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by Adori

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Walkthrough by Adori

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/28/15

Welcome to my third full guide for a Mega Man Battle Network game, after having written for one for each of the original game and Battle Network 4. I always intended to do the rest of the series, but had a ten-year hiatus in between guides for the series' games, but now here she is, for the second game in the series (also known as the game where Lan swears, three times even).


For those who follow along heavily in this guide: as every screen in this game is on a tilted, isometric view, this guide uses directional terminology taking advantage of that. 'Left' means 'west' means going towards the west corner of the screen, 'up' or 'north' to the north end. Diagonal directions will be used fairly consistently.

The author recommends you make use of the GameFAQs contributor Mega Boy's maps for this game. You can either download the Internet Map pack and Network Map packs from GameFAQs at the following link:


Or you can browse them on the internet at this link:


Additionally, every screen in this game has a name to it, which you can see by pressing the Start button and looking at the lower right. This walkthrough uses the official name for each room, so you can work off that.

Beginning (Gas Scenario)

Room 5A

After a cryptic scene to start the game off and another brief conversation, examine the rightmost desk near Mayl for a PanlGrab P chip. Wander around the room and talk to all of your classmates in turn. Once you talk to Dex, another cutscene will initiate.

Following the scene, you can talk to everyone else again, but need to talk to Dex once more. After you have, exit the room through either of the two entryways.


If you want, you can head around town and talk to everybody, but for the time being you are restricted from doing any real exploring as all the other buildings except for the school and the protagonist's own home are blocked off. Once you are finished talking, head to the white house with the blue roof near the centre of town and enter.

Lan's House

Talk to your mother, then head upstairs.

Lan's Room

After a scene, use the R button in front of Lan's PC to jack in.

Lan's PC

On the net, you will be introduced to the series staple of a tutorial to start the game off. As there are a number of overhauls from the first game in the series, it is worth paying attention to.

Following the tutorial, you will get an email you can press Start to open your menu and look at individual mail through the 'Mail' submenu. Head through the teleporter to the upperright to enter Den Area 1.

Den Area 1

Unlike the original Mega Man Battle Network game, Battle Network 2 assigns an official name to each area of the Net, which you can see by opening the Start menu and looking at the lower right. That makes it a little bit easier to navigate around.

Wander along, making your way through the mostly linear Den Area 1. Once you get to the small green square, head left to a dead end with a Blue Mystery Data (abbreviated typically in this guide as a BMD) for a PanlOut1 *, then continue on north until you come to a bulletin board.

From the bulletin board you can head left to take a teleporter that will take you to a merchant, whom you can buy Chips and HPMemory from. Otherwise, head right from the bulletin board and continue around until you enter into Den Area 2.

Den Area 2

If you talk to the first green program wandering around, it will recover any HP you have lost fully. Continue heading left along the isometric path of the Net, then when going up northright, take the left of the two paths for a BMD that contains a CrossGun S chip. Take the right path next to another square with a green Navi. Ignore going upright as this will lead to what is currently a dead end.

Instead, head down. You should see little blue sparkles coming up from behind the bulletin board down below, so examine the sparkle to find a cleverlyhidden BMD containing a BugFrag. Continue on and down through another teleporter into the Den Square.

Square Ent.

You'll have a cutscene where the gang of humans and Navis talk about becoming City Netbattlers. With your next goal in mind set, you can head around and talk to everybody. This is a virusfree zone, so you will not get into any random battles in the Square. Once finished chatting, head up north and enter the teleporter up here.

The Square

In this area, you can buy chips and HPMemory from a NetDealer to the lower right, and Subchips, a new item that were not in the first game, from a dealer in the same section. You can talk to Roll and GutsMan as well, but to advance the storyline you must talk to the green Navi next to GutsMan in order to take an 'exam', which in game lingo of course means more netbattling. You are given the task of finding two pieces of data on the Net. It would just be easier to jackout using the R button and then jack back into Lan's PC and head to Den Area 1 to go through the net area again.

Den Area 1

Head up and go along the right path, and you should see a green card rotating around nearby next to a dead end. Examine it to grab the HopeData, then continue down the main path going back towards Den Area 2.

Den Area 2

Walk along the roadway going through Den Area 2 until you come to GutsMan. Continue past him into the next square area where there is a generic green Navi, but this time head upright and take the entrance into Den Area 3.

Den Area 3

Dash up along the side of the long square until you see a red card, then examine it for the HeroData. Go underneath the overhead bridge, and poke around, pressing A to find a hidden Blue Mystery Data that holds a BugFrag. Afterwards, return to The Square via Den Area 2.

The Square

Talk to the green examiner Navi to get the ZLicense along with a special program for your PET. Talk to the red Navi for some more information on it, check your mail for a PC Code (which allows you to unlock one of those blocks that you will no doubt have seen barricading some paths on the Net), then log out.

Lan's Room

Listen along to the cutscene. Seems like Lan's friend, Yai, is in trouble. Time to go rescue her! Head outside.


But first, a detour. Press the R button next to the doghouse to jackin into it.


From the teleporter, head to the south corner and examine the BMD for a FullEnrg SubChip. Jack out.


From Lan's house, head straight up to the large yellow house, where you will see Dex and Mayl. As you approach, a cutscene will automatically initiate. Dex will go in, but of course you can never trust somebody who thinks that that kind of hair style is actually cool to do the job, so you will have to go in after him. Enter Yai's House.

Yai's Hall

After a scene, you will be able to see the clouds of gas, and will be barred from moving across it. Open your mail up after to get a Roll R chip. Head up along the hallway into Yai's Bath.

Yai's Bath

Following another scene, head up to the wall panel and jack into the controls for the gas heater.


Dash along until you initiate a cutscene in which a green program gets totally owned. You can try to cross it, but if you get hit by a gas cloud, you can just walk back up to grab the BMD for 200 zenny. Continue along a linear path until you get to some more gas emitters.

Attempt to dash upright past the first emitter to grab a BMD that contains a Recov10 * Chip, then head downleft make a dash going upleft and past the second gas emitter. Continue around and loop around to a dead end for a BMD which has a VGun A chip before entering the square. Talk to GutsMan if you want before examining the machine to the right to turn the emitter on.

Stand in front of the gas the emitter is sending out to get launched over the gap, then head over to where the green program is and examine the machine for a short scene. It's a good thing Dex got up on his own, because I doubt many ten or elevenyear olds like Lan could move something that size!

Once the scene is over, continue on and enter the GasComp2 area.


You cannot take the left path here, so instead head up and right and talk to Glyde, whom is Yai's Net Navi. Go up and let yourself get carried off by the first puff of purple gas, so that you may head down and open a BMD for an HPMemory PowerUp, which increases Mega Man's total HP by 20. Take the next gas emitter to return to the entrance to this area, and return up to where Glyde is.

Time out the gas puffs and dash past the two emitters, then get past the tail end of another gas puff for a BMD with a BugFrag in. Make another timed dash going left and run around the pathway, opening a BMD for a MiniEnrg Subchip before turning the emitter off. Run back and go along the main road now that there is no gas to push you back.

At the split, go up to find another machine that you can toggle another ventilation on. Afterwards, a scene will occur, and you shall receive control over Lan again.

Yai's Bath

Head down into Yai's Hall.

Yai's Hall

Move down to the entranceway, and go upleft up the stairs.

Yai's Room

Examine the cabinet in the living area to receive a Fan, then return to Yai's Bath and examine the gas for another cutscene. You will then return back to Mega Man.


Head right and turn on the gas emitter to get sent over a platform. Over here, turn the other gas knob off to stop the gas from pushing you back from whence you came, then go over and open the BMD to receive a RegUp1: this increases the complexity of the Battle Chip that you can set as your default chip by 1MB. From here, head upleft to another gas emitter.

Turn this emitter on, then return to the emitter you previously turned off and reenable it to get sent back a platform. Head up and left for a gas puff from the other emitter you earlier enabled to get sent up to the boss.

Boss Battle


Element: None

HP: 300


1. Puts a tornado in each of the three rows, starting in a blue square on his side. The tornados then go left at different speeds, allowing you to slip between them as they come towards your side.

2. Moves to the back column, charges for about half a second, then sends out a big blast of air that travels straight left at a mediumpace speed and causes nonparalysing damage.

3. Creates two large tornados in your red three rows that intersect with Mega Man horizontally or vertically. The tornados then go straight in the direction Mega Man was from them when first spawned, then right towards the boss's side of the field.

After the battle is over, the instigator of the incident swears revenge before running away. He would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids and their damn do, er, NetNavis. After, Yai wakes up, and Dex chimes in that he helped by opening the front door. Really, Dex? Really?

Afterwards, in following with the previous scene that shows the censors just didn't seem to give a damn, bad guy goes baboom! Really? This game WAS released after 9/11.

Yai's Room

Once you have free control of Lan again, examine Yai's bed to get the YaiCode, which allows you to enter her PC from the Net (or conversely, to jackin to her PC and enter the main Net from there).

Now that the crisis is over, you can go and examine all the objects in Yai's House that have jackin ports without MegaMan netblocking you. Head to the west corner of the room and jackin to the ancient rotary telephone on the desk.


Dash over to the west side here to find a BMD containing 1000 zenny, then head up to the north corner of the area to find your second RegUp1 in the last fifteen minutes. Jackout afterwards.

Yai's Room

Head over to the PC on the desk and jackin to Yai's PC.

Yai's PC

Let me be the first to say it: that background is TERRIFYING o_O. Once in, go around in an almostspiral manner by going down southwest and looping back into an open area, then head north to open a BMD for an HPMemory.

You can head south and enter the teleporter to go out to Den Area 1 and use the YaiCode to unlock the security cube out here, which will also drop you off next to the merchant Navi now that you should have accumulated some wealth from the last scenario, you can purchase some of his wares.

After, exit out and head into the ACDC Town area.


Head to the south of town, and enter into the brownwallandbrownroof house next to the metro subway line. This is Dex's Room.

Dex's Room

If you talk to Dex in here, you can take on his NetNavi, GutsMan in an optional battle.

Boss Battle


Element: None

HP: 300


1. GutsMan will move to the front line of his side of the field and smash his hammer down on the panel in front of him, sending out a shockwave that travels to the back column. Either the hammer itself or the shockwave can damage.

2. GutsMan will move to the front line of his side of the field and quickly smash his hammer down on the panel in front of him, cracking all three blocks in the row on your side of the field. The hammer itself will damage but standing on one of the back panels will not.

3. If Mega Man is standing in the front column of his side of the field, then GutsMan may move up to the leftmost panel of his own side of the field, retract a fist and punch Mega Man, sending him back a panel with the force of the damage.

If you lose to GutsMan, you can rechallenge Dex as many times as it takes to defeat him. After you defeat him the first time, you will get a GutsMan G chip from the battle no matter how you fared with your Busting level, and Dex will give you the DexCode. However, you will not be able to challenge Dex for a while after you beat him the first time.

Once victory is yours, examine the two Game Boy Advances on the table and jack in.


Head northeast to the centre of the area and examine the Blue Mystery Data for a MiniBomb * Chip. Log out of the system afterwards.

Dex's Room

Proceed left immediately after jackingin to find a BugFrag in a BMD. Make your way northeast and follow the linear path until you come to the teleporter, and examine the two BMDs sitting next to it for a GutPunch B and 800 zennys. If you head out onto the Net and unlock Dex's security cube, head to The Square, only a short dash away.

The Square

Walk southwest from the main plaza of the Square, and enter the outline of a door frame here to enter the nowopen bulletin board area.

Board Room

There are four bulletin boards in here, with threads already posted on each of them. Throughout the game, new posts will be made on each board by NPCs. Some of these posts are just random gossip, but others have relevant virusbusting or storyline information, so be sure to check them out occasionally as you progress through the game.

Afterwards, jackout and head back into ACDC Town.


Walk over the pinkandred house right next to Lan's household, and enter Mayl's House.

Mayl's House

Look around if you want, but otherwise head left and up the stairs to Mayl's Room.

Mayl's Room

You can speak with Mayl if you wish, but what you're really here for (given Lan is only like, ten...) is the PC in the back area. Jack in.

Mayl's PC

Head left and around following the linear path until you get into the large square, and head leftward to spot a BMD that contains a MiniEnrg Subchip. Head home to Lan's House afterwards.

Lan's House

Once you enter, you will receive mail. Check it out for a rehash of a scene from ten minutes ago, then head upstairs.

Lan's Room

To end the day, examine Lan's bed and sleep in it to move the plot forward.

BLicense Scenario

Lan's Room

After a scene, head outside to ACDC Town.


Walk over to Yai's House and examine it to read a notice. Next, go over to Dex's house and enter.

Dex's Room

Talk to Dex, then leave.


Move over to the northeast end of town and enter the school gates.

Room 5A

Jack in to the blackboard here.


If you should travel straight northeast from the teleporter, you can find a Sword L contained in a BMD against a back wall. Jack out.

Room 5A

Of course goody twoshoes Mayl is here for summer in the classroom. Talk to her to initiate a cutscene, wherein you will get mail and Lan decides to go challenge the exam to become an official Netbattler. You would think, after saving the world once already (and due to save it another 5 times...), that he would get one automatically. Head back out to ACDC Town.


Go to the south corner of town, near where Dex's House is, and go down the stairwell to enter the ACDC St. Metro.


Go up to the till and request to go to Marine Harbor to get the MariPass, then head up to the turnstile to be able to go to Marine Harbor.

Marine St.

Immediately after arriving, you will get mail. Read it, then exit outside.

Marine Harb.

Explore the area a little bit, and talk to people. On the north end of the harbor there is a television crew on site. Talk to the reporter, Ribitta, and you can take on her NetNavi, ToadMan. You may have a couple of Electric element Battle Chips from fighting the Bunny viruses in Den Area 3 if so, you can use them against ToadMan to deal double damage, as ToadMan is weak to Electric attacks. You can also get an ElecSword chip by jacking into the nearby van first before fighting ToadMan.

Boss Battle


Element: Water

HP: 300


1. ToadMan will send out a musical note from the lily pad he is standing on. It may go straight left for a bit but will also go up or down to home in on Mega Man, and is quick to respond if Mega Man moves up or down to attempt to dodge the attack. A pair of tadpoles will also travel left at the same time, one from each lily pad. If Mega Man gets hit by the musical note, it will also paralyse him in place for a few seconds.

2. ToadMan will go underwater from his lily pad, and reemerge from the water in front of Mega Man to punch him, before submerging and returning to the lily pad.

After the battle is finished in your favour (again, you can rechallenge Ribita like Dex if you lose), you will get the RibiCode from her. Jackin to the nearby van.


Head left for a little bit to find a BMD which has 1000 zenny contained in it. Continue along until you get to the transporter to find another Blue Mystery Data that has an ElecSwrd E chip.

You can also head into Den Area 3 and unlock the cube, which lets you access a new part of Den Area 3 that was blocked off the previous day, but leave the exploring for later and jack out.

Marine Harb.

Proceed through the main door of the building into the lobby area.


Jack into the coffee machine sitting on the table next to the entrance.


Walk to the north end of the machine's net area to find a BMD containing a RegUP1. Jack out after.


Talk to everyone you want here, but you have to talk to the lady at the main counter and ask to take the exam to progress. Once you get the ExamCard, head out the south door into the License office.

Lic. Office

Talk to the man at the counter, then head into the Test Room.

Test Room

Talk to the lady near the entrance of the room, then jack into the computer mainframe.

The Square

After Mega Man and Lan have their banter, check your mail. Seems that camp trip is gonna go ahead.

Next, talk to the green Navi to start your exam. You will have to fight five battles in a row, consisting of

  1. 2 Mettaurs
  2. 2 Canodumbs
  3. 3 Mettaurs
  4. 3 Canodumbs
  5. 3 Bunnys

Once complete all five battles, listen to the second problem, then head out to the Square Entrance.

Square Ent.

Head down to the square and go to the eastern corner, and you can now access a new teleporter that shall take you out onto Den Area 3.

Den Area 3

Run northeast and then travel along to the square, then talk to the green program hanging around here. If you go north from here, you should spot a Purple Mystery Data (PMD), a onetime mystery data that requires a pricy Unlocker Subchip (costing 4000 zenny) to unlock. This PMD in particular contains a PowerUp.

Otherwise, head west, where you can find a merchant Navi standing around, then continue along the path and talk to the next Navi here to get a mission to retrieve a WalkProg.

Check your mail, then move back to the Square Entrance, and take the other teleporter that leads out into Den Area 2.

Den Area 2

Walk back towards the Den Area 1 entrance, but stop once you spot a purple Navi standing around. You will be required to fight a battle against three Beetank viruses. Survive, and you shall receive the WalkProg. Return to Den Area 3 after.

Den Area 3

Make your way around to where the Navi is, and talk to him to receive a NiceData in return. Return to the Square after the easiest way to do this is to just jack out and jack back in.

The Square

Talk to the examiner again to go through a second gauntlet of five virus battles.

  1. Mettaur2, Flappy, Canodumb
  2. 3 Mettaur2
  3. Bunny, Canodumb2, Beetank
  4. 3 Canodumb2
  5. 2 HardHead, Beetank

Once you have cleared the gauntlet, you will receive the BLicense along with a RegUP1.

Read your mail, then jack out and head back into the License Office area.

Lic. Office

With your BLicense, you can now do the two tasks on the bulletin board here. They offer a reward of an HPMemory and RegUP1. You can refer to the Requests section of this guide for help on doing them.

Once you are finished up, return to Lan's Room in ACDC Town and examine the bed to go to the next day.

Camp Scenario

Lan's Room

After a couple of scenes, head out to ACDC Town. You can also log on to the Net and fight AirMan.EXE's V2 ghost on Den Area 1, by heading to the first dead end when going northeast from Lan's PC.


Run over to where the Metro Line is to see the bus stop sign, and talk to Dex. The bus will come to cart you off to Okuden Valley.

Camp Ent.

On arrival, you'll get another scene in whih the resident badass, Eugene Chaud, finally makes his first inperson appearance of the game. After talking, head over a screen onto Camp Road 1.

Camp Road 1

Continue along the path, until you come to a swarm of bees. Examine the swarm, and you'll have to do...

...A fetch quest.

Darth Vader: NOOOOOOO!!!!

The fetch quest isn't really that painful, though. Walk back slightly to where the guy with the red sweater is, and examine the tree next to him and take the Paper. Go down the ramp to come up to the river, and head down to the south side of the screen.

Walk onto the small outcrop of rocks going over the water and examine the edge of the screen to receive a Stick. Next, head northwest while still staying next to the river until you hit the western edge of the screen, and examine the edge of the screen to obtain a Lighter.

Head back to the bees, and use the Lighter + Stick + Paper combination to get rid of the bees. Head onwards.

Camp Road 2

Move forward and jack in to the statue next to the bridge and waterfall.


Run to the north corner of the area and open the Blue Mystery Data for an HPMemory. Log out after.

Camp Road 2

Proceed past the bridge, where you'll run into a bear, which shocks even resident awesome guy Chaud speechless. Well, putting up with a bear is simply unbearable, we can't just bear with it, OK I'm done now.

After the scene is over, go to the row of trees past the bridge, and walk back behind the waterfall. Press the A button to examine the area and find some Binocs. Go and examine the bear again, then jack in to the bear statue. You think this is surreal, wait until you get to Mega Man Battle Network 4...


You can find a RegUP1 in a BMD in the south corner of the bear statue. After, head north to the centre of the bear's net area, and talk to the green program to fight a battle of 3 Spikeys.

...If it was this easy to destroy the virus in the first place, why didn't anyone destroy them in the first place instead of going through that whole convoluted backstory?

Afterwards, you will be automatically put out onto Camp Road 2. Continue to the next screen.


After you have free movement again, talk to Dex who's pacing back and forth north of you in his attempt to lose weight, and Yai and Mayl next to the BBQ unit. Jack in to the BBQ unit after.

Gas Stove

In here, grab a MiniEnrg SubChip right south of the teleporter, then run to the northeast wall to grab a Bubbler R BattleChip. Jack out afterwards.


Head across the river and talk to the scientist next to the west exit for a Bubbler G Battle Chip. Walk southeast to the south corner of the area and talk to the old man for Firewood.

Move back across the river via the northwest set of rocks, and talk to the man standing here to receive a Fish. Finally, talk to the lady looking at the river next to the picnic setup to receive a Knife.

If you have not yet fought Ribitta and beat her ToadMan, you can do so now. If you did already, you will not yet be able to rechallenge ToadMan's upgraded form.

With all three items in hand, talk to each of Mayl, Yai and Dex. A scene will initiate, and you'll be thrust into another crisis. You better figure out what's happening, or else you'll be dammed!

Go back across the river, and head west and offscreen to the next area.

Okuden Dam

Head up until you come to the scientist standing next to the sign. Talk to him and you can buy SubChips from him. The dam's at risk of letting go, but he'll stay to make a quick buck. At least he's not selling them to you at extortion rate prices while there's an emergency.

Dash across the bridge and examine the door for another scene. After, return to the Camp screen.


You'll get mail upon entering, telling you the precise number of detonators here, four to be exact. Walk across the first set of rocks and jack in to the PET sitting on the ground.

Bomb Comp1

After entering, read your mail. Go along into the computer. The detonator computers are sort of gridlike, with each row and column being labeled and each point of the grid designated a number so '22' for example, is in row 2, column 2. However, parts of the grid will blow up as you approach, so there is only one single path you can take.

From 22, head northwest to 21. Go northeast to grab 500 zenny from a BMD. You will be impeded from going any further in this direction, so instead head northwest again to 20.

From there, head northeast to 10, southeast all the way to 12, then off to 02, and up to 01. Double back down southwest to 11 to get a Cannon C battle chip, then head northwest from 01 to 00 and then northeast. Examine the mointor to disable the detonator, then jack out.


Head across the river, then go down to the picnic blanket. Examine the canteen and jack in to the second bomb detonator.

Bomb Comp2

From 61, head northeast to open a BMD for 600 zenny. From 51, go down to 52, then next to 62. Go southeast to 63, then northeast up to 43, then to 42 and across the bridge up to 32.

Walk northeast to 22, southeast to 23, then all the way northeast to 03, grabbing an HPMemory from the BMD here. From 03, go up to 02, down to 12, then northwest past 11 to find another BMD that has a WideSwrd L chip. From 11, go southwest all the way to 31, northwest to 30, then northeast all the way to the monitor, and disable this detonator.

Jack out, and head into the Camp 2 area.

Camp 2

Walk behind the waterfall where you found the binoculars earlier, and press A to examine the ground and find another PET. Jack in to the third bomb detonator.

Bomb Comp3

From 03, head up to 02, then down to 22. Walk southeast to 23, then over the bridge to 33. Walk up to 32 and down to 42, and open the BMD for a PanlGrab L chip. Continue down to 52, down to 53, then over to 63. Run up northwest to 60, then proceed northeast to grab 1500 zenny from a BMD.

From 50, go down to 51, up to 41, over to 40, then loop around to 31. Walk across the bridge to 21 and open the Blue Mystery Data for a RegUP 2. Proceed northwest to 20, 10, 11, 01, then northwest and to the monitor. Examine it to shut down this detonator.

After, you get a call from Chaud, who says the culprit behind the bombing must be carrying the last bomb, because in addition to being an Official NetBattler, Chaud is also a certified psycholgist. Jack out, then head southeast to Camp 1.

Camp 1

Head all the way to the eastern end of the map, and talk to the person here. 'Ask Again', and then 'Get Suspicious'. The bomber, of course being cocky and confident, lets you jack in to fight his Navi instead of just slugging Lan and knocking him out and blowing up the dam. Isn't that just nice of villains?

Bomb Comp4

From 10, head southwest to 20, then to 21. Go across the cable bridge to 31, and open the BMD for a Recov50 N. Move up to 30, then all the way down to 50. Loop around counterclockwise to 41, then clockwise to 52.

Walk across the next bridge to 53. Run down to 55, then head northeast to a BMD that has a PowerUP. Go northwest to 43, then up to 33. Loop around multiple bridges clockwise to 23, grabbing a BugFrag from the Blue Mystery Data, then walk down to 24.

Loop around counterclockwise across another set of bridges to get to 25, and run northeast to 05. Head northwest from here to open a BMD for an Atk+10 * Chip, and continue northwest to 02.

From there, go to 12, then 11. Grab 3000 zenny from the BMD as you head up to 01 and then 00, and follow the long cable bridge. After a scene in which the villain once again doesn't just do the smart thing and run, you fight QuickMan.

Boss Battle


Element: None

HP: 400


1. This Navi is capable of parrying most Battle Chip attacks. However, when he is moving around or for a brief period after firing his boomerang, he is unable to parry the Chip attacks. Some elemental attacks, such as ZapRings, do work on him regardless it seems. Even timepausing attacks such as certain Program Advances or Navi chips may not hit him until he is moving.

2. This Navi's main attack is to shift across panels multiple times in rapidfire succession before stopping and firing his boomerang horizontally across the row, with the boomerang returning back to him, causing stunning damage. He has a quick cooldown period after firing the boomerang in which he is vulnerable to damage. When his HP is reduced, he will begin to fire two boomerangs in a row, so if you move to dodge the first one, be wary of the potential for him to fire a second one.

After the battle, Chaud shows up, and we get an actual Scooby Doo reference. Damn, I wish the translator for this game was kept on for the rest of the series. Instead, we get 'Leg's go Lan' and 'What a nice young man she was' (and of course who can forget the amazing 'Load Chaud'?!).

Watch some more scenes until the next scenario begins.

YumLand Scenario


Continue trawling through scenes as you get the Balloon, and you'll learn Lan doesn't have a onetrack mind, he has a twotrack mind: food AND NetBattling.

Once you have free control, jack in to the toy lying on the ground next to the playdome.

Broken Toy

Go west and open the BMD for 3000 zenny. Next, head east and near the eastern corner you should find another BMD that has a RegUP1. Jack out afterwards.


If you go to the north side of town, you can talk to the boy next to the fence and trade any DashAtk J you may have on hand (obtained by fighting Fishy viruses, which can be found in the Broken Toy or in your Doghouse network) for a Spreader * chip.

You can also go to Dex's Room and challenge him to a rematch to fight GutsMan V2. V2 Navis are basically an upgraded form of the original Navi, with more health and new attacks. In the Boss section of this guide, new attacks are listed with a (V2 onwards) in the attack listing. The other optional boss, ToadMan, cannot yet be rechallenged however.

Now, to get to YumLand you need to go onto the main Net. Since you will need to visit Marine Harbor anyways in a bit, you may as well go there to jack in from the mainframe, saving yourself a little bit of travel time.

Marine Harb.

Enter the Netbattler building through the main door.


Once you get inside, read your mail for an update on Chip Traders, and you can recognise who wrote it by the verbal tic if you played the previous game. That aside, for those who also played the previous game unlike the original game, there is no possibility of save scumming to get a good chip. Instead, once you put old chips into a Chip Trader and get a new one out, the game automatically saves.

That said, the Chip Trader here is between the two office desks, and accepts 3 chips at a time per trade.

Next, talk to the guy near the entrance. This is Mr. Famous, whose name in the Japanese version of the game is modelled after the series' scenario designer Masakazu Eguchi, who also played in some of the MMBN1 tournaments. You can challenge him to an optional battle to fight his NetNavi, GateMan. GateMan is infamous in the Battle Network fandom as his Navi Battle Chip drops are extremely broken when used well.

Boss Battle


Element: None

HP: 600


1. GateMan will open a panel up on his chest and let out three little soldiers. The soldiers will move up and down as they go left to horizontally align with whatever row Mega Man is in. They can be destroyed one at a time by the normal Buster attack, or destroyed all at once with Battle Chips.

2. GateMan will summon a RemoGate, which travels up and down the thirdleft column of the field (nominally the front column of his field, but it appears on that column even if you have stolen it with AreaGrab). The RemoGate blocks any attacks that hit it, though spread attacks will still strike behind it. The RemoGate moves in line with Mega Man up and down the column, but lags a little bit speedwise. After a while, the RemoGate will open and move forward and a hand will pop out and strike straight left at Mega Man. Move up or down to dodge.

3. GateMan will stand back and shoot a cannon shot that will travel left across the field, passing through the RemoGate if it is in the path.

Once you have defeated Mr. Famous the first time, you will receive an HPMemory. Head outside, jack in to Ribitta'sVan, then go out onto Den Area 3. From Den Area 3, go to the Square Ent., then take the southwest exit out to Den Area 2. From there, go northeast into Den Area 3 from the second entrance.

Den Area 3

Head up the plaza to the end and examine the left SecurityCube. Mega Man will prompt Lan with the need for an ALicense. Lan, fixated on goodtasting food as he is (it goes down yummy in the tummy), decides to get his ALicense. Jack out, and head to the License Office in Marine Harbor.

Lic. Office

Talk to the official at the desk here, and he'll tell Lan he's not quite qualified to get his ALicense yet, even though he's saved at least two public utilities from sabotage, defused two hostage situations, prevented three terrorist attacks against other public infrastructure, and saved the world once. Thankfully, you can get the ALicense by doing three special requests on the board.

Take on Mission1 to start, then head out to ACDC Town.


When: Storyline

Reward: RegUP1


Talk to the scientist in the lab coat standing in front of the Metro line outside. Head into Dex's Room and jack into his video game system.


Head up to the north corner of the portable game system and talk to the purple Navi to get into a battle with three Handy viruses. Once complete, head back outside into ACDC Town. Go to the toy next to the playground and jack in to it.


Go up to the north corner again, and talk to the generic purple Navi. You shall face off against three Spikey2 viruses in this bout. Once finished, jack out, and go up to the school gates into Room 5A of the elementary school. Jack into the Blackboard.


As before, you will find the evil Navi in the north corner. A Flamey2 and Flamey3 will be your opponents this time around.

Jack out, head outside, and talk to the scientist again. You will receive a RegUP1 as your reward for the mission. Return to the Licensing Office to take Mission2 next.


When: Storyline

Reward: Recov30 *

Once you take the mission, the quickest route is to head outside into the Marine Harbor area, jack into Ribitta's Van, and go out onto Den Area 3.

Den Area 3

From Ribitta's Van, head along the path until you get to the open square with the green floor panels. Head west towards the green merchant Navi, and follow the general path out into Den Area 2.

Den Area 2

Continue along the linear passage until you get into the Kotobuki area of the Net.

Koto Area

Head along until you hit the billboard. As it states, going northeast is a dead end, so head southwest, then northeast along a wider floor area after crossing some of the beehive bridges. If you examine around while under the overhead ramp, you can find a hidden BMD containing a Bugfrag.

The very definition of 'guide dang it!'

Continuing straight northeast onto the narrower passage is blocked off for now, though a dead end will have QuickMan's V2 ghost, so instead head southeast and up the ramp.

QuickMan's Revenge as a Ghost

Continue along and past the conveyor belt and then down the ramp. Ignore the transporter for a second to grab a LongSword L chip across the bridge to your northeast from a Blue Mystery Data, then enter the transporter.


Head to the east corner and take the transporter here.


If you go to the northeast side of the area and enter the doorframe here, you can visit three dealer NetNavis. The two behind the counter sell SubChips and regular Chips along with the token HPMemory and PowerUp, but the one standing off to the side will sell some specialty wares in exchange for BugFrag. You will find 32 BugFrag throughout the course of the game, all of them in Blue Mystery Data form enough to buy every item in the BugFrag shop. Some of them are hidden pretty well though, such as one under a bridge that doesn't even give off sparkles to indicate it's there.

Anyways, head southeast in the square and talk to the purple Navi to be given your mission. Jack out of Ribitta's Van, go into the Lobby area of the Netbattler's office, and jack into the coffee machine next to Mr. Famous.


Head northeast and talk to the Navi to get the OddProg before doing a virus battle against three Spikey2s. Afterwards, make the long trek back to KotoSquare1 once more.


Talk to the purple Navi again and you will receive a Recov30 * battle chip as your reward. Afterwards, jack out and go to the License Office to take the third and last mission request.


When: Storyline

Reward: HPMemory

Upon taking the request, take the Metro line from the Marine Harbor to Okuden Valley, and go up to the Camp screen.


Head northwest along the riverbank and take the second set of rocks over, and talk to the guy standing on the rocks to hear him out.

Proceed back to ACDC Town, and use Dex's PC in Dex's Room to go to Den Area 2.

Den Area 2

From where you exit out of Dex's PC, head northeast to the exit out to Den Area 3.

Den Area 3

Talk to the green program wandering around in circles here. Once you have, return to the man in the Camp section at Okuden Valley to obtain an HPMemory. Return to the License office after this.

Lic. Office

Talk to the official at the table to register to take your ALicense exam, and head into the Test Room.

Test Room

Jack in at the mainframe computer.

The Square

Head over and talk to the green Navi. Your first test will be a gauntlet of five Virus battles.

  1. Sword, HardHead
  2. Spooky, 2 Spooky2s
  3. 3 Handys
  4. 2 Fishy, Beetank
  5. 3 Flappy

After, upon hearing the second problem, head out onto the Square Entrance, then take the southern corner to Den Area 2.

Den Area 2

Start walking on the path back to where Den Area 1 is. Talk to the evil purple NetNavi you see on the way to initiate a virus battle with a Swordy, Swordy2 and Swordy3. After the battle, you shall receive BadDataA.

Return to the Square Entrance and use the eastern teleporter out onto Den Area 3 next.

Den Area 3

Proceed northwest, making your way along the path that takes you back out to Den Area 2. From there, follow along until you hit the Koto Area.

Koto Area

Run along moving towards the centre of the map where the teleporter is. Before you even hit the first ramp you should spot the second purple NetNavi to fight. Chat with him to get a virus battle with two Mettaur2 and a MettFire. Upon defeating them, you shall receive the BadDataB.

Jack out, then jack back into the computer mainframe to return to The Square.

The Square

Speak with the examiner again to get into another gauntlet.

  1. Sparky
  2. Spikey, Spikey3, Windbox
  3. 2 Shrimpy
  4. 3 TuffBunny
  5. Sparky, Swordy, Mettfire

After surviving the trials, you will receive both the ALicense and a RegUP2. Exit out, and head into the License Office.

Lic. Office

Talk to the official here to receive a Recov50 * Chip. Now, find somewhere to jack in, such as the mainframe computer to the left of the elevator in the Lobby, and make your way to Den Area 3 using the access from Den Area 2 (as opposed to the access from the eastern part of the Square Entrane).

Den Area 3

Go northeast and open the left SecurityCube with your ALicense certification. Enter into the Yumland 1 area.

Yumland 1

The Yumland area has a lot of grass panels when you get into battles. If you use a chip with a Fire element on an enemy standing on a grass square, that foe will take double damage.

From the first open square, take the northeast route all the way up to where a Purple Mystery Data is. If you have an Unlocker and use it, you shall get a BrnzFist S for your trouble.

Return down southeast, then head northwest along the north path, and northeast from the bulletin board. Open a partiallyvisible Blue Mystery Data for a BugFrag, then loop around to find a merchant Navi. Take the lone conveyor panel down, then from the bulletin board, go south a bit and southwest past another arrow conveyor panel. Move straight south, following the path until you come back to a dead end with a Blue Mystery Data containing a RegUP1. Head back north and past the arrow panel carting you back.

From the bulletin board, head northwest from the south side of the board into a large open area, then head southwest and into a teleporter. From where you land, head north a little bit into the Yumland 2 area.

Yumland 2

Walk across and take the long conveyor belt to another open space, then head northeast again using a second conveyor belt (the southeast arrow path is just a longer route to the next large open area with no BMDs or PMDs, but possibly Green Mystery Data).

Proceed northwest, and dig around a little bit underneath the ramp to find a hidden Blue Mystery data that holds a BugFrag. Continue northwest and then down a line of conveyor arrows. If you have another Unlocker on hand, you can unlock the Purple Mystery data for a Geyer B Battle Chip.

Otherwise, continue southwest another conveyor, then southeast. On landing, go south a little bit and then northwest down to a dead end to open a BMD with a Navi+20 * chip, which increases the power of Navi Battle Chips specifically.

Move back down, then go northeast until you come to a split in the path. Go northwest and proceed along the long path and up the ramp, and enter YumSq. Ent.

YumSq. Ent.

Watch a scene before you get free control, which is frankly quite cheesy at one point and a bit worth of introspection at another. After all, according to the previous games most Navis are simply programs, so the 'destruction of Yumland' really isn't all that, since you can just, you know, back...up...programs...

Once you have free control, go to the south corner of the entrance area into YumSquare proper.


Inside, walk around the spiral pathway until you approach the door at the end, and enter the TreasureRoom.


Talk to the green Navi in here, and he'll reveal that the mysterious mercenary Navi's next target is Electopia, the official but rarelymentioned name of Lan's home country. Pffft, we all know Lan and Mega Man have plot armour, the mercenary Navi doesn't have a chance. One of Gospel's Navis will then show up, starting another battle.

Boss Battle


Element: None

HP: 600


1. He will summon a pair of scissors in one of the corner panels of Mega Man's side of the field. The scissors will then go around clockwise slowly, before dying out after a period of time.

2. This Navi will throw a pair of scissors left that travels a total of three panels before it returns back to him.

3. The Navi will move to the front side of his side of the field, then use his head scissors to cut Mega Man (if Mega Man is standing on the front of your own end of the field).

After the battle, you should get a series of cutscenes. The next scenario then starts.

Invasion Scenario

Lan's Room

You will get mail to start. Contrary to what should be an Official Netbattler contacting the kid who took out the Yumland Occupation Force's boss, it's your dad instead. Head over to ACDC Metro train station.


Upon entering, you will get another mail, this one about a set of Chip Traders. These are spread out all over the place, and by hooking up a copy of Mega Man Battle Network (1) with a link cable, you can get a special chip from every Chip Trader. These are not obtainable in the Virtual Console releases, however.

From here, head on to Marine Harbor.

Marine Harbor

You can talk to Ribitta and challenge ToadMan to a rematch right now, with upgraded HP and new attacks. After, head into the Lobby building.