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Boss FAQ by Devilotrade

Version: 1.0. | Updated: 09/09/06

 (  _ \ ( ___)( \/ )(_  _)(  )  (  _  )( ___)(_  _)(  _ \  /__\  (  _ \ ( ___) 
  )(_) ) )__)  \  /  _)(_  )(__  )(_)(  )__)   )(   )   / /(__)\  )(_) ) )__)  
 (____/ (____)  \/  (____)(____)(_____)(__)   (__) (_)\_)(__)(__)(____/ (____) 
            ___    __  __  ____   ___    __    __  __    __    _  _ 
           / __)  (  \/  )( ___) / __)  /__\  (  \/  )  /__\  ( \( )
           \__ \   )    (  )__) ( (_-. /(__)\  )    (  /(__)\  )  ( 
           (___/  (_/\/\_)(____) \___/(__)(__)(_/\/\_)(__)(__)(_)\_)
                      ____    __    ____  ____  __    ____ 
                     (  _ \  /__\  (_  _)(_  _)(  )  ( ___)Copyright K. Li 2006
                      ) _ < /(__)\   )(    )(   )(__  )__) 
                     (____/(__)(__) (__)  (__) (____)(____)
  _  _  ____  ____  _    _  _____  ____  _  _    ___     ____  _____  ___  ___ 
 ( \( )( ___)(_  _)( \/\/ )(  _  )(  _ \( )/ )  (__ \   (  _ \(  _  )/ __)/ __)
  )  (  )__)   )(   )    (  )(_)(  )   / )  (    / _/    ) _ < )(_)( \__ \\__ \
 (_)\_)(____) (__) (__/\__)(_____)(_)\_)(_)\_)  (____)  (____/(_____)(___/(___/
                              ____    __    _____ 
                             ( ___)  /__\  (  _  )
                              )__)  /(__)\  )(_)( 
                             (__)  (__)(__)(___/\\

CONTENTS                              LEGEND
--------                              ------

1. Introduction (INT10)               M-Megaman
 1.1. Copyright (CPR11)               B-Blank Panel
 1.2. Version History (VSH12)         O-Obstacle
 1.3. Progress Chart (PRG13)          +-Flashing Panel
2. Must-fight Bosses (MFB20)          <>^\-Left, right, up, down (respectively)
 2.1. Airman                          - Magnet Panel 
 2.2. Quickman                        (First letter of Boss' name)-Boss Navi
 2.3. Cutman
 2.4. Shadowman
 2.5. Knightman
 2.6. Magnetman
 2.7. Freezeman
 2.8. Fake Bass
 2.9. Gravebeast
3. Optional Bosses (OPB30)
 3.1. Gutsman
 3.2. Toadman
 3.3. Gateman
 3.4. Thunderman
 3.5. Snakeman
 3.6. Heatman
 3.7. Protoman
4. Special Bosses (SPB40)
 4.1. Pharaohman
 4.2. Napalmman
 4.3. Planetman
 4.4. Real Bass


  1. Introduction (INT10)

   Bosses. This FAQ is dedicated to an essential and important part of the 
  game. Bosses. Since BN1 Megaman has flourished with 5 games, each better
  than the last (but not in my personal opinion). In each game bosses have
  jumped up in HP and a wide range of attacks. BN6 is, unfortunately, the
  final game of the series, but it is my second favourite game and definitely
  the one with the most features and abilities.

  NOTE: Email me only for these reasons:
        * This FAQ is on a website other than the ones listed in the Copyright
        * This FAQ is being SOLD for personal profit
        * Someone else claims they made this FAQ
        * I have made a mistake in something e.g. attack, HP, typos etc.
        * You want information on something that I have NOT mentioned in the 
          FAQ, about Boss navis.
        * You have suggestions on what to put in on my next update
        * You have CONSTRUCTIVE critisism.

    If your information is helpful/useful I will put your name in the Credits
   section.It's not much, but at least you and everyone else who looks at the
   credits will know you helped.

    All other e-mails will be deleted. Please remember that I often forget to
   check my address, but if I have read your e-mail, I will reply IF it is 
   about one of the above mentioned areas. SIGN YOUR NAME OR ALIAS at the end
   of your e-mail or you lose your place in the Credits and I know you are a 
   bad reader!
   It would be VERY helpful if anyone has information on:
    * Quickman's Double Boomerang attack strength per hit
    * Magnetman's NS Tackle attack strength, for one and two hits
    * Toadman's weakness
    * Snakeman's Snake Machine Gun attack strength per hit
    * If I have missed out any symbols in the legend

   1.1. Copyright (CPR11)

   This FAQ is copyright Kevin Li/Deviloftrade. It should only be on the 
   following website(s)

   *GameFaqs @ www.gamefaqs.com

    It's only one so far, but I may put it on more. Please keep it like that,
    and DO NOT steal my FAQ or claim you wrote it, as it has been made by 
    people's hard work.

   1.2. Version History (VSH12)

   Version 1.0: Done all V1 Bosses except the specials. I still haven't put in
                the codes for seperate navis yet. I also plan to add folders I
                used in each battle and comments on the scenario.

   1.2. Version History (PRG13)
    I have put up this chart to record what bosses I have completed in my FAQ.
   This chart is only temporary.

          |  V1.0. |
_________ |V1|V2|V3|
Airman    |* |  |  |
Quickman  |* |  |  |
Cutman    |* |  |  |
Shadowman |* |  |  |
Knightman |* |  |  |
Magnetman |* |  |  |
Freezeman |* |  |  |
Fake Bass |* |  |  |
Gravebeast|* |  |  |
Gutsman   |* |* |  |
Toadman   |* |  |  |
Gateman   |* |  |  |
Thunderman|* |  |  |
Snakeman  |* |  |  |
Heatman   |* |  |  |
Protoman  |* |  |  |
Pharaohman|  |  |  |
Napalmman |  |  |  |
Planetman |  |  |  |
Real Bass |__|__|__|


  2. Must-fight Bosses (MFB20)


   The main part of the FAQ and what it is for. These navis test your skill in
  multiple scenarios and are the reason I wrote the FAQ. The main part of the 
  FAQ: Enjoy!

   2.1. Airman

   Difficulty(at present time): */*****

   Navi name: Airman V1
   Operator: Arashi
   Navi encounter area: AirComp2
   Navi HP: 300
   Comments: Pathetic and easy. Airman is probably just an easy starter to get
            you ready for boss battles.
    1. Triple Tornado - 10 Damage
       Airman fires 3 tornadoes down your section, at different speeds. EASY to
       dodge, just move to the row of the fastest tornado when it passes your 
       [_][_][X][<][<][<] (example)
    2. Air Blast - 15 Damage
       Airman blasts some wind along your row. Dodge by moving into another 
    3. Double Tornado - 15 Damage
       Airman fires 2 tornadoes, one horizontally and one vertically. Hard to
       dodge, but you can see which panels are going to be occupied by the 
       yellow flashing at the beginning and calculate where the attack is going
       to go.
       [^][_][_][_][_][_] is one attack, while another does this 
       [_][_][_][_][_][_] (example)
       To dodge:
       [_][_][_][_][_][_] From there you can see that the tornadoes are going
       ------------------to get these panels:
       [X][_][_] and avoid it. Unfourtunately Airman uses this with other 
   Verdict: Airman is too easy for strategy, really. Just try to rowlock him
          (personal battle style). Watch out for his Double Tornado and Air 
          Blast/Triple Tornado attack. Swords (other than Sword) will work
          wonders for their high attack. This should be an easy run.    

   2.2. Quickman
   Difficulty(at present time): ***/*****

   Navi name: Quickman V1
   Operator: Dave 
   Navi encounter area: BombComp4
   Navi HP: 400
   Comments: A bit harder but a very big upgrade from Airman. This is an 
            increase in difficulty.
   NOTE: Quickman can block all your attacks except for when he is dashing
         around and straight after his attack.
    1. Quick Boomerang - 40 Damage
       Quickman will throw a single boomerang along his row after dashing 
       around. The boomerang will then fly back.
       [_][_][_][_][_][_] (example)
    2. Double Boomerang - 40 Damage(?) each
       Quickman uses his Quick Boomerang twice. Dodge by moving out of the 
       attack twice.
       [_][M][_][_][_][_]      [_][M][_][_][_][_]
       [X][<][<][Q][_][_]      [_][_][_][_][_][_]
       [_][_][_][_][_][_] then [X][<][<][<][Q][_] (example)
   Verdict: Quickman is going to be a long, slow battle! He is virtually 
           invulnerable to all slow chips like bombs and hammers. He has short
           pauses after his attack when you can hit him. Cannons and 
           Shockwaves, the main chips you'll have right now, are useless (too
           slow). Swords like WideSwrd are good for their damage, assuming 
           Quickman is on the column bordering yours. The trick is to attack 
           Quickman when he is moving around with Cannons and Shockwaves. He 
           goes so fast that you have a high chance of hitting him! Rowlocking
           may help. Be patient and the mighty Quickman will fall.

   2.3. Cutman

   Difficulty(at present time): **/*****
   Navi name: Cutman V1
   Operator: None 
   Navi encounter area: TreasureRoom
   Navi HP: 600
   Comments: Cutman is harder than the two before, especially in his attack 
            strength, but is mediocre with the new chips you'll have now. 
   NOTE: The rocks have over 100HP!
    1. Summon Scissor - 80 Damage
       Cutman creates a scissor blade that continuously circles around the 
       obstacle rock. Easy to dodge, just stay behind it, use Area Steal or
       destroy the rock. The scissor will stay until it hits you.
       [M][_][^][_][_][_] (example)
    2. Cut - 100 Damage
       When you are on the panel bordering his, Cutman will try to cut you with
       the scissors on his head. This attack is so slow you can see it coming!
    3. Scissor Boomerang - 100 Damage
       Cutman will shoot his head scissors at you in a 3-square range. They 
       will then fly back. Move onto another row to dodge.
       [X][<][<][C][_][_] (example)
   Verdict: Yay, Cutman! We haven't had a boss for so long (since Quickman) 
           that you'll have a decent chip folder and will thrash this little 
           dude! The rocks are annoying as they make attacks more difficult to
           avoid, though they block the Scissor boomerang attack. Destroy them
           if possible - it's not worth keepin' them - but don't focus on that,
           or you'll be wasting decent chips! Cut leaves Cutman in a very good
           position for any hard-hitting chips you have. As I said, no 
           difficulty (not much, anyway).

   2.4. Shadowman

   Difficulty(at present time): ***/***** or ****/*****
   Navi name: Shadowman V1
   Operator: Dusk
   Navi encounter area: MotherComp5
   Navi HP: 800
   Comments: I love Shadowman (one of my 3 favourite navis) and it's a pity 
            he's been toned down, yet he's still the hardest challenge you've
            got yet.
    1. Shadow Clone - 0 Damage
       Shadowman creates 3 clones to confuse you. They can use the fire blast
       attack, but disappear when Shadowman uses his Shuriken Attack. Hitting
       Shadowman gets rid of all of them, and shooting one makes it disappear.
    2. Fire Blast - 20 Damage (40 on the grass panels)
       Shadowman (and his clones) shoot fire along their rows. This attack is 
       harder to dodge. Do the same as what you did against Airman's Triple 
       Tornado; Move to the row where the fastest blast is when it passes.
       [M][<][<][<][C][_] C=Clone
       [X][<][<][S][_][_] (example)
    3. Shuriken - 40 Damage
       Shadowman jumps and throws three shuriken at you. Dodge by moving around
       (and pressing random direction buttons) quickly.
       [^][_][_][_][S][_] (Megaman started at the panel which was hit)
       [X][_][_][_][_][_] (This attack hits exactly where Megaman is when it is 
    4. Ghost Ninja - 10 Damage
       Shadowman summons two ghost ninjas that move around in your area. There 
       is nothing you can do about them but dodge their attacks, but don't 
       worry if you don't, it only does 10 Damage
       [_][_][C][_][_][_]                  [M][_][_][_][_][_]
       [M][C][_][_][S][_]                  [^][C][_][_][_][_] C=Clone
       [_][_][_][_][_][_] (Mobile example) [X][C][_][_][_][_] (Attack example)
   Verdict: Nooo! What did they do to you, Shadowman? The assasin has been made
           weaker since the BN1, but I still love him so! I must say that he is
           pathetically weak, for starters. His highest attack is 40! A few 
           AreaGrabs will help. Shuriken is hard to dodge, but randomly moving
           around helps. There is a big pause after that in which you can 
           unleash all your hard-hitting chips. The ghost ninjas don't block
           any attacks; it's hard to say if that's good or not. He has a large
           amount of HP, but don't worry if he seems like a long fight; he's 
           not. Make every chip count, or your folder will waste away, and you
           don't stand a chance with a buster! 

   2.5. Knightman

   Difficulty(at present time): **/*****
   Navi name: Knightman V1
   Operator: Princess Pride
   Navi encounter area: CastleComp5
   Navi HP: 800
   Comments: What a bulky knight! He's an easy opponent here.
   NOTE: You must fight Protoman V1 before Knightman, so go to PRT37.
   NOTE: Knightman has Stone Body activated whenever he is not attacking.
    1. Stone Body - 0 Damage
       Knightman activates the chip Stone Body. It is permanent whenever 
       Knightman is not attacking.
    2. Royal Wrecking Ball - 60 Damage
       Knightman throws his Wrecking Ball at you. Dodge by moving out of the 
    3. Smash - 0 Damage
       Knightman jumps and permanantly moves forward, cracking all panels in 
       the progress.
    4. Rock Shower - 40 Damage
       Knightman shoots his Wrecking Ball into the sky and 3 rocks fall down 
       thrice. You can see where they are going to fall by the black shadows
       which appear first and move out of the way, providing they are going to
       hit you.
       [_][_][+][_][_][_]      [_][_][X][_][_][_]             
       [+][+][_][_][_][K]      [X][X][_][_][_][K]
       [M][_][_][_][_][_] then [M][_][_][_][_][_] (example)
   Verdict: Knightman is an easy break since Shadowman. He is much weaker that
           Protoman before him. Watch out for his Smash, it is a hard task 
           avoiding his Rock Shower with broken panels. You might want to bring
           a Repair or two and/or preset one. This battle may start to lean to
           Knightman's side after a long time so bring a few good Program 
           Advances to sort out this lumbering knight.

   2.6. Magnetman

   Difficulty(at present time): ***/*****
   Navi name: Magnetman V1
   Operator: Gauss Magnets
   Navi encounter area: AirComp2
   Navi HP: 1000
   Comments: I welcome Magnetman. Then slaughter him with wood.
   NOTE: There are Magnet Panels along the middle row which drag you into them.
    1. Magnet Strike - 50 Damage
       A magnet appears on either the top or bottom row, moves forward, and 
       turns into the column you are on (providing it has not hit you).
       Basically, it moves like a Ratton. Stay in the top row if it comes from
       the bottom row and vice versa. Move out of the column it goes into at
       the last second.
       [_][_][M][_][_][_]      [_][_][M][_][_][_]
       [-][-][-][-][-][M]      [-][-][^][-][-][M]
       [_][_][^][<][<][_] then [_][_][^][<][<][<] (example)
    2. Magnet Energy Ball - 50 Damage
       Magnetman throws an energy ball which follows you on whichever row you
       are on (strange sentence). You can incorporate a special dodging method
       by staying in the middle row and waiting until the slow ball is in the
       panel directly in front of you. Then move up, right 2 and down. This 
       attack stuns, so be careful, but at this stage Magnetman doesn't use
       it with other attacks.
       To dodge:
       [_][_][_][_][_][_] E=Energy Ball
    3. NS Tackle - 70 Damage(?) each
       Magnetman turns into 2 (red and blue) and slams into Megaman. Just move
       out of the row to avoid. If you get caught between them you will be 
       dealt a stunning 190 Damage, so watch it!
       [_][_][_][_][_][_] C=Clone
    4. Magnet Line - 0 Damage
       If you get rid of the Magnet panels in the middle row Magnetman will
       create a row of Magnet panels on the top row. Staying on the bottom row
       will prevent you from being dragged to the top row if that happens.
   Verdict: Notice something? Magnetman is the ONLY boss navi so far with an
           element (electricity) so we'll slaughter him with some wood. Him
           staying in the back row works wonders for a Lance. Make a complete
           wood-based folder (I used one with LOTS of TreeBombs/Lances). 
           Another BIG plus is using Twister on him with a wood style (I had
           WoodTeam).  All you need is an AreaGrab. Watch out for NS Tackle, it
           can KO you in 2 or 3 hits, 4 if lucky! Magnetman has a BIG weakness 
           in the form of wood; exploit it with a wood style/folder and you'll
           down Magnetman pretty easily.

   2.7. Freezeman

   Difficulty(at present time): **/*****
   Navi name: Freezeman V1
   Operator: None
   Navi encounter area: GospelHQ (via Kotobuki Square)
   Navi HP: 1000
   Comments: Long live boss navis with elements; this time you can hurt the
            icicle with electricity.
   NOTE: All panels are ice, with the exception of 2 blank panels. This is
        definitely a big plus, as elec chips do x4 damage!
    1. Freeze Over - 0 Damage
       Freezeman freezes and creates a barrier which has 100HP exactly.
    2. Wind - 0 Damage
       Freezeman blows Megaman into the back row when his Freeze Over barrier
       is broken.
    3. Icicles - 50 Damage
       Freezeman summons 3 icicles which shadow and fall from the sky. Same as
       Knightman's Rock Shower; use the shadows to escape.
       [B][_][+][_][_][_]      [B][_][X][_][_][_]             
       [+][+][_][_][_][F]      [X][X][_][_][_][F]
       [M][_][_][_][_][B] then [M][_][_][_][_][B] (example)
    4. Ice Tower - 100 Damage
       Freezeman creates ice towers which move up and down in a strange 
       fashion. To avoid keep in the middle column, and move up when they are
       on the bottom row, and down when they are at the top.
       [B][M][_][_][_][_]  [B][X][_][X][_][_]  [B][M][_][_][_][_]
       [X][^][X][_][X][F]  [X][\][X][_][X][F]  [X][X][X][X][X][F]
       [_][X][_][X][_][B]  [_][M][_][_][_][B]  [_][_][_][_][_][B] (examples)
   Verdict: Now it's time for elec! Freezeman is a new challenge but shouldn't
           be too difficult. Bring hard hitting chips to beat his Freeze Over,
           and just use the normal routine of strong chips. Staying on 1 panel
           makes him a sitting duck for Thunderman, and Toadman is just great
           for water elements. I didn't seem to find changing the field as
           useful as I did for Magnetman, as the ice helps you to avoid Ice
           Tower, which is hard-hitting, and of course quadrupling the damage
           done for elec chipsJust bring some decent Elec chips and you'll
           eventually thaw this oversized ice cube.

   2.8. Fake Bass

   Difficulty(at present time): */*****
   Navi name: Fake Bass, but the game calls it Bass 
   Operator: Kid Grave/Shun/Shuryou
   Navi encounter area: Gosp Server 2 
   Navi HP: 1000
   Comments: Our first taste of Supernavi Bass magic. I confess that I'm a bit
            disappointed, but there are 2 battles in a row, so what the hey?
    1. Bass Buster - 50 Damage
       Bass shoots his energy buster along 1 row. Dodge by moving out of that
       row. Simple.
       [M][_][_][_][_][_] (example)
    2. Bass Supreme Buster - 50 Damage each
       Bass charges and lets rip a load of buster shots. It is hard to dodge,
       so just try! Chances are, you are only going to be hit twice (100
       Damage). The Shadow range of chips helps a lot.
       [_][X][<][<][X][<] (example)
   Verdict: Fake Bass is too easy. With a measly arsenal of 2 attacks he'll be
           a boring fight, an appetizer for the next challenge. You'll have
           around at least 700HP by now so with only Bass Supreme Buster as a
           threat this is one easy battle. By now a strong Gater folder will
           finish him in no time! Rowlocking is an added extra.

   2.9. Gravebeast

   Difficulty(at present time): ****/*****
   Navi name: Gospel (No! Why not Gravebeast?)
   Operator: None
   Navi encounter area: Gosp Server 2
   Navi HP: 2000
   Comments: This is it. The big Gospel boss battle. The attack animations are
            primitive, I've got to admit.
   NOTE: Gospel is only vulnerable while attacking and a pause after.
   NOTE: Use NormalStyle, Gospel Breath is super effective to ALL elements.
    1. Bugfrag - 50 Damage
       Bugfrag pieces continuously fly down the rows. Move out of the row to
       [_][_][_][_][_][G] (example)
    2. Shockwave - 80 Damage
       Gospel creates a fast-moving shockwave.
    3. Ground Breaker - 80 Damage
       Gospel charges and unleashes a Shockwave that cracks all panels and is
    4. Head Drill - 100 Damage
       Gospel's hear turns into a drill and moves forward. Move out of the row
       to avoid.
    5. Summon Navi
       Gospel summons either Airman, Quickman or Cutman to perform their
       signature attack (Triple Tornado, Swirling Boomerang and Cut
       respectively). You know how to dodge Airman and Cutman's; if you don't
       know how to dodge Quickman's just move into the back row.
       [X][<][<][<][<][G] Airman    
       [M][<][<][A][G][G] 80 Damage 
       [X][<][<][<][<][G] (example) 
       [_][\][<][>][>][G] Quickman
       [M][\][^][Q][G][G] 80 Damage
       [_][>][^][_][_][G] (example)
       [_][_][_][_][_][G] Cutman
       [M][<][X][C][G][G] 100 Damage
       [_][_][_][_][_][G] (examples)
    6. Retract Breath - 0 Damage
       Gospel sucks you in before activating his Gospel Breath.
    7. Gospel Breath - 100 Damage
       Gospel breathes a fiery breath that does double damage to all elements.
       [_][_][X][_][_][G] if you are   [_][X][X][_][_][G]
       [_][M][X][X][G][G] it the front [M][X][X][X][G][G]
       [_][_][X][_][_][G] column and   [_][X][X][_][_][G] if you aren't
   Verdict: This is it. You're up against the Big Cheese, Gospel! He may be
           threatening with his uber arsenal of attacks but is not too
           difficult once you get the hang of his fighting pattern. Use
           whatever cheap tricks you have to defeat this Bugfrag incarnation!
           I used a modified Gater folder - cheap but handy. Try to dodge as
           many attacks as you can, as your HP won't last as long as you might
           think. At 1000HP Gospel will learn Summon Navi, and at 500 he will
           learn Retract Breath and Gospel Breath. The Shadow family are very
           useful for dodging. Shoot the Bugfrags to destroy them. Once you
           finish him, CONGRATULATIONS! You have officially beaten the game!
           But don't go yet, there are even more navis for you to delete,
           including the other 2 of my favourite 3 navis! Also enjoy the
           credits and Bass surfing the WWW net...

  3. Optional Bosses (OPB30)


   These guys are the bosses you have a choice of facing. They bring rewards
  but often without a progress in the storyline. But they are bosses too, so
  they must be put in.

   3.1. Gutsman

   Difficulty(at present time): */*****
   Navi name: Gutsman V1
   Operator: Dex Ogreon
   Navi encounter area: Dex's House
   Navi HP: 300
   Comments: The first friendly boss and the easiest. With weak attacks Gutsman
            is another insolent navi waiting for deletion.
    1. Guts Hammer Shockwave - 10 Damage
       Gutsman creates a shockwave with his GutsHammer. Move out of the row to
       avoid. This attack also cannot pass through holes.
       [_][M][_][_][_][_] (example)
    2. Ground Pound - 0 Damage
       Gutsman shakes the ground and crumbles your panels. They break when you
       step on and off them.
       [_][_][_][_][_][_] (example)
    3. Guts Punch - 20 Damage
       If you are on the column bordering his Gutsman will punch you for 20
       Damage. Move out of the column to escape.
   Verdict: Gutsman is a weak navi but at least you get a DexCode and Gutsman G
           chip. Use rowlocking, remember that Guts Hammer Shockwave goes into
           holes and, at this stage, you might want to lure him to the front
           and hit him with swords.

   Difficulty(at present time): */*****
   Navi name: Gutsman V2
   Operator: Dex Ogreon
   Navi encounter area: Dex's House
   Navi HP: 500
   Comments: Gutsman's got (annoyingly) Area Steal and is buffed with Rocket
   Guts Punch! Be careful!
    1. Guts Hammer Shockwave - 50 Damage
       Gutsman creates a shockwave with his GutsHammer. Move out of the row
       to avoid. This attack also cannot pass through holes.
       [_][M][_][_][_][_] (example)
    2. Ground Pound - 0 Damage
       Gutsman shakes the ground and crumbles your panels. They break when you
       step on and off them.
       [_][_][_][_][_][_] (example)
    3. Area Steal - 10 Damage (if hit)
       Gutsman uses the AreaGrab chip on you.
       [_][_][X][_][_][_] X=AreaSteal effect range
    4. Rocket Guts Punch - 100 Damage
       Gutsman will use his trademark RocketGutsPunch and throw his fist at
       you. Just move out of the row, it's a slow attack.
       [_][M][_][_][_][_] (example)
   Verdict: Iiiiiiit's Gutsman! I just love the names of his attacks! Anyway,
           this big guy is a darn easy challenge. Put lots of AreaGrab chips in
           your folder to combat his. It's not worth putting in Repairs though.
           Use big damage chips to gain an advantage, and note that Ground
           Pound cancels Guts Hammer! Avoid Rocket Guts Punch (it is a slow
           projectile) at all costs!

   3.2. Toadman

   Difficulty(at present time): ***/***** or ****/*****
   Navi name: Toadman V1
   Operator: Ribbita
   Navi encounter area: Marine Harbour
   Navi HP: 600
   Comments: Toadman is a really big challenge for he without a good chip
            folder. Eventually you'll pull through...with a low grade.
   NOTE: There are two lilypads in which Toadman can appear from. When you are
        on the same row as he is he will move onto the other one. L=Lilypad.
    1. Tadpole - 30 Damage each
       Tadpoles continuously swim at you from the lilypads.
    2. Ribbit - 20 Damage
       Toadman ribbits and a music note will semi-home on you. It paralyses on
       contact. To dodge if Toadman is at the front column, move to the top row
       if he is on the bottom and vice versa. If he is at the back row, good
       luck in dodging ('cos I don't know how)!
       [M][<][_][_][_][L] (example) 
       To dodge: 
    3. Ribbit Punch - 50 Damage
       After using Ribbit Toadman will teleport to the spot in front of you and
       hit you. The damage is amazing (now) so you'd better dodge. Just move
   Verdict: Toadman is VERY difficult, especially without a high HP level. You
           must preserve HP here. It might interest you to know Toadman is both
           Elec and Water types. It is difficult to exploit weaknesses at this
           stage. I think his weakness is either Wood, Aqua or Elec(?). After
           slaving Toadman WILL go down, but chances are you'll get a Busting
           level 1.

   3.3. Gateman

   Difficulty(at present time): **/***** or ***/*****
   Navi name: Gateman V1
   Operator: Mr Famous
   Navi encounter area: Lobby
   Navi HP: 600
   Comments: Welcome Gateman! There should be no trouble with this guy as long
            as you have some decent chips.
    1. Gate Spikies - 30 Damage each
       Gateman creates 3 spikies which move towards you. They follow you on
       whichever row you are on. The easiest way to combat them is to delete
       them with your buster.
    2. Remote Gate - 40 Damage
       Gateman creates a RemoGate which will sometimes move towards you and
       attack you. Just change rows as soon as it jumps (easier said than
       done) or fell it with a high-damage sword like ElecSwrd. Be warned that
       RemoGate follows you on your row.
       [_][_][M][R][_][_]                  [X][R][<][<][_][_]  
       [_][_][_][_][G][_]                  [M][_][_][_][G][_] R=RemoGate
       [_][_][_][_][_][_] (Mobile example) [_][_][_][_][_][_] (Attack example)
    3. Gate Cannon - 60 Damage
       Gateman shoots you with a cannon from the gate on his chest. You can see
       this slow attack coming.
   Verdict: Gateman isn't the amazing navi Mr Famous claims him to be. Rowlock
           and break panels. Gate Cannon is easy to avoid, spikies fall into
           holes and RemoGate can be destroyed (though dangerous) or  dodged.
           Be careful, with RemoGate Gateman is harder to hit. Take ALL chances
           to hit him when he's at the front row. ZeusHamr is a good chip for
           this battle.

   3.4. Thunderman

   Difficulty(at present time): ***/*****
   Navi name: Thunderman V1
   Operator: Raoul
   Navi encounter area: Underground (what the?)
   Navi HP: 700
   Comments: Thunderman can be taken over with wood but the clouds are really
   NOTE: There are three clouds which go from Thunderman's area to yours and
        back. They serve as distractions. If you use AreaGrab and the clouds
        are on the area you are grabbing the chip will not get the place the
        cloud occupies. C=Cloud.
    1. Cloud Shock - 80 Damage
       When a cloud hits you it sends a shock that hits the area around it.
       Just move out of that area to dodge.
    2. Elec Ball - 40 Damage each
       The three clouds all fire a ball of electricity down their rows, both
       horizontally and vertically. To dodge just try to move out of the
       row/column the cloud is in.
       [X][<][C][_][_][_]is two            [X][_][C][X][_][_]  
       [_][M][_][C][_][T]attacks, while    [M][_][_][C][_][T] 
       [X][<][<][<][C][_]another does this [_][_][_][_][C][_] (examples)
    3. Thunder - 80 Damage each
       Thunderman shoots 3 zaps of thunder at the panel you are on. Dodge by
       keeping on the move, which is difficult as the clouds block you.
       [X][C][_][_][_][_] (Megaman started at the panel which was hit)
   Verdict: Thunderman is difficult in the sense that clouds block your way
           everywhere you try to go. Twister from your wood style will be a
           clever attack to use; all you need is an AreaGrab. Try to use Lances
           on him, as well as TreeBombs and any other wood chip. This is more
           difficult as Thunderman has the clouds. Use any chance to use
           hard-hitting chips on him. Rowlock if possible. Thunderman will
           eventually fall. Notice that he has got lower HP than navis before
           him, if not lots. ZeusHamr is a good chip for this battle as well.

   3.5. Snakeman

   Difficulty(at present time): **/***** or ***/*****
   Navi name: Snakeman V1
   Operator: Ms Millions
   Navi encounter area: Jewelry Shop
   Navi HP: 600
   Comments: Snakeman hides in a pot whenever you look at him! Pathetic, but
            use a little fire to show him.
   NOTE: There are 3 blank panels in the middle of Snakeman's area.
   NOTE: Whenever you are on the same row as his Snakeman will hide in his pot,
        preventing him from damage.
    1. Snake - 40 Damage each
       Snakeman continuously makes Snakes come out of the blank panels. Just
       shoot them with your buster.
       [_][_][_][_][B][_] (example)
    2. Snake Machine Gun - 10 Damage(?) each
       Snakeman uses the buster on his claw and rapid-fires at you (four times,
       I think). Just keep moving
       to dodge, using your buster to shoot any snakes.
       [X][_][_][_][B][_] (example)(Megaman started at the panel which was hit)
    3. Snake Bite - 100 Damage
       Snakeman appears 4 panels in front of you and tries to bite you. This is
       a fast attack to dodge, just move back/up/down quickly.
       [_][_][_][_][B][_] (example)(Megaman started at the panel which was hit)
   Verdict: Snakeman is quite a cowardly navi in the sense that he is scared to
           stand in the same row as you! This can be used to your advantage, as
           when you are out of chips all you need to do is stand in front of
           Snakeman, and you can then just sit there busting snakes when
           Snakeman himself does nothing. Fast chips e.g. HeatShot can hit him
           when you move up/down, move back down/up quickly and shoot before
           Snakeman has time to retreat. You can even put to work bomb-type
           chips like the Quake family, by throwing them at Snakeman and moving
           up/down so that he reappears to be dealt the damage of the chips.
           Other chips like Geyser and LavaDrag (I'm not sure you can get that
           yet) help because you do not need to be in the same row as Snakeman
           to use it, and the holes are already there for you! You can begin to
           activate the famed Meteoric Hell combo, though getting Meteor will 
           be somewhat difficult, though if you got a decent busting level from
           the guy you just beat for stealing your passport, you would have a
           Meteor12 chip. Also use the Chip Trader Special near the hotel for
           Meteor9 chips.

   3.6. Heatman

   Difficulty(at present time): **/*****
   Navi name: Heatman V1
   Operator: Mr Match
   Navi encounter area: Boarding (Airport) 
   Navi HP: 900
   Comments: By now you should have so many aqua chips soaking this lighter
            will be too easy.
    1. Fire Tower - 80 Damage
       Heatman uses a semi-homing Fire Tower similar to Toadman's Ribbit and
       Torchman's Fire Tower in EXE1. This is hard to dodge: Just move to one
       side and wait for it to go there and then move to the other side, or use
       the same method as Toadman's Ribbit.
       [_][_][_][X][H][_] (example)
    2. Heat Smash - 100 Damage
       Heatman tries to stamp on you. The panel he hits becomes a Magma panel.
       [M][<][H][_][_][_] (example)(Heatman hits the panel he is on)(Megaman
    3. Burner - 100 Damage each          started at the panel which was hit)
       Heatman randomly makes 3 panels flash, then flames appear from them.
       Dodge by using the flashing to tell you where the fire is going to come
       [_][_][+][H][_][_]      [_][_][X][H][_][_]             
       [+][+][_][_][_][_]      [X][X][_][_][_][_]
       [M][_][_][_][_][_] then [M][_][_][_][_][_] (example)
   Verdict: Heatman is a mediocre challenge. Aqua chips like Bubbler can easily
           toast this navi, if toast is the right word. Burner is a difficult
           attack to combat, as it is fast, but use the pause after Heatman
           does it for decent aqua chips e.g. AquaBlde. Folders like Gater will
           kill him in no time.

   3.7. Protoman

   Difficulty(at present time): ***/***** or ****/*****
   Navi name: Protoman V1
   Operator: Chaud Blaze
   Navi encounter area: Confusion Rm
   Navi HP: 800
   Comments: The Official Netbattler's navi is here. Protoman has been upgraded
            from BN1 but should be no problem for you.
   NOTE: Protoman is actually a must-fight boss, but I have put him here
    1. Wide Sword - 100 Damage
       Protoman appears in the row in front of you and swipes you with
       WideSwrd. Move back one row to dodge. He often uses this attack 3 times
       in a row if you keep moving back to the row you came from.
       [_][_][X][P][_][_] (example)(Megaman started at the row which was hit)
    2. Hero Sword - 20 Damage
       Protoman slashes (often after Sonic Boom) at a HeroSwrd range. Move out
       of the row to dodge. It doesn't really matter, 20 damage is NOTHING.
       [_][_][_][_][_][_] (example)(Megaman started at the panel which was hit)
    3. Sonic Boom - 60 Damage
       Protoman sends a shot 2 squares wide (normally down the bottom 2 rows).
       Move up/down to dodge.
       [X][<][<][<][<][P] (example)(Megaman started at the panel which was hit)
   Verdict: Protoman is quite buffed up since BN1, and I am amazed at the high
           damage of Wide Sword, and the low damage of Hero Sword. Protoman is
           very predictable when you want him to be. If you dodge Wide Sword by
           going back 1 panel and moving into the same panel again, he will use
           this pattern: Wide Sword three times, then maybe again three times,
           and maybe even again three times, uses  Sonic Boom and then Hero
           Sword, and starts the cycle again. Once you get the hang of his
           attacks/attack pattern, Protoman is no challenge. Use fast chips to
           send him packing. Note that the cycle I mentioned only occurs if you
           follow my instructions; but trust me, it's for the best that you
           make it occur. 

  4. Special Bosses (SPB40)


  (This section will be done in my next update. Sorry for any inconvenience.)

  5. Credits (CRD50)

   Here are all the websites/people my FAQ wouldn't have been made without.
  Thank you everybody!
  * All the websites that host my FAQ (www.gamefaqs.com)
    For hosting my FAQ

  * Capcom (www.capcom.com)
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