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SSS License FAQ by SparkPhoenix

Updated: 07/17/02

SSS License FAQ by SparkPhoenix a.k.a. Freezemaster 
You can e-mail me at webmaster@elitehq.com (No Spamming Allowed) 
Note: Okay, this is my VERY first FAQ... so bear with me. :) 
Table of Contents 
1. Introduction 
2. The First Trial 
3. Survival Battle 
4. Closing/Legal 
Part 1: Introduction 
This FAQ was made to help out people who are going to take their SSS license 
exam. In this FAQ, you will find detailed walkthroughs to how to beat EVERY 
ENEMY in the Survival Battle plus how to get there. :) 
Part 2: The First Trial 
To get to the SSS License Exam, you obviously need to have an SSLicense, but you 
must also have a TOTAL of AT LEAST 200 CHIPS. If you want chip locations, I'd 
suggest you look elsewhere. Now, your main goal is to locate and defeat the NAVI 
MASTER! Talk to the license examiner and he'll give you a clue, then leave 
everything up to you. Here are the steps to take... 
-Read the back of the sign outside of the cafe in Marine Harbor 
-Take the train to Okuden and go past the campgrounds to the dam. Keep going to 
the left and you'll see a man behind a set of four trees on the western side of 
the dam. Talk to him. 
-Take the train to the airport and go and see the planes, not Netopia. Go to the 
cockpit and examine the flashing control panel that is right next to the 
entrance to the cockpit. 
-Exit from the planes and go to Netopia. Enter the castle and head towards the 
top of the castle itself. When you reach the top, where you battled the Princess 
of Creamland, turn left and talk to the official that is looking outside the 
-Exit the castle and head to the alleys in Netopia. Examine the garbage 
container to the left of the one with the teddy bear. 
-Head back to ACDC town and jack in at Mayl's house. Go to YumSquare and head 
towards the place where you got change.bat. You'll notice a navi there. Talk to 
-Go downstairs since you're still in Mayl's house and jack into her piano. Talk 
to the navi towards the top of it. 
-Talk to your dad! 
Now you'll find out he's the Navi Master, and you'll need to battle him... 
Recommended P.A.s: LifeSword3, Gater 
Battle 1: Gutsman V2 
He punches and sends shockwaves (like Mettaurs) at you. He's very easy to avoid 
and doesn't have much HP. A LifeSword or Gater will bring him down easily. Watch 
out if he uses AreaGrab or cracks the panels in your area. If you stand in the 
front column, he will come right in front of you and punch you. 
Battle 2: Toadman V2 
Pull out your electric attacks! Toadman uses only a few attacks, which are easy 
to avoid (luckily). The first attack isn't really executed by Toadman itself. 
It's just tadpoles that are shot out from the lilypads. The second attack is a 
musical note which homes in on you. Let it get to the panel right in front of 
you and get out of its way to avoid it. Any earlier and it'll hit you. Its third 
attack is to come up in front of you and punch you, but that's easy to avoid 
also. If you hit Toadman with a few electric attacks, you'll be done in no time. 
Battle 3: Gateman V2 
Gateman doesn't have much HP, so my advice is to use the buster to ward off his 
little soldiers and avoid his attacks then use Gater (Wind, Fan, Gateman1, 2, or 
3) to OHKO him. If not, he'll use his RemoGate when he gets down to 400HP, which 
can really do a load on you. 
Battle 4: Thunderman V2 
Thunderman can be very frustrating if you aren't sure how to attack it. 
Thunderman attacks by having his clouds shoot balls of electricity at you! He 
can also hit the panel you are standing on with lightning, 4 times in a row. 
Also, if you touch the clouds too long, they'll fry you with lightning spikes. 
At the start, stay low to let the clouds spread out. Then, wait until you get a 
good P.A. and use it. 
Battle 5: Snakeman V2 
A very easy opponent, if you know how to maneuver around. Wait in the middle row, 
forcing Snakeman to seek shelter and only move to another row to avoid the 
snakes that are shot at you. Wait until you get a good P.A. and move to either 
the top or bottom row and use it when Snakeman appears to do major damage. 
Battle 6: Heatman V2 
Hopefully, you have a Heat style, because Heatman can turn panels into lava 
panels, while stomping on you to do damage. Heatman also sends a big streak of 
fire at you, or seeks shelter in his box and has 4 flames shoot up randomly in 
your area. Wait until you get a good P.A. and let him move in on your area then 
hit him. 
Battle 7: Protoman V2 
The final battle is easy if you can dodge. First off, stay in the middle to 
start. When Protoman sends a cutting arc across the columns at you, move up or 
down to avoid it, then let him charge in on you and let him use his sword to 
slash 3 panels forward. Meaning, get out of that row! Then, after the slash, hit 
him! Occasionally, he'll come up to you and use an attack like a Widesword, or, 
in other words, doing a vertical slash that is 3 panels long. If you get a good 
P.A., use it and you're done. 
Good, now go back to the license examiner and get ready for the next part... 
Survival Battle 
Now for the hard part... 30 endurance battles in a row! But, I have some chips I 
HIGHLY recommend... they are: 
Wind, Fan, Gateman (1, 2, or 3)- for the Gater P.A. 
FireBlade, AquaBlade, ElecBlade- for the LifeSword3 P.A. 
AntiElec, AntiFire, AntiWater- to do 200 damage to unsuspecting enemies 
Guardian- Does 200 damage to all enemies when hit by an enemy, but 200 to you if 
you hit it 
Recovery Chips- YES, YOU CAN RECOVER!!!!! 
Now... on to the battles!!! 
Battle 1: Mettaur2, Mettaur2, Mettaur3 
Strategy: This battle is very simple. Swords and MegaCannons should be more than 
enough to take the Mettaur2s out. Bide your time and finish off the Mettaur3 
alone. Simple? Well then, let's move on... 
Battle 2: Swordy3, Mashy, KillWeed 
Strategy: Since the Swordy3 can use AreaGrab, go after it first. careful because 
it has a vertical and horizontal cut. The Mashy should be your next priority. 
Keep in mind that you should watch out for the KillWeed's wooden spires while 
you go after the Mashy. If you have fire chips, it would be best to use them on 
it. The KillWeed is self-explanitory. Just go to a corner, let it fire at you, 
then go up to it and fire away. :) 
Battle 3: Fishy3, DeathFire 
Strategy: Annoying lava panels are all over, so you might want to watch your 
step if you don't  have a Heat style. :) The DeathFire likes to take cover 
behind the stone block, so use attacks that can hit the back row. For the Fishy3, 
do NOT waste time firing at it while it's coming towards you, or you'll get hurt, 
badly, even if you have a barrier. Take this opportunity to heal any damage 
you've taken, or just to rest a bit. 
Battle 4: BlueDemon, Canodumb3, Canodumb3 
Strategy: Take out your swords and cut that BlueDemon down to size. If you can 
take out the Canodumb3s on the top and bottom rows and dodge the BlueDemon at 
the same time, the better! Just make this batlte quick and you'll be okay. :) 
One little tip for attacking them all at once would be to use a LifeSword3/Area 
Grab combo!!! 600 Damage will wipe them ALL OUT, which is VERY convenient. ;) 
Now... moving on... 
Battle 5: CanDevil2, Fishy2 
Strategy: It's a very fiery battlefield, and since you've probably seen what a 
Fishy2 can do (light whole rows on fire) and also what the CanDevil2 can do 
(shoot fire across a whole row), then you know you better be very careful! If 
you have a hard hitting P.A. like Gater, and are fortunate enough NOT to draw 3 
Fans and 2 Winds on your first turn like me, then you should have no problem. If 
you are going to do it the hard way, then use charged attacks and take out the 
Fishy2 first, because its attack lasts, then try to knock out the CanDevil2's 
candle, before defeating the CanDevil2 itself. 
Battle 6: BlueUFO, HardHead2, Cloudy2 
Strategy: This can be very annoying with the BlueUFO flying voer and hitting you, 
and the HardHead2 balsting away your panels... not to mention the ICE terrain. 
I'd suggest to take care of the BlueUFO first, because it can hit you wherever 
you are. Then, go after the HardHead2 OR Cloudy2, whichever you prefer. I'd go 
after the Cloudy2, because it can attack columns, unless single panels. Oh, and 
be cautious about the empty panel in the middle. If you can get a quick kill on 
the BlueUFO and make your way to the top left, you'll be in GOOD shape. When the 
Cloudy2's cloud & HardHead2's wrecking ball comes over to you, move right and 
hit the HardHead2, then move left to get the Cloudy2 to hit the ccenter column. 
Move right and hit the HardHead2 to finish it off! Move downward or wherever and 
finish the battle. 
Battle 7: Magmacker, Magmacker, Beetank2 
Strategy: Geez the programmers are TRYING to make this tough. But in reality, 
it's simple. First of all, take out the Beetank2, because it's CrossBomb can put 
quite a few dents in you if you aren't careful. Keep in mind that Magmackers can 
shoot paralyzing (in a way) bombs that have a range of 3 vertical panels and 
that they can also charge at you. My recommendation here is to practice on L 
shape maneuvers... in other words, move one vertical, one horizontal, or the 
other way around. :) Another way around, that I have also used was to run to the 
corners and move from corner to corner. It can also be very effective, but it 
makes you especially vulnerable to Magmackers' charging attacks if you aren't 
Battle 8: MegaBunny, Mettaur3, Flappy3 
Strategy: Man... this can be confusing to keep track of because the enemies have 
so many different attacking patterns.  Get rid of the MegaBunny and Mettaur3 
first, since they are EASY. Stick to the corners because of the Flappy3's 
ability to crush panels in a cross pattern. If you can, get the Flappy3 to hit 
the same panel TWICE in a row, so it doesn't take more panels away from you. If 
you have an AreaGrab, use it to mow these enemies down. One move I used was a 
FastGauge followed by AntiElec, which can take out the Mettaur3, MegaBunny, and 
nearly kill the Flappy3! Talk about giving them what they deserve! :) 
Battle 9: Sparknoid 
Strategy: At first glance, you'll notice the only place you have to run where 
you can avoid the Sparknoid is into poisonous territory, which is NOT good. I 
got around this battle with my AntiElec chip, which KOd it instantly, but for 
regular battle, I'd suggest that you are fast and actually cross the dangerous 
territory. It doesn't hurt you too much unless you stay in it too much. If you 
have a LifeSword or Gater, all the better, because you can hit it a lot easier 
than a regular buster shot can. 
Battle 10: Fishy2, Fishy2, WindBox 
Strategy: The center row is... poisonous! Juuuussstttt great. Hit those Fishy2s 
and cross two rows down quickly, then hit them again... then go up again... then 
hit them again... then go down again... until they're gone. Sure you'll take 
some damage... but it's a lot better than being fishbait!!! Finally, just hammer 
away at the WindBox until it's defeated. If you want, take this time to let your 
CustomGauage fill up and recover yourself. 
Battle 11: Handy3, Handy3, HardHead 
Strategy: Even more poisonous terrain... these programmers never quit, do they? 
Then again, this is the SSSLicense test. ;) As always, be brave, and charge 
straight at the Handy3s, getting rid of their time bombs and then dealing damage 
to them! A little tip... HardHeads destroy panels, right? When you see it about 
to fire, go to a poison panel, and when it fires, move away! When the panel is 
restored, it woun't be poisoned! Clever, eh? 
Battle 12: Beetank3 
Strategy: Notice the empty panels? Don't even bother treading there. Stay in the 
back corner, and when it fires, move to the other corner. Just keep firing and 
hopefully you'll break the stone block in the middle, giving you more 
opportunities to attack. If you have attacks that can hit the last column, by 
all means, USE IT! Another really clever approach is to use a Fan at the start 
(if possible) to get the Beetank3 stuck right below the stone block! Now that it 
is trapped, fire away! Heh, heh. >:D 
Battle 13: Swordy2, Swordy2, DeathFire 
Strategy: This is all grass terrain, so be especially careful if you are 
vulnerable to fire... well, hopefully you aren't. ;) Get those Swordy2s!!! 
They'll use AreaGrab and horizontal and vertical slashes to hit you virtually 
wherever you are. Then all you need to do is get the DeathFire that likes to 
hide in the back column (I wonder why.. lol) and you're done. VERY simple. 
Battle 14: Ratty2, Ratty2, Poofy 
Strategy: Another easy one... if you have strong chips, which you probably 
have... right? The main thing is to hit those Ratty2s and take them out IN ONE 
HIT... or else they'll be very fast and hard to hit, which would lead to a lot 
of unwanted damage taking, am I right? Then, fire awayy at the Poofy, going 
under the little balls it shoots out when necessary. 
Battle 15: RedUFO, BlueUFO, GreenUFO 
Strategy: Finally, a fun battle. All the colors! Focus on the weakest and take 
it out quickly, adn keep on doing that and you'll be done! Simple! If you are 
one of those people who just charge straight into a battle, now's your chance! 
Beware their paralyzing rings though... or you'll be greeted by a blizzard of 
very slow attacks, lol. ;) 
Battle 16: DeathFire, Spooky3 
Strategy: If you are using a Heat style, feel free to charge across the lava at 
will. If you have some other style, move up and down the left column to avoid 
attacks while firing, to do damage. Also, if you have an AquaSword or AquaBlade, 
you can use it to clear the lava, which can really help you out, right? And one 
more sidenote... and advice... KILL THE SPOOKY3 first... or it will do Recov150s, 
whichi will put your efforts down the drain. 
Battle 17: Yurt, Yart, VacuumFan 
Strategy: Is this your first experience seeing a Yart? Well it was for me. FYI: 
They give out Yo-yo3 chips. IMPORTANT: TAKE OUT THE VACUUMFAN FIRST!!! You don't 
want to know how much I stress this. As you know, Yorts, Yurts, and Yarts all do 
attacks that hit up to 3 spaces ahead. By taking out the VacuumFan, you can move 
to the back column and fire away (or recover yourself) without any danger. If 
you want to have more space instead of being cooped up in the back column, 
retailiate with a Wind box of your own, lol... but seriously, you don't need it. 
If you have no chips that can take out the Wind box, move to the back row, 
charge up your buster AND move up tot he top left corner, which will buy you 
time, move down and get sucked back towards the middle of the screen... fire 
away... and repeat. :) Another EVIL trick... put a Guardian statue (punishes 
when hti, doing 200 DAMAGE!!!) right in front of you so when they hit it... BOOM! 
Okay... that was evil... >:D 
Battle 18: Mettaur3, StormBox, Beetank2 
Strategy: Uh-oh... a StormBox... now here you go... pushed the the back... with 
the LAVA!!! To make this battle easier, you might just want to take the damage, 
but if you are a really good player, then do it the tricky way... get to the 
bottom left hand corner to get the Mettaur to go down... when the Beetank2 fires, 
move up 1 panel and right 2! Hit the Mettaur, and move back into the corner 
again... and repeat. If you have a sword at the beginning, use it to deal good 
damage. If you have a few powerful MegaCannons and things like that, shoot the 
StormBox so you may move freely again. If you have a Heat style, move to the top 
left corner, and move in this way... two down, two right, two back, two up, and 
repeat. You'll be able to get the Mettaur3 to move a lot, and avoid getting hit 
from the Beetank2... while getting shots at the StormBox too! Wow! 
Battle 19: Dominerd, Dominerd, VacuumFan 
Strategy: Admit it... you will take damage. Let that VacuumFan move you into the 
poison panels then get the Dominerd's attention. When it attacks, move back and 
hit it as much as you can before you get "vacuuumed" to the poison panels again. 
Be quick about it too. My suggestion is to stay in the TOP row... then when the 
Dominerds are in the top two rows, make a break for the bottom row and hit the 
VacuumFan. After all, it only has 90HP. ;) Another suggestion is if you can 
charge up your attack (which you probably should be able to do), then charge it 
and wait for the Dominerds to attack, then hit them hard with it when they are 
wide open. 
Battle 20: Dominerd2, Dominerd2 
Strategy: Congratulations... you are on the home stretch! BUT, you are not done 
yet! This battle can get downright EVIL, because Dominerd2s and Dominerd3s 
(luckily those aren't here) have Geddon1, which cracks ALL panels. Stay close to 
the front, get their attention and charge your attack at the same time... lure 
them to you and blast them. The main goal is to STAY towards the front... 
preferably the top right corner. That way, if you can take out one Dominerd2 
quickly and then the other uses Geddon1, you can actually back up and attack... 
which can certainly save your life. 
Battle 21: MegalianA, MegalianH, MegalianW 
Strategy: Whoa... the difficulty level just stepped up a bit. Use powerful chips 
to take out their auras then use a P.A. like Gater (Wind, Fan, GatemanV1,2, or 3) 
to take them all out. If you want to make it harder on yourself (why not?) then 
just take out their auras, and have fun staying in the back row dashing from row 
to row to avoid their attacks. If you have a Heat style, make use of its charge 
attack which can do 100 damage!!! Talk about good... Another way to make sure 
you don't take damage is... if possible, use an AreaGrab, which cuts their 
moving space, and giving you the opportunity to get in a few free hits. Another 
neat tip is if you have a sword or cannon and you have an area grab  already in 
effect is that you can let them shoot their little heads out at you and slice 
'em when they move out of their protective aura, which can make kills even 
Battle 22: Flappy3, Spooky3, Flappy3 
Strategy: My way of doing this is a major case of hit and run, lol. You better 
be fast too. If you have something to subdue the Spooky3, use it, but if you 
don't, then bear with me. Dash to the top right and make a few dents in the 
Flappy3s and Spooky3. Let the first slam into the top right panel and get out of 
the way. Quickly get back to the top right panel and get out of the way again, 
thus causing the Flappy3 to only break ONE panel, not two. Go to the bottom 
right hand panel and repeat. Luckily, since you are probably backing away to the 
back columns, you can evade attacks from the Spooky3. ;) Another strat is to use 
the Guardian chip and purposely plant it so the Flappy3 will crush it, doing 200 
damage to them all. :) 
Battle 23: Fishy2, Spikey 
Strategy: Notice the bombs on the left and right? Do not hit them with fire... 
especially the enemy! Get to the top of the middle or front column and take out 
the Fishy2 and continue the assault to do damage to the Spikey. Dash down to the 
bottom and repeat the process. Doing this will give you time to do some damage 
and let the fire from the Fishy2 to cool off. If you have a powerful barrier 
around you, then feel free to hit the bombs with fire. ;) 
Battle 24: Sparknoid, Mettaur3 
Strategy: Oh... dear. It's an icy battlefield in there, and there's a, a, a, a, 
a.... SPARKNOID!!! Go to the top left and fire away! Since the Mettaur3 can't 
attack through empty panels, you'll be in luck. Next, just blast it and the 
Sparknoid to bits. :D Of course, if you have AntiElec, then this battle will be 
over in SECONDS! Wow! If you were lucky enough to do that (I was too, hehe), 
then GOOD JOB! 
Battle 25: Mettaur, Handy3, Handy3 
Strategy: First off, I'd like to say that I can't believe they actually put a 
regular Mettaur, not 2 or 3, in here. Also note the magnet line in the middle on 
your side, and on the top row on the enemy side. First, take out the Mettaur, so 
it doesn't get in your way, then it is only a matter of smashing the time bombs 
and hitting the Handy3s. If you have a terrain changing chip, use it to your 
advantage, because the magnetline can be unbearably annoying. 
Battle 26: Ratty3, Ratty3, Ratty3 
Strategy: GEEZ... there's a magnet panel  in the center of the left column, one 
on the top of the middle column, and one on the bottom of the right column. Stay 
in whatever column you wish and only move to the other columns to avoid the 
Ratton3s that are shot out of it. Seriously, the Guardian chip will prove to be 
VERY useful. Just make sure to guide the Rattons to it, or put it in a place 
where it can easily be it by them, not you. :) 
Battle 27: GreenUFO, Beetank3, Twisty3 
Strategy: To avoid the incredible array of attacks, we'll use a C pattern. Move 
up and right at the start, and when the Beetank3 fires, move left, down, down, 
and right. then go back, up, up, and right to avoid the next attack. BE VERY 
VERY FAST at killing the Twisty3, as the Remobit3 is fairly fast, and takes away 
many panels. If you have an AntiElec or Guardian chip, use it, for it will save 
you lots of lost HP and time. 
Battle 28: Yart, Shellman, Shellman 
Strategy: Just stay to the left on this one. Move down or up to avoid the Yart's 
attack and to avoid the Shellman's attacks. If you have a Guardian chip, use it! 
Talk about one hit wonders. ;) If you must get hit, do not get hit on the rows 
with a Shellman on it, or you'll takke a triple hit, which will kill a few 
hundred of your HP. If you can get the Yart first, then move in to the front 
column and use charge attacks and this safety area as a place to recover your 
lost HP, if you have any. :D 
Battle 29: Swordy3, Cloudy3, Snapper2 
Strategy: Run to the top right hand corner and DO NOT CHARGE your buster. It 
will cause the Snapper2 to attack you instantly, costing a lot of HP. Let the 
Cloudy3 use it's raincloud on you, and quickly move to the back column, where 
you can attack the Swordy3 (With a charged buster if you want... after all, with 
the Cloudy3 not attacking, you can avoid the Snapper2's attack). Remember to 
keep moving to avoid the Snapper2 and Cloudy3 and you'll be okay. Again, 
Guardian chips and AntiWater will help out a lot. ;) Since I had the opportunity 
though, I used a LifeSword3 to wipe the Swordy3 and Cloudy3 out in ONE HIT! 
Hopefully, you'll be that lucky. ;) 
Battle 30: HardHead3, Yellowgon, HardHead3 
Strategy: Use the panels that aren't empty as a platform to use some powerful 
attacks on... but mainly use it for getting rid of the HardHead3s!!! If you were 
wondering... there are no broken panels on your side, lol, but there will be if 
you aren't careful with teh HardHead3s. Another note is that the Yellowgon is 
FAST, so you might want to be careful when fighting it. AntiElec and Guardian 
would be good chips to use here. :) 
Well, thank you for reading this FAQ. I hope it proved very helpful. Good luck 
on all your Megaman quests in the future. 
This FAQ was written by webmaster@elitehq.com and is copyright to him. This FAQ 
may only be posted at GameFAQs.com and EliteHQ.com ONLY. DO NOT COPY OR TAKE ANY 

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