Silver Blade	
3F599E07 A17696ED  Fire Brand	
F2EE9EB7 3663585E  Artic Blade	
6B0A86E4 0848EC24  Gaia Blade	
0EC01AF1 4434B7F4  Sol Balde	
7B02ADE8 7C4C18F3  Muramasa	
B0E106D4 742E0A21  ???
7817E1AF 73B2B22A  ???
68EDC65F BE035088  ???
FA7CF4EC 9F9D074A  Machete	
851801ED BA1512E8  Short Sword	
C573EB2F B6DB5D38  Hunter's Sword	
785820A6 2B908C5C  Battle Blade	
DE67D923 2967B2FF  Master Rapier	
388EF4CC B4A57429  Ninja Blade	
1CA29F57 1EE34F25  Swift Sword	
9D548B7F EAD137D4  Elven Rapier	
10CE7D10 FE3B2A08  Assassin Blade	
F2D2F452 1AC6A024  Mystery Blade	
B47BEACB 8CBE2B02  Kikuichimonji	
29E56088 30FD23E7  Maamune	
EA12398A 416D0422  Bandits Blade	
01613A86 74660B28  ???
639B65B2 E7B94E5B  ???
17DA1011 EF651069  ???
7DED82C7 116404BF  Battle Axe	
B03C6933 D21E2E4D  Broad Axe	
0BCDCE85 C03E6D3B  Great Axe	
B24BC3D5 1FA36594  Dragon Axe	
CB793027 694B22BB  Giant Axe	
452FC9C6 A9267417  Vulcan Axe	
2F2BE742 D0B1960F  Burning Axe	
E1E42F36 3E2E663B  Demon Axe	
AC5295CD 8AD1213E  ???
B14E2E74 D9BAE851  ???
A2B404C1 EF14708A  ???
452C570F 70CDA563  ???
5E23A982 74FF6CA3  Mace	
5661D9EA 77F45FD6  Heavy Mace	
B6B659E2 200A7EBD  Battle Mace	
06ABEC2B B496B2CA  War Mace	
D3E86303 EC4529CC  Righteous Mace	
3DD1CEE4 006D5C30  Grievous Mace	
86297941 182940CD  Blessed Mace	
E70BB806 D38924C6  Wicked Mace	
62E532E6 FF205C1B  ???
115B3035 51B19C5A  ???
279F8012 A7200AF6  ???
A82E1825 0B454A72  ???
CEB28053 AC842015  Wooden Stick	
00D70777 734F67BC  Magic Rod	
611B4EA9 147E7B9C  Witch's Wand	
093429C7 603CD276  Blessed Ankh	
87521B67 F261A96C  Psynergy Rod	
068D0D58 7BC21B14  Frost Wand	
FB85E26B 072CEE9F  Angelic Ankh	
6B22A2C2 4B67B01D  Demonic Staff	
8AF0A79A 0F319B64  Crystal Rod	
1AA5C715 58116783  Zodiac Wand	
37470535 3B0D6C44  Shamon's Rod	
86425D91 4B29DC25  ???
6414F843 D37C2261  ???
F7BCAEA1 29B0E4AC  ???
F80FBCFE 6231602E  ???
C2A8E36F E3BA7A28  ???
40D7CACD 06339040  ???
D1B2D05D ACADB6F6  ???
6FA6AAC0 1B369622  ???
BA7FF81D BB8F756D  ???
7FE692A2 8526E068  Leather Armor	
4D3C97F5 26793C80  Psynergy Armor	
63AF3753 55BAA8A5  Chain Mail	
41C2920E CCB8C875  Armored Shell	
56FA3E8C 4D75FDA3  Plate Mail	
44005807 5A2AC10B  Steel Armor	
2088F403 E637CC5E  Spirit Armor	
6FF8A135 3E0C3F09  Dragon Scales	
B3237962 BD3C6069  Demon Mail	
B62DCA25 C241ABF9  Asura's Armor	
456C896D D9AF890A  Spiked Armor	
36BF1AD9 8E37E968  ???
8A4E192E 8E62ABA1  ???
E93EE463 F55B841E  ???
146DC3D1 DBDA459C  Cotton Shirt	
B7AF72FB D9B48CFB  Travel Vest	
9A97C748 5CED3CC9  Fur Coat	
70EE014A 33A7F557  Adept's Clothes	
727828B3 2140F441  Elven Shirt	
F42FAEB3 E6693079  Silver Vest	
EE86E0D4 AB1A8705  Water Jacket	
A64928AA 830FA899  Storm Gear	
5FA940D0 801C098B  Kimono	
E1B84734 57A03256  Ninja Garb	
CBA45667 966BEE27  ???
E5C83E56 4237FEE9  ???
1DBCB59B F4DAA98E  ???
6A4FC2B7 C899DC09  ???
E6E74F27 3D608041  One-Pieced Dress	
918D77F1 E1E53F8A  Travel Robe	
CF4A4F94 9642CBEE  Silk Robe	
7A20ABDD 237C3CF2  China Dress	
FB3F5561 F7BFA80F  Jerkin	
82794222 22C75300  Cocktail Dress	
E9FCE14B 53C9564F  Blessed Robe	
65EB9258 4AC1B09E  Magical Cassock	
738D098E BFB2BF9D  Mysterious Robe	
B5895809 3638AAEF  Feathered Robe	
39702D7C DCE4652A  Oracle's Robe	
09F3C38A 4DA2E42E  ???
EC5EB9CC 68F82667  ???
4E25609F BD3F6F30  ???
F698DF56 9D5EE7C7  ???
B5AE0082 48C2621A  Wooden Shield	
808C5D62 C4EAB69E  Bronze Shield	
3F699D66 5ADCA3C3  Iron Shield	
72BF292D 1F509C1F  Knight's Shield	
001D3B10 7BB5D5F4  Mirrored Shield	
A77D4B20 38D88D83  Dragon Shield	
6904555C 86E10E0F  Earth Shield	
86399F23 A0C737CB  ???
358EB268 6AFA4C17  ???
9D2DA25F E87015F9  Padded Gloves	
2323D0AF 10E39451  Leather Gloves	
43C130CC C99383DE  Gauntlets	
1E581BE2 F56F8D13  Vambrace	
B5AB6D8D CB3BBD26  War Gloves	
C6C4F506 153730D4  Spirit Gloves (Elemental pwr)	
A4B24340 DD17F04F  Battle Gloves	
0E9310FA B1819558  Aura Gloves	
BEFF4D0E C3754528  ???
72A56FD3 1C86D4D2  Leather Armlet	
87A83436 CC96507D  Armlet	
B225DF00 DBEBFE47  Heavy Armlet	
C0E1756F D8C4E7E5  Silver Armlet	
4DCED7A3 327106BF  Spirit Armlet	
F13DCBBB 25C8493B  Virtuous Armlet	
95F667C3 20BFDF75  Guardian Armlet	
B3640E63 A709BC77  ???
2DE52F79 E69CEED9  ???
612E0BFD 914C012A  Open Helm	
5163481D 28DEA91F  Bronze Helm	
AA223B86 60068932  Iron Helm	
265E942C 6A824291  Steel Helm	
FB7C13BA 8F4205AA  Silver Helm	
4A3B2D54 216E95BB  Knight's Helm
7608EC72 20192472  Warrior's Helm	
EC23E70E 38C59A3E  Adept's Helm	
4C0C4C6D BFD3438D  ???
EF129702 467A68C5  ???
A3BF58E1 758A6D34  ???
4F82AED5 B34FC1C0  Leather Cap	
92FE61A0 2A3E4B5A  Wooden Cap	
794681A2 EAFDB86D  Mail Cap	
6A997940 83A40DC1  Jeweled Crown	
81D6AEB1 448309E8  Ninja Hood	
16B1E438 FF1940D7  Lucky Cap	
86655BC7 4444EF43  Thunder Crown	
7CAE59E1 5B50C29D  Prophet's Hat	
268B355C D50C8731  Lure Cap	
522A6E9D F6406B34  ???
A18016A7 13D41615  Circlet	
CA4766F6 0D8769C1  Silver Circlet	
8A78893A 7BF67F4E  Guardian Circlet	
799CC363 49A7642F  Platinum Circlet	
C7776540 BB603AE2  Mythril Circlet	
1C3231BD E16EF10A  Glittering Tiara	
518B4582 67224126  ???
00B16DEA 678A2463  ???
B980366A DA9D5552  ???
5FFC6A67 922E2022  ???
A4657FC6 CB3B42EC  ???
3AC40105 6D0FDCA3  ???
17C67986 A49B15A5  ???
2F296B9B 925C8488  Herb	
7522D281 329641FA  Nut	
BBD5F855 795441BF  Vial	
82D27DDB 3FB283DC  Potion	
D27A2793 E721859A  Hermes' Water	
1FE4A375 431666CF  Empty Bottle	
D8C77670 A9B9F461  Psy Energy Crystal	
5F9890D9 E035219A  Antidote	
996CCA02 C22D59AC  Elixer	
2FE398E5 0801B0C6  Water of Life	
E86E1132 CA26A17E  Mist Potion	
92FD0131 F958FB18  Power Bread	
0E150AF4 A571ACA2  Cookie	
BD8082EC 7B62E72B  Apple	
AC62053E CB2CBEDB  Hard Nut	
41658EE8 F997A61B  Mint	
C61AA0AF 21A853F3  Lucky Pepper	
533305B2 E19101D0  ???
D311411C 9DB35BFD  Lash Pebble	
CC1AB837 3A3CB9B7  Pound Cube	
794EDF9B B74476F2  Orb of Force	
9765DB65 75FB2261  Douse Drop	
8576A14B A88484D8  Frost Jewel	
9773F9D3 B6AFA4B8  Lifting Gem	
B46CDC8E F894D229  Halt Gem	
F310EE6D EC62DCC1  Cloak Ball	
9D471825 7EC4B15F  Carry Stone	
DF2A49D8 20B51554  Catch Beads	
B4620C3E FB4FC727  Temper Bit	
97D0378E 702A32ED  Scoop Gem	
3F51D9E4 122C06BB  Cyclone Chip	
CC342B2F 28993F44  ???
9F9FAF98 A6FAC7EA  ???
E105120E 3DDC1408  Burst Brooch	
A4893FB1 85A54A1C  Grindstone	
3F8A53EC 70DA7278  Hover Jade	
331A7DBC F61AE6DA  ???
506E1C1A 0AD012D6  Teleport Lapis	
856272AA 43D611C0  ???
E603FBE6 888074B0  ???
F36AC867 3B57D9C2  Venus Star	
8760C7BF F5A5E79D  Mercury Star	
9F36925D 2EAFA252  Mythril Bag (Mars Star)	
0221F9CE FABDAD1E  Mythril Bag (Jupitar Star)	
DAA09C42 2CFA161C  Mythril Bag	
915B5D0A C440C29C  Small Jewel	
A25ED466 E0FC8510  Smoke Bomb	
E05F528B 57A1CBF2  Sleep Bomb	
39533417 B74EDEAF  Game Ticket	
726CE9FF F2548AC9  Lucky Medal	
D813CE65 42B9129B  Dragon's Eye	
7FF29BCC E20C54EC  Bone	
CE34A026 CA3EE998  Anchor Charm	
A89AD38C 57D97D93  Corn	
31617A5D 23ABBAC9  Cell Key	
161709B5 CA686598  Boat Ticket	
81C50193 4ACCC46B  Sacred Feather	
806CDF9C 5F2213BD  Mystic Draught	
E779F257 10D06F35  Oil Drop	
7F87BC44 E696EBF1  Weasel's Claw	
232BDFF6 82290E92  Bumble Seed	
57C1E14A 41AE767D  Crystal Powder	
A076C0FA BE1D4CC8  Black Crystal	
DF0CF22E A4036D24  Red Key	
C431DF4E E46D29D5  Blue Key	
2F7DF8CA 814C2577  Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)	
39E6F147 17D5CECB  Jupitar Star	
DAE1345F 5F3AE12E  Mars Star	
6DB8DCC3 147B35A3  ???
72527A57 4A7F398F  ???
32E8D674 B19FB6CC  Mythril Shirt	
D8C88697 FE71ECAD  Silk Shirt	
E81820DB 35B6DB6A  Running Shirt	
C7470CF3 00888F24  ???
D6EB1367 955E71E0  ???
1C61B093 8E3F16E9  ???
F6E16634 98F8D699  Hyper Boots	
A4D2E1F5 9882E946  Quick Boots	
D08F538F FF5F0DCE  Fur Boots	
46A0C940 A3B16A50  Turtle Boots	
15D58387 0A437B9E  ???
58D076F5 8C11BB38  ???
026885CA 71CD82E0  Adept Ring	
2E3A0C64 668BC42D  War Ring	
04DC7F2E F7574CE0  Sleep Ring	
6A5B1584 745FBC9C  Healing Ring	
27C821AD 1FC4C318  Unicorn Ring	
3D254A7E ABED08B3  Fairy Ring	
1E16DDF3 2C020106  Cleric's Ring	
E0F6DF11 E5B65C33  ???
CCD34E54 5CD4B3D1  ???
3CCFFC93 6E4415D3  ???
91751F6C F840C908  Huge Sword
EC93FA13 56B7BAE3  Mythril Blade	
A3ECCA49 F51A0E36  Levatine	
B070D994 DA369B0A  Darksword	
5A9B093C 7C683DD8  Excalibar	
90579B32 A1A9E491  Robber's Blade	
BFA8D02D F906DC8B  Soul Brand	
9A06FD91 8E9BF505  Storm Brand	
F0A60F5F F3287715  Hestia Blade	
7135031C 40E7C0A5  Lightning Sword	
6A1A74E5 E55A7938  Rune Blade	
86E809F0 201801BF  Cloud Brand	
7A422649 436CFB2A  ???
A094D3B6 297DF91E  Sylph Rapier	
337AF3FC BF44A63A  Burning Sword	
B25CAECB 0C3901A8  Pirate's Sword	
9DE71034 E3E3FC54  Corsair's Edge	
5BDF52FD 77FD928F  Pirate's Sabre	
FF14EC55 43D5EC04  Hypno's Sword	
FBCED0A0 B71681C9  Mist Sabre	
F25D2896 FE9B55B8  Phaeton's Blade	
5AE8CB98 59D43C4B  Tisiphone Edge	
10D0EB15 35CAEEA6  ???
97A76B23 CB1F243B  Apollo's Axe	
57D0FC37 FA07CD24  Gaia's Axe	
71278595 C4266689  Steller Axe	
CEA7772B 1AAB8B91  Captain's Axe	
3363C5DB 2EADAC21  Viking Axe	
6D9A199B 8051AECC  Disk Axe	
F63E6337 26387C30  Themis' Axe	
465E4C9D CCB3E7E8  Mighty Axe	
F4864EB4 538B111E  Tartarous Axe	
35BA6BFD 3F70E890  ???
732A2F75 F0F22A50  Comet Mace	
E19DD427 795F518F  Tungsten Mace	
70F0645D 42C7D285  Demon Mace	
7EAB2918 38208740  Hagbone Mace	
70A39DFB 4E91AAAC  Blow Mace	
1E91CFF8 A6C6B205  Rising Mace	
1E514D23 0D0F3E29  Thanatos Mace	
17B79500 70E661C7  ???
5BA7C143 DBAF2494  Cloud Mace	
B1B9BDEF 1AFC41FD  Salamander Rod	
E62C9EE0 DACEF7C5  Nebula Wand	
4ED02474 23EA90C4  Dracomace	
2EA61F27 62180984  Glower Staff	
C0DD16D7 6BDAC0BC  Goblin's Rod	
1CE132CA 6959D974  Meditation Rod	
35A911A7 6A3EAFA6  Fireman's Pole	
CE5B5EAC A784DFE0  Atropos' Rod	
51FF8D5B 706A5D35  Lachesis' Rule	
3BB0BBB2 739FBB63  Clotho's Distaff	
1CEE3ABD 04022833  Staff of Anubis	
07E88854 F611EF33  ???
630C147E 70D98DA0  Trident	
AA1248D8 DFCD4F08  ???
42E29573 24B7E5E0  Planet Armor	
2B7E62D6 C9BD77AC  Dragon Mail	
940F0364 A7BB1494  Chronos Mail	
0393983C D5A5B61D  Stealth Armor	
8B2BA5F0 61CAA3BB  Xylion Armor	
F8314CF3 8CD532D7  Ixion Mail	
99BB7805 7F4F74CA  Phantasmal Mail	
5E4873E8 F9FB4637  Erebus Armor	
F194A7B9 D3C248A7  Valkyrie Mail	
54096C75 FD3CD215  ???
D405850E F7652690  Faery Vest	
7FF84470 F4F61676  Mythril Cltohes	
A5ABBA21 DC272175  Full Metal Vest	
140B2C41 3C2BF9FD  Wild Coat	
E13B5DED 6A9D282F  Floral Dress	
A8F5677B 09E2F302  Festival Coat	
B4BFB90F 12297A97  Erinyes Tunic	
AB140C5A 8A9C1423  Triton Ward	
6F265150 2936A93D  ???
7AB96977 1E3EDD1C  Dragon Robe	
83F6385F 8B549454  Ardagh Robe	
A581AA05 CF3281BC  Muni Robe	
4C696BCA 439C1D77  Aeolian Cassock	
4B68DC00 1D64FDCB  Iris Robe	
9A6D7868 EEE6A23E  ???
7B703F13 012C0D7E  Luna Shield	
3C3D6CD1 E0E8EC00  Dragon Shield	
B1E98FF0 F8AF2C76  Flame Shield	
77F85367 33EDB91D  Terra Shile	
B75540A0 407473D2  Cosmos Shield	
D128F076 8A81271E  Fujin Shield	
0C8A16A0 245463B3  Aegis Shield	
67940A0E E729E829  ???
081EA53F F6601CB4  Aerial Gloves	
16DF3584 D173DEE3  Titan Gloves	
1BB8EA5E 41801D3F  Big Bang Gloves	
F3656B68 CF125352  Crafted Gloves	
1272E8A3 C99F34BC  Riot Gloves	
401DA1E2 0B16F5AA  Spirit Gloves (PP)	
F72AE00E 4AB620F0  ???
48FD5290 B755B3CA  Clear Bracelet	
885967CC CFE787CC  Mythril Armlet	
FF5F6246 D7FF2298  Bone Armlet	
DDBC6666 4621EB66  Jester's Armlet	
D6035BD1 185FD8EF  Leda's Bracelet	
225A80A0 0B81BE37  ???
9A19777A F9F6A402  Dragon Helm	
E69B2AC1 9CE16C5F  Mythril helm	
CA911960 A285ADA1  Fear Helm	
4B551A39 319CCE26  Mellenium Helm	
7D3B2508 57A663BB  Viking Helm	
703AF707 D983020D  Gloria Helm	
43743955 F447F9F9  Minerva Helm	
F8DB9814 3D69F00B  ???
7FAECB23 036D26B8  Floating Hat	
41A478A1 CC81D012  Nurse's CAp	
BAEF4507 47B850F8  Thorn Crown	
9B374EEF 56FB0C7D  O. Mask	
B8BA7423 294A1D7A  Hiotoko Mask	
6AA5E193 873E8DCC  Crown of Glory	
3DD7925E 6BDF4A3E  Alastar's Hood	
C23FD79B 78C828B2  ???
C44236D0 60CC9E1D  Pure Circlet	
2311F6A0 AF3E3252  Astral Circlet	
EB581B69 D06D3A74  Psychic Circlet	
BA846162 4305F601  Demon Circlet	
CA294686 0C90C452  Clarity Circlet	
29B445AD 548E95FA  Brilliant Circlet	
52025052 098F2948  Berserker Band	
305C544C AF907D1F  ???
966251AA BADDB13E  Divine Camisole	
34A62D1F B84E95AD  Herbed Shirt	
3F113812 AD7E3734  Golden Shirt	
2D19B180 A1F6F7D7  Casual Shirt	
A24F4020 FB5B83C2  Leather Boots	
5A1EE6F1 0C77DF34  Dragon Boots	
F5EA0262 9CD527F3  Safety boots	
F0997E78 DCC98FCD  Knight's Greave	
9626863A 34BD64F8  Silver Greave	
0A4196AA 234EBD93  Ninja Sandals	
50E310E7 B7C9C34D  Golden Boots	
2FA9D37D 9ACE46F1  Spirit Ring	
F1EF2C06 F2211CA9  Stardust Ring	
CB78DE68 A8DE9625  Aroma Ring	
5A256612 EF92CCDD  Rainbow Ring	
738D2FD7 8D8D40BB  Soul Ring	
C5B1A51D 69961AD5  Guardian Ring	
8CA77ABE E9ED67A8  Golden Ring	
B7013CC5 F954D990  ???
9FE038EF EF3E7475  Rusty Sword	
829EC9D9 274BED40  Rusty Sword	
6FF926DC 906B5AEF  Rusty Sword	
700502B7 36CC4684  Rusty Sword	
32CEFB09 03C7CC65  Rusty Axe	
D86A4822 4D9D415D  Rusty Axe	
955D39B7 D8C83360  Rusty Mace	
1F3F7836 2F839E14  Rusty Mace	
6DBB88E0 03CED337  Rusty Staff	
1F475A51 CFC4FBDF  Rusty Staff	
41D32208 9212E600  Rusty Staff	
80A3CB93 9C149D8A  ???
EA0ED6B6 F2901664  Tear Stone	
C4DF9BDC E42A953B  Star Dust	
42EA5FF0 909FCCEB  Sylph Feather	
DFF631C9 E27601AE  Dragon Skin	
91D7D437 F63CA9E8  Salamander Tail	
E4F0F854 9E7C6061  Golem Core	
2134A617 A85A1656  Mythril Silver	
F411930D ABB6C34C  Dark Matter	
BD0DC351 2BD67656  Orihalcon	
6981ECB6 E7FF086D  ???
21E0857A A70D9535  Right Prong	
A5A4F402 3B323BC0  Left Prong	
CA5E0CA4 5F96B283  Center Prong	
181764EC 4F99E172  ???
3D0861E5 F3559808  Mysterious Card	
57A7ED49 CE7A0B4C  Trainer's Whip	
8085BB83 5053C343  Tomegathericon	
E8B323A1 71D738B4  ???
DE6B66AC 6A447A82  ???
6D3F6740 C87ACF3B  Healing Fungus	
95CDC545 6E42D2ED  Laughing Fungus	
3E1392B8 1A37C822  Signal Whistle	
C04F7ED5 A6A4A680  Dancing Idol	
4653F4D8 EDCAF598  Pretty Stone	
08983157 CA0BD08D  Red Cloth	
5B460C87 B1B6D26C  Milk	
DC357AB2 134CCADE  Li'l Turtle	
4DC9BF11 45DAE76E  Aquarius Stone	
D2BF740D A123DB66  Large Bread	
E32F52AA A219BF37  Sea God's Tear	
D40D05AD AA708ECF  Ruin Key	
0853C952 7C3A001F  Magma Ball

  CIV4. Mia Slot 1 

0D8D5367 B22FE564  Long Sword	
4276D4E4 FC60BF1D  Broad Sword	
B8A25624 A2ED8DEE  Claymore	
C101A546 AB8FB100  Great Sword	
D717817F 9E784D23  Samshir	
CCF5CA6D 03024786  Silver Blade	
48D917DA 3A6BE7E2  Fire Brand	
6FEDBE3E 9F1EF40B  Artic Blade	
4341399C AAD25274  Gaia Blade	
A640190D 80BB2FF7  Sol Balde	
BE6C81C6 BF644EF5  Muramasa	
F74E4F2A 921D3A40  ???
C65BEEA3 4E92D154  ???
CF5D0DE3 98F96F0D  ???
737EC1DF 0A7521E8  Machete	
C41B36C8 8D9A8B00  Short Sword	
D8086560 8B5416B6  Hunter's Sword	
370E4C63 847B1F8A  Battle Blade	
8EFFA78C 0343DE01  Master Rapier	
049EEC29 FDE3AE6E  Ninja Blade	
A6089BE2 ED11488C  Swift Sword	
8B620E0E B9684739  Elven Rapier	
F6742FFB C7754C73  Assassin Blade	
43889528 28CD11E2  Mystery Blade	
C7D9B35B C1F4793A  Kikuichimonji	
B1215ACF B844B9C1  Maamune	
E1E586DE DF615118  Bandits Blade	
D86AB418 A847671D  ???
A9B74FFD B148CF96  ???
0D32E31B 78BF9193  ???
579DBB98 7AB3E65D  Battle Axe	
5C5B4115 8BB33E25  Broad Axe	
DD8256DD 36586D87  Great Axe	
DAC7EE20 2B9617FF  Dragon Axe	
CBCA1B1A C5592087  Giant Axe	
488DB53A 2B2C3A80  Vulcan Axe	
C8D97C0D 08313EE8  Burning Axe	
7F96FC0F ED8843A4  Demon Axe	
8D152261 F4CAD8A1  ???
6CD55AF3 4A473748  ???
67260462 3C1B5128  ???
A8EEB452 75DE0DD1  ???
2B901893 5E172D76  Mace	
B466D869 729F6C05  Heavy Mace	
468AB403 CE57ABBA  Battle Mace	
0704397E B5F98CE5  War Mace	
A507FE41 A879EF71  Righteous Mace	
5E7851D3 1504889F  Grievous Mace	
6C0CC009 F30AA712  Blessed Mace	
8A2D9EAB D6323998  Wicked Mace	
CD2BD599 C635EE1C  ???
ACD70B35 066012A4  ???
C1D6956F EA5BE6C3  ???
34B433CC D445327F  ???
61A0A2D9 228AB63E  Wooden Stick	
D264B01E FD76D00E  Magic Rod	
425FCB72 30532048  Witch's Wand	
64868AC2 41E661BF  Blessed Ankh	
1EE1C384 B90C9140  Psynergy Rod	
369C4820 B3F3ED13  Frost Wand	
E9568095 40B504B5  Angelic Ankh	
5FA83ED6 34572E24  Demonic Staff	
32EE18C6 5002CDA1  Crystal Rod	
B83D0260 BED26082  Zodiac Wand	
145C7048 2254BF64  Shamon's Rod	
97B6712D 7486A766  ???
6DF32CC3 0319348D  ???
81B9DB38 0B432DB9  ???
982CA7E8 F1B1D8C8  ???
CB992D5A 85EF632B  ???
622C84CA E46A5D0C  ???
7F6BA89B 464859A4  ???
6917032B 698AD79C  ???
14B0B144 ACE93DE4  ???
7C099E58 256D2BDF  Leather Armor	
69573920 46FE0E40  Psynergy Armor	
B6354D67 EA881D90  Chain Mail	
7ABC2E78 EE83BF4D  Armored Shell	
4319AE62 B2F98619  Plate Mail	
8A1CBA40 FE798AC2  Steel Armor	
B096A9E4 A72FF257  Spirit Armor	
6AE2DB81 DD72F50E  Dragon Scales	
BBDA6ECB B0B81785  Demon Mail	
CC6333A2 5FF90B48  Asura's Armor	
CBE00B2E 46C84B37  Spiked Armor	
FB751DC6 34224954  ???
DED582B0 BD4EF7E3  ???
DB12F560 05029BAA  ???
CA26832F CF6D03AE  Cotton Shirt	
58A18ACA 1DDA09EE  Travel Vest	
C91404EA 366E9AB5  Fur Coat	
9088E3D6 52446E9F  Adept's Clothes	
0CDA0B0D 529A0321  Elven Shirt	
3365083B 6183CF8A  Silver Vest	
F7276AB6 AD61B848  Water Jacket	
55981D79 E0C39BD7  Storm Gear	
8B32A764 00933944  Kimono	
A51F0EDD 63BEE790  Ninja Garb	
0E818C4F 49272EE4  ???
9E208983 A111FB0A  ???
030098E2 0588AFBB  ???
682F80E4 ECF977D0  ???
7C52C5BC 79945F4E  One-Pieced Dress	
BC1E134B 63D85E58  Travel Robe	
D913BF3F F5A40A3B  Silk Robe	
BF26B0F0 0981D1E7  China Dress	
6E7312DD 0E4BBF9A  Jerkin	
436CB3E3 EFC29938  Cocktail Dress	
8EEFD97A 229C5368  Blessed Robe	
E5EF6611 8E02017B  Magical Cassock	
FBF8FACB 92B30AFF  Mysterious Robe	
6C4D8C7D 7F499BB9  Feathered Robe	
EE364601 DF66723A  Oracle's Robe	
D10F09F7 DF05AF5A  ???
C94134C4 3733A695  ???
6CB77832 E42CA16B  ???
1738286E 96CFE578  ???
D1DA17F5 913921C2  Wooden Shield	
E36C270F 3C090CEA  Bronze Shield	
1C8CE6BF A00E31CD  Iron Shield	
2C5E5856 685883EC  Knight's Shield	
73031D2B 0AFD8081  Mirrored Shield	
8CC430E4 535CEC17  Dragon Shield	
DA48375C E9B2D436  Earth Shield	
0880F554 ED5F31AC  ???
D1EF1FA0 3F194134  ???
7E3240CE 42A23979  Padded Gloves	
B8FFFF1E BF352D97  Leather Gloves	
45C3E5C9 ACBDD6C1  Gauntlets	
0EA2A663 E708FEE8  Vambrace	
1A8D6206 3D891578  War Gloves	
0DBF6021 0C4792B1  Spirit Gloves (Elemental pwr)	
EE5D5EA6 6AE401D5  Battle Gloves	
AD609604 0286171A  Aura Gloves	
DB2B4291 563367DD  ???
7934EB51 846C9368  Leather Armlet	
E9173C1D E23CBEDB  Armlet	
FFF0C348 B8714F3D  Heavy Armlet	
874334BC 1F38BA3C  Silver Armlet	
C94F1836 F96DF3CA  Spirit Armlet	
1EED46C5 2BC80240  Virtuous Armlet	
2C65D741 E7A3EF44  Guardian Armlet	
B95F7817 86207E56  ???
0AC08E9A 3B2A87DA  ???
C9925F4A D9907F34  Open Helm	
D7811BB2 F66FE6F4  Bronze Helm	
F18E902B 7600DFCC  Iron Helm	
587CFB54 9787203A  Steel Helm	
9F4A127E CC269524  Silver Helm	
3C54556F 4A319A26  Knight's Helm
66AE1571 44A8480F  Warrior's Helm	
A970510E B2F11FD3  Adept's Helm	
857FB48F 2B19A4FD  ???
DF1D1F62 575BAA6F  ???
72E670F5 356745C8  ???
B0C20255 B6BF9BCA  Leather Cap	
3EC98CD0 6731A40B  Wooden Cap	
75F362C2 A78B7F43  Mail Cap	
A2D4E77C 685A3F85  Jeweled Crown	
B07F45C0 7E56298C  Ninja Hood	
9FAF39D8 2C9DE9A7  Lucky Cap	
79193315 7948D66D  Thunder Crown	
035B8E04 3BC3F006  Prophet's Hat	
8339823C A4DD4F40  Lure Cap	
AC48D0BD 0999E10A  ???
42C6635D C4F83566  Circlet	
1E04BE07 E0135487  Silver Circlet	
0CABB625 868DD2F5  Guardian Circlet	
835F6B90 6816D75B  Platinum Circlet	
D5F3FA92 8C2EDD98  Mythril Circlet	
558D9176 6D8B20F1  Glittering Tiara	
1C35144B 7F27A048  ???
E8702FB1 B404EC1A  ???
08826302 03394805  ???
8516F9DC 0B76BBF0  ???
74C66776 4A87EBB9  ???
1526EE9A EDA3133A  ???
F1A62246 10F7639D  ???
D5F13AAF 1A2EB924  ???
3B84111A 2720CB9F  Herb	
69F3B243 C3FED467  Nut	
97CEFAAD BF8BC248  Vial	
3201C732 8F4C5A81  Potion	
154D4695 28FF41DE  Hermes' Water	
23D0385B 1B46713C  Empty Bottle	
4AC55A42 B0D7C5AF  Psy Energy Crystal	
E9559269 F7366343  Antidote	
2BE4D0AF E907F029  Elixer	
8328F953 1F8C25BB  Water of Life	
291DD7F3 A8F0226C  Mist Potion	
4A649E41 F3E5947A  Power Bread	
B657A267 C3C7D47F  Cookie	
8AD303A8 FFF5B1FF  Apple	
32062D33 FAF531C6  Hard Nut	
990F63AE 998A80C8  Mint	
5A4A5DA6 066FBF94  Lucky Pepper	
7466EA0F 180C32E9  ???
0CB467DE 8C0BD6CE  Lash Pebble	
A36012A5 A1DEE1D9  Pound Cube	
6A5BD775 3544ACD7  Orb of Force	
0D018F83 C06788BC  Douse Drop	
6A445EB0 09EADD44  Frost Jewel	
6F62AD2C B57F18B4  Lifting Gem	
BF4E1601 C2B29866  Halt Gem	
C438121E F463C4DA  Cloak Ball	
F6200FBA 4AD47D16  Carry Stone	
0A12DE83 3016BBD3  Catch Beads	
60EC570C 92CD4AB0  Temper Bit	
184AD9FA EBED5C43  Scoop Gem	
E89D0EF7 7480CAFB  Cyclone Chip	
3F585068 30BE5CFD  ???
52F31F07 72C91D77  ???
FAAD56BB 0D7BECC3  Burst Brooch	
B4F7EEC1 91035A0F  Grindstone	
B741FEF2 EDA4AEE0  Hover Jade	
50210B85 A300121B  ???
A3F3DC44 DEC3321F  Teleport Lapis	
1FC68065 F585EE85  ???
65318664 A10E9108  ???
BF7DB568 4F2B4CCF  Venus Star	
7EAFF71A F2BA690F  Mercury Star	
09F0E741 3BD28F27  Mythril Bag (Mars Star)	
9C8EA5BB 4F8069E9  Mythril Bag (Jupitar Star)	
2B677CE0 AECFA7AA  Mythril Bag	
A5EF08A0 553E8D49  Small Jewel	
B5E06506 3353AA38  Smoke Bomb	
C9716E01 5D317B8E  Sleep Bomb	
A5205E08 E1836229  Game Ticket	
29FD7EC9 C4C1D657  Lucky Medal	
058808DD B52FAE60  Dragon's Eye	
69865349 E4E7F538  Bone	
0FED7F81 4CFB75C4  Anchor Charm	
CB8F55AF BA4648B3  Corn	
A803CA23 E9C6CA44  Cell Key	
92FE1336 C7DA1479  Boat Ticket	
67A5D62F 2AE73FB6  Sacred Feather	
C0BA338A B6E8E9A5  Mystic Draught	
F3F44B23 D3AD6233  Oil Drop	
BF2B5526 7137BA02  Weasel's Claw	
D26E45AB 2C3E8420  Bumble Seed	
43DD4386 4FA2D0FB  Crystal Powder	
BD09DBCE B663F7D1  Black Crystal	
7A1B47CA 6C2E6710  Red Key	
7C0F2903 72ABA5B6  Blue Key	
7CC18F11 05DE4529  Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)	
9505F4B6 AAA262FD  Jupitar Star	
1E3F21E6 5C936BEF  Mars Star	
09079463 7EB605C4  ???
04CD89AF 1D1C6A50  ???
4127BE91 3503086C  Mythril Shirt	
9E6A6A6F DAC2F322  Silk Shirt	
D15ABD50 EFD57C28  Running Shirt	
B75D1D55 BB98FA06  ???
079EB831 2026A9F2  ???
C9E41418 F23CE23B  ???
A6757C3A 6614E72F  Hyper Boots	
75A4E349 5BE1E2A6  Quick Boots	
AA61A383 EE1F507D  Fur Boots	
41A67714 62268A53  Turtle Boots	
2FEAA3D8 D93B954C  ???
890A6B8A 6D749C01  ???
569FBBD3 E0797CA2  Adept Ring	
2A1C3AAA 01AAB2DF  War Ring	
FF229F1C 7465D2FA  Sleep Ring	
9B893037 5F224BB5  Healing Ring	
A0D0789B 404A3151  Unicorn Ring	
93D166F4 656E1C35  Fairy Ring	
EFA00F61 5D4DDD22  Cleric's Ring	
3504C192 D30BA399  ???
4D47A2E4 6389A003  ???
8EA9A7BB 52085580  ???
85595CB3 6ED40431  Huge Sword
8B1E10A7 4DACC4D5  Mythril Blade	
76A7E5A9 A5960760  Levatine	
CBE8FFFA 66443DBF  Darksword	
F3857BAB E6E88CE5  Excalibar	
B7010A15 A495F289  Robber's Blade	
63ECBFC1 9C4A8C76  Soul Brand	
8551F63F A32AB447  Storm Brand	
796919BD 788B6BEF  Hestia Blade	
DB462C30 15529351  Lightning Sword	
8F621395 73330ED8  Rune Blade	
D622B648 F299679D  Cloud Brand	
72CB437E E3DF6185  ???
C27CC3C5 11DD6E79  Sylph Rapier	
827D0CBD 5ACB5B50  Burning Sword	
B92A8BFC B84B023F  Pirate's Sword	
29BC67D5 6868FAA3  Corsair's Edge	
3F4B1726 ED992549  Pirate's Sabre	
2F375E4C 6AAF4007  Hypno's Sword	
CA2BD5CB B6FF440D  Mist Sabre	
6D57B5D3 9B9937FF  Phaeton's Blade	
860331BD 9B2DAE19  Tisiphone Edge	
8AAD4450 78984B56  ???
CD11A9C2 697EE078  Apollo's Axe	
C4E1FB31 EF9A4CD2  Gaia's Axe	
2CE7EBA2 5E0B518F  Steller Axe	
376E5DB1 FBC91FD8  Captain's Axe	
B21171E4 74A89297  Viking Axe	
21B80305 C7BF34F7  Disk Axe	
66E7F05A A7856A55  Themis' Axe	
2894547F 48FBD029  Mighty Axe	
B493F3D9 F22FB80C  Tartarous Axe	
CD74288D C0A600E4  ???
F46F962B 294586F7  Comet Mace	
A255F0AD 25B384CA  Tungsten Mace	
6DBAD6C9 D8C7085C  Demon Mace	
9436DFAF 1FD36F87  Hagbone Mace	
3C63743D 3F69946E  Blow Mace	
191853AA 6AD7A729  Rising Mace	
04251F9F D6D72A40  Thanatos Mace	
EC373E14 351B5FE4  ???
F0AA8422 C3099CAF  Cloud Mace	
CC69DD04 973A8B10  Salamander Rod	
4DF18F1E 04B92D8E  Nebula Wand	
483CA328 8454E434  Dracomace	
56C235A1 3262775B  Glower Staff	
CBA4BE70 50C97161  Goblin's Rod	
D15BF6BC B757A585  Meditation Rod	
5B999782 4695DDB9  Fireman's Pole	
46E7B291 22A3618C  Atropos' Rod	
B9CDFB70 FB50C8F4  Lachesis' Rule	
275AA650 7528F79E  Clotho's Distaff	
9A2175AE F2F80D37  Staff of Anubis	
23AA71ED 99374EE6  ???
DEDFC769 A214B94F  Trident	
C1F6CBCC 69D220E9  ???
DB667592 9DE8B375  Planet Armor	
48A5244A 2AD3C746  Dragon Mail	
AAD64B26 8873523F  Chronos Mail	
7BF2AC35 11A66720  Stealth Armor	
30EF7829 C6D661AA  Xylion Armor	
83C809B0 250D54A0  Ixion Mail	
4B5D7F7B 3C3FD4AC  Phantasmal Mail	
01DA1623 6AC592D1  Erebus Armor	
B52846CB 01324CBA  Valkyrie Mail	
E69B78B6 B679976B  ???
108D0F32 EBF4B76B  Faery Vest	
04F9A481 56F3DBE9  Mythril Cltohes	
3D880A19 BE577BA2  Full Metal Vest	
26908543 0F5CCA9A  Wild Coat	
03562234 FFB521D1  Floral Dress	
D9E54708 CB0975E3  Festival Coat	
B80C4BBB DBA63B25  Erinyes Tunic	
C7CA517B BED0AA17  Triton Ward	
F66F8447 FD5CAF1B  ???
95D41F0E 0094AE4D  Dragon Robe	
81644BD8 12C4E26F  Ardagh Robe	
704FCA42 E68C0760  Muni Robe	
1725A203 D6800804  Aeolian Cassock	
0C54ADF9 6B8F521B  Iris Robe	
7CCCF722 146886DC  ???
DA9B4A8E D2F5447A  Luna Shield	
09BC8337 A5DF4621  Dragon Shield	
53A6B334 D1D28B67  Flame Shield	
5217D12E 9998578E  Terra Shile	
287F2FF5 061005ED  Cosmos Shield	
51785DCC 20D60355  Fujin Shield	
814C1EF6 8A8BBE77  Aegis Shield	
A4DE38C2 A9604187  ???
9D9AA581 3E043F14  Aerial Gloves	
99B67AEA 307EBD71  Titan Gloves	
568D6A7C 2FAFD6F3  Big Bang Gloves	
410E3FF2 76A73FA7  Crafted Gloves	
0FCBD07D 2AFC2A2D  Riot Gloves	
7A303737 8D3E5701  Spirit Gloves (PP)	
F146F87A F931BF97  ???
735FBE51 3B0435C0  Clear Bracelet	
39944AD2 340A32BC  Mythril Armlet	
5024A1B9 76EA643C  Bone Armlet	
BD2C2EEA AEDFA1AC  Jester's Armlet	
D09EA2E5 FAC4C391  Leda's Bracelet	
F9BE1A89 85BED26D  ???
6FBDA6FF 4705F247  Dragon Helm	
45EE99CB 132338E2  Mythril helm	
5C209E47 7F874DB1  Fear Helm	
3C4E004C C7820CC7  Mellenium Helm	
EE14848A 1367A886  Viking Helm	
3CD26F72 09DE6C4E  Gloria Helm	
5465C94B 434BD800  Minerva Helm	
D9523F10 C8D3CDCC  ???
73F9B595 714FD577  Floating Hat	
DFAFC931 9D7EFCEE  Nurse's CAp	
3D12ED32 4E15FAC1  Thorn Crown	
002611B3 45BE5847  O. Mask	
76649564 7A11564B  Hiotoko Mask	
E26C9DBC D01328FE  Crown of Glory	
4A044A46 539DFE7A  Alastar's Hood	
1153DD25 DF417A05  ???
1D0969BA 4D3BB7D6  Pure Circlet	
BC0C4300 4017A818  Astral Circlet	
A8D4C4D3 B3186C98  Psychic Circlet	
167FE666 AC9181BC  Demon Circlet	
B9D999A5 1A4F514E  Clarity Circlet	
AA0430F5 1448B62C  Brilliant Circlet	
0734EF0E 6595CC59  Berserker Band	
DCEBD459 F0A87A28  ???
C2AD85EC 9B65FD50  Divine Camisole	
92D21855 A5958FA1  Herbed Shirt	
33DB0D6E 20F1A904  Golden Shirt	
02E05BDC 27A39CA4  Casual Shirt	
388D1158 BB3A514A  Leather Boots	
86C89551 CBD8F994  Dragon Boots	
26C0450D DB8A1CCB  Safety boots	
24F16757 97A1ABC4  Knight's Greave	
2A1C59D0 A945AE5A  Silver Greave	
43FC43D9 F2136C17  Ninja Sandals	
C41151BF 5F2F034F  Golden Boots	
66AAE2EB 7BE99C06  Spirit Ring	
1EB4F8D2 8A08C26A  Stardust Ring	
3E3E4335 86F701A8  Aroma Ring	
CA204308 ABD0E450  Rainbow Ring	
FA535D27 750B7C3A  Soul Ring	
B3EEE99E 4D5560BE  Guardian Ring	
3B97AC01 252FE672  Golden Ring	
019CCEE5 4F9F4EEA  ???
6DEC6F62 D085BAA2  Rusty Sword	
F8B365CA 2743CA8F  Rusty Sword	
E6D50B14 F0CD465B  Rusty Sword	
FAC0763C F7673624  Rusty Sword	
9733DF03 8DB78F62  Rusty Axe	
582FF77E 89EF4AC7  Rusty Axe	
17295A10 44F7EA57  Rusty Mace	
28E6C42C 5A856DDA  Rusty Mace	
ACEE489D 36B8C606  Rusty Staff	
2118B5AF 26D0C405  Rusty Staff	
8B3030FD 8377D347  Rusty Staff	
6FB20F7F 52291867  ???
AB1A607D 657908D8  Tear Stone	
B864E4CC 837C6F75  Star Dust	
6A207591 896D80EC  Sylph Feather	
A2BE03A9 5F69FA24  Dragon Skin	
CCD20F03 94897514  Salamander Tail	
D5F1834D 5CB8B658  Golem Core	
124F5F93 2ECDE5E8  Mythril Silver	
79AD6E46 4F9CB309  Dark Matter	
4E6AE994 0AFEF2DB  Orihalcon	
9BB537D0 39CF3CD6  ???
CF7A7525 15B59E9B  Right Prong	
00EC343B 1B512222  Left Prong	
81DECBEA 5C0CCBDF  Center Prong	
043723B6 56D0AE7F  ???
7E71B7DF EA19FA37  Mysterious Card	
EEE84311 77A0CA06  Trainer's Whip	
D8EBD1D0 6B46107B  Tomegathericon	
DF8CA5F8 42264634  ???
5DEB8C68 0D46434B  ???
33B88A5E 219EE6CC  Healing Fungus	
9B4827D6 C9D6F29A  Laughing Fungus	
A75D4044 FE9A8D26  Signal Whistle	
2F721468 C9E73E6C  Dancing Idol	
A3A10ABB A7BDBC66  Pretty Stone	
86B8D78B 8DBB223A  Red Cloth	
B5F8B3B2 C2577EB0  Milk	
0B3B92D4 346BF9E1  Li'l Turtle	
47D83C09 22691832  Aquarius Stone	
C6C4188C 3C109BF4  Large Bread	
5C1BDDBC 77B0DB5D  Sea God's Tear	
C7A81CAA B9D67BDA  Ruin Key	
AC46AF3A DCEBFF84  Magma Ball

 CIV5. Felix Slot 1 

96EAC803 6F222BC9  Long Sword	
A4DB4EC7 E11275A8  Broad Sword	
9709B819 268EBA98  Claymore	
7C099E44 2818F497  Great Sword	
1CEEA9EC AA1A17AE  Samshir	
6577E3BE B5A58650  Silver Blade	
5166538D F3E5A263  Fire Brand	
A2165191 569DFD6C  Artic Blade	
EB893B31 1624FD04  Gaia Blade	
34B0FC31 BF03D76E  Sol Balde	
AB5BC0DD F5C076D0  Muramasa	
393F8F5D 5C3B8247  ???
E453C8DF F6FCD0CD  ???
CAFC0892 D0C84A95  ???
3616637B 047767D5  Machete	
2468846F 1B2E2102  Short Sword	
104C6F2C 3CFE6E31  Hunter's Sword	
AAEA336B 6ABA9D7D  Battle Blade	
27663596 A5C58EB1  Master Rapier	
F187D450 5B6D69F4  Ninja Blade	
0644A23D 5B098728  Swift Sword	
610E9ADF 1661585A  Elven Rapier	
855607C6 2864873E  Assassin Blade	
8A70AAE1 8CE28F20  Mystery Blade	
1328E1B0 86DA1EB0  Kikuichimonji	
16EDA413 A9050F5E  Maamune	
B6773F4E 4577AFB5  Bandits Blade	
41BB0F04 37D5853B  ???
0C143EF4 58C88BC0  ???
030467F8 046BEFA3  ???
7E402E12 8B2090E1  Battle Axe	
66C3B864 EC120436  Broad Axe	
1977062C 0BC3F363  Great Axe	
A7D4E0E0 48198EFD  Dragon Axe	
E7EA4B48 9839B490  Giant Axe	
166AAA3C 99906EA6  Vulcan Axe	
1FA2261F CC9C8476  Burning Axe	
F229F7BF 46C76F19  Demon Axe	
2455A173 FBA2063A  ???
6355F5A5 3CECB585  ???
16E463A9 9411650C  ???
61189BE2 68D395AF  ???
557B6FE2 18F38623  Mace	
DE534241 D9284C93  Heavy Mace	
29B46297 7357BED7  Battle Mace	
7E70CA0D C435FD75  War Mace	
95095030 635FB5B4  Righteous Mace	
BB746AAC 92485FCF  Grievous Mace	
11B7AF31 1AA487D5  Blessed Mace	
7E581F08 A6D68634  Wicked Mace	
2D60E62D 9C0D9BCB  ???
87D306F0 D279702E  ???
231C7D7A C3856F90  ???
22B42438 33D6DA7D  ???
2B23BFF6 4A5AA584  Wooden Stick	
975A0BC5 C7E1BA76  Magic Rod	
366CF92A 617B1B72  Witch's Wand	
90AB8DB6 92F583BA  Blessed Ankh	
2D7649F7 C9935C91  Psynergy Rod	
08AF6CE1 F1A81B6A  Frost Wand	
4039D513 1225B668  Angelic Ankh	
0F32FE7B 42BED5A3  Demonic Staff	
041193DA 23D62FFC  Crystal Rod	
667231CB 50906C68  Zodiac Wand	
59A2109C FF7DF7A0  Shamon's Rod	
2DA4B4F4 8A7028C5  ???
95E1F2A9 B7D3F3D2  ???
0F55277A 8E38315B  ???
ACA401A1 DB83FF26  ???
C66E91AF EC9F24CF  ???
3714AA84 032083AB  ???
557E0BAE 01081D8B  ???
6B991E49 A5F3832F  ???
287A17FC 9E64D73C  ???
ACEB6768 A9F1EFEA  Leather Armor	
5948569C 0E96C9EF  Psynergy Armor	
90CBC5FA E294ABCE  Chain Mail	
818AB9DA 371B8B79  Armored Shell	
43A78A85 BB3259F2  Plate Mail	
1F7800A3 176C2390  Steel Armor	
FD5FB3FB CE4145D6  Spirit Armor	
A5710708 E25FD06D  Dragon Scales	
0241D964 CF5D3580  Demon Mail	
06C8DDB4 13C50117  Asura's Armor	
C7F5E709 4469B370  Spiked Armor	
7C3E09A9 16DFC1C2  ???
0C87D5C3 64A20CE7  ???
756F7C38 0BD42CBB  ???
30F8686D 7A2E4A86  Cotton Shirt	
CF5FBB57 8DB6BB3F  Travel Vest	
EDD163BE 9D4A341A  Fur Coat	
A7C67A2B 807B9EA6  Adept's Clothes	
8AA982C7 A8B64273  Elven Shirt	
BD149657 AE693A21  Silver Vest	
93028C1E 71080D54  Water Jacket	
F8B47EA8 FD8CDCB7  Storm Gear	
6F524065 9C7453E6  Kimono	
8D62AAEF 7D95D33C  Ninja Garb	
397AEB80 D718C779  ???
005376A5 2ACF7055  ???
7D334C0A D2C11B5F  ???
52CBAD01 3F0B33FA  ???
80387765 BADD6B7E  One-Pieced Dress	
13D0D830 AE1D7F73  Travel Robe	
0815FDEA E71E25D1  Silk Robe	
A462F4EC E44F9280  China Dress	
5FCA73D8 994FD7C7  Jerkin	
C6A7430F D23BCB2A  Cocktail Dress	
82495BB0 0B604A5D  Blessed Robe	
8EC4AB16 1A964110  Magical Cassock	
61F47B35 B4C72191  Mysterious Robe	
F35F7B4D 4906AC08  Feathered Robe	
04DA3832 AA1291C9  Oracle's Robe	
92F36C6B C5F6A4DC  ???
B3CEFEA0 19AB0D53  ???
CC4A1EEB C84FBD4B  ???
E10C28D6 CB754803  ???
766B3FB0 3586B89A  Wooden Shield	
52250BD9 67E72CF0  Bronze Shield	
B88A7B12 D30AD5F1  Iron Shield	
4637C5FF 62E498F8  Knight's Shield	
999C5EE6 A633F433  Mirrored Shield	
7B67491E 116E310B  Dragon Shield	
EAD3EEF6 7E71AA4E  Earth Shield	
6D3E1D02 0E35324C  ???
84326BA6 1B78CB09  ???
D4CE8A27 427E8632  Padded Gloves	
99529F7E 5B6B076B  Leather Gloves	
00191A64 2A451599  Gauntlets	
690C3BC6 5915CCA5  Vambrace	
F1C0A86D 3F0E2E31  War Gloves	
A8B82EDE 75770BFE  Spirit Gloves (Elemental pwr)	
7710D939 386A8B56  Battle Gloves	
0268D8CA CD4F9DA5  Aura Gloves	
F609C7DE 3AC1207F  ???
EB4C0E06 37C89170  Leather Armlet	
273D048E 41BF43A4  Armlet	
C1534AC5 58C234AD  Heavy Armlet	
8F402451 E3AF7649  Silver Armlet	
CCC9C6AD 6E3824F7  Spirit Armlet	
4EA4E120 30CFC0C5  Virtuous Armlet	
5B90358F A856102E  Guardian Armlet	
EAB91268 683AB3BB  ???
909FF717 0D299FA0  ???
6C8E3174 7D09FAB4  Open Helm	
8406B318 028BCA99  Bronze Helm	
8269AB71 139A6470  Iron Helm	
E2F1C3B2 A778F1A8  Steel Helm	
9AFDE3EE 99AD0B28  Silver Helm	
BCCC7461 905BA7D7  Knight's Helm
FE5C2C9B EFC8D021  Warrior's Helm	
56A8DB7D D207B9FE  Adept's Helm	
592DA03B D25F63F9  ???
4A7B2FD1 80D76673  ???
5B7DABE0 8F1CE64B  ???
5D71FC02 D502AD77  Leather Cap	
782970E9 CED84D71  Wooden Cap	
9EC288AD 7AA7DBB6  Mail Cap	
6F2F61E2 9DB1149A  Jeweled Crown	
E76A6E83 29AD2280  Ninja Hood	
30F12C05 84F4BCA8  Lucky Cap	
9025BF05 7F8326C7  Thunder Crown	
039117F6 5D582FA4  Prophet's Hat	
E9670109 B826E3AC  Lure Cap	
D9B9E62D A0943251  ???
F21BC9A4 C7C4314E  Circlet	
BEE94882 453FE58D  Silver Circlet	
68CEC750 20E1763B  Guardian Circlet	
4FE91807 FAEB63CB  Platinum Circlet	
65D3055C 477FF294  Mythril Circlet	
E8D2AC8B C418BC38  Glittering Tiara	
3983F76D 9E5884CE  ???
AC167CBD 30904AC4  ???
BEDDDA65 47D99E36  ???
8E187419 E3FDC5DF  ???
C58EBE1A 6AD15BC6  ???
47B30BDF 9A6B1DD7  ???
0CFC21BC 4E145D06  ???
AA474C33 2EA97329  ???
93188184 85BFB12F  Herb	
F1F37A20 782BE906  Nut	
F6130B32 8BFB62DB  Vial	
CE2E9198 742137A6  Potion	
1E66FFBF 0B4931E5  Hermes' Water	
0CD5F8EA 75AAF2A8  Empty Bottle	
861768CC 4DBE3D11  Psy Energy Crystal	
94D63247 A95A4691  Antidote	
07452683 09068DEB  Elixer	
B7D97B33 6F7F6FE6  Water of Life	
E1CC9988 06658DB0  Mist Potion	
52F1A8F5 78BBAB7B  Power Bread	
F5A6DD26 241B6C1A  Cookie	
98EDB328 2018DA81  Apple	
D0B237D9 49F74CD5  Hard Nut	
5E9061F5 D97BA68D  Mint	
8148D89C 7A032455  Lucky Pepper	
406BDE6E 9C2FC54E  ???
C816B349 7757CD1A  Lash Pebble	
D9725B51 6A9BC010  Pound Cube	
517FE101 809CDB6C  Orb of Force	
164713B2 0047C77A  Douse Drop	
EC87EE9D 394DF2DA  Frost Jewel	
465F907C 779E66CF  Lifting Gem	
66C06D68 105E34A1  Halt Gem	
980C5E40 AD5BE59D  Cloak Ball	
DE29FA12 3FEBF90B  Carry Stone	
D72F9042 68E25211  Catch Beads	
238C5660 61D19C73  Temper Bit	
15ED5862 324881A5  Scoop Gem	
446E6766 37EB4C6E  Cyclone Chip	
B82435F6 9165087B  ???
5EFD6C9D 6F9F826D  ???
3B4C48AD C7225083  Burst Brooch	
AE9A566E 8B54AF9E  Grindstone	
A220D591 166D171C  Hover Jade	
453DEDA4 CBD7F85C  ???
326B0E23 D55E05AD  Teleport Lapis	
C6550CCB 77E5E9BF  ???
D89D62AC 63EB3FE3  ???
C206103C EB2CBF6E  Venus Star	
9FE78A72 EB798606  Mercury Star	
82E0BAD7 7F1CF198  Mythril Bag (Mars Star)	
D9E6BAC8 38AAA09C  Mythril Bag (Jupitar Star)	
9D7B3766 919A5273  Mythril Bag	
11B25BAA 3B212DD0  Small Jewel	
EAC672FE 20BB3450  Smoke Bomb	
1AF27C0D 59D43391  Sleep Bomb	
1B2D6263 D439FD29  Game Ticket	
629F25FA CEF4212A  Lucky Medal	
6F0B186F 65A8BB97  Dragon's Eye	
539E0135 388EBB5C  Bone	
C81FA28F 199945B5  Anchor Charm	
51920379 249B077A  Corn	
3BB10F82 A05339B0  Cell Key	
A480FF1B 0ADE1B5D  Boat Ticket	
E23458C0 D153E3DB  Sacred Feather	
13338811 0566C958  Mystic Draught	
8AF31369 B7194645  Oil Drop	
79CC846C BD183F49  Weasel's Claw	
3D031B58 20729CBB  Bumble Seed	
B7071A14 B739D305  Crystal Powder	
04E4C611 22501A46  Black Crystal	
E76913BB EB5D1C86  Red Key	
102AF54C 6A12595D  Blue Key	
95AE97E7 F98B2ED9  Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)	
80EAC719 67E75DA3  Jupitar Star	
93DC025E D4405F32  Mars Star	
273A8B87 19076021  ???
65FC0EC2 648BE07A  ???
63082407 424ECB37  Mythril Shirt	
5DAF08FC 45DAA31D  Silk Shirt	
0118F6CA 3DCCAEA2  Running Shirt	
0324F6D9 4CD031F8  ???
20B5C632 8AC4B641  ???
7EAD8141 5D547E33  ???
93A9FD3D 775051BF  Hyper Boots	
2C3BF41A 07CB4AFF  Quick Boots	
32C51E1B 3E34CEF0  Fur Boots	
4978EC59 C8ACBE8F  Turtle Boots	
66BC77D8 E73712B5  ???
35A7FA57 24878081  ???
57AED879 58FD71D9  Adept Ring	
DEAF9FC2 92CBB94B  War Ring	
FEA6864C FD14D3DC  Sleep Ring	
B012E1C0 908CF7EE  Healing Ring	
2BB5AEF8 F2C123DD  Unicorn Ring	
B4C03B4F A8B1F3EB  Fairy Ring	
1EFFCB65 50AB3EFB  Cleric's Ring	
81246C00 4781D0F9  ???
98DB1227 68458AE6  ???
30DFB477 E99759E2  ???
F11E84B1 05B93B5C  Huge Sword
8A9FC48E FE27A44C  Mythril Blade	
4A38B1AF E7708E06  Levatine	
77607361 10CA9CE5  Darksword	
CCB651A4 2D93B7A6  Excalibar	
6930B8C6 7C1B7351  Robber's Blade	
DC3E755E C612736D  Soul Brand	
5ABDCF0D 5676628B  Storm Brand	
9A5FD562 BB1FE73A  Hestia Blade	
81424910 4ADC03B8  Lightning Sword	
1863CBE2 5424FEE6  Rune Blade	
4D6BCD4D 9E429786  Cloud Brand	
B166158C F9207E40  ???
EF8D1C31 7C0E9FDF  Sylph Rapier	
94617E63 0FB0DBC6  Burning Sword	
C88894BF 90F84E98  Pirate's Sword	
2CD6FE63 7973EF95  Corsair's Edge	
5ABFBC56 DE165A57  Pirate's Sabre	
C7F009C1 C38E470B  Hypno's Sword	
D82C82D9 977424B6  Mist Sabre	
ED30209C 7ECB876B  Phaeton's Blade	
25DBCD1D 79EB8D7A  Tisiphone Edge	
7D585C90 6B9E3516  ???
17C1171C 37B1C6BD  Apollo's Axe	
0EEB7DFC 2E1B7BDB  Gaia's Axe	
EB21ADD5 7E8E5D40  Steller Axe	
6B19A8C4 C21AE200  Captain's Axe	
97261F22 4299B083  Viking Axe	
BC573589 A0EE3ED4  Disk Axe	
76B80175 5CE9571A  Themis' Axe	
4E7866A7 8CBDF344  Mighty Axe	
23888494 30F69C72  Tartarous Axe	
4467586C A4887627  ???
39D8070B 06F48817  Comet Mace	
BDC88D3D 31BDA68C  Tungsten Mace	
BB3A21D8 A9D8A176  Demon Mace	
FC436CC3 C8F0FD84  Hagbone Mace	
16B2B5BC F3A2604A  Blow Mace	
C3986810 3A4FA359  Rising Mace	
C45C0309 F7653C75  Thanatos Mace	
63ABC32F D3F340F7  ???
DFE55466 B2F1C7D6  Cloud Mace	
F5BC8CEB DF4A9673  Salamander Rod	
850000AF 5443453D  Nebula Wand	
3FD62A00 8B597813  Dracomace	
D6FA195B FF64D1FF  Glower Staff	
633B9786 382744A7  Goblin's Rod	
5F6A024B 915601C6  Meditation Rod	
FB03F7D4 943BABFF  Fireman's Pole	
42C30E59 6F944B4D  Atropos' Rod	
A384D2F3 31A232A5  Lachesis' Rule	
17B0D5A2 9F9F9D7D  Clotho's Distaff	
A060F2DC 85B23AE4  Staff of Anubis	
7348D379 2E6DEA4E  ???
F9FA2CA6 DA5F8025  Trident	
EFD3F7E1 7D6294B1  ???
F11E9D13 653630B2  Planet Armor	
AEC14678 7E944687  Dragon Mail	
68E1B699 E604C89F  Chronos Mail	
EF056408 078490E0  Stealth Armor	
06E92EFC C138F269  Xylion Armor	
B5F489E6 F6F06663  Ixion Mail	
DBC57CF4 369C46F9  Phantasmal Mail	
E512E09B CDA527E5  Erebus Armor	
DFEB0CB2 92C48B08  Valkyrie Mail	
95590779 E64AB251  ???
6B63FE99 30C21A4B  Faery Vest	
43A38615 CC7E3C5F  Mythril Cltohes	
92D83857 3E32A242  Full Metal Vest	
F16758E9 D4FD2005  Wild Coat	
90B90872 7ADBACBD  Floral Dress	
432E3ED8 2433D0BA  Festival Coat	
70884517 DA57D7C2  Erinyes Tunic	
ADD19704 1D1A1485  Triton Ward	
A87EECAA 82289314  ???
E596FDC2 6D621D34  Dragon Robe	
4753069D 23FFBCEC  Ardagh Robe	
147C85B9 A80BA7F6  Muni Robe	
B8661E96 78DA5532  Aeolian Cassock	
C19DF944 69B33AEB  Iris Robe	
149D37CA D24813AD  ???
A446AA78 E5D853EF  Luna Shield	
2D439D49 54A40A38  Dragon Shield	
BDA37FE2 2429A5DB  Flame Shield	
81C9BA67 DD6F0380  Terra Shile	
8E77B60E F6179376  Cosmos Shield	
C4FCB84B 478B6945  Fujin Shield	
8F8CCB47 C0310AA1  Aegis Shield	
B73002B0 2B39E63D  ???
CDFAA946 2AABCBDA  Aerial Gloves	
03C7B9BC 221D76FE  Titan Gloves	
04EAE523 09551784  Big Bang Gloves	
02995FE7 A4A1B4FF  Crafted Gloves	
70F85513 B1D67518  Riot Gloves	
36DFFF16 E6D0F40C  Spirit Gloves (PP)	
42A30889 BE13878D  ???
1C84C7AF B1850474  Clear Bracelet	
A3D6F99C F6251005  Mythril Armlet	
7500254B 2BE88B20  Bone Armlet	
637D0285 10A78DA7  Jester's Armlet	
E89E5C4B ED4C05CE  Leda's Bracelet	
23C37B8A FE996701  ???
AE93586E 37866F76  Dragon Helm	
0F4D39C5 F6BFE702  Mythril helm	
F126635A 2BD90A16  Fear Helm	
D208BE6A 76168135  Mellenium Helm	
1813432C D1429D95  Viking Helm	
8E08003B 3ADF46F2  Gloria Helm	
B2F5D08C FAB9F48C  Minerva Helm	
494E0BA7 3AF7A414  ???
02E1A26D 8034B1CC  Floating Hat	
83ED1508 E000D307  Nurse's CAp	
5D4DECF7 82E823E8  Thorn Crown	
C38FC957 1BE11331  O. Mask	
08A9F191 662C27E4  Hiotoko Mask	
74D75D4F AC29B431  Crown of Glory	
4149FB7F 56A652C7  Alastar's Hood	
80C3758F D61E7E3B  ???
2144FE92 4F66BDB4  Pure Circlet	
BB78184F D3394601  Astral Circlet	
FDDD81BB D7E56661  Psychic Circlet	
3148B48C 25996239  Demon Circlet	
08A5ED5B 5C331859  Clarity Circlet	
A6398ACE 5054801B  Brilliant Circlet	
6CEAE25E 5C4F0E9D  Berserker Band	
8832CEE7 3B09BD28  ???
466A8609 5D165554  Divine Camisole	
E522157A 902E9C17  Herbed Shirt	
3643F7AA 806B2BA2  Golden Shirt	
E2BD73F5 F9E93C14  Casual Shirt	
FD5D76FB F5088A70  Leather Boots	
F8620F01 072D69BF  Dragon Boots	
CBE385C1 277F8780  Safety boots	
3A23AFB1 F1098FAF  Knight's Greave	
3702590E 685BBD5D  Silver Greave	
19C02D23 5DAADAD7  Ninja Sandals	
4F65DB12 FE85A1BB  Golden Boots	
932A3F71 53631292  Spirit Ring	
825FE526 13C98D0A  Stardust Ring	
F6D7502C A6437AE9  Aroma Ring	
90E49ED1 52BF69FB  Rainbow Ring	
26F4B33C 98DBC1DA  Soul Ring	
661043D0 46366F81  Guardian Ring	
79EFBE36 12A8A841  Golden Ring	
38B010A2 C45CCFD3  ???
C1A12B17 AFBF6652  Rusty Sword	
299450EE 413EE97F  Rusty Sword	
4D29DE9C 4529288D  Rusty Sword	
F6505AD4 DEE4A4CD  Rusty Sword	
F912D179 4829A307  Rusty Axe	
0AFEF986 FF1FC8CF  Rusty Axe	
537205DD F44489F0  Rusty Mace	
A5B170BB 44CD5B8F  Rusty Mace	
78CF0FE7 A789C8EC  Rusty Staff	
AFE79940 72DEFFC1  Rusty Staff	
0C93CE9D 4E4B156B  Rusty Staff	
06DF00F6 6F01BF19  ???
92DC0140 09798A8B  Tear Stone	
1D486548 59B040B5  Star Dust	
7A239052 12F5C8E9  Sylph Feather	
E2CDC9A7 2D99C4F6  Dragon Skin	
36FE1B90 122A009A  Salamander Tail	
98E9B475 EA066E56  Golem Core	
83BD95A3 AAF9FE3B  Mythril Silver	
C412CEA1 3BF11852  Dark Matter	
58584A61 49A8B3AF  Orihalcon	
E7224149 EAEF4D80  ???
B076F2D9 378600A1  Right Prong	
B990A474 3B5012DD  Left Prong	
4DEF4D18 615C8F05  Center Prong	
B54BB201 05F05996  ???
2443B140 A02AF2DE  Mysterious Card	
7A6401DD 169B70DC  Trainer's Whip	
5A836643 870CFAD4  Tomegathericon	
DEC4A3C7 60F7C6DD  ???
523DE7E8 37E55B13  ???
181C0E6F 46E9FCDA  Healing Fungus	
90ADC624 A6ADF3DD  Laughing Fungus	
95FA3559 A4D7E072  Signal Whistle	
688D7F11 F914EFD4  Dancing Idol	
2682DE99 7A7FDB58  Pretty Stone	
A5ED6768 952F90C1  Red Cloth	
9DCC24C9 5EFD55E7  Milk	
A081362D B1EB0F79  Li'l Turtle	
C522F4FD C2077011  Aquarius Stone	
F5B76768 49E04428  Large Bread	
FA81321A FAD4B7F7  Sea God's Tear	
42DB96F8 7B820CDC  Ruin Key	
EC3C6504 0DF1272C  Magma Ball

 CIV6. Jenna Slot 1 

1A93AAFA 597609F9  Long Sword	
B8488507 EBE41D9C  Broad Sword	
D1293C96 3443FBC4  Claymore	
5107B868 B3B54DF9  Great Sword	
217563CC 0C52C7E9  Samshir	
D6B428C1 220E0060  Silver Blade	
BABED1CF F0FB4FAC  Fire Brand	
E8FF1555 BF085206  Artic Blade	
B24F0A7E 8856C95B  Gaia Blade	
E28F9C26 40A54AEF  Sol Balde	
9D12D1DA 3B2B09ED  Muramasa	
78F4957F 58B11C3F  ???
3A758AC3 57ACC213  ???
4BF1CBB2 810D0910  ???
9CB11296 F21427F5  Machete	
240FFCFD 0D4986E4  Short Sword	
E667EFF4 4320AC84  Hunter's Sword	
2F4EBFE2 1693FEE4  Battle Blade	
F7651676 D9412A47  Master Rapier	
409098AE B2A361DD  Ninja Blade	
8A45F3BC 9BBC60FF  Swift Sword	
B1E3C1E1 7846C3D0  Elven Rapier	
3BB05875 645D3087  Assassin Blade	
AC9E92FB 06F14588  Mystery Blade	
729570F8 5CE8A707  Kikuichimonji	
9F2CC6BE A7154404  Maamune	
55D732BF C37BA2DD  Bandits Blade	
F307D794 4D22625B  ???
AD881B1C 246217D9  ???
AC4D7BDF E1AC5D54  ???
413DBB3D E6931348  Battle Axe	
519756D9 40E359B2  Broad Axe	
C0788F1F 3AF53B8E  Great Axe	
9BD7991C 4523ABE3  Dragon Axe	
2B4243A4 C703C80E  Giant Axe	
24C94A2E F8FE8931  Vulcan Axe	
08D07F1A 45585FBE  Burning Axe	
FBD59CD0 71232EE4  Demon Axe	
737CBC56 FCA40683  ???
224963D6 1B248E9A  ???
7BF7D5C3 BEE44BDA  ???
945B9BBA 683500CB  ???
1E73F3D2 8941FDD3  Mace	
A0C05DA2 BE5414C4  Heavy Mace	
E85EF527 ED2B9E02  Battle Mace	
3C38D3D2 87B7FD56  War Mace	
898237D2 B320A4AD  Righteous Mace	
86756C6D 0A16DB1E  Grievous Mace	
6689702C 5DD35A7A  Blessed Mace	
148C59A1 B182B5DD  Wicked Mace	
3363F496 3E8895CE  ???
09766E97 89F1F3BB  ???
B46D139D 85D03356  ???
63EB09F0 2A9EA452  ???
1FF32088 42367024  Wooden Stick	
EA8038BC FF804F07  Magic Rod	
71C97B37 090A3AC5  Witch's Wand	
505ADEB5 DC139D0F  Blessed Ankh	
3387840F 35F2A4B4  Psynergy Rod	
D0FC3370 30E038E8  Frost Wand	
BE787A6F ED37DA68  Angelic Ankh	
DFCA916E 501D600B  Demonic Staff	
1A86B2FA A3365087  Crystal Rod	
A01F1693 CB03E85B  Zodiac Wand	
1D573CB8 57419DEB  Shamon's Rod	
4459D0E5 3716451F  ???
69ECDAA0 2D4EEEB1  ???
FF5935AE ACB02412  ???
B9A2C989 9BEA75C0  ???
FD99774F 4FD56F05  ???
E768A42F 6462DC0F  ???
36ADDE78 606C6A0A  ???
824B13E4 B2431E7E  ???
B8C51E2F F3464A34  ???
4607768E 17966527  Leather Armor	
21C7FB44 87E43013  Psynergy Armor	
CE80AB41 6EAB3BE9  Chain Mail	
5B8C447C 69BA19AB  Armored Shell	
7F40E2A9 446CC1F2  Plate Mail	
0FD35446 0C317F65  Steel Armor	
6494ADB7 E6362384  Spirit Armor	
1B3649D2 F15BC6AF  Dragon Scales	
8264830A 588952A3  Demon Mail	
621744F3 FF4A1FEE  Asura's Armor	
BCACE80E E55206D0  Spiked Armor	
5303F5DF FBEFA57E  ???
09FD04AB 782C5BAD  ???
17B8E6C6 441EF171  ???
912E90E4 C31F7A7F  Cotton Shirt	
F08D65A9 16EBD535  Travel Vest	
129F0377 C65FD3AC  Fur Coat	
B53CE8DD 64EB7AA0  Adept's Clothes	
90031DF1 F9D964A9  Elven Shirt	
F648A472 AD2FC1B2  Silver Vest	
AC2B662F CCC4DC7F  Water Jacket	
FB9A6EB0 3ED292A6  Storm Gear	
8110609A A981AE5A  Kimono	
E15A5D2D E082B6A4  Ninja Garb	
0D1DD1EA BCE7B22F  ???
5E74C82C D3A93873  ???
CEB5CC67 FC84BD8A  ???
DA6B2037 8DB3E9AA  ???
CE6535DC 806B82F1  One-Pieced Dress	
3149D418 331923D2  Travel Robe	
2C772273 60E37266  Silk Robe	
732306FE D049DC41  China Dress	
F7F60903 2EF9AE56  Jerkin	
BB50D966 297E2221  Cocktail Dress	
43C13B3F BA7AED5F  Blessed Robe	
2DD5752C 41B78283  Magical Cassock	
77E83500 5782E3A7  Mysterious Robe	
1A39C82D 5E442066  Feathered Robe	
B7F03E93 7575E162  Oracle's Robe	
582F1592 7BAB6FE7  ???
E87CECA9 E7E022B1  ???
45F567F2 D4AAA80C  ???
B0E282B8 7C093EDF  ???
24AE1464 E6E2EE9D  Wooden Shield	
7051687A 7EB80EA8  Bronze Shield	
5AC9D2B7 06D354B5  Iron Shield	
4A63AABC 45335EB2  Knight's Shield	
F1B3D2D9 CAA24BB8  Mirrored Shield	
98CC77D0 9B5FA720  Dragon Shield	
927B32A3 5804D1AB  Earth Shield	
B275A377 A33A6AFB  ???
464E2881 E6F5C11F  ???
1526B5FF 98099B99  Padded Gloves	
381EDFFD 1E76886F  Leather Gloves	
A5DE9A68 4E9248C7  Gauntlets	
85BD176A BDBE8CF4  Vambrace	
31292785 731E06E8  War Gloves	
55C23349 719C9F29  Spirit Gloves (Elemental pwr)	
E726136B 906C1588  Battle Gloves	
BF052C2E 85AF1EFF  Aura Gloves	
366216A4 0241BD83  ???
6426BB0B 09E49527  Leather Armlet	
6A21E65F 12D75F0A  Armlet	
78CF23E2 94E44ED7  Heavy Armlet	
DDF31A21 D7536426  Silver Armlet	
3B3311BC AF09C637  Spirit Armlet	
6C7619E0 94FC80AF  Virtuous Armlet	
F9A2217A 90C8F4AB  Guardian Armlet	
57799686 FD9BB669  ???
56B6F99A 18D24CE7  ???
D6307E9F CD4FD7F7  Open Helm	
C24EB3DC C11DAD61  Bronze Helm	
52C2F86E 6B042A2E  Iron Helm	
9E83169E 87B5C1ED  Steel Helm	
6426F813 8C285EBC  Silver Helm	
18498227 5A049F90  Knight's Helm
5BD8058C 2E48BF36  Warrior's Helm	
731B410C A8C14530  Adept's Helm	
6A8E7A40 406EDE9C  ???
2F32B555 551CE34B  ???
3EB34E54 09CE62B1  ???
326EF168 E1F35AA9  Leather Cap	
24A3422C 3C4509EF  Wooden Cap	
C01F24E7 651CBCFA  Mail Cap	
14976B35 A89B2441  Jeweled Crown	
3AF30A13 71E5A2D8  Ninja Hood	
4D9D514E 8FDB6083  Lucky Cap	
CE584F1F 390C4184  Thunder Crown	
14FD5858 7D7C0A99  Prophet's Hat	
E8B9EF69 EE18ACA6  Lure Cap	
1D361201 D18C4BCF  ???
9CBA86F0 92A87EA0  Circlet	
FBFE5006 60EBE64D  Silver Circlet	
10254F9E 304F0A1F  Guardian Circlet	
5F2D047F 99F3D056  Platinum Circlet	
5C414FE7 E905A34B  Mythril Circlet	
1DCEE9D4 B4EB4977  Glittering Tiara	
8DA15C89 E646A82E  ???
0D3122ED CB09D020  ???
24CE87BE 15EE9125  ???
061194CA 8F4277A2  ???
460E5EA7 BFE52519  ???
ACEFB2F8 5A68ABEB  ???
77622324 37772CB5  ???
29521B34 E8A4F8E7  ???
7527A5D7 6389D4A3  Herb	
FCC95C30 77C661DE  Nut	
2E751AF5 57FEE784  Vial	
E476CB76 967F7FE9  Potion	
EEB4E49E AFA67DB8  Hermes' Water	
572E056F 1CD8FC4B  Empty Bottle	
620D35A8 2730FE2C  Psy Energy Crystal	
37B43C64 04E88705  Antidote	
CD108A5B 49667D3C  Elixer	
048F35D9 B21B51B0  Water of Life	
89E80F2B 77ACA51B  Mist Potion	
1E1E6829 995EE63D  Power Bread	
3A56A03D 34EB94C4  Cookie	
A28D6941 69986B64  Apple	
13CDD40B AAFAC67E  Hard Nut	
DBEAD913 35C7553C  Mint	
0F70FBCE 419CB7F0  Lucky Pepper	
E854DEBB C451C99F  ???
46D7A1D7 2C973929  Lash Pebble	
0B877FB1 AE454EC5  Pound Cube	
BE97DEE9 2FACA0A5  Orb of Force	
A27BAB8F 92A9DFCE  Douse Drop	
55B5C081 5EACC62D  Frost Jewel	
8460961D A1A5E9B1  Lifting Gem	
7F91145E 4023601A  Halt Gem	
56421F97 4656CA9A  Cloak Ball	
E03EB86D 2D1641C0  Carry Stone	
5C97162B FA5CC5E4  Catch Beads	
AE94B2B1 BC87123D  Temper Bit	
35148A2D 8500FBA7  Scoop Gem	
B7D8033B 3321BEBC  Cyclone Chip	
9AF6A2F3 B48A2DF1  ???
CC3AA87A DDCF5077  ???
3226656A 78BF146D  Burst Brooch	
77F99B58 67D0FE51  Grindstone	
A6382C30 6DAD2A7C  Hover Jade	
3A925C5D 2A365C85  ???
860D870D B035EDED  Teleport Lapis	
CDFED000 61CAE611  ???
15CA350C 73E083D7  ???
1D84B34C AF7A920A  Venus Star	
DA268D64 2888E1CF  Mercury Star	
7AB8C87F B06F1C06  Mythril Bag (Mars Star)	
AC824581 3FB810E9  Mythril Bag (Jupitar Star)	
37AFA120 F1B12332  Mythril Bag	
B96B306A FD8B778B  Small Jewel	
17879048 3156971C  Smoke Bomb	
E810D1F1 F1C6B24C  Sleep Bomb	
F9ABB080 26C719C4  Game Ticket	
0D43CAAF A8682F58  Lucky Medal	
3DB3F691 40581120  Dragon's Eye	
6DB82DE8 49A8AE47  Bone	
BE7C52C1 196FA9CA  Anchor Charm	
E9D9AB4B A5382229  Corn	
ECB11AA7 B119623D  Cell Key	
D3CCF73D 1489E418  Boat Ticket	
4D91C710 3CD8B5A2  Sacred Feather	
DE9BD4C2 FE4F328E  Mystic Draught	
508F776B 0BD7BC42  Oil Drop	
E014B980 94ADA3C0  Weasel's Claw	
A593868A EA526AEC  Bumble Seed	
0188D4BC DB97BA68  Crystal Powder	
CE0F9C66 62C63C40  Black Crystal	
AD149DCE 0C5FB656  Red Key	
4725788E 0474C1DB  Blue Key	
C68696CC 0F0B4CD4  Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)	
D9CD068D AA6E3523  Jupitar Star	
C59EF55D E8106951  Mars Star	
2ED6A4A4 D5DFFFE0  ???
BD8AF587 A83E6121  ???
FF77D4AD 661E1A1A  Mythril Shirt	
9A83A4F2 1FE2C89B  Silk Shirt	
0AC0BFC7 83A07B4C  Running Shirt	
D4079FF7 1D730EA1  ???
FA78B0D9 97EF2E2B  ???
3BED0A1C 4896500D  ???
C13FFEC2 F16C892B  Hyper Boots	
3661512E 16107C18  Quick Boots	
1B53FFEA 53F3DF60  Fur Boots	
6122EA4B F0EBC151  Turtle Boots	
E84110FA 84639BC9  ???
97CA5963 9DB0D5A3  ???
6A07B4B7 D37DA231  Adept Ring	
EC7B48DA 7051549D  War Ring	
6920E6DD 4633AEAD  Sleep Ring	
45E87F0B FAB65F23  Healing Ring	
2D3357C7 C9B308D2  Unicorn Ring	
ED3989A6 AF74A8B2  Fairy Ring	
17A2A503 C9135412  Cleric's Ring	
40357746 42511238  ???
CE363BB1 DE3D9905  ???
3EA08F76 546084D5  ???
C089D719 1E2D3436  Huge Sword
06822987 AE3CDCC1  Mythril Blade	
5E46654C BAB5DF4F  Levatine	
12B1C230 8492DC0A  Darksword	
0CB80FBA 6AAE2EB3  Excalibar	
EA29436F 0D95B813  Robber's Blade	
C121F413 574DBD38  Soul Brand	
2DE197EA 1D028C65  Storm Brand	
4CEEA541 3E4F57E6  Hestia Blade	
0A8FCA6B C03B2E56  Lightning Sword	
6BA3925A 95D2E32D  Rune Blade	
112E6BED D3720833  Cloud Brand	
A1E91152 9668B221  ???
BC44AD00 3F13760A  Sylph Rapier	
F891C6AD 4DAB96B0  Burning Sword	
B29DC69D 5B99938D  Pirate's Sword	
2E0D7CB6 4722F8CD  Corsair's Edge	
787FDF6B E13F9D1E  Pirate's Sabre	
8923C46C F8F0E588  Hypno's Sword	
72269C62 A52D3734  Mist Sabre	
20BD02DC E536B106  Phaeton's Blade	
429BCE99 92D28A8C  Tisiphone Edge	
2FC9FF9A 68D42787  ???
4CB715AA 323C6723  Apollo's Axe	
DCD86E23 D5E2A4ED  Gaia's Axe	
92C63A7A 4299587A  Steller Axe	
B6B5FAAB FAD7E701  Captain's Axe	
111ED641 6FDEEA1E  Viking Axe	
9EB94D22 86A9F6C6  Disk Axe	
96292A9B 2A4E7D3B  Themis' Axe	
82E2AC91 122B80F3  Mighty Axe	
E824F170 7321B160  Tartarous Axe	
2ED82BC7 74825714  ???
8982B64B 452580BC  Comet Mace	
46756A43 088609D5  Tungsten Mace	
57E9386D 12B834D2  Demon Mace	
5C18D0EA 75FD96C7  Hagbone Mace	
341CFA6C 5B879664  Blow Mace	
8E68B816 B72B4F6A  Rising Mace	
61045F09 49D40B3C  Thanatos Mace	
545B844E 6121A827  ???
5D6F843C B6936F1D  Cloud Mace	
77F22E4A 74747E8D  Salamander Rod	
E5A471B4 C66A81FC  Nebula Wand	
67005915 471B5219  Dracomace	
56413216 CE15FC6E  Glower Staff	
979F9762 86B1D689  Goblin's Rod	
1DB00E56 82157D60  Meditation Rod	
F28B8DC6 19823993  Fireman's Pole	
8121CEF4 FF79A52C  Atropos' Rod	
9163B7FF 82AA6584  Lachesis' Rule	
8E990F78 E8264412  Clotho's Distaff	
A7E41D50 FB531FE5  Staff of Anubis	
CE92CE1F 2420E0B5  ???
0A409CC6 98EB44C8  Trident	
B045A834 5B1C606D  ???
1BA1D8F1 DBA19689  Planet Armor	
DEBEDF15 0C532DC3  Dragon Mail	
79CEE74A 77B6D48D  Chronos Mail	
F167073F 9415659C  Stealth Armor	
0AADFFF4 B7129068  Xylion Armor	
8B653FF4 8665E110  Ixion Mail	
4BC3A1ED 6B8F3C69  Phantasmal Mail	
8CDBC010 23A0F659  Erebus Armor	
AC46B76F FA666F75  Valkyrie Mail	
275EE7E6 66E3D7C1  ???
18C75FF1 9304AD75  Faery Vest	
07EE88B4 63795762  Mythril Cltohes	
0046E31F 603F5539  Full Metal Vest	
DEBE25B4 2E7CD621  Wild Coat	
6F0CB7D9 AFFBE6A0  Floral Dress	
2D2096C7 55ABE252  Festival Coat	
4B0C941C 5BAFDB22  Erinyes Tunic	
64222CB5 7078FC9E  Triton Ward	
A739631C AA8DC97A  ???
51229210 5A3AB074  Dragon Robe	
8A90A22B 7C9636FF  Ardagh Robe	
080BD3E1 E99D776A  Muni Robe	
0096D606 4E6EEAE5  Aeolian Cassock	
7815120E B9814B0D  Iris Robe	
71842E3A 0830B9AC  ???
44862E11 7144D417  Luna Shield	
94A90FB6 CEF560FD  Dragon Shield	
633394FE 8B0AE846  Flame Shield	
38B0863F 46C6A459  Terra Shile	
0F397CCB E19F85C9  Cosmos Shield	
3115BE00 917F83F1  Fujin Shield	
245F73DE D025A70F  Aegis Shield	
74CB0D2A 774ED0E7  ???
B05828E4 3986ED7C  Aerial Gloves	
23459772 A8A2CBD6  Titan Gloves	
127034B1 58C24911  Big Bang Gloves	
48294862 A3A2B373  Crafted Gloves	
DBE02DD4 8DF9BDBE  Riot Gloves	
AE3A5E3E 4A207E40  Spirit Gloves (PP)	
9198B94E 581E0F68  ???
2D9ACC3E C2F54A7A  Clear Bracelet	
DAC5E0AB 9B85745A  Mythril Armlet	
4A836134 247A7872  Bone Armlet	
4467D261 FD201848  Jester's Armlet	
85322EBB 14245750  Leda's Bracelet	
8C4333A7 E24CA7A3  ???
9C508346 A9A12EEE  Dragon Helm	
72EE100E 1C9400C6  Mythril helm	
C3520BDC F941BD50  Fear Helm	
F5EFF64F B14DEA20  Mellenium Helm	
0FA72FE7 B7FA773C  Viking Helm	
906A2AFE 74B3F1A4  Gloria Helm	
6970A522 E7B835E3  Minerva Helm	
1C1F62EF 3750CFB7  ???
591333E1 DE7A5973  Floating Hat	
34FFA1DE A54CF7FA  Nurse's CAp	
3472815F 5FD9A229  Thorn Crown	
2B17FE9A 6695D487  O. Mask	
C88C8B69 2E3F6404  Hiotoko Mask	
3B67EA0B 4995CB54  Crown of Glory	
D89729BE 2DC1FB8C  Alastar's Hood	
24364113 33A483CC  ???
E7F1D17B 8C46B401  Pure Circlet	
D5A4707E 136B6074  Astral Circlet	
38F39C6A F2BDB23F  Psychic Circlet	
76DC226F 40FFEBC1  Demon Circlet	
0A7AEFE3 FC8D6E33  Clarity Circlet	
A8EAE332 F6F771AB  Brilliant Circlet	
F17A2F76 0CBBEC13  Berserker Band	
A4863283 A27653AD  ???
9F6522F3 BBD63129  Divine Camisole	
66500DE7 E3C0C1A4  Herbed Shirt	
980FAE3D 6D653D78  Golden Shirt	
F675387F EF16DE02  Casual Shirt	
FE0E11B9 963B2F35  Leather Boots	
015FC92B 7B9F1EDB  Dragon Boots	
FCAB4176 D2190D4D  Safety boots	
F24DADF2 10FAA850  Knight's Greave	
DF56B6EA 1DF8DB2B  Silver Greave	
97059CBA F8D3AE9E  Ninja Sandals	
AB8169F9 1E26C95D  Golden Boots	
04AF9BFE 6CAE7A4A  Spirit Ring	
BF57A042 8737EB82  Stardust Ring	
5A0F5E4C A71CA496  Aroma Ring	
2E2A96DA 7FEE65B9  Rainbow Ring	
AA261A7B FD1A3FE6  Soul Ring	
03506BCF 3BCB2E96  Guardian Ring	
44792FA5 E71F4EC6  Golden Ring	
76C9B540 9D7B410A  ???
E127B38C 5F02979E  Rusty Sword	
15D6465B AF8B8F78  Rusty Sword	
352926AE FFB2EE8F  Rusty Sword	
B05BCB3A 789FD67D  Rusty Sword	
6D65518D F4BCB80F  Rusty Axe	
0AE23E3A 9F13B937  Rusty Axe	
1D5F4EA6 BD85299E  Rusty Mace	
410269E7 4B425A75  Rusty Mace	
35F4ABA7 59DAE10B  Rusty Staff	
0FF2047D C543879E  Rusty Staff	
4397A0EF 41F1B811  Rusty Staff	
A283D60E CD89E124  ???
8338CB45 42C5D240  Tear Stone	
89CB5731 A69D2765  Star Dust	
081B621D FB5DB163  Sylph Feather	
235EEC4B C319FD3B  Dragon Skin	
D45F36E2 047E0EA2  Salamander Tail	
081EE38D 0175F305  Golem Core	
FDCA06F3 76AF9917  Mythril Silver	
E97F6BCE 464CC081  Dark Matter	
A61C35A0 82F5247F  Orihalcon	
488248CB 5930B362  ???
169FBA6E F27D302A  Right Prong	
44CC913F DA80988D  Left Prong	
FCD541D6 CDCB064B  Center Prong	
20441E3E 39EF510F  ???
112DCCD7 1773EA48  Mysterious Card	
6E20C674 7063A70F  Trainer's Whip	
490CBBFD E463DB19  Tomegathericon	
19E84B40 F21E2D80  ???
A2012BBB BDEEB31B  ???
57AB9687 B4307F6B  Healing Fungus	
E00DE40A BC73A18E  Laughing Fungus	
2A6E25FA AAB82879  Signal Whistle	
2F6893D8 455D24BE  Dancing Idol	
C2C75286 1DCEEE48  Pretty Stone	
BF4F2C60 67F4A4F0  Red Cloth	
416704DD 43294686  Milk	
28AC5D34 AB7E98C8  Li'l Turtle	
1F160B12 E8078770  Aquarius Stone	
951642E0 24F5E827  Large Bread	
89847815 45DB3E15  Sea God's Tear	
05463B94 199D4111  Ruin Key	
80D2492F 4361DC3D  Magma Ball

 CIV7. Sheba Slot 1 

4AEE197C BB388321  Long Sword	
EF979BDD DF6E54E3  Broad Sword	
8FDA0FA3 82027131  Claymore	
1114C8A5 B9CFF681  Great Sword	
6ABD05E5 C92683DD  Samshir	
891CEC5E E656A166  Silver Blade	
6F1093B2 D8A086A8  Fire Brand	
24EBC8F2 DFEFEB93  Artic Blade	
082BC3E1 553214CC  Gaia Blade	
6373075D 66287E24  Sol Balde	
1840E760 DF6DAF5E  Muramasa	
916DEBBA 961181A7  ???
53BD36BA 3AC2CC9B  ???
C7B0F180 DBEA8583  ???
940821E6 19FE5954  Machete	
AEFD2904 0BCB5814  Short Sword	
71528288 6FD00D1D  Hunter's Sword	
F7742D14 72DF8869  Battle Blade	
9E55DFD7 3D8CFCB0  Master Rapier	
1F72FBBC BFA0B76A  Ninja Blade	
303AD408 E49F544D  Swift Sword	
8B8A8C2D F9C7BF54  Elven Rapier	
62C6EDA7 4EAE7BDC  Assassin Blade	
F0DE5E12 088EC962  Mystery Blade	
F772B3B8 0EA930CD  Kikuichimonji	
E6120139 0668999A  Maamune	
B63839E8 A9470391  Bandits Blade	
6C28A22E 99C244F3  ???
9FDE04B0 55166C23  ???
C2547DA7 57FE8C74  ???
F41967AE 6D981136  Battle Axe	
34977275 5E8BB4DE  Broad Axe	
08358F23 99DD564E  Great Axe	
DA0F4EF2 7101DC62  Dragon Axe	
471234EF 5290E6AE  Giant Axe	
6A8B9F83 62C83434  Vulcan Axe	
4C8E105B E3F9F887  Burning Axe	
A2C48255 F9464294  Demon Axe	
0202A79B 82AEFBCB  ???
0FE5E6F6 2F4637F0  ???
A3EFF8A8 E2B50FDD  ???
CBCC3474 3A0AF1B8  ???
777FCA61 685E588B  Mace	
0F6B0DD8 8EE8F978  Heavy Mace	
E6AE7FE4 839EA9E7  Battle Mace	
A01317C0 0789EA19  War Mace	
63C75DA0 77872A9F  Righteous Mace	
19A6E082 2C1CDBB3  Grievous Mace	
18502956 822C240F  Blessed Mace	
F743BC07 2377E4DB  Wicked Mace	
821F0552 6BB6CF2F  ???
98526D15 C8B4B77C  ???
0534AA20 3EFB10BB  ???
3AF1BF43 64F9B203  ???
4B35DCAB FB4951A4  Wooden Stick	
15BB4EB8 3A489F3B  Magic Rod	
BDE05BE5 74E34CC3  Witch's Wand	
9C25D485 A676BA85  Blessed Ankh	
91685A87 026375CB  Psynergy Rod	
0CD388F0 BA9C6507  Frost Wand	
FE4DA5E4 1CBF6E9E  Angelic Ankh	
D42CC986 C78BABC9  Demonic Staff	
2A50FCED BDC7DA35  Crystal Rod	
CDCC120A E99E124F  Zodiac Wand	
BF126338 E124B994  Shamon's Rod	
A27E59EA 428B71DF  ???
DA3C666C BE615FB4  ???
B1CAD8C7 7037DFAB  ???
27AA343F 40FEA129  ???
251CDD0F 6572836C  ???
0264DC30 06DF157B  ???
2EA7BD8C B2B5E0C8  ???
449429AB 45F72E4D  ???
971118ED 8C34E8EC  ???
B76DB409 EBAB9CEC  Leather Armor	
DCBB8AA3 8D59B5CC  Psynergy Armor	
E95BEDA5 F9CF3DE5  Chain Mail	
A60538E8 36E54F0C  Armored Shell	
D8D39812 E374A1A0  Plate Mail	
50C0DDB8 E49F4924  Steel Armor	
E0C0B207 956DCD1E  Spirit Armor	
D3652B2A 404413EE  Dragon Scales	
D6BC7860 83B9D954  Demon Mail	
37E00068 414282B3  Asura's Armor	
3D1F3757 465F4060  Spiked Armor	
0B9B1D7C B0097415  ???
9257D89C 8675A41A  ???
16AA3C59 1873060D  ???
449EB76C AA07FF62  Cotton Shirt	
655D3297 FECFD98D  Travel Vest	
0B8D17C3 77790485  Fur Coat	
3A42989C 2D4379FB  Adept's Clothes	
34CE3C6A B2A2F2F0  Elven Shirt	
F0EA3A78 6286F0A2  Silver Vest	
B834A757 F626A415  Water Jacket	
602734B4 1F7817F6  Storm Gear	
7483D6AB 9A8ADA4D  Kimono	
A56D776C F13C55DD  Ninja Garb	
A4DEFD63 2D5594D7  ???
8AA8261F B535981C  ???
2B962DA5 942AEDFA  ???
0ADB9B09 E753E50D  ???
2BBE2A20 DCC1A915  One-Pieced Dress	
C326DBAF 48883AB6  Travel Robe	
ACA83C22 05FCDFBF  Silk Robe	
D2285A20 EF158A2C  China Dress	
762F2C76 24BD4458  Jerkin	
6F032021 6817BCAB  Cocktail Dress	
05B4BB16 B632926B  Blessed Robe	
45EA2A19 47B2AE08  Magical Cassock	
2EC84C0C 2532CC0D  Mysterious Robe	
E7C3FF0F 127D1581  Feathered Robe	
9CA1E9F5 78D40EAE  Oracle's Robe	
8DD371F7 8B7F3335  ???
2BAD369A 8D4F526E  ???
34EBC145 02E344A4  ???
0DB63768 8E44C2DE  ???
FDA2D6B6 4E98D337  Wooden Shield	
BCAADDF9 F6439125  Bronze Shield	
66A2B747 937235F6  Iron Shield	
95B604E6 FE448101  Knight's Shield	
732CA1EC 55571450  Mirrored Shield	
FC1AA69E E81567E4  Dragon Shield	
15540EDC B7FDD021  Earth Shield	
B8A0865B A40DB360  ???
E02D8B65 5ADF0BFE  ???
88835E7B 9E35CDDA  Padded Gloves	
150A29A4 5B09F50A  Leather Gloves	
CA5968DA 24B0C3B1  Gauntlets	
283B21CA 47980332  Vambrace	
90946ACD 7B7AC958  War Gloves	
E504D830 4A171AFE  Spirit Gloves (Elemental pwr)	
A05085AE 092EF16A  Battle Gloves	
AF97060F D5E61E76  Aura Gloves	
F577DFA0 CCFC08BC  ???
AF14E1DC 884C82C7  Leather Armlet	
76C8A0D6 AA763F83  Armlet	
FF0E710C A9E445D2  Heavy Armlet	
1C8D8D9B 3B4DBB27  Silver Armlet	
52CE6829 59DACABE  Spirit Armlet	
2127D1A3 6C4052E8  Virtuous Armlet	
BA6FD395 959925B4  Guardian Armlet	
0D4EFB48 48138299  ???
2A431B7A 354ADF24  ???
D35F93A2 EAC4FAD3  Open Helm	
0E6D0E07 D1EBE142  Bronze Helm	
46860250 005618AA  Iron Helm	
A9025FC9 2E6D4AA4  Steel Helm	
CDBE4BE8 3390B42D  Silver Helm	
32B74792 B631D2AE  Knight's Helm
60DC6D5F 38E522AB  Warrior's Helm	
C4734583 B1D0C619  Adept's Helm	
2612965F E4A6B845  ???
8C0909E4 0702EFAE  ???
0D8E04CE C05BCAB2  ???
0C3DA644 75060E64  Leather Cap	
87C7B195 D414E251  Wooden Cap	
B09D6518 72339917  Mail Cap	
AAA80468 10A5E32B  Jeweled Crown	
314B87AC 47706E8E  Ninja Hood	
54768237 9214535F  Lucky Cap	
08BF7114 9B198DAE  Thunder Crown	
90D0A121 E7D5B87E  Prophet's Hat	
059BA3CE 0E32B8D1  Lure Cap	
AD4C4E1C 2958C7F0  ???
924BDCC8 DC9D011D  Circlet	
BC2E65DA F26ECB32  Silver Circlet	
97A102B8 1DE13486  Guardian Circlet	
5BFEAC6F 0FF374C1  Platinum Circlet	
ED3A5B2B 672A31BB  Mythril Circlet	
A834F7F5 363BE6B7  Glittering Tiara	
3337F2F5 4D851605  ???
2A637AF2 2F8112C5  ???
774428EC 6A0C6D0D  ???
19FB320F 84CB8CD1  ???
AAE1E074 944D270F  ???
772D4152 D3A8AED0  ???
2B45FD44 8E9FB5CA  ???
17EDABA8 DC5D0917  ???
DD4AA8F1 5FA1642D  Herb	
E70F0A74 D83505EF  Nut	
D91BCE5D 0C065CAE  Vial	
4E9DED0D E22EBD9F  Potion	
A74E0AA6 87A4F26F  Hermes' Water	
24429716 99A15532  Empty Bottle	
5F8F2090 332EF9A5  Psy Energy Crystal	
266FEF11 64252574  Antidote	
190C5A60 91DC8EAF  Elixer	
968FA7BF 80B8CBA4  Water of Life	
48030D1E 5D74E3CC  Mist Potion	
1F5A0D2E 2FB54471  Power Bread	
23396CFE C52424E5  Cookie	
DA5CCBFE FD951838  Apple	
B43D9268 35330EE2  Hard Nut	
B1BA9597 DE89241E  Mint	
AC52CBCE FE0E8A7F  Lucky Pepper	
867D2AB7 E05998D4  ???
07A4F81D 1CE5A8B6  Lash Pebble	
F6A7AB4D D6B2C1C1  Pound Cube	
630F8B82 A45C786C  Orb of Force	
CD8AD9D8 1303C7FF  Douse Drop	
DFEA93C8 FBB6A1AA  Frost Jewel	
556C9BE6 528286BD  Lifting Gem	
91C5E9A3 84EFBB36  Halt Gem	
2ED86A07 C2AD2302  Cloak Ball	
C8C667C5 9CC2F139  Carry Stone	
01A26FDE 5B7447E0  Catch Beads	
602CF586 4983D055  Temper Bit	
004CF6EE 15AEBF8E  Scoop Gem	
0BFAE75C 00D99990  Cyclone Chip	
CE3BB4B8 2CA3354E  ???
97D774DB 4DE0F652  ???
5FE5E71E 62D9B2F7  Burst Brooch	
FBA85B8F 14B7404E  Grindstone	
FCE17DB1 4E20F68D  Hover Jade	
F276CC47 23E50899  ???
C67C674E 29916314  Teleport Lapis	
9AAB9E7B 7D04C4E5  ???
70F5E13A 9174D01A  ???
CA79BA0C 582F4166  Venus Star	
0745E333 B6E817B6  Mercury Star	
A87E3F6D 0D159190  Mythril Bag (Mars Star)	
9C634A01 B3295301  Mythril Bag (Jupitar Star)	
C8C0D71E D390AB58  Mythril Bag	
6014A5D4 826D202F  Small Jewel	
8A3BC957 92C8478E  Smoke Bomb	
C3E4E797 BD85765D  Sleep Bomb	
96C48736 9451CA06  Game Ticket	
3A914FF2 6E5534A3  Lucky Medal	
FDF9D65F 69F78CD8  Dragon's Eye	
F481AEEE A78E5CE3  Bone	
9E1F64FA 61A64E85  Anchor Charm	
48DC19A0 9B10208C  Corn	
88AD5298 0F352872  Cell Key	
CA85D4CF 9857389C  Boat Ticket	
1BCB21B1 7FF2C84C  Sacred Feather	
75938315 D103D807  Mystic Draught	
0717A7BB 2B6BFE88  Oil Drop	
29BCE1BF 1CF1A786  Weasel's Claw	
21AD3D82 FF1A6542  Bumble Seed	
B6C6979B 97D45FB4  Crystal Powder	
2DCEA8D1 A8568FC0  Black Crystal	
47753767 39B85A96  Red Key	
5583F092 F9908490  Blue Key	
B3DD9CD1 B8BA0F7F  Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)	
FBBF4C18 AAFE690C  Jupitar Star	
B84B753F DBC2B5C3  Mars Star	
B4D68FE3 CD028A53  ???
929C6813 61F3F6AE  ???
E2B1F55D 47F680D6  Mythril Shirt	
F247C8BB F66C6BFA  Silk Shirt	
778E1BD8 F859C7F5  Running Shirt	
65E31B36 D5283964  ???
F5C1C0B3 603FA5B2  ???
5B2B6358 9415C7FA  ???
992A432C F088116D  Hyper Boots	
9FC2D6A1 100D42CF  Quick Boots	
B4D33A65 44F98CCC  Fur Boots	
A91EB885 AEBC4E5D  Turtle Boots	
31E9A65A 04365ACC  ???
5ADAC905 CBF4D045  ???
B36C3633 16F29BCB  Adept Ring	
CCECF19F 3D28ACBF  War Ring	
BDFA0FFC 6636C141  Sleep Ring	
F4E7CA23 BCCFFB63  Healing Ring	
B1808385 4934C07E  Unicorn Ring	
833A00CD D49B5998  Fairy Ring	
442EF567 8727FA4B  Cleric's Ring	
EFB65CC0 7368858C  ???
1CBF520D 5F7756A6  ???
331E3433 DDDF1D03  ???
BAC30DFA 07788D89  Huge Sword
684A0957 C3620F13  Mythril Blade	
4610BA25 C8002417  Levatine	
1A38B360 7E8F5E27  Darksword	
66DBB3B8 FEAA69FF  Excalibar	
F9130A72 FB5DAC34  Robber's Blade	
F45D7EAB 1B109AE5  Soul Brand	
115F1A05 83D08780  Storm Brand	
CCFC550E 8867005A  Hestia Blade	
7CE4D6BB 988C6C8E  Lightning Sword	
0BC39528 9F7F7741  Rune Blade	
56732895 5B859DF0  Cloud Brand	
628D1748 4C386152  ???
0B36575E 395D36A1  Sylph Rapier	
97154FCE C12B3F79  Burning Sword	
DE77592D F43833FE  Pirate's Sword	
1266AECD D8B7A6B4  Corsair's Edge	
79A99592 872EA72A  Pirate's Sabre	
34E6A576 9BD87640  Hypno's Sword	
AD7B0AA9 C499DF9B  Mist Sabre	
22C3539F CD9AA334  Phaeton's Blade	
3A792BF4 2C690B12  Tisiphone Edge	
B12FF2A1 9A43B523  ???
71085111 3C1F1CF7  Apollo's Axe	
CE99EEE8 093A6D5B  Gaia's Axe	
2B95D2E5 315BD410  Steller Axe	
5A803671 5C53A35F  Captain's Axe	
78089411 081B5656  Viking Axe	
FB70F67E AB4B777B  Disk Axe	
11466082 EE301CFD  Themis' Axe	
530BE86F DA08CF87  Mighty Axe	
0282DB3E 1C76F92E  Tartarous Axe	
9B0C5B03 22B73A1F  ???
8D60E749 2FA575E9  Comet Mace	
D557B639 69E45F5E  Tungsten Mace	
ED0C66DB 1D92B5C8  Demon Mace	
E5F0E0C7 BA5D6386  Hagbone Mace	
C4BE07A2 AA08C2DC  Blow Mace	
05843A55 2ACE3EEE  Rising Mace	
F1E3AEF0 FE804E24  Thanatos Mace	
1DADE9EC BB48784A  ???
6DAEAD15 5A49A45B  Cloud Mace	
6DCFAAFF 1681E8C0  Salamander Rod	
13A93030 7059771F  Nebula Wand	
9970EADD 65E2EEB3  Dracomace	
F0ED9DF3 BC1421E2  Glower Staff	
AA1C332B 775FA862  Goblin's Rod	
8B85AF8B AF65A5A5  Meditation Rod	
43C17795 8282240F  Fireman's Pole	
1FAE0937 53F6E16D  Atropos' Rod	
663B2722 174721FE  Lachesis' Rule	
B6C9517F 2CCD091D  Clotho's Distaff	
486CE8F7 6FC0F78F  Staff of Anubis	
C2264148 A8FCC3FE  ???
1B881E2D 8F051380  Trident	
F7066EA6 31EA1093  ???
5DA68D50 A0356B94  Planet Armor	
62238BE9 90B61B63  Dragon Mail	
92DD7FBA 72E4D6EC  Chronos Mail	
F591F319 1DE5AF07  Stealth Armor	
E6CFB4AB E3321AF1  Xylion Armor	
486B1C10 F4E308C3  Ixion Mail	
BB9184E6 41BF5740  Phantasmal Mail	
66E2B0A1 04D7F4F2  Erebus Armor	
A0BFEBB3 BCEA9D6E  Valkyrie Mail	
AB8094F7 CD33B18E  ???
C6582D26 32585081  Faery Vest	
6D674328 D51FAB68  Mythril Cltohes	
5C81B9BC 847F5786  Full Metal Vest	
2198469A 072C74B1  Wild Coat	
C45B5985 177B1F5D  Floral Dress	
54E6E361 DF7DBF31  Festival Coat	
295C3F9D 227608D0  Erinyes Tunic	
A7BF579A 8ECE47A3  Triton Ward	
2330C13F 687CC22B  ???
DD200062 ADF10007  Dragon Robe	
FD850DBF A2D7CC30  Ardagh Robe	
38E963DD F2DB4D3F  Muni Robe	
642D8566 9629D4EF  Aeolian Cassock	
E4F91F41 2103C13F  Iris Robe	
B931B7E0 C1D2E6D6  ???
BDE1510B 4E28FA8C  Luna Shield	
9F227167 BE978DBF  Dragon Shield	
5F6081BA 8B62D832  Flame Shield	
42C8AE77 D7C745EA  Terra Shile	
DC9416E5 EF9A73F3  Cosmos Shield	
5DD8D9CC F3A76855  Fujin Shield	
B60C6F38 178A8A31  Aegis Shield	
76D908B0 7F22CF1A  ???
7CD56C81 604EDB49  Aerial Gloves	
5A68BA0D 262EE051  Titan Gloves	
979B7E2F F8643452  Big Bang Gloves	
0672C84C 494FD93E  Crafted Gloves	
403F936A 168AB5FE  Riot Gloves	
193B0EC4 920E38C6  Spirit Gloves (PP)	
B8ABBF7C 6DB26BA6  ???
2F56620F 3A4BF665  Clear Bracelet	
458BFBC8 88D76220  Mythril Armlet	
A8F33CF1 7AB56DB4  Bone Armlet	
4F28B04B E9DFB7FA  Jester's Armlet	
88E42C33 D87C4689  Leda's Bracelet	
F3F14055 49F9DE8A  ???
E4F36457 5A132291  Dragon Helm	
4F0767F5 6DD8C7EE  Mythril helm	
A7D83765 193CC103  Fear Helm	
B7F710E4 59788623  Mellenium Helm	
67EAFDAC 9FD05337  Viking Helm	
FB74EC99 40F65A85  Gloria Helm	
465D934F 6777DA47  Minerva Helm	
4E290BB3 9417D02F  ???
502818AD 8C592EF5  Floating Hat	
FF7938FC B3D8DE34  Nurse's CAp	
E9DA8E54 71048E72  Thorn Crown	
B0C8B1BE 5EAB755A  O. Mask	
73F457E3 DDCCECD4  Hiotoko Mask	
D02D7BAD 0BACAE13  Crown of Glory	
6837B930 616C33E6  Alastar's Hood	
D2AE624C 3E18EF23  ???
306C3F8C CCCD70C8  Pure Circlet	
4AB0B768 A730019F  Astral Circlet	
13FA98CB F0874BF6  Psychic Circlet	
9684C318 2AF671F3  Demon Circlet	
887B6CE9 DB5A0ABC  Clarity Circlet	
7B89E110 DD4D1F8B  Brilliant Circlet	
C9762362 C829B2A4  Berserker Band	
D9B85597 7D894669  ???
731F7539 1B1A31D6  Divine Camisole	
B59C73FE EC878747  Herbed Shirt	
8D3871B7 6F1DD226  Golden Shirt	
42E68552 6399061F  Casual Shirt	
EA9641F9 332060B6  Leather Boots	
BF15364E 8EBC5112  Dragon Boots	
F44113A6 819D021A  Safety boots	
05C14306 15BF27DC  Knight's Greave	
55F1B4E7 6B97EC6E  Silver Greave	
62EC9C14 0F8DE112  Ninja Sandals	
CB7AA763 A9A4D10A  Golden Boots	
7D0788A2 AD4029FB  Spirit Ring	
02FFA541 E8957281  Stardust Ring	
0BD21CBE E1F5975B  Aroma Ring	
36B00AA0 A73293EC  Rainbow Ring	
EB4D78AF C862DD02  Soul Ring	
4BAA2392 D380FB95  Guardian Ring	
8AF9873E 4174E90A  Golden Ring	
0E22D484 7D966304  ???
7C7C0CB7 1049AACD  Rusty Sword	
116DD378 68663C06  Rusty Sword	
530D94FC 95F49527  Rusty Sword	
338E6EAD FB826797  Rusty Sword	
D8701D3C DFE6F8BF  Rusty Axe	
A160E04F C89A36C7  Rusty Axe	
3021AA42 F25363EB  Rusty Mace	
5669AF21 D31C4900  Rusty Mace	
D3BC1087 4AEF2F28  Rusty Staff	
50EF93A6 626678FF  Rusty Staff	
FAC78DB4 B754377C  Rusty Staff	
ABC65380 85DEBA1B  ???
F6EDC0A3 73B07936  Tear Stone	
B5783BC2 7E754777  Star Dust	
2CDD04A0 8BF79960  Sylph Feather	
062FD30B 74111883  Dragon Skin	
01D41EBB 87B8415B  Salamander Tail	
229E5352 549EDD53  Golem Core	
57A34503 8C9A79B9  Mythril Silver	
75253293 A214AD55  Dark Matter	
9DB24820 5B223019  Orihalcon	
A071C0CF E97EC5CE  ???
0ED1386C 79B65F05  Right Prong	
D1978C47 04BF7A21  Left Prong	
E41AC31F 46826312  Center Prong	
5950C000 E5A9DAEA  ???
D93DBD3E 27C61FA3  Mysterious Card	
5D9E36A8 1D1785B2  Trainer's Whip	
E1460B18 6029EDBF  Tomegathericon	
E36557D7 DCEC7579  ???
7DABC889 84128C78  ???
BA06F605 8CA438BD  Healing Fungus	
1243B20E F894AF27  Laughing Fungus	
68808995 43B0614D  Signal Whistle	
09096DF2 093B3406  Dancing Idol	
A04021D9 437BF773  Pretty Stone	
C37D71BD 80847050  Red Cloth	
7326EE40 9606661C  Milk	
BF2881BB 843950A9  Li'l Turtle	
E57E33B2 652CFEEA  Aquarius Stone	
3F4F67A7 9BFBA8E9  Large Bread	
57E1EEAE 699667D4  Sea God's Tear	
5EEC68FF 677586C2  Ruin Key	
EF45A4E0 99038BD8  Magma Ball

 CIV8. Piers Slot 1 

51049995 D2B19523  Long Sword	
84BA5093 1340A607  Broad Sword	
B0C8ADA6 4E442121  Claymore	
890E400E 95536467  Great Sword	
BD5E405C FD5E37C5  Silver Blade	
51DE0415 A02CED8E  Fire Brand	
9DCCE9C4 986E05E8  Artic Blade	
A1ECE72B 0773011F  Gaia Blade	
93D5D7C9 7A105629  Sol Balde	
E0DB812E 32D78DD7  Muramasa	
9F6E0ABC 574B4D48  ???
B2682D48 4C9E9C5D  ???
67D8938F 7EE33677  ???
454C254E 058E1359  Machete	
B50942D9 0F14A425  Short Sword	
246DDBCA C876A973  Hunter's Sword	
8A2CA2AA 35B6CA69  Battle Blade	
827D448F E6B8492F  Master Rapier	
7862E1E6 E6066BDE  Ninja Blade	
E59728CD E3F0DEE2  Swift Sword	
88138B6C 1990A870  Elven Rapier	
6290C2A1 5F3E2477  Assassin Blade	
2BCEA9AA F5AC7615  Mystery Blade	
10AE9D7A B193613D  Kikuichimonji	
FE6D1375 ADF8F947  Maamune	
180F8FC7 8339DF4F  Bandits Blade	
2D31AF2B 18CFA147  ???
E3A32D86 AECEDDA3  ???
4F732DDF 05F544F9  ???
219B81C3 F49935E9  Battle Axe	
5E0C2817 E5D3E0BD  Broad Axe	
65CEFBBF 54552453  Great Axe	
A9FFF29A A7215592  Dragon Axe	
9C0DFF15 18DAB9E5  Giant Axe	
F4770CCC 6954D4E5  Vulcan Axe	
71E16CB1 C78E04A6  Burning Axe	
3F4BCC7D 15AFC2BD  Demon Axe	
66EA3619 0EF020BE  ???
B8D8F870 A05DE6DE  ???
E08AF365 7F043C75  ???
15FA11B2 F3A8A146  ???
D83C3EE0 61621FD2  Mace	
29A43F9F 23095153  Heavy Mace	
0B72FC66 41A31B3F  Battle Mace	
BE2B472D B929150D  War Mace	
14396720 402528EF  Righteous Mace	
D71FE47C 8FA36559  Grievous Mace	
042D7B09 4ACCC124  Blessed Mace	
703213CE 71C249B6  Wicked Mace	
8B141DA7 73FAA1F4  ???
D0096B9B C5163268  ???
A5325C70 3C960C27  ???
966A472A D3F35C9F  ???
CC5B87FC 0EB12C6F  Wooden Stick	
1561D1AA 3BA9AF11  Magic Rod	
A501C478 1FB1A1D1  Witch's Wand	
40AA23F8 42D58067  Blessed Ankh	
871D81BD 19E9D08D  Psynergy Rod	
589AD55B EEFA6839  Frost Wand	
47C890F0 0EAE1A82  Angelic Ankh	
6A71E3C6 D03D0AB2  Demonic Staff	
89123DC5 CE19422B  Crystal Rod	
E21B46D5 339C46D0  Zodiac Wand	
0FB51A18 3528BB7B  Shamon's Rod	
72BD2615 623BC64C  ???
3C30D441 69945D27  ???
331B8CFE D27C7D66  ???
B1544EDF 513DCE17  ???
348AAB84 2C5E5FED  ???
8888535A 8AD67C5E  ???
E44E35A3 0D3C0F8B  ???
09BDBBCC 6FCEE64F  ???
15DB4580 DDA542FB  ???
B194DF9D 560A3A2A  Leather Armor	
94F06381 B2F2CE4A  Psynergy Armor	
DF67D0EF 0472E19B  Chain Mail	
3E1589AF E667B6B0  Armored Shell	
10F70B52 429A5EB9  Plate Mail	
3FD19984 43E527DC  Steel Armor	
6CF62A4B 3E5ABB26  Spirit Armor	
F6EC4BAE 68F4D298  Dragon Scales	
3E90A2C1 08B022F7  Demon Mail	
B5D3E589 08A23D15  Asura's Armor	
3BD1EBB7 27AF344E  Spiked Armor	
817DA224 C478174B  ???
E8FE18AA C70E4D4A  ???
2740DBAF 15EB12CF  ???
BA77E54B 8C7E770D  Cotton Shirt	
AEC474DC 90EE1039  Travel Vest	
80C95CB4 1458EAC8  Fur Coat	
B36DC212 96FA0870  Adept's Clothes	
85F763B3 F05F2DEC  Elven Shirt	
8AB0F69A 98480D6D  Silver Vest	
24CBB04A 617CCFB6  Water Jacket	
580DF0BE E7C81A14  Storm Gear	
977DF12B 187A40E7  Kimono	
3F6F98D9 E0ABEF17  Ninja Garb	
5FAE3DB7 D3096BD6  ???
E08A2612 F87D619D  ???
921499DE 35AB2C0D  ???
074CF564 FB92F6CA  ???
CB48DD64 EA44EBD8  One-Pieced Dress	
5510CA19 B4B957AC  Travel Robe	
7540439C F322546F  Silk Robe	
23616DF6 2427B74A  China Dress	
607B8544 80CCAD5D  Jerkin	
0DB63F05 A2202537  Cocktail Dress	
2E13C618 61CA018C  Blessed Robe	
15A51444 D70F0064  Magical Cassock	
99C220F7 C446AE72  Mysterious Robe	
89CC17B0 66D6E7A7  Feathered Robe	
9EA00494 F736159D  Oracle's Robe	
6D38F22C 3185F843  ???
7C0EAC85 234CAF75  ???
CFE61284 07151465  ???
BFE0ACF2 576FDA10  ???
27A63CAC B4E9FA0F  Wooden Shield	
CEEA0581 FAB7CCFC  Bronze Shield	
0D7F707D 664F8ED3  Iron Shield	
032489BE 15E2671B  Knight's Shield	
A49CFD7F B660D7AD  Mirrored Shield	
7ACA3DA4 D4F348DD  Dragon Shield	
E808E788 9D06E7F6  Earth Shield	
11014FE6 3A2148EE  ???
05924500 092BC46D  ???
9AE3394E A524C80B  Padded Gloves	
0BB7E559 045D2ECD  Leather Gloves	
69B96FB6 7279269C  Gauntlets	
FF4DD57A F466C926  Vambrace	
FD96C77F 5CC32D8E  War Gloves	
47E5779E 11183FD2  Spirit Gloves (Elemental pwr)	
088602C0 983EF9DF  Battle Gloves	
7575CCAB 75111148  Aura Gloves	
7DD74071 25E6C865  ???
AE463AE0 1A5FD08F  Leather Armlet	
593B480B 50A064CF  Armlet	
DC4F1233 D10FAEE6  Heavy Armlet	
10A5CE74 473CB281  Silver Armlet	
2C0CF6AA C78D3482  Spirit Armlet	
ED94F038 325196C5  Virtuous Armlet	
654B9873 17954448  Guardian Armlet	
E91C8B6D CD3E8A30  ???
2D0C6897 8B051EC7  ???
B3DC3276 5C343A40  Open Helm	
CEB5CFE0 F54B6814  Bronze Helm	
38C7C28C AA4AA6A0  Iron Helm	
30550BC6 5E9786C9  Steel Helm	
5FB168B5 24F50B64  Silver Helm	
952E2275 2598053C  Knight's Helm
FA46DCCD 6D75621F  Warrior's Helm	
63F8B33C 34867B2A  Adept's Helm	
B59B4B12 60D3936B  ???
E36B197F 34B4DFE7  ???
4223BEFA 478C12FB  ???
263D3BEC B29E4FB5  Leather Cap	
A8586AD8 85DE0BB6  Wooden Cap	
A5849C00 7E96406A  Mail Cap	
71E34EB9 5F0205A9  Jeweled Crown	
AE7B46F8 810992BE  Ninja Hood	
1DDFBA21 8255A924  Lucky Cap	
1E94FF89 651F6B41  Thunder Crown	
C4B22143 7DA4B66F  Prophet's Hat	
C271BE47 0580ACEB  Lure Cap	
4C7E89A0 8EC52F4A  ???
AFEE0091 C2E3AEC9  Circlet	
A6CCD261 1687CAE4  Silver Circlet	
8D67EB88 F9702F1B  Guardian Circlet	
77E6E0DE 81936BFF  Platinum Circlet	
90228161 CACCF23F  Mythril Circlet	
1C569D53 95CF85E0  Glittering Tiara	
C4C3535C 8355EF5F  ???
F03D348E A06336D0  ???
E1B2D1B1 155EA869  ???
8C3B5320 368925F1  ???
2FDBA320 5439D986  ???
A260833D 571131E0  ???
B0A9E687 E6FCFA62  ???
CFCF74A3 D6878381  ???
5C1D0609 3FE7FEF7  Herb	
84077C2A AE445805  Nut	
41EEE50E 54BABF8B  Vial	
932CBDB2 1D59205E  Potion	
9615E566 E4504DA2  Hermes' Water	
769C4C1F 5284E5C3  Empty Bottle	
4EC072E9 81073513  Psy Energy Crystal	
038D0E57 3ED7EC4A  Antidote	
38DBF989 517B6A5E  Elixer	
09B5AD2E 6F04D591  Water of Life	
61FA1447 35E8C563  Mist Potion	
DAB76B84 5343D192  Power Bread	
024C85E2 7412EC64  Cookie	
7D375B5C E3726FB6  Apple	
C9653286 8CEC45B4  Hard Nut	
BE61D02E AE042B09  Mint	
6E89F979 EC65CAE2  Lucky Pepper	
AF3A105B EA83E9F8  ???
DE4F4837 74A9C113  Lash Pebble	
EC60975D 95299360  Pound Cube	
5A87C461 48766BEA  Orb of Force	
10802337 20B7819E  Douse Drop	
48E17C7B 77CEA0EB  Frost Jewel	
08AB4367 D1C7CDF9  Lifting Gem	
F51C85E0 11667ADC  Halt Gem	
29E6B9CF 6FC89F3A  Cloak Ball	
19E7F4A1 C1B3F96D  Carry Stone	
EA892794 AA6EE406  Catch Beads	
A25BF2C2 9E0BA134  Temper Bit	
6B23A829 3041E375  Scoop Gem	
327DF75F 6C6D8D6A  Cyclone Chip	
8CDDDB57 67199079  ???
DC890DC0 FA9588FD  ???
1DE1AF38 B9696FDB  Burst Brooch	
5446149C 72121B01  Grindstone	
1BD9731B 7B208650  Hover Jade	
8AEC8DDB CFE584F7  ???
45FA6BEE 73840A16  Teleport Lapis	
9B8A9394 4F707A9F  ???
9325D026 12FCA2E2  ???
9AF7E3F4 50F18760  Venus Star	
A26115B5 828E301D  Mercury Star	
DC3E6897 9ECC5EC2  Mythril Bag (Mars Star)	
CA57B7CE 7AD8129F  Mythril Bag (Jupitar Star)	
38401EF7 B797F917  Mythril Bag	
77C27234 C0DDD575  Small Jewel	
A1CC0B9E 405E565B  Smoke Bomb	
9DEA0163 ADABD3FB  Sleep Bomb	
0742582D C96EA75B  Game Ticket	
42E44B9E 55BB983F  Lucky Medal	
03D14504 4EF511C6  Dragon's Eye	
303AB053 D1921E0A  Bone	
98EA9A79 000904AF  Anchor Charm	
021BD33D CA373697  Corn	
45E01CA0 AD9E4911  Cell Key	
9BB841A4 F2C5A6CE  Boat Ticket	
C1E78828 5FF33032  Sacred Feather	
ECCD87CF 16D7B146  Mystic Draught	
DAF7CC29 CDF46E32  Oil Drop	
8A3B92D3 872F33E9  Weasel's Claw	
7A0160DB EB1BB2CA  Bumble Seed	
CC7B5D6F 977E7C22  Crystal Powder	
87FD78E0 6D6162A5  Black Crystal	
79B217F6 CAC6B586  Red Key	
B2F58EE0 406E6D48  Blue Key	
494C675E 27D9DFE4  Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)	
496D8A1C 40E85E2F  Jupitar Star	
53F87218 D448A746  Mars Star	
44C01DB7 2CA1A571  ???
A69F8C32 00BBCA2A  ???
EF10385A 6117203E  Mythril Shirt	
24DBD71E BA56A661  Silk Shirt	
201E0A22 EDCD794C  Running Shirt	
4EA34729 C45D81AD  ???
C8206E37 BEE64A91  ???
DA2D923D 24B3FA33  ???
0A94D531 4A6B380C  Hyper Boots	
94063954 80CCF7EE  Quick Boots	
C1ABE8AC 405A1F11  Fur Boots	
624FE0EE D361AC38  Turtle Boots	
0813C912 0495A578  ???
3A2E72F1 11925732  ???
545D045B 17BD17F1  Adept Ring	
7EED533D 15716448  War Ring	
CB410305 A089AB18  Sleep Ring	
843A1DC0 91C117BE  Healing Ring	
3B24B8DB 652BB5AE  Unicorn Ring	
B3E5F561 E1C99685  Fairy Ring	
7D760ABF 49BA1316  Cleric's Ring	
98ECE7C9 37551220  ???
6846BD72 ED606B58  ???
AE550A2B E4DB6EA6  ???
91D6EFC7 B6372219  Huge Sword
6EF7B190 D4F7E443  Mythril Blade	
E2712D06 AE0CCEF2  Levatine	
24BA0A01 99A9AB54  Darksword	
3B1B92DB F7D8E182  Excalibar	
D59CF9B1 E1962EA2  Robber's Blade	
2F0C8D1D CC1704EE  Soul Brand	
FB8FA444 8E078848  Storm Brand	
F19CE09F 27279692  Hestia Blade	
C6C7C594 8735DBB8  Lightning Sword	
0AB44190 3BB1A0DA  Rune Blade	
9660FBB4 54B81AC8  Cloud Brand	
8893518A 586B0C46  ???
8CD0FCEA B8A689C7  Sylph Rapier	
86346DB0 2838B62B  Burning Sword	
4A86BE84 50C17E54  Pirate's Sword	
1341CEF9 5159710C  Corsair's Edge	
0E6A5B82 41EBFD86  Pirate's Sabre	
616EE8A9 8404C2FB  Hypno's Sword	
63CDAB25 3389D3DA  Mist Sabre	
C0A80758 0E3A6214  Phaeton's Blade	
02594C89 A8CABD0D  Tisiphone Edge	
39172A37 48A367B6  ???
1C12DEA2 C8646397  Apollo's Axe	
78DFF13F 6CBD68FD  Gaia's Axe	
FF97110E 4FE7B8A5  Steller Axe	
2850C1A7 B5C9BA93  Captain's Axe	
18F3407D B3956F4E  Viking Axe	
1E822AC5 585E75C5  Disk Axe	
7E11F1A8 A447FD2B  Themis' Axe	
3FA83273 E56A0529  Mighty Axe	
C3538B04 A3C3BCAC  Tartarous Axe	
11E12118 7EAC67E8  ???
6F9D65B7 90CFA12F  Comet Mace	
7491DD9F 5A0CF007  Tungsten Mace	
1C03E6BF DEBC4235  Demon Mace	
3D2CEA60 DD871C1A  Hagbone Mace	
F3D29E58 722DDF09  Blow Mace	
F5DF75F4 D789B93E  Rising Mace	
8792F6DE CF71E771  Thanatos Mace	
13A30916 3464685D  ???
506C3505 180C8F3A  Cloud Mace	
C7CF32AC D8D64E89  Salamander Rod	
274E2C63 56A92EDD  Nebula Wand	
2588D862 34EA54E7  Dracomace	
205022C1 D41A6C0B  Glower Staff	
2ED82492 B43F9A62  Goblin's Rod	
6E79C326 902F86C7  Meditation Rod	
3AFCBBE7 C6B6DE1C  Fireman's Pole	
78EE40B6 57C0162D  Atropos' Rod	
4D7A58F0 3481C27E  Lachesis' Rule	
47A59074 10B378F6  Clotho's Distaff	
848769B4 2D9C43C6  Staff of Anubis	
237DFBB9 A9006655  ???
DDABFB12 542DCE01  Trident	
081F6B09 E1F5E42C  ???
9A6E7A55 6F7380FF  Planet Armor	
02A90F57 654282F7  Dragon Mail	
87E13022 A5539CC8  Chronos Mail	
93DE9565 7A50F7F1  Stealth Armor	
442D3C14 25037BA7  Xylion Armor	
4FECED6A 9BF0C3E2  Ixion Mail	
5ABFF9F3 39425A00  Phantasmal Mail	
F6FDD5F9 FD7B8B95  Erebus Armor	
1EC0AA88 2436716A  Valkyrie Mail	
E3D3F6F6 DDA30A06  ???
5520440A 653B815F  Faery Vest	
988C115F 29D62E25  Mythril Cltohes	
1CBB19EC D01019E0  Full Metal Vest	
64878409 CB6C117F  Wild Coat	
78551083 42CB5214  Floral Dress	
62B3FEB9 07CAD42C  Festival Coat	
BD44CCBE BE100AA9  Erinyes Tunic	
8DB695CE 5039C714  Triton Ward	
36926AC5 0B917C2E  ???
28ADD6B5 61B50D8A  Dragon Robe	
DCBB91E0 71002EFB  Ardagh Robe	
F2D3D81C 4BD3BFCF  Muni Robe	
C7BD82DE 0C52EC03  Aeolian Cassock	
744C45F1 A2267C36  Iris Robe	
6BF32455 6B860A67  ???
4514F8B9 3544999A  Luna Shield	
5A995265 204A9267  Dragon Shield	
E59C600F 46F4AE28  Flame Shield	
96C989BB 80867D6D  Terra Shile	
16D2FC88 05FA9AF7  Cosmos Shield	
9C0A115C 2E4F14EF  Fujin Shield	
24214C45 78994CF8  Aegis Shield	
79197470 246A6FC4  ???
7523C25C DCF0A27B  Aerial Gloves	
5756D030 73C6DBC4  Titan Gloves	
08204712 163EF0D3  Big Bang Gloves	
046B2320 587AB69C  Crafted Gloves	
A100F22E D49EA934  Riot Gloves	
0E8DF5E1 7B050ACF  Spirit Gloves (PP)	
98789E93 1CD93321  ???
8D0E9AD0 EA9852FA  Clear Bracelet	
1ED87F15 8241A75B  Mythril Armlet	
C7B91959 F66842CD  Bone Armlet	
D832C317 45701E17  Jester's Armlet	
FDA390FE E5E268A4  Leda's Bracelet	
2F72FDA4 02E116EE  ???
D88CBC7A 49378A6E  Dragon Helm	
1826B3D3 46319F22  Mythril helm	
BDA6FA8D E8BF994A  Fear Helm	
A4C0E55B 787317EA  Mellenium Helm	
5A875DBD 5D9D0392  Viking Helm	
170D8676 66A97520  Gloria Helm	
83506F28 AFE508E9  Minerva Helm	
4DBB35A9 87E92B26  ???
0F0B7D51 D56FD6E1  Floating Hat	
94D6A7EC 077BA5DE  Nurse's CAp	
8D4E88AE B7C87D3F  Thorn Crown	
1A1C9E47 E8CA95FE  O. Mask	
E6B5777B F53402F1  Hiotoko Mask	
7DA56314 121D36BD  Crown of Glory	
5072F14F D2AFF3E2  Alastar's Hood	
4B3A428E F632B12E  ???
1111AB0A 60CC1888  Pure Circlet	
5439FBD0 4B0E692F  Astral Circlet	
BE921EAE B13F2248  Psychic Circlet	
7AAA7DBB 403E6D9F  Demon Circlet	
025FDA6D 22B3EBFA  Clarity Circlet	
0CD52161 9876A6F3  Brilliant Circlet	
4924ACAE C777048B  Berserker Band	
F29CC5A9 4CE0A349  ???
0115345D EADCAD50  Divine Camisole	
B62DF8C5 F443D31F  Herbed Shirt	
440141A6 0A1E5FE6  Golden Shirt	
0E37B70B DD22296B  Casual Shirt	
86F61628 53D81168  Leather Boots	
59C0D8D0 4E1BB24D  Dragon Boots	
29B564F4 659661C5  Safety boots	
5374ED4E BE1A8901  Knight's Greave	
F04026FF C524F439  Silver Greave	
BA5EF8C4 75CA9FA7  Ninja Sandals	
88FB96D5 3C2B6EA4  Golden Boots	
25DB9E64 CCD29D9C  Spirit Ring	
D70586EC EF547B77  Stardust Ring	
DF1E6636 7BA85EB9  Aroma Ring	
C89AD2A0 7F947A9F  Rainbow Ring	
8EA1462B AA2DF7C0  Soul Ring	
872035DE FB17B176  Guardian Ring	
60DA74D6 315C215F  Golden Ring	
FE584484 20B713C7  ???
9EE9FD13 7345D47E  Rusty Sword	
C6DC22CB 46D42E69  Rusty Sword	
A877D4F9 6615BD23  Rusty Sword	
AFBDABD1 143D0868  Rusty Sword	
70FF1276 2F43DBD2  Rusty Axe	
5BD5AB53 BBD1F6EE  Rusty Axe	
0F3CB792 93855DA1  Rusty Mace	
1C3489BC 1EB19ECA  Rusty Mace	
E512A225 412EC742  Rusty Staff	
52CBC034 FA7A993D  Rusty Staff	
D46FEB16 A3759533  Rusty Staff	
D3ED2F68 353C1877  ???
565FDBAC 3235A94D  Tear Stone	
49DE1451 0F9CB9CB  Star Dust	
2DC76E07 6C666F49  Sylph Feather	
FD23B074 52F011E9  Dragon Skin	
C2F4A73E 900F55A5  Salamander Tail	
2CD609B3 C8DA7188  Golem Core	
21E8B9F8 5850134D  Mythril Silver	
EFF902E9 21C35FDE  Dark Matter	
82ED449F 41239307  Orihalcon	
AC8D84B4 72662137  ???
81F7B0C0 32EB69E7  Right Prong	
89FCC8BB E53B58EF  Left Prong	
DAE973BB F553249B  Center Prong	
CEFA859A 15DBBC6A  ???
448F60F7 0D1151EF  Mysterious Card	
42FA117F 6929EE07  Trainer's Whip	
CCF488C3 BFE3F562  Tomegathericon	
C2B0FB66 A4CF584C  ???
D881AB5C 76E06666  ???
557106C1 D33EB9B7  Healing Fungus	
A84A126E 2A239505  Laughing Fungus	
98DC9CAC 0D501A05  Signal Whistle	
597C69CE D48944B7  Dancing Idol	
0AA0AEE5 348BA70A  Pretty Stone	
462647B1 A1FAAA2D  Red Cloth	
53573FED 11F47AC0  Milk	
AEEC8C14 A24E6C61  Li'l Turtle	
145405AB 9C898E0D  Aquarius Stone	
304F6E7E E1A70BE3  Large Bread	
A6936A10 D81B6BA2  Sea God's Tear	
0B933ED4 29A1B02D  Ruin Key	
97339063 E69EA18B  Magma Ball

CV. Psynergy Slot GSA Codes

  CV1. Isaac Slot 1

F5EDE176 7E0EF63F 
EEE96A72 D967D89A  Quake 
5DE7355A 9776CB87  Earthquake 
A17EC6F9 C88CF78C  Quake Sphere 
14B6290C B39887A4  Spire 
9B0F5B2C 423D83F7  Clay Spire 
82C0EE43 FB8FF5D4  Stone Spire 
55000302 AD3DB87F  Gaia 
20746DA5 54BC73EC  Mother Gaia 
44E676B3 CF219D77  Grand Gaia 
5CD722A8 16C483B3  Growth 
45F31885 3717F5D1  Mad Growth 
968A67DA 269ED043  Wild Growth 
56E97278 A535898E  Thorn 
960CC39B 23383C39  Briar 
F99883C8 B4A6C454  Nettle 
ADFC58A7 55846DA1 
61B647E0 89286B45 
A5582389 183AEE5C 
7B41F391 4BDFFCDF 
F199D109 438393BE 
EE176C6F ADF07887 
DB052E9C 958A0326  Frost 
145C4D0D 738A72C2  Tundra 
5A520EA6 673B540A  Glacier 
E8E6CFA1 BA5F4688  Ice 
6BFD66F0 C4DABDD6  Ice Horn 
D6BBC416 79A73AAE  Ice Missile 
270BAB6C 996D15F2  Prism 
0150826B 255A2BBC  Hail Prism 
D2423399 3310BAC4  Freeze Prism 
6310E71A 0C443F49  Douse 
A8D20793 A072AAC3  Drench 
C256B9D8 79F511AE  Deluge 
0146B85C B3BAEA61  Froth 
35A67DD9 621EDAFF  Froth Sphere 
B76E416B 88A9DAF9  Froth Spiral 
53302330 CBF7D4B1  Cool 
8D4B6212 C309E2EA  Perky Cool 
76A4884D 987C69FA  Violent Cool 
8F1B26E0 6CB878C6 
04ACC7FB 5C287EA0 
352EA962 7852EAA6 
4FA0F193 F297E4ED  Flare 
8EB076E0 E2B4EED1  Flare Wall 
0E58426F 977F1885  Flare Storm 
3DE6D9BD 60CA40B0  Fire 
B5C0BFA0 06CA2E48  Fireball 
01EE5724 A8B501C9  Inferno 
4BFA7882 7A9C0E2E  Volcano 
47F9D1B9 16548854  Eruption 
656E9140 3ABB4ECB  Pyroclasm 
DD6C07F6 EB2059B8  Blast 
D4FBD839 409FE715  Mad Blast 
FEE13FF8 D6ADF351  Fiery Blast 
A4AC2278 D47A153F  Blast 
1A6FD2AF 333D2574  Nova 
8646F289 681C548F  Supernova 
C08A5FE8 DA4ED4C1  Fume 
35DC0CDD 51DBEB52  Fume Worm 
575850F3 69067867  Fume Dragon 
C53FC6A8 41403DF5  Beam 
7A5B7E01 FB583DD2  Cycle Beam 
84D38B69 F3095619  Scramble Beam 
CFA4B735 0F0574FA  Bolt 
4CBEA6EF CA9B5680  Flash Bolt 
A53E2BD8 DF618ABE  Blue Bolt 
5322FB38 1DBE794C  Ray 
B70A4941 3B1E7524  Storm Ray 
ECC4F5A7 BDD55EB0  Destruct Ray 
5F11A85A C073FD56  Plasma 
6787E148 BD7AA2EF  Shine Plasma 
9E201CA8 DB1BAB5E  Spark Plasma 
D3BBDB7E 1BC6D793  Slash 
E4DFEC4A 6E614831  Wind Slash 
AAA7EB3D 2EDE0CE9  Sonic Slash 
31A9C34C CC44B5C0  Whirlwind 
698980A3 38F6964B  Tornado 
2F235D17 4528CF5E  Tempest 
03D8B5E8 C3E19A50 
DA4977C3 826A5569 
C586FF02 A4D70CAA 
34FFB32E 27A992E7 
F4F91166 D90746DB 
C7425CF7 25A0F8DC  Aura 
FFA0AA02 DBFB39FC  Heal Aura 
5939EB1A 91F1F17E  Clear Aura 
D182C28A 9B888797  Cure 
D1E0BCBF 6291CFC4  Cure Well 
BC6B72E1 07D94786  Potent Cure 
4CC1B355 B83E37CA  Ply 
78ABDF18 F5DC0ADF  Ply Well 
F736A341 7871B054  Pure Ply 
F9CB1DF0 495D1C0C  Wish 
5BB4448E 08268277  Wish Well 
8B61F85E 04EE6D50  Pure Wish 
67467C0E 0E17D314  Cure Poison 
AB8DF097 716D757F  Restore 
D01A3203 4593975B  Revive 
D667B4A2 A01C8094  Impact 
6A3C53BF B2706316  High Impact 
1EBBFE77 AD7E2D93  Dull 
AD7D5F5C DAB3C49C  Blunt 
66A60034 8F93216B  Guard 
4768B9F1 C8147F8B  Protect 
B88B92E2 EE4DBB06  Impair 
10A84B5C 47356510  Debilitate 
9F722D7E 4894E3D2  Ward 
CF56C02E D6E89D31  Resist 
F563199D 2DE3BD11  Weaken 
26AF5E02 C3787D18  Enfeeble 
111CFDC6 219E5E77  Poison 
E7F3E99C E2AC11A3  Venom 
E9710DA0 A3D4A9C1  Delude 
D482B349 2A5149AF  Confuse 
FFA096E9 84CF0C72  Charm 
74F7B203 6CE4E967  Paralyze 
2D168A53 EF5AAA7E  Sleep 
4ED58AF9 CBB50AA6  Bind 
21B6FA95 E86AC7A0  Haunt 
285E7005 C83DCE18  Curse 
1DB7FA9E F8AF5842  Condemn 
9F6DF62A D1E5160C  Drain 
CE710DAB 0B84965C  Psy Drain 
39AAAE2D F5133A01  Break 
79034EA2 DE4E4C91  Re-heal 
0C00253C 814CD83E  Reflect 
C4F2C42D C7570721 
032767AA 59192F6E 
1A51B1BA 599D4664 
3D520756 6BE23DB8  Lash
F5D2AC28 6259A8B9  Pound
AFF539F8 57A6B391  Tremor
3E586DE6 12076404  Scoop
572608AD CF077D2F  Cylone 
8BC2E741 748DB37F  Parch
C1DC4CC2 EA5657FB  Sand 
DEB92C1F 8DFE116D  Move 
C1178DE7 4093FD0C  Mind Read 
C7548D53 2D0FE4CD  Force 
5D058E6C 25FF2C35  Lift 
31213D26 29316C78  Reveal 
CA3F3917 6F334CB4  Halt 
F2BFD7BE 6B9D9C75  Cloak 
22A0C230 A1570D82  Carry 
77073DF6 EE572BF1  Catch 
9FEE35A6 3E5DCE32  Retreat 
64E85BD1 B9BA8669  Avoid 
A1BA8280 1BA6AAE9  Burst 
2A8D210E F6C01125  Grind 
8D45F8BA F7BF6D05  Hover
C4D5B843 04344A20  Blaze
815C38DC 90222905  Ma???? (Probably Magnet) 
1E58E013 66065404  Teleport 
AFF1AEED 04F08BBF  A?? (Probably Arrow) 
D67F2BF1 477649B8 
6B541EA9 67935C98  Dragon Cloud 
1C313BDA 80435D08  Demon Night 
0B39BDED 88F8221A  Helm Splitter 
C87BF024 4944D008  Quick Strike 
BB13A12A 635A5494  Rockfall 
C21F8A58 DDB06147  Rockslide 
5AA6A1CD 95F3BC84  Avalanche 
E828C46F CF9AB61E  Lava Shower 
CFAD05A3 7BB7D3D2  Molten bath 
94391AFF F50868F3  Magma Storm 
83A6DE78 F2D0B96C  Demon Spear 
78123E9B E9867A69  Angel Spear 
E840D94D 853C5A61  Guardian 
B1576C02 CAF50FBE  Protector 
6A49784B 691500DA  Magic Shell 
5E2A32BA DCCCC134  Magic Shield 
96A0820E A80A6FF2  Death Plunge 
64C77D6E D75A644E  Shuriken 
FFD69145 FC30EF02  Annihilation 
5C11E7C0 87F916C7  Punji 
1A2CFE8F 44C76E37  Punji Trap 
110133D7 2E5A7BFC  Punji Strike 
8B8B7076 9E62BCCF  Fire Bomb 
2BE16A7B 07A3BEDB  Cluster Bomb 
BD8450D9 9E2652F1  Carpet Bomb 
9972BC4B CD8CB56C  Gale 
05230CAD 26856A14  Typhoon 
3583867B B4CD980D  Hurricane 
31871379 96F00C87  Thunderclap 
7745722F D5A4DC41  Thunderbolt 
D98D393A F2BA899C  Thunderstorm 
16D8FBD8 0FB15A24  Mist 
7B64C17D C56FD19E  Ragnarok 
DDDAB57E AE8C3C97  Cutting Edge 
F4903440 29874E89  Heat Wave 
890F60D6 36C552B4  Astral Blast 
7FF43337 68D27AA0  Planet Diver 
80E7D6CF 30B9DAFC  Diamond Dust 
EAA364F0 F0192EE5  Odyssey 
07BA3778 4D3ACAA8  Liquifier
12F8C7A1 1FC2A378  Plume Edge 
FC56586F F2FB9236  Thunder Mine 
804F7AF4 AA90177F  Planet Bomber 
8F451C12 D1B95C03  Diamond Berg
363C7A40 944F5E53  Death Leap
7BB6F709 8EA09F3D  Epicenter
11CF36BE 358146E3  Thorny Grave
48101360 5E16D46B  Skull Splitter
4B4E5423 DA735691 
A143390E B8360336 
0243441A 14AD9CB7  Terra Strike
D2AF7CB4 D3840D6A  Poison Cloud
1A0745D8 B16DF985  Poison Death
A8C8C0F3 72069105  Mortal Danger
43AD1EB7 BEB2FC3B  Bad Omen
43BE6BDE 5B280507  Life Nourish
BC2549EF 34BA9EF4  Aqua Sock
9C97D5F7 37EEB24B  Blizzard
336976EA BCB03946  Frost Bite
C4AD3D77 85BBAB4E  Drown
069323A7 687F663E  Life Leech
6E17EF88 42CB6E3E  Psy Leech'
84B1FFAA 7BC23C49  Broil
F77727DE B3B00038  Meltdown
2048E937 C6771FCF  Heat Mirage
76FF810A 943F3678  Barrage
E62403A9 5C1F7222  Demonfire
8531C1AD E6C3F876  Acid Bath
E5451816 64E14E15  Vorpal Slash
B19B89B6 EF3CE64A  Stun Voltage
F1C74A33 2EE0C5CD  Blinding Smog
60B0FB8A DD9E5236  Murk
6B1CA2CF 9C53B6C9  Cyclone Slash
807B2D8F B3E61354  Psyphon Seal
8AA2CD95 94B455EA  Rapid Smash
EE3A8240 5E0EC552  Sonic Smash
5C7AEEDB 5DBDC152  Asura
50671EAE 6B8C4EBE  Titan Blade
2C610249 01214F83  Shining Star
A5671640 0E624A74 
DB8231F0 48F88E7D 
EBBA257F 8B114EE0 
3B4B19C7 6DC8888F 
B58D4F76 78EABFB9 
3EB05898 4D564569 
38879A91 06D4F76D 
F0420ECA A661FF8F 
947FA443 933DBB18 
8A240E49 D742EF40 
7F3EFBF5 6C5D2566  Herb
A1F49FE2 A4185082  Nut
0960F7BA EF32F512  Vial
4B3DA5C3 143AE81B  Potion
C0E0618C 5FB8DABA  Soothing Water
38710A25 BA241E5D  Psy Crystal
4BE60616 446E59DC  Antidote
B7A62DC1 0AF66889  Elixir
5A8A9B70 71755F4F  Water of Life
5BB691B4 71ACF566  Mist Potion
A3D9D0EF 90FA722F  Power Bread
260D79D1 8233F771  Cookie
05ED5E8B 5BD888AC  Apple
C7A1D3E1 6D825F63  Hard Nut
E06E4D0E 2DC73635  Mint
B3857BD7 A7E5DE95  Lucky Pepper
CAE5094B AB707FA8 
8B8830B7 F8C23369  Smoke Bomb
FE866CAA 8FEC2E33  Sleep Bomb
768CE2B0 25E0DF90  Adept Ring
C94E9FC8 4D9DC682  Corn
010572EA 1E4F98D0 
15DE4C21 1C50D707 
08420F90 1C6B52E2 
0A8042E7 C2ABD554 
3978EDA3 566A78D3 
0576417C 64550A33 
B579EA79 559483D4 
E3E572B5 E1D6FFF4 
AB635AB2 FDB4F93B 
8799856A ADF029BD 
8267857C 3872A0A4 
C7DDA268 5037DB42 
7D6844DC F0DD84AD 
578B491B FF5EA7A7 
C6E34AFD F26FC3A4 
4C246526 47CC5435 
829DF8C5 997B1B29 
C82A1773 FB5F74BA 
CA902879 510C62B0 
868383F6 63E381BE 
E94AE0A2 B135EE1C 
651B6697 294E7F0D 
1A4372C1 B003E374 
CFE6483A 55CCEC10 
7FB49CB1 A2B92D78 
13803326 B7718AED  Aurora Field
DD5A276B 97227256  Djinn Counter
3CB7DEBE F51AD567  Flint
E87B631D E5211F6A  Granite
1750CE33 D39D4FDD  Quartz
7CF18086 EDDE745C  Vine
C9C0D364 A92530A2  Sap
70DEA7F9 73EBF03B  Ground
9EE9CC99 98B396AE  Bane
907CA325 2A114E42  Echo
C1CA71B1 42068E3C  Iron
C59ABF16 A0676EFD  Steel
1E862D63 16F332E6  Mud
E0EEDEE1 6AE82959  Flower
7745BA02 B278F6F3  Meld
15782677 6DB0BD61  Petra
57593103 1706BA6F  Salt
7D48DEAE 294B9514  Geode
CA88FE83 FFB86ACE  Mold
41312ED2 BC4EE309  Crystal
D787490F 068AB0D3  Earth18
11CBB721 39AD489C  Earth19
65F4BC3D 994E0395  Fizz
5B690132 0D287326  Sleet
8A95EA89 A47FA015  Mist
2F31AD24 8648A3F0  Spritz
5691565A 9A13E70F  Hail
B3FBB383 B3EB3871  Tonic
44CA7C24 C3D186BD  Dew
98EC0681 0D124B7E  Fog
EDEB85B0 F2DE7DA5  Sour
916DFB22 E8B8B1B5  Spring
7460602E 6A200DD8  Shade
162850EF 1733FB4C  Chill
BC346F02 F507006A  Steam
E81B9BB7 AB49F287  Rime
15D4E6A6 96213D39  Gel
13B2A308 224DB7BB  Eddy
3CDDE910 E2476865  Balm
336DCA0F DCF7BDC8  Serac
62D1B90B 6CC9FDD9  Water18
EE3AB90E 9413896E  Water19
75BD83A6 2DA5DF90  Forge
7B51E0A2 1D0F38D1  Fever
9F2C8E6A 9683EBD7  Corona
F216F16E 29DBF3D6  Scorch
746A30E8 447134B2  Ember
57AE74B0 E5C652B8  Flash
41E7DE7A 2B3CCEF9  Torch
8B3DB22A 625E4F6A  Cannon
7902CB24 C0BB2722  Spark
DE9E4AA9 61C51BB3  Kindle
5F9D091C 2C9D67F1  Char
1E7F7889 A8941F00  Coal
B1FDD5AB AA3874C2  Reflux
1E9649F8 0D3A41C4  Core
4AF64CEF 3CA8E482  Tinder
0D9CE50D 74D6CA53  Shine
68EA8EE1 E70B3323  Fury
0F902DE8 87AE7EFC  Fugue
4B13E8C0 B7B3B5E9  Fire18
A56CEA7E 24B4F942  Fire19
6A45CA3C C314176F  Gust
17B62139 2AE72901  Breeze
B644A9DC 50E58FAC  Zephyr
FDA9644B D2D519C9  Smog
3B57D4BF 3038C309  Kite
27608087 FC1C4BA3  Squall
3681099F 7BDE8612  Luff
3F282866 1E3A35FA  Breath
7D638EA0 4EA1D4B9  Blitz
85886BDA AB9C4D99  Ether
5095B737 83033285  Waft
CEFCEF41 5D5E94A8  Haze
B6354BC1 B5584C70  Wheeze
E12BD0BA 32C23504  Aroma
46FEC893 769D43A2  Whorl
B5D66106 8315433A  Gasp
30E54EA0 5CACC1D6  Lull
B1D73CA9 08CF21E4  Gale
9D202897 8B400202  Wind18
8F234154 E49C8163  Wind19
1F37322A 1152DE31  Venus
AFB99285 2A283B00  Ramses
6DC36E06 31BF9AC7  Cybele
A42ED5A7 7B210DE6  Judgement
035EAEB6 24FA9168  Zagan
008EB718 0094E538  Haures
DC0297BD 1EBFDB5C  Charon
1BC18CE5 9DF7569A 
A324B36D 64332DBA  Mercury
2671B7FC 3527C5A2  Nereid
9AB88124 87625970  Neptune
30F21905 992F40E9  Boreas
72985F5C 3BA608A2  Moloch
A82A4A5C 30281E9A  Coatlicue
8BD76C23 65130D57  Azul
65A664B6 5F031DF5 
F1F80BED 52C98B80  Mars
BF19C836 05FC3D0E  Kirin
1069ADB5 359A9D6B  Tiamat
521AB2E1 EADECE0A  Meteor
F0FFA9B1 122A4483  Megaera
FF8F371F 81E0B68E  Ulysses
80953547 0B5F7DD5  Daedalus
4494C723 AC1FA55D  Daedalus
50CFF1CA 316854C8  Iris
2B96C7FA C177DEBF 
2A7D0F5B 1145A71B  Jupiter
C88BB7BA 94F1CD10  Atlanta
60F18318 38563C9E  Procne
59368878 8714F22B  Thor
7159473D 0EA39D21  Flora
605D6154 98F13BC2  Eclipse
36862749 C763014E  Catastrophe
55B6F595 82219387 
3392FF66 2A2BFD88 
644E39A4 E655851F 
0A25B5B3 34FE5D94 
39790406 9A05BD0F 
50337155 A73EF12E 
2AA13BA4 F7FEEF37 
EEA47329 03BD6FA6  Fire Breath
13DCDF96 74FEB4ED  Fire Breath
73FA0860 6582AC77  Fire Breath
11DAE49A ADF0EFA7  Water Breath
B4359392 A3A7575A  Water Breath
AFB8F6D2 BE3CC185  Water Breath
08A28488 12868184  Ice Breath
F64D4EFB 89EC0F9C  Ice Breath
4F798FDC 0183E533  Ice Breath
FAA7E75B 18BE99E6  Dark Breath
A2C1DE5E 46147BD5  Dark Breath
D65C4ABB 4F44D310  Acid Breath
8B8706D3 B0720649  Acid Breath
B8DFFE40 27DAFFE2  Acid Breath
6C77D1CC C71E4585  Storm Breath
C7BD9024 913E1AC0  Sonic Wave
2C40CA62 ED7FDBA0  Sonic Wave
820C788A D68F421E  Shriek
6C4B2A09 F4B2B89D  Banshee Howl
A6FFC0B3 A6B9F619  Crazy Voice
9C0CE15B 16706BD7  War Cry
26FFAA7F BB849C0F  Wicked Howl
5F0E2626 54032861  Wing Beat
AFD6662F 37A5DD2B  Wing Flutter
E96E0B48 153D13EA  Wing Stroke
D77065C0 B7A8054B  Evil Blessing
F27C19A0 D9EC316F  Deadly Gas
F0982A51 ADA2CC62 
C34CD60E 4A1D1E35 
4BD086F5 A5703F10 
517594E6 0804805F  Rumble
71CAA2EF 696AB204  Bone Chiller
0BB1996D A10821DC  Slice
9F97927F C93DB7B7  Bone Charge
4FF3C169 D93D16D4  Mystic Flame
C549BC78 455CC0C5  Numbing Sting
E18F6F27 9ADF129F  Brute Force
03D8E12E 160DF2F5  Sticky Goo
5F67960E C6E43798  Cannibal Fang
83E6C62B 01CC70D3  Bear Claw'
910C7E37 6DB6151B  Poisonous Bite
F4D294D5 6848BB1A  Flying Attack
567E6158 51A7BDE0  Undead Sword
D8FEDDE3 4404E532  Ransack
5BE8226A CD720D70  Sticky Poison
42181468 E6030C08  Poison Fang
25422063 D4C71315  Electric Bite
0FCBE39D 9D03C941  Poison Tail
73C878DF 377DF00B  Onslaught
BAF8E95F 449044EC  Vampiric Fang
3AC95208 F3422FCD  Bacteria Rush
A0ABFD51 0A54F349  Swift Strike
0706E70F DFB5FBF8  Rotten Blood
55E0B154 1895C9DD  Forcible Arm
344E3967 52C1F2D1  Double Fang
423A429D A5A75CD3  Mortal Blow
E0F31962 095BEF3A  Freebite Rush
CD0B2265 F6F12BFE  Twin Beaks
485936F1 4C4E3A11  Rabid Fang
43882BFA 6D5674D3  Acid Bite
7652D529 2439527F  Dynamite
337E86B7 51DE5916  Headbutt
836277F8 43AF0C45  Poison Ink
8845D751 7C41834C  Truncheon Fist
F543B8E1 D96EDC50  Counterstrike
BA516F60 99C939B6  Mad Dash
E41643E4 E55118EA  Soothing Star
43862A9B 7FD1A7C7  Spider Web
284DDA3B 75A664CF  Heartrender
A8FFB9A5 0A5C237B  Mad Spatter
8BC8EBF1 E8A6FA75  Spasm
96F05153 097F3E5E  Sleep Star
D6AD00ED CDE5D904  Decompose
0A3E3910 E4CD554D  Haunting
B88B051C 9EDB849E  Worms
F31530D6 5815D143  Berserk
D24D9BEC F35979F5  Lucid Prophecy
AABAF8B5 0F4C43CB  Recovery
F6882638 81DB4B28  Flee
61D545FE 4B495372  Contain
800E0CE6 8FEBE412  Threaten
8D751B93 7691A014  Tremble
FF03EE3D 5684EA05  Fortify
923F9790 7074C848  Speed Surge
FDA2272F D950099A  Ally Search
AAAF61CC 2B5795ED  Sidestep
E96B1A60 06784BE6  Total Defense
6476AC25 05D26592  Stand Ready
356C0584 E32DC175  Battle Cry
A2707C15 FB1EADCC  Can't Use
AF288B49 545FC906  Poison Beat
689E9822 F272F87F  Spinning Beat
F3C8BFA8 28CD53C3  Heat Flash
0C7749D1 F545E8DB  Death Scythe
0951E930 5A91FF19  Outer Space
4A203550 FDAED210  Dragon Driver
4F25E6CB CFB4F851  Drain Fang
61B2FB4B 8BBFDE39  Severe Blow
93F8959B CCEC9E6C  Thrash
F0C2D40C CE1EF9D5 
70772DB6 33154852  Stone Justice
F49A139A 2A26C034  Sarcophagus
386E1BD2 852967AF  Evil Eye
2B0D3E0B B596A0FE  Vein Tap
E285D455 35815DCE  Heavy Divide
C9AA9B63 41065B19  Hammersphere
8F622D6F 52229B77  Mother Earth
E5EE9C07 91A36CEB  Wyrd Curse
7ED4AEDA FCA6E2CC  Heartbreak
49DAE4EF CF27ADC2  Vengeance
8E45082B 5472F4FA  Acheron's Grief
80DE831B 972B711C  Megiddo
6112E46A 5006E9B5 
C665FBF2 0006E5B8 
42EE04B0 0A1453FF 
DDE9E698 2A7692C8  Hurricane
B4C71D92 21295FC3  Dreamtide
FF32949D 7DECE08C  Stun Cloud
14303416 3E46FC38  Searing Fog
5DC9AD36 89C926AE  Ice Crush
75CD2239 B2A076E6  Flash Force
D44E012D 6884D42C  Sargasso
7E79074F 7AFEC2EE  Lethe Albion
B149694A A41AC806  Reverse Star
B8413E1E 7C9F5C73  Rising Dragon
1D8C62F4 0C0F5CDE 
53D4C00A F1DFC6EC 
31F02159 82B70A09 
30CAFE97 03CC935D 
D2C66EAD 6037E1D2  Power Drive
04D40A56 2C0BAFC1  Boost Hack
7CF86620 99024B4D  Heat Smash
E7FFFA92 7FB0C9A3  Fire Dance
78C3A984 079F07A2  Blaze Rush
5CF93978 932F84CB  Flare Burst
18187D7F A7E8B373  Shred
81C1BF52 F244096C  Crucible Fire
2D0D11C9 7BD11A8D  Scorpionfish
87FC7F5E 594A54CE  Purgatory
67C2AC7E ABBE6003  Soul Shatter
13855D51 7BD407A9  Radiant Fire
3A9AA7E5 76707644  Life Shear
F2D1A74D A2239E2D 
A95B9142 ED5DB871 
418FC81D FE7BDE6D 
A64D44A7 6E18DEEA  Moon Air
EEFE9AE8 4D53D38C  Flash Edge
5D37F71A 9E4C57DD  Aging Gas
16AF07F1 F0A80D91  Mad Zephyr
A8EC3ADE 008B4ED3  Lunar Slash
175CE953 9E08213C  Nirvana
B10C48F3 DA0B907F  High Vitals
63D423FD 9F1932F0  Stun Bolt
54AF1035 02707B46  Trident
9605264D BC3CFCB9  Light Surge
7070DBDF 0C780A68  Raiden's Wrath
A13F2640 11DFCE5B  Void Beam
34DFA60B D5028A2A  Supernova
CE7A24BF 07FF176A  Apocalypse
EB240123 E93DAF33  Legend
B1E2B37C 7B04717F 
AF3590F7 3A8483D4 
403FAFF7 A72BA8A8 
D9A4296A ABFACAE4  Sabre Dance
4CEB187A 99C61F17  Backstab
5D22C36C 520654B9  Fire Breath
AB6E4EFA 66E745CA  Juggle
D4472919 33E98871  Heat Juggle
E3361E66 D20FA9AA  Fiery Juggle
3D2A7B21 AA758A16  Flame Card
DA8EDFFC 50ECE143  Thunder Card
27F67F37 C49C5EFB  Bramble Card
A5180571 78E07E21  Frost Card
069D6777 A37988D1  Baffle Card
9E86C041 E4FE0CDF  Sword Card
06471C39 2435A45D  Sleep Card
C762EE8E AA4C962D  Death Card
D4B8A01F 217E2A45 
97A94E54 84400D37  Whiplash
B9D2D0D3 EB2872DC  Wild Wolf
5CE75BC2 DB527F04  Emu
AEC2324B D8447F62  Roc
785BC370 768E4D21  Salamander
EA36F582 F274A03E  Orc
A7738597 DC07AE2C  Harpy
5C9A9FBC DF16B97E  Grand Golem
3CB4F03B 8B7C72E7  Cerberus
3DD94F8B 52FEF8D4  Wyvern
B4EC5F24 018C9609  Pixie
6DD6FFC4 A9B4312C  Dinox
EB09D2DE C99B91B2  Gryphon
CFB92695 3A8E5AE6  Living Armor
87D06799 DAC14BAC  Chimera
62BF46D9 0AEBBA7D  Blue Dragon
EC57E300 AA0E41E5  Faery
A33F746A 2C9342B5  Elder Wood
E594EDC3 07C10E03  Lich
0F7D4C5E 68BAA708  Troll
DCC764A8 B7780AA3  Minotaur
063E1894 A24EA930  Ghost Soldier
360F1D96 34B7CA48  Macetail
2DFD08D6 F1C8EB49  Fire Dragon
C862CA3D 8A13FB30  Weird Nymph
A5165C03 ABC71E77  Succubus
B962810A 97251F3F  Estre Wood
B19B5A7F 3524373F  Manticore
1AC5A69E BF0AF8B5  Phoenix
58BA3661 842E89B2 
8883A68C FE201199  Call Zombie
543A9F49 B7FF99FE  Call Demon
DB9B2B15 ECDC4BD3  Call Dullahan
21422D7A E4122144  Raging Heat
324662DC FDB10ECF  Fiery Abyss
FE644D9C 25C2347D  Dire Inferno
8B27CE91 6F50D6D0  Poison Flow
17029BA7 4B8AF11E  Fire Puppet
CCE0963D D8B43CFF 
84104CF5 4B851CA7 
64D69994 CFEEDDF4 
017A5445 128C4C36  Sand Breath
368F0A55 A965FADD  Desert Gasp
E1F1A8F6 B820E5C6  Black Ice
F158C4B5 549FAEF7  Toxic Breath
BBB0A94F 936B727A  Typhoon Blow
F291E644 F3A0BC91  Blast Breath
8A455F22 723024E8  Gravel Blow
0B3967C6 3D39DAE7  Darksol Gasp
2F028A76 7303F3B4  Flame Breath
2AC8DAEA F676C5BE  Aqua Breath
44657910 39F8E393  Fire Breath
77D1F43E 9545FAE3  Chill Breath
55F4A0F4 C281EBDC 
41EB1D41 4A1B7F10 
F9D96496 06A451EE 
AC258CF6 7206EE80 
AB859519 D30D75EF 
7F23482B 2B951E57 
65F5C47C C0C9A071 
175B8C11 90828A51 
F3E3EB64 8F1487B8  Flash Punch
D1B9460E CCCC939D  Formic Acid
86EEE438 0FD4F436  Claw Attack
6FAE8CC4 33439D27  Beat Dance
211AC259 677D65D2  Twin Shear
078CAC29 3451FD94  Paralytail
FDDC4FB2 B6F2D346  Echo Cut
D81D5C0B 106E458D  Clarion Cry
C2562D84 CB3FF920  Triple Chomp
DDB0AE69 DCCCB123  Raging Flood
816D4166 76E61F8C  Rising Venom
BA9409E8 7A580F4B  Slaver
317F9440 A92CE545  Mighty Press
F00E32F5 35632756  Star Mine
EAEB3C81 46BE5334  Heat Stun
61EDE64C 188376D8  Ocean Fist
9C4D96F9 BFA54D3C  Watery Grave
E5BCCB54 6547F230  Counter-rush
FE5D5F1F 6CBDA79D  Counter
F3A49038 DDC54A1D  Bosca Hit
6A9A144C A7A843CE  Strong Hit
085CB3F0 0BDCB55F  Rolling Flame
6DA79F99 5655123F  Rising Dragon
4E24ADB2 A9CAD671  Meteor Blow
B7E45752 02935137  Cage
A925D331 1998603C  Stun Muscle
D6D2802D 5D3B7316  Djinnfest
DE56C199 4BD06832  Heat Kiss
B68D6F2E 437B7D6F  Fatal Fang
F00509DE 001A36DD  Angle Spike
152F8289 E5C0C7D6  Quick Slash
4DCF9B2F BD80444E  Doublestep
7E491EC7 0513D536  Maneater
E57A865D 51A92518  Claw Slash
82E1B7DC 2FE39C75  Mega Slash
006A04DE 3384AF90  Vanish Claw
447064A1 5D4EDFC8  Crusher Grip
ED66E664 59C34C34  Ur Flash
00F908CD 52A224C2  Power Bite
AD356EFA F53B119A  Terrible Bite
49E6C7DE F47B1318  Poison Sting
5EA65B0E 5BC38F59  Kill Sting
AC9697C8 8AEA574D  Beast Needle
A9B72A8C EBAC1C0B  Poison Sting
B89A086D EB735981  Stun Sting
367AF4F8 15051443  Mucous Gel
C19C88B2 27074A6F  Poison Gel
F1FB50F4 9E088C30  Hydro Slash
2EDA5D4B BDE858D1  Regen Dance
AC8C525E CA0AD113  Fire Dance
479C4D6F 061B22C1  Power Crush
C0E14E7F 3C7EE1AA  Sack
50AC50E2 B964DA62  Vital Moon
73E933D8 CA422778  Human Hunt
1E617DC6 CB4A3B5B  Demon Eye
3B805E5F A1F75265  Stun Jip
A1933687 AA1D08EF  Pike Assault
2DBAA74D AE8AA0C7  Formina Sage
91F87F7B DDF56371  True Collide
C7FBAE69 E4405767  Armor Crush
B244FCB1 678154D2  Djinn Blast
A40050F2 6CC4FCC1  Djinn Storm
4F4D0AC2 19342A9A  Earth Force
0329FEB2 221A85D6  Guard Aura
9FECDA33 DC823601  Cruel Ruin
816EDAA6 31B08894  Mystic Call
9A97E3B9 A7D2CCFD  Mine Ball
EE815C71 DA517A0F  Angry Mine
2CCD1178 A0425CCD  Djinn Stun
096C6854 BB0DDE69  Crucible
246B5FC4 3084F59E  Element Swap
871E2130 F2541531  Earnest Ply
9E4E27EB 6E688712  Psy Boost
81E2D1A4 D61A504C  Pressure

  CV2. Felix Slot 1

E24516FF 47F6105A 
35DEE00C AD13B9D6 
B4E0CE3F BF82248A  Quake 
96BF295A B98EDF1E  Earthquake 
7676C353 02DCFF72  Quake Sphere 
CA0447E1 9C276FB6  Spire 
BC24E6A0 B1C6E0FF  Clay Spire 
B581E6F9 D9F83C46  Stone Spire 
89BC3F2A B8996CF0  Gaia 
D58CF0E3 22A3354A  Mother Gaia 
9A02DEEB 9B6CAC6E  Grand Gaia 
820368A1 9105B8E4  Growth 
6B952594 8ABC1B56  Mad Growth 
BA4DCA68 0BE27C93  Wild Growth 
D436821E F5CFA199  Thorn 
3FC6A4BD A9F0C059  Briar 
1E41BB4D 0EFB61ED  Nettle 
C5B3E047 B8DBDE41 
9BFB8C51 352C5BCE 
A075FE39 8D09AE2B 
C37D84EC 2D3B2A05 
2EE2564D 4110DDD4 
9644ADF4 06DF42A1 
52E021DC 87027AFD  Frost 
7090FE59 F3A047BE  Tundra 
8666D5A5 E4548EF8  Glacier 
94D02E50 E44752DC  Ice 
6FAFC6A0 B4759125  Ice Horn 
2312CD7A F6DE0C03  Ice Missile 
B935ECAE 89D6F52F  Prism 
9FC71592 6157DFCE  Hail Prism 
D7ECA4F8 8300CEF5  Freeze Prism 
48F51D05 731890C2  Douse 
A24F98D2 1EDAD780  Drench 
69E6303B 7F24CA9B  Deluge 
B96122A8 663C901C  Froth 
DFBF046F 0528DF14  Froth Sphere 
D5CA9DF2 18B8AEC5  Froth Spiral 
85DE6D83 7D8229F3  Cool 
9F4179D3 E74C0AD7  Perky Cool 
088C2594 8A0CD8A5  Violent Cool 
76518CBB 2FF21F88 
C8EC811E 3821C048 
6EDFE0DB 182EA5C0 
2E857705 68BD880E  Flare 
158C28A8 AD46BF75  Flare Wall 
0AF6C144 F95E891F  Flare Storm 
B779FFB1 E9514C15  Fire 
92A77BB9 AC19BD44  Fireball 
EDD55286 EBB10A05  Inferno 
AA027A52 3998FBFE  Volcano 
B27583ED 418226C4  Eruption 
A4CE84C6 B095E403  Pyroclasm 
887B8740 626D66AB  Blast 
F8223298 3531D936  Mad Blast 
5D8E5525 0CF6152D  Fiery Blast 
02EA2C73 A956FBB4  Blast 
BADE2F7B BB1879DF  Nova 
92EBD4BD A1E09E88  Supernova 
B9E80715 79220E2C  Fume 
739705F7 08201D22  Fume Worm 
65B366D4 14C384E4  Fume Dragon 
E77E5EFE 0DA28DE5  Beam 
B25D7F45 AEBDB81A  Cycle Beam 
884B2A54 4BAA3A19  Scramble Beam 
F1CE8461 203B2CD0  Bolt 
0A18B9EC E50EBF66  Flash Bolt 
CF24F685 57BB11BB  Blue Bolt 
776D9AE1 E1CE710A  Ray 
9BECEF06 61C19935  Storm Ray 
1EEF6C88 2CB859B2  Destruct Ray 
479475C9 BD8EECC4  Plasma 
3EC7DBD8 6106382B  Shine Plasma 
50BD0821 11DE5627  Spark Plasma 
0FD0455C E0FC0479  Slash 
8841D7EC CE1679CB  Wind Slash 
0A9F6FB9 296EDD2D  Sonic Slash 
92775E64 2048E42B  Whirlwind 
F2CF3CF2 8A08CAF9  Tornado 
B79C73F6 5CEC498C  Tempest 
F0D6D944 C77E5F40 
08A9D901 B8CDF91D 
BD781825 BA0C3011 
CF9B68C5 8CC629F4 
2B70C404 81247A6E 
A1F80D99 A8CD17B4  Aura 
3CF7B99F D5E1B4FA  Heal Aura 
BEEDE7AC C0B20E54  Clear Aura 
AA1C7DAD A8161218  Cure 
89D31812 CEEE1A38  Cure Well 
612C5A5B 239A165A  Potent Cure 
513A8898 3B08621E  Ply 
83768D7A AF29D5BF  Ply Well 
F94B15F7 C5E5580A  Pure Ply 
0C453294 D30BD255  Wish 
DDC6DF46 AB0544E6  Wish Well 
6B13272C F6CA88AB  Pure Wish 
A952084E 3090ADF0  Cure Poison 
59E9E06A E3E32AA6  Restore 
69498E79 042116EF  Revive 
A0D5B750 4079D2FE  Impact 
9446B3F1 09DC5D69  High Impact 
B84BF3F5 DF222264  Dull 
D5C94BE3 313511F2  Blunt 
7469A252 655E3339  Guard 
CD2E3243 F0718520  Protect 
EC9CC9B7 FA25ECC2  Impair 
4919AC52 C9658A90  Debilitate 
56BBDF93 7501160A  Ward 
4E110BE6 152C72DD  Resist 
E9D5CADC B6AE2136  Weaken 
A15B8CFE 1D30F90E  Enfeeble 
012C5D8F BC5D415E  Poison 
59AC1455 99B34F88  Venom 
25815A8E C3839921  Delude 
D4531ECB 284CD65A  Confuse 
07F1C443 D8C15618  Charm 
DEA29C64 35DD964A  Paralyze 
704CEE65 51D7384B  Sleep 
24ED8CF2 8004750A  Bind 
AE6F7EBE B2B42C70  Haunt 
D838171B B826D125  Curse 
9E15CDB1 7E9FB1C4  Condemn 
665840D7 5A698676  Drain 
DC02C6E1 532A68F3  Psy Drain 
352788B6 3CADE95F  Break 
C3160D3E 0742D888  Re-heal 
C386E95A 369757F0  Reflect 
95235958 3B79DA14 
15E28076 D6F1E234 
36CC38D4 61C51AC4 
F7A14D05 F30CFAFB  Lash
E77D4259 6C23DB43  Pound
D98DB13F 570C51E2  Tremor
0BDE8535 A823E16C  Scoop
42121260 E7998FD8  Cylone 
F4D56930 5A4748FE  Parch
77911CE6 AF49B27D  Sand 
A4379FFA 1175F360  Move 
63BE2C1E 7654BD06  Mind Read 
496EB761 410B7F00  Force 
0C8CCD33 847045EE  Lift 
AE8C5D7F 96A57773  Reveal 
D09F65BE 7E7DF1DB  Halt 
7C6539BB 8CD4A9C4  Cloak 
AC94F26E E1F15785  Carry 
695A4C3A 22F8D167  Catch 
20B67F89 9D55D87C  Retreat 
6900F0A2 B3E07475  Avoid 
0D2BA128 2A3A78DA  Burst 
F08EFA12 436E2ABA  Grind 
DC0C8B75 55FE1ACE  Hover
E7850EA6 45757242  Blaze
33BC003E AB95CF9A  Ma???? (Probably Magnet) 
D38A2CFF 348A0D22  Teleport 
A254A7B2 F0485AD1  A?? (Probably Arrow) 
4F87EEDA 894003FD 
E1554939 EDEBBCF5 
EE71DAF3 06224928  Dragon Cloud 
04AD385D AEA9B8A9  Demon Night 
E5C2D6E9 5981EE3C  Helm Splitter 
676E074E 6E459E73  Quick Strike 
D002CA2E 52ECD5DB  Rockfall 
71E1E37C 799C315E  Rockslide 
CC269215 CDCEA802  Avalanche 
FB78A5EE B52D5A83  Lava Shower 
9EEA0D2F 005491E5  Molten bath 
E46145EC 132197AE  Magma Storm 
08F78D94 497C4DB3  Demon Spear 
7470D446 9AFB6954  Angel Spear 
C15AC641 EDEC221E  Guardian 
2558DCDC 0C34847C  Protector 
4E65A287 687F712F  Magic Shell 
E5281661 AA7383C4  Magic Shield 
9DA77496 6ED6B647  Death Plunge 
46B3EE02 44DCF938  Shuriken 
3F64F23A 6880C7A8  Annihilation 
A1F953B7 1646CF54  Punji 
809E3BAA EC2B8DE9  Punji Trap 
B848DA47 1CB3343A  Punji Strike 
BD3EEF5C 70FA7F48  Fire Bomb 
FDFF203A 90FB96EE  Cluster Bomb 
6C91CAE9 AC6418BD  Carpet Bomb 
0ECE8211 269F3B9C  Gale 
40CE23BE 3FA2B9F2  Typhoon 
9D079E99 FD25A6DC  Hurricane 
501EA2F3 2C61C004  Thunderclap 
EF087545 8769476A  Thunderbolt 
D24795AF 05F01FDE  Thunderstorm 
F05DA3AC 3BB25DA3  Mist 
1BDEEA21 F1BFAF46  Ragnarok 
974953E3 9A22B35E  Cutting Edge 
FB246156 E339712B  Heat Wave 
AAACEC53 6FF22A5A  Astral Blast 
9EDD7206 E414BFDA  Planet Diver 
13D1FA18 DC38A595  Diamond Dust 
252F4C9F ABF17238  Odyssey 
43C0DA0E 8C0B0FF0  Liquifier
FCF558EB 47554EAB  Plume Edge 
125A4920 CEB68B5B  Thunder Mine 
E6A67186 09F94E9D  Planet Bomber 
17C5727B B9BAED68  Diamond Berg
EC99AD0F 6EB47FA1  Death Leap
67FD4B9E CFD53706  Epicenter
1D0BF020 4202630F  Thorny Grave
A60FB29A 2F568ED9  Skull Splitter
4808E0BA C77019D5 
805B9BD2 6AE65B83 
295031A4 029922E8  Terra Strike
2C8E0162 6FB57329  Poison Cloud
04E453E9 EBE8BEE9  Poison Death
DBE710D3 88E8A63D  Mortal Danger
5A029EA1 8591B6A5  Bad Omen
ABDD8DC9 8AE6EDD3  Life Nourish
6F75610A F3D1910B  Aqua Sock
7C147805 656D5DB0  Blizzard
ADABA5B5 8613C90B  Frost Bite
18CE1004 EE6649B8  Drown
F37DA839 A1EB6708  Life Leech
B4193496 21DCA1CE  Psy Leech'
58644CB2 323A1483  Broil
A8EC01D1 D825D750  Meltdown
555EE69E 3F130BFE  Heat Mirage
8842E034 B63F7671  Barrage
687C4A3D 87FB9CA4  Demonfire
ECD6A8C5 50590A1A  Acid Bath
C43BDD5B F53CC51E  Vorpal Slash
319481E6 E206A854  Stun Voltage
CDD62F8E 2607D8BE  Blinding Smog
66E8BB3B 928F3575  Murk
2A24E9AE D7A5368C  Cyclone Slash
F12BB06C 59BC6E56  Psyphon Seal
3FB86397 1E03F659  Rapid Smash
64D6BC06 279C4711  Sonic Smash
C32F3633 B056AD5B  Asura
34232880 785B241B  Titan Blade
53890796 94799BBA  Shining Star
56F7013E 5CA09CE0 
CAA02AD5 39E524CB 
26EE00FA C5EB8952 
7D076E4A DD1F8FC7 
30485326 47A10A36 
7CDE164F 7F06E0C0 
6D2975D2 53AB633E 
9F377C57 37E73F8B 
A4E25460 439F812E 
0C038477 13FE3CBE 
ED0652D8 30A73BCF 
2D869674 2F9139DF  Herb
F03D01BA 4966DAD6  Nut
1CEB2A9D 8C60EEC7  Vial
9971FB90 FBBA131D  Potion
BA3EC239 6242C46D  Soothing Water
EB14BFFE 1DE8539B  Psy Crystal
1C4054C6 BCEA4586  Antidote
8F52AD7E 1D50B69D  Elixir
4C79739F AF794D58  Water of Life
F339DA1D 408D9366  Mist Potion
8FCBDFBE F5A71345  Power Bread
0444692C 31695CAB  Cookie
B6D9DDE3 C12A2E12  Apple
072A6F7C A9F137A8  Hard Nut
012A3EA2 25FB1F31  Mint
C82917F0 0DB5C42D  Lucky Pepper
997178FA 698C8546 
850FBFF9 21E90478  Smoke Bomb
1247DDCA 437939E0  Sleep Bomb
50B35BE5 C29B7BD9  Adept Ring
234D5A27 F2319232  Corn
0C43E410 FC583319 
4283DFAE 07D699A1 
A5E934BE 3A81B8A6 
E5E11DDE CD4E283E 
6DEE697D AD978E10 
AE72A69E 8F6D8A87 
35604318 D3C809F4 
6C028303 09200D52 
234A2F60 7E22C150 
30ABB4B5 77749187 
30269517 F2B35997 
BB1B5CE3 298376AB 
CE3FB315 E38C68EC 
C21F0391 783182C5 
7F007C46 87E9B242 
7E448B1B 7C1FB62C 
4BD9A367 30B436A9 
FC7593B3 66B23016 
94FAE5DA C914548F 
DBD8F713 2F6B6B51 
7C4D4A42 84399408 
48B4F9B6 47198DC7 
BDF60D81 4640DE7C 
A6CB3350 7205FD71 
E0062BA2 A5613B21 
A122FD32 080C388D  Aurora Field
65CBD7DA 0469D846  Djinn Counter
8BF8F7D7 BFB8A52A  Flint
EB5F4FD4 B6941FA3  Granite
C5180CFE AD6C736C  Quartz
B9D33EED C4785025  Vine
1B1C544D D6ABE6D3  Sap
249708A7 0918D400  Ground
7E500C71 8FA8A91D  Bane
132F8B5F F63021D4  Echo
A7F3953D F3B12E6B  Iron
BE0D2BB6 A07E201E  Steel
FF211A84 E6047F6F  Mud
9B9934A5 D63DE8BC  Flower
C95EE8CA 37C3F960  Meld
89C09907 1097192B  Petra
AB850FA1 8F06DB06  Salt
684EC719 34AFEC91  Geode
D885215F 8A3CB8C5  Mold
9B99906B 46BDC129  Crystal
887CF779 5C185EEF  Earth18
EB70F049 0DC93AB4  Earth19
5ACC1455 EB28E0A0  Fizz
10DF859E 811E13E5  Sleet
948C1AAB 5CEDE7F0  Mist
C09769CB CC3CB0C6  Spritz
0B9F479F EB9684C8  Hail
E5E827B4 EC88B410  Tonic
833EE6B3 3B6F1119  Dew
CEAA5830 00F98A46  Fog
307B0FEA 10CFEFEF  Sour
0792D65E 103EF583  Spring
66AA9F3E C7652B8E  Shade
165913F9 C8EEE025  Chill
A601632E 4C21EB02  Steam
858D1519 CEB050C5  Rime
95AB975A 24949995  Gel
8BB6C246 95011F36  Eddy
305F3310 AD82CBFD  Balm
F6214084 0BFBBAEC  Serac
FAB4CA40 3D507C5A  Water18
48A0BDAC BE20BEB4  Water19
D073DEE4 5ACDB6EA  Forge
74A7F3DF ADE3F601  Fever
B5FA2E0A D584EB4F  Corona
D3B00EED 539E73CC  Scorch
4D08CDB2 FB49DD66  Ember
04F8BB52 006E90DA  Flash
469F0653 88C61657  Torch
9A8034EC 51DED9BA  Cannon
DEEA071C E1AD690D  Kindle
E8D9051B B1E7073E  Char
B85CA635 26B92A05  Coal
4EBC8EDB 7F1E2971  Reflux
CB9B491E 476F3D0D  Core
C70BB532 F37FD109  Tinder
A08F1267 ED7C312E  Shine
71974DFC 504C2C99  Fury
21E1B279 5C20334D  Fugue
2CDBB36C F0F8AC4C  Fire18
50EFAD7C 495B201C  Fire19
350E3A98 7677DE82  Gust
0AA69A1B 95E4CB1C  Breeze
D42648CA C8EC833B  Zephyr
9F600257 D2C02938  Smog
F5FA2193 7A135C23  Kite
1FFA2696 DE5CA40D  Squall
5690C67F ECBAEE6A  Luff
798609B8 2A7DA870  Breath
02DDF521 CAA066CF  Blitz
3030A4E9 835C4EFD  Ether
A3D776E1 ABE210EC  Waft
01DECF9D DB69D31C  Haze
FA21DFBD D2D1EF8A  Wheeze
1FD2CA01 6ADA57F4  Aroma
8DAAC556 FCA5A263  Whorl
8522F7A1 FCB24B23  Gasp
D07A1DA5 86C9EBAE  Lull
53315241 F1D646CB  Gale
8A5569E2 F5F6570D  Wind18
9358A684 E389C3EF  Wind19
8011C1B3 2EE70D4B  Venus
B8009F9F 76600EB3  Ramses
FF907A28 2250955B  Cybele
5273EAE4 015833DE  Judgement
96B6F247 A0101066  Zagan
C520FA46 D9F0D16B  Haures
C8DAC728 B5F554D2  Charon
25F20ABB 85D6A614  Mercury
2C1B4F2C 967E322C  Nereid
08C8DFFB 2A63E881  Neptune
95501799 2537DF3F  Boreas
77EF7E4E 03B8921A  Moloch
4B2EBE53 37AA5E5C  Coatlicue
8FBEC990 500F4EC9  Azul
3F20FDB6 CC143284 
18B572C9 31EC803B  Mars
BB44B207 13450B9B  Kirin
5205ADB8 DA5D6463  Tiamat
73804384 627E5F32  Meteor
56EB7AA1 5FA67854  Megaera
1BF0E08F 375BFE06  Ulysses
CEF2E213 3160EA4F  Daedalus
912E821B EF39645D  Daedalus
B327CF71 C599E518  Iris
0ECD841B F7203C6C 
02B86915 218FBF11  Jupiter
36DEC8CC 83C6AD59  Atlanta
ECF2713D B2091E4D  Procne
E611FE6B 89FA9AC9  Thor
1AFE45DD E18BF4AE  Flora
FC3510F0 E0CF6486  Eclipse
AA59A53E 8EBEE91B  Catastrophe
F9A3ABAC FA3B8037 
0311AF42 E087EE55 
CE4AE77C 8E815671 
69F4FA70 73084FB1 
296171C7 4099C0E0 
96AD6974 F0A70909 
6E268B23 7352A1CF 
9DA6EDD1 60E3830F  Fire Breath
DB46B395 1F83EFBB  Fire Breath
15D63CA6 6B284FEE  Fire Breath
DDA7DDAB 82414268  Water Breath
B5832372 3220796B  Water Breath
EC28B1EB 10B5A36D  Water Breath
9DFBCA6A 79B4311E  Ice Breath
0F92F57E 3B37E4CE  Ice Breath
FB9D5458 371B15C6  Ice Breath
2E1C5E6F 66789F9F  Dark Breath
A05A8B1B 32229786  Dark Breath
1B3BE6E4 BFEC1D85  Acid Breath
9A40E14E 3CA28214  Acid Breath
F6A2E806 8A460396  Acid Breath
CFDE670B ABEE2FC7  Storm Breath
6B90AF47 F3FB40C8  Sonic Wave
1F9E8A4B 1765E02D  Sonic Wave
BD89D5A0 F5F4D0C9  Shriek
4B3000BE 569B644D  Banshee Howl
6027FA8C DDB32356  Crazy Voice
5904D6E2 64C4C5B2  War Cry
4652F480 D4E6BC9C  Wicked Howl
040B2AE8 B1DBAB8B  Wing Beat
07275B2C 9BBB10BA  Wing Flutter
8871822F F4C12FD7  Wing Stroke
AD8B0810 7207A695  Evil Blessing
4F825414 7B51C5D6  Deadly Gas
2F9E1F9D D6D8A85F 
8F751DC0 FE433F59 
E6A3DCC0 E0EE05D4 
61FF4577 C6EB91F4  Rumble
DD9AF527 D044F0D2  Bone Chiller
34CA0640 122B6367  Slice
D8608BCC 83C23FFF  Bone Charge
8D9D87EE AB2379B1  Mystic Flame
51EEC253 38B1010A  Numbing Sting
8D857522 1F5BD172  Brute Force
DCEBB2D1 28B0ACA7  Sticky Goo
B7BE166D 5232D9F4  Cannibal Fang
D41D8083 1536F7B8  Bear Claw'
9D58AE73 BA154296  Poisonous Bite
47D6D708 6270741F  Flying Attack
669B508C 31680656  Undead Sword
B3452968 78D568EE  Ransack
A73D2B57 FD5BFE89  Sticky Poison
104A158A 539C0749  Poison Fang
AC37CECC C9B880C0  Electric Bite
A1473EBE B1B3A1F0  Poison Tail
963E51C4 D596A702  Onslaught
3B6567E4 D76C2B2B  Vampiric Fang
EAE55C55 797CC8BF  Bacteria Rush
102871CE 6640D7E7  Swift Strike
555CF92B BB24C4D4  Rotten Blood
C5FBEDC3 11C3D328  Forcible Arm
E9EE2607 C104EB60  Double Fang
6E32E7AC B58BCF7E  Mortal Blow
177FDE66 DAB1A7B0  Freebite Rush
1B3EB0FF 15C45983  Twin Beaks
AF1ADC47 F237A933  Rabid Fang
E1D8B5A0 A28897A7  Acid Bite
0549B91E 41C2B79C  Dynamite
9924EF1C D9499711  Headbutt
15316446 EC3CF5EF  Poison Ink
5FA00885 E200E9ED  Truncheon Fist
15C8618E 399535D7  Counterstrike
B0AAE40A 4E0B15BE  Mad Dash
D5C992C6 54AF391D  Soothing Star
AE02F434 4ECB452B  Spider Web
FE1F0119 A6ED3BCC  Heartrender
FD1D80C2 34AAC0FB  Mad Spatter
540ECA94 4A1DABD3  Spasm
54A57DE2 1CF1761B  Sleep Star
D2B75F48 7AAF8B31  Decompose
E7761ACE 87EEB58B  Haunting
B1D887DA 08C60953  Worms
6684C90D FE12C033  Berserk
A0CE0445 C3A280CF  Lucid Prophecy
D67724A5 548EE884  Recovery
FDCF040E 164C07FA  Flee
C28B31CC 407FEE50  Contain
94A6372C 007D51D9  Threaten
F8AD6097 EC8634AC  Tremble
C39BE610 A68C37C2  Fortify
608943BB 50F328FC  Speed Surge
048FBDA4 6A206C47  Ally Search
3A8681FA E115B670  Sidestep
F70EE6B7 E3694198  Total Defense
86674429 D803CB9B  Stand Ready
44F26326 73494BD2  Battle Cry
8DA19639 36AAE8C5  Can't Use
E5921BEB 79C7C02C  Poison Beat
ED6D74F9 87206755  Spinning Beat
C010ED96 36FD88BB  Heat Flash
A1BA4409 2B5A0FEB  Death Scythe
E2F64147 B67B04A2  Outer Space
BF16FA9B DC573DD1  Dragon Driver
03565CD9 03F8E894  Drain Fang
AB19D78C 0C0667A2  Severe Blow
6004CCF8 CAEF8CD6  Thrash
0E06F873 602EB46E 
D1F428A9 B1BF1CD1  Stone Justice
D0B8B2D5 EFB322BF  Sarcophagus
B30B3159 7C30D49B  Evil Eye
7A5FBD12 70C3E026  Vein Tap
E258137F 825FCCCD  Heavy Divide
7088F298 E7366013  Hammersphere
B06562A1 3AD37A30  Mother Earth
8DFFD401 4F535AF0  Wyrd Curse
59FC7763 3CA3F5E8  Heartbreak
4D8E0D27 A9D6CEF4  Vengeance
A4C0D590 7C8E7ECB  Acheron's Grief
3D0782A2 44EC7E4B  Megiddo
49D128E8 46EF1F39 
60FAB550 EC059317 
0DB78FCD A4D65990 
68E0028C 2CA074E2  Hurricane
EF7D4B0F 9C3D1C21  Dreamtide
883BFB8E EFCA0308  Stun Cloud
1B2CD14B B0C305BC  Searing Fog
F7727C58 52CBCD77  Ice Crush
A4646513 419B4A1A  Flash Force
CF7B9A2E C4ED4E21  Sargasso
95B4C8A6 5B3B59B6  Lethe Albion
E1D76316 592C7159  Reverse Star
AE855B4F 5C2478B2  Rising Dragon
4C2E9C6C 68F748E4 
1E00C2AF 696A9C38 
4566BEAC 8663CE33 
B5F49259 4F710CD4 
5080D4A5 0BFAAB4C  Power Drive
BA10AD05 917FB723  Boost Hack
2FE1C594 8A6FA0E7  Heat Smash
051983B2 1E6600C5  Fire Dance
0D63BE06 5335B4EC  Blaze Rush
417FE4CD DBFFACC1  Flare Burst
7CEAF07D 71FDC8D4  Shred
FF18A056 7B606254  Crucible Fire
AC1688AF 1DB677D1  Scorpionfish
1EB9A2B5 191FD529  Purgatory
6FA66956 ECE01684  Soul Shatter
805E1924 30F73D5F  Radiant Fire
BDFF0AD0 029C187E  Life Shear
D9C99BBD A619A252 
1C04B228 6108513C 
DA18549A 5CE7A340 
E4FC3813 B00744F1  Moon Air
211E1673 6F445AE5  Flash Edge
DA8CFFE5 FFFC49FB  Aging Gas
63DEE7F6 28E4C522  Mad Zephyr
170E06BB 2558A16E  Lunar Slash
EA248027 35BC4414  Nirvana
D59A632F 20BF0C5B  High Vitals
39A1D6A7 FCE1DAE3  Stun Bolt
8985F544 EA334C75  Trident
897C99FD 69767FDC  Light Surge
2AF5BD3F 0A94EC8A  Raiden's Wrath
234F633A AE356DAA  Void Beam
19988738 52F08CC7  Supernova
48F44B11 EB11A56B  Apocalypse
9B6DF13F DE04765B  Legend
C58E77DE 45CC1DDC 
0412D2E9 FF336883 
CE4762FB 05603397 
091ABFDB FDF67578 
3A55BC6A 469AE3EE  Sabre Dance
3E8966D2 0EBABCE1  Backstab
8CFFBA7C 5B502050  Fire Breath
0B643EAB CB0EAED0  Juggle
F5D4BEA8 958499DA  Heat Juggle
E6A975FE 4250395B  Fiery Juggle
7E21E3C1 2CD17059  Flame Card
A9AC2F92 F34949E6  Thunder Card
889CCE4C A9516CF3  Bramble Card
27F9AE5A 58292B63  Frost Card
43F078DF 2EFCCF66  Baffle Card
117C8158 3F07745F  Sword Card
6B7CEFD0 6225C692  Sleep Card
7E298B41 98F385E2  Death Card
AB228632 A948DAA6 
C5CD151C 715B3B28  Whiplash
F776CE32 7C69865C  Wild Wolf
AB382D5C 98768839  Emu
AFED05BD 3C9A6BE1  Roc
ECD1D86C 9085F344  Salamander
414904D3 3708D767  Orc
DDFFC6CC E4DC72C3  Harpy
8CE6EF14 11DB957A  Grand Golem
29805266 0FB4E309  Cerberus
7D537471 D5A0BE12  Wyvern
42530663 8B8F40CD  Pixie
B46F1D31 C8E61F32  Dinox
53C03DC5 E9494EAA  Gryphon
95D89AAA 72E29934  Living Armor
A835115D DDCF5CB2  Chimera
9DB5A60A F0E70D3F  Blue Dragon
988F5F10 F0963320  Faery
9381C96E F7DC1C99  Elder Wood
86464BA8 19E2EC11  Lich
8D6DD84F 1C48F78E  Troll
BC1EB7D1 00441D67  Minotaur
1E7D403B 88E014D9  Ghost Soldier
C15F5286 7CDB9FC3  Macetail
9B5298FA 17905366  Fire Dragon
3DC2032E 244ECC8D  Weird Nymph
3F0CEF11 2F001BA8  Succubus
0C98C39D 531B1056  Estre Wood
D1FBE2FF C9B85AB4  Manticore
C6D6EFB6 1F2FBA70  Phoenix
CD70708D 1CFE2DA6 
F4115C27 EFAF794F  Call Zombie
A70C74C8 5681A8FC  Call Demon
6DC32115 E2268D82  Call Dullahan
74A5E87B 41DDA933  Raging Heat
2E9E9D87 33503390  Fiery Abyss
29632341 C24DB86E  Dire Inferno
22FCE806 E50FFE89  Poison Flow
CCAA78A7 76164AB2  Fire Puppet
3E2602DE 325622ED 
62CC6702 B8CE8054 
ACCB2607 0E978268 
444F074F DBA821FA  Sand Breath
6B0159C6 45B2FB24  Desert Gasp
46BF6DB3 304459B2  Black Ice
A144E97A EB650778  Toxic Breath
7334B55E 3D8E3791  Typhoon Blow
90EF1F71 5320BC6F  Blast Breath
73A3FE81 9888DAB6  Gravel Blow
3F0FA996 5C660D36  Darksol Gasp
4F2C4976 437BD8F3  Flame Breath
EECCD1C0 3BE3FE16  Aqua Breath
F3B0959D D0BAC10E  Fire Breath
373B1532 71EF9C83  Chill Breath
B2106740 D2B84B63 
3C4084C3 1727A314 
DAFF02F8 ADB82482 
58EB8C8D 25C928DC 
1D97EBF5 A164D6D5 
A79AA73D EAEE9295 
135CCAAA 07D51C1C 
04D0794C 0E794812 
09CD1BD9 2F5F608B  Flash Punch
8E422152 EC67CFF1  Formic Acid
63702703 51A97C22  Claw Attack
E91CDF62 112EC4D7  Beat Dance
E97B46CD 5DA39FF7  Twin Shear
C0F2C34C DA3AE912  Paralytail
C09CB4F2 7E94B3CE  Echo Cut
227C328F 374A661A  Clarion Cry
1D697620 A2DD1871  Triple Chomp
38DA9305 E804281B  Raging Flood
CECF1A31 F5EBE17A  Rising Venom
98B9EAC0 0D27AC91  Slaver
BFF21710 D2BB15A7  Mighty Press
D4379EF9 7875EA7F  Star Mine
CCB0ED69 718D18C1  Heat Stun
8816C13D 688DD9FD  Ocean Fist
9912FC55 2F476DB2  Watery Grave
00A4A490 8BE6B27B  Counter-rush
F7EB8A95 C96A6D9B  Counter
EC578317 D090F6DD  Bosca Hit
909AE103 21FF1229  Strong Hit
49D4DA7A 2186A06D  Rolling Flame
96988C64 AEDC3199  Rising Dragon
C8FDE9F2 8CFE12A6  Meteor Blow
62223F3D 89713A57  Cage
17CCE962 2CA2A7B2  Stun Muscle
EFAAD0CA 0DBAE80A  Djinnfest
3C51725E 6D7749CD  Heat Kiss
2EF76893 FBD320E0  Fatal Fang
A7BF6666 EDBD3EF6  Angle Spike
D3B31859 6DC7FC28  Quick Slash
B472CF7C 45A9C502  Doublestep
06D4DCE1 68D62F83  Maneater
59612F79 9A361C77  Claw Slash
807FEE3E BC25914B  Mega Slash
863A8A07 8DEFB401  Vanish Claw
8AFF2C64 37541D6E  Crusher Grip
84C6A6AC 1A6B65E9  Ur Flash
9BDFA871 8F4DE72F  Power Bite
3026E373 339DC3F4  Terrible Bite
31BC763D 430F74B1  Poison Sting
9C1902E0 F9ED55A8  Kill Sting
4687E4C7 CC396317  Beast Needle
E9BB6FD2 9747B16E  Poison Sting
0742AC40 4884FEAA  Stun Sting
2D1A7401 6686D819  Mucous Gel
E0C1C26A CCEA51CA  Poison Gel
F3DF4709 DF622921  Hydro Slash
B9D508D6 4D1061BE  Regen Dance
B8CE48AC C612A9F3  Fire Dance
198C4C40 1FBFC1E4  Power Crush
E21C83F1 6E73083E  Sack
E5A7D9D9 C059511B  Vital Moon
28C81CB4 F5B35EF6  Human Hunt
06A59DB1 1FD6CD84  Demon Eye
96D6E8C2 5589BB74  Stun Jip
33E39A91 FD0B27B2  Pike Assault
42BDD719 6F30DB0A  Formina Sage
CF4A8456 9AE9BBEB  True Collide
F7BE722F ED555B8F  Armor Crush
F6F28E3E 5A1CDFFB  Djinn Blast
31E9794F 622A4332  Djinn Storm
DDBDBA5F 74FE7A7C  Earth Force
F32D96C3 C47E89DE  Guard Aura
23AD5A1A 421784ED  Cruel Rui
5CCEF4ED A9F6EA7C  Mystic Call
2473134C 100A6573  Mine Ball
60F3D271 5D56C51A  Angry Mine
4D46544C 58C31E74  Djinn Stun
C7B87B18 B3B540FB  Crucible
923B4147 4C608BC5  Element Swap
0015F1ED 1D1EBE9C  Earnest Ply
B95A7B26 C2AD8372  Psy Boost
3401CAD1 FEF3FBB8  Pressure

CVI. Item Drop GSA Codes

  CVI1. Drop Slot 1

A099707D FC280841  Long Sword	
F5EFECCF 8FEFDED1  Broad Sword	
6A8FD1EE 64185366  Claymore	
27B6BFF6 AC960C36  Great Sword	
8DAC73E4 6D065C98  Samshir	
35F6D6ED 1F34759B  Silver Blade	
2C7E3A65 43566B12  Fire Brand	
50579740 167E20CC  Artic Blade	
D0047562 F355F392  Gaia Blade	
6E9AFF88 6C526E35  Sol Balde	
4D171D73 02096637  Muramasa	
3E2EAF59 4E56EAE6 	
7D306E9C 00791DA6 	
31524A27 2F0C64B9 	
34EE787E 8810B576  Machete	
6504D65A 56AAA76B  Short Sword	
4F333257 FC7E6298  Hunter's Sword	
8FDCB7CB A6B80841  Battle Blade	
CDE4E59C F102565D  Master Rapier	
DF8DC124 42F91244  Ninja Blade	
FD3F6741 BFD23132  Swift Sword	
71174197 51A95F6B  Elven Rapier	
3EF07B88 287E20E4  Assassin Blade	
DF4F3091 C402801F  Mystery Blade	
9A13006D D4130E6E  Kikuichimonji	
C257EC8E 9570993A  Maamune	
3C1950A0 EC3EEF86  Bandits Blade	
026BEA06 F1BC87B0 	
7FA9FBF7 0B93FD21 	
3889952E 0F946337 	
A74149B4 A4A12EE3  Battle Axe	
47FD8586 47C1E786  Broad Axe	
2387E2CF F7CD975A  Great Axe	
F0C76754 7374B7E7  Dragon Axe	
A59A3E3C 4375A115  Giant Axe	
62D4915E 297C3691  Vulcan Axe	
8637C72C 1FA9D647  Burning Axe	
191588AB E51F1FED  Demon Axe	
D6F9AB30 E17CE2BB 	
7E9E68A0 42C14E96 	
E4990DDD A03F35DD 	
0D37B506 D103B033 	
2DD5BCC7 E8888CB3  Mace	
822A02CB A68780BC  Heavy Mace	
45E2B7D0 ECCD140C  Battle Mace	
89CA4E79 3A6D49CC  War Mace	
42694EA5 C648A6A6  Righteous Mace	
26F253EE 80CD3D9A  Grievous Mace	
44565FD3 52E8A3B9  Blessed Mace	
F154B5EC 8051953A  Wicked Mace	
4EBCB8D2 06D49283 	
7C574FC1 C967BAE1 	
46BEC6CC E4658F9B 	
EBCD6A4B EC7632E8  Wooden Stick	
242F5FBA 4CB3A206  Magic Rod	
BB2D11EC 8CCD92CD  Witch's Wand	
0826EC30 DE1488DA  Blessed Ankh	
0BA2548D 7536AD67  Psynergy Rod	
AA4AFB3B 8AB8B865  Frost Wand	
5787FF7D BE4EC339  Angelic Ankh	
F322F899 B35DD1C5  Demonic Staff	
335DD2D2 E598B0FC  Crystal Rod	
BE161E7B 64815DF2  Zodiac Wand	
284D5C02 E92EFD25  Shamon's Rod	
B5B61CEF 805E4534 	
BD473350 D881A661 	
62389A5D DB64AED2 	
5E674121 FAF9D5DA 	
3820E67C AA266725 	
2D2DA57A 95043B11 	
93CC53F2 F8F30503 	
A83B6021 579474AD 	
10AE6C50 2872D5F5  Leather Armor	
8F806707 311805E7  Psynergy Armor	
C041F997 7CE68DA1  Chain Mail	
E84EB61D 9530AA26  Armored Shell	
ADC7D586 425A2465  Plate Mail	
8694E272 0DEE4B7B  Steel Armor	
BAF0BE1C DE3861DD  Spirit Armor	
6193CC0E DBDF1BA3  Dragon Scales	
E77342AB 3933A60A  Demon Mail	
25F897BF 6DE0E9F0  Asura's Armor	
88691E2C FDBF90EE  Spiked Armor	
C2351A57 E300A786 	
EEE6F791 FFDD922F 	
916D5890 BCB9B2C5 	
059E5E59 713D7887  Cotton Shirt	
3DB40B70 5348ED81  Travel Vest	
92BF1479 A293E6F4  Fur Coat	
87E65395 58733C29  Adept's Clothes	
D868E5A7 9B1BD914  Elven Shirt	
3D3E628C 41DA4300  Silver Vest	
D82F6374 07CD8550  Water Jacket	
3F693D61 4EDC36F0  Storm Gear	
B70C1292 84ACE62B  Kimono	
F574B0CB DB2914C8  Ninja Garb	
1B300474 9D96636B 	
557E1C03 DEC0D6C1 	
F8FEDACC E498078D 	
5E8B906A 9FEB8126 	
CA2BADA9 75FAA09E  One-Pieced Dress	
A2F1981F 575CF93C  Travel Robe	
08AFE120 BC05E234  Silk Robe	
BEC35B31 74294452  China Dress	
CDD164A5 6D9CDCC6  Jerkin	
F97482C7 B2A025D1  Cocktail Dress	
B7BE93CF 9C6A7ADD  Blessed Robe	
19208BC6 89985008  Magical Cassock	
BCC26CB5 15DCF318  Mysterious Robe	
5A31326B 7C25D8FF  Feathered Robe	
6C9850A1 D79DCD24  Oracle's Robe	
9B2BDFDC 9612A032 	
E268351C 49A425EB 	
082195AA 80E5EA8C 	
84D4D505 81CCDABE 	
632A8E50 10656E13  Wooden Shield	
4EB1C608 1E0F7871  Bronze Shield	
0F93547F A0EA09BD  Iron Shield	
5756A54C AA54EEB1  Knight's Shield	
E02EBE7A 6ED3DCF1  Mirrored Shield	
9442B95A 7231BE6D  Dragon Shield	
3594FB24 4FEB4222  Earth Shield	
F4CCEDE7 2C133DC1 	
BEF2AEA5 6DA43701 	
C227AE3F 1565FABD  Padded Gloves	
CC37084E 98B179D5  Leather Gloves	
D6CC6038 DBAD881A  Gauntlets	
27D20C20 510E4141  Vambrace	
9A1D00FA 34C8EF8A  War Gloves	
DBF20F8A 4E2C2230  Spirit Gloves	
2B91EB6B 18564832  Battle Gloves	
9B96673E 3832BA68  Aura Gloves	
237CB849 C6FB9988 	
6BDD35C1 5A59AFAD  Leather Armlet	
3F03D009 4A77D676  Armlet	
C70CD0BB 78D7AC7E  Heavy Armlet	
5A0AD051 C280FC40  Silver Armlet	
1AAAFD74 4EAFCF1B  Spirit Armlet	
9B52D5FF 2FA28B40  Virtuous Armlet	
B569450C B9352244  Guardian Armlet	
0CE46A8B 30668392 	
3307B908 097A7D6C 	
890EBC14 4E208EA9  Open Helm	
7A345EF5 F440B6B8  Bronze Helm	
7BFE40FD 87C8465A  Iron Helm	
744FFAE3 92FB9555  Steel Helm	
EAAE3B1E 35A9016B  Silver Helm	
2CA6A4C1 F2361254  Knight's Helm
381E2DDB B7C9B3A6  Warrior's Helm	
174A8DDD E7832437  Adept's Helm	
914254EA 1CE4BB64 	
8160BAC7 E69ADEB5 	
0C167E90 DD2E255C 	
3854A54C 7A30B8EF  Leather Cap	
19EEB3C8 BFF1826C  Wooden Cap	
125DD24D 753CD745  Mail Cap	
86927F12 DE1E9D92  Jeweled Crown	
96A71314 04BDAF9C  Ninja Hood	
14245CA6 398C474A  Lucky Cap	
C92B029B CCCAECC5  Thunder Crown	
76D3AB03 05CFEFEB  Prophet's Hat	
0CCF0D6E 132FD06A  Lure Cap	
2B0E1F4F E926EC80 	
2C775701 64D89764  Circlet	
7FF34585 5FD894DA  Silver Circlet	
C98C1109 AF6DD678  Guardian Circlet	
8EF724A1 C4A8D142  Platinum Circlet	
2BD10F40 6CCFAE7C  Mythril Circlet	
ED79868F FE4088E1  Glittering Tiara	
EF90C4E1 64D3EB57 	
5B0AC374 5C3580A8 	
7D9F1585 C83A6DD1 	
B58AF656 49D0E712 	
F3E0871B 3252F4EE 	
0B5AAA03 45C5CB21 	
3ACB3900 1B658399 	
5C192D3E 4147E106 	
794D28E3 F1135B0F  Herb	
56A9C4D2 C4AE7C62  Nut	
E6CA3321 C95CD0BA  Vial	
225C05FE 5B10BE0E  Potion	
2C3968D8 8D7ADC44  Hermes' Water	
7614D177 62EB3142  Empty Bottle	
4F4DE047 6D52FFE7  Psy Energy Crystal	
6E9D8AE0 AA3853E4  Antidote	
3DFD60B1 7709E4DE  Elixer	
8E2500A0 470FBAE0  Water of Life	
A70CABA7 7888E29B  Mist Potion	
054B1978 C9F04035  Power Bread	
09DB6FC1 7875AFE3  Cookie	
6168C95F 92CC5D16  Apple	
F35C63D3 581A161C  Hard Nut	
221D515B AD09C620  Mint	
F54B5CEF D89A9E34  Lucky Pepper	
C5683625 08DC130E 	
9BE77637 19F01FD2  Lash Pebble	
85950B46 963BC6B9  Pound Cube	
7D6CDDFF 11F7CD04  Orb of Force	
52F348B5 37ED63E0  Douse Drop	
97D28711 FAD4593B  Frost Jewel	
B9949263 83A767F2  Lifting Gem	
D39AD0F2 2D30767C  Halt Gem	
5EDE5A98 038967E6  Cloak Ball	
64EC5B32 EEE1C015  Carry Stone	
4A3F7035 EAF56359  Catch Beads	
BA64F393 2D3EAA6E  Temper Bit	
5571C203 A9831705  Scoop Gem	
C73EC3DD 72353E6D  Cyclone Chip	
00134B35 75A31EE3 	
8286741F D3B04896 	
6462959B 41EA480F  Burst Brooch	
F3342A0C B1CD1959  Grindstone	
DF69E9DD 132D00EB  Hover Jade	
91B4B30B 5509A3A7 	
E17F5246 BC5CF2EC  Teleport Lapis	
E37C1D2E 4C5ED9C1 	
95A39D6F 99C639FB  Venus Star	
E9C0B040 2326E6E1  Mercury Star	
99527798 3568602F  Mythril Bag (Mars Star)	
BE1D82CF 58007685  Mythril Bag (Jupitar Star)	
CAAF8A90 C95997A7  Mythril Bag	
FBAE4B3A E8F68B72  Small Jewel	
647F8311 C37AFFEA  Smoke Bomb	
681D6668 96D2575E  Sleep Bomb	
32DC481A 9984B115  Game Ticket	
7C118219 3EF10038  Lucky Medal	
568F6923 D0213515  Dragon's Eye	
0AB2BAE4 599A4A47  Bone	
257D76BA 000FA045  Anchor Charm	
3B16E6F7 CB7DBA4F  Corn	
ED09AD65 85D9D77F  Cell Key	
51755AC6 7E0611EE  Boat Ticket	
03BC4BB3 8D2C2E8D  Sacred Feather	
CCDA82A4 5E904480  Mystic Draught	
5B85A63D CC630511  Oil Drop	
CFC0DABE 77433B2D  Weasel's Claw	
2C20C406 F88BA75C  Bumble Seed	
AC55F6D4 CA5A9C28  Crystal Powder	
73A4A494 F89A2226  Black Crystal	
8FFA43BA 3DB53BC9  Red Key	
F8BB6537 C4E82176  Blue Key	
71E18222 E078FE29  Mythril Bag (Jupitar + Mars Stars)	
90DD0485 3842C253  Jupitar Star	
72C843E5 23E3EEE2  Mars Star	
D96BBD8A 175B6637 	
7F6FF599 1B1FC791 	
A9291C74 179E3DBF  Mythril Shirt	
147A1687 C4F0D856  Silk Shirt	
535AB8EA 08A9715C  Running Shirt	
CB41B989 B2EAA926 	
C1980046 D73321C9 	
5AD01A8A 6386A18B 	
C52CF43A F07E2B84  Hyper Boots	
E7D0725B 60D8D13D  Quick Boots	
5721BA87 4F3F6531  Fur Boots	
C40E557F 493096F9  Turtle Boots	
75316CB2 29BECEF8 	
56C08E10 4B31D7A0 	
AD245943 DAECDCB5  Adept Ring	
33D14A8C 5A83A79D  War Ring	
C8CE3076 E5689F5A  Sleep Ring	
A4651529 813E78F0  Healing Ring	
950BBE4C 6D4D78D0  Unicorn Ring	
D1707E5F 6A14E22E  Fairy Ring	
76F01706 437C2921  Cleric's Ring	
4CE13AF4 0A26067E 	
C3AEC67C A974331C 	
CC1349C5 73CEB9A4 	
E04D1808 F7C04839  Huge Sword
FCE447BD 17B12002  Mythril Blade	
E4B46045 01C1A85A  Levatine	
67EF9E0F 2A331FFF  Darksword	
168AB561 BA9A4311  Excalibar	
2F504C13 54BDF758  Robber's Blade	
C92613C1 165EEB12  Soul Brand	
A2C314C2 BF01AC38  Storm Brand	
4023A231 4F2AF393  Hestia Blade	
E50C814C 65DAC39E  Lightning Sword	
4CCEE8AA A19361B3  Rune Blade	
3774DA39 AB1F50E3  Cloud Brand	
7B862058 1ED57545 	
878A7094 9DB6817D  Sylph Rapier	
B440A4FF E5B093F2  Burning Sword	
A0CDB751 9CD1D2DE  Pirate's Sword	
ECDDDDF2 6F3F122B  Corsair's Edge	
0CED0957 C3E298C6  Pirate's Sabre	
54EE2F1E 1E9B63CE  Hypno's Sword	
7A3B315C 34B0D9E5  Mist Sabre	
0C1E4313 01BE03FF  Phaeton's Blade	
821F631C 48B0FA7A  Tisiphone Edge	
80E5EA4B 7BD1C9B0 	
3C3230DD 9A50A6C1  Apollo's Axe	
71EBBDAE 9AA4ADC6  Gaia's Axe	
6BE3ABDD 265932FD  Steller Axe	
35D92EE5 CBBAA50B  Captain's Axe	
5B2FFF50 2EA24A82  Viking Axe	
2AE54274 B694DAC0  Disk Axe	
D6686B1B 4D1B3192  Themis' Axe	
3BB03E65 D9911CED  Mighty Axe	
ABA483AF A26C798B  Tartarous Axe	
2E8F4187 1C922CEA 	
8E31CAA1 28FD5CAD  Comet Mace	
9459AE0A C5ACAA6B  Tungsten Mace	
1D6AC45D 4BF6126A  Demon Mace	
47D55DF2 0D9D94B0  Hagbone Mace	
63A2F2A1 82CBADDE  Blow Mace	
D8E1F769 74CA4677  Rising Mace	
4DFC0406 85B52355  Thanatos Mace	
91BB21CF 29E02255 	
873AD0B6 74DC5697  Cloud Mace	
F79807B4 73966734  Salamander Rod	
B7A9EA59 E8B13EF7  Nebula Wand	
46D6734F 5A6231E0  Dracomace	
1E5F5CF9 5E82E49E  Glower Staff	
9E01A9B3 24C67DBE  Goblin's Rod	
F8683B2B 8481E795  Meditation Rod	
A08E23DF CC180FC1  Fireman's Pole	
D859955B 911B1CF4  Atropos' Rod	
B3D810A4 990BD894  Lachesis' Rule	
E5D53D6B FDA3E474  Clotho's Distaff	
8C47CFDE 2D348187  Staff of Anubis	
05B2811D 9AE957DC 	
B88C493B D1C6C51F  Trident	
22638637 B1BA063B 	
BB326A9F 64D1C5FE  Planet Armor	
D77373CF A5C3412B  Dragon Mail	
2A6438B7 A5D794FE  Chronos Mail	
B67A1368 E486532A  Stealth Armor	
84069F3D F7E9F347  Xylion Armor	
B541CB5B F455A62C  Ixion Mail	
A8D61236 83A9E18B  Phantasmal Mail	
BA964515 86C4A9B6  Erebus Armor	
A753D950 F22B0E83  Valkyrie Mail	
163F65BB F726EA2F 	
0F64EF68 C939E7C1  Faery Vest	
4EC2E6B2 7F267420  Mythril Cltohes	
F7C5668D 8CAD3FEF  Full Metal Vest	
315EF864 6E41F53C  Wild Coat	
EA7972BA B237CFF4  Floral Dress	
C955FEB7 B189683F  Festival Coat	
1B7883E6 6B43B4C9  Erinyes Tunic	
DD0A46A0 40C2D272  Triton Ward	
021ED92B 7F487900 	
F5FDDFC4 06A25A6E  Dragon Robe	
3CA6F89D EEF3001C  Ardagh Robe	
04CA8701 3DB4D307  Muni Robe	
83542468 CA5CB631  Aeolian Cassock	
DB56F79B 86784869  Iris Robe	
48B1416B AEAAD336 	
F9CF67BA B6D1A18F  Luna Shield	
0730CA60 5C69AF06  Dragon Shield	
D4A1B369 10B046B7  Flame Shield	
970A2FE0 9B637CF9  Terra Shile	
96F26C1D 4457487E  Cosmos Shield	
D56E72E9 DFD5AA1F  Fujin Shield	
BC1EA70A 43538A68  Aegis Shield	
637A4B04 C3D11532 	
8960CF22 15DCF4F0  Aerial Gloves	
AF6C7C83 729FE323  Titan Gloves	
6E92D769 A2CFC0E4  Big Bang Gloves	
A9F59DA7 A0EA428B  Crafted Gloves	
B33941BF E7535B94  Riot Gloves	
9AEDB646 4D9BEB0C  Spitit Gloves	
DEF8F992 BAD05E9A 	
59F56E56 13A3E8AB  Clear Bracelet	
B01B2DDC F5DDD548  Mythril Armlet	
C2FCF22E F77CC80E  Bone Armlet	
54A9EB87 83368B5A  Jester's Armlet	
483B4B6E 2634617E  Leda's Bracelet	
7482BDD9 3808A0A7 	
F87E4E22 231F69C0  Dragon Helm	
869D23CA 725CFA7E  Mythril helm	
22EE625D DC6C10F4  Fear Helm	
C273C6CD C684ED67  Mellenium Helm	
6F70E275 D457EF6C  Viking Helm	
0398B01A BEB387B9  Gloria Helm	
3F170353 76958055  Minerva Helm	
6B0C9C2E 47DB74ED 	
206E7FCF 972F97D1  Floating Hat	
94EF0CDF 8DA5D59C  Nurse's CAp	
E7FC83AD D5340615  Thorn Crown	
26E382F2 2CD8471E  O. Mask	
CD335836 77078637  Hiotoko Mask	
F90D85DF E7493A6B  Crown of Glory	
5ED7FA43 45FC4895  Alastar's Hood	
E5C3A94E 50222788 	
4680052F 4269A95C  Pure Circlet	
8C21E524 B3FACBCD  Astral Circlet	
A0D1D22C A0E0EEA9  Psychic Circlet	
50074091 DD3CE21E  Demon Circlet	
9DD3A0E0 EA20743B  Clarity Circlet	
AD096043 BECB8CC1  Brilliant Circlet	
08169684 E16E9B27  Berserker Band	
8DEBD57B 99C1D8F9 	
6E03E1EF D1358E88  Divine Camisole	
F30E8653 7EA9CD48  Herbed Shirt	
2FC673D9 90A84310  Golden Shirt	
2C48931F A56E11BB  Casual Shirt	
1262418B EEEE23EB  Leather Boots	
61AB2B53 33D36772  Dragon Boots	
62AD0565 32F90626  Safety boots	
C3DABD4F 999A4208  Knight's Greave	
29E2BB2E 89C9FC45  Silver Greave	
69EA0FBB F22659AA  Ninja Sandals	
75BE0EDA F4FEDAEB  Golden Boots	
4B712388 3BDDFF35  Spirit Ring	
A8CB531F 14834919  Stardust Ring	
6FD4F2B9 764D64C1  Aroma Ring	
5E096D46 4C2211B5  Rainbow Ring	
4131BCF0 F4113A34  Soul Ring	
098E9202 69D81E44  Guardian Ring	
2B3D3CDA 8BF058A8  Golden Ring	
CAD118D3 891138EF 	
9EC321AA 82BBAA8D  Rusty Sword	
8134C229 C1608530  Rusty Sword	
34879A67 85219F6D  Rusty Sword	
AA18D829 BEDFF75C  Rusty Sword	
8F59079F 8908CDE0  Rusty Axe	
06A171A3 C33CEBC6  Rusty Axe	
57F23EF3 A0D68D2B  Rusty Mace	
F496F600 A8F72229  Rusty Mace	
B4DF1B71 9F045B3F  Rusty Staff	
4953073F 99CB973B  Rusty Staff	
4D354DB7 6297B8B4  Rusty Staff	
168A26C9 26BB1DFF 	
22CF78C1 2CB6A0D9  Tear Stone	
D33DDC7D 1B1B1921  Star Dust	
C8EAE052 BA3DC915  Sylph Feather	
72E6D198 43C6303B  Dragon Skin	
B972DA23 20A05C1B  Salamander Tail	
B127195B F647A06A  Golem Core	
E64F6769 95995504  Mythril Silver	
C3B40384 596FAB58  Dark Matter	
626DFF42 65FF091C  Orihalcon	
EA5DF51F 6BC012E3 	
8E126B6B D804F4EB  Right Prong	
D01506A5 7E297D9F  Left Prong	
97642A1E E657BD8D  Center Prong	
F9332DD3 E349DD24 	
6BD8A1AC 7DEE8DDF  Mysterious Card	
7224F248 776B51A7  Trainer's Whip	
10C67F37 1C8BC03E  Tomegathericon	
098FAD58 D6F1FAFE 	
B8555EC1 F53D089E 	
4C784251 C800E4EC  Healing Fungus	
9394EA54 9187CE5B  Laughing Fungus	
D6657117 A5B98670  Signal Whistle	
E655918E ED6873B4  Dancing Idol	
9926ABC3 7E399DF8  Pretty Stone	
A60F0574 E9B7235D  Red Cloth	
E266A969 AA80EC90  Milk	
C8074D82 BA6F8956  Li'l Turtle	
F8323947 524912F2  Aquarius Stone	
D020ADE6 A4E712E4  Large Bread	
E3F3D760 8AEF3FB2  Sea God's Tear	
588966AB 70FFC4FC  Ruin Key	
0AFAC667 F72AFB20  Magma Ball


D. Credits / Contact Info


Well, I guess a REALLY BIG THANKS has to go out to Sappharad, at
www.sappharad.com . He's done the bulk of the hacking work, and has
done a great job. GREAT JOB!!!

There's also grey41 from CMGSCCC, who's did the Item Slot mods and
some of the Stat codes (Djinn Resistance/Power and Sliders)

Thanks to Parasyte, who cracked the GSA encryption routines, which
enabled me to write a group of programs to come up with all those GSA

UssMysticGohan(at)aol(dot)com for the GSA NRB code.

Big ups to blz, StudyPunkRockism and mahkra186(at)hotmail(dot)com who fixed
my Master codes for me. Thanks heaps!

Thanks to mastersord who fixed my Psynergy codes, helped me with the
AR V3 codes and giving me the idea of using an indexing system :)

Rune and The Leech for testing out my V3 codes.

Thanks to ALL the guys (there's about 20 of you) who told me how to get 
out of the Debug rooms.

Forgotten, for writing VBA and making the world a better place for gamers
that don't have a lot of money.

David Spaffoda (GavinMacManus), for some JavaScript tips.

Also, casa, for coming up with the ASCII art for Ikillkenny (the no. 1
Golden Sun Guru), who I should thank anyway, for writing such cool guides.

You, for reading this guide!

D1. Contact Info

You can contact me at: labmaster@gmail.com

If you have MSN, I'm at lab_master@hotmail.com

DON'T email to my hotmail account, I probably won't respond.

PLEASE read the following before you email me:

1. State what version of the guide you've got. Also, make sure you've
   got the latest version - I always update first to GameFAQs.
2. State where you got the guide from. This helps me with tracking
   who's got my guide (esp. if they shouldn't) and how many people are
   seeing it.
3. State CLEARLY what your problem is (if it's a problem you have). 
   Include the section of the Guide in question if at all possible.
4. DO NOT email about things that I have specifically told you not to
   in the guide.
5. DO NOT email me about a problem with your cheat device, whether it
   be nothing works, or you don't know how to enter the friggin' codes.
   Seeing how I don't own any of these devices myself (all hacking done
   with an emulator), I probably can't help you anyway.
6. DO NOT email me about other things to do with the game, e.g. 'What
   items are the best?' Check out GameFAQs, there's some good guides
   there, or have a look on the boards.
7. If you want to host the guide, make sure you tell me WHERE you want
   to put it (you will not believe the emails I've got before about
   my other guides).
8. Finally, if you don't get an answer within 2 days, that's kind of
   normal, I've got lots of mail to answer, but before that there's 
   school work etc., so I might not be able to reply straight away 
   (if you need a quick answer it's best to email on Fridays, Saturdays 
   or Tuesdays). However, if it's been 4 days and you haven't heard 
   anything, it's becuase: a) I'm on holiday, b) I'm VERY busy, 
   c) Your message has been lost in a sea of, uh, other messages, 
   d) I'm ignoring you on purpose, or e) I'm temporarily incapacitated. 
   NOTE: If I'm ignoring you it's probably for a good reason. Actually, 
   there's one other reason why (this has happened to me a couple of 
   times): I can't email to your address for some reason. Either I'm 
   getting blocked by a filter or your address has changed.

Last Note: I don't reply to requests, because I don't have the time to.
Your request will be read and taken note of, however.

 D2. Legal Info

Golden Sun and the Lost Age are trademarks of Nintendo.  © 2001-2003 
Nintendo and Camelot Software Planning.  This guide is not affiliated 
nor endorsed by either Nintendo or Camelot.

This document is Copyright © 2003 Labmaster, and is protected by 
International Copyright Laws. This guide may not be reproduced without 
prior consent from me. If I have previously given you permission to host
this guide I reserve the right to revoke that at any time. 

On that note, I think I'll end this. Thanks for reading!

                                              Copyright © 2003 Labmaster

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