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Secret Chip FAQ by ELian

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 05/31/04

   iM0Z      SMM                                                               
   XMMM    ZMMM                                                                
   MMZMMMMMMMX  MM    XMM rMW    MMM       MM   MM7 MMr  M        MMS  MM     M
  MM  ZMM   M  MMMMMMMMMa M      MM   8MMMMMW   M   M    M   SMMMMMM   M      M
 iM        MM :MM        MM     MM  MM    MM   M7   M   MS MMX   MM7  MM     MS
                               MM             i                      7         
                         MMMMM                                    2BMMMM0   
    ,2WMMM;                                   2MM2              aMMM   MMMM 
    MMMMMMWMM              MM        M;        8MM             7MM       MM.
    MW     MX   ;MMB;    MMMMMMMX  MMMMMMM      M     iMMMM;     .       MMS
   MMM,8MMMM    X  8MM   MMWi      MM8.        Mr   SMM   SMM           @MM 
   MMMMMMMM      iaMMW   WM        M2         7M   7MMMMMMMMM        :MMMM  
  MM      M2 MMMM:MMM    M         M          M   .MM              MMMM,    
 MMM:; MMMM MMM  2MMM   BM   7Mr  MM   aM    MMr   MM;Xi:MM      MMMM       
    MMM    MMM             Br                                       MM        
    MMM    aM     2X      ZMM@     ;r        ;     .7               M         
  ,M  ;MB MM :MM.   MMM  8M        MM 7MM  MM @M      MM  MM       MMMMM      
  Mr   MMMM  MMMMMMMMM   M        ZMMMMMMMMM iM       M   M       MMMM        
 MMi   aMMB  MM          M        MMMMMMMM@  MM8    MM   MM      MMB:MM       

Secret Chip Guide, V2.1
Megaman Battle Network 2 for GameBoy Advance
Copyright 2003 ELian (Eric Lian)(HalyconIV[at]hotmail.com)

Version History:

V1.00 (02/4/03)
- First Version

V1.10 (03/14/03)
- Major and Minor updates
- Spelling Check! ^_^ (not much wrong, but just to be safe =P)
- changed legal information
- Gave more information on special chips
- Added Busting level section
- Added Special Thanks

V1.11 (03/21/03)
- Spell Check (again ^_^;; )
- Added www.neoseeker.com to legal sites

v2.0 (06/17/03)
- Added the following:
  - ASCII Title (It's Megaman Battle Network 2, not Megaman Battle 2 Network.
    I ran out of space... >_>;;)
  - Table of Contents Section Code
  - Introduction
  - Terminology
  - The Chips
  - Requirments to Get Special Chips
- Rewrote Sections

v2.1 (05/18/04)
- Corrected minor mistakes
- Renamed FAQ to "Secret Chip FAQ," as it seems to reflect the 
  contents of the FAQ a bit better.

Table of Contents:

To jump to a particular section, use the search function of your browser and 
type in the corresponding Section code.

  Section Name:                                Section Code

- Introduction                                 IND

- Terminology                                  TMNY

- The Chips                                    TC1

- Special Chip Information                     SCI2

- Busting Level                                BL3

- Requirements to Get Special Chips            RGSC4

- Explanation of Game Algorithm                EGA5

- How to Get Special Chips                     HGSC6

- Closing                                      C7

- Special Thanks                               ST8

- Contact Information                          CI9

- Legal Information                            LI0

IND: "Introduction"

The chips in the Megaman Battle Network universe are truely unique. 
These chips form the heart and soul of this game, and allow for almost endless
replay value.

The focus of this particular FAQ will be the 10 special chips, which are 
"randomly awarded" in a battle between two people, when certain conditions are
met. This FAQ will cover both general information on each chip, and the
specific effects and requirements of each chip when used in battle.
It will also discuss how the game evaluates each battle, and decides whether 
or not a special chip is to be awarded, and how you can "help" the game make
the decision.

Since you must be relatively far into the game in order to have a chance at 
being awarded a special chip, the following assumptions will be made:
- You understand how to play the game

Simple right?

Usually when a netbattle is concluded, a chip is taken from the loser's chip
sack and given to the winner. When this happens, the winner's screen will 
display "Chip Data Received:" as well as a picture of the chip won.
The loser's screen will display "Chip Data Lost:" and also show a picture of
the chip lost. The chip which is lost depends on the busting level of the
winner. (Refer to Busting Level section BL3)

However, on occasion, the loser will not lose a chip, instead of displaying
"Chip Data Lost" the loser's screen will simply show "No Data."
When This happens, a secret chip is given to the winner.

Please note that the methods for getting special chips explained in this FAQ
are not guarantees for special chips. They are merely suggestions and methods
that are known to affect the game algorithm and increase the chance
(the keyword being CHANCE) of the game giving you a special chip.

TMNY: "Terminology"

This section will briefly cover the terms used in the FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions
Basically what the name implies, although it is often substituted for
the word "Guide" or "Walkthrough." In this case, when I refer to FAQ, I
mean the Guide that you're reading right now.

These are what you're trying to get right? You should know what they are. =P

Chip ID/Chip Number:
This is the number which can be found beside each chip when it is viewed in
your Data Library. These numbers range from 1 to 250 normally, but extend to
accomodate numbers 251 to 260 once you win your first secret chip.

Chip Code:
Each chip has 5 letters attributed to it. These letters signify their
compatibility. Multiple chips which have the same code can be uploaded on
the same turn, while chips which have different codes cannot.
All chips also have a * coded version. The * means that the chip is a 
"wildcard" and is compatible with all codes.

Chip Size:
Each chip has a capacity atrributed to it, this is used in presetting chips.

All chips deal a certain type of damage, be it non-elemental, Aqua (water),
Heat (fire), Wood (uh... wood >_>;;), or Elec (electric)
In the game, Aqua is weak to Elec, which is weak to Wood, which is weak to
Heat, which is weak to Aqua. Non-elementals do not have weakness or strength
against any particular element.

                      =>   Aqua  =>
                     beats      beats 
                 Elec                Heat
                     beats      beats
                      <=   Wood  <=

Program Advance
In the game, when you select certain chips in a particular order, in the same
turn, they will merge into a single chip. (for one turn only, you get them
back after the battle.) These PA chips are far more powerful than each of the
individual chips.

Non-Playable Character
This is basically anybody you meet in the game. If you can't play as them,
then they're an NPC.

Attack Pattern:
This is how a chip affects the field when it is used.

Busting Level:
The Rank given to you at the end of each battle. More on this in the
Busting level section (See BL3)

Basically, when you "kill" something,(Its HP reaches 0) it's deleted.

When the word Netbattle is mentioned in this FAQ, it exclusively means when
you fight against a human player(Note "HUMAN").
However, normally netbattling can be used to describe a fight with any
 virus or navi, regardless of being human controlled or just an NPC.


TC1: "The Chips"

There are three main sets of chips. 

The first being the standard set, or chip numbers 1 to 250. These are the 
chips that can be obtained in-game by busting viruses, trading with 
NPCs (Non-Playable Characters), and unlocking Mystery Data on the net. 
These chips make up the vast majority of chips available in the game. 
This particular FAQ will not go into detail on these chips.

The second set of chips will be the focus of this FAQ.
This set is composed of 10 Special Chips or chip numbers 251 to 260.
During the multiplayer battles of MMBN2, if both competitors meet certain 
requirements, the winner has a chance at being awarded one of the 10 
"special chips." These chips, are unattainable in any way 
other than through netbattles or by using a cheating device.

The third set of chips are the trophy chips that were given away at Capcom
tournaments. These chips are numbers 261 to 266. There is no legitimate way
to obtain these chips at this point in time, because Capcom is no longer
holding further tournaments.

SCI2: "Special Chip Information"

This section will cover the effects of each chip in battle, as well as any
requirements needed to use that chip.

Note: If there is an asterisk beside any description of a chip, then there
      is a more in-depth description further down the page.

Chip ID:    Chip Name:     Chip Codes:    Chip Size
#251        BigRedWave     FHPRS*         64mb
#252        FreezeBomb     AIJQU*         56mb
#253        Sparker        CEGKV*         48mb 
#254        GaiaSword      DLNWY*         72mb
#255        BlackBomb      BFGPR*         64mb
#256        FigherSword    AILSY*         50mb
#257        KnightSword    FJKMQ*         64mb
#258        HeroSword      ENOTZ*         90mb
#259        Meteors        BHORV*         68mb
#260        Poltergeist    EPRUW*         50mb

Chip ID:    Chip Name:     Effect:
#251        BigRedWave     - 220 Dmg
                           - Heat style use only
                           - Heat Damage
                           - Sends one lava wave down each row
                           - Wave can be stopped by obstacles
Attack Pattern:

Battle Field:
   Blue      Red           m = Megaman
[ ][ ][x] [>][>][>]        x = BigRedWave Start
[ ][m][x] [r][ ][ ]        > = Travel Path
[ ][ ][x] [>][r][ ]        r = Obstacle

#252        FreezeBomb     - 180 Dmg
                           - Aqua style use only
                           - Aqua damage
                           - Thrown 3 spaces ahead
                           - CrossBomb effect explosion
                           - If it hits, it freezes the enemy
Attack Pattern:

Battle Field:
   Blue      Red           m = Megaman
[ ][ ][ ] [ ][^][ ]        x = Point of Impact (also affected area)
[ ][m][ ] [^][x][^]        ^ = Affected Area 
[ ][ ][ ] [ ][^][ ]        

#253        Sparker        - 100 Dmg*
                           - Elec style use only
                           - Elec Damage
                           - Attack range is a radius of
                             1 square around Megaman
Attack Pattern:

Battle Field:
   Blue      Red           m = Megaman
[x][x][x] [ ][ ][ ]        x = Affected Area        
[x][m][x] [ ][ ][ ]
[x][x][x] [ ][ ][ ]        

#254        GaiaSword      - 200 Dmg*
                           - Wood style use only
                           - Wood Damage
                           - Attack range is 1 column ahead
                             (like Widesword)
Attack Pattern:

Battle Field:
   Blue      Red           m = Megaman
[ ][ ][x] [ ][ ][ ]        x = Affected Area        
[ ][m][x] [ ][ ][ ]
[ ][ ][x] [ ][ ][ ]        

#255        BlackBomb      - 200Dmg*
                           - No style requirement
                           - Heat Damage
                           - Throws 3 spaces ahead
                           - Does not explode (until hit by fire attack)
                           - Stays on battlefield.
Attack Pattern:

Battle Field:
   Blue      Red           m = Megaman
[ ][ ][ ] [^][^][^]        x = Point of Impact        
[ ][m][ ] [^][x][^]        ^ = Range of explosion
[ ][ ][ ] [^][^][^]        

#256        FighterSword   - 100Dmg
                           - Normal Style use only
                           - Non-elemental Damage
                           - Attack range is 3 squares ahead
Attack Pattern:

Battle Field:
   Blue      Red           m = Megaman
[ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ]        x = Affected area        
[ ][m][x] [x][x][ ]
[ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ]        

#257        KnightSword    - 150Dmg
                           - Normal Style use only
                           - Non-elemental Damage
                           - Attack range is 3 squares ahead
Attack Pattern:

Battle Field:
   Blue      Red           m = Megaman
[ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ]        x = Affected area        
[ ][m][x] [x][x][ ]
[ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ]        

#258        HeroSword      - 200Dmg
                           - Normal Style use only
                           - Non-elemental Damage
                           - Attack range is 3 squares ahead
Attack Pattern:

Battle Field:
   Blue      Red           m = Megaman
[ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ]        x = Affected area        
[ ][m][x] [x][x][ ]
[ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ]        

#259        Meteors        - 40Dmg*
                           - No style requirement
                           - Heat Damage
Attack Pattern:

Battle Field:
   Blue      Red           m = Megaman
[ ][ ][ ] [x][x][x]        x = Affected area        
[ ][m][ ] [x][x][x]
[ ][ ][ ] [x][x][x]        

#260        Poltergeist    - 0Dmg*
                           - No style requirement
                           - Non-elemental Damage
                           - Freeze time - Picks up field obstacles
                             and throws them at the enemy.
                           - Does 200 damage per obstacle thrown.
Attack Pattern:

Battle Field:
   Blue      Red           m = Megaman
[x][x][x] [x][x][x]        x = Affected area        
[x][m][x] [x][x][x]
[x][x][x] [x][x][x]        

* Sparker: This chip is a charge chip, you hold "A" to charge, and you are
           invincible while charging. The chip takes your HP down and converts
           it to damage. Maximum charge reduces you to 1 hp.
           Minimum damage is 100, while the maximum is 100 + (Your HP-1)
           Where HP is the amount of HP you have when you start charging.

* GaiaSword: this chip absorbs all the damage of the chips selected AFTER it.
             Ex. Chip select: CutMan V3  (300Dmg)
                              GaiaSword  (200Dmg)
                              Cutman V3  (300Dmg)
                              Cutman V3  (300Dmg)
                              Cutman V3  (300Dmg)
             In this scenario, GaiaSword would absorb the damage of the
             3 CutmanV3 chips selected AFTER it. Not the one selected BEFORE.
             So, GaiaSword's total damage would be:
             200Dmg + 300Dmg + 300Dmg + 300Dmg
             = 1100Dmg
             If the chips were selected in this manner, your chip roster would
             look like this: CutMan V3 C (300Dmg)
                             GaiaSword C (1100Dmg)

             Note: Gaiasword will NOT absorb damage from PAs.


* BlackBomb: This chip does 200 damage ONLY when it is thrown ONTO an enemy
             or when it lands on the ground and is hit by a fire attack.
             When it is hit by fire, it explodes and deals 200 damage to all
             occupant's panels. (deals damage to whoever's panel side
             it is on.)

* Meteors: 40 Damage per meteor, total of 30 meteors. Meteors hit each enemy 
           panel in freeze time - the less area an enemy has, the more it 
           will be hit. 
* Poltergeist: This chip will do 0 damage if there are no obstacles to throw.
               Obstacles are any immobile object that sits on the field
                   - RockCube
                   - Guardian
                   - Rocks
                   - Remobits
                   - Meteor wands
                   - BlackBomb
               If an obstacle hits the opponent, it will do 200Dmg

BL3: "Busting Level"

During a battle, the game records the number of times an event occurs.
Events consist of the following:
- Time
- Getting hit
- Moving
- Deleting an enemy

Whenever an event occurs, the game awards "Level points" 
the number of level points you have at the end of a battle is your
busting level.

Time: Faster is better!
Against Viruses:
Busting Time:                  Level points:          
<=5 seconds:                   +7 points
5+ to <=12 seconds:            +6 points
12+ to <=36 seconds:           +5 points
36+ seconds:                   +4 points


Against Navis:
<=30 seconds:                  +10 points
30+ to <=40 seconds:           +8 points
40+ to <=50 seconds:           +6 points
50+ seconds:                   +4 points

Getting hit: Getting hit is never good, right?
Against All Enemies:
Number of times hit:           Level Points:
0 times:                       +1 points
1 time:                         0 points
2 times:                       -1 points
3 times:                       -2 points
4+ times:                      -3 points

Movement: Dodge when you need it, but don't move if you don't have to.
Number of Moves:               Level Points:
0 to 2 moves:                  +1 points
3+ moves:                       0 points

Enemies Deleted: The more the merrier.. right?
Simultaneous Deletes:           Level Points:
2 enemies:                      +2 points
3 enemies:                      +4 points

After the battle, the game calculates the total number of points you have.
Your busting level is basically the number of Level points you have.

Level Points:                  Busting Level:
1                              1
2                              2
3                              3
4                              4
5                              5
6                              6
7                              7
8                              8
9                              9
10                             10
11                             S
12                             S

The type of chip won after a battle is also dependant on the busting level.
In general, the higher the busting level, the better the chip won.
This table will use V1 to V3 as a comparison for the type of chips won.
V1 is relative to a version 1 navi chip.

Busting level                 Type of Chip Won:
                              In game (Navi):  Netbattle:

1                             Zenny            *
2                             Zenny            **
3                             Zenny            **
4                             Zenny            **
5                             Zenny/V1         **
6                             V1               ***
7                             V1               ***
8                             V1/V2            ****
9                             V2/V3            *****
10                            V2/V3            *****
S                             V3               *****

The number of asterisks refers to the rarity rating of the chips.
This rating can be found in the Libray section of the game, beside the name of
the chip.
The number of asterisks indicates "Up to this rating" meaning that any chips
at this rarity level, or under may be awarded at this busting level.

At busting level 8, the rating is 4 asterisks. So, a chip with a rarity of 
1 to 4 stars may be awarded.

RGSC4: "Requirements to Get Special Chips"

In order for the game to award the winner of a netbattle with a special chip,
both competitors MUST meet the following requirements:

- Have 3 or more stars
- The netbattle must end in a busting level 9 to S 
  (A rank sufficient to win you a 5 star chip.) 

Yellow Star: Defeat Gospel at the end of the game, and view the credits.
Green Star:  Defeat RealBass in WWW area1 (After defeating the WWW navis)
Red Star:    Chip Library Complete (Chips 1 to 250)
Purple Star: Secret Chips Collected (Chips 251-260)
Blue Star:   PA Memo Complete (PA #32 "Darkness" not required)


EGA5: "Explanation of Game Algorithm"

If the battle meets the conditions required to earn a special chip, then the 
game considers the following:

1. Battle time: 
How long the battle took.  If this particular battle was significantly
different from your past few battles, then the chance of receiving a 
special chip increases.

00:00:04 <= after this battle, you will likely receive a special chip.

2. Win/Loss Record (recent)
The game also records your recent wins and losses. If you have been winning
constantly, your chances of receiving a special chip decreases. If you have
been losing constantly, and then you suddenly win, then you will likely
receive a special chip.

Player 1:               Player 2
Record:                 Record:                     
Win                     Loss    
Win                     Loss
Win                     Loss
Win                     Loss
Win                     Loss
Win                     Loss
Win                     Loss
Win                     Loss
Loss                    Win <= Player 2 will likely receive a special chip

3. Damage taken:
The game considers this as well. If there is an unusual deviation from the 
average damage you normally take, the chances will increase. (This is only
taken into account for the winner)

Winner HP:
10 <= Likely to receive a special chip

4. Moves: yours and your opponent's
The game will record the number of times you moved during the battle. Again,
any deviation from the norm will result in higher chances of a special chip.

Player 1 moves:    Player 2 moves:
0                  0
0                  0
0                  0
0                  0
0                  0
0                  0
0                  0
0                  0
34                 27 <= the winner is likely to receive a special chip

5. Number of Turns:
The number of turns the battle took. This is taken into consideration only
for the winner. Simple enough..

3 <= Unusual, likely to receive special chip.

6. Chips used:
The number of chips you and your opponent used. Program advances are counted
as 1 chip.
Used chips means that the player pressed "a" and activated the chip. NOT just
selected the chip from the custom menu.

Player 1 Chips:     Player 2 Chips:
1                   0
2                   0
1                   0
1                   0
3                   0
1                   0
3                   0
1                   0
6                   7 <= Winner likely to receive special chip

In summary, any battle that is "out of the ordinary" has a higher chance
to receive a special chip.

The game will keep track of battles like this:

Player 1
Battle:     Time:     Turns:    Moves:     Chips:    Result    HP         SP?
1           00:00:04  1         0          1         WIN       1000       N/A
2           00:12:18  2         2          3         WIN       920        med
3           00:00:08  1         1          2         WIN       1000       med
4           00:02:12  1         2          1         WIN       1000       low
5           00:00:04  1         1          0         LOSS      0          N/A
6           00:01:18  1         5          2         WIN       900        med
7           00:01:06  1         2          1         WIN       800        low
8           00:01:02  1         4          1         WIN       1000       low
9           00:00:08  1         0          1         WIN       1000       low
10          00:32:06  4         23         8         WIN       230        high

Player 2
Battle:     Time:     Turns:    Moves:     Chips:    Result     HP        SP?
1           00:00:04  1         0          0         LOSS       0         N/A
2           00:12:18  2         0          0         LOSS       0         N/A
3           00:00:08  1         0          0         LOSS       0         N/A
4           00:02:12  1         0          0         LOSS       0         N/A
5           00:00:04  1         1          1         WIN        1000      high
6           00:01:18  1         0          0         LOSS       0         N/A
7           00:01:06  1         0          0         LOSS       0         N/A
8           00:01:02  1         0          0         LOSS       0         N/A
9           00:00:08  1         0          0         LOSS       0         N/A
10          00:32:06  4         26         10        LOSS       0         N/A


HGSC6: "How to Get Special Chips"

The algorithm is relatively easy to manipulate. Simply try to set a trend, and
then break it suddenly. For example, allow player 1 to constantly S rank
Player 2 on the first turn, with a PA.
Player 1:
- do not move
- use the PA as soon as possible

Player 2: 

Repeat this about 5 times. On the 6th battle, do the same thin, except reverse
it, so that player 2 wins and player 1 does nothing. Because the game set a
trend of "Player 1: perfect" and "Player 2: Loss", if the trend is suddenly
broken, the winner will have a very high chance of getting a secret chip.

Player 1
Battle:     Time:     Turns:    Moves:     Chips:    Result    HP         SP?
1           00:00:04  1         0          1         WIN       1000       N/A
2           00:00:04  1         0          1         WIN       1000       med
3           00:00:04  1         0          1         WIN       1000       low
4           00:00:04  1         0          1         WIN       1000       low
5           00:00:04  1         0          1         WIN       1000       low
6           00:00:04  1         0          0         LOSS      0          N/A

Player 2
Battle:     Time:     Turns:    Moves:     Chips:    Result     HP        SP?
1           00:00:04  1         0          0         LOSS       0         N/A
2           00:00:04  1         0          0         LOSS       0         N/A
3           00:00:04  1         0          0         LOSS       0         N/A
4           00:00:04  1         0          0         LOSS       0         N/A
6           00:00:04  1         0          0         LOSS       0         N/A
5           00:00:04  1         0          1         WIN        1000      high

Just a note: You don't have to do everything mentioned. Usually, it is quite
             effective to simply modify one of the variables (such as the
             Win/Loss record.) However, you may modify as many variables as
             you like. 

C7: "Closing"

Thank you for using this FAQ, I hope that it has been of some use to you.
As mentioned before, please do not email me with:
"I lost five times, then won, and wasn't given a special chip! You Lied!"
As I previously mentioned, the methods explained in this FAQ, simply increase
the chances of a secret chip being awarded. They DO NOT guarantee you a secret
chip, if you want guaranteed chips, you'll have to trade for them, steal them,
or cheat for them. None of which I recommend, apart from the trading.
Also, these guidelines can be altered. Try new stuff! If you find out anything
cool that works, then email me at HalyconIV[at]hotmail.com. If I think it should
go into the FAQ, I'll be sure to put it in.
(With appropriate credits, of course.)


ST8: "Special Thanks"
- Everyone at the GameFAQs MMBN2 message boards
- MegaBoy's MMBN1 FAQ/Walkthrough (The busting level information)


CI9: "Contact Information"

If you have something you want to contribute (or if you want to include this
document on your website), I can be contacted via e-mail at:


Please label your e-mail's subject clearly, as I will take no responsibility
if your email is accidentally deleted as junk mail.


LI0: "Legal Information"

This FAQ is the intellectual property of its original author (Eric Lian) and
of its contributors. It may not be reproduced in any way or form.
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This FAQ is posted at the following web sites:


If you see this FAQ posted at a web site not located on that list, please
notify me at HalyconIV[at]hotmail.com

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