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Beginner's FAQ by WhizKid_

Updated: 04/04/02

Battle Network RockMan.EXE (MegaMan Battle Network) 2 Beginner's FAQ

Copyright: Richard Huang 2002
Contact: richardh777@hotmail.com (no spamming or you will be removed from the
You will be credited properly if you can provide any useful info.

Written by Richard Huang a.k.a. WhizKid
This FAQ is only for use with Battle Network TWO only. For MegaMan Battle
Network ONE, refer to its own guides.

---------------------------Why I did this-------------------------
I created a topic called "Ask your questions here" on the MMBN2 board, and at
least 30% of the questions are like "What are styles?" "How do I

Seeing this, I now hereby concentrate these questions into this guide and I
hope it will help you.

Version history:
A complete beginners FAQ/guide. Will be updated as long as I see a need or
someone sends me some useful info.

I decided to add one more FAQ, corrected some typos and some serious
grammatical errors, add some more things. Scratched the description for 1.0.
Now open for suggestions and comments.
|                    Table of Contents                     |

-What's new?

-What does the MB beside the chip mean?
-How do I preset a chip?
-What are styles? And how do I get them?
-How many chips are there?
-How do I get the secret chips?
-What are the licenses?
-What items are there?
-How do I use <state item here>?
-Help! I can't beat <state boss here>!
-How do I make a chip combo?
-How can I make fast money?

|                        What's new?                       |

What's new? This is by far the most common question people ask me on the board,
the reason I didn't answer them is that there are too many new features to this
game. Here are some examples:

1.Your HP is NOT recovered after every battle (except with the use of items).

2.There are more battle chips in this game, 250 "formal" ones and 16 "hidden"

3.The battles are faster now, this means that the enemies are faster and the
time used to display the text is also faster.

4.You can only add up to a maximum of 10 battle chips now, and the add command
has changed; instead of not choosing any chip, you choose the chips you don't
want and press add, you get double the amount of chips you chose to dump away.
For example, you chose 2 chips to dump away; you get 4 on the next turn. Also,
chip codes are now displayed below the chip picture, and the chips are
blackened out if it cannot be chosen.

5.Styles replaced armors in this game, what are styles? Search for the answer
in the FAQ! ;)

6.Use of items are introduced in this game, like any other RPG; there's some
healing items, items to avoid enemies and to meet them, and some other unique

7.You can preset a chip so that you always get it when you enter a battle;
there are limitations, of course.

8.Enemy names are now displayed on the upper right hand corner (not really
useful unless you understand Japanese).

9.Introduce of "*"(asterisk) codes, this code is wild, meaning you can couple
it with any other chip with a different code.

10.The chip icons are now displayed in the chip library for your convenience.

11.The place you are at is now displayed in the lower right-hand corner.

12.Some of the chips are still the same from MegaMan Battle Network 1 but they
have changed in some ways.

13.New enemies, also, some old enemies have also changed.

14.FighterSword class (that means the 3 range swords) can now only be gotten by
netbattling someone. Also, they are ONLY useable by NORMAL style.

There are lots more than that, but I'll leave the rest for you to figure out on
our own.

|                            FAQ                           |

Q: What does the MB beside the chip mean?
A: It means how large the chip "memory" is so as to determine if you can preset
it or not. For example, let's say a chip is 54 MB in size, and you only have 30
free space of memory, then you cannot preset that chip. Another example: If you
had 30 MB of space on your hard disk and you attempt to install a 40 MB
program, the computer won't let you, right? This is somewhat similar to the
presetting of the chips.

Q: How do I preset a chip?
A: Simple, just find the chip you want to preset and press the select button.
The maximum memory is 48 MB, so you can only preset chips up to the 48-MB

Q: What are styles? And how do I get them?
A: Styles are what replaced armors in MegaMan Battle Network 1. A "style" has
two parts, the elemental part and the battle part.
Now, instead of taking half the damage from the enemies, you do double the
damage to them if they are weak to your element (Water Vs. Fire and so on).
It takes around 200 battles to get one style and a further 200 to upgrade it to
The battling part decides what characteristics your style would have; there are
four types:
1. Plus
2. Guts
3. Custom
4. Shield
5. Final/Site/Saito
6. Normal

Plus style enables you to put 8 eight Navi chips in your folder. That's all.
To get Plus style, simply use Navi chips to defeat enemies.

-Pros: Can put up to 8 Navi chips in one folder
-Cons: Not really much of a use. The worst style (in my opinion).

Guts style will double your attack power but reduce your rapid to one. The
maximum attack power for Guts is 10.
To get Guts style, use your buster to defeat the enemies most. Example: There
are 3 enemies, you use your buster to defeat two and a chip to defeat one.

-Pros: Doubles your attack power.
-Cons: Your rapid is reduced to one.

Custom style will start you with 7 chips when encountering a battle, this style
is the best style (in my opinion again).
To get Custom, use chips to defeat enemies (don't use Navi chips too often or
you will end up getting Plus style instead).

-Pros: Start with 7 chips
-Cons: None!

Shield style starts you with a barrier in battle and you are able to put up a
shield by pressing <-- and B at the same time (not easy to produce though). The
shield is very much similar to the one Blues/Protoman use.

-Pros: Starts you with a barrier and you can produce a shield.
-Cons: Not really useful.

Final/Site/Saito style is a combination of all the above styles EXCEPT:
1.You only have half the HP to the maximum HP. (1000->500, 980->490)
2.Final/Site/Saito style does not have any elemental properties.

-Pros: You start out with TEN chips, a barrier and you can produce a shield.
You can put up to 8 Navi chips, and your attack power is doubled and your rapid
is reduced to one.
-Cons: You only have HALF THE HP. And I think this style can only be gotten
once, that is, if you delete it, it's gone forever.

Do I need to explain? The most basic style, no elemental properties, starts
with 5 chips (duh!)

-Pros: If you can get FighterSwords and so on, this style can use them.
-Cons: Just an ordinary style, nothing special.

Q: How many chips are there?
A: There are 266 chips in total, 250 of which can be gotten in a single player
game. As for the 16 hidden ones, refer to the next question.

Q: How do I get the secret chips?
A: There are 16 secret chips in total, 10 of which can be gotten by fighting
your friend.

How to get chips #251-260
Fight a friend. Both of you MUST HAVE AT LEAST 3 STARS. Get an S busting level
on him. You'll get these chips randomly. It takes on average 17-22 battles to
get one. It's a hard job but it's worth it. The requirements are pretty tough,
though, so an alternate way is to buy TWO cartridges, get 3 stars on both of
them, and fight among yourself! Of course, you must own 2 GBAs or find a
shopowner that is willing to lend you one.

How to get chip #261
#261 GateMan SP can only be gotten at Capcom giveaways. This is like the
Forte/Bass chip in MegaMan Battle Network and Mew in Pokemon.

How to get chips #262-266
The methods are still unknown. However, it is believe that the Gospel chips
(#262-265) can only be gotten at Capcom giveaways, just like GateMan SP.
A user on the message board claims that you have to complete certain things in
the game, then under new game and continue, boss attack mode appears, defeat
every boss within an S rank to get 266 Sanctuary. It is not proved though, but
I think this involves getting all 10 secret chips and getting all 5 stars and
some other things as I have 5 stars and still no boss attack mode. Anyways,
these chips are not really THAT good.

Also, the game gives you the hidden chips according to their memory (the MB
they have). That's why the last hidden chip I got was PaladinSword (HeroSword).
Also note that if you and your friend both have more than 3 stars, it is easier
for you to get these chips, however, if you both only have 3, then it takes
double the time to get one. Keep that in mind.

Q: What are licenses?
A: This is new to MegaMan Battle Network 2. The licenses are just to prove how
good you are, you also get some extra rare and good chips after you get the
licenses (not given to you by the licenses, just that you need the license to
open up certain P blocks on the internet).
There are total of five licenses:
B, A, S, SS and SSS. With B being the lowest and SSS being the highest.

Q: What items are there?
A: There are:
1. Mini Health(50 zennys): Heals 50 HP
2. Full Health(400 zennys): Heals all HP
3. Shinbou Dash (200 zennys): Avoids monsters weaker than you for a period of
4. Option opener (4000 zennys): Opens up option locked mystery datas (the
purple ones).
5. Untrap (100 zennys): Prevents you from encountering fights within the green
mystery data.
6. Enemy search (10000 zennys): Will lock on to the set of enemies you just
fought and you will keep encountering that set of enemies for another 10 fights
or so. Very useful for fighting V3 navis.

Q: How do I use <state item here>?
A: The most common items that people don't know how to use are Option opener
and Enemy search.

To use Option opener, just walk up to a PMD and use it.
To use Enemy search, you must first fight an enemy/some enemies, then after
that, you should be able to use it.

Q: Help! I can't beat <state boss here>!
A: Well, if nothing works, then here's a trick rarely known of that can delete
any boss (except PlanetMan) within 20 seconds.

First, you need to get a prism (chip #141) and some forest bombs (forest bomb 3
required for Forte SP). Throw the prism into the enemy area, preferably, the
middle panel. Here's a diagram:

Where X stands for the area and X is the place where the prism should be. Watch
out though, if the boss is in that panel, it will only take 10 damage from the
prism and the prism is destroyed!

Then, wait for your next turn and get a Forest bomb, simply throw the bomb into
the prism and watch the funny show!

Q: How do I make chip combo?
A: Another one of the common questions. Yes, this can be confusing at times.
First, there are two types of chip combos:
1. A combo using the same chips but different codes
2. A combo using different chips but the same codes

To make combo no.1, get the chips with the different codes you need, then pick
them in order (ie. A-B-C-D-E, E-F-G-H-I), note that if you pick them in the
wrong order, they won't work. Also, do not put more than one "*" code chip into
the combo as the game will not recognize it.

To make combo no.2, get the chips you need with the same code, and pick the
chips in the right order (ie. FireBlade-AquaBlade-ElecBlade), again, if you
pick them in the wrong order, you will get 3 chips instead.

Q: How do I make fast money?
A: Shortage of money? Well just go to Ula-Net 5 and search for the green
mystery data. They contain either
1.100 zennys
2.50000 zennys

To make things faster, use untrap before you decode these data.

---------------------The End---------------------

Legal Disclaimer: This FAQ is the work of Richard Huang (aka Whizkid). NO ONE,
intended to aid gamers only, AND NOT AS AN ADVERTISEMENT!

Me, for making another FAQ.
Charp, Metabee and NeoZeroX. Without them, I would never have finished the

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