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Gospel Duplication Guide by zidanet129

Updated: 02/08/03

Megaman Battle Network 2: Gospel Duplication Guide

by Zidanet_129

Megaman Battle Network 2 and all related contents and images are originally
copyrighted to Capcom.


Table of Contents

1. Prologue
2. What is and why the GD Trick?
3. How to use the GD Trick?
4. What can I duplicate with the GD Trick?
5. Recommandations of Chips being Duplicated
6. FAQs
7. Version Update
8. Legal Stuff & Credits


1. Prologue (^1)

The only reason that I made this FAQ is that I really can't stand people
keep asking the same thing over and over again on the Message Board. I
seriously can't believe why people can't look for other Topics talking
about the same thing. Well, I'll shut up and let you guys read on.
By the way, you can see those "^X" (Insert number for X)? Those are for
your convenience when reading this FAQ. To look for a specific part of
this FAQ, sinply press Ctrl + F and type "^X" then insert the section you
want to read and hit Enter. You should be guided to your desired section
From now on, I'll be calling the Gospel Duplication Trick the GD Trick.
That's easier for me to type, I suppose.
Now, enjoy!


2. What is and why the GD Trick? (^2)

The GD Trick (Gospel Duplication Trick) is a trick (possibly a BUG in the
game) that lets you copy the Items in the game. This trick is especially
useful when you're trying to have more than one identical PAs (Program
Advances) in your Folder(s), like BodyGrd or BigHeart. The only flaw of
this trick is that it requires beating Gospel, the Final Boss of this
game, to get it to work. Of course, this limited the Items you can
duplicate, but as you know, the later in the game, the better Items you'll
get. Finally, this Trick will cause no harm to the game itself, nor does it
to your GBA, unlike cheating devices like GameShark or CodeBreaker......
*ahem* Well, read on.


3. How to use the GD Trick? (^3)

Here we go, the most important part of this FAQ. Before you start anything,
make sure you qualify these terms:
1. You can access the Final Gospel Server without anything from stopping
2. You have at least 1 SneakRun (for faster moving in the Gospel Server
without any enemy encounters)
3. You can easily beat CopyBass and Gospel (because that's EXACTLY what you
want to do to get this Trick to work!)

Well, if you qualify, follow the steps below:

1. First of all, make sure which items you want to duplicate. There are
plenty of FAQs covering this, or you can simply save before you grab the
Item you want. Also make sure that you can go straight into the Kotobuki
Gospel HQ's Final Room without anything stopping you. Time is precious,
same goes for your battries.

2. After figuring out which Item you want to duplicate and where they are,
simply go up to the Item, save before you get it, and grab it.

3. VERY IMPORTANT NOW!!! After you get the Item you desired to duplicate,
NEVER, I repeat, NEVER EVER Save your game or you'll regret it!!! Go
straight up to the Gospel Server Building's last room. Press Start Button
to skip all the events until Lan Jacks Megaman.EXE into the Gospel Server.

4. When you're inside the Server, immediately use the SneakRun you have
with you to prevent any enemy encounters. Make it through the Server to
meet up with CopyBass.

5. Well, what are you waiting for!? Beat the crap outta him, NOW!!

6. Ok, so there goes the Bug Fusion. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Well you know
what's gonna happen so just mash the Start Button to skip all the Cutscenes
to go straight to the Battle against Gospel.

7. Again, beat the crap outta that overgrown Dog as quick as possible. You
don't wannt waste any time, do you?

8. So here goes the Ending. Again, mash the Start Button to skip all the
Ending stuff and let the Credits roll, unless you want to read the dialogues
(after a while they get boring too).

9. After the Credit roll, load your game. What do you see, huh? What? The
data you grabbed before you beat the crap outta Gospel? Nothing changed!?
Look inside your Pack and THEN talk to me if a copy of the Data you received
isn't there. Congradulations, you just successfully duplicated an Item in
the game!


4. What can I duplicate with the GD Trick? (^4)

Well, this section tells you about which Items that can be duplicated in the
game and which ones wouldn't be able to get duplicated.

What you CAN Duplicate:

- BMDs (Blue Mystery Datas)
- PMDs (Purple Mystery Datas, required OpenLock. The OpenLock you used will
  return to you after you reload the game after Gospel's Deletion)
- Chips from NetDealers or BugFrag Trader.
- Traded Chip Datas (*)

What you CANNOT Duplicate:

- HPMemorys
- PowerUPs
- BugFrags
- RegUP?s (Not the corrcct name, I assume. The ones that boost the MB of
  Megaman.EXE's Memory for presetting Chips. Replace the ? with 1, 2 or 3.)
- SubMems (The ones that boost the amount of SubChips you can carry)
- Extra Folders (Folder #2 from Mr. Famous in Official Center Lobby and Folder
  #3 from Jennifer in Official Center Server Room)

Depressed about the list of the CANNOTs? Too bad so sad. The programmer
isn't that stupid anyway...... They knew that you can't just duplicate
those Powerups or you can have 1000+ HP, carry 8+ of each SubChip, Preset
LifeAur3 or BassV3 for the Battles...... You know what'll happen if it
actually work.

(*: The Traded Chip Datas work this way: You trade the Chip, do the GD Trick
and reload. You'll lose the Chip you traded away but you will have the Chip
Data you received and the person willing to trade Chips will still be available
for trading Chip Datas. Two of the trades in the game gives a Chip Data AND
something extra (Folder #3 and HPmemory). Notice these extra items will NOT be
able to get duplicated.)


5. Recommandations of Chips being Duplicated (^5)

Well, as you can see, there are 266 Chips in this game in total (if you
count the Secret Chips and Capcom Enent Chips as well), and now you're
wondering which Chips you should Duplicate. Well, here are a few Chips I
found VERY useful when having more than 1 (or 5 :P):

- Wind *: It's being sold by the NetMerchant in Netopia Area 2. Very
  important for constructing a good Gater Folder.
- Fan *: It's being sold by the NetMerchant in Netopia Area 2 as well. It's
  also very important for constructing a good Gater Folder.
- Roll V3 R: A Chip you can get only once through Mayl's e-mail. Don't open
  the e-mail until you've reached the door leading to the Gospel Final
  Server Room and you can have like 99 of them if you wish to spend the time
  for it. VERY useful AND important for constructing a BigHeart Folder.
- ZeusHamr Z: A Chip being traded by the BugFrag Trader in KotoSquare.
  Requires 16 BugFrags. It can deal 200 Damage to everything on the
  battlefield, so just use it with a Barrier and you'll be fine.
- Atk+30 *: Traded by the BugFrag Trader in KotoSquare. Only one of these in
  the whole game so you'll need to Duplicate this if you have a Folder based
  on BodyGrd or Gater, which does multiple hits. Put 5 of these into your
  folder and use with the P.A. and watch your opponent cry.
- Recov300 R: One tough Chip to get since it's hidden deep inside the UnderNet
  Area 7. It's important for composing a BigHeart Folder also. Even not used
  with the BigHeart Folder, it's still pretty useful.
- AntiDmg S: The one-time trade with ShadoManV1 S, ShadoManV2 S and ShadoManV3 S
  Chips on the airplane after returning from Netopia. VERY important for
  constructing a BodyGrd Folder.

There should be more and I'll include them on the next update.


6. FAQs (^6)

This section contain most of the most Frequently Asked Questions on the
GameFAQs Message Board. Read it before creating a new Topic and I'll
guarentee you that you won't get flamed.

Q: What can/can't I duplicate?
A: Read Section 4 for answers.

Q: How should I do it?
A: Read Section 3 for answers.

Q: Why should I use this trick?
A: Read Section 2 for answers.

Q: What if I have more questions?
A: E-mail me or actually Post on the Board. I can't guarentee you of not
getting flamed now. *puts on AquaShld Style* This should save me from the


7. Version Updates (^7)

V 2.2 (Feburary 8, 2003): Fixed and added some more info. Updated after a LONG
                          while. :P

V 2.0 (November 26, 2002): Grammar-checked the whole FAQ. Added the Recommandation
                           Section. Fixed some problems in the Guiding system.

V 1.0 (November 22, 2002): Finished up the whole FAQ. Grammatical problems and
                           other problems will be fixed shortly.


8. Legal Stuff & Credits (^8)

This FAQ is Copyright Zidanet_129 (Alan Tseng), 2002~2003.
Contact me at zidanet_129@hotmail.com

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