• Enter last town visited

    When you load a saved game, hold the L+R+Start buttons while you load the game. If you entered the code correctly, you will be in the Sanctum of the last town you visited.

    Contributed By: DesertEagle97531.

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  • Naming Every Party Member

    To give alternate names to Jenna, Sheba, and Pierrs, press select 3 times while naming Felix.

    If you are doing a non linked game, you may name Garet, Ivan, and Mia, too. To do this press UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, and SELECT. You will hear a ''ting'' and will be able to name Garet, Ivan, and Mia.

    Contributed By: cronoebm.

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  • Avoid water monsters and waste almost no PP

    Only works after you get the flying wings and the hover jade. Go in the boat and instead of pressing b to fly, go into your psyenergy menu and select hover. The boat will rise and then fall but the bar will still be there and it won't go down (you won't lose PP). During that time the game will think you are flying, so no monsters will attack you and you will hear the flying noise and music (but you aren't flying). The glitch stays until you press B. In which the flying music will get louder and you will actually fly.

    Contributed By: sbemailexe.

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  • Early And Infinite Sol Blades

    When at Air's Rock, go to the central area and use the exit on the bottom of the screen to go outside. While you're outside the door, set the Retreat point there, and then go back inside. Go all the way back to room where you entered the temple for the very first time, where there's a Psynergy Stone on the floor. Use up your PP until you have 5 or less, set Retreat to a shoulder button, and then use Retreat. The game will say you don't have enough PP to use it. Immediately afterward, examine the Psynergy Stone. It'll give you a Sol Blade, one of the strongest weapons in the game. This process can be repeated multiple times.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

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  • Trial Road Duplication Trick

    The glitch at the Trial Road Dungeon makes copies of items in the artifact inventories of the shops. From the time that Moapa opens the dungeon and until Felix beats Moapa every item that Felix and friends drop will be returned to Felix’ inventory when he leaves Trial Road. Entering dropped items in the artifact inventory of the shops is already part of the game design. Only the Laughing Fungus, Large Bread, Bone, Smoke Bombs, Sleep Bombs, Bramble Seeds, Oil Drops, Crystal Powder, and Weasel Claws will not be copied to the shop inventory.

    When you enter trial road as soon as you control Felix drop an item you want to duplicate and then leave Trial Road. Go to an item shop and buy the duplicates of the item you dropped.

    This can be used to duplicate Hyper Boots, the Swift Sword, Tear Stone, Lucky Medals, and Waters of Life.

    Contributed By: CobraGT.

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  • Visit land from Golden Sun

    It is indeed possible to get to the land from the first Golden Sun! First, go to the small beach southwest of the village Loho. Get on your boat, and face in between the small beach, and the tiny piece of land below it. Hit the A button to get off your ship and you should end up on the other side of the mountains! All of the towns are gone, except for Vale, but you can't enter it. All of the caves are gone, so you can't explore the entire world. The only other visible places are Venus Lighthouse and Babi Lighthouse. You won't be able to reach either of them, though.

    Contributed By: DesertEagle97531.

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Easter Eggs

  • Listen to all Golden Sun music

    Go into Battle Mode on the title screen (must be Golden Sun: The Lost Age), and walk over to the woman on the far left. Hold down the R button and talk to her. A whole list of music from Golden Sun 1 and 2 will come up, and you can listen to any you want by pressing A.

    Contributed By: Anonymous.

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  • An extra way to get the Golden Sun: Book Two Theme in Battle.

    Put Felix, Isaac, and Jenna into the back row of the party. Now, when you enter Battle, you'll hear the Golden Sun: Book Two Theme.

    Contributed By: Aloner.

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  • Bonus Dungeon

    When you get all of the Djinni from Golden Sun and Golden Sun 2. go to Contigo and use teleport in the circle in the middle of the town. You will gain access to the dungeon only if you have all of the djinni.

    Contributed By: dartsarecool9.

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  • Easy Mode

    After attaining a Clear Data file, select new game. After transfering, the game will ask if you want to play [Insert Mode Here]. Select No until it asks if you want to play on Easy Mode. Select Yes.

    Contributed By: bob the fish.

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  • Hard Mode

    You need to have a ''Clear Data'' file and an empty file. Select ''New Game'' and after you transfer data or choose not to, then it will ask you if you want to play ''Easy Mode''. Select the ''No'' option and it will ask if you want to play ''Hard Mode''. Select ''Yes''. Hard Mode is like Regular mode except all enemies are a lot stronger.

    Contributed By: Kikuichimonji3.

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  • Hint: The Three Alternate Battle Themes

    For the original Golden Sun book one battle theme, simply have Isaac in your party without Felix and enter battle.

    For the Golden Sun book two theme, place felix in your party and enter battle.

    For ''Jenna's Theme'' (Song number 47 in battle arena's song request and played at the beginning of the game before Felix rejoins the party), have Jenna in your battle party, but exclude Isaac and Felix to the back row and enter battle.

    NOTE: All of the stated above themes can also work identically the same when used in battle arena in addition to battle in the game itself.

    Contributed By: I Am Sparticus.

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