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Reviewed: 07/01/02 | Updated: 07/01/02

A great game, must own!

Gameplay - 10/10

The gameplay is completely different from any other game I have ever played. (Except for MMBN1 ^_~) It is a unique mixture of RPG and Action/Adventure elements. You battle, as MegaMan, on 6x3 grid. Both you and your opponent occupy a 3x3 grid at the beginning of the battle. At the beginning of a battle, you select chips to use against your opponent, or as support. The chips range from recovery to calling up other Navis to aid you in battle. Though many people do not like the fact that you have to discard chips in order to add, as opposed to MMBN1 where you can add 5 chips a turn, I think it is a good addition. It is kind of like 'You got to give a little to get a little'.

Story - 7/10

The story is, well, a little childish. But don't let this fact stop you from enjoying a great game.

This game's story takes off where MMBN1 left off. Many people say that you will be lost if you have not played MMBN1, but I have found that is not the case. I only played a very small part of the prequel, and I was in no way lost. A few times the characters mention something addressed in the first game, but nothing major that would cause you to feel 'lost'.
Aside from being childish, the story does have some twists and turns. It flows nicely and is easy to follow, as opposed to many other recent games. It is great for the whole family, young and old will both find themselves enjoying it.

Audio - 9/10

Great sound for a portable. The sounds effects are decent, and there is a decent soundtrack. The music tends to fit the mood of the current plot. Not much to say considering it is a hand held.

Graphics - 10/10

I really enjoyed the graphics in this game. Extremely vibrant colors and fluent movement. The characters and NPCs seem to be pretty much 2D with 3D backgrounds and landscapes. Many characters are highly detailed, for a portable. The graphics have an anime like feel to them, sure to impress. Similar to the first game, nothing much has changed here.

Replayability - 9/10

Replayability is a major factor when deciding to purchase a game. This game holds plenty of replayability. After you have beaten the game, there are still chips to collect. Also, the WWW area opens up, there are new chips to discover, as well as new Navis to battle. You can also link up with a friend and battle your Navis, and trade or give chips to each other.

There is also a Hard Mode. Once you have completed everything on normal, you can access Hard Mode. And the name holds up to the challenge. Harder enemies appear sooner, they do more damage and have more HP. Oh and, you have to start from scratch. Definitely a great challenge that will keep you entertained, and frustrated, for many more hours.

Overall - 9/10

This game has its flaws, as do all games. There are very few perfect games, if any. If you played the first MMBN, and enjoyed it, there is no doubt you will like this one. It is a great game, with great gameplay. A must own for your Game Boy Advance collection.
Buy or Rent - In my opinion, this game is a definite buy. Rent it to try out if you want, but why waste that extra couple bucks when you can just buy it in the first place? ^^

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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